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The Wendy's Company

1 Dave Thomas Blvd.
Dublin, OH
(614) 764-3100
(614) 764-3330
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Anonymous - 9 h 38 m ago


The management staff at Wendy's in Watchung, NJ, lacks managerial and communication skills. As a teenager entering the workforce, I have had a terrible experience working at this location as they do not know how to properly train new employees and expects for you to be a mind reader. One manager in particular is Dana who has no idea what it takes to be an effective manager.

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Jvc - 9 h 41 m ago


Saw a commercial last night for a biggie deal for 5 dollars. I never eat at Wendy's but I thought I would give it a try. The food was fine but they charged me 5.55 for the biggie deal. I realized this when I looked at my receipt. I went out to my car and pulled it up on line to confirm I was not losing my mind. When my food was handed to my I questioned the charge and was told it was 5.55. Don't really care about the .55 cents but I hate being lied to. Goodby Wendy's.

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J D. - 4 d 2 h ago


How doses an elderly person open your sour cream packages. You need a knife or scissors to open these.It is time to replace these lousy dispencers with something more user friendly. The current packages are unaceptable.The instructions read tear to open. Good luck with that.

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Anonymous - 1 d 31 s ago

get your own sour cream bud

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Anonymous to anonymouse - 18 h 10 m ago


Is that you mouse?

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Dee - 6 d 5 h ago


Tuesday, July 16, 2019 Good Morning! To: TODD A. PENEGOR | Wendy's Corporate Owner Re: Terrible! Horrible! No Good! Very Bad! Food experience at Wendy's I would like my $ back! $4.25. I do NOT want a coupon for Wendy's~ ___ For 7+ years, a group of friends (5 - 12) and I would all meet 3 times a week- at Wendy's on 17/92 - Winter Park, FL. The location was perfect. The food was superb. The service was exceptional. ___ Wendy's on 17/92 was our "go to place. " Then, after 7 plus years at this same location, our Wendy's disappeared. I am curious. Why did this location close? ____ I have not eaten at a Wendy's for 10 + years. There is not a Wendy's close by in Winter Park, small town next to Orlando, FL. _____ Yesterday, Monday, July 15, I was waiting for friends at 1:50 pm the Wendy's (#18008871) across the street from Advent Health Hospital aka formerly Florida Hospital. __ While waiting for friends to pick me up, I ordered a cod fish sandwich. @ 2400 North Orange Ave. (hidden) ________ The 4-color large picture of the Cod Sandwich was posted on the register in visible place. The 4-color picture grabbed my attention. I love fish. I love Cod. I paid $4.25 and quickly received my Cod Sandwich. __ I want my $4.25 back. I do NOT want a coupon. __ This sandwich was terrible! The lettuce was white - not green as in the picture. There was perhaps- less than 1 ounce of cod fish - if at that - at the most. ____ 99% of the Cod sandwich was not cod, but breaded. I was shocked. Why would Wendy's even bother to serve such poor quality? __ My friends pulled up outside for me and I left Wendy's - and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Wendy's experience and Wendy's Cod Sandwich. __ I do NOT want a coupon from Wendy's. I want a full refund. $4.25. I am disappointed. ___ I am curious, What happened to Wendy's? Did Wendy's sell to another company? __ Why did Wendy's on highway 17/92 in Winter Park, close down years ago? It was packed 24/7. Excellent team spirit there. __ I am not going to bother to Take Your Survey. ___ Plus, Wendy's Corporate Media Relations refused to respond to my email. Instead of a polite response - they spammed me with junk. ___ Thank you for your prompt attention. ___ Do not send me any coupons for Wendy's. I want a full refund. __________________________________________________________

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

you can suggma for $4.25?

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Anonymous - 18 h 13 m ago


Dee, They are selling franchises to greedy turd world and middle east people with money. And they only care about money not the customers.

