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The TJX Companies, Inc.

Marshalls, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods
770 Cochituate Rd.
Framingham, MA
Carol Meyrowitz
CEO and Director
(508) 390-1000
(508) 390-2828
Twitter IDs
@tjmaxx, @marshalls
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Jennifer in Boston - 1 d 8 h ago


Today, I felt mortified and humiliated by a store employee and her MANAGER. I politely waited far too long in the purchases line to make a return of some ladies shoes I bought that were too small. I lost the receipt, but with the tags still attached and shoes untouched, I figured at least they would offer me store credit... WOW! I was SO WRONG. Not only did they not accept the return, but the manager came over tossed the shoes across the counter at me and said:

"Did you really think you would be able to return those to my store wearing a 'championship NY Giants' t-shirt? You need get lost!"

I cowered away from the register as multiple people in line and at checkout stared at me and my puppy who I was holding at the time... I just walked out feeling hurt.

I spend thousands of dollars every year with TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Homegoods. I am in the store 1-5 per month easily or more. Now, I can't imagine stepping foot inside that store ever again for fear of more public humiliation by the manager himself.

It's a shame because this TJMaxx store is so close in proximity to my home. Also, because we used to enjoy shopping there, but not anymore.

- Jennifer (Boston, MA)

RE: TJ Maxx @ Harvard Ave. Boston, MA

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Jose - 1 d 13 h ago


I went into your store on Friday jan 20 17 I went to the sale area and picked up several items one

Didn't have a price on it but I wanted it so I took it to the cashier and informed. Her where I got it from and that it had no price. Every cashier in this store is Spanish she spoke to her co-worker who was

Spanish Also that there was no price on the item the other cashier in Spanish told her to call some one which she did to make a long story short a Jose came and took the item and came back with the same item but with a price on another same article never once saying anything he a acted like I took the price off the merchandise. I didn't buy the item I would have but because. Jose action I didn't just to let you know that's one of the reason I and and a lot of other woUld be customers stop shopping at your location in Norwalk .

vryone trieds this time with a price on Jose never said a word to me he just had the items one with a price and one without looking at me like I'm wrong

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Resident - 3 d 10 h ago

Do not shop at the Marshalls @Dakota Crossing its sad a new location is racist

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Karen G Brown - 9 d 19 h ago


Good Morning. First, I would like to say that I enjoy shopping at my local TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I regret that I will not be doing so in the near future. The reason is your business relationship with Trump brands. I look forward to shopping at your stores again, but only if you decide to dump the Trumps! Seriously, I am telling all my friends and family not to patronize TJ MAXX or Marshall's until you no longer carry any Trump products.

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Anonymous - 13 d 19 h ago

It's a shame that your employee's are expected to show up for work when there's Ice on the roads. Makes me not want to shop there.

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Nina - 15 d 6 h ago


All Tjmaxx stores should have free WiFi. That would save money on the employees data and phone bill. We need WiFi

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Tjmaxx employee - 16 d 17 h ago


I was hired to work at Tjmaxx seasonal in Nov 2016 at store 216 Farmington Hills,Mi. The first week i worked there my coat was stolen out of the employee break room . I contacted several different branches including lost prevention and was given the run around and a whole bunch of different numbers.Remind you its winter time temperatures reaching below 0 and i had to leave out of there in the freezing cold without a coat that clearly i had on when i arrive to punch in for work. After wait a month and a half later i receive a phone call from regional loss prevention saying" there's Nothing we can do". When you work for a company and store your belonging in a breakroom with a code to the door only employee have your belonging should be secured at all times. My coat was hang up with everybody else coat but there reply was why didn't you put it in your locker when the coat clearly couldn't fit in a locker .Furthermore , maybe there should be a sign there that says hang your coat up at your own risk because you may not never see it again and the company doesn't care what happens to it! The fact that no one cared caused me to quit because of the unsafe and unsecured environment!

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Concerned shopper - 18 d 10 h ago

I would To complain about a very rude and unprofessional manager at you Marshall's Store in your Lansing Illinois Store named Dina Clark. She ride to her employees as well. I would not recommend anyone shop at your location with someone in charge of Management like her running the store. She is terrible for business!

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jack - 18 d 14 h ago

i bought a recliner and the arm is ripping.i was told i could not retun it unless it was withinn 30 days,which is strated to rip about 8 months after i purchased it ,i think homegoods should satnd behind there products.its no as though this is 3 years old

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REGINA - 23 d 9 h ago

Hello I called this evening 12/30/16 at 8:30pm. A woman answered the phone. She was very unprofessional. I asked her about a desk and chair. If there were any chairs available. She had me on hold for five minutes and suddenly hung up the phone. I called back thinking this was an error. She slammed the phone down hanging up again. I called a third, fourth and fifth time. I was getting a lot of hang ups. This was clearly being done on purpose and I found it very disrespectful. I can spend my money elsewhere. This was happening and just happened in Chicago time at Cleburne location. HomeGoods store1840 N Clybourn Ave in Chicago. I can't imagine that this is how a new business location expects to do well treating its customers. You must do something about their bad attitudes. I have done absolutely nothing but asking a question prompting this reaction from a clerk. I am an avid shopper and lover of Marshalls, TJmaxx and Home Goods. I don't think that CUSTOMERS SHOULD BE TREATED THIS WAY. Please let the store manager know about it. I know that there were many purposeful hangups. NO reason for it other than laziness and rudeness. You'll wind up out of business and this will effect your bottomline. Each person matters! Very POOR SERVICE AT CLYBOURNE AVE!! YOUR SERVICE SUCKS!!! ZERO STARS....

