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Toys R Us

1 Geoffrey Way
Wayne, NJ
(973) 617-3500
(973) 617-4006
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BRITTANY - 8 h 24 s ago


Will never order online from here again. I ordered a mamaroo infant swing and used 2 gift cards I received from my baby shower. They sent a email that said my order has been cancelled because the item was not in stock but online it still states it is in stock. It has been 3 days and they have yet to put my money back on my gift card so that I can purchase one from our local store. Customer service reps are horrible. Most you can't even understand and don't understand what you are asking for. How are u going to hold my gift card if u cancelled my order due to your website not being updated. Total BS

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Anonymous - 9 h 48 m ago


Terrible Special ordered a baby recliner that they said would be in eight weeks three months later they don't know where it is and I have no information for me for the past two weeks other than to keep waiting

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anonymous I - 5 d 46 s ago


bought an item only to find it was the wrong one:paid cash. Upon return, my photo ID was demanded AND SCANNED and my phone number was taken as well'. On your website, you specifically accept no responsibility for security of the same info. You are a criminal enterprise. OUTRAGEOUS. YOU cannot end soon enough. well deserved is your end. Only wish the maggots at the top paid with a loss of all their wealth. Totally corrupt

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Heather - 12 h ago

I couldn't agree more. The managers here are ridiculous.

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Heather - 12 h ago


This review is referring to the Toys R Us located at 71 and Memorial in Tulsa Ok. I was in on Friday 10/13/17 and made a fairly large purchase. The purchase included a video game system totaling $49.99 before tax. I asked the cashier what the return policy was and she stated that I had 30 days with receipt. Come Tuesday I needed to return the video game system for personal reasons. When in the store there was a very sweet girl that was new and training. We have all been there at some point so I was very patient with her. She was very kind. The manager on duty Monica came over and stated that they do not take returns on opened electronics. I stated that I was told 30 days. When asked of the return policy on 10/13 no one stated anything at all about a no open electronic policy. After going back and forth with her on the issue I finally had to come out and tell her that I was needing to return this to get food for my family. She went and spoke with someone else out of my sight then came back. When she came back she didn't say anything. The nice new girl had started my return considering I had one other item to return besides the video game system. I asked Monica if there was going to be anything we could do and she snapped at me stating " I'm gonna give it to you". I don't appreciate being yelled at like that giving that this is suppose to be a nice fun and safe place for children I don't see how anyone works with this lady. She was very very rude and mean to the new girl she was training. She was demeaning her, being snappy and short. I just can't get over how this manager acted toward me the customer then the trainee. I'd be surprised if that sweet new girl even stays considering the way she is being treated. Someone needs to speak with this manager Monica about how she is treated people. I have run my own photography business before. Given it's a different line of business we still treat people with respect. You can train an employee without being mean and malicious.

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Anonymous - 6 d 8 h ago


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Joanne - 6 d 8 h ago

Just received an order from them. Came via FedEx. Looked as if it was punched, kicked open. Literally could see my merchandise inside the box. Called FedEx to chew them a new one. They said it was Toys R Us fault. Called them. Got the major run around. Different department switch. I didn't even get a return label inside my box. Who should I blame now?? Not only do they suckered now at phone service, but am I thought only one who has noticed that their website now stink? Is it all of my tablets AND my computer or is the site soo slow and lagging now?? What happened?? And they said free shipping and it wasnt!!

