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The Sherwin-Williams Company, Inc.

Sherwin Williams
101 W. Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH
Christopher Connor
Chairman and CEO
(216) 566-2000
(216) 566-2947
Twitter IDs
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Ben Dover - 11 h 47 m ago


I would just like to say that the Kings island store for Sherwin-Williams on Union cemetery Road in Ohio has a guy named Jonwho has the sorriest customer service skills I've ever seen he is the reason I shop for all paint at home Depot.

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Town - 46 d 15 h ago


Sherwin Williams is supporting Planned Parenthood indirectly. They use another name to funnel money to abort babies. Just some info for everybody.

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Anonymous - 46 d 13 h ago

Planned Parenthood provides birth control which prevents the need for abortion or unwanted pregnancies so they do offer good things.

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Anonymous - 27 d 12 h ago

Planned parenthood are baby killers. The are a fraud to American citizens, they are deceitful and shouldn't be operating in this country anymore. Times have changed and PP hasn't.

If you have unprotected sex, you're a fool. If you don't want a baby there are many options for you. PP should not be in those plans. There's a thing called the next day pill that can be obtained without a prescription from a pharmacy in most States. If you're old enough to have unprotected sex, you should be responsible enough to understand your options. PP prays on uneducated females who don't know any better and that's wrong. Our government needs to stop funding them, we can't stop them from doing what they do, we can stop enabling them by giving them money.

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Don - 24 d 5 h ago

They are the nations largest abortion facilities. Not good

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Anonymous - 42 d 12 h ago


dumb. the fact that you know this means you have too much free time.

its a woman's choice, not yours.

also, they make good paint.

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Anonymous - 27 d 12 h ago

When the WOMAN fails to act responsibly, someone has to step up and help. PP will kill the baby.

Who cares about their paint. I don't use their products and never will.

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martha - 26 d 6 h ago

I'm going to say for every woman who fails to act responsibly, there was also a guy.

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Re Martha - 26 d ago

And those out there that don't know this they definitely don't need to procreate.

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Don - 24 d 5 h ago

What about the right to life for the baby?

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Anonymous - 27 d 13 h ago


Planned Parenthood is an excellent organization, and I would buy products from companies who support this. It is better than having unplanned and/or unwanted babies brought into this world to be mistreated, abused, starved and on welfare.

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Anonymous - 26 d ago

Amen, a freaking men!

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Reality2 - 15 d 18 m ago

About 3% of Planned Parenthood money goes for abortions, many for the physical health of the mother. Vast majority of funding provides necessary life-saving health services for women.

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Miguel Cortez - 15 d 8 h ago


My name is Miguel Cortez I recently applied for a job at the Victorville site as a maintenance Mechanic. I have all the jobs skills they asked for an more. But due to a felony on my record. I was not hired. I have paid my debt to society and now this corrupted justice system keeps me from getting a job. Now this Corporation sherwin williams continues to discriminate for my past.

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Miguel Cortez - 15 d 8 h ago


I Will never in my life buy paint from this corporation again.

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ASM - 16 d 3 h ago


Over the past year or so each time I go into your Sherwin Williams store in Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago, the store NEVER has the SW product I want.

Today, I again went into the store to purchase an item and again the store did not have it. The male clerk that was attending to me found out that some store in Trinidad had the item but needed a supervisor to authorise since they could only order a certain number. When I asked to see the Assistant Manager,the clerk went into the office and she told him to close the door. He spent about 10 minutes with her, and then came back out and said that she was having lunch. Note the door was opening earlier and she was not having any lunch as she stated. I asked if I could see her only for a moment he then went in spending about another 10 minutes and came back out saying, no she could not see me. Please note that this lady who is the assistant manger has always been obnoxious, rude and has absolutely no customer service skills. She is a horrible, obnoxious individual.

Since I had all the details of the product I wanted, I went to one of Sherwin Williams competitor in Tobago, spoke to the manager, gave her all the details with a paint sample and she was able to give me exactly what I needed.;

It is most disgusting to have to go into your store and deal with such obnoxious behaviour especially since 2016 I have been purchasing Sherwin Williams products and now when I need to touch up or need additional product I am unable to get this after sale support. Very horrible of Sherwin Williams. You have me use your paint in my home and now you are not willing to provide after sale support by providing the necessary products.

I will make sure and let everyone in Trinidad and Tobago know of my experience - using your product to paint my home and then having your staff refuse to provide the product for touching up and completion. So I have started with your product but must finish with another product.

I will also lodge a complaint to the Consumer Affairs Division in Trinidad and Tobago and all the necessary bodies so that other customers do not have this same experience.

;Sherwin Williams Store, Bon Accord, Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago

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Kaye Wink - 23 d ago


I want to commend you on an employee at the villa point store in Owensboro Ky. His name is Mike Tupy. He was so helpful in my purchase and so accommodating. He is a credit to your business.

General profile image - 34 d 4 h ago

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Anonymous - 27 d 12 h ago


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Disappointed in Meridian, Idaho - 34 d 8 h ago


For decades I have been confident in the paint product produced by Sherwin Williams. Unfortunately that changed recently as the company has chosen to "find a way to say no and to not stand behind their product." Allow me a short explanation, in the fall of 2016 we had our home, built in 2010 by a premium builder, repainted by a licensed master painter using top of the line Sherwin Williams paint purchased from a local Sherwin Williams store. There were no problems with the existing paint, we just wanted a different color. Within 2-months of completion we noticed that the paint would peel if something rubbed against the house surface. The painter has never had this happen before, has been working with their Sherwin Williams Factory representative since (who's been to our home twice) and have done all Sherwin Williams asked them to do, which the painter documented. Sherwin Williams ruled that they are not responsible and that it must be a default in our home's siding.

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Anonymous - 44 d 13 h ago


Cassie in the Ohio valley store was a big help in coming up with the right color for my new house!!

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Anonymous - 45 d ago


I have called Jonathan in the Alexandria floor sales area 3 times and the jerk never called me back. I went elsewhere.

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Maybe It's Not The Store... - 48 d 8 h ago

Every complaint on this page uses incorrect grammar and spelling. Your comments would be better received if you didn't sound so uneducated.

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Anonymous - 48 d 7 h ago

Tatiana Brooks did pretty good on her post.

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Eric Williams - 51 d 16 h ago


Store manager Dana in Atlanta at camp creek parkway is unprofessional, and need to be trained how to talk to customers and deal with store issues.

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