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United Healthcare Insurance Company

450 Columbus Blvd.
Hartford, CT
Gail Boudreaux
President and CEO
(860) 702-5000
(860) 702-7000
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Grateful member - 20 d ago


I wanted to take a moment to compliment United healthcare and its employees for excellence in service. We have had many insurance companies over the years and every call every medical appointment was filled with dread over the hours of phone calls to get billls paid and obtain information about benefits. We have been with your company for over a year and every intercation with customer service has been an absolute joy. Your employess are professional extremely well trained and informed informed , beyond kind and eager to be of service. We want to thank everyone who has made this company function and serve its members as well as it does. Our thanks and blessings to all during this holiday season !!!!

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Will change plans - 27 d 15 h ago


The customer service is poor and the drug coverage is sub standard.

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ND - 30 d ago


I have been trying unsuccessfully through multiple hours and five phone numbers to locate a venue to comment on the advertising used by United Healthcare. I am annoyed every time I see their TV ad portraying their employees as unconcerned with peoples safety and customers as unthinking and dazed. I am referring to the ad with people wandering through a shrubbery maze and an uncaring individual plowing through with a bulldozer. What about a little common sense in yor ads?

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Anonymous - 43 d 11 m ago


The phone number is WRONG!!! Another way to frustrate your clients! I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!! I know there is somewhere that I can find the information for your pitiful company or I will literally die trying!!!

Dr. Judy G. Tuggle

3749 Gleneagles Lane

Tucker, GA 30084



Record or remember that information! You have not heard the last from me yet!

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Frustrated provider - 245 d 15 h ago


Why do think DRS r not taking ins7 for the companies r killing the DRS financially.they don't pay the money to DRS for their services .the money that is paid to the DRS who r taking insurances is something to laugh about. They r horrible to the providers. They have the ability to not pay the providers. Stop payments. They have become GODs.

Profits for united healthcare were over 200 billion and their CEOmakes several million dollars a year

They have difficulties approving patients medications. Because then how will they make billions for themselves

Try getting hold of someone in the corporate office. Good luck with that

Dot who r not taking united healthcare r better off because they don't have to put with the companies abuse

They r horrible

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Charles Graham - 231 d 19 h ago


I know exactly what you mean. Time to start a class action lawsuit against them. And get the CEO prosecuted and everyone else in corporate. They pissed off the wrong one

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Anonymous - 55 d 18 h ago

If a class action suit is filed I'm in!

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Broke - 44 d 19 s ago

Me as well.

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Broke due to inept employees - 44 d ago


I cancelled my plan in mid October and was told all drafts would stop. Today I have a draft and am overdrawn. They verified that I did call and cancel employee did not put request in.

I'm 70 on a fixed income no money until 3rd Wednesday of this month and they cannot refund for 60 days. A manager will call me in two days. Yeh. RUN FROM THIS COMPANY AND AARP.

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Scottsdale - 47 d 17 h ago


Why does United Health Care fund liberal causes through an association with AARP? AARP is very clever at hiding their association and support of liberal groups from the public, but a big corporation like United Healthcare should know the true agenda of AARP. They think senior citizens are stupid and will not realize that being associated with AARP means you ARE funding liberal causes. Fine if you are a liberal, but the practice of hiding it from those who don't wish to do so,Yes is unethical. Yes, we can see you are clearly all about the money, but wouldn't it be smarter to show some respect for all Americans by not requiring consumers to join AARP? Why not stick to health care and stay out of politics!

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Anonymous - 50 d ago


Completely disorganized. Only want to sign you up to get money with no regard whether the services they offer help you or not.

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Debby - 175 d ago


I have spent 13 hours on hold with United healthcare RX. I filed a complaint and got a call from conflict resolution and was told that they would send me the letters that showed they tried to contact me about my policy. But because united healthcare did nothing wrong I was not able to have an RX policy until open enrollment in Dec of 2018. I was also sent a letter according to customer service on 6/12 2018 that told me they were unable to reach me in conflict resolution . I called them many times left a message & was told I would be contacted in 24 hours that never happened. I do not know what I can do to get the LETTERS that were supposedly sent to me and I never received them. I have 3 times asked for copies to be sent to my email address and they have not arrived I must have them to register a complaint with Social Security so I can have RX coverage. I realize I am nothing to United healthcare in the scheme of total customers bur I am a customer and deserve to be serviced properly. I am disgusted.

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Yeaok - 51 d 14 h ago

I doubt it was 13 hours.

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Ellen - 50 d 1 m ago

13 hours on hold? Really? Maybe 13 minutes.

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Dan mileaf - 50 d ago


You stopped allowing metformin with no notice... you've wasted hours of my time on hold. I can believe how poorly you service customers... your help line people say they can't call be because we don't accept calls from blocked caller I'd numbers....why would you block your number?

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Jack - 51 d 19 h ago


They should offer silver sneakers in their dual eligible medicare advantage plans. Because they do not, where I live, in Missouri, I went with Humana.

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Alok Kumar - 58 d 5 h ago


Hi Gail,

I'm from India working for Amazom.

One of my claims is pending for more than 3 months & not yet resolved.

Hope you can help. My member id is- 5473320.


