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United Healthcare Insurance Company

450 Columbus Blvd.
Hartford, CT
Gail Boudreaux
President and CEO
(860) 702-5000
(860) 702-7000
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Ana - 16 m 45 s ago


Rebecca Christian Davenport is a service coordinator that is assign around the Jacksonville, TX area. This employee has been rude, unprofessional and has even contacted my mother who is insured through United Health Care and has harassed her non stop. She has stated that she will be making an assessment on mu handicap brother this week. After I contacted her to tell her that nor only is she not allowed at my mothers home but that my brother has Cigna NOT United, she told me she will be at my mothers on Thursday between 8-12 am and hung up the phone. My family has reasons for not wanting this woman at my mothers home not only becouse my brother has Cigna but also there ia a conflict of interest becouse she is my soon to be ex daughter in laws mother. Rebecca has continuously threatened my family, harassed and has tried to have my mother and brothers home health canceled. I have contacted United corporate offices for assistance. I need United to helps us again with this situation so this woman stops harassing us further.

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Joyce - 6 h 38 m ago


Absolutely the worst insurance every. Medical and pharmacy horrible. Met deductible and refusing to pay for tier cost meds. I get a run around with every rep. Jolene is a supervised and actually hung up on me. Beware!

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Laurel - 4 d 45 s ago


Boy, I can't believe the complaints I have read. I have nothing but good to say about Unitedhealth Care. They have so many great programs above and beyond just paying your medical bills. I am 80 yeas old and would be dead today if it were not for my United Healthcare coverage. I just participated in a program they have. they sent me a scale to weigh and a tablet to answer daily questions. If any of my answers caused medical concern a UHC nurse would call me. She was a great help to me and helped me get through a very bad time. The end result is I now have a new heart valve and can live again. She even contacted my primary care physician when she was concerned. My coverage for this procedure was almost 100% covered by UHC. Yes, when you call you may be on the phone for a long time but be realistic in todays world that is the norm. Sadly, but true. As I said and will repeat, if it were not for UHC and it's programs I would not be here today to write this story.

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Lorraine Chelbian - 13 d 4 h ago


i have a complaint to lodge. I called to find out why my surgeon's office had not received surgery authorization on my scheduled full knee replacement surgery scheduled for Aug. 13th. You people were totally in the dark and unhelpful keeping me on the phone for an hour, and I had to direct them to my medical records that your company had regarding my knee isdues since 2016. Then, they tell me that it takes up to 14 days to get any type of answer on PA. My doctor sent in the PA request last Monday. Your people say that the authorization equest was not put in on expedited status, but admitted they never tell the office this information. I have to begin taking medication starting tomorrow as instructed and I paid over $200 for this medication. I cannot go into surgery or begin this medication if this surgery is not pre approved. I cannot go into the hospital on Monday if this surgery is not PA. I have to pay a reschudling fee of $200 to reschedule if this is not PA. I am disgusted with your company. Right now, I believe that I will not renew this insurance with you at all. Your people are not helpful, lack empathy and upset me greatly today. They claimed they could not help me. To bad for me. Told me take it up with my doctor. So, I am very unhappy. I am very disatistified. I intend to advise my friends and family not to consider insurance or Medicare with your company and I am going to report this incident to AARP. You should, as my insure protect me and make every effort knowing my date of surgery, to assure that I get the neccesary PA in a timely fashion. And, your Agent and supervisor are not truthful. The only time a surgery request authorization is put in as expedited is if is a life or death situation. So maybe you should re-educate you staff so they do not provide the wrong and upsetting information to clients. Please no that your staff raised my blood pressure so badly, so high, that I now have a severe headache. I am considerating legal action if I need to go to emergency soon.

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Anonymous - 24 d 8 h ago


Hi, I am a customer or insured. Have been for years. I have a challenge with speaking. First of all it is difficult to get through the introduction of the initial call with speaking issues. Then I have found most of the customer service people I have spoken with are too willing to take over conversation when someone is not speaking to their satisfaction...rather than trying to wait and understand what the person needs. One or two of them have awesome. Wish I were able to remember their names. This becomes so frustrating that I become indignant. Then all goes down hill from there. One of the girls I spoke with put me over to the department that writes new insurance. Apparently, she passed on I was not in a good mood...and he was not professional at all...seemed hostile. Anyway...the customer's attitude should never effect the person offering service!!! There also are people who have medical conditions that effect their moods and attitudes...the customer is the "sick person"...the one to please and try to help!!! It is intimidating to try and call the customer service line. Thank you.