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Bojan M - 2 d ago


At 8:34pm today i visited the Hickory Ridge Rd location in greensboro nc. I was a passenger in my mothers vehicle but was the individual whom ordered the food. At the drive thru, i used to visit everyday for lunch until recently i was involved in a heavy accident that has left me unable to drive. So i finally get around to getting my fix (wendys) and had a $2 off coupon so i decide to order a Baconator combo large (coke no ice) instead of the usual biggie bag i used to get. The total was 11 and change then with the coupon it was 8 and change. After a longer than normal wait i get the food. To my surprise it is my standard lunch bigge bag :/ i let the wendys lady know about the mistake and she insisted that the baconator is the same thing -_- i know it isnt. She tried to argue saying i got free nuggets out of the deal and i should be happy... But i know better and let her know if i got a biggie bag and used my $2 off coupon why on earth was my total almost $9?!?! She was not wearing a name tag unfortunately, nor did i receive a receipt. I decided to let her "win" the argument as she did not have the slightest intentions on correcting the problem or charging me the correct amount. (My elderly mother being the driver i couldn't allow myself to match her attitude, i would have loved to though.) so we drove off. At the first intersection i gave the entire order away to a homeless panhandler and we drove to the west market street wendys to purchase the correct items. Because a Baconator craving has no substitute (ever)! Obviously i am highly upset about the whole ordeal mainly because i have not been able to drive myself anywhere since my accident. This is my first EVER complaint written/verbal to any establishment and i hope i never get this kind of service and pay PREMIUM price for the service i received tonight. (i do not want a pitty party because i am unable to for myself any longer but i would like this fixed and to have the employee at least take a hospitality class

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Dr. Phil - 1 d ago


It sounds like you have a unhealthy desire to consume these "Baconator meals", you should see a diabetes therapist

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Jan - 1 d 10 h ago


Went to 400 s 3rd st Jacksonville fl

Walked in restaurant, the server very nice, but was approached by 2 homeless people HANGING OUT in store asked me for money, the other asked me WHATS going on. Anyway they sat down , just sitting no food or nothing they were just in restaurant. Another came into restaurant sat down unpacking his bags and so forth asked me for money. The manager paid no attention. The tea machine was broken, the spout, dirty bathrooms, . WENDYS used to be so good and tasty, this was terrible food, buns old, cold fries, nasty chin tenders, the whole experience was just completely uncalled for as it could of been avoided if employees just cared about things other then paycheck. It was 11:35am, the teenager who took my order was the best out of all of it, however something NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS PARTICULAR LOCATION!!!!!! Just hopefully someone will read this and give a darn !!

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Sam F. - 1 d 7 h ago


Jan, Welcome to the New World Ordure.

* Don't give "homeless" any money. Ask them for a picture state ID. If they refuse to show you call the sheriff dept. and they will go to jail. They need to have a state picture ID.

Way to many "homeless" people are Not homeless and they make more money than you or me without working. Scam artists.

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Rob - 1 d 8 h ago


Location: 819 N. Nelson Rd. Columbus, OH. (2:00 on 7/22/19)

Who's could be the worst fast food experience I've ever had:

The floors were sticky.

The wait to order was over 10 minutes (and was only one party ahead of us).

Once we ordered, we waited about 10 minutes to get our food.

Our orders were not correct, and the server was asking us what was in our order.

The food machine was out of many selections.

The French fries tasted like the oil was old.

Very disappointing after eating at Wendy's for over 35 years. It was so bad, my wife said we would have had meal at White Castle (which is inedible). Hard to believe this is in Corporate HQ's backyard.

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Anonymous - 2 d 2 h ago

I am really disappointed in Wendy's I went and got food they put bacon on my burgers and when they said they'll replace it I went to get it replaced and they will not replace it I don't understand that

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Anonymous - 2 d 7 h ago


Wendy's on Lake Murray Boulevard the food was prepared sloppy the fries were cold the service was not really good a used to be a great place to eat now it's just a place you just don't want to go to eat

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Anonymous - 13 d 11 h ago


I am an employee of the Wendy's in North Smithfield Eddie dowling highway. I want to complain about the main manager, Miguelina. She is not respectful to her employees she expects us to respect her. We're always short on staff but never on her shifts. But she expects you to come into work when she tells you too. And if you say you're busy when she wants you to come in before your scheduled time she gets mad and needs you to tell her what you're doing so she can call them excuses. I'm about ready to quit but I just wanted to express my emotions about Miguelina.

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Anonymous - 5 d 4 h ago

You are a loser working at a shitty fast food place. Go to school. Get a real job!

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W. F.Cone - 4 d 11 h ago



Migueline is a mestizaline. She needs to go suck on a big borrito.

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Sarah - 3 d 5 h ago

Same at our location in Kansas City, mo she. Schedule people. But don't have enough on staff. She didn't ask me why had to sit down. You doctor note for that. I can't even go a dam doctor. Got money or health insurance. Need leave the store this new general manger.

