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Tween Brands, Inc.

Justice, Brothers Online
8323 Walton Pkwy.
New Albany, OH
(614) 775-3500
(614) 775-3938
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Kenna Ashley - 13 d ago


I asked on line chat about the Unicorn Rainbow faux bedspread and when it would be back or where else I could find it. She said she did not have any information on it. I am desperately trying to get this for my grand daughter. Please help.

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Anne - 22 d 21 s ago

I would like to know if Justice has a corporate policy on bullying at their workplace? My child works there and the environment has become quite toxic with one of the other employees since she un-followed her on social media because of the way she was being treated at work. She is receiving the silent treatment at work and this employee is spreading lies to her fellow co-workers. The management is aware of this, and sadly this has happened to other employees who have been forced to leave. While the simple solution is to leave her job, she enjoys it so why should the victim have to give up her employment which she needs for financial reasons while the bully continues on with her behavior? Pink Shirt Day is on Feb 27, 2019 (anti-bullying day in Canada) and I am surprised Justice would condone this type of behavior. Please advise what is your suggestions.

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Mary - 23 d ago


I shopped at the Justice in California Sun Valley Mall today. I needed 3 blouses for three grandchildren. The store had two in the correct size and the clerk offered to order the third top online. When the order was finished, I found that the clerk had ordered two tops, not one as I had asked for. I then found out that I would have to bring the extra top back to the store rather than having the store fix the order at the time I ordered it. The clerk called customer service who told me they could not stop or change the order for two days and I would have to bring the extra top back. I do not live near the Justice and as a grandma who is retired, making a trip back to the store is expensive in gas not to mention the inconvenience when the store clerks made the mistake. The clerks are young and do not respect customers - they told me that the only thing I could do was return the top and they were not respectful or empathetic which made me really mad. I returned the other tops I had purchased and plan never to shop there again. The reason clerks make mistakes is that they are too busy talking to each other while waiting on customers. Further, every store allows an order to be cancelled as does Amazon within a few hours of ordering. The clerk called customer service less than 5 minutes after I paid for the two tops. Justice has too many kids working in the store and they do not have good customer service. I can afford to spend more money and will shop at other stores for my grandchildren in the future. You do get what you pay for at Justice - bad service!

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Mom - 39 d ago


I ordered a pair of jeans for my daughter feb 2 and they got canceled feb 5 I was told they were out of stock so I call justice customer service they agree it's out of stock then two days later all the sudden all the jeans are on sale promo code and guess what there is those jeans that got canceled on me because they were out of stock! How did they automatically get In stock just in time for this jeans sale I'm furious with your customer care team that's rude her name is star and I'm even more upset with you company's way of canceling orders lying saying they are out of stock iv heard every line from our computer system needs to update and we have no way of telling if they are in stock or not. The thing is I got proof of all my orders how it was canceled my messages through chat with your customer care team and how these jeans never went out of stock to begin with they were canceled for no reason I went to my lawyer today and showed him what I have and we agreed this is going to be one big law suit iv tried to talk to your company over on going problems like this but this is discrimination you had no right to cancel a order so it can stay in stock online for the Jean promo code

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Anonymous - 297 d 24 h ago


Hello to whom it may concern I am a mother I brought my daughter in to your store in Victoria Gardens Rancho Cucamonga on May 25 2018. As a customer that shops at your store and spend hundreds of dollars the service I got and treatment I received was very discriminated and disgusted from the moment I walked in the store with my daughter my sister and our two infant children we were being watched net greeted when we walked in the store given dirty looks and also to top it of the white customers were greeted as walking in and asked if needed help while walking in the door and also while walking around the store. NOT ONCE WERE WE ASKED! When I did ask for help the young lady came over from where she was standing staring and talking to one other young lady that appeared to have been maybe a manager while she also gave dirty looks she came over and help I was very polite but as I look to my right there are now 3 employees standing watching my sister and I as we looked around to shop... I walked to the front and ask to please speak to the manager she took her sweet Time to come and when she did come and I explained to her what happened she replied with "IM SORRY YOU FEEL THAT WAY" I quickly put everything back after that reply and told her I will no longer spend my money in this store my daughter was very disappointed but as a mother I am not going to allow her to feel like this is a way to be treated by any sort!!! As researching I have also noticed that this is not the first that customers has felt this way about store... Your motto and company values does not reflect in this store your manager and employees need to relies they work for a kid store and need to reflect in such manner with there attitude!!! PLEASE STOP DISCRIMINATION IT IS NOT OK!!!

