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The Home Depot, Inc.

Home Depot
2455 Paces Ferry Rd. Nw
Atlanta, GA
Francis Blake
Chairman and CEO
(770) 433-8211
(770) 384-2356
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JBB - 6 h 30 m ago


Checked on UPS tracking number provided by HD the day after I made an order one week ago. Home Depots email says the order has been shipped, but UPS shows they have only received a request for a tracking number.

A call to their customer service was a waste of time.. Was asked if I wanted to cancel the order AND REORDER - and hope it went thru this time, OR, file a "follow up" to see if someone would check on the order and maybe get back to me within a week.

What CRAPPY service. Will take time to see if I can reach anyone at Corporate who cares about my order, if not, HD will be off my list of stores to ever buy from again.

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Gary - 9 h 13 m ago


You will never see me, and in your place of establishment ever again, the hell with your Incompetent employees, who like to lie and pass the buck.

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I don't know how in the hell that Home Depot stays in business. - 8 h 46 m ago

I don't know how in the hell that Home Depot stays in business.

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Gary Meadwell in Parma ohio - 7 h 49 m ago


I would like to heard your replay!!!!!!!!

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C Craig - 8 h 25 m ago


Dissatisfied with service I just received. I was purchasing a single 2x4 and stood at check out counter 2. Two HD employees sat chatting next to me (appeared to be loaders). A lady was on the phone that sounded late me she was on a personal call. I was waiting for 60 seconds and not one of the three even acknowledged me. I walked away and still no acknowledgement and went to counter 7 to check out. If this is your customer service I will start going to Lowe's. You should at least teach your employees to acknowledge customers and not let them make personal calls in work area. Just as disappointing is the inability to email customer service.

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Another pissed off customer from Los Banos, Ca - 1 d ago


On September 13, 2017, I placed an order for a shower unit. They gave me a delivery date of Sept 21 for me to pick up at the store. The order never made it to the store for pick up and got lost in transit. Home Depot reordered, gave me a discount and stated it was going directly to my home. I was given the date for delivery and time. Waited like an idiot for my unit. I called and asked status. Home Depot customer service rep states, "no one called you?" Obviously not or I wouldn't be calling. I was told shipment was damaged. No one bothered to let me know. Reordered a third time, given a small gift card. Freight company informed me of delivery date and time. Company no showed, so I called and checked status. Freight never placed on truck. Gave another delivery date of Friday, two days later. No showed again. Given Saturday to deliver. Delivered damaged. Item getting returned. I will never use Home Depot for things again. My husband is a contractor and will be looking at local stores as well as lowes for products to purchased in the future. His clients will be recommended elsewhere, not Home Depot.

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I don't know how in the hell they stay in business. - 8 h 47 m ago

I don't know how in the hell they stay in business.

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Jay Kramer - 1 d 27 m ago


At least they are trying!We have an extended warranty through them on a refrigerator that has been broken down for over a week now.Most of the wait was caused by a missed diagnosis from a company hired by Assurion.Stuff happens!Well the new part was ordered and that was probably going to take another week to get.On top of that the original tech is apparently sick so they had to find another company to wait for the part and do the repair.Home Depot brought us out a new loaner fridge and we didn't even ask for that.It's not the ideal situation,but I thought it was a nice gesture and going above and beyond what we expected as far as customer service considering it was not even their problem anymore.It's not over yet,but I bet they will make it right.Cudos Home Depot!

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Heather Oconnor - 1 d 4 h ago


I am furious with Home Depot emergency policy or lack there of. My mom works at auburn hills Home Depot and has for 10 plus years, there was a huge gas explosion tonight less than 1/4 mile away. Reports say flames up to 100 ft high, and multiple explosions. Firefighters and police at seen. Shutting down roads Trying shut gas off and getting situation under control.

There are no customers at this point but does Home Depot send employees home. NO. In fact. The manager has them do a fire drill Go outside and take pix with flames in background. At this point send employees home NO. Even though. With each explosion they can feel windows and building shake, Heat from the fire, and during fire drill and exiting building can taste and smell smoke and gas in the air. This infuriates me on its own. But the fact that my mom mentioned more than once she thought they should leave and was ignored. And not until I called and spoke with her manager did he go tell her she could leave. Home Depot may not place much value in their employees well being but their families do....

So in the future if there are multiple explosions in the immediate vicinity with intense fires. Please send your employees home immediately.

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Raymond Contreras - 1 d 5 h ago


We had the new shower insult in our home. The bottom portion crack and took them 4 weeks to come back and fix it. Then on top of that they never called back and then when they did it never gotten fix.

