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Live Nation Entertainment, Inc.
9348 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
(310) 867-7000
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Circus attendee - 6 d 15 h ago


I recommend everyone with bad dealings do two things: 1) Register and follow through on a complaint to your state's Attorney General's office. 2) Contact your credit card company to challenge the charge for your tickets. Both actions will require Ticketmaster to spend time answering for their misdeeds.

Absolutely terrible (but polite) customer service. Beware when buying "RESALE" tickets. They have a disclaimer tucked away on a page that has a link near the bottom of their home page to that effect. To read it, you have to find the link hidden in plain sight among dozens of other links titled "Refunds and Exchanges." Then you must read through a long page of details. You would normally not look at such a page when buying tickets - only later when seeking a refund or exchange. Furthermore, that link is not on the page where you select the tickets you are buying. That page is the first time you MIGHT notice that your tickets are RESALE. Ticketmaster DOES NOT allow exchanges - not even upgrades or increased numbers of purchased tickets once the sale has gone through. It is dreadfully slow getting through the computer telephone control system to a human. Very often when doing so, I waited for many minutes only to be told that I would be put back on hold for another department - even AFTER answering questions of the computerized phone system to properly route my call. I lost 6 hours trying and failing to resolve my issue.

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lee - 142 d 5 h ago


ticketmaster is a joke, i bought 4 tickets to ufc 205, spent over 5000 dollars 2 days later they refunded my money and canceled the order. They woudn't give me a good answer kept saying i bought to many tickets limit was 4 and thats what i bought. Now the same tickets would cost me about 9000 dollars. I have beaten big companies in small claims before and i'm definitely taking them to small claims. If anyone feels they are wrong email me (hidden) and i'll help with to try to help you win your case.

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Alex H - 138 d 10 h ago


Yes! Just last night I was purchasing tickets for my bachelor party on the mobile app. I was on the correct event I'm 100% positive after purchasing the tickets on the mobile app I get my email and it has the wrong game in the confirmation. I immediately call and make them aware of the error. They told me tough luck they're resell tickets and they can't do anything to refund me or exchange and that I should try and resell them on their site. Well I figure I'll eat it and cross my fingers they sell less than 24 hours before the event they gave me tickets for, but wait when I go to resell them it gives me an error message. So I spend another 30 mins on the phone again. They then tell me you need to download google chrome that all other browsers have errors "if you use google chrome I guarantee no issue" well I get on google chrome and low and behold still the same error.....are you kidding me? So after I've been made to feel very incompetent I ask to speak to someone higher. Escalation gets on the phone with me and tells me both of the reps I spoke to told me wrong and that tickets could not be sold within the first 24-72 hours well the event they gave me tickets to was less than 24 hours away. So now not only do I get to have no bachelor party but I'm also out a nice chunk of cash right before my wedding.

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

I got 2 vouchers because of a class action lawsuit. I have tried to use these vouchers but they have told me there are no venue's I can go to in Oklahoma. That is stupid. What am I suppose to fly 500 miles to go to the nearest concert. They gave me vouchers and I should be able to use them on an tickets that ticket master sales tickets to. Really upset about this. Thanks

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NotHappy - 22 d 21 h ago


Ticketmaster is the worst with customer service!

A week before the event I was dying to go to I e-mailed them asking for a pre sale code so I could order tickets early so I could be 100% I would be happy with the ticket seating.

I got no e-mail and missed the pre sale. Okay that sucks but I would still be able to buy tickets the day they came out for everyone without a code to buy. The next day I go to the Ticketmaster website 10 minutes before they were to be open to the public to purchase, Tell me why the darn Ticketmaster website would not allow me to order the tickets! ( I have proof) For over an hour I tired to order the tickets online and over and over again it would not allow me to do so.

After 30 minutes of trying I call Ticketmaster due a crazy wait I hang up and e-mail them only to have different customer service workers in every e-mail ( don't speak to the same person you get a new worker every e-mail so you have to go and explain your whole conversation with them which they do not understand) all they say is "Sorry". Okay, well Sorry does not get me the tickets that are now sold out. They go and offer me tickets with HORRIBLE seats, so I explain to them that those seats are not good at all, Which they replay "Sorry" and basically try to tell me next time to order soon if the show is popular. Excuse Me? Where the heck have you been when I have been explaining my concern and frustration for almost a week now?

I have asked to speak with a Supervisor but I cannot see that making any difference at this point.

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Randy - 9 d 20 h ago


Me too They suck !

