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U-Haul Rental System

P.O. BOX 21502
Phoenix, AZ
Edward Shoen
Chairman of the Board
(602) 263-6011
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Anonymous - 10 d 40 m ago


The worst company to ever rent from. First off went and got my truck rental from a gas station that has uhaul trucks. The guy didn't speak a lick of English. I rented it at 2pm on a friday and had it back on friday at 730 before the drop off time of 830. He charged me for 2 days, charged me 1.19 a mile instead of .79, charged me for gas saying it wasnt full at $17.00, charged 2 days of insurance so my bill was $147.42 which was an additional 60.50 on top of what I paid. Well looking at my account the guy charged me the $147.42 and the $60.50 so now my deposit for my apt may bounce. And uhaul customer service wont help for jack shit and told me I have to wait to have someone call me back either monday, tuesday or wed... what a bunch of bullshit!

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Derrick - 11 d 18 h ago


I reserved a truck from U-Haul at 10:00 in the morning for a pick up at 8:30pm that same night, when I got to U-Haul to pick the truck up it wasn't there and they were closed, called them and stayed on the phone for over an hour for them to tell me I had to go to a different location which was more than 15 miles out the way and when I refused to do that they told me oh well it's nothing they can do about it. So now my things are going to be put out on the street in the morning because I don't have a truck and U-Haul doesn't want to compensate me for any of their mistakes, I advise anyone that needs a truck to move their items do not use U-Haul trucks, they are a rip-off, they can't even get one star from me.

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Never use you - 12 d ago

Try calling the one in Fredericksburg va off of plank rd


I called 4 different days was put on hold every time

With no one every to pick up

My recommendation is use someone else they are too


Also called corporate and was put on hold also

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Anonymous - 22 d ago


One of the worst ran companies out there. They lie ,deceive, don't keep the contract you set with them and do not try to help you out on their mistakes with your contract. Never use them. There is better DIY moving companies.

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Dr.Marion Wilson - 18 d 7 h ago



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Mike Williamson - 19 d ago


Yesterday our son was traveling across country and his Uhaul trailer had a problem that disabled the trailer. One of the ball bearing sets locked up and a tire caught on fire. This left our son in the desert at 109 degree weather stranded. The process to get help was ridiculous. We tried multiple times to fill out the online requests and then to contact people. Once we finally did get someone to help, it took hours to resolve the issue and five people on our end calling multiple people to try to get a resolution. This incident was really handled poorly and without five of us working on it, it would not have been resolved. It would be good for the incident to be reviewed to and to try to improve the way incidents like this are handled.

The main reason that I am writing this not was to point out two shining stars. Most of the people we talked to at U-haul were not helpful at all and we were left with the "we will see what we can do" with little to no follow up. One exception to this is Shamekia Hampton. Shamekia could not have been more helpful, kind and professional. Shamekia understood the predicament our son was in and went into immediate action to try to help. Shamekia kept me on the line and regularly updated me on what she had done and who she was going to contact next. Shamekia keep contacting person after person until she got some answers for us. Shamekia should be recognized for handling of our situation yesterday.

Another standout was Chris Alfaro, an hourly employee at the Cathedral City U-haul on Ramone street. Ramon was supposed to be off at 4:00 but he stayed until after 7:00 to try to help our son and his friend. Chris understood that they had two of the trailers on the property that my son needed but was told he could not have. After several hours of getting no where with U-haul corporate, I am pretty sure it was Chris that finally got a solution worked out. He was able to get our boys one of the trailers they had on site and was able to get another trailer to their location the next day for the person that had reserved the tailer. Common sense. Chris then offered to help our boys move their stuff from one trailer to another. Chris refused to take any money for his help until I insisted that the boys give him a "tip" for helping.

U-Haul would be well served to have more Shamekias and Chris' and less of the other customer service people we talked to yesterday.

Mike Williamson

If you would like to try to resolve this issue more favorably, you could contact Drew Williamson at (hidden). Drew and his friend were the ones that had the horrible experience with the failed equipment.

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Dr.Marion Wilson - 18 d 7 h ago



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UHAUL SUCKS - 18 d 17 h ago





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Dr.Marion Wilson - 18 d 7 h ago


So agree! Just had the worst experience with them As well!!!

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Dr.Marion Wilson - 18 d 7 h ago


I have never done any reviews before,but felt this one was warranted after friends said to do it to help others thinking about using your company. Then,just read other bad reviews so decided to add another. Saw on this that your rating is 1/2 of 1 star!!! I totally agree with that.

