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Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Lexus, Scion
19001 S. Western Ave
Torrance, CA
(310) 468-4000
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Alexander voigt - 15 d 10 h ago


Toyota of scottsdale is one big scam from sales to service i will be fileing complaints with motor vehicle bond claims for there terrible and bad business practices

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Just Me - 22 d 5 h ago


Dear Toyota. At your Merced Ca dealership you have a GM who loves to rip off sales men and not pay their commissions. And that GM also allows a known drunk 'Dirk Martinez' to come to work Drunk. On a regular basis. 4-5 times a week. GM's name is Dan Ngo. Maybe you guys shouldn't allow GMs like that to represent your brand. Definitely shouldn't have Drinks operating Motor Vehicles with Customers in them.... Do something before your brands tarnished by them people. Good Luck.

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richard - 33 d 9 h ago

dear toyota financial services,

i bought toyota rav on march 31,2017 and we returned legally the toyota rav on april 9.2017 in the morning at the dealer. we surenderred the 2 keys and contract to the manager peter.. on may 15. ,2017 we received 2 parking violation for the dates, april 18 and april 29,,2017 when we returned the rav on april 9 ,2017 at the dealer place. i called the police and report this matter and the police advised me to go the parking violation and explain my situation. i returned the rav on april 9,2017 and i bought my nissan rogue on april 9,2017 after i returned legally the rav to the toyota dealer but the dealer does not want to give me release papers i give the parking violation officer copy of my nissan rogue documents to proved that on the dates of the ilegal parking violations, the rav is no longer in my possesion ,

on may 15,2017 i call toyota tel no. (hidden) i spoke to trakeila of toyota i explained to her what happened and she told me she will send me a letter from toyota to sign that i no longer have the possesion of the toyota rav, iam waiting for the letter from trakeila of toyota ,

and today may 25,2017 i received letter from impound dept of trans hollywood 668 s lafayette pk pl. la ca. tel 213 250 0143 bill to my name that i should claim the rav and pay the penalty? how could i claim the rav? i dont have the possesion of the rav, i returned legally to the toyota dealer on april 9,2017.

the dealer of the toyota moved the rav from toyota parking and illegally park the rav outside my apartment. until many parking violation tickets toyota is doing this illegal activities,

the dealer name is edwin yu.he is very pushy and he called me names he called me like an old bark tree because iam old handycapped and 82 yrs old man with parkinsons and a heart problem, iam thinking of calling my lawyer regarding this dealer of toyota for harrassing me and calling me names is a discrimination,he even forced me to buy the rav no disclosure of the amount monthly nothing,he scared me, harrassed me text me of harrassment, treatening me, its all in my text messages i save it all i told my wife if i die of stress she should file a case aginst this toyota dealer, i dont feel good iam very sickly, i dont need anymore stress, please help us to finish and resolve this problem and please advised your dealer edwin yu to stopped harrasing me in my cellphone txting me, iam too nervous too sick too old, too weak, if i die i my wife will sue the toyota dealer, i dont feel good, please help us, i dont need this problem, i need a car that i can afford to pay for my travel to doctor hospital please help i returned the rav legally, iam being harrassed by your toyota dealer pls help, he keep insulting my wife and me ,

i just came out of the hospital and the first letter i received is towing letter addressed to my name? when the rav is no longer is our possession i dont want to go back to hospital due to difficulties , i dont feel good, iam senior handycapped, im not happy with the rav i returned it legally to the dealer, , toyota kept my old nissan 97 and 1 month payment , i just forget this all ,

and the dealer still harrassing me,

rav vin no. jtmwfrevxhj130990

thank you, sincerely, richard

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Jack - 34 d 20 h ago


So I bought a 2017 Toyota Tacoma n after I receive my payment statement I noticed on the paper work where the salesman lie to me telling me that he would give me $15500.00 for my trade in but that was a lie.he only gave me $14687.00 for my trade in.that was the first lie.then Toyota steals my gap refund money.i call to talk to the manager of Scott Clark n he ain't got the nerve to call me back.i will never deal with them again n will let everyone know that they r slick talkers

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Super Angry not sure if should be driving the car - 134 d 10 h ago


Toyota has the worst customer service than any other corporation that I've ever dealt with. I've left numerous voice messages, messages with whomever answered their phone and no one every call back. Toyota sold me a car (or I don't know if they sold me a car because I haven't been billed for 2 months of taking the car of their lot) anyway they did the contract at a set interest rate and everything was agreed upon and apparently Toyota decided that they wont accept that rate after the fact and so I'm left in limbo what a car and no one to talk to. I will have to seek legal help.

