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Live Nation Entertainment, Inc.
9348 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
(310) 867-7000
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wouldlikecustomerservice - 2 d 5 h ago


On hold to try and figure out how to change my mobile tickets to printed tickets as phone numbers may change. Not only do I have to hold, I have to continute to enter "3" to say I want to hold.

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Ed - 34 d ago


Tried to get a hold of "customer support." Used option to have them call me back, in about 15 minutes. NOTHING. About 11/2 hrs. later tried again, with the same call back option. NOTHING!

"Customer Support" is an oxymoron!!!

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Stop Ticketmaster/ Live Nation monopoly!! - 34 d 8 h ago


Don't use their call-back function when on hold. They never tell you the real amount of time you'll be waiting. it's better to stay on hold with the customer service line. But plan ahead to have something to multi-task while waiting on hold.

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Anonymous - 38 d 14 h ago


Your staff had messed

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Nicole Roux - 52 d 4 h ago


NFL Ticket Exchange is a SCAM ! I posted my tickets for them to sell, they sold them... but still haven't paid me for them. They have given me the run around saying they had a technical issue with their system that paid out funds as sellers credits instead of to the actual seller. Bottom line is they sold the tickets, the received payment for them including their fee's and months have gone by without them paying me for those tickets ! To make it worse they wont even tell me when I will (if ever) see that money !

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Edna Fay Duffield Summers - 76 d 6 h ago

Since your company is one of the NFL sponsor, I'm boycotting your company and the NFL until the disrespectful actions of those players that refused to stand or stayed in the locker room during the playing of our National Anthem. What they are doing is disgusting. You should pull your financial support immediately from NFL teams that are participating until those players are fired or punished for those actions.

I will consider your actions on this as decide to buy theater tickets.

Thank you.

Flagged for review. 
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kl - 65 d 6 h ago


OH GEEZ!!! Get a life! There are other reasons to hate ticketmaster, first being their lack of customer service!!

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Tom Dowdy - 75 d 5 h ago


Dear Sir/Madame

I am very disappointed in the actions of an organization you are an official sponsor of. I believe National Football League is permitting, if not encouraging its members to openly disrespect our flag, country and all they stand for. I hope you will reconsider you sponsorship as I will not purchase goods or services from any company that does not support our great country. Also please know I consider your silence as complicit support for these actions.



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KL - 65 d 6 h ago


OH GEEZ!!! Get a life! There are other reasons to hate ticketmaster, first being their lack of customer service.

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Bohemo - 86 d 7 h ago


All this company is designed to do is to COMPLETELY fleece their so called "valuable" customers.

They just tried to charge me $100 each for tickets to a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club concert that I was able to buy at Amoeba music for $35 each. The show is general admission and is not sold out yet.

They send you emails stating advance tickets available, and they bait and switch stating that those tickets are going but they have a "platinum package" available. I'd gladly pay the artist more for their tickets, but never want to see a DIME go to these scalpers. People need to pay attention, stop using these guys and help put them and live nation out of business. They are complete leaches of society.

Buy local at the venue whenever possible!!@

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Fed up Employee - 86 d 20 h ago

I've worked in Pharr,Texas at the Ticketmaster since 2015. Our policies are designed to protect our investors and not much else. As a matter of fact during my training class we were told the investors were more important to the company than actual customers. We have a monopoly on our business. I'm counting on Amazon to provide some legitimate competition for our company and then maybe we will start treating our customers like they matter. My boss is an authoritarian if I ever saw one. He sits behind a desk hearding us like sheep. But he actually never gets his hands dirty. He has the supervisors do it. I've seen this job turn decent people until shells of their former selves. Its a shame that a company with the potential to do so much good in the world is being hindered by greedy leadership. At some point when serious competition is presented our company will have to reform or go the way of Blockbuster.

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TicketMaster - 88 d ago


The employees the Ticketmaster are inconsiderate not very smart make mistakes will leave you on hold over and over. They screwed up my order I lost my tickets and they charged my credit card almost $900, which I confirmed. I was on the phone with at least 5 people over a two-hour period and then left on hold for more than 23 minutes.

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Buddel40 - 97 d 5 h ago


They need a new verified fan process , standby should come before fans who already got tickets to Springsteen on Broadway are eligible again. Check your Twitter page not even decency to respond to their fiasco.

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jeff - 95 d 5 h ago


you are on the money They go through an act to be fair and do the opposite a week later

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NOT IMPRESSED - 98 d 10 h ago


I am a U.S. Open season ticket holder (a box) through which Ticket master has made many thousands of dollars. Most recently, due to systemic failure at Ticket master, tickets were unable to be edited or removed fro at least 3 hours. I have screen shotted my phone which reveals that I attempted to call ticketmaster well over 10 times to rectify this mistake. They expalined to me that they were there all day and that it was my problem? They offered to wave their fee for 1 ticket sold (about $50.00 (my loss is $500.00 I am extremely proficient after 10 years of selling tickets electronically and there was no human error involved. The fees that ticketmaster charges are exhorbitant. Even the people I spoke with at ticket master, the lower level employees thought the suggested outcome was absurd. Im extremely convinced that supervisors there are trained (much like insurance companies like "The rainmaker") to thwart any attempt for equitable compensation, just like the movie. As afromentioned, my loss is $500.00, they offered to return $50.00 only on my next sale (NEXT SALE!!!) Yeah sure, So, if I continue to use them they will return to me 1/10th of my loss while still making on the other 5 tickets (I have 6) We all know that these ticket companies take no principal positions and yet make 15 pct on each side of the transactions, his is a DISGRACE. I have removed all of my tickets from the site and am in contact with senior people at The U.S Open already. Im not nearly started. DOnt be ripped off by this company.

