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Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Lexus, Scion
19001 S. Western Ave
Torrance, CA
(310) 468-4000
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misstish - 4 d 11 h ago


I love my 2010 Corolla LE, went to purchase a new one and dealer could not quote me finance options. Said Toyota has not sent them the information yet on finance options for the 2019's, but cars are on the lot for sale. Doesn't seem right to me. Do you have to pay cash? We ended up purchasing a 2018. Other than that we have had no issues with this dealer for the past eight years

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Soie Abeilles - 14 d 17 h ago


I am highly disappointed with Toyota and the third-party gap insurance company that they use called AWS (hidden)). This company is absolutely horrible with resolving your issues and your Gap claims you will find yourself faxing the same document multiple times and still no results, you will continue to make car payments on a total loss car because this gap insurance company should not be in business. And Toyota took no responsibility of this company in whom they offer to their customers.

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Christian of oxnard - 16 d 6 h ago


Christian at Toyota of Oxnard is a true asset. He treated me like gold even though I was just leasing this young man is highly professional. This is my fifth lease from Toyota. I cannot say enough about Christian he is exceptional. Lisa Whitney June 30 2018

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Eliana - 17 d 15 h ago


I feel disappointed the way, the way business has been handle with the purchase I made at west kendall lexus.

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Ed - 17 d 17 h ago


What did you do to the 2019 rav4? Looks like a truck


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Never again - 65 d 7 h ago


Someone needs to visit McGee Toyota of Hanover Massachusetts and conduct an investigation of their bait and switch sales practices. Scamming dishonest people.

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It will come back to haunt you, because do you think all of these people that have been cheated out of there hard earned money is going give you a good word.? - 59 d 4 h ago

You're not alone, I got ripped in Greer SC.

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sid07502 - 50 d 10 h ago


No ,you know what needs to be done? They need to be ran out of the country and sent back to Japan.its the Japanese CEI's that makes these people act like the natives ofJapan.They bombed Pearl Harbor don't forget that, now they are getting refinge for us dropping the A bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

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Ray Tuggle Jr. I'm not hiding my name and willing to stand up against you - 29 d 7 h ago

They need to conduct a "BAIT & SWITCH SCAM" through out the United States of America. Congressmen you need to get off your rump along with the ATTORNEY GENERALS OF THE USA AND PUT A STOP TO THIS MALARKEY!!!

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To The Top CEO at This Site - 29 d 8 h ago


On 5/30/2018 time approx.5pm.

My girl friend loaned me 2200 dollars for the down payment of a 2018 Toyota Corolla SE. Red in color. I had already signed the contract earlier in the day while my girl friend was still at work. After I signed the contract , He said I would need at least 2200 dollars.I said I will see if my girlfriend will loan me the money.

The sales manager @ Toyota of Gastonia ,NORTH CAROLINA ,Marcel Black, told me I had to bring my girlfriend to sign some papers for acknowledgement that she was responsible for the 2200 dollar payment just in case the CITI Card did not pay.

My girlfriend is a Permanent Resident of the USA .And she is from The Philippines , she has never driven a car, no where in the world. In the event of my death , she would be responsible for the remaining payments. Without even knowing how to drive the car.

This is not part of the deal ,she just loaned me the money to buy the car. And nothing more than that. So behind my back she signed the same LCD SCREEN that I signed . Only on a Doc. U SIGN Computer.Which prevented her from taking her time to read what she was signing, She was tired from working all day and me taking her to Gastonia about an hour's drive normally ,but then ran into a traffic jam on interstate 85 and it took about a half hour longer to make the trip..I was there earlier and picked the car out.

TOYOTA of Gastonia was verbally told to the finance officer by me her witness and she is my witness of what was said . I SAID She DOESN'T WANT HER NAME ON THE CONTRACT SHE IS ONLY PROVIDING THE FOWN PAYMENT LIKE YOU ASK FOR! The finance manager said the sigining is just for her making the 2200 ,dollar down payment .The computerized DOC.U SIGN is AS BIG AS HIS desktop So their was no way she could have read what she was signing. Because he was taking his stylist and punching one square box right after the other. Indicating where she was to sign with the stylist he handed to her. This a way of preventing a person from taking any paper work home to study and understand stand every question,and answer

I called Toyota of Gastonia from Gaffney South Carolina and explained that to them.

He said bring her up there any way because she is the one that's going to make the down payment . I then ask could they accept a credit card, He replied yes. But make sure she brings her driver's license if she is going to be paying with a credit card for ID purposes. I said we have a problem with that because she doesn't have a drivers license , never has driven a car before, and doesn't want her name on the car title or contract.

This is a scammer way of getting contracts signed because, you can't take the big thing with you, I ask the finance manager, how much does thing like this cost. He said 50,000 dollars. It is like sigining a PDF document , but you can't read from one page to the next ,he was picking pages at his random way.And not in numerical order.

Her name is coming off the contract or both of our names are coming off the contract.


Sidney Ray Tuggle,JR.

