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Brenda K. - 3 d 15 h ago


I decided to upgrade my seat assignment on a transatlantic trip in September. I paid the requested amount and was assigned the seat I selected. I received a confirmation of the amount charged and my new seat assignment. I discovered, to my dismay, that I was later assigned a different and less desirable seat with no notice. I spent a miserable nine hours in a seat on a row where other passengers stumble over me all night long. United refuses to refund my money for this terrible seat. Dale Chase, in customer service, was quite indifferent to my complaint. In addition to the amount I paid, I should be compensated for the distress inflicted on me. Skip this Airline and fly Delta if you want a great flight with outstanding employees.

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Anonymous - 3 d 20 h ago


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Wael - 9 d ago

Vacancies for licensed aircraft maintenance engineer A320 and A330?

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Barbara Commorato - 12 d 19 h ago


I would like to commend customer rep Helen Joseph in the Orlando airport for her outstanding customer service. My flight was delayed 7 hours and Helen managed to rerout me and finally get me back to Seattle.

The Airline stinks because of their arrival and departure history but Helen Joseph saved my day.....thank you

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Jessica - 20 d 18 h ago


I took a flight recently that was becoming so delayed I needed to call the airline to make some changes as we were going to miss our connecting flight. I spoke with a reservationist who informed me that if we were to take the one flight and spend the night in Newark and fly out the next day to my destination that United would cover the cost of my hotel for the night. I called and booked a hotel and even called back FOUR times to confirm that my hotel would be covered and even asked where I would be submitting my invoice once I received it. I did exactly as they said and when I submitted the invoice, I got a response back that my request would be denied and I would absolutely not be reimbursed for my hotel stay. I emailed the gentleman back and asked that he call me as that is completely unacceptable as I was told FOUR times it would be covered. Carl Davidson did give me call and stated again that United was not responsible and would not reimbursement, no matter what. I complained again that I was told FOUR times it would be covered and that was not ok and I wanted to speak with someone else. Carl was very unpleasant, would not give me the name of his supervisor and said all he could do was forward on my "feedback" and review their policies. I called reservations again and complained to them, that four of their agents said it would be covered - they apologized and said the best they could do was maybe provide me with hotel credits, but not even for the amount I've already spent. I dealt with a death in my family that week and have had to spend enough money - I wouldn't have changed my flight and stayed in a hotel if this had not be covered. I am going to continue to call various numbers for United until I get this resolved. I am very upset and would not choose United again unless they were the ONLY airline available. Very upsetting.

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Rahal - 13 d 20 h ago


I'm sorry to hear about your loss Jessica.

My girlfirend is currently going through the same thing so I filed a case against United with the Better Business Bureau. I would urge you to do the same. She was promised reimbursement for the hotel she had to stay at, she never even got to her destination and now United is saying that no reimbursement is possible due to factors outside of their control.

If anyone has a number for the corporate office for United please share.

