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U-Haul Rental System

P.O. BOX 21502
Phoenix, AZ
Edward Shoen
Chairman of the Board
(602) 263-6011
Annual Sales Est
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William Castle - 3 h 25 m ago


The people are rude,and cheated me out of money e-z mart in Winchester ky,I rented a 17 ft u haul for a day and a half took it back and they rented it out again and charged my credit card. I also rented a u haul at the Avon mart in Lexington where got cheated there to

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Anonymous - 8 d 16 h ago

By far the worst in the business and it only gets worse, got a truck rental with the storage only to come back and find out that I owe on top of what I have already paid. They will buckle and dime you everytime, it's best to just find somewhere else to store your belongings. Their customer service sucks, stay away!

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RPinNC - 13 d 22 m ago


Will NEVER use U-Haul again. Their trucks are awful, truck had 159K miles and felt like it. Door handle broken so you can't open window. Air conditioning not working. Tires bald. Truck dented all over. Couldn't open passenger door from the outside. The pick-up location was at a mini mart so you had to contend with customers buying gas, lottery tickets, and soda before you can get help. The gentleman helping us had a very heavy Indian accent and I couldn't understand him. The trucks were parked on a lawn with no clear way to exit except across the lawn, down into a gulley before you can get to the main road. I called U-Haul to register a complaint and was on hold for 30 minutes. Area manager finally called after three days and told me the truck was fine mechanically and had inspected it himself. Huh?! That's their idea of customer service? STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! If there was a way to rate lower than 0 stars, U-haul would receive that rating from me.

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U-Haul Portage, Mi. And the corporate office - 16 d 34 s ago


I'm sooo unsatified with U-Haul. This is the second time I've been treated this way. Who charges 30.00$ a gallon for gas? U-Haul that who. Then after returning from the gas station a second time they wanted in additional 12.00$ for going over the mileage. We only had the truck for 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Then after expressing my feeling they decided not to change the 12$ and stated I'd be on the black list or X out something that I could careless. Cause I'm not using them again. O did I say this is the office in portage, Mi. Near Kalamazoo, Michigan. Also the ladies had a lot to say as I was leaving. Nothing while I stood there.

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Your worst nightmare - 16 d ago

I'm writing my review now .. and it's going to be far worse then everyone else my husband and I had to wait almost 3 months for a 100 dollar check this is fucking ridiculous on top of that you had numerous people whom of which I have all their recorded calls say they have never spoke to my husband!? Are you stupid or just plain fucking STUPID we have you guys recorded morons and not to mention the other 3 week wait to still receiving no check you guys suck huge monkey balls and hope uhaul goes to shit fuck your chairman fuck your representatives fuck your whole uhaul chain I hope they all get back packed bombed and hopefully you guys then will learn how to treat your loyal customers .. by far the best piece of shit company I've ever encountered in life...DONT USE UHAUL

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The worst customer service ever. - 19 d 19 h ago


I have been waiting two months for someone to call me back to schedule a drop off of my belongings.I have left messages and the only way to speak to some one is to drive from San Francisco to Hayward which is where my things are.This will be the second trip.out here .

I really just want my things back

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David Boatner - 20 d ago


Mr. Edward Shoen, your Chairman, should read the reviews that are posted! Not one positive review! And the negative ones are as bad as any customer service I have ever seen! Now, let me add to it! I made an online reservation at the end of July for the installation of a trailer hitch on my sons car and for a trailer to be installed and picked up on 8/17/18. This to drive from Houston to Prescott AZ, to get him moved in to a college apartment. During the week before the 8/17 install I received 2 confirming emails and 3 phone calls reminding me (I also had prepaid for the hitch and made a deposit on the trailer).

On 8/16 I called to find out approximate time for hitch install and was informed 1.5-2.5 hours, but did not have a trailer (that was reserved). after much discussion and consternation (why so many confirming calls if you didn't have a trailer), one was found.

