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The Home Depot, Inc.

Home Depot
2455 Paces Ferry Rd. Nw
Atlanta, GA
Francis Blake
Chairman and CEO
(770) 433-8211
(770) 384-2356
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LU - 3 h 42 m ago


I usually never write reviews but I needed to compliment the Home Depot paint department employee Jonathan Randall for not only being friendly and professional but going out of his way to make sure I was satisfied with the colors for my home. I never like going to these stores and even had a bad experience at another hardware store and because I always feel lost, but because of this young man I had a great experience shopping for paint. I highly recommend Bellport, NY Home Depot's paint departments Jonathan Randall and will be back with a friend for their home.

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Bill B. - 4 h 9 m ago

I just visited the Santee CA. store this morning, and it seems these stores are now becoming a place to take your dog for a walk. I have seen dogs in store before, usually in the shopping cart...small dogs. Today I noticed there are people now bringing their large dogs in on leashes and walking them down the isles. Two dogs were tangled up this morning in one aisle and it makes for a crummy shopping experience....these isles are not that wide. Homedepot is leaving a big window open for a law suit when some one is tripped by on of these animals now being allowed in the stores. Where does this kind of stuff stop.....Dogs are pets keep them home and out of stores, resturants and food stores.

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Anonymous - 4 h 9 m ago

I put a application in and I'm wondering why I didn't get a call back and I know what im doing cause I work at the warehouse I n hagerstown for a11 1/2 years can you please call me f ok r a hone interview.

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Shellie - 7 h 15 m ago


First, I will never, under any circumstance, shop at a home depot again. In August I had a new HVAC system put in by Home Depot's contracted agency ARCOcomfort air. The tech's that installed were less than competent. They did not hook the system up correctly, did not install censor's and did not clean my vents, all things I paid a very large amount of money to have done. My system continued to fail causing upwards of 4,000.00 dollars in electric bills due to the incompetence of the techs and supervisors at ARCO. I notified Home Depot Customer services of this and they have been getting back to me in 48 hours for 7 months now. Every time I call it is the same story. I had to call Rheem, the product distributor, myself , to get them to assess the product and determine why it is not working correctly. They determined that ARCO incorrectly charged or lack there of charge, the system causing it fail. In the mean time, I have had shut off notices, lost all incentive programs and had to spend all my savings to keep my heat on for my children. The company, ARCO, attempted to blame all this on me, attempted to refund me 200 dollars and make me pay for my own "free" service for maintenance that I caught. My HVAC has no original parts and it's brand new. It has had 17 service calls. I addressed this with home depot and they have done nothing. ARCO offers 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee. Neither home depot or ARCO have upheld there end or given me anything close to customer service. I want a complete refund! All the HVAC equipment cost, labor and refunded for the 4000.00 in electric bills I had to pay. I will take this to court if it is not made correct!!

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Tiffany - 7 h 41 m ago


I am extremely dissatisfied with Home Depot this last few weeks. We ordered window blinds from the Michigan Avenue location in Canton, MI roughly 5 weeks ago. We had someone come out and measure our windows and ordered the blinds immediately. We received a call from the installer 2 weeks later asking when we would like for him to come out and install the windows to which I replied "we haven't heard from Home Depot, do you know if our blinds are in?" He told us we would have to call the store and ask which we did and were told that the lady we needed to speak with was not in and she would call us back later. I was unaware that it took someone specific to look up an order, but okay, we would wait for a phone call. Which, by the way we never received. 2 WEEKS later (on a Friday) we received an email saying we could come pickup our order first thing Monday morning. However, we received a phone call on Saturday saying that our blinds were discontinued and we would have to come back to the store and pick out new blinds. I told the gentleman that I received an email yesterday saying I could come pick them up Monday, and his response was "well, I don't know anything about that, let me speak with Teresa and call you back." My husband and I were not at all surprised when no one contacted us. After work Monday we went up to the store, and there were some blinds ready for pickup but not all of them. We spoke to customer service who spoke to Teresa and her exact words were "I did not realize when you scheduled a purchaser pickup it would email the purchaser a time and day to pickup." Now training your people how to use the computer system is a different issue, but I suggest someone does that. We received a call on Tuesday that our blinds were officially ready for us to come get them, so again after work we drove to the store and picked up our blinds (YAY). Then Wednesday came and we received yet another call from Home Depot telling us our blinds are in and when are we going to come pick them up. After about 5 minutes of going back and forth with the guy he decided to drop them off because it was their fault (that's great). When he got to our house he realized what had happened- the blinds they gave us on Tuesday were uncut! Hopefully, everything will work out on Tuesday when the installer comes, however I do not have high hopes especially because the installer said he has come out to install blinds before and they were not cut or were the wrong size.