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Anonymous - 23 d ago

Greetings, Airline and fellow employees of the highly respected Global United Airlines with top American Airlines competitor both providers known to always culture and provide best service, and positive goals to keep your customers safe and trust self concious to love your service and business well more than satisfy and welcome us back known to be your friend and family Airline customer branded when we choose to fly. Im reaching out to you, my name is klarity Bell Sutherland of Pacific Coast Malibu Dr. Ca. mother of five children single parent, and happily raised my children and have my son and daughter currently enrolled at our local PepperDine University of Malibu Canyon and my three younger children enrolled at thier junior education in Calabasas Ca. I'm reaching out to your Global United Executives, If I may voice out from my heart and my children's thoughtful thankyou gratitude from a scary situation, and prayers answered as a fellow young by Passer stop to help us stranded 11pm Oct 25, 2018 off the 5 Interstate deep in the canyon of the grape vine. I honestly will identify my family are AA customers for a while after we disliked services on Delta etc..and left that as is. My gratitude is the young fellow who I believe is an employee of your company, the young fellow knew of our airline carrier due to flight origin tags of AA and we'll did not mind to help. I had a passenger front and back flat situation driving a Chevy suburban with 12 luggages and 5 children aboard. The kind young man spare 3 hours of his time and loaded our luggages and my children from my oldest and middle additional 35 miles to Santa Clarita County and paid for best western suite until we all were together safely as the trouble was 3 trips to get us safely off the highway and hopefully get us balance from the scary situation to safe and relaxed. Deeply can't thank the young gentleman enough as well waited as I authorize his presence near my vehicle until a long delay equipment truck was enroute to service my vehicle. Long delays just gave the young gentleman to replace my tires on his own and perfectly he completed. I thank him a lot wich I know it's not enough and as well he refuse money awarded for his service, So I broke the boundaries of his lifestyle and where he is from and understand why would he even do this for strangers and as well being by himself and the time stated of the scary situation. He smiled and identified he is a pacific islander from Guam, as well formerly residing and works with a great company he aknowledge with a calm smile United Airlines of SFO. He mentioned being employed at United Airlines has been a life change towards meeting new people and the way friendly service is culture we live working and follow instantly away from the job. He notes as a pacific islander it's our nature to help or do what we can to support the needed and build positive vibe and friendship to others and strangers as it has been the island way for decades. He well got my interest, and spoke how he was so excited to be hired and given a opportunity to join the Great United Airlines family , happily saying his father retired proudly for his service with United Airlines and he enjoys the service he provides for customers and always keep in his mind the safe and corrective duties given to me is great service to our customers is exactly the service you expect to have when you deserve it traveling with our family. He also stated competitive company's other than United Airlines does not change the culture of all United Employees will go over and beyond to help any passenger beside their opinion of airline than United and stated as well I will not force you or others to believe Untied is the best, he stated proudly all of United Airlines employee know when good service is given, customers understand and trust your core 4 values and believe on customer when their decesion is joining the friendly sky's, friends begin and great expecations always have memorable service and comfortably daily greetings become instant family bonding, and when you feel the great vibe,you know you did a great job. Dear United Airlines I thank you and your fellow employee, and for everything he kindly spared in his heart to help me and family, it opens my eyes to realize how much your employees recognize the business values of what the airlines expects to above the stock market level and popularity of airline service of demand. But I see how much your employees love to be there and proudly live that life as regular lifestyle off work I am impressed. So I ask the Young Gentleman is there anything I can do at least please I beg him think of something, so he says take a vacation to Guam and I smiled long happy thought hmmmmm. I never been there that's a great idea I'll do that with my family for Thanksgiving. He mention The great flight service United Airlines have to offer and reminded me my flight options to Guam. So I got a vacation to plan, Thankyou United Airlines and most of all I can't thank the gentlemen enough from my family deeply , Arnel Daga of United Airlines San Francisco CA. Thank you for everything and it's a blessing how help comes and goes wish you the best on your career and United Airlines have a special employee and bless they are proud of you, thank you

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Vlad - 30 d ago


ARTIFICIALLY INTELLIGENT THIEVES ARE HERE: UNITED AIRLINES COMPUTERS ARE STEALING PASSENGERS' MONEY AND NONE OF THE UNITED AIRLINES HUMAN EMPLOYEES CAN DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! 1. On September 14, 2018 I purchased a ticket from United Airlines (reservation NBBTGL) traveling on flight LX39 on September 21 from San Francisco to Zurich and on October 2 from Frankfurt to San Francisco (I am omitting the other legs of this journey that are not relevant). 2. I also purchased upgrades for these two flights using my miles and paid additional fees for each upgrade. Indeed, my credit card was charged $550 for each upgrade. Additional Charges: Fri., Sep. 21, 2018/Visa 6147 was charged 550 USD for the / EDD (hidden)9626 550.00 USD for: MileagePlus Business First Upgrade Fee Fri., Sep. 21, 2018/Visa 6147 was charged 550 USD for the / EDD (hidden)9604 550.00 USD for: MileagePlus Business First Upgrade Fee 3. I did not receive the upgrades, and therefore expected a rebate of $1,100. 4. Not seeing any refund, I called United Airlines Mileage Plus Premier Desk (I am a Premier Member - my MileagePlus Account is AB XXXXXX) on October 12, 2018. After explaining what happened, the representative placed me on hold trying to connect me to the appropriate department. He explained to me this is a computer error. After 20 minutes on hold (the phone call took 45 minutes total) the line got disconnected. 5. I patiently waited for a few more days and then called United Airlines at 9:25 am PST on October 17, 2018. Representative Beverly explained to me that this is a computer mistake, and another department will handle that. I explained to her that I have been through this already, gave her my cell and office numbers and asked for the appropriate representative of United Airlines to call me back. She assured me of that I would receive a callback. Nobody called me back. 6. I called again on October 19 and spoke to Representative Will. He told me that the rebate should have been there, and it is probably a computer error. He told me that another department handles that, put me on hold for 15 minutes trying to reach the credit department, and then told me that they do not handle it because it is a computer error. He gave me the name of his supervisor, Joyce Kays, and explained to me that his department is not responsible for processing refunds. Bottom Line: United Airlines' computer has stolen $1,100 from me. I am not sure how to get in touch with the CPU or reprogram it to get my money back Now, this is the third time (!!) this has happened to me personally, and every time it has been an ordeal to get my money back. I am curious how much money has been stolen by United Airlines' computers from other non-suspecting passengers? And how can I get my money back from this creature - the UNITED AIRLINES THIEF COMPUTER? Indeed, we in the era of artificial intelligence.

