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U-Haul Rental System

P.O. BOX 21502
Phoenix, AZ
Edward Shoen
Chairman of the Board
(602) 263-6011
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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York PA - 2 d 18 h ago


When I was online I reserved a 17 foot moving truck because the Roosevelt location represented as if one was available. I received a phone call from the Roosevelt location after I reserved the moving truck. I was informed they do not have a truck until later that evening. I could not wait due to the moving agreement I had with a client. The representative explained they only had a 15 foot truck available for the time which was much needed. I had no other choice but to take it for the same price.

When I arrived on Friday at 4, the representative I worked with Kayleigh Pickett walked me out to my truck. I opened the back utility truck and I noticed there was a hand dolly and a bad of extra blankets. I asked her to take them off because I didn't need them and the items are going to take up space which I needed all the space for the move. She said it was not possible to take them off the truck. Kayleigh said it was the managers policy not to take them off. She told me if I moved them by breaking their seal I would be responsible for the cost. I asked her again please take them off because I don't need them or if something disturbed the seal I would be responsible for the cost especially I'm not using them. Time was racing against me due to my client was texting me. I had no other option at this point but to take it. I told her when I drop the utility truck off I would like to speak to the District Manager about this. She told me I need to speak with the manager Jacob Cliggett about his policy. I have a picture of the dolly and hand truck interfering my move.

When I arrived to drop off the utility truck, I met Jacob Cliggett outside. His body langue and the tone in his voice he in my onion was not professional. He seemed to be annoyed that I took a picture of the burden I had to deal with in this move. I asked for his District Manager contact information. He got rude and walked away from me. I followed him in the building and asked him again for his up line contact because I am going to report his policy and procedures. He declined me and he got rude and told me to call customer service 800uhaul. I told him I will get a hold of his manager, he replied "good luck with that" in a rude tone. Jacob got condescending I turned around a left.

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Drew Fitzgerald - 35 d 20 h ago


Still no contact from any management at U-HAUL, 11 days later! My $19.95 rental ended up costing $ 326 !! U-Haul can claim you damaged something but they won't provide any pictures or proof of the damage, they will just charge your card without any notice or communication. U-Haul, you still suck!!!

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Carol Cunningham - 9 d 16 h ago

I think we can call police love 150.00 is a felony.

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Anonymous - 9 d 16 h ago

App Did not work they 264.68 out of my acct I contacted customer service they over charged for gas I have receipt for gas I put back in the truck returned it on time, clean and gassed back up and they took 3 days to get my money back that the cheated me out of lying about them cleaning the truck and gassing it up and so on and after he app was messed up on their got email saying so. That location lied and stole money from me! The color tile location in Buda, Tx.

CAROL Cunningham

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ANGELETIA MILLER - 18 d 19 h ago


Worst customer service center in the free world!!!!!! Cannot accept partial payments,process payments,update accounts etc!!! 20 calls later m still in limbo!!!!! TRYING TO PAY MY BILL!!!!! I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH U HAUL EVER AGAIN IN THIS LIFETIME!! FRIGGIN SMUCKS!!!

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King Vladeyushyi Mirom - 38 d ago



008 ** The plans for massive global population reduction are no longer a "back burner" issue.

Flagged for review. 
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Drew Fitzgerald - 38 d ago


Eight days and still not even a call from anyone at UHaul. I wonder Ed Shoen even bothers to read these reviews? Based on the lack of caring or follow up I'm guessing Shoen promotes this behavior and poor service. Keep up crappy work UHaul!!

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Drew Fitzgerald - 40 d 15 h ago


Another day and no follow up call from U-Haul management to address my concerns or awful experience. Tried getting in touch with Ben Shock or Rebecca Gay for 2 days and no call back. Good to see U-Haul keeps up the sub par service right up the corporate ladder.

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Drew Fitzgerald - 41 d 7 h ago


Still no follow up call today from a manager. They told me that my situation was being elevated to Rebecca Gay and she would call me back. I left 3 messages for Ms Gay today and still no call back. This nightmare continues!!! I would rent a horse and buggy before I ever rented from UHaul again. Like I said earlier, at least you are consistently non caring, and consistent with the poor service.

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Drew Fitzgerald - 41 d 14 h ago


Even though I purchased the insurance, which should have covered everything but $150 of the damage I didn't do, the Chicago Manager, Orlando went ahead and charged the entire expense to my credit card. Orlando is quite unethical, first charged me without any notice, then didn't apply insurance that I purchased and then was a condescending jerk on the phone with me this morning. I talked to Virginia and she applied my insurance, now I'm out only $150 deductible for damage I didn't do. Would still like a call from upper management at U-Haul but I'm sure these unethical cowards won't make any attempt to make my situation right.

