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Stephanie - 2 d ago


I took my Sienna LE to Toyota today for a transmission flush.. I have been driving my car for so many years and never had a problem before with

the engine light or any other operational light. when I took it in I had no problems with my car but I needed to upkeep the transmission maintenance. After they did their work and I drove 1/4 mile, the engine light, the traction light and the VSC light all came on. The car was taken directly back to them and their suggestion is that it would cost over $100 to get a diagnostic check.

I took my car to Toyota to get better service and more reliable work, however, I now realized that there is a bunch of dishonest people representing Toyota. I believe this was done purposely to my car to force money from the struggling consumers

For all the bad reviews about Toyota, I'm sure I would not buy another vehicle from them especially with this dishonest behavior from its workers. Why exhibit such dishonesty and underhanded scheme. I am very disappointed.

The person who did this to my car will experience a lot of BAD LUCK IN THE FUTURE. I rather buy a piece of trash than to buy another Toyota.

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John Collins (GA) - 4 d 6 h ago


Toyota Customer Service is pathetic. My 4-Runner was purchased new in 2003. Toyota issued a recall for dash failures (cracking & tacky) in Q4 2015. However, they set a 10 year unlimited mile limit on replacement. Furthermore, Toyota did not notify me of the aforementioned recall in any shape, form, or fashion. So, my dash, which at that time was 12 years old, wasn't covered under their "RECALL". The dash has been cracked and tacky for six years, but they refuse to correct their engineering deficiency. I have been a loyal Toyota customer for my entire life (52 years old), but this will be my last Toyota product due to poor customer service.

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Scottey - 9 d 18 m ago


I've been a Toyota customer since 2011. This was my 2nd Corolla. My sisters and mother have Toyotas as well. We all decided to get another brand when our lease/payments are done due to the lack of trust we have for customer service, TFS and Toyota's handling of issues.

I just returned my 2015 Corolla that I had been leasing since November of 2014. I decided not to keep the car and deal with Toyota Financial Services(TFS) ever again. They have mishandled my personal property tax for 3 years.

I leased my Corolla in Nov of 2014 while living in Fredericksburg (proper), VA. I moved out of that county and into Stafford County a month later. There are issues with some addresses coming up as Fred but are actually in Stafford. So when I moved I was still being charged in Fred because of that problem. I was also being charged in Stafford County from January 2015 until Oct 2017 when I moved to Florida. So, Toyota paid 2 counties PPT when I was only living in one. When I finally figured out what was going on in 2015 I called Toyota and that's when the craziness ensued. I provided documents like they asked, I've called dozens of times!!!!!!!!!!!! Each time I call customer service they tell me they will make a note in the system. For three years I had to dispute how much Toyota claimed I owed them in PPT. The amount was incorrect. I got proof from the 2 counties I lived in. I sent in the documents, I called, I faxed, and the county clerks called. Nothing was done until today. I returned my vehicle to Toyota 2 weeks ago! I finally got them to make a case file for the dispute about a month ago and they wanted to me to provide them with documents again, for the 4th time. One guy in customer service told me to go ahead and pay what Toyota claims I owe and if i'm due a refund they will send it to me. I refused! Why would I over pay when it's just going to take them another 3 years to resolve a simple issue? The County Clerks in Stafford and Fredericksburg proper, Virginia were wonderful and went above and beyond and knew me by name by the end of this situation. We had to do TFS's job for them. All they had to do was put numbers in a computer. They sat on a refund for 4 months! They did nothing but ask me to go back and get the paperwork and send it to them every time I called. It's infuriating that TFS can't handle a simple issue like PPT. Every time I spoke to someone in customer service or the resolution department I had to explain the whole situation to them. I asked to be notified of any progress and when the issued was resolved. I got a call from the County Clerk in VA today to tell me that as of today the refunds were processed..the ones they've been sitting on for months! The County Clerk called me!!!! That's not her job. She just knew how frustrated I was and had the common decency to update me. So I called Toyota customer service/ PPT department. Two people told me that the issue has been closed but couldn't verify if the amount Toyota claims I owe, is the correct amount according to Stafford and Fredericksburg counties. Are you kidding me?! So once again I asked to be updated personally when the system updates the amount.. in 7 to 10 business days. Three years of the same nonsense!

