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United Airlines

77 West Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL
(800) 864-8331
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Angelini - 4 d ago



Absolutely miserable experience - from rude flight attendants, inedible food, seats big enough for a 3 year old, etc. to a too tight schedule for connecting flight.

Surely United can figure out how to solve these issues.

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Milagros - 6 d 11 s ago



As of the 5th of December of 2017 my uncle was not allowed to take two small generators (sealed by manufacturer with certificates and receipts of purchase) to Puerto Rico flight #3649 for an emergency release. United Airlines dint followed their policies. We were told by the United Airlines employee who also happens to be a supervisor name STEVEN FEARLESS that the United Airline isn't taking no more generators on board. And I read the policy they have after calling the Airline to confirm that generators can go on board as baggage.

I'm outrageous and saddened by this situation that took place in tulsa,Oklahoma United Airlines. And my uncle lost his money after he travels from Puerto Rico to Tulsa ok, purchase the generators and couldn't take them to the island that it's going through a devastating situation.

If you like more information or you are going through the same situation this is my number. (hidden).

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Miss.c - 14 d 20 h ago


I have the worst experience with united, our cargo wasn't able to make it to the destination due to the stuff who didn't do their job, so we had to wait for another 2 days in order for us to get are cargo it was a cooler and it was frozen food. We called asking why and all they say is sorry with no explanation. We ask for their manager or supervisor and they put us on hold and transfer us to a different department which is they don't know anything about cargo. Their trying to cover up their mistake, it's a lie after lie, all they say is you can do a refound and sorry. All I want to hear from them is will try our best to take care of our mistake and make sure you get your cooler nice and safe. Instead of saying that their getting mad and don't want to help you or find a way to fix the problem. We try to call everywhere to track our cooler, we start around 12 am until 8am it was frustrated and it took 8 hours for us to find our cooler and finally talk to Denver people to find a way to fix it, staying all night to figure it out, we actually spend more then $400 for all the food we order. They have bad service, and no communication between employee. I wish they can train their people in a right way. And this will be my last using united and I will share my experience with anyone I know.

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RUTH - 16 d 23 m ago




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united discrimination - 29 d 9 h ago


E Megaly E-mail Address: (hidden) Home Phone Number: (732) 666-3344 - United States Business/Other Phone Number: None Address Type: Home Address: 43 Providence Blvd Kendall Park, New Jersey 08824 United States MileagePlus Number: None United Ticket Number : (hidden)691 Subject: Airport Experience Reply: Not applicable Message: Discrimination at it's finest. I flew on united airlines on August 20 and August 25 and it is safe to say that I will never fly United again. My daughter just flew on United last month and filed a serious complaint for numerous reasons and it made me hesitant to choose United for myself. I asked the flight attendant for a blanket earlier in the flight because I was sick, she let me know that the blanket's are only for first class flyers. I understood and took that as an answer, until the white American sitting next to me asked for a blanket almost 5 minutes after I did, and the attendant gave her one. Is it because she is white and I am not? She gets more priority over me? I thought the blankets were only for first class, why did the girl next to me get one then? I left my seat to approach the attendant and she did not give me a straight answer and STILL did not provide me a blanket. She was rude the entire flight actually. I am an elderly person and was sick and was in need of a blanket and the blanket instead went to the little girl on my right. HOW? I spoke to the flight attendant in first class to complain about this issue, and again no sympathy and no blanket. It's like because I am not a first class citizen, I do not get any help from the attendants. I watched carefully and the attendants were very helpful to everyone else on the flight besides me. This is horrible!! I can easily say United will NOT be a flight I choose again, I will continue to file complaints about this flight to United corporation until someone calls me with some sort of resolution. Thank you. (732) 666-3344 Flight Number: 1054 Flight Date: 8/20/2017 Approximate Departure Time: Anytime Origin: New York/Newark, NJ, US (EWR - Liberty) Destination: Cancun, MX (CUN) all i got email from dee baker case 3 13009838 and she mention thats some one will call me in a few day and look like no one care at united

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 26 d ago

thanks to united please remove the review i could"t take it down

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Nancy - 45 d 12 h ago


I think they care more about the amightly dollar than the people. Very rude and I don't like how they group you by how much you paid for your tickets. Then if your in group 5 your treated like the tickets were given to you.

