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The TJX Companies, Inc.

Marshalls, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods
770 Cochituate Rd.
Framingham, MA
Carol Meyrowitz
CEO and Director
(508) 390-1000
(508) 390-2828
Twitter IDs
@tjmaxx, @marshalls
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Susan Hunter - 18 h 25 m ago


I am a loyal and frequent shopper of T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods.

Susan Hunter

23 Attaway Drive

Cartersville, Ga. 30120

Acct. #6045 8520 2379 5097

I am sending you a note not to complain, but to let you know that i'm a little dissappointed. I received a card in the mail today from you, in an effort to bring in business this was a bad idea in my opinion. This card was simply a gift card with no value. Stating that your goal here is to make it easy on the customer to shop for holiday gifts at your store.

I just recieved a gift card from Barnes and Noble for $10.00, it was their way of thanking me for my business in their store. My point here is...a small gift card here at the holidays and end of year for your most loyal and frequent shoppers as a thank you would have been a hit. What you sent not so much. When I first picked it up I could tell it was more than a sheet of paper and the envelope was a nice silver. I automatically assumed that it was a gift card. So when I opened it and realized what it was, I was ughhhh! They shouldn't have done that. So please pass this on to your marketing department.

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D kushmore - 1 d 18 h ago


I shop in your stores in Sarasota Fl and have always found a great pair of shoes. However in the last few months the shoe dept has very little to offer. I realize you are selling shoes on line no have a nice selection but not the same quantity or qualities anymore in the store. If I just look and buy on line you are loosing me in the store buying other things that catch my eye. An example today 12/10/2017 about 5 people were all in the size 9 section and nobody put anything in the cart but mentioned that there is nothing to buy. Your Tuttle and Bee Ridge is one of the best anywhere but please send the shoes back. Thank you D kushmore

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Anonymous - 5 d 19 h ago

Very disappointed with TJMaxx in Hyannis Ma. I was treated horribly. I purchased a dog bed and got it home and realized it was damaged. Went to th Hyannis store and wanted to exchange it for another bed. The cashier said she needed to ask the manager if I exchange it. I picked out another bed and it supposedly had the wrong ticket on it and called the employee from that department to get one with a ticket. She brought back another bed which looked nothing like the one I wanted and more money too. The manager was so rude and said that's the price. The ticket that was supposedly wrong was less. I said the right thing to do it honor the one that was on the bed. The manager Jessica did not handle it right at all and is not management material. Come to realize that bed was previously purchased and the tags were cut off and it was put out to be resold. I've talked to others and they say the same. They can't stand shopping at the Hyannis store. They also were treated horribly. I posted how disappointed I am on Twitter and there response was to email the company. As of now still no response back.

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Robert Von glahn - 11 d 27 m ago

I was hired, worked 3 weeks then fired. I'm in Amarillo. I never tried to hide my past. I'm 63 just not so good the last 5 years. Nothing real bad but u saw fit to fire me after 3 weeks. Maybe u can give a person a chance. No drug tests but u do a background and then let me go. Not so sure about ur policies. I kept up with the young guys and was in retail for 25 years. Where is the fairness. We r not all bad and I never hurt anyone. But u have labeled me. That's not fair.

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JMA - 10 d 19 h ago


Definite age discrimination, in my opinion. So sad.

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JMA - 10 d 19 h ago


Your company, especially Marshalls, engages in age discrimination in Massachusetts. Shame on you.

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kadams - 11 d 4 h ago

I am a loyal TJX, Marshall's, HomeGoods customer...years and years, thousands of dollars. I just received a TJX credit card in the mail that I didn't apply for. It already has $1000 balance. I had to cancel the card, freeze my credit and am dealing with possible identity theft. Why do you so freely give out instant credit? I question whether this person had my social as they were later declined for a Macy's credit card and a Macy's Amex.....I don't know what kind of work around they did at your store when Macy's was not able to authenticate them. I got that decline letter yesterday as well. I want a copy of the application, the store where the credit was given, the register, the person who did the issuing, the manager of the store. I am filing a police report.

