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U-Haul Rental System

P.O. BOX 21502
Phoenix, AZ
Edward Shoen
Chairman of the Board
(602) 263-6011
Annual Sales Est
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J - 12 d 10 h ago


I rented a 26 ft truck to drive 1100 miles across two states .... the truck was shaking and pulling to the side the whole way. It needed a wheel alignment ..also needs to get out and fix the window wipers in the rain as there was no visibility. We brought truck backs and they said they get trucks from California all the time with issues. I call the regional manager and she blows me off with a 50 credit. It costed me over 200 more in gas because of the problem. Nevermind some of our stuff trashed because of the shaking. I told we're not happy with that resolution and she said she would look into it ,, this was three weeks ago with no response, with two emails only part to get answers . ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS... will be pursuing legal action with lawyers as they put us in danger giving us a faulty truck ..

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C. Guest - 13 d 28 m ago


Seems absurd to charge $50 to remove a lock that Uhaul representatives "strongly suggested" and now don't stand behind. The key broke off in my storage unit lock and even though it is the Uhaul recommended lock mechanism, the manager at this North Charlotte location is unable to do anything of worth.

24 hours to remove said lock, $50 removal fee, and purchase of a replacement lock!! Absolute insanity.

Every time I visit this location, it doesn't feel like I'm the consumer whose capital contributes to the overall success of this business. Being close to downtown, the caliber of clientele is diverse, however the customer care and support is substandard and disappointing.

Unfortunately I am forever tainted and will neither use nor recommend Uhaul in the future.

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McClure Citizen - 13 d 10 s ago


The U-Haul location at 220 S. East St. McClure OH is using U-Haul trucks to block emergency vehicles/first responders. Your products could be damaged due to her actions.

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Archie Koenig Veteran - 13 d ago


Charge me for two days after i returned the vehicle on the same day. You think it would be an easy fix considering they never checked the key drop box. After two weeks of trying to reach someone and going back and forth about refunding the extra day and a promise not to worry it will be taken care wasnt. Just to make sure i filed a dipute with my credit card company. A little over two months later from August to October, they billed me again for the second day. I called coorperate and the next day i got a call back saying they will refund the next day back but gonna charge me a fuel charge when i made sure to bring it back over since ive had issues with this company before about fraudulent fuel charges. This is the last time my family and i ever use this company. Hidden fees , fuel scams and rude lying customer service reps. Im gonna pass this along to all my veteran friends and family and rent anywhere else but UHAUL.



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Robin Audain Roach - 19 d 15 h ago

Hi, my husband was the one that stored my stuff he is a crackhead and I never seen the unit, what are my rights ? I bought all merchandise .How can I get it out. I paid monthly or had someone pay PLEASE HELP ,,I HAVE MY GRANDSON ASHES IN THERE PLUS memorable priceless item from my children... PLEASE HELP

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Anonymous - 22 d 6 h ago


I am very upset with U-Haul. I have been renting my storage room since last year. I'm homeless because of Hurricane Florence and because I couldn't pay my lien notice came in. They act like they didn't want to give me any free storage for a month or something. I don't recommend this place and BBB will get a rating from me.

