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Uber Eats

1455 Market St. 4th Fl
Trevose, PA
(866) 977-3897
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Van O - 2 d ago


I ordered food two times! Both times they messed up my order, first time they did a price adjustment second time they said they could not do anything about it , I would just have a leave a review ... well if you got my order right! I wouldn't be requesting a refund, I literally paid for food I NEVER received.

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Sharla - 2 d 7 h ago


I placed an order yesterday with this company, I never received my food, the driver never once try to contact me. I spent 33.00 dollars and no food. I have tried every number list with company, and none them are working numbers. I will discontinue doing business with this company. I don't want to jump through hoops to get my money back. You did not have a problem removing the money from my account. The same you took it out is the same way it should Sharlabe returned.

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UberEats Can't Hang - 4 d ago


I had a very clear and simple overcharge on my account. The app said $10 + $1 add on equaled a $19 subtotal. I went through 3 customer service reps, all of whom gave me totally different stories about what had happened and ultimately closed out my ticket in the shadiest way possible. I had provided simple screenshots, the date of my transaction, and simple information. Too much for Uber to handle. I really don't recommend them. I happened to have another simple problem with a Postmates order recently and they were much quicker with a response and we were able to resolve the issue.

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John - 4 d 18 h ago


I m a Hong Kong Uber Eats driver, I want to say Uber Eats HK support teams are very sucks. Whenever you have a problem you will never able to get their support to help! They will only ask you to go through the help page from app to find your answer. I reported many times it has been more than 2 weeks. They just ignored you! It is pissed!

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Jeanette James - 5 d ago

I have been an honest customer for a long time! I eat chipotle on cobb pkwy all the time! The food there is always perfect! This is a meal I am very familiar with! I order the same thing every time! My cheese is poured on top of the bowl then I eat the perfect bite of rice bowl with guacamole on top of every bite! I did taste the guacamole and it was fine but could not eat anything but 1 taste because rice was RAW!!!! THE ENTIRE MEAL DEPENDS ON THE RICE!!! IT'S THE PRINCIPLE THAT I HAD TO COOK A WHOLE MEAL TO REPLACE THIS ONE!!! I DIDN'T EAT ANYTHING FROM HERE! I TOLD THEM TO COME GET IT! I deserve a full refund! Not half of rufund!!!

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Robert - 5 d 20 h ago


The company we ordered food from messed up our order and only delivered half of our food. The company then tried to contact Uber eats to arrange for the delivery of the second half of the already paid for meal and were told that they could not do anything to amend the situation and that we would have to request a refund and reorder all over again. After trying to talk to the employee from Uber eats who told us she would not help us, she then hung up mid call. This was an outrageous response by a large national company for something we had no fault in, and we have been loyal regular customers to Uber eats. At this rate we certainly won't be using Uber eats again

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Amber - 6 d ago

I am in Austin, TX. I ordered our food this morning and Patrick (our delivery driver) took it to the wrong house, on a completely different street. After we contacted him, he did not care and told us to go knocking door to door to find it. This is the worst customer service I have ever received. He had no remorse and treated us like it was our fault. How does your company have someone working for it that treats customers this way? What an absolutely despicable person. I feel that Uber Eats should know that they employ someone who has no regard for your customers and is detrimental to its reputation. In times like these, in the middle of a pandemic, I order Uber Eats quite a bit. If your employees cannot treat people with respect, and you do nothing about it, you will lose my business indefinitely.

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Liz - 9 d 5 m ago


I have been trying to contact someone from Uber Eats for close to three weeks because I ordered food and all of my items wasn't delivered. I put in a complaint and no one has contacted me nor have my money been credited back. Call a number that I searched on Google and the message stated that during the pandemic that they aren't taking calls. I am very disappointed and I want my money given back or credited to my account.

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Patrice - 13 d 5 h ago



I owe a restaurant in France and, as I am not astified at all with the Uber Eats French representative, Victor De Sousa, I'd like to get in touch with someone else able to assit us.

Is it possible to have another uber Eats rep as contact?

Thank you.


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Ann - 14 d 7 h ago


I am at the point of deleting the app... I have been a loyal customer a year.... Uber Eats permits their drivers to ya be someone else drive them... this is a HUGE SAFETY CONCERN ... this has happened to me twice.....Uber Eats should be wearing a mask gloves and not bring along someone for the ride ...this is not okay

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Pissed - 14 d 8 h ago


UberEats Suck!!!. I placed an order thru them and changed my mind a few minutes later and cancelled. They took the charge off my card and then put it back on later and said the restaurant was already making my food within the few minutes I canceled and will not return my money, so I'm out money and food. I called the corporate number and the number is no good. I will never use them again and will spread the word that they take your money and make bogus reasons to not return your money.