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LEXIE - 41 d 7 h ago


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Anonymous - 37 d ago


I agree wholeheartedly! United Airlines President & CEO is an arrogant, egotistical jerk who thinks he's above everyone else. That's why he vilified Dr. Dao when he objected to be dragged off the plane and turned around and sued United Airlines after he was left bloodied and injured from the incident!

Lousy non-leadership, which leads to ZERO Customer Service! They are ALL jerks! Sorry, I can't leave my name because I have an on-going case with them.

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Anonymous - 37 d 2 h ago


Well, Oscar, anyone with a lick of common sense Knows that you tread carefully when dealing with someone you don't know. And you REALLY DON'T know me! Take for instance, have you ever seen or heard of people getting into encounters with angry drivers and within moments, things turn ugly? Well, Oscar, you DON'T know ME and I'm ONE ANGRY person! And, like people who are angry, you Never know what they are going to do, do you? Am I threatening you with bodily harm? Most definitely NOT! But believe me, something IS coming at you that you don't even see coming your way. Why? You know why! You seem to think that because you are the President & CEO of United Airlines that it gives you license to treat your passengers like dirt under your feet. WRONG! You have dealt injustices to your passengers one after another, INCLUDING ME! I will NOT stand by and do nothing about it! You have STOLEN from me, damaged my property, caused me physical harm and you have done others things that are putting you in hot water, to say the least. I'm keeping this information to myself for the time being. YOU SHOULD HAVE ANSWERED MY LETTERS AND SETTLED THIS MATTER FAIR AND EQUITABLY! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT IS ON YOU!

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stephhowson - 5 y 115 d ago

After the trip from hell, both ways, I am never flying @united_airlines again. I am now waiting in line. United lost a loyal customer.

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Anonymous - 41 d 6 h ago


they stink...worst excuse me NO customer service in states .....forget about Philippines helping you

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World Traveller - 5 y 107 d ago


It almost seems unfair to keep dumping on the old legacy airlines, but for me, United is the worst of all of them. When will they figure out that we don't have to fly with them anymore, and they should stop treating their customers like livestock?

I have flown transatlantic round-trip about a dozen times on six different airlines, and United was far and away the worst of those trips. Sure, lot's of airlines now have baggage limits and other fees, and that's not the problem I have. The problem is the way United treats you, especially if you are in economy. "Oh, here's your economy boarding pass, good luck."

This was a few years ago, so I don't know if anything changed, but comparing the flight to a Virgin Atlantic flight I took the same year is almost unfair. Even in coach, VA had seatback entertainment, decent food, and a friendly flight crew. The pilot even came out and talked with the passengers before the flight. United was staffed by a bunch of angry forty year old flight attendants, the food was awful, and if there was some sort of in-flight entertainment, I certainly couldn't see it from where I was sitting.

If there were no other options, I could deal with it. But when Virgin or Lufthansa flies the same routes for the same (or better) price, why on Earth would anyone fly United? People need to stop flying with them, and then maybe they'll get the message.

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lexie - 41 d 6 h ago


why can not we start a class action or try to shut them down or go on TV enough is enough

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Natasha DiCarlo - 51 d ago


My name is Natasha DiCarlo and I took a flight to Atlanta GA. from Albany N.Y. on 10-3-17 I returned home to Albany N.Y. a week later and during my trip I realized I had left a expensive bottle of Chanel perfume in the overhead compartment. I contacted the airline immediately once I noticed I had left my perfume. I did everything that I was instructed to do the online lost and found item report form and I even went as far as paying the 19.95 shipping fee it cost to have my item returned to me. I paid the shipping fee on 10-12-17 and still I've yet haven't received my perfume and this is totally unacceptable and I am honestly considering involving my attorney Justin De Armas to take further action against united airlines.