General profile image - 29 d 4 h ago


I am so very upset with this whole u-haul experience. This all stated on 10/12/2018 (I had to move due to my kids being displaced from Hurricane Michael ) when I reserved a 20' truck one way with a "free month of storage" I scheduled truck to be picked up at 5:00 PM when I went to see if I could pick it up early at 2:30 I was informed that the reservation was canceled. So I call the customer service number to see what is going on and I was informed that due to not picking up the truck at 9AM the reservation was canceled. I was dumb founded but this is not even near the best part. The customer service agent then set me up to pick up a truck that she could not even verify was at the pick up location and that I would not be able to receive the "Free month of storage". I then went to a local office (I have used several times in the past with NO problems) I get to the local office and the employees here are just as dumb founded as me, however they were great they were able to get me set up with a 26' foot truck for the price of a 20' foot truck ( this is the one that was available for 1 way). * At this time I have been at the local office for over a hour* I go to use my debit card to pay for the truck and the system keeps coming back with I must pay 100.00 cash deposit and no one can figure this our, they run my card several times and are not able to waive this 100.00 deposit (meanwhile while phone calls are made to "higher ups" I use the SAME card to pay for tape to tape the rest of my boxes shut) so I send my son to just pull the money out of the ATM down the road, he comes back and I pay cash for the truck and the 100.00 deposit. I WAS PROMISED THAT I WOULD RECEIVE THE DEPOSIT BACK AS SOON AS I RETURNED THE TRUCK. (now at the local u-haul office for over 2 hours *** THANK GOD I WENT EARLY**** I get the truck and do all the moving that was needed and put my belongings into the "Free Storage Shed" the truck gets returned about 6-7 hours after I rented it. I was informed when I dropped off the truck that I would have to WAIT 3 WEEKS to get the 100.00 deposit back in the mail. I was furious... I go back to the local location where I rented the truck from and speak to the supervisor there (he was really nice and actually figured out the reason I had to pay the deposit when no one else could) He tells me that I should have gotten the deposit back when I returned the truck I said "yeah I know that is what I was told" . He proceeds to call and get a hold of one of his supervisors who stated " I will put the 100.00 directly back on your card right now" I say ok that will be great. The next day comes ( I was allowing time for monies to process back to card) and the MONEY is still not there, I was unable to deal with this on this day due to having to take my children to Panama City to see what they were able to salvage (By the way it was only about 5 set of clothes each). This now brings me to yesterday.... I again go to the local office and ask about the money, things were going really well at first, I asked for the regional managers number and was told no however the gentleman calls the supervisor that I had spoke with on Thursday who does not get on the phone with me but tells this guy to inform me that the money has been put on my card and might take 5-7 days. I was MAD... you can not talk to me on the phone now, however you just told me 3 days ago that it would be back on my card IMMEDIATELY????? I did yell and say " you cant mess with peoples money this way" the gentleman asked me to leave due to him feeling threatened , I go to leave and as I walk out of the office this guy calls me a BITCH!!!! OH MY i turned and walked back in and asked him to repeat him self and he would not so yes I did yell even more and then he treated to call the police so I left. THIS SAID I STILL DO NOT HAVE THE 100.00 DEPOSIT BACK... AND NOTHING IS BEING DONE... I HAVE BEEN VERY....VERY...VERY DISRESPECTED BY A U-HAUL EMPLOYEE ON TOP OF BEING LIED TO AND PROMISES BEING BROKE FROM THIS COMPANY AND NOTHING IS GETTING DONE BY UPPER MANAGEMENT TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEMS... The MANY different issues that have occurred with just my situation.

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Ashania - 41 d ago


Uhaul is the worst place to rent from. People read the fine print before you sign an agreement they will rob you blind then tell you there not refunding back the money they stole

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Jo out of Nevada - 43 d 21 m ago


I rented a small van ($19.95 a day) from U-Haul at 1498 E Williams Carson City NV. they are rude and when I told them the inside cab was dirty and had trash in it, did the person say thank you or sorry it should have been cleaned (I cleaned it) then I had called twice in one week to make sure all was ok (I had to give them my credit card number so they could hold the truck) and I had ask the price and the price per mile. The person on the phone was nice and she repeated the amount per mile (I also printed it out)Well as any of you who are reading this know, when I went to pay for it the amount went up by .20 not that much but this is the third time u haul has over charge me. the man behind the desk said that the woman did not make any notes (this was not true she was reading back her notes to me) so he could not change the amount charge.. let me tell you I will drive the 20 miles to another company to rent any thing, before I would rent from U Haul again. reading all of the bad reviews about U Haul I wonder how they stay in business.

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GB - 46 d ago



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DAVINE THAMES - 46 d 18 h ago


My review is bad because my cost for my rental was like 76 dollar....then they took 21 dollar off and rite now I have a pending amount for 133...I had it for one day n return it early and they still charging me ...I need that 133 dollars rental was from Dixie uhaul in sumter name is Davine Thames m can reach me at (hidden)...