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Randy - 9 d 20 h ago


I have bought tickets and won tickets from you people and they have been cancelled both times, IE: Stevie Nicks & Janet Jackson So is there some way you people can make up for these? If not I will never order another ticket from you people again!

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Smvr - 25 d ago


I lost m credit card. Called ticket master to let them know since my only form of entrance to convert was via my credit card. It took me 54 minutes from the time I called t talk to a supervisor. The first woman who answered my call was rude. I'm short of all her rudeness, she told me she could not help me without the last 4 digits of my credit card that was lost. She offered no solution...i asked to speak to a supervisor to complain. She treated me like a child or criminal

I asked to speak to a supervisor to took me 3 more people to get to a one was interested in my complaint, including the supervisor.....i have know idea who runs the joint, but you workers are obviously unhappy and take it out on the customers...

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Angela - 26 d 6 h ago


Ticketmaster, you're one the worse companies to work with. And you wondered why there was a class action law suit filed against you. If I paid to see my artists in concerts what makes you think you selected the artists on my behalf? I would appreciate if I could select artists who I preferred to attend. If I had my way, I would rate your company at F. Failure to please the customer.

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Joanne - 66 d 4 h ago

They are the WORST company to deal with. I purchased tickets to Hamilton form the new york theater and when the sale came through, it was for Chicago. i called them immediately and they said i should have refreshed my browser. I clicked on the exact seats in the exact theater in the exact city and some how wound uup in Chicage. they wouldn't cancel them and siad my only choice was to resell them. But i couldn't set the price for what i wanted. It had to be what i paid for or more. But the system wouldn't allow me to list for what i paid for, only another $50 per ticket more so I was not competitive with any one else. it says on the website you can cancel in three days but that is not true. What a sleazy way to do business, especially during the hoilidays. I'm just sick over this. BTW all the customer service reps I dealt with were very rude but I didn't blame them. With these business practices, they must get a lot of grief.

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Anna - 75 d 39 m ago


DO NOT USE TICKETMASTER! I SURE WONT EVER AGAIN! And I will make sure my friends and family know of the horrible experience I had.

An artist cancelled just hours before to a concert I was planning on attending and I called ticketmaster to see if I could get a refund as that was the main artist we were interested in seeing. The customer service rep told me he wasn't sure if they would be doing refunds, and they wouldn't know until the next day. The next day would be to late! I needed to know at that moment to decide if I should go to the concert so the money wouldn't go to waste. After a long wait the rep finally told me they would make an exception and give us our money back! But that I needed to call the next day. So I did, then the rep I spoke to the 2nd day said they would not be doing refunds I explained everything and she said they can do an investigation and contact us within 3-5 business days. The 5 business days passed and I received no information so I decided to call again. I spoke to a 3rd & 4th person in "Escalation" and they did nothing to help me. I don't understand what makes them think I would want to spend $250 on tickets and not attend a concert. If the first rep would have said from the beginning I wouldn't get my money back. We would have just gone to the concert and not let the tickets go to waste! But because I was told we would get a refund we didn't go! Horrible service!

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Shannon - 92 d 48 m ago


Hello- I wanted to voice my disappointed with your site system. Yesterday I had your site up on two comps on two different browsers to get Bruno Mars tickets for my Husband for Christmas. I got through 1x and for some reason the site froze. I went back in and it due to the popularity it kept saying try again. after 3 or 4x it made me show I was not a robot and did the photo verification. I did this process about 7x and it kept saying cannot help please contact support.By now it was about 10:07 and I was worried I wouldnt get the tickets. I called support promptly and waited on hold for 30 mins. Needless to say the tickets I were attempting to get were far sold out at this point. The photo verification thing is AWFUL! This is the second time it has happen to me and this time it caused me to not get my husbands Christmas gift that I Have been planning for months!!! He has had a dreadful year with many losses and this was a big thing for him. I will also be writing your corporate of whatever is equivalent. I buy from your site often and this is just unexceptionable customer service. I am sure you agree. Please let me know if there is anyway this issue can be resolved.

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Patti Anderson, Redding, CA - 120 d 5 h ago


Still having PTSD from trying to purchase Supercross 2017 tickets (in Oakland). Ticketmaster's computerized seat picker would not let me pick seats in the area I wanted. After 7 days of trying to reach a human, I finally complained online to "fan support" and was given a special code and # to call. If Ticketmaster isn't going to allow access to a human, the least they could do is do a better job with their online seat picker software. I would have even tried to talk to someone in a foreign language, country. Terrible experience.

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Sam - 96 d 3 h ago


I am having the same issue with Supercross tickets in Texas. I tried calling because the website only lets you chose "Best Available". Forget that!