When we arrived early for a 9:00 am appointment on 8/17, we were advised they didn't have a hitch! again, after much discussion and consternation, the proper hitch was found in a corner? The 9 am appointment for installation ended up starting at 11;30 am. The hitch was finally installed and the trailer hooked up at 4;00 Pm. The 1.5 to 2.5 commited time turned in to 7 hours. Now for the really good part;

- The wiring harness looks like a 7 year old installed it

- The many hours of install resulted in something very loose under the dash (where they removed parts to connect the wiring under the hood); The noise persisted for the entire 23 hour trip and my son will take to the dealer as soon as arrangements can be made at college

- Two signinficant dents were made in and around the trunk of the car during the 7 hour install ordeal

- I observed 15-20 customers buying materials or arranging for rentals during my 7 hour wait; all were treated with disdain, horrible customer service and all had to wait while reps and managers chit chatted; I have never witnessed such horrible customer service in my 50+ years of buying or renting anything.

Every time I see a U-haul truck or trailer from now on, I will wonder if that individual experienced the service that we did!

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Team Ortega - 21 d 17 h ago


I realize call centers are not the same. The customer service i received today and my wife on two separate calls were very rude and unprofessional. The lady ,(Martha), who helped me got irritated with the call and questions I was asking and just disconnected our call. The lady, (Ann), was rude to my wife and wouldn't even listen our try to help and discontinued her call.

I'm an EX-MILITARY VETERAN with the US Army. I was really disappointed with the way these ladies handled our calls and just dismissed us like we were nothing. Both knew I was ex- military, cause I was asking if they offered discounts for military personnel active or inactive. Hopefully, this reaches the appropriate management team to resolve or give these ladies some additional training in professionalism, courtesy, respect, and superior customer service.

I called Penske, and these men/ladies went above and beyond to help us. I not only got a bigger truck (22'Truck w/ Penske) at a cheaper price to Uhauls 20'truck, and I received a military discount and unlimited miles. Now, I am set for my transfer across the US from Tennessee to Utah with my Amazing company. Btw I did need a car hauler but Penske helped us with that as well. Our car will arrive in Utah before we do.

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CYTRA - 24 d 41 m ago


This was at the Queens Woodside, NY 11377. This location we rent the truck services were really bad. The assitance manager or magager was a liar, she disrepect to customer. After i returned the truck cleaning fee she was over charging us for $75. She came up with any amount to charge cleaning services. BAD BAD system.

Credit card charged to my account without my authority. The u-haul cooperation must change their system regarding credit cards, remind customers about tolls citations, trucks, cars toll to tunnels etc...


I thought the rental was a good price end up i had to pay so much more.


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Brian - 24 d 8 m ago


Reserved a uhaul and when I showed up they told me they had none available at the Woodstock GA location. Nobody contacted me to let know. Poor customer service and they were aware not hard to pick up a phone.

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Elaine - 24 d 10 h ago


This was at the Denver CO. As location We rented a truck for 1 day we were charged 2 days they charged our credit card $65 when we 1st got there then we told to bring back the truck before 10 p.m. the next day we bought it back earlier they charged our account $170 more and still trying to charge another $90 this truck rental should not cost us over $200 -$300 a day we went to go talk to the manager and he was the up most rudest person and said he can charge whatever he wants. Advise don't go to Uhaul n give them your charge card...