Had to drive 3 hours round trip just to get a truck to move our grand daughter to college. Then,12 hours round trip to take her! With 3 places to get uhaul trucks in our own town,plus 3 much closer towns(2 of which are only 10 miles away) to get the truck was absurd. The day before they called saying we had to go a lot further to pick one up! THEN we get there and the stupid person had double booked our truck. Yes,double booked it.Had to wait while they went and picked one up that was closer to our town to begin with!!! Whaaaat? Seriously. Also the couple of gals I talked to talked fast,were vague,snarky and flip and just out right rude when you merely asked simple easy questions. If they don't like their jobs they need to find another one instead of taking it out on customers!!! (X customers now)The whole non committing process was the worst experience ever! We will never use this company or recommend it to friends or family! After reading other reviews I know many many others feel the same way. So sad for the company to get such a bad reputation.

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Anonymous - 23 d ago


I made a 24 hour reservation, got a confirmation for the reservation in my email so I summed everything would be ok when I went to pick up my reservation. Day of I logged into the U-Haul account to pick up my rental for it to not show up on my orders. I type the reservation number to find my order and it says order already exists would you like to search for another order. I know it exists! But it wont give me any other information. I called corporate to figure out how to not have this issue arise again and they said it was canceled because I wasn't there at the specific time to pick up the U-Haul. Nowhere does it express that there is an expiration time that it needs to be picked up by. I was coming in from out of town and wasn't sure what time I would be back in so I just put down the earliest that I might possibly be able to get it. I was not able to get it right then and by the time I did they had canceled it already! So I had to wait till the store physically opened to get another U-Haul thus making me late for the event that I needed the U-Haul for. I brought this to the store they just dismissed it as my problem too bad and pretty much the same from corporate say that I should have called 1800gohual and that its my fault that I didn't know to call them to open the reservation for me!

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Anonymous - 23 d 6 h ago

Anonymous - have a reservation for truck and can't pick up because uhaul's system is down. Had 8:30 pickup confirmations and agent didn't show up until 9. Uhaul doesn't know when system will be back up. Sitting here looking at truck. Never heard of company without backup emergency plan . DON'T RENT UHAUL. You will end up being SCREWED!

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John - 23 d 15 h ago


Rented a truck for three days, had to change reservation dates due to closing changing. Went to the urbandale Iowa store to do this made a new reservation thought everything was handled. I received a call this past Saturday 27 of July in which the uhaul representative asked if I still needed my reservation for this weekend I said"no" I asked if my reservation was still good for this coming weekend he said "yes" but it was for one day instead of three. Well that won't work since I requested three they said " I could bring the truck back a swap out the truck um no no I can't I'm not going to bring the truck back and unload it two times. I was a loyal customer but after this I'll make sure to never use you again and I'm telling everyone about your crappy and rude customer service.

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Brian in Hamburg NY - 27 d 8 h ago


Horrible experience.....3 calls with incorrect reservation in one day. Phone calls noted that never happened. Changing my reservation without my consent to cover their own verbal agreement that the correct truck will be in the correct location after the incorrect reservation was made.. Not one email confirmation that matched what was discussed. 4th call ended with trying to schedule me in a new location much farther away with increased mileage, which they will not compensate for. This was due to a new conflict with times scheduled with another customer at the same time. Asked to speak with a manager"Who went home for the day". Asked for the manager to call me when in the morning when she would be in, "said i would have to call back in". 5th call? No thank you.

I have never had such a bad experience or had a business care so little to assist their customers. If you are relying heavily on your truck don't go with uhaul. I booked with budget later that evening with no issues, at a cheaper rate. I will be sure to continue to share my experience over and over again verbally and written until i receive a call from someone apologizing for such a bad experience.

