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Toys R Us

1 Geoffrey Way
Wayne, NJ
(973) 617-3500
(973) 617-4006
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Anonymous - 2 d 13 h ago


I decided to look up the ToysRUs Headquarters web page because of the tiring aggrevation process I have been going through for the past 3 weeks. Much to my surprise, I'm not the only EXTREMELY unhappy customer.

I ordered a bike online from the Eau Claire location in Wisconsin. I received a bike in a very good timely fashion, HOWEVER, it was a completely different brand, size, gender and color from what I ordered. The bike I received had the shipping info all correct, including the bike info I had ordered. Now, for the past 2 weeks I have been trying to get them to pick up this bike I never ordered. UPS was supposed to pick it up a week ago, however, I was informed today that ToysRUs did not have a tracking number for the pickup order because ToysRUs did not process the order. There's a store close to me, however I cannot return it there because I was told that's not how they do business, it must go back to the online location...with so many unhappy customers, how do you expect to be the best toy store in the country?

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Lindsey Martin - 3 d 6 h ago


I was in the Babies R Us in Huntsville, AL and I went to the restroom to make a bottle for my 2 month old son and they had NO option for warm water. First of all how is that sanitary to wash your hands with freezing water, second of all I can't be the first person to have to feed a baby in a baby store???? My son will not eat that 'ready to use' formula,(only have on hand for situations like this) been there tried that and will ONLY eat a warm bottle!!! So I had to leave my son with his grandma at babies r us because unfortunately we had more shopping to do and run next door to Panera Bread to find warm water in their restroom. Panera Bread saved me yesterday!!!!!!!

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Carol - 6 d 11 h ago

Do u have a job of putting diaper cakes together?

I would be interested.

Thanks Carol Millerwise


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Silvia Zepeda - 8 d ago


My name is Silvia, I wanted to share my experience with our local toys r us. I went to our store on a Sunday morning.. they open at 10am which is fine.. but I was so disgusted when I walked up to doors and noticed trash all around the front entrance from one end of the store to the other end.. trash trash everywhere. I was going to pay board game so when I went to register to pay I asked for store manager they what do you need he isn't here yet.. I said don't you guys have maintenance she answered yes. I then said you should always clean front entrance prior to opening it's so embarrassing to your customers with all that trash out there.. it's our Santa Maria Ca store on Bradley please help??!

Can you or forward this to right person please...please address this issues..

It makes our store look terrible..

Thank you


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Sandi H - 15 d 5 h ago


I recently received a $10.00 gift card in the mail. I went to the store and purchased two toy trucks for my Grandchildren. When I got home I realized one was a remote control which I returned. The man taking the order was very rude and inconsiderate. I purchased the toys on Thursday and received a 10 per cent discount. They subtracted $5.00 from the 10.00 gift card and when exchanging the new truck I had to pay full price because it was Monday. I lost the 10 per cent. The clerk informed me they would do the same thing at his other job. Minnetonka, Minnesota. I am done with Toys R Us and am ripping up my credit card.

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Brifx99 - 23 d 10 h ago


I was at your Lynnhaven Mall location in Virginia Beach Virginia to pick up 2 Star Wars Black Series First Order Special Forces Tie Fighters. Your stores all over the country have been price matching them with Gamestop for $40. Understandably the cashier had to get the "manager" to approve it. I had already had one price matched at another location with no hassle and wanted these two for my son and a friend. When I tried to give Jessica Pena- Baby Dept Supervisor the information and receipt from your other location as proof of the price match I was rudely cut off and told "We will accomadate you after we confirm with Gamestop." This woman was combative from the first second of our exchange. When she saw I had two she said " If we can confirm it with Gamestop I'll sell you one at that price but I won't let you clear out our store!" There is nowhere posted that these items ( that have been sitting on the floor for months ) are limited and have never been. Virginia State Law requires policies to be posted in full view of customers to avoid discriminatory practices like these and to keep employees from making up their own policies. She asked how long ago the other Toys R Us price matched and I told her 10:48 a.m., approximately 15 minutes earlier. She continued that just because Gamestop had the item in stock at the time of the other price matching didn't mean it still was and if not they couldn't price match. After almost 45 minutes of her trying to find the number for Gamestop she called and of course they were out of stock and denied the price match. I told her of course they were at that price and if she hadn't been so combative with the customer and called Gamestop 45 minutes ago they wouldn't have been and now I'm missing out on a great deal because of it. The other two employees were helpful and polite despite the outcome but this woman was extremely rude and obviously has no customer service skills. I have been a District Manager and if I'd ever treated a customer this way I would have been fired immediately. This is the worst treatment I've ever received at your company in over 30 years as a customer and due to this will only shop your company as a last resort, and I spend thousands a year there. There are plenty of other retailers and online sources that make your company obsolete.

