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Anonymous - 14 d 13 h ago

There is no way to get in touch with tumblr anymore. The help link does not submit the help request. I WANT TO CLOSE MY TUMBLR PAGE AND IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, I NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE AT THE OFFICE WHO CAN DO IT FOR ME, but htey don't even answer the phone. I have written so many messages and only get weird answers and I get no help DELETING MY TUMBLR PAGE. Hi, I have sent you numerous help requests to delete my tumblr page, and I still have not been able to delete it.

it is personstudio and madeleine person's photography.

Can you please do it for me? You can call me if you need to:

1818 201 6356 Los Angeles.

It just does not work and I don't have time to mess with this anymore.

Thank you very much! (hidden)

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Nate - 29 d 12 h ago


For the past month I created two yahoo accounts and two tumblr accounts I created new content and uploaded all the required images and to this day my post are still not showing up in any of the tags. I contacted support on both accounts and both supports gave me copy n paste bs responses. Neither one seemed willing to help me at all. Told me to keep posting, replying, etc and eventually my account will be unlocked. B S!! Clearly there is something wrong. In the past when you create a new blog all you had to do was upload images and create one tag post than wait 48 hours. Now? It's clearly broken. Why the two accounts? I hated the name I gave the first one. What happen to my old accounts? Terminated over bs lies. Thats another problem. Tumblr nowadays doesn't investigate anything, they just terminate with out warning. Tumblr overall customer service is in the toilet.

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sterlingsilvr94 - 43 d 9 h ago

a tumblr page named "kaycethenudist"is a fake account and has been threatening to post explicit photos of me on other social media accounts and is ran by the owner who i know from High school, his name is Juwan sellmen from Baltimore Maryland. I am requesting that this page be deactivated immediately and that any other pages associated with his email provided be banned.

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anna - 62 d 15 h ago




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A concerned parent. - 113 d 12 h ago

Hello, how you doing yall have a sex offender that's using yall site. His name is Ezra Davis 41 yrs old. He has pics of young girls photos off yall site in hs phone. He goes by CLITPLEASER 1738. His pro file needs to be taking down and he needs to to blocked off for good. That's not right. I'm not leaving my name.

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Anonymous - 153 d 11 h ago


terminated my dormant account for spam. haven't used the account for a very long time.where does the alleged spam come from - has my account been used by others. totally insulting and wrong comments. would not use this site for any purpose.

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audiblevim - 4 y 152 d ago

@justinejoli I would totally "heart" you on @tumblr to see you "feature dance," but I'm not on there. Reconsidering joining Tumblr...

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BrentGatorMark - 4 y 152 d ago

"@HotWifeStarr: @BrentGatorMark really? U don't know where?"<~~~Tumblr? My @Tumblr account got hacked & I can't delete all the BS pics on it

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helveticarter - 4 y 152 d ago

and now it's back to helvetica. still tho @tumblr back away from the css styles just leave it alone

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JessieJosephine - 4 y 152 d ago

@tumblr and peppermint tea.... #goodmorning :)

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nick_tooch - 4 y 152 d ago

Why yes I do favorite certain gifs on @tumblr to use as comments in later conversations. #bcimfunnierthanyou

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Brugman - 4 y 152 d ago

@KimRom It might idd be possible. I just hate @tumblr for building their community in this way where 99/100 block comments but allow notes.

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bobbyfinger - 4 y 152 d ago

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javix76 - 4 y 154 d ago

@tumblr u love you

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GracelynnAnn - 4 y 154 d ago

@tumblr i love you. so much. <3

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