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The TJX Companies, Inc.

Marshalls, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods
770 Cochituate Rd.
Framingham, MA
Carol Meyrowitz
CEO and Director
(508) 390-1000
(508) 390-2828
Twitter IDs
@tjmaxx, @marshalls
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Sharon A Pehush - 66 d 7 h ago

Not a review - but a concern - This was from another person's Facebook post.. Has your company contacted the police? It would appear these men are human traffickers. What policies do you have in place?

So, today I had a pretty scary incident at Marshall's in Newburgh. Rylee and I were shopping and she was at an end cubical and broke an item. As it was getting cleaned up, a younger man approaches me, and says, I saw you before and I just had to come up to you and tell you how incredibly sexy you are. So I quickly say, my husband would appreciate that. Then he proceeds to ask if I'm into sexy wives club, and I give a harsh NO! He walks away, but then Rylee and I keep noticing a man next to us no matter where were in the store. If I went to baby section, he was there, went to housewares, he was there, went to shoes, there, went to women's, there. Rylee tried on some pants, when she came out, he was there I had told the dressing room lady and she called over the manager. I told her and she said she would have someone walk us out. When we walked away, he now had an empty shopping cart, which the entire time he had nothing in his hand. I went to get on line, he was right behind me. I quickly said come on, I forgot something and got off line. Jimmy just happened to call me at this very moment and I told him what was going on and he came to meet me at the store. It was a good realization for Rylee to see how this stuff is right in our backyard and happening in local shopping centers. She was just as shaken as I am.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times. I really was scared. Even though Jimmy walked me out of the store and we couldn't see them, it doesn't mean they couldn't see us.

Now maybe Rylee won't wonder so much over why I don't let her just go walking around.

There is still a lady missing from Newburgh from just going to a restaurant with her friends. It's scary times we live in.

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Judith - 3 d ago

When I was younger I lived in Beverly Hills and resembled Liza Minnelli. Walking on Wilshire Blvd., the paparazzi started following me with cameras. I entered the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, asked the concierge for help, and their house detective drove me home. If the shop is in a mall, call the mall security guards. I was followed in my car in Williamsburg, VA, by a pick-up truck with a Confederate flag and a gun in a gun rack in the back window. I pulled up in front of the supermarket and ran to the manager's desk. He took a gun from his desk and the guy drove off with screetching tires. Don't be afraid to ask for help. After the theatre, if I am alone, I ask an usher or a couple leaving to walk me to my car. They are always happy to oblige. It is a compliment to them. Think of safety first. There are crazy individuals everywhere, you just have to know what to do.

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Judith - 3 d 25 m ago


I was in the Home Goods store on Reseda Blvd. in Tarzana last Tuesday and a woman brought her standard poodle into the store. The poodle was bothering people, licking clothing, etc. The owner was asked by four people to remove the dog. It was definitely not a service dog. I funded the people/animal connection dog visitation program at UCLA Medical Center.

We asked the store manager, Shami, for help. She told me all dogs were welcome in the store and that there was a notice inviting dogs on the door. Another employee and I looked outside and there were no notices. In fact, Gelson's Market next door has a large sign saying dogs are not allowed by law and only service dogs are allowed. Specifically saying comfort dogs are not even allowed.

I am highly allergic to dogs and had to go home and wash everything the dog licked so it would not set off life-threatening asthma. We are looking into a class action suit.

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Valerie - 11 d ago


I was recently in the TJ Maxx store in Orangeburg SC. And I overheard one employee being harassed by other employees. The lady being harassed has always been so nice to me and other customers in the store. I was really infuriated by such actions. I know the manager and other employess know what is going on. I will not step another foot back in that store until this matter is resolved. My advice to this lady would be to hire a lawyer and sue TJ Maxx for putting up with this type of behavior. And I would gladly go to court with her. I'm sure TJ Maxx has a policy against harassment. And if she doesn't want to pursue it fearing something may happen to her. I will gladly do it myself. I will not let this rest until this matter is resolved soon. It go so bad that she was assaulted by the employees today that the police had to be called. Enough is enough. Hope to see y'all court real soon.

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Expert Manager - 3 d 6 h ago


This is called HOSTILE HARASSMENT in the labor department dictionary. Suggestion: Notify the HR in writing and document all Correspondance. Pinpoint all mistreatments. This action may increase hostility toward the employee but don't worry and keep documenting all activities. Then, there is a case in the court of law.

