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T-Mobile USA, Inc.

12920 Se 38th St.
Bellevue, WA
(425) 378-4000
(425) 378-4040
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Truly shocked - 1 h 34 m ago

Unresolved problems with Cancellation of service. I requested an immediate cancellation in October 2016. 3 months later I received a notice of suspension for non payment for nearly $500.00 How is it that I can be charged when there is no service or data useage provided to me. This is nonsense. Currently they are probably still incurring fake charges to that closed account.There is no way in Hell that I am going to satisfy a non existence account payment. Small Claims Court is going to love this case.

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Charles Tuholski - 14 h 34 m ago


Boy I wish I had started here before considering the switch. Every thing I read in here is true. It's been the worst experience ever. Even cricket was better but I'll definitely go back to Verizon.

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Lil Kim - 1 d 17 h ago


Don't do it. They SUCK SUCK SUCK. Bad customer service, bad attitudes, poor coverage. LIES upon LIES to get you to switch. Now I am being called by collectors and my credit is ruined because of the way they handled my situation. I hate them

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Anonymous - 2 d 25 s ago


I am extremely displeased with the lack of knowledge that customer support/ service & Reembursement Team ( could only reach them 1 out of 5 times, I even had a Rep stay on the line for over 40min. and still no answer!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 2 d 29 m ago


I'm so over tmobile they r changing my bill every fucking month when I have unlimited everything so it should never change. I have to call every fucking month about the same situation and they still don't get it through their heads. I WANT OUT!!

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

Completely lied to by the store. Was supposed to receive 3 free phones for activiting 3 new lines, instead they're charging me monthly for the devices!

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Ron m - 3 d ago


Ditto, I bought 2 lg stylus 2 plus phones on a promotionAl deal where tmobile is supposed to pay for the phones and all I had to pay was the taxes every month now they say that I wasn't in the time frame for the promotion now they are charging me $20 plus tax for 2 lines and the phones were sent down to Venezuela to family so now I have to pay for 2 lines that are 5000 miles away when all I was supposed to pay only taxes, not hard to see why people drive through their front windows calling corporate tomorrow

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Anonymous - 5 d 18 h ago


I just got this s7 2nd 1 returned 1st still waiting for refund of 1st 9 days later.watched money clear account less then 3 minutes after giving card info still a 2 week back up. BS. When I get money's worth out of this phone, 1 less customer. Tmobil sucks!

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Nancy Cipriani - 6 d 22 h ago


i have been a t mobile for almost 3 years. I keep having issues with my phones and service, I have called many times to get the problem resolved.

All they can offer me is a refurbished phone,

My phone already cost 700.00. Why should I get a used product.

The other phones is a i phone.

There is no way Im going to keep my 5 lines with this company when they cant provide proper service.

I might as well go with cricket, or boost mobile.

At least I will get what I pay for.

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G Sherry - 6 d 14 h ago


After being subjected to your reprehensible lice themed tv ad, I promised my family that we will never do business with T-Mobile. Tv ads pop up on unsuspecting viewers without warning and therefore need to be particularly sensitive to objectionable content. As we were enjoying a family gathering that included great food and playoff football, we were disgusted by that revolting ad. For a family member who was afflicted with lice from a classmate, the ad was especially disturbing. This juvenile, ill-advised attempt at humor was completely irresponsible. The ad needs to be pulled. G Sherry

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Anonymous - 6 d 15 h ago

You've got to take down the lice commercial! It's unbelievably offensive! As a mother who's had to deal with it, it's beyond disgusting. You have nearly ruined the nice pink feminine quality that drew me un to purchase when we needed additional phones. Please reconsider the lice's very inappropriate and may scar your female audience!

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Joshua tuinei - 6 d 18 h ago



I am only giving t-mobile a 5 star review because of Tammi.H agent #1212303 from Richmond VA

For the past week I have went back and fourth from tmobile about unlocking my iphone 7 I paid off every ios device in my account in one day 1800$. I asked to unlock my phone they said call apple they will do it for you (3 times this happened) apple said they cant unlock tmobile phones with out authorization from them I requested to speak to a manager they hung up(this happened 2 times) Long story short I spend 4/5 hours TOTAL on the phone over promised and under delivered the managers dropped the ball on this as I been a customer of tmobile for a few years NOT GOOD AT ALL

I am only writing this review because of I am only giving t-mobile a 5 star review because of Tammi.H agent #1212303 from Richmond VA if it was not for her I would TORCH t mobiles reviews (not literally)


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California Customer - 8 d ago


I bought 3 T Mobiles phones on Black Friday sale over the phone. Was promised $200 per line I port over from Verizon in the form of $10/m off my bill per line for 20 months. If I traded in my old phones they would give me $200 MC up front. I was also told that if I bought a new iphone, I would get $350 credit if I traded in my current iphone5.

I bought 3 phones and only 2 arrived. After another two weeks I finally got my third phone. By the time I activated the third line they said I was one day too late and refused to honor the $200 credit. Despite me showing them that I didn't receive the phone until the day before activation, I was told I should have activated another unlocked phone in the meantime to secure the credit. When I mentioned I don't have another unlocked phone the 'Executive customer service' Charlene, said, "How do we know that?"

This is the kind of absurd and ridiculous comment that comes from their corporate resolution? As far as the $350 credit for my old iphone, that was an error and the sales person should never have offered me that.

