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United Airlines

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jeffrey j barigian md - 19 h 30 m ago


life long United customer. Our young daughter's unexpected death led us to travel from Santa Barbara to Denver this last week Heartbroken and travelling with a long-standing certified service animal, 13 lb Violet terrier, all the proper forms in place and used for our first leg to Denver. ever since the cretin who tried to bring a peacock as a support animal, the policies have become Draconian. the uninformed agent at the kiosk area directed us to "special handling" where the agent was having a chatty and needless prolonged interaction , with 6 of us in line. after 20 minutes of this, my wife began to cry, certain that we would miss our flight, and grief-stricken. out of nowhere, like a Guardian Angel, ticket agent "Marcie" appeared she asked what she could do to help, and escorted us over one window to the unused Premier counter. with great kindness and effortless ease, she verified Violets papers and had us on our way. Mr. Munoz, this is the kind of employee that makes a company move from good to GREAT this is the message that was so humanistically elocuted by Ghandi: "BE the change you wish to see in the world..." thank you, again, so much Marcie makes me proud to be a lifelong United flyer

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voice for animals - 20 h 20 m ago

I am also waiting to hear what united airlines is doing concerning flight attendant(s) with the murder of puppy in their care in the cabin on that flight

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Betsy - 1 d 9 h ago


I would like to tell the heads at United Airlines about 2 extremely fine flight attendants we had today, Tuesday, March 24, 2018 - departing Houston around 5:45 - for Seattle - Flight 619. We were sitting in first class - and these two flight attendants were the most helpful, kind, also funny

Flight attendants we've ever experienced. Both true old -school gentlemen. They said they were based out of Houston. I don't know their names - but please let them know how much they were appreciated and respected. They do your company proud.

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Sabrina - 2 d 10 h ago


United airline has the worst customer service. I traveled from BWI airport to Houston Texas. The customer service agent was rude and so was much more interested in how many checked bags my daughter had. She was so nasty she failed to print her infant daughter's boarding pass. After the torment from the ticket agent when she arrived at the security checkpoint, the agent made her go back the ticket agent to get a boarding pass for her infant daughter. We missed our flight as result of the incompetence and lack of compassion. The nightmare with United did not end there. On the return trip home my daughter took personal care to make certain everything was on tact for her return trip home. She had her infant daughter's boarding pass printer to ensure a smooth check-in. Once at the gate to board the plane for the return trip home the ticket agent once again saw the need to zero in on my daughter's bag. The ticket agent told my daughter she had to check her bag that contained my granddaughters formula, cereal and clothing. The ticket agent made my daughter pay $60.00 only for the bag not to reach BWI when we did. Horrible

This level of service is unacceptable I feel like the ticket agent purposely left the bag behind. We went to customer service when we realized the bag was not on the carousel. That's when the customer service agent informed us the bag was still In Houston. The agent told my daughter her bag with her infant daughter's formula, cereal and clothing would not be delivered within 24 hours.

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Mark Anthony Lyerly - 4 d 6 h ago


Kelly from UA Corporate office performed a humanitarian act above the call of duty. Kelly assisted a stroke patient who was destined to travel over 14 hours. Kelly provided customer support, needed nutrition, waited until I had secured a wheelchair & was in good standing @ 1am on 4/22 (ORD). Words cannot express my my family's gratitude for Kelly's very kind deeds. A true professional who cares about people. My situation could have turned critical, but for the caring spirit & physical intervention from Kelly, who was actually a flying employee of UA's Chicago office. Thank You! Thank You!

Best wishes to you Kelly & your Family. UA should be proud that you are on their team.


Mark Anthony. :) "Grateful"

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Anonymous - 39 d 1 h ago


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ANONYMOUS - 7 d 13 h ago


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Pat and Bill - 37 d 9 h ago

My husband is a Million Dollar Club Member, and we are both members of PETA and are terribly distraught about the callous treatment by your stewardess that resulted in the death of an innocent puppy and the resulting trauma on an 11-year-old girl and her family.

According to the girl, this stewardess told her the puppy had to be put in the bin despite the family's objections because it was going to block the path of passengers! This stewardess must have known the dog would die a slow death in the airtight overhead compartment! According to the girl she knew a dog was in the animal carrier and the poor thing barked for a couple of hours!

