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T-Mobile USA, Inc.

12920 Se 38th St.
Bellevue, WA
(425) 378-4000
(425) 378-4040
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Kevin - 1 d ago


Called T-Mobile USA Corporate Office the transferred me to a resolution specialist in Georgia she resolved all my issues. I give her an A+. Thank you T Mobile USA Customer Service!

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Amy Burdsall - 1 h 11 m ago


Nice to hear!

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mk - 1 h ago

hi kevin do u have a for the peson you spoke to about your problem. please leave number here

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mk - 49 m 27 s ago

hi kevin do u have the number for the person who you spoke to at tmobile i am having problems with Tmobile

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Michael Dale McLinn - 5 d 4 h ago

I deal with the store in greenwood Indiana and it's the worst I have ever had to deal with,they won't do what I was told they would and now I'm stuck with a phone I don't want unreal, I'm leaving T-Mobile after 9 year's I'm not going to deal with them any longer

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Tonya Younger - 2 d 19 h ago


I am trying to get enough people to file class action suit if interested contact me at (hidden)

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H - 2 d 14 m ago

Hey im interested in that

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J - 5 h 18 m ago


Im in. Let's do this.

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Amy Burdsall - 1 h 15 m ago


What over?

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Amy Burdsall - 1 h 18 m ago


Up until about 3 weeks ago I had nothing but exceptional service with your company! I've been with your company over 1 1/2 yrs. 3 weeks ago, I started having problems with my data! It continues to deteriorate! The data arrows were literally coming and going by the second. A service ticket was filled out and I was told problem fixed. Then the data was dropping out up to 5 minutes at a time! Another ticket was filled out I was told problem solved! Today my phone came up no network available at home! This has never happened! Then a little later it dropped a call with one of your reps and told me I was out of the service area in my home! The last tech I talked to spent the entire time justifying to me why my service would be lousy! Very unprofessional!!! If I just got a phone with you that would be one thing! Remember I've had over 1 1/2 yrs with exceptional service!!! What happened? The last tech also hung on me! The fifth time I've been hung up on by your reps in the last week. I am also using a different phone since this started. I now have a new.LG G6.

On 3 different issues with my account I've literally spent over 8 hours now on the phone with your company over the past week! This is ridiculous!!! Up till a week ago I've always had excellent customer care! Just take a look at my account for the past week!

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Joanne - 4 h 30 m ago


I am furious with this company. I have gone to T Mobile on Euclid and Lincoln anaheim calif. And let them attempt to solve the problem of their corporate office not accepting my calls to ask about my bill or make a payment. .I will buy my next phone somewhere else.Ihave tried three times now!

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John - 5 h 13 m ago


T-Mobile sucks. I was lied today about my payments 3 freaking times. I guess T-Mobile representatives will tell you everything even if its a lie just to keep you. I was told that, they will put credit on my account for $200 then when I checked it is only $20. I've dialed 611 and was told to go to store to finalize the adjustments then when I arrive to the store only to be told they could't fix it. They just waste 2hrs of my time. then called 611 again, then told they will put $200 credit on my account for giving me MIS-INFORMATION, which is another lie because they only put $20. I guess this what T-Mobile do to people serving our country and fighting for their freedom. I am very very disappointed to this company. This what I get after long deployment just to be screwed by this T-Mobile Company. What a shame.

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Ms.D.Dixon - 5 h 22 m ago


It is a pain dealing with on hold and they don't keep their promises...customer services tell you different things each time you call.

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Steph - 5 h 30 m ago


I am so disgusted and disappointed with t-mobile at this time. The worst decision was to leave AT&T and come to T-mobile. Nobody in customer care seems to know what they are doing. I have been without a phone for almost two weeks and just have been getting the run around . Customer Care needs to be retrained and have better communication with their stores. I have been with t-mobile two months and I would never ever ever recommend anybody to T-mobile. HEY Sprint can you help me get out of this plan with T-mobile.

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Stephanie - 8 h 25 m ago


I have been with Tmobile for 4-5 years. I have 5 phone lines on the acct. I went into a Tmobile store in March of 2017 to jump my phone. The manager was very pushy and insisted I put 2 devices in my car, I don't even know what they were for. I told him I was not interested and he told me to go home and think about it and I could decide if I wanted them. He said I had 24 hours to confirm thru email and would have to do an E-signature. I never confirmed and never completed an E-signature. I never received the 2 devices. I looked at my detailed bill this week and realized i was being charged for 2 lines (phone numbers) on my account that don't exist. I called Tmobile and spoke to a rep. She confirmed that I don't have the devices and never e-signed for the lines. To my surprise, she said I have been charged since April of 2017. She told me to hold and spoke to her supervisor

She came back and apologized but said Tmobile policy is they can only credit 2 months worth of the charges for bill errors. This was NOT a bill error. This is stealing. I wasn't overcharged. I was charged for something I never had which equals theft. I have loved tmobile. I always recommended them to friends and family. I will never do it again. I have paid 10's of 1000's of dollars to them over the years and they want to lose a customer over $150. Pathetic.

