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The TJX Companies, Inc.

Marshalls, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods
770 Cochituate Rd.
Framingham, MA
Carol Meyrowitz
CEO and Director
(508) 390-1000
(508) 390-2828
Twitter IDs
@tjmaxx, @marshalls
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Employer8 - 6 d 2 h ago


Managers from Stoke-on-Trent HELP people from Poland and from UK to cheat at work and to not do them duties and they exploited very hard people from another countries and threaten them with dismissal.

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Debbi. Pittsburgh - 24 d 18 h ago

I was in the TJ Max store in Bridgeville today. I witnessed an older gentleman brought to tears by a woman there. I am assuming she was a manager, she was ordering people around. I don't know his circumstances, does he need the job to make ends meet, is he doing it to keep busy? I wish I would have gotten her name, I have not been able to get the disturbing image out of my head since I left there.

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Mary - 7 d 40 s ago



I don't understand why managers in some companies feel it's necessary to treat people like garbage especially when they are MAKING MONEY for them.

It would be nice if better management styles were used around the whole country in general. Making people cry is nothing for any manager or supervisor to brag about. Pat yourself on the back for having a heart. :D

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Anonymous - 7 d ago


My wife works part-time for TJMaxx here in Tarpon Springs, Florida

and she has seemed to like it. She just informed me yesterday that after she clocked out(the last time she worked) that in front of other customers and other employees her purse was searched. This is illegal and she has never stole a thing in her life. She is also a U.S. Army Veteran as well. This happened in the store of Tarpon Springs, Florida. Please take care of this. Thanks.

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Di Di - 13 d 12 h ago

Kudos to you for closing on major holidays so your employees can be with family and friends. Hopefully other stores will follow in your lead. I will be doing my shopping at your stores!

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KV - 14 d 19 h ago


I want to let you know how WONDERFUL I think you are for closing for major holidays. Keep up the good work and try to ignore the negative posts as the prior to me.

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#GrabHimByTheWallet - 15 d 8 h ago


I am a long-time, loyal customer of TJ Maxx. In fact, your local store is where I have purchased the majority of my clothing over the last decade. Thus, I was very upset to learn that you support the U.S. president-elect by selling products associated with his family.

Donald Trump has proven himself to be a blatantly bigoted man with respect to ethnicity, gender, and religion; and his recent selections for his cabinet/advisers only further attest to these *facts*. He has promoted violence against people who disagree with him and undermined the very foundations of our democracy when he threatened his political opponent with imprisonment should he become president. On top of all of this, he maintains a plethora of conflicts of interest which, so it seems, he has no plans for mitigating. Donald Trump is severely lacking in ethics.

In short, I am appalled that this man is due to become president of the U.S.A. He is a very poor representative of our nation, and I for one do not support him. Nor will I support any companies that give credence to what he represents.

Thus, so long as you continue to carry products associated with his family name, I will no longer shop at any of your stores. My personal boycott alone represents a loss of several thousand dollars for your company (and potentially more than tens of thousands over the long term). And I will encourage my friends, family, and even strangers to follow suit.

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Kathy - 17 d 17 h ago

Thank you for closing on thanksgiving so we can enjoy our family, Kathy

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Dr. Ron Siegel - 20 d 7 h ago


Dear Carol Meyrowitz, i just happen to be one of your biggest fans in the way the retail setting is handled and managed. The reason is, my company services most of your stores in Ohio,, Kentucky,, Indiana, Tenn, Michigan, some of Phily, and WV. NMBOC is supposed to be your front door to rear door ceiling to floor provider through Facilities. My Service hasn't received work orders through them the past several months. We provide turn key one stop shop service for you with a great record! Question, Is there a way to operate with your facilities with out the middle man and save your company a lot of cost and be the key service provider in this region. Sincerely, Dr. Ron Siegel SRS and Construction (hidden)

