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The Gap, Inc.

Gap Body, Gap Kids, Baby Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime, Athleta
Two Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA
Glenn K. Murphy
Chairman and CEO
(650) 952-4400
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Sarah - 22 d 4 h ago


I had an interview scheduled at an Athleta store. I showed up on time and neither of the 2 managers were there to interview me. The sales person had to call one of them, and the response was, "Come back at 1 p.m." I couldn't, as I had a previous meeting scheduled, and I was told one of them would call me. This occurred yesterday, and no one from the store has contacted me. I am a regular Athleta customer and proponent of the values and quality of the brand, however after this experience, I doubt I will shop there again. I was very put off by the sheer rudeness and lack of professionalism.

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Gavin O Johnston - 22 d 11 h ago


My boyfriend was on track to be hired at our local Banana Republic, and while he has an arrest record for self-defense against an attacker, he has no guilty verdict, but the store decided to turn him down well after they had already guaranteed him a position. Gap lacks the ability to keep true to their promises to possible employees as well as the ability to make sure their stores make sure they understand all the facts behind a candidates story before judging them.

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Jeana - 66 d 13 h ago

Does Adam Rose in loss prevention return calls regarding Athlete returns over $500? Have been trying since July to get in touch with him.

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Leo - 71 d ago


Gap needs to do better when it's come to the checkout it sucks need to update their registers like express have. And please make the coupons more easier for the cashier to scan them because it takes them to long to be typing it. Their registers are very old an off dated.

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#232BAW - 79 d 4 h ago


Yesterday, I cancelled my Silver Gap card. I have been cardholder for over 10 years.This is what happened to me. I tried to use my card to buy some dishes while i was on vacation in Tennessee. At checkout, I was denied use of my card by Synchrony Bank. I showed my military id and my Kentucky drivers license, I m a person who always pays all of my balance off every month and on time. I was upset because I had also used my card successfully at Fairfield Inn Hotel.the day before. I spoke Gerald at Synchrony Bank Fraud division and was informed that they had to verify that I was me by letting them call my land line phone back in Kentucky.I responded with " How could I answer my home phone in Kentucky when I am on vacation in Tennessee." After several attempts to use my card in Tennessee, and many calls to Synchrony Bank, I gave up. I encountered closeminded suspicious bank employees in their fraud division. With each call to Synchrony there was a different story as to why the would not let me use my own card.They didn't care, even when stated that I put over $1000.00 per month on the card. My identity could have been determined with a few questions about my recent purchases. I would have liked to continue to do business with the Gap but Synchrony Bank will not make changes to my account and add a cell phone number or email as means of verifying my identification. Corporate Reference this by #232BAW. .

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Pam Burkhalter - 86 d 18 h ago


I had a credit card with Old Navy for approx 3 years made my payment on time paid it off twice, the last time I paid it off was June 14. I went to check my spending amount and had a notice that my account had been closed that I could not longer use my account and to keep paying on my balance until paid in full. IT WAS PAID IN FULL ALREADY !!!!!!!! I contacted customer service and was told that due to my credit rating my account had been closed. What the crap my rating may not be perfect but I always paid on my account. If this is the way you treat your customers you ought to be ashamed. It can assure you that I won't shop at Old Navy or Gap anymore and I know that your cooperation could care less about one person not shopping with your stores but it's the working class like myself that keep stores like yours in business but I guess you have to be upper class and have a perfect credit rating to matter

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T Fred Baker - 118 d 6 h ago


re: Banana Republic CUSTOMER SERVICE (an oxymoron if i've ever heard one!!!)

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Marcy - 127 d 12 h ago


Not sure this is the place to put a request but maybe someone can tell me where. I have an old pair of string bikini underwear that I wish you would bring back. The are 100% cotton and incredible. No panty lines because they are not hugging your body like the stretch ones. Please respond.

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C - 132 d 16 h ago

Just learned that if you do not have a printer ( to print out return label) you can not return items to GAP!

Needless, to say this will be my LAST GAP shopping experiences as I do not have a home printer.

Customer services replied" that's the only way for a label".

Advice to GAP ( not that the company will listen) other companies offer several OTHER ways for customers to receive a return label.

No worries here...last shopping experience for this person!

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Unhappy Customer - 141 d 12 h ago


Shame on the GAP!!!!! I received my monthly bill last night, there was a $25.00 late charge. In all my years of working (43plus years) I have never been late on any payment!

I received the previous GAP statement on 4/28/18 which was a Saturday, I made the check out and mailed it on Sunday 4/29/18. The mail is picked up on Monday morning in my neighborhood so on 4/30/18 the check was on its way to the Gap remit address.

