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The Wendy's Company

1 Dave Thomas Blvd.
Dublin, OH
(614) 764-3100
(614) 764-3330
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Trisha - 1 d 7 h ago


There is a wonderful Wendy's in Jackson, Ms on Greenway Drive!! They are the only drive thru I am willing to go thru during my lunch time. The line can be to the door & they are very fast & friendly, and they are like this every single time. I like to get the bacon & cheese potatoe & oh my goodness every time it is so delicious & hot!! The employees are all very friendly in & out the store when I see them. Always very helpful!! Really appreciate this Wendy's. Thank you all.

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Anonymous - 2 d 6 h ago


Went to Wendy's on Garfield ave Cranston RI yesterday, the salad had shivled tomatoes and the bottom was slimy in the bowl and watery I'm now sick and wanted to cry. Diahrea and chills and vomiting. I brought both salads back.

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Anonymous - 2 d 9 h ago



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Anonymous - 2 d 10 h ago


Was at Wendy's in Baldwin tonight I order s big order the have me so me of my food and the told me the is a 10 minute wait for the potato gave me the paotao and it was hard.very upset.please contact me at (hidden)

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Dissatisfied customer - 2 d 14 h ago


I'm not sure anyone reads these complaints. I have gone to the Wendy's in Morrisville, Pennsylvania and it is NOT fast food. I have waited 20 minutes with toddlers , in the car line. I was told there were three people working. Today I went in when I saw the length of the car line. There was one person taking orders. The line was shorter inside but still did not move. Myself with toddlers, and two other families left, leaving one person in line. This Wendy's could do so well if anyone cared about customer service. The kids like Wendy's better, but we will be going to chick fil a from now on. They run a great restaurant.

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Gail E - 3 d ago

I love wendy's Chili with a baked potato. When visiting the Oroville Ca store..I burned the roof of my mouth.. after 8 days the burn is starting to heal. But it has been very painful to eat & drink. I stopped by the store & mentioned the burn & the fact that they should warn people how hot the food is as it was never that hot in the past. She said it's always that hot. If so, you need to have a written warning.

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Wendys managers suck - 3 d 6 h ago


I went to Wendys today in North Carolina Kannapolis Dale Earnhardt Blvd the manager was so rude. She had a attitude because we order a kinda big meal. I asked for something else she gave it to me and shut the window and was talking shit to the employees because we held up the line she had gray hair and was kinda short I don't remember her name but she needs to work on her skills on talking to people

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Sylvia Williams - 3 d 7 h ago

The night manager at the Wendy 's in Deer Park, Texas lacks communication skills and manners. She was very short and rude when we ordered. When I confronted her and asked to speak to the manager. She said she was the manager and so I told her that her communication skills needed improvement. She handed us our food and shut the window and gave me a go to hell look. I was really faberglasted that she was the manager. Wendy's needs to really improve their management department.

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Tracey - 3 d 16 h ago


I couldn't believe they wasted money remodeling this Wendy's here in Louisville Kentucky on outerloop they have all these people standing around during lunch you can't even get hot fresh fries manager was talking about customers from the morning really nasty and then the manager that handed me my food should have seen the appearance of the food that it was inedible and did nothing about it still handed to me I did call to complain and a black female manager answer the phone the same one that had me the food so we can replace your fries well when your on unlimited lunch time you know you don't have time to go back to replace food you should get it right the first time unacceptable don't get me going with the employees just standing around none of them are nice they're rude they're just they're collecting a paycheck half of the Union uniforms were filthy didn't look like they cared even be there

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Anonymous - 4 d 5 h ago


I had the misfortune of going the the Wendy's on Chapman Ave. in the city of Orange, CA. We went thorough the drive-thru. I ordered a #1 Dave's Cheeseburger combo. I also order two Large Chili's and asked for the onions and cheese on the side. They did not put the onions and cheese on the side. There was no meat nor cheese in Dave's #1.

I called the store to lodge complaint a lady with a Hispanic accent answered the phone and I asked to talk to the manager. The lady asked what I wanted. I repeated myself telling her I would like to talk to the manager. The lady then said there was no manager there. I asked if there was a supervisor there. The lady then said that the manager was busy and hung up on me.

Maybe not putting a hamburg or cheese in a Daves' #1 is an honest mistake but the french fries were cold and "vegetarian burger" also was cold.

I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM WENDYS AGAIN. You managers need to respect your customers as there are a lot of other fast food establishments out there. I will bad-mouth Wendy's at every opportunity. They do not care about there customers. Dave Thomas must be rolling over in his Grave as he watches down on you idiots that have taken over for him.

After reading some of the other ex-customers complaints, I really don't think you will be in business much longer as you don't seem to be taking care of your customers. Sorry Dave is Gone!

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Anonymous - 4 d 14 h ago

To whom this may concern i use to work for the wendys in dayton on dorthy lane and i have never worked for a company were they wont mail out ur w2 or give u the run around the area coach chris perry said they dont mail them u gotta go online then i called the store on dorthy lane they tell me that they mailed them late that is so unprofessional because everybody dont have internet and most of the time if its in ur phone u gotta pay for it to me thats really a inconvience and if they were not mailed out before january 31 if im not mistaken they get penalized i will never recomend nobody to work for wendys cus thats not how u run a business if this email reaches anyone in wendys coorporation can i plz get my w2 my name is sheila dunson my number is (hidden) if u need anymore information plz call after 5 cus thats the time i get off work plz and thank u i will b looking for a call soon if u need my email plz call me thank u

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Cathi - 4 d 17 h ago


Yes i went into wendys at 6130 jimmy carter blvd. Norcross Ga. 30071. Don't know the whole situation but I seen a manager Traveria raise her fists at a customer and thats after another manager was trying to fix the situation the customer was complaining about her. The customer said something and she said u want to take care of it raising her fists and the management and another girl said it wasn't worth her time and then she walked away. Don't think Traveria is really not a perfestional for management.