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CW - 1 d 18 s ago


I am a Sr. citizen who pd. my disabled daughter's T-Mobile "pay as you go" phone bill of $42.36 (due 12/1/17) on 10/23/17 to be received by T-Mobile on 10/25/17 via my U.S. Bank bill pay acct.

T-Mobile disconnected my daughter's phone on 11/1/17 for non-payment. She had to pay $42.36 cash @ a local T-Mobile store to get her service re-activated (DOUBLE PAYMENT. )

Due to the forced "Double payment" by T-Mobile, I stopped payment on my payment to T-Mobile with U.S. Bank.

U.S. Bank claims they mailed a check to T-Mobile as they do not have a bill pay relationship with them, that was cashed by T-Mobile and provided me a copy of the cashed check.

I requested a refund of my $42.36 from T-Mobile. They claimed they never received the payment.

Over the past month, I have been run in circles by U.S. Bank & T-Mobile.

I sent emails to U.S. Banks. I phoned both U.S. Bank & T-Mobile on numerous occasions, only to be transferred to multiple reps in multiple depts. then told they cannot help me. They point the finger at each other.

My last phone call was a conference call initiated by a U.S. Bank rep w/ T-Mobile after claiming T-Mobile would not talk to them about my acct. After being transferred numerous times, the T-Mobile rep instructed me to go into my local T-Mobile store claiming "only a local T-Mobile store can help you." When my daughter & I went into the local T-Mobile store, just as I had expected, the rep was unable to help me other than to tell me the only Nov. payment that showed up was my daughters $42.36 cash payment. He phoned T-Mobile, only to be transferred 5 times & getting nowhere.

It is despicable that U.S. Bank would not take responsibility for "losing" my payment (for the 4th time in one year in the total amount of nearly $6,000.00) and credit my acct. the $42.36 "in good faith" as I have been a longtime loyal customer for approx. 10 yrs., since I entrusted them with my money to pay the T-Mobile bill.

It is just as despicable that T-Mobile would "steal" my payment, then disconnect her phone & force her to pay a 2nd time, since I was a longtime loyal customer of theirs for approx. 20 yrs.


I want my $42.36 back!

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Kay - 2 d 7 h ago


T-Mobile has employed the most rude people at there locations as well as corp. headquarters. Issue not resolved moved to another carrier because of it. I would not deal with T-Mobile if I were you.

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Spice - 2 d 30 s ago

I agree. They took a payment out twice, when I always check NOT TO SAVE, and the executive so called person says I called in to make it which i did not. I have the screen shot of it...go figure.

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Melissa - 5 d 8 h ago


Never Use this phone company. I have been customer for years. I called back in Sept 2017 to suspend my sons phone while he is deployed. My bill did not go down the following so I called and the rep said that there is no lower package and I should be paying more since I have line suspend it. I told her there is no charge for suspended phone when its military she did not agree. She became rude so I spoke to supervisor. She told me she will switch my package down to 218 a month with everything. After I got off the phone my internet was off my phone so I called back and the lady I talked to that was rude went in and turned off my internet. I called the following month bill still high the rep said it will not go down until next month. Now it is in Dec bill still high and has not went down. He said it was never put in to go down but he can lower my bill that will take affect the following month. So i called to switch plan and lower bill in Oct and because no one wants to do there job I am stuck paying high amount again. Well I will be phone shopping with a new company this weekend.

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Tonya Younger - 2 d 19 h ago


Let's file class action suit if interested contact me at (hidden)

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Anonymous - 5 d ago


I had the worst experience trying hard to get a promotion that wasn't was honored by your company. I had to settled for a totally different phone. Money was took out my account for the promotion iPhone 8 but I now have to get phones that I didn't pay for. Customer service is terrible and I am not a happy customer. The only reason I even order service because and the phones that I thought I was getting. I also was billed for service I never used. On top of coming to the store every day trying to hand this situation. I need to speak with someone else about this ASAP, my name is Leslie Ford (hidden)

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Tonya Younger - 2 d 19 h ago

We all need to file class action suit if interested contact me at (hidden)

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Shawn - 9 d ago


I recently took advantage of a BOGO special in October 2017, upgraded to the Samsung S8 and had to add a line to get the BOGO special. The store rep added insurance on my phone line and forgot to add insurance to my wife phone line, but did add insurance to the newly added phone line, that I didn't need. Well my wife's drop her phone and cracked the screen. No big deal...right? Her phone line didn't show the insurance. So the claim was rejected! Called T moblie customer care and they were no help and had no interest in resolving the T moblie clerical error. Sent me back to the store of purchase to have them call client care to add the insurance to my wife's phone number...This should have been corrected by customer care and I shouldn't have had to drive across town to correct the T mobile reps typo... Come on T Mobile please trust your clients, especially when it can be confirmed that the phones are covered and had insurance.

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NANCY PERRY - 8 d 4 h ago


The same thing here my daughter lost her phone and when I ordered the phones they put insurance on both phone she lost the phone on the 17th called the insurance company and they said the insurance was added on the day I called which was the 22nd customer care said the insurance was on the phones when I ordered them she paid for her phone how she's out of a phone that I still got to pay for

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Tonya Younger - 2 d 19 h ago


I say we all get together and file class action suit if interested contact me at (hidden)

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