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The Sherwin-Williams Company, Inc.

Sherwin Williams
101 W. Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH
Christopher Connor
Chairman and CEO
(216) 566-2000
(216) 566-2947
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Julie - 36 d 16 h ago


I just wanted to let someone know that the Sherwin Williams Paint store on Washington street in Thornton, Colorado is the worst Sherwin Williams I've ever been in! I keep going back, because it's close to my house, trying to give them another chance. I've walked out twice leaving my supplies on the counter because there were lots of people in line and one checker with a bad attitude. Cody, I believe is his name, has zero customer service skills and fails to look up at anyone and say "I'll be right with you." or "Sorry for the wait." he helps one person at a time, without acknowledging the 5 people in line behind them! Then, on top of it all, the store is filthy! Now I'm not saying a paint store has to be restaurant clean but it's as if no one gives a crap about the cleanliness at all. Front door windows are always filthy, floor is never swept and overall just a mess!

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Eric - 1 d 7 h ago


Couldn't be. The worst one is in Cathedral City California and it run by an imbecile. When I search for a local store near me at, that store doesn't even show up in the search results! Even Sherwin-Williams thinks it's just awful!

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MH - 9 d 51 s ago


I am architect and when I was about to choose paint for a indoor pool house I was concerned because our painting contractor said that a coat of oil based paint would work well. To be sure I contacted your rep. He in fact recommended a very costly epoxy paint. Our contractor read the instruction 4 times. I too read them. The application was done exactly as stated in your instructions. Three months into the use of the pool house the paint continues to peel and buckle. I called the rep he said he would send out someone to look at it. The person who was going to look at it was annoyed by my calls when he failed to show up and investigate the problem. I went back to the rep who recommended the paint and he suggested I contact the manager of the paint store. The pool house was a costly endeavor and your paint is the only problem in the entire project. I live in a neighborhood that is slowly becoming gentrified and many million plus home are going up at each time I meet a builder I warn them about Sherwin-Williams. The last time I had this much trouble with a company not supporting its products they have gone from and industry leader to very small and tenuous company. My wife wants to sue I want the cost of scraping the paint and repainting.

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L G - 14 d 16 h ago


re: the "wild animal" commercial. the best commercial on TV absolutely beautiful to see.

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gary mccoy - 15 d 13 h ago


I had an account with your company have had it for a while I spent about eight to ten thousand a month with your company need another 60 days to come current with my bill was told what time do it out of Kentucky they would put a lien on one of my jobs all over $3,400 dollars when this happens I will not be able to do business with Sherwin-Williams anymore and will cost your store at least $100,000 a year can Sherwin-Williams not see the irony of what this will cost them long term over this little dab of money surely someone with some power can step up and make more money for their stockholders instead of losing another hundred thousand a year all over waiting 2 months for their money

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Marlyn Santiago - 25 d 17 h ago


I am writing in regards to Store Location #2034 in Kissimmee, FL , as I am writing this message, I have literally been on hold and the phone for 34 minutes and counting. We have multiple accounts with Sherwin Williams, Business, Personal and a Non-Profit and never have I dealt with such incompetence. The woman on the phone has left me on a hold for over half and hour and not once been able to search up the correct information to help with what I need. Something so simple as to search my account an retrieve the name of the paint I had purchased during the summer last year for one of our many projects. She continues to give me the runaround, I have the maintenance crew awaiting the name to begin the new project and still nothing. In addition to this, I have repeatedly asked her to please give me a manager to further assist me and she refuses to. My patience is running very low at this point and I could use a little help. I would like some type of communication from corporate please, My name is Marlyn A Santiago and email (hidden). Thank you.

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Judy - 31 d 17 h ago


I went to Sherwin Williams on Durham in Houston Texas . I asked for paint with primer for painting kitchen cabinets. I was sold paint without primer. I called the store and they told me that I needed primer which I know. Then he said to return to the store and he would tell me the primer to buy. Had I been given this information at the store, I would not have bought that paint. Sales people at paint stores need to Provide better information. If I could take this paint back, I would.

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aj - 26 d 7 h ago


you probably didn't listen.

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Jean - 29 d 15 h ago


I just bought 4 gallons of paint at your Dallas Whiterock store #7608 for $174.24. When I picked them up they were in a box. Using arriving home I found one with a huge dent. The manager claims the can cannot be returned because the dent doesn't affect the paint

I would never knowingly purchase an item in a defective can and your store should not sell such an item. I would like to have the can of paint replaced.

