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Tyson Foods Inc

6600 Us Highway 431
Albertville, AL
Jerry Weaver
Plant Mgr
(256) 878-6010
(256) 891-8000
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Unknown - 283 d 10 h ago


We need the phone number to complaint, what is the number to call?

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Suzy - 6 d 23 s ago


Google Tyson food. They also have a place you can fill out questionnair/comment section.

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Kevin bullock - 13 d 20 h ago

I really need to get in touch with someone to discuss a serious matter at the Vicksburg,ms Plant...

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Someone concern - 1 y 65 d ago

I really need to know who i need to talk to concerning a serious matter at Tysons in Goodlettsville I don't want to speak to no one there I need to talk to someone that is not of this Tysons facility I need to speak with someone at corporate office I have tried to get the corporate office number from this Tysons but they failed to give it to me so can someone please refer me to a phone number of Tyson's corporate because it is really bad out there concerning the employees and how we are being treated

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 1 y ago


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Anonymous - 96 d 34 m ago


Tyson food in Dallas is a very place for the mentally challenge i would not recommend a dog to this company in Dallas. They treat you like dirt talk to yoy stupid as they care and the leads and supervisor are really disrespectful about your feelings. When you let rhem know about you working and others don't. They say they take care of the problem but they don't. Sexual advances and touchs. From men are terrible. They need to close it down the factory is horrible and they patch up everything.

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Anonymous - 96 d 33 m ago


Is not a good place to work in Dallas

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Anonymous - 283 d 11 h ago

My name is Amanda Williams, I just want to tell you that you are not alone, and I am looking for Tyson Head Quarter too; I had found a few numbeers, but I dont know which one is the good one yo call. here is one, (hidden), (hidden). you can try it.

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Anonymous - 283 d 10 h ago


call the number, (hidden) Or call (hidden)

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dont worry about my name - 283 d 10 h ago

Find yourself an attorney, they will taking care of: all the badass. ay Tyson Food Inc.

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N - 14 d 21 m ago

need no #..go to H>R> maybe they listen...of course are;worst company.

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frechi acosta. - 14 d 50 s ago


they concern....they replace you.w/ no problems;

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Cory - 93 d 34 m ago


I like to display my unhappiness with Tyson chicken. I love buffalo wings I buy them on a regular basis. The last three bags I have purchased have been a total let down, I might have bought plan chicken absolutely no buffalo dressing on the chicken.

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Brian - 1 y 112 d ago


I was once a employee there and I would have to say u guys are the worst company I have ever worked for your nasty with your food and to your employees u are a disgrace to society the one in clarryville KY is the one I worked for for over a year and I heard stories and I know they are true u don't give two shits about your employees nor the food that u use

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unknown - 283 d 11 h ago


We are in Monroe, NC, the anagers and suppervisors in the plant, they are bully the new hires badky. the treated us like we are the bugs,

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