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Home Depot
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Carlos - 1 h 16 m ago


Dear Sir/Madam, The motive of these lines is to elevate to your knowledge an unbelieved behavior of one of Home Depot employees. Yesterday around 6:30 p.m. my wife and I went to the store located at 855 E. Dorell Ln., North Las Vegas, NV, 89086, with the purpose of personally find out an outdoor light bulb that charge itself during day time and turns out at dark, witch we could not find thru the Internet. Entering the store, we had been greeted -as usual-, in this case by a young woman whose name we learned later was Lili, who directed us toward the store area of our interest. After an unsuccessful search, we asked a passing by young employee named Iggy for the light bulb we were looking for, but, unfortunately, he apologized because he did not anything about the matter and, politely, he said he will call the person that will be able to respond us. The time pass by and approximately five or six minutes later the same Iggy appeared in the area realizing that we were still waiting, he apologized again, turned around and went toward the painting area where an employee was working, and talked to him. When the young Iggy turned around my wife and I followed him the few yards from the light bulbs area to the main hall across the painting area and waited close to the enclosed area along the entrance way where two women were doing their job. Also, close to us -meaning standing at the intersection of the main hall and the entrance way, was -acting like a kind of host- the already named young Lili. Kindly, one of the women -trying to fill up our wait- told us that the man to whom we have been waiting was the only person able to assist us given that he used to work at the electrical department before he was moved to the painting area. Throughout all these waiting process and for the mention of his co-workers we knew that the name of this person was Mike. Well, the time continued passing, the young Iggy still talking with this person, the young Lili -seeing what was happening with us- went also inside the painting area and talked with the same employee -Mike- who kept doing whatever he was doing without ever looking toward us, even though he was already told by the mentioned two co-workers that we were waiting for him. We remember clearly that one of the women was very concerned staring at this person -Mike- and we felt an uncomfortable feeling, certain uneasiness of these employees given the extreme length of our waiting time, the disregard that this employee -Mike- was showing to our presence there -just a few yards from him- and the politeness of our silence and patience. It is important to mention that this employee -Mike- was doing an internal work, and that no customer was around the area. Finally, -and about twenty-five minutes after we entered the store-, feeling that this employee behavior was unappropriated, disrespectful and by my manners and temper, unacceptable, I went in front of him and -with a firm tone of voice- asked him "How long do you think that we should be waiting for you?" His incredible answer was:" I am busy here." I interrupted him saying "But we have been waiting for you for about thirty minutes" to what he replied "Well, I do not belong to the Electric Department but to the Painting Department, anyway I will be with you as soon as I can. I promise you". I turned around, greeted the employees that had been witnessing from the beginning the whole situation and -with my wife of fifty-four years of marriage- left the store ay 6.58 pm exactly. Respectfully, Carlos A. Caorsi E-mail address: (hidden) Home Depot Card member #6035-3203-7436-6225 P.S.: What I am going to write immediately after is not adding anything on my favor regarding what I already wrote above, but it will certainly give the official that -I am sure- will take care of this e-mail, a perspective of why the main three conscious employees that astonishingly saw the mentioned episode were in disbelieve. My wife and I are 76 years [young], even though she was sitting in one of the store electric car, given that she suffers temporarily of great pain in her lower back. P.S. 2: Until last November we have been living in the Capital of the Silicon Valley -San Jose, CA- for the last 28 years and I want to emphasize that during that period of time we enjoyed very much being a Home Depot customer, receiving always an amicable and professional service as we did also here in North Las Vegas area at the mentioned store and also at the one located in 1275 W. Craig Rd, North Las Vegas, NV. P.S.: Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to send this e-mail previously. But keep in mind that this episode occurred on June 16, 2017

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Young - 2 h ago

The service that I received from my recent Home Depot purchase was unacceptable and prompted me to write this review. I ordered Delta frame less shower doors online on June 6, 2017. The doors were supposed to arrive at my house between 16 and 23 June 2017. I received an email on 7 June stating my order was on the way. I had not received any other updates after that. I did however check the tracking number online which said it was in route. June 23rd came and no doors were in my driveway and no messages on my phone. I checked on line which said it was in transit and arrived at Fredericksburg VA last week 12 June 2017.

