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The TJX Companies, Inc.

Marshalls, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods
770 Cochituate Rd.
Framingham, MA
Carol Meyrowitz
CEO and Director
(508) 390-1000
(508) 390-2828
Twitter IDs
@tjmaxx, @marshalls
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Anonymous - 12 d ago

All these complaints stop shopping there .there employees are being abused with little pay and no hours and you want them to be they shouldn't be DISRESPECTFUL to customers but they are treated like GARBAGE.a multi million dollar company and they. Won't even give there employees hours.4 companies in one with skeleton crews .stop shopping here until they give there employees living wages and hours

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Jo Stewart - 21 d ago


The location of the store where Mike works is Tulsa Oklahoma and store manager is Becky

I failed to point this out in my filed complaint of Mike's treatment if the employees. I have never seen such high turnover ANYWHERE. There is a reason for this

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Anonymous - 25 d 4 h ago

Shopper.i see that tjmaxx is paying threir employees. More now .but CUT their hours no full time part time is 4 to 20 hrs .I WILL NEVER. SHOP THERE ASAIN..your CEO is worth 98 million. Meanwhile you cut employees hours to slave labor hrs.then ask them to be flexible so they can't get another job .how do you expect these people to live shameful .IM.GOING TO NEW ORGANIZATIONS ABOUT THIS COMPANY

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Anonymous - 25 d 4 h ago


Thank you customer for feeling our pain we appreciate your trying to help us .THANK YOU

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Shopper - 25 d 15 h ago


Sierra:I have been purchasing products from you for the past several months and I've been noticing a pattern

The quality of many items is bad yet you list compare at price for much higher than item is worth. I just bought a jacket that was close to a plastic bag in quality and you had it listed as a $110 retail item.

Sometimes you list compare at prices higher than actual retail tag! I bought a fleece zip up that you wrote compare at $40 but it had a retail tag on it of $30.

I have selected items, paid for only to not get them in my package. I did not get any notification by email they were not going to be shipped or included.

The last time this happened I was expecting a rug and had my son leave work early to drive here for its arrival since it was supposed to rain. I got home early the next day still waiting. I now have no rug and need to shop for a took me quite a while to select the rug you offered, measuring checking colors etc. imagine how upset to find it was never coming to me and no notice from Sierra.

This also happened with a shirt I ordered for my husband and promised him for a shirt, no notice from Sierra so I could go out and buy another!

I ordered a shirt from Carhart that wasn't mentioned as irregular but isn't quality, another Carhart shirt is stamped regular but the one cuff is frayed! Does anyone check this stuff before you put it online? I think it's bait n don't show the defective things, you show something nice which I think I'll get.

I ordered a knitted throw rug that was so full of pulls and frays that I wouldn't donate it to the thrift store...what's going on?

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juan R garcia - 31 d 37 m ago

juan garcia pay bank close marshalls pay #866 margate

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Kristi Voiles - 37 d 2 h ago

Please please please consider opening a store in Alaska. There are so many stores for men but nothing for the women who desire to shop for home and fashion. Everyone talks about how Alaska isn't complete without a tjmaxx, Marshall's or home goods. Please consider it. There would be a line a mile long!

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Omer Omer - 42 d 9 h ago


I was applying for a team member position in Columbia, Md because a friend that was already was working there recommend it. So, I fill out the application came back in 2 weeks to find that they would "bypass" the interview because I knew my friend that worked there. They the hiring manager 'TC' proceed to give me a DATE and a TIME for an orientation and asked if I was available to come in during the time, to which I responded, "yes, I would be available at that date and that time", and TC then tells me "he just needs to do the references". So this conversation leads me to believe that it's an invite for a position. So, I come in for the orientation and wait about 30 minutes for them to tell me that they still haven't called my references and that they would do it the following day. So, they then proceed to give me another date (the next week). This time I attempt to call them to confirm if I am invited to the orientation, in which the hiring manager tells me they still haven't called my reference. So ask them if I can ask him

A question and he says yes. Then I say "if a manger gives a date and time to someone for employment opportunity wouldn't you think that there is a signal there for the invite? He then responds by telling me "that's fine we'll cut you, you can find another job at another company".