I will ever buy a Toyota again!! This has been the worst car experience I have ever been through. Corporate needs to get a handle on things!

I ended up buying a Nissan Maxima a few days after returning my Corolla.

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NorCal Guy - 12 d 17 h ago

I tuned into Sunday night football in the second quarter. Announcers are talking about how some players wanted to exercise their rights to protest during the anthem and we're given permission to take a knee. I immediately exercised my right to turn the channel. Am tired of the media telling me I'm not listening to the players. Whether the protest is legit or not, the media and players don't give a rip how offensive kneeling during the anthem is to a large number of Americans. Am not only looking for other form of entertainment, I'll be more selective in my purchasing by selecting companies that choose to not sponsor these televised anti-American, anti-first responders and anti-military protests. Like many others who have excersized their viewing rights, I'm done with the NFL and any company that chooses to fund their anti-American activities.

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Anonymous - 30 d 6 h ago

I have a Toyota Sequoia and the frame is absolutely junk! There's less holes in a block of Swiss cheese. And they will not do much to help me. I paid $45,000 for this vehicle brand new. I should be compensated

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Rose Ogden - 23 d 7 h ago


Same here! I'm calling corporate because this is a safety issue! The dealership won't be honest because they don't care!

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Rose Ogden - 23 d 6 h ago

Corporate is just as bad! They refuse to do anything about my rusted out frame. How dare them simply refuse to help a loyal customer! I have spent literally THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of dollars with these people. They just lost 4 customers from my family! SHAME ON YOU TOYOTA!

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Terrie - 13 d 9 h ago

Iam also having a problem with my 2016 Highlander XLE, Complete Rusting of Rotors, call Toyota Headquarters . nothing done ! They only repeated what the Toyota mechanic had already told me.we checked out the brakes and found no problem there's nothing we can do for Rusted Rotors. I purchased the car New.

