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T-Mobile USA, Inc.

12920 Se 38th St.
Bellevue, WA
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Marie - 14 h 24 m ago


I am terribly disappointed in tmobile. I went to one of the stores to get information on what was a available for my granddaughter who would be studying in Italy for a year. I was told to sign up for the international plan for that line. She would be able to use her phone. I signed up the end of August for her phone line. Just the other day I receive a text from Tmobile saying that the line was having extensive roaming and if that continued Ithat line would be blocked 2/2019. I immediately called T-Mobile and was even more turned off when being connected to India. Talking to a representative and her telling me it's only a short term coverage. I was just so turned off that I wasn't given the correct information when I signed up and what her supervisor told me that she could monitor my phone for any other text received about blocking this line and she could unblock it. I went to the same store where the employee had signed me up and was given another story saying that it's just temporary for one month international plan, different than what I was told by phone representative she said 3 months. No one seems to know important information that customers are asking. It is such a lack of customer service. I dislike immensely speaking to someone from another country. I recently had my debit card compromised from someone from India. I called again today with a question on cancellation and then redoing internatiouplan. My granddaughter will be home for Christmas. Read and then returning to finish off her semester. The representative just kept talking fast and I was trying to interrupt her saying I can't understand you your talking too fast. Just kept talking I end up hanging up. It is a disgrace that you can't call and get a clear understanding of what I'm paying for and why no one informed me that the intetnoplan is a short term plan. Disgraceful customer service. With the many call and trips I have made once I spoke to a representative that was most helpful. Suggestion close all your store locations because there absolutely can't help you 90% of the time, they tell u to call T-Mobile. How obscuring be in a store T-Mobile and the employee is telling u to call T-Mobile. Disgusted customer

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Anonymous - 16 h 20 m ago


T mobile are the most dishonest phone company, customer service are terrible and stupid. I has an issued with them, after speaking to a customer service to make a payment arrangement of 2 installments, after deducting $150.00 form my bank account they suspended my service. mind you I was told that the payment arrangement would prevent any suspension for 4 phones.. I called the corporate office and spoke to manger, and informed them on how dishonest this company he is working for, stealing money from hard working and loyal customers.. plus the amount they charge per month is outrageous. my car note is leaser then what I pay for t mobile service.. after a long conversation he connected back all phones. reconnect ion fees were removed. should I be happy???? no because they made me waste my time , plus the monthly bill is still high as shit.. I'm waiting to pay of these phones so I can get the hell away from T mobile.

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Faina Frences Vulf - 1 d 19 h ago


I was told what... if I go to other country I will have free of charge for using text massages, but I can not call or sent a text massages to my children from Pruge. I went to T-Mobile store in Pruge they sell to me a new seam card, which I lost $8. I could not have any connections with USA,

My children was not know what and where I am. My vacation was runt. When I came back home I was charged $243 /????/ I called and I was told : for connections from Pruge /????/, but I did"t have any connections.... I struggled. I called to the bank and explained my situation. Money was back to my account. In that amount was included $50 for my monthly payment, which I pay in the store. Now again......T-Mobile start to send me text massages with trenting what they will close my service and after they will charge for connecting. THIS IS THE WAY HOW T-MOBILE MAKES MONEY ON CASTOMERS????

T-Mobile take auto-pay from my account....this is not mean what they can any amount from my account. Came November 10-th and T-Mobile did't took money from my account. On November 17-th I went to the store, explained and the employee took my payment and sad:

You must to pay $299.82. /???????????/ Why/?/ Because, t was return to you $243.

Again, I did payed and now I need to pay again for same. No. Why I must to pay twice?

The employee /Raz/ told me to use different card for payment. I was agree and gave him my debit card and then...they took my money out, which create a big mass in the bank.

Actually, T-Mobile rune my financial reputation, for which I was charged $34 over drown fees and now my account is in jeopardy.thank to T-Mobile.