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M Colmenares - 49 d 4 h ago


I am at one I'd your stores in S. Carolina. I am in need of a wheelchair and I was told there isn't one. The Associate that attended me seemed very disinterested. . I'm in here alot. Didn't expect that type of attitude. Your customers need wheelchairs !

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Norma Nicolas - 58 d 8 h ago


I am currently at the Marshall's in Northern Blvd I just had an encounter with one of your employee who was so rude. I shop almost every weekend here and spend a hundred every weekend. I was complaining about how Marshall's just keep on taking carts. I left my cart parked close to the ladies Bathroom with three items in it that I was intending to buy. And she responded why do you want to shop with carts all over? She answered rudely and said I don't care for it is being recorded her name is Mala looks like someone who is from India I complained to the manager and she did not do anything except ask me

What was in the cart? How can you treat a faithful customer like this? Your employees needs proper training. I will go and post a complaint on line too! My name is Norma Nicolas you can respond to me my email nnicolas_308@msn. Com or call me at (hidden)

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Mimi34 - 53 d 18 h ago


Right on they must have a good stock plan or 401k the way the employees act

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Anonymous - 56 d 4 h ago

I was shopping at New London Connecticut around 6:30 pm 05/27/19, i saw an open lip gloss liked the color & tried the shift manager came 2 me rudely screaming at me saying accusing me of opening all make up & i had recently got there, I always shop here & spend money every weekend, but with this kind of people I will never go shop here again there was another customer who told her 2 shut up & be nice 2 people is a shame that a manager treated me with a bad attitude & the cashiers had more respect & maners on how treating customers managers need 2 be trained on how 2 talk 2 customers or will loose sales.

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Mimi 34 - 53 d 18 h ago


I'm in Houston area and it's the same way I'm a black female but I bet she was black as well but they have other races that are rude too

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Kvack - 70 d 13 h ago


I had a return, and received a store card 4.00. I tried to use it but store manager refused as whoever gave me card for credit forgot to sign it. It's not a great feeling walking out of your store feeling ripped off and for only FOUR DOLLARS.

Store in Deerfield beach, Fl

I won't shop there again,

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Darlene - 75 d 4 h ago


I applaud you're versatile gourmet section.

I was so pleased to find many gourmet items especially a brand of coffee gourmet flavor syrup which come from Italy, called Sebastiano's Naturally Gourmet Syrup.

Almost a year, I have searched for this brand. However, it seems you no longer carry it.

Please consider stocking this natural sip instead of the ones containing artificial aspartame, or the sugar syrups.

Thank you.

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Helen m Ackah - 78 d 6 h ago


I went to purchase a jewelry from tjmax inside 174 str. Mall in the bronx on Saturday and before I tried a ring on my figure I removed my wedding ring and put it on the counter. While talking on the phone so I forgot to put it back on. I paid for a pair of earrings that I bought gave my card to the cashier all while I was on my phone. I left with my daughter to the house hold department that was when I felt the emptiness on my figure. So I screamed and run to the cashier at the jewelry department to ask her since I spent some time with her. Her first words were, are sure you took your ring off and secondly am I sure I had it on when I came into the store. That surprised me because I took off the ring infront of her. And she also saw me a little distracted because i was on the phone. So i told her I'm going to ask the security to play the camera so at least if she did not take they might find some body else taking it. She got ahead of me, vacate her post and went to the front where all the cashiers and managers are only for them to tell me that they did not see me remove ku wedding band

