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The TJX Companies, Inc.

Marshalls, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods
770 Cochituate Rd.
Framingham, MA
Carol Meyrowitz
CEO and Director
(508) 390-1000
(508) 390-2828
Twitter IDs
@tjmaxx, @marshalls
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Deena - 21 d ago


So disgusted with this company. I finally got tired of being asked if I wanted a T J Maxx card, because I do (did) shop there a lot, so I signed up for one. Long story short, went to pay my first billing on the day it was due (yes, I don't usually do that but was on vacation for 2 weeks previous) and could not believe that you can't pay your account at the physical store. What????????? I have NEVER had a card that couldn't be paid at the store. Surprise number one. The nice guy at the store said I could pay it on-line. So I went to T J Maxx on-line. Nowhere to pay the account balance. So two days later I called the number on the website. Big mistake. No matter what you do or say, you cannot talk to a real person. So then I called the Customer Service line that was on the bill. By then I was so ticked off I just wanted to cancel the card. But I did let loose with everything I was mad about to the poor girl, but not in a real nasty way. After I was done, she nicely told me she couldn't do anything about my card, that I had to call Synchrony Financial. that ticked me off even more after spending all that time and energy explaining my complaint. But she was very nice and gave me the number, and switched me over to that number. So far I had had to wait maybe 7-8 minutes total to actually talk to a person. Got the bank guy. He was nice but never said don't quit us, we won't give you a late fee, etc. Oh, and then when I told him I had not even received my card yet, he told me perhaps it got thrown away. We have two businesses. Nothing gets thrown away without being opened and put in a pile which I double check before shredding. And I doubt that I wouldn't have noticed I was trying to shred a plastic card. My shredder does not do well with them. So, I am done with all TJX companies, and plan to let anyone and everyone I know how I feel about your company(s) and the horrible "customer service" you have.

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Gayla - 2 d ago


I too am tried of the cashiers wadding up the clothes I have just purchased and stuffing them in the plastic bag. It doesn't matter what your purchases are, clothes, food items, everything is stuffed in the same bag.

You can count yourself very lucky if you get a polite cashier at TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

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C Jones - 2 d ago


I recently vivisted the T J Maxx store in Shreveport, LA, where I purchased many items. When I got home I seemed to be missing 4 items I had purchased. I called the store and spoke to the store manager, Kim Carley, and said I guess the clerk (who was extremely nice & personable) failed to hand me one of my sacks. The manager apologized for the mistake and because I also could not locate my receipt, she asked the approximate time I was in the store, which register I used and a list of my missing items. She said she would go through all the receipts from that register and see if she could locate my receipt. That very afternoon I received a phone call from Ms. Carley stating she had located my receipt. She asked me to come by the store next time I was in town for a refund! Amazing customer service!!!!! So rare in today's times!

Although I was extremely impressed with Ms. Carley's actions, I was still bothered by the whole situation......bothered that I might have misplaced the bag. So today, 5 days after my phone call to Ms. Carley, I went upstairs to go back through the bags that had the Thanksgiving decorations in them and guess what I missing items!!!!! I immediately called the store and spoke to Ms. Carley and told her I had found the missing items!!!! She again was extremely nice and was so glad I found the items.

Now this is exemplary behavior from a store manager and I just want those in the corporate office to know what a valuable store manager you have in Shreveport. She should be your corporate trainer for customer service issues!!!!

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Anonymous - 2 d 12 h ago


You fire long term employees that are in the lowest time in their lives diagnosed wih cancer!

What KIND of company are you. Heartless and only care about money certainly not people!!!!

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shedell - 2 d 15 h ago

I came in the store with my daughter earlier today. I went to the cashier named nikki. she smiled like always and started speaking because I'm in your store at least twice a week. she was in the middle of asking how my daughter has been when another cashier beside her started yelling about how she was upset that nikki was calling for help to take the chair out for a customer. yelling over and over how she is independent and can carry a chair how mad and upset she was basically threatening the poor girl. nikki continued to ignore her but she just got louder and more upset. I don't know the young ladies name but she was very small with a very short hair cut like a boy. it was just crazy to me how she handled her when you can see she was just trying to help. even the lady she was ringing up was in shock. i really feel like something should be done about it because it was very rude and disrespectful let alone unprofessional. something should be done because no-one should go through that. i called to the store but i was put on hold and then it hung up. this was in hinesville georgia today around 3pm

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Disgruntled - 2 d 17 h ago


I was an employee until I quit today at the Charlotte,North Carolina distribution center where I applied for a job with 2 bachelors degree & an MBA & they thought rapid pack is where they saw fit to put me & after talking to HR,a supervisor & the GM,it appeared I committed a crime asking for a higher position & was victimized.i went on to complain to the GM & he sided with his incompetent micro managers.i need to get in touch with someone in the corporate office to let them know what a joke that place is & how people quit daily!

