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U-Haul Rental System

P.O. BOX 21502
Phoenix, AZ
Edward Shoen
Chairman of the Board
(602) 263-6011
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Shannon Lynn - 10 d 9 h ago


Attn Salt Lake City renters!!!! Go to Home Depot before u rent from this awful place!!! Coming from a person who has spent thousands and thousands of dollars over the years with U-Haul (Because I LOVED them!) Well NOT AFTER YESTERDAY They just lost a huge customer!!! I spend 50k ++ a year with them well NOT ANYMORE!!DO NOT RENT 2100south 415west slc UT!!!!!!I Use U-Haul for everything because it's convenient!! I use them under my company name at minimum of 50 times a quarter I have never had a problem I always get the insurance and one of the $30 trucks. I've always referred people to get them because it's cheap!! Well this is the first time I rented from this place and it got worse by the day!! I rented the truck to move myself out of my home well I got a storage that closes at 9 so I didn't have time to unload and reload the truck so I asked to have it another day they agreed. I went to back it up to hook a trailer to it and it was extremely muddy so it wasn't working it just sank and got stuck!! So I had a Roadside assistance guy come out he couldn't get the truck out. So it sat in my front yard for five days almost 5/6 days literally I think I may have drove the U-Haul 25 miles I'm not sure then comes the day where the tow truck guy got the U-Haul out. He inkformed me that he was told I stole the truck and he needs to bring it back to the shop at the U-Haul shop. So I called U-Haul and I spoke with the manager he informed me that I was allowed to keep the truck then out of nowhere this hotheaded fuck of a guy comes over to the tow truck wearing a U-Haul shirt starts pointing at me and asking if I was the girl who stole the U-Haul yelling it in front of my neighbors mind you I run a business out of my home so it was very embarrassing because I didn't steal the U-Haul it was very clearly buried in my front yard. So they take the U-Haul away with all of my belongings in there and tell me I nearly have to pay $600 to get it back because of how many days I had it mind you THEY ARE THE ONE who left it there that long!!! They can have my shit and now they just lost a VERY VERY LOYAL CUSTOMER I WILL NEVER RENT FROM THEM NOR TELL ANYONE TO USE THEIR SERVICES!!! I may even sue them for the embarrassment after he let all my neighbors know I "stole the truck" hope the $600 was worth loosing a 8 YEAR customer who gladly spent over 30K with them yearly!! HOME DEPOT HERE I COME!!!

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Stacy - 33 d 13 h ago

I don't think it would be fair to give a rating because everyone was nice at the Chattanooga Broad St. Uhaul. My problem is I rented a truck for moving for 1 day. During this day my boyfriend attacked me. He is incarcerated now. But this landed me in the hospital. He literally tried to kill me. My daughter took over the move. Did not have any help and my things were supposed to go to my boyfriend's basement. My daughter had no money and neither did I. She had my stuff on the truck for several days before she could get it off and return the truck. I asked her about it and she said don't worry about it, it's taken care of. I'm disabled and on n a fixed income.i received no phone calls, emails, etc but yesterday when my disability check posted to my account Uhaul took out over 800.00 and it left me with 80.00 in my account. I am homeless trying to recuperate and no money. I am living in my car. if I had known I would had called. My daughter said she was afraid to return the truck without the money so she left it there after hours and did not want me worrying about it. All I ask is let me pay installments instead of taking it all out at once. I have nothing to live on for the next month. Please be so kind and work with me

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James Vosseler - 35 d ago

Your Retail operation in Hauppauge NY is flying the American Flag upside down & when asked why the agent on the phone said he is disgusted with the way the country is being run. FYI Its obvious the agent does not know the US Flag Code as to when to fly the American flag upsude down. Its a disgusting disgrace to all the service men & women who gave their lives for this country regardless who's running it !!! Your agent at this office has know idea what a country is like in distesss or imminent danger to do such a Stupid thing .