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Anonymous - 51 d 6 h ago

The same issue happen to my daughter and I. As soon as we walk in the door they were following use around. We will never shop here again STOP THE DISCRIMINATION!!!!!! I think this is there policy to follow black people around. Shame on this company its 2019. STOP IT!!!!!

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Melanie - 85 d 16 h ago

Had the worst experience ever bought a pair of shoes for my foster daughter two weeks ago from the Eugene Oregon store are size 2 wrap them put them under the tree realize she is a size 4 unwrapped them had my husband drive two hours and now they're tell me they won't give me a bigger size because they've been used hello they were not used I bought them like that it's a Christmas present how can a size 4 fit into a size 2 and walk around and be used

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Lisa - 86 d 14 h ago


I frequently shop at Justice for my nieces both in store and online. Tonight I had the most awful experience in the store on Staten Island in New Dorp Lane, Hylan Commons. After a long day of last minute Christmas shopping I rushed to make it to this store before it closed at 11pm. I checked the website, twice, before going, since I don't live on Staten Island and I didn't want to make a trip for nothing. It clearly said the store closes 11pm. I arrived at 10pm and was greeted fairly quickly and informed of an in store sale. Less than 15 minutes later the front door was locked and I was being followed around by one of the two associates working. Not followed in a "May I help you way" but in a "I want you to feel unwelcome and leave way". Which did make me feel very uncomfortable and question myself if the store closed at 11 or 10 and I was holding these employees up. So I asked them what time the store closed and they said "we can close at our discretion depending on the traffic" I said the website states 11pm, and it's only 10:20pm, and if that's the case it should stipulate to call first and see how busy it is. I was told I wasn't being asked to leave but they "were wrapping it up soon". One employee followed me Julie, while the other, Julia, obnoxiously hummed from behind the counter in an effort to antagonize me to leave. In all honesty if my nieces didn't love this store I would have just left. But they do, along with the fact Christmas is a couple of days away, and I don't live on Staten Island, otherwise i would've left and possibly returned in the morning - but why should I when the website clearly says the store closes at 11pm and I arrived a full hour before closing? I would understand if I arrived 5 minutes before closing but I didn't. I ended up quickly purchasing $200 of items because my nieces happiness matters more than my pride to walk out after being treated so rudely and not once received a thank you for my purchase, just snarky comments, rude mannerisms and hateful glares . I was in the store 30 minutes and the last 15 minutes they had the doors locked and 4 other customers tried walking in and they couldn't. I even mentioned other people must've checked the hours as well since I wasn't the only one trying to make the store before it closed and I was completely ignored. I was shocked at their poor work ethic and lack of holiday spirit especially since it is the last Saturday and only 2 days before Christmas. I sent an email to a corporate office and will refrain from posting to Yelp and my social media accounts right now in hopes that someone responds to me willing to help me find a resolve in this matter. I also work in curstomer service and would never, ever treat a customer like this. It is appalling and I don't even want to encourage my nieces to shop there anymore - these are not women I would consider role models - their behavior goes against everything Justice advertises about empowering girls, tweens and women. Instead tney were outright selfish, rude and mean and used their authority not to empower but to belittle and discourage a customer, and a fellow woman, from what should've been a positive shopping experience.