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Anonymous - 18 d 13 h ago


I worked at the 6392 store in west Hartford Connecticut, and believe it or not the managers are so unfair . I was told to take my nose ring out and cover my wrist tattoo , But other employees got to freely walk around with theirs showing as if its nothing. At that my own assistant store manager has a wrist tattoo that she does not cover herself. They lack at communication . if I tried to stand up for myself i was always targeted and never let to speak . I was getting harassed for my nose ring through out my days of working there. I did a night shift with the assistant store manager and two other employees with nose rings but I was the only one being spoke to. My first two days I was not spoken to about my sneaks as well. I spoke to HR my first two days and was told my sneakers were not going to be a problem. When the assistant manger came i was told my sneakers were in fact not allowed. Mind you at both of my interviews I DID NOT get told that my nose ring was not allowed . and for dress code I was told only BLACK SHIRT and BLACK PANTS nothing about my shoes. I indeed asked for a emolyee book that would tell me all the rules and regulations many times I have asked i still have not received one . one day I had to call out because the battery to my car wouldn't start , I live so far out in plainville a bus was an hour and 30 mins walking distance and I had not received my first check to take a uber,so when I came in the next day I was told by my assistant store manager " that excuse is for regular emolyees", um im pretty sure this happens to anybody . I have a controlling assistant manger who talks over me and never lets me defend myself. If I spoke about everything or brought anything to their attention I was told everything i say is "bullshit or lies" as the manger says or i get told to worry about myself. My store manager wrote me up my 2 week working there because my assistant store manger told me to leave the store or take out my nose ring. I clear told her that it was not equal that others get to freely wear there's with no consequences, that I always get spoken to or am forced to leave because of mine. When I brought up the conversation to my store manger she told me I was lieing. I have been feeling as if im not part of the team. I feel like I am not equal to the other employees. My managers make me feel like im not even their supervisor of gear. I get spoken to with out any respect . not only that but my store manager tired to force me to sign a paper i am not required to sign and was told I NEED to sign the paper. I told my manager they can not change who i am outside of this company . when I get talked to its like I don't even work there nor a costumer. They speak to me as if i am a CHILD. They told me to earn my respect I have to give it . but I don't get respect not from the manager nor some employees. This really needs attention . nobody wants to work some where were they feel like there is no equality ,communication is not there, nor is there any and I mean any RESPECT.

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Anonymous - 8 d 10 h ago


totally agree I work at the store in Baton Rouge, LA my manager was upset because i had somebody take my shift and lied and told our store security guard to watch me because "I steal out of the registers" mind you i've never come up short on a register. then another manager lied and said that I never let her know another coworker and I were switching days. Which is a lie!!!! but when she was confronted about it she lied to me and said she told the other manager that she had given us permission to. this type of treatment is unfair and I ABSOLUTELY HATE WORKING FOR THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Christy - 9 d 5 h ago


Clearly states online the contest runs through October 9th. I bring my son in to register at our local store, and we're told it ended yesterday. Poor advertising. I call the 800 number and they said nothing can be done. Not real good customer service.


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ashley - 9 d 7 h ago

was on hold for an hour and 30 mins then the lady hung up that was helping me. For being a big known business this is horrible customer service. They still have my money and have been told did i pick up from the store when i got a email saying my items where cancelled due to not having them in stock. Ordered again to another store same problem and havent got any of my money back.

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Joyce Dyer - 12 d 15 s ago


Functionality: Online sales are not possible when the website is not up to date. When the website does not calibrate, and freeze each time you click to go to the next page. this waste an individuals time. Creating frustration and inevitably they will leave the site and find another source to purchase! We want to be able to enter specific data/information returning "only" information pertaining to our search.

Itemization is important! I don't want to waste my time nor energy searching for availability for a specific product so I can avoid a wasted trip. These are factors important and relevant to someone shopping on line. I'd like you to consider how many shoppers disconnect their search and then choose another source. As a senior citizen I don't want to shop on a site where the performance is inadequate. Have your site redeveloped! Lost revenues will hurt you in the Bottom Sales Calculations; Think of Christmas! You can not corner the market in toy sales if your website is lousy! Inspired Analogies; (hidden). My rating is for your we site only!

Joyce Dyer

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Jer k - 12 d 4 h ago

Visited your merrillville store today! Sales associate a huge "B" simple question asked was rude and indignation! (Diane)! It's simple if you don't like your job leave plenty of ppl would love to work! Customer service is not your top priority! I will never take my grandkids into another toys r us! O ya your filed bankruptcy .. guess your days are numbered ! Probably best with the lack of employee service received! Tried calling the Hobart/merrillville store to talk to a manager and the phone rang rang rang .. no one ever picked up ! Sad store!! Look at these reviews not a good one

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Benz - 29 d 8 h ago


This sucks I been calling for hours no help I need my money that I've worked for this 973 617 3500 no help I want to claim my money so answer the phone or provide more contact this is highly upsetting

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Anonymous - 29 d 7 h ago


I'm having the same problem can't get through to anyone, trying to track down my 401K

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Anonymous - 13 d 8 h ago


I am having the same difficulties. It keeps bringing me to a dead end.

