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United Airlines

77 West Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL
(800) 864-8331
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Anonymous - 7 h 15 m ago

Boycott United airlines

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Anonymous - 7 h 18 m ago

United airlines should stay neutral when it comes to politics. The flight attendance stooped pretty low and offended some of the passengers I am calling for a boycott

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Anonymous - 6 d 7 h ago


So went a trip to Mexico with my 14 yr old son which required is to have passports, while boarding the plane to come back from California they said that my son needed to be holding his passport to board the plane so I gave it to him to use. He put his passport in the pouch in front of his seat and when deplaning in Seattle he left it there. Did not realize till we got home to Tacoma that he had done that so I called the airport lost and found and indeed they had found it. I was told that I would have to wait until the next day to speak to the airport lost and found in the morning, so I called again, I was told that after reporting I would receive an email with the details on how to get the passport back. They did not tell me to file the report on line, so I have been waiting to get this email for over a month meanwhile I kept calling and told to wait until I got an email. In June I finally got ahold of someone who gave me the right info and link to report the item as left on the plane. Just today I get an email that this item can not be located. I was told the night of our return when I called that the cleaning crew found where I said it was. Now it can not be found? This is just plan wrong. I need his passport back it is illegal for you guys to not return it. I would like to know what I need to do next? If I do not hear back soon I will consult with a lawyer to see what options I have. If this how you guys do business I definitely will not recommend anyone use you guys. Never had a problem with Alaska I guess I should have gone with them. Very upset about all of this

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lesliew - 7 d 15 h ago


I had a bad flight (cancellation) experience on June 22, 2018. United Airline crew did not show up and caused me to miss a flight to DC, therefore missing my connection to our vacation destination. I missed 2 days of a rental home that i had rented for the week. To make matters even more frustrating, when i try and submit the "Feedback" form on the Customer Care page of United's website, it will not take my form. I click continue and it does nothing. Then i have called their 800# several times for Feedback and I leave a message and no one will return my call. You people make it so frustrating, you cannot even have a live person to deal with your customers.

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Concerned Customer - 10 d 12 h ago


United Airlines charged me $100 extra to carry my carry on bag onto the plane because their rules had changed in June, 2018. In route I was asked to check my bag in and the person insisted and gave me a claim ticket. After my flight I went into my bag to pull out my computer and it is damaged and beyond repair. It cost $650.00 and United has been giving me the round around for weeks. They told me to take my computer to a shop and I did and it is un-repairable and the computer repair expert gave me a letter stating that my computer has been damaged. I continue to call and ask for assistance and United is still giving me the run around. Their customer service is terrible and they should have never charged me $100 for my carry on luggage and then now after damaging my computer they are avoiding paying me for the damages. This is an Outrage! I need my computer and United Airlines does not care!

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Meg Averett - 14 d 16 h ago

Horrible. Horrible Customer service. None. You are transferred to Manilla. They cannot speak English. You cannot contact someone in the U>S. They refuse to transfer you.

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Anonymous - 17 d 10 h ago

Kelly, manager of the vendor for United Airlines at DIA ABM/AirServ is a whore, she sleeps with two to three men at every employer that she has had so now it is rumored that she is sleeping with Scott Kirby President of United Airlines. Kelly is telling other mangers and workers that she will be the next Mrs. President of United and they will have to kiss her ass to succeed and/or keep their employment. Kelly is known to screw men in order to fuck him or someone else, there's nothing nice about nor decent about Kelly she an out and out whore. It wont be long before is gets to United Corporate and the real Mrs.Kirby if there is one. United is in for trouble with this whore.

Flagged for review. 
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Jerry Mcbroom - 15 d 12 h ago

How can I get in touch with the head over soon at United airlines I have been trying too get on with them as a flight attendant and the bitch I had that was interviewing me through my app in the trash can and told me never applied with United again how can I get up with him are there home office ? If u can help please let me know thanks Jerry

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Jerry Mcbroom - 15 d 14 h ago


I have been trying too get on with United airlines for the last three months as a flight attendant I went too the interview in Huston Texas and the lady there was so fuck rude too me I told her and put on my application I was on disability and she through it in the trash in front if everyone and told me out loud for me don't never applied with United airlines again we don't hire disabled people she in bass the hell out of me I try too call there home office and I left 10 message and no one have ever call me this is bull shit

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A Kolberg - 16 d 41 m ago


Stuck in Frankfurt. Flight is a Lufthansa codeshare with United, Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa. Lufthansa won't print a boarding pass, Austrian air won't print a complete boarding pass. Austrian air service desked.. fully manned. Lufthansa service desk fully manned. United Airlines. Rude, non-exsistant, service desks, no personal, no information. No contact. What is the point of code sharing a flight, if the airlines don't share the responsibility. This airline is beyond pitiful and it is the CEOs and Boardmembers Fault. Billions of dollars isn't enough. Take every penny for yourselves and F..k the customer. I'll walk around some more there has to be a united employee who gives a shot somewhere.