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Disgusted in Tennessee - 42 d ago


I had the following issue over the weekend. Here is the email I sent in..."I made an online reservation on Friday 1/4/19 to pick up a 15 ft truck in Pulaski, TN to move our daughter. The intent was to drive from Murfreesboro, where we live, and pick up the truck in Pulaski to save on mileage since we were having to put 80% of her stuff in our garage since she's transferring schools and is going from an apartment to a dorm and most of her stuff isn't needed. Once the reservation was made and confirmed on the 4th, shortly after I received a voice mail stating that the preferred location selected (closest to her apartment) at 532 N. 1st Street Pulaski TN was closed on Sunday, and also did't have the truck requested so we were referred to a 2nd location at 2470 US 64 Pulaski TN. I called Uhaul last night to confirm the reservation at the 2nd location because I never received an email confirmation, and the representative I spoke to stated that the 2nd location also didn't have a 15 ft truck available which we had not made aware of until I called. Had I not called last night we would have shown up the the second location and not had a truck and been screwed because school starts tomorrow. Now, because of all this we had to pick up a truck here in Murfreesboro, then drive to Pulaski, load my daughter up, then drive all the way back to Murfreesboro. This was NOT how we intended for this move to go. We wanted to drive to Pulaski and pick up a truck there and drive to Murfreesboro. This caused us to have to pay for 75 additional miles. I have enclosed screen shots of the 2 additional locations showing all these changes and am hoping to be compensated accordingly. The amount paid today was $188.93 and in addition to the $50 reservation fee I was as advised I'm owed back, I'm looking for the balance of $138.93 to be divided in half with us for a total amount owed by us of $69.47. Additionally, this is not the 1st time this sort of thing has happened to us. Back on 8/26/2017 we reserved/rented a truck at a location on 2560 Rideout Lane, only to be sent over to 840 Middle Tennessee Blvd where, yet again, they didn't have the truck needed available. So we were then sent to 6909 Stroop Lane in Smyrna TN where we were FINALLY able to rent the truck needed. Back in 2017 we were very minimally compensated by a borderlined rude Uhaul representative who stated that she didn't feel the location was "that far out of our way" because it was less than 20 miles away. (seriously?) We vowed then that we would not use Uhaul again but, here we are....still using your services and still having significant issues." Now, here's the response I received from U Haul..."I'm sorry for your issue trying to rent a U-haul truck. I'm sorry but the only way to refund any money would be if you had paid for the truck and had an issue at that point. Due to there not being any money received, I'm cannot refund any money. Please let me know if you have any other issues. Respectfully, Jim" ~ SERIOUSLY??? So, here's my response...."Clearly customer service, and customer satisfaction isn't a top priority for your company. I had to add 75 miles worth of billable mileage to a trip, through no fault of own, which is completely unfair. I will be filing a complaint with Better Business Bureau and I will be writing a formal complaint to your Corporate office. You apparently don't make customer satisfaction a top priority and feel that you don't have to make it a top priority because your service is in high demand. Thanks for nothing." HORRIBLE!!!

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Clayton Vogel - 52 d ago


Went to Uhaul to get propane an they have stopped giving discounts on propane . The more u buy the cheaper it was per Gal. Now I never have to drive out of the way for PP . Can get it that price everywhere. $329 Gal.

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Theresa - 73 d 12 h ago


The very worst of all rental trucks! Have used U haul 3 times, & EVERY Time Have Screwed Me Out Of Money! Very Dissatisfied, Will NEVER Use U Haul Again! Not Recommend At All!

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Dissatisfied - 74 d 9 h ago


Never again!

Did not get requested truck, then had to pay for mini van rental to haul remaining property. Manager at Baldwin Hills facility was rude but the customer rep was as accommodating as she could be.

Turned in truck at Lake Mead U-Haul in Summerlin Nevada on time , cleaned truck out and put keys in lock box. Later received an email from UHaul stating a $160.00 charge for dolly and six blankets, dirty truck, gas. Went to office to return dolly and six blankets and to discuss extra charges. Clerk was nice but once she saw the email she stated Carl has struck again! She was the person that initially checked in the truck and stated it was turned in on time and clean. She collected the dolly and blankets and I paid $28.50 for the gas. She gave me a receipt with zero balance.

Next day I checked my emails and in Spam I found email for $190.00 in charges that were already corrected. Called customer service and spoke with very nice rep who saw where Carl had gone back in to try to get the money. She corrected the charges and stated she would let field manager know of his attempt to falsely obtain money from me.

This move was very stressful for me. To receive an email stating that I must pay or I will be sent to collections and it will affect my credit. If I was a senior citizen, of course I would have paid out of fear. Carl continues to work at this facility even though he blatantly is trying to rob customers as his requests are done as promissory notes. After reading the reviews for this company I was very disappointed. UHaul at one time, was the best moving company but now customer service has been replaced for profit. Like other posts, I will not recommend UHaul to anyone. Lesson learned.