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Angela Cook - 15 d ago


I went to babies r us in west covina for my baby registry. This was the most awful experience ever first the machines were down ok technology i understand has issues not really you fault but the guy helping me said he would sign me up but i could scan my items in that day so he had me fill out the paper and he inputted my info the other lady said if i download the app i could add the items with the sacnner through the app ok so i did that well scanners dont work either. They said well maybe on the app i can manually type in the barcodes ok i try to log in with the app and nope it wont let me kept saying my password was wrong the guy said maybe he typed wrong but wouldnt give me the option to even reset because it was a new account.he gives me the welcome "bag " with npthing that i saw advertised on your pages it has 1 bottle and a shutterfly coupon thats all :( Ok im not happy but then i saw a floor model of a stroller car seat set mark down tags say 3pc set stroller car seat and base 90 dollars yay. We are in line to pay and by now i gotta pee so i leave my hubby to pay and go to the restroom by the time i came out he was at the car already and he says the girls said the base was not included so i paid 199 i said no the tag says 3pcs he said he tried to show her that but she said no well i go back to customer service myself and say no way 1st tag says 3pcs 2nd reg price NEW with the base is 179 why am i going to pay more for the floor model she finally agreed and gave me my money back but wow this turned into the most stressful trip ever i posted a comment on the facebook page and a meesage came out to contact them but the page has no message option and the website has no email contact my email is (hidden) and number is 626 409 7939

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Cathy Smith - 16 d 9 h ago


Terrible customer service, Santa Cruz California Store 95065 California is leading the way with the bagging ordinance, We stopped at Toys r us for a quick treat for my 2 year old granddaughter and got 68.90 worth of little small toys to help with potty training. Well, I had forgotten my bag. I asked to purchase a paper bag and was told "we do not offer them" only character bags for 1.99 each. A paper bag is .25 cents. I was appalled, during this time, the cashier at check stand 1 kept interrupting the checker at #2 to interject what he had to say, I finally asked to speak with a manager and he said that the checkers were uninformed that they were trying to get bags , that CORPORATE would not send them to the store. So I called and turned Toys R Us in to the county of Santa Cruz as this is a county ordinance that bags be provided at a cost to the consumer and that the county has a enforcement team that ensures compliance. This store sucks and is always dirty and the employees stand around doing nothing while you wander the store looking for where they hid the stuff. 5.48.035 Enforcement. Enforcement of this chapter shall be as follows: (A) The Director of Public Works, or designee, shall have primary responsibility for enforcement of this chapter and shall have authority to issue citations for violation of this chapter. The Director, or designee, is authorized to establish regulations or administrative procedures to ensure compliance with this chapter. (B) A person or entity violating or failing to comply with any of the requirements of this chapter shall be guilty of an infraction. (C) The County of Santa Cruz may seek legal, injunctive, or any other relief to enforce the provisions of this chapter and any regulation or administrative procedure authorized by it. (D) The remedies and penalties provided in this chapter are cumulative and not exclusive of one another. (E) The Director of Public Works or designee may inspect any retail establishment's premises to verify compliance with this chapter. [Ord. 5103 1, 2011.]

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Nice Ruisi - 17 d ago


My dear friend and her daughter went into the Woodbridge NJ store and this is what happened to them she wrote this:

Hannah just got her heart broken at ToysRUs in Woodbridge, NJ. She was using one of her gift cards (birthday) to purchase something she wanted. This is the first thing she picked and after going around the store several times, with it still in her possession. Well when it was time to pay, the cashier told us that it could not be purchased until October 2. Well, Hannah started to cry and I asked for the manager... when I asked why he stated that it was store policy. ... it has be placed on the shelf before the date... he went down on his knees looked at her while she was crying ....I thought this is going to be ok.... well NO!!! To my surprise he looked right at her face and said NO.. you will have to come back tomorrow. Once again she burst into tears.. as I asked the manager "then if it can't be sold why are they on the shelf.. you guys just broke her heart not once but twice"...he said that it's a marketing thing and he thinks that they were put out by mistake.. Hannah was still crying once again he turned around and TRIED to once again to explain... i said please don't talk to my child if you are going to break children's hearts. I walked over to the shelf and took this picture and counted how many were on the shelf. The manager followed me and asked me NOT to take pictures. I told him that people need to know that this ToysRUs just made a little 5 year girl sad... and reminded him that many people are shopping online so that they don't have to deal with craziness.