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Zoum - 90 d 13 m ago

I have shopped in the South Shore Plaza Mall - Justice Store located in Braintree, Massachusetts multiple times. My 8 year old daughter loves the clothes so I shop their often. I also do a lot of online shopping which is easy for me. Justice does not offer free returns, so I return the clothes from the online order to the store. I was at the Braintree store recently returning clothes from an online order and the store employee, Lynne, is just very rude (she actually might be the manager). She obviously doesn't want the clothes returned to her store and makes it well known to the customer. Her exact words to me were "you're returning those clothes already and it's not even Christmas yet?" The same woman has made similar comments to me in the past about returning and she makes me feel very uncomfortable. If they didn't charge for return shipping, then I wouldn't have to return clothes to the store. You should train your employees/managers to be more friendly and professional. Thank you.

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Nicole P. - 95 d 14 h ago


Ridiculous that there is no way to contact anyone beyond the customer service rep. I have an issue that one of my items did not have the 50% off discount come off. This was due to employee error as she had to type it in, instead of scan, and did not make sure the discount came off of it. I didn't realize until I got home. I can't get back to the store and no one else can help me apparently. They keep giving me the same generic responses both on the phone and through email. So ridiculous in 2018 they can't look this up. It's a matter of $5 not hundreds!!!

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Tomo - 96 d 18 h ago


In an update to my earlier comment a supervisor just called me (not sure how that came about) she apologized and refunded the outstanding portion of my order. She listened and took on board my complaints; I'm very presently surprised!

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Tomo - 96 d 18 h ago


The customer service is severely lacking! Apparently there is no means of forwarding a complaint past the original operator, I don't quite believe this and feel there is an overall system of refusing to process complaints due to the frankly lacking customer service and fear of that being found out. This company needs a readily accessible independent complaints system to stop this happening.

Don't shop here unless you want half your order cancelled with no notice, no update on when the rest will be shipped, despite being billed for it weeks and weeks ago and lacking staff. Online enqiries sent an email with the autoprompts still in it and none of the information I relevant to my order as they appeared not to be bothered-on replying to this I was told there was no way to complain. I tried calling tonight as parts of the original order are still missing and was told they wouldn't refund but didn't know when the items would be delivered. In the process of this call the operator managed to cuss when she couldn't get the order number and then was giggling with a colleague when I was explaining the problem!

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Emerson - 111 d 17 h ago

My 9 year old daughter wanted me to share this letter she wrote.

Dear Justice,

I love buying Justice clothes and enjoying going through the magazines to find what I should buy next. Today I was looking through one of your magazines, and I came across the justice active page. I was looking through all the sports and was upset that my favorite sport, figure skating, was not there. I would love if you could to add figure skating to this clothing line.

Thank you,


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anonymous - 120 d ago


Stacy the manager I believe at the johnstown store is rotten. She is so rude and treats people when they enter so rudely. She is unprofessional as I see her chatting with her young coworkers and talking about other customers and discussing things about the weekend and partying. Very UNPROFESSIONAL. I will not be taking my kids back there.

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Cody Lamm - 120 d 14 h ago


Why is Fire Retardant in my daughters justice clothes!? Lead was in the paint on her necklace WTF yea the one that smells like candy and she routinely holds in her mouth while wearing. Why are you trying to kill our children! I will never shop at any store Tween Brands owns again. Buyer beware you will die from this crap "fragrance " how is toluene a fragrance.....

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Anonymous - 168 d 4 h ago


Turkey Creek Knoxville TN

Recent store manager change. Store is no longer pleasurable for employees to work in. The environment is hostile due to store manager talking to associates about one another and causing disturbances. Store manager came from another location. Why isn't anyone looking at her record as a manager? Former store manager had little to no issues with same staff.

General profile image - 174 d 19 h ago


I will never order line from this company again. Customer service is staffed by polite people but unable to answer concerns and this includes supervisors. Ordered online during a big sale and I received a email stating I had not given enough information to process and need to call , which I did. They could only send a email to their security division, I could not be transferred to them. The response was vague and scripted. Because these were clothes for my granddaughter I reordered them and once again received the same vague email stating my ordered was cancelled at this point I was finished with justice . Today a email received that my order was shipped for delivery . Almost 2 months from the original order and 4 weeks from the second order. I will never shop online with this company . The CEO needs to review the policies and protocol of his customer service division and make major changes

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Anonymous - 210 d 19 h ago


Undoubtedly THE worst customer service imagineable. I wanted to make a return. The site required a PO number which I did not have. Would not accept my email address. After calling the customer service number at 6.49 pm Central, I was still on hold 61 minutes later.