Now we are still waiting for the part they broke during the repair. Its a shame we spend almost $8000.00 and the customer service is a shame. We been trying and trying to get someone to help. The home depot in Woodland SUCKS!!! Once you received your money then when the customer needed help it to bad. If we can get our money back we would. Right now I tell everyone go somewhere else.

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Richard Canty - 1 d 6 h ago


My wife and I ordered two outside doors, one a security door back in September.

One of the doors have been cut incorrectly, this was not Home Dept's fault, however, what is Home Depot's fault is that no one has reached out to us, and when we call Home Depot's customer service we are told that there is no one to address the issue. We have not had this issue resolved as of 11/20/2017.

We ordered our doors on 9/23/2017.. :( SAD

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Mary bowden - 1 d 9 h ago


There order on line is the worst I've ever had the privilege of dealing with. They have a small window of time to refund me money for outdoor furniture. I've received 2 chairs and no table and they can't just ship me the table it's against rhier policy. It's Will be against my policy to shop home depot if they don't get this right.

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Anonymous in AR - 1 d 9 h ago


I am very disappointed in Home Depot. I requested some coupons for the Arm & Hammer 12000 furnace filter. As I told Customer Service, I am on limited income as I am retired and I have Chronic Bronchitis, and these filters really help to clean the air and help me breathe better. The last time I bought a pkg of 4 (20 x 20 x 1) was in April 2017 and cost me $16.79. I have a new furnace and now have to use the 16 x 25 filters and noticed that the filters have literally doubled in price in 7 months. Well Customer Service told me they couldn't help me and gave me a link to a credit card. If I'm on limited income, why would I want to get a credit card that would cost me more? HD USED to be my favorite store, I referred many people to you. I am so disappointed that you couldn't help the least bit. Needless to say, HD is NO LONGER on my favorites list. HD just lost a LOYAL customer.

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Anonymous - 1 d 9 h ago


Why have you deserted us in the Virgin Islands at the St Thomas store? I have been told that the earliest that store will reopen is Christmas. We have no electric power and no supplies available to rebuild with. Many other stores have reopened including the airport. I also have a home in Oregon that I am remodeling and used to buy at Home Depot exclusively but not anymore! You have made it quite clear that in cases of emergency Home Depot can not be counted on. The rating I give is because of your lack of regard for customers in areas of emergency.

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Anonymous - 1 d 18 h ago


Horribly disappointed after trying to purchase a carpet in the North Bergen, NJ store.

The salesperson who took my order messed up and when my carpet arrived, it was missing the binding. The response was "oops sorry but we dotty do binding so we will just give you your money back". I called the corporate office and spoke to Barbara, Antonia and Mimi, all who were lovely on the phone but never followed through as promised. The management in that store is horrific and there is clearly no regard towards loyal clients. I renovate and flip homes and have spent thousands of dollars at Home Depot, I will now only shop at Lowe's where the service is impeccable.

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Debbie - 2 d 6 h ago



I am trying to buy a refrigerator online through my credit card stores that redirects me to the store I want to shop from.

So I am trying to buy a refrigerator on-line and you keeps rejecting my credit card. I call Barclay and they said nothing is wrong with my card and you are the ones with the rejection problem with my card. I then call you credit card department and tell them the problem and they are unable to help me. I then call the store in Seaside, California

and of course I am put on hold with the appliance department and then after waiting 15 minutes it hangs up on me.

I then call back and try to get the operator or anyone to help me and am on hold for 18 minutes with a Home Depot

message saying everyone is busy and continue to hold. How long should it take to be able to speak to someone ?

I will now have to purchase it a Lowes as NO ONE CAN HELP ME at Home Depot.

You just lost out on an $800.00 purchase. And I will no longer shop at any of your stores . If you are a good Company you will contact me at (hidden)

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A smith a aol. Com - 2 d 12 h ago

Manager at Home Depot montvile no good

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Anonymous - 2 d 11 h ago


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Anonymous - 2 d 12 h ago


I can't believe that on a Sunday at 12 noon.the home Depot in Gilroy CA would only have 1 cashier working the line was so long. I wish this was an isolated incident but it's not. I will never shop there again. I will drive to Morgan Hill and use Ace hardware . with over 331,000 employees what the hell

