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Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Lexus, Scion
19001 S. Western Ave
Torrance, CA
(310) 468-4000
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Elif Tatlisu - 1 d 26 m ago


I m retailer consumer

We sell new version of toyota car designs.

My cell 1443 593 9814

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Felix Saget Jr - 10 d 15 h ago


I have the 2018 CHR and notice that when it gets cold the car vibrate uncontrollably...this was first noticed on 01/05/18..

The car was in the driveway during the snow storm of 01/04/18...after clearing the car from the snow, we started driving and notice that the car was shaking a bit...

I checked if there was any snow along the wheel well but to my surprise there was none..Since the car was not driven, there was no accumulative snow in the wheel well....I tried driving it again today(01/07) and the issue still persist...this seems to be deeper then the snow...

I believe, that there maybe a possible Manufacturing Defect which is affecting its performance..the car has on 3025 miles and was purchase in October....It is only used to go back and forth to work

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Sunil Sharma - 11 d 16 h ago


I went to the Stone Mountain Toyota at 4400 US Highway 78, Lilburn, GA-30047 branch and asked to fix for oil leak on Aug 12, 2017, they charged me $984.12 for the fix. But the oil was still leaking, I went to refix the leak and they again charged me $380.24 for the leak when I came back, leak still exists. I called them and went back again and they don't care to fix this issue. The service at this place is worst and poor customer service.

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Ed Kowalinski - 12 d ago


On January 2 I recently attempted to buy a new Toyota XLE during the December 22 - January 2. Talk about a fiasco. It was a classic runaround from the outset. First I was told that if I opted to use the 60 month zero % interest financing I couldn't get the $500.00 rebate. I was then told if I took the rebate I would have to finance at 0.9 % for 72 months. After I told the salesman that wasn't what the ad said, I was then told I would have to buy from the dealers inventory. After setting him straight on that part of the ad I thought we had a deal. There were other runarounds that we straightened out and I finally gave him a deposit. I was then told that the nearest XLE that I wanted was 200 miles away. I said that was fine. I was then told that it might have to be ordered from the factory. I said that was okay and I wasn't in a big hurry. On January 4 I received a message and was told that Toyota dropped that plan and I would have to use the 72 month finance plan. Unbelievable! I contacted a friend if mine that used to own a Toyota dealership and told him my story. He said that on that type of sale the dealership had to deliver the car during the sale dates. Why in the heck wasn't I told this right away? Why play games to get a sale? The salesman knew that I didn't need a car, I simply wanted a new one. Dealers like SUNNYSIDE Toyota give the industry a bad name.

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loaman nelson - 14 d ago


how can a dealership like Elmhurst toyota in illinios install a rear differential, that only last 10000 miles or 18 month and not know why it failed. and charge me $3700 dollar for a new replacement. Toyota what kind of parts are you installing in cars today. My FJ crusher had 87000 miles on it when a new rear differential was installed and 97000 miles when it faided. DISSATIFIED CUSTOMER.

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J. Johnson - 21 d ago


I would like to say that I am very satisfied with my Toyota Highlander! I purchased my Toyota in 2003 and it has 402,197 thousand miles on it as of today, and running like new!. I've had little maintenance problems and great dealership service from Cain Toyota in Canton, Ohio. My oldest daughter bought a Toyota Rav 4 XLE and my youngest daughter bought a Toyota Camry and both are very happy with their vehicles. My youngest daughter said to me the other day, "Toyotas are great cars, for your Highlander took me through elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and graduate school - unbelievable!" Thank you Toyota!

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Susan Durham - 14 d 14 h ago


What a great story! We had bought a 2003 Highlander and it is still operating like a charm! It has less than 200,000 miles! Yay Toyota!

