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The TJX Companies, Inc.

Marshalls, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods
770 Cochituate Rd.
Framingham, MA
Carol Meyrowitz
CEO and Director
(508) 390-1000
(508) 390-2828
Twitter IDs
@tjmaxx, @marshalls
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Disappointed - 4 h 51 m ago

Marshall's in Athol Ma. has almost zero big and tall inventory. It was my understanding that you folks typically stocked a significantly larger proportion of big and tall. It doesnt appear to be the case in Athol.

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Genivive - 15 d 14 h ago


I reside in Rolling Hills Ca, I'm an older wealthy retired woman, I go into tjmax daily on my morning walk to Petco. I see the same people but i keep tp myself. I'm writing this because I'm very disturbed by what I've seen in my local community. The past few weeks love been stopping by to find my daughter some pottery she is seeking called Rae Dunn. I arrive at opening and the SAME girl everyday gets handed everything..... is this normal practice? I went last week and this young girl want there so i thought maybe i would have chance to get my daughter something... NOPE... i went a few days ago and the girl that was gone for a week our so walks in and gets handed 2 birdhouses, I'm in shock and not sure how your business works but this is NOT the way to conduct a business not for managers and employees to let me store be ran like this! i sincerely hope Corp looks into to this,

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Arlene - 2 d 9 h ago

I agree someone instore is informing friends how do they know what's on the truck and out the door at 9am

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Every time I shop at home good on Richmond ave siny, there are 9 registers and only two or 3 being used. Tiday, again I complained to Mr. Ronaldo the manager. He became very nasty and told me to write to you. "Get my name right". No other Home Goos operates this way. A new store, I'll not return. I can't wait on line for 15 minutes. - 3 d 19 h ago


Mary Sette

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Norma Weinstein - 7 d 8 h ago


Hi, I wanted to share my shopping experience with you for several reasons. I went to my local th max in Deland Florida. It had been awhile since I was last in there and needed birthday gifts for my daughter. First, the store was clean, neat, and beautifully displayed, and finding the right gifts came easily. What was remarkable was I actually enjoyed the process. That was a turning point, small but gratifying. You see, I lost my son just over 2 years ago, things are no longer the same, including me. Since then everything is harder to do, especially shopping.

The check out was icing on the cake. An older gentleman who was new, was just the sweetest guy, the woman helping him along was great, signed me up for a credit card and was personable and professional. All in all, I can say, I had a good day, that says a lot for me. I thought you would like a positive review, we all get enough of the other

Sincerely Norma Weinstein

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Frustrated in Pa. - 11 d 13 h ago


So I am a die hard faithful shopper of all home goods, than max and Marshall's. Like other reviewers that I have been reading with reference to Rae Dunn merchandise I also am frustrated. I come to realize that workers must be taking bribes to hold merchandise for certain friends, relatives or themselves. I would never consider purchasing merchandise that I know is such demand to sell to make such a huge profit. There has to be something you can do to stop this outrageous and frustrating behavior from happening. There is no way that as a corporation you cannot figure out how to make this better. I should be able to walk and I mean walk into one of your stores and purchase a piece of pottery that I would love to add to my collection, and have no intention on selling. People have ruined it for all of us collectors, and you are allowing it. So please fix this so it is fair for everyone.

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#10+ years of survial of#metoo abuse - 15 d 12 h ago


Tj max head quarters is located on a street that starts with "COC"/cock(sexual) in reference to the secret prostitution system being operated-770 COChituate;

Tj max address has TWO-"7"s ;and TWO "28"s in their fax number(hidden); in which there are TWO"2"s which fits TWIN towers 911coded; they operate/communicate in full view-so whatever you are looking at is not what

the following address is to website that went to seeking help to stop abuse/white male authority-it popped up while posting on tj max; you are actually looking at, especially in their commercials-anything happen to cynthia in winston salem or any of her family or friends tj max, marhalls and home goods connected

Flagged for review. 
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# 10+ years of survival of me too abuse - 15 d 13 h ago


there is a cynthia and tj that works at the take out at the k&w in winston salem, nc-along with a different cynthia working for tj max store in winston salem, nc-which is not coincidental; just like it is not coincidental that tj-is the name of an African American male {who white males(part of the charlie rose abuse of female system )whose engagement was destroyed by white males and set up with one of the secret prostitutes connected to charlie rose, nor is it coincidental that the white males who manage tj max opened a store with an association of an African country-SYERIA(home goods)-where Trump said that the US is getting out of (home goods/SYERIA)- because they reward people for doing wrong-which sums up the system that white males operate in African American neighborhoods AND why cynthia is working at tj max - to help white males (who developed a system of robbery)to continue to attack African American females who would not agree to abandon moras, which has cost in income,etc.; and if anything happens to female relative - tj max, marshals(sent to new york/2015/2016),home goods/SYERIA store owners connected;people who shop at tj max, marshalls, home goods/SYERIA should know they are helping a strategic system of robbery,a secret prostitution RING;

started to put that there is probably a cynthia in a tj max somewhere near you and look at other posts and sure enough there is a longggg post about a cynthia 15 days, 12hrs ago at tj max store in san jose-its a fraud post-after posting about cynthia in ws,nc appx. 3 months ago -in order to take control-somebody in their system posted the second time- first;sort of like the TWIN tower that was knocked down 911- TWO system

