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The Home Depot, Inc.

Home Depot
2455 Paces Ferry Rd. Nw
Atlanta, GA
Francis Blake
Chairman and CEO
(770) 433-8211
(770) 384-2356
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Shaun Wahl - 2 d ago


I bought a new dish washer at HD. Installed on 3/8/19. Called HD that night to advise it doesn't work. Repair came out on 3/14. Yep, it doesn't work. Now almost 2 weeks later....still no contact or replacement. Apparently HD feels it is standard operating procedure to deliver broken appliances and then walk away. HD, you suck.

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Irene Fu - 3 d 14 h ago


I would like to address a highly unsatisfactory delivery service. Coming from living in a condominium with HOA, it is impossible to deliver earlier than 9am. Considering this fact, I have notified the Home Depot representatives repeatedly andyet, all of my deliveries are set for 7am. I ordered $4,000 worth of appliances and they haven't been delivered due to inflexible and inconsiderate times. The most unbelievable issue is that this problem comes from such a large company like Home Depot. I'm not purchasing from a small local gender, this is Home Depot I am talking about. I am highly upset at this level of service and I would like to hear from you soon to address this problem.

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alice kramden - 3 d 17 h ago


is this up to date? or are you trying to hide something?


Francis Blake


Chairman and CEO







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Antoinette Garza - 4 d ago


I bought a GE Profile oven for $2,500 with 3 year warranty. I believe it was delivered as a refurbished item. The broiler does not work. the GE repairman said it will take three hours to repair and needs a new motherboard. This oven is 60 days old. I did not think to try the broiler and assumed it worked. So Home Depot has wiped their hands of the situation and will not take responsibility for products they sell.

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Mark Janosco - 8 d ago


Recently had a bad experience at Home Depot Allison Park PA.

Tried to return a piece of lumber. It was a piece of "Cauled" lumber. I was not informed about its no return policy. Manager voided original return and turned and walked away. Never talked to me. I'm out $15.00.


Mark Janosco


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Anonymous - 4 d 11 h ago

Culled wood is NEVER returnable. It is an "AS-IS" sale. Final and no return or refund. You are basically buying damaged goods at a huge discount. No business takes back heavily discounted damaged goods.

Next time buy undamaged materials for your project rather than damaged materials.

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Lowe's Customer - 4 d 19 h ago


My husband and I go to Home Depot all the time and use his VA card that is state issued and ever had a problem. But the other day a cashier said we don't accept this VA card, we only accept the ones form the VA office not the ones from the state. Home depot stop being so stupid, to get a VA card from the state (DMV) you have to show your DD214. I was so upset, my husband serviced our country and now our son is and you cant give us 10% because its not the ID you want us to have. Yes I made a scene and asked for the manage. The manage says I will give you a one time courteous discount but next time you have to have the right ID. I wanted to say F__ You but I know they don't make the rules. I went back the next day and spoke to a couple of cashiers that always gave us the discount. They said they are to embarrassed to tell a Vet that they don't have the right ID so they just accept it. Your employees are embarrassed by the rules. Not good, we are now Lowe's customers for life. I called the corp office, they said I will get a call from the Dist. Manager. I will let you all know how that goes. that was 3 days ago and no call

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Anonymous - 8 d 16 h ago


Its wonderful that Home Depot refuses to honor my DD214 discharge from the Air Force, I served 22 years in the AF and I am a Vet.

Lowes on the other hand does honor my DD214 and also puts it in there computer, so every time I purchase something I'm required to give only my phone number.

I Guess Home Depot only will select which Vet to accept, there is no different type of Vet I went in the AF in 1958.

I will never shop in a home depot again and I will make sure all my friends and family do as well. Great AMERICAN

store, you will be happy to know I will write and wonderful article in social media unless this policy is correct

have a wonderful day......Tom Wright

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Anonymous - 7 d 11 h ago

Its not Home Depot but the idiot that refused your DD214. DD214 is acceptable as it is a government issued proof of service.

