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Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Lexus, Scion
19001 S. Western Ave
Torrance, CA
(310) 468-4000
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I recently purshased a 2011 Toyota Tacoma. After some research I understand Toyota's policy on oil consimption. They say if your car burns less than 1 gt of oil in 1200 miles is normal. They won't do anything about. Up to you to keep the oil full. This is rediculas. By this standard you could add 3 qts between a 5000 mile oil change. Only holds 5 qts. Wish I had done more research before I invested in a company with these standards. NEVER AGAIN


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Milborne_dad27 - 4 y 152 d ago


Typically, shopping for a new car is an experience I try to avoid. Looking up the options online, the plan was to slip in and out with as little contact with the vultures, known as salesmen, as possible. Then, I met Cynthia at our Toyota dealership. I had already picked out my blue 2011 Yaris, but I still had some questions. Cynthia was the most helpful salesperson I have ever met! I can't overstate how respectful and knowledgeable she was. She let me peruse the lot at other cars before coming over to see if she could help. When the time came to purchase, she walked me through every step, finding the best plan which kept my payments right where I asked; and found me the best rate for car insurance, looking at several different providers.

About a thousand miles into my new car, I got a call from Toyota. It was my salesperson! Cynthia had called to see if I was still pleased with the choice- which I was- and to answer any questions I may still have. I was stunned! Never has anyone provided such amazing service! The car has been perfect: fantastic gas mileage, performance, and more room than expected. But it was the customer service that won me over. I couldn't have made the best decisions in getting the car without her help. I am a loyal Toyota driver from now on.

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JerryBear23 - 4 y 152 d ago

@Toyota Can you please push more of your "5 second" ads on #Hulu? Makes me a happier viewer and I am oddly growing a fondness for #Toyota

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Plaza_Toyota - 4 y 152 d ago

RT @toyota: Monica's trip to the gas pump hits an unexpected snag. Corolla's legendary mpg has her covered....

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_EYEQ - 4 y 152 d ago

@Toyota hey guys my theory is correct. There is a new youtube video on gravity month for cations you may want to look at.

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practicallygrn - 4 y 152 d ago

We'd definitely love to win a Prius v! RT @togethergreen: @practicallygrn @audubonsociety and @Toyota want to encourage people to...

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DanaDane3 - 4 y 152 d ago

Have to give a shout out to the guys at @Toyota Direct in Columbus for doing a great job on my car !

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TheChildrensInn - 4 y 152 d ago

#KsforKids pitchINN support @TheChildrensInn 1007 Ks = $37,259! That's a big win. Thanks @Toyota!

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audubonsociety - 4 y 152 d ago

@americanalpine Help spread the word to #ExitTheHighway! Join us and @toyota in helping people get closer to nature!

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Mandocious4210 - 4 y 153 d ago

Working @Toyota

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JoshuaAstor - 4 y 153 d ago

At an @Toyota dealership and there is a Toyota broken down in front of it and no one from the dealership is helping #fail

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PKligermanTruck - 4 y 154 d ago

@KBM_NNS_Car @Toyota I love @toyota power its great!!!

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