Not only is this despicable behavior but it is illegal, and this stewardess should not only be fired, but charged with animal cruelty and your airlines should be paying money to animal rescue groups as well as to the family. We would like an explanation of your actions against this stewardess.

No amount of money can ever undo this horrible event, but you need to thoroughly change the culture of inhumanity which has been growing at your company. Just apologizing and putting colorful tags on animal crates is not enough!

As longtime customers, we used to enjoy the atmosphere on United Airlines flights, especially our many flights to Hawaii. But lately after a spate of disturbing incidents, we think of your company as V dysfunctional regarding how you let your employees treat humans and animals. We would also like to know what you plan to do about this.

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Angel Staton - 35 d ago

The owner was just as stupid

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Rita - 30 d 1 h ago


I agree! It just breaks my heart. I think United is just waiting for this to blow over as if it never happened. The flight attendants are rude and act as if they are doing passengers a favor to assist or show excellent customer service skills!!! What happened to our society where we don't put humanity first!!!

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frequent flyer - 7 d 13 h ago

I'm sure ALL 26K flight attendants are bad...

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maria mcadams - 22 d ago


i already had a ticked, my sister has just died.. I wanted to talk with executive office, headquarters i have been so mistreated. I have been using united for 20 years going to Brazil. Now I need help. You are heartless. ='(

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UAL - 7 d 13 h ago

headquarters? seriously? your expectations were unreasonable.

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Anonymous - 14 d ago

I wrote the below incident and my name is David Grossbard

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Anonymous - 14 d ago

On March 25, 2018 my family and I were booked on United from Aruba to Newark. While standing in the jetway I noticed the pilot leave the plane and exit the jetway. A fewminutes later he returned. My family and I uneventfully took our seats and were ready for takeoff when I noticed the pilot and gate attendant walking up the aisle pointing in my direction. I looked around to see what was going on when they approached me with the gate attendant pointing down at me and saying "that's him". She then in front of the entire flight began to berate me saying "you can't talk like that before you get on a plane", "the pilovery upset with you". At this point I was both startled and embarrassed saying "what are you talking about".I am a law enforcement officer who worked in Department of Homeland Security and through my experience I felt I had no choice and reluctantly identified myself in front of the whole cabin. Not sure why but can only assume that my adamancy convinced them that something was amiss and they walked away. The flight took off and my family and I had a miserable four hours and forty-five minute flight having to listen to people say things like "you see the police can do whatever they like" and other inappropriate things. Soon after this exchange my daughter who was sitting across me said "dad look at the guy next to me" Well lo and behold there sat ann individual who looked eerily similar to me. We instantly took pictures and waited to land in Newark. Upon arrival in Newark and while leaving the aircraft I identified myself to the crew and asked to speak with the pilot. I was advised that he had left the plane but noticed the cockpit to be closed. I then asked the flight attendant who was in the cockpit and was told the copilot. I asked to speak with him and explained the whole situation to him showing him a photo of the person next to my daughter . His only response was "you need to file a report". After five days of leaving emails and messages I was contacted by Misty Barron Risk Analyst from Houston. I explained the whole incident and was informed she would get statements and keep me advised. On April 11th Barron called me to inform me United would reimburse me $700.00. I told her that was unacceptable and declined the offer. I had purchased four round trip tickets and this was an insult considering what occurred to me and my family. The issue at hand is why did United allow an individual on the aircraft if he said something at the gate to trigger the kind of response it did. They then misidentified me as the person who said it, and then put me and my family in danger by forcing me to identify myself in front of this individual and the rest of the passengers. In light of United's recent faux pas and mounting bad publicity it is appalling to me that this occurred and more so the horrible response. United could not of handled this any worse than they did!

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Tura Stephens - 22 d 17 h ago


They are the worst airline and I will never chose them again.

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Cathy Cohen - 28 d ago

United's responses on on-line requests for customer care and refunds are canned. Type a complaint. First they respond sorry that your travel plans changed (even if they didn't). If you try to send another request to review it again, they reply sorry but we feel our original decision is correct. It's happened to me twice!!!