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Richard - 11 h ago


This has been the worst experience ever dealing with Home Depot . Long story short i paid for measurements for a new front door install only to not hear from HD for 2 weeks. When i call them my order was lost in the system...I went ahead and still paid only to be called two day later and was told i couldn't get the door i paid for and was giving two other options which cost about 500 more. Refund!! In between time i order a double two days after expected delivery date and was told the product had never reach them and was lost in the warehouse. Refund! A total waste of TIME! The door was purchased at the Lithia Springs , GA store and the double vanity online.

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Lori - 11 h 41 m ago

I am very dissatisfied with Home Depot. Specifically the store in Olathe, Ks and the finance department in Olathe. I used my debit card to make a large purchase on April12, 2018. On this same day I asked for a refund to my card. After almost two hours with the assistant manager, Coop, at the Olathe store I still did. It have a refund on my card. The only answer I had was that he just didn't know why they weren't able to refund my debit card! Only after pushing him did he agree to expedite a refund by check to me. It is April 25 and I still do not have my check!

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Jason - 1 d 22 h ago


I purchased my kitchen appliances through the west mifflin home depot in Pennsylvania and bought the warranties. My dishwasher has been broke down for 6 weeks and I keep getting the run around from the Asurion insurance company that the home depot uses as the warranty company. They sent out a repair company and they said that the dishwasher was unrepairable and needed replaced. I have been getting lies after lies from home depot and asurian. I have been told I was getting a check issued for the replacement of the dishwasher by Benjamin the manager in the Arkasas branch. I am still waiting so I called to see what the status of my check was and now they said they aren't replacing it. I am never buying anything from the home depot. I am also involving the State Attorney Generals office, the State Representatives office and all the local news. Save you money and hassle buy elswhere.

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Bryce Eller - 1 d 7 h ago


I have been purchasing $10,000 to $15,000 of just concrete block from your Beaumont, TX store for each of the last 4 years. Those numbers do not include the tools and lumber we have purchased.

It has gotten increasingly impossible to call in an order over the last 2 years. 2 weeks ago it took over 2 hours of delays and on-hold time. It sometimes takes up to 3 days of calls to finally talk to someone.

I placed an order yesterday after 7 people were unable to help me get to a person at the contractor desk. One of those persons said to call back as no one was there. When finally placed, I checked the email and the order has the wrong destination, includes sales tax and is not for the requested date. I called this morning to try to fix it and when the young lady was unable, she put me on hold and left me for 10 minutes. Why do I want to continue doing business this way? If I run my business like this, we would be bankrupt.

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Captain N.M.Elliott - 1 d 9 h ago


Dear Mr. Blake,

I have been a H.D. customer for very long time mostly doing business at your Superstore in Union, NJ. On April 24, 2018 I called and requested a free estimate to renew our kitchen cabinets and a new counter/ back splash. An appointment was arranged and confirmed for 10:00 hrs on April 25, 2018. It is now 11:30 hrs and the salesman (Steve) has not arrived.

During my two phone calls, at 10:15 hrs and 11:45 hrs, I was assured that the salesman was on his way. Unless "Steve" is coming not from New Jersey but from another State, I can not justify this delay and lack of professionalism. I was told "Steve" is an employee of Home Depot.

Mr. Blake I understand that you are running a very large organization with thousands of employees and there will always be some irresponsible people among them, however your Managers should be doing a more diligent supervision.

Irrespective to the above incident I will continue shopping in the Union NJ Superstore since i have always find good products at a reasonable price and helpful salespersons.


Captain N.M. Elliott, M.M.N. (Ret.)

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Curtis - 1 d 12 h ago


I've shopped at Home Depot since their inception and no longer frequent their stores because of their veterans policy. I now shop at Lowes exclusively because they honor all Vets with a 10% discount. I miss Home Depot and the store in my area ( Mountain Home, Arkansas) is suffering due to loss of business because of it. Nearly all the old coots in my area are Vets. Get with the program and bring us back. I miss you. With the increase in business you will more than make up for the discount.