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Drew Fitzgerald - 41 d 14 h ago


I've Been trying to speak with member of management all day today, no return calls. Not only did I get charged $527, I received a second charge of $79!! I thought I was renting a van for 4 hours at $19.95. Been calling every hour and nobody can return my calls. At least they are consistently crappy when it comes to customer service.

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Drew Fitzgerald - 41 d 17 h ago


This is the worst experience of my life!!! I rented a van in Chicago on 08/31. Had to pick up van in abandoned parking lot with no UHaul employees attending the lot. Had to use some horrible app that didn't work. Was supposed to get van at 9:30 am, didn't get into it until 1:30 pm! Proceed took so long, the battery on my phone died and I had to take a cab home to recharge the phone and then take a cab back to the abandon lot to finish the check in. I used the van and dropped off at the unlit; unattended gravel abandon parking lot. I find out today that the Chicago Manager, Orlando charged my credit card $527 for damage that I didn't do. Orlando or anyone at UHaul didn't have the decency or fortitude to contact me and question any alleged damage, they just charged my card without any notice. They say I broke a back up camera in the van? How many times does anybody even touch a back up camera to damage it. They say the windshield is cracked, surprise, surprise, when you leave vehicles in a dark abandon gravel parking lot on the west side of Chicago without any attendant, and windshield is cracked ? Your lucky the vans are still there after the weekend. I am still fighting to get my $ 527 back as of now, I've spoke to 4 managers and still no resolution!!

This is the worst experience ever, the lack of follow up, customer service and integrity is second to none. How can anyone claim good customer service, when you have to pick up a vehicle in an abandon lot with no attendant. That is consider NO service!!!!

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Charles E. Woods - 47 d 12 h ago

I visited store #779053 in Columbus Ga. and the service was fantastic,but it would have been nice if if the company would allow the to drink machines Or a water fountain for custermers. I had to walk over a mile to get something to drink after being there two hours .the manager and the staff again were fantastic.

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Globaloney - 50 d 15 h ago



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** Did you know that in the non-Great Britain books such as Nigger at Eton can be purchased, read and discussed without people having convulsions and throwing up over the use of the N-word? In fact, this book was a best-seller and the Black author loved the royalties better than steamed missionary.

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Jim - 50 d 16 h ago


RIPOFF U-HAUL I got totally ripoff from u-lie! I rented a Cargo Van on Aug 13Th returned it on Aug 19TH. U-LIE gave me a price of 350.00

including 750 miles.When i arrived at the rental location at 8AM i was the only person there. I left at 9.35, it gets better the lady had no idea what she was doing. She had to get someone on the to help her. First she hands me the agreement which is ti rent the Van for 6hrs.I had to call U-LIE

customer service after the hour and 35 mins i was out of there.I return the van on Monday August 19Th around 4.30 PM full tank of gas.I only used 515 miles, 30 mins latter i get a invoice for 552 and change.I called U-LIE customer service they claim must of been a mistake and they will get it taken care of a GM will call me with in 72hrs! Never happened do not rent from these crooks i was overcharged 200 dollars.

I am filing a chargeback with my bank. PLEASE DO NOT TRUST U-LIE ! THEY GOT ME! U COULD BE NEXT



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Peter Healy - 53 d 6 h ago


I've had a rental locker for a good part of 12 months in Moncton New Brunswick and I've had several issues with my location and it's manager. I called costumer service to make a complaint and the following day I received a eviction notice folded up and wedge in the door of my locker. I asked the manger what the reason was and was told because of miss use of my 24/h ( as I set the alarm off twice) and I used a extension cord to my locker. If you can call a iPhone charger a extension cord I am guilty. I called back to costumer service and a manager there told me that it had been reported by the location manager I was living there. So I make several complaints about the location, it's service and the manager and he lies and makes up a story of me living there. Well the truth to it all is I live in a different province and was back to my locker sorting through 50 or so boxes taking pictures to post on kijiji to sell. The only time that it is quiet is late night and again if you call sorting and posting ads on the internet to sell my belonging that were stored living in my locker then guilty. Talk about childish, instead of addressing my complaints they make up nonsense and evict me. The best part is no one from the company or it's managers has contacted me about anything. Pathetic!