AND - be ware. United can change you to another flight without telling you, and if those accomodations don't work for you - and they cancel the flight - that is apparently YOU changing your travel plans

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Tamara J. - 34 d 18 h ago

First and foremost PETA does not care a bit about animals only ALL the MONEY they generate for them. If you look at how many they euthanize in comparison to adoptions it's pathetic. Ingrid Newkirk would rather kill as many as possible. Anyway in regards to the disgusting and heartless actions of United Airlines how stupid is this flight attendant to have ignored the passengers, the barking and to think anyone would bring an empty pet carrier as a carryon. He/She/Moron needs to be fired. Peronally I would have never allowed it. I'd rather made the news for being forced off the pane for refusing to stow my pet in an air tight death chamber. I'd rather be arrested than have a dead puppy! I will never fly this airline nor will any member of my family or their companies.

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I love my dogs - 34 d 20 h ago

If something is not done about flight attendant that put that poor puppy in the overhead, you should all go bankrupt. It was on the news that she said, " I didn't know there was a dog in there." Bullshit. If it had been my dog, the people on the next plane would have known it and there would have been no doubt in anyone's mind that she/he had put my dog in the overhead. I hope you get/got the hell sued out of you. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! He would have got more than just word from me. He would have battle scares.

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voice for animals - 35 d ago

more phone calls made and written complaints 1) dept of agriculture 2) queens new York district attorneys office 3) PETA 4) Humane society of America united airlines standing by their flight attendant (s) it's hard to believe I don't think they care how sad!!!!! I guess life just is not important to them

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Unhappy Guam military member - 35 d 3 h ago


On orders to return to States with all household picked up, lease contracts closed, cars sold, all tickets hotel and subsequent connecting flight booked.

Made reservations for PetSafe for my dog on 19 March but was never processed or booked by United. Now finding out that the PetSafe program is suspended until further notice. Do not know how long or who to keep pet with... oh and plus pets need a health physical 10 days prior to an unk flight date.

Definitely making this move a significant hassle when also juggling such family relocations. Very unhappy!

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Military mom - 35 d 14 h ago

You need to allow service members with pets leaving from Guam to be able to utilize your airline as it's the only carrier choice. Service members already sacrifice a lot, don't put them in the position to sacrifice pets.

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John - 36 d 18 h ago


Last year I called United Airlines who handle people with disability. I was told what the requirement was for a POC. Even though I had purchase the ticket that agent reassign me to a new seating area. Closer to the front with an aisle seat. Upon returning from Memphis TN I was told that I had to sit by the window. I explain to the steward and the stewardess that the number I had called reassign me to an aisle seat further up the front. They told me it was part of the regulation that I had to sit by the window. Who is telling the truth here? Will I every fly with them again in the future? I think not.

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voice for animals - 38 d ago

many phone calls made today 1) dept of transportation 2) federal aviation 3) dept of transportation 4) harris county district attorney office 5) another phone call to united airlines concerning murder of puppy on united airlines flight and other dogs placed on wrong flights being told investigation conts I hope that big money doesn't cover this up

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Angie V. - 38 d 16 h ago


I was honored and privileged to have worked for a top notch, reputable airline for over 25yrs and our constant record showed the best customer service to all our premium and regular customers and that ALSO included our service man and women and last and not least our pets in cargo and pets in cabin. I believe the UA flight attendant knew of the pet carrier(every airline has a tag to prove the pet in cabin) was processed and the cost of $200, the incompetent flight attendant knew that a defenseless puppy was inside and had every right of being placed under the seat in front of the question is why the passengers sitting behind and across the aisle of the mother and daughter speak up and stop the moron of a flight attendant forcing the mother & child to put the pet carrier in the overhead compartment and what about the rest of the crew members allowing this cruel and senseless death of a puppy. Who in their right mind would allow this to happen and if this low life heartless flight attendant hasn't been fired and UA should penalize the whole crew because every single one of them is 100% responsible for all passengers and pets on board! The responsible flight attendant should not be allowed to be in that line of work with UA or ANY OTHER AIRLINES!!!! I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about this senseless loss of an defenseless little puppy and that young girl having to experience this tragic loss and having to fight for justice....UA and especially that moron should not be allowed to lie and say that she didn't realize their was a puppy inside the pet carrier and BELIEVE ME she was aware she just didn't care! The saying "If you see something Say something"and if someone would've come forward this poor puppy would still be alive, so sad!:(

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