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Kay - 17 d 6 h ago


When I initially got to this Toyota September 25th, 2017, I was trading in a 2010 Kia Sedona and has $3200 left on the car. Ren and Joe were willing to help me and they were very helpful. They told me they would get me out of my trade in and put me in another vehicle and they did. I got a 2014 Buick Enclave. When I got in the car, it wasn't detailed as promised. About five days later I was applying pressure to the gas and the car hesitated to move. Then I pressed on the brakes and the car vibrated while stopping. I called the dealership and explained what was going on and also that the car wasn't detailed properly. They had no problems on me bringing the vehicle bag to fix the issues that I was experiencing. I was given a loaner car while the service department worked on my car. When they were done with the car, no one called me to give me an updated. I had to call to check and see if the work that was being done on my car was completed. Got the car back and it still wasn't detailed. It was just washed on the exterior. They replaced the brakes and I was informed by Tony, that his technician could not find and codes or find anything wrong with the car. Besides the brakes. I pointed out to Tony about the car still not being detailed. He was very apologetic. I told him, it was fine, I'll clean it myself. A few days later the air bag service light comes on. I called and brought the car back and was given another loaner car. The next evening I called because I didn't hear anything about what was going on. I was told my car had to be transferred to GMC because it was a recall on the air bag and they would call me when everything is done and the car was back. I called the next day, I was told the car was still at GMC being worked on. I decided to go to Toyota after work and low and behold the car was there. At this point the service director intervened and was very apologetic. A week and a half later the car while stepping on the gas, the car stalled and jerked into gear. I took it back again. They gave me another loaner car (This was last Tuesday). Wednesday I received a call from the service manger and he informed me they're still working on the car to see what's going on. Thursday I get in the loaner car the check engine light comes on. At this point I'm boiling. I feel like I'm at Rick Hendricks more than I'm at my own job! Went back to Toyota and they put me in another loaner. I see Ren and he asked me, how's it going? I tell him not to good. I give him a brief summary of what's going on with the car he just sold me. He then says, "come see me, I got you". I can NOT stand when people say that!!! I call Ren the next day to express my frustration about the car and he was nonchalant. I told him I was on my way up there to see what can be done. While I was talking to him on the phone, it appeared someone walked into the dealership because while I was in mid conversation he says to the person, "Aye, how you doing? I haven't seen you in a while. Are you here to buy a car?... Hold on Ms. Johnson. And places me on hold. I hang up the phone. He calls me back and says, we got disconnected. I said, "no, I hung up because evidently what you were talking about with that other person was more important than what I was talking about!" He chuckled and said, ok. I then say, no worries I'm on my way up there. He says ok. I get there and I park the car. Sit in the car for about 30 minutes. I'm watching him drive in they're gold cart twice. He goes into the building. I wait for ten more minutes and I proceed to go into the building and ask for him or Joe. The receptionist calls Ren and he directs me to Joe. Ren is the manager of sales and he knows that Joe can not help me. I then ask to speak to the General Manager. His name is Chris Machett. The receptionist gives me his name and I ask for corporate. When the receptionist went into the room to ask if Chris was available. Then and only then did Ren come out the office and seem concerned. Not to mention no one has contacted me about the original car I received. I called Joe on Saturday and asked him should I just go up there and handle it that day. He said, my situation was different and I should wait until Monday. I did exactly that. NO ONE called me to say ANYTHING! Not even about the Buick Enclave! I get to Toyota today and of course Ren did exactly what I knew he was going to do. Try to exchange me into a basic Rav 4 and said that's the best he can do. Because of the negative equity nonsense. And that it has to be a new car because of that. If that was the case why didn't he put in a new car from the beginning??!! Then to add insult to injury, I get the Buick Enclave back and it has tree stems and leaves all on the car like it was just sitting outside. Like, they checked on it 1 day and couldn't find out what the problem was and just left it. I am so angry with the sales and service department at Rick Hendricks Toyota in Sandy Springs, GA I can just scream. I real insulted, disrespected and LIED to. And if you don't realize it by now, NO!, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS DEALERSHIP!

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terry Williams - 21 d 18 h ago


I am really upset with Toyota of Clermont; I am a college student who will be graduating with my legal studies degree in December. Over the hurricane I lost my car that I bought four months ago at central Florida Toyota, which put me in a position to find another vehicle in less than a year. This situation was very depressing in itself because all the cars I have owned throughout my life I Paid cash only. On October 2, 2017 I spoke to the online sale representative who was very rude and when I ask her to speak to an onsite sale rep she told me none was available to talk to me. I decided to call back hoping that I can get to a receptionist, I finally got to speak to a receptionist and I told her that the online sale person would not allow me to speak to someone in the store. After, waiting a few minutes on the phone I spoke to josh and I told him my situation and what happened. In our conversation I told him the car I was looking for and the price I was willing to pay. He said ok I don't see why you can not get the deal your looking for because you are asking close to the price. I decided to make an appointment on Friday 10/ 27/2017. On Tuesday before my appointment the same lady who was rude to me call to confirm my appointment that I was coming in, I assured her that I will be coming in. On Friday the day I was suppose to go in, I call and ask to speak to josh, I told Josh that I will be coming in but I wanted to know if I was still getting the vehicle for the same price cash out the door. He then told me to hold on and put me on to Mike. Mike ask me what Suv you were looking at, I said the one which is black, 2016 XLE going for 17,999. He said he don't see that in his system, I ask him what do he see, he said 2016 XLE black going for 19,999. I said that was not the price I was quoted. He said sorry this is what I see in my system. I said that is crazy because I have an appointment today to come see this SUV and buy it. They decided to change their price the day before my appointment. When I ask Mike why they change the price knowing that I had an appointment he don't know. Long story short, I spoke to the general manager who was very, rude, disrespectful and left a bad vibe on me. He told me "tell you what you can have the vehicle that I drive, I said what vehicle is that, the same 2016 Rav 4 XLE black that you want, but the only price I will give you for 21,000. I was disgusted because I am not begging him to give me the vehicle free, which had 2 owners and I would be number 3. 17,000 cash is a lot of money to offer especially when its a used Vehicle and its going for 17,999. What makes it worse is when I ask him for the cooperate office number his reply is there is none. There is more to this story but I decided to keep it confidential for certain reasons. At the end of the day I did loose anything because my money is still in my pocket.

