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T-Mobile USA, Inc.

12920 Se 38th St.
Bellevue, WA
(425) 378-4000
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InGodWeTrust - 3 d 17 h ago

My understanding is that T-Mobile is now supporting perversion. As a ten year plus T-Mobile customer and of Christian belief, I'd very much appreciate knowing if T-Mobile supported a Gay Pride event in Agusta Georgia on June 22, 2018? If this is true, I will be ending my service with T-Mobile. Please respond publically with an answer. Thank you. I will rate this company once I receive an answer to the question.

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Love your neighbor - 3 d 16 h ago

Not that long ago, it was considered consistent to be a Christian, and yet, hold slaves. The day came when slavery was understood as an affront to the gospel itself. I want to suggest that the day has come when Christians must declare that gay bashing is an attack on the gospel and that real Christians do not participate in any form of discrimination. When people harass people in public, it is time for Christians to rise to challenge their intolerance. We have an obligation to protect our neighbors from harassment and slander, especially when it is done in our name. It is time to say that gay bashing is not only wrong, it is unchristian. If Christianity is grace, then judgment is the ultimate apostasy. If Christianity is love, then cruelty is the ultimate heresy.

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Jeff Dixon - 3 d 13 h ago

perversion? ...ignorance!

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Anonymous - 5 h 33 m ago


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Anonymous - 16 h 9 m ago


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Anonymous - 5 h 47 m ago

It won't show me the number. Can you send it in this email pls

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KYB - 10 h 28 m ago


I was a customer of Mobile for over 15 years. May 2018 I switched to Verizon. On 7/16/18 I received an outstanding bill of $183.87. I was on the 55+ contract, originally with two lines. I drop one line in April 2018. My bill should have been $70 monthly. I terminated my service May 12, 2018. I spoke with a representative ID #433018 Tina, who was unable to explain any of the additional charges. I requested a supervisor and spoke with ID$ 241407 Tim. I feel that I should only pay $35 balance due from April 7th thru May 6th, 2018. I was told that if not paid it will be sent to collections.

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Anonymous - 1 d 3 h ago


i have been yourcustomer for the ladt 6 years, im a victim of hacking my phone,

multiple times i complain many stores San Diego i got RUDE response from your customer sales,

i decide just do a refill reload my service, i just paid $20 after an hour all minutes gone I NEVER use my phone,

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jeff gtuy - 1 d 7 h ago


To get in touch with a good hacker who does all types of hacking and also does programming and who also works for the dark web, contact him on (hidden) he did a very good job for me and my friends and i decided to pay him back by spreading the gospel of his good works. He does all types of hacking contact him and i am sure he would put a smile on your face

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jeff gtuy - 1 d 7 h ago


contact him on CIPHERHACKER1 at gmail dot com

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Sierra - 1 d 13 h ago


Tmobile is beyond ridiculous! How are yall going to sit there and say your for your customer but yet keep screwing them over!! It has been a non stop battle with yall and I am so sick of it! I am sick of dealing with the stupidity of the customer service. They keep setting up dates in a payment arrangement that people can't do! My bill was only suppose to be $150 and change. But my bill is now $260!! I will be looking for a new phone service. And will let everyone I know to pull away from yall!!!!

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Rick - 1 d 18 h ago

Someone in another state bought apple watches and other devices in my name. Got a text that an Apple watch has been paired to my wifes I phone. My main line was shut off. Two hours on the phone yesterday and an hour already today. Plus an hour at the store yesterday. In all that time, all i get is someone on the other line telling me what I had already told the person before. They also keep adding insurance that I dont ask for and, since I have to be on autopay to get the discount, I get charged and then given a "CREDIT" that either doesnt come or doesnt katter because they just add more insurance to another line. So, I have a crook in Jersey buying things from T Mobile stores in my name and crooks at T Mobile buying insurance in my name. Here is the best, however. The fraud department doesnt work on weekends so, I was told, nothing can be done until Monday at the earliest. I told them that people obviously commit fraud on weekends how can you not have a fraud department on weekends? Then, I was told that we are not allowed to even speak to them. They communicate via email with the incompetents at customer care who relay messages back and forth to us. I have some guynrobbing me of thousands of dollars and hacking into our phones and I have to wait until Monday and then go back and forth for what I assume will be hours with customer care while I am at work and while I still have a locked phone that I am paying for but cant use and now have more insurance on that I dont want. They cant take the insurance off because, you ready?, their system is down. Not down enough to add the insurance, just down enough to not be able to remove it. There is no way to communicate with anyone above the customer care manager, whatever that is. Cant call coroprate. Cant speak to the fraud department. Incredible. I see all these other horor stories here and it seems t mobile couldnt care less. The only positive is, no contract. As soon as this is resolved Im going to another company. I would rather pay more and not have to deal with this.