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Brittany - 97 d 9 s ago


Made a purchase online to later get a message that the order couldn't be processed and didn't go through. I thought since I was doing it with my phone that it probably was a security thing. Later I made the purchase on my lap top and it went through. I attended the event and had a great time. I later checked the charge on my Amex and I was billed twice for 4 tickets. The order that I thought didn't go through did but I only used 4 tickets, not 8! Amex refunded me my money while they did an investigation but Ticketmaster told them I purchased the tickets and gave them proof of my transactions. I really feel ripped off. I contacted Ticketmaster and the customer service guy tries to help, but tells me I probably won't get a refund.

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Elaine Williams - 133 d ago


In December 2015 I purchased 2 tickets for Adele from American Express. My credit card was billed and paid in 2015. I was following up with Ticketmaster to make sure I had everything I needed for the credit card entry only to find Ticketmaster cannot find my tickets. I have documentation my AMEX was charged in December 2015. I would like for Ticketmaster to replace the 2 tickets for the concert.

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Anonymous - 134 d 12 h ago

They showed a price of 55 on the site had screen shots to prove it and when I went to purchase them tickets jumped to 105. When contacting them many of times with photo prof that THEY showed 55. Was told their client would not honor the price or give me a refund. It's not their clients fallibly that THEIR website had miss information. TICKETMASTER SHOULF EAT THE DIFFERENCE OR GIVE ME A REFUND OUT OF THEIR MONEY!!!!

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Marcus - 175 d ago


We purchased tickets for the August 5, 2016 Jill Scott performance at the Venue at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana. While walking into the event, the lights went out. We continued on to the theater and were seated. The show was late starting. 45 minutes into the performance the lights went out again. This time they did not come back on. The venue announced that the show was cancelled. We were to contact the place where we purchased our tickets. We got home and looked on the website and Ticketmaster website states that they will automatically contact us and refund our money. We never got an email or call from ticketmaster. Today, August 31, I contacted Ticketmaster and was told that I missed the deadline for my refund. I'm confused because no one contacted us nor did the website state that there was a deadline in regards to refunds for the Jill Scott concert. I spoke to Lauren and have been on the phone for 40 minutes. Spoke to Valerie, and she's going to try to contact the venue to see if they can make an exception. It's ridiculous that you spend your money to attend an event and something goes wrong, not the fault of the audience or the performer, and they tell you that you missed your deadline that was never advertised, and can't refund your money on a cancelled event. Ticketmaster is the worst as well as The Houshoe Venue.

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Troy - 175 d 3 h ago


Went to a comedy show the comedy get down. Was not a comedy show in any way. Ticket Master refuses to refund me the tickets neither will corporate. Thoroughly disgusted by this lack of customer service and their run around of excuses. They give you no option for a refund in any way shape or form. This comedy show was supposed to feature some very well known comedians and I know these guys are funny but they performance at this show was nothing of the sort. It was an anti-trump/anti-hillary rant and there was nothing funny about anything they were saying. Had I been entertained I wouldn't be complaining and demanding a refund. But whenI spend 125.00 on two tickets for a show that is the complete opposite of what they are advertising I have no choice but to degree that i've resorted to. For everyone else, don't go see this show and if you get tickets for a venue don't do it through ticketmaster as they will not refund you if you're dissatisfied by the performance, disgusted even!

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Rose - 195 d 7 h ago


Hi I am writing to you to ask what is going on with the free tickets ? I have not received any nor have I been able to get access to my old account. Please let me know how I can information on either one if not both of these because o have been trying. I have rated my experience with you poor at this time because no one has reached out to do the right thing

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grantruby - 4 y 186 d ago

@Ticketmaster got my ticket no problem. Thanks again.

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CZR24 - 4 y 186 d ago

RT @DONDADA001: Friday August 24th @Goldenvoice Presents @SLAUGHTERHOUSE live in concert @elreytheatre tickets available @Ticketmaster @Interscope @Eminem

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DONDADA001 - 4 y 186 d ago

Friday August 24th @Goldenvoice Presents @SLAUGHTERHOUSE live in concert @elreytheatre tickets available @Ticketmaster @Interscope @Eminem

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CAN1SAY - 4 y 186 d ago

Just learned @Ticketmaster no longer is at Boston Store. Only at @Walmart. Guess what? No @Walmart in WI has a retail outlet. This is BS.

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grantruby - 4 y 186 d ago

Thanks for helping me out @ticketmaster. #goodsocialmediacustomerservice

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