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Di Pel - 4 d 50 m ago


Extremely Frustrated! On United flights to and from Newark to Athens,Greece my chosen seat did not have any entertainment functions. That means 11/12 twelve hours with no entertainment, no lights, etc. nothing worked. What a coincidence that on two difference flights and two different seat choices nothing worked. On the originating flight I was promised an electronic travel certificate in email (which was never received). On the return flight I did receive an electronic travel certificate. When I went to use the certificate, they said I had already made my reservation for an upcoming trip and did not apply the certificate amount at time of purchase, therefore, there is nothing United can do due to their parameters within their system and feel on deaf ears with the supervisor that now I have a certificate that cannot be utilized for both of my inconvenienced 12 hour flights. I am extremely disappointed in their customer service and general don't care response. I will be looking else where for my yearly Europe tickets, as I have been a loyal customer with United for many many years.

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Extremely disappointed - 6 d 7 h ago


On Friday, February 9, I had a flight out of Louisville Kentucky going to Newark NJ that was delayed because of the weather. When I arrived in Newark, it was after my connecting flight started boarding. I had to go from terminal A to terminal C and there was no way I was going to make it to the gate on time. When I got to the gate, the flight had left so the attendant at the gate said she added me to the next flight. I also called customer service to make sure I was able to catch the next flight. When I arrived at the new gate, I was not able to get on the flight because I was not checked in even after verifying the flight over the phone. I called customer service again and was told that they could only put me on standby even though i missed the flight because the agent didn't do the check in. So after walking to yet another gate, I wasn't able to get on that flight because it was full. I called customer service again and tried talking to a supervisor to find out how I was going to get from Newark to West Palm Beach, why I was being put on standby when I had already paid for a seat and it was the airline's fault I was not on it and I had someone waiting for me. She told me she could put me on another standby flight. I didn't want to be on another standby flight when the agents in the airport and on the phone didn't do their jobs. The supervisor didn't care at all that I was stuck in Newark and suggested I go to another airport to try for a flight out. She still only offered the standby flight at 7:55 and after 9. I finally managed to get on a new flight at 7:55 pm after being there for 5 hours after I was supposed to arrive in Florida. Then when I arrived in Florida, I had to rent a car to get from the airport because it was after 11:00 and my arranged transportation was no longer available. This was a really terrible experience and I want my money back for the flight and the car rental. I see why reviews of the airline are so bad. The customer service needs a lot of work.

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rasr - 8 d 14 h ago

hello book and flight with united this the all flight (ua 32 lax-nrt -UA796 nrt-kul 01/24/2018 and back NH816---796815-un7967-UA838-UA433 02/07/2018 rund trip flight but the united employees charged me 25 dollars just for only one small big yes one big and very small but they charged i have receipt in my hand is this good for united business i thing not good

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Never fly United - 10 d 17 h ago


This is an update from "Never fly United". We arrived at the airport 2 hours early. There was a United employee at the gate. He refused to talk to us saying he needed to go to a different gate. We waited a while but no one showed. We went to grab a quick lunch. When we returned my daughter went to talk to the employee about changing seats so she could sit next to her 3 year old son. The employee got into a screaming match saying we should have taken care of this earlier. We told her we have been there 2 hours trying to get this resolved and contacted customer service the night before. Fortunately the person that was seated next to my grandson switched his seat with daughter. We had 4 flights with United on this vacation. All 4 flights they switched our seats. 3 of them separating my daughter and grandson and having to fight with an employee. The sad thing is in United's policy they can change seats for the littlest issue. Even if affects a 3 year old.