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NEVER use uhaul - 50 d 3 h ago


Over 2300 dollars of our stuff was either lost or stolen a MONTH ago. Filed a claim...filled out the paperwork of what was missing and the cost and everything and still haven't heard back!! Called the claims rep a week ago and she said shes tried calling the corporate office thousands of times but they wont answer any of her calls nor will they call her back!! I WILL not let this go....I WILL be compensated for your company losing or stealing over 2000 dollars worth of my things, some of which the sentimental value is even greater than the actual cost. This is unacceptable!!! Will never use uhaul again and will tell eveveryone I know of your poor service and ethics!!

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Amber Rhodes - 50 d 5 h ago


YOU WILL WAIT ON HOLD FOR 10 MINUTES OR MORE WHEN YOU CALL !!! The branch I was renting from had their computer system go down. I had a time precious situation and thank god the guy was great but I could NOT GET THTOUGH TO ANYONE ON A PHONE UNLESS I WAITED ON HOLD FOR AT LEAST 10 MIN, WHILE LISTENING TO THE MOST AWFUL HOLD MUSIC/TALKING . On hold they tell you to MAKE A REVIEW 1000000 times. I tried to make a review on the site but the site doesn't recognize my reference number ... and told me to call the number that DOESNT ANSWER smh. I will not call but it is horrible to be on hold , let alone have to blast this horrible sound at me until YOU ANSWER!

Also the trucks don't have cruise control, and they cap your speed at 75 MPH. There needs to be a sign , I relied on the truck to work properly. I nearly died trying to get around a semi truck driver that was messing with me (yes I am a female and no we don't like it if men honk and get our attention while driving , it's gross and scary) .

Then when I returned the truck , they couldn't check me out because it wasn't a "local contract " though I picked up and dropped off at the same spot. Wasting more time. I would use I haul again ONLY IF 100% NECESSARY. I hope to use another company if possibly though because contacting people was a nightmare .

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Cynrhia D Ricks - 50 d 7 h ago


Could someone please call me I have a pressing issue that I am trying to resolve. (hidden)., my name is Cynthia Ricks.

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Nyx - 51 d 23 h ago


U-Haul Moving & Storage of NW Detroit

19990 Telegraph Rd Detroit, MI 48219

I am very disappointed in the service at the above location.

Angie is a poor representative of your company.

Her customer service is grossly lacking. I will make my mission to never use uhaul again and to inform others of the type of service they can expect.

I was over charged for a rental. When I asked for an adjustment, Angie kept me waiting for so long that I gave up and left.

Recently I decided that I would try get my RV propane tanks filled. Angie said she would not risk filling the tanks because the company did not provide the appropriate training. I had the tanks filled in the past at this location. Either I was in danger at the time or Angie was just in a bad mood the last time.