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Anonymous - 82 d ago

Seems someone said 72 hours and I would be contacted. I tried to send a review but of course U- Haul said they where having problems with the internet, how convenient.

I m now gonna say I have turned in my U-Haul, but Vernon Cowan is not going away. I have a $300.00 bill from a wrecker service whom I had to hire to get my truck off U-Haul dolly. Also he had to get me a tire due to the Faulty Ratchet that let go of my truck. This happened when Using U-Hauls Faulty Equipment.

Started in Mesquite, TX a d Ratchet FAILED in Pearl, Mississippi. Lost 3 or 4 hours. The man in Road side Assistant Insinuated, I hooked the Damn truck up wrong, How Dare Him. I informed him being from Texas I have hooked more trailers that he has. Gentleman informed me I would need to pay for it. By Alabama i was calling U-Haul AGAIN because the tow guy in Mississippi popped my passenger front tire so the truck was shifting again. As I got a out 100 plus more miles to get gas, I noticed the tow chains had not even been hooked to my truck. No Ol BOY was saying I didnt hook the truck up correct and it was my fault? 2 U-Haul Reps didnt even have the tow chains hooked to my truck. Now to show U-Haul I know what the hell I'm doing. I made to North Carolina with my Load. U-Haul at this point should be appreciative to Vern Cowan.

Let me tell U-Haul what would happen, just to show you once again. U-Haul could be buying Vern a new truck had it gone backward. No tow chain remember, by U-Haul people. Or worst case Death. That would have sucked to be driving to be hit by a green truck coming off a U-Haul dolly. Now I dropped the U-Haul truck and dolly off Tuesday of this week, was told someone will call me in 72 hours. Friday is 72 hour and I expect a call, I better get one.

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Traci cross - 83 d ago


I see a uhaul pickup speeding thru the neibor hood, windows down,radio blaring.I guess uhaul likes high mileage on the trucks without being rented.or worse wrecked.somebody is joyriding on uhauls dime!

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Angry & Pissed - 85 d 13 h ago


I rented a truck for ONE WAY and paid cash. Since I did not use my credit card, I was required to pay a $100 deposit fee. I paid the price and was told that I should get my deposit money back when I drop off the truck (a day early mind you). I did not go over the allotted mileage (had about 43 miles left). I dropped off the truck at the destination ( a thrift store that is a u-haul drop-off location). The young lady checked everything in and notified the owner of the raggedy location and told him that I was there to get my deposit back. That sorry "pastor as she called him" told me to take the truck back until the next day b/c he was out making turkey deliveries. That had nothing to do with my money. I stayed up there for about 30-45 minutes waiting on this man to come back to his trashy store. He commenced to tell her to begin locking up the store.

I had called him earlier that day and told him that I would be there when I got off work and he said it was fine. I found it very disappointing that u-haul would allow a business like that to represent them and the business could not even give anyone a deposit b/c they did not have enough in their cash register. I saw the young lady go in the cash register and count money. I did not know how much she was counting, but she never gave it to me. Instead, she put it in her pocket. He had the audacity to tell me that they mailed me a check. To where, because I did a ONE WAY move and I promise you there was no forwarding address for them to mail me a check! I will never use any "authorized" U-Haul retailer again in life. They are the worst!!!!!

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Mr. Customer - 86 d 6 h ago

My husband bought some boxes and a stretch wrap and two different transactions right after another. On the receipts it was two charges but on my phone alerts there were two different charge amounts why? Where is the extra money at...they said they don't know! Are they pocketing money somebody taking money. I will never use that store again. We will take few more steps to have this investigated.

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George Stephenson - 88 d 8 h ago


I will try to never use this company again.My last 2 experiences with them lying to me and showing no customer concern when I tried to find out how to get my money back that shouldn't have been billed to me was enough.

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Anonymous - 90 d 16 m ago


Lisa Deese the customer service representative in Jacksonville, FL 32202.The location is 400 W.Ashley St. Phone no(hidden).She has a bad attitude. Thanks to her the Better Business Bureau is involve. I reported her to the Better Business Bureau. She change the system around just to set me up to get my suitcase stolen.She sounded cold towards me when I gave her awareness that my suitcase was stolen.