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Kathleen Farrell - 23 d 18 h ago


Toyota Corporate,

I recently broke down with my Rav 4 and had it towed to Mark Jocobson dealership in Durham NC. They took out my alarm system thinking that was why the car would not start. Then realized it was the starter. They returned the car to me without putting my alarm system back. When I complained they put in another alarm system: they could not find the one they took out. The alarm they put it does not function. The doors no longer lock/unlock automatically. You can body slam the car, yank on the door handle while the alarm is set and it does not go off. They obviously put in a cheaper alarm system then the one I had. It is incomprehensible to me how a car can be brought in for service and returned without all the parts!! As far as I am concerned I am stuck with an alarm system that does not function and a $386 bill, which I paid, due to a Toyota dealership taking mine out and throwing it away when there was nothing wrong with it.

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Worst experience - 42 d 20 h ago


The worst experience at Cavender Toyota after having had great confidence and still paying two cars in the family. Young sellers are wolves!

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Toyotafixit - 45 d 5 h ago


I recently had several issues with my 2015 Toyota 4runner.

I purchased my Toyota in 2015, at South Dade Toyota, my experience with the dealer was a complete customer's satisfactory dream. I was filled with joy the moment I drove away with my new car. The manager was helpful and caring. Being a previous Toyota employee for Kendall Toyota and West Kendall Toyota for many years, it was clear that I would never drive any but a Toyota, Having purchased a Scion Tc previously which gave me no problems at all, I then became a mother and needed more space for our daughter and family.

But as I come to see the problems to this 4runner have been nothing but dissatisfaction, and needless to say very disappointing. On August on this year (2017) I brought my car into Kendall Toyota because my car had three major problems.

1- Radio/Bluetooth/ Device will just turn off at any given time while driving.

2- Remote control detection and locks no longer work. (I have to manually open with the keys) which in many occasions once I have entered the car the dashboard will read key undetected.

3- Battery replacement needed to be changed and my miles at the time had not been passed but my warranty to my vehicle was expired only by a few weeks.

Despite my huge frustration, the service employee just informed me that because warranty was expired there wasn't much I can do to fix the problems. After I had my car towed to the dealer, I left with a battery just charged and my husband simply went to the local auto shop to purchase a new battery. Yet it seems the problems to this car remain to pile up. Today October 4, 2017 entered my car to find my sunroof emerged in water damage. I opened the slide to see if maybe the glass to the roof had been damaged but it was completely shut closed. Now at this point I simply just feel like I have been let down with this car

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RAV 4 LE - 46 d 18 h ago


I wanted to purchase a RAV 4 LE FWD. I've had the worst experience with dealers in and out of state. One dealer told me they only have 1 vehicle I wanted left in their lot and she has the keys on her desk waiting for me. I drove 46 miles just to be told, "sorry, the vehicle was sold half an hour ago." Another dealer quoted me a price on the internet, but by the time a salesman called me, the vehicle was driving off the lot. Another dealer quoted me a price over the internet but had no vehicle for that price on the lot. All the vehicles on the lot were higher priced. The salesman quoted me a price, I emailed him my loan approval letter on Saturday and never heard from him again. On Monday I found out from the Sales manager that the price I was quoted was wrong and the price now is higher.

I will not be buying a Toyota now or ever.

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Alexander voigt - 71 d ago


Toyota of scottsdale is one big scam from sales to service i will be fileing complaints with motor vehicle bond claims for there terrible and bad business practices

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Just Me - 77 d 20 h ago


Dear Toyota. At your Merced Ca dealership you have a GM who loves to rip off sales men and not pay their commissions. And that GM also allows a known drunk 'Dirk Martinez' to come to work Drunk. On a regular basis. 4-5 times a week. GM's name is Dan Ngo. Maybe you guys shouldn't allow GMs like that to represent your brand. Definitely shouldn't have Drinks operating Motor Vehicles with Customers in them.... Do something before your brands tarnished by them people. Good Luck.

