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T-Mobile USA, Inc.

12920 Se 38th St.
Bellevue, WA
(425) 378-4000
(425) 378-4040
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Peter C - 24 d ago


BEWARE T-Mobile is running SCAMS. I bet they will get sued in a class action lawsuit soon...very soon. It's coming... Below is all my communication with them, but if you don't want to read it all here is in a nutshell: I have been with them for over 12 years with 2 lines. A business specialist named Paul Buckholts fraudulently made me add a third line to my plan with the promise that it is absolutely free. He even told me in an email to ignore the contract as it is "standard language" just sign it and he will activate the line. Well, I am being charged $45/month for that FREE line and T-Mobile won't do crap to fix their mistake. Which makes me believe the company has been doing this practice intentionally. Here is all my communication with him. I am directly copy & pasting from my emails with him: PAUL Hi Peter, I'm reaching out today to thank you for being a T-Mobile customer and to share the news that there is an absolutely incredible deal happening right now: Get one T-Mobile line of service absolutely freefor life. It seems crazy, and customers are asking why we are doing this. The answer is simple - it's always good business to thank good customers, like you, with something special. No device purchase or port-in is required. You just need 2 Voice lines to qualify for the free line. That's an amazing value, as the free line will save you at least $300/year. This offer won't last longso email or call all me today and I'll help you take full advantage. Best, Paul Buckholts T-Mobile Business Sales Manager T-Mobile@Work (423) 682-6455 Email: (hidden) MY RESPONSE: I may be interested. What is the "catch"? No text, or no data included? HIS REPLY: The text and data for the new line will be the same as the lines on your current plan. I appreciate your patience. I will contact you tomorrow (3/2/2017) and get your order placed for the free line promotion. The new line is free for as long as you have service with T-Mobile. The activation and shipping for the SIM card are free as well. You do not have to purchase any equipment to take advantage of the offer. Please feel free to email or call me if you have any additional questions or comments. ME: That sounds great. I would totally sign up for that HIM: I will place the order for you and get the SIM card sent out You will get an email from T-Mobile shortly. That will have to be accepted and signed electronically ASAP in order to take advantage of the free line promotion. Please be aware, the pricing shown in the DocuSign is standardized and will NOT reflect this promo pricing. The overnight shipping and activation are both free. The monthly bill credit for the free line may take 1-2 billing cycles before being reflected on your statement. ME: Sounds Good! Well, I got the sim card. Activated the line. There was no DATA, so I emailed him again to look into that. From that point he never replied to any of my calls and emails. Called customer service, they added the data, but did not credit me for the 3rd line. They even charged me for the sim card, although he said it's free too. 3 MONTHS LATER I AM BEING CHARGED ALMOST $45/MONTH. Called customer service. They were very rude and said sorry about that. We can cancel the line for you, but we can't make it free. Definitely moving to another carrier. I am currently preparing complaints with FCC and FTC. I am also sending this over to all Los Angeles TV stations as well. People need to know.

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CLASS ACTION SUIT I - 21 d 1 h ago




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Lydi - 20 d 8 h ago


I want to be apart of the class action suit. I left t-mobile with a credit and because I didn't port a number that i didn't want they kept my account open used all of the credit and then began billing me monthly for 4 months. they falsified comments in their system and then sent my account to collections and when I would communicate to the collection agencies they would say that there wasn't anything they could do as they were pre-collections the last one i called a month ago told me that i would have to reach tmobile to address the bill. i reached out to them several times and didn't get to communicate as i would constantly ask to speak to a supervisor and suddenly we'd be disconnected. Now they have added this to my credit report. i have been unfairly treated. I was a prepaid tmobile customer for 5 years never had a problem. I only switched to get a new phone that wasn't available at the time so i pre-ordered for the first time and that was the first mistake with tmobile.

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Jay - 18 d 4 h ago


I actually got the same treatment.