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Patsy D Lee - 29 d ago


Hello , My name is Patsy Lee and I am a 58 yrs old female who over a year ago used your company located in Hickory Flat Georgia , where a man names James Hubbard and myself had a conflict about me being late two hours from the time he asked me when I would return it. First off

,when you advertise renting a truck I of course had already paid him and really dont know why I was ask when I would be done moving? I'm not a Witch who can look in a crystal ball and honestly assumed he was asking for his own knowledge. I cant foresee in the future if I would have had problems or not and believed he was wanting just a estimate. I have called a very long time ago and spoke with a Mike I believe and explained everything before. He had told me he would look into this matter but like so many others in his position never called me back not even until this day. If you rent a truck for 24 hours then dont ask unless I'm past my 24 hours and then because I was two hours and thirty min late from the estimation I told Mr. Hubbard he proceeded calling me and was furious, rude, talking about me in front of customers and his coworker and finally I looked up and told him that if he continued to mock me amongst other things I would call the police out. He then had mentioned that he didnt care cuz he went ahead and took another days rental for the truck, the dolly, and something else. I am disabled living on a measley $1000 monthly on fixed income and informed him I wanted my money put back on my credit card cuz he had no authorization to do that. I inquired with Mike about this entire situation and asked isn't there a camera in these places ,and by now Mr Hubbard called Cherokee Cty himself and whatever he told them was a lie. They showed up as I was on hold with corporate waiting for a answer when 4 officers came in and told me I was under arrest for criminal trespass because Hubbard had asked me to leave. I immediately told that officer that he never ask me to leave and i had asked Mike (corporate) about the cameras and he said yes mam there are cameras in all our stores. Fast forward so i asked is there anyway he could look at the film and me knowing I'm within my rights to get it , and he would see what i told him was the truth.So not once did he ever reach out to me ,never heard from yall and the clincher to this nightmare is that two weekends prior I had called and reserved truck at another location and somehow never got one cuz i called and cAncelled both times. Now sir i was over my deadline of moving so needless to say i still owe that landlord two thousand dollars for no reason of my own. So when Mr Hubbard wanted to talk like a thug to me in front of these people i merely said that if you continue to slander me in front of people i will call the police. Well he went to the back and called himself however when I said he never ask me to leave at all that actually his words were he didnt care cuz they were locking up in two hours and i would there by myself. Verbatim. So I'm hoping someone reaches out to me because I am now having more heart issues and they say I'll be lucky if I live another 5 years. However I have probation through cher. Cty and there are so many crooked cops there and they will lie under oath to cover each other's ass no matter what and I truly need that film to prove to them that the man and cop lied and I'm looking at going to jail for violation of probation any day cuz I can not do there 80 hours of community service right now. Well I'm at the end of my rope with nothing at all to lose so when this happens I have made arrangements for council, calling the media, and getting the word out about how everyone involved is only worried about themselves and could care less about their customers,citizens, and Cherokee has made me look like I am a trouble maker cuz now when a cop comes out and treats me so badly I film it myself and they got so pissed off and have harrassed me for a total of 20 years and needless to say I never got my money back instead it costed me twice or three times as much that uhaul should pay for and sit if possible I would still like to get that segment of the film if possible so I can stop this B.S. Respectively yours



208 Park St., Unit 107

DALLAS,Ga. 30132


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William - 30 d 23 h ago

Stay far away from uhaul they are screwing people over. I rent a van a couple weeks ago and I just received a call saying that they are supposed to go over the vehicle with you and the location in Grayslake Illinois does not do that and the send you pictures instead and then they blame you for damage that who knows how long it was there. And of course they blame you saying that the pictures are current I have proof that the damage could not have came from me and I advised them I will be contacting an attorney for this. People run the other way dont rent from uhaul they are crooks and do nothing but screw you over. The sad part is I've rented from them many time before and I will never be renting from uhaul again

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Mjl - 33 d ago

I contracted it Uhaul in Brookhaven as many times before on Contract 90865181 and when I asked about a longer term rate the clerk said, ''do not worry keep it as long as you need and when you return it we will apply the best rate" I noticed the monthly rate of $1321. I was separated from the Uhaul on 16 June and called the location her it had been towed and the uhaul ow er iced who told me to be I the van d Cal them . I told th garage where it was to just hold it and. Would come ASAP because I wanted my cargo safe and I had o return the van to Atanta. Anything else done is wrong and outside the proviiions of contrsct. The garage has no signatures of release. They just said they own it and Candi what they want. Many lower mechanic level person's must have begun oeraratig my cargo and the van are miing. THere is much hacking. Today's definitization was a hacking. Please verify in physical person the van and my cargo. Do understand no one has the right to debit me until vehicle was returned to Brookhaven or with me in person. Please verify entity that did do, with whom and do correct it. Regards, Martha j luke

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Rona Metz - 37 d ago


We drove less than 75 miles in a pickup truck we rented for less than 3 hours and we were charged for 157 miles, 57 over the 100 mile limit. Called and talked to the manager who was useless and would not do anything. Told him his speedometer was obviously off as no way we drove that distance. Not even enough time to. UHaul store in Baraboo Wisconsin. Don't rent from them as bunch of crooks. Even rental was to be $19.95 for the day and charged more.