Yep... I am an upset mom right now!

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Anonymous - 20 d 23 h ago


To whom it may concern-

I am writing this email to let whoever might care anymore at your company know of what a horrific experience it has been from beginning to what I'm sure will be a horrible finish to our baby registry process.

It started from the moment we went to register & wanted to go check on a few big items in your store (21300 Signal Hill Plz Sterling, VA 20164 United States). After we were all signed up from the Registry desk we were told to begin our Registry by going around the store & selecting the items of your choosing & if we had any questions to ask our department experts & they would be able to assist. Upon having our first question regarding all in one strollers, we went back to the Registry desk to ask for help & they said they would send someone over. Once that someone came over & we asked a few basic questions on choosing between strollers, the employee did nothing but pull them out & then try to collapse & open them. Then saying this is how they collapse, I could figure that out on my own. It looked liked it might have been his first time ever showing anyone how to use a stroller & he definitely was not what I would consider an expert. We actually ended up going to buy buy baby as well to check on a few items & while we were there we came across the strollers & were quickly asked if we needed any help. I asked about stroller recommendations & why & the employee could not have been more helpful. Showing me why certain strollers cost more or less as in how they are built, not just showing me price differences. They even had an employee in training who was hanging on every word that the employee who was assisting me was saying, seems like your employee who spoke with me at your store could use some training on what he is selling. It was at this point when we left the store, that we discussed canceling our Registry with you & going with buy buy baby as they were so much more helpful & knowledgeable on their products. We ultimately made the decision to stick with you as you have more stores nationwide & it would be better for our friends & family to purchase items for us, specifically those who do not like to use the internet. It was a decision that we have continued to regret.

Since then we have had a horrendous time in our shipping/delivery with our crib & now currently our dresser. With the crib purchase, we would get automated phone calls from what we learned was Ceva although you wouldn't know it as they did not say who they were in their auto calls to set up our delivery. Once the first delivery was set up they never showed. To make matters worse there is no number whatsoever with Ceva that you are able to speak with anyone. After then calling you, i believe you placed another order for the crib & it was finally delivered, albeit past the time they said they would be, always fun to waste 2 days waiting for furniture to come.

Now with our current issue is the dresser reference # - (hidden)26. It was again a hassle to find out when Ceva would come as they had a scheduled delivery but never showed. Again tried to call them, that's not happening. I even called their number once and received a desk line of someone, I left a message however, you guessed it, i never heard anything back. We then had our dresser delivered however as our nursery is on the 3rd floor of our house, I needed assistance to get it up to the room. The driver was unwilling to help & told me that babies r us didn't pay for that, they just pay for curb drop off. Nice to know that for over a $600 dresser you then charge an additional $150 for someone to drop it off at your door. The driver with Ceva stated to call babies r us & they could upgrade to the white glove service. So on September 20th I called you & spoke to one of your agents. At first she was unable to do anything for us, but after listening to our frustrations she then came back on the phone & said she would refund the shipping costs as well as contact Ceva to provide us with white glove service. This was after she had initially said she would just put a request in for white glove service with Ceva. I say this because it seemed as though all of our frustrations were going to go away & we would finally have our dresser in the nursery & would be able to set up the nursery. Well a week went by & I just finished speaking with one of your agents who said yes the shipping was refunded, however we do not provide white glove service online. This was after a week ago I was told that you were going to provide it. Go back & listen to the recorded call on the 9/20, because you will hear your agent promise the white glove service along with the refunded shipping costs. I also never heard from anyone after my 9/20 call so if I would not have a called tonight I would have never heard from anyone on this still open matter.

I find it hard to believe to make things right that you are not able to upgrade us to the white glove service or send someone out from one of the local stores as if it was a store order to provide this service and take our dresser up to the nursery. Look at our Registry & the amount of money we are spending with you, that is the least you could do.

In the end as I don't expect to hear from anyone going off your track record, thank you for making what is supposed to be one of the happiest times of our lives & adding unwanted stress/frustration that we should not have to be dealing with.


