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The TJX Companies, Inc.

Marshalls, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods
770 Cochituate Rd.
Framingham, MA
Carol Meyrowitz
CEO and Director
(508) 390-1000
(508) 390-2828
Twitter IDs
@tjmaxx, @marshalls
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Pamela beeghly - 11 d ago

allegedly a manager at a store refused to return an item w a security device on it that he broke whiLe examining it. very very insulting. he

kept saying it's our policy. I asked him what is your policy. he would not elaborate. he refused to write on my receipt that device broke in his hands. clerk did write what happened. I had to go to another store to return the item. return at 2nd store successful.

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Carol Kmetz - 36 d 30 m ago

Our county (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland Oh just imposed a mandatory mask order yesterday. I went to TJMaxx onPleasant Valley Rd. In Parma Ohio today. There were many customers with no masks. I asked the manager why they allowed people in with no masks. They said they can't enforce it. Businesses are being fined for not following mandate.

I was very disappointed and will not go back unless follow state mandate.

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Kelly - 35 d 3 h ago

I am literally trying to find the CEO's contact info, right now, for the same exact reason in Illinois.

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Gail Jones - 20 d ago

Same in AZ .... do these corporate people read the # of cases

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Liz - 11 d 16 h ago

You want to live in Communism, go to China!!

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Ron from Mission Viejo - 19 d 20 h ago


The Leadera Ranch, CA location is a bad business neighbor! We are now regularly tortured by the incessant high pitched squeal coming from their compactor. They have a restaurant next door (The Ranch) and are subjecting the patrons to the equivalent of running finger nails down a chalkboard! Today.. been every 3 to 5 mins! We can't relax and have a nice lunch on the Covid enforced patio.. When I approached the store mgr.. she said she didn't think there was much she could do about it?!

How about running the compactor hourly instead of for every little piece? Or maybe having it looked at??

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Anonymous - 16 d 10 h ago

Rosie from NJ

I went to TJ Maxx in Edgewater NJ and I even took pictures of all the customers not wearing masks while shopping. When I told the manager she replied "We cannot say anything"; last I knew masks wearing is mandatory in NJ by the governor's orders. I puke love to send corporate the pictures I took. Very irresponsible.

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Anonymous - 16 d 10 h ago

I meant to say "I would love to send the pictures to corporate"

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Liz - 11 d 16 h ago

Don't be a mask Nazi!!!!

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Concerned employee - 15 d 16 h ago


When will the Associates get there raises?

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Taken advantage of Employee - 49 d 37 s ago


Two weeks on maternity leave and still I have mot received a paycheck. I went in my store the first week i didn't get paid and my store manager is on vacation and the other managers had no idea what was going on. I did all my paperwork and submitted it and here i sit on the hold with HR for over and I think i'll be looking for a new iob. Obviously this is not the only issue ive been having. like them treating me differently and sending me home early many many tomes when i first told them i was pregnant and im a coordinator and them having associates do my job. It was very nice to get 19 hours when im full time becuse they are mad at me .

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T - 41 d 5 h ago


Yep! I told them I got called back to my full time job. I've been taken completely off the schedule and didn't receive my paycheck for the last time I worked. I got told, "They like to wait a week to see if it will show up." Show up? It's direct deposited and didn't go in last week! Tried to call hrexpress and can't get through to a human being! But if it was the manager's check she wouldn't sit idly by I bet! I wasn't put on the schedule for this 4th of July weekend, but told there was "extra payroll" if I wanted to work this weekend. I'm not going in and probably giving my two weeks notice effective last week!

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daniel casey u.s.m.c. - 16 d 30 s ago


this what happens when you outsource hr! companies are penny wise dollar foolish! absolutely the worse company on earth! they fired my wife for calling out during a state of emergency due to flooding! no public transport! they had a fire in their trash trailer where the discharged employee drove his car into the trailer after begging to be able keep his job! he had a wife and child! the reopened without ppe! she came home for weeks smelling of burnt human remains!

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Better no say - 16 d 4 h ago


End of June i was hired by Marshalls mainly to help keep high touch areas clean. Well after 2 weeks of working the manager calls me into office tells be the back ground noticed i had a misdemeanor from an unfortunate drinking related incident back in 2015. So i had to get a statement from a lawyer saying i am a better person now and it is fine to have me on board. So 3 weeks ago my Marshalls manager turned in what she needed to turn in so they can make a decision about me returning to work.

Well 3 weeks later there has been NO ANSWER i called corporate and got a contact number and person his name is Jim Cook but he is not returning calls. I have a 2nd job so it is no big deal if they want me back or not ...but come on Marshalls make a FREAKING decision!! Very rude to be dragging store management and employees through the mud like this !!!!

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Gail JOnes - 20 d 29 m ago


I was shocked when I called Home Goods today to find out you have no crowd control. They are allowing 225 people in the Goodyear, AZ store.

Do you really think that many people will social distance and keep their masks on? Do you have staff roaming to check on this?

I have not been in the store since COVID started and want to go today. Won't be shopping there.

Whoever is in charge of these decisions needs to take another look at AZ, we are not in good shape.

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Sharon Milner - 20 d ago


Customer service awful When I entered the store there were no signs about anything. Most shoppers and employees wore masks. I spent two hours looking around the store and when I finished I wanted to try

them on.. Guess what? Only when I went to the try on room was there a sign about no trying on.