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Gina - 24 d 20 h ago


In effort to assist my 18 year old son to pursue his first employment opportunity, I researched the TJX companies. I have always loved to shop at Marshalls and my own Grandmother was employed there for several years in security. The TJX website boasts about being an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate against race, creed, sexual orientation, disability, etc. I thought to myself "This would be perfect for my son" who is on the PDD (autism) spectrum. He is high functioning and extremely intelligent. We prepared for his interview together, as this can be a daunting experience for any teen/young adult. We practiced common interview questions, etc. Although he was nervous, he gathered his courage and went on the interview in his new professional outfit. The 2 1/2 MINUTE INTERVIEW took place at the Liberty Tree Mall Marshalls! TJX IS DEFINITELY NOT AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. I am completely disgusted and will never go back. I will also work diligently to spread this news over social media. YOUR COMPANY IS GROSS!

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Yvonne - 28 d 13 h ago


I was appalled at the customer service I recently received at your Jefferson Davis Highway store. in VA. I returned some designer boots without a receipt to the original store that I had purchased them from, After Chantal got approval from the manager she asked me why I had come so far out to shop, I always shop in the Virginia stores, they have better merchandise than stores in Maryland. I think she was insinuating that something was suspicious about the return since I was returning merchandise to VA store. NO ONE should ask you why you are frequenting a store, By the way, everyone knows me in this store because I frequent it often and spend money. Also she wrapped my license in the return receipt instead of putting it in my hand. I realized I didn't have it and came back to her. She said she had given it back to me You don't do this, you must hand it back. I complained to corporate 2 x and have not received a call from the store manager, The Maxx will not get my money anymore and this is sad since I have shopped at TJ Maxx since the 80's, Good Customer service is dying in America. I will stay shopping at Nordstrom.

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Anonymous - 39 d 16 h ago


Tjmaxc allowed their employees to promote violence on the job in Prattvile AL on Wednesday night. Two employees followed a customer outside the door while working and started talking about the situation through out the store. Talking loud and using bad language. That's very sad that a company allows this to happen on their property. No employees should be allowed to display such shameful behavior. U need to hire better employees and with more respect to handle the public. I will not be shopping their ever again . Next time their will be shotting going on all management standing around laughing. Sad display as a company and poor leaders as management.

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Richard F. Davies - 43 d 5 h ago


I don't see anything coming of this, but this regards the TJ MAXX located at 2015 Lake Tahoe Boulevard, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150. I was one of 109 employees who helped open this store. A woman named Elizabeth Mack was hire as an associate, 9 months later she was promoted to store manager. 5 employees quit on the spot after learning this. One of these employees was a assistant manager. District Manager Andy Miller conducted an emergency 2 day meeting to interview all employees to find out what the problem was. He gave all employees his business card and said if she continued to do the things we complained about he would take care of the situation. As employees have contacted him he has stated we are just trying to case trouble. She has caused many people to quit, go out on medical leave of absence. She is a school yard bully. I couldn't take it anymore and quit 1 month and two weeks shy of 4 years employment with this great company because of her. I now work for another retailer in South Lake Tahoe, CA and several other ex TJ MAXX employees work there with me. She has instructed her employees that they are not allowed to shop where we now work or talk to us. She had a job fair and nobody showed up because she has become well known in this small community. She has a list of current employees of her store who new employees are not to speak to. She either tolerates you or dislikes you.She will do whatever it takes to get rid of you if she dislikes you! When is the corporate office of TJX companies going to wake up and get rid of her? After she causes the store to close up shop? I would still be working there if not for her!

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Tammy - 59 d 12 h ago


When management doesn't work as a team and shows favoritism to other workers very unfair!! There is no best Methods!!!! And we are told it's not about the money! Annoyed!!!

