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Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Lexus, Scion
19001 S. Western Ave
Torrance, CA
(310) 468-4000
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Jeff B - 38 d 28 m ago



General profile image - 60 d 18 h ago

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Anonymous - 61 d ago

Toyota is disgusting. I have 2 years of complimentary oil service .For a new car the last one is now this month. Considering the virus I don't want anyone in my car. Well this crappy company hwon't extend the time period. I have the name of the guy I spoke to Chris I have last name but won't give it.he was terrible to deal with. My next car will be a Honda.

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CARL Carrothers - 69 d ago



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Alicia Dorr - 106 d 5 h ago



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Nunya - 124 d 7 h ago


The Rav 4 which I own fell into reverse w/o anyone being inside the vehicle much less in the driver's seat. With engine running it proceeded to roll backwards.

I was standing between the passenger seat and open door.

I was knocked down and injured when the vehicle rolled over my left arm.

Toyota says it could not have been safety feature failure but that it could happen at all greatly concerns me as does their denial of responsibility. I won't be purchasing another Toyota. I have lost faith in their safety.

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Steve - 129 d 14 h ago


Not that anyone at Toyota cares, but after being a lifelong Toyota buyer and supporter, I no longer will be due to the company's siding with Trump on his war against California. My first new car purchase was a '79 Toyota Pickup. We've had a Prius, a Camry, a RAV4, and a Highlander. Now I'm researching to buy a pickup again and though I was originally planning on a new Tacoma, forget about it now. Not only Toyota's stance against California's emissions goals, but also because the company will not make a pickup that gets even barely decent mpg. How can Ford and other companies make full sized pickups with very good mpg yet Toyota can't or won't? The new 2020 Chevrolet Silverado diesel gets 33 mpg highway. The Ford F-150 gets 27 mpg.

The new Tacoma- 22mpg. The Tundra- worse. Toyota has turned into a dishonest company. I sent a "snail mail" letter to Toyota corporate a month ago but of course no reply. That's life. At least there are other choices out there.

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Happy Toyota owner - 129 d 5 h ago


I personally would prefer stricter emissions as the cars from the next state over from me who drive in our state. the fumes from alot these cars in traffic are bad and not healthy at all. Toyota makes an excellent product! Example... my Toyota has over 306,000 miles and still going strong. but if you prefer to be buying a car more offen than Toyota owners ..Go right ahead. The real reason for you not wanting a Toyota is because of Trump. Admit it.

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nancy Streich - 143 d 5 h ago


2020 Toyota RAV4 hybrid's auto start from app does not work. Do not buy this car. They gave no solution. I have five emails from Toyota saying they are aware and are working on it. No, they are not. It has been three months. Do not buy this car!!!!!!!

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Mark - 176 d 10 h ago


Hi my name is Mark and have been in a Lexus car with a total of 5 leases over a 15 year period. Since moving to Boca Raton we have leased a car from you with great success in both service, appreciation as a customer and the help of closing the sale while working with Hue who I know is no longer there.

The end of lease was horrific and not in the JM Lexus or any Lexus class of style. Upon returning our Es350 2016, Monday December 9th we were sent to the reception desk. The women at that time was joking with a salesman as we patiently waited our turn. I told her we are returning an off lease car and her reply was "are you purchasing a new car" my answer was we are undecided. At that point we we handed a screw driver and sent away. I was appalled that a Lexus dealership with such high standards such as yours would now put a sour taste and a reminder that after the sale still counts in keeping a customer. We were not satisfied with given a screwdriver and asked to speak to a representative. Brian M spoke with us but that really didn't solve the feelings that we had as we existed the building. We are still in search of a car but the pricing and incentives are not in our favor.

Thank You


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Anonymous - 193 d 18 h ago

I had a recal on my Toyota while at the dealership my windshield was cracked I wish Toyota would demonstrate much more professionalism mistakes happen I understand nobody is perfect but own that mistake and fix it.

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Alan Powell - 196 d 43 s ago

My wife and I are planning to purchase an PHEV or electric vehicle. The Prius PHEV was at the top of our list. Now that Toyota has chosen to back the Trump administration's attempt to strip states of their ability to enforce stringent fuel efficiency standards, we cannot in good conscience purchase from Toyota. You may have no doubt that I will communicate my displeasure with Toyota to others.

