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The Gap, Inc.

Gap Body, Gap Kids, Baby Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime, Athleta
Two Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA
Glenn K. Murphy
Chairman and CEO
(650) 952-4400
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Kumar - 1 d 8 h ago


There are some concerns with the discriminatory practices, of the supervising staff of the Gap distribution center. Since January 2017, Diane and Albert have been continuously harassing some associates that are of African American background and other associates. Diane and Albert began adjusting their production numbers, which impacted their productivity. This behavior has impacted their compensation and work performance, which leads to some of them being terminated and the others frustrated either to quite, and started working for Amazon distribution centre, and other places. Here in Brampton, at this location, there is little to no organization, and many supervisors retaliated against people of African American ground.

The behavior by the supervising staff, has impacted a few of these Africa America people's mental and physical health. When this matter is brought to human resources' attention, human resources provides no additional help or guidance to the people affected by the suppervers, who are bullying, harassing and discriminating against a specific type of race/ background. There are work-related injury, that was not properly addressed by the supervising staff, sometimes they'll act on the matter, but more than half of the time, they neglect their associates cry for help. Due to this negligence, some associated work performance has gotten worse, and some injuried workers had to seek emergency medical services.

I believe that this behavior stemmed from, a few of the African Americans confronting a few Superviors and associates with a great deal of seniority, about inappropriate language within the workplace. I'm extremely concerned, that the supervisory staff doesn't represent the values and policies of Gap. My wishes that this matter would be addressed and reviewed by the Gap's Head Office in America, so they are aware of how much, the lack of management skills and leaderships, in their supervisors and HR team is affecting their brand and their workers in Brampton Ontario.

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Anonymous - 18 d 10 h ago


Hello I went to your store in Aurora in Ohio for a visit I'm from out of town. There is a manager who was very rude and nasty. I really love your store but having this terrible visit I don't think I will ever shop there again. The manager's name is Corntney very rude. I'm sorry for ever stepping in a store with this type crazy person running the store. My goodness who hired her to be a manager. No customer service skills. She should be fired right now or you will loose a lot of business. I tried calling the office about her but no one answered the phone I went to voice mail. I just had a really bad visited. I'm done with the Gap store in Aurora Ohio. I will spread the word around..... Please don't shop there....Very upset...

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No name - 44 d 14 h ago

so today I went into work at Banana Republic at the Westchester Mall and after the district manager (a white woman) popped in for a visit, I was told to go to the office to speak with my manager, Michael (Mike), who is a white man. I came in and he questioned me about the dress code and immediately, I thought there was something wrong with my outfit but he sat me down and questioned my hair instead. He told me that my braids were not Banana Republic appropriate and that they were too "urban" and "unkempt" for their image. He said that if I didn't take them out then he couldn't schedule me for shifts until I did. When I tried to explain to him that it was a protective style for my hair bc it tends to become really brittle in the cold, he recommended that I use shea butter for it instead. I have never been so humiliated and degraded in my life by a white person. In that moment, I felt so uncomfortable and overwhelmed that I didn't even finish my work shift and ended up leaving. When my friend's mom called the store to find out my manager's last name (only been working there a month so idk it), he refused to give it to her. Box braids are not a matter of unprofessionalism, they are protective styles black women have used for their hair and to be discriminated against because of it is truly disgusting and unacceptable. Make this public bc they need to be exposed for their blatant racism and discrimination. There's no reason why a white person should feel allowed to tell me that I can't wear my hair the way that I want bc it's too black for their store image. #boycottbanana Banana Republic

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Linn Murphy - 45 d 2 m ago



After having my Gap credit card for a year with no late payments and no activity Gap/Synchony Bank closed my account.

Debbie at Synchony Bank told me a hour ago that I was a high risk due to no activity. PATHETIC

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Tmarie - 52 d 11 h ago


The old navy in Paducah Ky has a manager there that belittles and bullies employees to the point that customers call in and complain and fill out surveys about her. She harasses employees and undermines other managers on duty and ABSOLUTELY nothing is done about her. They have lost several employees over her behavior and the GM does nothing. My daughter worked there over a year, was never reprimanded in any way, and recently was promoted to cash handler .. this manager's constant harassment and her her efforts to make the work enviroment hostile forced my daughter to quit a job she absolutely loved. I have had people come to me and complain about this same manager and her behavior while they have been shopping, knowing my daughter is employeed there, they no longer will shop in store. I find it pathetic that a woman has to conduct herself in this way and literally bully teenagers!

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Chuck sansbury - 53 d 13 h ago

As long as I see the gap advertising during nfl programming I will not shop at your store

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Gold - 143 d 5 h ago


So disappointed and angry. It's Canada's 150th Birthday this weekend and what have you put into the Canadian stores, tshirts with the American flag in sequins???? WHY not sequined Canadian flags on tshirts or set the American shirts off the shelves until our holiday is over. I think it's classless, rude and incomprehensible to me how disrespectful The Gap has been. Shameful


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Anonymous - 143 d 5 h ago

So disappointed and angry. It's Canada's 150th Birthday this weekend and what have you put into the Canadian stores, tshirts with the American flag in sequins???? WHY not sequined Canadian flags on tshirts or set the American shirts off the shelves until our holiday is over. I think it's classless, rude and incomprehensible to me how disrespectful The Gap has been. Shameful

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Caractacus Potts - 4 y 187 d ago


No one should die making clothes. It is time that Gap signed the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement

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Truth - 144 d 7 h ago


The gap is who lit the fire. They did it to have an excuse to cut back regular non salaried staff company wide. Retail in general is taking a beating, they're staving off collapse. It's like in goodfellas they can't borrow from creditors or the bank so they light a match to cover an obvious long term problem with an immediate one. It's distraction.

