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trump train - 12 d ago


fuck twitter !!! everybody there can suck a dick, especially the founders u soft muthafuckas wanna suspend my accounts for tell leftist to eat ass u liberal piece of shit fuck uuuu !!! im flood your headquarters with insulting shit sensor that

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To the mentally challenged train guy - 12 d ago

Trump loves you, not as much as he loves Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin, but he loves you.

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Bob - 5 d ago


************************Welcome to the Marxist New World Ordure.******

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Anonymous - 2 d 14 h ago

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Anonymous - 5 d 5 h ago

if you got your twitter account suspended and looking for a new website

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John Hurst - 26 d 5 h ago

Customer service sucks. I intend to cancel my account as soon as I can

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Mark - 45 d 20 h ago


Antifa Accounts Threaten Armed Conflict with Conservatives, Doxxes ICE Agents AND THEIR FAMILIES Approved by Twitter

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Anonymous - 45 d 20 h ago

Good to hear.

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Ken northhouse - 46 d 9 h ago


Yo twitter people, have you thought of this yet.....ahem....' twwwitterly twitterly twitterly dee....iiim as happy as can be....always havin something to say....hopin twitter will save the dsy....twwitterly twitterly twitterly dee'....fats domino,you can use yer own words,commercial...i wil play the lead role...or someone else will.yur people should get with his people ...unless youve already done this...yo....ken out...

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Anonymous - 50 d ago


Due violations against the european GDPR regulations, we gonna see us in court!

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Yeba - 53 d 18 h ago

Twitter you racist I really don't want a account I just wanted to follow B1 but we all know how you racist get down no matter what you do you can't stop the movement !

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anonymous - 78 d 10 h ago


If you do not stop sending me twitter emails I will sue you! I deactivated the account, and you lie and keep sending me emails, that is just the 1st step in my persistence->>

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G.Ironman - 84 d 9 h ago




a silly or foolish person.

synonyms: fool, idiot, ass, halfwit, nincompoop, blockhead, buffoon, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, imbecile, dullard, moron, simpleton, clod;

***Are you any of the above?

Stop playing the Hebe game.

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Hayley Morris - 84 d 14 h ago


Twitter explain how your company is sending death threats to Twitter users under 'Sharia Law' .

Secondly how can twitter have false advertising; "start a global conversation" when twitter users receive death threats for free speach?

I believe everybody would like to know.

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Trying to find out - 84 d 12 h ago

Are you saying that Twitter is supporting Sharia Law?

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Tommy Obeso Jr - 144 d 11 h ago



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Lance - 100 d 9 h ago

This government ain't going to do shit it is up to us suing them one after another until there's so many lawsuits that it breaks their bank account

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SEN. BERNIE SANDERS - 144 d 10 h ago






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Lance - 100 d 9 h ago

You are so right we need to unite to take this company down by lawsuits one after another

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disappointed - 116 d 10 h ago


Twitter does not have very good customer service department,and does not answer questions or a contact person-it is almost impossible to get help from them

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SHERIFF ARPAIO - 142 d 11 h ago


Autopsy: Drugs, restraints caused death of Marshall Miles, who became unresponsive in Sacramento jail BY MOLLY SULLIVAN FEBRUARY 01, 2019 05:09 PM, UPDATED FEBRUARY 01, 2019 05:15 PM Sheriff's department cameras capture last minutes of Marshall Miles life while in custody The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department released video Monday showing the events leading up to the death of Sacramento County jail inmate Marshall Miles, who became unresponsive while in custody and died shortly after being released. By Sacramento Sheriff's Department UP NEXT What to do if you find a body Unmute Fullscreen PauseCurrent Time 0:18 / Duration 11:10SKip Back Skip Forward The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department released video Monday showing the events leading up to the death of Sacramento County jail inmate Marshall Miles, who became unresponsive while in custody and died shortly after being released. By Sacramento Sheriff's Department An autopsy report released Friday by the Sacramento County Coroner found that physical exertion, drug intoxication and restraint by law enforcement were factors in the death of 36-year-old Marshall Miles, who died Nov. 1 after a prolonged struggle with deputies at the Sacramento County Main Jail. The coroner listed his official cause of death as "complications of cardiopulmonary arrest during restraint and mixed drug intoxication," noting the presence of narcotics in his system and blunt force injuries to his body. Miles was arrested Oct. 28 when several 911 callers reported him jumping on cars and acting erratically several days before in the area of Watt Avenue and A Street in North Highlands. On that Sunday night in late October, Miles was transported to the Sacramento County Main Jail where security camera and handheld camera footage showed him being restrained and struggling with officers during the booking process. Miles later became unresponsive on a cell floor less than a minute after deputies carried him there, according to video of the incident. DIGITAL ACCESS FOR ONLY $0.99 For the most comprehensive local coverage, subscribe today. SUBSCRIBE NOW #READLOCAL Deputies and fire personnel performed CPR and attempted to resuscitate him using a defibrillator, video shows, before he was taken to Sutter Medical Center just after midnight Oct. 29. Soon after, doctors performed a CT scan that found "findings consistent with global hypoxic anoxic injury," a partial or total lack of oxygen to the brain, according previous reporting by The Sacramento Bee. IMG_20181030_120235_1911.jpg Marshall Miles, 36, died Nov. 1 becoming unresponsive while in jail custody days before. Berry Accius He died four days later after sheriff's officials granted a "compassionate release" to the comatose Miles, allowing him to die with his family and without authorities present. Miles' toxicology report, included in Friday's release, showed he had measurable amounts of narcotics in his system at the time of his death, including methamphetamine, amphetamine, cocaine, tobacco and marijuana. The autopsy report also detailed "clusters" of abrasions on Miles wrists and ankles, as well as hemorrhages. Several of his ribs were also fractured, which "may represent injury due to resuscitative efforts," the report said. The Sacramento County Coroner was not immediately available for comment. Berry Accius, a community activist, responded to the report: "That's why we continue to call out the excessive force used by law enforcement. (The autopsy report) is saying exactly what we said. If you didn't restrain him the way you restrained him and as he asked for help and assistance. You didn't treat him. You treated him after the fact, after he was dead. There has to be some liability for that." The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department released videos of the incident Dec. 3, its first ever release of footage in a critical incident. "We thoroughly outlined the incident and what took place in the video that we released to the public," Sgt. Shaun Hampton, spokesman for the sheriff's department, said Friday afternoon. "And that video contains all the footage related to that incident." The videos shows Miles speaking rapidly and breathing heavily throughout his encounter with law enforcement. When he arrives at the jail, Miles falls to his knees and appears to struggle with deputies, who then put restraints on Miles and carry him by his arms and legs, telling him to stop struggling. At one point, Miles yells, "I cannot breathe." At another, he shouts, "Give me some air." "You're breathing fine," a deputy replies as officers struggle to subdue him. The deputies ultimately hogtie his ankles and wrists together behind his back. Miles continues to struggle as deputies carry him during his booking. He is later carried to a cell where at least five deputies surround him as he is placed face down on the floor while they work to release him from the restraints. The deputies continue to give Miles orders not to struggle as they unlock his cuffs and then back out of the cell. Miles is seen motionless and silent before they release the restraints and as they leave the cell. The release of the videos came after months of pressure on Sheriff Scott Jones, who has previously refused to release footage of officer-involved shootings and other critical incidents, and who waged a successful campaign to shut down the county inspector general's efforts to provide oversight of such events. Narration by the Sheriff's Department in the video says that "seconds later" a sergeant noticed Miles appeared to have stopped breathing. The video appears to show a 39-second lapse of time from when the cell door originally was closed to when deputies rush back in to check on the inmate, who remained motionless, face down and silent during that time.

