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Tween Brands, Inc.

Justice, Brothers Online
8323 Walton Pkwy.
New Albany, OH
(614) 775-3500
(614) 775-3938
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Bernadette - 12 h 25 s ago


I would like to know why this company does nothing to rectify a wrong they created. I placed an order on Nov 23rd. More than enough time to get birthday items for my nice on Dec 8th! Got the email my items would arrive by Dec 4th. That's past the 4-7days for delivery. My package arrived with my order summary AND ANOTHER PERSON's ORDER! When I called customer svc they reordered my items and didn't even give me the courtesy of expedited delivery! Oh I got a bunch of excuses about why it's not possible! You created a stressful situation for me as now I will be giving my niece only a picture of items I got her and no gift! Your order fulfillment dept screwed up and you offer me no rush delivery. Thanks for nothing!!

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Angela Russell - 29 d 18 h ago


My daughter is a former gymnast and current premier soccer player. Her body is beautifully healthy and muscular, probably similar to Megan Rapino. Petite and strong. Unfortunately, during a recent visit to Justice, we discovered the clothes were not inclusive. No pants her size would fit simply because she had hamstrings, calf muscles and God forbid a butt. How do you think this makes athletic girls feel? In her mind, it means fat and she is super thin. Stop doing this. Most girls are not straight up and down and its harmful to keep creating clothes for this age group that don't reflect the realities of their bodies.

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unicorn123 - 25 d 43 m ago


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Candace Robinson - 25 d 3 h ago

Attended bday party. Helpful employees, interesting bday items. Nice time but one glaring problem! Grandparents and other elderly attendees had to stand the entire hour and a half. A simple solution? Have folding chairs available, especially since some relatives of the bday child may have visible or invisible handicaps!

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Anonymous - 1 y 65 d ago


Turkey Creek Knoxville TN

Recent store manager change. Store is no longer pleasurable for employees to work in. The environment is hostile due to store manager talking to associates about one another and causing disturbances. Store manager came from another location. Why isn't anyone looking at her record as a manager? Former store manager had little to no issues with same staff.

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jakir hossain mirza - 91 d 6 h ago


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Yally - 112 d 3 h ago


I see all these bad reviews. I don't know what justices everyone is going to,but the two I go to every time I go in there are different associates, and they are always so sweet, polite and helpful.The associates never give me any trouble .There's never been any issues they always greet me at the door and say welcome to Justice how are you today?If I can help you find anything please let me know my name is so and so.Then when I ask a question they are always nice. When I check out they say have a great day. I ordered something there the other day online and they were great about it .I go to Justices in NH.

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Tamma - 106 d ago

Online issues. The nearby store associates are nice and helpful.

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Tamma - 106 d ago


I had $10 rewards from Justice in my email after ordering my granddaughters school clothes. I placed order of a few clearance items, also used my SURPRISE code for free shipping. My total was a little over $1. The order wouldn't go through so I called multiple times, recording said difficulties with phones. Finally got through & Associate too had difficulty but placed the order. I received email confirmation. Later another email stated my order cancelled. So I called Associate said wasn't sure why but he would send upstairs for review. I explained the items were clearances and I was assured I wouldn't lose the items & would receive email explaining what went wrong. Next day still no email. I called multiple times again recording stated difficulties. So I live chatted with associate. She stated order cancelled because Rewards code wasn't valid. I typed in code for her to check and she apologized but stated code that had just been sent dated valid for several weeks wasn't good. So I kept calling. Got through and that associate stated my credit card was denied. I said that's BS. On $1 and I had called prior to and after my calls again to see if sale had went through. My credit card company basically laughed at $1 not clearing with Justice and them lying about it. I asked to speak with Manager. Natasha B. manager stated my order didn't go through because of such a low amount the system wouldn't allow it. For me to go back and REORDER my items and order MORE. At this point I lost it. I said listen I spend a lot of money at this company online and in stores and your telling me your company has sent me FALSE ADVERTISEMENT? I've gotten 3 different lies. My time is money I'm a nurse and I've spent hours not only shopping for sale items to spend the $10 REWARDS your claiming isn't good unless I spend MORE, and now your saying you can't do anything to fix this,haven't you heard if the customer wants a pickle you give them a pickle. I asked to speak with her boss. She stated she was the the highest ranked person with the company. I said listen, I'm the boss at my work but I don't own the company, do you own the company? She stated no but the highest ranked person there and I'd just have to order more items. I went back ordered a $3 item and order went through. This is False advertisement and I see this company going under in the near future as soon as someone starts up a competitor. The staff especially Natasha are probably from other failed businesses. Improperly trained staff, lying staff sets a company up for failure.

