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The Sherwin-Williams Company, Inc.

Sherwin Williams
101 W. Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH
Christopher Connor
Chairman and CEO
(216) 566-2000
(216) 566-2947
Twitter IDs
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Painter - 4 d 12 h ago

Your companys sales reps are little weasels. I will never buy anything from you again i think sw is a fucking joke!!! All they want is sales not Quality !!!!

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Anonymous - 5 d ago


I have been a loyal legal taxpaying lisenced,bonded and insured specialty contractor at the Bellingham floor covering store sense 1999. I am drug free and everyone is happy with my work. I was fired by the new Management because they expected me to do more than possible in the time frame for one person. There are several people working there and getting payed who are not legal. I am thinking of going to labor and industries which will shut down the whole store. Please keep my name private. I feel I was treated unfairly and I want my job back. The new Management has not been to the customers or the employees.

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Sherwin William employees Chicago - 11 d 13 h ago


You have an amazing employee at the chicago plant at 115th cottage grove.

We love him.

Honestly we feel he deserves something big from a company like Sherwin Williams.

He is always helping everyone. Works harder than anyone we've ever know

His name is Arthur Trevino

Please acknowledge this wonderful person employee

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Charleen - 14 d 15 h ago


I was very disappointed with the attitude of the manager at our Ocala store. He spoke to me in a very condescending manner. I was under the impression that Sherwin-Williams Co. was interested in serving their customers. I suppose there is little point in choosing S-W instead of Lowes or Home Depot. Their people are trained to be polite.

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Bill jackson construction - 16 d 10 h ago


I have been a commercial customer for 20 years. Very unhappy with your slide store in lubbock texss

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A.R.BASHA - 73 d 4 h ago

sir send from indian basha cell n o. (hidden).any job offere reply me iam labour supply name of al thaj hr consultancy.

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your kidding - 33 d 16 h ago


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C. C. - 33 d 13 h ago



ycnatlusnoc rh jaht la fo eman ylppus ruobal mai em ylper ereffo boj yna on llec ahsab naidin morf dnes ris.

C Connor.

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DONEWITHSW - 40 d ago


I just spent a lot of money for sherwin williams wallpaper. I also need sizing and paste, and I wanted to see if you have it in your store. In order to do that, I was expected to sign up for an account on your website with passwords, my ()&(&^(&^^ dog's name and how many warts I have. Forget it. I'm not waiting til the store opens to call and ask. I'll just order what I need online from Amazon. Tell the overpaid jerks in corporate that they wanted to email me every day and they ended up losing a customer.

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Anonymous - 118 d 12 h ago


I think your 1321 Sault Ste. Marie store need to do an drug test on all employee. I smelled marijuana on the small Indian looking girl there. If I have to do test to get my job so should they. Maybe an random is need in your company.

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Think about it - 112 d 18 h ago

you can't say small Indian girl

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Anonymous - 69 d 13 h ago

I think he/she meant large Native American female.

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Jimbronsky - 68 d ago


OK, how about a "smelly, fat Indian pigmy".

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Anonymous - 68 d 8 h ago

Mr. Connor, I have retired after working 20 years plus at SW Sawmill Road and as a Color Consultant. For the longest time I have expressed concerns about only one person working at sw1118 alone at night in the dark. Tonight my son, who by the way worked at the Polaris store during school was at sw1118 to pu his order. The only employee, a woman went to the back room and another man walked out with a $500.00 sprayer. My son left his name and number for witness purposes. When are we as a company going to make our stores safe at night? Maybe put DM's, Corporate staff alone at night?

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Sherwin Williams Rochester MN #3237 - 70 d 10 h ago


Sherwin Williams only cares about numbers. They promote an employee after she had multiple affairs with married men, contractors that have accounts there. Would make sexual comments and gestures while at work. Had relations with married men, and 2 co-workers at the same time. An investigation was done girls lied, and had no punishment. And when we worked with the district manager to relocate her to another city as she lives in a city that has a store. Nope they just put it in the past, hush hush promoted her to assistant manager. I can understand how it's all about the numbers, but the way your employees are getting them is inappropriate and disgusting that a company would want someone like that representing their company.