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Kitty LaFountain - 4 d 4 h ago

my sister has worked at TJ Maxx for four years. she is elderly and profoundly Deaf. She asked for two days a week work for the Holidays and was denied. She was written up for being slow and looking around while working. I called customer service to complain about how I was treated concerning my return item that was defective. Customer service sent me a gift card and wrote a letter stating they addressed this matter with the store manager. Well this seems to have irritated the store manager and she wants a meeting with my Deaf sister. Yes, she is old, yes she looks around, she is profoundly Deaf she has to know what is going on via eyesight with her surroundings. I realize she is no longer listed as a tax deduction for TJMaxx company but that is no excuse for how she is being treated. Today she went in for her one day a week work and was told to go home the manager wasn't working today. she arrived at 7:30 am in the morning, she is not being paid. This is despicable!

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Expert Manager - 3 d 6 h ago


Take the matter to the labor department.

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Felicia - 15 d ago


I just ended a two month stint at the Marshall's in Charlottesville VA. No training, managers openly talking about employees on the floor. Managers being friends with employees and spending time goofing of with them. So understaffed. Massive call outs. People quitting. The GM said she was there to clean the place up. She worked us all to death and said it came from corporate. 2 days before Christmas and the store is as usual understaffed. Then they work the heck out of whoever came to work. No set rules about payroll. GM said the checks came on Thur and you could pick them up any time on Friday at the registers. Never not once were the checks at the register on Fridays. It would take upwards of 32 minutes to hunt down a manager to see if the checks had come in yet. Really you can't put out payroll. I've never worked at a dirtier store. The break room has fungus in the sink, and there are ants on warm days. Filthy. One ladies toilet. Other is broke. Filthy. Store is filthy. Floors never mopped. Fitting rooms dirty. I worked in housewares which is 1/3 of the store. I would try and try to organize try and clean the dept up. Would get pulled out to fill in the fitting rooms, or get stuff of the floor in some department where someone had yet again called out. The standard is just get stuff off the floor. Get stuff off the floor really? Managers would lie to you to get you to do things. Just go over to fitting room til we get someone in. No one ever came. Employees missing breaks to get work done and management knows. Blame you. They keep you there sometimes past midnight getting stuff off the floors. During my interview if I had been told how things were I would have run out the door. The last day I worked. We were down to 2 managers and 3 staff. They called me repeatedly to the register for this and that. Then was told when you finish your department go over to shoes or mens where no one has been all day. I was no where near finishing my department and had not had my break (as usual), I did give the fitting women her break earlier. So I said screw this. I took my break. Talked yet again to the G.M. Who said I was negative. Yah think. I quit. This job has been the worst of my 55 years. Really poor management, filthy store, no organization, no rhyme or reason to anything. No training. Went in today to pick up my check and got once again. Its not here. Corporate needs to look into this Charlottesville store. This place is a nightmare. The stockers that came in for Christmas were not trained. They just piled stuff anywhere. Daily had to go redo staitionary where piles of new stock had been piled up and then customers knocked it in the floor. No training. Gutter talk in break room and in floor. Employees on cell phones. Hanging out in the fitting room to talk on cell phones. Then we have to stay til 12 to clean up when half the night half the crew were goofing off. Sometimes with management. Really bad. Corporate come clean this place up. Start with the management.

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Anonymous - 15 d 6 h ago


Your Managers need Major training. They belittle there employee's in front of their customers. They have no compassion for employees who are newly hired. California Whittier location

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Bill Howlett - 18 d ago


'Customer service Is literally nonexistent I had a problem with the store manager Bill D in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania and I can't get no satisfaction or anyone to even hear my problemCan you get an a Tele prop that just keep starting over and over and over most frustrating thing I've ever seen I will never deal with the store again never this is the worst customer service I've ever seen in my whole entire life And the problem is is the store actually sold me a product that was someone else used and when I complained they don't give me back my money and give me a hard time

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Sue - 20 d 17 h ago


Today, I tried to return a defective product to Home Goods in Elk Grove, California. I had the receipt and the tag was attached to the product. The item was $12.99. The manager told me the item wasn't from the store and would only give me a $4.99 gift card. I'm very disappointed that the checker actually accused me of trying to return a $12.99 item that wasn't theirs. The manager never talked to me about the return, she just told the checker what to do.I did not make a scene but the more I think about it the angrier I got regarding the manager's response to the situation. I will be sure to share this negative experience with all of my friends and the CEO of the company when I get done with this review.

