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The Sherwin-Williams Company, Inc.

Sherwin Williams
101 W. Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH
Christopher Connor
Chairman and CEO
(216) 566-2000
(216) 566-2947
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Anonymous - 17 d 24 h ago

My name is James Moore, I reside in Gibbon Nebraska, I took a piece of siding in to the Sherwin -Williams store in Grand Island, Nebraska told the sales person I wanted to stain my house, this is what I am covering, she said this is what you need, she sold me 20 gallons of stain,hired my painter and he said this will not cover your log siding, the store refuses to work with us on rembursing us for those 20 gallons, your input on this subject would be greatly appreciated my number is (hidden).Thank you.

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Anonymous - 18 d ago

Wow people hate you guys, lol.

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Jessie - 19 d ago


Love their paint, actually love their customer service. Knowledgeable staff, unlike home depot

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Aaron Michael - 33 d 2 h ago

2 Very disrespectful men working at the Sherwin-Williams store on 15 mile and gratiot in Michigan! Rude comments and made a female do all the work while they both sat Down together to eat "dessert" as they called it.

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Jan from Atlanta - 33 d 4 h ago


I had a very stressful experience in the Early Street store in Atlanta Ga. And this was the manager too. Have called and left a message for Mr. McCamey the area Manager and waiting to hear back..

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A good "Friend" - 34 d 17 h ago


no fair treatment of employees in the Chicago site. After working very hard for 4 years as a temporary employee, with a proven track record of excellent work, and still gets passed up for a full time job, due to employees with family members involved with the company.

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Paul, from Florida - 37 d 49 m ago


Went Sunday, paint on sale 40%off, ALMOST competitive with Behr Premium, ran out Wed, went to Sherwin Williams Thurs, no sale until Sunday, have to pay 2x Behr or wait until Sunday and pay +25% to finish the job.

Went to Home Depot, brought Behr Premium, works fine, you got my extra $18 this time, but believe me, NEVER AGAIN!

Sherwin Williams and I are DONE FOREVER.




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Hmyers - 255 d 5 h ago

You have lost my business. I loved Sherwood Williams but as of late your products have not been properly stocked in your stores causing me to run to 3-4 SW stores in my area. Staffing in every store I went to was extremely limited which has caused me to wait in excess of an hour to get my paint. Your employees seemed stressed and unable to handle even this simplest of tasks and make numerous mistakes. I will be going back to lowes or homedepot where they are equipped to handle even the easiest problems. Increase your stores staffing and properly fill your locations stock rooms and maybe I'll think of returning. I work in the Harrisburg pa area.

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Anonymous - 118 d ago


No wonder they were out of paint. You went to Sherwood Williams! They don't sell paint.

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Lora - 41 d ago

That's pretty funny. Thank you.

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Anonymous - 105 d ago

As i read the reviews, it becomes more prevelant. Sw, does not care past the surface when it comes to thier customers

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DC Sasse - 137 d 4 h ago

I live near one of your paint stores, and frequently observe their trucks in the area. Many times, I am struck by the absurdity - or is it naked, rampant avarice? - of the slogan that is featured prominently on each vehicle:"Cover the Earth" paint? Really?? Are you seriously advocating this as a way of selling more paint?

It's unfathomable to me, not only that someone wrote this down on a piece of paper, but that anyone took it seriously as a corporate logo. (Second only to Subaru's "'s what makes a Subaru a Subaru." Huh??)

I am writing to suggest that the person who conceived this ridiculous and offensive idea be transferred to a department better suited to their talents, and that those who took it seriously consider hiring someone with actual marketing acuity. Thank you.

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Nick - 119 d 10 m ago


Haha, this is ridiculous. The logo was designed 100 years ago. Good luck with that you hyper sensitive liberal.

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Trump - 46 d 7 h ago


Make America Great Again!!

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SB - 44 d 13 h ago

they need a new logo.. why would you want to cover the earth in paint? Stupid.

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Your friendly neighborhood healthcare worker - 41 d 34 s ago


Take your medications as directed.

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more sain than you - 105 d 25 m ago


Hahaha, pricless

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Tired of seeing it change it up. - 44 d 18 h ago

Was wondering there are more then one sport in Cleveland why not change up the boring banner of james with the Indians a real sport so tired along with a lot of friends seeing it, just because he's black should not matter not only that he is not the only one that play's( or left Cleveland an then came back )that play's for the Cavs so show some spirit for all an if you do keep it up its just sickening.

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Someone else tired of seeing it ! - 44 d 18 h ago

True true on that go tribe all the way and the banner of james is getting old time to change it up .

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Anonymous - 66 d 17 h ago

Sherwin Williams has the worst website I

have ever used. It's 2016 not 1996!!!!

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C pirogenia - 75 d 20 s ago


Do not buy paint from Sherwin Williams. They do not stand behind errors and don't hire contractors who claim they use it. Driveway ruined am stuck with a botched job each person blaming the other. Disgusted and put good money.

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Matthews painting - 138 d 19 h ago


Sherwin-Williams has the worst paint available on the open market that being said I have ran into issues multiple times with Representatives not being able to color match any color fluidly and here recently I'm a contractor in the Cincinnati Ohio area and because I've complained a time or two in regards to the end ability to Maxx colors right the first time my business cards being left on a public board in Sherwin-Williams local stores are being removed by assistant managers and managers to limit my ability to maintain or obtain contracts from customers walking in to Sherman-Williams of course I complained nothing has happened nor will anything happen even though I consider it to be theft of property the public board is a public board it's not up to the discretion of a store manager who may not appreciate me or my company because we expect quality the first time not the 5th nor do we accept excuses every time there is an issue and there is always an issue with Sherwin-Williams paint my company has been affected numerous times by employees and representatives of Sherwin-Williams

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Grammar Checker - 119 d 9 m ago


I read about two lines in before I couldn't take it anymore. Do you know what grammar is?

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Anonymous - 105 d ago

Yes, they do suck

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56mouseman - 101 d 4 h ago


read your post; now my head hurts!

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