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T-Mobile USA, Inc.

12920 Se 38th St.
Bellevue, WA
(425) 378-4000
(425) 378-4040
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Right Source Contracting - 1 h 25 m ago


I had a supervisor or manager, or someone pretending to be an executive employee purposely cancel my service without my permission, because she didn't like the actions I intended to take as a result of being unhappy with my services and with her teams customer service. I have about 10 devices and lines that my company uses for a diverse range of services that we provide from construction to transportation. Our mobile communications were down for about 2 hours and this hurt us significantly because we could not do what our customers pay us to do. Good thing I have business lines with a different company or our office lines would have been down as well.

This was truly the worst experience we have ever had in over 5 years, we have had issues but this one takes the cake. Reps may seem sweet but not professional at all in my opinion.

I can't wait to switch service to another provider for my business. I'm looking for my best options immediately.

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Anonymous - 7 d 22 h ago

T-Mobile is the worst fcking place to get a phone my friend got me a phone under her line around Christmas I traded in my iPhone 7 for the XR which is the value I was suppose to own the XR instead the guy never put nothing in the system and my friend was paying for the phone the whole time then the guy that helped us moved to a different location . Customer service was no help at fcking allllllllllllllllll ! Neither was the manager at the store in Hempstead, NY . Nobody help so I lost out on a phone because my friend returned out phones and she went to a different company. I couldn't keep the XR being that it was never put in the system that I traded my phone in and they took my iPhone 7 . & Ima make sure they investigate they ass . Pooor asss service. T-Mobile don't give a shxt about you !

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Seriously Sad - 1 d ago


You are right....pooooooooor asss service is the best way to say it! :(

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Seriously? The nicest sweetest loveliest reps selling horrible service. - 1 d ago


Every single representative within the stores as well as the call center in Maine have been extremely professional and lovely and kind and personable and fabulous. The problem is that the issues I have experienced with calls going directly to voicemail-despite my going back and forth to the store to make sure everything is fine with the phone AND after troubleshooting with reps...the issues continue..last night a rep told me that it may be best that I upgrade the phone since it does not seem compatible and I became very upset because I bought this flip phone (I have low vision and need 3d keys) from them for $75. (priced higher than other companies) a little over a year ago and now they are telling me this? This problem has been from the very beginning. Today my voicemail was shut off and I had no way to know people were trying to reach me and when I called C/S they were lovely and sweet and told me they could turn it back on and had no idea why it was shut off. I had a conniption fit x10. I do not know where to go now..I am very upset and it is all hilarious in retrospect. I was stupid..I kept the lousy service because everyone was so's like going to a car dealer with a lemon that they sold you and keeping it because they are so nice. Now I am exhausted and since I am disabled it is not so easy to go running out to the store, etc. Now I know I have no other choice---literally no other choice! I asked for the location of their corporate office and the supervisor told me everything was within their facility and if I wanted to speak with another supervisor he was the only one within their facility. I am done.

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Nell - 2 d 7 h ago


TMobile has been the worst company I have ever had. We have been lied to since the beginning. We are sending a certified letter to the main office with detailed conversations we have had since the beginning of time. To date our issue has not been resolved.I advise that no one sign up with TMobile. The moment we pay off our phones we are going back to Verizon. I rather pay more money than having to deal with a company that lies.

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Cornelia Drake-Sistrunk - 3 d ago

Dear T Mobile,

I am very upset.. I have been your customer since 2008. I'm very upset because of the SCAM LIKELY calls. They call all day, every day. I block them & they still are able to call my number. I probably have 500 or more blocked. I appreciate the "Scam Likely" warning that you provide. It's a matter of loss of quality. Who likes swiping these callers almost every few minutes, then blocking their number? There should be some type of filter, and not let their call go through. Maybe it should block whoever is calling from the name, Scam Likely, rather than their phone number. I would appreciate if you can do that. A credit to my account would also be nice. Your effort iin rectification would be greatly appreciated.