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Uncle Charlie or Chuck Donald's Nick name please. President's Nick name chuck - 78 d 29 m ago


No quality long term care with my mediicaid waiver program. Contact my realative Mr. Donald Trump president of USA ergent have brain ingury please help me. , Things are real hard for me doing my best. Thank you very much I am very proud of all of ya ll. Please thanks alot God Bless.

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Jack Warren - 79 d ago


My daughter's policy now in effect for LESS than 24 hours! What a disaster! Had I experienced this before enrolment, wouldn't be in this covrage.

So far today: 28 calls, 4-1/2 hours, ONE QUESTION, no answer!

Trying to resolve a paperwork scxrewup (ON THEIR PART!).. they could care lees.

I have dealt with some crappy carriers over the years, this is BY FAR the WORST!

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Ana - 120 d 16 h ago


Rebecca Christian Davenport is a service coordinator that is assign around the Jacksonville, TX area. This employee has been rude, unprofessional and has even contacted my mother who is insured through United Health Care and has harassed her non stop. She has stated that she will be making an assessment on mu handicap brother this week. After I contacted her to tell her that nor only is she not allowed at my mothers home but that my brother has Cigna NOT United, she told me she will be at my mothers on Thursday between 8-12 am and hung up the phone. My family has reasons for not wanting this woman at my mothers home not only becouse my brother has Cigna but also there ia a conflict of interest becouse she is my soon to be ex daughter in laws mother. Rebecca has continuously threatened my family, harassed and has tried to have my mother and brothers home health canceled. I have contacted United corporate offices for assistance. I need United to helps us again with this situation so this woman stops harassing us further.

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Joyce - 121 d 24 m ago


Absolutely the worst insurance every. Medical and pharmacy horrible. Met deductible and refusing to pay for tier cost meds. I get a run around with every rep. Jolene is a supervised and actually hung up on me. Beware!

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Laurel - 124 d 16 h ago


Boy, I can't believe the complaints I have read. I have nothing but good to say about Unitedhealth Care. They have so many great programs above and beyond just paying your medical bills. I am 80 yeas old and would be dead today if it were not for my United Healthcare coverage. I just participated in a program they have. they sent me a scale to weigh and a tablet to answer daily questions. If any of my answers caused medical concern a UHC nurse would call me. She was a great help to me and helped me get through a very bad time. The end result is I now have a new heart valve and can live again. She even contacted my primary care physician when she was concerned. My coverage for this procedure was almost 100% covered by UHC. Yes, when you call you may be on the phone for a long time but be realistic in todays world that is the norm. Sadly, but true. As I said and will repeat, if it were not for UHC and it's programs I would not be here today to write this story.

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Lorraine Chelbian - 133 d 20 h ago


i have a complaint to lodge. I called to find out why my surgeon's office had not received surgery authorization on my scheduled full knee replacement surgery scheduled for Aug. 13th. You people were totally in the dark and unhelpful keeping me on the phone for an hour, and I had to direct them to my medical records that your company had regarding my knee isdues since 2016. Then, they tell me that it takes up to 14 days to get any type of answer on PA. My doctor sent in the PA request last Monday. Your people say that the authorization equest was not put in on expedited status, but admitted they never tell the office this information. I have to begin taking medication starting tomorrow as instructed and I paid over $200 for this medication. I cannot go into surgery or begin this medication if this surgery is not pre approved. I cannot go into the hospital on Monday if this surgery is not PA. I have to pay a reschudling fee of $200 to reschedule if this is not PA. I am disgusted with your company. Right now, I believe that I will not renew this insurance with you at all. Your people are not helpful, lack empathy and upset me greatly today. They claimed they could not help me. To bad for me. Told me take it up with my doctor. So, I am very unhappy. I am very disatistified. I intend to advise my friends and family not to consider insurance or Medicare with your company and I am going to report this incident to AARP. You should, as my insure protect me and make every effort knowing my date of surgery, to assure that I get the neccesary PA in a timely fashion. And, your Agent and supervisor are not truthful. The only time a surgery request authorization is put in as expedited is if is a life or death situation. So maybe you should re-educate you staff so they do not provide the wrong and upsetting information to clients. Please no that your staff raised my blood pressure so badly, so high, that I now have a severe headache. I am considerating legal action if I need to go to emergency soon.

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Anonymous - 145 d ago


Hi, I am a customer or insured. Have been for years. I have a challenge with speaking. First of all it is difficult to get through the introduction of the initial call with speaking issues. Then I have found most of the customer service people I have spoken with are too willing to take over conversation when someone is not speaking to their satisfaction...rather than trying to wait and understand what the person needs. One or two of them have awesome. Wish I were able to remember their names. This becomes so frustrating that I become indignant. Then all goes down hill from there. One of the girls I spoke with put me over to the department that writes new insurance. Apparently, she passed on I was not in a good mood...and he was not professional at all...seemed hostile. Anyway...the customer's attitude should never effect the person offering service!!! There also are people who have medical conditions that effect their moods and attitudes...the customer is the "sick person"...the one to please and try to help!!! It is intimidating to try and call the customer service line. Thank you.

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Texas - 153 d ago


Thanks everyone for Taking the time to write reviews. They have bungled me several times and then they lie to cover their asses. I highly recommend if you want something done contact your state Health and Human services because that is why they are so busy they manage Medicaid and Medicare patients in most states. The state needs to know they are performing poorly and they must hire and train more people

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