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The Home Depot, Inc.

Home Depot
2455 Paces Ferry Rd. Nw
Atlanta, GA
Francis Blake
Chairman and CEO
(770) 433-8211
(770) 384-2356
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nick in nffld - 1 d 15 h ago


home depot danbury ct is aweful. 5 trips to pick up a sliding screen and its the wrong color every time. almost made another trip after they said it was finally right. i had them look at the item and tell me the color over the phone..wrong again. the incompetace with this store is incredible. no one is running this store. what a shamr

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Mr. & Mrs. Jordan - 2 d 10 h ago


My wife and l just purchased a new home and have readily patronized Home Depot. The most recent purchase was a new top of the line refrigerator and microwave. The delivery of refrigerator was made approximately a week out for delivery today. The refrigerator was scheduled for delivery today between 12-4, the delivery person called around 12 or so and they will arrive in a few which ended up being closer to 4. Prior to this delievery we made arrangements for the removal of the old appliance. The new refrigerator was damaged: dent in the top, rubber around the door was hanging off, and glass broken inside which were shelves. The only remedy for this was a new delievery on the 23rd and they would take $50 off the purchase of replacement. We have 3 children and this is unexceptable!!!!

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Anonymous - 2 d 8 h ago

I recommend going to Best Buy or Lowe's for your refrigerator. Best Buy does not charge any fees for returning and they were really great when delivering my fridge.

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Anonymous - 2 d 9 h ago


Just went into Home Depot after calling to have a product brought up to the front for me to go in and get. I went in only for the woman, who was insanely rude, to tell me nothing was ever brought up. Then, after asking where I can find the product I wanted, she sends me to a completely wrong aisle. I'm walking all over this huge store, knowing nothing about it, and I can't find a single employee. Finally, I go to the front and see a group of employees talking whilst customers like myself walk around looking for things we can't find. Then I am told by this group of people that they don't even carry the item I am looking for. This was a terrible experience, and I will be looking for better stores from now on.

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Barbara Palmer - 2 d 18 h ago

I am so angry with Home Depot I am speechless

Their lack of communication is amazing

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Laura - 3 d 6 h ago


I'm thourghly fed up with Home Depot and their choice of installation company, Romanoff Restorations! I spent thousands of dollars for laminate flooring and carpet.

To begin with they said this was a 3 day job, yet took 2 weeks. The installer was not very experienced in laminate installations. He thought I wouldn't see he didn't complete the job under the refrigerator and freezer. A week after supposed completion I had to move those items to find the floor wasn't finished. He then nailed 1/4 round over existing baseboard in some areas. Some pieces of 1/4 round weren't secured or nailed on. I actually sucked those piece up in the vacuum by accident.

To add fuel to the fire he damaged a piece of expensive furniture. Had Romanoff completed the job as they said our furniture would not have been in the house yet.

Furthermore, the manager of the Portland Oregon Office acts like she's doing you a favor correcting this major mistakes!! I don't care to deal with her any longer.

I want to mention I also had an issue with carpet seam. When she sent the carpet installer back to correct a bad seam he tells me he knew he did it wrong & knew he'd have to come back but he was under pressure to get the job done.

This is so wrong on so many levels!!! We just bought our home and have many renovation projects ahead. I will not use Home Depot again. The grief they have caused me is just not worth it. I want a professional to work on my home, especially when I'm paying the price for a professional! Do not use Home Depot for installations you'll get Romanoff who's work is so very SHOTTY!!

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Bill Kone - 3 d 8 h ago


Hmmm where to start. First of all went to Home Depot site checked to see if item I wanted was at store. Says they have 5 30 inch smokers. Go to store they have 0 associate says it says we have 5 but we dont have any, he suggest Port Orange store so we call or try to call, was on phone waiting to talk to someone nobody's answering phone for 30 minutes then phone hung up.Meanwhile associate and customer service is trying to contact manager using code 102 still no answer.Finally manager answered and confirmed they had 3. So I psid for it and New Smyrna Beach store. Head to P.O. store get there hardy anyone in store waited another 5 minutes for associate. They sent man to get smoker, and son loads it in truck side is ripped out in box and looks damaged so I take in back in store. Wait another 5 10 minutes to get it exchaged. Got it Exchanged. Ask manager about phone situation and says she has no control over phone. Conversation over.. Now I'm home spending another 20 minutes typing this complaint.