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Sun Like Exports - 7 d ago


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Terrible company management team. - 8 d ago


I would like to take the time and make all the TJX job seekers out there aware of the employment practices of HR and

DLPM ' a former employee of this company someone from corporate home office needs to take a look at how so many

policy violations are committed by the DLPM"s.They lie to fit the shoplifters stats and other pressures that is put on LP team.

I have never know a company that say that they don't have a quota system for catching shoplifters but they do.The require LP

Detectives to catch 1per week 4per month and if not you don't meet company exspectation and they place it on your review.

also they write you up for it as well..Tell me if this is the type company you wish to work for.

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Helen - 16 d ago

Helen from swansboro n.c.. please consider a store in this area. We need a home goods closer than wilmington.

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Ann Watchful - 17 d 14 h ago


I'd like to know why the Beverly Center TJ Maxx is employing Thief's. Please see segment on inside edition

They say Kim Hernandez in loss prevention discovered & shared the link that made it go viral but yet Marilyn named employee may just have friends and Eyes in high places smh

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Ann S. Morgan - 23 d ago


I have had this card not over a year, and have had trouble with decline of amount that was given to me on the card, I am address this complaint to Mrs Carol Meyrowitz and Mr Erine Herrman CEO and President. you stated that your company our financial strength gives us the strong foundation and flexibility to balance growth with reinvesting in our business for the future. what about your customer that purchase merchandise within your business, what exactly take the place of people being laid-off and can't pay credit cards flood victims that had outstanding credit before and you big wigs with all the money that do not understand Crisis, your day well come and lets see when you lose every thing you build and your foundation fall'' it is going to happen!!!

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Anonymous - 21 d ago


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Deena - 21 d 10 m ago

Whoa. Before jumping on someone's grammar and spelling, perhaps you should check yours???? "Decipher" for one? And your last "your" should be "you're". Oh, and anyone who types in all caps? Lazy.

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Unhappy TJ Maxx Customer - 40 d 19 h ago


TJ Maxx in Denton, TX; store #0305; Manager: L. Gonzalez. Manager: T. Ikeda Over the last 60+ days, I have gone to TJ Maxx in Denton at all times of the day to be told a different story every day. This is in reference to Rae Dunn china. If I go early (first @ store), they tell me they don't unpack and stuff isn't out until around 11 am. If I go at 11:00 am, they tell me it was all taken first thing in the morning (again what I heard today from Taylor). I spoke to manager: T. Ikeda - this is 2nd time I have dealt with her. Her story changes every time she is confronted. Let me start: When I first started going to that store, I noticed what appeared to be some employee/customer interactions with respect to R.D. I tested the water. A young lady who worked in stock, told me not go come early and if I would give her my phone #, she would text me when they got something (she claims her name is Franchezka)...I have text. She texted me on Aug 1 @ 1:23 pm with pictures of items she had; said she would hold, they would be in manager's office and to ask for Lorraine the manager who would get stuff for me. So I went, and sure enough...exactly as she claimed (again, I have text to prove it). I texted her on 8/3 @ 9:41 am, she told me truck for day is not here yet....I'll let you know. Never heard back from her again. A few days later, I went later in day. I witness several young hispanic women putting boxes of stuff in their car; because car was full, they were taking stuff out of boxes....well what do you think was in the boxes. I went and spoke with T. Ikeda (a young woman with a VERY bad attitude)! First she says, they were just picking up flattened boxes. Then she tells me that people can call and they will hold Rae Dunn for them. After getting her to the point of twisting her words, I then asked "how are they getting stuff in boxes...I thought things had to be unpacked and put on shelf.....yes she says, but sometimes then they will hold stuff for people after they pay and will box it up for them and they come back and pick it up...... Today. Taylor told me (with an attitude) that they didn't have any...she then offers to go let me look in store room. Well remember I had already been told they hold for people and put in manager's office. Then T. Ikeda comes and asks me what the problem I tell her. She says she hasn't seen any; but "NEW POLICY" is that when they get they put up in the aisle where you check out!! Again, another different story. Bottom line, something is going on at this can't go for over 60 days and see nothing...and I have a few people checking with me at all times of store. They are getting same responses. Same goes for the TJ Maxx in Frisco TX (Preston and Gaylord)....have had NOTHING out on shelves in many, many days. I have gotten the few things I have been able to get at Marshalls or once in a blue moon something at Home Goods Frisco, TX (the messiest Home Goods I have ever been to)....and I have lived in 10+ states and travel for business!! I was recently informed that the manager at that store was changed recently for same issues. I seriously believe L. Gonzalez and her team or working with resellers behind the scenes......

