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The Hearst Corporation

Hearst, Houston Chronicle, Cosmopolitan, Esquire
300 W. 57th St.
New York, NY
Frank Bennack
(212) 649-2000
(212) 649-2108
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Lori - 11 h 7 m ago

enough is enough! Greedy!

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Lori - 1 d 10 h ago

People in rural areas rely on news casts and weather reports. Your company is pathetic! Is being greedy really worth risking millions of lives?

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Nan - 2 d 51 m ago


How pathetic of a company are you to stop negotiations with Dish Network. I have an 83 year old mother who has religiously followed programming on WLWT (Channel 5) in Cincinnati Ohio for decades. She lives in an apartment building that is wired only for Dish Network. Now, she has missed over two weeks of her favorite daytime show Days of Our Lives.

I just think your company made a huge mistake and I know I will not be watching any of your programming nor will my mother. As I said PATHETIC!!

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Chris S - 2 d ago


I am gradually learning that I don't need KCRA in Sacramento on my DISH network. I am disappointed in Hearst and the KCRA Management that supposedly free TV is no longer Free. NBC and KCRA - last chance to get back in my life. soon I will be weaned....

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Mary Woodyard - 3 d 7 h ago


Enough already! Make a deal and get back to doing what you're supposed to. This nonsense is highly unethical and is showing a firm disregard for customer service on both sides.

Actually, we're learning we really don't need ABC. We have found that the programs we're not seeing really have no impact on our lives. It is, after all, just TV. We're starting to think again about cutting the cord and doing away with satellite TV altogether.

However, we should not be asked to pay for what we're not receiving. We expect to be compensated for the loss of programming. For what we pay each month it's ridiculous to expect us to continue to pay for what we're not receiving.

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Nancy D - 4 d 10 h ago


I am quickly learning that there are several free or low cost alternatives to my Dish Network subscription. I can and have been living without Herst programming since they decided to pull their channels from Dish. So Herst I f you are trying to prove a point so am I. That point being I can do without you AND Dish Network, you can keep your broadcasting, I don't need it.

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Shirley Wheeler - 5 d 9 h ago


Please put my local channel back on Dish Network,you need to this now,this been going on to long.So stop it today and put my local back on today. You are losing money by not settling this matter now. You are punishing the customers of your and Dish Network for not settling this matter.

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angry in PA - 5 d ago

this is a bunch of greedy crap. People that do not care about their viewers They also don't care about senior citizens that don't have much else to do but watch TV. And now Hearst is too greedy and the seniors suffer by not having their main local channel to watch

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Anonymous - 5 d 2 h ago

angry I PA, Hearst is just being greedy while we continue to pay a lot of money to have satellite. WGAL is our local news channel which we have not been able to view noe for 2 weeks. They do not care about the consumer.

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robert - 13 d 4 h ago


the elle sweepstakes has an error. I spoke with supervisor debbie the last week of february but nothing got fixed. the problem occurred the last week of february when the new contests were put in system. The sweepstakes "MAKEUP AND BEAUTY PRODUCTS WORTH $10,000" click on ENTER NOW and it takes you to the ELLE Home page instead of the Sweepstakes Entry page.

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Woodland CA - 13 d 19 h ago

This past week, I have learned that I can live very nicely without Hearst, NBC and KCRA (Sacramento). CBS and ABC News work just as well for me. I will miss Lester Holt, but I'll get over it. Netflix will be fine for anything else I would like to watch.

Sorry NBC, Hearst, and DISH.. I just don't need you.

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Anonymous - 14 d ago


The Hearst Corporation is worth how many billions? Come on air waves are free. I and so many want our local channel back. Why is it always about money? Why can't someone do the right thing to make the average american happy? Do the right thing.

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Anonymous - 14 d 8 h ago

Resolve your issues with DISH, or lose people to other networks. I prefer to watch Grey's Anatomy and Scandal but I can always find something else to watch. You'll lose people and have a lower viewing number. Fix it.

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Not Supporting Greed - 15 d 3 h ago

This is absolutely ridiculous! Thanks for making me miss ALL my CBS shows like NCIS, Scorpion, etc. And I cannot even watch them when you FINALLY do make a contract agreement since I REFUSE to PAY for your On-Demand service. I will gladly help spread the word that you are trying to make Dish DOUBLE their fees but want us to pay to re-watch or catch-up on CBS shows. Guess I will just have to find some other new shows to watch instead and give up on CBS. I am absolutely sure no one reads these; look at your rating. And to think you are still not trying to please your customers!

