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United Airlines

77 West Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL
(800) 864-8331
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Carol H. Howard - 4 h 39 m ago


There was a hurricane in North Carolina and to try and reschedule or get a waiver due to not being able to travel to North Carolina, I had to call a foreign country and speak to a person who told me they could not help me and to reschedule would be another $200.00. Thank you for Not Supporting your Fellow Americans in times of Trouble!! United Airlines!!!

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danny - 8 d 43 s ago


I tried to book a reservation from MSP to Houston on 7/27 at the united airline site. after putting all needed info including my credit card and click on purchase no reservation confirmation was displayed nor an email sent to me.

However, when I call my credit card co. it indicates a $244.40 charge pending for united airlines.

I called united at (hidden) and spoke with an agent told my story provided all info and she said no reservation in their system and to dispute with my card co. which I did.

I also called back on 7/28 one more time if waiting 24 hrs make a difference; however, I was told the same story "no reservation by my name in their system". finally I contacted my card co to dispute the $244.40 charge.

the card co reversed the charge back .

today on 9/13/18, I received a letter from my card co stating united airline claims they had refused to reverse the payments as the ticket purchased was shown as no show on the flight date.

I had contacted them in good faith to provide me my flight reservation info and got nothing. how I can fly without a ticket info?

I called united today as soon as I got that credit card letter and spoke with a customer care supervisor named Emmelyn with emp id=v731477 from the Philippine call center and she said she can't help me after I spent over 34 min waiting for her as well as telling my story.

what a horrible service.

this is a highway robbery and I don't recommend any one to fly United airline. I will be putting on all social media beside disputing to state of Minnesota attorney general office.

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Pinkie Boyde - 8 d 15 h ago


My name is Mrs P Boyde I have. Ever had such a horrible experience trip my husband and I fly often we will never take United Airlines again my flight was UA 401 & UA 314, not only did they run out of food on the flight when they got to us but the smell on that plane was atrocious. It was a very long and grueling connecting flight, I will not recommend your airline to anyone anymore. I don't know how you people stay in business I see now why your reviews are so bad. I wonder if I will get a response from corporate.

Very dissatisfied customers

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Mrs P Boyde - 8 d 15 h ago


My husband and I will never use United again our flight UA 401 & UA 314 was the worse flight we have ever been on. We fly often not only did they run out of food on this long flight but there was a horrible smell on that plane that's why you people get such bad reviews, we paid for movies that were constantly going off. I will not recommend this airline to anyone anymore. Hopefully you will respond

Very disappointed customers

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Anonymous - 10 d ago

Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, have declared States Of Emergency due to Hurricane Florence. Southwest and JetBlue have waived Price Differences and $200 Change fee. United, a monopoly-like carrier in the area, is still charging last minute prices for open seats. $558 on a one-way ticket that is $111 one-way if purchased 10 days in advance. THEN, claim $200 change fee waiver is some how generous due to Hurricane. Absurd. Price Gouging. Emergency was declared today, with impacts set to hit Thursday/Friday through Monday, so no one could get a ticket within the 10 day window. One way flights are never more than around $220 to LAX.

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Dean Van Tassel - 13 d 19 h ago


My wife and I have been on a plane since 12:30 Pm Friday morning. Though we had a layover in Houston, nobody said it was going to be 4hrs. We all know it don't take 7 hrs to get from Cancun to Houston. I paid more for my wife and I tickets than my daughter and her friend and we left Cancun at the same time and their going to be in des moines before us. Though I am a smoker, don't descrimenate against us.10 hrs with no smoking is hard. From now on I will be driving anywhere I go.

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Anonymous - 14 d 17 h ago


As a recent passenger, I feel this airline is racist. My flight was delayed 45 min due to a seat in first-class being broken. I checked into this flight 2 hours prior to departure. When I arrived at the gate, I asked for a seat assignment. I was assigned seat 10D. my Flight was scheduled for departure at 6:50 pm. Around 7:40 pm, I was called to the gate agent and told that I will have to GIVE UP MY SEAT and I will have a new seat assignment. The new seat assignment was 10 seats further back than the previous seat (20D). She told me that my old seat now belongs to the passenger in first class because his seat was broken. I am an African American male, I had to give up my seat for a Caucasian male and move to the back of the plane. (sounds a bit racist to me). let me also add, when I arrived at the new seat assignment, someone was IN IT! I in utter disgrace regarding my treatment of this airline. This airline should learn about the Rosa Parks Stroy. I WILL NEVER FLY OR RECOMMEND TO ANYONE. I am in tears regarding this type of discrimination.

Deontae Matthews

General profile image - 17 d 35 s ago


2 planes this morning and the charging plugs are worn out and won't hold the plug. First time and last time in united. Sad you can't keep your planes repaired

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Brenda MacDonald - 18 d 4 h ago


Thank you United Airlines for great customer service! Our flight from London to Washington DC was delayed on Saturday, Septemeber 1, which would have caused my husband and me to miss our connecting flight on United Express to Richmond. Mr. Sharma at Heathrow was beyond helpful and got us on a flight from LHR to Newark, which was leaving in a few minutes, which allowed us to get a connecting flight to Richmond. Mr. Sharma is a great representative for United Airlines!

