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Thriftway Foods

8109 Interstate 30 # 3000
Little Rock, AR
Jerry Davis
Chief Executive Officer
(501) 455-3590
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Frustrated - 9 d 3 h ago


I am not happy with the recent switch in Thriftway stores to Essential Everyday products. I've tried several, because my budget relies heavily on store brands, and Thriftways are the only store available to me in a 20 mile radius (Okies, Naselle; Pioneer, South Bend; Everybody's, Raymond). I live in Bay Center, WA.

The quality of Essential products is so poor that more than once the bulk of the contents have ended up getting thrown away. I can't afford to try any more of the products -- they are simply too low-quality for my family. Most unfortunate has been the switch to Essential Dairy products. I will not buy milk products from ethically deficient, mass-sourced dairies, and now Essential milk products have become the majority of the milk offerings at all my local Thriftway stores.

I will likely now end up like my friends, making a 80-mile round trip to Astoria, Oregon once a weekend, to buy better food at lower prices. I used to be able to find enough appropriate offerings at my local Thriftway markets, and felt good about supporting them ( and appreciate the convenience) -- I knew I was paying a bit more than I needed to, but wise shopping choices and the convenience of the locations made it economically acceptable. However, now that the cheapest (store brand) options are such awful quality, and I cannot reliably find milk that I will buy, I am out of options. I will not sacrifice the quality of the food I feed my family for convenience, or to strengthen your bottom line.

Your choices are affecting my choices. If I don't find a better range of offerings at my local Thriftways within my budget, I'll be forced to shop in a much less convenient way, and you will have lost a long-time customer, permanently.

By the way, your website contact page doesn't work. I've tried to email via the Thriftway website several times, and haven't had any success, no matter how I fill in the boxes -- instead, always get a message "We're sorry, but something's gone wrong".

I couldn't agree more.

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Mr. Burns - 14 d ago


The location on 63rd Street in Kansas City Missouri needs new management and mediately the debit cards the EBT cards is not accepting any car to not only that it's in the perfect location there are three schools around it where I know parents pick up their kids their other businesses around and for the place to look how it looks I'm starting to think it's intentional because of the location. There's no way this should be failing so the high traffic at all. But again this might be intentional

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Fred Gross - 19 d 20 h ago


Okay so common courtesy or helping out customers with their groceries is quite elusive at the Thriftway on California Avenue in West Seattle in Washington I've called to complain and instead of plan to remedy the situation I was given a bunch of ridiculous excuses there is no excuse you are the manager you have the power to make sure every courtesy clerk and Checker offer help out services there is no excuse how did this person become the manager Brian how it's ridiculous it's time to bring in Undercover Boss so you could see for yourself how horrible Thriftway does but yet has the nerve to charge twice what regular stores charge and are they not getting paid to be courteous and helpful anybody can stand up there and scan groceries it's a no-brainer job the main job is courtesy is it not!!! F****** losers

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Nurse for Life - 159 d 15 h ago


I have grave concerns about the Montesano, Wa Thriftway store. Upon entering the store you are first overcome by flooring which is kept together with duct tape. Overhead there still hang decor from 30 years ago. More importantly I have on several occasions picked very expired food off the shelves. When I notified the clerks, they really didn't seem concerned. Produce quality is marginal-frequently molding when I get it home. In the "floral" area all of their equipment needed to make arrangements is merely sitting out in the open for customers to see; and in quite disarray. There is a large role up door covered with plastic swinging by the breeze.

The Thriftway in nearby Olympia looks beautiful. Not sure why ours is so dinghy. The owners refuse to clean, update, etc. please help.

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Disgruntled Senior - 89 d ago


I agree with Nurse for life. This store is beyond filthy! They are holding our senior citizens hostge with thier high prices and expired foods. The Ice Cream is always soft and half the time has been refrozen. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Justin - 244 d ago


Customer service is all but dead.

I went to lunch at Stadium Thriftway , I asked the deli person could I have my own style of sandwich made she concur .. It started off on the wrong foot bye putting cream cheese on the bread without asking me ,I said politely um could you make them without cream cheese , she begins to tell me how they "Usually make them" .. cool but I clearly asked you to make my own ( didnt say but thinking ) .