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Annie - 101 d 12 h ago


Well, congratulations to you and Bruce Springsteen for setting up a "verified fan" code so that legitimate fans would have access to broadway tickets. How did that work out? Have you seen how many tickets are available on the secondary market already with significant profits to be made. So all that you really did was prevent some real legitimate fans, who were willing to travel across the country to see him, from buying tickets. Would it not be interesting to know what method you used to determine who would be given the code in advance of the sale of tickets. It would not be pretty nor would it not be without discrimination. And certainly there was nothing random about it. It's unfortunate that anyone should have to deal with you to obtain tickets for any concert, etc.

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meggie1964 - 121 d 12 h ago


I ordered tickets by phone because tm's website wouldn't take neither my debit nor my credit card. Order went thru fine on the phone. However, I never received an email confirming my payment. I contacted crs by email and was told they found my order and to verify name, address, last 4 of debit card used to purchase tickets. I complied and was informed that my card was declined 4times on internet order. I sent a screen shot of my receipt and now I'm being ignored despite several attempts to get a response. I guess I won't be going to see Donald Fagan on Aug 23rd after all and I am screwed out of $107. Y'all suck!!!! I will use a different ticket broker in the future. This is only my first review so get ready for more!

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Annie - 101 d 12 h ago

Talk to your credit card company. If it's a good company, they will take care of it. If they don't, ditch the card.

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AKing - 102 d 7 h ago


I bought tickets for Eagles in Seattle in early August for $156.00 each BEFORE their exorbitant fees. Now they are selling the tickets for $126.00 in the same section! Not to mention the $28.00 per ticket fee that TM gets to keep, for nothing. I'm the one who went on line and purchased the tickets. There was no help from anyone!

What kind of ripoff is this? I've lodged a complaint with the Washington State Attorney General's office. I'm also going to complain to American Express as they allowed me to purchase tickets before they went on sale to the public. They need to know that their "good standing" customer was ripped off.

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Gregory George - 115 d 18 h ago


How is this allowed regardless of the no refund policy? I buy tickets for an August 26th event and get tickets for an August 27th event that I can't use? I have pictures of both sets of tickets in my TM app and no one can help. You're acting entitled like the POTUS!

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No one is home. - 125 d 11 h ago


Not a single phone number on your web page works. If you refuse to answer your phones just take the phone numbers away and don't waste hours of peoples time.

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Anonymous - 121 d 12 h ago

They are horrible!

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L Bird - 150 d 4 h ago


Hi Brian,

I hope I'm not out of place by sending this email. I am by far a person to have a issue or problem bother me so much that I'd actually reach out to advise you & express a complaint. Yesterday, I had 3 Boardwalk VIP tickets for the show. We arrived on time, check in was fantastic, the set up was great. We were lucky enough to have 2 lovely older women offer to share their table with us & it was fantastic. We got to know those in our general vacinity & enjoyed each others company. As the night carried on and those just like us whom waited for 4 hours in the sun the VIP area were consumed by those late arrivals who not only blocked the view we had, took over our saved areas, and became down right belligerent. It became so out of control it was literally dangerous. First the stairs were 100% blocked by masses of people refusing to move even to let someone throw out trash. I found a staff member & advised them of the situation also stating that I'm aware I'm out of my jurisdiction from my employer but I am a Firefighter & Fire Inspector in Mercer County & that all means of egress in case of emergency were completely blocked & should there be a fire or EMS emergency there was no way to escape or alow emergency access. I was ignored which is unexcuseable. The absolute sure attitude, hostility, vulgar and abusive language by concert attendees & behavior proved to be appalling. By minding my own business I was caught in the middle of a physial fight (7 weeks after a full knee replacement) and the verbal arguments were continuous even during the concert caused by people whom had come in immediately before P!nk took the stage & blocking other patrons whom had been patiently waiting for hours for the show.

I am a avid concert goer with a large variety of music. Just in 6 weeks this was my 8th concert I've attended through Live Nation with various artists. I am a huge supporter & contributor to Live Nation (with more tickets to up coming shows) I honestly could not be more disappointed & upset that I spent $1,000 for tickets to barely focus on the show due to the continuous fighting & problems. I was watching my daughter, 13 & myself more than the show because a physical fight was inevitable & in fact happened. Never once did I see security in our area. My concerns for a potential emergency was blown off & I can honestly say I have never been more disappointed or concerned for my safety during a event held by your company. I'm not sure how I feel about ever spending my hard earned money to attend another event with Live Nation to only have it wasted because I need to protect myself & child from violence.

The event is obviously over but I felt this needed to be brought to your attention. I love your productions but after wasting a thousand dollars I'm not sure I'll be eger to show my support again for some time if at all.

I sincerely thank you for your time to read this email & should you feel necessary I look forward to a reply.


Lauren Bird

Senior Firefighter/Engine Driver

West Windsor FD

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Crystal Bradford - 160 d 9 h ago


Horrible service . Wouldn't refund or exchange me my money because I didn't realize the tickets for a circus were on the wrong day. I spent 119 dollars on this site and will never use it again.

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Valette Harris - 164 d 9 h ago


I've been using TicketMaster for over 20 years to take care of my entertainment needs! I purchased tickets to see Bone Thugs and Harmony on June 15, 2017. They were to be at the Orpheum Theater in Madison WI. 2 of the artists didn't show and we were giving the option of a REFUND! I've been on the phone back and forth for the past 2 weeks and still have yet to be issued my refund of $116. Ticketmaster states that the venue didn't contact them to let them know that the artists was a no show! ARE YOU SERIOUS? Exactly what type of relationship that you guys have with your venue that you are not updated on mishaps such as this nature! I'm sure I'm not the only customer seeking a refund for this BONELESS, THUG and NO Harmony ass event!

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