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Anonymous - 26 d 14 h ago

Seriously get a life!

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Anonymous - 33 d 19 h ago

What I witnessed firsthand at your Portland, Oregon store at Jantzen Beach really makes me angry. I was there at opening to look for some Rae Dunn. Walked to the back to look, didn't find anything and immediately walked back up to the front. The cashier was pulling out Rae Dunn items out of a gray bin that she had behind the counter and selling them to a gal that I am almost certain was another employee! Thought they weren't supposed to "save" items and the employees weren't supposed to purchase when they were on the clock????

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Anonymous - 26 d 14 h ago

How'd you know she was an employee? And if she was, she can buy stuff when on break or not working.

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Renee - 26 d 18 h ago


I would never ever apply for a TJ MAXX credit card again. I would not recommend it to anyone. They beg you in the store to apply for a card but you need to read the fine print on this awful card.

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ME - 27 d ago


This review is to share insight on a great company TJ Maxx with poor management skills. The management team need sensitivity training and learned to not group all employees in the same category. I worked part-time with TJ Maxx, and was thrilled to work for a successful retail company. While working there the poor management team (all women) must learn to work cohesive. I am mature enough to know that all employees are not the same; just like all people are not alike. The store that I worked at requires more responsibility with very small pay, and limited opportunity for advancement. The management team at store 161 in metro Atlanta must realize that employees are human beings with imperfections yet they want to work, and be there to do an excellent job. I believe success starts at the TOP.

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PB - 28 d 29 s ago


I recently received an online order. I sent it back today. The bralette I ordered was opened and someone stuck gum on the bralette with a now and later wrapper. We recently went thru hurricane Harvey and this order sat in a hot warehouse for 10 days before it was delivered. In this day and age with HIV, Hepatitis and other diseases I don't know why someone thought this was a good idea for a joke.

If this is how TJMAXX treats good customers what other unethical business practices are at work?

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Ellen - 30 d ago


Store manager at west 57th street store in NYC

Refused to process my return with receipt of item , unused, that i purchased within this past week. Hes not very bright because now i will contact Corporate, etc

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paula palaia - 31 d ago


I think a tjmax in Hutchinson mn would be awesome.

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Karen - 31 d 10 h ago

I love Home Goods and frequently shop in the several stores in the Phoenix area. However now that I have moved to Oxnard, California we don't have a Home Goods anywhere close. I have to drive to Thousand Oaks and if you've ever driven on the 101 Freeway around Los Angeles, that can take an hour! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE CONSIDER OPENING A STORE IN OXNARD. Our city in exploding with new commercial buildings like The Collection and many other new areas. We are also in a huge housing boom! Everywhere you look there are condos being built!! Please look into it! You won't be sorry!

Thank you!

Karen Smith

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Veteran husband - 34 d 12 h ago


My wife is an employee of TJ Maxx and has been for quit some time, and absolutely loves her job and her store, but the store manager! All I can say is wow what an absolute jerk! my wife was supposed to have a review done back in June and hasn't received it. The district manager was at her store at the end of June or July and asked her if she had recieved it yet, and told her to tell him it needs to get done, guess what it's almost the middle of September and nothing yet! Oh the one that I love the most and this really pisses me off they have to submit there schedules for the managers to the district manager, when he does schedules he rough drafts them on paper and then enters them in the computer, a month ago or so he took a week vacation and showed him back to work on Thursday this jerk tells the managers he is going off the paper schedule because he gave him self of Thursday because he was flying back from his vacation, and then my wife gets a phone call at 715am cause he wasn't there to open the store, needless to say this guy has absolutely no integrity whatsoever, there needs to be an investigation on him, oh what kind of a store manager tells your cash office associate to just "play" with the numbers till it comes out right" nope no integrity there either,

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Anonymous - 34 d 23 h ago

Nothing will happen

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