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Patrick - 2 d ago


Greeting Mr. Blake,

I am one of the thousands of contractors that spend millions of dollars in your stores, all over the country. I reside, and do business in the southern tier of NY, or "upstate NY" as most people know.

In regards to your online, "in-stock" system, It's not reliable, or your employees are walking out with your stuff! My local store had ran out of a particular item. 'Prefinished Royal Moulding, PVC composite door casing', so I traveled to the next closest store, Auburn, NY, (about 72 miles away), which had the item in stock according to the web/app. I had ordered online prior to traveling to pickup. I get a call from the store when I was 10 miles from it, saying that they didn't have the quantity that I had ordered. When the app and "in-stock" showed that there were plenty of stock. Needless to say, I picked up the items they had, and started to search for another store, Ithaca, NY.

I only needed 7 more pieces of this particular item, (seems to be exclusive to your stores), so there were no other options based on the contract and submittals I did for this particular project.

I contacted the Ithaca, NY store online, to see they showed 7 of these items in stock. Then I called the store, they only had 4 on the shelf.

I have jumped through hoops to get this product. I can't even get it shipped from one store to another. I would suggest you track your 'in-stock' numbers better, or monitor your employees as they may be taking merchandise out the back door of your stores. Again, I, and many other contractors have spent millions of dollars in your stores, at least get your (in stock) numbers correct so we can stay on top of our contracts and meet deadlines.

On a lighter note, my past experience at the Corning, NY store have been wonderful. They pull your online order, have it ready (on a cart) and help you load it up.

Best regards.

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Formerly of Store #1202 - 2 d 31 m ago


Dear Mr. Blake:

I was hired on April 20, 2018 at your Commack, NY location. Immediately upon attending orientation on April 21, I informed Co-Manager Theresa that I required a week off in May to attend my daughter's high school graduation in Florida with my mother, who is afraid to fly, so we would be driving. Theresa assured me that this WOULD NOT BE A PROBLEM, just to make the request when I had computer access on Monday April 23, and she would approve it. I did so and at the end of my shift left a voice mail for Tameka for my schedule. I left three messages for Tameka between 1 PM Monday and 1 PM Tuesday. NO ONE returned my calls.

This evening, April 24, I logged into the company intranet to discover that not only was this time off requested DENIED, but I was apparently FIRED for making the request! No one, not the Manager, Dawn, Co-Manager Theresa, or Tameka even had the courtesy to call to tell me I was terminated.

At orientation I was told The Home Depot was a "family". Too bad my daughter wasn't allowed to come first for her high school graduation.

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Barbie - 2 d 4 h ago


Dear Mr Blake, I purchased a GE washer from the store in Chicopee MA on Monday the 23 of April. When the clerk was writing up the sale she never mention we could get $50 off for openimg a new account. My husband does not have an account so I put the washer on my Home Depot credit card. On tuesday I went to the store with my sister. the cashier said to her if you open an account you can get $50 off the price of the 5 gaion of paint.. I went home gathered my paper work from the sale and called a manager at the store. I spoke to an associate

, who told me to hold the line . She came back on the phone and said she talked to a manager who said, when the washer arrives to f

refuse it and go back to Home Depot and open an account in my husband name and re purchase the washer. the washer will be delivered on the 3 of May. I felt the clerk who made the sale to up should of told us that we could get $50 cash back for openimg an account. I feel I'm a good customer. and this issue is unjust.

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Anonymous - 2 d 6 h ago

I visited your Home Depot in Dublin, GA and had SEVERAL Horrible, Unprofessional, Unorganized, Inefficient, Nonchalant, etc things to happen to me on Monday, April 23 . And it was even WORSE when I called to make an order of previously discussed and purchased items that I was unable to leave at the store for someone to pick up for me ! It's a SAD situation over there !!?

