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The Home Depot, Inc.

Home Depot
2455 Paces Ferry Rd. Nw
Atlanta, GA
Francis Blake
Chairman and CEO
(770) 433-8211
(770) 384-2356
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Eric - 14 h 26 m ago


I have shopped at Home Depot for many years because they offered quality products and service. At my last visit, I was offered only self check out. That is not quality service. I don't think that it is economical as there were 2 employees assisting customers to self check out. Does that make sense? Until Home Depot values customer service, I will take my business elsewhere. The assistant manager suggested that I contact the corporate office because this is the direction that is given to the stores. What looks good on paper, never works in practice. Self check out now, what is next? Do we stock the shelves ourselves?

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Anonymous - 19 h 32 m ago


Don't even bother with The Hone Depot. Poor customer service. Misleading customers to benefit their bottom line. It's about them not you.

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Popeye - 1 d ago


Why every time you go to the homeless despot.. at the pro counter there is never anyone around to help you. And it really cost 4.99 for a 3pack of paint roller covers. I can the same 3pack else were for 1.99 same quality????

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Home Depot permits Fraud - 1 d 2 h ago


I received 4 emails from Home Depot stating my email & home address had been changed. The email included a phone number to call if I had not made these changes, I had NOT. I called the phone number & of course it's just a generic number, no live person to talk to. Our social security numbers were stolen in 2014 to file false tax returns & we've had to deal with the continuing fall out of that mess. It took FIVE hours (ending at 10 pm) to finally get a live person to de-activate the account. I have 2 more hours this morning trying to speak with someone. Home Depot was sued in 2014 for a major security breach, It will happen again. I am fierce about protecting my online security, Home Depot is not.

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Anonymous - 1 d 7 h ago

Do not do business with them we are withdrawing our supply contract with them and several other companies. Zane Gordon Averett was a Sex offender in the State of Wyoming then he got charged for Failure to register as a Sex offender in the State of Idaho. He works at the Nampa Store for Home Depot. Do not take your kids there. We are cancelling our supplies from them and other companies are his name is Zane Gordon Averret his birth date is 11/23/1972

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Anonymous - 1 d 17 h ago

Went to home depot on Friday Sept 14th to purchase a washing machine. After purchase I was told that the delivery date would not be until the following Friday and someone would call on Wednesday with a time. Since my husband and I both work we were very anxious to know the time so that we could make arrangements at our jobs. However we never received a call. Instead we called the store ourselves late Wednesday and were told still there is no time listed but good thing we called our address was completely wrong on the order. Nevertheless we received a call on the evening before delivery stating they would be here next day between 7am and11am. At this point it's too late to make any type of arrangements at work and when we expressed that to the customer service manager(Ashley) she curtly told me it could be rescheduled for the

Following week at which point it would be two weeks from time of purchase. When I expressed to her my frustration and inconvenience she promptly disconnects the call.

Needless to say, whenever I get This washer it will be my last purchase with home depot.

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francois - 2 d ago


Store 8561 in Burlington, Wa. RUN DONT WALK AWAY FROM THIS HOME DEPOT! Lyla Ayling worse manager I have ever seen in 65 yrs. You can also include Kristen Caldwell NW HR RENTON in the unprofessional list also. Just avoid Home Depot like the plague. They don't care about their employees or customers. Customer service does not exist. They don't listen nor care. Francis Blake have you read your page? Many unsatisfied people. I course this is what people have to do because you guys dodge calls, don't return calls, never leave a number so someone can call you back. What a game! Just go to Lowes! They answer the phone, call you back and listen and try to fix the problem. I have also always had good service at ACE hardware. I understand when you are paid nothing why you don't get good service but the store manager is paid well. Yet Lyla Ayling runs and hides and makes promises she does not keep. Tells you something is going to happen and once again it does not. I know its just to get you off the phone. You are out of your league, new and cant do your job! Managers are weak people and run and hide also. Corporate needs to make a visit to this store. Looks like a ghost town, IM sure your business is down. Employees stand around or on computer or go outside and they are all outside smoking. In Wa. state you are suppose to be so many ft. away from building...LIKE I said avoid this store like the plague! Get a manager that does more then runs and hides...Corporate NEEDS to visit this store... come when know one knows you are coming and you will see what Im talking about.

