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United Parcel Service, Inc.

55 Glenlake Pkwy. Ne
Atlanta, GA
D. Scott Davis
Chairman and CEO
(404) 828-6000
(404) 828-7666
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Manda - 1 d 8 h ago


Run from this Company.. The entire stuff is down grade from any other security company I've ever came into contact with.

Good morning. Yesterday John held a meeting with Alexis because 2/3 shifts over the weekend no officers showed up. Today at 7:20 am Crystal Edigo calls and said I need to leave. Alexis comes and said UPS John requested her to be put back because I was Lt. Over the weekend and the shifts was ran horrible only one guard and at sometimes no gaurd.

I asked Alexis did he need me? He said no. Screen shot message. He went in to meeting with John and blamed everything on me. I'm not Lt. I was not scheduled to oversee weekend shift. How do I get in trouble for something not pertaining to me. I hate lying people. I don't have a problem with Crystal the officer's does. But Lt. has a service dog and take medicine for problems. She shouldn't be over anyone. Also Brown being a client removal is a lie too. Soon y'all aren't going to have anyone BUT don't lie on me because John is upset at Alexis and Crystal's work. I'm very upset I do my job and tried to keep guards from quiting. In due time. So now I'm the problem.

I will be getting with Brown( LT. Retaliated against because officer refused to have contact with her after a altercation) in which Job1USA is trying to say client removal which is a lie too, Brown wasn't the security guard who locked the door(keeping the UPS Employer in gaurd shack), Lt should have reviewed the camaras. But her just hearing Brown is all she wanted to hear. She's been trying to fire her and Officer Steward (SECURITY SUPERVISOR LT. WAS SEXYING WHILE ON CLOCK. SHE CLAIMS TO BE PREGNANT) to being suit against Job1USA. And yes Andrew your conversation was recorded as well. A Lieutenant cannot go with a sergeant. She over his promotions and pay raises. Read your EEOC GUIDELINES.

Alexis claims to be a ex police officer but only being paid $16.00. Supervisors being paid !12.00 and Officers being paid $11.00. This company is garbage.

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ScooterEh? - 3 d 22 h ago


Attempted to schedule a pickup last Friday at 5:15 for an over-night next day express delivery. Called the Cdn UPS call center and was greeted by a young lady (whose native language was clearly not english). I knew the deadline for pickup was impending (at 5:30pm EST) (EST) so I asked if I was going to make the cutoff. She said yes,but then continued to take an inordinate amount of time taking my location, package and delivery information. The entire time I kept prompting her with would the parcel still make the deadline. She continued to stick to her "script" while being confused several times on how to spell my address, and payment confirmation. Finally, when the data input was done (at 5:33pm), she ignorantly announced that "we" had missed the deadline for same day pickup and my son (without a cell phone) would have to wait over the weekend until Monday for delivery!!!! I then asked to speak with a manager, was put on hold for 15 mins. then hung up. Immediately called the Cdn call center back only to be greeted by another non-ESL person, who proceeded to go through the entire same process!!!! I continually asked him if my package wasstill going to be picked up and all he could do was spew the same call center bs questions. I hung up in disgust.

SERIOUSLY, I understand Amazon has a relationship with UPS so this will impact all future potential Amazon purchases as well.

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AngelaB - 3 d ago


Wow so many complaints and yes I have a big one too. My package was suppose to be delivered on December 6, 2018 but never was. I believe the UPS delivery man stole my package too. A neighbor right down the street catch the UPS delivery man on her RING video walking up to the door with the package and then walking away with the package and then he put in the system that it was delivered. That same man stole my package. I've been in contact with UPS at least 30 times. They keep opening and closing the same case....4 times now instead of giving me my refund. I will never use this service again for delivery....they are the worst. I've been trying to get in touch with Headquarters but the number online takes you right back to the customer service center. This is there tactic they don't want you to call them with an official complaint. I'm going to make a police report and if I have to I will file a suit to UPS.

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Stolen From Me - 14 d 6 h ago


This shipment was to be delivered on 12/21 (states was delivered at 12:38 P.M.). It had the correct address on it. The UPS driver did not deliver it here but instead changed the address and took it to a store of yours here in Austin, Texas 2901 Via Fortuna Drive. The package was then signed for by someone called Dawn L. (no last name provided).

I called the UPS number 5 times, asking them to retrieve and return this package to me as it was a very costly item and was addressed properly as are all packages I order from this company.