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voice for animals - 18 d 13 h ago

planning trip to see grandchildren from tampa florida to amarill texas have flown united in past NO LONGER will cont to await outcome of murdered puppy on flight

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Barry Cohen - 19 d ago


My name is Barry Cohen and my Miles Plus Number is

UXA05838 My phone number is (hidden). I purchased 1 last minute round trip ticket with my hard earned United Air Mile Plus air miles. One round-trip ticket for my girlfriend Vivian Caylor (Confirmation Number K3BEEL) that lives with me here in Lake Worth Florida to see her second sister in Portland OR that has stopped eating all food, water and nutrition because of advanced Alzheimer's disease before she dies. Vivian will now be extremely late because their flight was delayed because of PURE NEGLIGENCE when United airlines actually brought the wrong jet to the gate in Chicago going to Denver causing her and everyone else to miss their flights from Denver to everywhere else including Vivian's flight to Portland OR. As I type this letter at Apox 3 AM in the morning Vivian is exhausted while waiting in a line behind dozens of people waiting for information about how and when she is going to make it to Portland OR in her attempt to see her sister before she dies which could happen at any time. In fact, her sister could have already died at this time with Vivian not even knowing it now that its just about 3 AM. United Airlines has already told her that there is no motel or hotel to put her up in so she will have to sleep on the filthy floor in the terminal. They gave her food vouchers but they are totally worthless because everything is closed so Vivian now has absolutely nothing to eat. I am now demanding to have all of my air miles for this trip compensated back into my account! My Girlfriend Vivian Caylor deserves to compensated over and above my air miles for the PURE HELL, she is now going through because of the total negligence and stupidity of United Airlines screwing up the entire multiple flight plan by bringing the wrong jet to the gate in Chicago! Vivian needs to get to Portland OR ASAP! If United Airlines does not compensate me as requested I will have no other choice other then to litigate them and go to the media and online to tell this story about the horrible chain of events and experiences that Vivian is still going through. It's now not only Vivian but I am also sitting here stresses out and worried sick while writing this letter to you people at United Airlines at now 3 AM. With all of this going on I will now not be able to work later today because I should now be sleeping. Please contact me ASAP today if possible at (hidden) about this matter!

PS. When I contacted Customer Service About This Matter They Were 100 Percent Worthless! & Rude!

Barry Cohen

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k - 19 d 10 h ago

Terrible...Terrible...Terrible...won't allow speaking to a USA representative....Philippines communist country

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Anna Wierschem - 20 d ago


I have never been so disrespected in my life. Going to a gate agent asking for compassion when you carry your mother's ashes should not leave you in tears. I was treated very well on flight from Toronto to Dulles. Once in Dulles I asked the agent if there was any way to get a different seat so I could get more leg room so my mom's ashes could be with me. The arrogant gate person, Hasan Sagir gate D20 was the least helpfull person I have met in my 43 years. Once he told me the flight was full I asked if there was a possibility to ask someone to switch seats, since I was carrying my mom's ashes. His response was that I will just need to board when my seat zone was called. I truly did not want to board the plane in the middle of other passengers with my mom's remains in my arms. I waited to be one of the last passangers to board. Once I passed the check point I asked for the name of the agent that was so rude and completely lucked any compassion. He was not wearing a name tag. He came over and I told him I need his name so I can file official complaint. With arrogant smirk he asked me if that was due to not changing my seat. I told him it was due to disrespectful attitude towards remains of my mother. I boarded the plane crying. I was in a middle seat where my mom's remains might not have fit under the seat. Fortunately the passanger swtitched seats with me. The flight attendant brought me some tissue to wipe me tears away. I truly expected some respect flying my mom's ashes home with me. These are not situations you can forsee. I am not a rich person. I could not afford first class seats, but the world will hear about the heartless treatment I have received. No person that just lost a parent should be treated this way. My husband served in the military for over 20 years, definitely not to have his wife and his mother's remains treated this way.

