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The TJX Companies, Inc.

Marshalls, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods
770 Cochituate Rd.
Framingham, MA
Carol Meyrowitz
CEO and Director
(508) 390-1000
(508) 390-2828
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Traci Demsey - 3 d 9 h ago


I was in niles Ohio store today and am a Rae dunn collector that store has had nothing as I work beside it and have been several times a day and eel and not even a mug around. Today I watched and employees bring them out in buggies and she separated what she wanted verses didn't want, it was mixing bowls, Halloween bowls, and mugs thandgicinf, cookie jar, pour containers, and they were scanning what she wanted through layaway. I asked about purchasing and she said they were all hers. I think it's not fair and they should give the ommunity an equal chance at the supplies. I watched tgem bring thr bugggy from the bsck room. It never made it to the shelf, ridiclouus i called and spoke to the manager Brenda she didn't seem to concerned, I work for a corporation where we allow 24 hours on the sales floor before we can buy special buys or clearance. I think it's disgusting how they obviously disrespect the community

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Employee Issue - 4 d 6 h ago


It's no secret that Rae Dunn housewares pottery is a hot item right now, and as I realize the employees can't help from resellers coming in and clearing shelves they can in fact working with these guys by holding items for them, which I've seen first hand. But this morning takes the cake. I was in the Yucaipa, California store... as I made it back to the housewares Dept I see an employee holding armfuls of the new highly desirable thanksgiving line from Rae Dunn. I asked her if she was putting it out, she replied back with "No! I'm purchasing it!". This is beyond unfair... obviously the employees have the ability to touch these items first, at this rate these items will never be available to the general public as employees are hoarding/stashing things for themselves. And obviously shopping on the clock. This is a store manager and district manager issue... the rules need be to put in place.

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Anonymous - 3 d 9 h ago

Happened today in niles Ohio also Halloween stuff mixing bowls, cookie jars, pour containers they said they had to be on shelf first well I watched them take from b sck room and then take and put through in layaway and she said it was all hers

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Theresa Thomas - 11 d 11 h ago


I am a great fan of Home Goods and have shop there for a very long time. I live in Brooklyn, NY, and shop at all the Home Goods stores in Long Island, especially the one at Rockville Ctr, Long Island. Also, I will travel the HomeGood in Westport, Connecticut, and since it's located in a wealthy neighborhood, you get to see some things are a little more upscale and different.. But I really writing about what happen to Home Goods in Rockville Ctr, and I spoke with managers, I notice for the last 5 months, the store no longer have the great lamps, and other furniture items, this store was known for. It's very disappointing going to a store that once carry great nothing. I was told that other customers been complaining, and what to know what happen?

The rate I'm giving have to do with the lack quality stuff

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Jan Oliver - 14 d 12 h ago


Number 1....I have been a tj shopper forever. I have visited other ones in other states...many.

The new one in Blue Ridge, Georgia, was good at first. Turning into flea market...not good quality stuff.....junk. Makes me sad. Just junk in the decor department and table layouts. Check on your buyer....awful job. This mountain area isn't poor....also many visitors and people from other areas too. Please step in and save this wonderful business.

Decline has started.

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Anonymous - 15 d ago


Very Dissatisfied with the TJ Maxx in Bayonne NJ The New Marshalls & Home Goods in Jersey City. I frequent these stores daily. My issue is I see people all over the internet finding tons of Rae Dunn Pottery and these stores go months with nothing. I think someone from the higher up needs to look into this situation. I find it hard to believe that these stores are given Rae Dunn Possibly an Upseller is taking it and selling it online or giving it to friends. I am starting to get extremely frustrated. One man found 5 sets of the new Halloween Bowls and upsetting them and raffling them off. There are many woman like myself who love the collection and want to continue to hunt...however its getting to the point that no-one seems to help so I would appreciate you looking into this situation or you will be losing loyal. customers. How can a Brand New Marshals/HomeGoods in Jersey City never receive Rae Dunn. Id appreciate it if you could possibly help with this issue

thank you

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Unhappy in Dallas - 15 d 4 h ago


I believe district manager needs to look into the dealings with respect to Rae Dunn merchandise at the Frisco TX store (121 and Preston). I have been observing for several weeks. Staff in cahoots with a reseller!

