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The TJX Companies, Inc.

Marshalls, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods
770 Cochituate Rd.
Framingham, MA
Carol Meyrowitz
CEO and Director
(508) 390-1000
(508) 390-2828
Twitter IDs
@tjmaxx, @marshalls
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Gwendolyn - 71 d 7 h ago


Bring back Ivanka Trumps clothes or we will boycott TJ maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods stores by REFUSING TO BUY ANYTHING YOU SELL. How dare you take away our choice and become political! We will now spread the word to boycotting your stores on social media and every where until you change your mind!

Flagged for review. 
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American - 71 d 4 h ago

Yep, no more TJ, Marshall's or HomeGoods for me until they stop caving to the loudmouth left "grab your wallet" thugs.

I am so sick and tired of the left crybabies and the crud they post plotting and scheming to hurt someone they have NEVER met and NEVER talked to.

They claim they are for women which is a huge lie.

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PSB - 62 d 15 h ago


WAY TO GO TJ, MARSHALLS AND HOME GOODS! I will continue to shop at your stores because you have the fortitude to stand up for something you believe in.

Here's hoping lots of other retailers follow in your brave foot steps.

A Proud American

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Anonymous - 53 d ago

evidently u don't know the behind scenes of. The employees!!!

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Anonymous - 49 d 10 h ago


If an EMPLOYEE is not happy, where ever He/She works, they have freedom to leave and find a new better job, PEOPLE STOP COMPLAING !!!!

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Anonymous - 18 d 43 m ago

So at least you are admitting anything but TJ Maxx would BE a BETTER JOB. That does not say much for the store or the corporation does it?!!

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Unimpressed by racists - 39 d 5 h ago

Y'all are always so extra and sensitive. TJ Maxx hasn't even removed any Ivanka product. I work there and know many associates that work all over our state and the lame brand (that isn't even being bought, which is probably why the product is going down) is still flowing in from truck.

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Yvonne - 38 d 4 h ago


Oh boo hoo this billionaire's merchandise was removed from display and relocated to the center aisle, her life must be so hard! If only you people complaining felt the same compassion towards the newborn who missed their surgery due to her father's travel ban! Also more people were closing accounts and boycotting stores BECAUSE they were selling trump merchandise!

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Tess B. - 25 d 16 h ago

I agree. I always bought the Ivanka Trump line & it wasn't because of the name. It was because the clothing is beautiful, reasonably priced and it fit me! I am VERY annoyed at the store putting politics ahead of consumer choice.

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sunnyday - 8 h 42 m ago


Ivanka Trumps clothing line has not been removed. The stores can no longer put it on a feature, it has to go in the run with the rest of the clothing.

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Anonymous - 1 d 8 h ago


The "District Manager" in Denver, Colorado Dean is the rudest person I have ever met. Extremely unprofessional.

General profile image - 4 d 8 h ago


Not happy w/ home goods. I was in Ellenton Fla, and the cashier put some pressure on me to open a charge card and gave me a temporary one, card came in mail and paid bill in full and they never posted it, in the meantime a put a few charges when I got home to EastLongmeadow Ma store. I got another bill with late charge and interest. I called the number on card and hey said the never got payment, called my bank and they said check was returned. Eventually, I got it straightened out, they said. It had to be validated. CLOSED ACCOUNT

Today, I went to E Longmeadow store and went to cash out all cashiers were talking and not paying to customers. When I paid cash for my one item cashier says "oh I don't have any cash in my drawer for change, I waited and waited finally I said I will charge, just to get out. She said no I already rung it up and can't give you your money back. I had to wait until someone brought change for quite a while. Bad business. NOT SHOPPiNG THERE AGAIN. On top of that she was rude.

General profile image - 22 d 15 h ago

My daughter that just recently quit TJ Maxx was cut down to 4 hrs a week I even though she was promised 20 hrs a week. She went to management and asked why? Her manager Mrs Ford said well you've been out 8 times in a year?? Really lady your managerial skills need to be worked on!! When I called the store to tell her my daughter was sick with a fever and throwing up all she could say was are you calling your daughter out of work and said yes she is very sick and she said ok and hung up the phone?? She is the rudest person there lady!! She was sick!! With drs notes!! Your store managers there pick and choose who you want to give hrs too!! All your managers in that store need to be retrained they are awful!!

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Dont support TJ MAXX - 18 d ago


It is happening to my Son also and unlike your daughter he has not been having problem with illness. I think that management just thinks that these people working in the store are a dime a dozen and do not deserve the respect that they themselves want.

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No name - 8 d 11 h ago


I would agree. The culture is terrible..

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Anonymous - 5 d 6 h ago

This is one one of the best companies to work for. There's always reasons why someone is not getting hours?!?! A lot has to do with the associates availability!! If they cannot work when the business needs them then they have to give hours to someone else

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Anonymous - 5 d 6 h ago

8 times a year is unacceptable, dr notes or not! They're running a business.

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Anonymous - 5 d 6 h ago

If she worked for me she would've been fired with that kind of absenteeism!!!

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anonymous - 25 d 9 h ago


Human Resource need to investigate Yonkers NY store,apparently having sex with management is how one gets more working hours.

What kind of business is TJ Maxx?

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Anonymous - 18 d ago

Need to investigate Twin Falls Idaho Too!

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Anonymous - 5 d 6 h ago

And there too

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Anonymous - 8 d 11 h ago


They need to investigate Memphis Tenn too..Mr. Price gets around..

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Anonymous - 5 d 6 h ago

I wanna work there

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Bill - 5 d 12 h ago


Is there a number I can call that deals with In-Store fraud?

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Anonymous - 8 d 11 h ago


I think Carol Meyrowitz should start to question why the Memphis district is loosing all its quality managers under the leadership of Mr. Price. Most have left for one reason or the other and others fired. There is a lot of thing happening that is contrary to the Tjmaxx culture. If Tjmaxx did exit interviews on managers leaving and the rest looking to leave, they would learn a lot more than relying on the words of the district manager and the regional staff. The worst experience I have had in all of my career. The culture is a fraud or either something is very wrong. Give me a call and be enlightened.

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