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William - 81 d 11 h ago


I visited the Sherwin William's in Chelsea, Alabama with a paint chip the size of a dime for them to match. When I returned home, to begin painting, the color was so marker darker. The match was not even close. I returned to the store and the clerk would not refund my money nor try to rematch the paint at no cost. I left the paint at the store, still out $42.00 for the gallon of paint. I'm very disappointed with the way Sherwin Williams handled this with their customer. I will not be back, I'll be going to Lowe's from now on to buy my paint.

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Linda - 86 d 18 h ago


3301 E Fancier Blvd, Killeen, Texas. Worst customer service representative ever. Brooks from this store was demeaning, spoke disrespectfully to me as I asked legitimate question and did product comparisons. When I asked to speak to the manager he said he was out of state getting married and wouldn't provide any further assistance. I left without product.

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I Corps 69-70 (figure it out) - 94 d 33 m ago


Just wanted to say thanks for your corporate policy which allows employees who are also armed service members to serve both your customers and this country. Many of us consider that as an excellent example of corporate quality

Used your paint for many years. Beats them all. Carry on.

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Dan - 112 d 17 h ago


I had used Sherwin Williams products on the pavement surrounding a pool. A light green color had bled thru. I went to the Sherwin Williams office in Cape Coral Fl and spoke with an employee who was very nice. He took copies of the pictures that had taken on my phone and said that he would speak to the store manager Carlos about possibly having someone come to the house to see what steps I should take to correct the problem. Carlos called the following week and I explained to him what the problem was and that I did not know what the name of the Sherwin William products were since it had been two years since I had used the products and the cans had been thrown away. I told him that I would attempt to find a receipt and get back to him. I did call the following day and asked to have Carlos return my call, after a week of not hearing from him I called the store back. Carlos did return my call, I informed him that I was not looking for a hand out that I just needed someone from the store to stop by and advise me on what product to use to correct the problem, he told me that they were too busy to drive the 5 minutes to my home. I informed him that I will start using a competitors product from now on

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Anonymous - 118 d 16 h ago

I Purchased $450 worth of paint from Sherman Williams in Fort Smith Arkansas. I was given the wrong color I brought it back to the store they told me there was nothing they could do and they loaded it in my car and that was it. I'm very unhappy I will never shop at the Sherwin-Williams store again.

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clark - 120 d 11 h ago


clark they are assholes

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Jeff - 120 d 18 h ago


Visited Ocean City store at 9th Street in Ocean City...why do you keep a guy like Stan working for you..He carries a huge chip on his shoulder and has an attitude like he doesn't give a damn about the company or people he waits on..Today is last day it goes without saying something about it....You should fire him...your store would be better off . have another store on 12th Street...but I think after jobs are done with matching paints and stain...I'll be looking for a new Paint store..

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Grant - 131 d 10 h ago


I decided I wanted to buy from our Sherwin store in Brandon Mb because I found a colour I liked and wanted 3-4 gallons of stain for my deck. Now the price is $60.00 a gallon and the last time I bought stain there is was under $40. I asked about the price and was told it is going on sale on the 20th so come back then and I also asked if I could get the sale price today and the reply was no. I then asked if I could bring my receipt back in after the 20th and get a partial refund and the answer was no. Now usually at just about any retail place in the city if you buy something and it goes on sale within 30 days you are price protected and they will refund you the difference. So what gives here with this store, do you not want my business????

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upset business owner - 139 d 19 h ago


As the owner of a painting and home repair business we use sherwin williams in christiansburg, va almost daily we have noticed a horrible negative change in the atmosphere as well as the managers attitude and being down right rude we will no longer use that store making us travel at least 20 minutes out of our way to get paint and supplies

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upset business owner - 139 d 19 h ago


As the owner of a painting and home repair business we use sherwin williams in christiansburg, va almost daily we have noticed a horrible negative change in the atmosphere as well as the managers attitude and being down right rude we will no longer use that store making us travel at least 20 minutes out of our way to get paint and supplies

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