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Anonymous - 22 d 19 h ago


While shopping at the T.J. MAXX store in Nanuet on 12/26/2019 around 7-7:30pm I had an unfortunateencounter with the stores manager who was incrediblyrude and extremely unprofessional at the cash register. My wife and I were were purchasing a large amount of Christmas items that were 50% off as well as some dog toys for our new puppy. The cashier who was helping was so busy talking to the manager and other staff about her friend being on a date the night before she barely paid any attention to what she was ringing up. My wife had to ask her multipletimes to make sure she was taking off the 50% on all Christmas items. We even separated them for her to try and make it easier to put into the system. She then called the Store manager over (I believe his name might have been Patrick but I am not entirely sure) to help her with the 50% promotion. The manager also seemed not sure what to do and I believe made a mistake on the receiptwhich did not benefitTJX Companies and lost money on the purchase which he seemed not to even care.

After our purchase was completed, I had family members also making a large purchase at a different register. The cashier at their register also did not know what he was doing. Every Christmas item they tried to purchase the cashier was unsure of and had to call the store manager and the store manager had to call someone on the phone to find out if the item was in fact 50% off. All the items were taken from the Christmas section where the sign with the promotion clearly stated 50% off and even said holiday on the items my family members were trying to purchase.

At this point my purchase was completed and I was waiting for my family members purchase to be completed. They were standing at the register for at least 10 minutes before anything was rung up and the store had a line of customers at least 25 people long. When the cashier came back and said the items were not 50% off we tired to explain that it must be a mistake because the items were in the 50% off section of they had about 20+ more of the same item in that section. The cashier asked if we would like to speak to a manager and we said yes. He then snickered at my family in disgust. The manger then came over and my family member explained that that items she was trying to purchase were in the holiday section, said holiday on the item, and should be 50% off and she could walk back to the section to show the store manager.

With that, the manager screamed at my family member and said "I don't need to walk back there and you are not listening to me!" and took the items away from the counter and put them behind the register so we could not purchase them. At this point I jumped in and told the manager loudly that he is being extremely unprofessional and he should not be yelling at a customer to which the store manager then yelled at me saying to be quite and it is none of my business. I then said to the store manager that is it my business because he is yelling at my family and what kind of customer service is this and that he is the manager of the store and if this is how he acts to customers that this is ridiculous and the staff behind the counter don't know what is going on. The store manager then either cursed or said something to me and my family which I couldn't understand and said if you don't like it then get out of the store. I then started to tell the store manager how incredibly unprofessional this is until one of his staff had to come grab him and tell him to walk away which he did not and kept yelling at me.

I am a long time TJX companies customer and credit card member and I spend a good amount of money at all of the companies sister stores as well. I also never really write a review or email customer service but this incident went way too far. The fact that the Nanuet T.J. MAXX could hire a store manager with absolutely no respect or professionalism to run that store is mindbogglingly and he should be let go. My family members ended up not being able to purchase any of the items they wanted and they left the store empty handed. I am extremely disappointed in how the Store manager treats customers at the Nanuet T.J. MAXX location and the overall professionalism of some of the staff.

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Kevin S. - 26 d 23 h ago


We went to Marshalls in Nanuet NY and had a wonderful experience. My cashier was Veronica D. (not Valerie as my girlfriend wrongly stated in the previous review) and she was an absolute gem. She made our shopping experience delightful, especially consider the mayhem of holiday shopping. Give her a raise! Thank you Marshalls and thank you Veronica.

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Elizabeth Soueidan - 26 d ago


We went to Marshalls in manuet ny and our cashier was Valerie D. She was a great asset to your company and one of the best I've ever had. Christmas is stressful but she was a ray of sunshine. I hope we can find a way to let her know she's doing a great job.

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Sadie - 31 d 14 h ago

Marshalls store needs to have a UNION. Employees get treated like crap. HR does not care.