It seemed after the supervisor and the deli lady had spoke both had a attitude .. The story Progresses with the supervisor rudely handing me my sandwich LIKE I had all but cussed her out , when getting to office the sandwhich was smashed it was flat as a pancake with no lettuce , tomato or onion ..

I called up the deli and supervisor ( the same women ) to inform them of my experience and how unprofessional and rude she was . Her reply " I'm like that with everybody.. "We will have to see about that" !!

I'll be going up there tomorrow to speak to the manager this is Unacceptable !

Stadium Thriftway....

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Anonymous Iowan - 1 y ago


The Glenwood Newman's Grocery Store that carries Best Choice brands had 3-week outdated meat products and a family member of mine got sick from it. When I was shopping for other items I noticed MANY outdated meat and produce items and it was very low-quality. Everything else grocery-wise that I bought was fine--the meat products need to be checked for expiration dates on a regular basis--because 3-week outdated meat items can make people sick.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

On November 23 I was accused of concealing items in my purse without paying for them. I am still dumbfounded as to why I was accused of this, as I DID NOT put anything in my purse nor attempt to take anything without paying for it. Not that this should matter, and it's pretty disgusting its even worth mentioning, but I am a 35 year old very nicely dressed and well put together Caucasian female. I do not look "poor". The store I was in is located in a very white, middle to upper class part of town, and going by looks I fit right in. I've lived less than a mile from the store up until 2 years ago my whole life and have been going there since I was a kid.

I had a basket as I was there mainly to grab my son a pastry or something 4 breakfast. I was looking in their skin product section, my son loves bath bombs & it looked like they had some on sale. They also had a great sale on Poopouri, which works so good, but is on the pricey side. I grabbed a bottle of Poopouri, and that was about the time I was asked by a female employee if I needed help with anything. I told her I was just looking, mainly 4 bath bombs 4 my son but thank you. I continued browsing for a couple minutes more with my friend, who entered the store with me. She is also a Caucasian (Jewish) middle class looking female. We looked at a couple items in that section together, and were quickly approached my the female who asked if I needed help a few minutes prior and an older gentleman. He was very rude, told us they knew what we were doing, told us to empty our purses right there in the middle of the crowded store, said they saw us on camera, and some other things I can't remember as I was so upset by that point. Immediately upon being asked we readily emptied out purses, as that was the best way to prove we didn't steal anything, of course neither of us had anything. While this was going on people were staring, we were both asking why they were doing this, please show us the camera footage they were speaking of, just give us something as to why we were being treated this way. At no time did we receive an apology or an explination as to why they were treating us like thieving criminals. We were told to leave, we were not welcome back and he had called the police. While this was going on my friend was yelling at them & acting very angry, while I started crying and didn't raise my voice as much, as I just wanted to get out of there so people would stop staring at me, thinking I was a thief and was being apprehended, at a grocery stole of all places! Four times out of five I run into someone I know when I shop there. It was so humiliating being treated that way in public, and not given any explination treats to why, or an apology when no items were found in my purse or on my person. We waited outside the store 4 the police, as we wanted them to come, maybe then we could see the "video" footage, or hear the employee's reasoning for handling the situation in such a shitty way. After waiting @ least half hour we had to leave as feeding my son was the reason we were there in the first place. I just want the employees that did this to us to know how traumatizing the incident was, everyone in the crowded store looking @ us, stopping to watch the "show", being treated like scum, and then not even getting a single apology. All I'd like to know is why? Why do you feel it's ok to treat an innocent person so terribly and why did you not feel I was owed an apology after it became obvious u were mistaken? What did I do to make these people at STADIUM THRIFTWAY feel they were justified in treating me like a piece of garbage? Shame on u Stadium Thriftway, and until I get a sincere apology I so obviously deserve, I am going to keep posting on your Facebook page, even if you keep immediately erasing it, calling corporate headquarters until I speak with an actual person, and telling everyone I know who shops there what happened, like everyone who works 4 my dads law firm down the street. Jerks.