I then go to the Pickett Street Home Depot near my house and ask the customer service representative if he could find the location of my doors. He calls, to only find out that the doors were damaged and they cancelled my order. CANCELLED the order without notifying the customer is UNACCEPTABLE!!!! I have waited three weeks for this item. Someone should have called and let me know the items were damaged. Home Depot should have also had a new item express shipped after it was found that the first order was damaged so I could still receive my order in the allotted time frame. Home Depot where is your customer service? You failed to notify me the customer of the damage, you did not try to mitigate the problem, and then you cancelled my order without notifying me.

I am expecting Home Depot to provide me with a written apology, a review of their big item shipping process and to implement a risk mitigation plan. This way, another Home Depot customer does not have to experience future mishaps from a lack of communication and lack of contingencies.

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mr. and mrs. jerome gropper - 3 h 16 m ago


on june -10 18:03 hours i purchased a washer gtw330askwww from salesperson:meo6434 .your price as listed is $ 359; he carged me $397.80 .besides over charging me he told me and my wife that the final charge would reflect my %10 war vet discount and my final bill would be $399 . my credit card charge is for $456.92 !! purchased at coral springs.florida store . i will take further action if this is not corrected !

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Doyle - 4 h 55 m ago


I bought a Maytag washer in 2013 with a 5 year warranty that has been broken for almost 2 months. Every time the repair man comes it will work for a day or two than stops. He has already replaced $500.00 worth Of parts. Had A Service Call In For today, Never Showed up. I can't afford to be spending between 40-60 at the laundromat every week. When is something going to be done? Home Depot I am disappointed in your service.

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Hezz - 6 h 46 m ago

I fail to understand why a company that is supposedly concerned for the pollinators sells plants with "neonicotinoids" . What happens if a tag is removed by accident by a customer? I am an old gardener. I don't look at tags. It is for this reason that I took back a bunch of plants to your store that had this poison (systemic poison) . You folks would do well researching the toxins you sell. This is a huge problem for the environment. As per prof Tyrone Hayes who studied atrazine. There is enough atrazine in rain water to chemically castrate frogs...happens also with birds, fish, etc. it does not discriminate cross vertebrate species--hello. Think of what you are contributing to. Shame on you.

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Desaree - 1 d 9 h ago


Home depot has proven to be the MOST unprofessional "company" my family has had the misfortune of interacting with! My family paid for kitchen appliances inn JUNE 5TH and have been REPEATEDLY LIED TO about the delivery date. Thus far, we've been given FOUR DELIVERY DATES and STILL are WITHOUT appliances! WTH?!?

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Christie D - 1 d 9 h ago


I wish I could write a review about the re-facing of my never happened. So all I can do is write and tell you what transpired. I filled out an online form and was told someone would contact me. Sure enough, the same day, someone called and we set up a time and date for the following week. On the given day, no one showed up and so I check. I was told by the phone rep, that someone had contacted me the day before ( they did not) and she would check as to why he was not there and call me back. She did and told me Roger would check further and call me back in 10 minutes. He did and said he was still checking , he was working till 9:00pm and would call back when he had an answer. He never called that evening , nor the next day. I called again and was told that the area manager would be contacting me in about 30 minutes. HE never did call and it is yet anoher day with no response. I am a strong believer in good customer service and will actually pay more just to get someone with good work ethics and great support team. HOME DEPOT DOES NOT HAVE ANY OF THOSE QUALITIES. We will take our business elsewhere. I will tell as many people as I can about my experience and life will go on. I hope they read these and do something ....competition is fierce today and sometime only good customer service sets someone apart. Home Depot has lots of work ahead of them.

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Anonymous - 1 d 10 h ago

I'm in search of some help. I was with the 101st airborne and I was injured in Iraq. Now I'm 90% disabled and a 100% unemployable. Any way I was wondering if you might have a donation program. I'm in need of a tool box that I can is also a word bench. It very hard when they condense you as unemployable. But I was in hopes that you might be able to help. I don't like asking but I'm in need of getting things organized. I have a problem of forgetting where I put things. So the toolbox with the plug ins and the work bench might help with that.Thank you so much for you time. There is more to it than that. Please find it in you health. Thank you so much. Long time shopper.