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Melissa - 107 d 18 h ago


Ordered uniform bottoms in-store online, paid cash. Uniform bottoms came and did not fit my daughter, so i returned them. Cashier/manager said i can not get cash back because i did not have my org receipt. i told her that's no problem, my refund was $78 back on a gift card. My daughter and niece were in the front of the store looking for black bottoms and i joined, now mind you we are black and i had a dress on, the staff at MANY MANY MANY times came and ask if i needed help.... i advised no I'm just looking right now. One staff came up to me twice with in 5 min period like i was stealing. In order for them to back up off of me i told them i have money in not going to steal anything please stop following and watching me.... at the end i made a complaint and they didn't take me seriously and said oh its our job to help, yes i totally understand that but i was the ONLY black mom in the store and i was the only one i see them coming up to. I have a full time job work 40+ hrs, Uber and have my own business, baby, i don't need to steal. mind you the entire staff was spanish.... My daughter, niece and I felt so disgusting after spending all that money. The store is Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise Florida. Please teach them some customer service ethics.


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KerrieM - 207 d 19 h ago


The store at the South Shore plaza in Braintree, Massachusetts is a disgrace to disabled customers. The racks and displays are only a few inches apart and prevents customers in wheelchairs, walkers and canes from being able reach merchandise or the back of the store and the manager is rude and unprofessional, and mistreats disabled people. These are serious violations of the ADA laws and even fire safety laws so wise up and start complying before your store ends up in a serious lawsuit for ADA non compliance!

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Maribel - 223 d 16 h ago

My daughter works at justice..... and it pisses me off that she works four and half hours straight till she gets a break (15 min)

I know by the state of California laws that after two hours you have to get a 15 minute and after four hours worked you get a 30 minutes lunch..... now can you explain that...... and it hasn't been the first time!

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Anne - 284 d ago

I would like to know if Justice has a corporate policy on bullying at their workplace? My child works there and the environment has become quite toxic with one of the other employees since she un-followed her on social media because of the way she was being treated at work. She is receiving the silent treatment at work and this employee is spreading lies to her fellow co-workers. The management is aware of this, and sadly this has happened to other employees who have been forced to leave. While the simple solution is to leave her job, she enjoys it so why should the victim have to give up her employment which she needs for financial reasons while the bully continues on with her behavior? Pink Shirt Day is on Feb 27, 2019 (anti-bullying day in Canada) and I am surprised Justice would condone this type of behavior. Please advise what is your suggestions.

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MARY - 228 d ago

Hi Anne,

My daughter who works at Justice is going thru the same thing. Have you contacted corporate?

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Nikki - 239 d ago


I purchased gift card online, but I am in Canada so they charged me but didn't send gift card. I have been fighting for my money back but they are trying to say that they never charged me because its against their policy to charge before sending!!! I have my bank statement and even went through my bank to get the transaction number , but they still insist they didn't charge me. Calling customer service center is pointless as none of them know what they are doing . I am out almost 60CAD and nothing has been done about it. Lesson learn, do NOT shop from this overly priced store because they are CROOKS.

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Anel - 261 d ago


In Canada Mystery Deal working wrong way! They ask you to purchase something before you can get access to Mystery box with coins and after you have to purchase something again to get your discount! And in the e-mail, it says NO Purchase necessary! What is going on?

