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Uber Eats

1455 Market St. 4th Fl
Trevose, PA
(866) 977-3897
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Jeff - 1 d 19 h ago


Uber Eats put my restaurant on there site. I never approved that. Calling my lawyer.

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Yvette Johnson - 4 d ago


Driver went into Apple Bees to pick up a order and stole my daughter phone sad that you would be working steal some ones phone i will never stop until my daughter phone is given back or replaced

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Kiara - 5 d 14 h ago

I ordered two times in the last week & my food has been cold and the second time it arrived with mold on it . I contacted the restaurant they said my food was ready just no driver to pick it up , I contacted support numerous times to receive my refund and NOTHING on both claims I've made .

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SONIA - 6 d 9 h ago


I ordered my meal and uber kept delaying it. When I finally called the restaurant to see what was taking so long they tell me my order has been ready they're just no drivers yet uber still charged me. What kind of service is that. Fuck you uber you fucking theives!

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Matt - 6 d 11 h ago


Ordered our food through the app. Decided to cancel our order very soon after it was placed because we decided to place it with the restaurant and pick it up ourselves. We paid the restaurant and the uber eats app. It still charged us $62 wont give us a refund. We only ordered 1 meal. And even though we canceled our order thru the app, it still charged us $62. So we paid double for 1 meal. Absolutely fucking ridiculous. I want my fucking money back. You can't just keep peoples money when they didn't use your services. It's fucking illegal.

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Anonymous - 6 d 20 h ago


Absolute sh*thole of a company. I got my food earlier than anticipated, then they tried to excuse the disgusting quality based on "traffic." What traffic?? They just copy/paste the same reply over and over, and they refused to issue a refund because "the order was placed some time ago..." Uh yeah, YESTERDAY. And when I complained YESTERDAY you IGNORED IT.

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Meal - 7 d 5 h ago


Ordered meal (second time using Uber eats first time was spot on ) came half hour after was dispatched as was cold and a drink missing was refunded 12p ??? Most the food was put in the bin not happy at all

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Terrible Service - 7 d 16 h ago


My order was taken to the wrong address. I could not contact you by phone. I want my money refunded !!!

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SO DONE WITH UBER !!! - 8 d ago


Hi, fellow sufferers !

I am having the same problem as many of you...Uber Eats got me for 70.00 and all of the trouble of proving it, now they say you have to report in 5 days or no refund. Is that legal ?

Does anyone have any ideas on who else we can report this policy ?

Sorry to see how many people have been taken advantage of.

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Anonymous - 11 d 19 h ago


i ordered food last night which said the expected arrival time would be 30-40 min. 45 min later my food was still sitting and no driver available. i choose to cancel my order since it was going to be delivered cold. come to find out that I WAS STILL CHARGED!!!! and since there is ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE I am now forced to contest the charge with my bank.



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Jazz - 10 d 13 h ago

Same problem I'm having now food 2 hrs in & I'm being forced to pay ..its ridiculous...never again

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Anonymous - 10 d ago

I AGREE, jeez and not a single number exists that would pick up to help you

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Concern about my food poison - 12 d 12 h ago


I'm trying to get in touch with you. My driver had 2 deliveries before he got to me then my boba drink are All warm and My yogurt was watery it took them almost two hours. I have pictures too. I'm going to dispute my charges if I dint hear from you! So pay attention to your emails.

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Muhammad - 13 d 20 h ago


Hi I have problem of Uber eat I cannot go online it's show me unable to go online , I don't know what's happened

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Anonymous - 14 d ago

Uber Eats is a terrible service. This is the second time my order gets cancelled without warning. When I try calling customer service support, a voice machine picks up saying, "the number you've dialed is not in service." This foolishness needs to stop.

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Keiya Hutchins - 17 d 13 h ago


The service for uber eats has tremendously gone down. My last 2 orders were not satisfactory at all. I understand there is a pandemic but to have such poor customer service is unacceptable. I left grubhub 3 yrs ago for this reasoning now me and my family will be leaving uber eats. I feel totally disrespected how both my transactions were handled and can't excuse the lack of professionalism. Goodbye

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Saed sunoqrot - 18 d 17 h ago


I have a recurring account with Uber and I have communicated a concept via email and will not be able to help me

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Denisha - 19 d ago


What a sad sad company.......they kept pushing my delivery time out later and later until i cancelled my order after almost 2hours and no food .....And i was still charged....i will be going to the BBB...... Very shitty company...

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Nadia - 20 d 12 h ago


Hi, I made the order from KFC Peterborough yesterday, I was charged for it and the food was delivered at the wrong address and no refund is provided! I need that sorted out asap

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Mildred - 21 d 8 m ago


Uber Eats allows delivery persons to make several stops therefore food is delivered cold, inedible and they don't take responsibility for it. Food components were a mixture of hot and cold that could not be reheated unless you picked out the cold chopped components out of the entree. Furthermore they place blame on the restaurant or driver but do nothing to replace your food or money. If you just burn your money it's the same result but a better experience, at least you'll have something hot.

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Anonymous - 21 d ago



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Gary - 22 d 44 s ago


This is a JOKE:

Two orders were cancelled two days in a row from Ubereats with no notifications. No dinner the last two nights.

Noone to talk to at Ubereats. Help app useless.

Finally, I dediced to put Door Dash on my Cell and got delivery with no issues.

Deleting the Ubereats app and done with their lousy service.

No excuse for this--especially when Door Dash has live people to answer phones.

General profile image - 23 d 12 h ago


I am super disappointed with Uber Eats. Mostly with finding a way to contact the company with complaints. Going to the "help" link does NOTHING for me placing a complaint. I may Libre in a slightly under served city, but when I get a quote on a delivery time, it should NOT take over an hour of the maximum. I also do not think I should be charged for canceling an order after over an hour because there is no driver. I shouldn't be charged money for canceling an order when I cannot get it delivered to me within an hour.

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Anonymous - 23 d 12 h ago

I just ordered from a fake restaurant and got charged for food that doesn't exist...

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In Pittsburgh. They are the worst delivery service that links up with restaurants that will suck you dry - 25 d ago


They contract with some ofbthe worst merchants. Give you terrible service and food...never on time and never refund your money. I wouldn't deal with them if I was sick and couldn't eat!!!!! Yeah That's just how bad they are!!!!

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