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Disgusted! - 7 d 15 s ago


The Home Depot has its own definition of " US Military Veterans". Why? If The Home Depot recognized every "US Military Veteran" and provided each and everyone of them with a 10% veterans' discount when they purchased products at their stores, whether on sale or not, you know what would happen? The Home Depot's bottom line profit would take a minor hit and that, of course, would infuriate the stock holders and, of course, profit is much more important than the recognition of all US Military Veterans. What Home Depot does not recognize is that they are losing more business by refusing to recognize all US Veterans and therefore losing more profit. So, why does Lowes, Best Buy, etc. recognize every US Military Veteran that has a DD214 and honorable discharge and provide them with a 10% discount whether their product is on sale or not? It is quite simple - they are great companies that recognize the sacrifices that the US Military Veterans gave to their country and want to reward them for that. Besides, they gain more business and therefore more profit. And there are probably favorable tax consequences with this policy. Their finance people did their homework to recognize this policy as a win-win one and great PR. The Home Depot upper management probably were not in the US Military so they do not understand!

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Ed Yarnovich - 7 d 9 h ago


I just had a terrible experience with the Home Depot in Anaheim, CA today. Again, it had to be vet related. With my daughter, I purchased a LG refrigerator. My daughter used a special private elementary school chit (gift card) to purchase the refrigerator from Home Depot - this was so that the school would get some credit for the purchase. Why she selected Home Depot instead of Best Buy is a long story and let us just say it was a big mistake! I requested the veterans 10% discount and was told it was not available since the refrigerator was on sale. The sales person had the audacity to say that was double dipping. I explained to him that all other merchants such as Best Buy, Big 5, Lowes, etc. provide a veterans discount even if the product is on sale. He replied that Home Depot did not. I asked him why should any veteran purchase any products from Home Depot since veterans are treated the same as any other customer. No reply! The moral of the story is that, if you are a veteran, do not buy any product at Home Depot - go to Lowes, Best Buy, "any where else" where you will be treated you as a veteran.

Also, I agree with the comment that a DD214 is an official US government document. Apparently The Home Depot management is not aware of this.

This identical refrigerator is on sale at Best Buy for $2.00 more. That rebater refusal cost my daughter and I about $250.00 by purchasing the refrigerator at Home Depot instead of Best Buy. Yes, that is not a lot of money but it is to one that is on a fixed income.

By the way, I spent only four years in the Air Force. But, during that time I saw my family for only about three weeks total or so. I spent nearly three years overseas during which time my squadron spent a lot of time restricted to the base because of the Suez crises and the Lebanon crises due to the tasks our squadron was responsible for.

I do intend to send this message to Mr. Francis Blake ( or Mrs.), the Chairman and CEO of Home Depot. Yes, it is The Home Depot.

Have a great day!

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wife and mom - 4 d 19 h ago


My husband and I go to Home Depot all the time and use his VA card that is state issued and ever had a problem. But the other day a cashier said we don't accept this VA card, we only accept the ones form the VA office not the ones from the state. Home depot stop being so stupid, to get a VA card from the state (DMV) you have to show your DD214. I was so upset, my husband serviced our country and now our son is and you cant give us 10% because its not the ID you want us to have. Yes I made a scene and asked for the manage. The manage says I will give you a one time courteous discount but next you have to have the right ID. I wanted to say F__ You but I know they dont make the rules. I went back the next day and spoke to a couple of cashiers that always gave us the discount. They said they are to embarrassed to tell a Vet that they don't have the right ID so they just accept it. Your employees are embarrassed by the rules. Not good, we are now Lowe's customers for life. I called the corp office, they said I will get a call from the Dist. Manager. I will let you all know how that goes.

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LinnyK - 5 d ago


3/20/19 Not happy with a repair time frame given for a lawn mower repair. Brought in a mower on March 14th, that's only six months old, under warranty, and was told they have to ship it to ATLANTA, from Tampa for repair center. Then to boot, it will be approximately 6-8 weeks to get the mower back due to backlog etc in repair center. So why wasn't I told that when I bought it, that repairs could take that long? You know how to SELL the equipment, you don't know how to MAINTAIN the equipment. I'm in Florida, grass grows and now I have to borrow mowers from neighbors while my $500 mower gets sent away for repair. Where's the incentive to buy from you again? How about a loaner guys??

