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The Home Depot, Inc.

Home Depot
2455 Paces Ferry Rd. Nw
Atlanta, GA
Francis Blake
Chairman and CEO
(770) 433-8211
(770) 384-2356
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Esmer Carroll - 16 h 16 m ago


Great Service at Home Depot this morning, Victor, Melissa provided excellent customer service, very courteous and helpful. Thank you....things are looking much better at Home Depot #506 ...McAllen/Pharr Texas.

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Web - 16 h 45 m ago


I can't believe what I have experienced with the delivery dept for Home Depot. I purchased a new fridge to replace my non working fridge from Home Depot Tramanto with good help from Earl. He scheduled my delivery for Sat the 17th. Perfect, plenty of time for Thanksgiving! I was called and informed that the fridge was on back order till earliest if the 30th and informed to call Home Depot back for other options since I need a fridge... Purchased another fridge with again good help from Earl, helping out with pricing and a new delivery date of the 19th, still in time for T-day... Today the 19th I called just to see when my fridge would be delivered having made arrangements for such just to be informed that they would not be bringing it out for some mix up on their end?! I cannot get ahold of anyone in Corprate due to the amazing automated system and basically a managers best suggestion was to try competitor with same day delivery and that he could refund my $2216... Thanks for the stress and inconvenience of not being able to meet my needs in time for my scheduled holiday cooking fest this year!

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KB - 1 d 21 h ago

We purchased a Samsung $2000.00 refrigerator from Home Depot with the Extended Warranty about 2 years ago. We have had the ice maker fixed several times and even replaced but still does not work correctly. NOW the freezer handle has broken off and The Home Depot Extended Warranty company is telling us that the handle cannot be replaced because they no longer make that handle (hmmm...wonder why) they also said they will not replace the refrigerator (although it is a mechanical part and should be covered).

Now I have a $2000.00 refrigerator in my kitchen ( that by the way we remodeled thru Home Depot at the cost of $10,000.00) that looks like sh....!

I will never again purchase any thing from Home Depot and I will share this nightmare with everyone I meet.

I will also be bringing in that broken handle to my near Home Depot on a very busy Saturday morning to share this story with every customer within hearing distance!

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Linda Siebe - 1 d ago


I would like to thank Linda Siebe for being the most helpful and knowledgeable employee at Home Depot Jensen Beach Fl. Curtain and Wallpaper Dept. This amazing young lady helped us with picking out shades for our entire house. When she said she was going to call us back she did, something that i haven't experienced for a long time. This lady is amazing at what she does. What an asset to Home Depot

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Richard Rafter - 1 d 12 h ago


Called Customer Service 2 times now about my problems with my kitchen refaced. The cabinet doors wont open there's marks on the doors handles are crooked. they didn't even show up the day they game me to fix the problems. Absolutely no communication skills from our seller.

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John Reilly - 19 d ago


On 10/31 I called Customer Service in Atlanta regarding some shelving I ordered. 2 hours of hearing the recordings that all C/S people were helping other callers. During this time I busied myself painting a room, room was finished and recordings continued to play on my speaker phone. So I hang up and call back As I travel to my local Lowes to make a purchase, I stopped to get gas and upon arriving at the Lowes, 30 minutes after the start of my second call, I hang up.

Made my purchase at Lowes and will never visit HD again. They must not have any people working in Customer Service. The C/S number I called was 1(hidden).

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Annonymous - 13 d 13 h ago

You need to e mail the president or ceo of home depot direct. That is when you will get results. You can bet the store manager will be jumping!

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Jana - 4 d 9 h ago


How do you find that email address?

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Anonymous - 1 d 15 h ago


How I can find that email?

