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The Directv Group, Inc.

2230 E Imperial Hwy FL 10
El Segundo, CA
Michael White
Chairman, President and CEO
(310) 964-5000
(310) 535-5225
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Schmidlel - 2 d 15 h ago


Had it and they constantly try to rip off the public

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Herminia - 2 d 17 h ago


I will join the group in saying customer service is AWFUL! keep getting told things that never happen.

So sorry I let a salesperson talk me in to upgrading and now another 2 year contract that goes to 4 years since we are only at this location less than 6 months a year. Yet any promotion ends in the calendar year.

Took forever to find a address to put down on paper my request and disappointment with this company.

Herminia Marxen

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bring US BUSINESS BACK TO US - 5 d 22 h ago

I am a new customer because I was sick of dealing with customer service in the Philippines and india for a service provided in the united states.. I haven't even paid my first bill and your sales people lie.. The stated I would only talk to reps I could understand and that my bill would be 80monthly. I just spoke to girl in PHILIPPINES and she said my bill was over 91 dollars. I was also told about a visa reward card for opening acct. was not told it would be over 30 days before it was claimable.. NOT A GOOD START

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Pumkn - 5 d 19 h ago


Finally a place to vent my disappointment. I will be surprised if I receive anything back from you folks. This is the only email address I could fine where I can put all the information. Use the email listed for your (if any ) response. I've read a lot of the responses tfrom DTV/ATT customer service so I won't be surprised if nothing comes of this from your end. My DIRECTV acct # 7708258 1-(hidden)68R2 verbal transaction # 10917065 confirmation # for my order based on the above verbal. at least those are the descriptions of the number provided by your rep. On or about Nov. 28, 2017 I called Directv and said I wanted to sign up for their internet service. We live in rural area with satellite only means available for internet. We had been using Wild Blue/Exede through local rural electric company. I think Exedes 'thumb is on the scale' when computing gigabytes used and our bill is increasing. I told the lady (girl?) we had been DTV customers for a long time and were looking for a better internet/satellite service. Initially the lady initially said 10 gigs/month for 54.98. I questioned her saying that is all we get for being loyal customers, 10 g/month for 54.98? She said she'd check and put me on hold. After an extended length of time she said she could do 50 gigs/month for the same price. Cool it thought. I said you sure? and she corrected me saying 50 gigs on top of the original 10 making it 60 gigs/month for 12 months at 54.98/month. It would go to 64.98 for the second twelve months but still be 60 gigs/ month. helluvah deal I thought. So we slowly went over what she said and I wrote it all down on the back of my DTV bill. Gave her my email address and she said her system didn't recognize that address as being good. I said it has been good for the last 15+ yrs, tell you web master to tweak you system and recognize our email address. So I get the Thank you for your order' sheet (in snail mail) from DTV listing Hughes net as the satellite provide. Order confirmation #278303197. Says on the thank you order from you guys that is it 10 gigs/month and bill is 64.98. Say what? I thought we had agreed on 60 gig/month for 54.98 So I call back ( on 12/3) and couldn't get any resolution. So I said cancel the order. Got an order cancellation # 107911467. I think that might be bogus as I talked with a rep earlier (on 12/3) who gave me a verbal number of 107911384. Bruce P.S. If you respond, please use email address associated with my acct. . I not a member of any ATT/DTV forums nor do I intend to be. If no response I will assume nobody gives a s**t and I'll 'get on down the road' with my current television and ISP.

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Creighton - 8 d ago


Have been a customer of Directv for more than 10 years. Received a promotional letter that was addressed to me offering upgrade AT NO EXTRA COST to HD. Letter stated clearly:

HD equipment upgrades for up to 3 rooms

HD service AT NO EXTRA COST for 2 years

No additional term commitment

Standard installation included.

Those bulleted items were denied by the customer service rep saying that there would be another 2 year commitment and a $49 installation charge. Then, they said that it was an old promotion. The letter says the promotion expires Dec 9, 2017, and today is Dec 4, 2017. Lots of "sorry"s, but the bottom line is that this company blatantly lies to you, which is the old "bait and switch" tactic of telling the customer anything then not honoring the offer. Sadly, this company's employees are forced to endure the wrath of betrayed customers, like me, created by a dishonest company. I will find another service for TV viewing or even discontinue service altogether. Directv does not deserve my business or anyone else's. (And this is not the first incident with them.)

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Rickine Kestin - 11 d 15 h ago


As a loyal customer of your service for more than a decade and as a fan of a NFL franchise that is rarely televised in my home market, writing this letter does not bring me joy. So that I can come home after a long day of ministering as the pastor of our local church on Sunday and relax while enjoying my favorite team we have gladly subscribed to the NFL Ticket package as part of our Direct TV subscription and record most games that we watch which are played before we get home from church. Until this season, that has been an enjoyable experience whose value to us was well worth the expense.

Prime time appearances aside, beginning with week one of the NFL season, we have spent every Sunday on the phone with your customer service department rather than watching the game because not one of the games has recorded causing us to entirely miss the early games and miss hours of the late games as we get the problem temporarily resolved each week. This year that has meant we have missed all or part of about 6 of the11 games played. Each week, we have received apologies and sometimes minor compensation, such as a $30 credit and Showtime for a few months free. Then I called once again on 11-18, still having the same problem.