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Dr. Susan Singletary-Cook - 14 d 14 h ago


We purchased a 2016 Rav 4 with 12,000 miles from Toyota of Johnson City Tennessee. It was a 5 hour trip to get their from Newnan, GA. All went well closing the deal including trading in my 2009 Honda. We paid for the SUV in full and added the clear coat covering and got the 70,000 maintenance policy doing all work necessary and it would be covered. It has been three months now and we still do not have the coupon book you have to give to dealerships or mechanics who do the necessary checkpoints on the car. I have followed up 10 times calling the guy who sold us the car, Frankie a Used Car Sales Manager to Cindy Smith the executive to the general manager or owner. I was told I would get a refund on the policy but the policy would not be cancelled. I called Tuesday to inquire about our check that has been over two weeks since last speaking and the number for Charleston SC where these coupon books are printed. Nothing still has happened. I left a voice mail for Cindy Smith yesterday due to being out. Each receptionist tells me they have emailed her because every time I call in she is in a meeting. This is poor customer service and if we had any clue that this was going to be a nightmare, we would never have bought the bait! I am amazed that administration does not get involved to give me dates when this will be done! I have my doctorate in leadership and this Toyota dealership lacks good customer service, following through when your customer calls in regarding a problem, to actually solving a problem and making the customer happy! I wish all would have gone exactly like it was suppose to. My touch up paint was supposed to be delivered but I ended up picking it up at the Newnan Toyota dealership. I wish this dealership cared enough to get a resolution to these two big problems I constantly address with them. I need some help from someone higher up that can get things done! I give this a poor rating only because our experience of buying the car went smoothly! The salesman told us of one of their own who was ill, wife had cancer, hew was not able to work and they were all pitching in to help their fellow salesman. I donated $50 right then because this is what people do to help each other. I thought it was admirable of these salesmen doing this! Three months trying to still get my coupon book for 70,000 miles maintenance policy is more than enough time. My next choice will be to contact my attorney to see if we can sue for distress this has caused me trying to complete our sale.

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Stuart g hudnall - 17 d 5 m ago


Stuart g hudnall

My wife janetta f davis hudnall we got merrid on

9/22/12. I thought my life was going good. Till one night I got a call at work 3 times by some one

that shook up bad. She sad she was hit head on. By a pickup. My heart dropped for a sec. Then I took off. When I got to Beckley wv. She was ok but her foot was broke bad. She was driving a Toyota Tacoma 2001. Toyota just put a new Frame on it an I just want to big thanks for saving my wife life. Toyota

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Frederick Chung The Third - 17 d ago


This is in memory of Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas and this is also in memory of Michelle Rodriguez from The Fast and The Furious and this is also in memory of Paul Walker when h was in those other couple of those other Fast and The Furious and this Goes out to Porsche The Vehicle Car Company in memory and Tribute of Paul Walker and his Friend Roger Rodas in California and also to Paul Walker from those couple of the other Fast and the Furious movies too!!!

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Frederick Chung The Third - 17 d 10 h ago


This is in memory of Paul Walker and his Roger Rodas and Michelle Rodriguez and in memory of Porsche The Vehicles Company in Tribute of Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas and also in memory of Paul Walker of The Fast And The Furious and The other 2 Fast and The Furious Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. and Porsche Vehicles Company too!!!

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 19 d 18 h ago


I have contacted the dealers around pensacola do. Wanting to buy a highlander 20016 17 nobody seems to have any really I even asked about deals on new ones.nobody wants to help me out.Not happy at all.

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Tillman - 20 d 3 h ago


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NA - 21 d 15 h ago


I was called to ask to come in and return my lease two months before and they get me a 2018 Toyota Camry. When I got there I told this young guy that I wanted the same I had the LE but a different color and he said no problem. He didn't let me drive it, he did we went back inside and he kept passing by taking care of other people. The next thing he had me going to the office to sign the papers and trusting him that I got the same car I did signed them. The acceleration is terrible

it has no CD player when there is condensation and I get in the car the water drips all over the sit and my hair. The screen to connect to the cell phone keeps going in and out and to tap it all he told me that my car was in a good shape that I didn't have to pay anything to find out later that the first payment to the new car was credited to the old car because they said I own that plus $139.20 on top of that.and he gave me the SE and not the LE.I will never get another Toyota from this experience after more than three or four leases.

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Toyota sliding door snapped cable - 22 d 23 h ago

Toyota 2010 sienna van sliding door cable snapped.Even though this is a documented and well known problem which resulted in a "warranty enhancement" bulletin, Toyota refuses to give any assistance if the van is older than 9 years and over 120,000 miles. I have 137,000 miles and the cost is $1400.00 to repair. I have three toyota's and they are well maintained thru the dealership and am very disappointed that Toyota will not stand behind their product.It's been an ongoing problem but yet the consumer is expected to foot the entire bill. I surmise that loyalty is second to the dollar and a repeat satisfied customer. Come Toyota, you can do better than this!