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ellis king - 51 d ago



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Angry Customer - 53 d ago


I called u-haul for a price quote for a two wheel dolly and a truck equipped with a receiver hitch. I was quoted $279 for the truck, $5 for an environmental fee, and $59 for the two wheel dolly. This was a combined total of $343. I asked if insurance was required for this through u-haul and I was told it was covered under the drivers insurance. I called a second time to make the rental over the phone and to confirm the booking at the address 584 King St. Charleston, SC 29403 which told me to total would be $343 which matched the total from the original phone call. I took a taxi cab from union port to the u-haul location because I need the u-haul to tow my car home because I broke down on my way to take a carnival cruise. Upon arriving to the u-haul place I was told to inspect the u-haul to make sure there was no damage to the u-haul. We came inside and we were about to pay for the u-haul and I stuck my card in the machine and it said the total would be $467.61. I asked the employee working what the extra charge was for and he would not explain it to me and said I just had to pay it if I wanted his u-haul. I had no other choice, but to pay the total because at that time there were no rental cars available for a 50 mile radius and this was my only way home. I paid the total and I asked about how to return the u-haul since I only needed it for one day and I would be returning it that night. He said to just drop the u-haul and the key off at the closest location. Later, that day I received an e-mail asking me to set up a u-haul account to make the return after hours. I did not any internet on my phone, so this was not an option. I did not sign any paperwork to rent the u-haul the employee there scribbled though the signature sections. I took my u-haul to food city and refilled it with gas at food-city across the street and took picture of it so I would have proof that I did not damage it in any way. I also took pictures of the mileage and the fuel gauge to prove that I had filled up the vehicle and that I was under the allotted 466 miles. According to the picture I took of the mileage the vehicle had 43309miles and on the receipt it says it was returned with 43310miles on it. At the time the picture was taken the vehicle was full and it was moved 1 mile to get to the u-haul location. The employee said the u-haul used a quarter of a tank of gas to move 1 mile. This does not make any sense at all. I made a video of me dropping my keys into the drop off box for the location. Our local office opens at 9am so I got a ride out there at 9:15am to make sure that we had the truck properly checked in and everything was taken care of. I went to 221 overlook drive lebanon va 24266 and I met Bob Campbell when I went in. He did not even say hello or greet me in any way. I explained to him that I placed the key in the drop box and asked if there was any additional paperwork I needed to do. At that time he said there would be a fee of $39.10 for bringing the truck back not filled up. Keep in mind I did fill it up and food city in Lebanon, VA at 9:49pm at a cost of $48.98 and I took a picture of the milage and fuel hand being on full. I volunteered to provide proof that it was full upon return and he said, "I don't care what kind of proof you have, I can only go by what the truck says." I tried to show him the receipts, the milage, the pictures, as well as, a time stamped video showing when I returned it and that it was full. He still said I would have to pay the fee and explained that the gas through u-haul was around $5 per gallon and that was how much it was to fill it up. At this point I was very mad and walked out of the office to cool down. I came back in to the office and tried to explain everything again and asked him to pull up the security tapes to see what happened to the fuel after we left. At that time he remarked that his security systems were down and he could not help me. I asked to speak with his manager that he called on his personal cell phone. I then spoke the the Field Area Manager by the name of Chris Johnson. Chris Johnson also gave me the run around, but I told him I could provide proof that the vehicle was full when I dropped it off. He agreed to refund the $39.10 back to my bank account in 3 to 5 business days and then I asked for an e-mail to confirm this. He said he could not give me an e-mail and I should take him at his word. I told him I would not do that because I wanted proof it was done. He then sent me an e-mail that it would take 3 to 5 business days to get a refund for my money that never should have been taken out in the first place. I am not at all happy with the experience and I feel like I was cheated out of at least $124.61 which was how much I was misquoted. I would like this situation resolved so please feel free to contact me.

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Anonymous - 51 d 11 h ago

My name is Mark (hidden) contest the bill . . call your credit card company or bank . . . and have them reverse some or all the charges . . Good luck. . .

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Brendan l - 52 d ago


Id thieft not being address and rude customer service reps that hang up.

I was suprised when i recieved a email stating i had a reservation for a truck.. apon calling the cusotmer service dept they acted that i was in error and they doing me a favor. I was hyng up on twice trying to resolve this issue and refused to be allowed to speak to a manager. Under the company privacy the company DOES retain someones financial information all though the customer service rep reported that not being the case. Apon asking to have copies of our calls sent to both customer service agents disconnected thr call.THIS PROBLEM WAS CREATED BY THEM AND THEY REFUSED TO ADDRESS IT... THIS LEAVES ME NO OTHER TO lOG complataints to the bbb sec state attorney fcc for vilitions of federal laws of the telephone act.. id thieft .. interstate banking laws and if they report this a captial gain on the corp balance sheet.. its not my fault nor error.. but it was for the company to fix and they chose not to

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A shocked customer - 53 d ago


A horrible experience! You need to consider there are people with lives counting on your company to deliver what you say you will deliver. I received a confirmation for a truck at a time and location of my choice. The confirmation clearly states a 'confirmation'--not a 'we will find out one where we can and whatever time we can find it.' I called the 1-800 number and was put on hold for >15 minutes. I decided to use the online chat. 'Dawn' said it was not her job to help with this type of issue, but volunteered to try to call. She was put on hold for three 'entire' minutes (poor thing) and decided it was too long, hung up and ended the chat.

