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Time Warner Inc.

Turner Broadcasting
1 Time Warner Center
New York, NY
Jeffrey Bewkes
Chairman and CEO
(212) 484-8000
Twitter IDs
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Mr. Lee - 20 d 4 h ago


The fax number for Time Warner -corporate- in NYC is 212 364 8259 - they closed the old ones. Sneaky too, they even shut down the operator, so the 8200 number above won't work.

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5kwish - 2 y 109 d ago


The Coach ads: he has a way of showing up uninvited in peoples homes, I can only imagine the reception

he would receive were he to show up in Oscar Pistorius' condo. You may be in the market for a new

pitch man.

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Anonymous - 3 y ago


What the Hell happened to the show i watch in 13 JUDGE JOE BROWN JUDGE ALEX ............................


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1samuel1222 - 4 y 65 d ago


We have recently added Time Warner internet to our apartment. When my wife and I got on the phone with them to explain what we would like: Basic broadband internet. No phone. No Cable. The salesperson wouldn't take our choice as the final decision! He kept pushing us to add cable as well. It seemed like he couldn't fathom how anyone could not want cable in their house! We tried to explain that we live a rather simple life. We rent movies. We go to the library. At most, we stream Netflix. But we just aren't fans of bugging out in front of the TV for hours a day. Neither of us have the time.

After fighting for our simple request to purchase internet for several minutes, he finally signed us up. I have to say that I always thoughtthe first rule of providing excellent customer service was to listen to the customer. This guy had a hard time listening. It really made me wish we could have gone with another company, but TIme Warner has a monopoly where I live. If they had a little healthy competition, perhaps they would learn to better train their customer service agents.

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Andy_Davenport_ - 4 y 66 d ago

*Ahem* @TWC RT @Jared_Burleyson: Stupid local blackouts in stupid Washington effecting us in stupid North Carolina.

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cam05210 - 4 y 66 d ago

Awesome service yet again from @TWC. Internet out yet again. 4th time in the past month. Time to look for a new provider.. Any suggestions??

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rJamelBest - 4 y 66 d ago

A BELATEDCONGRATS on 20years @TWC! :) It's kinda strange that a stormMIGHT affect FL EXACTLY 20years after Andrew isn't it? :) @mikeseidel

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buki_JB - 4 y 66 d ago

Came home to a new theme on my @TWC #TimeWarnerCable #DVR. Button presses still need sped up to match #DirectTV performance, but #ItsAStart

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vasosa - 4 y 66 d ago

@TWC, I want my soccer. Please add beIN Sport to my channel lineup. Location = North Carolina

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mlim20 - 4 y 66 d ago

@TWC Comcast has already updated their customers about negotiations with BeIn Sports, now how about updating your TWC customers?

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BieberChiefs - 4 y 66 d ago

@TWC get your act together!!!

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Aaron_Smith_26 - 4 y 66 d ago

@TWC maybe they will replace it with the @nflnetwork!

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bcoyne - 4 y 66 d ago

thanks @TWC for getting to my request so quickly! Tweets & DM's with your team helped my request quicker than a call. Power of @Twitter!

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