I believe this driver and this Dawn L. actually stole the package from me because it was the holidays. I was told there would be an investigation. I was told the package would be redelivered. I was told someone would find out who Dawn L. is and the driver who did this.

I have received no calls back even though there were many promises to do so. No one has addressed these two people actually stealing a very costly package that was a Christmas gift and had not the driver took it upon himself to change the address for no reason, I would have received it on time.

Note: Our offices were open and security was available to sign for any package.

I will be reporting this to every email I can find and the police at this point.

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Kimberly - 3 d 6 h ago


They loss my BIG suitcase. It was shipped on the 3rd of January and was supposed to be delivered on the 7th of January. I am still waiting. They have no clue where the package is. I was told it was under investigation and they would know something within 8 days. Today they said 8 business days. Why should it take 8 business days to locate my package if you have cameras at your facility? The representative also said he needed to know what was in the package. How about locate the package first before asking stupid questions. I will never ship with them again.

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Pissed Off Customer - 7 d 5 h ago


Where do I begin. I have been waiting on several packages to be delivered since December 5, 2018. In case anyone at UPS is interested, here are the tracking numbers...1z(hidden)199889,1z(hidden)266477, 1z9r42x(hidden)5, 1za3596a(hidden), ,1z(hidden)199889, 1z(hidden)266477, 1z(hidden)305808, 1z(hidden)546585, 1z462e(hidden)80, z(hidden)966345, 1z(hidden)904818, 1za3596a(hidden), 1za3596a(hidden), 1z(hidden)970514

1z(hidden)098219. The constant calls to India are frustrating to say the least. They are USELESS. The driver for each of these tracking numbers has stated the same 2 lies....Business is close or Business has moved. I have asked to no avail to be transferred (which I know you can do because I have worked for one of your competitors in the past) to the local office to see what the problem is with the delivery. Of course I get the answer, we have no way of doing that. Then I was told last week that someone would call me in an hour. Well, it is now 1/11/19 12:39PM and I am still waiting for that phone call. My offices supplies have been placed and sent back several times since December 5th, hence the many tracking numbers. This is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS to say the least. How do you people stay in business. My next email will be to the BBB. Maybe I can get a better result.

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BEE - 7 d 18 h ago


Recently had to pick up a package at the customer service center in

Haslet ,Tx. (hidden) intermodal parkway.

When I got there not a parking spot anywhere, no handicap either .I had to park in a fire zone. As I was inside service center , WOW I was the only one there. All spaces were being used by UPS EMPLOYEES !!!!!!!

Very poor managing Shame on your employees .

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Tommi Wieden - 13 d 4 h ago

I've worked for UPS for 29 and a half years, every year I see it go down the tubes. We have rude OMS 's that they just pull off the street and have no customer relations they are rude to the customers, we have a woman Debbie Princess which is only a princess to the men and hateful as hell to the women, has hidden next day air pkgs for of course a man driver who got in to late for them to go on the plane should of been fired but didn't even get a slap on the hands..... she does not care about service says it's mot her DEAL..... WTF who's deal is it we work as a team . Because of her we lost one of our top drivers a few years ago now I can't stand to see our Cener 7380 go down the tubes with the OMS's we have and dispatcher that knows nothing hired him off the street told a new driver to run her route backwards off the Diad..... he is stupid REALLY!!!! We have one OMS that is good and a super Supervisor but a very very lazy manager worst EVER!!!! So I'm retiring I CANT STAND IT NO MORE our center management suck except for our supervisor

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DH - 14 d ago


Wow. Lots of complaints here. Here is mine. I was expecting a $2,000 piece of equipment to be delivered. I have been waiting since 8am and checking my tracking updates. At 2pm I checked again and it said "delivery attempt made at 1:56pm". Funny, because no one ever came to my door. Now I have to drive an hour out of my way to pick it up this evening. Lost $1,000 today in lost time due to their negligence and all I get is "I'm sorry for the inconvenience WE have caused". Well, if you except the blame, reimburse me for my losses. It's that simple.

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KG - 14 d 5 h ago


I am just another dissatisfied customer. I was going to write a compliant, but what's the point. I see many complaints on this site, but no responses from UPS, no satisfaction from any of the customers. I won't be using them again, I lost $83.xx on a 2 day delivery that took 7 days to get my package to where it needed to be with many of those days UPS not knowing where it was. Hmmmmm, I guess I did complain.

