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Live Nation Entertainment, Inc.
9348 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
(310) 867-7000
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Anonymous pissed off customer - 2 d 11 h ago


I had ordered some NBA tickets off of someone that was going to transfer them to my name. I had never done it that way, so I called Ticketmaster to verify and confirm that it was secure doing it that way. Each cust. rep that I spoke to confirmed that it was. After a couple of hours going back and forth with them, I decided to go ahead and purchase them. I got a confirmation email from Ticketmaster and thought that everything was good. The game was the following day, I called before I leff to confirm that everything was still fine. The venue is 2 hours away so I wanted to make sure before I left. The Ticketmaster rep confirmed that the tix were under my name and that I shouldn't have any issues. Once we got there, we stood in line for about an hour in the cold rain. Once they scanned the bar code, they asked us to go to the box office. The rep at the box office looked at his computer made a phone calls and kept asking me questions about the tix. We stood in the rain for another 45 minutes or so. Apparently , they were canceled within the time I drove to the venue. He claimed that I could've been scammed. I called Ticketmaster and all they could tell me was that they were canceled and we wouldn't be able to get in to the game. They did ask if I wanted to purchase another set of tix. Really! I felt so humiliated and upset that I teared up because I had bought those tickets for my sons bday and we always make it a point to go watch our favorite team when they come to town. We could hear the noise coming from inside the arena and there was nothing that I could do. I am a single mother and I had saved up to buy these tickets for us and now I was out hundreds of dollars because of cruel people out there that take from honest hard working people like me. Now I am fighting to get my money back somehow.

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KBIRD - 3 d 38 s ago


OMG, my jaw is still on the ground! I cannot believe that I called Ticketmaster about my not being able to attend and event and asking them if they had a refund policy or if I could exchange my current ticket for a future show ...and what happened next BLOWS MY MIND!! I was told on the phone, at the customer service number, that YES I could exchange my current ticket for a FUTURE ticket, but it had to be the same venue (LIE #1), that it would cost $10 to make the exchange (LIE #2) and that I would pay NOTHING out of my pocket for this 'EXCHANGE' LIE #3!!!!! Not only did none of that happen, but ONLY due to my diligence in calling back an hour later to ensure all was as was stated in my previous conversation with Ticketmaster did I find out that I was not only NOT given the exchange ticket in my account, but that I was CHARGED on my CREDIT CARD for the NEW tickets! I even had told the customer service Rep in my first phone call NOW DO NOT CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD WITH ANY ADDITIONAL CHARGES, I WANT AN EVEN EXCHANGE. Can you believe that? Ticketmaster did NOT ask me for my credit card information, AT ALL on the phone...never and I even told them NOT to charge me any additional monies for anything that we were discussing and THEY STILL DID IT! OMG, can you believe that? A supervisor did dismiss the second charge and I immediately called my bank!! I CANNOT BE THE FIRST PERSON that Ticketmaster has tried to scam this way, so please anyone else out there who this has happened to (and I know you're out there) do this #ticketmasterfraud for EVERYONE who's been scammed by TICKETMASTER this way!! DON'T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS FRAUDULENT BEHAVIOR!! Ticketmaster will still be laughing at the end of the day for people who do NOT check their credit card and bank statements often enough for this type of fraud.....LET'S SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE #ticketmasterfraud !!!!!!!

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mary - 11 d ago


Of note, I didn't ask for a refund. I informed you (Ticketmaster) of shabby treatment of your customer at United Center. Again, my tickets were swapped out WITH NO PRIOR NOTICE literally as the event was about to begin. The newly swapped seats were not as good. In fact, they were bad. Those of us who are savvy at choosing tickets indeed know that 'closer to the stage' is not always 'better'

I paid $800 for these tickets. I followed your somewhat comically convulated rules that actually worked pretty well, so I thought. I was able to choose my own seats, and invited three clients to join me for this event in what I considered great seats. The ensuing delay/chaos--AGAIN, AS THE EVENT WAS SCHEDULED TO BEGIN--was beyond annoying and embarrassing. Then only to find that my swapped seats indeed had very obstructed views, regardless of what UC says, unless you consider a view of Michelle's back of head worthy of $800. Not only could we not ever see her, we couldn't even see the video monitor. Indeed, if these seats were 'as good', why was the camera not placed here instead of in mine.

Refund or not, this is just not the way 'a fellow fan' expects to be treated. It's not right, and you (Ticketmaster/Live Nation) and United Center should know that. MIchelle certainly would. Your response is quite disappointing.