Today, I contacted United about refunding money I had paid for seat upgrade and priority boarding. I spoke with your customer service employee i.d. V735892 and she was wonderful. Professional, patient and just the sort of person one hopes to have answer the telephone when you call for assistance. These are just two examples of why United Airline is our airline of choice. Thank you for great service.

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John Nelson - 18 d 4 h ago


You United passed me of to your partner airline Lufthansa and both you and them are treating me horrible! What a sorry group of money sucking business. Please go to see about my claim that you or Lufthansa will not honor! TAKE CARE OF YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES AND STOP BLAIMING OTHERS!!!!

FB ID 32234752

I want some human intervention in regards to the way I was treated after you and you sorry partner treated me.

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John Nelson - 18 d 4 h ago


You have a phony survey as well.

Here is my response:

You don't have a survey! More BULLSHIT from

> United! Once I click any of your offered buttons the so

> called survey is over! You should be ashamed of your

> tactics! I will never, never, never use United again! And

> I'm going to make sure the Facebook world knows about you

> horrible business tactics!


> Sincerely,

> A former United customer!

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Anonymous - 18 d 4 h ago


I have been trying to get United to right their wrong for 3 weeks! You are horrible and you suck! You keep taking the money (personal and GOVERNMENT$$$$) but shunning your responsibilities of delivering passenger expectations after TAKING the money! You take the money, hand off your passengers to some other airline and blame everything own every other entity other than United! I want my compensation, I want a personal contact from your miserable company and I will never ever do business with you again. I'm also going to make a recommendation to the U.S. Government Travel Agency to examine their business dealings with you because you are not in the best interest of the U.S. Government personnel travel.

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richard - 20 d 19 h ago


wow, united airlines really sucks. You reroutrd me, lost my bags, then blaimed it on another airline, one I've never even heard of before.

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Disabled veteran - 25 d ago


I guess united doesn't care much about disabled veterans. I had a flight from Grand Junction Colorado layover in Denver and then on to Norfolk Virginia. I ended up having to go to Denver VA early and united told me I had to go back to Grand Junction to get on the plane there to fly back to Denver and then on to my final destination. If that wasn't bad enough, they told me or I could cancel that flight and they would charge me 600+ more dollars to fly from Denver to Norfolk. Ridiculous on how united treats disabled veterans.

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Carol Faulkner - 54 d 17 m ago


After reading that you are offering free flights to unite ILLEGAL aliens, I have decided to NOT fly with United. These illegals made the choice to come here and knew the consequences. How about treating our own citizens with dignity. So disappointed in your decision.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 52 d 20 h ago

Are you kidding/ These are children taken away from their parents, no fault of their own You are heartless!!

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Anonymous - 51 d ago

Carol, who cares who you fly with. I am sure no loss to them!

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Truth - 50 d 5 h ago


Your ancestors arrived illegally also. This airline doesn't need ignorant passengers like you onboard.... you're better off driving. Thanks for doing everyone a favor.

Flagged for review. 
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The Real Truth - 30 d 50 m ago


YOU are the racist.

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United Airlines - 47 d ago


Good Carol. We just assume you fly with Southwest (Greyhound of air carriers) so you can be with your own kind (white trailer trash). Good riddance and don't come back to United Airlines!

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 30 d ago

I don't care who or what you believe this is no way for a company to act i have already screen shot this and will forward to higher authorities.

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David G - 30 d 45 m ago


You are so right, Carol.

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Rhonda and Russel Thiessen - 44 d 10 h ago


We flew from Vancouver B.C.,Canada on Tuesday August 07,2018 to Denver CO with connecting flight to Wichita KS. There was a storm in Denver we circled and then we were sent to Grand Junction to refuel. Denver airport was opened again,so we were sent back. We had just landed but our connecting flight had that minute just taken off. Once inside terminal we were told nothing was available till late afternoon the next day to Wichita. No one to help first you to anyone to answer your questions. One "EXTREMELY" long line to afew people at customer service. You'd think at a time like this when there were so many people needing help and answers UNITED would have put extra people on to help with the backlog. But instead they seem EXTREMELY inefficient and not really carding the people were waiting. We finally decided to forget about flight to Wichita and get our baggage rent a car and drive to Greensburg as we needed to be there on the 8 of Sugust for a funeral. Absolutely NO help in getting our baggage with numerous trips to talk to what help there was. We were not the only ones waiting. There were others. One couple the man needed his medication. There was no help for them. If a person get sucks and dies in a situation linty this I HOPE they sue your pants off. I'll never ever fly United again and I'll be tell everyone that I have anything to do with to not fly you either.

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Angella - 31 d 18 h ago

I bought a ticket from united last year i was going to canada through united state but my usa visa has expired but never know ..therefore i was trying to get back my money they say i could use the ticket a year later but i have been trying to get to them from july to make arrangement to travel to usa until now i cant get one person to talk to..can anyone tell ne what to do ..i am in jamaica.

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Anonymous - 36 d ago


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