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The Hearst Corporation

Hearst, Houston Chronicle, Cosmopolitan, Esquire
300 W. 57th St.
New York, NY
Frank Bennack
(212) 649-2000
(212) 649-2108
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Anarchist America - 13 d 12 h ago


Launched January 1, 1995; 23 years ago

Owned by History Channels (A&E Networks)

Hearst Communications (50%),

Disney-ABC Television Group (The Walt Disney Company) (50%)

It was observed that this evening in Wisconsin, at least, you are hosting a program about the infamous 911 disaster. In brevity: Unless you actually interview & include much of what is not propagated by the 'other' media [ what Trump the jackass calls "fake" news ] you will just as culpable as the people responsible for the lost lives, which in our considered opinion was the U.S. Government.

Despite that you find such ideas heretical, heterodox, & "unpatriotic" is worthless. The facts of science do not bear out the principal ideality that the U.S. was compromised by foreign terrorists.

Go here: & have the courage to face what you do not know, or purposefully ignore. Reveal to the "American" public something truly shocking, rather than to promulgate the fear, rhetoric, & divisive propaganda, which foments war, insidiation to U.S. Terrorism, & ultimately the dismay of ignorance to live in the subjugation of fear from sources deliberately misdirectedby such entities as you probably are, & are allied with.

The meaning: 911 as a Saudi invasion of U.S. borders is bullshit. That roughly 3000 people died with double that amount being injured is nothing trivial, but catastrophic, yet the implication that all which occurred that day was wrought innocent of U.S. involvement is absurd. & I for one was not about to leave the opportunity to scathe you for participating in a recapitulation of fear-mongering without telling you to fuck-off!

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Anonymous - 236 d 12 h ago


I was fired from a Hearst company years ago & still got a small pension which started when I was 55 & is for life. Didn't think any company gave any kind of pension when fired. That money sure has helped. Hearst a good place to work & I never again had a job as good as that one.

Whenever I call the Pension dept for any reason, whoever I speak with always polite & helpful.

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Danny Scarpellino - 17 d 16 h ago


We would love to hear why you were fired. I'm wondering if you might have been the person in charge of making it possible to get a phone number for this giant company that actually has a voice on the other end. I can't call this shit hole place , can you believe that. Maybe I should call the pension department.

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kaye - 28 d 13 h ago


i mailed a check hearst cashed it to their account now receiving notices i have not paid my subscription, i emailed them and wrote them no response and no magazines, supposed to receive womans day and better homes and gardens. got one copy of each none this month.

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John and Mary Reynolds - 124 d 14 h ago


having trouble with subscription # 753931393 woimans day subscription runs till 2021 but stopped for a renewal payment which should not exist. m reynolds (hidden) no phone #'s for customer service for Hearst anywhere. j/rj reynolds

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Esther - 159 d 18 h ago


Please help!! Keep getting invoices for something i never ordered. The invoice does not have any contact numbers.

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Etosha - 164 d 19 h ago


Big shouts to #Nef and #Mark for delivering such wonderful customer service this morning when I made a visit. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Have a wonderful day !

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Debby Quashen - 167 d 17 h ago


My father is a long time subcriber of Prevention Magazine, Published by Rodale Press, Emmaus PA; which is now one of Hearst Communications aquisions, having be recently purchased. I am missing 2 issues, March, and now April. I was forced to pay to replace both issues, which I should have received. $72 for a subcription may not seem like much, but it is a great deal of money. I should not have to pay for issues I already paid for. Why am I not getting the issues? I contacted Prevention several times. and was told I would be getting them. Well, it is now a month and a half and I have not received either issue. I would at least like to have my subcription, which ends in 2019 extended if I have to pay $10 beyond what I already paid.

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Marsha Visage - 211 d 9 h ago


I received an invoice for HGT Magazine which I never subscribed to! What a racket they have going!!!

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J. Ehrhart - 214 d 13 h ago


I renewed my subscription to Dr Oz The Good Life February 27, 2017. My bank account paid this amount March 3, 2017.My last copy of this Magazine was June 2017. I was not sent a refund or informed the monthly issues were discontinued. You need to refund the amount I paid for this magazine for one year. for accepting my money dishonestly.

