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U-Haul Rental System

P.O. BOX 21502
Phoenix, AZ
Edward Shoen
Chairman of the Board
(602) 263-6011
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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concerned conservative - 6 h 12 m ago

personally i speak for myself...

but i can candidly assure you ive spoken with others who feel yhe same!!!

id like to know why uhaul is renting trucks to holly zoller from the group, the bail project, and whos title is bail disrupter???

which uses these trucks to transport riot provisions and supplies to rioters planned out in advance!!!

thare are many other rental companies and i have used uhaul exclusivly untill TODAY!!!

i know many many others who will also now use other companies, none of us will support a company that takes part in such logistics behavior without properly vetting a customer between someone renting a truck and a rioter!!!!

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Dhana Rickey - 1 d 10 h ago


Russellville storage had taken my things out of my unit I was paid up til 27 they done it on the 23rd of sept 2020 an said they would charge me an I would never be able to use uhaul again. It is illegal to do so before it was even do. And I had some one to pick up my stuff on the 24th of sept. I want something done about losing my things

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Anonymous - 3 d 16 h ago


Thieves, was charged $210.30 for equipment that I never even seen. I tried to rent a truck and trailer, the lady ran my card six times before saying that they could not process my card. I hired a tow truck instead. The next day I saw a charge of $210.30 for the equipment that I never used. Now uhaul is saying there is no record of the change.

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Rochella - 6 d 15 h ago


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Anonymous - 8 d 6 h ago


Mark zarr

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Angry and Anxious - 9 d 15 h ago


Trying to PAY MY BILL! And make monthly auto payments.

Was told my new account info worked, then told it didn't.

Was called only once by a Uhaul rep., who left a message.

Calling back requires a 20 minute wait, that I don't have during business hours.

NO alternative or direct number has been given for me to call and make arrangements.

I Keep getting threatening mail talking about a lien on my storage unit!

If it wasn't for the border closure, I'd go and get my things right away!

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Walter Keeney - 12 d 23 h ago

Me and my wife rented a cargo van from Eugene,Oregon. The town we were living in " Blue River" Oregon caught fire. Destroyed the town and towns around it. Including our motor home. The only way of transportation and what's left of our belongings are inside it. My wife was hospitalized from and injury she received on her shin bone. If u could find it in your heart to allow us to continue driving the van until we can get other means of transportation it would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely. Walter Keeney. You can contact us at (hidden). The Red cross has rented us a hotel room for the time begin. God Bless them and the volunteers in Springfield. Thank you so much.

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Brittany - 12 d 10 h ago


So rude, parked in the front and this man came to the car rude as hell I really dont know how this place is still open...

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Arnold Dickens - 20 d 14 h ago

HORRIBLE miss quote of price to rent! Left without a truck because they wouldn't take my reservation saying there was plenty of vehicles available and to wait till day of!!!

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Kelly Appolled at the disrespect - 21 d 13 h ago


To the head of U-Haul affairs:

I went to return the U-Haul pickup on Friday but the key doesn't fit in the keybox slot. Another small lockbox was supposed to be open but it was locked. So I'm not going to leave the keys for someone to steal the truck right. I brought it back Monday morning instead when they were open. They are charging me for the two weekend days. Also Nobody was told there's no smoking in the damn truck. We have rented several times and never a problem. There's no signs in the truck either and windows open the whole time being 30 C. Outside. One cigarette. Now being a plumber I'm pretty sure the air mixture ratio is around

14,000,000 to 1 per minute in an open air environment so...

The truck was vacuumed clean before it was returned as well. The guy at U-Haul also charged $150 cleaning fee and said the customer was very allergic and it made him sick to his stomach. Then he said it wAs him that threw up because of the smell and started swearing at me using the Fword. At this point I hung up the phone. A civil lawsuit should be in order unless these charges are reversed. Yours honestly, Kelly Keay (hidden)

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Anonymous - 22 d ago

Edward, I believe you need to check your on-line stats. Your Gross income vs: your employee # is not conceivable. At this point, further communication shall be considered by my attorney, James P. Wohl.

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SHARON - 22 d 6 h ago

DANGEROUS CONDITION AT UHAUL STORAGE ON SUNOL - PLEASANTON. BEWARE: My indoor, second-floor storage unit at the Uhaul on Sunol Boulevard was ransacked, robbed and left in destruction on the evening of August 30, 2020 during the middle of the night. Long story short, after spending four hours with the police today, UHaul manager confirmed that at least one known felon (with whom the police are very familiar) and his "friends" are actually living in their storage units and refuse to leave. Uhaul has taken the position that it cannot "evict" them due to C-O-V-I-D restrictions on evicting "tenants".