Flagged for review. 
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Leah Reisberg - 1 y ago

Thanksgiving day 2017 i entered Stadium Thriftway in Tacoma, WA. I was inside a total of about 5 mins and grabbed 1 phone car mount before heading to grab sum breakfast. The owner approached and asked if i needed help. I know the store well and politely replied i did not and conti,uedon thinking nothing of it. I walked to find my friend and as i was standing with her the owner approacbed with another employee and told us Ruthie that they were not stupid and they knew what we were doing and demanded that we demanded the empty air bags out so we happily did because we thought once they saw we did not actually steal anything they might feel bad and apologize instead though they still treated us as though we were criminals when we clearly had nothing in our bags that were not ours and still informed us that they had called the cops and they had us on camera. When we then ask to see the camera or what was on the camera they refused to tell us and told us not to make a scene. I told them I don't care about making a scene because they're the ones that accused us of something we didn't do and if there was a scene it was their fault and all we wanted to do was see the proof that they had or even just tell us why they were treating us this way. They told us they had called the police and I said I would love to wait till they got here and talk to them. They would not allow that they would not tell us why they they targeted us and told us we were no longer welcome in the store with no reason given at all we had to pick up all of her stuff off the ground walk out of the store with them and leave without knowing why we have been treated so unjustly. My friend was so humiliated she was crying they did not show any empathy they did not apologize they did not take accountability for their wrongful accusations and they acted as though we had still done something wrong. I am outraged that we have been treated that way and would really love to know why but they will not give us an answer so now I'm calling corporate and hopefully they'll be more intelligent and give us some reasons for this or at least talk to that owner and tell him that was inappropriate. When others I have known have been wrongly accused or reading about them on the Internet the people that accuse them actually feel bad and apologize and are mortified that they have wrongly accuse somebody a customer of doing something they did not do. Unfortunately this owner acted as though he was arrogant and righteous in his actions. And felt he owed us no explanation at all. I have never been treated this way and I have no idea why this happened. This is not the end I will get an answer for this.

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Kim - 1 y ago


My 15 year old son went in to the thriftway on front street in butte Montana today to grab a hot chocolate and change for me. PAT H was working the register and asked my son what he needed my son asked if he could get some change and PAT H proceeds to tell my son this aint a f**king bank and throws the money at my son. Ive gone to this gas station many times and have never had any issues. Regardless if your a gas station or not CUSTOMER SERVICE should be practiced at all times !!! Maybe PAT H should be talked to about his customer service skills and his rudeness ...we wont be giving thriftway our business anymore if this situation dont get acknowledged!

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Bonnie - 1 y 160 d ago


In Ocean Park, Washington the Humane Society whom sits outside asking Thriftway customers for donations, refuses to check on injured animals. It is on tape, 5/10/2017, you'll see Ron saying no. The injured dog and overheated groomer, no windows, no air conditioner was ignored by this Humane Society worker. The dog was only 25 ft away, and still this Humane Society said " we don't check on animals". I was sickened by this. This is fraud and duping the public here and more importantly, valued Thiftway customers. My favorite Thriftway is Queen Anne on 26th Proctor St Tacoma, Washington. Will contact Thriftway heads and ask why they would allow such an obvious moral crime...PS. I was charged w reporting it. US District Court has jurisdiction over Non-Profits, and they will determine if the actions by Humane Society and the manager were correct.

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Raymond, Wa customer - 2 y ago


I live in Raymond Washington, thriftway just took over Everybody's in Raymond, for years they have had bad freezers, I ask they if they are ever going to get them fixed, most everyday day the freezer are down, I told then many times that the foods are thawed out, then I go back a week later and they are still thawed and ask why don't you get them fixed, they say we are working on it, well they get them fixed some what and them I think its ok to buy again and most the food in no good this has happen many times they really don't care. its a long way to drive to Aberdeen, so I try again and the food is bad. I just want to bring this to someones attention that is not at the store. because they don't care and its Thriftway that will get hurt if someone dies from bad food, the Pizza are always bad from being refrozen over and over. please just have some one check this out. . I have talk to the store manger many times and nothing gets done

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Emotional Woman - 2 y 102 d ago


I want our Sanatoga Thriftway back right here in Pottstown,Pa. Please bring it back!! With the same employees as before!!! This new market called Landis is very expensive, unfriendly employees, the market has an odor!! The fruit and veggie trays are too small. $24.99 fruit tray was humongous from Thriftway!! Landis fruit tray is very small. Just bring our THRIFTWAY back!!!

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