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Lisa Ann - 1 d 19 h ago


Home Depot store 6979 worse store ever. I have been in there so many times but never again. They treat their black workers terrible while they treat the white workers good. I have witnessed some things said which made me stop going there. Do not shop at this store. It's sad I see them working just as hard and they don't get treated fairly. Not waisting another dime in here.

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Sonya worst head cashier ever!!! - 2 d 23 s ago


Store 6967 Seaside California Worse head cashier EVER !!! was in the Home Depot this morning at self check out. There was an older gal helping with my order I think her name was Vicki. Vicki is always pleasant and very helpful. So Vicki was helping me and that Sonya the head cashier started yell at her " what don't these people know about Eself check out. Let them do it themselves get over here now. That poor woman being treated like that by a teenager. Of course vicki continued to help me and that only made Sonya louder and ruder. I will never shop at the Home Depot again when you think that it ok to have rude little brats running the front end. And treating our older people with so much disrespect.

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Former customer - 2 d 23 h ago


I purchased a dryer and was advised in store that the delivery would be for this Saturday. I was home for 2.5 hours when I received a call from LG stating they could not deliver it until Thursday. I told them this date would not work since I would be out of town. I was told to call the home depot store where I purchased it. Of course when I called it was to late and I was told to call back next day to speak with a manager or a delivery specialist. I called back today and after being on hold for 18 minutes waiting for someone to answer (yes I timed it). I was then transferred around to several different people and finally spoke with Bill and he tried to cancel the whole order but said the system would not allow him to but that he would call back after speaking with a manager to let me know it had been cancelled. I NEVER received a phone call. I tried calling the store back and no one would answer the phone. I tried calling customer care number for major appliances and was told I needed to call LG to cancel. After talking to LG they said I needed to call the store where the purchase was made since they just handle shipping from them to Home depot. Needless to say I had to put a stop on my credit card to cancel the order since no one knew how to cancel my order. I am officially done with home depot back to Lowe's I go. FYI for anyone looking for to purchase an appliance got to Applience factory outlet. They are more than happy to help and will match any deal. They even apologized I had to go through that with Home depot and sold me the same dryer for $100 cheaper.

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Former customer - 2 d 6 h ago


I was expecting a delivery from global express by 10:00 this morning . Apparently the truck has been waiting to be unloaded at your Avon store. It is now 11:30 and still have not heard from the driver that he is on his way to us being an hour away. I spoke with manager Terry who says there is only one person unloading. WTF ! I have had 8 men here for an hour and a half ready for our offload ! Costing me over 300.00 so far ! Terry was no help except for differing any responsibility onto anybody else. He said oh sorry we are busy! He new there was to be deliveries and clearly has not prepared for them as I have . He was complacent about my cost for being ready. He said he was not doing business with me and didn't care ! Well I just became an exclusive Lowe's customer ! Another note about your customer service , it took 29min. For anyone to answer the phone ! FUCK YOU FOREVER. GOOD BYE ,

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Anonymous - 3 d 4 h ago


The worst customer experience ever, I had ordered a lawn tractor from the Home Depot website and was contacted by Holland Freight about delivery, the woman I spoke to asked if we had a farm tractor to unload from their truck, I told her we did NOT, she said no worries that they would send one of their own pallet trucks, I asked about additional cost, the woman said no worries it was included but if it's not needed it would save room on their truck. When Chad with Holland arrived, of all the FLAT 5 acres of land I have, he sat it on the ground beside the driveway and traffic and had a little pull pallet like they use inside the stores and said it's "too Hebert" to move any farther and he was done. I called Holland and spoke to the woman who set up the delivery, she quickly transferred me to her boss without letting me know I was being transferred. The man spoke to his driver and they decided they would only leave it by the road or take it back to Home Depot. I wanted to send it back, but my husband who is terminally I'll wanted the lawnmower so I told the driver to leave, I called Home Depot customer service and explained the situation that my delivery was beside the road, I was upset, she advised she could see if anyone could drive from the local Home Depot of 30 miles to assist, once again I said it's beside the road. She told me to call back when I calmed down. It took me 3 1/2 hours to figure out how to get it moved from the road. Cost me $50 to have it drug onto property and then my husband injured himself trying to lift it off the crate to get it into storage building, of which we just bought 10x20, and that delivery company didn't have any issues with flat ground. Short story is your customer service reimbursed me the $50 I paid the neighbor but I feel you and your company do NOT really care about customers as long as you get your money. I will let my friends and family know about my experience I had today. You have really disappointed me!

