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Toys R Us

1 Geoffrey Way
Wayne, NJ
(973) 617-3500
(973) 617-4006
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Kiohna - 3 h 6 m ago

Toysrus have the worse service ever I order on Black Friday and my balance was 50 dollars after they remove 70 off my credit cards my account was charged 260 and they say I have no order. I have my money from my card back and get have gotten my money back on my gift cards I and have spoke to several different messages and it no way to speak to corporate because they have it set up that way

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KIM D - 4 h ago


Toys R" US has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. I purchased two online orders from them with one purchase being $35.35 and the other for $35.59. The total order was for 70.94. I attempted to use my same credit card and found that my transaction was declined due to Toys R' US double charging me. On 12/02 I called the customer service office and spoke to a young lady who had such a heavy accent that we weren't even able to communicate....I asked to speak to a supervisor, I held on for 24 mins. to speak to a woman who id herself as Bethany. She said that she could see where I was over charged and agreed to call the dept. that would be able to immediately send a fax to my bank letting them know that they overcharged me and that I should be refunded the $70.94. She assured me that I would see the refund in 24-48 hours.

Today is 12/12/2017 and I called my bank and they told me that I did NOT get a refund because they received a fax from Toys R' US for 106.29 instead of the correct amount and because there was never a purchase for that amount then they could not issue a refund. I called back to Toys R' US and spoke to a young lady Jolisa for 28 minutes who made me ask her 13 times during the conversation to speak to a supervisor before she would reveal to me that she had been chatting (typing back and forth) with a supervisor who was attempting to deescalate the call. I then advised her that because she is unable to even understand what I am telling her because she didn't have the ability to add/subtract the amount of the refund (106.29) from the amount that was suppose to be refunded (70.94) to see that the difference was the $35.35 which they must have issue a double refund for that particular purchase. She got stuck and could only tell me that she can see where there was a request for a fax to go out.....Now I have been on the phone for 34 mins. telling her that it's obvious that she is unable to help me and asked her again for the 14th time to get me to supervisor. She advised that she would be transferring me over. She put me on hold for 13 more minutes before the call was picked up by employer # 9432 Jasmine who began the call by asking me what my reason for calling was....I almost lost my cool....I told her that I had been speaking with a rep. that told me I was on hold so long because she was briefing the supervisor as to what I was calling about. She said that she only knows what she can see from the call on 12/02. I then told her that it's almost like they are over there literally walking about and bumping into each other all day. She was at least able to pull up the fax that was sent to my bank and saw that the information was completely incorrect and she agreed to fix it. I am writing this comment because I will ....


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Danielle - 5 h ago


Before Thanksgiving I ordered an easel for my son for Christmas. Instead of receiving the easel I received a doll. On November 27th I called and explained my situation. The lady was very nice and we had a pleasant conversation. She sent me a return label to print and send back the doll at no charge. She said that a supervisor would approve it and the easel would be sent out right away and that I would have it within a week. November 30th I dropped the doll off at the post office and shortly after received an email saying they had confirmation that my return was on its way back. It is December 12th now and still no easel and the tracking of the doll says it's still in transit. So I just called again and explained everything and told the lady that I need it before Christmas. She said a supervisor will need to approve it and then it will be sent out and I'll receive it in 3-5 days. This is ridiculous! I ordered BEFORE Thanksgiving, THEY messed up my order and I still have yet to receive it! I thought about just going to the store to buy it and then return the one that is coming once it finally arrives but they are still sold out in the store. If I don't receive it in a week then I will be calling back and asking for a MANAGER. And I definitely won't be shopping on their website ever again!

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Mark C - 11 h 40 m ago


I ordered two toys, and two add on items to help run those toys. I was sent the batteries and the soap solution for the toys

BUT NO TOYS!! the little girls birthday I ordered them for has come and gone. you guys had from Nov 26th 2017 till Dec 8

to get it to her. Web site said in stock when I order, what's your problem?? you can take an order, but no fill an order.

So I got online to WAL-MART :) They sent the items I ordered in 3 days.

I'm sure there's a lesson for me here, and one for you two, IF YOU GUYS LAST THAT LONG.

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Anonymous - 16 h 33 m ago


I had a very bad experience at Toys R Us (Newington CT) today, with the manager MARK, he was extremely rude, I'm so disappointed with this horrible experience, me and my wife used to be a great customer..