The point is what T-mobile company takes people from out side, give them NOT qualifite treyning and the customers must go to all bad expiriens. There is a big traffic... people come and go. IT IS NOT GOOD SERVISE, IT IS NOT QVUELITY. They take money and not trusking the good service.

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Carol - 2 d ago


I need help and they unable to help

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Anonymous - 6 d 18 h ago


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JENNY - 4 d 19 h ago


I've been a loyal customer for 15 years. A few weeks ago I accidentally broke my phone. A Tmobile rep named Eleanor informed me that my insurance on the phone would allow me to get a replacement for my Note 8. Due to her lack of knowledge I was mislead and without phone service for 2 weeks. Eleanor admitted she was wrong and told me that I only have to pay my final bill and return the damaged phone without being charged for it. I asked her for an email recap of what we discussed so there's no problems. You think I got the email? Not at al. Eleanor was just trying to rush me off the phone. Now the managers are trying to cover for her and won't help me. Come on I've been a loyal customer for 15 years. In her own words because she messed up she was going to fix this. I've been passed around back and forth. I kept telling the supervisor to check the call. If your reps are misleading customers I think it's right to fix the problem. Tmobile won't be getting another dime of my money. My lawyers will be in contact with you soon,.,

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Jennifer - 3 d 19 h ago


i have been trying for 2 months to get reimbursed 360 dollars and going back and forth with them.

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Henry - 3 d ago


My family and I just joined T-Mobile last Friday. Now there's a promotion today a week later in which you can trade in your phone and get $750 towards a new phone, but we don't qualify because we joined last week. That's a slap in the face! Now I'm deciding whether or not I should stay with this company!...

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fredrick - 2 d 14 h ago


I been with t mobile for over 2 year. I don't remember buying insurance on 2 of my phone . they being charging 20 extra buck a month. The reason i found out is that i lost one of the phone so i try to purchase another phone. The sale text told me u have insurance on this phone . i said great give me my new phone. It not that easy i found out. U have to paid a $55 deductible but they review each case. Guess what . they denied my claim of getting a new phone plus i been paying for 2 year on insurance they take out i don't remember buying. So i lose twice . nice ha corporate theft. No shame my phone u theft could up (hidden) van phama

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Anonymous - 2 d 19 h ago


I been with t mobile for over 2 year. I don't remember buying insurance on 2 of my phone . they being charging 20 extra buck a month. The reason i found out is that i lost one of the phone so i try to purchase another phone. The sale text told me u have insurance on this phone . i said great give me my new phone. It not that easy i found out. U have to paid a $55 deductible but they review each case. Guess what . they denied my claim of getting a new phone plus i been paying for 2 year on insurance they take out i don't remember buying. So i lose twice . nice ha corporate theft. No shame my phone u theft could up (hidden) van pham

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Dave - 3 d 17 h ago


My family and I just joined T-Mobile last Friday. Now there's a promotion today a week later in which you can trade in your phone and get $750 towards a new phone, but we don't qualify because we joined last week. That's a slap in the face! Now I'm deciding whether or not I should stay with this company!

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Anonymous - 7 d ago


T-Mobile's new plan that advertises 4 lines for $40 each line taxes & fees included. Apparently, no can qualify for that plan. And when you ask a representative with T-Mobile what their criteria is, the response I receive is there is no set algorithm for meeting the criteria. I have a credit score of over 800 & own a couple of properties free and clear and I don't qualify for their 4 lines $40 advertised plan.

In the meantime, T-Mobile switched my phones over to their service 4 days ago and I found out yesterday, I did not qualify for their advertised plan, as well as the switch has cost me out of pocket $2,000.

I would recommend customers to avoid T-Mobile.

