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The Directv Group, Inc.

2230 E Imperial Hwy FL 10
El Segundo, CA
Michael White
Chairman, President and CEO
(310) 964-5000
(310) 535-5225
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Dawson - 3 h 31 m ago


Direct TV ...what a joke! After 3 different days of talking to them and 15 people, 2 disconnections, and 2 call backs from the billing department........they still do not know why a 25 year customer is upset. All they want to do is sell me ATT phone service. if you cannot take care of customer you have now.....why would I want to increase my exposure to a company that is littered with challenge and difficulty. They say they record the call for security and additional training......but no one wants to review the calls. Who has 3.5 hours anyways?

Yes....most ATT people are nice and want to help you....then they say they need to transfer you to another department. Then ther want to review the notes after they ask you for you account #, name, address, and phone #. He we go this an ATT #?

No one can tell me why my service was shut off 5 days before the next billing cycle........account on autopay for past 5 card good till May 2019. After they shut service off......they say it takes 24hrs to reset service. Never knew a satallite would take that long to re-boot!

Very disappointed and discouraged in the Direct TV product. Not really sure why I want to support after 25 years or service. You would think with today's technology and analytics.......they know who you are. A company like direct TV makes their own challenges. I gusee I am being advised by Direct TV to be a cord-cutter!

May other companies prevail where this one in challenged-

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Jody - 8 h 50 m ago


Does anyone know a lawyer that would be interested in taking a class action suit against DirecTV? With all these complaints and service that is subpar, there should be something that we can do. Poor service, inadequate equipment, raising of monthly bills, poor customer service, days taken off from work or closing businesses to meet with techs that don't have the courtesy to call that they aren't even coming. There is a list of problems with DirecTV that needs to be addressed and for those of us that have been dealing with customers that feel (I am one of them) like we are just being used to get money out of. Can anyone help or make a suggestion?

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Hanelaine - 1 d 4 h ago


I used to LOVE DirecTV but, now that they are owned by ATT, my bill goes up and up every month. I just called to tell them that if they didn't do something, they would lose me to Comcast. They said, go ahead. That is NOT what I expect from a company I have done business with for over 10 years. I would encourage EVERYONE to switch from DirecTV because they no longer care about their customers

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Anonymous - 12 h ago

Anyone reading this please note, as per a representative with Direct TV, many people are getting a device called NVIDIA TV SHIELD. With this you are able to watch You Tube, Netflix, Hulu and more for MUCH CHEAPER than it costs to give this severely lacking of a company your finance for no services provided

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Anonymous - 12 h ago


This is a Corporation business and we have yet to receive a response or tech on site and are paying daily for no service to our television but they sure will take your money now won't they!

Anyone reading this please note, as per a representative with Direct TV, many people are getting a device called NVIDIA TV SHIELD. With this you are able to watch You Tube, Netflix, Hulu and more for MUCH CHEAPER than it costs to give this severely lacking of a company your finance for no services provided. This individual let me know that they themselves have gone this way instead of giving the cables companies any monies. Just food for thought. As a matter of fact, yea, I'd like to feed my pocket book with the right food instead of sharing my food with this company.

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Anonymous - 15 h ago

I'm having so much trouble just changing a package

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Pat Dalton - 1 d ago

I have been DIRECTV member for 19 years and after the last two experiences that I've had with AT&T I'm about ready to switch after what happened this evening. This morning I woke up to watch the MLB channel everything was fine, came home and now all the sudden I don't get the MLB Channel? So I called and asked why, In 30 minutes later I finally got a resolution that I came up with, I guess they must've change my package without my knowledge and took away that channel? one of 10 I now watch. Before AT&T took over DIRECTV I never once had an issue with their customer service and they always gave me what I wanted especially when I was spending $250-$275 a month. If this CEO has any type of care in the world he would definitely investigate how this part of his company is being ran!! because if he doesn't he's going lose a lot of loyal customers.

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Nonya - 1 d 7 h ago



I am following up on this again. We have another no call no show once again. This is the type of service we have been given all year long. Per your communication Sent: Monday, December 10, 2018 1:31 PM: Once the tech has resolved the issue then we may reconsider the additional credit, but I don't show any communication prior to December 7, 2018 advising that you were having any issues with the equipment.

