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The Directv Group, Inc.

2230 E Imperial Hwy FL 10
El Segundo, CA
Michael White
Chairman, President and CEO
(310) 964-5000
(310) 535-5225
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Stephanie Moyer - 10 h 44 m ago


Absolute worst customer service I've ever dealt with. Have been a loyal customer for 10 years and they refused to help me with my bill. Switched to Comcast.

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Joan McFadden - 1 d 7 h ago


No one works with direct TV came out to repair my service, I had a ticket in twice for repairs, what's the problem

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Sheila Espy Madison MS - 1 d 7 h ago


Direct TV has been a big disappointment. My issue is that I had repair service done some three weeks ago where the Technician dug a couple of holes in the ground and left several yards of cable in my yard. My service stopped working and I called for a repair. I had an appointment for them to repair the mess and the tech couldn't do anything because the customer service rep put the order in as an upgrade not a repair. (By the way I have no service.) Also, I had to take off work for them to come by and received nothing.

I stayed on the phone for an hour and half trying to get someone out. Was told the next available appointment would be next Thursday (1 week after their screw up). Really thinking about changing to Comcast even thought I've been with Direct TV 15 years. It's evident they don't give a darn about my loyalty to them. I should not have to wait a week for repairs on something they screwed up.


Sheila E

Madison, MS

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shay - 1 d 9 h ago

DTV is awful. I can see this company closing any minute. How can you lie to your customers?? the value isn't there. Not a credible company. The standard I knew before the merger is no longer a idea or option. Smh. I was truly surprised when AT&T did the merger. I was just on the phone 30 minutes and got nothing...??????

this company is a -****** disgusting

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Amanda - 1 d 11 h ago

I have experienced issues with my DIRECTV service for years and have updated the dish and equipment in an effort to try and solve the problem. This hasn't helped much with the channels freezing and slightest bit of rain/weather of any kind scrambling the signal. This is a constant issue not fixed. Now I have experienced issues with making a payment. I have just had 2 payments deducted from my checking account. After speaking with customer service, the only option is to wait 5-7 days to have the money put back into my checking account. Kind of a ridiculous process given the money will be deducted from my account then put back in after a week. It is still a pending payment. Not sure why, given that the payment it is still pending, that the entire transaction can not be just cancelled. Such a huge inconvenience for something that wasn't any of my doing, but as a result of a glitch with your payment process. I even said don't bother, keep the money and just give me a discount/ credit on my next months bill for my aggravation..denied. Serious customer service fail! With the terrible att internet service I have and now this, Comcast is looking better every day.

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Debra Caldwell - 1 d 12 h ago


I love Direct TV.... Unfortunately the customer service people are horrible. I have been overcharged for months. I've been trying to speak to a manager for over a week. I've spent over 6 hours on the phone. I've been hung up on, disconnected and promised a call back. I'm ready to cancel my service. Can I get someone in Corporate in the USA yo call me back.

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Travis Watkins - 1 d 14 h ago

Iam very dissatisfied with my service i used to live and Lancaster ca 93534 now i live and california city ca 93505 my old address was 44924 spearman ave i got service december 8 2017 i was force to move do to 10 violation at my old resident the city told me and my family we got to leave i just got direct tv for only 2 weeks i call direct tv and told me since its was a new account the will not turn it off i was out of there for 5 months they keep on billing me for 5 months my bill got up to 700 dollars they took everthing off accept 200 dollars that 200 hundred were part of the 700 dollars now my cable is off i told tje supervisor that i was mot going to pay for cable and i wasant living there for 5 months they kept om billing me 130 dollars for five months after i continue caling them ever month for them to turn my freaking cable off they did not the supervisor were very rude iam very piss off iam a retired marine i serve my country over seas now iam force to go to some one else they turn my service off because i refuse to pay that 200 dollars call me (hidden) travis watkins have a good day

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Tangela L Kendrick - 2 d ago


I have had the worst customer service experience with with Mark 2662696 and with rep RB271S who hung up the phone on me.. Then when we spoke to them and they could not or would not handle the situation ad then would put us on hold for over 5 minutes not coming back to the phone... the system was wrong and so was the rep..

General profile image - 2 d 25 s ago


we moved from Texas to NC and started building a home, instead of cancelling they told us to suspend the service, and after 9 months and talking to them every 3 months they send a collection notice (no previous bills) and say there is nothing they can do. Heck I thought I was till going to have DIRECTV in my home here in just a few weeks! I guess not! I've been. customer over 10 yers, I'm a little disappointed first, because I loved NFL Sunday ticket, but now I'm mad

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Sylvia - 2 d 4 h ago


This company are not customer friendly. If they make a mistake on your bill an then wait 30 days before they let you know an then you have to pay for their mistake. They break the contact you made with them for 2 year to a one year in their favor.

