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The Home Depot, Inc.

Home Depot
2455 Paces Ferry Rd. Nw
Atlanta, GA
Francis Blake
Chairman and CEO
(770) 433-8211
(770) 384-2356
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Cathy Talmadge - 29 m 20 s ago


I purchased one (1) refrigerator in line in Nov 2018. I received one (1) refrigerator in late Nov 2018. I was billed for two (2) refrigerators in Dec 2018. I called customer service Dec 4 2018 and filed a dispute, after 20 minutes of explaining that I only purchased and received one refrigerator and not two. I was sent to a store to make the complaint and was then transferred back to customer service and was told that it would take two weeks to complete the dispute. Well called back way after 2 weeks today 1/18/19 and was told that the dispute was never opened. are you kidding me. Meanwhile payment is due on $4000+ when I only owe $1250. Home depot is robbing me in my face. I'm closing this card once I pay what I really owe for one (1) refrigerator. They can take me to court for the price of the refrigerator that one of their employees stole!!!! Ill be calling the "Better Business Bureau" and the Attorney General for this MESS!!

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Maritza Robles. - 9 h 28 m ago


Purchase a fridge for Mom on 1/12/19, delivery date was for 1/15/19. on the paper work it states that delivery people are to set up appliances make sure they are working before taking old appliances, this was not the case with my moms appliances. delivery people dropped off and took my moms old appliances, after they left my mom realized the fridge was not working. my sister called and was given the run around, she finally had to go in person to talk to someone. they advised that my mom would get another fridge 1/22/19. This is not acceptable. The delivery people did not do what they were supposed to. my mom is 88 years old and a diabetic which she has to inject insulin and the insulin should be kept refrigerated at all-times. my mom now has coolers in her kitchen and has lost a few food items and not to mention the Insulin, if the insulin should go bad and my mom injects herself with bad insulin because your company was irresponsible your company could be looking at a law suit. the refrigerator needs to be replaced ASAP. My name is Maritza Robles my number is (hidden). I look forward to hearing from someone in corporate to get this resolved before next week. Please..

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Kathryn - 2 d 4 h ago


I've been in to two separate Home Depot stores 5 different times in the past 8 weeks for flooring. Once into the Capitola, California store, where the representative was at lunch and several other people did not seem inclined to assist me. The fourth time into the Watsonville, California store, I was assisted (finally) by an excellent customer service representative, Margie Grant. The intercom call for assistance to flooring was originally ignored and I finally found three Home Depot flooring people, including the flooring supervisor talking at a table. The supervisor, did not even bother to look around, but with her back to me, asked Margie Grant, an appliance specialist, to work with me. Margie Grant went out of her way to try and help me. We were having difficulty locating my flooring, and after an additional 20 minutes, the supervisor finally did step in to see if my desired flooring could be obtained directly from the vendor. She found that Prego/Mohawk had in the meantime closed for the day. Ultimately, I would shop at Home Depot again, but finding one representative out of many who was courteous and very genuinely interested in helping me, I will tell you that you can get help at Home Depot, but you have to be very persistent. Margie Grant deserves a 5, my overall experience with Home Depot is a 1.

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is this true - 59 d ago


Do I need to start shopping elsewhere...

So I am at Home Depot today and the older gentleman in front of me shows his ID for a veterans discount. The clerk tells him he does not qualify for a discount so the gentleman asked to see a manager. They ask me to go to another line because this may take a few minutes. I tell them no thanks I want to hear this.

So a young cocky full of himself moron comes to talk to the gentleman and says no you do not qualify. The gentleman tells him he has always gotten a discount there. So the moron says well we have told our people to tighten the rules and we only give what corporate requires we give and you do not qualify. The gentleman says he will then take his business elsewhere. The young moron replies that is your choice. The gentleman starts to leave and I step in.

I tell the moron if one of your idiot friends walked through the door right now you would have the option of giving him a discount and with your attitude you would do it. So step over to the register and give this guy his discount. He says he does not qualify for it.

So I tell him look here is how this is going to work. Either you give this guy a discount and I call Home Depot corp and tell them how good of a manager you are in spite of the stupid policy.

Or I go home call Home Depot corp tell them I stupid the policy is and their manager is a moron, then I blast face book and it goes viral and you get to be the moron you are.

I think you know which one he chose!

So people please blast Facebook with this story.

It was store E Spokane #4714

5617 E Sprague Ave

Spokane Valley, WA 99212

What a shmuck, he also told the gentleman that he would have to talk to the CEO of Home Depot to change his mind.

I hate people who do not respect our military.


Flagged for review. 
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Rold Arnesen - 58 d 16 h ago

I had thought that Home Depot was supportive of our military. The company even talks about

"Honoring Veterans" on the companies main website. I work in a situation where I have on a daily basis steered people towards Home Depot because I've appreciated this apparent support, though I am personally not a vet. It's highly disappointing to learn that Home Depot professes support but only to a limited degree.

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Sky - 58 d 4 h ago


One of the managers denied a man military discount on a push lawnmower, goes to show you how much they care

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Anonymous - 55 d ago

go to Lowes, they were started by Veterans when they came home from the war

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Andrea - 2 d 16 h ago

Then go to Lowe's no body cares!

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Matt Ryan - 52 d 18 s ago


Home Depot doesn't care about our Veterans. Boycott Hone Depot and spend your hard earned dollars with Lowe's, who actually cares about our Veterans and thanks me for my service every time I walk in the door. Shame on you Home Depot.

General profile image - 37 d 2 h ago


Please do not make that statement. Home depot does provide discount, and caring has nothing to do with it..Show your military proof and you will receive your discount. I always get mine, at Lowes and The Home depot.