Again, please advise as we have yet another day of no service. This is always the final outcome and is the absolute worst way in which to do business. I will be speaking with Executive to see how they would like to proceed. Your technician gave me his word yesterday he would be back after I told him all the trouble we have been having with Direct TV. Just another tech as here I am again and the last time I waste not only my time but also the cost of company finance! A complaint will be filed with proper channels.

-----Original Message-----

From: Sheri Adams

Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2018 8:36 AM

To: 'Commercial Customer Sat ATT'

Subject: RE: [EXTERNAL] CASE #12192578 - CREDIT REQUEST/SERVICE CALL - Acct: 082007889 Name: MINER FLEET MAN [ ref:_00DA0JU6c._5001HsDJmb:ref ]

Thank you Chiriba. I will notify my Executives. The tech was supposed to be here this morning no later than 8:30. Can you please advise me on his arrival?

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Todd - 3 d ago


I am going to post here but I know it will fall on deaf ears to Michael White. I have also been a loyal customer for numerous years. Your customer service sucks. All you do is try to charge more and more and more for services that I ( and others are not using) I tried to return a box to you but can do so. I tried to get a new box from your...can't do that either. Your managers get very upset if you ask them a question and all your customer service people do is transfer people from one department to another in hopes a person will just give up.

Why your company makes things so difficult i have no idea. But you will soon learn that with smart tv's and streaming apps people will be leaving your service very very quickly. Me being one of them.

Thank you for making my decision easy.

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J carver - 14 d ago


I have been a direct tv customer for over 20 years and 4 moves. That is probably coming to an end tomorrow. I have had to deal with being charged for a box for months because they never turned it off as documented in the call log. I had a tec rep set my tv on a stool and it topple over yanking a HDM1 cord out of the wall and breaking the tv ( 4 months ago.) I finally found someone to re run the cables and put a new tv up yesterday ( so I've been paying for another box that hasn't been used since that incident ) that mishap just cost me $400 plus the cost of a new tv. I got talked into a protection plan which i decided to use to set up a service call for today to deal with why i wasn't able to get a connection on the new tv. They set up the appt. for yesterday from 12-4 . I just need them to add a little genie onto my main genie and some expertise if i can set it up that way before i spend another $400 running another new cable throughout the house walls. I spent 4 hours on the phone trying to get an appt. i took a day off work to be here today/ yesterday and the tech never bothered to show up!! I even got a text at 2:00 that they would be here at 4 and no one showed or called. I contacted tech support at 5:30 and they filed a report about what happened and put me on hold for 20 minutes while they reached out to dispatch to schedule someone to come tomorrow/ today to resolve. Dispatch said they would squeeze me in and would contact me within the hour to discuss time. No one called. Supervisor told me if they didn't call within hour to follow up with tech support again. So tonight, I called tech support and went through the supervisor ladder - 3 supervisors - just to find out when someone was coming to fix this connection issue and they all said that no one has dispatch's number and they can't do anything .. I spent another 5 hours on the phone repeating myself to multiple people that had no authority over anyone nor had any solutions.. . I went through 4 layers of management all saying the same thing. Then they told me to contact the local direct tv office but that i had to "google" the number because they don't have access to it! I'm sitting here in complete disbelief that i am being put through this and listening to this insanity. A customer for over 20 years. That's how I've been treated. I have never had issues with incompetent tech people, supervisors that offered no solutions , tech reps that don't show up, a dispatch team that doesn't call to let anyone know that they won't be coming.. and customer service people that have no idea how to service people, compensate for errors and come up with solutions! I should be asking for compensation for damages done to my property, credit for charging me for boxes i never activated, loss of wages and time .. but for the past 24 hours I'm simply asking for the tech rep that never showed today to come tomorrow to resolve my issue and no one seems to have any authority in making that happen for a customer of over 20 years. That is completely shameful. So now i have to go google someone at the local Pittsburgh office and share my story with 20 more people and see if any of those people have any authority on setting up a dispatch to my house to set up a genie box.. if that doesn't work I'm cancelling. Nothing is worth this much hassle and i have always stayed loyal to direct tv because of their customer service but loyalty has to run both ways. There are other options for tv service I do not need to put up with this.