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Med - 32 d 13 h ago


There are thousands of reasons why you should never fly with United. They are the worst airline to have ever existed.

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PKEB - 42 d 22 h ago


Last Thursday I took a flight out of Newark to Greensboro NC. The flight was delayed due to mechanical problems and then again for a fuel spill. That wasn't so much of a big deal. After 2 hours of sitting on a plane that was so small you couldn't change your mind in, I decided to get up and stretch my legs and use the restroom. I was told by the attendant that the seat belt sign was on and I couldn't get out of my seat. I told her I had to use the bathroom. She told me I had to sit down. The co-pilot used the bathroom twice. The captain had made it clear that he did not know when we were leaving so we weren't going anywhere for awhile. I needed permission from the pilot to go to the bathroom. This attendant was not someone who enjoyed her job! She wasn't happy from the moment we got on the plane. I felt infantilized by the staff that I needed permission to stretch my legs and use the bathroom. We sat on the plane for 3 hours before take off for a 1 hour flight.

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Julia - 47 d ago


Why did you banned short-noses breeds?!!? Because of that case in March? Because of crue member was not proffeccional?! I am a military spouse. My husband is on order, we are going overseas. We have two French buldogs. How can I take my dogs with me? Why you don't think about people! What should I do now? Why you just give me paper to sigh that I was aware that my dogs can be in danger on the plane, but it willbe only under my responsibility! If you really think about your people, then you need to change that policy

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David Krotenko - 49 d 7 h ago


