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The TJX Companies, Inc.

Marshalls, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods
770 Cochituate Rd.
Framingham, MA
Carol Meyrowitz
CEO and Director
(508) 390-1000
(508) 390-2828
Twitter IDs
@tjmaxx, @marshalls
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Anonymous - 1 d 13 h ago


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Honest Complaint - 22 d ago


It has become so sad that stocker workers and store managers for Marshalls and TJ Maxx in the Huntsville and Madison Al stores hold Rae Dunn merchandise back and only give it to certain people that they have become friends with. It is not put out on the shelves except for the items that are not selling. The long letter Rae Dunn items have become so popular that there is not enough merchandise for customers and only the same ones are getting what they want when items come in the stores by the stock workers and managers that hold it back for them. Home Goods does not seem to be that way so far. This is such a problem and I know it is everywhere. Can something not be done? I am not one to go stand in line for hours at a time but stock workers and managers should not be allowed to hold merchandise back for the same specific people every time the items are shipped to the store and they call asking what come it so they can be there to get it from their stock worker or manager friend. Shame on the employees!

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Employee - 10 d 9 h ago


As an employee we aren't allowed...Rae Dunn is not allowed to put on hold at all even for customers bc it is so popular. Say that to the manager.

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Aldona Charlton-Wellfleet - 1 d 13 h ago


They put the poorer brands and poorer quality out at stores that have more low and medium income shoppers...They save most of their high end not damaged merchandise for store in expensive high-income areas around the country...They have been doing this for years..

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Loyal Custoner - 10 d 7 h ago


Why oh why do they put the price tags in the absolute worst location? Seriously, on the front of the picture frame every time!!!!! I love the good finds that I get at TJ but the line is always terrible and the placement of the price tags is so annoying!

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Annoyed customer - 10 d 7 h ago


Agreed and constant push for their credit card is beyond annoying!

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alan zimlicki FL - 1 d 13 h ago

YES BECAUSE THEY ARE CHARGING US OVER 28% interest..A home mortgage interest is 4.25%....

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J.K.Howell - 9 d 7 h ago


Dear TJMaxx, On Sunday, June 10th at the Palm Beach Gardens FL Location. I was racially profiled, and before I begin, I must add this is not the first time I've been racially profiled at this location, or by this company as a whole for that matter. To begin, the only reason I went to TJ was because I was waiting on my prescription from CVS. First, for some reason everyone in the store turned there heads to look at me while I was shopping in the men's department. Hannah (one of the managers) turned around and realized it was me (a former employee of this location) and said hello, and asked about my grandma, then went on about her business, (or so I thought) and I picked up a T-shirt. Second, I made my way over to the soap area and ran into Maria talked for a bit then made my way to 60-80 with a T-shirt. I went to look at candles, and as I walked past the woman working in the department who was located in pots, she stopped everything she was doing and followed me over to the candles. Pretending as if the candles needed to be fixed at the precise moment I'm looking through them. That's when I got the text that my prescription was ready at CVS and headed over to the mens department to put the shirt back because I didn't want it anymore. Realizing I grabbed the wrong candle and went and put it back and grabbed the right one. (At this time the woman who was following me was still watching me as I returned to the home department to switch out candles and made her way back over to the candles as well.) As I'm standing in the check out line the woman is standing by the door next to Hannah, and I see her point at me and Hannah turns and looks directly at me, smiles and walks down the queue line as if there's something she needs to fix. Straining her neck over the 3 people in line behind me to see what I have in my possession. When I get to the register the woman who was in 60-80 approaches and stands behind the woman who's checking me out pretending like she's filling a cart. Thats when I told my cashier "I know when I'm being followed because I used to work here and there's No fucking reason for her to be following me." Grabbed my receipt and walked out. I apologize to the very lovely warm hearted woman who helped my finalize my purchase, but in that moment I was infuriated with how I was being treated here all because of the color of my skin. Just because I am a black male doesn't mean I should be treated like a criminal. I honestly believe that I have given this company a few too many chances to continue to be a customer any longer. I wrote this not to get anyone reprimanded but to bring light to a situation that has been happening to me almost every time I enter this location. It may be time for your management at this location and their loss prevention team to attend a diversity and bias training to better connect to customers of every demographic. (Just a consideration) Thank you for our time. - J.K.Howell

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JORDAN SACKS - 1 d 13 h ago



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Barb - 6 d ago

Love these stores but I am agitated that dogs are allowed to come in. Dogs have no business in stores. This can be a health hazard if they are using merchandise or floors for bathrooms. Many people are allergic or just don't like to shop with dogs. Who is responsible if someone is bit? I don't want to hearing barking while I am trying to enjoy shopping.

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Marshall Winston - 1 d 13 h ago


it does not matter..The executives never read our comments...Waste of Time++++

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Kelly - 5 d 9 h ago


paid off the credit card 95%, was 5.00 short the next month and took my credit limit down from 500.00 to 250.00. Really

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Kelly - 5 d 9 h ago

correction from 500.00 to 230.00, then i closed the account.