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Marie U - 27 d ago


Having major problems with Thousand Oaks Toyota. Ron, the general manager does not care about customers, does not even return phone calls. Al, sales manager and Mark B, also sales managers have given us the run around for 2 months since we bought our Avalon. Who can we contact from Toyota corporate to get some help on the issues we have? Better business bureau or???


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Kay Baxter - 29 d 12 h ago


I love the idea that you gave all the 4 finalist on the voice a car and not just the winner. This is the first year I have watched the voice and I loved it that is until Blake and Adam did that skit where Adam is complaining about having trouble with his co-worker and every women in America knows they were making a dig at the women who were baring there souls about the abuse they recieved from men in power. So next year I will not be watching The voice or buy their music or even listening to their music. I don't use Twitter or Facebook that is why I am airing my grievance here.

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Jose's Tundra - 31 d ago

My Tundra 2018 is giving me problems with the PCS ! It turns off itself while driving with cruise control on and the Toyota Vacaville ca dealer checked it out for 3 days and couldnt find anything wrong! What do I do?? It is a brand new truck; it only has 1k miles. Thanks!

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Sandra1 - 57 d 16 h ago


I just want to say that of all of the cars i hve had in my life including a Highlander my 98 rav4 was my most favorite car off all times. I traded it in at close to 300000 miles for the highlander it just couldnt compare to me. I loved my rav. Perfect size. So comfortable with my sun roof. I just really miss it. Rt now im close to being without a car. Hvn some hard times. I wish you had some sort of program to gve me a rav to drive with all sorts of advertisement on it. I woulld show it off every where. Have a nice day


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Gwen - 59 d 1 h ago


I own a 2007 Scion TC with which I had been having some difficulty shifting. It has a manual transmission. On September 24, 2017, the clutch pedal would not release from the floor. I had it towed to Earl Stewart Toyota in Lake Park, FL, the nearest dealership and was told it was a master cylinder problem and possibly the clutch. We were quoted $500 for the master cylinder and $1900 for a new clutch (normal cost for the clutch is $1100). We were called and told that the master cylinder was replaced and that the car was "driveable" but the clutch would need to be repaired. I paid $588.79 for the repair and drove the car home with still some difficulty in shifting. Josh Scott said that the work was guaranteed for a year. On November 17, the clutch pedal would not release and we could not shift the car. We had it towed to a AAA approved mechanic who said it was not the clutch but the master cylinder. I called Earl Stewart and asked to speak to Josh Scott. I was put into his voicemail, told him the situation and to date have not received a return call.

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Stephanie - 62 d 20 h ago


I took my Sienna LE to Toyota today for a transmission flush.. I have been driving my car for so many years and never had a problem before with

the engine light or any other operational light. when I took it in I had no problems with my car but I needed to upkeep the transmission maintenance. After they did their work and I drove 1/4 mile, the engine light, the traction light and the VSC light all came on. The car was taken directly back to them and their suggestion is that it would cost over $100 to get a diagnostic check.

I took my car to Toyota to get better service and more reliable work, however, I now realized that there is a bunch of dishonest people representing Toyota. I believe this was done purposely to my car to force money from the struggling consumers

For all the bad reviews about Toyota, I'm sure I would not buy another vehicle from them especially with this dishonest behavior from its workers. Why exhibit such dishonesty and underhanded scheme. I am very disappointed.

The person who did this to my car will experience a lot of BAD LUCK IN THE FUTURE. I rather buy a piece of trash than to buy another Toyota.

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John Collins (GA) - 65 d ago


Toyota Customer Service is pathetic. My 4-Runner was purchased new in 2003. Toyota issued a recall for dash failures (cracking & tacky) in Q4 2015. However, they set a 10 year unlimited mile limit on replacement. Furthermore, Toyota did not notify me of the aforementioned recall in any shape, form, or fashion. So, my dash, which at that time was 12 years old, wasn't covered under their "RECALL". The dash has been cracked and tacky for six years, but they refuse to correct their engineering deficiency. I have been a loyal Toyota customer for my entire life (52 years old), but this will be my last Toyota product due to poor customer service.