So the plane was about to fly out from pdx on August the 29th, at 5am. We couldn't fly out right away due to failure of air conditioner to function properly, shortly after that it was resolved, but a new problem was awakened. There was a problem with the computer of the plane, after some time, the plane was into the air and supposably on the way to Houston Texas. After making a few hovering circles around the Houston airport, everyone in the plane was told that we SHOULD have enough fuel to make it to Austin Texas, due to some problems at the airport. I was scared due to the uncertainty of even having enough fuel to make it to Austin. Once we landed in Austin, we were told that there is another plane in front of us to fuel up, so we all waited for our turn. Once we fueled up, we were back on the landing strip and about to take off, when one of the engines started to over heat, and we were told that we will not be able to fly until it is checked and fixed by the technicians. So we made it to the gate and everyone got out of the plane, then I stood in line for an hour and a half, to talk to someone by the gate for further information about our flight. Eventually we were back in the SAME aircraft that had the problem resolved. We flew back to Houston, and that's when we were supposed to fly out some time around 7pm. But the flight kept on getting layed over to 10:20 pm. Finally after waiting all this time, I made my way to the gate. Once I got to the gate, it was a mess. Nobody was getting on the plane, and nobody was telling anyone anything about the flight, as if it wasn't even gonna fly out! I started getting frustrated, and I asked the man by the gate what the problem was, and he told me that they don't have a flight crew to operate the plane, so the flight was cancelled. I made my way in frustration to the customer service, where the operater told was telling customers that she can get passengers on the plane to Chicago Illinois the next day, after asking if there's a flight to Missouri from Chicago, she said that it was only to Chicago, and there's no flights to Missouri! I mean, why would you mention Chicago, if I need to get to Missouri?! After some time she booked me a flight with American airlines the next day, I was then sent to a hotel outside the airport. I waited in frustration and anger for the morning to get on the American airlines flight. Eventually I made it to Springfield MO at about 10am. My final destination was supposed to be St Louis, but it was changed to Springfield since I was told by the representative that it would be sooner. Can you believe that it took me 27 hours to fly from Portland Oregon airport, to Springfield Missouri?! It ruined all my plans for the day, all my meetings were cancelled, and caused very big problems on my side. Another big problem was that I had my driver ordered a week prior to my flight to pick me up from St Louis, which was a 8 hour drive for him. Once he arrived, I had to tell him that I'll be going to Springfield and not St Louis, so he ended up driving all the way home and not picking me up. Then I called up a different driver to pick me up from Springfield, which was also hours away, and I had to tell him to turn back around, and drive all the way home and pick me up in the morning, since the flight was cancelled for that day. So that alone, without even the flight being so long and frustrating, has caused me so much stress and problems, and whole lot of extra money. The next day I needed to order another driver, which drove another four hours to pick me up. Honestly I dont even know if I can give United airlines another chance. I got a $250 compensation that I am respectfuly not happy with. I want more attention from United airlines, I want to make things right, and do more business in the future. I am willing to give one more chance if I get a respectful response.

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Aneesah Lighten - 55 d 19 h ago


they charged me twice for 2 tickets, they messed up my account and gave nothing in return. I am writing corporate.

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Anonymous - 49 d 10 h ago

Good Idea! i am doing the same thing writing a letter to corporate.

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Carol H. Howard - 60 d ago


There was a hurricane in North Carolina and to try and reschedule or get a waiver due to not being able to travel to North Carolina, I had to call a foreign country and speak to a person who told me they could not help me and to reschedule would be another $200.00. Thank you for Not Supporting your Fellow Americans in times of Trouble!! United Airlines!!!

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Anonymous - 49 d 11 h ago

By mistake i called Expedia instead of making my reservations directly. I had to cancel my plans because of the CARR fire up north and I was going to visit my Friend in Lewiston and they got evacuated. So I cancelled my tickets and got a credit for them up to a year, and now i want to make plans to fly somewhere else, and United Airlines is charging me 200.00 per ticket! and it's for me and my daughter and so it's like i'm buying another fucking ticket here! How much more greedy, ludicrous and heinous can this Airline be? I wanted to talk to a U.S. citizen but the customer service number i dialed went all the way to the Philippines.

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danny - 67 d 16 h ago


I tried to book a reservation from MSP to Houston on 7/27 at the united airline site. after putting all needed info including my credit card and click on purchase no reservation confirmation was displayed nor an email sent to me.

However, when I call my credit card co. it indicates a $244.40 charge pending for united airlines.

I called united at (hidden) and spoke with an agent told my story provided all info and she said no reservation in their system and to dispute with my card co. which I did.

I also called back on 7/28 one more time if waiting 24 hrs make a difference; however, I was told the same story "no reservation by my name in their system". finally I contacted my card co to dispute the $244.40 charge.

the card co reversed the charge back .

today on 9/13/18, I received a letter from my card co stating united airline claims they had refused to reverse the payments as the ticket purchased was shown as no show on the flight date.

I had contacted them in good faith to provide me my flight reservation info and got nothing. how I can fly without a ticket info?

I called united today as soon as I got that credit card letter and spoke with a customer care supervisor named Emmelyn with emp id=v731477 from the Philippine call center and she said she can't help me after I spent over 34 min waiting for her as well as telling my story.

what a horrible service.

this is a highway robbery and I don't recommend any one to fly United airline. I will be putting on all social media beside disputing to state of Minnesota attorney general office.