* after reading the reviews from today sounds like I'm not alone.. time to move on from direct tv. Something has happened to this company it was never like this. What a shame.

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Leo G - 7 d 8 h ago


Same here. I've been trying to get the Genie so I can watch 4K content on my expensive tv. It's been six weeks and 7 schedules for the update later and it still hasn't been done. The tech came out after a month and upgraded my boxes but guess what? He installed a 1080 Genie and not the 4K I requested. He said (after installing it) that for some reason I wasn't getting my 4K channels and I'd have to call the company to find out why. They told me that the boxes he just installed weren't the right ones. So now it's been the other two weeks and 3 scheduled dates later and they still won't come out. When you call them and ask to speak to a supervisor they lie to you and say one isn't available and try to get you to talk to them. Once you do get a supervisor it's the same damn story. They tell you want you want to hear just to get you off the phone. Nothing ever gets done. And if something does get done it will be wrong. The last time I called them I asked for the phone number to the corporate office. The woman straight lied to me again by saying "We don't have that information". TO THE CORPORATE OFFICE OF YOUR OWN DAMN COMPANY?! I've dealt with a lot of companies in my day but Directv is without a doubt THE WORST COMPANY IN THE UNITED STATES. And that's really saying something. So in the end it's been 6 weeks 7 scheduled updates and it still isn't right. As soon as someone starts streaming live tv in 4K I'm gone!

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Unhappy in Claysville - 3 d 1 h ago


I am going through this right now in Claysville, PA. Four times I have closed my business to wait for the installer who never shows. Today I was called by a "tech. dispatcher" to say the installer can't come because he does not have the equipment. He had 4 weeks to know he did not have the equipment and I am notified an hour before he is to arrive.

I think the people who are new customers get quick installation. I was a lowly upgrade.

Corporate ... you need to clean up your departments and hire people who live in this country.

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Robert - 7 d ago

Same nonsense with me .

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Chris - 3 d 13 s ago


AT&T is doing a great job, on the other hand Directv is terrible. For the past few months they have messed my bill up for $82 a month to $260 a month. I called 3 times and tried to resolve the situation and ended up canceling. The next day a directv employee called and dropped my bill in order to keep me as a customer. He promised me they would take the charges off to just pay my regular bill. Sooo I paid that day my $82 bill and the next month it was $261. Well I called back and they give me the same run-a-round. I finally had to act a fool and get a supervisor and he promised he'd investigate the situation and call me back within the hour. Five hours later I check my bill and nothing is fixed so I called back and raised hell. The lady tried to give me the same run-a-round but I stopped her and said go through the notes and then get back with me. She come back and said that the issue has been resolved and gave me a confirmation number. It's a shame that I have to deal with this just to have a tv provider. Strongly thinking of canceling so I won't deal with the hassle anymore.

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Judy - 3 d 8 h ago


Direct TV seems to be getting worse every year. We have been users of this service for over ten years, mostly because of the football package.

Today the service is horrible. The feed keeps cutting out every 40 seconds or so. Very annoying during a game.

We pay a lot extra for this package, however there is never a rebate or refund for down-time. Net year we will be looking into other options.

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Margaret Walker - 3 d 12 h ago


To whom it may concern, my name is Margaret Walker and i just want you all to know that i am having a very bad experience with this company .I am very dissaified with this company .I get a diffrent amount on my bill every month. Being chareged for something that they made a mistake an. I really want this issue desolved as soon as possible.

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Susan S - 4 d 11 h ago


I believe this company has the absolute WORST customer serviceI have encountered. As I read the other reviews, I can just say "ditto" They do not care about their customers. I just got off the phone (my 3rd call in a week) to try to resolve an issue. I asked to speak to a supervisor(Nicole) who was very condescending. I told her I thought I should consider my other TV viewing options because I was getting no results. Her response was "want me to transfer you to that department?" WOW!! Really concerned and helpful.

This company is the worst!

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Nonya - 5 d 11 h ago



Tried again to reach someone and now the automated service is unable to assist. List of attempts:

1st Communications sent today @ 8:42am: I have tried several times to get someone on the phone to place a service call and again, unfortunately, your phone system is inoperable. We need a technician at our business to correct issue with tv as now we are not even getting error codes anymore, are paying for 2 televisions and only one ever works.