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Anonymous - 41 d 6 h ago



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Michele Robb - 55 d ago


Yet another pissed off customer. No way to get anyone to take responsibility, just get passed around from department to department. Long waits on hold. Told "not trained on the software to access that information". A very fine example of corporate incompetence from start to finish.

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Anonymous - 51 d ago

they did me the same exact way and when I got my luggage 2 days after arriving home my wheels were destroyed and ur told pretty much to suck it up and take that loss because they don't cover damaged luggage and it was luggage I had borrowed from a family member just unbelievable and again totally unacceptable something has to be done and I am seriously considering getting my attorney involved because they can't just do people like this I am most certainly a unsatisfied customer

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rk - 41 d 6 h ago



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Anonymous - 42 d 5 h ago

United Airlines is a piece of garbage hires all people from the Philippine and they don't know anything. Its a nightmare. I am trying to get back my mileage and its been nothing but hell, lies from their staff. They eventually all hung up the phone without any cause and help.

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RENEE - 41 d 7 h ago


I am so frustrated with all workers in Philippines got the run around and now will lose 268 dollars!!!!! nNO CUSTOMER SERVICE WORST AIRLINES

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V Weyand - 49 d 6 h ago

Trying to reach Kurt Lackner United Cooperate office not much luck would appreciate a call back 231 620 3521 V Weyand

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Lynette - 54 d 11 h ago

Ticket agents at counter do not even know the abbreviations for state,s. I on had a reservation to fly from McAllen TX to Duluth MN on thurs. Oct. 19th . When I arrived at the airport at 5:40 a.m.I was told my flight was delayed for 3 1/2 hours but would be put on standby for a different flight and could be flown right into Grand Rapids MN but with a long layover . I arrived in Houston at 11:00 a.m. waited till they would board for the flight to Grand Rapids MN only to find out they do not fly to Grand Rapids MN and scheduled me to fly to Grand Rapids MI (Michigan).As a result I am missing an important court date and the solution I have been offered is a refund on my ticket (which I had to ask for) and a $100.00 voucher for another flight. I was at United from 5:40 a.m. till 10:30 p.m. Worst day ever.

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Pissed customer - 64 d 10 h ago


Discrimination is alive and well on United Airlines....Delta is the way to go!!!

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Mrs.Roman - 69 d 5 h ago


Dear Mr.Tilton my mother Marisol booked a round trip ticket for Newark Airport to Agudilla Airport from 9/10/2017-9/20/2017 due to the natural disaster hurricane Maria my mother was unable to fly back due to the fact the airport was damage and the agency was not letting anyone fly out which is understandable.when the airlines was up and operations were running I called to confirm that my mother was able to get a flight back home.I had spoken to one of your agent supervisor named Janet at the Newark Airport in NYC i proceded to explian to her the situation she was very rude to me and she " told me that there is nothing she was able to do because my mother missed her flight and policy was that there will be no refund on her ticket and that she had to purchase another ticket to get back home"I Insisted on the fact that it was not her fault a hurricane hit Puerto Rico and kept explaining to her my mother had a round trip ticket.and her reply was to me "you must purchase a ticket for your mother to come back to New York" it felt so hurtful to me how can an airlines such as United not be Sympathetic to what was going on in Puerto Rico I don't know if that is what the company has taught your employees in a natural disaster accurence but I will be letting future consumers know about how United Airlines treated me and getting my mother back home this very serious matter and I hope this is not your standard way of handling emergency flights. I THINK WE WILL NO LONGER USE YOUR BUSINESS IN THE FUTURE....and I WILL BE LETTING PEOPLE KNOW HOW I WAS TREATED IN A TIME OF NEED.. Sincerely MRS. N.ROMAN

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