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The Wendy's Company

1 Dave Thomas Blvd.
Dublin, OH
(614) 764-3100
(614) 764-3330
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Connie - 2 h 24 m ago


To :People in charge of interior design of Wendys stores

One design does not fit all stores.

Why isn't someone checking the demograpics of each store.

Ex. Vestal, Ny a college town good design. We went twice won't go again. WE are older and seating was a problem.

Binghamton, NY blue collar workers, older and lots of drive thru business

Binghamton, NY upper front st. Mostly older people, families, students from sports events and practices and buses

Why would you put in high tables and chairs when many, many customers are older, At Vestal the chairs clang. A little carpet would go a long way to make Front Street family friendly and skip putting in a lot of high tables when you start to redo the store.

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Plz contact me - 7 h 20 m ago


I have read about plastic pollution, one person said that they had emailed your restaurant and said about this topic, but that you didn't care. I ask you this, Please stop using plastic straws. In 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. And you will be apart of that process. If you don't reply with an answer, people with think that you don't care about the environment and animals. I promise that if you don't stop or reply to this, I promise I will email everyone I know and post everything about how you won't stop polluting and everyone will never want to eat your food again. *If they know the food that you are eating* And trust me, I KNOW.

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Earn respect - 1 d 12 h ago


I worked in wendys in ormond beach fla gm karen browner district manager diane wiggins. Karen browner is so unprofessional. She contradicts herself all the time and always throwing people under the bus so she wont be looked at. She told me that I had to earn her employees respect......uh what?? Her nice attitude it's fake she talks behind people back a gm of wendys for 17 years should be and do a better job. The district and gm are working together against employees they dont like lowkey.

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Question - 1 d 17 h ago

Are the managers suppose to warn you before they write you up..over what they are writing you up for....or just write you up without communicating with you..

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Maybe you can follow burger king's emample - 2 d ago

FYI chicken patty at Burger King is $1.99. Cheaper than Wendy's $2.50 and they have no problems ringing up the order, they also make less mistakes and if they do they offer better remedy like giving you a free meal to make it right.

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Rhiannon - 2 d ago


I recently got a job at the Wendy's in Mountain Home, Arkansas and they have not really trained me. They have not let me shadow someone, nor told me when the newest schedule is posted or completed, and after I gave my 2 week notice two of the mangers were whispering about me, and a lot of the other employees were giving me dirty looks. Also they have only been giving me 3 to 4 hour shifts only a few days a week. They claim it is to get me used to things, but in all honesty for me to get used to things they need to be giving me longer shifts and have me on the schedule more than just 2 to 3 days a week.

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Garnetta Johnson - 2 d ago

Every time I go to the Wendy's on s Arlington St in Akron Ohio.. they keep messing up my order.. I'm get quite tired of not having my right food!! I will start going somewhere else until you guys get your stuff together!! It cost to much money not to have your complete order.. I'm done with this bs period!! You lost a customer!!

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Disappointed customer - 2 d ago


Horrible. Person taking order said only one person working is reason I waited 10 minutes to order in drive thru at suppertime and while ordering he was talking to someone else. So I chose to not complete my order and left. Very disappointed. Kenwood Ave location in Cincinnati, Ohio needs to get it together because they've been operating very poorly for about 2 years.

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Susan Higginbotham - 2 d 4 h ago


I visited our go to Wendy's today and I was disappointed,

Dining room was not clean, drink machine was covered with splashed syrup, ice was was flying out ofmachine.

I won't be going back. So sad, saw the same thing happen at another location that closed a few years ago.

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Andrea - 2 d 5 h ago


Went to Wendy's urbana asked for a double stack cheese everything on it except pickle and mustard and I got a hamburger with cheese on it And onions called out there said they got it wrong she went back out got it again and I got a hamburger with nothing on it except lettuce and tomato and the receipt was right and had everything I asked and I still didn't get it two times around in urbana Ohio Tried to call him and now they won't answer the phone urbana is ruining your Wendy's nobody goes there anymore because I can never get it right

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Floyd Hildebrand - 2 d 5 h ago


Store # 00001750 was full of flies and many tables were dirty. Staff was all chatting behind the counter. They could have been cleaning tables and killing flies.