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cali - 19 d ago


i will never shop at your stores any more because they lie straight to customers faces and all the stores do this tj max marshalls and home goods they say that the fur they sell is ''faux'' but when in reality its actual fur and the CEO is probably dumber than a bag of bricks to animal wellbeing dosent he/she now the kind of torturous hell these animals go threw they are hung up side down and skinned alive i will never shop here again screw the whole company

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Anonymous - 19 d 7 h ago


On July 16, 2017, I went to Marshall in Sky View Center, Flushing NY 11354 and purchased 9 items in the total amount of 131.99. Purchase was done with a exchange in the amount of 43.99 from a previous exchange, a 50.00 gift card and the remaining $38.00 with credit card.

On July 30, I sent back to the store to return 3 items with the value amount of $52.00.

The cashier/coordinator, Robert R. said only $38.00 can be returned to the credit card and rest goes back to the gift card. I understand if it is a split payment,the return goes back in the original form of payment. In my case, only 50.00 was paid with gift card while $81.99 was paid by credit card. Beside the $38.00 payment in the credit card, there was a $43.99 payment from the exchange that also made from the credit card. Robert said that doesn't count and it was deducted already, which doesn't make sense because the total purchase amount was 131.99. To my understanding, return amount should goes back to my credit card first and cannot goes beyond my credit amount. In my case, only if I made the return/refund beyond the $81.99 would it goes back to the gift card. Robert asked the manager to come over and explain.

Omar Diaw, the store manager, explanation was even more ridiculous. He said the store policy for split payment is to refund everything as store credit first before returning the refund to the credit cards, which I never heard of. In addition I do not like his attitude. He said he was making a big favor by refunding the $38.00 to my credit card. The amount should have been a store credit.

Correct me if I am wrong. So in order to get the refund my to my credit, I should have returned all 9 items so that the cashier could return/refund everything properly to my credit card and gift card accordingly and repurchase again whatever I keeping with the store credit. Is this the correct way in order to use up my gift card/store credit first. It make no sense to make payment to my credit card on Marshall purchase while carrying a store credit on my wallet. Please do follow up with the store manager and let me know the store policy on refund in regard to split payment so that next time I know whether I should bring all the purchases back for return. I don't have any problem returning everything and repurchasing it if that is the way to use up my store credit. I can play by the rule as long as you are clear because when I called customer service they said refund amount should goes back to the credit card first but Omar says a different story. Even the initial cashier said that initial refund goes back to the credit first. To me it seem like the store manager has no glue but maybe everyone is wrong and he is right. So things need to be clarified and rectified.

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Jenny - 24 d 6 h ago


July 25, 2017

I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the service I received today. Yesterday, at your store in Boulder Colorado, I purchased 12 dinner plates and 10 salad plates as a wedding gift. The cashier at checkout was very kind to call other stores in the area to see if they had 2 more salad plates. She found them in the store in Aurora, which is a hour's drive from boulder. I also called this morning and gave the gal the description and serial number. She came back and said they had 8 on the floor and would hold 2 for me. Fantastic.

So I drive all the way down and the cashier comes over with 2 round plates. Totally different serial number and shape. After checking the floor, there were none there. I am so frustrated I could spit. I was also told you do not ship. I would hope in a circumstance such as this an exception could be made. I will be returning all the plates I purchased yesterday and will not shop at your store again.