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Disgusted - 3 d 3 h ago


My husband and I went to get pricing at our local T-Mobil store. Our friends just signed up with them and got a good rate. We were in there for 1 1/2 hours due to a new hire and the store manager having to coach this employee. Finally we left and told them we will try to get back to them later in the week due to our work schedules and we still needed to unlock our phones and check the billing cycle of our account with AT&T.

The manager would keep calling my husband to ask him if he was still interested. My husband said yes, we just haven't had time and we needed to wait until after mid February for the billing cycle then we could unlock the last phone. We got a bill from T-mobile 2 weeks after visiting the store with 2 cell phone numbers on it. We never activated or set up an account with them. We were price shopping?? I called T-Mobile customer service and explained the situation to the representative and she said to disregard the bill and she will take care of it, it was an error. I thanked her and advised my husband. This month, we get another statement. It is showing a credit? I call T-Mobil up to discuss this to make sure there is no account since there was one never established and that we do not keep getting statements. I would like to end this mess!! They said they can not help me unless I have a Pin#. Of course I don't have a Pin#, I never set up an account!!! I spoke with 2 representatives that advised me that we must go directly to the store for Id verification and they will be able to resolve the matter. I said, "This is nonsense", "They are the ones that created this mess!" How come I was able the first time to call and the representative was able to help without asking for a Pin#? They stated they don't know!! I advised the last rep I am glad you are on a recorded line because I will contact your corporate office and other places I can post how awful this has been. How can you possible set up an account on someone for just walking in the door?? Yes, we gave our information but that does not give you the right or authority to valid an account. That is a form of Identity Theft.

We stated with AT&T and were able to work something out. There customer service reps and loyalty department go above and beyond to please their customers. Shame on you T-Mobile!!

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Hm - 8 d 10 h ago


T-Mobile locked my unlocked phone without telling me. Found out when I was trying to get a SIM card so I could have a local overseas number for work. Surprise!!!! Customer service stated all carriers lock SIM cards even when bought through apple unlocked. What????!

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Adrienne J. - 3 d 5 h ago


Not true they lied. I'm with Verizon and their phones are not locked. I was with T-mobile from 2002-2017. Run if you can from T-mobile.

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Adrienne J. - 3 d 5 h ago


I was with T-mobile from 2002-2017. I have an iPhone 6 that I financed with t-mobile that I am now trying to get unlocked but customer care are claiming that they can't find me in their system ever having an account with them. I brought my last bill from them into a t-mobile store per customer care's advice and they still couldn't find my account. The store rep called customer care and told them I had a physical bill with my ID to prove I was a customer and customer care still claims they can't find my account. I even emailed customer care with my bill and they are still claiming that they can't find my account. So I have a paid off phone I purchased from t-mobile that they are refusing to unlock and I can't use. I am in the process of seeking legal action because what they are doing is illegal. Once the phone is paid off by the customer it belongs to the customer however t-mobile still has my phone locked which is illegal and are refusing to unlock it by lying and saying my account doesn't exist even though I have previous bill statements including my last bill statement they mailed to me after I closed my account and switched to another provider in 2017. There must obvious be some bitter feelings because I switched to another provider. Word to the wise if you switch to another provider get you phone unlocked first because t-mobile will somehow delete or make your account disappear and you'll have to seek legal action as I am doing. T-mobile business practices are unprofessional and untrustworthy.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago


T.Mobile sucks they lie to customers, on this so call plan 55 plus you get to pick a free phone from 3 yes it's free in the store once you leave you get a bill within a week my boyfriend got a bill for $400.00 and the manager said it was free nothing but liars and misleading customers we been a customer for years and they refuse to take the phone back without paying $50 to restock it really just to take it from the front of the store to the back stock room. We are no longer customers this company sucks !!!!!!!!!

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Tina - 5 d 2 h ago


T mobile sucks they cut your phone off yet payment not due yet .

They lie to issue credit give only half

corp offices doesn't make inquiry in the wrong conduct by itS representatives today when I called they just ignore it .someone needs to check you out.