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fed up - 15 d 4 h ago


I am so over this crap. Just put our stations back on DISH. I think you all make plenty of money!!

General profile image - 20 d 4 h ago


My review is very low!!! Hearst broadcasting has block KCRA 3 form dish network. And I blame Hearst broadcasting. I'm going to miss Grim tonight because of Hearst broadcasting!!!! This does nothing but me me angry at Hearst broadcasting!!!

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Jaxie - 17 d ago

I also missed Grimm also dannylaudenklos ... I'm still angry and will be even angrier tomorrow when I have to miss This is Us. Hearst is squeezing $$ out of everyone and yet has billions of $$. Greed.

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Jaxie - 17 d 21 h ago


Seriously. Last week before a program I was watching even ended, the message from Dish pops up that negotiations have broken down with Hearst AGAIN. KCRA, the local NBC channel was chopped. Hearst is ALL about money, greed. Do they care about the paying public? Hell no. I would put up an antennae if only it worked where I live. So tire of all this sh_t.

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muddy2shoes - 17 d 24 s ago


Re cutting programming to Dish - Doesn't Hearst realize people will switch to other programs if they are unable to catch first episodes, loose story lines (on series' with a week to week story line), or decide other programing is equal or better to ABC? I don't think I will go back to GMA and will delete timers from my DVR because I am fed up. Greedy.

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KD - 17 d 10 h ago


I am getting very sick and tired of the Hearst Corporation blocking Dish Customers Channel because of their greed! This broadcast costs your company NOTHING but yet you want us hard working people to pay for a service which you pay nothing for! GIVE DISH NETWORK CUSTOMERS THEIR CHANNELS BACK!!

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Radclat - 18 d 24 m ago


The Hearst Corporation does not care about us, their viewers. You are only a number to them. What they care about is their Corporate Sponsors. I wanted to watch the Warriors game today. I had a friend who is with a company that Hearst is not currently targeting and trying to squeeze more money out of. He watched the game and sent me a list of all the companies whose ads I missed. Hearst is not only ripping us off, they are ripping off the companies who pay millions of $ for a minute of ad time to be viewed but millions of people. But, Hearst is severely limiting who will be able to view the ads that other Corporations have paid millions of dollars to. Write these sponsors and let them know. Then, maybe Hearst will take notice when the other corporations pull their ads from Hearst stations. If you give an written OK on this forum, I will include your name in my communications with these corporations. Or, simply look them up and e mail the company with your complaints about Hearst. Corporate Sponsors: TGIF Hyundai (US) Schwab Dunkin' Donuts ABC ESPN NBA TV Verizon Wendy's Tissot Macy's The "Kong" movie IHOP "Fast and Furious" movie Auto Zone Cricket Wireless KFC Playstion Jameson H&R Block State Farm Insurance IBM Honda LincolnMercury Subway

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DM - 18 d 12 m ago


I can understand the poor ratings. Once a year we have to deal with Hearst! This time they want to DOUBLE their fee to keep our channels on TV. It's not like they don't have a monopoly. Their net worth is huge.

I'm almost 70, do I really need to hear about what can only be called greed?

Negotiate a realistic end to this. I want KSBW/NBC back on Dish.

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Analoggran @ gmail . Net - 57 d 6 h ago


I am extremely disappointed in the Houston chronicle. It has gone from being a top notch paper to a non delivered paper because the people you hire to drop the paper on the driveway in the morning before noon are apparently not able to get out of bed. Apparently the only way I can express my disdain for what you have become is to write a snail mail to New York.for your information I am 80 years old and have been reading this paper since it was an afternoon paper.

General profile image - 77 d 23 h ago


Hearst communications, television is holding DirecTV customers hostage by removing channels from viewing. Hearst wanting more money will only increase what Directv customers pay. Well we aren't seeing your advertisers or buying their products while not viewing the programs. Give the little guy making 40K a year or the retired lady a break! Give back some of that 40 billion!

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Mary R. - 76 d ago


Hearst you are already worth billions how much more do you need for gods sake, your greed (all corporate greed) is killing families finances. Enough is enough let the viewers watch your ABC affiliates on Directv and other providers. It makes no sense that I can purch an antenna and view you station for free but thru my cable provider I have pay out the butt to view them. Really!!

STOP the fight and give us back ABC.

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