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Texas - 32 d 5 h ago


Thanks everyone for Taking the time to write reviews. They have bungled me several times and then they lie to cover their asses. I highly recommend if you want something done contact your state Health and Human services because that is why they are so busy they manage Medicaid and Medicare patients in most states. The state needs to know they are performing poorly and they must hire and train more people

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TC - 34 d 3 h ago


This company is ludicrous You are in every state so why do you force people to drive 8 hours from home at the far end of the state instead of letting them drive 4 hrs to another state. The state just south of us has excellent hospital's and Drs. If my granddaughter doesn't make it because of your pure stupidity you won't have to worry because we will sue you for medical malpractice and child endangerment I bet if the child of one of the administrations they wouldn't have to drive 8 hrs out of their road. What if this was your child or grandchild bet they would be treated differently and go to the closer Drs and hospital.

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Sam Liberto - 127 d 5 h ago


It s a puzzle to me why this company has proven to be so incompetent. I believe they have a reasonable reputation and AARP uses them for millions of insured members. But every interaction

I have had with them has been bumbled by their staff. They are very kind on the phone but they have failed to properly renew my policy and to provide promised paperwork. I believe they are just overwhelmed by the amount of customers they must have.The representatives also don't seem to understand the policies.

All I can do is just to change companies as they just can't handle my business.

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JCMARLTON - 62 d 4 h ago


They have regular classes on how to wipe their ass but their remedial classes are overflowing!

What a bunch of dumbass people

I'd be better off sticking needled in my eyes.

God help me if I find a local office... I'll be executed for my actions

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 41 d 2 h ago


I agree! They cant afford higher dosage of medicine I. Generic form for my son who needs it but they can cover the lower dosgage in generic form but with more pills! And the doctor can't even file an appeal or do a peer to peer to get it covered! We call and they say they will cover the tablet form! They won't cover the capsule form! But that's the only form that the higher extended dosage comes in! And yet they say try other medicines! So the lower dosage at first worked but now he needs a stronger dose and yet they won't cover it! They are making him jump to an entirely different medicine with an entirely different set of side effects and this pisses me off! They don't care about their customers at all!

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ALLEN l TRIAL - 47 d 4 h ago


My latest episode with United Health has hit a new low. My wife is needing a total knee replacement. She has gone thru all of the X-Raying, visits to the surgeon, gone thru a month of PT to prepare for the surgery, gone to classes that explain what to expect, I have purchased hundreds of dollars of medical aid items for use after the return home. As of 7/02/18 while on a conference call with a United Health representative and the surgeon's office all was good to go as of 11:30 AM. The hospital surgical center was scheduled, anesthesiologist scheduled, surgeon scheduled all i's dotted and t's crossed for the surgery to be preformed on 7/9/18. Then late afternoon on 7/3/18 the surgeons office called to say that United Health cancelled the operation because their medical adviser said some criteria was not met.

What sort of bush league company waits until a few days before a major surgery to decide to cancel something.

Star away from United Health. I,m moving to Humana.

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Marybeth A Ryan - 53 d 4 h ago

I am quite perplexed because after being on hold for several minutes I have not been helped! I am currently in search of a store near my home in the state of Rhode Island where I can be fitted for a breast prosthesis and bras. I spoke to one individual who redirected me to your provider called Limkia. I called them and was told there were none of their stores in my state or surrounding states. They told me to call you back to inform you of that. I called United Healthcare back and was told that Limkia was the only provider they have!!

I am simply just trying to find a store where I can buy such items that are covered by United Healthcare..

I am not happy with the customer service you provide.

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Debby - 54 d 8 h ago


I have spent 13 hours on hold with United healthcare RX. I filed a complaint and got a call from conflict resolution and was told that they would send me the letters that showed they tried to contact me about my policy. But because united healthcare did nothing wrong I was not able to have an RX policy until open enrollment in Dec of 2018. I was also sent a letter according to customer service on 6/12 2018 that told me they were unable to reach me in conflict resolution . I called them many times left a message & was told I would be contacted in 24 hours that never happened. I do not know what I can do to get the LETTERS that were supposedly sent to me and I never received them. I have 3 times asked for copies to be sent to my email address and they have not arrived I must have them to register a complaint with Social Security so I can have RX coverage. I realize I am nothing to United healthcare in the scheme of total customers bur I am a customer and deserve to be serviced properly. I am disgusted.