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corporate CEO & President - 2 d ago


the worst experience in my life I have it with home depot on 9/24/2018 I made a contract to fix the roof on 11/5/2018 began work on Saturday 11/10/2018 as I arrived on Saturday and had not finished the work covered the roof with a tarpaulin which was not put in the right way that night it rained and my house suffered great damage the house was under water then for the amount of water the roof inside my house was shut the laundry was left without light since the incident happened my husband and I call every day to see when they are going to do the repairs were supposed to start on Sunday 11/18/2018 and a man called my husband saying that today could not be true is that not yet I had a solution for my problem I resorted to home depot looking for a solution and I ended up worse than I was

people that we have spoke: Isidro Suarez ( sale person), Katherine (manager )

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Chris - 2 d 9 h ago


I was just in your store number 6503 and unfortunately I am currently in a wheel chair due to a spine injury as I was getting help checking out I noticed someone hiding behind the trash can at self check out. All I could see was a cell phone and a flash went off. So obviously i wheeled on over there and asked the gentleman what he was doing and why he was taking my picture with his cell phone. After I confronted him he became very aggressive and said I cant prove it and that it was because I was in a wheel chair and WHITE sounds a little racist to me. So I called the manager over and in front of the manager there employee threatened me and when I asked him if he was indeed threatening me he replied no that's a promise "wanted to fight" I have never been so disrespected in my life. As my company spends 100000's of dollars there per year. As much as I hate to say it I will no longer be a customer due to the way I was treated and the way the situation was handled. Very embarrassing and unprofessional. I wish he would have told me his name but he refused. Hopefully yall will take action aginst this individual so this wont happen to any other of your WHEEL CHAIR BOUND WHITE PEOPLE. completely out of line.

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Ellen Blackburn - 2 d 18 h ago


I want to speak with someone in Corporate as I just went shopping at your store looking for decorations and with a big company like yours only honoring one holiday with decorations for Christmas and nothing for Hanukkah is just wrong and disrespectful to others that celebrate different holidays. So until I see something other then a small spot in the store or online and nothing in your advertisments or on TV I will stop shopping at your store and let others know to be aware of this happening with big chains like yours.

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frank fidler - 2 d 20 h ago


About four months ago I spent over $17,000. to have my kitchen cabinets refaced. The cabinets look great however; a cabinet door has an extra hole for a hinge on the inside and around the dish washer no molding. I have called the construction office ( Mesa or Chandler AZ.) several times and have sent pictures. I have been told I'm on the schedule to have word done, send pictures, were backed up etc. You cannot see the hole in cabinet its on the inside. Molding is easy to see. Not a big issue but spending over $17,000. I would like to have it done!! Just about to give up! Frank in Peoria AZ.

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Suzanne Weaver - Gary Lawton - 4 d 45 m ago


Worst exper ou enceci have ever had! Zero customer service and they were at fault for 2 different trips due to wrong stove being delivered! 2 times! And plumber on clock as it was a gas appliance at $120.00 an hour! When asked for their Regional Manager's information, store manager refused to give! Never again and unacceptable! We flip houses and you lost a major client!

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Angry Bird - 4 d 9 h ago


Very disappointed the service was horrible. Job number 10842405 made it to step 5. My installation date was scheduled, supplies ordered. 30 days into the project the installation manger calls and says he can't do the job because there may be issues during the installation and his crew wasn't equipped to handle. These things should have been addressed way before the 30 day mark. I was inconvenience I could have searched for another company now snow and winter have approached no roof for my home. I made a complaint no one has returned my call and it took a week to credit my account back the 6,000 dollars. I wouldn't recommend home depot for any home projects.

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Wanda Niehoff - 4 d 11 h ago


I am writing a letter to corporate Home Depot - Francis Blake re: Two different workers that have been referred to me thru Home Depot.

Neither one of the workers knew what they were doing on installing a shower - then Bath Fitters plus a certified Plumber looked at it and says it all needs to be ripped out. Well - I have $6,000. in this tile shower project and it still isn't usable.

I am very displeased with Home Depot referrals. I am mailing my letter to home depot corporate in the a.m.

The Mgr. at Home Depot said - you just don't have any luck with workers.

This shower project is terrible - beyond terrible.

I actually think the pro desk is referring personal friends of hers and receives a kick-back.