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ANONYMOUS - 36 d ago



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Nancy - 88 d ago


Why doesn't TJX companies bring in more African American Santa Claus???? I'm from Massachusetts currently living in Georgia. While in Massachusetts I frequented TJMaxx in Stoughton Massachusetts and Marshalls in Canton MA.

NEVER, EVER saw a black Santa. I inquired why and as told it's the buyers choice. We'll SHAME ON Y'ALL.

Went to HomeGoods/TJMaxx yesterday here in Georgia. Got so excited about seen black santas. I purchased 6.

Of course the black santas were VERY few compared to white Santas. I probably left 4/5 of the black Santas out of maybe 10 there.

Hey, African Americans shoppers want same treatment as every other shopper.

Out of the 6 I purchased,I had to let my daughter have 2 of them. Simply because they are scarce, so I ran out today trying to replace the two but couldn't find them in the other TJX COMPANIES stores.

Please have your buyers be aware.


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Eva - 50 d ago


Hi I currently work in Las Vegas and our store have several African American Santa's this year. If your in an area with multiple stores try calling around. When you call ask for a coordinator in department 47, they will be happy to help you. If you're ever in Las Vegas please visit, we have great stores here! Kind regards, Eva

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Roxanne - 42 d ago


Could be because black Santas were so popular they flew out of the store. If that's the case (as with any retailer selling a hot item) TJX will know to stock more next year.

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lyndsay - 46 d 6 h ago


I am a huge fan of tk maxx in the uk. I now live in france, west of Paris, and I know that it would be a huge hit here? Why are there no tk maxx in france? Do you offer franchises?


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BRIAN MORSE - 59 d ago


I left Vestal NY TJX almost 6 weeks ago. I have yet to receive my last 2 pay checks. Stoped at Vestal NY store and was told they were mailed. Mail does not take 6 weeks to arrive. I WANT TO FUCKING LAST TWO PAY CHECKS TJX.

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Anonymous - 64 d 20 h ago

Great Holiday Ad with Zack Levi! So like Broadway's "She Loves Me" ...The Red Coat is simply perfect too! Thanks

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Sharon A Pehush - 65 d 18 h ago

I am shocked that your company does not find it appropriate to even acknowledge my correspondence. Is this seriously the type of people you are?

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Reece - 68 d 43 s ago


The store manager at Homegood's in Huntsville is the most disrespectful, narcissistic, mean-spirited, unfair, abusive manager I have EVER worked for. I do not understand how she is still allowed to manage that store. That woman is the definition of "abuse of power". I cannot tell you how many times that HR has been called on her and she gets away with it every time or how many times an employee wants to call HR but fears retaliation from her. She creates a toxic and hostile working environment. Morale is always down, fear is up and she just gets away with it. Maybe it's because she has been a manager for so long or maybe it's because she has stated that she has the District Manager in her pocket and controls him like a puppet, I don't know but the fact that this company allows this to happen is atrocious and abusive in it's own way. She is rude and disrespectful to customers as well. I know regular customers who won't even deal with her because of how she is. Luckily, I no longer work there. She is one of the main reasons I quit. My anxiety and stress level was so high when I worked there, I literally had a decline in health due to the stress she put us under. I still have friends that work there and I just hope that, either something gets done about Brenda or they find a new job.

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Kimberly - 73 d 4 h ago


Trying to find a email for HR at Marshalls and TJX is horrible. Gonna condense this as much as possible and would LOVE someone to contact me cause I'm just disappointed and irritated. In September I applied for the new Marshalls store here in town. I got hired then days later I was told they didn't know I worked at TJ Maxx and basically lied on application. Never have worked there. Finally they told me to come to orientation. Awesome. Four hour orientation that was a hour away. Cool. Then the day before I was supposed to start workI get the call saying they don't have the go-ahead from the higher up and I couldn't do any of my new hire paperwork. Been in the contact with the store a few times and they said they were still waiting on corporate. Well, its been awhile now and it seems that I got blown off. Truly disappointed. I got the job. They said before the orientation that records say that TJ Maxx had my name and SSN in their system as working there. LIke I said I've never worked there. I NEVER got paid for my orientation either. Yeah its four hours but still. I'm gonna get on every site I can till I'm contacted. Truly disappointed and irritated. Totally blown off! Store is in Clarksville TN.

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Anonymous - 71 d ago

You don't work there they treat their employees like shit

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