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Anonymous - 5 d 2 m ago

They lied to me too and now that I am a customer they told me too bad. In so many words

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Fernando Gonzales - 5 d ago


Yesterday I bought a phone because my screen on my phone was cracked. I have insurance, the girl that helped me said I could purchase a phone if I didn't want to wait for the insurance, although they didn't have my phone LG k20, so before I purchased the. Phone I ask if it was a down grade of my phone, she no and I asked her three times when I was at the store. When I got home I looked it up and there are five things with the phone I bought didn't that my phone has. Went this morning to take back the phone and the manager said they would have to charge me 50 dollars to take the phone back. I have been a t-mobile customer for several years I feel because they sold me a phone under false pretenses I shouldn't have to to pay any fee for returning the phone. Please help thank you.

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Tina - 5 d ago


Abigail at t mobile promised to remove all charges for service being cut off by another t mobile rep improperly. She too lied only half they took off to date no resolution by this misfit company corp does nothing they condone it .

They suck they phone I got ducks too 612 customer service is impolite not professional doesn't know customer service skills they

got attitude raise voices hang up in you.

Coro doesn't care they won't look into it

Sorry I came back to this company

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Tina - 5 d ago


I meant 611 is useless to get help with anything .

They lack good customer skills.

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Tina - 5 d 2 h ago


Sucks corp office doesn't not investigate bad conduct from t mobile staff

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Tina - 5 d 2 h ago


T mobile sucks corp offices has blind eye to conduct by staff .

They shut your phone off on purpose they cover up .

They issue credit but but what they promise mistake going back to them .corp office doesn't make inquiry to the mistakes made by their employees either. They make promises to do something but lie to you

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Vinnie B - 6 d 6 h ago


Although I approve of many of the T-Mobile policies and so they are my cell provider, if their leadership continues to support Trump politically and/or financially - I will need to consider alternative providers. It is a major conflict of interest to stay at Trump towers while lobbying!

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Anonymous - 6 d 6 h ago

No matter where they stay somebody is going to profit from it. Although personally I would prefer a tent to anything with the name Trump on it.

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

T-mobile is the worse worse company and poor connection and poor costumer services in Philadelphia USA # store 1782 is a shame I switch to them this is trash and I will take my 7 lines and back to Att&t

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Perry - 7 d 4 h ago


On 3-18-2019 I went into the store at the belden village Mall in Canton Ohio to purchase to Galaxy S10 phones

You had a special running if you trade in old Galaxy phones you could get at $390 off

I was informed by two of the gentlemen that were working that day that I could receive the $390 off for my Galaxy S7 edge per phone

When I called in on Saturday I was informed by a lady that working that day that I was only eligible for $250 off per phone

When I went in on Saturday you had no phones available I was informed that I would be getting phones this week I call today on 3-12-2019 I was informed that no phones came in and it would be another week or so before I receive them

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Jose olivarria - 8 d 1 h ago


Called this corporate office to let them know how there store lied to us only to get the answer well the charges are legitimate . Even though they acknowledged that the rep had lied his way into a sale the exact words Brett from corporate used were " It was a legitimate charge , even if he did lie to you" . WTH are u serious. Brett kept talking over me and was insistent on my handling this problem myself with the store. Ok so I guess this corporate office is there just for show cuzz seems like to me they don't wanna help there customers.

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General profile image - 9 d 20 h ago


My name is Millicent Daniel I spoke to Michael in regards to my problem with T-Mobile store that Justin in the store on us1 treasure cost took my brand new iPhone 7 that my son bought for me in November 2018 that was paid off and gave me another iPhone 7 he lied to my son and I he did not say we were going to pa for another I phone 7 if he had told us that we would have said no why would I trade in my brand new phone for the same phone I spoke to the cooperatin and they said they would credit me $10 per month for 24 month then I received my bill they r charging me for the phone and credit me $9 what that I will be calling them again on Monday and if I do not get a response that's suits me I have to go further

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