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T-Mobile USA, Inc.

12920 Se 38th St.
Bellevue, WA
(425) 378-4000
(425) 378-4040
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Brian P Hatcher Sr. - 5 h 40 m ago


Hello, T-Mobile!! I Received "A Billing Statement" For Account 963811668 "Bill Period Jun 15, 2019-Jul 14, 2019 For A Total Of $120.58. The Only Problem With This Amount and The Bill, Itself, Is I'm No Longer With T-Mobile, And Haven't Been As Of May 7, 2019!! I Had "No Cellular Service For Two Whole Days" In April, 2019, And Again, When T-Mobile, Preformed "An Upgrade" Which Left Me, Without Service For 6hrs. Within The Same Month!! It Was In "April, 2019" That I Informed "The T-Mobile Associate, In Kingman, AZ", That I Would Not Be Paying "May, 2019's Bill" And Would Be Signing With Another Cellular Carrier. The Associate, "Unlocked My Phone On May 7, 2019", And I Opened "A New Account" With Someone Else. I, Owe You, Nothing And Would Appreciate Greatly If You'd Send Me, No More Billing, As I Have Absolutely No Intention Of Paying!!

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Jeffer Jones - 12 h 25 m ago

I live in Romulus Michigan a new sub division and the the phones are terrible,I have metro pcs which you guys own,you need another anttena out here somewhere,I own alot of yard,1 acer,let's make a deal!!!

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Traylor M Morgan - 3 d 12 h ago


The Wifi Towers in 77371 zip

Has a problem that the. Management knows about and are not fixing !

So we are Like at the end of our rope

Weak to no use of out Service That we pay for !

We in this rural area need communication if we have to go to another company that's what we're going to have to do !

When all needs to be done is not being done by the corporate !

As I said they know the problem exist and choose not to repair it !

Leaving your customers with partial service !

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Anonymous - 3 d 8 h ago

Yep!! And they could care less.

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Anonymous - 4 d 3 h ago


Trash company I cancelled my lines 3 mo the ago and paid off my fucked up scam deal of 720$ and now they say I owe another 192$. NOPE! Your dumbass employee didn't cancel my lines so y'all could make some more money. Not how it works.

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Michael Sedki - 21 d 39 s ago


I hate T-Mobile, they are liar and scammer, you will be promised something and get something else, then you stuck with the scammers, i have the money and they have the promotion for iphone XSMAX, they did everything wrong , wrong order, then wrong trade in, wrong delivery address, and finally i don't get the promotion or be able to trade my old phone and they want to give me the phone with full price, i am almost calling customer service every day now, for around 3 hours which is really useless, and every time it gets complicated, you fight for 3 hours and they say everything is good, but you got surprise again with new charge and wrong process, i advise every one not to deal with t-Mobile and if you are with them please if you feel the same feeling please leave them, they need to know that customer are upset, and not happy, i am really super angry and i am leaving them to ATT, and i will write this story in every social website.

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Tracy - 20 d 7 h ago

Corporate phone number is (hidden)

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Kerri Ann Roos - 10 d 8 h ago


Oh no it's not Tracy look deeper

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Anonymous - 4 d 14 h ago

So did you ever find the corporate number if so what is it

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Jason Martinez - 20 d ago


My story is close to the same

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Fatima - 10 d 8 h ago

I am sharing your feelings exactly right now! 4 months sick and tired of these scammers! I will do the same! Get off their stupid company! And write to everywhere about how unprofessional and scammers they are!

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Nancy Jackson - 5 d 5 h ago


Ive been with tmobil for over a year and im in the process of firing them. You Will pay for no service at least half a month. Then, people thats never paid them a time gets free phones while good customers get screwed

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Anonymous - 5 d 8 h ago


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Shelly - 6 d 14 h ago


What is going on with T-Mobile? They are so into money, the lack of respect for their customers is gone. People with no customer skills liang and scamming you. T Mobile became so low that anyone in their stores will try to get your money with tricks. Very bad. There is no high and professional level representatives at all that you can contact to complain about all the issues with T Mobile service and phone performance.