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Meredith Brown, Consumer - 2 d 50 m ago


September 20, 2018 Francis Blake, Chairman and CEO Home Depot 2455 Paces Ferry Road. NW Atlanta, GA 30339 SM Veronica DeJesus- Dockery 5700 Avenue U Brooklyn, New York 11234 Dear Francis Blake and DeJesus -Dockery, Re: Adan Perez, Parking Lot Attendant - Home Depot 5700 Avenue U Brooklyn, New York 1234 I am commending Adan Perez, Home Depot Parking Lot Attendant. While shopping at Home Depot during the Summer Months for plants . . . etc. Anan always greeted me and several other customers with his gracious smile and attentiveness. Ada would always collect and offer shopping carts to customers exiting their cars and assisting every customer within his eye sight needing assistance with packaged . . .etc. I've been a customer of Home Depot for several years and I never experienced a professional and gracious employee like Adan Perez. Bravo! to Adan. Regards, Meredith Brown, Home Depot Consumer

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Bill - 2 d ago


On Aug 1 we had a refrigerator whirlpool side by side delivered. Worked fine for about a month. Started with a noise that sounded

like a tornado warning siren. This was at 1:45 in the morning. When we finally got it stopped by unpluging the unit we went to Home Depot #1904 to tell them what happened. The woman in the appliance dept ( Connie Excellent Person) helped as far as she could to order a new frig. We know about the product warranty but after one month we wanted a new frig. The store manager

came up and told us to use the warranty and my wife told him no that we wanted a new frig. After about 25 mins arguing with

Bill store mgr he said he would do this one time. We received the second frig on 9/11 and this one is defective ( wheel that levels

the unit was broken). Driver immediatly called and ordered a new one for us. It has now been four days and have not heard a word on the new frig. We have called within the 48 hrs and have been told it's on order still no call. Thankfully the driver noted

that the frig was damaged on a report. All we want is a frig that works.

I can't believe the poor customer service from the store mgr ( Bill) if I eve did that in my career in retail I would have been fired.

Totally unacceptable on his part. What has happened to good old customer service. We will never shop at this location again

even though it's two blocks away. 1904 store #.

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rich - 2 d ago


it is quite evident from all these complaints and issues that HOME DEPOT don't care about complaints they say screw you there is always a new fish that we will catch.

Why would a company so big not give a shit about customers

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Bill - 2 d ago


Making a high value purchase for your home? AVOID HOME DEPOT LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!

They did a number on me, with a new water heater and installation.

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Rosemarie Houlehan(6 - 2 d ago


Will never shop Home Depot again.

Everything I buy there is screwed up. My latest venture is buying a home sink and faucet. The contractor fussed around here all day and left me with no water. I called the store multiple times and no satisfaction. Second day with no water and no answers. Corporate should know this and take steps to correct the terrible fact of contracting their work out to the lowest bidder and putting the customer at peril from shoddy work. This is the third time I have been through this and I am done. Lowe's ... here I come.

P.s. ... I have no intention in paying the install fee of 370.00 dollars. I have to call a real plumber to finish the job and pay him. DONE!!!!!!!

Rosemarie Houlehan

North Ridgeville Ohio

33061 Pine Branch Circle. 44039

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Suddenly Upset - 2 d 13 h ago


I have been a fan of The Home Depot all of my adult life. Your location is great, too, except for this one terrible, non-user-friendly procedure/store policy: your appliance delivery policy is the pits, the worst I have ever encountered. Shame on you, Home Depot, for making it so difficult, and such a hassle.