The first representative once again apologized, but this time she suggested that it was clear to her that it must be an equipment problem and for all the trouble we have been through and since we were such long time customers that she would upgrade our receivers to the newer state of the art equipment at no charge as compensation for our trouble. She set the appointment to install and no mention what-so-ever was made of a requirement for a 2 year commitment, and since we have had your service for so long, and since Direct TV has an exclusive ability to deliver the NFL games live, this was acceptable and made perfect sense to keep a long time customer happy. Then she transferred me, saying the next person was only going to verify the install appointment. However that is not what occurred.

A young man came on the line and said "you do realize in asking for this upgrade you are committing to a 2 year contract". I committed to no such thing, I said, pointing out that this was offered to me as compensation for all the trouble I was having and for it taking over two months of calling to correct the problem. He said that it was impossible for me to get that and when I asked to speak to his supervisor I was told that it would be a waste of time to do that because no one could help me. I finally convinced him to let me waste my time and put the supervisor on the phone. I believe her name may have been Raquel or Rachel, and after explaining all that I had been through, she said that due to all the trouble we could have the upgraded equipment with no 2 year contract and then she transferred me to someone, suggesting she would stay on the line and explain everything, to schedule the install since the first appointment had to be cancelled because of the 2 year thing. She did not stay on the line, the next person again hit me with the two year commitment and when I explained that we just were told that it was being waved, he said that cannot be done, put me on hold several times without telling me he was putting me on hold, and then hung up on me instead of letting me speak to his supervisor. I called back and to make a long story short, had to get to another supervisor, explained the whole thing again and the appointment was set up with him telling me the waiver of the 2 year contract would be worked out prior to the install ten days later and if it was denied I would get a call before the installer came out.

That brings us to Wednesday 11-29 and the installer called to say he was on the way with my upgraded equipment and my 2 year contract! As I hope you can imagine, no amount of desire to watch football is worth this amount of disrespect and mistreatment. The installer did say he would be happy to put in the same equipment we currently have without the 2 year thing but why would I possibly agree to less than I had already been offered as this has now become a matter of principle, meaning I would sooner never see another football game again than allow myself to be treated like this by someone I am paying to do business with.

I am fully aware that you have the ability to listen to all of the calls from the 18th and hope you will, so that you can know how decades long customers who always pay their bill are treated by your customer service and technical support divisions. I take no joy in cancelling our service, but you have not really left me any reasonable choice that I can see, although you may yet choose to salvage our business relationship in a way I have not yet considered. Thank you for taking the time to learn of this situation.

Rev. Jimi Kestin


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Doomed by Direct TV - 25 d 18 h ago


I was approached at walmart in grenada,ms and promised 125 tv cannels and internet for $65.00 a month for 2 years. they came the next day and installed the tv service and told me internet was not available in my area. I told them that I did not want their service without internet and take their equipment and leave. I have waited 4 months and told customer service employees to have someone in authority call me. Your saleperson at walmart was Helen Jefferson who told me to call her if I was not happy and she could cancel my service. I called her and she did nothing . This is the worse company that takes advantage of people every day. DO NOT SIGN WITH THIS RIP OFF COMPANY!

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Karen Kopera - 41 d 11 h ago


LIARS LIARS = DIRECTV nothing has changed with this RIP-OFF COMPANY, Cancell and get a box pay for HULU NETFLIX and can pocket over 100.00 a month instead of GETTING FCKD by DIRECTV. Social Media spreads far when friends family...etc start paasing along DO NOT SIGN WITH DIRECTV SNEAKY company

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REERUSSOM74 - 26 d 19 h ago

Rip offs is an understatement for this company! I got service on September 29, was told I would be billed thru October 28, and my bill would be due November 19, came home yesterday from acing a heart procedure and my tv is off, so I call and 3 agents told me 3 different amounts that were due, so my husband calls this morning and they tell him an amount of 475 for one month

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IWN2012 - 5 y 113 d ago

@IWN_Commish @dpshow @DIRECTV @DeionSanders That was the funniest thing I have seen in a while

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jasonandtracy - 5 y 113 d ago

@jabwife and @directv has a IPhone App too

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shawnjordan1 - 5 y 113 d ago

@mikesofine Very nice shot.Pouring rain w/thunder and lightning here in SWFLA.I have @DIRECTV,you know what that means....rain=no @DIRECTV.

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shawnjordan1 - 5 y 113 d ago

@DIRECTV This no joke.It is raining again in SWFLA and I have no @DIRECTV.Thanks @DIRECTV,you got my back.Will make change Oct.

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christyrc - 5 y 113 d ago

@xfinity @centurylink @directv Can anyone give me a better Internet only price? @Comcast is charging me $44 per month! Help!

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LilGeeGoneSkitz - 5 y 113 d ago

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Monica_Fox - 5 y 113 d ago

@DIRECTV Any idea when we'll get the #Pac12network? We're longtime Directv customers and would really like to enjoy their lineup!

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WWedlock - 5 y 114 d ago

@DIRECTV will the Home Media Center HD DVR be available to existing customers anytime soon?

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lancepaine - 5 y 114 d ago

RT @natspapa: There's a Pac-12 Network? @Directv are you aware of this?

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leecoxn - 5 y 114 d ago

@karldotcom No, I have @directv so I don't have the #Pac12Network...yet. Heard they are close to a deal.

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