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Derrick - 26 d ago


My name is Derrick Dawson and I have rented a truck from your company on 8/9 to move from Waukegan IL to North Richland Hills TX but booked it 7/31 after I booked it i login on my and printed out my order/reservation confirmation. I was given a price by a corporate manager of 511.00 for the truck and 132.00 for the tow dolly. So I go to the Waukegan location to pick up the equipment and the manager by the name of Matias was rude and had a bad and poor attitude told me the price for this rental will be 2,052.00 after I showed him the confirmation I got from corporate that is a 1,500 dollar discrepancy in the price that I was given. He told me to call your corporate office 1-800-Go-U-Haul so I did and I spoke to one rep and they stated that they can't help me so I asked to speak to a manager I waited on the phone for 45 minuets then I got hung up on. So i call again and this time a rep picked up and I stated I would like to speak to a member of management so the rep transfer me to another rep after I specifically asked to speak to a member of management. So then that rep said ok I will transfer you to the right person. Then that rep hung up on me again. So I tried to log back in on my and my account wasn't found as if it was deleted. So after many hours of trying to get this resolved my family and I were on a extremely time line. So we had to borrow the money so we can stay on our time line. And after a few days of the move I reached out to the General Manager at the North Richland Hills location David Potts. David gave me the up most respect and was very apologetic even helped me make a formal complaint about the Waukegan location and David told me that should be getting a phone call within 48hours from the general manager or the President. After 3days I haven't received a call/text or a email from no one. So I reached out to David again and he told me to try calling corporate again if you don't get nowhere let me know I can try to reach out to my boss to see if we can get this fix for you. So I called again and I talked to a rep by the name of Tina and she transferred me to a manager by the name of Sondra Kingsolver she was nice enough to make a customer action file. Then she emailed me back stating that the file was close and the credit of 1,500 was denied by the traffic control manager.

My experience with your company has been nothing but a disaster and the people you have working in your corporate office have no customer service and the team at the Waukegan location need to be rebuilt. I just need for this issue to be resolved and taken care of. I know U-Haul is a better company than that.

Please email or call me

Cell # 1(hidden)

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U-Haul in Pensacola Florida - 28 d ago


Hi my name is Alfreda Robinson I have rented one of your 26 big truck pulling a SUV having problems with the speed on the truck in Madison Tennessee I've been having problems with this trouble when I picked it up out of Pensacola Florida on Davis Highway the young lady that sold the truck tell me did not do a walk around the truck the speed monitor I mean not the speedometer gas gauge was not correct then what was on the paper that she supposed to cook corrected They delayed my trip was supposed to got up and left the next day after picking the truck up on Friday Saturday morning we supposed to left realize that the truck did not have any back lights left out on Sunday night was Sonia full day morning and now we in Madison Tennessee truck problem and I'm getting upset because it's hot out here and I really don't know where I'm really at and it's delaying my departure how could someone please give me a call at area code (hidden) I think I should be, dated with something because this not right it started from the beginning when I pick this truck up and it just not right but I'm not trying to go and be disrespectful I'm not trying to get upset I know it's going to work it work itself out but I want you to be aware of your people's some of your people that work for you they're not doing their job and will too far to be out here broke down with Furniture pulling a truck and it's it's hot out here and I'm very hot I have my blood pressure is going up my nose is bleeding and I am really getting frustrated

PS posed to return this truck back to the U-Haul place on Tuesday but we still not there yet

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Dissatisfied customer - 31 d 20 h ago

I will NEVER be a customer again!! They are trying to charge me for an extra day,a late fee,and a mileage fee. None of the above is correct!! We returned on time and refueled, they are saying that is not the case, and that we were 1.4 miles over allowed miles. I rented three trucks previously to exactly the same place with no extra miles. This place is bogus!! And don't bother trying to contact them... they only give you the run around!!

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Anonymous - 32 d 15 h ago


Horrible service will never rent from this place EVER. We rented a truck for one day and they overcharged $800.00 the store manager stated we were at wrong because the truck we rented happened to be a local truck so therefore needed to be returned back to same location. When initially he even gave my husband location in other destination city to drop off. My husband called and the a report with central office and they were supposed to call us back which they never did. Later in process of moving my husband lost his wallet therefore he cancelled all cards. Today they charged us over $600.00 how !? When we had no longer had card due to us canceling it.. How!! Did they manage to take out $600.00 from our bank account. I called them back today twice and they stated this issue had already been resolved the notes on our report stated my husband had admitted in doing wrong and it was his mistake that we knew we had a local truck and how much they were going to charge us which they had already charges $189.00 this is BS. "Manager" states she would have someone us call us back once again and reopen report and when asked how they managed to take out $600.00 from our account she states dthhey had used whatever card we had on file.. Once again HOW!? If my husband cancelled that card due to it being lost. .... . DONT EVER RENT FROM THIS PLACE EVER......