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From positive to being a nightmare! - 4 d 11 h ago

I recently had a positive experience with Joe D at store #1261 from customer service. He was very accommodating and spent the extra time to ensure that he provided the info I needed. He was pleasant and helpful. He searched the internet and located another Home Depot that had the items I needed. He wrote down their phone number and printed out the paper with all the information I would need. The rest of my experience has been a nightmare. I made numerous phone calls to the Home Depot in Port Chester. When they finally picked up the phone and took my order for 6-8 ceiling tiles, The person quoted me about $50.00 for my order. I checked my bank statement and saw that I was charged over $300.00! When I called back , and had to wait an extended time for someone to pick up the phone, they investigated the charge and told me I was charged for 8 boxes instead of single tiles that I asked for. I told them my husband would b picking up the tiles. He had to wait about 1/2 hr until they finally located the tiles that were in pieces!! It has been a nightmare dealing with the staff at this Home Depot. However, I must add that the manager and assistant manager were helpful and tried to take care of the problem. It's a shame all the other incompetent people that work there , causing customers to be very unhappy and dissatisfied with the experiences at this Home Depot store. What a nightmare and inconvenience they caused!!!

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Larry - 5 d 9 h ago

I was at Home Depot on Richman and was approach by a security guard. He said that he got a call that I put something in my pocket and i didn't pay for my stuff but I had my Receipt. This is the second time I had a run in with him. And even throw the cashier told him I paid for my stuff he continued to tell me he was going to call the police so I told the employee to call the manager and showed him I didn't have anything he still was trying to Harass me I go to this location all the time and now since this I will no longer be shopping their thank to the security door.

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This#shouldn'thappen - 5 d 12 h ago

I have heard on a few occasions when I'm at my home depot store on Georgia one of the associate making comments about her coworkers body part. I could tell it made her feel very uncomfortable and she said something about it in a joking matter to lighten the mood of the situation that she didnt like it. The store manager just said...yes, she likes big @#$%! And will tell you and joke. I'm sure it is hard for anyone to bring this to light as it is not an easy situation to talk about, but if the store manager handled this situation like this and it is still going on. How does one expect, if this employee has another issue that person will not talk about it because she knows nothing will be done. I am in management and it is sad, I like your store but I feel that the store manager has not addressed this very well as it is still going on.

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Joseph Dalebout - 5 d 13 h ago


Very unhappy with Delivery service on your website ordering. Working on North Slope Alaska (-17 F Degrees this morning) and can not get a Furnace delivered to my district in Kenai Alaska 3 miles from a Home Depot store, Heater has been sitting in Anchorage Alaska since the 9th of November and can not be delivered until the week of the 26th November. Tried to have picked up from the shippers yard but am being told they will not release.