So the sales person at jewelery told me I should buy then and t

return them. I had 25 items I dont like my time to be wasted when a simple sign at the entrance would have done the trip. The staff I spoke with had little to know empathy for me. If fact the cashier laughed.

No one changed the location of the so so no one really listened

I did not feek cared for at all with the exception of ione of the magagers. No one moved the sign. The just left it where it was,

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Susan Realtor - 20 d 6 h ago


TJX is more interested in allowing the one person to enter the store without a mask than worrying about the people catching the coronovirus and wearing a mask. I stop in all the time and the last 2 times in New London and Groton I entered there was some person across the other side of the rack facing me without a mask. Every other patron had a mask on. I won't go back into any of their stores as long as a mask is not mandatory and no one else should either. I will frequent stores who do mandate masks to assure my safety. wiping carts and hand sanitizer doesn't sop droplets from these creepy people who don't care enough about others. You lost my business and this happened at Marshall's and at TJ Maxx to me within a week. Keep that one person and lose all of us! Smart business plan!!!!!

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Fuck tjx - 22 d ago


Shitty job shitty place to work at, horrible money hungry fucks, they give ZERO SHITS about their employees, especially during this COVID shit, bitch we are not essential, so why the fuck are you staying open! There's been 3 cases in my store! From employees and they still remain open like a bunch of assholes, it's okay though, I have the reports that show which employees tested positive and even though they said to keep it hush I'm going to share it with the media and force a shit down, so enjoy that assholes!

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Kelly - 25 d ago

I shop at your company stores several times a week. Today, while the cashier had a mask on, I had a mask on, there was a thick sheet of plexiglass separating us and on top of those precautions, she asked me to step back and forth to the pin pad no less than four times. It was absolutely ridiculous. Like a robot. This is nothing short of control. You are about to lose a fabulous money spending customer that has been shopping in your stores for years and years. Stop with the nonsense. There is nothing that warrants that ridiculous check out procedure.

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Anonymous - 29 d ago

Being a worker at TJX companies during this time, I feel that my health is put at risk. Having to make a living, there's nothing I can do about it. Can you guys take into consideration REQUIRING all customers to wear a mask? Many big branches such as Walmart, Kroger, and other retail stores are requiring masks, which is why I'm confused as to why we aren't. Please take this into consideration for the safety of us workers.

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Maricela rodas - 32 d 15 m ago


I worked very hard in the company for 6 years and for some issue last Thursday I went to the office and explain everything Friday the store Mannager sit with me in the office and explain everything to him and he said that only verbal because I'm the best employee he has and he was blessed with me and the same date the assistant Mannager try to make me sign a paper i refused to sign when I call Saturday they said to me that they put in the computer my termination that's not fear I always be there for everything I was a front end coordinator I start working in Tjmax since 2014 and the last year I moved to homestead Florida that's the reason that I asked for transfer to Marshall the second week they can see that I make a lot credit card and they offer me front ende coordinator I always reliable and I work any shied they need I can't accept this.

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Victoria - 33 d 5 h ago


I made the mistake of visiting your Wayne NJ Homegoods store yesterday, Sunday 7/12/20. The store was MOBBED! So many shoppers were crammed inside and no one was following directional arrows on the floor. Clearly there was NO effort to reduce the number of people in the store. I got what I needed and left ASAP, although the checkout line was so long it took 20-30 minutes to check out. Not going back anytime soon.

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Anonymous - 35 d 16 h ago


I just read the letter from the ceo about them giving money to racial injustice.. are they also going to give money to the police officer who loss their lives and how about the homeless and the children of America who have nothing. How about our veterans who defended this country and now live in the streets.

You loss a customer not that you care. This political crap has to stop. Everyone has a right to peace but you single out one race against another just add to the problem.

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Employee - 39 d 18 h ago


I work for tjmaxx in Johnsoncity, Tn. The covid-19 cases in my area are escalating. We as employees are constantly cleaning high touch areas and try to practice social distancing. We wear masks, have daily temperature checks and do our daily covid 19 check in procedures. My concern is even with management's diligent help and support we are still being brought into close contact with customers not practicing social distancing and not wearing masks. I wish masks would be required to enter our stores as they are in other businesses in my area. I am fearful for my health and safety as well as my coworkers. Mask requirements would benefit everyone but only upset some. It is worth upsetting a few selfish people to protect all of the people. Please consider this and implement it asap. as the number of covid 19 cases are escalating

rapidly across the country.

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employee - 51 d 9 h ago

I work for Marshall Distribution Center in Bridgewater Va. And i can tell what aweful is work with people like managers, and racist supervosor like Matew fron Highbay C Shift.

like this person and others take over as supervisor in order to mistreat and exploit workers. However, if they are white or they like you, they are given favoritism.

Abusive some worker get easy work than others all planned. I Just wonder if Ernie Herman can do something about it? There are no good result when you complaint about it. Do the question to your employee , care abou your emploee. Don't let a group of people stain your company. Just because they feel powerful to mistreat us. pkease.

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Melba Peters - 50 d 19 h ago


You are exactly right. Some people work and others do nothing, I mean really nothing at the Poplar Bluff, Mo. store. I mentioned this to them, because they preach teamwork. Well, when and older woman is standing next to a healthy young man and they tell me to carry out heavy furniture (with no help) there is something wrong. Some people just travel back and forth to the lounge all day.

I did not go in today, because I am quitting, I wrote the letter below. They did not even call....all the talk about is the Marshalls Family. I was called into the office and chewed out because I did not remember the other employees names. Ridiculous.

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