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G.r. Goods - 39 d 8 h ago


Note Everyone needs to ban together and file a large lawsuit for all the evil ones who work there and stall you.bare face lie about nothing wrong with your car.. when under warranty. Make you or tell you your crazy.. keep your vehicle ask or more and say can't duplicate your problems.. so sad .. my 2011 Camry had been to dealers on 4 occasions... now having to go outside the agency to get car repairs.. costing me almost 900$.. Wake up People! Don't buy another Toyota or ever consider one... Try Honda

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Lynn Bridenstine - 39 d 9 h ago


Dear Toyota Executives,

First let me say that our family has been Toyota fans & drivers since 1995. We understand that you may be looking for a place for a new plant. We invite you to consider Chattanooga, TN. We are a warm welcoming medium size city. We have a work pool that includes southeast TN, northwest GA, and northeast AL. Cost of living here is low compared to other cities. We have lakes & mountains & temperate climate. We'd love to have you!

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Luisa - 43 d 6 h ago


My name is Luisa Espinoza, I bought my daughter a Toyota, because my husband believed in them. He passed away from lung cancer, six months after he passed away I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then it was even more important to buy my daughter a reliable car, like my husband believed. Thank God I survived cancer,chemotherapy and radiation. Unfortunately the 2015 Toyota is not fairing well.The spoiler was coming off , in the process of it being fixed they made swirl scratches on car, and ordered a new spoiler. Took it back again so they could place the new spoiler, when I picked it up there were 3 small deep scratches. I drove into Toyota today to speak to a manager. I wish I hadn't it is disappointing when people my age feel it's perfectly alright to be rude. We are a Toyota family. My 2 sons have a Toyota, my daughter and myself. My 2004 Toyota will last me for a few more years. I am seriously thinking of going somewhere else, 17,000 dollar cars should not fall apart after 2 years. Besides the spoiler the matts started shredding (They replaced them).The weather stripping is not right on the windshield.. I might have to let that go since windshield was hit by a pebble and it's chipped they wont be able to fix for fear that it will crack.They won't take such responsibility. The inconvenience is worse when your employees are rude and condescending. It said when companies don't stand behind their work. We should all take pride in what we do. I truly hope Toyota is once again what it used to be.

Luisa Espinoza

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No longer a Toyata - 39 d 15 h ago


Yes I agree that for the most part the employees are rude and condescending. The quality of Toyota cars are spiralling downward. Try Honda!

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sunny - 41 d 5 h ago


student debt is roughly 3 trillion dollats credit card and loan defaults arebon the rise property taxes are going up 25% on aversge nationally do you think,its a good time to build a new manufacturing plant no response needed

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Beyond angry - 46 d 11 h ago

I've owned 4 Toyota's in my time. 3 Tacoma's then finally upgraded to a 2011 Tundra. Which i like. But i don't like how expensive it is to fix ? Why does it cost 4 thousand dollars for a power steering pump and the rack and pinion ? I've never had any trouble with the power steering in any of my previous trucks. You are more then welcomed to look at my history with Toyota. But as soon as my warranty lifted at 100k the pump went out at 105k. As i was driving it on the lot the rack and pinion popped and all the fluid went on the driveway at the service location. Don't get me wrong it's not the parts that are expensive ... It's the 15 hours of work behind it that makes it so excessive !

Even the Toyota tech i talked with said who ever designed it needs to be fired !! It's just mind boggling that two parts can cost "your" customer (me) so much. I really can't grasp that i'm spending 4 thousand dollars on a pump and rack and pinion. I'm guessing right now because my truck is STILL in the shop but when i looked up these items on the world wide web it adds up to about $500 on the parts with between $3000-$3500 in just the labor. Are you freaking kidding me ?!?!?!?!?!