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Kim - 64 d 19 h ago


I am an employer who just purchased 3 tickets for an employee, his daughter and wife. His 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with water on the brain about 45 days ago and received a series of live-saving operations at Hopkins nearby. We supported him through this and happily his daughter is recovering. We heard she wants to go to Disney on Ice and the company purchased 3 tickets for this Sunday at noon. We got great seats and the employee was really excited. The employee works in office/janitorial services and while he has a phone, like me, he isn't very electronically saavy. He doesn't use email and has a basic phone. I discovered after I purchased the tickets online so we could grab the good seats that there was no way to 1) print them out 2) notify the will call at the Baltimore Arena to clear the employee to pick up the tickets. Using the ticket transfer option doesn't work if you don't have email. I don't want him stopped at the door with his family because the tickets were purchased under my name and credit card. Even after hearing the story, the live chat folks just said can do. It is ridiculous that I can't write in advance or arrange for the employee to get these tickets. In order to ensure the employee isn't stopped at the door I will be driving an hour into town to go to will call, pick up the tickets and hand them to him. Really Ticketmaster....a 6 year old wants to go to Disney on Ice after multiple brain operations....Really.

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Shantell - 52 d ago


They are the worst! Never use them

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Anonymous - 15 d 20 m ago

so sorry to read this ..

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Chondra - 36 d 19 h ago


I was purchasing "A Christmas Carol" tickets at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, IL at 2pm on December 9th, 2019 through All of the information looked correct when trying to purchase them. After they completed the payment, I receive a confirmation email and the entire event is incorrect. It gave me tickets for Kansas City Mavericks at Wichita Thunder Fri, Jan 18 @ 7:05 PM INTRUST Bank Arena - Wichita, KS. I proceeded to contact the company to tell them about the issue via email, and I received no response. I then followed up in the morning by calling their 1-800 service number, in which the person told me that they could not refund or resell the tickets on their website. They then proceeded to tell me to resell them on a new third-party site because they refuse to refund my money or resell the very tickets that were incorrectly provided to me. I was a loyal customer prior to this fraudulent situation and there are many others that may be experiencing these fraudulent sales as well. PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

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Anonymous - 15 d ago


OMG ... I just had the same thing happen to me this week

I bought tickets for a price of $299 .. that stated Meet and Greet ...

and after I received the email, my tickets said $277 ... without Meet and Greet!!!!!!!!!

I am taking my incident to the highest level as I am tired of this ...

I go to concerts ALL the time ... sometimes 2x a month... and I work hard for my money and will NOT pay scalpers anymore

but... the system is now being rigged so bad!!!!!!!

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Kevin - 52 d 18 h ago

I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with Customer Service at several levels & no one was able to refund my tickets I bought for a Company raffle. I thought they were a paper ticket. Once I realized I had made the error I called Customer Service & spoke with a rep that "hung up" before I could ask for a confirmation number. This bill is now on my account & I am now being told that the website states "all sales are final". Which I didn't see nor do they have any pop'up's to remind you of that. I will tell everyone who wants to use the website - NOT TO. I will never use Ticket Master again. No Customer Service

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Anonymous - 52 d ago

Same issue. They will hang up on you really quick. They are rude and nasty ppl

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Annoyed - 78 d 8 h ago


Worst customer service. Spent a total of approximately 2 1/2 hours on the phone. STILL have not received my tickets. They had no problem putting the charge on my American Express card. Never will use them again!

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Rob - 82 d 15 h ago

I will never buy a ticket from Ticketmaster or attend a Live Nation concert. NEVER

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n/a - 91 d 17 h ago


hello from brian haller in charlotte nc! can some please call me!!! (hidden)! you kown i work for hition ! over 6 years! you have less 20 in the office! some one should pick up! i need too talk too some one! can some one please call me be for the buss office close thank you! have a great day!

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Ruby B. - 93 d 12 h ago


I bought 4 Platinum tickets to Bruno Mars featuring Carlie B through ticketmaster for the Tulsa Ok Oct 11 concert. Ticketmaster down graded the section to Standard Admission 172.00 . I paid the price for Platinum $592.00 each Section 121 row k seats 7,8,9,10 I called ticketmaster to see if i could move to the platinum section and they said no they have 4 available platinum seats available in Section F2 Row D seats 11,12,13,14. and the cost was 411.00. If i bought platinum seats i should be able to exchange the seats. I called American Express i am a gold card holder with them and voiced my concerns, How they treat American Express card holders. I am still going to the concert because Bruno is my favorite singer however Carlie B will not be featured. I am 55 and trying to full fill my bucket list. and just got ripped off from ticketmaster. I didn't want the difference back i just wanted closer seats that are available.. Ticketmaster do whats right if not god will get you. Remember Money is the root of all evil. Desert Storm Vet I fought for you now you fight for me.

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Linda - 134 d 20 m ago


NOT GOOD, ticket mester had advertise that Ronaldo will be coming to play and sold us tickets for high price. Now they are saying he is not coming and we are asking for discount they are not giving us the discount either???????

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Joni James - 136 d ago


I simply called to ask if you could buy tickets the same day of the concert. The first guy was extremely rude and end up hanging up on me before he even answered my question. I called right back and the second guy, a different guy, was extremely rude also. I've never bought tickets through Ticketmaster before but if they can't answer a simple question without the attitude I won't be using them.

