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The Travelers Companies, Inc.

Traveler's Insurance
485 Lexington Ave.
New York, NY
Jay Fishman
Chairman and CEO
(917) 778-6000
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Stacey Joyce - 14 d 7 h ago


Why pay for Responsible Care auto plan to find out a comprehensive claim for a deer hitting my car is not forgiven and raises your auto insurance rate. Travelers has been a nightmare to deal with and now my auto policy is raised 17% from last years policy for the same coverage. Time to find a better company.

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Kenya Crockett - 41 d 15 h ago


I have been dealing with travelers for a year. This is the worst insurance company I've ever dealt with in my life. The customer service is horrible. The claim adjuster Cassidy haven't called me about the claim but will contact everyone else ie the rental car company and body shop. But will continuously send you emails. My car still isn't fixed and the rental has to be returned tomorrow. And I won't have anything to drive.I asked to speak with her direct supervisor who told me that she can email. I can either pay for the rental out of my pocket. I told him I was calling the corporate office he told me to call them. I haven't heard from anyone yet. And the car goes back tomorrow.

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Anonymous - 108 d 16 h ago

Bad service travelers insurance

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Imattertoo - 110 d 9 h ago


This is the worst company every if you are black (African American) or a majority and live in Nevada "Beware" they will harass, Intimidate, belittle you yo know end. They will send you hostile emails and sit on your claim until they feel like moving. They will even go so far as to say you are not covered when you are. They have threaten and bullied me. They have me afraid I am not sure what they might do to me and my family.

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Travis Capehart - 134 d 15 h ago


Unbelievable!!! 9pm on my way home from work traveling FM 20 just west of Red Rock Tx when a pack of hogs ran in front of my truck. I drive a 2015 GMC 2500HD 4x4 on Cooper 33's with wrap around Frontier replacements which did its job and took the hit. However they went underneath which at 65mph, put my front end in the air and I came down in the ditch on the other side of the 2 lane rural road. The palette of tile I had in the bed slid forward pushing my bed rail up against my back window. As I backed out of the ditch, a man came running across the road asking if I was okay. He saw the whole thing as he was about to turn onto FM 20 from Track Rd. I was not injured but my steering assembly and front end suspension was clearly damaged. My steering wheel was turned 90 degrees right, tire monitor, skid control and brake lights were all lit up on my display. I began to try and drive it home and realized I when I accelerated over 10-15 mph that my front end would shake and bounce so much that I assumed my rims were bent. Knowing I couldn't make it 20 miles home, I called a local mechanic that provides 24hr wrecker service and emergency services who's shop was 2 miles from me. The gentleman who's name is Dale, that witnessed the wreck, followed behind me with his flashers on to the mechanic shop. The mechanic put my truck on a lift and began to assess the damage to determine continued driver safety. He concluded my front tires and wheels had become a bit out of round from the tire impact. He noticed camber on my front tires and noted that the passenger side front tire now projects out further from my fender than my driver side tire does. He noticed slack in the wheel which he identified as tie rod ends and a clicking noise when turning which he noted to be CV Axle shaft. The continuous wheel squealing I now have, he diagnosed as bearings from force transfer through the hub upon tire impact. The strong front end shaking, enough to shake coffee from my cup and rattle everything ontop of my console into the floor he found to be in my control arm assembly. And the steering wheel out of position coupled with the excessive walking he labeled as alignment. After over an hour of driving it and being on the lift and making notes of damage, he finally looked wy me and said that my front end needed to be rebuilt, my driver's side tire and wheel needed replacing in which he suggested just doing all 4 at that point for even wear and I needed a new bed from the rail being smashed. I called my agent on Monday and he walked me through the claim process that I needed to file with Travelers. I set up my claim and an agent contacted me a few days later to set up a wrecker pick up and rental. 2 days later a Travelers estimator called me grin the Caliber Collision in Austin Texas and said that he didn't see any evidence of damage and the things I described to him were not happening..???? The fog light that got knocked out he said was from a vibrating screw that may have fallen out at some point and didn't know what to make of the dented bed because I couldn't prove it.. ??? I was absolutely leveled!! I've never heard of anything so ridiculous as this. I invested thousands of dollars into my truck customizing it with color match products and custom parts and it was in completely mint condition before my wreck and now has all kinds of things going on with it both asthetically or mechanically. If you have ever hit a pack of hogs a full speed, you know it's like hitting a brick wall and there's no vehicle that gets off free. The idea that I would for some reason, fabricate a fraudulent story for an insurance claim that I didn't want or need in the first place to cover the 3 or 4 thousand dollars worth of stuff that I just spent 10k building this year, is offensive. And I get to that place because any insurance man or mechanic in a state of the art shop couldn't possibly oversee what took my mechanic 2 hours to diagnose on a dirt road lift with a flashlight and a bar.. I'm assuming 2 things, 1 - they don't want to pay even though they draft from my account every month for years like clockwork and I've never filed a claim or 2 - they have zero experience which I find hard to believe. Either way my insurance company is unwilling to take care of my damaged vehicle because I can't prove the wreck with " hog blood or hog hair or pictures " If I had known the company I chose to trust and pay to take care of my business affairs would put my on trial to somehow prove me wrong, I would have bagged up all of the hog parts that were scattered across the road along with the 100ft long blood stains covering the asphalt that all of my family called about throughout the week as they passed it on their ways to and from work. Shame on you Britt Rose from Travelers Insurance in Austin Tx and I hope your superiors have the opportunity to read this and know how you are treating their clients.