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D SMALLEY - 6 d 16 h ago



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eva s HARRIS - 6 d 18 h ago


I have had the worst experience with Home Depot and wasted copious amounts of time with customer service and their non stop delivery company. I have been trying to get a pick up for a vanity that was the wrong color for about a month and they promise to have the company that picks up call to schedule but they never call. I have spoken to 5 customer service reps that don't follow up. I was a customer service Rep for my life long career and I have never had a customer in my care get so mad that is writing this post. Home Depot only cares of their sales and not their customers!! Don' t Order from them unless you pick up and check that it is o.k..

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Anonymous - 9 d 19 h ago


i will never by carpet from home depot its been 6 weeks and 6700.00 and 1500 sq house they pieced the main living room they used 4 pieces seams showing and the job is still not complete trying to talk to some one at Home Depot is like trying to pull teeth. I have talked to 4 different managers and numerous sales representatives and feel this is extremely poor customer relations. I work for one of the largest employers here in Oroville and I feel if we did this to our customers we would not have any customers today.

Still waiting for you

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diane mcd - 9 d 19 h ago


On about 3/1 my sister and I went to Home Depot re kitchen cabinet. Rep, Kris, "helped" us. He seemed condescending and sullen (maybe because we only wanted one cabinet, not a whole kitchen.) But he entered my info along with the style and wood I was interested in). I told him I had to have my measurements verified. I did that. and on 3/14, I went to the store to place my order. Kris not in; Doris (mgr) told me info was not in computer and that only Kris could get it. She said she would e-mail him and cc me for him to all me after 10a.m. this morning. At 2:30 I called the store and Joan transferred me to Kris. He said he only got a telephone message from Doris and had the wrong customer. He said he was busy and would call me back, and was not sure if he could get my record. I asked him I might be better off going to a different store, i.e, 23rd St., and he said that would be fine. I said then how I would ascertain the style and wood, so we agreed that he would call me back. More than disappointed and frustrated by lack of service. The thought of having to determine style and color of wood again is daunting. BTW on 3/1, Kris suggested we go to the Bronx to order item as it would save on shipping. Didn't make much sense to me. Seems he was trying to not have to service this sale. Guess he's still busy because it is 25 minutes later and I haven't heard back form him.

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Emilio - 11 d 14 h ago


I paid 3000.00 dollars to have windows installed in my house.First of all,they left screws from the blinds brackets they removed on the floor and on my bed,I also had to show them a couple of spots where the frames were not aligned.They had brought a screen that was warped and told me they will get another one but 2 weeks later,nothing has happened.One of the installed windows has to be wiggled in the rail to be locked So I called Mr.Butler who was my salesperson,left him a message but i did not get any answer back,I then called the manager,Mr Ferreira,still no answer.I called customer service who transferred me to their service department,was placed on hold for about 10 minutes only to hear that they are too busy to take my call.So I called homedepot hQ number and i was told someone will call me back and still nothing.In other words,my personal opinion is that homedepot cares until they get paid and then we can go to hell.I am still going to try to actually find someone working there who still has some sort of ethics and get my screen and window fixed,but as of now,I am not impressed at all

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Chosler - 11 d 11 h ago


I too have had a terrible experience woth HDs window door installation & service. I ordered a set of french doors 6 months ago. One door never opened & the other is hanging open in the middle of a polar vortex. We have been freezing due to the door not closing. I am going to sue HD.

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rosemary d armold - 12 d 12 h ago


I would like to talk to you on my home phone port huron mi (hidden) home depot to tell you what i feel and conmeet about the store in port huron and the service 3 12 2019. Thank you

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Anonymoud - 12 d 10 h ago

The call 1-800-HomeDepot rather then posting on a site that Hone Depot dies not even look at.

