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The Wendy's Company

1 Dave Thomas Blvd.
Dublin, OH
(614) 764-3100
(614) 764-3330
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Anonymous - 2 h 28 m ago


I use to be a proud customer of Wendy's. I was very very disappointed with service last night. I spent almost 50 dollars on food there and every bit of it tasted terrible. I threw every bit in trash. To far to ride back. Don't think I will be going back. This Wendy's is in Wilmington, NC. We all going through this Coronavirus pandemic. Have no money to waste. Please tighten up y'all game.

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Wally Shearer - 19 h 22 m ago


I want to put in a vote for the #1 WORST Wendy's restaurant . Your store at 16th and Shadeland in Indianapolis is a TERRIBLY MIS - MANAGED restaurant . They have been out of Chili 4 times in the last two weeks . I ordered a large today and the girl on the speaker explained they were out of crackers . When I got to the window , they wanted me to wait 20 minutes until the Chili was done cooking . I asked to buy a frosty while I was waiting , and they were out of that too. This store is always dirty , and looks employed by a bunch of crackheads . What happened to the once Wendy's of the 1990's that were actually a good place to eat ?

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Angry Customer - 1 d ago

So I go to Wendy's at lunch only be called a nigger and be threatened by the manager (he said he will spit in my food). This all happened in front of my 4yr old. I called the corporate office and the young lady on the other end heard it all. I got a police report, so let's see where this goes.

Received calls from David Carrillo and Tom only to be told nothing of the sort happened. Real Classy Wendys

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Megan Wachter - 24 d 5 h ago


Went to wendys last night for dinner @ morrisville pa location. After waiting 20 min in drive thru i was asked to move up and wait. I said no, everytime they ask me to do that i wait twice as long and end up inside getting my own food. Well girl working proceeds to scream to cars behind me that your food is done this bitch wont move. After another 15 min of siiting they ask me what was suppose to be on my sandwhiches and what i ordered. Meanwhile person from car behind me gets out and is banging on my car, throwing stuff at my car, calling me names, and etc. Meanwhile after 35 min they gave me my food. The cars behind me followed me out of parking lot trying tk ram me, and throw things at my car. This one woman followed me for miles trying to run me off the road. I had my kids in the car. I had to call the police and not drive home all due to eating at wendys and what your employees did. I have posted all of this to social media, contacted my local media, i also contacted the health dept cause their was stuff in the burger they gave me, i had to file a police report for the damage to my car, and never ate the food. I WILL NEVER eat at any restaurant tour corporation owns. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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Anonymous - 16 d 21 s ago

Chalk one up for cooking at home and not eating like crap, huh...

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Anonymous - 10 d 14 h ago

Should also have charged for stalking. Harassment, and assault by the employee. If you insist the officer charge them respectively, they have too. If not, you have a whole new case against the city.

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Gilbert T Wright - 2 d 20 h ago

Never eat anything after you have a confrontation with people that cook your food period

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Gilbert T Wright - 2 d 20 h ago

I would like to know why drive- Thru's don't have menu boards on the side so that people waiting in the long lines can know what they want when they get to the window? Every restaurant only has them at the window. This would surely speed things up.

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Barbara Johnson - 3 d 37 s ago


Victoria was our host at the Wendys at Port St. Lucie West in Port St. Lucie, Fl. She has waited on us before(drive-through). Always courteous, quick, and professional. Kudos to her. Would love to see her get promoted. Very hard working and truly cares about customer satisfaction and getting things right. She is a keeper!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 3 d 4 h ago

A man that lost his job because of the coronavirus and doesn't own a car was trying to get food from a drive through in Columbus and no one would help him. No one would order for him and the employees wouldn't let him order. He had gift cards and no other money to buy food anywhere else. Pathetic! Everyone needs help now and everyone that is able needs to help.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago


I think they love ripping people off with there checks. I've started 3 weeks ago and work over 80 hour's for a paycheck and when I went up there to get my check they tell me that my check hasn't come in then when I spoke to the manager she still hasn't told me anything about it. I'm not the only one they did this to a few of my coworkers has had the same problems. I just hate working my a** off and and not get paid for it. Food great but company's service to it's employees is a complete (0).

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A employee - 8 d 14 h ago

Y hasn't my check been direct deposited in to my

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A Hemorrhoid Cream Entrepreneur - 5 d 21 h ago


R.I.P. "A employee"

An outstanding service person to the Wendy's conglomerate, they only wanted to have their check direct deposited to an unknown area. Before they could finish their question, they were sniped by an elite shooter at the behest of Wendy's corporate office; a grave injustice indeed. How long before the truth is revealed? How far must people go to get their checks direct deposited? To the despicable corporate overseers reading this, what evil truths do you seek to cover up? The actions by the corporate branches of the Wendy's empire are vehement and filled with vitriol, stinking of vile retribution for relatively inconsequential questions. Any individual who claims to have an open mind, please read this and rise up against the stench of tyranny in the name of liberty, justice, and knowing why checks haven't been direct deposited. I have, however, given a rating of 5 stars due to the sheer efficiency and skill of the sniper in question. If this is read, please pay him my respects for their skill.