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Andrea pike - 20 d 13 h ago


To whom this may concern,

Hello, I've been a strong supporter of toys r us for the past 9 years. Every year my kids set up a wish list on your web site and we place on holiday shopping on layaway every year as well. It's unfortunate that I feel very wronged by toys r us customer service as of 9/27/2017. I'm almost certain that my family and I will no longer be a supporting parent of toys r us company anymore. Long story short I placed a pre order for a hot new item for my kids to receive on xmas. I checked the site morning day and night to make sure I could get this item for them this xmas 2017. I received an email stating that my preorder had been temporarily suspended due to credit card info being incorrect. The email stated that I had 48 hours to resolve the issue before my order would be canceled and to call the 1 800 number for toys r us customer service to resolve the issue. I was on the phone for over an hour trying to update my c.c. info which they told me I had to cancel my order to update it but this toy, lol Big surprise was sold out of preorders. I then talked with a supervisor named Sonya and I had to beg for her to contact billing to make the changes. She said she did update the c.c. info but was not accepting my card. I said there's no way I just checked my funds and know the rest of info I gave her was correct. She said to hang up and call my bank so I did. After hanging up with the supervised I immediately got a cancellation of my order of two lol Big surprises. I was so upset . She just canceled my order for no reason. I called my bank and no transactions were even tried by toys r us the teller said. I called back toys r us and demanded an explanation and very upset to be treated that way. They pretty much said to bad! This toy is limited edition and at the top of my kids lists this year. I checked day and night to reserve this preorder fair and square. These are sold out as soon they hit the shelves and i didnt get the 48 hours stated in the suspension email. I got an hour and they canceled without letting me fix the issue fairly. No one for toys r us cares about the customer even in this time of bankruptcy they are facing. If this is not resolved I will be choosing a new toy store to support for the years to come. After all the customers make the business!

Thanks. An unhappy customer

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Yvette - 22 d 4 h ago

Purchase x box yesterday attempted to use today. Box is not working called exchange or get refund. Was told no

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R.M - 23 d 10 h ago

I am totally disgusted and frustrated about receiving help from Toys r us.

I have ordered an item priced at over $200.00. Been over months and I am not getting an answer and cannot reach any Toys r us Rep. help. I have called and called over more than 50 times.

Please Help. I may need to get some serious advice to solve.

R. matousek

5257 Millwood Drive

Broadview Hts Ohio 44147.

#(hidden)14 ref.

(hidden) order#

Phone. 440 537 4879

Please Help. Respond as soon as possible. I may need to take further action. I have all the records save.

Thank you.

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Broken toys - America is done - 23 d 9 h ago

The company is now bankrupt. Sorry.

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Tangela Garrett - 24 d 8 h ago


Executive Office/Complaints,

My family and I are writing you regarding a bad experience that we had recently. Yesterday, 9/16/17, my husband and I took our two boys, age 6 and 3, to Toys R Us with the intention of allowing them to pick out a toy and use their gift card they were given. At their age picking a toy within the proper price range can be a bit challenging and time consuming, and after spending over 30 minutes in our store, they each finally found something. Well once it was our turn and the cashier began to ring our items, I noticed, she did not mention it at all, that there was a sign saying the POS system was down, and the store issued gift cards could not be used, or purchased. This was very unfortunate; I could easily see not being able to accept a card issued by another company, but for a store not to be able to accept their own brand card is really frustrating, add a three and six year olds to that and this visit was just a pure disaster. The only work around that the cashier could offer was to use our money and come back at a later time, when she did not know because she had no clue how long the outage would last, to get our money back and repurchase with the gift card. This totally disregards our time and is not really cost effective, as if gas is free. I understand that things happen, but this was just really disappointing, your customer base is children, and depending on the age, they don't really understand that the system is down, all they understand is that they were allowed to pick out toys and now they are being told they won't be able to purchase them. I really hope this is an isolated event as we shop here often, and will surely think twice before purchasing a gift card going forward, as soon as the issue was discovered every attempt should have been made to correct it, instead it lasted over two days. I hope you all take the proper steps to make sure this doesn't happen, or at least have a backup plan that doesn't include further inconvenience to your customers.

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