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United Healthcare Insurance Company

450 Columbus Blvd.
Hartford, CT
Gail Boudreaux
President and CEO
(860) 702-5000
(860) 702-7000
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Elizabeth - 29 d 18 h ago


Now I am back for a not as nice review. I made 6 calls to the so called Corporate # from Google.

(hidden)...IF that really is their #, I doubt it is. They don't want to be bothered with calls and complaints for ineptness, do they?? All 6 calls were cut off as " call ended". Just cut off, disconnected, no humans, no recorded message, nothing!! Now, I am very displeased. You take my money, but not my calls, corporate ?? Rating is worse than POOR, for this.

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tom - 35 d ago


Just had a phone call from UHC. Person calling did not speak English very will, so I did not understand most of what he said. You are wasting your money and my time by having call center people who do not speak English

Tom Davidson, a customer.

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Elizabeth - 29 d 18 h ago


I try to bypass call centers or customer service. I go to Corporate to get unscripted answers from people who can make decisions and bend the rules to satisfy their customers. Corporate, employees and computer input data need to be on the same page with updates, rates, etc. Not always the case.

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Misha - 177 d 16 s ago



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mike - 58 d 7 h ago

My son has mhc he dident recieve his health card did u get any reason why u dident he could use this when going to the doctors

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Stephen - 63 d ago


Worse company ever. Can not get a straight answer from anyone.

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Seriously? It's due time UHC meet the likes of Gowdy in a nice CLASS ACTION!! Fed up! Not one single employee in the entire company is capable of performing their job! Been through so much in such short duration. The blatant lies continue ad nauseam! They are more than corrupt! California here....please let me know if you want to join in on a class action. Maybe then, Gail Boudreaux et al will take heed! If interested please contact me here or on Consumer Affairs UNDER: TIME FOR A CLASS ACTION ALL STATES! This needs to stop immediately!

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Sarah Ramirez - 71 d 14 h ago


Going on month three of fighting with UHC to get the insulin pump our 9 year old daughter AND HER PHYSICIAN wants her in and we keep getting denied and then no answers, no direct contact person, no one has an email address I can write to, all because something else is cost effective (they won't tell me what that one IS...) and my poor kiddo is feeling like total crap with a BGL of 521 and thank god no ketones so no emergency room visit just yet unless it changes overnight. Why the heck can't you guys get it together for the health, safety and sake of my kid?!?!?! A parent should ever be feeling so defeated for their kid

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Tracie bourne holtz - 82 d 20 h ago


Uhc is the worst company I have ever had to deal with! They promise a provider that they will be paid and they lie! It did not get paid. Much stupidity amongst the call center workers and management!,,,,

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Regina Bailes - 94 d ago


Where should I start? If you can get another health insurance then go for it because United is the worst! We get this insurance through my husband's job, we pay a lot of money every month and although our services have been well-covered (because we pay a lot of money each month) when I file a claim and need to get reimbursed, it is a night mare! I sent EVERY single piece of documentation they asked for and every time I called there was something else that it wasn't right. They tossed me from person to person and when finally someone assured me they would pay, guess what? The check never came. I called and they sad they needed something else. Never mind that I called before we rented the medical equipment we needed, and that they told me exactly what kind of documentation I would need. Every time I call back, no one knows what really went on and so I have to explain all over again. I have a rap sheet of everyone's names and reference numbers but they are good for nothing! Bunch of incompetents! If my problem doesn't get resolved this week, I will call the company my husband works for and get them involved, let's see if United will pay attention when a multi-million dollar account gets involved. RUN! DON'T GET THEIR SERVICES,FIND ANOTHER COMPANY! I am putting my real name down, I want them to know who is complaining if they even pay attention to this page.

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Anonymous - 94 d ago


This Health Company, United Healthcare, is not in the business of looking out for your best personal health. They delay prescriptions, because it must meet their approvals, not your personal doctor's prescribed health recommendations. They will not resolve your concerns, but refer you to their email message center, and then they refer you to their pharmacy email system, then back again, prolonging your much needed prescription. If your employer utilizes this company, your stuck with below standard service. They have put themselves in a position of knowing your health better than you or your doctor-- Take a look at how much this CEO earned in 2016. Bottom line-- it's all about the money, not your health!

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Syed Ahmed - 129 d 1 h ago


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Flagged for review. 
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Maria - 129 d 50 s ago


Terrible Service its been 3 weeks and calling form medical OFFICE to ask for help regarding some Incorrect Information that is connected with our TAX ID and no one seems to help Transfer and transfer.We have a lot of prior auths that need to be done and notification and Cant seem to get this taken care OFF NOT good at all

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LP - 135 d 20 h ago


this company does there best to not provide you the medicine you need they will deny the medicine and tell you to appeal it. and wait till you go away so they wont have to pay for it. Aetna insurance company is 10 times better than this one. Stay away if you can

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HEALTHY - 170 d 20 h ago


Joined the NHP plan early this year through my employer. A primary care doctor was assigned to me/family and called to change . Tried to go on line several times and change first but would not allow .To cut a long story short, around 8 calls later to customer service(REPRESENTATIVES AND SUPERVISORS) ,I still have not managed to get my doctor changed .