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Viv Burleson - 4 d 5 h ago


Home Depot is headed the way of Sears. They are not paying attention to customer concerns and simple questions are not answered due to their "policy". They best change their policy to accommodate the customer as they are loosing customers left and right. In addition, their website is terrible. You try to locate information and are directed to areas completely opposite or, having nothing to do with the item you are seeking. Home Depot was at one time the "place to go" for everything needed at home. No more! We will be shopping elsewhere as many others I have spoken with will be doing.

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Tammy McCallister - 5 d 7 h ago


Please! Please!!!!! Purchased a window from Home Depot on June 11th 2015'', But wasn't completely installed until about the end of July or early August 2015. My neighbors can verify exactly how long it took. Response from installers'' parts missing, busy installing other customer purchases, etc, and then finally came back to finish window cause he and his family were getting ready to go on vacation, and mine was the last one to finish before they leave. This didn't bother me, cause I am a very patient person, and at least the window was going to be completed'' I thought''. In June of 2016 there was a severe storm with torrential down pours that caused devastating flooding throughout most of West Virginia. Fortunately I wasn't flooded by a creek or river'' but I do tend to get street flooding that goes into my basement from poor storm water drainage'', But that's not the issue. This is my serious compliant''. While down in my garage during this storm, '' By the way my house is a mid-entry level home''. I was downstairs attempting to keep water from coming into garage, and getting into my house. After the seriousness of the storm was over'', I went upstairs to change and get out of the wet clothes, and found that my new carpet that I purchased 7-9-2014 at Home Depot was soaking wet almost halfway across from the new window that was installed thru Home Depot installers in June of 2016. I then contacted Home Depot., and it has been a nightmare ever since. It has been a year ago June 16th, and I have played nothing but a cat and mouse game with Home Depot'' Sedgwick'' Home Depot's claims dept. and now The installers Insurance company. Since then I have had rain come into this window 11 times, and have fear of mold growing inside of wall. Sedgwick has sent 4 persons down from RFI installers, and the only thing that is being done is chulking. One installer said it was my roof causing the water to leak into window. The roof is also new, and if roof is leaking'', why would it go into the window of what supposed to be a window installed by a professional installer. The rain water goes down thru the walls, and off and under the inside trim in the living room onto the carpet. '' Which means that the inside walls are getting wet, and the flooring which can lead to damage to wood, and mold issues. Each time rain comes in I have done my part by using fans to dry up the wetness, and hope that some air from fans are getting into the inside walls. I have contacted my Home Depot numerous times thru this past year, and all i get is we are waiting to hear from Sedgwick, or have you contacted Sedgwick. I have also contacted Sedgwick numerous times also, and Traverlers Ins.'', which is the installers Insurance carrier who came into the picture on 2-03-2017. All I get is the run around. No one seems to know what the right and left hand is doing. Sedgwick sends someone down to fix window, and assumes it has been fixed, because they say they are not being informed of it still leaking. I was told recently that I am not to contact my Home Depot'', I am to deal with Sedgwick, and or Traveler's. It's been a little over a year, and I believe I have been more than patient. Everything out of the living room, and dining room has been sitting in my spare bedroom since the first initial contact with Home Depot regarding the water damage from window and the carpet in June 2016. ''I moved it out assuming that it would be corrected immediately. ''By the way when pulling carpet up it was found by my neighbors helping me that the carpet that was supposed to be installed also by professional installers came up easily cause it was not tacked down properly''. It was placed on old carpet tacks, and not fitted correctly under trim. I myself have been very patient and understanding. I have cried often, and have become depressed due to feeling that this was all my fault that all this happened, and why am I calling and interrupting them. ''My house is out of order, and I feel i can't do nothing about it! I am the customer'' I paid to have all this work done, and I expected it to be done by a professional Home Depot installer ''.I should not have the run around.''I should not be made to feel it is my fault, and that I am impatient, and how dare I interrupt them. I feel like i am in a cat and mouse game, and I am the mouse backed against a wall with no where else to turn. It has been a year now'' I have been more than patient, and I feel I have only one option left. I have had enough!!!

