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Trane Residential Systems

4811 Zero St
Fort Smith, AR
Mike Mc Ferran
Plant Mgr
(479) 646-5511
(479) 646-7121
Annual Sales Est
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Anita - 206 d ago


I have had a problem with a Trane air conditioning unit (heat pump system) for the past 3 winters (I live in NC). The condition is called "dirty sock syndrome" & it plagues most heat pumps systems in the south. I have an ongoing case with Trane but they refuse to help me further since my unit Is no longer under warranty. They have denied further responsibility for the problem & I feel that my health is being jeopardized by breathing the air that is being emitted from the system. I will join a class action suit if there is a law firm that will represent me in this matter. Please email me at (hidden). I believe there is strength in numbers.

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Ron - 4 d ago


Let me know if you find a lawyer, My 3 ton package unit reverse cycle is garbage, 4months after instillation the computerized blower motor stopped working it was replaced, then 2 yrs.1 month to the date the condenser coil was leaking freon, reversing valve not working and tsd is restricted. No a/c from 6/26/2019 to 7/13/2019 at my home with outside temperatures high 90's to over 100 degrees. Found out from a a/c friend that those package units were defective and all parts were available Trane said I had to wait another 15 days before new parts would possibly be available. Told Trane if I didn't have a new a/c by monday that I was going to have a different brand a/c installed and was turning over to an attorney . The next day they supplied a new a/c unit and i had to pay $850. installation charge. I want that money back considering all the suffering I went through and was ready to go to emergency room. because I had chemo therapy and titanium rods in neck and back.

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Susan Mintz - 5 d 3 h ago


I bought a new a/ c system for my home in May of 2017 . The compressor died within the first year and was replaced. Despite my numerous calls to Pride, who sold the system to me , in Wellington , Fl. The a/c still doesn't work unless it s set at 75 degrees or less . I called and they sent repairman and he added a booster to my system? Who ever heard of such a thing. they promised it would work well. It has not I have called to speak with a mgr named Marcus who promised to review my concerns,, I'm still waiting. I believe I was sold a reconditioned machine and and been totally ripped off. I hope a large corporation, as yours will do the honorable thing and replace or repair my system to a functional, economical, unit Please help.

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Paul in Utah - 13 d 5 h ago


7/8/2019: We bought a Trane heat pump unit for around $5K in 2011. The compressor died this winter. It was past the 5 year warranty, so we paid $2100+ for installation of a new compressor. It's now June and that compressor just died also. It appears to be covered by warranty and the service company from whom we bought the replacement is supposed to come out and replace it this week. I'm looking into the extended warranty, and just hoping that will give us some decent coverage. I can't find any information about it, so will probably have to take the dealer's word for it that the price charged is the "official" expected amount. There should be a listing somewhere that shows what extended warranties cost. I must admit I'm not terribly comforted by what I read. Compressors seem to be a continual issue with Trane and warranty issues seem to be treated in a tricky manner, with a cold attitude.

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Troy - 26 d 24 h ago


As everyone can see there are many problems with Trane equipment and service. I always thought Trane had a good reputation but now that I am seeing reviews and experienced Trane first hand, I have a different opinion. I have a Trane heat pump. After 5 years and 3 months, the compressor went bad. I was told there is a 10 year warranty. Then I found out, it is 5 years and you must fill out the paperwork to get the other 5 years. Why do they make you do paperwork to get the other 5 years? Probably because they know you will forget to do it and the product will not last. How does a compressor go bad in 5 years? Then when you try to call to talk to someone about this, you are passed along to different people who will not help you and transfer you to someone else who will not help you. So I will do as everyone else and tell my story. I will be out of the $1400 compressor cost but Trane will be out of more than this.

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Eva and Todd Long - 32 d 46 m ago


Would like to talk to someone from

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Sharon VanHorn - 39 d ago


Our family built and still owns our home of 4200sf in the hot city of Phoenix,AZ. We installed 2 ground units back in 1972.

One of the units was just replaced just a year ago. The 2nd one is still running and cooling our home this summer.

That is 47 years! Kudos to Trane!

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Rita Riley - 51 d 18 h ago


Why should I write a review?? You have a lot of bad one anyway. I am not satisfied with Trane or your dealers. You don't stand behind your product. Your dealers lie and won't respond to our calls.. I will keep trying because I can't afford to purchase another. Sounds like you have a lot of unsatisfied customers.. Rita and Gene Riley Bedford Indiana phone (hidden). I hope you will be honest and help us.

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Shannon - 114 d 19 h ago


DO NOT BUY A TRANE!! They do not stand behind their products! My central air conditioning unit lasted 24 months due to a defective coil.

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Melanie - 138 d ago


Having major issues with a defective Trane unit, and the dealer will not replace or refund my money. This unit is total garbage, and now the dealer, who knows very well they sold me a garbage unit, is gouging me on the labor charges to keep it running. Have only owned it for 3 years and it has stopped functioning twice a year, in each of the 3 years and now has stopped working AGAIN. Will be pursing lawsuit against both your company and the dealer as well.