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Robert S. - 11 d ago


First experience, Fly 20+ times a year... NEVER AGAIN. Never heard of such horrible customer service. recently moved to Houston, United HUB i guess. so decided to consider switching primary airlines. Booked Flight(s) for 2 of us , multi segment... The saw sign up for FF club and Credit card etc.. .So I did... WHAT A JOKE Since my reservations already paid for on other card, GET NOTHING, pay for bags and tough luck, also cause 2 of the legs were made by my employer, pay for those bags as well.... I fly Delta and AA and SW all the time, never have to pay for bags as FF member and Credit Card Holder.... ? ask Did I want to stay on phone for an hour, cancel reservations, get credited, re-charge on United Card, take chance at not getting seats together... Are you kidding me , you are that hard up for $25 a flight per bag... I would of been more than willing to understand and use credit card from this point forward, but first experience, I didn't have the card and had to wait for them to approve and send... Must be pretty low risk got card with 25K credit approval... Well due to this experience , unfortunately to close to cancel, so I will have to pay, sad you need the money that bad from a potential very frequent flyer, I will call and cancel my United Card, I have no desire to patronize nor give my business and money to such a poorly customer service run airlines.... AA/Delta/Southwest , thank you for being everything that United is NOT>........ Thank goodness for copy and paste, Social Media is a wonderful and powerful thing...

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Never fly United - 11 d 16 h ago


This is a warning to parents with small children. We made reservations months ago. We received a seat confirmation from United. When we went to check in and all of the seats have been changed scattered throughout the airplane. We are traveling with small children. One of them is a 3 year old that they seated nowhere near his mother. We called customer service and talked to a supervisor. She claimed that there was some sort of change in the flight and the computer changed the seating. She said there was no way she could change the seating. How can United allow this to happen. Somehow when we get to the airport in the morning we can get this resolved.

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Louis Sanforrd - 12 d 19 h ago


United Airlines has too many fees and restrictions. I canceled a flight early last year and was hit with a huge cancelation fee. While making a reservation today, I was informed the remaining $ 386.60 had expired 2 days earlier. Needless to say, I'm more than just outraged, considering I've flown United for many years and had netted more than 100,000 miles. After appealing to a supervisor moments ago for at least a 30 to 60-day extension, my request fell on deaf ears. Simply put, this is no way to foster customer loyalty and I'm done. If anyone wants to buy 87,000+ mileage plus miles real cheap, just let me know--and that includes you Scott Kirby, president of United Airlines.

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Ravi Lai - 15 d ago

I made a Reservation using some of my points and bought the additional points to fly one way, from LAX to Lisbon and was connected to the Manila call center in the Philippines. After confirming that my reservation was complete and having given them my credit card to complete the transaction, I was told that the reservation was made for another day, and that O was " no show" and missed my flight. Perhaps the Phillipino agent, didnt understand the transaction and entered the wrong dates. My credit card was charged, and now I am in the process of disputing that charge. I called United again today to seek amends and get a resolution, and it took me two hours and six phone calls to acquire another ticket, which is still to be issued. It is a disgrace that an airline such as United has such bad customer Service and cant get the booking right the very first time. The process isn't streamlined, and I have to go through that terrible automated telephone prompt, each time I call. The staff is both incompetent and clueless when trying to help me in figuring out how best to correct the situation. No wonder passengers are flying with Southwest and other carriers, than with a dis-united and disappointing Airline like United. You are anything but the Friendly skies and deserve to loose business, faith and confidence with the flying public. What a shame and disgrace. I hpe Mr. Munoz gets to read my, and all the comments posted here.

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F Page - 16 d 12 h ago


United Airlines is absolutely the worst airline I have ever flown. Never again - and I will make sure everyone I know is made aware of the complete lack of service and care shown by United (I am being generous to click one star - I am not sure why they bother with being in business - I guess they derive pleasure from robbing customers). I flew with my wife from Indy to Houston. My wife is very ill and we were traveling to MD Anderson. I requested a wheel chair - we were forgotten about - had I not been insistent to point of being rude, we would have missed the plane. I curb side checked our one roller suitcase - it has still not arrived (and I paid a baggage fee). We landed in Indy around 3pm - it is now 2:24am in the morning and I am still waiting on our luggage. Here's the very serious part: part of my wife's medications are in the suit case. I have told the United people this - but they seem not to care. However, they will wish they had paid attention if any harm comes to my wife. I would urge anyone thinking about flying United - DON'T

I would like all my money back - and the truth is I would appreciate compensation for the disgusting experience my wife and I have had to endure. United is truly a poorly run airline company. The executives should be ashamed - whatever they are being paid, it is too much.