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Money - 3 d 11 h ago

Homedepot is the shittiest place to shop particularly the Harriman NY store 1284 where Rolan the store mgr is in chatged..I ordered a casement window 3 weeks ago am came in when recieving the email to pick up the window but when I got there at 12pm I was told the window was broken ..Now!! How in the heck do they know a boxed window is broken which come covered entirely without opening it..Answer is one of the ditzy ass customer service reps there by the name of mariah sent it back due to me calling ahead of time an asking what wud be a good time to pick it up? And when her brain we t blank I decided to hang up on her an pick it up at 12pm the next day..I get there an she the same ghetto cust rep tells me the window came broken..yep surprise surprise!! Asked me can I wait for another 3 weeks an I felt like asking g cud her mother wait another 3 weeks but unsettles in demanding my money back...ghetto ass store with plenty of trailer park employees from a 12 step program working there ...

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Money - 3 d 11 h ago


Shittiest ghetto ass trailer park store I've ever shopped..zombie type employees that dint know there as from there elbow..go to lowes an get real service

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Carma - 3 d 12 h ago

Well I guess by all the comments not to many people Happy with this company. Some of these people in charge will be looking for work as this place will go under! I have a big complaint also prev work done at house thru them. That now find outjob was not completed right by there sub contractors that they don't use anymore.. It will come back to them one way or another for sure lol.

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Veronica Kennedy - 3 d 17 h ago


Friday, July 13, 2018

Home depot sucks. Store 0928 in Bloomfield,NJ the line for customer service this morning was 8 deep when I arrived and 6 more people came in after me and only 2 registers was open. I asked who the store manager was and was told he wasn't there. I then went to the entrance and called the manager number (hidden) x100 and it went to la la land. I then called 1-800-homedepot which goes on and on sending you to a line to get a home depot credit card. When someone finally get my call and I explain I'm calling with a complaint, I'm given another 800 number (hidden)) to call.

The third number (hidden) I give my complaint, 8 deep when I arrived, 2 male associates getting phone numbers, 2 female associates leaning and trying to be invisible. When they notice me calling which I didn't try to hide, one of the female associates went to one of the registers and begin to help shorten the line. I'm following up with email so that there is a record of my complaint because I don't believe this will be addressed base on the fact that getting through to make a complaint is made difficult.

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Frustrated Customer - 3 d 18 h ago



Once again they let me down, from the comments below I see that I am not alone. Placed an order on 7/3for washer and dryer with delivery on 7/12 delivery window from 2:30-6:30pm ...THEY NEVER SHOWED UP!! I was home all day not once did they call to confirm delivery is on the way. I spoke to the delivery representative at 8 pm she said they were still delivering my appliances they will call within 1hr 1/2 now it's 8pm what store do you know delivers after 8pm? They never showed. Today called to see what happened to my order they say they will delivery my appliances on the end of this month...WTF!!! Spoke to the supervisor she said the delivery guys came by my house and no one answered meanwhile I was home and sitting at the door waiting with the phone in hand all day. The supervisor Kelly said the earliest she can give me was Monday7/16 and then offered me a $35 discount LADY DON'T INSULT ME!! Not when I paid almost 16 hundred for my appliances. I'm so pissed right now I'm calling corporate!!

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Janet Bell - 4 d 6 h ago


Went to home Depot in Western hills in Cincinnati Ohio on July 11, 2018 to order a 4 piece kitchen. Marlin was there and did great putting my order together, even though it took us 45 minutes because of me.I had cash so Marlin sent me to the front and they could not find the code to give me my $200 off for buying 4 pieces, I was in the line for another 30 minutes, then they called for Dan the service supervisor, who manilly did something to take it off at his computer but it still wasn't working at register, so they had to call the store Manager Whitney who had the code and by this point I had been there an hour and a half. So I asked Whitney if he could take more off for all that I was going through and had missed an appointment U had at 6pm. He said he'd take off $50, at this point I said ok because I had to get out of there. I had been there since 545pm and left at almost 7pm. Whitney attitude was he took the $50 off to hopefully shut me up but didn't really say anything or apologize because his clerk's didn't know what they were doing at the register. I spent $2,300 something dollars and he gave me $50 off for my inconvenience but not even said sorry. Marlin was great and Dan tried but I still left disappointed. Hopefully when my order arrived on July 20th it will me smile about it again.