When I received my bill last night, that contained the $25.00 late fee, I called up the phone number on the statement, I was told that my check was received 5/16/18 and the due date was 5/15/18. I tried to explain the above but the person said "this is what it is."

I responded by asking her to please immediately close the account, she said "if you close the account you will lose my points."

BIG DEAL!!!!!.

I paid the new balance plus the $25.00 late fee and CLOSED THE GAP ACCOUNT!!!! If the lady I spoke to last night would have taken the time to reviewed the account since I opened it, she would have noticed I pay full, NOT PARTIAL BALANCE.



Unhappy Customer

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Anonymous - 141 d 11 h ago


Sorry I meant to say Unhappy Former Customer Never to Walk into another Gap store again!!!!!

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Nana - 141 d 14 h ago

To who it may concern !! I can't believe and have not read in your policy on putting things in the cart and did not know my card had nothing left! I payed the bill must not of reached you ! And for that I can onky shop the stores!! That's not right it's not you charged my gap card or send the items !! Than I tried again not knowing what happen card did not go through!! I have a good account with you ! Never did hear of this policy ! We all make mistakes just like your company sends wrong items or whatever !! I feel this needs to be put out there so others are aware of this as no one I told know of it laughed I will contact 6 cause they can get more information for you as why Cause I asked why a few times and only got my answer policy rule ! Where is that rule read your comment as this happen to others! Not fair !! And just for that GAP is off my list !! I refuse to shop the store onky on line Facebook I feel I need to let know what happen that's way many more will know this

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Anonymous - 142 d ago


Dear Gap,

Yesterday, on Memorial Day 05/29 around 3:00PM, my mother was harassed inside your 5025 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803 location by a white American lady that insinuated twice that my mother "does not speak English." This is considered ethnical and racial profiling. Your store cashier went on to laugh at this matter and the store manager did nothing. It should remain on record that your stores serve clients that are discriminatory and racist, especially against IMMIGRANTS!

Since this happened inside your store, I highly recommend that your employees not only manage this situation but TURN AWAY RACIST and DISCRIMINATING CLIENTS!

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k - 161 d 5 h ago


Dear Gap,

I have been a long term customer, have shopped with you for over 20 years. Recently I sent back an item form online and had called customer service first to find if there was enough time to return by mail. I was told yes. So I proceeded to pint a label and sent the item back.

Today, one month later, I receive the item back stating it was too late.

1. I don't know how long it was processed in Gap's warehouse, discarded or forgotten then found.

2. I was told by customer service that it was in time!!!!!!!!

I called to clarify the matter and spoke to a RUDE representative who was condescending only to be transferred to another RUDE representative manager form California name Sean who was condescending rude and obnoxious.

I have NEVER been treated so horribly and after being such a loyal customer for me and my family I am appalled by this treatment and will never shop with gap and will cancel my silver card or 20 years TODAY.

Thank you for ending a long term connection in such a horrible way.

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Linda Clark - 187 d 16 h ago


Hello It was shopping at the Banana Republic, Towson Maryland store. Th3 salesperson recommended that I open a store account to save money on my purchase. I did and I received my card in the mail. I attempted to activate my card via the website. I was asked to enter the last 4 digits of my SSN. I continuously received an error miessage until my account was locked. I call customer service and was told my SSN numbe4 was keyed incorrectly. I was confused and concerned. How could that be ??? I was issued a CREDIT card with the wrong SSN associated. I immediately begin to feel vulnerable. I was told not to be concern, it happens all the time, I was told to mail a copy of my drivers license and ssn card to correct my ssn on record. Of course NOT. I told the agent to close my account. Whose SSN is now associated with my name, how will this effect my credit???? UGH

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Helen - 1 y ago

5 name is Helen Schoonmaker and a shopper at Gap's stores. I have a $5.00 coupon dated August 31, 2017. Can this coupon be replaced with a new date? Tell your shoppers to start shopping in Gap @ ORANGE PLAZA IN MIDDLETOWN NY. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS OUTSTANDING........

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550 Levis - 247 d 10 h ago

You must be a robot ,,,everyone knows they suck....only some one who gets paid by them would post a non deserving star at allll.....NO ONE LIKES GAP ANYMORE you sound like a commercial so you are one of them ...honesty is best GAP going belly up.....BTW don't shop on line with them either they send you what you did not order. If you even get your order.......