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Anonymous - 17 d ago

5 days trying. 6 different agents. 5 you're on the phone. All for trying to make hotel reservations using mileage plus. Mileage account locked. Is this United's way of limiting

Redemptions. Sounds like fraud. Are the running a criminal racket) ? Finally got a agent

That said to use chrome or Firefox as safari did not work with United.

Can not a company the size of United make their software compatible?

A simple alert to their agents of this problem would have saved me 5 days of

frustration. ( it also would have saved United hours and hours of agents time.)

A warning on the web site would have done wonders

An amazing example of incompetence. Can't even imagine what happens in the rest of the


1. Don'y Fly United

2.Cancel mileage plus card. (After 30years of loyalty)

3. Remember 1 and 2

And most of all I offer my sympathy to the president of United for his efforts to run this group of Morons.

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B.Hart - 21 d 13 h ago


My mother worked for United for years after passing their Attendant school. I pictured working as an attendant after seeing her back when the wore the red and and white uniforms and telling me all the special duties and scenarios. I got private pilot license, took international cultural studies and.earned my masters expertise in international cultural studies and business. But they won't offer me a chance even at their training program. Not because of my mother's loss, I thought her life was enough to lose but, because I am perfectly suited by their training manual

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Doesn't care about the ADA or the disabled. Even for - 21 d 13 h ago



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E. Jordan - 22 d ago


I had purchased tickets through for myself, and my 11m.o. child. As first-time mom, travelling across international waters (BTV to SIN):

1. I checked in at your United Airline counter and was not issued an "infant in lap" ticket.

2. Made it through TSA screening without a ticket for my infant.

3. Allowed to board 3 separate United Airlines flight without an "infant in lap" ticket.

On my return, I checked in at your code-share (ANA) flight counter in SIN and was informed that there was no evidence that my infant had boarded plane in BTV. I was asked to fork out additional monies (when previously paid through expedia) in order to purchase a separate return ticket for my infant.

I have submitted a refund request through United's refund webpage twice and both times have been informed that UA did not receive enough information or any documents. Although there is no way of finding out exactly what further information UA requires - the check refund status page does not work.

What do I need to do? This has caused undue about of travel especially during the return travel and monetary stress that I am unable to claim back for.

I am close to pursuing legal action because no one is hearing me in UA.

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L. T. - 27 d ago


Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing to you in regards to a situation I am having with United Airlines since August of 2017; it's now January of 2018 and I still can't get it resolved through your customer service representatives so I am reaching out the headquarters.

On August 11, 2017, I used my cousin credit card to purchase three (3) tickets to Las Vegas from Denver because we missed our flight on Frontier Airlines, we had to be in Vegas that day for a wedding and had to book but we used a ticketing agent we thought was United only now to find out it was a booking agent; anyways, we purchased the tickets we did not get a receipt and I have been trying since to get a receipt in order to try and get a refund from Frontier and now we may not get this refund because we have waited so long. I have sent over and over the information that was requested of me by the agents at United and all I am getting is the run-around. The last person I was in communication with was a Linda Stevens, a Customer Care Leader, she gave me a case # 13497812, the flight #'UA448, ticket # (hidden)313, (hidden)327 & (hidden)328 and this other # (KMM48785843V36148L0KM) I am not sure what this is, but I would appreciate someone looking into this and get back to me if not I would ask that United Airlines reimburse us for our tickets.

I ask that someone take the time to look into our claim and send us a response.

P.S the names on this claim is: Lorna Tingling, Patricia Henry and Vinnetta Davis.

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Anonymous - 27 d 29 s ago

Worst airline ever. Stole my luggage.

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Travelert - 27 d 4 h ago


How do you get hold of customer relations?