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Customer Service--NOT! - 8 d ago


DO NOT buy a custom door from this store. I ordered a door in February and I am still dealing with installation of the door currently. Not to mention, the new door installed at my home is the wrong color door. Now Home Depot wants me to accept the door and they are offering to paint the door. Home Depot says if I do not accept the door then they want me to pay a re-stocking fee and start the process completely over. Please make sure you read, verify everything, and ask about hidden fees. Hidden fees like stucco repair etc Again, ask as many questions as you can and verify your order until you are completely satisfied otherwise you will enter into a nightmare. As I said, I am still dealing with something that I ordered four months ago. (hidden)

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Tracy Anderson - 8 d 17 h ago


My name is Tracy Anderson. I live in Snohomish Washington where there is a Home Depot store. I have been remodeling my home for over a year. I have purchased all of my supplies from my new appliances down to the drywall screws at the Snohomish store. Getting help finding things has always been difficult while shopping there. It seems that most of the time several Home Depot employees are standing around chit chatting but suddenly become busy when approached for help. Today, I was again at Home Depot ( I am usually there about two times a week) to buy the materials to finish installing my custom closet. I got all of the items into my cart except a 6-foot shelf down from a display area which was over my head. I looked for help and fianlly asked a clerk is he could help me. I waited there in the aisle for 8 minutes and finally found someone to help that was walking by. The clerk had taken his vest off and appeared to be leaving. He made it clear that it was a real imposition to ask him to help me. I then went up to check out. As I got to the checkout counter, I realized I needed anchors for the screws I needed to mount the shelves in the closet. I told the cashier that I would get them and come right back. I could not find the appropriate anchors. I asked the cashier at the checkout where my cart was if there was someone that could help me find the right anchors. She directed me to a gentleman sitting behind a computer at the customer service desk. He told me to wait on aisle 18 and someone would come and help me. I waited 10 minutes and no one came to help me. I went up to the another cashier and asked her if she could help me find the rhe right anchors. She said they called someone from hardware to come and help me and to wait on aisle 18. I waited another 10 minutes and still no one came to help me. I again went to the customer service counter and asked the man sitting at the computer if he could help me. He didn't even look at me, but said "Yes, I will be right there. I waited 8 more minutes without anyone helping me. I abandoned my full cart and left the store. The Snohomish store is notorious for their poor customer service, but Home Depot is the only hardware store in town, and I would have to drive to the next town to buy the same items at another Home Depot. Throughout my remodel I have been ignored, misinformed, and left waiting for help ,many, many times. Today was the last straw. I have spent 10's of thousands of dollars at the Snohomish Home Depot, but, I will not shop there again. It is infuriating to be told to wait over and over again. I spent 15 minutes loading the items I was there to get into my cart. I spent 30 minutes waiting for someone to help me find the correct anchors to mount those items. I left the items I was going to purchase, and I frustrated beyond belief by the lack of help, and customer care at the Snohomish store.

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Colette - 8 d 8 h ago


Hi and I just wanted to say that I can totally relate to the lack of customer service and I too have been a Home Depot dedicated customer for over 30 years. I live in Greenfield Mass and on a home in Greenfield as well. Going through Home Depot in Greenfield has been a horrific experience for me trying to pay cash and order a rug through Home Depot as they clearly have problems with a line called energetic carpet which is made by mohawk Carpet company. Mohawk is a very reputable name but they only sell a few of their colors and none of them matched their samples nor did I get the samples after paying for the measurement to be done in my home and spending more than three weeks solid trying to get this resolved just a sample that matches their sample board so that I can order it and have them do the installation. I've never gone through such disrespect lack of follow-through and the installation Department which is separate the gentleman that isn't from this area sent me a lovely letter and I took a picture of it his name is Greg as he said that would never have happened out where he is. I am going to give one last attempt for them to make it right and I'm going to the top in corporate as what I went through no one should have to go through.