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Anonymous - 34 d 20 h ago


U-Haul is by far the worst company ever have ever had to deal with when it comes to customer services. It is the proverbial "right hand not knowing what the left is doing" I was guaranteed delivery of 3 uboxes on a certain date and they were not delivered. After repeated phone calls and transfers within the company I was finally able to get my boxes delivered. Again I and my wife had to track these down. When asked for compensation with the local supervisor an amount was agreed upon, however it has been 10 business days and we have yet to be credited with the full amount of the refund agreed upon.

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Cathy - 35 d ago


My property was stolen from the West Hartford, Ct storage facility , I am very upset. I filed a police report and nothing was done. I filed a report with U haul and of course nothing was done. someone entered my unit with a key . Low and behold the Manager of this location was fired shortly after . Now I made a payment of 50.00 on Saturday and when I checked my credit card balance , I was charge an additional 7.50 to my card without my approval but given a receipt for 50.00. is the 7.50 going into someone's pocket ?

I am very upset with U haul and would not recommend them to anyone. Unfortunately I am stuck there until my location is ready for me to move in . No one has done anything to help me resolve my concerns.

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Cliff Miller - 35 d ago


After changing my reservation location without telling me, I lost nearly 2 hours time and at least $20 in additional gas costs due to the changes. When I asked for some consideration at the time of pickup, I was told to contact U Haul because the rental location could not make any changes. When I called U Haul customer service, they told me it had to be done at the time of the rental. In order to get nothing resolved, I spent over an hour on the phone with customer service.

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Brandy - 37 d 24 h ago


After a couple of mishaps with renting a trailer I settled for a 10 foot truck to move my stuff across 4 states. I stopped over night made sure everything was locked up even double checked the lock on the cargo door to make sure it was secure. Remind you I paid for full coverage insurance. At 8am I left my hotel room and went to the truck the lock was gone and over half of the cargo area was stolen. I called the police made a report call the hotel security mad a report and called uhaul made a claim and was called back in 1 hr. There's nothing we can do of the truck wasn't damaged is what I was told. I have servalance footage of the hole thing to prove my case but no one cares from this company. I pay for I insurance for this reason it would be dumb not to. How would you feel if you where me and got told to deal with it?

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Anonymous - 40 d 20 h ago


On 7/19/18, my husband and I ordered U Box going from St. Paul, MN to Memphis, TN. The U Box will first go to the U HAUL location in Southaven, MS, and then go to Memphis, TN via truck delivery.

On 7/21/18, we picked up the U Box to load our belongings in St. Paul, and then dropped it off to the U HAUL St. Paul location the same day. I received an email saying that our credit card would be charged on 8/1/18 for the transport between MN and MS, and the U Box was guaranteed to be delivered to MS on 8/6/18. Then, the truck delivery to Memphis was scheduled on 8/8/2018.

On 8/3/18, I tried to call U HAUL customer service because my credit card still hadn't been charged, but no one picked up after 45min of holding on the phone. I also tried to Live Chat with U HAUL customer service, but the technician was not helpful at all.

Between 8/4/18 and 8/8/18, I tried calling and Live Chatting with U HAUL customer service, but we kept being told that everything was fine with our order, and our U Box would arrive in Memphis on time.

Finally on 8/8, I got someone to figure out that our U Box hadn't even been picked up from MN by then, and it was the date that the U Box was scheduled to arrive in Memphis. After the call with customer service, I received an email that the U Box had been picked up, and our guaranteed arrival date to Southaven, MS had changed to 8/9.

On 8/9, my credit card was finally charged for the shipping.