I tried to go from ATT to T-Mobile, so I went to the Chino CA store. They took my information and credit card. I bought a phone for a gift, and they told me to come back once they called me. I waited for the phone to arrive, and for the call. I never received a call and I didn't have my phone number switched to T-Mobile. So, a month later I got a 100$ service charge. I called the customer service to see if I can waive it. They said they will post a request. I told them to post the refund request, and to unlock my phone, since it was for a gift. They told me to pay the remaining cost of the phone. I paid the remaining cost and was told it will be unlocked.

So, after being told it was unlocked, I told the person to request my refund and she said I have to wait a month. I told her to cancel my account then.

I waited a month to make the next call. In a month I got charged again for another 107.33$

Mind you that I am still with ATT, and T-Mobile never ported my number over. Plus they failed to close my account when I told them to.

So, in May I called and was told that I should have called earlier, within the month the woman told me to wait out. So I am fuming and told them I will be contacting my lawyer. They told me within this week I should have the refunds.

I also found out they didn't unlock my phone that I bought for a gift. Even when in their policy says they have to if the customer already got the phone paid off.

I called back and they kept saying in 3 business days, in 7 business days, in a week, and etc. One hung up before I even asked about the status of refund.

So, I have couple of friends who are lawyers and they told me they will be helping. Before I start a legal action I needed some research.

The latest call I made I was told that my refund request had no documents for support. I can prove that wrong in the court.

So, will there be a class action coming along? I can help jump start it, and we can start building it. Post your emails and I will get in touch

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Elizabeth - 20 d 6 h ago


Count Me In. two out of my seven lines have been in operable for 8 days now and they keep giving me excuse after excuse it was a customer service Representatives negligence when she did something on her computer that caused mine and my husband's phones to completely crash the phone and the SIM cards I was told by a supervisor that we would get new SIM cards and new phones well after fighting with them for 11 hours on the phone we finally got our SIM cards but we got no phones so I have to use my phone in my house on Wi-Fi and half the time I can't do anything with it and what pisses me off the most is that I am disabled and my father is very sick with cancer and if he needs to get a hold of me he can't so like I said Count Me In anybody wants to email me you are more than welcome. (hidden)

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Mary Jobe - 18 d 8 h ago

Is this in reference to customers being transferred to auto pay without authorization? If so yes I would be interested in being included in a class action suit please contact me.

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Bianca A - 11 d 41 s ago


This happen to me today I am really upset. They removed $650 from my account without authorization and when I called they said I enrolled In autopay. Which I never did!!!! So mad count me in

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Kathryn Higgins - 18 d 4 h ago


Can't get phone unlocked to go to another carrier. Get run around with incompetent customer service. Sends me emails with another persons name. Totally unsatisfactory experience and recommend people run the other way from this expensive, incompetent, company

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Jay - 14 d 18 h ago

I am following up. Whats the status? Really need to get in touch. I do not think the site allows emails or phone numbers. Maybe if you put numbers in words? or not include the At sign for emails?

A lot of people are past the point of anger, and some movement on this would be redeeming.

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kimberly - 13 d ago

I would like additional info.

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Kathy Thompson - 10 d 7 h ago

I would like to be a part of this law suit because i tired of being taken advantage every monrh i have ti fight and agrue about what my bill should be. I have 2 lines for 100.00 and a tablet line which was a promotion and still got charged. But they push you into the auto pay telling you that its cheaper buy only to find out rhat my plan changed from 100.00 to $110.00 and my bill is due on the 1st on the month which is payday also but the take the money out on the 28th or rhe 29th of the month. Its never the same amount every month .

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LB - 7 d 8 h ago


I would be more than over joyed to see T-MOBILE held accountable for there many deceptions!!!

LeighaBlaton at gmail dot com

My bank card was used fraudulently to pay someone's T-Mobile bill I called the very same day right after it happened and disputed it .. they deducted the money from my account anyway!.. I was told to file a formal complaint which I did and that my money would be returned.. now I'm being told that T-Mobile does not refund money.. this was two months ago. I am currently dealing with a problem of being completely outrageously overcharged for my phone bill.