Reasons giving on the first few calls, we are having technical difficulties and will fix . we have two systems so the last supervisor only made the change in one, the latest call to a supervisor was your doctor office has not renewed there contract. Called the doctor office, of course was not the case as they were being paid by NHP for other patients. Called again couple days later and asked that the Supervisor call Doctor office . She assured me all ok and told me we are set " quote:" I went ahead and made the change in the system and will show online within 72 hours. Of course , nothing has changed. Also ,told me that my new membership cards will be sent out and get to me within 7-10 business days" Well ,you guessed,still waiting. Here is a new slogan for UNITED HEALTHCARE..."YOUR HEALTH IS IMPORTANT TO US ,BUT WE DONT REALLY CARE" Maybe it's time to take my story to the media .

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VFed - 183 d ago


United Healthcare AARP Prescription Service sucks. I have been a member of AARP UHC Medicare RX plan since January 1. 2017 and have yet been able to get into the website to view my account or look up prescription prices. I have been given the run around that OptumRX has had technical issues since January 1 with new medicare enrollees and that they are working on the problem. They said they would be working on the problem on a case-by-case basis and contact you via email. They didn't have the correct email for me.

Is anyone else having issues with OptumRX?

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Linda - 184 d ago


With as much money as you make off of us you would think your website to look for Dr's would be up to date but it's not at all so you can't find a Dr. Come on fix it please, your customer service has up to date info so why doesn't the website?

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Anonymous - 198 d ago


Absolutely the worst insurance company! Pick anywhere else besides here!!! They Erin you through endless red tape and circles until you just give up. Don't waste your time or money with them!

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Jessica Thompson - 185 d ago


they kept me on hold for 5 hours

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Richard wheeler - 220 d ago

To Whom It concern may concern I called UnitedHealthcare on Friday to get a prescription of finna means to be covered underneath my health plan to keep me from being put in the hospital and to protect my life being put in hospital tutu if I gained weight a lot of weight it pushes against my bowels and shuts my bowels down and it backs up and it puts infection into my body and it puts me in the hospital to where it almost kills me Grizzly kills me and they turn me down for this medication under emergency so I am going to get discrimination lawyer and I'm also for discrimination against a disability person on needs medication denial so that's what I'm going to do thank you sincerely Richard Lee wheeler senior

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Jessica Thompson - 185 d 19 m ago


they don't care......I have a similar problem and spent 5 hours on hold last week on one day. For the past two weeks I have called every business day andspent hours on the phone. Trust me, I will be doing all I can to warn others about this company.

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Bobbie - 187 d ago

After 5 years of informing them that the phone number they are calling is NO longer associated with their customer's name they continue to harass us with ongoing phone calls. Apparently they can not properly update their records or keep track of their customers. Despite speaking to supervisors and writing letters OUR phone number is still associated with their insured. They have NO way to properly update their system and stop harassing us. If this is how they take care of small issues like removing a phone number from their system to prevent unwanted phone calls to people no wonder they have bigger issues.

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Anonymous - 204 d 19 h ago


UHC is the worst the worst insurance I have ever dealt with as a provider. It is amazing to me that they are able to stay in business. Their customer service is non-existent and the representatives can barely speak English and will not transfer you to one of the American offices. Most of the representatives are not knowledgeable of the policies and benefits of the insured. If they cannot help you or will not help you they just hang up and then you have to start all over and hold again forever. Having talked with my neighbor and the nightmare she has had with UHC there needs to be a thorough investigation done by the Federal Insurance Commission.

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Karen - 205 d ago


From a providers perspective this is the WORST company I have to deal with. Especially with the United healthcare Medicare replacement policies. I call the phone# on the back of the patient's card & I am told by someone I can barely understand that I have the wrong department & they transfer me. Right now I have been on the phone & I still am for one hour & 46 minutes trying to get a medical claim paid from August 2016. I have called 12 times regarding payment on this claim & today is # 13. I had the patient call the member services phone # & he put us on 3 way back on January 31st 2017 & we were transferred to a supervisor on the member services side & she could not help us!! I asked if she is able to see the notes from the provider side regarding my calls to the provider line & she said no. I asked aren't the reps @ the members services line supposed to help the member? She said she cannot. This is very sad that these companies are giving United Healthcare Medicare to their retirees. I feel awful for these people who have this United Healthcare & for the providers who are providing services to these patients and not being paid. It's horrible!!!!!!!!

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Nancy Hartlage - 224 d 23 h ago


UHC is a bunch of incompetents. I receive junk mail regularly and you cannot take my address out of your system. Are you friggin kidding me?? IDIOTS!!!

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