Folks, it is clear that T-Mobile is doing all they can to limit how much they actually fork out for their offers by making it as hard as possible for you to claim their offer. It is not automatic after you purchase and activate. You have to go to a website and begin the process online. I know many people did not do this and assumed their credit will automatically apply. It doesn't.

This is a potential class action lawsuit waiting and I'm ready to participate. I encourage everyone to write to their Attorney General and file your complaint. If they receive enough, they will open a case and investigate.

I'm going back to Verizon

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Linda L Arner - 6 d 18 h ago


They did the SAME thing to me! I think I'm going back to AT&T

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Linda L Arner - 6 d 18 h ago


Anyone thinking about switching to T-Mobile from your current carrier and trading in your phone for your plan to be paid of----BEWARE!!! I switched over 2 months ago-I was told I could submit my reimbursement online and receive IMMEDIATE reimbursement

by way of a Virtual Credit Card. LIES LIES LIES! I have been trying to get my reimbursement for OVER 2 WEEKS with NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS AND EXTREME DISRESPECT from T-Mobile reps at their Reimbursement Center! I have been told I would get a return phone call-NEVER HAPPENED. Tonight when I called, a representative named Carlos ACTUALLY HUNG UP ON ME!!!! I was dissatisfied with AT&T but for the amount of aggravation I've gotten from switching over I think I'm going BACK to AT&T or some other carrier. HORRIBLE CARRIER!! DO NOT TRADE YOUR PHONE IN WITH THEM FOR THEIR PAY OFF PLAN UNLESS YOU WANT TO WAIT 8 WEEKS for your reimbursement!! Is ther ANY carrier out there who does what they say they're going to do?!?!?!?!

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Jody - 7 d ago

You should know that your current "letter/bugs" in the hair of people, is THE GROSSEST commercial ever made. It officially beats the Febreeze "Open your eyes and see garbage in your Kitchen". The bug/letters are SO gross..that everyone I know is talking about it, and the consensus is we wouldn't sign up for T Mobile if it was FREE FOR A YEAR. Everyone immediately changes the channel when it comes on. Any company that approves and airs THAT commercial, can't possibly care about their customers. Man did you miss the mark. GET THAT COMMERCIAL OFF THE AIR!

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Felicia - 10 d 16 h ago


Customer support passed me back and forth for an hour and still didnt fix my problem.

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Anonymous - 8 d 25 s ago

They transferred me then hung up...

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12 year Texas custmoer - 8 d 18 h ago


I was promised discounts off of my I phone 6s when I purchased them online. I bought two on black Friday. I was told I would receive $100.00 discount and 6 month credit once they verified I made my purchase. After almost 10 hours total of talking to T-mobiles support department, I was told that the notes are now GONE? I was asked why, I was told they can't explain it. So the offer that was offered from the beginning is now gone. I asked for an investigation and gave them permission to listen to my phone calls that I made to each rep with T-Mobile. I CAN'T believe a customer of 12 hours that someone in the loyalty department couldn't help, if anything they are the ones who now say that the notes are gone. I can't believe a company this big can't help a 12 year customer a discount that was promised during the time of purchase. I was told that the notes say something else now?? why have the notes now changed and are missing???

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Anonymous - 8 d 31 m ago


Same thing I'm going thru now.....this sounds like fraud actions to me

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Stephanie - 9 d 21 h ago


HORRIBLE customer service. I have a business account with them and from the very first bill I've been having issues. The call center support clearly doesn't notate their conversations. I just got off the phone with the third rep for today and she literally over talked me the whole time, repeating everything but my question. She refused to give me her name and when i asked for a manager she keep saying " there's nothing a manager can do for you ". TMOBILE has literally become one of the worst services out here. I will be taking my business to a company that doesn't treat their customers like shit.

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dc21 - 9 d 14 h ago

Your head fees commercial is disgusting. It's as bad as the people pulling wax out of their ears and showing the camera. Gross!

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Reginald Gant - 9 d 19 h ago


I have been a faithful t-mobile customer for seven years, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge,on December 31,2016, the phone blanked out on January 10,2017,could not get the phone to turn back on,called tech support,they could not get it to operate either,took it back to the store where I purchased it from, and was told that there was nothing that they could do, they however offered me a refurbished phone, Which I declined.I was then told by the sales person at the store which I purchased it from,to take it to the corporate store and see if they would exchange it for another new Galaxy s7 edge,however they refused and stated that the store inwich it was purchased should have handled the exchange. so this is the customer service that I received. After being a loyal customer for seven years.

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K shaw - 10 d ago


Attention anyone I need someone anybody help I'm a tmobile customer going on three years now. I hav three phones and tablet with the company on the ending of my three years my phone have been acting up do I reach out the the tmobile customer service for their help and the customer support department which they sent me a reuse phone on September 19/2016 on September 22 the phone gave me a code stating it has some software issue I've been without a phone since then.on 11/2016;I spoke to a representative and the sent me a phone which was the wrong phone so I call the tmobile office again n was instructed to take it to a tmobile store which I did so that was on 12/4 /17 keep it in mind that with all of this been going on no one and I mean no one reach out n call me I've been the one doing all this for something tmobile created can a someone give me a call my name is shaw (hidden). Thank

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