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Pinkie Boyde - 68 d 9 h ago


My name is Mrs P Boyde I have. Ever had such a horrible experience trip my husband and I fly often we will never take United Airlines again my flight was UA 401 & UA 314, not only did they run out of food on the flight when they got to us but the smell on that plane was atrocious. It was a very long and grueling connecting flight, I will not recommend your airline to anyone anymore. I don't know how you people stay in business I see now why your reviews are so bad. I wonder if I will get a response from corporate.

Very dissatisfied customers

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Mrs P Boyde - 68 d 10 h ago


My husband and I will never use United again our flight UA 401 & UA 314 was the worse flight we have ever been on. We fly often not only did they run out of food on this long flight but there was a horrible smell on that plane that's why you people get such bad reviews, we paid for movies that were constantly going off. I will not recommend this airline to anyone anymore. Hopefully you will respond

Very disappointed customers

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Anonymous - 69 d 17 h ago

Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, have declared States Of Emergency due to Hurricane Florence. Southwest and JetBlue have waived Price Differences and $200 Change fee. United, a monopoly-like carrier in the area, is still charging last minute prices for open seats. $558 on a one-way ticket that is $111 one-way if purchased 10 days in advance. THEN, claim $200 change fee waiver is some how generous due to Hurricane. Absurd. Price Gouging. Emergency was declared today, with impacts set to hit Thursday/Friday through Monday, so no one could get a ticket within the 10 day window. One way flights are never more than around $220 to LAX.

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Dean Van Tassel - 73 d 13 h ago


My wife and I have been on a plane since 12:30 Pm Friday morning. Though we had a layover in Houston, nobody said it was going to be 4hrs. We all know it don't take 7 hrs to get from Cancun to Houston. I paid more for my wife and I tickets than my daughter and her friend and we left Cancun at the same time and their going to be in des moines before us. Though I am a smoker, don't descrimenate against us.10 hrs with no smoking is hard. From now on I will be driving anywhere I go.

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Anonymous - 74 d 11 h ago


As a recent passenger, I feel this airline is racist. My flight was delayed 45 min due to a seat in first-class being broken. I checked into this flight 2 hours prior to departure. When I arrived at the gate, I asked for a seat assignment. I was assigned seat 10D. my Flight was scheduled for departure at 6:50 pm. Around 7:40 pm, I was called to the gate agent and told that I will have to GIVE UP MY SEAT and I will have a new seat assignment. The new seat assignment was 10 seats further back than the previous seat (20D). She told me that my old seat now belongs to the passenger in first class because his seat was broken. I am an African American male, I had to give up my seat for a Caucasian male and move to the back of the plane. (sounds a bit racist to me). let me also add, when I arrived at the new seat assignment, someone was IN IT! I in utter disgrace regarding my treatment of this airline. This airline should learn about the Rosa Parks Stroy. I WILL NEVER FLY OR RECOMMEND TO ANYONE. I am in tears regarding this type of discrimination.

Deontae Matthews

General profile image - 77 d ago


2 planes this morning and the charging plugs are worn out and won't hold the plug. First time and last time in united. Sad you can't keep your planes repaired

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Brenda MacDonald - 78 d ago


Thank you United Airlines for great customer service! Our flight from London to Washington DC was delayed on Saturday, Septemeber 1, which would have caused my husband and me to miss our connecting flight on United Express to Richmond. Mr. Sharma at Heathrow was beyond helpful and got us on a flight from LHR to Newark, which was leaving in a few minutes, which allowed us to get a connecting flight to Richmond. Mr. Sharma is a great representative for United Airlines!

Today, I contacted United about refunding money I had paid for seat upgrade and priority boarding. I spoke with your customer service employee i.d. V735892 and she was wonderful. Professional, patient and just the sort of person one hopes to have answer the telephone when you call for assistance. These are just two examples of why United Airline is our airline of choice. Thank you for great service.

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John Nelson - 78 d 43 m ago


You United passed me of to your partner airline Lufthansa and both you and them are treating me horrible! What a sorry group of money sucking business. Please go to see about my claim that you or Lufthansa will not honor! TAKE CARE OF YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES AND STOP BLAIMING OTHERS!!!!

FB ID 32234752

I want some human intervention in regards to the way I was treated after you and you sorry partner treated me.

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