I bought a washing machine from your store via the very pleasant but perhaps not too knowledgeable, Brittany, on the phone. She may have made the first mistake here with the pre-delivery instructions. Maybe she didn't know any better. Re setting up the home delivery for Tuesday, September 11th, 2018, she told me that I would have to wait until the delivery company, an outside vendor, called me to set up the time of delivery, and that there would be no choice of time slot/window. Now, every other vendor, PSEG, Cablevision, Verizon, etc., will give the customer a choice of time slots, but not you, not The Home Depot. So, that's very annoying and unhelpful. Suppose the customer has to work that day? She said that they would call the day before, but did not even say when they would call during that day, and my cell phone had just broken, so that I had to stay home glued to my landline all day. Nice. Well, no one called me as of 4:00 P.M. on that Monday, September 10th, so I phoned your store. I was told that the delivery company would phone me between 4:00 P.M. and 7:00 P.M. When no one called me by 7:00 P.M., I again phoned your store, and I was told that they would call me between 4:00 P.M. and 8;00 P.M. Then, when no one called me by 8:00 P.M., I called back and I spoke to Bernie, in Customer Service, and she said, "Oh, they never call the day before. They call the day of delivery at 8:00 A.M". SO ANNOYING!!!!

I woke up early, even though I go to bed at 3:00 A.M., so I was very tired and annoyed to start the day. I waited for a call that did not come until 9:45 A.M. He called to say he would be there in 30 min. Mr. Jose Dominguez, and his colleague, were both FABULOUS. The only bright part of this story was the polite professionalism of these two men from the delivery company. These two went above and beyond in completing a difficult delivery, with a huge truck on a single-lane, private 1/10th of a mile private driveway with hills.

I really hesitate in ordering anything else from you, as I would really hate to go through all the absurdly irritating and totally unnecessary b.s. ever again. Just too stressful. This process ought to be smooth, not chaotic. I was so angry with The Home Depot. Who wouldn't be?

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Alex - 2 d 17 h ago


Worst home appliance purchase ever! Sold me an unmatched washer dryer set. They still have NOT credited the wrong dryer they picked up over 2 month ago. Over 30 phone calls and I'm nowhere. They have the dryer, I have the bill.

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No longer a Home Depot customer - 3 d 2 m ago

Terrible, terrible service. Awful does not cover the horrid experience. On the phone since 11 am this morning. Took one month for dishwasher purchase to delivery. Delivered defective. Maytag/Whirlpool. Broken hinge. Now Maytag will attempt three times to repair. Will replace after that time.

11 am calls started. It is now 1:58 pm. Nothing yet.

Transferred again. On hold. Now 2:02 pm

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Leon - 3 d 17 m ago


Customer service in Home Depot is terrible and I am now shopping at Lowe's. On July 4, 2018 we bought a Whirlpool refrigerator from Home Depot in Spring Hill FL. We requested to have the door handle switched which was written on the order. When the delivery people delivered the fridge and proceeded to change the handle they didn't know how to do it and couldn't get a screw in the door so they just drilled it bigger and put the handle on. Therefore, when they left and we opened the fridge of course the handle came right off. Immediately called Home Depot and was told to call an 800 number. Got the run around from them also and after many calls and waiting for a repair person to show up which they did not show, we went directly to the store and talked to the assistant manager and order department person and guess what??? We again got the run around. We then called Whirlpool and they were very helpful and got things moving, soooo after 45 days of calling and getting the run around from Home Depot we finally got a new door put on our refrigerator. After all it was the delivery people's mistake and Home Depot should have stepped up and got this problem solved. We really appreciated Whirlpool stepping up and helping us to get this problem taken care of as Home Depot customer service sure did not do one thing to help us out. So again Good Bye Home Depot and Hello Lowe's.