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Anonymous - 2 d 4 h ago


How in the world can DIRECTV claim to have the highest customer satisfaction rate of any TV provider?


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Phyllis - 3 d ago

I see a lot of complaints on this site. Do you guys think corporate listens and cares, or do they just ignore these complaints. Has anyone ever gotten a response back from these people

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Rosie Gonzalez - 3 d 4 h ago


I been trying to get a credit from Directv in the amount of 146.15 for over a year. every time u call they give me different excuses even though notes are on the account by the end of the call I am told that refund would be good issued within 2 to 4 weeks and I would never received it I called again today and now I'm being told that it's not a credit that it's charges for equipment. I ask to speak to manager and she apologizes and said she will expedite the request I ask her for a direct number and tells me to call 800# I tell her that every time I call I get transferred around for half hour she still didn't give a number so I asked to have someone follow up with me and she tells me that she will ask someone to call me. I honestly do not believe someone will call me back as I been told this I. The past. I'm sure if I was me owing Directv the money my credit would of been ruined but it's ok for Directv to keep our money for a year

General profile image - 3 d 4 h ago


My grandmother was sent to a retirement village with early onset Alzheimer's and dementia I called on May 9 to get them to cancel her service because she was no longer going to need it at her house. They informed me that I needed verbal confirmation to make changes to her account. So I had her verbally confirm that I could make changes to her account and cancel the service. At the time they were going to waive the $200 cancellation fee and send us a new bill for only $63.90 plus information on how to return equipment. we did not receive any information and also received a bill for over $200. When I've called to try to get this rectified I have been told on multiple occasions that I am not an authorized user on the account and that they will need verbal confirmation from her again even though she already given it on May 9. She is no longer in a state to give verbal confirmation because her mind is bad. I have sent over a power of attorney and still I can't get this rectified. I was told after 150 days the bill will go to a collections agency and if that happened I will be extremely upset. I hope y'all get your crap together soon or I will be calling my attorney

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Michelle - 4 d 37 s ago


My husband and I have been Directv customers for 7 years. The first few years we never had any complaints. Once we noticed the services and prices changing we considered cancelling several times. When we would call to cancel the Directv customer service reps would always have some new deal that they wanted to give us in order to keep our services. Okay, I guess. We have been loyal customers and always paid our account on time. Fast forward to December 2017, we call to suspend our account because quite frankly we were tired of paying $250 a month for a service that we barely use anymore. Our services were to be reinstated in March. Come reinstatement time, my husband calls to let them know we would like to extend our suspension a few more months and he was told that the suspension would be extended, no problem. We get a bill in April for $250 and our account is showing active. Here's the frustrating part: Every call made to Directv Customer Service has been a nightmare. There is clearly and obviously a disconnect between Customer Service and Corporate. Needless to say, I now have a $650 bill, including equipment charges for all of our equipment that we sent back weeks ago. And customer service does everything in their power to justify my billed charges and I know they are WRONG! The kicker: I asked the Customer Service Rep for the phone number to the Corporate Office and she told me she doesn't have it, but she can give me an address to send a letter to, or I am more than welcome to submit a dispute on the website. No thanks! The same website run by the Customer Service Agents that clearly don't want to help me and are total frauds! Not to mention, as soon as my ATT contract is up, I will be switching to Verizon. I am so disappointed and frustrated with this company. It is totally fraudulent!

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Frustrated - 3 d 6 h ago


Nightmare between customer service and billing! We had technical issues and called about how awful they were. We were told we could cancel without an early cancellation fee. Bill came with the fee. Fast forward over 8 months later, and I am in collections, even calling them several times trying to get it taken care of, refusing to pay anything until the bill is fixed. Finally, talked to someone in Asia who doesn't understand the big deal about collections. They said for my troubles they would take off the early cancellation fee. Um.... that is not doing anything for my troubles! That is doing their original job in the first place. For my troubles, how about taking off half of my bill.

And you never can reach anyone in the states, especially the corporate office.