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Anonymous - 14 h 24 m ago

They are extremely rude

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Anonymous - 16 h 39 m ago

I had a very bad experience at Toys R us (Newington CT) today, with the manager MARK, he was extremely rude, horrible experience ever, I'm so disappointed... I used to be a great customer..

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Denise Pennington - 17 h 18 m ago


Let me start by saying I don't usually bother with reviews or complaints however I'm so irritated with my ToysRUs experience I feel compelled. ToysRUs customer service is a joke. I created a baby gift registry and was supposed to receive a registry completion coupon. Well needless to say I never received it. I called customer service to have it resent and was told it couldn't be mailed to my home address. This is contrary to what the website states. After several attempts trying to get the coupon emailed to me (with no success) I tried to place my order with the customer service agent. An hour later and she still couldn't get my order placed. By this point I have a hungry crying newborn and I gave up. I think that is what they wanted. I decided to place the order for my remaining registry items online without the coupon as I was tired of fighting for what I should have received already not to mention I needed the remaining items. Now the fun really began. I placed the order on 11/11/17 received all but the most expensive item. Received an email notification for shipping but UPS says it never received the package. I've called 5 times about this order. Every time I'm told they are escalating the issue and I will receive a call back. They NEVER call me nor have they sent my item. They have had my money since November 11. I will never use ToysRUs ever again for anything. This is the worst experience I've ever had with any company!

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Anonymous - 3 d 18 h ago


I never in my life felt the need to write a review good or bad regarding any purchases I've made in MY LIFE until NOW. I ordered a Christmas gift on 11/24/2017. I received an email confirmation that my order was received. I even got shipping information which had a link to track my package. It stated I would receive my package between Dec 2-7. I literally just went to check on my order and was told my order was cancelled. 2 WEEKS LATER AFTER AN ORDER WAS PLACED! And the reasoning was because the Item wasn't in stock? This has got to be a joke and must be some way around this. It's the holiday season. Why even take the order and go as far to give tracking information if the product wasn't in stock?!?!?! THIS MAKES ABSOLUTELY ZERO SENSE. I am VERY disappointed. This is honestly the worst experience that I've had. Here I am thinking I got the perfect gift and ordered well in advanced to be told it's not in stock. Now I must rush to find something else.

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


Same exact problem here. they cancelled some of my order stating it is out of stock. I don't understand how they could have allowed me to purchase it being out of stock to begin with. In addition to this, two items were missing from what I did receive and nobody can seem to help me so it looks like I'm out of luck and have to re-purchase the toys even though I paid for them already online. I will never order online from toys r us again.

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Mary Ann Conforte - 1 d 18 h ago


Last Thursday and Friday call to order toys for my grandson which I do each year and also for his birthday. They kept me waiting on the line for 2 hours.....just playing music and saying will be with you soon. Gave up and tried all again from 7:00 P.M. till pass midnight, again nothing.

Friday called and waited 1 hour. I gave up and call my store in Parma Ohio. I was told to come into the store and they would get my order through. Even when I tried to order my toys on line for two days...when I push to go ahead with the order.....BIG RED LETTERS CAME UP SAYING WE DO NOT SHIP OUT OF THE COUNTRY. I was shipping to Las Vegas, NV. The young women at the Parma store did get my order through at last but said I could not get my 20% discount because I did not order it on my computer. I have shopped at this store for over 40 years.........had all my shower gifts done at babies r us and my two daughters in law had their shower gifts done at babies r us and toys are us. Last year had no problems when I ordered on my computer.....this year was HELL....someone better get their phones check to see what the problem is and why the computer will not take are orders.....they are sent in the country the United States, Las Vegas, NV. is in the United States..... I am very disappointed how I was treated....I just hope and pray my grandson gets his toys by Christmas even though I did not get my 20% off and had to pay $49.99 for the Movi robot instead of the sale price of $39.99.

General profile image - 2 d ago


I have been trying to place an order for 4 items the entire weekend. I tried to place my order online Saturday afternoon and your website was not working correctly so I spent another two hours on the phone to place my order because the sale prices or ending Saturday. Evidently the customer service agent typed my name wrong, so when I woke up this morning to an email saying my order has been cancelled. I have tried to contact customer service over the telephone several times they either hang up on me or say I have to talk to another department. I spent more time doing an online chat and she said she couldn't help me. I shop at Toys R Us a lot because I have five grandchildren but If I don't get this resolved soon I will never shop at Toys R Us Again!