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Kenna Ashley - 275 d ago


I asked on line chat about the Unicorn Rainbow faux bedspread and when it would be back or where else I could find it. She said she did not have any information on it. I am desperately trying to get this for my grand daughter. Please help.

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Mary - 284 d 15 h ago


I shopped at the Justice in California Sun Valley Mall today. I needed 3 blouses for three grandchildren. The store had two in the correct size and the clerk offered to order the third top online. When the order was finished, I found that the clerk had ordered two tops, not one as I had asked for. I then found out that I would have to bring the extra top back to the store rather than having the store fix the order at the time I ordered it. The clerk called customer service who told me they could not stop or change the order for two days and I would have to bring the extra top back. I do not live near the Justice and as a grandma who is retired, making a trip back to the store is expensive in gas not to mention the inconvenience when the store clerks made the mistake. The clerks are young and do not respect customers - they told me that the only thing I could do was return the top and they were not respectful or empathetic which made me really mad. I returned the other tops I had purchased and plan never to shop there again. The reason clerks make mistakes is that they are too busy talking to each other while waiting on customers. Further, every store allows an order to be cancelled as does Amazon within a few hours of ordering. The clerk called customer service less than 5 minutes after I paid for the two tops. Justice has too many kids working in the store and they do not have good customer service. I can afford to spend more money and will shop at other stores for my grandchildren in the future. You do get what you pay for at Justice - bad service!

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Mom - 300 d 18 h ago


I ordered a pair of jeans for my daughter feb 2 and they got canceled feb 5 I was told they were out of stock so I call justice customer service they agree it's out of stock then two days later all the sudden all the jeans are on sale promo code and guess what there is those jeans that got canceled on me because they were out of stock! How did they automatically get In stock just in time for this jeans sale I'm furious with your customer care team that's rude her name is star and I'm even more upset with you company's way of canceling orders lying saying they are out of stock iv heard every line from our computer system needs to update and we have no way of telling if they are in stock or not. The thing is I got proof of all my orders how it was canceled my messages through chat with your customer care team and how these jeans never went out of stock to begin with they were canceled for no reason I went to my lawyer today and showed him what I have and we agreed this is going to be one big law suit iv tried to talk to your company over on going problems like this but this is discrimination you had no right to cancel a order so it can stay in stock online for the Jean promo code

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Anonymous - 1 y 193 d ago


Hello to whom it may concern I am a mother I brought my daughter in to your store in Victoria Gardens Rancho Cucamonga on May 25 2018. As a customer that shops at your store and spend hundreds of dollars the service I got and treatment I received was very discriminated and disgusted from the moment I walked in the store with my daughter my sister and our two infant children we were being watched net greeted when we walked in the store given dirty looks and also to top it of the white customers were greeted as walking in and asked if needed help while walking in the door and also while walking around the store. NOT ONCE WERE WE ASKED! When I did ask for help the young lady came over from where she was standing staring and talking to one other young lady that appeared to have been maybe a manager while she also gave dirty looks she came over and help I was very polite but as I look to my right there are now 3 employees standing watching my sister and I as we looked around to shop... I walked to the front and ask to please speak to the manager she took her sweet Time to come and when she did come and I explained to her what happened she replied with "IM SORRY YOU FEEL THAT WAY" I quickly put everything back after that reply and told her I will no longer spend my money in this store my daughter was very disappointed but as a mother I am not going to allow her to feel like this is a way to be treated by any sort!!! As researching I have also noticed that this is not the first that customers has felt this way about store... Your motto and company values does not reflect in this store your manager and employees need to relies they work for a kid store and need to reflect in such manner with there attitude!!! PLEASE STOP DISCRIMINATION IT IS NOT OK!!!

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

The same issue happen to my daughter and I. As soon as we walk in the door they were following use around. We will never shop here again STOP THE DISCRIMINATION!!!!!! I think this is there policy to follow black people around. Shame on this company its 2019. STOP IT!!!!!