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Ricky. s - 28 d ago


Marshalls 07/21/2017 Stratfort, CT

My wife and I have always been impressed with Marshalls quality and excellent selection and as a result have been customers for years. We have never experienced mediocre service until this last visit. We arrived at the store at approximately 9:27pm on 07/21/2017. My wife quickly selected a few dresses to try on for an event we were due to attend. She had been waiting at the dressing rooms for 10 minutes for an employee to appear. After no one showed up she went to find a sales associate. after finally tracking down an associate she was told the dressing rooms have just been closed at 9:40. My wife located a supervisor who ultimately told her she was not going to be able to try on that many dresses and that she was going to have to pick less. After making our selections we heeded to the register to purchase our items. The Middle aged caucasian woman who had a name badge that read peggy was the clerk who rang us out. Peggy had an annoyed none-approachable demeanor and was rushing us through the sales process as if the building was on fire. After the speedy transaction was finished peggy made an announcement using the intercom that the store is closing and final putchases needed to be made within five minutes. Realizing we needed on more item that was positoned three feet away from us we walked over to it only to be yelled at by the cashire peggy. "Excuse me, the store is closed" she yelled from across the counter in an rude condescending tone as if to say we were not allowed to make our purchase. After peggys outburst my wife told her that she needed to stop. Peggy became argumentative saying I don't need to stop were closed; she proceeded to talk under her breath and walked away. When we were ready to buy peggy noticed we were there and continued to talk to other associates and the supervisor. We had to tell the supervisor we were ready to buy because peggy preoccupied herself with other tasks and ignored our being there. She came over with an attitude to ring out our last purchase and asked us if we needed to purchase anything else in a sarcastic tone. My wife and I didn't say anything and she completed the transaction. I asked peggy if she could get a manager. After I explained to the manager what happen, peggy interrupted and said "and look what time it is" as if to indicate we were wasting everyones time because of the last purchase we made. I told peggy her bad attitude is the reason we're still here. I then explained to her manager that me and my wife have 12 years experience in customer service and there have been times we stayed well beyond our scheduled shift to assist a guest and that peggy was being childish and completly unreasonable. Peggys manager cut me off to say that as someone who works in customer service I should be able to relate. There was nothing done by the manager to resolve the issue or even understand the ignorance and mediocre service we were subjected to, she simply wanted us to be on our way so they can go home on time. As stated earlier buying at Marshalls has always been a pleasant experience for us, but if this incident is not rectified in some way there is honestly no way I can ever see us shopping comfortably or at all in another Marshalls again.

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Anonymous - 29 d ago


Hello. I have been a loyal customer of TJMaxx for twenty plus years and never had a problem until today. I purchased some little earrings for my granddaughter on June 28, 2017 in Houston Tx on West Gray.. Visited my granddaughter over the weekend and, found out that the earrings don't match! I took them to Tjmaxx in Dickinson Tx and was told you didnt look at them? I need to speak to my manager about this. She came and replied " Oh, yeah I ser that the earrings don't but, you need to take them back to Houston. We can't accept those earrings here! I

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Anonymous - 29 d ago


Hello. I have been a loyal customer of TJMaxx for twenty plus years and never had a problem until today. I purchased some little earrings for my granddaughter on June 28, 2017 in Houston Tx on West Gray.. Visited my granddaughter over the weekend and, found out that the earrings don't match! I took them to Tjmaxx in Dickinson Tx and was told you didnt look at them? I need to speak to my manager about this. She came and replied " Oh, yeah I ser that the earrings don't but, you need to take them back to Houston. We can't accept those earrings here! I

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Nick lowe - 29 d 16 h ago


So i want to this store 0139 in dallas tx the worse store ever bad manangers zeain she was so rude and the other lady was leean mean she threw my bag at me she was not happy she was eating gum and just not even looking at me worse worse store ever do not go here

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The homegoods Distribution center in Tucson Az the loss prevention manager Percell is still there a is a dick to everyone under him he closes the fucken window don't you think we hear you.Man you really need to be sleeping with you to be able to do that to you people he needs to go somewhere else maybe headquarters they may like him yelling at them.its not like someone is going to read this wrote one under Carol Meyrowitz - 28 d ago and he's still there what do we have to do to help that group out????? GET HIM OUT OF THERE HE:S AN ASS