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Bobbi - 15 d 14 h ago


I spend thousands of dollars weekly at your stores being a interior designer. I stopped by your store in Hawthorne CA at Ocenagate and was looking at dishes, (several times) for the home i'm working at locally.. I witnessed your stock room guy handing out Rae Dunn to the same people 2 days in a row from the back, the store manager a woman also seemed to be in the loop. You should really look into this store being corrupt. Items should not be held nor handed out to people, they should be on the shelf at opening to give all a fair chance to purchase items, not given to resellers daily to make money off.

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Elle - 16 d 6 h ago


I came into you Marshalls store on 4/4/18 in the Bay plaza shopping center, Bronx NY. On a Wednesday night at 8:45 pm the line was long and not moving. There were 5 registers open and the line was still not moving. One of the lines soon closed leaving only 4 open, as we continued to wait and wait. The mgr opend more registers 1/2 hr. into our long wait after hearing me complaining about the situation ( I was 3rd in line to be checked out). I'm not sure why it would take her so long to respond to a extreamly long line at this point when you're standing next to the registers looking at this slow to none moving line. I love your store but this always seems to be the situation when I visit this particular store.

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Anonymous - 17 d 9 h ago

They listen to your conversations. They say that its just video but its also audio. They also track your personal cell phone and go through your messages with your consent. Very illegal but nothing you can do about it. Big brother sees everything.

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Anonymous - 17 d 11 h ago


I'm tj max customer for 14 years and most of my shop is in thousand oaks store. base on my trust to this company, I ordered a dress online when I realized that dress didn't fit I drove to thousand oaks next day to return it but they refused to take it back and asked me to return it online. I'm so upset and I expecting better customer service.

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Pam F - 31 d 3 h ago


Went to Marshall's at 535 Coleman Ave San Jose, I got very humiliated by Cynthia who worked the back room. She is as racist as they come and makes no effort to hide it. I took had 11 items to try on, was told by Cynthia in a condescending manner the max was 10. I left one item on the rack, took the 10 items into the fitting room. After trying on one item I went to Cynthia told her I was switching the tried on item for the 11th item. As I made the switch and was heading back to the fitting room she literally screamed at me that I was not supposed to do that! And that I did that constantly! Mark you this was my first ever laying eyes on this lady.There were customers all around us and I told yes I was and I will do it. I asked her where in the company policy does it state I couldn't exchange an item to stay within the 10 maximum and I would appreciate if she can show me because I want to be informed. She stated it was in the company policy but they told them not to display it.. all lies!

I went back in to try the rest of the items and being 3 stalls away heard her in a loud voice to the other customers." that's how they (meaning black folks ) come in here all the time, steal stuff and run out with it. I have never felt so humiliated before in my life. It took me a while to come out of the stall hoping the customers will have left. When I came out to return the items I didn't want she barreled past me, started counting the returns to make sure I had not stolen any. I told her I heard her accusations and that was very unprofessional and unfair to make such a malicious claim. She totally ignored me and as I was going towards the front I saw the manager Sandra. I asked her if what Cynthia said about the company policy was true. She said no and I advised her to please educate Cynthia on the company policies. I also told her about Cynthia stating I was gonna steal from the store. Cynthia at this point stated she didn't say I was gonna steal she had said " people just walk in here and feel they could do whatever " which of course was a brazen lie and was still inappropriate to say to a customer.

Almost in tears, I went and paid for the items and as I was about to leave the cashier told me to hold on and Sandra the manager walked towards me, at this point I didn't know what to expect... She apologized for Cynthia's behavior and told the cashier to return my items and give me a 10% discount. It was refreshing to know there are still descent humans working in Marshall. I have shopped at Marshall's for years but have never encountered such open racism. Cynthia does not deserve to work in hospitality if she cannot content her personal prejudices. I intend on sending a message to the CEO. It's people llike Cynthia that gives the brand a bad name.

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Former employee - 17 d 15 h ago

Oh yes. I agree about being racist. I'm an older woman of color that worked there several months, even helped open the new store in our neighborhood, (Homegoods Ahwatukee).

So mean and disrespectful to their employees of color. Someone needs to sue them good. I was'nt fired. I quit when I realized they had no interest in me having a future with the company as a hard working team member.

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K. Mendillo - 27 d 19 h ago


I am traveling from NJ for a tournament this weekend, and I stopped in TJ Maxx in Williamsburg on Monticello Ave. WOW!! It should be the model for every store in NJ! METICULOUS!! So well organized and clean! Complete opposite of every other cluttered, packed, messy TJ Maxx. I applaud all involved with this store. You should travel up north and teach them the magic.

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Disappointed former shopper. - 17 d 15 h ago

Good luck that it can remain in that condition.