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Ethel - 2 d ago

This is a shame how this customer was treated, I don't agree with her language. But I believe she felt threaten. That employee needs fired

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Anonymous - 2 d 24 m ago


Im about to get a lawsuit and illegal action to the situation that I'm in I ask the representative to put in insurance and Apple care on our phone on the first day that I got my phone and i guess the representative doesn't listen to us and I already told him like 15 times and now both of my phone my friends phone is broke and idek how to reach him if he's dead or arrested or hurt literally Tmobile sucks

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Anonymous - 2 d 16 h ago

T mobile is a sorry company I been had my number for over 25 years long before this was a Tmobil company. They charge me for a number I

Did not know I had. Plus charge me for taxes I paid up front. They then cancel my account in 5 days gave my number to metro pcs. They charge me for a Reuter or router from 2014. Send my bill to 2 different collections agency within 5 days of

Cancelling my account. This is eight days.

2 collection agencies with 2 different amount.

Then they was trying to appease me with telling me I could get my number back.

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McQueen - 4 d ago


I'm about fed up with T-Mobile and their "supervisors". Where shall I begin? Let's just start with the simple fact that I was advised by our local T-Mobile store that coverage was phenomenal in our area. That was far from the truth. Only had 1 bar in my own household, and I lived not even 2 miles away from a tower. I deliver mail for a living, out in rural parts of town, and service is very sporadic, or so I thought. While doing a ride-along on one of my OJT days, the co-worker I was riding with hadn't perfect signal the whole day, while I only had service about 20% that's where this all started. I have to be able to have reception Incase one of my supervisors reaches out to me to check in on my status for the day, so service is imperative. I decided that it was most beneficial for my wife and I to go ahead and switch back to our previous carrier that we seldom had issues with. I proceeded to contact T-Mobile BEFORE switching to a different carrier, just to make sure everything would go over fine. I requested for somebody to contact me to where I could obtain my account information and everything else to be broken down to me in regards to how our cell service would be changing over, and all of the things that needed to be done as well. I then received a phone call from a rep about 5 minutes later and got all the information I needed. I had her on speaker phone the whole time so that I could jot down all of the information in my notepad on my phone, which implies that my wife, who was sitting right next to me the whole time, heard the whole conversation as well. The rep gave me my account number and verified the PIN I would need in order to be able to get my current phone number ported over to the new carrier, and I asked her how everything would work pertaining to moving my current device over to another network. My wife's phone was paid off, but mine was under an installment plan, so I needed to figure out how that would work. I asked her if the phone would need to be paid off before I could use it, or if I could take the phone with me to the other carrier and just keep making payments to T-Mobile. She told me, very clearly at that, that I would be able to have the phone unlocked and take it over to the other carrier, and that all I would need to do is keep making my monthly installment payments to T-Mobile, and pay for the actual cell service to the other carrier. Everything sounded fine, so I thanked her and went to our local Verizon store. Once we got there, we told the worker what we were doing and we proceeded to getting everything switched back over. We placed the new SIM's in both mine and my wife's phones, and hers worked fine, but mine gave me an error message stating that I would not be able to use my phone with another carrier until my devise was paid off in full. Didn't really make much sense to me, so I went ahead and called T-Mobile back to figure out what was going on. A different rep answered the phone this time, and shortly put, she told me that I would not be able to use my phone with another carrier until it was paid off in full, so obviously I was misquoted from the previous representative I talked to. So not only was I un-able to use (and still am) my phone for 7-10 days before I received the SIM unlock request number, I had to buy a new phone to use in the meantime while waiting for that to come through. Amidst my aggravation, I requested to speak to a supervisor and proceeded to explain to him (Phil) exactly what happened. Told him the exact same story again and he told me the same thing that the second lady told me. I told him about my frustration and how upset I was that I was not without a phone due to misleading information provided by one of their employees. He was very nice and offered to put a note to add a provisional credit to my account once my final bill was generated to help compensate for some of the costs I had to endure. I went ahead and got a different phone set up with Verizon and went on my merry way.

11 days go by, and I reach out to T-Mobile again to see what the status of my unlock request was. I spoke to a representative and explained everything from the very beginning to her, and told her that Phil made a notation on my account that a credit would be applied once the final bill was generated. She told me that there was nothing on my account that said anything like that, and that the only thing it said was "customer agreed to pay full amount". At this point, I'm beyond fed-up with anything and everything T-Mobile. I ask to speak to another supervisor, and spoke with Angel, who kindly provided me with her agent ID number as well. Same story, different day. Went ahead and explained to her from square 1 what was going on, and that I had been misquoted information from not one, but TWO different people now, one of them being a supervisor, and that I needed something done about it immediately. She told me that they don't warrant what is said because it's "outsourced" to another company. I told her that she was more than welcome to go ahead and pull the phone calls and get a misquote going for me, then she went ahead and tried to tell me that not all of their phone calls are recorded, and that they had no way to pull the phone calls because they were handled by the outsourced company. I asked her for the phone number for the outsourced company. She told me she didn't have it. So at this point, I'm fuming, thinking to myself, how in the would can a company this big, have so many ways to cover itself up from having to do the right thing for its customers? Started off with an employee telling me I can still use my current phone and keep making payments to them in the amount of $33.74 for 18 months until it's paid off in full, then speaking to a supervisor who told me that that wasn't the case and that it would have to be paid off in full before I could use it, who then offered me a provisional credit to help compensate for some of the trouble, and then be told lastly that none of that stuff was true, they couldn't warrant what a supervisor told me, and that phone calls can't be pulled because they're outsourced. To top it all off, Angel promised me that she would have her immediate supervisor contact me directly later that day (3 days ago) and I have still yet to hear anything back from anybody from their company. I did so happen to receive their final bill in the mail today though, for a total of $742.46, which will NOT be paid. I will make sure this gets through to who can actually do something about it, because after speaking to 6 different people about the same issue now, it is literally worse than it was when it all started.