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Anonymous - 32 d 13 h ago


I have a complaint against your Elizabethtown KY location, manager is Sarah Weld. But I guess her defense would be that this is a corporate decision. Never in my life have I had a problem if I forgot my credit card for a store of any kind. The salesperson will take some form of ID from you and look you up in their system and you will be allowed to charge your purchase to your card. Not TJ Maxx. They can't look you up in their system, so they say, and they will not allow you to bring in ID and a statement with your information and card number on it. I was in the store and was going to buy some things on my TJMaxx card. I had a cancelled account from last year that I closed after paying it off and had recently opened a new account (the fact that you can't re-open that same account doesn't seem quite right either, but I digress). So when my new card arrived I destroyed the old one. Turns out I destroyed the new one by mistake. I tried to bring in several forms of ID along with my information on a statement from TJMaxx but that wasn't good enough. So I paid for my items with my bank card. I feel like it's very bad business to make it impossible for your associates to work with your patrons to allow them to use their own credit card. But don't worry, I will make sure everybody I know is aware of this inconvenience and I hope it makes enough of an impact on the company that they enable their store associates and managers to work with their customers on an individual basis before they become previous customers. Especially when this particular TJMaxx store is literally right next door to a Ross store, which has better prices and better customer service any. If you are a TJMaxx customer and you're reading this, please weigh the cost of a purchase here with the way you would want to be treated.

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Anonymous - 33 d 8 h ago


Newark-Heath, Ohio

If anyone cares I would like to voice my concern regarding the service received at your location. We have been shopping at this location since we've been managing a local business in Heath. Well on this particular day the staff member Don or something with a D mid to late 50's I noticed had been eyeing me since I stepped into the handbag, cosmetic section I purchased perfume lotions and oils on this particular trip. I decided to brows the handbag section noticed a 75%mark down on a designer bag it was locked with electric security mechanism as I was browsing I heard her raise her voice at a customer who was purchasing a watch she repeatedly told him if you remove the tags you won't get your money back he stated he understood that it was for his wife. The customer was a minority as he walks away I heard him tell his wife who was white how he was treated. I from there had had a enough and went to check out, wouldn't you know as I walk away she goes to where I was previously standing goes and checks the area pulling forcefully on the handbag area to I'm assuming to make sure it was still intact. I from there ask to speak to the manager (Jasmyne Mase) discreetly as I began to tell her my experience and what I witnessed she rolls her eyes and states non of my staff is racist but I will mention to her to lower her voice..... Are you kidding me?????? I sat stunned but did tell her I will recommend any of my family and friends to cancel any credit card with this corporation. I know everyone doesn't care about customer service or making the consumer feel like more than a number but I do.....Racism isn't something we're born with its a taught characteristic and if I'm wrong I apologize but I did watch the representative for a while and other shoppers were treated different than myself and the other customer.....

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Mayra Sanchez - 36 d ago


Hello this is Jenny,

I have a complaint against your Long Beach, CA location on Bellflower & Stearns.

I've been shopping at this store for years now, it's my go-to location. Staff here are always friendly and helpful. Today, though, everything was the complete opposite. No one seemed to be available to help me, and I understand that sometimes stores can be short handed (which was probably why the store was a complete mess) but when I asked an associate up front for the manager, they threw a little snide comment stating "she might even be too lazy to come up" What? Well after the manager was paged over the walkie, she never responded and had me waiting. Even though, apparently she was just in her office. It was clearly visible the staff were irritated by their facial expressions, which isn't something us customers should have to witness. There was no help what's so ever. I don't know if there's a manager to employee issue, but even though she couldn't come up to help her employees she could have at least shown up to talk to her customers! I just find that to be so rude. One bad experience is all it takes, the other Long Beach store is closer to me and they'll be who I'll be shopping for.

Managers name was Laronda.

Please explain to this manager customers like to be acknowledged and helped when they need it!

Thank you

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Jim - 36 d 4 h ago


Hi my man is jim and i was just in 1096 store marshalls and a manager name Chris was very rude and on his phone while i was talking to him he was on his phone. I think he shouldnt be a manager if he dont know how to talk to people

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Poor Service to a valued customer - 37 d 9 h ago


Poor Service to a Valued Customer,

I used to brag about TJ Maxx in Michigan City,IN, but I won't anymore.

I wanted to return a pair of sunglasses that I bought specifically for vacation. It came time to use them & I picked them up off from my dining room table & they cracked right in my hands. I had my receipt & the tag & they would not take them back or issue a credit, since I had them for more than a month. The service at the Marshalls in Michigan City IN was frightening & the worst. I have contacted the stores customer service & Teresa @ 1-(hidden) & I was told to send a photo of the receipt & the cracked glasses, so I did this, not only once but twice with no response. TERRIBLE SERVICE & Strange behavior by the manager William Peterson.