Now it's 8/14/18, and my U Box still has not been delivered to Southaven, MS. The truck delivery date for Memphis has been changed to 8/16/18 by U HAUL. I called and called customer service, and NO ONE could tell me the reason for the delay and when my U Box would actually arrive. Furthermore, U HAUL reimburses customers $50 a day for everyday the delivery is late after the guaranteed delivery date. However, because our guaranteed delivery date had changed from 8/6/18 to 8/9/18, NO ONE has been able to tell us whether the late fee would start to accumulate on 8/6/18 or 8/9/18.

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Mark Bee - 43 d 20 h ago


The location in Murray, Utah (on State Steet) should lose their franchise. Look at reviews! Their lack of professionalism is very damaging to the brand!

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Nina B - 45 d ago


This web page has THE WRONG PHONE #!!!!!!! U-Haul's Corporate Offices are in Phoenix Arizona.

Their phone number is six-zero-two, Two-six-three, six-zero-one-one. If I type the numbers this site edits it (blocks it out).

CORRECT YOUR SITE!!!! U-Haul Rental System is not a business name.

Rating is for this page

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Monica - 47 d ago


I rented a 10' moving van and a tow dolly last week from Philadelphia (8 E. Oregon Avenue, Philadelphia, PA) to Raleigh, NC. It cost me $1,361 without any insurance. I to re-rent the truck and tow dolly because my final destination was Newnan,GA. When I got Raleigh the manager there realized that the tow dolly contract wasn't completed so she called Philadelphia and spoke to the manager there, told her to close it out because she needed to rent it out. The manager in Philadelphia in turn charges my card for safe to insurance which I didn't ask for in the first place. So when I asked the manager in Raleigh why was I charged for that she told me that the charge was from Philly so she called the manager back and told her that I didn't have that coverage. Of course the Philly manager said that she would reverse the charges back to my card but it never happened. I called Philly later on that day and on Friday August 3, and both times she was busy and she would call me back. Haven't heard from her yet. I emailed customer service and no response. Never again!

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Martin Correy - 45 d 17 h ago


Sorry for the lose of money, and trust that she would do the right thing. But a one person move with two vehicles to be driven the tow dolly Insurance should have been attached to the insurance you had for the truck and if not then all of it was insured on your insurance for the insurance you carry on your vehicle but here's the thing you were driving their vehicle so she may have told you you weren't covered but you had to have been for the insurance isn't to cover you but to cover the corporation for a loss of vehicle and insurance is for replacement cost so all the goods inside the vehicle which are yours are not covered so what insurance are they charging you for the insurance is the first scam ever which was created by the Templars which also gave us our banking practices but this shows me that Corporation head Corporation did nothing for you in this matter but then it be your word against her word and chords and now that you're out of the state she had no reason not to believe she could cheat you out of that money for the insurance policy on the vehicle that you drove is not carried by the headquarters goodbye the individual U-Haul which it just a scam for them to pocket money for if you don't need the insurance it's not return to you so it's like the dice or spinning the wheel I throw the dice 7u in craps you lose on this case there's no accident no damage there for you lose wow. My point is this no one wants to pay for services not rendered or needed no one wishes to waste their time time is money so no one else should waste your money or taking your money and not returning it makes you feel as if she broke into your house and stole your things but I take it you paid cash and not a bank card for your debit card would show where the money actually went then you have evidence you need in court and you're not having the original paper that was conveniently left out of the paperwork is like wow. I was going to contact head corporation on my situation but I see it be a waste of time

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Anonymous - 47 d 15 h ago

Their used truck resale program is non existant. The Web site to even find units in your area is very poor and uncoordinated. And once you do find a location with used trucks for sale, there is NOBODY there to talk to about it. There seems to be no real incentive to sell these units... Sad, they all have a big cluster of very dusty unsold trucks setting around their locations. Sure is a large corporate asset just setting around depreciating. (hidden)

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