We also need to get a credit for severe lack of services to the unit. Errors have been continuous for months! Please contact me at --------- immediately. (NO RESPONSE AS OF YET)

2nd Communication sent today at 9:32:

Called Direct @ 8:24 - went thru prompts then rec'd busy signal

Called Direct @ 8:30 - went thru prompts then rec'd busy signal

Spoke with Jacob @ 8:55 - Per Jacob, a credit cannot be issued as tech must come out first to correct issue - after that the tech must write or call in letting them know of time lapsed in which unit was inoperable - (Tech support (hidden)) - transferred @ 9:01 and on hold for 5 minutes

Spoke with Josh @ 9:06 - disconnected @ 9:07

Called again @ 9:07 - on hold until 9:15, spoke with King - asked to speak with a manager or supervisor - gave King our company information once again and placed on hold @ 9:16. No one ever came back on the line and I ended call at 9:29.

I will meet with our Executive today and do everything within my power to see if they will change to another cable company. Direct TV has done nothing but take our company finance for severe lack of services which are never rendered. I, as a customer, having to repeatedly call, be transferred and then disconnected is appalling.

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Patricia lawrence - 6 d 10 h ago


I stopped using Direct TV. On 10/20/18. After 2years being on a contract , now i received a letter that they will be here on December 30th 2018. How in the hell can they install something that i never ordered to begin with. But they want you to pay your bill. But went it snows or rains. I have no cable. They do not give me any credit . But i still payed my bill. They have some of the worst people working for call they have to transfer you to someone else. The next person they dont know any thing. Does anyone working for DIRECT TV KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. EVEN IF YOU ASK TO SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR. THEY ARE ALWAYS ON A THE PHONE WITH A CUSTOMER.


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Ray Gaffney - 7 d 9 h ago


These guys absolutely SUCK! I have waited now two days to get a 4K receiver installed. They sent me text each day and emails that they will be here and were just confirming. On Sunday at 3:00 pm I received a call they weren't coming as they "didn't have enough techs to do the work orders" Why did I get phone calls that they were showing up and then a call after waiting around all day they weren't coming.

Rescheduled for today between 8:00-12:00 pm and again received text and emails. I even got a call from someone that they were running late and would be here by 1:00 pm. At 1:30 I received another call that they don't have the 4K receivers and would need to cancel!! WTF The customer service is so bad. I have been with them for almost 19 years and never experienced such a nightmare.

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Fuck Direct - 12 d 5 h ago


I just want to say that Direct T.V. sucks. Phone calls to them faithfully 4 to 5 times a month for either extra charges, being disconnected in error, and false promises. I will never use your services again and I currently switched to dish. Direct don't even want to send me the boxes to send the stuff back I guess so they can try to charge something additional but you will never get another fucking penny from me.

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Mr Miglionico - 7 d 12 h ago


You can go to Fed Ex or UPS with your account number and equipment. They will pack and return at no cost to you. I just spoke to the UPS office .Hope that's helpful

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Mr. Migionico - 7 d 12 h ago


Worst company ever! Took monthly and weekly phones calls for one year to correct mailing address. Never received one billing invoice! Kept turning the cable off and charging a fee to turn back on. Had to drive back and forth to the AT&T store trying to correct the problem. I made a payment at the AT&T store for the amount owed. The payment has been lost and Direct TV will not turn service back on until they find it. Somehow their mistake is my problem. It's been months and no one can help! I have sent several copies of my reciept to Direct TV showing it was paid. Although they are the ones who lost it they wouldn't put it back on until they found it! As of today the payment has not been found.

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Unhappy customer - 8 d 14 h ago


I am unhappy with DirecTV now not because of the service but because of the terms and agreements. When I initially signed up for service it stated that there would be no charges off of my card until the due date of my service. It was never stated that there would be a authorization hold off of my card, not even in the fine print. But yet and still it was charged and then it's going to take a maximum of 5 to 7 days for the funds to be refunded back to my card. future reference for DirecTV please disclose in your fine print that there will be an authorization hold of a particular amount. it's just fair to the customer to do so verses surprises!!!!

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Dam - 9 d ago

Mr. White I hope you get audit by the IRS for the way you have cheated loyal customers with your non working service

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