Your statement is incorrect and False

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Now a Mr. Lowes shopper - 33 d 5 h ago


Fawtcvab are you employed by them? It's upper mangt. that's the problem and what they mouth and memo cast to staff workers. They should be concerned about more staff in stores and or having departments covered when that one depart. person is on lunch or coffee break.

When you stop a home depot person for info or help most likely you will get "oh" that is not my department.

When you ask to see a store manager if you ever tried you will be told there at a meeting or busy with store business no matter what time of day. I live with in short driving distances of 5 stores and?

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T sutherlin - 23 d ago


Ain't that the truth.

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John Grey - 9 d ago


Agree, their (HD) service sucks.

To add to the previous comment about "Home Depot Veterans Discount' yes they do have it but to receive the veteran discount, home depot treats you like you're a shop lifter trying to get away with murder. At lowes, once they have your information as a veteran they pull up your telephone number and boom!!! you're verified.

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jacrispy - 28 d 33 m ago

Doesnt care?

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unhappy shopper - 18 d 9 h ago


why don't you care is that the way-----------------------work

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WS - 58 d 8 h ago


the new policy states that the Veteran must be on active duty or to be on disability caused by their service to this Country. It sucks there is no one more deserving than someone who has put in time protecting the rights of everyone including THE HOME DEPOT. That's why I shop at Lowes they still honor my service with a discount

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Sgt. Bilko - 52 d ago


Home Depot is turning into Ace Hardware. Except Ace Hardware actually cares about our Military veterans.

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jk23 - 45 d 6 h ago


I bought and paid for a washer/dryer combo on 11/23. Delivery was scheduled for today 12/4. They bring the washer but no dryer. The dryer is "in the warehouse". They will have to deliver the dryer on their "next available delivery date" which will be Jan given I had to wait 11 days for this scheduled delivery. 11 days and they still couldn't get the order together and delivered. They are suppose to call and reschedule :at my convenience. Obviously today's scheduled delivery would have been very convenient. I am not holding my breathe for any immediate resolution. Oh, and they changed their story- they drove off without leaving the washer. Now it seems they can't do partial deliveries. My last time at Home Depot.

Maybe Amazon sells washers and dryers.:

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Regina - 39 d ago


I worked for home depot and as long as you are active...retired ...veteran ..or served...or a dependent with an I.D... you are eligible for the discount...

You did not have to be disabled.

I was an employee from 4/17 to 12/18

Sorry about your experience


Austin . tx

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Bernie - 27 d ago

im fairly sure they can not ask them if their disability was caused by their service to our country.

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Matt Ryan - 52 d ago


Don't you just hate ignorant people who just don't care about going the extra mile. I do like how you handled the situation, but I would of taken it 1 step further. I would of paid the veteran the few dollars that the discount would of gotten him and then would of thanked him for his service. Shame of Home Depot. No wonder their stock is more than $40 off it's all time high which was hit 2 months ago. Arthur Blank and the Blank foundation would not stand for the attitude of this dumb kid.

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Bryan Sweeney - 45 d 6 h ago


Lowes offers a military discount. I signed up for a MyLowes account, submitted proof of my military service and, in a few days, was approved for a 10% discount. Simple.

Home Depot does not have a MyLowes type of program but does grant a veteran's discount. Home Depot accepts active duty, reserve, dependant, and retirement cards. I did serve and went to war but did not retire, so I do not hold one of those cards. I was told that I could still get the discount, but I had to go to a VA facility to get a veteran ID card, which could then be used to get the discount. I am a Massachusetts resident and my driver license has "veteran" imprinted on it. MA imprints "veteran" on an ID when a driver/veteran produces his/her DD-214 discharge papers at the RMV. When shopping at Home Depot, I used to show my driver's license and get the discount, but that chaged a few months ago. I was told by a Home Depot manager that my driver's license could no longer be accepted as proof of my veteran status. Keep in mind that the driver's license, like a VA card, is a government issued ID.

Mr. Blake, are you aware of this new policy? It rejects the validity of my MA driver's license, but then asks me to face the gauntlet of the VA bureaucracy and carry an extra ID in my wallet, just to get your discount. Are you kidding!?! It is disingenuous that Home Depot provides a veteran's discount when you require this VA hurdle to be cleared, especially when I already have proof of my service in my wallet. The vast majority of veterans in our country are not on active duty, in the reserves, or retired from the service. Millions are not in the VA system either, so the upshot is that you want to make it really hard for many, many veterans to receive that discount.

This is a choice you have made in running your company but, in my opinion, it is short sighted and you should consider revising it to include presentation of a DD-214 or a government issued ID that proves veteran status to get the discount.

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Anonymous - 21 d 24 h ago


Penna has the worst policy as to Veteran discount! If it's on sale you get no more discount - you already got it! Bye Bye Home Depot!

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Michael - 43 d 5 h ago

Go to Lowe's. More friendly too.

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Regina - 39 d 22 h ago


I worked for home depot in Austin ,TX for year and a half until they let me go due to attendance issues but didn't take into the consideration why I was late the days I was late but that is another story..

As to the veterans discount..they do have specific I.D requirements but it is the cashiers discretion ...had that been me...I would have given the customer his veterans discount...and the cashier at that store could also have given the discount just to have a satisfied customer ..

I am sorry that customer had a negative experience but it was not the store but the employee

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Discusted Veteran - 33 d 6 h ago


It's not just your store they are all the same, they have no use for Vets. You get excellent treatment from Lowes. You will find The AH's in home depot don't answer e-mails or any type of communications, it's above them. Most of the staff store workers are decent people but the AH's in Atlanta need to be educated in customer appreciation. They need training from "Disney" the best in the country.

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