Flagged for review. 
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Mickey vert unhappy. - 3 d 26 s ago


My husband and I took our 10 year old grandson who is in a power wheelchair to Wendy's 00000984 store on Saturday April 21at 12:32 pm. We parked in a wheelchair handicap parking space that had the yellow crosswalk through the drive thru line onto the w/c ramp. The door into the restaurant was locked. My grandson would have had to back all the way off the walkway and back through the drive thru traffic to find another door. I ask my husband to stay with him and I will ask them to unlock the door. I had to walk back into the drive thru traffic to get to the door just on the other side of the locked door. It was not handicap accessible. I went in and opened the door for him from the inside. Once inside I went to an employee and told them the door was locked. The employee stated she would tell someone. A few minutes later, a lady I assumed was a manager because she was in plain clothes, no uniform, came out and put a sign on the women's restroom door then went out to the locked door. I assumed she was unlocking it. We had a terrible experience with the food, the order was not correct, it took forever. Then I had to go to the bathroom and the sign she had put on the door stated it was out of order. When we left, we checked out the door and she had not unlocked it, but had but a handwritten sign on the door (which I have a picture of) saying , Please use other door. thank you for your business, sorry. This is not acceptable. On the other side of the building there is a lowered sidewalk, but by no means is it a w/c ramp. And again it was on the other side of the building. I am very disappointed with the whole experience. I also called the phone # on the receipt and talked to Paco on Saturday and was told a District Manager would call me back. This has not happened, that is why I am sending this message.

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June - 3 d ago

I,m handicapped I use a remote hoveround wheelchair, and can not open Wendy's door...It's not fair how we get treated, if they have a ramp they should have handicap doors for us.....

Maybe they will fix the problem...

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June - 3 d ago


I,m handicapped I use a remote hoveround wheelchair, and can not open Wendy's door. ..One day I took my hoveround to walmart on the way home was very thirsty, when I got to Wendy's I tryed to get in but could not I had to leave ...Why have a handicap ramp ( when people like me and there are a lot ) when you don't have handicap doors.....

Please can you help and put handicap doors in Please!

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Lexington ky - 3 d 1 h ago


Hello, I am an employee at Wendy's. The managers are disgusting.they will try to talk to minors about having sex. One manager tried to give me his number to call at night I'm only 17.the workers talk sexual to eachother & have inappropriate body language. They also say racial slurs. They head manager doesn't have 2 minors listed as minors & work the till 12 sometimes till 2 on school nights. My friend that worked with me quit because the assistant manager kept calling him names. They are very unclean &unprofessional.they only follow thru with certain rules when they know the higher ups are coming. The managers let's certain employees get away with things. I've seen some employees come to work high or drunk and the managers know. I feel something needs to be done

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Lexington ky - 3 d ago

I was 16 at the time

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Cher not happy - 3 d 20 h ago


Hello, my disabled son loves your grilled chicken but doesn't want bun. At the chicago Wendy's on 118th street they said they could ring it in for $2.50. He likes your grilled chicken better than mine. This is my complaint, 4/22/2018 Wendy's in merrillville Indiana on merrillville rd. (Alexa) stated she can't ring it up. I told her it's (add grilled ) and they are $2.50. She said if Icant ring it up I cant give it to you. I said they are $2.50 a piece plus tax comes to $5.35. I told her I'll wait until they can figure it out, her Manager was taking orders same guy I had problems with in the past two times. Can't put the blame totally on the employee when the Manager is also unable to ring in a grilled chicken patty. She said "I dont give a shit about your chicken pull up we have other customers" I asked her if she can call someone who knows how to ring it up. (This should have been figured out from the last two times) I have had success at this store before and they have rung it up correctly so why this manager and why this employee with a bad mouth. I told her I would pull around. So waited for them at the speaker to acknowledge me, she said we know what you want pull up. I said did you figure it out she said no. (So I assumed they aren't going to try.) at the window again (now15 minutes in line) and she is just saying the same thing, so I asked for her name after she told me to drive around again. Oh just FYI, i then went to Wendy's in Hammond on 165th street store #3433 and they were great and the employee was brand new and they showed her how to ring it in. Going to Hammond or Chicago, never again to Merrillville, I dont care if I'm starving. Bad Manager bad employee. Oh the time was 10pm until 1015pm April 22.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago

Yes mam or sir I live in Las vegas NV and the streets and neighborhood I live in they aint got no fast food here off of Lamb and Sahara ave. We have have to travel 4 to 6 miles to go to a Wendys and just on the outside of my subdivision there is 8 acres of just flat land for sale trust me it is a hot spot for a Wedys resturant you' ll need to jump on it before taco bell or burger king trust me its a hot spot for food resturant we have nothing on sahara ave.its 8 acres for sale thank you for your time.