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Paul Joseph Posti, Jr. - 1 y 123 d ago


I'm 71 and been driving since I was 16 with no accidents or DUI's no tickets in the past ten years.

Travelers cancelled my comp & col on my one year old Acura. They claim I needed to have it inspected and they sent many letters to my home stating that the car must be inspected.

I checked all my old emails and logged on to my Travelers account and there are 12 documents/notices since I signed up in April 2017. NOT ONE OF THEM has any reference to getting my car inspected.

It would make common sense that IF you mailed something that important AND knowing that the cars are BOTH leased, you would use your TRAVELERS system that you encourage your members to log onto.

In addition we have never lost any mail that was sent to us. You are the First in more than 50 years.

Contrary to your claim, we NEVER received any notice stating that the 2016 Acura needs to be inspected.

Furthermore, I have had auto, boat, motorhome insurance for over 50 years and some of my vehicles were 10 years old. I have NEVER been asked to have a vehicle inspected! And I would especially have serious suspects or questions IF I HAD received any such notice to have a one year old car inspected.

The people at corporate have been notified about my complaint. I believe that they do not know what is happening on the customer service level AND if they want to stay competitive, they will need a better customer connection and need to see what ALL their competitors do...Five major insurance companies DO NOT ASK TO INSPECT A ONE YEAR OLD CAR much less any other car, motorhome or boat. Yes, I have had my house inspected and my boat BEFORE I was given a policy.

Lets see what Corporate does.

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Lady Wants to know - 170 d 14 h ago

Did coroporate respond to your problem? Please let us know.

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Kristie Siuciak - 171 d 9 h ago


Claim denied because TOTALLY UNDETECTABLE water damage (leaking appliance) occurred over 14 days. Who would expect a clause like this. Profit over service. I'm supposed to pull out my dishwasher once a week to see if its leaking? What a sham to avoid your responsibility.

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Zebrah Black claim #H9U7010 - 230 d 8 h ago


I have been horribly treated as a costumer.

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Joanne Hill - 250 d 19 h ago


I live in Conroe and the Beathard group has done a terrible job just transferring me to another agent. This is ridiculous!! All they had to do was transfer my insurance, but instead of just transferring, they redid my insurance and the rate was raised and they could never get the renewal rate correct. I got this information on Friday, and they are closed, but come Monday, I will get another insurance company who knows what they are doing. VERY POOR!!!! Tell Jay Fishman about this. I will never have travelers again. This is two agents who can't get it together. This has been more trouble than it is worth. I don't know who the agent is, but shame on him.

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TEG - 301 d 16 h ago


Travelers does not exhibit any loyalty to their Customers. They are self-serving. All they want is more Customers and more profits, You can have a clean record and no claims but they will jack up your Premium 25% or more. Once you insure with them they do not think you will check around for a better rate.

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Rachel Smith - 1 y ago


I will never recommend this company to anyone. I was broken into that was one violation to my family then we were violated by the officer that came to take the report. Now my grandkids are afraid to be in my home. Then we reported to your company and now we get Violated by your agent.

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Rachel Smith - 1 y ago


I will never tell anyone to use travelers insurance. I got broken into. That was violation ENOUGH called my agent in turn called the insurance company that's a joke. Now I'm getting violented from the insurance company. The woman that is handling this is rude and being nasty.