Flagged for review. 
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SHERIFF ARPAIO - 143 d 11 h ago


California prison rehab program fails to keep criminals from reoffending, audit finds BY JASON POHL A program called Tender Loving Canines is among the new and restored rehabilitation courses popping up in California state prisons since Gov. Jerry Brown began emphasizing programs that help inmates prepare to reenter society. By Hector Amezcua California prison inmates who went through certain behavioral therapy programs committed crimes at nearly the same rate after their release as those who did not participate, according to state investigators, raising questions about what recent ballooning costs have really achieved. In a report released Thursday, the state auditor said the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has not reevaluated the tools it uses to determine whether an inmate should be placed in cognitive behavioral therapy. It's an issue that investigators said was especially problematic and costly in the years since legal changes altered the make-up of prison populations across the state. Potentially inaccurate assessment tools "could result in placing inmates in the wrong programs or in no programs at all," Auditor Elaine Howle wrote in a letter to elected officials that accompanied the report. The corrections department has also failed to make sure some existing therapy programs are evidence-based, meaning a "significant" portion of inmates have not been getting treatments that have been proven to help. DIGITAL ACCESS FOR ONLY $0.99 For the most comprehensive local coverage, subscribe today. SUBSCRIBE NOW #READLOCAL "These results are serious enough to highlight an urgent need for Corrections to take a more active and meaningful role in ensuring that these programs are effective," Howle wrote, calling on the state Legislature to implement new oversight and monitoring. Part of the department's problem-filled rehabilitation efforts, Howle said, could be attributed to staffing shortages that plague programs in all California prisons. But that doesn't account for the lack of performance measures targeting rehab programs and recidivism that should show what success looks like. The report, which was requested by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, calls into question how hundreds of millions of dollars in rehabilitation treatments have been spent, and whether the programs have achieved their goals since the state in 2011 adopted criminal justice reforms that were intended to downsize prison populations. Efforts under the umbrella of "rehabilitation" work with inmates to address issues running the gamut from drug abuse to job skills and even literacy. Since 2012, the corrections department has grown rehabilitation programming and training to each of its 36 prisons. Its annual budget for rehabilitation has also increased 27 percent in five years, from $234 million in 2013 to $298 million in 2018, according to the audit. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a specific part of rehab that can help people with mental illnesses or some form of self-destructive behavior. It comprises about a quarter of rehab programs within the department, yet Howle found that inmates who go through the program are about as likely to commit crimes and return to prison as inmates who do not participate in cognitive behavioral therapy. The department "has not undertaken sufficient effort to determine whether these programs are effective at reducing recidivism," the report reads. The at-times blistering critique of how the programming is handled comes while the department requests more money for cognitive behavioral therapy. The California State Prison, Sacramento recently submitted a request for new classrooms to support and expand cognitive behavioral health programming. Officials wrote in their proposal the estimated $6.4 million expansion was needed because they lacked proper space some programming has been held in a former dry-cleaning warehouse. San Quentin State Prison also filed a similar proposal recently to expand cognitive behavioral treatment space. That total estimated project cost is $7.1 million. Vicky Waters, a spokeswoman for CDCR, said rehabilitation remains a priority and the department has been working to bolster its tracking systems. CDCR took the findings "seriously" and was making some changes, she told The Bee Thursday, adding that the audit used some data collected before programming and monitoring efforts were expanded. "The department," she said, "is committed to building a strong model to measure our rehabilitative programs consistently and to continue enhancing public safety by ensuring our inmates have the skills and resources they need for a successful transition back to their communities."

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SHERIFF ARPAIO - 143 d 11 h ago




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JACK DORSEY CEO TWITTER - 143 d 17 h ago









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