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Upset Customer - 183 d 47 s ago


I am very upset with our local Trane dealers. My HVAC person contacted them today. The guy from Trane informed us that they were closed on Saturday's. We explained to him that my mother whom is on an oxygen tank unit went out and we needed a part. That guy told us that we have to pay $100.00 to him in cash just to open the store not including the cost of our parts and that he may still have to order the part. I think this is outright BS. THIS HAPPENED TODAY IN JACKSON, TN.

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BobKat90 - 235 d ago


I purchased a new Trane XL-13 and had my contracted AC/Heating Company installed it on or around 11/15/2012. After about a year or so I noticed a crack on the left front corner of the platform base the installer used. I did not think much of it at the time but over time I noticed another crack on the right front corner of the platform base. The condition seems to be getting worse and you can visibly see the unit is now tilting forward and the cracks are getting larger. It's almost as if it collapsing through the plastic base. Now the contractor says I have pay for repairs! I contacted Trane to see if they'd at least stand up for me. I got a big fat no! Thanks Trane for you're complete lack of compassion and understanding of my $5,834.00 unit. " Nothing Stops a Trane?" If consumers choose another brand, that will stop them. BOYCOT TRANE!!!

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Janice B - 220 d 13 h ago


Im with you Boycot Trane!! I had a unit to be installed in August of 2017 and it took the contractor ( that was a Trane specialist ) it took him 3 1/2 months to put in then come to find out it is way to big for my home and is not installed correctly, there is no shut off valve and 12 other building violations that there Trane specialist did not fix and still to this day not correctly installed. I have talked to the Trane company taken the Contractor to arbitration board hearing, his Bond and was told that he installed it correctly and it is my problem I am out $10,650.00 Dollars and have no respect for this company. I have numerous times talked to the Trane company and complained and have been told that the unit in installed correctly. Even though the heater is not heating the house and the Air conditioner are constantly cycling off and on all the time. They are not standing behind there equipment at all. I am taking out the unit "NOTHINGS STOPS A TRANE??? all they care about there advertising NOT THERE CUSTOMERS!!!!!! Never again will I buy a TRANE or recommend to anyone!!!!!!!

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Terry D. - 1 y 305 d ago


Will never purchase another Trane product after the way my warranty work has (NOT) been handled. Still waiting on parts and repair after 10 days.

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Jon Dough - 1 y 92 d ago


I hope you have a resolution soon. Been waiting for over 3 months!

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Terry B - 257 d 23 h ago


I've been waiting for 7 months for one simple credit memo!!!!!!!!!

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carole shaffer - 1 y ago


I had 2 Trane's for my home. The 1st one went totally out after 5 years. Had to be replaced and home warranty put in an Anderson. The main one that services home goes out every year with capacitor or something, at the hottest time of the year....I have a low expectation of Trane's

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Nikki B - 1 y 61 d ago


I am at my wits end with your company in fact I am disgusted. I find your (collectively) lack of urgency, professionalism, and customer service (as it relates to finding a solution to this issue) to be monstrous! My unit has been a nightmare since the day it was installed. Every year there is something wrong that requires service and every year we are forced to kick out money on a clearly defected heat pump that needs to be replaced. I don't understand what the problem is, if Trane replaces it (which they need to do) it's at no cost to them. As I explained earlier, my husband is a 100% disabled veteran and it's wonderful to see that your company takes this issue in a carefree manner. We are not asking for much, and your customer service reps that I have spoken to are remarkable but we need this fixed and we need this fixed NOW! I just kicked out money to have it fixed LAST TUESDAY and the system is broken AGAIN as of last night!!! I have an open complaint and your company is dragging their proverbial asses to assess and fix this problem. Every time a tech comes out to the home, they have to jerry rig the circuit board board on the heat pump because they say it's defected!! I need this problem addressed ASAP!! I will NEVER and I do stress NEVER buy this horrible equipment EVER again!!

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jabishop54 - 1 y 225 d ago


Bought 2 units the fall of 2010 one unit has been leaking Freon from early on and since it was a small leak Freon was just added over the years until this fall when the leak was discovered in the coil area. When my heating and cooling dealer contacted Trane they said they would look into it. We sent them all our paperwork, receipts, sale slip, etc. It had a 10 year warranty but since we didn't register it the first 60 days it only has a 5 year on the coil unit! So I got a phone call from the Trane consumer hotline person today saying since it was past the warranty they couldn't help! So I'm out a coil, labor and Freon and they're out nothing! Trane is not a brand I'll ever buy again!!!

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Jon Dough - 1 y 92 d ago


Oh, this is just a drop in the bucket on their so called "Customer Service" ... similar situation in that they just keep dragging their feet on an obvious resolution to a problem.

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