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betsy ross - 13 d 23 h ago


I have major concerns with Home Depot in Coram, NY. Today I tried getting in touch with the appliance department for information on how to contact the extended warranty people to make an appt. First attempt-the store didn't even answer, Second attempt-girl answers says she will connect me-no answer, Third attempt got someone to give me a different number-which was not the warranty people but they were able to give me the correct phone #. So far 30 wasted minutes. I call the warranty people, could barely understand him, go thru numerous questions and then tells me computers were updating and I would have to call back. Then I call back, and after waiting a few minutes these people are trying to make me fix my own appliance??? All an exasperating experience which I never had with Lowes. Will buy my appliance and anything else I need from Lowes from now on.

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Anonymous - 12 d 20 h ago

Don't you have a flag to sew or something?

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Richard Bronson - 14 d 15 s ago


Extremely poor customer service and total lack of caring for customers seems to be the order of the day at Store 6361 in Hillsborough - Tampa, FL 33615. I think it's high time the district and corporate leadership of Home Depot pay these folks a visit and start to retrain their staff on what providing good customer service is all about. My complaint stems from contract 235870 at store 6361 on Mar 10, 2019 as I tried to return a rented 5 x 8 trailer to the store. This process should not have taken 42 minutes, but it did. This is because the only person working in the rental section was guy by the name of Pete. At least that was the name on the apron, but who can really tell... I mean its' not like they don't keep that strait right? So why did it take Pete so long to check me in? Well its because there was Pete, slowly doing everything he could to help out customers and just lolly gagging around the counter, and slowly walking back across the floor and doing everything he possible could to not help the two white guys.... YEP that's right.... Pete was Latino... and we were white! When I asked him if he had any help, he said no.... didn't bother to call for help, didn't bother to ask if we could go to another register... just started to ignore us and then he shrugged his shoulders and turned away and slowly walked back to the counter again.

So after waiting for 15 minutes, I dropped the trailer myself in the parking lot and went back to check in again... by this time there were several other white customers also waiting in line, and Pete wasn't doing anything for anyone but trying to place a saw blade on a saw.... which took him about 10 minutes to figure out how to get the set screw back on.... ( really a dumb idiot... I don't call people dumb... but this guy....boy this guy takes the cake. ) Oh' yah I'm still pretty upset about this guy being an employee of your store....

Which leads me to the assistant manager which I went and had words with,,,, someone by the name of Titesan .... not sure what the correct spelling of his name is... only because I didn't write it down....See by this time I've been in the store a good 45 min trying to get my trailer checked in and was ignored to the point of total frustration.

So the assistant manager got an ear full of that frustration. He remained cool and please.. He did a good job, however with the store manager being gone to 10 days and him running the store I would expect that he should have known that in March here in Florida people rent a lot of tools over the weekend and while there were lots of associates roaming the ails of the store, no one was assigned to help in the tool rental department. Pete did not call anyone, because he was too busy purposefully trying to be rude because we were white. He took offense to us the moment he say us come in the door, refused to acknowledge us, and then proceeded to ignore any help that we asked for.

I'm asking for someone to review this incident with him and either reprimand him or terminate him from your company for customer discrimination and poor customer service.

Regrettably a lost customer of home depot.

Richard J Bronson

Tampa, Florida

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Anonymous - 13 d ago came into the store at a busy moment, expected the one person working Tool Rental to stop helping the customers there before you, help you return what you rented, make the customers before you wait because you are more entitled and important than them, berate the only associate available that is trained to work Rentals, and then you want to also claim discrimination and poor customer service?

You self entitled, self centered, egotistical piece of crap. Are you going to do the same thing at a busy retaraunt? A busy bank? While stuck in traffic? It is people like you that make it hard for everyone else. Next time...have some patience or stay home.

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Anonymous - 12 d 20 h ago

Damn what a sorry employee. His kids should be locked in cages and abused by the American government. I don't think he would work there very long if he just ignores all white customers. Crybaby white dudes can't play race cards.

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