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Anonymous - 6 d 20 h ago

I hope all of description of the horrible experience I had with home depot get to upper management. My email is not going to upper management, because the issue is not just the installer but the whole team. Below is my experience I had this summer/fall 2018. The installer can only solve part of the problem. To whom it may concern I am writing to express my total disgust and disappointment in the service I received from Home Depot for the work on my garage roof. I started searching for someone to repair my roof on HomeAdvisor I got small businesses to look at the job and they quoted anywhere from 2000 to 2500. I didn't feel comfortable and wanted someone to stand behind their work with warranties. So my experience with Home Depot started on June 1st, I had my first consultation scheduled for that day. I was not available for that meetings but my brother was. My brother met with David Douglas and gave him a quote of $6,110.90. I didn't accept the quote at that time. I contacted Home Depot once again wanting the warranty to ensure that the job will be done right well at least that was my assumption. I met with David Douglas around the end of July or very early August. What I have is that the job was created on August 4th I was told by David that the whole job will be done somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks and that I have three days to cancel also that the install would only be one day. He told me that someone would be coming within the next week to review his measurements. I was surprised someone showed up 2 Days later on August 6th. I was not home but had my sister let the person in whom I found out later was Shane. I figure 4 - 6 weeks out will be early to mid September. I heard nothing from Home Depot and New York City rainy season was coming. I finally called at this time and told customer service that I had signed a contract in early August and had a second look early August. He connected me with a person named Tanisha, I guess team leader, team coordinator. I left a message she wasn't in so we played phone tag for most of the day and finally we got in contact with each other. I told her I was concerned because I haven't heard anything from Home Depot and it's getting close to the four week time frame of installation and that no one had contacted me she told me that they just received my order on either the 23rd or 28th I cannot be absolutely sure which one but it was definitely the 23rd or the 28th. I asked how could that be seeing that I signed a contract on August 4th and a second look on August 6th . She did not give me any clear explanation as to why they received my paperwork so late. So I asked for a Monday because I'm off on Mondays. She tells me that the next available install date on a Monday would be October 15th. I asked her could it be sooner than October 15th she said no that's the next available date. I also expressed my concern about rain damage she still stuck to the date I said I would like a refund and she said I only had three days to get a refund. I thought I had no recourse so I just agreed to it. Fast forward to October 10th I have not heard anything from Home Depot to confirm the install date. I called customer service and I was connected to Tanisha again. She said ,of course, they were about to call me to confirm for the 15th and the 16th of October. I said I was told initially install would take one day by you and by sales rep. She said no that was never said. Now if I have to take a day off work I have to put in for a request and I do it as soon as possible when I find out when I need to take a day off. So I know good and well that was not said. I found it quite unprofessional of her to argue with me regarding this. Now I initially called to confirm the install date and was told one day I called again to confirm that they are coming on the install date so why would I assume that they told me 2 days. Again me being frustrated I said is there anyway I can get my money back she said no then she asked me if there's anything else you could do for me I said other than getting my money back. she said I can't do that is there anything I can do for else what do for you? This conversation went around for about 3 or 4 times I finally gave up in disgust. Now here it is Monday morning October 15th. I left my sister to accept the materials while I take my mother to the doctor. I got a call from Shane that morning telling me that they will not be able to do the install that day that Monday 15th October because it's raining. I told him I I was told that this was going to take two days and I cannot take off on Wednesday seeing things were scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. He said he only needs one day to do the install. I asked him what about the material? And told him that they told me that it would be delivered before the install. Shane told me that the material would not be delivered because it was raining and it shouldn't get wet. Then he said it all can be done in one day. I said okay. Shane call back shortly saying that the material will be delivered today Monday as scheduled. I asked what about you getting wet he said it should be okay amethyst the install will be on the 16th. I had asked him to please contact everyone to make sure that we are all on the same page. That evening I got a call from Shane's boss the project manager, I forgot his name, and tells me that they need to cancel my installation date. I said what do you mean? He says to me that because it's raining they need to reschedule me I said yeah Shane rescheduled me for tomorrow the 16th. And that Shane insured me that the 16th was the scheduled date for installation. He seemed bewildered so he I guess he contacted Shane. Got a call from Shane later on saying that everything is confirmed for Tuesday the 16th and I said is everybody on the same page he said yes. I got a very upset call from my sister telling me that she was looking out the window and she saw a forklift passed by once empty. She said she thought nothing of it because they are doing construction across the street from me. But then she saw it come back with a load coming down our block. So she went outside to investigate and saw that the guy was delivering material to us putting at the entrance to our driveway in front of the fence where there are clearly two signs that says no parking and active driveway. She said she told him he cannot leave that material there because it is an active driveway that he needs to put them inside. He initially said he couldn't do it, the forklift wouldn't fit in the driveway. Well guess what, it fit. This would not have been memorable had he not gloated about him fitting it into the driveway when he just should have done that in the first place or ring the bell or call to let us know that someone's out there to making a big delivery. The material could have been stolen. So here we are installation day and no one had told us that they needed access to electrical supply. They were finishing up and my sister informed me that there was quite a bit of material left over at least 12 sheets of the iso board and about a half a roll of the quickseam cover. She said that they were loading it into their truck. She said that there was two sheets of plywood which I remember him ordering still there not being used. My sister and I asked Shane how could they take the material that I have paid for he gave me some kind of lame explanation saying that I paid for only what what was used. And I said why is it on my bill that I pay for what was on that packing slip? Then he changed the explanations to that they order 10% over because of mistakes that could happen. And I told him that I paid for that 10% overage and I would like to keep that material since I paid for it. He told me his boss would contact me. So his boss contacted me and try to tell me the same story about the order and I said look you order two sheets of plywood what you didn't use you didn't installed and took back some sheets of on ISO board. He was surprised about the sheets of plywood not being installed. And I told him I want the materials that wasn't used because I paid for them. Did he said he'll call me back. I got a call back from Shane saying that will I'll be credited for the two sheets of plywood and two seats of the iso board but not the roll of quick seam because they can't give me that. Shane came back to be paid and for me to sign their waiver and schmooze me because of all the errors and a none professionalism. I know he just wanted to waiver signed and and I just wanted them out of my hair the whole thing was a nightmare. But it wasn't over, they left a ladder in my driveway. Shane ask if they can pick the ladder up Wednesday the next day I said fine long as you call before you come. They didn't come Wednesday they didn't come Thursday and they didn't come Friday. They ring my bell 8 in the morning on a Saturday without calling prior to them coming. Just par for the course. You say why am I writing all this what I want. I want someone to review my materials as to the size of my job and what was ordered if not I'll find a roofer who do that for me. I have the packing slip of what was ordered. I would like a decent discount for all the ineptness and unprofessionalism that I had to put up with. I would hope that you train your staff in dealing with customers and how to better communicate with customers and between themselves so a customer can know exactly what's going on and work with the staff. I'm hoping that you can resolve this to my satisfaction if not I would have to seek further advice. Sincerely Debra