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Ernie - 17 d 6 h ago


UPS is such I sorry company when it pertains to logistics. I say this because I to am part of the logistics industry, I am a over the road truck driver that delivers various items to customers as well. Here's the difference when a customer calls my company to have an item transported and delivered by a certain time and day. Not only is it picked up on the day & time it was scheduled for, it's delivered on the day and time it was scheduled for if not early, not to mention throughout the transportation of the item the customer can call my company and find out where it is at all times. Never worry about being told, "oh it's on one of our trucks and we're not sure where it is" or "at this time because we are unsure where your item is we can go ahead and classify it as lost & you can file a claim in 72hrs." Seriously!!! Are you kidding me? I do this for a living as well and if company ever got a call from one of their customers asking where their products where and they gave a response like that I would be looking for a new job soon cause the doors for my company would be closing.

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Ryan - 15 d 3 h ago


Listen, you stated you are an over the road truck driver. That right there is so different than what UPS is all about. UPS is to this day the world's largest Parcel carrier handling millions of focuments, packages of all sizes each and every day. My god you drive over the road, a UPS Feeder driver pulling doubles down the highway at night and the feeding all the buildings is mind blowing. They employ domestically over 450000 people just in the United States and have been around since 1907. One delivery driver makes more stops in one day than you do all year, and that is just one driver. With that said you have no idea what you are talking about, and as far as losing packages ,,,,,, the US Postal Service is the only carrier commissioned by the federal government to have mail boxes . UPS, FEDEX. DHL, and other carriers are privately businesses and have to leave packages at the front door and UPS has been doing that since the year 1907 when it was founded.... Can your truckload carrier company say that. Ok Mr. Logistics I made my point, now let's hear from you, Ryan from a Wisconsin the real USA...

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Washington dc - 23 d 9 h ago


Yes I'm in Washington DC and this Christmas has been horrible due to the negligence on ups . I have two major packages stolen from me because of ups drivers leaving the packages at my front door at for theives to steal from my family to give to theirs. This started on November 26 , 2018 when I had a g star winter coat delivered and was on the front of my apartment building outdoors . Then December the 21 my package again delivered 10 before I reached home and was left in the porch and stolen. I've been on the phone with ups for hours and weeks trying to get a refund and get claim paper work and have been getting the run around for weeks . Ups driver placed for delivery front porch but I live in a 10 unit apartment building. This is horrible and if today I don't get a refund issued I will be bringing a lawsuit against ups for negligence and the money for my items plus pain and suffering . My heart was hurt because I wanted this one item and purchased it for ups negligence it was stolen. Something gotta be done about ups but this is unacceptable.

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WW - 15 d 18 h ago


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Daniel Gray - 16 d 6 h ago


I have no trust in UPS in any way. I ordered two computers from Tiger Direct and the email I received clearly stated that a signature was required, yet the driver not only didnt get a signed form, he left a $700.00 computer out on the front porch IN THE FREAKING RAIN!! I had called three hours before and was assured they would get hold of the driver and tell him not to leave the package but a notice since I was only three blocks from the office. Lucky for me I went back through as I had a lot of errands to run, and found my package soaked through the top with two porch pirates watching the house and one had started across the street tword my house and reversed course when he saw me pull into my driveway. I have another computer coming and guess what is repeating itself? I have told UPS SIX FREAKING DAMN TIMES NOT to leave a package on my front porch but they continue to do it anyway! I dont know what their major mental malfunction seems to be. From here on out I will never have them deliver another package from any supplier I purchase it from.If they cant understand or refuse to follow simple english then they are not welcome at my home anymore. And I will make damn sure that everyone I know knows how these idiots refuse to follow directions.

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WW - 15 d 18 h ago

The people that they are hiring and have working for them are the bottom of the barrel.

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La Shanda Rucker - 16 d 3 h ago


UPS has lost 3 of my packages within a month. 2 of those packages have not been found and one has been under investigation for over a week now and every time I call the (hidden) I get someone outside the US that can't tell me anything. This is frustrating!!!! The 1 package I received I had to go to the UPS Customer Service Center and demand them to find my package that took over 2 hours!!! This package was on the wrong truck as UPS stated. The last package lost had my 2 grandsons Christmas stuff in the box that weighed 31 pounds. How do you loose a big 31 pound box?!!!!! I should have shipped through Fed Ex. This is a nightmare!!! My grandsons still don't have there Christmas stuff and nobody can still tell me anything. I'm wondering where does the lost packages go especially since mine had a return address on it. I'm thinking your UPS drivers are stealing packages of the trucks!!!!!