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Marilyn - 6 d 3 h ago

I completely agree with you. TMOBILE is a very dishonest company. I have been fight them over the last month. Tmobile put me in grave financial crisis. These people don't disclose the need to know important. I have these people all these is to know they waited until they check into my credit and switch my services from verizon, them surprised you with high out of pocket. They quoted me a very low price and them tell you that you might have misunderstood. Took my son phone didn't credit me for the phone, still have to pay verizon for the phone, they charged me $100 restocking fee that they disclosed even when you ask. Then sent me a bill after numerous times calling them asking what is my actually bill per month. Lying about the expected amount. 135 and charging me a totally of 195 per month. Within the month they took my son's phone without compensation for it, I have to be paying off verizon for that phone including other incur bills as to porting over back my number to them. I have to find money to purchase a new phone for my son after three weeks without phone. Now these people are still billing me. This company because of their lies and dishonest had put me further into financial ruin in less than 7 days of coming to them. No matter how many attempted you make in getting justifications they just keep on lying. This company makes their dealers and employees lie to customers because of GREED. I'm almost a $1000. I had tmobile several years ago and I had to leave because of the said dishonest. I thought that they have change. From start to the end they lie. Quote a very low price. Started with the buy and get 720 galaxy note 9, what is the down payment criteria only a $150 mom depending on your credit and qualifying for the offer. I asked several times yes mom. So they checked my credit you qualify mom. By this I asked what my monthly bill would be, they said a $120 With auto pay and being that I have Netflix they will take over the payment for Netflix. I pointed out on several occasions while there that I switching because of the deals and well as financial reasons. No other reason because of satisfied with my services from verizon. Then they attempted to tell why switching to them will pay off and that they are 95% 4 g coverage and I'm two great phones really for the price of one.long and short story once they checked my credit and finished porting over my services them the price charges from $150 to about $420 . I said that next what you guys told me the day before when I came in the store and that is not what you guys said even as you guys porting my services out from verizon. Ooh no mom, it's actually $150 for each phones, plus $50 for son kit, plus around $56 for taxes and fees. This is why it's about $420. By this I was very embarrassed I didn't have all that money on me. Being that I came to the store a day in advance and ask all these details I worked with around $170 in cash. I had to maxed out my credit card. I felt corned it was late I had my son with me. Had to take the bus and light rail to get home. Once I got really upset about the dishonest in pricing the manager took $50.00. These where forcing to find a way to get the extra money to pay them. Once decided to take the 120 With auto pay. They said no mom, you can't take that plan because of the devices. You have to take the plan for $140 With auto pay. The more I protested the more I got so stressed out. I said that not what you guys said. I said the moment I came into this you people have been nothing but dishonest. Then they said ok you don t have to take the 140 auto plan. I started to them the plan you guys are offering with no benefit me, as I don't need hotspot and I'm not travelling so technically you guys are forcing me to take on an extra $20 per for a service I don't have no need for. Then they back track a little ok mom, you have to add onto one phone and odd on for $15 in order to get services it just the way the company set their plan up based on devices. They already port my services out checked my credit. The good mom you can take this $15 off at a later date. You just need to activate it with this plan. Ok, so my bill will be a $135.00 for now, and later I can reduce by the $15.00 Yes mom. You don't need to worry. Shocking two days after getting this poor network I got a bill for a 195 texted to me. Immediately call the company and again ask what my bill will be per month $135.00 dollars. I let them know that my phone comes offline a lot certain of Jersey city has I never had this issue with verizon. They said they will adjust the bill and that they will issue a $20.00. I also ask for that $15 plan be removed and I asked again after 2 to 3 days of having this nightmare service. Yes mom your monthly bill will be $120 moving for. I said I don't what to call back this company because the moment I came here with less them four days with you guys had stressed me out. No problem mom. Only to get a new bill via text Saturday morning $175 call them about it. They still lying i made the conscious decision to port back my services to verizon. I ask what do I need to do being that they have a 14 days trial and I have the services for 7 days. Said just take back the phones and packing and your receipt. I ask if I will incur any charges no mom, and long as the phones are in good condition you will get back your money. Upon returning the phone again after I ask all these oh mom, you have to pay a restocking fee of $100.00 I said I've asked about and I was told no. Said I can call customer service. I ask about my trade in device they told me to call tmobile. Until today my case with tmobile have been unresolved despite numerous calls speaking to so-called supervisor who problem to resolve this conflict and misleading. Only to be hit with a bill today from tmobile. After numerous claims to return my restocking fee. One problem to return my device or credit me for the device. Then one claim that because I ended my contract with tmobile my device is now the property of tmobile and unfortunately they will not compensate me for the device. They took my son phone without compensating me for it. And I have to be paying off for the phone and still have to purchase a new phone for me son. I cannot believe how disgusting and dishonest this company is.