Obviously, this presents a very dangerous condition and not only puts your belongings at risk, but your safety. This is a warning that Uhaul should give to their customers. I will never go into that building alone. I chose that particular storage unit because I thought the cement, "secured" building would be safe, the neighborhood is safe, and because they advertise 24/7 surveillance. We are awaiting video footage to see who did this. Also, the doors that lead from inside of the building to the outside are marked "Emergency Exit Only - Alarms Will Sound and you will be charged $50 if you activate the Alarm". As I walked the building with police today none of those doors were armed or locked. BEWARE AND BE SAFE IF YOU HAVE A UNIT THERE!!!

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Kay - 35 d 13 h ago


I do not know where to start. This company has to be the absolute worst company out there. I am literally in tears over the frustrations and headaches this company has caused. We were due to have our U-Boxes delivered back in July here we are in August and just received them. After a number of times having times scheduled and only to be told that our times have been cancelled or no one knew what we were talking about. How can no one have a direct number for corporate. I will never use them again for moving state to state. I hope to never have to use them again period! I will be reporting them to BBB

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Ron metcalf - 42 d 6 h ago


just to let ya know u haul and there customer service suck reserved 20' truck & dolly three weeks ago was supposed to call at 6 to let me know never got a call so I tried to call was on phone waiting to talk to someone for half hour then tell me you need to call this # when a was speaking to someone get disconnected then couldn't connect again story short I need my truck tomorrow 4/15/20 have no idea where to get truck this well be the last time

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Book - 45 d 16 h ago

U-Haul.weekend rate scam....impossible one day charge...will charge you 2days to rent for one day..

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Carla Wilson - 48 d 8 h ago

This is the third time my husband has used Uhaul within a few months. Today he had a blow out and called roadside assistance and told them he needed a new tire because it was ruined. After a 2 hour wait, guy shows up but doesn't have a tire. Really? Now they have another hour wait for him to get back. We still have one more big load but Uhaul is not getting that $$.

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Very Very Dissatisfied - 52 d 9 h ago


Horrible.....Had a 9:00 a.m. appointment to get a hitch put on. At 3:30 I called to see if my vehicle was ready and was told that it would not be ready for a couple more hours. The individual said they were busy in the store today and they put hitches on in between customers when they have time. Are you kidding me? What is the purpose of an appointment? Virtually they said that the customers coming in to the store are more important than me. Unbelievable customer service. Still waiting on my vehicle and will never use Uhaul again.

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Chris mcfadden - 54 d 16 h ago


I am very disappointed with u haul. They canceled with me 131/2 hrs before my move. Have rented a rm. And storage rm. And can not get refund. And had guys lined up to help load. This was booked in advance. And to give really no notice not rite. Was getting out of a garage that I can not leave now. So I am out 415. One rooms and garage alone. Gave been calling this morning. And they give u a call back. Did 2 times. No call back. And called and waited and get hung up on. So. This is not the way u should treat ur customers

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Amanda Rhodes - 55 d 9 h ago


Uhaul continues to steal money out of my bank account. I cant get in touch with them in any way. I have been calling and emailing for over 2 weeks. The customer service is non existent. It has been nothing but a nightmare from the minute i went to pick up the truck. Now i am going to have to go to the bank to dispute all these charges and change my card just to stop uhaul from stealing from me!

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Ms. Unhappy - 55 d 12 h ago

U haul center of central ave in Maryland is the worst scamming u Haul in the country . Twice they have tried to scam me by saying i havent paid my bill and another time it worked and i paid twice for one month. This time in July of 2020 they sent a notice to a husbands relative saying i owed. Now they are ruining my credit. One more time and i will sue them. By the way i am a paralegal.

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Kim Kammann - 55 d 12 h ago



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Angry Person - 157 d 18 h ago


Madison Ave uhaul in Montgomery Al is the worst no one is never there to check you out an I turn in the uhaul there on April 11 am as of today my deposit hasn't been credit back to my card all I been getting is different numbers to call an no one can tell me where my $100 is this really sucks

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Andrea - 56 d 12 h ago


Have you gotten it back? It has been a month since my rental and I can't get in contact with anyone anymore!

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A.Neilson - 57 d 13 h ago


U-haul North Las Vegas is awful. Scheduled and paid for a hitch installation on the 19th. Appointment was on the 29th. Show up and they are missing a part. Brian, the manager, was rude and condescending. Every other part of this move was planned around getting this hitch installed. Nowhere while booking the appointment did it mention needing to pay for express shipping to make sure all parts are available. 3 hours after my appointment time they found the part they needed but now I have to sit and wait while they try to fit me back into the schedule. They made an already stressful move that has been in the planning for over a month even more stressful.

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Kimberly - 64 d 9 h ago


I was overcharged on my credit card by the incompetent Manager at the Enchanted parkway uhaul in federal way Washington. And when I told him he overcharged me he replied " oops my bad". This is a manager talking to a customer. He needs to be trained again on customer service and not to illegally over charge people credit cards without authorization. Taking more then agreed to.

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