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Sally B. - 10 d 4 h ago



Where do I start?! I purchased a washer and dryer and waited over a week to have them delivered. Then they were delivered, I wouldn't claim installed since they just slap it in place. The person put a long vent hose on the dryer which I stated was way too long. Nope that's what's used. So I then put the bifold doors up and I couldn't close one..can you guess why?? I yanked the dryer out and the hose is crunched up just like the mfg states is not safe so I attempted to cut it but still too long. I went on line to see what other installers or people who are truly knowledgeable do and of course it is the wrong hose! So off to the HD I go to get the correct size and clamps..I couldn't install it since I just was exhausted from pulling the dryer out and squeezing in behind it. No way I can pull the washer out also plus I'd then need to cut a chord they put on the hose.

Next day I had the refrigerator I had to buy for one going out delivered and I asked the person to look at it and yep wrong install! But this same person tells me when I ask about the refrig that moved back and forth as you open the door shouldn't this be adjusted..looks down then tells me that it self adjusts so it won't once a load is in it! Commented that's new..well guess what! One week later it still moves.

I called HD customer service or direct issue or whatever they call it and told them this hose needs to be put in since they put the wrong one in so I'm transferred to ? but am told a date which is another week mind you this is to put a simple hose on as should have originally been done! So yesterday I receive the call saying they will be here in 30 min. After an hour and a half I once again have to call HD furious by now and at 4:15 so I'm then transferred to someone else at Customer Care, joke of a name, and she has to contact the delivery person/company so back on hold. This is 15 min after I called she comes back and they can't reach the delivery I ask what does that mean?? I'm told we'll they are out there so I don't know if they are showing or not? I then before I got rude said well thanks I'm then asked if there is anything else they can help me with? Seriously..just said no thanks click.

Now today is another day and it's crappy to wake up and then realize oh no I get to deal with the incompetent couldn't care less about their customer company! I called corporate and I can't speak to the CEO or actually anyone that can help me but she will call, Haha, customer care..I'm on hold a few minutes and she comes back and there will be at least 5 min wait so do I have a pen?! She gives me the same number I have dealt with since the beginning of this horror show! Now I have decided I will just call Lowe's who has the exact same appliances and I will purchase them there and give HD their products back! I'm off to HD in the a.m. since I'm too angry right now!

So DO NOT BUY any appliances from HD or you too can go through a nightmare and have a load of laundry that just keeps piling up!