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KC - 11 d 7 h ago


I was hired by HomeGoods in Clearwater, FL went to the training was asked to come in that Fri at 2:00pm to work, I arrived and the hiring manager was out sick and the assistant manager looked for my paper work and when he found it I was never set up with a number to clock in. After waiting 20 min I said I would just leave and to call me when they wanted me to work. On Sat I got a call from the hiring manager to come in Mon and apologize

cause she had been sick. I tried calling her on that Mon due to I couldn't come in had an emergency at home. I tried several different times with no luck reaching her and asked every time when I called if I could leave a message and they said they did not take messages. I was very disappointed cause I love shopping at this store and wanted to work there. I still have not received my pay for training. Being a retired professional person I'm very disappointed in how this store handled everything.

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Not what you use to be! - 12 d ago

Why don't you answer the comments that we take time writing?

Is it that you just don't care? Shame on you!

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Dawnf - 22 d 7 h ago


I'm a looooong time customer with TJ , and Marshalls. I believe I have come to an end with my infatuation with these stores, your new return policy is rediculas!!! I have over 50+ receipts at any given time to your store and I really shouldn't have to go through and try to match up a 15 digit number on a receipt to return something. I was told you are unable to return anything over 19.99 without a receipt ( not even store credit). That's crazy! I believe you will receive a lot of backlash over this new policy. You have several Womens departments on receipts like "better wear", "career wear", juniors... and ladies whaaat??? If you want me to find the right receipt then make it easier to find it!!!! I'm closing my credit card and will now shop at Macy's like your other reviews said. At least they don't have a snobby manager who has a chip on her shoulder to begin with when someone wants to return something. You could really take a point from Khols they take back anything!!

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Sandy - 13 d ago

That's a lie they can give you store credit again management problems

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Anonymous - 15 d 22 m ago


Hello Carol Meyrowitz,

My girlfriend and I were out shopping at the Marshall's store in Medford, Oregon store on Saturday, Nov. 25th and my girlfriend wanted to buy a doll for her niece for Christmas. We noticed that they were no dolls of color on the shelves! All the dolls in the store were pink or white! I asked to speak with the manager,( by the way his name is Tom) and he said that he is not responsible for ordering any of the holiday gifts and the buyer for the region places the orders. I can assume the buyer for the Marshall store in Medford is white and does not realize that Medford has people of color living in the surrounding areas! Medford has Mexican's, Blacks and other ethic groups that shop in your store everyday! I cannot even find a Black Santa Claus or a Black Angel anywhere! If you are in the true spirit of the holiday, no one should have to feel dismissed, overlooked when shopping for a simple items such as a doll because of the color of their skin. I feel so sorry for the mixed kids of color. And, your buyer should feel ashamed for not ordering at least 1 black doll to put on your shelves! I am definitely going to encourage my friends not to shop at any of your stores. And that our next best option is to shop online at Amazon. By the way my next stop is the Sally's in Grants Pass! I cannot find hair care products for women of color either!

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Sandy - 13 d 7 s ago

My daughter works for TJ max in WV she is Spanish yes they do discriminate big Time

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Sandy - 13 d ago

My daughter works for your company in Beckley WV she has had nothing but problems with management they treat her unfair I should say di discriminate she was hired as a full-time employee and they cut her hours because they hired all kinds of part-time employees for the holidays and they are rude to her and treat her horrible and unfair she's Spanish and she's discriminated against I've told her to write everything down and call you but she won't in my day that's how we handled problems go over Thier heads you have to many chiefs and Thier stealing from you as she said it could be a nice store but management is the problem.

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Anonymous - 15 d 14 h ago


Sunday November 26 7pm-8pm

We have been loyal customers to TJmaxx, Marshalls & and all Homegoods Almost everywhere we go. The reason being is obviously the inventory they carry. But most of all it's the customer service/employees. In reality no mater how good or crappy the items are, if a business has great customer service or onsite employees, it makes shopping at those stores that much more pleasant and you end up leaving with a whole bunch of items you would never have thought to purchase.