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Mishka - 15 d 18 h ago


Be glad that you didn't get run off the road by one of their transports...they are now driving illegally in the left hand lanes and think that they are king of the roadways.

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Mishka - 15 d 18 h ago


Was on 405 Northbound in Kirkland, WA at 6:30pm UPS trailer/tractor in left hand lane...illegal....called state patrol...this left hand nonsense continued all the way up to Alderwood mall and then onto I-5 headed north...this guy knew I had called the state patrol and was changing lanes without signaling...cutting cars off....he did this all the way up to his drop off at Funko 7:00pm....the white car which thankfully was watching him....was driven out of his lane with an abrupt lane change...the UPS driver was driving like a maniac and I question what he may have been on....he changed lanes during this whole episode about 15 times only signaling twice...this happened on Jan. 2nd 2019...he knows who he is and so should UPS...he tried to run into us and intimidate us illegally in the left hand fast lane....State patrol didn't get him...but this information should be looked into...state patrol has the trailer license #P330434.

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Terry martin - 17 d 19 h ago


Ups lost my cost me does not care about I'm going to court over this mess.the driver must have taken it home with him.i don't trust ups

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Ms. Erked - 20 d ago


What's the deal with ring and run?! Or drop and go?! No customer contact. A label was left in front on my front door on the porch. No one attempted to contact me via phone as told by Amazon? So we could set up a time and date to pick up May package that was to be returned. Yet on label it said, "One attempt"....excuse me?! I was home and have a freakin door bell?!

So I was told it would cost ME between $5-$15 to schedule a pick up?!! SERIOUSLY???!!! Than for drive to say package was not ready?! Excuse the hellmout of me if you would of rang the door bell I had my package ready for two days!!!!!!

This happened in Cape Coral, Florida and a lotta porch pirates here!! Thank God I was only waiting on a label!!!

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K. Gray - 23 d 7 h ago


I want to brag about the woman that took over our route for Christmas deliveries. She was the absolute best. Professional, friendly, courteous and helpful. All drivers and employees should be as great as K. Roberts. She rang the door bell each delivery and was just a delightful human unlike the sour man that generally delivers our area. He has been at his job too long. Never rings bell and have NEVER been a people person. Too bad this young woman couldn't have his route. You are lucky to have her and I hope you take exceptional care of her as employees of her calibre don't come around very often. Too bad there was no one I could tell this to in person.

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Ashley - 28 d 2 s ago


My apartment complex has package delivery set up so all packages go to the office and tenants pick them up at the office due to theft reports. Today I got home and my package was at my apartment door. I'm not happy that the employees don't know the steps taken to ensure we get our mail.

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randy - 28 d 4 h ago


My package is in a UPS trailer right now, and has been for 57 hours!!!!!!! The UPS tracking web site shows this. I called, waited 45 min to talk to a human, Jenny from the Philippines. She said it's out for delivery. I told her it has shown that for 2 days. She said "but the tracking info says it's out for delivery". I told her to look closer and read the tracking info to me. Then she figured it out, transferred me to another human. After waiting 30 min, Tonet from the Philippines said in hard to understand broken English, it's still in trailer. I asked how long has it been in the "blank blank" trailer, he said 2 days!!!!!!! I asked why, he said he "not" know. I asked for a supervisor, can't have that. I asked for someone in America, can't have that, I asked if he could call the facility that has the trailer, can't do that. All we can do is wait. It's due to me today, I'm sure it will still be the blank blank trailer tomorrow. This is a management problem starting right at the top. You guys know this crap happens and avoid talking to the customer at all costs. All we get after waiting an hour is a seriously underpaid confused Philippine that CAN'T HELP!!!!!!!!!! I will avoid using UPS for the rest of my life. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!

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AMYMEAD - 28 d 8 h ago


I waited on hold to see why my overnight package was not put on the plane this morning, 24 minutes!

The women who answered the phone said "Hello" did not name the company, just said hello 3 times.

During the phone call I asked to speak to her supervisor. She hung up on me. I had to call back to wait on hold AGAIN over 20 mins.

I paid to have my package over night. It is an emergency situation that I have to have this by today! UPS doesn't care!

This representative made the entire company look bad. I have worked in customer service over 10 years. If i every hung up on anybody I would have lost my job and the integrity that as a human i should up hold!

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