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george patterson - 20 d 11 h ago

Gentlemen: In SF I was gven a $300 credit due to a broken 1st class seat on a flight from Raleigh to Sf that took place on Tues. June12 at 6:55 PM, That flight was confirmed:ESV!K9. The lady at the boarding desk told me that the credit was for one year and is transferrable.

I gave her my address as well as my e-mail address, but I have not received any confirmation of the credit and have tried to reach a person within the airlines who could help (this over several days and many phone calls!)

Please give me assistance to receive the credit you offered. Thank you.

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eileen m - 20 d 12 h ago


Please give Mario Ramirez my email here at Chestnut Hill (hidden) Thank you so much. I am most grateful. Sister Eileen (hidden) PS the number I have for him is not connec ting;

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William Wilkinson - 20 d 13 h ago


Does anyone from United read this site - looks like a sounding board rather than a site where the Corp would take action and try and correct these problems. I am trying to deal with your customer service and I am currently on hold with someone in the Philippines and it has reached over 1 hour. I have a son in the Military that can't always control if he is going to be called out and wouldn't be able to catch a flight home. We contacted your customer service in what part of the world I have no idea and they told us because he was in the military he would be able to get a credit for his next flight. Well his next flight is in about 1 1/2 weeks from today and he was given a $50 credit from a $300 flight back in May. It is hard to believe that an airlines this large would continue to outsource their customer service when if the information isn't put into the computer by one of the representatives that they will do nothing for you. I hope in the further you would listen you your customers because that is how you grown and run a business.

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Anonymous - 21 d 8 h ago


United airlines sucks fucking ball big time.

Flagged for review. 
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Jo Johnson - 21 d 15 h ago


I have been through 3 days of canceled flights, delays due to mechanical issues and re-routes. I'm finally home but United has had my luggage for 3 days, they can't locate it, they don't care and they don't have anyone who will help me. If United reads this post they are free to contact me. I was a passenger on flight 683 from AlB to ORD final destination was DFW

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Anonymous - 21 d 15 h ago

Horrible customer service. Exclamation point!

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Mitzi - 25 d 6 h ago


Thank you for refusing to transport the separated children.

Thank you for standing up and acting like a responsible American Corporation.

Thank you Oscar Munoz.

Hold the Line. Keep the faith. Choose to act with humanity.

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Joe - 25 d 12 h ago

Because of your anti-NRA position, I will avoid using your airline.

I am an NRA member and law abiding citizen. I have been shooting and hunting since I was ten years old. I am a concealed carry permit holder, but most of all, I am an American who believes in the Constitution and the Second Amendment.

You evidently don't believe in our Constitution and the Americans who built this great country.

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Lisa Davidson - 25 d 12 h ago


Your airline sucks and keeps people's money for a flight to nowhere

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Anonymous - 26 d 4 h ago

United Airline is the worst airline in the world. I have never seen such a liar airline in my life time. I really feel ashamed even to compare such awful airline with world third class such as Pakistan... shame on United airline crew and management team that they can manage the flights. Thousands shame on United airline. Go to hell with your lie

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Lawrence R Sherman - 26 d 16 h ago

I am a 1K frequent Flyer with United. On June 14 2018 arrived on an International flight Direct from Delhi India into Newark airport. Cleared customs & Immigration and turned my 2 checked bags back to United for my next flight and final flight to Saint Louis. When the bags were unloaded the items in my second bag will in plastic bags and a tray as someone took a razor knife and sliced the soft-side bag. The baggage claim department gave me a bag to use (my bag was a Samsonite soft side on 4 wheels) and stated if anything is missing file a claim with online claims.

Today I called to file a claim for an actual replacement bag and I was told to take the bag back to the airport for a replacement. But I am missing a pair of Maui Jim sun glasses. The glasses cost $ 300 plus sales taxes. United is asking me for a receipt for a pair of glasses I purchased in January in India. Who carries receipts for items that they are travelling with? Would I carry receipts for shoes, suits, shirts etc.? They will only pay $100 for an item STOLEN BY ONE OF THEIR EMPLOYEES. This is ridiculous. I will spend hours on taking copies of documents going to the airport paying airport parking due to the lack of supervision of their staff. I stopped being a member of Lufthansa's FF program 7 years ago due to a similar incident. Maybe its time I join EMIRATES. Not happy with this level of service for someone who has been a 1K level member for the 5 years (1k Means I have obtained at least 100,000 miles in a calendar year.

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