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Anonymous - 2 d ago


Just visiting the toys r us store in Dedham Massachusetts. Check out line was extremely long .. but it's the holidays.. What troubles me is that fire exits are blocked. I'm sure you'll address this safty concern immediately

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Denise - 2 d ago


Went to NYC times square grand kids were So excited as well as myself SERIOUSLY??? YOU moved and No Ferris Wheel ?? Wow now it's just a toy store that I can go anywhere else too

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Kim - 2 d 17 h ago


This is my 3rd time being on hold with Toy R Us Customer Service in the past 3 weeks. Currently I am at 55 minutes of waiting. This is all in regards to a stroller I ordered for my cousin and his wife from the Babies R Us Registry on October 13, 2017. After speaking with them at Thanksgiving I realized they had not received the stroller. Called Customer Service on November 24, 2017. I was told there was a warehouse error. I asked how to fix this and they said I needed to cancel my order and order the stroller again. I explained that it had been on sale and I had a discount at the time that were no longer available. So she finally she said she would cancel and reorder for me. This process took over 30 minutes and a supervisor had to approve the price. I was shocked when she said it would be delivered on December 7. The website says 5-7 days--but I was willing to go with the delivery date to get the stroller there. Imagine my surprise when Fed Ex rang my doorbell today and delivered the stroller to me in California instead of my cousin in California. I called customer service and spent an hour on hold, spoke to a representative who felt a supervisor needed to get involved. It took 10 minutes to get to the supervisor. I shared my story with her and gave her my phone number when the line suddenly had a busy signal and I was cut off. So frustrating and they did not call back. Also, tried the chat option twice but they could not help as they do not have authorization (I am not sure why they even have the chat function if they cannot help customers). I have been on hold an hour this evening and just got a customer service agent and asked to speak to a supervisor. She said she would transfer me, then the phone call was placed back onto the regular customer service line. So I am probably at the end of the regular cue again. I will never shop at Toys R Us or Babies R us again!

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Kim - 2 d 6 h ago


I gave up last night and got up this morning at 5 am to call customer service again. At this time in the morning I got through quickly. I spoke to a representative about the item being delivered to California and not Colorado. She said there was nothing that could be done as the product was already delivered. I asked to speak to a supervisor and explained the problem. She said the same thing, that shipping occurs in Ohio and there was nothing they could do. Once delivered, even to the wrong address, it is not their problem. I suggested several possible solutions but according to her none would work. She offered no suggestions. Finally, I said I would take the item to Fed Ex and have it mailed but I would like a gift card to recover the cost (will be excessive to get it there before the baby born). She put me on hold and came back and said they could not give me a gift card but they could give me $30 off my next order. I explained unfortunately I will never order anything from their company again so that will not work. I asked for a supervisor at a higher level she said there was not another level. I asked for a number or contact at corporate. She said she would give me my case number and an email: (totally bogus by the way--does not exist). I asked what would happen then and she said she did not know because nobody had ever asked for that before. My response is that is hard to believe having looked the 100's of complaints about their customer service online. I shared as a supervisor she needs to be an advocate with the company to improve customer service and the outcomes because they are literally losing customers and their own job security

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Kim - 2 d ago


I would like to give an update. I just received an email from Toy R Us crediting a $100 refund to my credit card. I am thankful they finally made an attempt to do right in this situation. I took the item that needs to be shipped to Colorado to a nearby Fed Ex/Kinko's this morning. They were incredibly helpful but were unable to ship the box without repacking it for an additional cost from their location. However, they did let me know that the main Ship Center could mail the box as is but they are not open on Sundays. They calculated the cost of mailing the box by ground at $70. I will take time off from work tomorrow to go to the shipping center and will pay for the shipping costs. The $100 refund will basically help me break even financially, but will not replace the hours I spent trying to resolve this issue and the frustration that resulted from customer service that is ineffective. In the course of trying to resolve this issue I filed a report with the Better Business Bureau in New Jersey (corporate location) and attempted to mail the Toys R Us CEO using an email address found online (not sure that it was accurate). I wish the best to those of you who are still attempting to resolve your own complaints with Toys R Us and Babies R Us.