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aj - 26 d 7 h ago


you're ridiculous. a dented paint can doesn't dent the paint too.

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c f heiberger - 31 d 10 h ago

i keep getting job notifications at your store 2055

Must be a reason why they can't keep help at this store

I can guess why

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Anonymous.. - 36 d 18 h ago


That dude down in this Cocoa, FL store has some serious issues. I spent a half day with dude before I quit, figuring this was only leading to trouble. A regular looking black lady walked by, and I quote him, "She's a prostitute, but she would have to take her teeth out to suck my dick." He then later after I asked another employee what the lady next door's problem was with all the cones? He stated "she's a cunt." And also stated that another prostitute came in there and told him straight up, she's out of prison now.. Besides one time jumping up on the rack, jumping down, and saying , "you didn't see that." LOL...

I notified the corporation that you guys got a serious problem over there, and they never even responded, I ran out that door before the court orders started rolling in..LOL..

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DC. - 37 d 18 h ago


To The Sherwin Williams Company, Inc....

I am writing this to you in referance to a show i attended on Monday June 14 2017 at Gulfstream Park, hollywood fl.. I am part owner of a painting contractor business here in miami fl... My partner was on a job and i decided to go to this show as i was interested in new products for controlling mold and for resperators and so on.... Well I am a female co owner of our 37 year company...spending Thousands and thousands of dollars on using only the Best Sherwin Williams paint and products...

My point being here on this page is that when i entered this gathering AND proceeded to each show of products, I was totally dismissed, not acknowledged, and your guys in there representive Blue Sherwing Williams shirts merly looked at me and then proceeded to continue there conversations with each other....out of alllllll the vendors,, only 2 actually approched me and sold me on their products...

I was extreamly Uncomfortable, felt out of place and not one person directed me as to where my area rep was... also my store manager nor assistant manager were there.... I left there feeling extreamly angry and dissapointed that because i was a woman that i was made to feel that i was not part of this industry.... You need to address this Issue immediatly...I't is disgusting and frustrating when you know how much money is spent on your products each year and then to be treated like you are in the wrong Place.... Get that shit under control

signed, A dissapointed Consumer.

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Anonymous - 41 d 8 h ago

I'm in Indianapolis Indiana 7110 Chandler drive 46217 and I can never get new shirts at none of the stores around my area. I use Sherwin Williams for all my apartment repaints. I look scruffy and dingy and that shouldn't be the case. Come on now I promote the products and apply them. Shouldn't I at least be able to appear presentable to customers. But no your always out of extra large shirts. So I remain looking dingy instead of occasional crispy clean whites.

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Rosanna - 43 d 18 h ago


Store Manager ALAN SEILIS at 3737 Major Mackenzie in Vaughan Ontario is the worst manager I have ever encountered. I bought stain off the shelf (unstained) and was going to do deck on Wednesday. The forecast called for rain and had to delay the job. On the Friday was the 40% off event. I wanted to return the product and re-purchase it on the Friday of the sale. ALAN SELIS informed me he would not sell it back to me at the sale price on FRIDAY. I asked him " are you willing to loose a sale on Friday because I am returning this today. And I asked clearly if he could save 40% on a purchase wouldn't you do it and he responded no!!" He should have learned from his sales person who is a student on how to conduct himself because he was awful, awful, awful and she was great! This manager should take a course on skills of communication. He was so condescending and rude

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Marks Remodeling LLC - 41 d 14 h ago


Fredericksburg Virginia is just as bad. Customer service is nothing for this paint seller. In a age of stores going out of business where customers are a good thing to have walk in any store. Sherwin Williams seams to be at the bottom of the pack in customer service. Paint is good, is the service? Sales needs to be more informed with the customer.

Mske the customer want to come back and they will. Don't and they never will.

Customer service is a business best asset next to the product. Without snd they are doomed!

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Marks Remodeling LLC - 41 d 14 h ago


Fredericksburg ,Virginia store on Old Plank Road should go out of business. Sales people are rude and nasty towards customers. As a long time resident and business owner of Fredericksburg i will never shop this store for any paint, or paint accessories.

Problem is :

Sherwin Williams sales refused to notify me about changing the product paint codes. I had a home painted in 09' and needed to "touch up" some spots, however" after buying a few gsllons to do some minor touch ups of the same color (supposedly) it was way, way lighter than the original color painted in 09/10. So i took back to store and was told in a nasty way how they nothing that can be done. Very disappointed with a store that should be wanting business, instead making the customer go elsewhere. Perhaps its time to take my home repair business to Benjamin Moore?