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Andrea - 3 d 10 s ago


We have had a HORRIBLE experience ordering appliances from home depot. Our new dishwasher was delivered damaged last week, which the delivery men did not notice. It was not noticed until the following day when the plumber came to install the dishwasher - why there is two separate teams for delivery and installation is a whole other issue. We called for a replacement and were told we'd have a date on the new delivery in 48 hours. We finally heard back (after literally calling 7 different people over 2 days) 5 days later, only to be told the product was now on backorder for 2 weeks. We cancelled our order Monday, but were told we'd need a RGA number which would take 48 hrs to get before I could get email confirmation of the cancellation and a pick up date for the damaged dishwasher. Fast forward 72 hours later. I am on hold AGAIN and now am told they need to pick up the dishwasher BEFORE I can get an RCA number - this is after I verified earlier this week with 3 different people the cancellation process. Who knows when this broken dishwasher will ever get picked up and if we'll ever get our money back. I will NEVER shop at Home Depot again. Worst customer service EVER. No one takes responsibility for anything.

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Anonymous - 3 d ago


To whom it may concern. I would like to let you know i love home depot but i am begging you to stop selling QSEE PRODUCT. They are the worst costumers service. I think youbshould stop selling their products. I had a problem and it took a lot of work and 3months to get them to step up and take care of the problem. And the did not gice us a new replacement but a refurbished one and as i am typing i have to call them bec it still not right and i need 4hrs a pop to call them every poor company and dont want anyone to go thru the nightmare i am going thru. So please think about getting rid of Qsee products. Thabk you for your time and bec we could not find the reciept we could not return it to home depot.

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Penelope - 3 d ago


the definition of customer service does not exist in this company at all. We purchased a fridge a couple of years ago and bought the extended warranty. We started having issue with our fridge, water was leaking from the ice tray and running down the side of the fridge so we called and asked to have someone come and check the fridge out. They came and fixed it a couple of week later same issue and we had someone come and look at it and say it was our tray and we were the ones to let it the leaking stopped then it came back again.... had to call and have someone come out and look at it since the puddle was getting bigger and creating a safety issue for my kids, they can slip and fall. things started to go down hill, they replaced one part that was the issue then another issue came up and then they would replace that issue making another issue happen.. our fridge wouldn't create ice or coolant system wasn't working our light got burnt we had to get a new pump a new insulation, you call it. we have had over 10 guys come into our home...I didn't know our house was a circus but it became one. our privacy was taken since we keep having people coming and going. They told us they couldn't fix it and then another group would say the same thing. they would call home depo support and talk to them while they try and diagnose the fridge. no solution at all. we are now 2 months in with no ice or water or light in our fridge. they are giving our tech guy a hard time and refuse to pay him for the money he is putting on ordering parts that they told him to order and then they wont fit or wont fix the issue. we are tired of the service home depo is giving us. all we want is to have ice, water and the light to work. they have called us liars and told us we were wrong because it doesn't show in their system that we have had over 12 visits to fix this fridge they said we are making it up yet we have all the invoices to prove. we are fed up and tired of how horrible this customer service has been. I have already spread the word to make sure no one purchases from homedepo anymore because getting any type of appliance will cause you a headache if you need to get it fixed.

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Gary W. Pilipovich - 3 d ago


Just had a terrible experience shopping at the Prescott, AZ store. We have made several purchases including countertops, carpeting and lumber for buildings. We were purchasing lumber yesterday and had to wait over an hour for 6 sheets of plywood. This was bad but what happened after was worse. We pulled in to load our lumber with the help of an employee we started loading the truck. An irate "pro customer" started cussing me out for being in his way. He then sped next to me almost hitting me with his jeep. He came out screaming at me and my wife and asked if we wanted to meet him at the side of the building. OK I know that you can't control customers, but I was loading where the employee told me to park. Sorry but I will not shop here again. There's a Lowes across the street. The store manager was no help at all.