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Chandradaye Seelochan - 37 d 5 h ago


Hudson 440 Toyota Jersey City New Jersey terrible Service

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Danny Jones - 37 d 15 h ago


I have turned in a warranty defect for 4 yrs and nothing has been done . I dont know what to do . I have talked to reps and local dealer numerous times with no support except it was on the computer . Chrome was coming off all 4 rims shortly after I bought it . i am a repeat customer and my family too . I want to sell my truck possibly and this is keeping me from doing it . The dealership changed hands and they will not even return my calls . Email me or call (hidden)

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Wayne NJ Toyota universe - 38 d 11 h ago

Wayne Toyota universe has to close , those people are rep off every customer . Me and my husband own Toyota . I have 2008 Highlander and after I the warranty ended the car start many problems and every time I send the car for oil change or change breaks I would get something else broke . The miss up the electric system in the back , the ac would turn on by itself , the vcr sign come on screen every right turn . Those ass holes distroid my car .My husband own 2014 car and he is disabled so he doent go any where , just doctor appointment. He took his car 3 times this month , it start with check the breaks and he changed iit. Come back home he notice while he park the car , part of the back camera cover the plate number which never happened. He took the car again today for oil change and fix the camera . They charged him and they never change the oil or fix the camera , and the stirrings wheal is lose and the breaks making noises

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Olive - 45 d 14 h ago



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Anonymous - 76 d 7 h ago


Harshad Patel

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Coming at you head on, don't be surprised! - 50 d 10 h ago

All Muslims are not terrorist, but all terrorist are Muslims, I think THAT'S what I Delt with on my PIECE of junk car from Toyota if Greer SC.

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Joy - 130 d 5 h ago


When I purchased my 2016 Toyota 4Runner, I purchased a GAP policy along with four other warranties. The Toyota was totaled 12-28-2017, and my insurance, State Farm, paid the note on 1-26-2018 leaving a balance of $1,588.68. To date Toyota SE Finance has added late charges and interest and total is now $1,752.95. The GAP form to obtain GAP Benefits states that the pro rated refund on other warranties that I paid will be sent to lender, & note paid with my money. This means the GAP COVERAGE IS A SCAM & is primarily owned by Toyota Dealers who collect $795 for the GAP coverage & never pay anything. I foresee a HUGH CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT on the horizon.

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Pos - 58 d 14 h ago

I'm imbarrassed for buying one I'm thinking about taking the dealers name off plus the Toyota Emblems

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sid07501 - 50 d 10 h ago


That's exactly how I feel too, only my issue is with a 2018 Corolla, I traded in a 1995 Cutlass Olds. That I would rather have back that this dangerous contraption , when you are backing out of a parking spot you cannot see if anything is coming or not even in I ease out, by the time I can see it's too late I'll be smacked. I just bought the last day of April 18.I called the salesman that let me test drive it and he only let me circle about 20sq. Blocks

.I ask him could I get another designed vehicle and he said no.I told him it was a hazardous car to drive and that I didn't have the problem with the Olds. that I traded in, and I don't have the problem with my Chevy.S-10. .Then said I'd have to get use to it, I said man you can't use to not being able to see.zI going to a lawyer with this b/c I'm stuck with a 22000 dollar vehicle that I can't park or paralell park .No more signing a contract for a Car dealer anymore for me.I wished I had stayed at home the day I bought this disaster waiting to happen.

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Chuck Smiar - 54 d 13 h ago


I have a 2007 Toyota Rav 4 , v-6. It is a limited. I have 207,000 miles on it and called Toyota customer service, the lady, Terri was very helpful, until I asked would Toyota be able to help me. I have had to take my Toyota to outside service, because of timing. I use it and the 4 wheel drive and v-6 is great as I sell large land and mountain parcels.

I read up and the v-6 has been discontinued. I wonder why. The answer has been fuel mileage. I doubt that as the v-6 gets the same or better mileage because of the true transfer of power. Is the real reason, because they realized the timing chain is a problem. Timing chains should not fail. All I ask the customer service rep was there any help from Toyota. She said no. just for Toyotas information, I have a Rav-4, My daughter has a Rav-4, my grandaughter has a RAv-4, my wife has had 2 camrys and 2 lexus,

my other daughter has a new Lexus suv. I thought that Toyota had a great car and it could be able to get extended mileage.

I know that Toyota doesn't have to do anything. I was a licensed retail and wholesale dealer in California with a different brand.

I was not asking Toyota to replace the engine, I was asking for some financial assistance in repairing the problem.

I am now a licensed real estate broker in California and Oklahoma, and my word is what I live by in business.

I guess Toyota has now gotten away from being customer orientated.

The quality that they have sold, is now gone.

I guess after my family has spent upward of $250,000 for their vehicles, they really don't care.

It is now like a lot of businesses, the bottom line is the most important end result.

