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The Sherwin-Williams Company, Inc.

Sherwin Williams
101 W. Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH
Christopher Connor
Chairman and CEO
(216) 566-2000
(216) 566-2947
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SW employee - 12 h ago


I work for Sherwin Williams Emulsion Plant at 115th Champlain, in Chicago,and I something must be done about Malcolm, herman and the Human resources lady who sit around all day and so nothing.

Malcolm is a foul mouth ignorant man and talks very badly about women, whites and hispanics.

Please look into this. Other employees are few up with their behavior.

Please do not ignore.

The plant is located

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Anonymous - 103 d 13 h ago

The customer service at your west saint paul store is a joke . Your help is a joke . I went to the store was trying to bye tools zero help when I asked a question . Guess I will spend my money elsware .

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Anonymous - 96 d 14 h ago


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Euro painting - 72 d 19 h ago


Your right the sales reps dont know what there talking about and only want to make there commissions, I am the owner of a commercial painting company,all my work is on long island and Manhattan and I will never step into there store ,very poorly run company thay should be ashamed of themselves..

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Anonymous - 30 d 14 h ago

SWreps don't make commissions idiot

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- - 14 d 17 h ago

Euro paint, I feel like I know you

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Former first class sales associate for corporate thieves - 5 d 14 h ago


Any great employees of this store are now gone they are discriminated against their own could careless that they're bullies in their financial markets and to their own employees and as a former employee of this store I know all about the frustrations my once loyal customers must be feeling as any store level manager or even district manager have even broken laws they feel they're above abiding they've even bad mouthed me to new potential employers which is retaliation for quitting their games and if that isn't enough they even have company policies that encourages discrimination against their own contractors by incentives for sales representatives not store level sales people but contractors representing their main customers that they continually work with they pull prices scams on them depending on if they like you or not if you're a scumbag you get a deal if you're honest and deserving you pay more I know cause I caught them first hand so case in point don't shop any stores for any reason unless you want to be finesse sold on spending more money than you should for corporate thieves and don't ever try to work for them they discriminated against this hard working honest loyal former employee

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Anonymous - 5 d 16 h ago


John with my local store has gone totally out of his way to help me match paint in a 116 year old house. He's been here 4 times in the last 2 hours! The Barber Tucker House will only wear Sherwin Williams, thanks to John.

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Ferol Snead - 9 d 16 h ago

Visited Sherwin Williams in Perrysburg, Ohio for a sample of paint. The cost, nearly $6.00 for 29.5 oz. which covers 60 feet. Painted a portion large enough to know I liked it, so naturally used the entire sample. Went back to same store and asked for a gallon of same paint. Was told it would be a different type of paint as the sample sizes don't have protective agents in them, plus are not washable! I can't say I was deceived because I was never told this when I purchased the sample. So, what does a person do with 29.5 oz of paint after they realize they like the color? Throw it away? Waste $6.00? This took me 8 hours to paint and now I have to paint over it again with the "good stuff?" I cannot even express my frustration at being "fooled" into paying for something that shouldn't be sold. The sample label merely reads "will need a topcoat." Why? Why can't you sell a sample of the genuine product? I will broadcast this on every media site I can. Shame on you for not being honest to your consumers.

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Curtis - 142 d 9 h ago

Hi am. One of the painting contractors in the Murrysville area in Pennsylvania. Over the past year Or 2 Sherwin Williams failure to have the material in the store Or in any store. Is strangling the painting contractors in this area. I hope corporate can remedy this problem, Because it is a serious problem.

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Euro painting - 70 d 17 h ago

Go with Ben Moore at least there rep know what there talking about,..

Sherwin Williams is a disgusting and horrible company...

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I may know you - 14 d 17 h ago

Hey do you shop out of the Astoria NY store when you do have to use SW?

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- - 13 d 13 h ago

I would love to see most contractors supply an sw store perfectly. If you want it when you NEED it that takes organization on both parts. when you're going to start a job know how much you need and work with stores to get the product in from other stores or on there next trucks

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Anonymous - 134 d 8 h ago

I'm so disappointed in Sherwin Williams paint and service. We built a home in 2016. When our builder told us he used Sherwin Williams paint I was thrilled as I always thought it was a great paint and company. That was until the paint used in my home can not be wiped and leaves marks whenever wiped or touched. I tried going through all proper channels to resolve the problem to no avail plus a lot of blame and reasons why the paint is such poor quality. This included a written letter to the CEO with zero response. I will no longer recommend this company or use their paint.