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billy golston - 55 d ago


PLEASE HELP ME. I cannot continue to go back and forth with medical supply companies and UHC. My life is jeopardized by representatives whom respond as if I'm asking them to make purchases or write checks.

If I can't retain my medical supplies and needs I will not make it. Please help me.

I am so EXHAUSTED with being neglected by UHC. Three departments at Univ. of Texas Medical in Galveston Tx are responding to my issues. The university is calling UHC on my behalf. UHC ignores UT specialist!! People are dying because UHC is ignoring their healthcare needs.

I am a humble man. I have worked my entire life. And now I have to relinquish to begging for an aspirin and a band aid. I need some health from you guys. I don't have a lot of time. And I don't want to suffer on my way out of here. I never thought I would have to beg for anything in my lifetime. However, I do.

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David C Daeffler - 55 d 4 h ago


after having been insured for several years with UNH. they have totally screwed me over basically with a possible death sentence. I am type 1 diabetic and have been for several years. They have been well aware of my health issues since its I got older the diabetes has gotten worse. I am missing 4 toes, had multiple surgeries on my feet, and now they need to remove the end of my foot completely leaving me with half of my right foot. I can deal with this OK. what I cant deal with is all of the sudden, I go to pick up my insulins (I take two types five X daily) and the price for each one has increased over 300 dollars. that's a total of 600.00 more per 11/2 months. they have deemed to call it being in a donut hole. What kind of shit is this. I called and talked and argued with a dozen people the last two days and got nowhere. This effects all my prescriptions of which I take many. bad heart, bp, and many more. bottom line is that I cannot afford the insulin I need. I would like to hold them responsible for anything that happens to me but they will just slide out of it with their corporate lawyers. they can do that with their 200 billion in profits last year, and brag to their fat ass stockholders they will make even more this year. what a bunch of phonies. I hope all of you die in a diabetic HELL

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Anonymous - 85 d 8 h ago

To advertise "customer service "is the pure definition of irony.

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OK-JOE - 62 d 4 h ago


It's the Choo Choo Train from Chi'town.. that's the answer

Got a problem OBAMA is the answer and THE PROBLEM! and he ain't even black, he's a friggin ARAB!

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Any one who has any control on UHC employees - 75 d 4 h ago


My Name is Mohammad Yaqub and my I'd 114094218.I have very bitter experience about

Your Company ,s Honesty.

Your Customer Services Department has always excuses about the eligibility of the members.

I was in Canada and had an injury on May 02,2018,went to a doctor ,provider him my

Insurance card,NO it is for America.Then Credit Card again it is not acceptable in Canada.

Paid him 60.00 Canadian Dollars.Mailed formand Receipt on May15,2018. Not received

Talked to Customer Services,emailed then copy to supervisor twice.Zero Result

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Bad transportation - 92 d 6 m ago


Transportation! When I call to make my reservation to pick me up for a Dr appt I always ask for Coventry transportation. Now they is sending out a Uber or Lyft which I have had bad experiences with people that don't speak English or driving too fast. Then they send you a text stating a Lyft is picking you up including their name and car make and licence plate# but when they come its a different person and licence # its very scary. Then i also experience a driver down in his seat, dirty car with a dang hoody on. He looked very high. Then the time you make your reservation they give you a time for pickup, then the day of pivk up they give a different time. This is not good at all. United Healthcare providers should not be sending out driver like this I requested that they continue to schedule Coventry transportation for all my ride,but they sent out other companies this is dangerous for patience to get in a car with someone you don't know.I always schedule my rides a week or two in advance. I don't know what type of contract that you have with Logistics Transportation but its not right for you guys to put patients in this position. It's on the news everyday in California about uber and Lyft, with all the rapes and lawsuits

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Anonymous - 103 d 3 h ago


Unbelievably frustrated.

Because my Pharmacy filled my Prescription 5 days early, UHC will not give me a vacation override. I am leaving the country for 6 months and BECAUSE their system will not allow a human to make a decision, all they can say is, we are sorry! Well, that is unacceptable, so I tried to call the head office! All I get is the rapid busy signal. What a disappointment! The only option is to now pay retail, despite already paying for the AARP Medicare RX Plan coverage. How can AARP endorse such incompentence?