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richard - 89 d 50 m ago

dear toyota financial services,

i bought toyota rav on march 31,2017 and we returned legally the toyota rav on april 9.2017 in the morning at the dealer. we surenderred the 2 keys and contract to the manager peter.. on may 15. ,2017 we received 2 parking violation for the dates, april 18 and april 29,,2017 when we returned the rav on april 9 ,2017 at the dealer place. i called the police and report this matter and the police advised me to go the parking violation and explain my situation. i returned the rav on april 9,2017 and i bought my nissan rogue on april 9,2017 after i returned legally the rav to the toyota dealer but the dealer does not want to give me release papers i give the parking violation officer copy of my nissan rogue documents to proved that on the dates of the ilegal parking violations, the rav is no longer in my possesion ,

on may 15,2017 i call toyota tel no. (hidden) i spoke to trakeila of toyota i explained to her what happened and she told me she will send me a letter from toyota to sign that i no longer have the possesion of the toyota rav, iam waiting for the letter from trakeila of toyota ,

and today may 25,2017 i received letter from impound dept of trans hollywood 668 s lafayette pk pl. la ca. tel 213 250 0143 bill to my name that i should claim the rav and pay the penalty? how could i claim the rav? i dont have the possesion of the rav, i returned legally to the toyota dealer on april 9,2017.

the dealer of the toyota moved the rav from toyota parking and illegally park the rav outside my apartment. until many parking violation tickets toyota is doing this illegal activities,

the dealer name is edwin yu.he is very pushy and he called me names he called me like an old bark tree because iam old handycapped and 82 yrs old man with parkinsons and a heart problem, iam thinking of calling my lawyer regarding this dealer of toyota for harrassing me and calling me names is a discrimination,he even forced me to buy the rav no disclosure of the amount monthly nothing,he scared me, harrassed me text me of harrassment, treatening me, its all in my text messages i save it all i told my wife if i die of stress she should file a case aginst this toyota dealer, i dont feel good iam very sickly, i dont need anymore stress, please help us to finish and resolve this problem and please advised your dealer edwin yu to stopped harrasing me in my cellphone txting me, iam too nervous too sick too old, too weak, if i die i my wife will sue the toyota dealer, i dont feel good, please help us, i dont need this problem, i need a car that i can afford to pay for my travel to doctor hospital please help i returned the rav legally, iam being harrassed by your toyota dealer pls help, he keep insulting my wife and me ,

i just came out of the hospital and the first letter i received is towing letter addressed to my name? when the rav is no longer is our possession i dont want to go back to hospital due to difficulties , i dont feel good, iam senior handycapped, im not happy with the rav i returned it legally to the dealer, , toyota kept my old nissan 97 and 1 month payment , i just forget this all ,

and the dealer still harrassing me,

rav vin no. jtmwfrevxhj130990

thank you, sincerely, richard

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Jack - 90 d 10 h ago


So I bought a 2017 Toyota Tacoma n after I receive my payment statement I noticed on the paper work where the salesman lie to me telling me that he would give me $15500.00 for my trade in but that was a lie.he only gave me $14687.00 for my trade in.that was the first lie.then Toyota steals my gap refund money.i call to talk to the manager of Scott Clark n he ain't got the nerve to call me back.i will never deal with them again n will let everyone know that they r slick talkers

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Super Angry not sure if should be driving the car - 190 d ago


Toyota has the worst customer service than any other corporation that I've ever dealt with. I've left numerous voice messages, messages with whomever answered their phone and no one every call back. Toyota sold me a car (or I don't know if they sold me a car because I haven't been billed for 2 months of taking the car of their lot) anyway they did the contract at a set interest rate and everything was agreed upon and apparently Toyota decided that they wont accept that rate after the fact and so I'm left in limbo what a car and no one to talk to. I will have to seek legal help.