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Anonymous - 140 d ago

Went to go buy tickets to a show, it was priced $50.95/ticket for the seats i wanted. clicked the ticket to buy it, at checkout, it shot up to $115/ticket. I called and they said they are fixing the problem. I asked if they are responsible for typographical errors, and they had no idea what that even was, so in turn could not answer the question. They said unfortunately Since the price is the cart is "right" they cant do anything about it. I said thats literally what you call a "Bait and Switch" which is illegal. Its also called False Advertising. Asked to be forwarded to a manager, she said the same thing. That they are "fixing the problem, and in the works of updating ticket prices." The tickets have been that way for many days now. And general public went on sale over a month ago. BBB HERE I COME!

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Marissa - 149 d 13 h ago


I was hopeful you'd turn things around after the lawsuit. When a site lists tickets for BOGO that means you buy a ticket, you get one for free. It does not mean the tickets are fake the price the were. How would a buyer know the ticket price was discounted? You should advertise that the tickets are now half price. That's absolutely not the same as bogo. You scammed me into thinking I was getting four tickets but I got two and the reps refused to honor what your site said. Does anyone within your company care about buyer retention? I can't insgine what your CX scores look like. I'm so disappointed. Bogo means but one get one. It does not mean we discounted the original ticket price and expect our buyers to know that. If someone is listed at $30 buy one get one, that means you buy one at $30, and get one for free.

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Martin - 153 d 20 h ago


Horrible horrible horrible costumer service! I called ticket master in hopes of opening a account and learning how to purchase tickets, agent walked me threw the process and instead of holding the tickets for me, agent directed me to press accept and actually pay for The Tickets! Immediately after wards she apologized, placed me on hold to attempt to get my money back. 2hiurs passes and all I get is a I'm sorry there is nothing that I can do! Days go by, multiple phone calls and finally i reach a agent and out of desperation ask her to list the tickets for my money back 140.00. She says do not worry, as there is 4 days left that she will list them. I tell her I just want my money back that's all! A day before the game is to take place, I receive a email from ticket master sayig that I'm asking to much money. The agent lists the tickets for 140.00 each!!! I attempt to fix it and the bar for pricing only allowed it to go to 50.00 each. I call up to file a complaint on this, the tickets sold, I lost 40.00 no way. This is not going to happen. I have already filed a dispute with my cc company, next is a bbb amd a consumer affairs complaint, I will sue ticket master for the 40.00 outnof principle for this. They will not get away with this. Fair warning to all costumers stay away from ticket master unless you are ready to go,to court, have a attorney on stand by, knkw how to use the site, or ok dealing with idiot employees there...

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Anonymous - 168 d 18 h ago

Rapists...... that is what Ticketmaster is....Just a bunch of rapists......

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Julie Bot - 170 d 20 h ago


Your customer service is ridiculous. I bought tickets in Canada for a US concert and sold 3 of them. nowhere on either website does it say anything about you being unable to credit my credit card for the tickets i sold. It has been weeks, and i'm on my 9th customer service person emailing me about the problem. Since they can't figure it out, I have just received about 4 emails from 4 different customer service people asking me to verify my address .. are you kidding me???

So now i have to wait for them to process and mail me a cheque for tickets i sold.What a joke. I will NEVER sell tickets thru Ticketmaster again. Stub hub is SO much easier !

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Scott - 178 d 18 h ago


Your service is atrocious. Your fees are outrageous. Your process is imbecilic.Your "best seats" algorithm is fixed.

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Ryan - 1 y ago


Paid for tickets thru (hidden) email, which is Ticketmaster email, which was a fan to fan sale. When got to gate they said tickets were fake, three days before that I called Ticketmaster and NFL exchange and they verified tickets were legit and good tickets. Called ticket master and NFL exchange and neither them will help and point fingers at the other company. These tickets are thru Ticketmaster and they will not do anything about it, but put the blame on some else. Will not reimburse or get me knew tickets for another event. Nearly as bad as Comcast, which is most corrupt company in the United States. Looks like Ticket master is following in there footsteps. Thieves and corrupt.

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Anonymous - 202 d 9 h ago

your a dumbass haha

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Maia - 208 d ago


On three different ticket buying occasions I was promised gift items -CDs, bag with Andrea Bocelli images. I met the requirements for ticket purchase deadlines, and it was indicated I would get these items. Months and months I called Ticketmaster who changed the excuse each time - backorderd, not sent yet, some other company is in charge, delivery after concert, NEVER TO BE SEEN. I am going back over a year now with the same complaint. It's not the value of these items, but the scam ie "Buy tickets Mothers Day etc, get free...." I see many shows without any other Ticketmaster problems, but this issue is ridiculous, repeated over & over.

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