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550 Levi's - 247 d 10 h ago

As I was looking at the news. A gap advertisement came on for your newest collection ,I was Appalled she only was wearing a shirt and NO Pants...Are you fucking kidding me..I then went to your home page and they were wearing pants with the shirts....are you treating your female clients like we are fools being you have more men working for you then females....where's the man wearing a shirt and no pants like your CEO try him for a model...seeing your getting only a 1 star rating now,,,,

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POOR SERVICE - 251 d 6 h ago


GAP CRAP Had 'free' pix w/Santa taken Dec. 2017 at Gap on Bloor St, Toronto, Canada. Gave 2 email addresses. Never received. Sent email to Gap. Eventually emailed back to contact store. Contacted store Mgr. Rayna. She said she would contact "santa". Never heard back. Called her after 2 wks she said she thought 'Raymond' had called me back. He didn't, of course. ANYWAY, PIX ERASED. HEY, Gap U paid for this idiot to take pix & INSTEAD he & Rayna only disappoint your customers. EXcustomers.

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Marie - 260 d 9 h ago


I would just like to say that I applied for employment with gap located in Rocklin ca. On the 12th of January 2018, and I received a text from Human Resources a week later reminding me of my orientation date. But to my surprise I was denied the job as of 01/29/2018 3 days before I was suppose to start. Because of my criminal background information. Given I don't have a great past. But one thing I can say is that I have done a complete 360 , I guess it hurts being that I was told 3 days prior to my start date so for 3 whole weeks I was thinking that I had a job. So I didn't look for another one. I guess I'm Gaps eyes I'm still them same person I was almost 6 years ago. When do the cycle break? Nobody is perfect people do change. So I guess I'm suppose to feel guilty for the rest of my life. Sometimes I wonder if I was white would this action still be the same.

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Ellen Freilich - 264 d 13 h ago

Elevator at the new Gap Factory store in the Port Authority Bus Terminal at W. 175th Street in New York City has been out for months. This makes the store non-compliant with handicap accessibility. The person in charge of real estate for Gap Factory stores has to get on this and demand an immediate repair from the landlord. You should also get a rent rebate because this service is not being provided by the landlord.

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Knovels - 296 d 10 h ago


So dissatisfied with the Merrick NY store. The lady was so rude, as I was returning something I bought 2 days ago that didn't fit. She couldn't find it on my credit card , since, when I purchased it they had to punch in the numbers of card. She wouldn't punch in the numbers herself , but found the other stuff by punching in the numbers. In the long she still refused to return the jeans . So frustrated!!!! Can't wait to pay off card and cancel my credit card along with finding a different company to shop in. Needless to say I spend thousands a year at the Gap! Oh well , lost a customer for good!!!

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Anonymous - 301 d 6 h ago


The lines for checking out are ridiculous, were in the Huntersville NC location and you continue to lose sales as people walk out not wanting to wait, terrible

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Daisy Williams - 302 d 9 h ago


I had the most worst experience in Memorial City mall on today 12/20/17 at 1:15pm with the general manager bling long hair young white lady! I previous spent $200 last week but they were out of gift boxes and when I called this morning about getting boxes since they were out and spent over $200 ! The lady on phone said they had boxes and just show receipt! I came and they were out again and while asking the cashier for gift bags instead since I didn't want to make another trip, she rudely interrupts saying "no I can't" when I'm trying to tell her the situation she was extremely rude in front of a line like no we can't give them out without receipt then when I show receipt she rudely says it has to be today! Going back and forth with me instead of having customer service and letting me get bags since they told me they had boxes and made the trip! I am retail manager and our corporate does not tolerate bad customer service and believe customer comes first! I let her know and asked for corporate number she walked off with attitude ! I will NEVER shop at gap again for how rude and upset she made me ! She should not be a manager with that attitude treating a 6 months pregnant women like I wasn't shit!

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

I had quite the opportunity to work with (Lorraine Adams), as my Supervisor and I must say that she is quite rude and her attitude is cocky to say the least. She treats a lot of us badly, especially us that are not talkitive. I had more that one experiences with her, wherein I wasn't feeling well at work and I went to her, and told her that I was on my period and me stomach was paining me she said, "Well sweety, there is nothing I can do about it. It's up to you, what you want to do about it sweet." I asked her, if I can get lighter job, for that day, but she says no. I was starting to get heavier monthly flow, because I was lifting heavy boxes. After a few hours, I went about to her to tell her, that I still ha not relief, so I had going home. It was only then, that she decided to give me very light job to do, right after she rolled her eyes at me and looked at me with disgust. I spoke to a few senior ladies, about my experience with her and they told me, that's how she is. They also had some bad experiences with her, but there is no point in complaining, because supervisors have each other's back, and HR was good for nothing, because there shield supervisors, even when they are wrong. I thought that HR work for the warehouse workers, to help them with any issues and concerns they might have, but things work very differently here I see and it's such a shame, because this is a great company and it's the treatment and behavior of the leadership people, that is tearing down that value and brand of this company. There needs to be some serious changes in management and in their staff. Why cover for your friends, if you know they are filled of negative? Why risk losing your job, over something that you can fix.

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