So I insisted on seeing the camera my self but they refused and told me they are not obligated to even look for my ring and that they did me a favor. Honestly I do not trust the jewelry attendant and my instinct tells me she has my ring. It is my wedding band for 20yrs of marriage and cherish it dearly. I called the store today and the manager insist that the security didnt find any thing on the camera and added that she doesn't have time to go back and forth with me. Please I need you to investigate this incident. Like I have said from the beginning the cashier is not trustworthy. The counter top is very wide and clear that u wouldn't miss any item left there and for the fact that they did not see me remove my ring is a lie. How can one try on a ring on top of another. Please I help me find my ring. Thanks in anticipation

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Wenda - 82 d 3 h ago


Bought a pair of sneakers .within a month they had hole in them .bought back .wouldnt give me store credit so i could get another pair . so unprofessional. Out of 34.99

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Me. C. - 97 d 36 m ago


I was truly disappointed this evening. When I was willing to purchase a wood chest. The associate looked at the price and said that is not the correct price. Thus she asked her Manager about the price, and she came out looked at the price and said, " I am sorry but our customers change prices and we do not always catch the change of the ticket. This was rude and offensive. The customers did not change this price they just mislabeled the product. The advertised price should stand. Otherwise sales associates will always change the price for whomever they want.

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Lsavage - 87 d 7 h ago

I don't particularly care for this company, I had a lot of issues as an employee and a customer but you should be upset with the company policies rather the associates/manager. As an associate, it is company policy that we have to change the price ( if the price is wrong) to the correct price set by the company. They will not let them sale anything with the wrong price if they know it's the wrong price (there are different numbers on the ticket itself that tell them if it's the wrong price, usually dept. number or things like that). Whether you choose to believe it or not because you are not that type of person but customers change prices all the time hoping to get a better deal and they are trained to spot these kinds of things, there are people out there that steal and ticket swap and it is that type of person that they are referring to. Now yes, it can also be an associate error, someone who is new or wasn't paying attention but it's usually when there is no ticket that that is the case. Now I'm not trying to be rude as I understand your frustration but there is another angle this should be seen from and that is the angle of the associate trying to abide by company policy and the company trying to prevent theft. This company has more policies and procedures than you could think of that make it hard for the associates and often make the associates look bad to the customer when they are just trying to do their job. As I said before this is a problem you should be mad at the company for and not the store itself.

General profile image - 87 d 13 h ago


Good morning...I have a complaint with the college pt store...i went to return a pair of shoes which after wearing twice, looked worse for the wear...An older women was very rude to me..Very loud and a bad attitude...I had my receipt I was looking for a store credit, as I just got a new credit card and looked so forward to future purchases...She wouldnt allow me the store credit and I left...Very unprofessional......

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Connie D - 106 d 13 h ago


There is a manager in the Patchogue (Long Island) store, her name is Val. She is an absolute abomination; she ridicules employees, makes fun of them and is an outrageously poor example of what a Store manager should be; this is a shameful example of how detached from reality the corporate make-up has gotten.

This woman should be fired. She has a terrible presentation and I have personally witnessed her harassing staffers who were doing their work. On this particular occasion she approached a young girl who was working, interrupted her and told her she should be working. The young girl responded, i was working until you interrupted me and she was screamed at like an animal. WHO DOES THIS. I WILL PERSONALLY NEVER SHOP IN THIS STORE AGAIN. I have grandchildren who work in retail and i would never expect them to have to tolerate such horrendous treatment. SHAME ON HOMEGOODS!

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Anonymous - 106 d 13 h ago

So it's ok to scream at animals?

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Anonymous - 95 d 10 h ago

You are an idiot!!! she did not say or imply that its OK to scream at animals. I think you have the reading comprehension level of an animal!!

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Terri A. Constant - 102 d 9 h ago


Take down website for MARSHALL'S. It drink's, completely useless and whoever designed it should be fired. I wasted a trip in to a local store, only to find they don't carry my size.

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Anonymous - 102 d 8 h ago

What do you mean it drink's?

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