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Scottey - 69 d 17 h ago


I've been a Toyota customer since 2011. This was my 2nd Corolla. My sisters and mother have Toyotas as well. We all decided to get another brand when our lease/payments are done due to the lack of trust we have for customer service, TFS and Toyota's handling of issues.

I just returned my 2015 Corolla that I had been leasing since November of 2014. I decided not to keep the car and deal with Toyota Financial Services(TFS) ever again. They have mishandled my personal property tax for 3 years.

I leased my Corolla in Nov of 2014 while living in Fredericksburg (proper), VA. I moved out of that county and into Stafford County a month later. There are issues with some addresses coming up as Fred but are actually in Stafford. So when I moved I was still being charged in Fred because of that problem. I was also being charged in Stafford County from January 2015 until Oct 2017 when I moved to Florida. So, Toyota paid 2 counties PPT when I was only living in one. When I finally figured out what was going on in 2015 I called Toyota and that's when the craziness ensued. I provided documents like they asked, I've called dozens of times!!!!!!!!!!!! Each time I call customer service they tell me they will make a note in the system. For three years I had to dispute how much Toyota claimed I owed them in PPT. The amount was incorrect. I got proof from the 2 counties I lived in. I sent in the documents, I called, I faxed, and the county clerks called. Nothing was done until today. I returned my vehicle to Toyota 2 weeks ago! I finally got them to make a case file for the dispute about a month ago and they wanted to me to provide them with documents again, for the 4th time. One guy in customer service told me to go ahead and pay what Toyota claims I owe and if i'm due a refund they will send it to me. I refused! Why would I over pay when it's just going to take them another 3 years to resolve a simple issue? The County Clerks in Stafford and Fredericksburg proper, Virginia were wonderful and went above and beyond and knew me by name by the end of this situation. We had to do TFS's job for them. All they had to do was put numbers in a computer. They sat on a refund for 4 months! They did nothing but ask me to go back and get the paperwork and send it to them every time I called. It's infuriating that TFS can't handle a simple issue like PPT. Every time I spoke to someone in customer service or the resolution department I had to explain the whole situation to them. I asked to be notified of any progress and when the issued was resolved. I got a call from the County Clerk in VA today to tell me that as of today the refunds were processed..the ones they've been sitting on for months! The County Clerk called me!!!! That's not her job. She just knew how frustrated I was and had the common decency to update me. So I called Toyota customer service/ PPT department. Two people told me that the issue has been closed but couldn't verify if the amount Toyota claims I owe, is the correct amount according to Stafford and Fredericksburg counties. Are you kidding me?! So once again I asked to be updated personally when the system updates the amount.. in 7 to 10 business days. Three years of the same nonsense!

I will ever buy a Toyota again!! This has been the worst car experience I have ever been through. Corporate needs to get a handle on things!

I ended up buying a Nissan Maxima a few days after returning my Corolla.

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NorCal Guy - 73 d 12 h ago

I tuned into Sunday night football in the second quarter. Announcers are talking about how some players wanted to exercise their rights to protest during the anthem and we're given permission to take a knee. I immediately exercised my right to turn the channel. Am tired of the media telling me I'm not listening to the players. Whether the protest is legit or not, the media and players don't give a rip how offensive kneeling during the anthem is to a large number of Americans. Am not only looking for other form of entertainment, I'll be more selective in my purchasing by selecting companies that choose to not sponsor these televised anti-American, anti-first responders and anti-military protests. Like many others who have excersized their viewing rights, I'm done with the NFL and any company that chooses to fund their anti-American activities.

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Anonymous - 91 d ago

I have a Toyota Sequoia and the frame is absolutely junk! There's less holes in a block of Swiss cheese. And they will not do much to help me. I paid $45,000 for this vehicle brand new. I should be compensated

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Rose Ogden - 84 d 17 m ago


Same here! I'm calling corporate because this is a safety issue! The dealership won't be honest because they don't care!

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Rose Ogden - 84 d 25 m ago

Corporate is just as bad! They refuse to do anything about my rusted out frame. How dare them simply refuse to help a loyal customer! I have spent literally THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of dollars with these people. They just lost 4 customers from my family! SHAME ON YOU TOYOTA!

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