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P - 13 d 13 h ago

Your builder used flat paint, it is cheap and it gets houses done and ready to sell. That is the builders choice not the paint company that supplies the builders needs. Switch to eg-shel or semi gloss and this won't become a problem anymore. I find hard to believe no one in the whole of sherwin stores and the company didn't mention this at least once.

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Consumer look out - 77 d 11 h ago

Why Sherwin Williams does not have security cameras?,,I don feel safe in there or if i was to work in there,talking to some of the females employees , they are afraid too,I think Corporate does not care or are aware of this problem,making a young female close the store just because you don't have enough managers to do it is a problem.

Security is so important now,this stores are falling in the back of progress,

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DB - 85 d 14 h ago


I wanted corporate Sherwin-Williams to be aware of the exceptional service I received by a member of your Hollister Missouri store.

I needed to provide a large quantity of stain to my paint contractor as quickly as possible .

Marla , your store Mgr., took the time to locate the product at a Sherwin Williams store 3 hours away and have it delivered .

I hope you'll recognize her dedication to customer service.

Thank you Marla, great job !

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Debbie Grimsland - 108 d 15 h ago


I wanted to take a few minutes to mention one of your employees in your Pembroke Pines location Store 2195 (Marleen) who provided excellent customer service to me on my visit yesterday . Marlene should be recognized as a true asset to your organization. She went beyond her role to make sure my needs and concerns were met for my project in my home. Seldom do I get such great service and I felt it was important that you be aware of a gem in your organization.

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Mickey B. - 117 d ago

Your store located in Anderson, Indiana is an extremely poor representation of your quality paint. They recently relocated to a high traffic, high visibility location, yet they fail to take responsibility for the appearance of the new store. All businesses in this area keep the drainage ditch clean and free of weeds, but not your new store. It is an eyesore to a community trying to attract new companies.

Do the right thing and get them to clean it up, get rid of the weeds and keep it clean. Be a good neighbor.

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Gayle S. - 117 d 19 h ago


I love your newest commercial with the colorful wild animals. It is enjoyable to watch and makes me want to repaint my whole house. What a fun commercial!

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dlanier616@yahoo.dom - 130 d 9 h ago


I just wanted to say that whom ever developed your commercials with the paint square samples depecting animals has an extradorinary imagination. I love these commercials, so life like in color and motion.

General profile image - 130 d 15 h ago

The comercial with the wild animals made of paint chips is absolutely the most wonderful, imaginative, endearing comercial I have ever seen. I stop what I am doing and turn to watch whenever I hear the music come on TV. Bravo! Someone had an amazing imagination.


Brenda Collins

206 E Woodrow St

Taft, CA 93268

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User in california - 135 d 19 h ago


Used SW redwood stain product in August, however, the finish came out random looking, light & dark spots, I would not recommend using this product. Contacted SW but no response.

Very poor customer service.

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Anonymous - 136 d ago

Namecis adrian martin had the worst experience ive ever has yesterday after church. The store at 2317 nort tarrantvpkway ft worth tx wentvin tobout a index card sized card with my info the young lady tore it down. Told me to get the f out of her store with i customers in store including my wife torecup my card threwcin floor i bent down to getvit and she poined at my face told me to get the f out of her store. I then asked for coorporate number didnt happen asked her name she didnt give it. Then threatened to call police i then left 2vladies walked out told me to sue. So thats what im going to do my wifeclater called she had the nerve to say she thinks i was high because i have longer hair. I dont drink or do drugs thats what she gets for thinking never had that kind of trouble at s williams i wont ever go back and none of my friends that paint will ither

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Anonymous - 140 d 10 h ago


You hire more employees in Moreno Valley, CA, but still LONG hours. More spills, equals less productivity. They spill because of being in a hurry to go home to spend time with their families. Plus, long hours equals more safety hazards. If you're going to work employees extensive hours, it should be fair with ALL shifts. Great benefits and pay but horrible at safety/productivity from exhaustion and lack of sleep.

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