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Anonymous - 65 d 10 h ago


The worst company to ever rent from. First off went and got my truck rental from a gas station that has uhaul trucks. The guy didn't speak a lick of English. I rented it at 2pm on a friday and had it back on friday at 730 before the drop off time of 830. He charged me for 2 days, charged me 1.19 a mile instead of .79, charged me for gas saying it wasnt full at $17.00, charged 2 days of insurance so my bill was $147.42 which was an additional 60.50 on top of what I paid. Well looking at my account the guy charged me the $147.42 and the $60.50 so now my deposit for my apt may bounce. And uhaul customer service wont help for jack shit and told me I have to wait to have someone call me back either monday, tuesday or wed... what a bunch of bullshit!

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Virginia Elliott - 53 d 9 h ago

(hidden) is the number I called and asked to speak to the CEO. They let me talk to a lady named honoree. She helped me with my issues. Her extention is 850881. She is very nice and the customer service manager on duty rite now. I hope that helps you.

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Virginia Elliott - 53 d 10 h ago

Virginia Elliott is my name. I rented a truck from you, and the man told me it was 342.65 and he charged me 700.00. He took 400.00 in cash and charged the credit card too. I have talked a Matthew Davis. In Lexington and he said he would get the cash back. Because the guy that owns it put the cash in his pocket lied and said he didn't work that day. And now Matthew keeps saying he will look in to it. Well obviously uhaul are all thieves. And I will get that 300.00 back because he took it from a 68 year old Vietnam veteran. He is on a fixed income and now I have pay my dad back because they let thieves run their business. I hope he enjoyed that 300.00 dollars. Because karma is a bitch. And I will get that money back I'd I have to call a lawyer!!!

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Derrick - 67 d 7 h ago


I reserved a truck from U-Haul at 10:00 in the morning for a pick up at 8:30pm that same night, when I got to U-Haul to pick the truck up it wasn't there and they were closed, called them and stayed on the phone for over an hour for them to tell me I had to go to a different location which was more than 15 miles out the way and when I refused to do that they told me oh well it's nothing they can do about it. So now my things are going to be put out on the street in the morning because I don't have a truck and U-Haul doesn't want to compensate me for any of their mistakes, I advise anyone that needs a truck to move their items do not use U-Haul trucks, they are a rip-off, they can't even get one star from me.

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Never use you - 67 d 16 h ago

Try calling the one in Fredericksburg va off of plank rd


I called 4 different days was put on hold every time

With no one every to pick up

My recommendation is use someone else they are too


Also called corporate and was put on hold also

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Anonymous - 77 d 12 h ago


One of the worst ran companies out there. They lie ,deceive, don't keep the contract you set with them and do not try to help you out on their mistakes with your contract. Never use them. There is better DIY moving companies.

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Dr.Marion Wilson - 74 d ago



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Mike Williamson - 74 d 15 h ago


Yesterday our son was traveling across country and his Uhaul trailer had a problem that disabled the trailer. One of the ball bearing sets locked up and a tire caught on fire. This left our son in the desert at 109 degree weather stranded. The process to get help was ridiculous. We tried multiple times to fill out the online requests and then to contact people. Once we finally did get someone to help, it took hours to resolve the issue and five people on our end calling multiple people to try to get a resolution. This incident was really handled poorly and without five of us working on it, it would not have been resolved. It would be good for the incident to be reviewed to and to try to improve the way incidents like this are handled.

The main reason that I am writing this not was to point out two shining stars. Most of the people we talked to at U-haul were not helpful at all and we were left with the "we will see what we can do" with little to no follow up. One exception to this is Shamekia Hampton. Shamekia could not have been more helpful, kind and professional. Shamekia understood the predicament our son was in and went into immediate action to try to help. Shamekia kept me on the line and regularly updated me on what she had done and who she was going to contact next. Shamekia keep contacting person after person until she got some answers for us. Shamekia should be recognized for handling of our situation yesterday.

Another standout was Chris Alfaro, an hourly employee at the Cathedral City U-haul on Ramone street. Ramon was supposed to be off at 4:00 but he stayed until after 7:00 to try to help our son and his friend. Chris understood that they had two of the trailers on the property that my son needed but was told he could not have. After several hours of getting no where with U-haul corporate, I am pretty sure it was Chris that finally got a solution worked out. He was able to get our boys one of the trailers they had on site and was able to get another trailer to their location the next day for the person that had reserved the tailer. Common sense. Chris then offered to help our boys move their stuff from one trailer to another. Chris refused to take any money for his help until I insisted that the boys give him a "tip" for helping.

U-Haul would be well served to have more Shamekias and Chris' and less of the other customer service people we talked to yesterday.

Mike Williamson

If you would like to try to resolve this issue more favorably, you could contact Drew Williamson at (hidden). Drew and his friend were the ones that had the horrible experience with the failed equipment.

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Dr.Marion Wilson - 74 d ago



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