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Anita C. - 110 d 15 h ago


I accidently made two payment for the same date, causing my account to be shortened. spoke to financial told them what had happened and they told me I would have to wait for the money to clear and then they would send me a check in three weeks. I have automatic monthly payments taken from my account so I don't understand why they can't reverse the money back into my account instead of making me wait for three weeks for them to reverse my payment. Oh and by the way by the time I get the check I will have to turn around and make another payment/

Why can't they just reverse the money back to my account????????????????????????????????????

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Jolly Rancher - 58 d 14 h ago


So they can draw a month interest on your money, not hard to figure,tell them you want a month's interest back too.

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Why do you think these people are open 7 days a week &staying open till 8&9 o'clock,? It's because they can't hardly sell anything. I remember not long ago you couldn't buy a car or see a salesman on Saturday or Sunday, that's how bad their business is.

Flagged for review. 
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Irene Bro - 89 d 20 h ago


On December 26, 2017 I purchased a 2018 RAV4 fully loaded - My problems started on that day - I arrived for my appointment to pick up my car but when I arrived at the dealership (Team Toyota in Schererville, IN) my sales person just took a walk in customer and I was made to wait for 3 hours (that is terrible customer service). I had made with the salesman t come back with the car in a couple of weeks - 1st appt he cancelled and I decided to call before going only to find out he quit. I then took the car in because my XM radio was fading in and out in certain areas (these are the areas I drove with my Camry and my Nissan Murano) and guess what never had a problem with the radio. They told me there was nothing wrong with the radio. I then called your 800 number and got assigned a case manager. That was a real waste of my time. Arrived for 1st appt - dealership said they knew nothing about it - second appt cancelled because service manager not there and the third appt this past Saturday where they were supposed to go out for a test drive with me - I was told they were too busy. I asked if I could test drive another RAV4 t check out the XM radio and I was told no. My granddaughter has a 2017 RAV4 and guess what - her XM radio works in the area I am having the problems with. Your customer service sucks and this will be the last Toyota I ever buy. You people do not care about the customer at all. I am letting everyone I know how Toyota sucks every chance I get and every facebook ad I see.

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Sidney Ray Tuggle,JR. - 58 d 17 h ago


I feel the same way buddy ,the world needs more people like us,then it night be a nicer place to live..I bought a Toyota Corolla LE in South Carolina, was promised 750.00 on my trade in they rushed my wife and I through the paper work like there was no tomorrow.Next time I buy a new car if ever I'm taking the contract papers home before I sign anything .Any way they only allowed me 200.00 fir my trade in and I had just spent 475.09 in tires, it had a blowed intake gasket I fixed it myself, but found out later the head gaskets needing changing too. So I done a lot of research on the 3.1 GM 1995 OLDSMOBILE and it's draw back was the Plastic intake gasket, so after I discovered I had the tear it back down to replace the head gaskets ,I bought the FelPro Permanent Dry Plusintake gasket made of thick steel with silicone around the port holes..I wished a million times that I had went ahead and fixed that car the way it should have came from the Factory.But I'm 66and that's hard work on an elderly man .Eventhoughbi have a complete line of tools to pull out engines and overhaul them . It's time to hang it up and let some younger guy to use the tools.

Getting back to Toyota, that freaking buzzer fir Lane Departure is no louder than a mosquito. When the finance manager and salesman decided what monthly payments we could handle comfortably they told us to remain seated in the lobby ,and they went out to the lot ,about 10 minutes later they came back with a Silver Corolla ,not my favorite car, and not my favorite color.It EAS like we were forced to buy what they picked out.

The only place I got any satisfaction at all was yesterday May 18th 2018, bought the car on April 30th . I called Texas the main headquarters and they told me of some surrounding dealerships I said please don't sent me back to the place I bought it because the salesman thee would not even arrange fir a tech to check the problem out with the mosquito buzzer. So I went to Nothing Carolina after calling and making an appointment , they did hook it up to the computer, While he was in the neighborhood of NY problem I had him to change the change signal blinker from 3blinks to 5blinks ,You know you lift it one time and let go and it blinks well I studied up on this and you can with there computer change it from 3to 5 to 7 blinks. I said 3blinks just.dint seem like enoth Waring time when you are chailanes and exiting off the interstate

Well any they tried but failed on the buzzer. Said it can't be made to go any louder, And he said I can't hear it either.

So we left their went shopping and I decided to call Texas again, and the lady there out me on hold while she called the technician I had just left, and did you know that rascal told the lady there was nothing wrong with the buzzer even after he told me it wasn't adjustable, and that he couldn't hear it either.

I told her after she told me what he said, I said I wonder why he disputed what he told me, I said I don't like to tell the truth and then somebody disputes what I said

Do she has git me set up to talk to a case manager Monday the 21st of May.

I'm goonna tell him that if he can't get me a car with a function buzzer , it fix this , they were louder in 2016 until somebody complIned it was too loud..

I told her after my word was disputed by the tech. That I thought only used car dealership were professional liers..I'm telling that manger that I'd rather spend 31000 $on my dream car that to spend 10,000 on this plastic POS. My

You take care buddy, and I'm like you put it all over face book and even to you friends in messenger, and don't forget to file a complaint with the better business bureau.


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