I then called the local number in Ranch Cordova, CA. Again, no use. Completely defensive, cited 'this is the best we can do'. When asked to speak with her manager, 'Rhonda' was unavailable. When asked to get a call back today, I was hung up on.

I work for a large tech company that prides itself on customer service. This type of service, or lack thereof, is beyond sad. I would expect some sort of apology, but I do believe it is too much to expect from this company.

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Anonymous - 52 d 17 h ago

Don't expect any response. They don't care. They just want your money. If the vice president won't call back ...good luck. Leave a blog on every website like I am. Sorry you dealt them also.

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Robert - 52 d 17 h ago


Used uhaul a number of times. Will never use them again. 6 phone calls, 3 emails and in every case everyone promised a call back. In every case no call back.

Tried to contact the vice president of uhaul and no return message from the corporate office. This tells you everything about uhaul as a company and there mission statement. " shut up and give me your credit card"

I was a vice president of a major company and if our business ran like this we would be walking our business to our competitor. Company get where they are going.

On four ocassions you lied to my 81 year old father(recorded by your company) and in turn he incurred expense and was without his things.

I will not just give up on this as your company wishes. I will continue to leave reviews on every moving website ,BBB and personal national web sites. My reference ID # 1951384 and my name is Robert. ( order is under Marvin)

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Disgruntled Wi customer. - 54 d 5 h ago


We recently moved to another city in Wi. We rent a U-Haul climate controlled unit and also rented multiple trailers during the moving process. I don't want to get into the dis-satisfaction (not attaching trailer to vehicle properly, promising a reservation only to find out they don't guarantee reservations, etc.) of my experience with U-Haul but it is far from acceptable. The U-Haul resources are robots who have no personality or sympathy for when they make mistakes (no apologies either).

After the rental of the last trailer they provided us a Free Month Storage certificate, which I was surprised since we already had a U-Haul storage unit.. I went back and forth with the U-Haul resource who indicated that the certificate was also good for existing rental units (I didn't think it was right but the U-Haul resource confirmed it was good on an existing unit rental).

I went to use this certificate, only to find out U-Haul does not honor these cert's for existing unit rentals. The U-Haul resource was not very apologetic about the circumstances and indicated to call 1-800 U-Haul. What kind of customer service is this, call an 800 number????? Ridiculous.

In short, this is exactly what billion dollar corporate companies do to customers, we pay them monies only to get sub-par support from their employees.

We will move our belongings to another storage facility.

I went to use the certificate at the U-Haul.

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Daryl - 57 d 1 h ago


Rented a 16 ft truck last Thursday in Hermitage TN, got insurance and signed papers. When I got to my rented vehicle I transferred my items to truck and proceeded to leave the lot, turned on the AC and it smelled like a wet dog smell. Drove about a half mile turned around and took truck back to UHaul. Complained about the smell and he stated that it was the only truck available for rent, although I saw about 10 other vehicles there on lot. Told him that I would not drive 6 hours with the wet dog smell and wanted a refund. He processed a refund but charged $52.00 for "cleaning fee" after I only drove 1/2 mile and returned. TOTAL RIPOFF.

I proceeded down the street and rented a Ryder at about same rates and it was a newer vehicle and clean. My money from today forward goes to Ryder

Uhaul is going to the dogs!

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William Castle - 57 d 7 h ago


The people are rude,and cheated me out of money e-z mart in Winchester ky,I rented a 17 ft u haul for a day and a half took it back and they rented it out again and charged my credit card. I also rented a u haul at the Avon mart in Lexington where got cheated there to

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