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Frank - 2 d 6 h ago


Dear Mr. Blake, We are having a difficult time finding how to escalate a concern that we did not receive satisfactory resolution from the local manager of the Home Depot store located in Eagle Idaho. Order Number: H1809-72325 Order Date: 03/03/2018 Home Depot Customer Service Department, On April 17th Home Depot counter top installer arrived at our house to install our counter top order that had been placed on March 3rd. As you can see from the dates the wait time was excessive. At the completion of the install, it was discovered the wrong color of solid surface had been ordered and installed. We choose and provided our Home Depot kitchen designer, Mitch, with the sample for "White Granite" and "White Quartz" and been incorrectly ordered. We have been loyal customers of Home Depot Eagle Idaho for many years; purchasing items for home remodels over the past 13 years. Finally after 5 years of waiting we were ready to remodel our home kitchen with great excitement. With visited with the kitchen design team member Mitch several times before placing our final order. We sat across from him and handed him the sample of solid surface "White Granite" that we decided on after looking at many samples. We order our counter tops on March 3, signing the paperwork stating we were hiring Home Depot to do the work. After this error was discovered we have several conversations with the Eagle Store manager, Kathy. She was not apologetic for the error, and told us we had signed the paperwork and we were responsible. She also said there were 3 opportunities to verify the order, at the time the order was place, when the install company came to measure for the template and prior to installation. At none of these points did anyone ask us to verify the product ordered. Kathy, the manager, told us several times there is nothing Home Depot can do. I'm shocked that Home Depot would expect their customers to act as their quality control process. Not once we were asked to verify the product color that had been selected into the computer was in fact the sample that we had provided and requested. While we were ordering with Mitch, the Kitchen design representative, his computer froze up. He suggested we go look around the store and come back in about 15 minutes and he would have everything reentered into the computer. When we returned he had completed our order and never asked to go over it again with us line by line. I suspect it was here where he selected "white quartz" rather than our selection of "white granite". My wife and I feel utterly betrayed by Home Depot. After many phone calls with Kathy, Eagle store manager, she did offer a $200 compensation credit. This feels like an insult. We have been planning our kitchen remodel for years and spent a lot of time selecting the product we wanted for our counter tops. The granite has color and the quartz is basically a boring white. It is a choice we would have never selected. This is a heavy disappointment and truly a betrayal by Home Depot as a loyal customer. Our ask is to be fully compensated for the counter top material and installation costs. I hope that Home Depot will do the right thing. This error was caused by Home Depot and should not be the responsibility of us or any customer. Sincerely, Frank and Denise Loucks Order Number: H1809-72325 Order Date: 03/03/2018 phone: (hidden) email: (hidden) Boise, Idaho

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Graham - 2 d 6 h ago


We rented a couple of floor sanders for the day and they charged $150 for each sander. They refused to take cash for the deposit and insisted on a credit card. We gave them our bank card for the deposits and returned both sanders well before the end of the day. One of them was only rented for 4 hours. They charged the amount of the rentals to our card and said the remainder of the deposits will be back on our cards within 3-5 business days. Sunday was day 7 and still no refund so we called Home Depot's corporate office and the lady said it can take up to 7 days so we should have it by now. WELL, today is day 8 and STILL no refund. They have held up over $200 of our hard earned money for over a week and won't even apologize for the inconvenience or give us a reasonable explanation as to why they take so freaking long to refund a deposit. They took the money out the same day. We will NEVER rent or buy from Home Depot again. They are greedy in my opinion.

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Jackie - 2 d 14 h ago


I ordered a Frigidaire Electric Range and paid for removal of my old Range, the delivery people showed up during a rain storm and immediately removed old range and left it in the rain while pulling the new range out and the delivery man had us come out and look at it because he noticed a really big dent. We told him we could not except it and wanted a new range without dent, he said he would get the new one ordered and on it way to us. They still took our old range and did not bring it back in so, here we sit with no range/oven to cook with and after many calls and being transferred from place to place still no range or date of delivery. Plus i just called their need help line and they told me they couldn't help me (shows delivery attempted no on over 18 available). This is very bad customer service and i will never order again from them and they need to make this right which after the reps i've spoke with is doubtful. Very unhappy and upset.