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Brad Sharp - 27 d 17 h ago


In 1986, I began shopping at a small outdoor equipment company in Sparks, NV. The company grew, moved to Cheyenne, and greatly expanded its offerings. Recently, a purchase was made at the Greenwood Village store. The size was too small. Surprisingly, there is a no return or exchange policy. The last time I did business with Sierra Trading Post was the opening of this same store. There were significant issues with that purchase. Jared, the store manager, merely made the issues worse. Sierra Trading Post is no longer a business that values its customers. This customer is done offering patronage to an organization that has become apathetic to the customer.

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KV - 62 d 19 h ago


I want to let you know how WONDERFUL I think you are for closing for major holidays. Keep up the good work and try to ignore the negative posts as the prior to me.

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Anonymous - 32 d 15 h ago

The guy went in bathrooom with shoes....the taking of personal items was a big NO NO so glad you don't have a fire arm....your off the hoook

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Debbi. Pittsburgh - 72 d 19 h ago

I was in the TJ Max store in Bridgeville today. I witnessed an older gentleman brought to tears by a woman there. I am assuming she was a manager, she was ordering people around. I don't know his circumstances, does he need the job to make ends meet, is he doing it to keep busy? I wish I would have gotten her name, I have not been able to get the disturbing image out of my head since I left there.

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Mary - 55 d ago



I don't understand why managers in some companies feel it's necessary to treat people like garbage especially when they are MAKING MONEY for them.

It would be nice if better management styles were used around the whole country in general. Making people cry is nothing for any manager or supervisor to brag about. Pat yourself on the back for having a heart. :D

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Anonymous - 32 d 15 h ago


Please report this to CEO of company they don't endorse bulling in TJ max be an advocate for yourself call be kind tell the higher ups.....

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Di Di - 61 d 12 h ago

Kudos to you for closing on major holidays so your employees can be with family and friends. Hopefully other stores will follow in your lead. I will be doing my shopping at your stores!

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Tom - 37 d 5 h ago


too bad they don't give a shit when one of their employees lose a family member!!

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JustME - 36 d ago


Bad management in your store. Report them to the CEO

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Anonymous - 32 d 15 h ago


Yes just report to the CEO she's very kind and is professionally trained as rude bulling is just ignorant behavior...some people have Emotional personalities need professional help don't take on the negative tsunami these bad apples put out

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Richard F. Davies - 91 d 6 h ago


I don't see anything coming of this, but this regards the TJ MAXX located at 2015 Lake Tahoe Boulevard, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150. I was one of 109 employees who helped open this store. A woman named Elizabeth Mack was hire as an associate, 9 months later she was promoted to store manager. 5 employees quit on the spot after learning this. One of these employees was a assistant manager. District Manager Andy Miller conducted an emergency 2 day meeting to interview all employees to find out what the problem was. He gave all employees his business card and said if she continued to do the things we complained about he would take care of the situation. As employees have contacted him he has stated we are just trying to case trouble. She has caused many people to quit, go out on medical leave of absence. She is a school yard bully. I couldn't take it anymore and quit 1 month and two weeks shy of 4 years employment with this great company because of her. I now work for another retailer in South Lake Tahoe, CA and several other ex TJ MAXX employees work there with me. She has instructed her employees that they are not allowed to shop where we now work or talk to us. She had a job fair and nobody showed up because she has become well known in this small community. She has a list of current employees of her store who new employees are not to speak to. She either tolerates you or dislikes you.She will do whatever it takes to get rid of you if she dislikes you! When is the corporate office of TJX companies going to wake up and get rid of her? After she causes the store to close up shop? I would still be working there if not for her!

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Disgusted former employee - 36 d ago


We have a bully also in the Fargo, ND store. She works in receiving and has been reported for bullying/harassing fellow workers by numerous employees. People have quit left and right and management won't do anything because they like her, she does the dirty work for them. They protect her. I heard they recently promoted her also. I had to quit my job because of her and thankfully I'm in a better situation. When has this ever been acceptable behavior? Shame on you TJX Corp.

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Anonymous - 32 d 15 h ago


Calll corporate offfice businesses should be friendly or they lose business I always calll corporate even on Other business

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Disgusted customer - 35 d 18 h ago


Just had one of the worst experiences I've ever had in any retail store. The location of the store is on Cottman and Castor. The store manager April made sure to embarass me because my card was declined and i needed to remove some items. The cashier was nice and obviously frustrated. The store manager made sure to shout out your customer needs to figure out what she wants before they ring. I obviously wanted all i brought up but my card was declined for that amount. She told me IM NOT TALKING TO YOU, I'M TALKING TO HER. As I stood right there watching her talk under her breath and roll her eyes cause i couldn't afford my soda. I'm so disgusted i will write until i get a response from corporate. Is this the value i have as a consumer in your store? I bought $100 worth of merchandise but I get treated this way?

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Anonymous - 32 d 15 h ago


All store managers can be reported to corporate office ...every empire like Macy's can go under so can TJ max if people stop shopping there so don't shop there anymore.But I love T j max

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