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Pain Rider - 48 d ago


Put front corner mirrors on your 26' trucks.

It's impossible to see the little econoboxes on your offside in traffic.

Teach your employees how to teach customers to drive your large box trucks. How to use mirrors, much like a semi-truck driver does.

Won't keep morons from having accidents, but it might save an innocent.

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RDB - 39 d ago


Then why did you rate it 4 stars?

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Rhonda Williams - 41 d 3 h ago


Horrible. They triple billed us for the rental of a trailer for 5 days = $1600 overcharge. It has been two weeks now and they still owe us for one of the overcharges $785. The corporate office has been Zero help and obviously

Cared less. Numerous phone calls that we had to make and finally the regional manager Ryan submitted a credit request after two weeks of Uhaul keeping OUR money. They gave us a whopping 50 buck credit which somehow came right through but the two $785 overcharges have taken a week And 1/2 for one and the other is STILL not in our account. Never again will I use them not due to their mistakes but due to the TOTAL lack of concern and no urgency to correct their mistake!!!! They couldn't have cared less!! Greenfield and Anderson Indiana locations!!! I'm done with Uhaul!!!! I suggest people consider this when using a moving rental company find a business that cares about their customers!

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Charles - 44 d ago


Is it common practice for a wife and husband to be managing a store like at hwy 5 in douglasville Georgia? Or for employees that used to work cthere about a month ago to come in the store drunk with his wife that's the manager at kennessaw.... drunk trying to fight employees?

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E, Ayala and iI Aguilar - 48 d 18 h ago


we not pleased at all with U haul, are truck broke down twice, transmission went out we left on the side of the road,in the Rockys mountains we end up sleeping in the truck without no help from customer service, my girl friend is over 50 years of age and handicap, still they didn't care,after ward we finally got help then the truck broke down for the 2nd time, this time in Utah,around 11 am we again for help with customer service, we were being jerk again, help didn't come till around 6:30p.m. the tow truck took the 20 ft truck that broke down and the other tow being broken, towed our SUV that was on the trailer that we where towing, the the tow driver took an off road where the tow vehicle and us were bouncing up and down, after the tow i look into the truck that were holding our belonging were toss around and some of our furniture, I',m so glad that i took pictures and videos,after getting the 2nd truck and i had to move all of our belonging from one truck to the other by myself, the, truck broke down too ten mins after we got on the road, again i took pictures, the mechanic came after an hour or so said that the fuel filter was clogged, he Chang it and back,back on the road,we were mistreated, disrespected, left on the road side in the cold with my girlfriend be handicap and in pain, they dont want to give our money back for nothing, but the boast about the $2,147,483,647 that they made, form screwing customers, we will be seeking an attorney, for damage , pain and suffering plus more, we got all videos and pictures, and file no# 2280143, plus the AFM refuse to answer his phone, we left message with manager from customer service his name is Eric Preiffer,, never will ever use U haul or recommend, them

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Robin McDowell - 52 d 7 m ago


I'm very disappointed in uhaul . It took me over two hrs to find a uhaul to rent finally almost 1 PM a rental place in Newnan all they had was a 15 foot and could only be used for a few hrs

I asked about one way but said cheaper round trip this was at 34/154 storage

When I got there asked again about one way still said round trip cheaper Al's told him it would be after closing ,did they have drop box so he set me up from 2 PM to 9 am by the time they got though it was 154.00 pending return truck at 10:45pm

Plus it was on 3/4 gas returned it a hair from 3/4 ended up with a charge of 177.74 plus a separate charge for 23.20 for no reason

Very ,very ,very disappointed with uhaul been taken advantage of

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Recker - 52 d ago

Rented 20' Uhaul. Hired two people to load it from my house. Long story short it wreaked of cat urine. It sat two states away baking in the sun. You can imagine the rest of the story. Lady I rented it from gave me 6 days. Day 4 I received a call from Des Moines Iowa Central routing office. I explained that I had it secured in a locked facility. She told me it was due to be in Calamas Iowa June 30th. That's not what I was told. Furthermore, the lady in Des Moines said then it was STOLEN and would call the police to locate it. Contract states that if I keep extra time I pay a day rate. Not only am I getting my $ back for the rental because of cat urine my ATTORNEY is going to have a field day with this. I won't stop on this! Good day!

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