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Dissatisfied Customer - 7 d 19 h ago


Wow! You guys are pathetic! No Customer Service available!

I called the store on Sunset and Western in Los Angeles - no answer.

Called the 770 corporate number - both hung up. Wow! PATHETIC. BAD, BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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Carol Gerhard - 9 d 18 h ago


Very poor delivery service. We were promised delivery of two patio doors. We had to cancel installers because It wasn't delivered the day it was supposed to be. This is the second day we had a delivery time scheduled between 6 am and 10 am It is now 4 pm and no delivery. Multiple calls made to store. I am very upset and will see that any further purchases will not occur with this company.

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rich Kopps - 8 d ago



I am sure there are 10,000 similar stories like yours.It appears they are in business to mess up peoples lives, had the same problem.

You made the smart move. The right hand must learn what the left is doing but at least the two of us learned a lesson.

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Christine - 14 d 14 h ago


Instead of writing a long complaint which will get me nowhere.... I'm going to compare my experience today at both Home Depot and Lowe's.

We went to Lowe's to order blinds. The order came out about $400 more than what we were expecting. The manager spent over 30 minutes with us looking at options on how to lower the price. He authorized a discount, put in the blind order at next weeks LOWER prices, saving us about $300. He walked us to the register and introduced us to the girl who would be finishing the order. He gave us a business card and told us to call him with anything we need.

Then we had to go to Home Depot since Lowe's didn't carry something my husband needed. As we walked through Home Depot I noticed the washer and dryer pedestals we purchased 33 days prior (90 day return polIcy) were nearly $300 LESS!! As my husband searched for his items, I inquired at the customer service desk of I could get the difference credited on my Home Depot card. The girl called the manager for authorization (she was ready to do it) and he said NO. So I asked if he would come speak with me. After waiting for 20 minutes a women appeared (not the manager) and she too refused to even consider the credit. She said there was no return policy on appliances. But the credit cards is on the pedestals. Nope. Not going to budge.

I went home, retrieved the pedestals and my receipt, I returned to Home Depot, dealt with a different girl who returned the entire purchase. $560. I then went to Lowe's where I purchased the pedestals with Lowe's price match at $260, and the manager AGAIN treated me with kindness and offered to have them delivered to my home for FREE.


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Mr. Frog - 8 d 27 m ago


The shame is home depot management doesn't give a shit about it's customers and store staff have there hands tied. hd has the most fantastic customer file complaint department called "the trash container". Do yourself right and Shop Lowe's they acknowledge your shopping by thanking you and also thanking Vets for there service.

Keep this in mind the absolute worst action you can do is order something on line you really look for shit to happen then if a problem arises. We all can write what we want but the hollow heads in Atlanta kiss each others butts and care not what is said and thought by us the now no longer users of hd. The Frog

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