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Adriana Vera - 5 d ago

There is no honor with tmobile just people there trying to make money off their customers.

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Tired of getting screwed - 5 d ago


File complaint with State Attorney Generals Office they are great at helping clear up "intentional errors"

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fedup - 4 d ago


how did the Attorney General help you with T mobile?

i have been trying for 2 months to get reimbursed 360 dollars and going back and forth with them.

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Kim - 10 d 16 h ago

I left my phone service provider for tmobile in hopes it would be cheaper . I was so wrong. Not only were they more expensive I left them after a very short while to go back to sprint and returned my phone to them owing nothing and now on my credit they said I owe $700 for a phone I returned. DO NOT GO THROUGH TMOBILE.

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Anonymous - 6 d 3 h ago

Tmobile are theft. The are no different from the street criminal. At least know that the criminal go take you for everything. Tmobile hide behind corporate America and they can get away with stealing from their customers. The government protect these criminal organization.

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Adriana Vera - 5 d 38 m ago

You got that right. I lost so much money with them. There no such thing as customers service with them. Just once I would like to be treated with respect and get the services I'm paying for. My phone note 8 haves so much problems and I cant even use my jump program to upgrade it endless I pay $450 . That makes no sense.

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Adriana Vera - 5 d ago

I'm so sorry. They are crooks. I myself am looking for another phone company. I'm tried of being ignore and change up for unnecessary programs. The jump program is junk. It's just way to charge more money.

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Unsatisfactory service - 6 d ago

I have had a horroble experience with tmobile. It appears there is fraudulent charges being done internally and i have called 4 times without a call back or resolution

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Adriana Vera - 5 d ago

They never call back when you need help but they are sure to call for payment and trying to sale you unnecessarily things.

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Anonymous - 6 d ago


if you want your identity compromised T-Mobile will be the right company. Someone just purchase over $1600 worth of stuff such as 2 IPhone, Boost, glass protected etc. Like really these sell person are not checking ID address, dob. They are only thinking about the commission how much they can sell. This is the second time this happen to me the first time my account was close and was transfer to another carrier with out my permission. I'm so done with them. How many time does this have to happen so they can do something about it.

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Adriana Vera - 5 d 22 h ago

When I went to buy my phone. He sold me all unnecessary stuff. Then when I went back for help, he couldn't help me. Very bad customer service.

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theresejenkins - 6 d ago


I returned 2 cell phone boosters when I cancelled my tmobile account, obtained a receipt, and now for 6 months I am getting collection agency calls stating that although I emailed ALL the paperwork, envelope signed by the employee because at the time "they couldn't access the system because I had already cancelled my account" - the first collection agency dropped it and now t-mobile sent it to a 2nd collection agency!! I also have a picture of the serial numbers as proof and I took that pic at the tmobile store in Mount Pleasant, SC 29466 in August 2018!!!! No one has been able to help me. I am furious....if someone could reach out to resolve this I would appreicate it!!! (hidden)

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Adriana Vera - 5 d 22 h ago

I paid off my bill at the tmobile store on 147 and Cicero. I got charged again and they could not find record of my payment at that store. I got charged again. Now I have to pull up my records from my bank. It b.s what they put you through. Very disappointed with them.

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