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yvonne - 28 d ago


I was given the corporate match status of Premier silver for 6mths of the year in 2017. I had specific qualifications to remain in that status for 2018. I called 8-10 times at the last two months of the year SPECIFICALLY to make sure i was making the miles. MOST of your agents did NOT know about the MY STATUS button that is on the main page. (shows where u stand in graph form where you stand and what you need to do (PQM AND PQD) to keep that corporate match status. I booked and additional 3-5 flight to SFO and ONE flight to NY and a one way from Dallas that i did NOT HAVE TO FLY. NOT one agent when i asked every time "what i needed to do" told me i needed to spend those dollars AND to make matters worse two agents SPECIFICALLY told me my chase explorer card fillled that requirement. I am also flying to Paris on United and i only booked that because i thought i would have status upgrade for 2018. I am demanding a reveiw of all my phone calls and it should be documented on your end that i was good to go and met all qualificiations in 2017.

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Anne Marie - 28 d 3 h ago


My husband is 1K. His flight on 12/21 landed at an alternative destination and all passengers were told by the pilot that they would be REIMBURSED for rental car expenses to get to destination. Now rather than reimbursing for the $502.33, United wants to give us a $75 VOUCHER! I am furious! And the kind Mileage Plus Manager Tom parked me on hold for more than 35 minutes today. So far I have 60 minutes of calls into them today with no good answers. So much for customer loyalty! Edward in Houston was of zero help as well.

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Irate Customer - 29 d ago


United Airlines missed connection

Flight # 1962 CZM to CEN Saturday, January 20th

Flight # 5008 DEN to SGU Saturday, January 20th (MISSED FLIGHT)

We missed our connection in Denver on Saturday, January 20th.

In a stressful situation the service we received from your company was terrible and my husband has vowed to never travel on United again.

First, the 1 hour 30 minute connection we were advised at booking is a "legal connection" was ridiculous given the inefficient Customs process at DEN. It took us more that much time just to clear customs and our research indicates this kind of back up at DEN customs is common.

Next, once we missed the flight the following occurred: The agent indicated United would NOT help us with a hotel as it was a DEN customs issue and therefore you had no liability. I would argue it was a ridiculous legal connection per the above and that in your zeal to maximize flights you endorse unachievable connection times. Then we were advised the next flight to SGU, the following morning Sunday, was cancelled as you did not want to have a plane trapped in DEN given the impending snowstorm. I have personal knowledge now of numerous times this hop between SGU and DEN has been simply cancelled... not a good record at all. Had I known this I would never have booked our trip with you. The next United flight to SGU on Sunday evening was full due to the morning flight cancellation. The best you could do was route us from DEN to LAX to SGU on Sunday involving hours more travel, a connection, a lot of hassle and an arrival Sunday night. When we asked to rebook on another airline we were advised you could NOT as this was, again, a DEN customs issue so you had no liability. We then asked to be re-booked on United to LAS, an inconvenient 2.5 hours from our home vs. 20 min. from SGU, and were told NO. That we HAD to go to SGU. Only when I protested, did the agent check to find she was wrong and could re-route us to LAS. She next said she could not accommodate us given our fare class on the next flight to LAS, the next morning. Again I protested, again she was wrong per a supervisor. As she was rebooking to LAS she next advised that since we booked with points she COULD NOT HELP US and we had to CALL THE UNITED AWARD TRAVEL DESK. Again, I protested strongly and insisted I work with the Supervisor. The Supervisor was able to rebook us on the flight to LAS the next morning ... funny how all the roadblocks the first agent threw up in front of us disappeared. By that time however, (we wasted 30 minutes on this) we were thoroughly disgusted with United and no longer had ANY confidence you could get us home. So we purchased tickets with a reliable airline, Southwest, caught the late flight from DEN to LAS that night at our cost, got the last van shuttle home to St. George at our cost, got an Uber ride home at our cost and finally arrived home at 2am.

Your company has a terrible culture that no number of surveys will correct. The treatment we received as valued customers was awful and while I have flown with you for many, many years (most recently via Business Class to Japan at full cost) I am not sure I can put up with your culture or poor service any longer. Once we were in a jam the attitude at United was clearly one of "it's not our fault" and all we heard was no, no, no and we had to push, quite strongly, for the help we deserve. What a difference when we got to the Southwest counter and the attitude was one of how can we help, how can we get you home, what can we do for you. This is what we expect. This is a sign of a good customer service culture. This is NOT United Airline's culture and you have a lot of work to do.

