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Patrick & Billie McKenzie - 9 h ago


SETTLE THE DISPUTE WITH DISH NOW! We have contacted you several times and I'm disappointed and disgusted!

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Jim sourwine - 1 d 14 h ago


Wish you could come to settlement with dish satellite . I'm really disappointed at how money hungry some companies are .i really enjoyed you Chicago fire,PD.,Med.and justice so in closing I'd like to say let's put on your big kids pants and settle this

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Chip - 7 d 8 h ago


As a Dish customer, I'd like to thank you for trying to overcharge us for service already available over the air at no cost (other than watching commercials). During this extended impasse, where Dish is trying to hold the line on what is clearly broadcast network owner greed, I have successfully broken several television habits by now enjoying Good Morning America instead of the Today Show, watching Colbert instead of Fallon (which typically runs a ridiculous NINE commercials during each commercial break),, etc., etc. I am 100% behind Dish advocating on my behalf to keep my service rates reasonable, and will continue to wean myself of NBC programming if this impasse persists.

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Joel Leckie - 7 d 9 h ago


I cannot believe that you and DISH cannot come to some sort of agreement over fees. Put your big boy pants on and compromise. It has been 45 days and this is ridiculous.

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rick c - 7 d 16 h ago


4/17/2017 viewing in Sacramento California KCRA broadcast NEWS , Missing illegal Mexican , belongs to a illegal Alien advocacy group around Sacramento , Aired by KCRA . Missing Mexican brings Mexicans and South Americans to the US border , for illegal enter activity . Promoted by KCRA Sacramento ! Does the Parent Corporation ( Hearst ) know this type of broadcasting is being Aired ? KCRA Promoting illegal activity . Apparently , California is still protecting illegal Aliens and using Media Corporations to enable more illegal activity ! Defying Federal Law and FCC policies ?

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Charlie need Sunday papers - 7 d 20 h ago


Unhappy Houston chronicle customer. need Sunday papers.

Angelina, This is Charlie, 5715 NW Central /Dr. #100 Andrew skipped Friday, Saturday and Sunday papers.

I called your company and I don't think he got the message. It's not okay to skipped papers. Have him to bring Sunday papers. Charlie.

4-18-2017 6:17 am

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connie - 8 d 13 h ago


I am an unhappy subscriber with Dish as my service provider. I am upset at the length of the dispute between you and Dish. I am at the point where even if I do get my NBC station back on Dish I will not watch it. Figure something out and come to a compromise. Internet TV is looking better and better.

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Disgruntled California customer - 28 d ago

I don't really care who is at fault for KCRA program removal from Dish. The result is that we are no longer watching KCRA. Frankly it's too inconvenient to watch it FREE from an antenna. I cannot believe this is profitable or what you want.

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Anonymous - 21 d 18 h ago


I'm with you. We are in a valley in KY where we would need a very expensive, tall antenna to get a signal. I'm not doing that just to watch a show.

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Anonymous - 21 d 18 h ago


I've also lost interest with the dispute with Dish Network. I don't care who is at fault, I've received credits from Dish. I've found other (better by the way) local stations to watch. (I will never watch WLKY news again.) I paid for CBS all access just to watch NCAA March Madness. I canceled this morning. There's really no need to change to another provider. These games are played with all providers and all networks. I usually DVR my shows to skip commercials, so I don't mind streaming the next day. I have found that I don't miss some programming and have replaced with shows on other channels. Just fix it, 32 days is long enough.

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Anonymous - 25 d 11 h ago

Please get the deal done with Dish Network.

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Anonymous - 25 d 11 h ago

Please get he deal done with Dish Network so we receive our local channel again

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Former KCRA VIEWER - 27 d 11 h ago

I cannot believe you have let this dispute go on forthis this point I don't care ...I have found other news stations and programs to watch...I don't need KCRA (or Hearst) anymore!

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Disgruntled consumer - 31 d 14 h ago


I would rather watch reruns of Oprah N sesame street than buy any product advertised by Hearst N CBS = Communist Bullcrap Service!! You sory Piece's of crap .. Ef You and your money hungry ass's .. I hope all your moms are proud of your desire to get rich off us consumers .. well not Me believe me when I say F.. O ... it don't stand for Forward Observer either !!!

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Kasey - 31 d 16 h ago


I hope the sponsors are as understanding, since their advertising dollars are not reaching thousands of DISH customers in up- state New York, and rural Vermont. We are unable to access those channels any other way than satellite.service. I am attempting to email as many of them as I can find to let them know how their money is being wasted . If its true you have given DIRECT TV a deal, why not DISH for the same money?

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Lori - 33 d 19 h ago

enough is enough! Greedy!

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Lori - 34 d 17 h ago

People in rural areas rely on news casts and weather reports. Your company is pathetic! Is being greedy really worth risking millions of lives?

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Nan - 35 d 7 h ago


How pathetic of a company are you to stop negotiations with Dish Network. I have an 83 year old mother who has religiously followed programming on WLWT (Channel 5) in Cincinnati Ohio for decades. She lives in an apartment building that is wired only for Dish Network. Now, she has missed over two weeks of her favorite daytime show Days of Our Lives.

I just think your company made a huge mistake and I know I will not be watching any of your programming nor will my mother. As I said PATHETIC!!

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Chris S - 35 d 9 h ago


I am gradually learning that I don't need KCRA in Sacramento on my DISH network. I am disappointed in Hearst and the KCRA Management that supposedly free TV is no longer Free. NBC and KCRA - last chance to get back in my life. soon I will be weaned....

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Mary Woodyard - 36 d 15 h ago


Enough already! Make a deal and get back to doing what you're supposed to. This nonsense is highly unethical and is showing a firm disregard for customer service on both sides.

Actually, we're learning we really don't need ABC. We have found that the programs we're not seeing really have no impact on our lives. It is, after all, just TV. We're starting to think again about cutting the cord and doing away with satellite TV altogether.

However, we should not be asked to pay for what we're not receiving. We expect to be compensated for the loss of programming. For what we pay each month it's ridiculous to expect us to continue to pay for what we're not receiving.

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Nancy D - 37 d 18 h ago


I am quickly learning that there are several free or low cost alternatives to my Dish Network subscription. I can and have been living without Herst programming since they decided to pull their channels from Dish. So Herst I f you are trying to prove a point so am I. That point being I can do without you AND Dish Network, you can keep your broadcasting, I don't need it.

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Shirley Wheeler - 38 d 17 h ago


Please put my local channel back on Dish Network,you need to this now,this been going on to long.So stop it today and put my local back on today. You are losing money by not settling this matter now. You are punishing the customers of your and Dish Network for not settling this matter.

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angry in PA - 38 d 9 h ago

this is a bunch of greedy crap. People that do not care about their viewers They also don't care about senior citizens that don't have much else to do but watch TV. And now Hearst is too greedy and the seniors suffer by not having their main local channel to watch

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Anonymous - 38 d 9 h ago

angry I PA, Hearst is just being greedy while we continue to pay a lot of money to have satellite. WGAL is our local news channel which we have not been able to view noe for 2 weeks. They do not care about the consumer.

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robert - 46 d 12 h ago


the elle sweepstakes has an error. I spoke with supervisor debbie the last week of february but nothing got fixed. the problem occurred the last week of february when the new contests were put in system. The sweepstakes "MAKEUP AND BEAUTY PRODUCTS WORTH $10,000" click on ENTER NOW and it takes you to the ELLE Home page instead of the Sweepstakes Entry page.

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