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Anonymous - 202 d ago


We have been doing business with Prime Toyota for many years! Over the past 2 years their service department is less than adequate. We purchased 2 RAV 4's and they could never get that straight and kept mixing up the cars...We brought one of them in for an oil change, tire rotation and state inspection. We had to go back because they did not update the sticker. We filed a complaint at which time the tire pressure light that was on when we brought it in was still on. We still feel the work was not done! Also we had to go back for that light at their request only to be told there was a pin hole leak!!! Something they did not notice before...never going back!

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Thomas White - 205 d 18 h ago


Toyota Gettel of Port Charlotte, Fl. SUCKS! I will NEVER do business with Toyota again. Going to buy a new truck, WON'T be a Toyota.

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M Alniaimi 847-809-1975 - 208 d 17 h ago



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Mary Lawler - 212 d 20 h ago

I cannot believe that Toyota has backed the Trump administration in trying to strip California of its ability to set more stringent fuel-efficiency standards in an effort to combat climate change.

I have been the proud owner of a Prius for many years. Our current one is a 2016. But given Toyota's anti-climate move last week, it will be my last unless Toyota changes its position. The climate crisis will affect all of us and our grandchildren. I am deeply disappointed.

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Dennis Klemm - 218 d ago


As we are planning on giving my wife's car to my son when he gets his driver's license soon, we are in the market for a new car. The PHEV Prius was one of the cars on the top of our list. However, seeing that Toyota merely plays lip-service to environmental issues, while caving to pressure from the Trump administration to go backwards in fuel efficiency and environmental standards, Toyota (along with GM and Fiat/Chrysler) is no longer on our list of options, and I will also make a point to let anyone I know shopping for a new car about this issue as well.. There is simply no valid excuse for Toyota's stance on this issue.

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Sally Reinman - 219 d ago

I have owned Toyota/Lexus for years and this is our third Prius. No more! It is appalling and shameful that Toyota is backing the Trump Administration fight against California emission standards. VW, Honda, BMW, Ford had the courage to do the right thing. A very sad day and loss of face for Toyota. Anyone want to buy my Prius? I will never buy another Toyota or Lexus.

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George Bennett - 218 d 4 h ago


I agree with Sally Reinman. I love my 2017 Camry, warts and all. It's gorgeous, beautifully engineered (except for Entune), runs very well. But no one in my large family will buy another Toyota car because it has supported Trump and others in their fight against California emission standards. Global warming condemns my grandchildren to extinction as the planet warms. You'd think that a Japanese car company would act more responsibly. Japan, after all, is an island nation. Change course, Toyota, before it's too late!!!!

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N/a - 219 d 17 h ago


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Loyal now critical - 220 d 19 h ago


Very upset, for many reasons I will not elaborate on here, at media stories that Toyota plans to intervene on the side of Trump in the battle over CAL v. FED regs. My wife and I have owned Toyotas for over 30 years and I have often recommended your vehicles to others. If you continue this support you will have lost me, and many others - I am certain (especially in CAL). I am a college business school professor and an influencer - and I will certainly share my disappointment with others including on social media and support a boycott of your company. I hope you will reconsider - because for so, so many reasons this is not [bold] the right thing to do: politically, environmentally, or in respect to your marketing/PR!

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JAE - 220 d 16 h ago

Yes, I leased a Toyota for first time a year ago. I can assure Toyota that due to their decision to join the Trump administration and fight the CA emissions standards we need beyond CA as well, that this will be my very last Toyota ever. My next car will be a Ford, Honda or VW, as they are working w CA. Terrible decision, Toyota.

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Par Robinson - 237 d 6 m ago


I recently Had an Accident in my 2005 Prius and want to commend how well the Car and I stood up in this collision. I had a tire from another car come out in front of me on the interstate. My car went airborne and flipped over. I walked away literally without a scratch!!! Thank Toyota Prius. Needless to say I just purchased another Prius .

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Joy - 1 y 77 d ago


Last year a dealer in Petaluma, Ca. had a neat tent attached to a vechicle which we loved/

This year, a sales person told that does not exist?

Does it.

If not it should be.

Joy Bennett

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None - 240 d ago

I'm looking at one right now on showroom floor

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