Shame on you United Airlines. For treating your once loyal customers this way. For not taking ANY responsibility. For being the most unhelpful airlines I have had the misfortune to fly on. You took a stressful situation and made it infinitely worse. While it cost us an additional $335 to get the heck out of Denver and get home I consider it money well spent to have not had to deal with United. Poorly done United... you have a long way to go to win my business back.

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Ellen - 29 d 16 h ago


I have accumulated over 130,000 air miles. Upon telephone conversation, I was told my account was locked. No explanation, not way to resolve or unlock it. Wasted 1 1/2 hours and still no help. I am trying to buy a first class ticket.

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Anonymous - 30 d 5 h ago

My wife and I travel first class on United. January 20, from Newark to Orlando, stewardess informed us that we would be served cold cereal. I asked for an alternative, and she said they were out of eggs. It seems that if there are 16 seats in first class, catering sends 8 cold cereal, and 8 eggs. If you sit in front, you have a choice, if you sit in back you get what is left. I am writing this because it has happened to us several time. We have choices, do not fly United, try to get seats in front, or eat cereal. By the way, the stewardess was lovely.

On the same trip, agent announced that first class could not board because catering was delivering. So, group 2-5 were boarded and we waited 20-30 minutes.

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Colorado WL - 31 d ago


You know, I would love to continue to patronize your airline. After all, it does have "United" in the name. However, I do not like doing business with American companies who send their USA (American) clients off shore to do business. I am not the biggest traveler, but when I do travel I'm sure your airline appreciates having someone like me as a traveler (client). Nonetheless, I will no longer choose to travel with you for the reason stated above.

It also astounds me that with-in a half hour of making my reservation I found out that it would take up to 10 days to have my airfare returned to my account. That sucks, as I was going to make another reservation with an airline that keeps their customer service employees here in the states. I guess I'm stuck for this trip. But it will be the last time I fly United.

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Kathryn prelas - 34 d 7 h ago


Worst airline in the world I bought a ticket for my friend to fly to Minnesota from Colorado Springs and page six six hundred and some dollars and she got on the plane and they went and took her told her she had to leave because they had there was no ticket they had refunded the money but my account doesn't show that the refunded anything her mother is was dying and she had to get to Minnesota and she tried to explain that to him and she said the ticket was playing and the girl said we don't give free tickets at the gate at United gate 5 what kind of Airline is it when you when somebody is dying and you treat a person that way everybody on the plane heard and there were people crying on the plane and outside when she went outside there were people crying outside at the Air Terminal when they heard what happened what a shame what an awful shame she left and drove at 10 at night to Minnesota and her mother died before she before she got halfway you people should be ashamed of yourself you really train your staff really great that's why you're in the paper all the time and I'm going to put you in the paper and on Twitter and on everywhere Facebook everywhere there was no refund on the account like that girl said at gate 5 at 6 at night yesterday shame on you just shame on you then I expect my money back you guys made a big mistake and I will contact a lawyer about this you'll be right back in the news

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Carole Hyneman - 36 d 5 h ago


My granddaughter from Norway had come to Indianapolis to visit me on Dec. 10 and we had tickets to go back together on United/SAS on Dec 20. The woman at the ticket counter told me I couldn't board the plane because my passport expires on March 18, and I was returning Jan 23. Evidently, there is a rule that you have to be back in your country 3 months before the expiration date . This would have been my 13th and last visit to see my daughter and her family. They have lived there 30 years. Noone ever mentioned this rule to me, and there is NO mention of it in my passport. The first thing I did when I decided to go with my grand-daughter was to check my passport to be sure it hadn't expired. WHY would I or anyone think that the word expiration doesn't really mean expiration. I am 80 years old and am not in good health. My income doesn' t allow me to buy a new ticket and plan another trip, and my ticket was non-transferable, so I lost over $1200. One question is this: when did this rule become effective, and do the employees have any leeway in determining who can or cannot board a plane.

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Anonymous - 41 d ago


A flight delayed for mechanical issues is totally understandable but, now the second delay is being caused by a crew disbute!! Seriously!!!!!

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