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Knight - 3 d 8 h ago


Tech left a jumbled up mess on my mantle and downthe wall - placed the nain server hanging 3/4ths off the edge of mantle

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Amy - 3 d 13 h ago


I am disgusted with direct tv. I called to discontinue service, but when they said I could transfer service I scheduled for a new installation to have a dish affixed to a pole the tech came out, and installed it on our roof despite my request for a pole. It is a brand new house, with a 10 year warranty on the roof. I am in a wheelchair so I can't get out and look at his work, but he told me after he installed it, and refused to take it down. I called direct tv while the tech was still there, he then yelled at me and told me that I was being ridiculous because our neighbors have a dish on their roof.

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Phyllis - 4 d ago


On today I called Direct TV @ 1(hidden). I pressed the number 1 for new service and spoke to a rep by the name of JOSH. I told him I had a question about Direct TV Now and he hung up the phone, I called back a 2nd time and Josh answered the phone again. I asked why he hung up and he said the phone disconnected by accident. I asked him why did he not call me back and he hung up the phone again. I called back about four more times and Josh kept answering the call but he kept disconnecting. On the last call I made, I told him I was contacting Corporate and he disconnected the phone again. I have the call log on my phone which show the times I called: 8:51 am (EST); 8:52 am, 8:54 am, 8:57 am, 8:58 am, and 9:00 am. I hope that this rep is reprimanded for this type of behavior. I don't guess this is Direct TV's policy regarding customer service, however I am not sure. I am sure the phone calls were recorded and your company should be able to track the calls to find out the identity of this rep. I live in North Carolina and am not accustomed to this type of behavior.

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Not a happy customer - 4 d 24 s ago


Attention Directv, as soon as my promotional pricing with you is done in November I'm canceling service with your company. I do not appreciate your automatically signing me up for channels that I didn't agree with all three times on my billing statement. I was supposed to be credited the last two times and I did not receive any credit on my bill. Showtime has shown up on my bill after I repeatedly requested it to be canceled and being cold called and not agreeing to your offers and still being billed anyway. Your customer service still wants to sign me up for additional services when I try to cancel the crap you've signed my up for and then being offered AT&T cellular service. I have T-Mobile which runs on AT&T towers down here anyways and they don't try to screw me on my bill like your company does.

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G - 4 d 1 h ago


I literally just called customer service about the exact same issue. Couldn't agree with you more!

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Anthony - 4 d ago


Direct TV salespersons & installers are total liars! Saleman says they can do one thing then installer says you need additional equipment which he charges you $100 but he promises customer service will refund your money after installation. Customer service supervisor admits that salesman & installer "misrepresented the facts", but to bad so sad, you're out $100 & are not getting a refund. Do not give this company any business.

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Holly - 4 d 2 h ago


Here's what happened: Our DVR service stopped working last Thursday. After 2 DirecTV techs rudely telling us they don't support TiVo, talking to a total of 10 techs for about 5 hours over 4 days, 2 hi-pri escalations to engineers who never contacted us (they don't do phones), we finally demanded a supervisor.

Supervisor then told us that they have had this issue with DVR service not working for ONLY TIVO customers for about 1 month, they have no idea what to do, nor any idea if they will ever fix it. They offered zero assurance they will fix it, zero options for restitution, and wasted a lot of our time before admitting this.

We have DirecTV because of their stranglehold on the NFL package only or would have cancelled service by now. We likely will if it's not fixed quickly.

Their utter disregard for us is one thing. Their utter disregard for EVERY TiVo customer is a whole other. If that's even true...They said replacing TiVo boxes with their own wasn't helping these customers while still claiming it was only TiVO customers and despite our having a box that was not TiVO.

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Jeff - 4 d 4 h ago


WTF direct TV and or at&t have lost your mind! I don't want to talk to a foreign country about my TV that can only read from a script and want to know about my relationship with my g/f because she lives @ my address and both names are on the acct. After reading your feedback I can only hope to get this rolling like a tidal wave of people switching to who ever they can find dish....... whoever ....its SOB' S like yourself that are ruining this country, HIRE AMERICANS IN AMERICA and stop making your customers service pay for your greedy decisions. You charge sky high prices for unscrambling a satellite signal in our homes and make BILLIONS $ every year and do not want to help your own country and its people.....there is a reason they are 3rd world and you want us to have to deal with them in our problems. HEY PEOPLE CABLE OR OTHER SATELLITE COMPANIES WHATEVER YOU CAN FIND. AND DIRECT AT&T TV KISS MY GRITS !!!!

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Marie - 4 d 6 h ago


Direct TV has been nothing but a night mare to me. An employee from the cancellation department by the name of Audrey is so rude and unprofessional, no customer service skills what's so ever. I wish that new customer could look at this website to review individuals experiences and opt to chose a better cable company. NOTHING BUT DISAPPOINTED.

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