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Ally - 104 d 8 h ago


I want to know how Oxford can determine medication cycles count towards IUI. I have been trying to have a family for 2 years. I had cancer at age 12 and had strong chemo and radiation. Therefore, my AMH level (egg reserve) is VERY low. My obgyn treated me for a year. Did 2 ultrasounds and one blood work. I did 5 rounds of clomid and it was unsuccessful. He said is was time to see an RE, which I did. We got benefits from Oxford and told we have up to 4 IUIs to be covered. We did testing to prove semen is good, tubes are open, no PCOS or endo. Only issue is low egg reserve. At this time my RE recommends I do IUI with injectable. She said lets maximize the few eggs I have with IUI and injectable. She doesn't feel IVF would be beneficial since I don't have enough eggs. NOW, Oxford denied my doctors prior authorization request for IUI with injectable and says I had my treatment rounds. Since when is medication benefits the same as treatment/procedure benefit? Who are they to determine that? If my RE is saying she believes I have a chance with IUI how can Oxford deny that and say it won't help. Maybe, it seems pointless, or not effective to the person(s) determining this. But, if people would take step back and re look at the big picture. I want to start a family more then anything. I bet the people making these decisions have a family. What if they couldn't have kids? What if they had an issue and their insurance denied them? What if their parents couldn't have them? I find this very unfair. Can someone please help me. I know my doctors office can put in a request for peer to peer review. Which then did. If that fails, I can always "try" to appeal it. If my doctor can't get them to change them mind, i'm sure I cant. And, lets face it. Once a decision is made, the percentage of reversal of decision are low.

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Frustrated provider - 125 d ago


Why do think DRS r not taking ins7 for the companies r killing the DRS financially.they don't pay the money to DRS for their services .the money that is paid to the DRS who r taking insurances is something to laugh about. They r horrible to the providers. They have the ability to not pay the providers. Stop payments. They have become GODs.

Profits for united healthcare were over 200 billion and their CEOmakes several million dollars a year

They have difficulties approving patients medications. Because then how will they make billions for themselves

Try getting hold of someone in the corporate office. Good luck with that

Dot who r not taking united healthcare r better off because they don't have to put with the companies abuse

They r horrible

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Charles Graham - 111 d 20 m ago


I know exactly what you mean. Time to start a class action lawsuit against them. And get the CEO prosecuted and everyone else in corporate. They pissed off the wrong one

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Charles Graham Spring Hill Florida - 111 d ago

Worst insurance company you can have. Have a bunch of rude blacks answering the call center. And all the doctors on the list do not accept their insurance. Then you ask for doctors they say they call them and accept the insurance and they will give you a Dr 95 to 100 miles away and then that doctor does not accept the insurance. Truth I have multiple recordings of myself on the speakerphone. What day did was help Obama get a bunch of blacks off welfare and give them a job in a call center.. time to file suit run an ad in the paper and start a class action lawsuit against them and close them and have the CEO prosecuted. That's the only way to deal with these criminals that give politicians money

Flagged for review. 
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BOYCOTT..... "UNITED HEALTHCARE" - 245 d 8 h ago


People.......Avoid>>>" United Healthcare Insurance Company" LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

This company is full of crap. Nothing I've tried (to resolve my issue) has been resolved, that's after speaking with 5, yes 5 different representatives & lastly I tried calling the President & CEO (Gail Boudreaux) @ (hidden) with no response & finally gave up.

That's the service you have to put up with this "BS COMPANY" and the disgraceful people that run this company. PLEASE, PLEASEEE, TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE!

As I will be doing.........SHAME ON YOU MISS "GAIL BOUDREAUX". In my eyes you're an incompetent piece of CRAPPPP!

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Janet T. Freeman - 236 d 4 h ago


Let me just get straight to the point. UHC in Mint Hill, NC do not know their ass from a hole in the ground. Went there in person Dec 26, and because of wait time, they were to text me prior to returning for my Appt, never heard from the remainder of the day. Irate the next day I contacted them again and the gal said it looked as if the Appt was dropped, not by me. Why Would I be so stupid as to believe her when she convinced me to schedule another on for the exact thing to happen again today? Incompetent idiots, liars cover their assets, healthcare is no place to play headlamps. Maybe just someone who can show you how They're played.

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