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Anonymous - 25 d 10 h ago


My mom got us a gift card for 50$ for our baby shower and the store said the card was expired and there was nothing they could do. So you just robbed us of 50$ to spend on our expecting new born what trash.

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Anonymous - 25 d 9 h ago


Have to apologize to this post, the gm of the store finally gave us in store credit and made it right. Still amazed that they couldn't track a gift card

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Dissapointed - 28 d ago


Very disappointed in Toys R Us. We purchased some items online, took them back because my husband lost his job. We returned the items, but we never received the credit back to our credit card . Can't get anybody from the local store we returned the item to or even a phone customer service Representative to help you. Still fighting to get our credit back for items we no longer have. It's such a shame that such a big company doesn't have Manager in there stores that can help a customer and customer service representatives that can not help us Its really such a shame, I will never purchase anything from them again..

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SWT - 32 d 7 h ago



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Donna - 37 d 4 h ago

Have you tried to call Toys R Us in Midland Texas? They hung up the phone every time you call. How do you stay in business or anyone buy from there with that store never answering.

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Anonymous - 47 d 4 h ago


Working at Toys R Us SUCKS! How is it that Chick Filet has at least 20 team members working at any given shift in such a small space and Toys R Us only allows 2 to 3 people to work at a time in such a big store. How on earth do you expect anything to be done?? How do you feel about the fact that your customers do not get the service they deserve? How do you sleep at night knowing how your employees are being treated? You work us to death for 7.75 an hour while yall sit in your cushy offices and live in your million dollar homes driving lavish cars. This has got to be the greediest company i have ever encountered. What a fake place. Someone needs to go on underccover boss show. And actually experience what the employees go through on a daily basis. You SUCK Toys R Us and you deserve to go out of business.

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onr of many unhappy customers - 47 d 4 h ago


I hate shopping at toys r us. I can never find anyone to help me and the checkout is way too long. You over price everything. Your employees are always running around like chickens with their heads cut off because there is never enough staff. You should be ashamed of yourselves for treating your employees the way you do. You are horrible to them.

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none of your business - 47 d 6 h ago


Toys R Us SUCKS to work there. You people limit the hours to use per week which sometimes only leaves 2 or 3 people in the entire building to run the store. Corporate bigwigs should decrease their salaries to allow team members to be paid more than 7.75 an hour. Yall are ridiculous! It is terrible for the customers as they are the ones that suffer too. There is never enough staff to accomodate guests the way they should be accommodated. And it is not a safe working environment for us to only have 2 or 3 people closing the store each night. And you wonder why the turnover rate is so high. I hate this place and hope it goes out of business.

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Anonymous - 58 d 12 h ago

Hi; I just want to know why and because are to many TM leaving TRU 8719. We had about 13 good TM that choice to get out from that store in 2 years. To many things happens in side.... Thk

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Feedback - 69 d 19 h ago


The Babies R Us/Toys R Us website should include a customer feedback link/section. I have no idea where or who my feedback is reaching????

A "save cart" function (or automatic save like most websites) would be helpful. I spent hours searching through items and adding them to my cart only to find them missing the next day!

Love the products and prices but the website needs work.....

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Judy - 70 d 10 h ago


I believe Toys R Us is selling phone numbers from their credit applications. I started getting robocalls shortly after filling out an application. Very unsettling. I will be canceling my card.

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Upset grandmother - 1 y 167 d ago


I tried to buy a swing set last week and they were out of stock. The page asked if I would like a notification when the item is in. I sent a request and learned yesterday that the item's price of $499.00 increased to $999.00. I realized that this was the sale price. However, there were other swing sets that were on sale and the same time and their sale price still stands. On the page it never said that the price is only good for a certain amount of time, nor was there anything to specify that it only pertains to in stock merchandise. I have taken pictures of the swing set on sale along with the other's on sale and pictures of the other ones still on sale while the item I tried to purchased increased in price. I am entitled to purchase that item at the sale price unless otherwise stated.

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