No offer to call back. No system to find orders online. Unhelpful, unfriendly, and primitive.

How do you expect people to trust your brand if you treat them this way.

(hidden) Doug Ramsdale

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anonamously - 192 d 32 m ago


They harvesting info from their customers. Chat service was rude the in store service is devious. I would say buyer beware.

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Amy - 212 d 18 h ago


So today My daughter wanted to go to Justice to look around. It's probably the 2nd time we've ever been in this store. I'm looking around and come across a table of shirts. Then I notice the bigger sizes have this sticker on it. "Plus size" How is this even ok! It's a children's store! What message does this send? I asked the store manager about it and she could't give me an answer. She just said it separates sizes from others so they are easier to find. WTF! People are capable of looking at numbers to determine sizes without calling out the bigger sizes. Again, this is a children's store! Needless to say, I won't be shopping there a 3rd time.

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Sharon Pastwick - 223 d 18 h ago


I went shopping in your store located in the Walden Galleria Mall in Buffalo, New York. I was looking for items for my granddaughter's birthday. I had several items I was purchasing and couldn't find them. You had a saleswoman there that was so helpful in helping me find the items I needed. Her name was Keiona. It was such a pleasant experience today in your store with all the help they gave me in locating the items I wanted to purchase. I was also helped by Enza, another great lady who helped me purchase items online in your store because you didn't have the sizes I needed. I also purchased more items from your store when I came home later that day for my other granddaughter's birthday. I tried to use my Justice's credit card and it was giving me a hard time using it. So I called Justice and asked for help. The lady that helped me was Josephine and told me they had a great volume of calls because of the sale you had today. She proceeded to ask me what items I wanted and put the order in for me. All I can say is keep hiring the excellent sales people you have working for you. They do a tremendous job representing your company and I just wanted to let you know what a great experience I had today. Thank you.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


Justice is a terrible company to work for! I have yet to receive my tax forms and have called and called. NO return phone call. The Muncie store is a total chaos. And can't keep help...mmmm wonder why. I have called their HR like three times and nothing with tax forms yet. I am so sick of the no return calls. All I want from this ridiculous company is my tax forms! I guess IRS Love to hear about this too.

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NGRECO - 1 y ago



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Miranda Paulk - 1 y ago


I have had several bad experiences with Justice in the past, but I always go back because my daughter loves the clothes so much. Never again though!! My mother asked the clerk to hold 3 half-price bathing suits for her grandchildren so that their mothers could go by and approve the suits. When she called the next day (today) to let the clerks know that she would be in to purchase them within the next hour, the employee informed her that they were now full price! My mother called corporate, and they have to make a "judgment" on this situation. When she went in to buy the suits, the manager said that they were unaware that the sale was ending. Sorry--we know better! Chain stores know in advance when sales will begin and end. Furthermore, the employees were rude and would not even make eye contact with my mother. This is very bad business--totally unethical! We have been regular Justice customers for 10 years, but this relationship ends today!! Customer service is not their priority, and we won't be subjected to such poor treatment again! "Justice" is a poor name choice for such a money-grubbing store!

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

I was just in Justice in Coconut Creek . I needed

Some birthday gifs for my granddaughter. She loves Justice. I was very embarrassed due to the fact that my 87 year old mother was with me and had to use the bathroom. I was told no she couldn't use it. I thought if you own a public place

(Store) you have to have a bathroom. I walked out of that store. You should be fined and when I know who to. Write I will. I am so mad.

Diana Claxton

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

I was with my special needs daughter in a Justice shop and she also needed the bathroom and they told me no you can't use it. She started screaming, I can't hold it, they told me the nearest bathroom was in Macy's, which was at the other end of the mall. I told the manager that she was a piece of shit to allow this to happen to a child I walked out never went back Into that store. I called up one of my friends who is a manager in another retail store and they tell me it is illegal to not allow a person to use the restroom

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