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Laura Felker - 3 d ago


I used the cabinet re-facing and counter top replacement service. We went with a laminate (non solid) material. This was based on cost and our previous counter top was the same material. We thought that the technology today would make this much better than the stuff that we had. I will say that I am very pleased with the cabinet re-facing and the installation of the counter top replacement. I am not happy with the quality of the counter top material. I contacted the department who I scheduled the work with to let them know about the issues I was having with the material. They said they could send someone out in 3 to 4 weeks. I told them that would not work I could not wait that long and it was unacceptable. When I had contacted them the "Kitchen" had been installed for 3 weeks and 1 of those weeks we had no sink. The use of the kitchen at this point was minimal. When I insisted that this was unacceptable, I received a call saying they could come that day. I was already at work. So, I took half a day off with lost pay to meet them and have this looked at. Much to my dismay it was a man from the company who manufactured the counter top. Call me silly, but if you ask me to inspect my own work what do you think I would say. He came and cleaned up the edges with a file and sandpaper and looked at the "damage". Again to my dismay his best tool was a black sharpie (did I forget to mention my counter top is black)? He did take measurements of the part of the counter top that was "damaged". Once he left, I received a call saying they would replace the part that was damage but I had to pay an installation fee of $125.00. Really ?????? I was then told that Home Depot was eating the cost of the counter top and it was in upwards of $1,000. If it was my fault, as they tried to tell me; why eat that cost? I believe the $1000.00 cost was inflated. I had an estimate for a much more expensive counter top product that included installation. The damaged piece of countertop is approximately 8% of the entire counter job. I had an estimate for Granite from another contractor and it was only $5000 to do the entire job! I told Home Depot that I would have to get back to them as I was NOT paying anything. "Normal ware and tare" should not have damaged the counter top. I refuse to pay for anything that's not my fault. It is the principle of the matter.

Our old counter top lasted 30 years with minimal issues, especially not within 30 days!

I am forced to send this email due to recent events this weekend.

My family baked. Flour and sugar were spilled on the counter. I now once again have white "stuff" in the creases where the laminate meets other laminate. I want a counter top I can use. PLEASE HELP?

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JMedley - 3 d ago


Homedepot the worst. Two appointments in a show for a storm door installation. You cannot get back "time". Poor customer service.

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Tammy N - 3 d ago


My husband called to get the price of some indoor/outdoor carpet and after being on the phone for 25 minutes for flooring!! A guy finally came on and said I'm sorry but I'm working two departments and I don't have time to check for you, you will have to come in and look for yourself!! My husband explained he works for the RDC and it's NOT customer service and he hung up the phone!! VERY POOR SERVICE and I see a lot of people standing up front doing nothing!! Store 140!!! Do something about this please!!!

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Steve Neely - 3 d 5 h ago


Your Military Policy is restrictive . You cut out ww2 , Korean and Vietnam Era Vets. I served 2 years overseas 1966-68 .and 4 more yrs reserve status. Make your policy the same as Lowes. I Know that the founders of HD are very Vet friendly . Many of my Buddies have said this is a bad move. I think you are loosing business Thank you

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Kirk - 3 d 5 h ago

I was at the northfayette store store number 4117. I had a problem a big one I need to talk to Justin the district manager I'm extremely unhappy

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Anonymous - 3 d 6 h ago

Hi, I went into Home Depot on the 11th of April to make a $200 payment on my HD credit card. I received a receipt for this transaction. Though, when I called later in the day to confirm my payment, there was no record of it. The people at the store, when I returned, said that it is not possible to make payments at the physical store and that all payments should be done online or through the phone. My problem is that I am out $200 and cannot get anyone from this company to tell me where my money went and why it wasn't applied to my balance. I need this remedied immediately.

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Anonymous - 3 d 8 h ago

I went into the turnsville nj store to purchase flooring I was unable to get any help. I returned a second time and again no help and I left. On my third return I asked at the desk to please have someone help me this time I had my husband with me. The girl at the desk said she will call someone to help me I went to the desk three times letting her know no one came we left again. The fourth time I let the front desk know this was my fourth time

Attempt to buy a floor she sent over a certain nice girl who was tiny and unable to lift tile so a 70 year old man lifted it for us. When I was paying I asked the cashier if she could call someone to help me load the tiles into my car she called no one came . A customer in line told me he would help me and he did and stated you won't get anyone. Next night came to get a key made so the contractor can get into my beach house a hour and a half away. The key did not work so my floor was unable to be installed. I went back to the store in turnsville the desk man said this key wasn't cut deep enough he knew but not the key man.they really had nothing to say about the whole ordeal. One staff member said we were probably short staffed. I lost over $100.00 when the contractor couldn't get in.home depo gave me $2 for the key back I am a employee health nurse and work in HE doesn't a hospital University we would never allow that treatment. My contact info (hidden) Thank you

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