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Gina J - 15 d 9 s ago

I was told by a driver that they were unable to driver my food and I needed to contact Uber Eats to cancel it. When I reached out to the Chat Joe Bany. I was informed the driver had to do it. When I explained the driver referred me to them. he responded back by saying the driver cancelled the order. However, my refund of over $50.00 would take 3 to 5 business days. When asked why the try to say it my bank processing time. How is it that you can take money from my credit card immediately, but it takes 3 to 5 to return it. It is a matter of seconds to reverse out a order. When I asked for the corporate #, I was told they were unavailable by phone. What kind of business does not permit their customers to have access to them. I will never use them again.

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Dissatisfied - 15 d 6 h ago


I paid for food that I was unsatisfied with $22 for goat dish that served 2 bones no meat on it I complained they promised a refund told me to wait no refund came I contacted them and the next agent said no refund and ignored me so I just don't know what to do I will not use them again they don't keep their own words false advertising and rude agents incompetent

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Meaghan Hensley - 16 d ago


We placed our order over 2 hours ago and it has not even been confirmed yet. The only way to cancel an order is to pay a $25 charge for cancellation. There's no one, or no way to get in contact with anyone. WILL NEVER USE UBER EATS AGAIN.

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Anonymous - 16 d 14 h ago

I literally thought I was one of the few people. I have friends who constantly warn me about uber eats because they work for the company. They said uber eats let's them (employees) get away with all kinds of things. One thing that multiple people have admitted to is eating food from out of customers items. Recently my food was rummaged through so I called the food company spoke to the manager and they said if the bag is not stapled or taped, it has been rummaged through. I have ordered via uber eats from this company numerous times and my bag has never been open. Plus I sent pictures of liquid on the side of the bag and the sticker tore open. With someone with many allergies, I didn't take the risk. I asked for a refund and sent pictures and they issued me a 5$ credit. I mean really I probably spend over 200$ a month on uber eats because of COVID. Not to mention their employees have been refusing to come to the door and have not been properly masked when they do. To solve this issue I will be reporting items stolen from future orders until the amount of money I spent on this order has been refunded back to my account.

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Ashley - 17 d 19 h ago


Random charges on my card. Every number i have called it says it no longer in service. PLEASE CONTACT ME. I WILL BE DELETING YOUR APP.

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Bob - 19 d 21 h ago

Ordered $25 from Chic fil La at13610 S Tamiami Trl in Fort 5 pm today(1/2 mile from my home). Finally delivered at 6 pm. I had detailed delivery instructions on order. I saw driver (Dianoski) driving up and down road at least 3 times. He did call me once, but Dianoski spoke no English. Obviously the food was cold when he finally got here.. Very unhappy with Uber Eats. Tried to cal your Customer Service numer, recording said not taking calls. Good thing there are other delivery services availible.

R. Frazer

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Jamie - 20 d ago


Maybe we can contact the better business bureau as well. Like all of you I have had nothing but horrible customer service. And with this lockdown covid-19 and you're not allowed to go anywhere I've been tending to use them a little bit more and it seems like there's an issue with every one of my transactions with them. I tried to get ahold of him half the time they don't respond now they're telling me via automated responses that they're not going to refund my money because I asked for multiple refunds. That's crap because we deserve to get what we pay for and if we don't get what we paid to get then give us our dang money back. End of story so if any of you find anyway to try to get a hold of somebody or start a lawsuit or something please message me. I'd gladly jump on the bandwagon

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Kim M - 32 d 7 h ago


I'm ready to file a lawsuit against Uber eats hands down me and my mom having a problem with then out of no where no day we working next they we can't cause it some BS I WILL CONSISTENTLY BE TRYING YO GET IN TOUCH WITH UBER .then when I do call or text they not answering A lawsuit will be filed I promise that .

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Chris - 20 d 5 h ago

I agree something has to be done about them they are always having issues and quick to take our money and they never Admit they are wrong and the customers are the bad guy for wanting their money for shit they paid for but didn't not receive then when you complain they say bc you've had issues with quality of food in the past they refuse to help! Nope! I'm not the one to play with my family is into law and I will be taking this to court

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Jenny - 20 d 24 h ago


Sheesh I'm never responded to ever ! Thought I was alone

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Aurora - 26 d ago



Please refund my money, as no one has ever called me in order to cancel my order without saying anything

Let me do not consider as an inappropriate way to keep money from users, and publish it on all socials networks

Kind regards

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Anonymous - 21 d 7 h ago

I want my $ 13.74 from Subway at 2020 Gunbarrel Rd in Chattanooga Tennessee 37421 I better have that money back on my prepaid card that ends in 0606 my monday

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Ria - 33 d 7 h ago


I had hair in my food and yet I can't get a refund they told I'm not allowed so I got sick from the food after finding hair in my cheese. POOR POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! VERY DEPLORABLE!!! I AM SO MAD WHEN QURANTINE IS OVER A LAWSUIT IS COMING YALL TOON ENOUGH OF MY MONEY!!!

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Anonymous - 32 d 15 h ago


Right I placed a order within seconds I canceled it. They charged me said restaurant already made it. I called restaurant and they never recieved it I canceled that fast.

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