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Christina Barnett - 7 d 15 m ago


I have been a loyal customer and stupid for being their fool! When we first signed up years ago, I was promised a rose gold phone. It's what I signed up for and paid, my phone never showed and I was forced into getting a cheaper silver one. Many years later we r looking fir new phones. My husband gets into T-Mobile app, and they advertise a buy one get one free on Samsung phones. So we call about it, to only be told that the promotion ended day before! As a company, T-Mobile should honor the promotion! It's the companies responsibility to make sure that ALL promotions are being displayed correctly and end when promotion ends! I'm highly disappointed in T-Mobile for their lying and disgusted how we are being treated! This is completely T-Mobile who are not being loyalists, especially to veterans! How could you all play dirty this way? I want to switch carriers because of u all. Verizon NEVER treated us this way! What a filthy company who can't be trusted for what they advertise, period!

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Jenny - 9 d ago


I have always been satisfied with T-Mobile customer service until my phone was stolen last week and I went to a store in Clovis, Ca to replace it. I had decided to buy the Galaxy S9 as a replacement for the older model I had, but the representative told me there weren't any in the store. (Lie) She tried to sell me the $1,200 new S10 instead. When I refused, she pretended to search the computer system to check the inventory of the other stores in the area for the S9 model, and told me there weren't ANY in stock at ANY of the twenty stores. (Lie). She told me she could order one, but it would take a week. (Lie) Then she tried again to persuade me to look at the S10. I walked out in disgust, drove 2 miles down the street, and bought an S9 at a different T-Mobile store. I'm extremely disappointed in any stores and managers who prioritize profits from phone sales over the more lucrative retention of bill-paying customers. It's not only unethical to deceive and misdirect clients, it's bad for business.

Over the past year, I have been surprised by the number complaints about T-Mobile and its rapidly disintegrating customer service, and most of my friends and acquaintances have already switched to a different carrier. Now I'm debating whether or not to switch as well. When customers aren't anchored to a long-term contract, they can easily abandon the U.S.S. T-Mobile in favor of one of the fierce flagships of any number of competitors. Unlocking a phone isn't rocket science. You would think T-Mobile would try harder to retain its loyal customer base. Lame.

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Gloria - 19 d 7 m ago


Agent are completely trash, went to a store on Fulton in Houston Tx and an agent promised me a 650$ prepaid card to switch over to T-mobile. I waited and waited for maybe 3 weeks or more a=never received it. Went up to the store where i traded in my phone for the newest iphone to let them know i have not received the prepaid card and when i got there a different agent helped me and told me the previous agent had gotten fired and on top of that the previous agent never submitted the request to have that prepaid card sent to me.I was extremely upset because i had already generated a penalty with Sprint for leaving them. The request submitted was not approved and i told the agent what was explained to me from the previous agent about the 650$ prepaid card, that agent stated she will speak with her supervisor to have that sent to me and will call me back. Never received a call and last i gave them a call today and supervisor was extremely rude and hung up the phone. By now I have tried everything I need to speak with corporate asap. Horrible customer service.

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Eleanor Ortiz - 14 d 7 s ago

This is a hat Tmobile does promise you and the it doesn't happen and they you Miss understood no I didn't miss understand they never own up to their problems or lies that have been told

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Kerri Ann Roos - 10 d 8 h ago


Well aren't we the sly one

You should ask the owner of tmobile to get involved with this chat. I'm sure he would be willing to compromise his interests in taking our money and give us just an explanation of what he promised and what he provides is two totally different things

