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Trane Residential Systems

4811 Zero St
Fort Smith, AR
Mike Mc Ferran
Plant Mgr
(479) 646-5511
(479) 646-7121
Annual Sales Est
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Nikki B - 56 d 18 h ago


I am at my wits end with your company in fact I am disgusted. I find your (collectively) lack of urgency, professionalism, and customer service (as it relates to finding a solution to this issue) to be monstrous! My unit has been a nightmare since the day it was installed. Every year there is something wrong that requires service and every year we are forced to kick out money on a clearly defected heat pump that needs to be replaced. I don't understand what the problem is, if Trane replaces it (which they need to do) it's at no cost to them. As I explained earlier, my husband is a 100% disabled veteran and it's wonderful to see that your company takes this issue in a carefree manner. We are not asking for much, and your customer service reps that I have spoken to are remarkable but we need this fixed and we need this fixed NOW! I just kicked out money to have it fixed LAST TUESDAY and the system is broken AGAIN as of last night!!! I have an open complaint and your company is dragging their proverbial asses to assess and fix this problem. Every time a tech comes out to the home, they have to jerry rig the circuit board board on the heat pump because they say it's defected!! I need this problem addressed ASAP!! I will NEVER and I do stress NEVER buy this horrible equipment EVER again!!

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Terry D. - 301 d 10 h ago


Will never purchase another Trane product after the way my warranty work has (NOT) been handled. Still waiting on parts and repair after 10 days.

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Jon Dough - 88 d 6 h ago


I hope you have a resolution soon. Been waiting for over 3 months!

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jabishop54 - 221 d 8 h ago


Bought 2 units the fall of 2010 one unit has been leaking Freon from early on and since it was a small leak Freon was just added over the years until this fall when the leak was discovered in the coil area. When my heating and cooling dealer contacted Trane they said they would look into it. We sent them all our paperwork, receipts, sale slip, etc. It had a 10 year warranty but since we didn't register it the first 60 days it only has a 5 year on the coil unit! So I got a phone call from the Trane consumer hotline person today saying since it was past the warranty they couldn't help! So I'm out a coil, labor and Freon and they're out nothing! Trane is not a brand I'll ever buy again!!!

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Jon Dough - 88 d 6 h ago


Oh, this is just a drop in the bucket on their so called "Customer Service" ... similar situation in that they just keep dragging their feet on an obvious resolution to a problem.

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