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The Hearst Corporation

Hearst, Houston Chronicle, Cosmopolitan, Esquire
300 W. 57th St.
New York, NY
Frank Bennack
(212) 649-2000
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Analoggran @ gmail . Net - 24 d 18 h ago


I am extremely disappointed in the Houston chronicle. It has gone from being a top notch paper to a non delivered paper because the people you hire to drop the paper on the driveway in the morning before noon are apparently not able to get out of bed. Apparently the only way I can express my disdain for what you have become is to write a snail mail to New York.for your information I am 80 years old and have been reading this paper since it was an afternoon paper.

General profile image - 44 d 10 h ago


Hearst communications, television is holding DirecTV customers hostage by removing channels from viewing. Hearst wanting more money will only increase what Directv customers pay. Well we aren't seeing your advertisers or buying their products while not viewing the programs. Give the little guy making 40K a year or the retired lady a break! Give back some of that 40 billion!

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Mary R. - 43 d 10 h ago


Hearst you are already worth billions how much more do you need for gods sake, your greed (all corporate greed) is killing families finances. Enough is enough let the viewers watch your ABC affiliates on Directv and other providers. It makes no sense that I can purch an antenna and view you station for free but thru my cable provider I have pay out the butt to view them. Really!!

STOP the fight and give us back ABC.

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Unhappy Hearst subscriber - 47 d 15 h ago


Fraud? I got an email saying "Flash Sale" "Seasonal Sale - 1 day only"- 1 year subscription to certain magazines, for $1! It seemed to good to be true. I ordered 2 for a friend & 1 for myself. The were Oprah, Good Housekkeeping & Country Living. I placed the order then rec'd. confirmation stating I would get 5 or 6 issues of each. These magazines come out 12 times a year!

There is also, in very small print, a statement saying the subscriptions would automatically renew. Renew? I want to cancel the whole thing & I will never again subscribe to any Hearst magazine, once my current subs run out.

I went to the Hearst site & there is no way to contact them about this. It is false advertising, to say the least.

Now I will have to get on the phone & probably spend an hour clearing this up.

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lindsay_putnam - 4 y 182 d ago

Getting ready to head over to @HearstCorp to sit down with one of the company's senior editors (and a fellow Colby alumna!) #hireme?

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DesMoinesDealin - 4 y 183 d ago

@HearstCorp that "The 21st Century Begins Now! " #Hearst125

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chermustang3 - 4 y 183 d ago

@HearstCorp The 21st Century Begins Now! #Hearst125

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martiferg - 4 y 183 d ago

@HearstCorp #Hearst125 The 21st Century Begins Now!

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amyyong88 - 4 y 186 d ago

@CondeNastCareer @HearstCorp Are there any administrative or receptionist positions opened?

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Cols6 - 4 y 186 d ago

@AmandaSea @carrinoanthony @caitydunn @tonierae @hearstcorp lol amazing! It freaked me out when I saw it haha #lifesizeposters

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AmandaSea - 4 y 186 d ago

@Cols6 @carrinoanthony @caitydunn @tonierae just a day in the life, working for @HearstCorp

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JK8675309 - 4 y 186 d ago

@HearstCorp Thank You so Much! Ups was Just here :) Happy 125th! and * Cheer's* To Many More! :)

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critiques4geeks - 4 y 186 d ago

Was in @HearstCorp building earlier today for a meeting and it is fabulous inside! Bonus- also got to see my cousin Laura who works on 28 :)

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