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Savannah - 1 d 13 h ago


I also closed my account for similar situation...

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Nicholas - 1 d 13 h ago


This corporate has become a Nightmare....Bad behavior!!!!!!!!

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Melissa Fisher - 4 d 8 h ago


Purchased a MK handbag for 120.00 and do not have the receipt, they let me look for the receipt and the card I bought the handbag on, I found my credit card statement and was told I cant return it with just my card. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED Sales people are arrogant and rude. Corporate gave me a store phone number to speak to district office manager and no one at the store would even pick up the phone. VERY POOR SERVICE!!!!!!!

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Veronica J. - 1 d 13 h ago


Totally agree with you...Happened to me-Wanted a passport for verifying...

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SUZANNE - 1 d 13 h ago



They charge over 28% to me for a customer who has an 814 credit score..

This is just another instance of corporate greed...For the last year their stock has fallen almost 30%-only recently has it started to climb higher...You have one of the highest APR's in the USA...SHAME ON YOU, MS. MEYROWITZ for offering discounts goods only to be overcharge on credit cards and underpay your employees..However your annual salary is in the MILLIONS...But your greed for profit and often selling year old goods is never mention..Your only concerned about your "SHAREHOLDERS"


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Shopper - 6 d 8 h ago


Myself and my friends will not shop in the Elizabethtown Kentucky store anymore because of the humidity and heat in the store, I believe they're too cheap for air conditioning!

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Anonymous - 8 d 17 h ago


TJ MAXX in Sawgrass, Florida most of the managers are verbal bullies. Lots of new people quit because of that ,many suffer in silence putting back damaged products and clothing. Many team captins worked there for years quit because of bullying. I got humiliated and suffered constant bullying from associates. Leaving so much work for me to do knowing I'm a part timer. No one is almost never fixing anything in my department in OTHER WORDS NO MORNING SHIFT ALMOST EVERYDAY most of the things in my department are damaged. if i miss anything it would be extremely hard for me to finish. Most are EXTREMELY damaged . The beauty department is one of the hardest and most detailed department and no matter what I'm being EMBARRASSED in front of people. Sometimes I work 2 departments myself I still being called slow which includes the beauty department. Managers over step boundaries all the time by yelling and humiliating. They also have favoritism no matter what good I do it's not enough. The nice mangers from 2016-2017 before were very respectful and nice. It doesn't feel like work there were alot of activities which build up the self-esteem of the associates and we were being fed properly. 2018 Now we barely get food it's a privilege to be fed now we cannot get at least T.V dinners unless theirs a certain amount of credit in the store new managers come in 2017-2018most being just bossy not being a leader very cocky and rude.

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Anonymous - 8 d 18 h ago


TJ Maxx in Sawgrass I been bullied by a manager got humiliated in front of everyone causing others to bully me saying that I never get anything done. Some people quit fairly new people saying they have been bullied. Some suffer in silence putting back damaged things because their afraid of the managers some are there for years left . The managers are miss treating the associate I got yelled at since last year I have been working.

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Anonymous - 10 d ago


Hello I visited your store inPrincc George plaze and was disappointed with the service . long lines only 4 cashier's .I have a vedio. related to my experiences on June 14 , 2018 .

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Barb Stoll - 10 d 22 h ago


Went to HomeGoods in Sahta Clarita today. My first time there this year as we live out of state and are visiting family. The store was a MESS! Many items fallen off shelves laying in the aisles, the aisles were jam packed like they might be taking over the inventory for other stores too. I was embarrassed with the look of the store and do NOT intend to go there again. I will shop at hone in AZ instead. Management needs to be held accountable. Someone will fall over something in the aisles and surely lawsuits are forthcoming.

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Sandra Miguelgorry - 53 d ago


First of all, le5 me say that I love Marshall's. I shop there frequently, good staff, good merchandise, great prices. I buy my clothes there and I am a senior customer and I still find cute things.

My concern: yesterday a customer brought a huge dog into the store. She had him leashed. He looked like German shepherd but larger. I don't understand this. One day a customer will be bitten and Marshall's will have a lawsuit on their hands. Also, I worry about the dedicating on the floor. This is California.

What is your policy? I think it's important to have one and inform your employees.

Many thanks for considering this as a possible problem. Thank you. S. Miguelgorry

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Anonymous - 34 d 6 h ago

TJX is a pet friendly chain. all of the stores allow pets unless the manager decides otherwise for that particular store.

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CommonSense - 30 d 7 h ago


To Annonymous re: et friendly chain- Why? Unless they are service animals please leave your animals at home. It is a retail store not a veterinarian's office, park or pet store. it shouldn't be an individual manager's decision it should be a common sense policy by the company and by most adults with pets.

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Kamalamac - 30 d 24 h ago


That's terrible!

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