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Vincent Morello - 4 d 2 h ago

I'm wondering why an employee would be sent 20 miles away every time another store needs help when in fact that employee is doing a good job where he was his traveling that extra 20 miles makes it harder for that assistant manager paying extra fuel means he's making less pay then a regular employee

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Anonymous - 4 d 8 h ago


Every time I go to the Wendy's on Stage Road in Bartlett Tennessee they only take one car order then serves them then takes another order then serves them literally takes 30 minutes for 3 to 4 cars get served at the Wendy's out here and it's a every timet I happened

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Anonymous - 4 d 9 h ago

I'm writing to review the Wendy's we refer to as next to our downtown Publix in Stuart, Florida. Repeatedly errors are made on orders regardless as to how many times you repeat it. The problem is most staff hardly speak English even those who work the drive thru. As a Catholic I don't need to be lectured on Jesus when I complain the order us wrong again. Get your business in order. I want what I order with good American dollars.

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Dianna - 6 d 14 m ago

I will never eat at Wendy's again this is April 20, 2018 went to the drive-through the girls screwed up our drinks so I pulled over to make sure our order was right it wasn't she didn't give me all the hamburgers I order she did not give me my chili and still have a kids hamburger she gave me chicken nuggets I went inside I told her and she walked away another girl came up to help us but the chili was called French fries had so much salt on it you could not Eat it and when I went inside all the teenagers were standing around laughing and talking and then they want 15 bucks an hour are usually don't complain because are used to work in a restaurant but this was ridiculous and they did give me a child hamburger but they burn it I will tell everybody in our town and put it on Facebook do not eat at Wendy's maybe you should chan eat it and when I went inside all the teenagers were standing around laughing and talking and then they want 15 bucks an hour are usually don't complain because are used to work in a restaurant but this was ridiculous and they did give me a child hamburger but they burn it I will tell everybody in our town and put it on Facebook do not eat at Wendy's maybe you should Train your people in the Centralia wa store used to be good but when you got a bunch of teenagers in there talking to laugh and not paying attention that's enough for me Best gets zero stars

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Anonymous - 6 d 49 s ago


I went to Wendys, Airport hwy. in Toledo Ohio. I ordered a double with cheese, decided to eat it on the way home the sandwhich was cold as ice and cheese was not melted on sandwhich, I looked for a receipt no receipt in bag also ????

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Pissed off Nana - 6 d 6 h ago


I went to Wendy's on East Liberty Street in York, SC 29745. I ordered a single no onions, 6 piece nuggets with sweet and sour sauce and a medium half sweet/half unsweet tea with lemon. When I got the window the server tried to hand me a small drink. After telling her that was the wrong drink she got an attitude and said she would re make. She told another server who had just come in from outside and did not wash her hands to make the drink. She handed me the drink and said "have a good day" and closed the window. I waited until she opened the window again and asked "where is my food?" and she snapped and said "in your stomach". I gave her a look and then she went and got the food.

Needless to say this pissed me off. The order was wrong when I returned to work and because I had spent most of my lunch time waiting for them to mess up the order, I didn't have time to go back. I poured the drink out because that "lady" was nasty in not washing her hands. She didn't give me a receipt and nuggets were loose in the bottom of the bag along with fries I did not order.

Won't be going back to this Wendy's anytime soon and it's a shame I enjoy their food, but the workers are rude.

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Anonymous - 6 d 10 h ago

Somebody better due more supervision ,cooks are singing and carrying on in front of customers.

This is at the Wendy's on William Marks drive in the borough of Munhall.

This has been happening for quite sometime.

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