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J - 103 d 18 h ago


I rented a 26 ft truck to drive 1100 miles across two states .... the truck was shaking and pulling to the side the whole way. It needed a wheel alignment ..also needs to get out and fix the window wipers in the rain as there was no visibility. We brought truck backs and they said they get trucks from California all the time with issues. I call the regional manager and she blows me off with a 50 credit. It costed me over 200 more in gas because of the problem. Nevermind some of our stuff trashed because of the shaking. I told we're not happy with that resolution and she said she would look into it ,, this was three weeks ago with no response, with two emails only part to get answers . ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS... will be pursuing legal action with lawyers as they put us in danger giving us a faulty truck ..

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C. Guest - 104 d 5 h ago


Seems absurd to charge $50 to remove a lock that Uhaul representatives "strongly suggested" and now don't stand behind. The key broke off in my storage unit lock and even though it is the Uhaul recommended lock mechanism, the manager at this North Charlotte location is unable to do anything of worth.

24 hours to remove said lock, $50 removal fee, and purchase of a replacement lock!! Absolute insanity.

Every time I visit this location, it doesn't feel like I'm the consumer whose capital contributes to the overall success of this business. Being close to downtown, the caliber of clientele is diverse, however the customer care and support is substandard and disappointing.

Unfortunately I am forever tainted and will neither use nor recommend Uhaul in the future.

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McClure Citizen - 104 d 6 h ago


The U-Haul location at 220 S. East St. McClure OH is using U-Haul trucks to block emergency vehicles/first responders. Your products could be damaged due to her actions.

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Archie Koenig Veteran - 104 d 11 h ago


Charge me for two days after i returned the vehicle on the same day. You think it would be an easy fix considering they never checked the key drop box. After two weeks of trying to reach someone and going back and forth about refunding the extra day and a promise not to worry it will be taken care wasnt. Just to make sure i filed a dipute with my credit card company. A little over two months later from August to October, they billed me again for the second day. I called coorperate and the next day i got a call back saying they will refund the next day back but gonna charge me a fuel charge when i made sure to bring it back over since ive had issues with this company before about fraudulent fuel charges. This is the last time my family and i ever use this company. Hidden fees , fuel scams and rude lying customer service reps. Im gonna pass this along to all my veteran friends and family and rent anywhere else but UHAUL.



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Robin Audain Roach - 111 d 23 h ago

Hi, my husband was the one that stored my stuff he is a crackhead and I never seen the unit, what are my rights ? I bought all merchandise .How can I get it out. I paid monthly or had someone pay PLEASE HELP ,,I HAVE MY GRANDSON ASHES IN THERE PLUS memorable priceless item from my children... PLEASE HELP

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Anonymous - 113 d 14 h ago


I am very upset with U-Haul. I have been renting my storage room since last year. I'm homeless because of Hurricane Florence and because I couldn't pay my lien notice came in. They act like they didn't want to give me any free storage for a month or something. I don't recommend this place and BBB will get a rating from me.