When our store in Ahwatukee AZ opened, it was fabulous. Just a year and a half later, it looks like a ghetto dump. Mgt there doesn't seem to care. High turnover of staff too.

I wonder what happened?

I'm back to shopping at Target. Very clean and organized.

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Laura Ambrose - 19 d 18 h ago


I want to praise the management at the Marahall's location at Gulf Gate in Sarasota, Fl. Mr. Lewis, Ms. Barb and all of the managers have been so helpful and supportive of my daughter, Samantha, who has a TBI and has apparent deficits. The staff have been so helpful and understanding with her and treat her as they do any other employee. For this reason all of our family and friends shop at their local TJX, HomeGoods, and Marshall's stores.

Kudos to this store management.

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Hal - 23 d 16 h ago


Bought men's Perry Ellis underwear and they are starting to come apart at the seams after two washes!

I would be willing to pay more for underwear that would last like they used too! However, I realize you need to maximize your profits paying starvation wages to underage children!

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Anonymous - 23 d 17 h ago


I just want to say how I love the staff at the Heath Ohio store and the manager there is Great. They always welcome me and are so nice. I'm at stay at home grandpa raising my 5 year old grandson who's dad is in Korea in the USA Army....i moved to Ashville Ohio but still go to Heath Store a little but closer to Grove City where I now go more too. The manager at that Store was just as nice and by talking to her she ask if I was the Guy who goes to the Heath Store. She said she gets I was a very nice your managers are wonderful and that makes me go back and you don't get that much anymore. Please give thanks to the 2 stores...thanks again for a great staff... Led Burton..

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Mimi - 26 d 12 h ago


You need to control the people who stand in the store for hours looking for rae Dunn. There are customers shopping and there are 20 people standing in the aisles waiting for the manager to bring out the rae Dunn. They get violent st times and fight over the pieces. They should be there shopping. Very disrespectful to other customers too. Women bringing in there strollers blocking the aisle so no one can get to the merchandise. Waiting outside the store at 8 am to be the first to run in when it opens. I have been pushed with a cart and bruised some ribs. I am 64 years old and can not understand why the managers tell them they can't stand around. You have to think of a better solution to this ongoing problem in Hgs tj and Marshall's. I won't shop there anymore if I get hurt again.

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Anonymous - 29 d 8 h ago

The worst of the worst online shopping experience!! Purchased the dress online, once I received the dress it was not something I wanted to keep........the dress was sent back next day first thing in the morning! 2 weeks later with no refund or notification, the dress was sent back to me, packed up in a small box, all wrinkled up with a note...."the dress has been worn".......I called customer service, first time they said the dress was sent back due to staines on the dress.......the dress never had any staines!!!! Customer service advised me that they will send me a shipping label, for a a second return. NEVER RECEIVED IT! Finally the dress is shipped second time, after I pay my own label. After 5 customer service calls.....I WAS TOLD THE DRESS SMELLS LIKE DRY CLEANERS!!!!!! First it was stained now it smells like dry cleaners. The dress was in my possession for less than 24h! How would have I made to the cleaners!!!???? Customer service....."we can't help you, we are just a call center, we are in a different state from return department, we don't know what decision they will make" DONT SHOP!!!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! I still do not have a resolution! THIS IS FRAUD!!!!!!!! THEY NEED TO BE REPORTED TO A Better Business Bureau | US T.J.Maxx

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Pissed off aspie who knows his rights - 31 d 12 h ago


Horrible company to work for. Wrongfully terminated after 2 years of service. This company advertises that they donate to Autism organizations and care about people on the spectrum. BS!

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Gale Beers - 32 d 20 h ago


Pay Pal returns not being credited back to pay pal??

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Misty Freeland - 33 d 42 m ago


I have been a faithful and loyal customer, shopping at Marshalls in Evans, Georgia since the day it opened.

Sadly, they have gone through major management and staff issues.

Now when I go to the dressing room to try on clothes I'm treated as if I'm shoplifting. This is very discouraging to me.

In addition to the lackadaisical attitude from the management team and the most unprofessional cashier's!

Ross is next door and that's where I shop now!

They speak when you enter the door and don't follow you around like your a criminal.

Marshalls staff in Evans, Georgia needs to be more respectful to their customers . If they are having issues with loss of inventory; I strongly suggest looking into the individuals employed THERE.

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Michelle Brown-Conway - 33 d 19 h ago


I have been shopping at Home Goods for many years spending over 15k. I am so disappointed, and angry the way I was treated. 15 days after I brought a $70 duvet cover I returned it because it was the wrong size. The package was not open and I had the receipt. The cashier opened the package, called her coworker over and began to discuss the duvet cover in Spanish. I asked if there was a problem, she said she couldn't take the duvet cover back because it didn't have a tag. I explained that I didn't open the package I wouldn't have known if there was a missing tag. They continued speaking in Spanish. I asked to see the duvet cover, turned it inside out and found the tag they claimed they were looking for. At this point I was livid. I ask to speak to the manager and ask for both their names. One ran away and the other went to get the manager who couldn't explain their actions.

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