Please contact me at the email address given above to let me know how I can join your class action lawsuit..

Thank You, LB.

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Wayne & Tami - 7 d ago


I need to be part of this Class Action I'm tired the last 3 months need to fix the correct amount with being over 55 minutes on the phone I'm tired....

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Fort Lauderdale - 7 d ago


T mobile is incompetent and should train their personnel. I returned a phone, in the box they gave me, to the UPS Store. They weighed the box and gave me a receipt with tracking number. Then somewhere along the shipping line, the phone was apparently lost or stolen as they said a torn box is what they "think" they discovered. So, T mobile hits me with a $500 charge for a lost Phone, despite the fact UPS took the phone, weighed it, and gave me a tracking receipt. Now UPS says the strength of the box was incorrect because it's considered a "used box" and therefore not approved for return shipping. Like a consumer is supposed to know this. By the way the UPS store AND T-mobile advised I just resend in same box as it was brand new and in mint condition. They took it, taped it and handled it, but now are blaming me and sticking me with $500.00 bill. Over MY DEAD BODY! I will not be SCAMMED by T-MOBILE!!!

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

e we are going thru the same thing, we returned and Iphone s6 plus, took it to the UPS and now 7 months later we are still being charged for a phone that we returned back in Nov 2016! I told the Rep that I spoke to that we sent it in the same box and the label they sent us, took it to the UPS store; you know what he said?!?! that the retun lables are to be taken to the USPS, not UPS but becasue they USPS & UPS work together, they will send or deliver but it will take longer!!! how is that! we have taklked to several reps some said the phone was received, then others that the phone was not received. so T-Mobile needs to make up their mind

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Melody - 6 d 3 h ago


Yes I too want to be part of the class action lawsuit.

General profile image - 5 d 45 s ago


I want to be in the suit, (hidden)

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Shanicewebb - 4 d 9 h ago


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Holly - 9 h 12 m ago

I would love to...its been a very bad experience.

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Cait - 20 d 20 h ago


They did the same to me except I already had 4 lines so they offered me a "free" tablet !

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BIll - 12 d 6 h ago


"HIS REPLY: The text and data for the new line will be the same as the lines on your current plan. "

Most plans have free voice now. The data is where you pay...

General profile image - 11 d 16 h ago


What is your email address I got something similar going on

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Kathy - 10 d 8 h ago


Im having a simular problem. Its starts with the billing. I have the two lines for $100.00 and have my insurance and a tablet line which was a promo fot free. But charged me but say its s credit. And now with this auto pay i enrolled in but only to have my two lines for 100.00 now be two lines 110.00. So im paying an extra 10.00 for them to take it out of my bank account days before its due on the 1st of the month but they take it out of my bank on the 28th or 29th. I have to fight with them every month when my bill comes out cause it should be the same every month which is 122.00 minus the 10.00 auto pay which would make it 112.00 but they even have a phone nunlmber on my bill that is not mine that says cancelled and when i spoke about it they said it doesnt matter cause its cancelled anyway. I am so tired of this.

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Theresa - 5 d ago


I am also having a issue with Tmobile, I have been with them for 14 years. I made 2 payments on my phone I purchased and 1 payment went into the cloud. Bank spoke to them to assure them they have the money but they still claim they dont have it. This has been going on since March 2017. They said I should not have paid twice! It was my fault, just pay what's on your bill and that's it. How can you tell a customer not to pay extra on their phone? As soon as this is fixed I am also leaving Tmobile. Good luck people.

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Rob - 4 d 16 h ago

Hello i been with tmobile for awhile and having the exact same problems as you my bill jumped from 220 a month to 550 with the alleged free lines i have to call every month to get the issues fixed it is ridiculous

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