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G.r. Goods - 95 d 6 m ago


Note Everyone needs to ban together and file a large lawsuit for all the evil ones who work there and stall you.bare face lie about nothing wrong with your car.. when under warranty. Make you or tell you your crazy.. keep your vehicle ask or more and say can't duplicate your problems.. so sad .. my 2011 Camry had been to dealers on 4 occasions... now having to go outside the agency to get car repairs.. costing me almost 900$.. Wake up People! Don't buy another Toyota or ever consider one... Try Honda

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Lynn Bridenstine - 95 d 24 h ago


Dear Toyota Executives,

First let me say that our family has been Toyota fans & drivers since 1995. We understand that you may be looking for a place for a new plant. We invite you to consider Chattanooga, TN. We are a warm welcoming medium size city. We have a work pool that includes southeast TN, northwest GA, and northeast AL. Cost of living here is low compared to other cities. We have lakes & mountains & temperate climate. We'd love to have you!

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Luisa - 99 d 7 m ago


My name is Luisa Espinoza, I bought my daughter a Toyota, because my husband believed in them. He passed away from lung cancer, six months after he passed away I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then it was even more important to buy my daughter a reliable car, like my husband believed. Thank God I survived cancer,chemotherapy and radiation. Unfortunately the 2015 Toyota is not fairing well.The spoiler was coming off , in the process of it being fixed they made swirl scratches on car, and ordered a new spoiler. Took it back again so they could place the new spoiler, when I picked it up there were 3 small deep scratches. I drove into Toyota today to speak to a manager. I wish I hadn't it is disappointing when people my age feel it's perfectly alright to be rude. We are a Toyota family. My 2 sons have a Toyota, my daughter and myself. My 2004 Toyota will last me for a few more years. I am seriously thinking of going somewhere else, 17,000 dollar cars should not fall apart after 2 years. Besides the spoiler the matts started shredding (They replaced them).The weather stripping is not right on the windshield.. I might have to let that go since windshield was hit by a pebble and it's chipped they wont be able to fix for fear that it will crack.They won't take such responsibility. The inconvenience is worse when your employees are rude and condescending. It said when companies don't stand behind their work. We should all take pride in what we do. I truly hope Toyota is once again what it used to be.

Luisa Espinoza

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No longer a Toyata - 95 d 6 h ago


Yes I agree that for the most part the employees are rude and condescending. The quality of Toyota cars are spiralling downward. Try Honda!

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sunny - 96 d 19 h ago


student debt is roughly 3 trillion dollats credit card and loan defaults arebon the rise property taxes are going up 25% on aversge nationally do you think,its a good time to build a new manufacturing plant no response needed

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Beyond angry - 102 d ago

I've owned 4 Toyota's in my time. 3 Tacoma's then finally upgraded to a 2011 Tundra. Which i like. But i don't like how expensive it is to fix ? Why does it cost 4 thousand dollars for a power steering pump and the rack and pinion ? I've never had any trouble with the power steering in any of my previous trucks. You are more then welcomed to look at my history with Toyota. But as soon as my warranty lifted at 100k the pump went out at 105k. As i was driving it on the lot the rack and pinion popped and all the fluid went on the driveway at the service location. Don't get me wrong it's not the parts that are expensive ... It's the 15 hours of work behind it that makes it so excessive !

Even the Toyota tech i talked with said who ever designed it needs to be fired !! It's just mind boggling that two parts can cost "your" customer (me) so much. I really can't grasp that i'm spending 4 thousand dollars on a pump and rack and pinion. I'm guessing right now because my truck is STILL in the shop but when i looked up these items on the world wide web it adds up to about $500 on the parts with between $3000-$3500 in just the labor. Are you freaking kidding me ?!?!?!?!?!

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Taco Bell Corp.
Matthew So, Taco Bell in Fort Smith AR. Is now double dipping into  ... 

Ashley Furniture
Anonymous Even better if you go there and try buy a 24 piece table se ... 

Giant Eagle, Inc.
Loyal customer no more I am a longtime customer of Latrobe Giant Eagle. I stopped  ... 

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