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S. H. - 1 y ago


I have been having my property insurance from Traveler's since 06/2004. Prior to closing of the house, Traveler's chose an appraisal company to appraise the property. I have been living in this house for last 14 years with no change in living/building area. Since my policy is about to renew in June this year and I wanted to review my policy with Traveler's. Recently I was shocked to know; Traveler's has living/building area in their record is 2,909 instead 2,294 (per County record as well as public record). In other words; I have been overcharged premium since 06/2004 because of Traveler's mistake. I contacted Traveler's and they told me, it was underwriter's fault. Internally they referred the issue to their underwriters team to look into in more depth. They more than ten days and still I am waiting for their final verdict though I provided them latest copies of plat (drawing of the property), copy of the house from Public record and copy of the appraisal which was done in 2004. I have made about fifteen phone calls at different times in five days. Every time I got different person; who came different opinion and my issue is still dangling in the air. It's funny; one gentleman from Traveler's asked me to have measured each and every room and send us rather than sending a certified inspector/appraiser to do measurement at Traveler's expense. Traveler's made me to pay extra premium for the difference in square footage plus extra premium on rebuilding (dwelling) cost of the property. It clear cut monetary loss to me because of underwriter's fault. I can only stay with Traveler's if they fix the error immediately based on documents which I have already provided or send an inspector/appraiser at their cost and reimburse me all my money started from 2004.

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K Smith - 1 y ago


A very dysfunctional company and I see from many others that I am not alone. They believe in "passing the buck" like crazy! Been with Travelers for many years but when put to the test they fail!

General profile image - 1 y ago


This is a horrible company that sells you insurance but will find any way to get out of actually covering you.

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Pat M - 1 y 74 d ago


They want us to pay them on time but when they have to pay a claim good luck.. The most stressful ordeal I've been through in my life..

Travelers has ruined my credit and has cost me thousands of dollars..

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TD - 1 y ago


I am so sorry, that happened to you. Someone hit my son's new Ford Focus and left the seen. They have not been found, my insurance had to pay, that I didn't like!! I and my son are still looking for the vehicle, I have been with them, for years, I will stay with them, until something goes bad.

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C E S - 1 y ago


Failed to notify if canceling my home insurance. Filed with bbb-no response from travelers. Filed with state bureau and got result. Found out company created a false claims report and cus ser would help as they were limited to what they could. Travelers you wasting.

Consumers time and putting us at risk.

General profile image - 1 y 142 d ago


This company surpasses incompetent, I have yet to have my issue resolved I can not get anyone to give me a straight answer or return my email. Totally frustrated today the point of seeking legal counsel.

Flagged for review. 
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ANWAR SYED - 1 y 139 d ago


I have two home owners policies, trying to find out which policy has what premium and the list of coverage. My name is anwar syed,

I also want to get the records for last year.

the addresses below:

1. 6310 Browns Mill Road, Lithonia, GA 30038

2. 2922 Aspen woods Entry, Doraville, GA 30360

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Rosalie - 1 y 222 d ago

Call the claim April 201 7 I still have not received a letter of denial I have two policies a homeowner's and umbrella I was told that neither one of my policies which I regionally purchase you Geico are no good I've been paying on these policies since 1992 never used them and I'm 67 years old severely disabled and I don't know why it takes over a hundred and Thirty Days to get back to me oh they have gotten back to me but they're back and forth back and forth and they brought an engineer to my house whose name is not credible anymore I've been put through a lot of unnecessary sorry I speak too much I'm just too stressed out it's been a long summer and it's not so much money that it would be to work all I've been through I did call I wrote Travelers told him everything step by step and so they handed it over to the agent and he's mad and then I contacted Geico they said they would look into it and that was calling the agent and telling him to call me I've had one two three four agents since April 2017 thank you for letting me air it out

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1DopeBloke - 1 y 257 d ago


Policy cancelled by an inexperienced agent instead of just dropping a vehicle. Now it's been over a week n still haven't straightened it out. Also they now screwed up my zip code so I'm unable to create an online account or pay by phone since "their records don't match that zip code". They can't even fix a small zip code issue in over a week. I'm still not able to see my bill let alone pay it.

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Don Silcox - 1 y 273 d ago


Policy cancelled without cause, letter stated non-payment, untrue.

Don Silcox

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