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Pamela Gassaway - 4 d 14 h ago


People from our church..our pastor his wife his 3 daughters and famiies went to wendys last eveni July 17th in galion ohio.We frequently go there because of convenience and good food..we walk in to order the Pastors wife noticed one of the employees rolling their eyes at of the daughters and myself wanted to order food to go..there were 6 employees back by the drive thru..some looked and totally ignored us we stood there for around 8 minutes and noticed they were talking to each other...We are questioning going back there and we did miss seeing the previous mgr..he was always polite..I feel that cooporate needs to investigate the store or they may loose alot of customers..Sincerely Pam (hidden)

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Mike - 5 d 4 h ago

Wendy's on Dewey Ave in Greece, NY has incompetent workers unable to get a simple order right. After getting home and realizing my order was wrong I spoke to an employee, but after explaining she handed the phone to a manager and I clearly heard her say "I don't have time to deal with this". It's her job! Sending me a coupon is a shitty manager response. Fuck Wendy's.

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Disgusted Customer - 5 d 9 h ago


I went to Wendy's restaurant located at 610 William Marks Drive Homestead, PA 15120 this afternoon July 17, 2019

While in line I observed an employee (whom I found out was the Manager named Matt) placing fries and nuggets in the containers and customer bags without gloves. So by the time I placed my order I observed Matt scratching his head/hair and his hands/fingers did in fact touch the fries as he was scooping them and placing them in the customers bags. I asked the employee that took my order if he (Matt the manager) could put gloves on while handling my food. The customer in front of me asked as well. Matt (the manager) said "No I am not putting on gloves...we are not required to wear gloves when handling the fries and nuggets because we use tongs to handle them." I responded "Sir, I just seen you scratch your head/hair and did in fact touch the food with your hands as a customer I'm asking you to put some gloves on while serving my food." He said no and walked away. I asked for my money back and said he did not have to be a jerk. He then walked up to the counter and yelled "Go Fu#$%&^ Die!" Matt repeated that a couple times along with other expletives and told then yelled "Get the FU@$ out of his restaurant!" I then began recording Matt and asked Matt to repeat himself. Matt then changed his tone a bit and asked me to leave. Finally an employee returned my money and the customers in front of me. I cannot believe Wendy's would allow such a rude and disrespectful person to represent their name and leadership. This situation could have been handled several different ways besides Matt the manager being vulgar and insulting a customer as he did. I am completely DISGUSTED!!

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J - 6 d ago


Wendy's visit 7-12-2019

When opening the Wendy's Company home page I was drawn to the star rating out of possible 5. I immediately knew I was in the right place.

Once reading all the reviews I began to think to myself "guess it doesn't matter at all to Corporate just how many terrible reviews they actually get. I decided to send in one more terrible review just in case anyone at Corporate gives a damn.

We had been traveling for some time and wanted a dinner break so we ended up at your 2212 Chesney Hwy. store in SC. Immediately by the look of the outside we could tell we may be taking our chances. We were so right.

We walked in and there was a rancid smell welcoming us, I waited in line (thinking we should just leave now) listening to a real jerk taking orders like he started yesterday with zero training. I placed my order after numerous back and forth dumb questions. When my order finally came I could smell the French fries had been burned. I asked the girl (with the half shaved head) to remake them as they were burnt and her reply was "this is old oil and needs to be replaced". I looked dumfounded and said replace it so my fries taste normal. She repeated the same thing over in disgust! Another guy gave me new fries that weren't quite as bad but were oil soaked and soggy. Truthfully the whole crew looked spaced out and their clothes were dirty with "whatever"

The tables/chairs were sticky and the floors had lots of loose paper and such everywhere. The men's room was atrocious and smelled as if there wasn't any cleaning for months. My wife was afraid to go into the ladies room.

This location needs a complete renovation at the least. My recommendation is if you have to stop in this area never, never, never ever go to this Wendy's

I'm hoping for this location that there is at least "one" smart employee at Corporate reading these reviews does something about it before the Board of Health does by shutting it down.

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Cathy - 6 d 6 h ago

Worst experience ever yesterday!!! Clerk was hugging register screen when we entered. Acted like we were interrupting her.

We brought OUR OWN MUGS to get refills with our order. Clerk debated if we EVEN COULD do that. Finally said OK. Charged us $2.29 for each drink. McDonald's charges $1.00 for BOTH!!! Burger King $1.00 for each.

The manager was not friendly either.

We will NEVER be back again here.

We were at store #00003188 in Sandy, UT

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Shawn - 6 d 7 h ago


Wendy's is a bad place to eat employees high, don't know what they have, rude,, nasty, orders be wrong, food cold, mangers be cursing. Wendy's need a make over or do over from the inside I won't eat there no more and I will tell everyone that will listen. I want my money back

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