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Jan - 3 d ago


Hello. Wanted to express praise & thanks for Kenny Thurman's, Gunbarrel store, 37421 help in the past & just recently regarding my door needs. He's very willing to give his best to the customer with such a positive attitude. I walked away feeling my day had improved just talking to him. Tks again Kenny. Jan Smith.

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joe - 3 d 13 h ago

ordered a sky light 3 weeks ago went to home depot in Tigard Oregon to check on when I might receive it. come to find out they didn't even order it . I talked to the service dept. and they did even care and told me to talk to corporate

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Anonymous - 3 d 18 h ago


We ordered carpet from Home Depot on Car Mia Way in Midlothian Va. We were told we had to pay to have the bed moved. We also was told what to do to get ready for the installation. We did all and more. We took up the old carpet - we had nothing under the bed - we empty closets - we removed bed coverage- we removed everything off the walls and all furniture except the bed. We made sure that adequate power, lights, ventilation and air conditioning was available. We did everything possible after they set up a time for installation. We had to change our schedule to accommodate the installers. Date of installation, we received a call that they would have to reschedule and wanted to know when they could come to install. I became very angry as we had complied with every thing they wanted us to do. My husband then went to the store to cancel the order and was told the order could not be cancelled. He asked to speak to the manager and the manager refused to talk to my husband. We are senior citizens - my husband 79 years old. We feel Home Depot was very ready to take our money but not very ready to see that we received good service. If I ever get this carpet installed, We will never buy anything again from Home Depot. My e-mail is (hidden) - I would expect a reply.

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Francois - 4 d 23 h ago


Yesterday called corporate about Home Depot in Burlington, WA. and store manager Lyla Ayling. Corporate listened and got her on the phone within mins. AMAZING! I had tried several times and knew she was not planning to call me back. I guess she thinks if you run and hide the problem will go away. If I had treated a parent like that in my 30 yrs. of teaching I would have been fired. I don't understand how she became store manager when she is so unprofessional. Store and manager unprofessional! She talked to me with a major attitude. She said she was sorry but I knew she was not.

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SandyT - 5 d 6 h ago


One of the things I love about Home Depot is the ability to buy large items and if paid off within a certain amount of time, I don't have to pay interest. I've used this to purchase a replacement air conditioner unit for my home, stove, microwave, washing machine, dryer and other home furnishings. Items on my list to replace are kitchen cabins and dishwasher upgrades. However, today I was making a couple of purchases for a standalone entertainment center and pantry ($1,200+). I called and was given a special offer for no interest if paid in a timely manner. I already had my items selected and checked out online with my items. It wasn't until I received my confirmation email that I realized one of the items wasn't being sent to my home, it was being sent to the store. I have no way to pick up such a large item. So I called immediately--within 5 minutes of placing the order, only to discover that they could not change the shipping address for the one item so that it too could come to my home. I had no problem paying the shipping fee. I was truly STUNNED, when the agent told me that she couldn't change the address because the system wouldn't let them due to fraud concerns. I can understand fraud concerns, but I'm asking to have it shipped to the same address where all my packages are sent, where my billing statements are sent, the address that's on my account....what sense does this make. She told me that I had to cancel the order, but the item I wanted would not be in stock if I did. I have never experienced such a complete lack of customer service or a company policy that not only negatively impact the customer but also the company. The agent told me that Home Depot is not the only company like this because she's ordered from other companies before and they have the same policy. I told her that I get packages all the time and I have never had this experience--especially when the company is the one that made the error. I have been a loyal customer to Home Depot since purchasing my home many years ago. They have lost a loyal customer today. I went from a high of receiving excellent customer service when dealing with the credit department to receive special financing to a low of receiving no assistances at all when trying to correct a system problem that changed the shipping from my home at a fee of $55 to shipping it to the store. What a disappointment.

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SandyT - 4 d 24 h ago


Update! This worked out for the best. I searched the internet for the same items and was able to save $500 for the same exact brands. Thank you Home Depot. Because of your lack of customer service, I was able to find an even better bargain.

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