This is my story on 7/1/2017:

This is in regards to an incidence in your Michigan City, IN store on Friday 6/30/2017.I stood in line at the store & then I explained to the young cashier & she called the manager(William) & he said no to the return. I asked to speak with him in person & when I was trying to explain to him what had happened. He interupted me & said no again & said "have a nice day." No apology, no refund, no credit, just " have a nice day." The young brunette cashier stood behind & laughed, which she should not have been doing in customer service. The manager was just Very Rude. He walked to the exit door real quick & again said, "have a nice day."

He then followed me out onto the sidewalk in front of the store & into the parking lot and again said, "have a nice day." I had no idea what he was doing following me, but I was ready to dial 911 for harassment by the store manager. He needs to find a different job that does NOT involved customer service.

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Heartbroken frustrated tears - 38 d 14 h ago


Need night job that's not in retail or resturants, I know for around here hard not to laugh just saying it. Might just be easier to go back to school not to further degree but for trade/certificate & pray once done can work days.

I want to quit my job yet can't & why just to go into another retail job that probably be much the same. There's a handful I work with that I have truly grown to appreciate & befriend. they work hard but also know not to let it get to them because it's not going to change and it hasn't in the 5 + years they've work there. Even this may get me wrote up or let go cause they don't want anyone talk bad about the company on social media. This mainly do to after many have quit they've wrote about how unfair the company treats their employees and the company replies with call the helpline/tip line that does nothing. Out of all the jobs I work this one has the worst turnaround rate as far as hiring. Example & this happens regularly, in one month hired over 20 people 2 of them stayed longer than their training or 90 day evaluation & only one stayed longer than 6 months after that.

Managers that put in place rules yet don't follow themselves or inforce them, well sometimes its different rules & treatments for all especially when it comes to dress code. Store policy that must be followed by Associates & Coordinators yet won't be backed up by manager. People moving up in their jobs just because they can work the hours not that they deserve the position. Then it's no wonder they don't do the job correctly because they don't know it, its a learning as ya go. while others use the power to make other do their job for them not deligate out to other. Backroom a constant fire hazard, even when those there several years has suggested ways to make it so better. New hires being trained completely differently by different people. This place doesn't go back behind people to make sure they're doing their jobs and doing it correctly. With the lack of people working and time management it's hard to do your job correctly anyway. The manager start to really bust their butts right before district manager is going to come in all even stay late or over night when the store should be ready and would if they made the people work as they should or that they are trained properly but never is. But who cares about any of this as long as the store is in a tourist spot and sales/ numbers look good so the manager & above can get that good bonus. Did not post this the social media figured I would try one more time to get ahold of somebody above my district manager that maybe it might make a difference yet very doubtful until the manager and district manager of Morehead City is changed and even then they'll probably not be any difference.

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Low - 39 d 6 h ago


I am an employee of Marshalls Nashville West.I retired from teaching and needed a part time job.Marshalls is an ideal place to work.The management team is professional and thoughtful.They strive to keep the customers happy and satisfied.

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JT - 41 d 11 h ago


Absolutely the worst company in the history of man...

Returned an online shop item and didn't receive a refund for 2 months, still haven't. called customer service twice a week and keep getting the "3-5 business days excuse" (one even told me i'll be able to see the refund on my statement that day) feel cheated. will never shop here again.

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Linda - 43 d 11 h ago


Just had an excellent experience solving an issue with recently online order & partial return. Both the operator Donna at (hidden), and Ebony to whom she transferred me in Customer Service were so helpful and great. Thank you both! Happy TJ Maxx customer.

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Sorry to leave you but.... - 73 d 27 s ago


Will no longer shop at TJ Max And Marshals. They have become involved in and support fake news politics, subsequently remving sponshopships to shows that have been blackballed by the left. Base your decisions on the number of people watching the show not on those who have the loudest mouth. Also banning Ivanka Trumps clothing from stires is ridiculous. I know you will not miss one customers business..but the number is growing

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 67 d ago

They didn't ban Ivanka Trump clothing lol, it wasn't selling well so the company sent a memo to stores telling them not to put it on the displays and just mix it in with the other merchandise.

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