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Anonymous - 2 d 4 h ago


I would like to talk to HR headquarters. Store 6314 haves a DM doing drugs at work very unsafe. Made report but he's still working. I don't understand why this DM wasn't put on leave nor randomly drug tested. He's name is Derek. He also got into my face yelling and cursing on Wednesday night. Next day I was told by Rafael the store manager to go in and do my job. Did as I was told. Before I can even get in the building manager Ryan tells me we needed to talk. I told him, I don't feel comfortable speaking with him and I didn't need to talk to him. I had called corporate and spoke with Rafael. I was told not to punch in if I didn't plan on talking to him. I went in to the break room to punch in. On my way out Ryan got in front of me at the door way and was telling me to back up and waving hands in front on my face. I pushed my way through him and left. I did changed words with him as I walked out. I was disrespected, violated and bullied by these two managers. Next day Rafael tells me I was being let go. That I was seasonal. I was no longer seasonal. I had a full time position for pricing and signing. There's a lot more. I still haven't heard from someone in corporate. I will be filing a police report against Derek and Ryan. If nothing is done to these managers on toys r us end or if I don't hear from corporate I'll be filing a claim against the company as well. This is unsafe behavior and not ok. My name is Melissa Delgado.

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Rachel - 3 d ago


I placed an online order, MINUETS ago. 2 items are being shipped to the store and 1 item is being shipped to my home. After reviewing the confirmation email, I realize that the item being shipped to my home, is going to the wrong address. So I call customer service because there is no way for me to fix it on my own. Ye automated system says someone will be calling me. No one has called yet. So in the mean time, I start an online chat with a customer service specialist. She tells me she cannot change it. So THEN I start another chat, asking to just cancel the one item that's going to the wrong address and then reorder it. Raymond literally told me that I cannot do that and there is nothing he can do. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

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Rachel - 3 d ago

Update, they also refused to cancel the order. Because it's been over 45 minuets since I placed it. But I tried contacting them instantly. THEY took longer than 45 minuets to get back to me

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bv - 2 d 15 h ago

Contact UPS, they can deliver to a different address. I did this with another company, paid through paypal and noticed my address was not updated, cost me about $10 but didnt want to chance my order being kept by someone else.

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Anonymous - 2 d 15 h ago


There system auto corrected my address and deleted my house number. I called and they refused to change it. One supervisor told me they were to busy to deal with me. I called the fedex and they told me they will change it and to just watch the tracking and once they get it they will change it and charge toys r us. Some of my things are going to the post office I called them and they said it won't be delivered to me but to also watch the tracking and they will hold it for me to pick up. They better not ruin my nieces Christmas. I recommend doing what I did and call fedex and your post office.

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Anonymous - 2 d 18 h ago

This place needs to be shutdown already

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Appalled Customer - 3 d 51 s ago


I just left the Toys R US in Paradise Valley Phoenix AZ 85032. The cashiers were extremely nice. The supervisor Jessica was extremely rude to three different workers two cashiers and a person that was leaving for the day. She was so mean and aggressive with them that I wanted to put back the toys I was purchasing for my children. I was going to fill out an application for part time holiday work there, but I changed my mind after seeing the mistreatment of the employees. I cannot and will not work with someone who disrespects her team members.

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Anonymous - 3 d 20 h ago


Ordered a video game on 11/23 after not receiving a shipping email a weeks later I called to check on it. After waiting for 45 mins I speak to someone who tells me she don't know why it hasn't been shipped she don't see a problem with and she gonna have it expedited shipping. After days later not hearing anything I call again. After 54 mins someone picks up and I explain she said she sees nothing wrong with the order but she tells me she shouldn't have told me she would ship it that way cause they can't do anything until the 9 business day shipping was up (which was 2 days later). After telling me she can't do nothing for me I ask to speak to someone else. She say hold while she gets a customer service person. I wait another 45 minutes! Only for her to get back on the phone and says she talk to the person who now informs her that the game is showing out of stock. She tells me someone is going to contact me with in 48 hours to see if the game is coming back in stock or they will send me a 40 dollar gift card. 2 I get an email my order has been canceled and didn't hear back from anyone! I can back and they tell me there is nothing they can do for me cause nothing was noted! Ridiculous! I spent hours on the phone with them. I was the one contacting them! I had to go buy regular price when everyone had it on sale that day but since I was ordering other stuff I went with them! And this wasn't the only problem I had with ordered this year!

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