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KAREN HOPE - 8 d 11 h ago


You don't deal with Home Depot, you deal with the installation company, Home Depot contracts that out (DuPar Inc). I had the exact same problems when I purchased a dishwasher from The Home Depot. I had to encure so much money prior to getting my new dishwasher form Home Depot installed that I finally complained to DuPar Inc and they refuned me everything that I had to spend getting my new dishwasher installed because my prior dishwashers were running just fine until they eventually gave out. Hello Ms. Hope I am glad to hear the install went well. Please feel free to contact us with for any questions regarding your appliance. Thank you again for your patience in this matter. Best regards, Brian Kytle General Manager DuPar Inc. Office (hidden) Fax (hidden) (hidden) From: karen Hope (hidden)] Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 1:00 PM To: Brian Kytle Subject: Fw: KAREN HOPE's DISHWASHER #H0569-18413 (INVOICE FROM DEMPSEY ELECTRIC & ANDERSON PLUMBLING) Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 Dear Brian Kytle General Manager, DuPar Inc. Aaron Alter, Site Coordinator with DuPar Inc just left my home after the completed installation of my new dishwasher purchased from Home Depot. I can only use superlatives when I speak of Aaron. He was kind, professional, cleaned up after himself and made sure that everything worked properly before he left. Aaron also removed the non-functioning dishwasher off my premises and loaded it onto his truck for proper disposal. I cannot "Thank You" and Aaron enough for finally getting me in working order. I originally thought I was buying a dishwasher and having it installed in one weeks time. That was simply not the case in my situation, but my ordeal is over with and I no longer have to deal with Home Depot ever again. I "Thank You" for that! Have a blessed day! And I hope and pray that all your future installations are better than mine. Maybe mine was a once in a lifetime experience! Lets hope so! Most Sincerely, Karen L. Hope ----- Forwarded Message ----- From: Brian Kytle To: karen Hope Cc: Aaron Alter Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 11:40 AM Subject: RE: KAREN HOPE's DISHWASHER #H0569-18413 (INVOICE FROM DEMPSEY ELECTRIC & ANDERSON PLUMBLING) Hello Ms. Hope, Thank you for taking the time to share your delivery experience with me. As every delivery does not go perfect, we do try to learn from every delivery that we do. We can only accomplish this by hearing the voice of the customer. So thank you again for your detailed conversation yesterday as well as your follow up email today. I do apologize that not all issues were addressed on the first delivery preventing the install of your dishwasher. For this reason we will get a check in the mail for the reimbursement in the amount of $173.00 that Dempsey Electric charged you for their services. Please allow seven to ten business days to receive payment. Thank you again for your patience. I will follow up with you this afternoon to make sure the install of your dishwasher meets your approval when completed. Best regards, Brian Kytle General Manager DuPar Inc. Office (hidden) Fax (hidden) (hidden) From: karen Hope Sent: Monday, October 24, 2016 3:21 PM To: Brian Kytle Subject: KAREN HOPE's DISHWASHER #H0569-18413 (INVOICE FROM DEMPSEY ELECTRIC & ANDERSON PLUMBLING) Monday, October 24th, 2016 Dear Mr. Brian Kytle Manager of DuPar Delivery First let me start by just saying "Thank You" for letting me speak to such a professional person who understands "their" business and that their business is powered by customers. It is so refreshing to speak to someone who cares about their customers and their customers needs. I have not at all felt that way when dealing with Home Depot or the Home Depot Manager, Ron Phillips ((hidden)), nor the Assistant Store Manager, Debra. Per our telephone conversation, I purchased a new dishwasher from the Home Depot store on Wednesday, October 12th, 2016 @ 11:42AM 13400 Market Street, Houston, TX 77015 Phone # (hidden) Salesperson = TXR488 Reviwer = TXR45 INVOICE No. H0569-1 James from DePar said that I needed a Dual Valve installed before he could install a dishwasher. Present dishwasher ran without such a "dual valve" for goodness knows how many years, since I inherited this home upon my father's demise. I am sure that there have been numerous dishwashers in this house before this current replacement that I am making. Anderson Plumbing ((hidden)) came out on Friday, October 14th, 2016 (Fernando & Chip were the two plumbers that came out) and said that I did not really need a "dual valve" put on, but Home Depot said that I did and would not complete the installation without it being installed. Fernando and Chip believed that James from DuPar just wanted to do a "drop and run" and not actually install my dishwasher because they said there was nothing wrong. I paid the bill for $167.05 and called Ron Phillips back letting him know that the job was completed and that he could reschedule another installation with DuPar. I was re-scheduled for Thursday, October 20th, 2016 @ 1:00PM but the axle on their truck broke and they (Nathan & Andrew from DuPar) did not arrive at my house till 5:05PM. They were tired and muddy and showed me cellular phone pictures of their broken down truck. They said, "that my dishwasher was "hard wired"! I would need to get an electrician out and they wanted to look at my breaker box and they hoped that everything was labeled because they were not going to just "look for the correct switch". I assured them that everything was labeled because my breaker box was brand new from Dempsey Electric when I moved into the house I had it completely re-done. Apparently Dempsey Electric needs to come to my house and install an electrical outlet behind my dishwasher so the new one can just slid in and plug into the outlet. There is already a switch on the wall that works the dishwasher but I do not turn my dishwasher on and off with that switch. I turn my dishwasher on and off with the dishwasher on/off switch. Dempsey Electic company came to my house on Monday, October 24th, 2016 and was furious to find out that James had to do "three people's job" (total cost was $173.00). They had to remove a dishwasher, handle some plumbing, and install an electrical switch (which is what I hired them to do). The whole time Jack, The Master Electrician from Dempsey was working he was also talking to Ron Phillips, the store Manager of Home Depot on the speaker phone because each "PROFESSIONAL TEAM" blames the other professional person and I am the customer stuck in the middle of all this mess. The plumbers say it is an electricians job! The electricians say it is the plumbers job, and the installers say that I cannot install it until "this" is done. In the mean time, I have two non-functioning dishwashers. One old and useless, one brand new and no one can install. Ron Phillips, from Home Depot is useless to me and tells me that the next installation date available is Thursday, October 27th, 2016. I have lost my patience with him and everyone. I am at the point that I want Home Depot to come pick up the appliance and I will purchase a dishwasher from another vendor. Maybe Best Buy or Sears? I will definitely report Home Depot to the Better Business Bureau as being totally incompetent when it comes to appliances. This is my first and last purchase with them. Apparently Ron Phillips has refunded my DuPar installation fee of $70.00 but the refund it did not show up on my credit card statement on this months bill that I just received yesterday. I have attached my invoices from Dempsey Electric Company (#127195 = $173.00) and Anderson Plumbing Services (019841 = $$167.05) for your review. Again, "Thank You, Brian for your attention into this matter and for letting me monopolize so much of your time this afternoon on the telephone. I wish you continued success in your business and pleasant personal progress. Most Sincerely, Karen Hope