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Anonymous - 2 d 16 h ago


I do not know if this email is directed to the proper place ? Wis that if is not to please forward please. My situation is with applying for a position with the Home Depot for maybe fives years now. At first i was applying for full time now last few times just part time. I have had many applications on file many times not getting anywhere? I am a Senior Citizen with in excellent Health and skills they would qualify me for a position everytime i have been interviewed but for some reason ? From the very first interview i had has lead me to believe me that it's an age factor involved here? I have excellent qualifications, No legal action ever against me, do not drink use drugs, smoke, and not a thief. I have tried to investigate any reasons that would block me for a position? I had gone through a few Managers in my process of trying to get hired and have been told that they seek people with my desire and experience, they have looked into the matter and was told that i have not made the score on the interviews which is a score of 15 points one time i made 14 but still was not good enough. To me this is clearly a age thing because the first interview there were two people that interviewed me which one that was an assistant manager that two weeks prior i had a quarrel with over the way he embarrassed an elderly couple that could not speak good english trying to exchange something in the same line as me. He was embarrassing them and the people in line and i said to him that i never saw anyone help someone in that manner before. I brought it up to the manager and told him. just a couple of weeks later he was the assistant that interviewed me along with a senior employee. Immediatley after the interview i heard him say 'Quote " I hope we get some applicants with less grey hair, "Quote" I again went to the manager and told him what had transpired, he told me he would definately take care of the situation. I did inquire within a week or so and he was transfered to another store. I was a gentleman about and could have done something drastic but did not truthfully i am sorry i did not.

Several employees did know about this including other assistant managers. I do feel like there is some form of discrimination involved here and find it sickening. Thank You Frank Teodosio

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Anonymous - 3 d 4 h ago


I couldn't agree more with the reviews here. Customer service needs some serious work, as well as the third parties they contract with to deliver and install appliances. The delivery truck broke down for our Saturday delivery, which I get things happen out of our control. When they called to inform me, and said I could have it delivered/installed on Monday, I requested a certain time as I had to get to an afternoon class. I was told they could put the request in but doesn't mean I would get that window. Nobody ever called to let me know the window, and I had to contact Home Depot on Monday morning to find out. Of course, the window was 1:30-5:30 right when I had to be someplace else (the class). They ended up showing approximately 40 minutes early without calling me to let me know, and made me late for the class. Once they left I had to rush off, and didn't have time to check what they did. Later, my husband came home and found that they broke a chunk of our granite counter top off. I tried to text them, but it was not going through, so I emailed them. I heard nothing all week. Today, I tried emailing and texting them once again, explained what happened, and instead of responding to my issue, they kept sending me a survey if I would purchase from them again. After some back and forth and generic responses, I was finally told that it is not their responsibility for the repair, and I need to call the delivery/installation place and have them come and repair it. That will be the last time I purchase an appliance for installation from Home Depot!

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michele - 3 d 17 h ago


Horrible customer service - purchased 5 year protection plan on all appliances and had two experiences one - no oven for 6 weeks and this past week, had a service tech scheduled for this past thursday 12-5 no one showed up - when i call hd on friday am (2 hours) they told me that the svc technician marked me complete and that i had to go to the :back of the line" to get scheduled. She provided me a phone number of the new place that was going to schedule with me and i decided to call this morning to see if they could give me any timeframes for the svc call and they told me they do not service my area. this is unacceptable.

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Anonymous - 3 d 17 h ago

I am so disappointed with the store on 290 and Fairbanks their customer service no good managers tell lies reason for this I purchased appliances that weren't the color that I wanted because they told me that it didn't come in that color and of course Thanksgiving is coming up and this was like the beginning of November come the 11th I've been trying to cancel them because I went to a different store and the customer service was so much better and they were able to find what I was looking for but of course I needed to cancel with the store on 290 well the manager Mary the manager Gary all said I needed to receive my appliances first and then refused them that was the only way I could cancel well I couldn't do that because I wanted to purchase the ones that I had found in the other store now for Thanksgiving neither my family nor I will able will be able to cook at my home that's where we always spend our Thanksgiving but thanks to them that they could not refund my money back until I receive my appliances and refusing which makes no sense to me but they were very rude and Adam and at what they were saying on other than credit department said that it should have been done within 48 hours it's almost 4 days and I still haven't had a refund I will never go to that store again never ever ever

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Cathy - 4 d 11 h ago


I was in Home Depot on Larkfield Road in Commack, NY today to purchase an Andersen storm door. Someone had already measured and HD had the measurements. I had a male employee who was so rude I was almost crying. I asked him how much the door would cost. He shouted that if I stopped asking him questions he would tell me. When I went to pick up the paper with the measurements on it he shouted for me to leave that alone. Other customers, along with two other HD employees were looking at us to see what was happening. He was so nasty. I asked his name and he said Al. Needless to say I did not buy the storm door. I was shaking because of the way he spoke to me.

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