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Giovanna Ofarrell - 4 d 8 h ago


Worse store!!! Four days later and NO DELIVERY!!!! I purchased a lot of materials from this store but they didn't have the materials so Jeff Martinez @ the Stratford, CT promised me that they would fill this order through the Trumbull Home Depot. My delivery was promised to come from XPO Logistics (hidden) but when the delivery company went to the Trumbull, CT store my materials were not ready so nobody had the common courtesy to call me to let me know that they were not coming to deliver. I called and spoke with Carolyn at the Trumbull, CT store and she gave me three lies; one was that the truck driver called in sick, if so, why didn't they call me early in the morning to let me know that the truck driver was sick; 2nd lie was that they don't deliver if it's raining, 3rd lie was that the flat bed truck broke down. Here I am four days later without my delivery and I have the workers waiting at my house and I am paying them to wait at my house for this delivery. I called XPO Logistics and they told me that my order was not in their system for any future deliveries. I called to ask and speak with Johanna the manager at the Trumbull, CT store but Carolyn kept telling me she was not there and then I called again and they put me on hold for 37 minutes and never connected me with Johanna. Then, I called again and spoke to Harold at the Trumbull, CT store who is useless and couldn't provide me with a straight answer. I don't know how this Home Depot is able to function when their team is incompetent. Then Christina from the Trumbull, CT store was trying to assist me and she sent Justyn Romano at XPO Logistics an email asking him where was my delivery but I am still waiting on my delivery, going on day $4. Nobody ever promised me that they would reimburse me for the time spent on waiting on these materials. I am going to Rings End to get my materials. SAVE yourselves from a nightmare!

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Edward - 4 d 9 h ago


When the time comes that forces your store to declare bankruptcy, (and it will come) here is the reason why:

Your customer service is non-existent.

You can NEVER get answers over the phone.

Your Pro-desk is always vacant.

It's 100 times easier to buy from Amazon Prime. And cheaper.

And like all bankrupt stores before you, you don't seem to care.

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Greg - 4 d 15 h ago


I had purchased a Hampton Bay 2 Tier Olympus Fountain 2 years ago. This Fountain has only been out in use for about a total of 6 months. The upper bowl of this Fountain is crumbling, and falling apart. When I contact Home Depot, they stated it's now discontinued, and nothing they can do. They advised me to contact Hampton Bay. So I contacted Hampton Bay, and was also told it's discontinued, and too bad! There was NO effort too try and make things right, or to offer up anything else. I had purchased previous other Hampton Bay products. I will not be doing so in the future. I was very disappointed in the lack of effort to try and take care of a life long customer. I will be taking my business elsewhere from now on.

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Anonymous - 4 d 15 h ago

My dad is 76 had part of lung removed cancer from forehead. He needed a new wall oven went on line then to store man stated could not help order what we seen on line. I went home after rude services waited a few days ordered because dad wanted it. Just rec'd text it was at store when we not due till19th. Which wS a plus. Called store to verify spent 5 mins to get a Paul who I held to be rude. Took my phone# still new my name then but could not verify order in without order #. I am in dr office having dad's stitches removed. If u know my name tell me if order is there. He was totally rude will never have anything purchased from there. Lowe's is so much friendlier. Have a Great Day!

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Leigh ann z - 4 d 16 h ago

I have had the worst experience in your Bensalem PA location. Costumer service was of no help. My husband and i placed an order for a door well over a month ago. Every single time we call for update we are told something else with different arrival dates! I am beyond frustrated. The lady that works doors was rude from the time we got there to place order until now! I will neber order from there again

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Bruce Farley - 7 d 10 h ago


In maintaining my primary home and my summer home, I purchase a lot of materiel; mostly from Home Depot and Lowes. Some is purchase in store. Other purchased on line. Lowes honors the military discount both ways. HD tells me that they will only honor the discount in store. Why the distinction? I am currently attempting to purchase a wainscoat, which is available only on line. The materiel is shipped to the store, near my summer home; but is ineligible for the military discount. Why? Scottsdale AZ

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Leslt - 4 d 18 h ago


Our Veterans should be honored for their service, not lied to, by bunch of people who quite honest are enjoying their lives on the account of the veterans. I worked for VA for 15 years. Shame on you HD. Bruce, go to the competitors.