But tonight, my fianc & I were holiday shopping at the TJmaxx 1600 SE RD Farmington Connecticut & I had my service animal with me in its carrier (less than 6lbs). We are frequent customers at this location since we live near by. So I always have my service animal with me at all times. I needed to pay for the items we decided to purchase so I had my fianc take the dog outside. While I was paying at the register, a TJmaxx employee decided to head outside towards my fianc while his back was turned and making kissy noises while extending his arm to pet/ grab the dog. This obviously startled the both of them. He walks behind him and tries to pet the dog without consent. So my fianc politely told him not to touch the dog. Your TJmaxx employee(male, Caucasian & tall) has the audacity to sneer and question WHY! After explaining to him WHY even though there is no reason to explain to another person not to touch anything that does not belong to them even to an employee who should have had the common sense working as a customer service rep or whatever position he was hired for. Then rudely had the audacity to make snarky remarks and comments and then threaten by saying "well if I can't touch the dog then you better not bring it back into the store." I believe this kind of behavior is UNACCEPTABLE. A customer exiting the store heard that and was dumbfounded himself witnessing such behavior. I don't know how corporate or HR or their hiring staff at that location can hire such an incompetent person who lacks the ability to behave in front of customer who are usually the one who represents the brand and the store. Especially for that location to allow an employee to have such a vulgar vocabulary in the store for customers to hear while exiting their break room. It was such a disgusting, uncomfortable & ridiculous experience we had because of one rude, uneducated employee they had on staff. Behavior like that could have escalated to bigger altercations if we addressed it differently by calling authorities because we felt violated which we mentioned to the manager as well. But instead we just reported to the store manager (which I am sure either she addressed it correctly with her employee or ignored it cause it didn't matter to her) who knows. Incidents like these makes certain store locations less desirable. Such a shame.

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Anonymous - 18 d 5 h ago


Went to northbrook store, the customer service is very horrible and was of all the store manager with puffy hair is not worth been a manager. She needs to go.

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Martine - 20 d 20 m ago


Very Disappointed in the Late Fee Policy. How do you not tell your customers Late Fee is only Done ONCE A YEAR......

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Natalie - 21 d 17 h ago


Hello, I contacting you regarding my experience at your Corona, Ca TJ Maxx store this afternoon. I am a regular customer at both your Marshalls and TJ Maxx stores throughout Southern California. I've spent quite a bit of money in all of your stores. I love shopping at your stores. Howevrr, teday was a very bad experience. Normally I am happy person and try to make people smile just in my everyday interaction with them as I am in sales and come from a large family. My experience with your I believe she was the manager was not good at all. I was there at approximately 2:30 p.m. Pacific time and was checking out. One of the items that I was about to purchase was frayed and I inquired since there was no others available, if I can have some sort of discount and I can see what I can do to have it fixed. The young girl at the checkout ask the woman who was her Superior and I can only imagine she was a manager of some sort, she said no what's the problem? Why give her a discount? The woman never directed her questions to me. I stated I would appreciate a discount but if not I wouldn't take it. She again not speaking to me, told the girl just hang it up she's not going to take it. It was the coldest most insensitive way of conducting business with a good paying customer. She was cold and did not possess customer service skills in the least. I do not believe I will ever be a patron at that store again. I was upset and it was hard for me not to confront her and say something to her as she didn't even have the common sense to speak with me. It's very sad as I love your stores but since she really made a bad impression on me I don't want to deal with her ever again so I will not go to that location again. She was a young girl maybe mid-20s at the most and didn't have very much work experience from what I could gather. Have a great if I would have tried to find out who is in charge there but I had to leave to go pick up my son from school. I want to take the time tonight to give you this feedback on your employee. Thank you

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KBrash - 28 d 6 h ago


Dear TJX,

I have recently read the Huffington Post article detailing your continued support of your employees in Puerto Rico. I just want to commend you for the respect and kindness extended to those who are in a desperate situation. It is heartening in these times of self interest and hard hearts to see a corporate entity put people before their own profit. In the upcoming holiday season, I will definitely make my local Homegoods and Marshall's the first stops for finding gifts on my Christmas shopping list.


Kate Brashears

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Gina - 22 d 18 h ago


Dear TJX

My friends told me about your wonderful humanitarian decision towards the people of Puerto Rico. I grew up on that beautiful island for 20 years. My childhood memories have all been damaged by Maria. My faith in good people with the best interest for others has been energized by your generosity. I will be a shopper of yours for the rest of my life. I sit here typing with tears in my eyes because I know that good will prevail. Thank you is a very small word but it is coming from my heart. I wish all of you at TJX industries a very MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. GRACIAS MIL VECES.