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Anonymous - 2 d 17 h ago


Hi I am in the same boat. Plus now they gave me number away. I am looking to file a class action suit. Tmbile needs to be stop

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Lopez - 3 d 9 h ago


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Veteran discount shamefully lies - 3 d 9 h ago


Advertisements for military gets 50% off two lines is completely bogus. This is false advertisement it is only a lil over 20% discount. They say it's cause I got my plan on a special so it's not as much my plan is $110 and only offering it down to $90 however the regular price would have been $130 but they still only put it down to $90 neither of these are a 50% discount as advertised. I know someone who has foodstamps and gets a way larger discount than a person who served their country. Not saying anything bad about those on foodstamps as some do need that break but don't advertise a 50% discount to thank those who serve and who have served just a lie to get you to switch to them. Guess it's time to boycott T-Mobile.

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Saida - 4 d 18 h ago


Im having so many issues with you guys !!!! I need to speak with someone from the headquarters.

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M.Zelkind, M.D - 6 d 9 h ago

worth service now ever been. All tech support moved to Philippines, where so called tech absolutely worthless and try to sell more service. Yesterday, spent 6 hrs on phone resolve problems with roaming.

It is time to leave T-Mobile....

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No more outsourcing - 5 d ago


Thank you that solves me ever going with them. Famous Phillipino saying I'll take care of that one" proceed to next lie.

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Latrice Hunter - 5 d 15 m ago


I want to Corporate know have the communication has been with my account over the past few months its been horrible I have been lied to several occasions and I have been given false information over and over again my account has been mishandled and no one is taking accountability and no one seems to care I am currently trying to find another cell phone company due to the mistrust I have with TMobile I will never recommend them.

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Anthony - 5 d 4 h ago


It started about 5 yrs. ago with my T-m pay as you go plan. If I recharged my account within 2-3 days (grace period which seems fair) of when my current time card expires then the minutes I have in the bank will roll over. Please remember it cost me basically 30 cents per minute. Well, I usually recharged by calling the line where I could purchase a reload card (used to load minutes) by speaking to a rep. When I initially made a call before my current reload card expired the rep. said they can't take a payment to reload my account and left it at that. After explaining I always speak to a rep. and make a purchase of a reload card they explained they have no option to take a payment. Long story short being rather discouraged I continued to try and find someone who I could make a purchase with. Finally I got a manager with the reload card dept. (customer service were useless) who informed me the reason I can't find anyone who will take a payment was within the last couple of months T-m discontinued the option of speaking with someone to make a reload card purchase and they can now only be made via the automated system. I then made a reload purchase but even though I initially called before my previous reload card expired being none of the customer people I spoke with (difficult to understand at times due to their accent) knew T-m stopped using people for reload purchases by the time I made a reload purchase I was past the expiration date and grace period so they (claiming they're being helpful) gave me back $40 out of $90 dollars of hard earned money I had in my account. It was such a greedy move. They had the money but wanted to keep some of my minutes which does little to benefit their company. Then this year I missed the reload by date by 4 days and my $38 dollars was lost. I called and informed them I missed the reload by date being I thought the reload date was later but realized something was wrong when my phone didn't work. When I called to inform them of what happened the rep. rather arrogantly claimed there's nothing they can do being on June 29th I received a text from T-m reminding me of my recharge by date, which was June 30th. Arguing with someone so arrogant wasn't something I wanted to do. Checking my text for all of June 2018 I do not have a single text from T-m. It would seem fair that if you don't send me a reminder as was mentioned would happen when I joined T-m then I shouldn't have to lose my $38. Again, this is hard earned money which they already have and are so greedy they insist on taking the corresponding minutes which does little to benefit them as a company.

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Angela - 5 d 8 h ago


The new t-mobile tech support is awful. They know absolutely nothing, speak with extremely heavy accents, and insist on reading from a script. As they could not resolve my issue, they had me do a factory reset. I subsequently Googled and found the simple answer. As a result of the factory reset, all of the options I had programmed into the phone had gone, so I spent the next 2 hours re-setting everything, except for using the Home button to answer calls instead of swiping. In frustration, I called 611 again, to speak to four people who knew less than I did. They eventually transferred me to a woman using Smart Tutor who was great and solved the issue.

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