General profile image

Joan jacobs - 9 d ago


My husband and I went to Home Depot on Dale Mabry in Tampa Florida. My husband is a disabled veteran. He uses a scooter. We tried to buy a rug in the back of the store but is was a mess and impossible to get into. My husband went to the front of the store to ask for help. The manager told my husband that all the help was in the front of the store. At that point my husband told him to close the back of the store and we left. We have been to Lowes and never had this problem. The aisles are wide and the merchandise is carefully put away. We will never go back to Home Depot again.

General profile image

JoAnne Miceli - 9 d 5 h ago

My husband and I are long time customers of Home Depot. He is also a Navy Veteran of 4 years active and 4 years in reserves. Our home store did not have the item we needed and called the Riverhead store. We traveled an extra 25 minutes to pick up $500.00 worth of tiles. The gentlemen who helped us in the tile department were very helpful and pleasant. When my husband went to pay he presented his Home Depot Credit Card and his Verterans Administration Card, which we know Home Depot honors with a 10% discount. We have always used it. The cashier called over a supervisor to check ID. At that time in a very nasty voice said "we do not give VA discounts" . She then stated she needed a photo ID. My husband explained that at that time they didn't have photo ID's. Still after some time of going back and forth, she proceeded to say , again, in a loud nasty way, "I'll give it to you this time, but I'm making a note not to ever give it to you again". I usually let things like ignorance roll off my back, but this shows lack of respect for anyone who has served in the Armed Forces! I am very sure The Home Depot Organization would agree.

General profile image

ShellyS - 10 d 8 h ago


I understand why there is only 1 star. I realize it is human nature to only reach out when you are disappointed. I purchased carpet on 05/30/2017 for a summer cottage. I am a detailed person and asked many questions-including installation. I was told at the most it would be 3 weeks. I completed the purchase and wasted many, many hours shopping for it as well as buying paint that matched. I was called to schedule and the first available was almost 8 weeks out!! I was told if I upgraded I could have 5 day installation. It is for a cottage that we will be in maybe 40 days a year. Moral of the story-you have installer-not just available to me! Many phone calls to the Coldwater Michigan store over the course of 10 days without good follow up on their end. You oversold your sale and should have hired another installation company part time to fullfll your commitment. Once you made the sale, you no longer cared. You have lost all my future business. Hello Lowe's

General profile image

Anonymous - 9 d 7 h ago

Elena I'm sorry for how they inconvenience you. But they did the same thing to me and I ordered some storm doors and April and I haven't received them as of yet and the resolution center that they send you through they don't help me either so I'm trying to get in contact with the CEO of the company to let him know what is going on and yes I paid them cash also and now they're kicking me to the curb like it doesn't mean anything they don't have my vote either yes hello Lowe's

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