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Suzanne M - 27 d 10 m ago

To corporate for home goods :

I love shopping at home goods.

The store in Summerlin Las Vegas is outrageous.

It is so disorganized and over stuffed with merchandise you can't get down some of the aisles.

The shelves have so many things on them that they are falling off (linens).

It's a mess.

Why would employees continue to place things for display if there is no room.

I question where is the manager in all this?

It's creates a very "nervous" shopping experience to say the least.

Someone needs help at that store!

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JCelestine LLC - 27 d 17 h ago


I see your store that is in Atlanta, GA and we would like to offer JCelestine new Apparel/shoes. Let me know if you would like to review some samples, I'd be happy to send them over. I think our product brand and styles would be a great addition to your current shoes and sports/apparel assortment. If so contact us at (hidden)

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Stephanie G, - 28 d 4 h ago


Dear Home Goods,

I live in Atlanta GA , the store near me is the location on Camp Creek East Point Ga. There needs to be better quality merchandise located in this store. My neighbors and I drive 30 minutes or more to your other locations, because the selection is poor. I purchase at the Perimeter,Buckhead and Cobb Pkwy stores monthly. Our area is now seeing a surge in home sales. We have large segment of young professional and older families that have beautiful homes in the area. I would like our store to look like your Perimeter or the North Decatur stores. Please consider making some changes. Rating is based on my local store because we need better home products

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Karen Coursey-Wylie - 29 d 31 m ago


To who it may concern, I recently heard a news report stating TJMAXX is continuing to pay their employees in Puerto Rico, even though the stores have been closed due to the horrific hurricanes . I just wanted to applaud your company. I love shopping at TJMAXX it's my favorite store. When I first heard this story I was almost in tears, I feel so bad for the people in Puerto Rico, they are not getting the response from our Government that they are entitled to as U.S.citizens. But thank God for employers like TJMaxx, your caring, unselfish act is definitely the bright star in this tragedy. Thank you TJMaxx, you're the best. Keep up the good job. I will be visiting your store again very soon , ( can't stay away) Sincerely, Karen Coursey Wylie

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Change Needham Street Men's Department and they will come from all over - 29 d 7 h ago


This is a follow up from my previous email about your Men's Department in Needham Street. I was at your Needham Street Store on Sunday.

Since the Christmas Holidays are upon us I was shocked to still not see any upscale merchandise. The very few Runway racks were filled with Polo. How do you get away with calling Polo Runway merchandise? To me, it's Run-a-way merchandise. I never ever wear it, as it is Factory Outlet merchandise. Your store is loaded with Perry Ellis, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, Michael Kors and Polo in all your stores. The same brands you always carry in very large quantities and should be cut way back in your A stores like Newton and Natick.

You even added the basement brand of Chaps by Ralph Lauren that is sold in Kohls. You're lowering the bar instead of raising it. All the brands listed above are carried in Macy's for the same price or less if you're a good shopper. The only difference is Macy's inventory is current season and is available in all sizes and colors. You need to carry much larger quantities of the better men's brands that stores like Nordstrom Rack carry.

The have Tommy Bahama, Vineyard Vines, Robert Graham, Burberry, Ted Baker, AG, Thomas Pink, Hugo Boss, Peter Millar, Bugatchi, Lacoste, Southern Tide, John Varvatos, Brooks Brothers, Vince, Hudson, Barbour, Rag & Bone, Joe's Jeans, Theory and a lot more.

These lines are not carried in most Macy's stores. I have seen many of these brands in your store from time to time, but it's a piece here and a piece there.

The only thing I buy in your stores today is workout clothes. You have a great selection and carry the bestselling brands like Under Armour, Nike and Adidas.

You do a great job in women's as my wife's charge card shows.

In Men's your horrible. As someone that really knows the business, I suggest you switch over a lot of the Needham Street Men's Department to the better brands. Don't mix them in with the five brands shown above and men will come from all over to shop. Show me I'm wrong, I know I'm not.


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