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Debra - 153 d 3 h ago


Horrible experience today trying

To pay off my credit card, rude rude customer service representative named Stacey talking to me disrespectful, and then hung up on me, I called back and spoke to a Supervisor who assisted me, however, is Stacey the person who you want representing your Company?

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Truth - 144 d 7 h ago


They are expert soap droppers and dodgers of truth and justice. Pure criminals

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Doris - 146 d 15 h ago


Just to let everyone know the Gap employs a rapist I for one will not spend my money there

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Truth - 144 d 7 h ago


They employ several criminals. They have the highest level of internal theft in the retail industry. They don't perform pre employment background checks, they perform rolling or post employment background checks. They vett After you've been hired. Theyve got Satanists, militant feminists, And misfits ex marines and all sorts of misfits lumped together. Pill poppers , pill sellers, whores etc. It's the face of western collapse

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Truth - 144 d 7 h ago


My time of nearly 4 years on staff there ended like most modern divorces.Because of Shady, dodgy, soap dropping experts, immoral, decadent, greedy, hackers, militant sodomite feminists, wire raping experts, perverts, liars, criminals, conspirers, haters of good and the constitution. Acting out movies in real life, low self confidence, your day off is their business they think and their time to Watch you through computers. They've the highest rate of internal theft in the retail industry and are also a household name. They should be known for what's stated here which is truth. Loss prevention sits on their ass watching cameras for terrorist activity while they replay their worst nightmares from the movie 300. They bring in a loss agent to fire people who are on the verge of a raise so they can onboard new victims. Force them to sign a document stating they stole and then pay you for the day and fire you. These rent a cop loss agents arent really cops. Theyre heavy set indentured criminals trying to survive western collapse they help cause in the economy. And once they fire you, they keep your severance check. Don't shop there. Theyve got workers and kids in asia slaving for pennies on the dollar to make khakis for the corrupt. While they sell it for top dollar here. You wash certain clothes and they shrink regardless of the label. They burned their own warehouse down full of stock just to have an excuse to send home workers who know their corrupt dealings and wicked insolvent practices. They want dumb quiet workers. Not intelligent outspoken creatives. They need you to quit so you don't get to collect unemployment. You can't file for it. They like people to beg to keep their job, but they've no sympathy for poor employees. Sure they donate to charity, but they have as many managers on the payroll counting money and hacking wires as they have staff and stock associates. Full of leftist neo conservative tradcons and libtards. Hypocritical, overly emotional criminals, protected by the state and your tax dollars. No privacy, no honesty, slave driving, disrespectful cabal. If you're honest and you have a mind and hate corruption, don't go there. It's feminist claptrap paradise.

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Adina small - 157 d 8 h ago


In the gap store at the Grove in Los Angeles there is a massiv poster of a Muslim woman and the attached wording is in essence "we looked every where and found you the woman of the future" or words to that effect. Really a woman that follows Sharia law is not a representative of the american woman

Please remove this poster

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Ebony Smith - 193 d 8 h ago


I open a gap credit card a few months ago letting the cashier at sign up know that my address was different then the one on my drivers license so I provided her with my current one. I've shopped at the gap using the card that one time a purchase of $8.30 .The next time I tried using my card I was stopped and a phone call was made a the register because the transaction could not be completed I was so angry and embarrassed so I paid the 117 .47 with cash. After that I asked to get my information updated so they sent me a bill for the $8.30 I put the payment in the mail . A few days later I had an emergency my daughter wet herself and I was near a gap once again the same thing happened card was declined and the call was made again I paid out of pocket I'm SO Done with this gap card .I would NOT recommend this card to anyone service suck big time

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Anonymous - 204 d 4 h ago

Really rude manager at barton creek store in austin texas. 4/28 at 730pm

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N.S. - 204 d 11 h ago


I bought two long-sleeved, soft cotton shirts years ago. I have loved them and taken great care of them, washing in cold water to preserve the color and not drying too much (I have extra long arms and I have kept these shirts' arms long for my comfort). Now I cannot wear them at all because of your damned rubberized label which has begun to peel off and is so irritatingly annoying that 5 minutes is too much with the shirts on. The rubberized label cannot be removed either, as far was I can tell. If you know of a way, I would like to know it.

I don't buy these things anymore with the rubberized for that reason. And, if you stand by your products, I would hope that you would stop using them and any labels that are melted which also create a painful wearing experience.

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Cheryl - 233 d 10 h ago

I read about you pandering to a young child who wrote to you because he or she is gay and wants you to pander to them. They are less than 1% of the population and I think if you follow the Target footsteps you will be doing your company a biggest disservice. Look how Target has done since they announced their change in policy. Many do not patronize Target anymore because if it. Their stock is lagging as are their company sales. I used to spend probably $300/ week there. Look at the number that signed the petition not to shop there. And still don't.

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LstShopStanding - 5 y 92 d ago

@The_Gap happy to help Email (hidden)

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adarkhorse_pr - 5 y 102 d ago

@The_Gap Stefan do only cover Austrian Music? james

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