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Timothy - 47 d 6 h ago


please i want to become a car delear most especially toyota product here is my whatsapp contact +(hidden)020 or tel +(hidden)141

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Den McDaniel - 53 d 5 h ago

I am very disappointed that Toyota is advertising on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. They intentionally use the corrupt practice of Bias by Omission when generating their news stories. Bias by Omission omits all bad things about their liberal progressive ideology and omits all good things about their opponent's ideology (Conservatism). After the application of Bias by Omission, what is left is not NEWS it is a form of propaganda that leaves the viewers with only half the story. With only half the information, the viewers are left uneducated and unable to make sound decisions. Bias by Omission hurts and misleads all involved. Americans EXPECT and DESERVE better from these entities that are purposefully deceiving us. The use of Bias by Omission turns their news into biased propaganda that is far removed from the free speech the Founding Fathers intended to give the MEDIA. Their policies put at risk the freedom we have been long assured by a free press. I am not ready to relinquish my freedom and neither should you. Help put the truth back into our press. By running your ads on this corrupt program, your advertising dollars are supporting their corrupt practice and intentional use of Bias by Omission. I realize that every time I purchase Ford products, a small chunk of my money goes into keeping these corrupt news programs on the air. This makes me Mad As Hell, and it also makes me think poorly of your company and I will now search elsewhere for my next new vehicle. Please move your ads off this time slot of NBC Nightly News 5:30-6:00 PM. ANY other time slot will do on the same channel, please feel free to fill the other 23.5 hours of the day with your ads I realize that this email may not be directed to the appropriate person within your organization. Please forward this notice to the appropriate person. If you supply me with a more appropriate contact I will adjust my email petitions accordingly.

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Mary Ann - 53 d 12 h ago


I am extremely angry with Toyota. I have a case and my person is on vacation for two weeks. I called this morning because I am extremely upset with what I went though yesterday at the dealership maintenance and floor. A very nice young lady answered my call, she found out who the fill in was for my case.... but not available to take your call... I asked to speak to a supervisor.... put on hold and then told that person was not available would I like a call back. That was at 11 am..... it is now 2:30 and no call back.... this is not building my confidence in your customer service.

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Toyota/Lexus lvr - 60 d 6 h ago

My son drives a gorgeous 2010 Toyota Camry, I love the dependability, the smooth drive and red color.

However, every time your new Toyota "Poker Face" commercial comes on television, my husband and I

turn the channel. It is the absolute most annoying/worst commercial on TV today. Please consider replacing it, soon.

Thank you

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James - 55 d 12 h ago

Poker ad has become so negative I turn off the sponsered program. The product stands for its self. Stupid advertising just turns away buyers.

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Tom - 61 d 11 h ago

Why can't we Canadians and Americans buy the toyota Hilux with the 2.8 liter desiel engine. The Toyota Hilux and the Toyota Landcruiser are very tough and reliable trucks. The Toyota American and Canadian trucks aren't even comparable to safety and gas milage. I want to buy a Toyota Hilux to reduce my carbon foot print. But Toyota here in Canada won't sell me one. To bad. Eh

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Deborah - 67 d 15 h ago


I was gifted my mother's car in 2016 as she was terminal and passed away this passed November 2017. It's a 2003 Toyota Camry and the air bag is split on the dash on the passengers side and I feel it's a manufacturer should fix it due to the safety of any passengers I put in my vehicle. I would like a response to my note.

Respectfully yours,

Deborah A. Polish


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Patrick - 71 d 14 h ago


I own a 2007 Toyota Prius that for the past month has experienced a gradual loss of power, gas mileage and driveability. I was getting 45mpg in May 2017, then in early June the mileage dropped to 37mpg, then by late June it was 25mpg. I went out of town for July 4th weekend then on business trip to Texas returning home July 7th. Drive the car to work on July 10th and car still horrible, would charge hybrid battery going downgrade or when braking, but immediately lose charge when accelerating. Car runs almost entirely on engine which is not as designed. I schedule appointment with Mossy Toyota and dropped car off today July 14th (Service order R060654557). The Service advisor told me that because there was no Check Engine light that Toyota could not verify in battery was failing? I know error codes can be downloaded or viewed in diagnostic mode, but he is telling me I'll pay $145 for them to do a visual inspection, and drive the car around? He basically told me even if the battery is starting to fail that they can't fix the way the car is currently running? I'm supposed to keep driving the car until it breaks, or I get stranded somewhere and cause further damage to the engine? I have a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and I can tell the traction battery is failing. I am shocked that Toyota can't help me!