After reading various other comments. It seams customer service is at the bottom of the barrel with Sherwin Williams!

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Steve Brilliant services in Boise Id. - 60 d 15 h ago


I have never been so impressed with a salesman for a company as I am with the paint Rep I have here in Boise Id. I am not known for putting reviews on the internet but I cant even begin to tell you all the things my paint rep does for our company to help us stay afloat. Cain has been our only rep since we opened years ago. It is easy for us to go to home depot anytime we need paint but but they lack a good product, customer service and a perfect paint match. I will not go into the things Cain has done for us because if I was reading this I would not believe it either. If you are giving any thought to using Sherwin Williams for your one stop paint shop I cant recommend them enough. Steve

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Dr. MJD - 61 d 18 h ago


Probably some of the worst customer service I've ever experienced by a retail chain! Love their paint, however, my house has been re-stained 3 times in the past 5 years and has to be done AGAIN! Was working with the store manager "Rudy" from the Saginaw, MI store and he made me all kinds of promises. When the promises weren't being kept, I asked him to put them in writing, which he said he would. When I didn't get them in two weeks I called the store and was informed he didn't work at SW any longer. I called corporate and they referred me to the district office who pawned me off to the new store manager. He came to my house, took some samples of my paint/stain that was on the house and 7 mo. later I haven't heard a thing. Contacted my attorney who told me to give corporate one more try before he gets involved and a Mr. Bernard Adams at corporate SW never returned my call. What a their interior paints and understand that I need to re-stain the deck every year but the house?

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Jerry - 70 d 15 h ago

Customer service is horrible in lenoir n.c ppg or some other paint store where customer service is appreciated they dont want to help on nothing u try to get a price for some paint and they hang up on sorry but sherwin williams is horrible and they can take my name out of there system

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David G. - 79 d 9 h ago

Please remove my name from your mailing list. Mail addressed in my name is being sent to an address that does not belong to me and has never been my address. It is being sent to: 2220 Homestead Hills Ct. FOLSOM, CA 95630-6168. Thank you. David Grein

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Rocket City Retro - 85 d 10 h ago


Dear Sherwin-Williams, You may be the neighborhood paint store but you certainly not a good neighbor.

I am writing you specifically about your store in Cocoa FL; 100 Forrest Ave to be exact. I'm your neighbor, Rocket City Retro @ 116 Forrest Ave. You see, since I bought the building in May 2015, your customers have been using my parking lot. They block my driveways with with work trucks, trailers and the like. They prohibit my customers from parking or leaving the parking lot for that matter. I have tried REPEATEDLY to resolve this issue with the store manager, Josh Ingleton. Unfortunately, the nicest thing I can say about Mr. Ingleton is that he is an ineffective manager. He has no interest in resolving the issue, he has verbalized this to me and continues by also commenting that he's to busy to care where his customers park. Cocoa Police department have been called out multiple times to deal with what we now call "parking wars". We even have put large traffic cones out to block entry to our parking lot but either the cones get run over or ignored all together. Your customers parking in my lot is impeding my business and I will not tolerate it anymore. Either Sherwin-Williams corporate steps in and makes sure Mr. Ingleton understands that it is in his best interest to keep his customers off our property or the next correspondence will not be from Rocket City Retro but rather our attorney.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Nicole Meyers

Billy Meyers

Rocket City Retro

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S. Pond - 96 d 19 h ago


I went to the to the only Sherwin Williams paint store in Hanover,pa. They are not familiar with your product' about a Durlow French paint, they had never heard of the product made by Sherwin Williams I know it exist, because it's listed on your web site. I want to paint a treated wood fence. I was told by two painter's who own their own business. I have painted this fence twice. Power washed all paint from fence. Was told that Durlow French white paint will hold up for long time. Went to Lowe's in Hanover, never heard of this Durlow paint. I feel that sale's personal need educated before hiring them. .

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B. Robert - 101 d 19 h ago

We have an innovative idea that we feel will be very helpful to paint sales and would like to discuss it with Mr. Connor

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diane benesch - 106 d ago


Bought $600.00 worth of paint which we got for the sale price.

Because we are 75 yrs. old and painting a ranch fence and difficult to estimate how much paint we need because the wood absorbs it we needed more paint.

We went back to store and they would not give us the sale price!

This is a store in albuq. NM

We have spent thousands of dollars at sherwin-williams doing 9 re-habs.

Totally inappropriate!!

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