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Did training stop to Wendys employee s ?????? Late evening , no line at your store, my turn for quality, used to be...Requested potato-none, Requested vanilla shake, and a medium order vaccinator with a coke. Got to the window, staff tried to hand me a chocolate milkshake, told her ordered vanilla, she yelled to someone else in line the item problem and she apologized.i left and drove 1/2 mile home to find chocolate milkshake,sprite and 3 hr fries, THE WORST EXPERIENCE IN ANY RESTAURANT I have ever entertained. I called the evening mgr and she said call in the morning

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Patty A Shaw - 5 d 5 h ago


I am extremely disappointed, got really excited about stopping by Wendys in my home town after church I was starving I was excited about ordering and eating at Wendys they usually maintain a 98.0 rating always, I ordered the half Taco Salad for the 1st time with the rest of my order got the food home prepped my fixing in my taco bowl it was full of long brunette hair on the lettuce half of which was in my mouth how unsanitary on top of that that same hair was all in the plastic bag they handed me through the drive thru I was livid didnt eat none of my meal I was about to get sick it made my skin crawl, so I called the manager on duty she said ewww sorry about that, thats all she said SMH extremely disappointed I will never ever eat there again. HAIR NETS should be enforced and worn at all times when prepping any type of food.

How nasty, unclean and filthy is that.

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Mrs. Lowry - 5 d 10 h ago


I placed an order at the drive thru on February 14th around 5:42 pm ordering a large Chilli and a 4 piece chicken nugget kids meal specifically requesting fried and a juice box for my daughter. We get home and there isn't a Joyce box in the bag. I called the restaurant 8324 Cincinnati Dayton Road, West Chester OH 45069. The employee was so rude and told me "just bring it back then" and hung up on me. This is the worst customer service I have ever experience. Please train your employees better! I didn't even get an opportunity to request to speak to a manager. When i called back several times, they refused to answer the phone l. You just lost a valuable customer.

Mrs. Lowry

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Anonymous - 6 d 6 h ago


This restaurant sucks.and it seems the restaurant

Sucks because Corporate Sucks. It starts at the top and trickels down.CONGRATS ON A VERY POOR OPERATION!!!


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rmartins - 6 d 7 h ago


I really think Wendy's is in decline. They get worse with each visit.

Stopped in this evening, stood at counter 5 minutes before being recognized, Ordered caesar salads to go....out of caesar dressing. Dining room a mess. Paper on floor, tables dirty. Checked restroom, have seen better restrooms at gas stations. Counter person barely spoke english, no smile. Handed me the bags, no thank you,,no goodbye. I suggest closing this one and starting over!

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Matt Weber - 6 d 8 h ago


Went to Wendy's on Broad street in Fairborn,Ohio and ordered some dinner for my family. Got a comment from the cook stating we should of f******went to Taco Bell. Standing there with me was my 9 year old daughter. He was angry about the 8 sandwiches he had to make. I am sorry but that is BUSINESS and I am sure you want business. Got the food home and my sandwich was not right and the bacon was burnt. We spent 25 dollars in the store. Since the comment was made to go somewhere else we returned and asked for our money back from the manager whome was very kind and understanding. We let the manager know who it was that made the comment. We did not want Someone that negative and angry about making sandwiches, making our sandwiches.I honestly didn't trust him making the food for my family after his nasty comment in front of my daughter. We live paycheck to paycheck with and extremely busy schedule. So going to get food out is very convenient for us so it is very unfortunate that this happened.

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Anonymous - 6 d 14 h ago

Madam Messieurs:

i would like very much to get in touch with the correct person who is dealing with real estate in New York,:

We owners of real estate in Manhattan and we will have approx. 3500 SF Ground Flood. 3500 SF columns free tax payer at 56 West 8th Street (between 6th Avenue and 5th Avenue

Domino Pizza is in the bloc.

kindly reply

Roberto Camacho

Buchbinder & Warren Realty Group LLC

Director of Commercial Leasing & Sales

One Union Square West

New York, NY 10003

Direct: (hidden)


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Dissatisfied customer - 6 d 15 h ago


Need to change your fries.They are really soggy.And not worth the money

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Anonymous - 7 d 7 h ago

I am unable to get my w2 information,not able to print it says, wrong employ number.Name Yvonne Tolin work at Wendy in lakejackson.

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Emily - 6 d 15 h ago

Hi. Wondering if you got the web site? It got your w2? I'm in same area.

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Brandie Spaur - 13 d 14 h ago


I should not have to do so much work just to get my w2s I shouldn't have to go online or print anything you should send it just like ever one does. I'm very

Angry with this company I will be telling everyone I know it's not with it to work for Wendy's

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Candi - 13 d 13 h ago


I was told since I used to work for them but no longer did that they couldn't help me figure out how to print mine off line because it won't let me register

This company is scum

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Anonymous - 12 d 18 h ago

So how do we get our W2

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Anonymous - 6 d 18 h ago

My daughter in law is having the same problem. The won't give her W-2. They keep giving her the run around on how to obtain it.

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