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RITA - 6 d 16 h ago


For all Your Home Needs. THE HOME DEPOT. An Amazing man walked into my life. He Bought a house that's turning into this Beautiful Home. (He got Skills). Going to The One and Only Store for Everything screw, paint, water tank, screens, pipes, MY FLOWERS, grass seeds, bushes, shower, oops wrong part, etc........ WE NEED, YOU GOT. I WANT A REWARDS CARD... I honestly appreciate The Home Depot. I feel VIP 4-5 days out the week and most time twice in one day!

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John W - 4 d 18 h ago


Do you work for Home Depot??? So far, I have not read anyone saying anything positive about Home Depot. Are you public relations manager for them or something else

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Joni Moskol - 5 d 15 h ago


My name is Joni Moskol I was a very good.employee for 4 1\2 Yrs. (Grafton) wisc 4919. I realize you have a lot of employees but we all Should be heard. I was treated like an old. (Nitwit) My age was referred to on several Occassions I was accused of an eleven-hundred $ Mistake but no proof was put forth To myself I was always criticized in a.nasty tone several times a day Nakell was a sup and referred to my age on several occasions. If YOU didnt ASk for a survey or credit they would Threaten you with a pink. Slip. I was afraid for my job every day. They demanded so much of you and Not in genial way. Nobody should be Mistreated for not producing credit or surveys customers loved me and I loved Them We are cashiers not wall Street powers I was not fired by the way I quit andy is the mgr and he was A mad man also. How can this be Allowed?

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Lone - 4 d 18 h ago


File a complaint against Home depot for discrimination based on age. Don't let them get away with it. You had to quit because you did not have a choise. These people were threatening to pink slip you. Please do something otherwise, they will treat other employees the same.

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Gaby - 4 d 18 h ago


On Monday June 25, 2018 I purchased three appliances from Home Depot in Saugus MA. The saleswoman was nice. Delivery was scheduled to take place July 11, 2018. Home Depot in Massachusetts have a contract with RAS out of Woburn MA. The delivery person came in late. He demanded that all the appliances be unplugged, which was never part of the agreement that I had with Home Depot. He stated that his job was to deliver appliances only. I paid extra money so that Home Depot can haul the old appliances. The delivery person became very aggressive, loud and in my face. I had to ask people who were working in my house to intervene. One person who was working in my house offered to unplug the fridge, the range and the dishwasher. He asked the delivery person to bring the appliances from the truck to my house. The delivery person shouted and said there is nothing you can do to me lady???? the delivery person was rude, aggressive and loud with me. The delivery person left with my property that I paid for. I contacted Home Depot, and all I heard was apologies but no action was taken. To make the matter worst, the saleswoman lied to me about the company who delivers appliances for Home Depot. I spoke with the store Manager Dave who promised that he was going to get back to me with the name of the person who showed up in my house and treated me aggressive, and in intimidating manner. Then, he left with my appliances. The only answer I received, was they will look into it. In the meantime, my appliances are somewhere with this raging person. In the evening I returned to Home Depot to inquire about the status of my appliances. The Saleswoman told me that they can refund me my money, or I have to wait until July 19, for the next delivery date. I was also told that If I wanted delivery date of June 19, I have to pay for the appliances, since the order was canceled, in order to take advantage of the promotion since July 11 was the last day of the promotion. Why should I pay more money to take advantage of promotion, when the delay of the delivery was on them, not on me. I demanded to know who the delivery company they were dealing with. After what it felt like 20 minutes, she finally gave the name. She also said that they were closed, and the issue will have to be dealt with the following day. She went to get her manager to have him give me an answer. No answer was given except apologized to me. While he was looking into my order, I contacted RAS the delivery company to make sure the saleswoman did not lie to me. Sure enough, the customer service department answered the phone. After telling the customer service about my experience, and requested the name of the person who came to my house and left without delivering my appliances. The customer service Anthony was even worst. His only answer was I don't know. I waited until today to contact RAS, which I did half hour ago. I spoke to the delivery person manager. He told me that he was aware of the situation, and that his driver had to leave with my appliances because the environment was hostile. I told him that his driver caused the hostility. Even after the person who working in my house offered to unplug the old appliances, his driver refused to deliver my appliances to my house. This delivery man was very aggressive, in my face, threatening and left with my appliances. YET RAS TOLD ME THEIR AGGRESSIVE DRIVER WAS WITHIN HIS RIGHTS.


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