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Melanie - 1 y ago

Had the worst experience ever bought a pair of shoes for my foster daughter two weeks ago from the Eugene Oregon store are size 2 wrap them put them under the tree realize she is a size 4 unwrapped them had my husband drive two hours and now they're tell me they won't give me a bigger size because they've been used hello they were not used I bought them like that it's a Christmas present how can a size 4 fit into a size 2 and walk around and be used

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Lisa - 1 y ago


I frequently shop at Justice for my nieces both in store and online. Tonight I had the most awful experience in the store on Staten Island in New Dorp Lane, Hylan Commons. After a long day of last minute Christmas shopping I rushed to make it to this store before it closed at 11pm. I checked the website, twice, before going, since I don't live on Staten Island and I didn't want to make a trip for nothing. It clearly said the store closes 11pm. I arrived at 10pm and was greeted fairly quickly and informed of an in store sale. Less than 15 minutes later the front door was locked and I was being followed around by one of the two associates working. Not followed in a "May I help you way" but in a "I want you to feel unwelcome and leave way". Which did make me feel very uncomfortable and question myself if the store closed at 11 or 10 and I was holding these employees up. So I asked them what time the store closed and they said "we can close at our discretion depending on the traffic" I said the website states 11pm, and it's only 10:20pm, and if that's the case it should stipulate to call first and see how busy it is. I was told I wasn't being asked to leave but they "were wrapping it up soon". One employee followed me Julie, while the other, Julia, obnoxiously hummed from behind the counter in an effort to antagonize me to leave. In all honesty if my nieces didn't love this store I would have just left. But they do, along with the fact Christmas is a couple of days away, and I don't live on Staten Island, otherwise i would've left and possibly returned in the morning - but why should I when the website clearly says the store closes at 11pm and I arrived a full hour before closing? I would understand if I arrived 5 minutes before closing but I didn't. I ended up quickly purchasing $200 of items because my nieces happiness matters more than my pride to walk out after being treated so rudely and not once received a thank you for my purchase, just snarky comments, rude mannerisms and hateful glares . I was in the store 30 minutes and the last 15 minutes they had the doors locked and 4 other customers tried walking in and they couldn't. I even mentioned other people must've checked the hours as well since I wasn't the only one trying to make the store before it closed and I was completely ignored. I was shocked at their poor work ethic and lack of holiday spirit especially since it is the last Saturday and only 2 days before Christmas. I sent an email to a corporate office and will refrain from posting to Yelp and my social media accounts right now in hopes that someone responds to me willing to help me find a resolve in this matter. I also work in curstomer service and would never, ever treat a customer like this. It is appalling and I don't even want to encourage my nieces to shop there anymore - these are not women I would consider role models - their behavior goes against everything Justice advertises about empowering girls, tweens and women. Instead tney were outright selfish, rude and mean and used their authority not to empower but to belittle and discourage a customer, and a fellow woman, from what should've been a positive shopping experience.

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Zoum - 1 y ago

I have shopped in the South Shore Plaza Mall - Justice Store located in Braintree, Massachusetts multiple times. My 8 year old daughter loves the clothes so I shop their often. I also do a lot of online shopping which is easy for me. Justice does not offer free returns, so I return the clothes from the online order to the store. I was at the Braintree store recently returning clothes from an online order and the store employee, Lynne, is just very rude (she actually might be the manager). She obviously doesn't want the clothes returned to her store and makes it well known to the customer. Her exact words to me were "you're returning those clothes already and it's not even Christmas yet?" The same woman has made similar comments to me in the past about returning and she makes me feel very uncomfortable. If they didn't charge for return shipping, then I wouldn't have to return clothes to the store. You should train your employees/managers to be more friendly and professional. Thank you.

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Nicole P. - 1 y ago


Ridiculous that there is no way to contact anyone beyond the customer service rep. I have an issue that one of my items did not have the 50% off discount come off. This was due to employee error as she had to type it in, instead of scan, and did not make sure the discount came off of it. I didn't realize until I got home. I can't get back to the store and no one else can help me apparently. They keep giving me the same generic responses both on the phone and through email. So ridiculous in 2018 they can't look this up. It's a matter of $5 not hundreds!!!

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