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Gary Downes - 74 d ago


Why are Land Cruisers so expensive?

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William c Brown - 77 d 4 h ago


2007 Toyota Camry car is like new paint is a disaster !!!! Have gone to local dealer and just keep getting the run a round !!! I want toyota to own up to there problem and fix my car !!!!

You can reach me at (hidden)

Let's see if you will stand behind your products !!!!!!!!

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Joanne - 91 d 7 h ago


I became a DCH Wappingers Falls, NY Toyota patron in January of this year, leasing a preowned 2015 Prius. For the past 15 years or so, I was a patron of the Newburgh Toyota dealership. I loved my sales person at DCH and had a wonderful experience with this purchase. So now it came time for my 45000 maintenance visit. I called DCH Service on Thursday and scheduled an appointment. I received an email shortly after with the wrong time and a problem in particular I had during the winter completely written up wrong. I responded with an email to which I received no response I then called Friday (6/23) and asked if my Prius maintenance visit would be covered under the agreement I was quoted by the Sales Rep. I was told a Service consultant would call me back. I have called 2 more times, leaving messages for the rep to call. They did not have my phone number either time. The last time I called I was on hold for 15 minutes and told no once could be reached. I canceled my appointment. I plan on contacting Toyota headquarter to voice my complaint and any other form of media to get the message out that DCH Toyota Service Dept is horrible. I do not plan on going back to this dealership anytime in the future.

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Dan Welch - 95 d 11 h ago

I recently had an issue with my Camry Hybrid , experiencing a random complete brake failure (including emergency brake) that put my life in danger, only to find out that Toyota knew about the issue but rather than recalling the vehicles and replacing the brake actuator they provided an extended warranty. While I luckily avoided any injury or harm the failure is not even going to be covered under warranty. It saddens me that I feel like I can no longer depend on Toyota to stand behind their products.

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BalenderanA - 108 d 13 h ago


Dear Sir/ To whom it may Concern,

I'm taken up on your new design of Camry 2018 .....totally baffled. The design especially the interior and off course the overall styling. I would appreciate if you could extend to

Me a full literature of this wounderful car for my reading and viewing pleasure.

I'm 65 years old, Malaysian living in Malaysia. You may want to send the detail document to : Balenderan Atchalingam, 17 Jalan Bukit Hijau Empat 26/24D, Taman Bukitl Saga, 40400 Shah Alam. Selangor DE, Malaysia. Any form of write up or catalogue or literature will suffice.

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Anonymous - 115 d 9 h ago


I made a purchase at the Toyota dealer of North Miami with a gentleman named Adler andre. I told him exactly how much I make an hour and how the hours that I work, the only thing I did not have at the moment was my pay stubs but they let me know I can just provide them at a later time (which I did). They ran my credit everything as they should. Finally, they allowed me to get a Toyota Corolla 2015 for $260 a month, I just had to give $3,000 down and get the insurance on it, I also sat down with the Finance Manager by the name of Richard Shifrin and I also informed him how much I made an hour and the exact hours that I work, it was finally time for me to sign a contract for the supposed $260 payments a month. I'm sitting in the Finance managers office waiting for him to print out all the paper work for me to sign. He finally prints them out telling me to sign but before I sign I look and it says I have to put down an extra 1,000 and the monthly payments where changed to $380 a month. I politely got up grabbed my one year old son and proceeded to leave and let them know I did not want the car anymore. All the managers everyone chased me down explaining that they were sorry they made a mistake so I just calmed down and went back inside (big mistake I should've just left) So I explained again how much I made an hour and the hours I worked I could not afford hat they were trying to trick me into. So they had me sign the correct agreement with how much I would pay a month which was $260 a month. So I get insurance give them the $3,000 down. On Monday I provide many different paystubs including the hours I work which was the hours I mentions many time s when I was there. Their manager which goes by the name of Eddy proceeded to say that I lied and then then he started to threaten me that I need to return the car immediately or they will call the police and sue. They said I was not approved for $260 based on my pay stubs but that I was approved for $310 a month, I must provide another 1,000 and I must get a co-signer if I want to keep the car. This whole situation was a straight disaster and they definitely tried scamming me. Never again. If I could give the Toyota Dealership of North Miami a big zero I would. Here's the address as well so you know to beware. 444 nw 165th st rd Miami, FL 33169

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