A Humble Man Searching for Justice

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Victoria Sawyer - 6 d 46 s ago


Hardeeville SC is by far THE worst Wendy's I have been to! Cussing at customers from drive through window, cussing from inside the store, orders are always wrong, employees rude and very disrespectful! Food is not always hot or fresh! Mold on buns! When told about the girl behind the counter said and I quote, "So! I give a damn! This store needs to be shut down! I will eat at Burger King next door for now on!

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T - 6 d 16 h ago


The girl Tara working at drive thru Levittown, Pa calls the customer bitches. Real professional wendy's

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Pat, Mentor OH - 6 d 19 h ago


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Rick Smith - 7 d 16 h ago

Your breakfast sandwiches are not good because your eggs are way too flat you need to sort a copy McDonnells where they put it in a circular thing so you have some egg that shows you got egg

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

Wendy's won't even give me my w2

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Dick - 8 d 19 h ago


Why are you allowing employees to dump out there trash in your sister in the North Utica restaurant and why is your management allowing miner to work over there time frame and why is it your allowing drug deals to go down in and around that restaurant ?????

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Maria - 9 d 1 h ago


I would like to make a complaint about the wendys in old bridge NJ. My minor daughter works there and today she called me to tell me that another employee, named Patrice, ripped her hat off her head. What kind of work environment does this company condone where another employee is putting hands on other people's kid. I also found out her daughter is a manager at the same Wendy's as well. Basically, this employee thinks it is ok to do this because her daughter is a manager and won't do anything to her mother? I am going to call the district manager and talk with her see what happens, my next steps are contacting the police, and an attorney because if nobody from the company will do it I will have to make sure this does not happen to any other person. You should feel safe at your work environment not feel unsafe. I do understand not everyone gets along but to actually put your hands on someone else that should not be happening at a job

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Unbelieveable awful service - 10 d 2 m ago


Wendys on West Bypass and Kearney

I would just like to start by saying how completely unprofessional and rude the managers and the district manager Stephanie Johnson (who also claimed to be corporate) were over a screw up on their end.

I ordered food, i live 25 minutes away. Got home and realized they messed up my order. I called and spoke with a gentleman who said he was a manager, he was very friendly and apologized. Had i known this would turn around on me i would have got his name.. i guess as a customer its my responsibility to make sure to take down all details when your company messes up. However, he told me to come back in the evening to have my 3 large chilis replaced. I went today to get my 3 large chilis to be treated like a thief. First Ed the manager at the first window sat and argued with me for a good 10 minutes, even after asking for a manager above him. After asking for corporate he got me Stephanie Johnson the district manager who continued to argue with me and at the end said well i can give you the chilis, but that is not our policy and we NEVER do that. At this point im too mad to even want the chili that was now stolen because i paid for a product i didnt get. Something needs to happen asap or they will lose a ton of customers

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Anonymous - 22 d 12 h ago

My 17 year old Daughter works for Wendy's here in Elko Nevada, not only does she hold down a part time job but she also maintains a 3.0 grad average all while helping her father and I raise her 5 siblings. This child is absolutely Amazing, I do Not Appreciate the fact that someone her elder and superiors treat her with the level of disrespect that not only I have heard personally over my blue tooth in my car but have witnessed in person. I do not Appreciate when my daughter calls in 6 hours early to inform her supervisor that she won't make it back to town on time to get to her scheduled shift and her supervisor Dusty speaks to my child rudely and threatens her that if she dosen't doesn't get her own shift coverd she will receive a write up ... I don't think so Dusty !!! I dont think so... she had already put in the time off from February 28th until March 6th. I know ,I had her put in that time because her sister had a hockey tournament that weekend and we had a funeral to attend that monday. I am Extremely IRATE at the WENDY'S SUPERVISOR at Wendy's ELKo... STOP BULLYING MY CHILD DUSTY!!! This Momma Bear is PISSED off and I want answers as to why this woman is EMPLOYED by Your Company???

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Anonymous - 16 d ago

So, she is almost an adult and she can't take care of it herself? That doesn't look good for her. Also, why do you keep capitalizing the wrong letters in mid sentence? I get that moms get mad, that's cool, but she needs to stand up for herself.

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Anonymous - 10 d 14 h ago

So says the spammer, Mr Anonymous.

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Anonymous - 10 d 14 h ago

You should call the Department of Labor (DOL) at 1(hidden). You will then be transferred to a local office. There are over 200 local offices around the country. Your local office will help you complete a claim for unpaid wages. This works, I have done it.

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