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Crystal Moy - 236 d 14 h ago


It wouldn't be the first time. But I would appreciate it if your media publications and public entertainment releases didn't borrow or seem to emulate some type of "Asian" quality sex appeal, which only gives away what is ultimately lacking in the country either internally or externally. Although I had ambitions once as a writer, not to worry for I am soon to switch to another language hopefully. I know, I don't belong in this country either.

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K Miller - 277 d 8 h ago


Can someone please inform me the approximate number of times I have to UNSUBSCRIBE from the Hearst Corporation emails before I finally have my email deleted? This is obsurd!!!!

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Mrs Raymond Young - 299 d 15 h ago


Look I have paided my magzines up to date . You keep sending me notices . I haven't gotten my Good house keeping yet. No phone number to contact you people I paided for Country living Better homes and Good house keeping . I did it on your contest web site. I want my Good house keeping for December and I want you all to stop sending me bills and emails. I am paided up!!!!!!

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Joe Carr - 1 y ago


I am having issues with my digital-only Houston Chronicle subscription and nobody at the paper is able to help me. I have talked to 6 call agents at their main subscriptions phone number, I have asked for help from (hidden), I have asked for help from Judith Vega who responds to Facebook Messenger on this FB page, and I requested help via a message from their website. For most of the above contacts, I provided extensive documentation of my issues (with screen shots), yet nobody responds. Why are they not responding?

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secretary of pacific northwest social group - 1 y ago


Doris Bouche Dear Heast owners:Please stop all the politics in Vogue magazine, all we readers in Pacific Northwest are sick of it!!!IF YOU CAN'T REIN IN YOUR VOGUE MAG. EDITOR,.FROM POLITICS, PLEASE FIRE HER!!!WE ARE SICK ^ TIRED OF ALL THE POLITICS IN VOGUE!!!YOU ARE DRIVING US AWAY,TO OTHER FASHION OUTSIDE HEARST CORPORATION!!!--YES, THERE are fashion mags. outside Hearst!!!--Hearst and Vogue are not the only ones.--please stop stuffing the fashion mags, with too much advertising!!the WHOLE MAGAZINES ARE ONLY ADS!!! WE ARE NOT PAYING YOU TO THROW TONS OF ADS AT US!!!--PACIFIC NORTHWEST SOCIAL GROUPS (secretary, DHB, OR

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Angry - 1 y ago


Did not request any magazines from this company-do not like it. Bombarded with request from them and the fact I do not like the magazine. Threatened me over $12.00 for the magazine and kept $12.00 I mistakenly sent due to an error. Mailed magazine back to them that they sent without my consent. Did not want it and to reiterate-don't like it.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Shame on your double standard! If a white person had made comments about Obama, they would have been fired.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Oh shutup already

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Mama - 1 y ago

Employees at the Houston Chronicle who were not able to make it in to work due to Hurricane Harvey (major flooding) were paid for their absences. NOW, employees are being told Hearst will be taking that money back. Really? How sad!

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everybody US - 1 y ago

I was just charged for a magazine subscription I didn't order. After searching for 15 minutes I can't find a way to contact this company except to write a letter. First they rip me off and then they hide.

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Mamad - 1 y ago


What a money hungry company! Don't care about people @ all. Its about the almighty dollar! This company is a disgrace to the American public

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Val Thor - 1 y 76 d ago


I understand the govt is controlling Ancient Aliens to prepare for full disclosure?

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Lynda Canada - 1 y 143 d ago


Get season 5 of devious maids on Canada watches too count us in people

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Anonymous - 1 y 144 d ago


Weather forecast is false Mallory Brooke said it was raining however in town it was cloudy and foggy i reported this to the fcc and i want you to fire Mallory for false weather reports

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dr - 1 y 151 d ago


PLEASE SETTLE WITH DISH NETWORK NOW. This has gone on too long. Every year we have a problem with our local channels but this one has been too long. and we have to pay to watch shows on NBC on demand and that is not right either. JUST SETTLE.

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