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Eleanor Orti - 14 d 3 h ago

Tmobile is cheating their customers I'm one of them. You offered unlimited high speed 4g data again unlimited. Now you to a cap after I agreed to one contact Tmobile changed the contact stayed I had this alll along lies!. The speed is always slowing down not able to get in to used my phone it keeps rolling or processing and still my data is being used trying to get what I'm trying to get into. At first it was my device. I would get a different phone "new" Tmobile claim have to a week something happening call Tmobile now they want to send me a refurbish phone for my brand new phone and still pay for the new phone when your sending me a used phone. I caught on to that . Phone after phone same problem. All Tmobile does trouble shoot out in tickets at first 24 hour turn around then it went to 48hours to 72hour to 5 to 7 days. While you are still having the problem. The ticket is closed with determining why the problem. I call back tell them still having the same problem. What does Tmobile do? Put in a tickets for the ticket they closed and the reps don't know why guess what Tmobile what's me to do air another 5 to 7 day will the o ivlem still not solved. This is a game that your playing with the customers. Stated you will provide a service and your not. And give every reason under the sun why you don't have the service. Your towers being worked on, maintenance, upgrading and you don't know when they will be up must if the time they will give you your billing date that's when your service will start again. But I'm paying for unlimited high speed 4g data which I'm not getting. Now I have a phone and a iPad which I pay separately for high speed 4g data. Tmobile is combining them. Example if one is at 39 and the other is at 22 combined 51 my systems starts slowing down to the point I can us my phone only to make or receive call and it's not working also there goes another ticket. The reps are not on the same page no one states the same thing I get different answers and reps don't note th account correctly. I would call in example: can't make a call out or receive will not to through.i can only call to mobile. What will the rep do. Yes put in. Ticket that I stated dropped call. They never dropped I didn't make the call. Oh forgot the other reason I'm not getting my service it's your SIM CARD CANT HELP YOU UNTIL YOU GET A SIM CARD what do I do I FOT AND GET ANOTHER SIM CARD. Guess what IM STILL HAVING THE SAME PROBLEMS. Now rep going back to send me another phone Nope not doing that NOW THE REP IS STATING MS ORTIZ YOU WONT LER ME HELP YOU!

All you want to do is take my new phone ane change it for an old phone so you can resell my new phone to someone else. Yes i said that. I get routed to Philippines now where all they do is verify you and put you on n hold transfer to to someone else just for them to verify you all over again to put me on hold and then disconnect me for me to call back to start al over again and either they don't. It's the account after an hour been on the phone or they will not the famous drop call. I get someone claiming a manger I'm told a ticket was put in and they can't help but put another ticket in and escalated for another 5 to 7 days. Never getting any Resolution only excuse is why am not getting the service when are you going to actually give the service our network and I asked what carrier do you have and they say Tmobile and I'm asking what happens when you call Tmobile what's happening with your service they're telling me the same thing I'm telling you. And your stringing them along like you're stringing me about the service y'all are offering and not giving it's a shame that you're ripping off me and other clients that you have. The kicker is to representative told me well if you feel that we're not up to par you can go somewhere else literally told me to go somewhere else one time I was transferred to the arm area where you cancel your account another time somebody shut my service off I had to go and call back on somebody else's phone and tell them to turn my service back on the representative send U request to be turned off which I did not do this is Eleanor Ortiz I am satisfied Tmobile

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Eleanor Ortiz - 14 d ago

I'm not Satisfied no way on hell

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Kerri Ann Roos - 10 d 8 h ago


You should take this to a higher level. If not they will continue to take advantage

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Pauli - 20 d ago


I got T-Mobile in July 2017. I live in a Residential Neighborhood of approximately 150,000 people in it. At my home (I am disabled) I have 1 maybe/sometimes 2 bars. My Connection constantly gets dropped. If I go up the hill, not a big one. Maybe 35 feet up, I get 4 or 5 bars. T-Mobile sent me a Cell Signal Booster which i thought was nice but the window unit gets 1 bar and the wall unit says "0". Can't boost a signal that isn't there, you know! I have complained for almost 2 years and not one thing has been done about it. Their "Coverage Map" says I should have 3 bars according to them. If you didn't know, T-Mobile has NO TECHNICIANS to come check it. Employees refuse to come check it and I am less than 2 miles from the store! I am over 55 and have the according plan. Its frustrating and maddening to keep paying a bill for something I don't have. I have a Tablet also that is pretty much useless and I don't carry it around. I ride a Bicycle and Tablets aren't Bike Friendly. It's a damn shame that AT&T has a Line charge of $40.00 dollars in addition to the cost of the plan you choose and let's not forget the taxes! I cant see paying over a Hundred dollars a month for service. I now own my phone and I am looking for someone else but not Sprint. T-Mobile owns them and are on the same network, I think. No satisfaction here that's for sure!

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Eleanor Ortiz - 14 d 39 s ago

Wow I was sent that booster it's fake doesn't work and it only for the house I work outside I drive and I still don't have to service I pay for unlimited high speed 4g data and not receiving it

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Kerri Ann Roos - 10 d 8 h ago


They sold my house lines to my business claiming my husband and I were in cor a huge savings and I was dumb enough to have fallen into their scam.but I'm here to tell you that I have paid started Dec .22nd and is still going on today July 12th $2000.00 for 2 new phone 4g Le limited data the took Netflix away from us and know we have terrible service.

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