General profile image - 120 d 12 h ago


I am so very upset with this whole u-haul experience. This all stated on 10/12/2018 (I had to move due to my kids being displaced from Hurricane Michael ) when I reserved a 20' truck one way with a "free month of storage" I scheduled truck to be picked up at 5:00 PM when I went to see if I could pick it up early at 2:30 I was informed that the reservation was canceled. So I call the customer service number to see what is going on and I was informed that due to not picking up the truck at 9AM the reservation was canceled. I was dumb founded but this is not even near the best part. The customer service agent then set me up to pick up a truck that she could not even verify was at the pick up location and that I would not be able to receive the "Free month of storage". I then went to a local office (I have used several times in the past with NO problems) I get to the local office and the employees here are just as dumb founded as me, however they were great they were able to get me set up with a 26' foot truck for the price of a 20' foot truck ( this is the one that was available for 1 way). * At this time I have been at the local office for over a hour* I go to use my debit card to pay for the truck and the system keeps coming back with I must pay 100.00 cash deposit and no one can figure this our, they run my card several times and are not able to waive this 100.00 deposit (meanwhile while phone calls are made to "higher ups" I use the SAME card to pay for tape to tape the rest of my boxes shut) so I send my son to just pull the money out of the ATM down the road, he comes back and I pay cash for the truck and the 100.00 deposit. I WAS PROMISED THAT I WOULD RECEIVE THE DEPOSIT BACK AS SOON AS I RETURNED THE TRUCK. (now at the local u-haul office for over 2 hours *** THANK GOD I WENT EARLY**** I get the truck and do all the moving that was needed and put my belongings into the "Free Storage Shed" the truck gets returned about 6-7 hours after I rented it. I was informed when I dropped off the truck that I would have to WAIT 3 WEEKS to get the 100.00 deposit back in the mail. I was furious... I go back to the local location where I rented the truck from and speak to the supervisor there (he was really nice and actually figured out the reason I had to pay the deposit when no one else could) He tells me that I should have gotten the deposit back when I returned the truck I said "yeah I know that is what I was told" . He proceeds to call and get a hold of one of his supervisors who stated " I will put the 100.00 directly back on your card right now" I say ok that will be great. The next day comes ( I was allowing time for monies to process back to card) and the MONEY is still not there, I was unable to deal with this on this day due to having to take my children to Panama City to see what they were able to salvage (By the way it was only about 5 set of clothes each). This now brings me to yesterday.... I again go to the local office and ask about the money, things were going really well at first, I asked for the regional managers number and was told no however the gentleman calls the supervisor that I had spoke with on Thursday who does not get on the phone with me but tells this guy to inform me that the money has been put on my card and might take 5-7 days. I was MAD... you can not talk to me on the phone now, however you just told me 3 days ago that it would be back on my card IMMEDIATELY????? I did yell and say " you cant mess with peoples money this way" the gentleman asked me to leave due to him feeling threatened , I go to leave and as I walk out of the office this guy calls me a BITCH!!!! OH MY i turned and walked back in and asked him to repeat him self and he would not so yes I did yell even more and then he treated to call the police so I left. THIS SAID I STILL DO NOT HAVE THE 100.00 DEPOSIT BACK... AND NOTHING IS BEING DONE... I HAVE BEEN VERY....VERY...VERY DISRESPECTED BY A U-HAUL EMPLOYEE ON TOP OF BEING LIED TO AND PROMISES BEING BROKE FROM THIS COMPANY AND NOTHING IS GETTING DONE BY UPPER MANAGEMENT TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEMS... The MANY different issues that have occurred with just my situation.

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Ashania - 132 d 10 h ago


Uhaul is the worst place to rent from. People read the fine print before you sign an agreement they will rob you blind then tell you there not refunding back the money they stole

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Jo out of Nevada - 134 d 6 h ago


I rented a small van ($19.95 a day) from U-Haul at 1498 E Williams Carson City NV. they are rude and when I told them the inside cab was dirty and had trash in it, did the person say thank you or sorry it should have been cleaned (I cleaned it) then I had called twice in one week to make sure all was ok (I had to give them my credit card number so they could hold the truck) and I had ask the price and the price per mile. The person on the phone was nice and she repeated the amount per mile (I also printed it out)Well as any of you who are reading this know, when I went to pay for it the amount went up by .20 not that much but this is the third time u haul has over charge me. the man behind the desk said that the woman did not make any notes (this was not true she was reading back her notes to me) so he could not change the amount charge.. let me tell you I will drive the 20 miles to another company to rent any thing, before I would rent from U Haul again. reading all of the bad reviews about U Haul I wonder how they stay in business.

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GB - 137 d 5 h ago



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DAVINE THAMES - 138 d ago


My review is bad because my cost for my rental was like 76 dollar....then they took 21 dollar off and rite now I have a pending amount for 133...I had it for one day n return it early and they still charging me ...I need that 133 dollars rental was from Dixie uhaul in sumter name is Davine Thames m can reach me at (hidden)...

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NEVER use uhaul - 141 d 11 h ago


Over 2300 dollars of our stuff was either lost or stolen a MONTH ago. Filed a claim...filled out the paperwork of what was missing and the cost and everything and still haven't heard back!! Called the claims rep a week ago and she said shes tried calling the corporate office thousands of times but they wont answer any of her calls nor will they call her back!! I WILL not let this go....I WILL be compensated for your company losing or stealing over 2000 dollars worth of my things, some of which the sentimental value is even greater than the actual cost. This is unacceptable!!! Will never use uhaul again and will tell eveveryone I know of your poor service and ethics!!

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