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Janet jackson - 68 d 20 h ago


hi your manager in Kansas City,Mo. that works at the ward parkway location that came from New York is very rude . So if you want me to keep patronizing your store then you should give your employees more better training in customer service. thank you

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Sarah - 69 d 11 h ago


I have been a loyal customer of your stores for the past 5 years, I have time and again received great service at your store in Alameda Town Center which is one of the main reasons I shop at your store.

But to my surprise, on the date of 27th September, 2016, at 15:54:44 I was at the receiving end of some very poor customer service at your store. On the said date, I made the purchase of active pants, and headed towards the cash counter to pay for them. The guy standing at the counter, took all the items and as he was ringing it up he said, "I need to double check the price for this pants, I will be right back." Well even I did not have extra time to waste I waited ~4 minutes for him to check the price. Even though there was a price tag located on the merchandise.

He came back and said, "This is not a correct price tag, the price is $20."I did not argue and said ok that's odd sure, I will take it. Then he said, "Actually I have to double check the price for all the items I have already scanned."

At that point I told the guys at customer service forget it I will not buy any pants today. The only reason I bought other items so I can notify corporate about his rudeness and seemed like he was accusing me!! Very bad customer service.

If a store cannot put a right price tag on the merchant they have no right accusing customers, being rude. I hope corporate can take a look at the problem immediately. My reference # is 18157646.

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Disgruntled Customer - 93 d 13 h ago


Today is Saturday, September 3, 2016, I just left your store in Skokie, IL (3337 Golf Road) and would like to file a complaint against the Manager-in-charge. He was a Hispanic male (with earrings I believe, dressed like he was a shopper - very casual), the salesclerk said his name was Mr. Joe. She thought his last name began with an I.

Let met start out saying I am a frequent shopper at many TJ Maxx stores. Today, I went to the store specifically to purchase some needed turquoise earrings. I found a pair and then looked for a pair for my second holes in my ear. I found a pair (unfortunately I cannot upload them to view). The earrings were by Indigo Falls and they were 19.99, originally $28. #657187. The problem with them was that they were turquoise with what appeared to have a case/cover over them. Well, one have the turquoise piece was completely missing. I then asked for a discount since they were practically disfunctional miss a a major pice on one of twork earrings. When I asked for a substantial discount not the standard 10% he said laughed and said all I can do is $5 off. I said this deserves more that $5 he shrugged his shoulders and said that's all I'm going to do aND walkyd away. The few times I have purchased defective items I was offered a fair price for the item by professionals - no the case today. So much so, I'm compelled to write this complaint. Needless to say, I will not be visiting that store again unless I have no other choice, but will go out of my way to avoid it. Not something you want to hear from a consumer.

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Clemsongirl - 76 d 33 m ago

Really??? This is your complaint???

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Train your workers - 89 d ago


Some of your staff in the Emerson, NJ store needs a tune up in their attitude! Mary the manager, to start

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Melissa_Dell - 4 y 107 d ago

@RaisedByCulture @fourflights @marshalls @tjmaxx @Lesportsac Nice! I used a reg duffle we already had. Spent all my money on diaper bags!

Personalized image

RaisedByCulture - 4 y 107 d ago

@Melissa_Dell @fourflights I can live at @marshalls or @tjmaxx ;x I picked up a cute @Lesportsac for my hospital bag for $29!

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caitlinmarie721 - 4 y 108 d ago

Any chance I'll find a slip cover for a couch at a home goods? @tjmaxx @marshalls

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lulakilla - 4 y 108 d ago

@FastCompany :: #TheRules :: kindness, promptness, appreciation ( @tjmaxx @marshalls @HomeGoods )

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RicheeInSpirit - 4 y 109 d ago

I hardly found what I want @marshalls. I'd rather go to somewhr else & buy good stuff. That's why I h8 shopping thr & @tjmaxx!!! SMH

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RicheeInSpirit - 4 y 109 d ago

Don't shop @marshalls (& @tjmaxx) because they dont have good clothes u could buy. They have crappy stuff & all of the goods r gone!!!

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