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United Parcel Service, Inc.

55 Glenlake Pkwy. Ne
Atlanta, GA
D. Scott Davis
Chairman and CEO
(404) 828-6000
(404) 828-7666
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John L - 22 m ago


This is the most frustrated I have been with a company in my 56 years on this earth. Lies and non responses is all I can get out of them. 16 customer service contacts and they still won't do the right thing. AND they have charged my credit card for wrong charges twice. The customer service is the worst and the company obviously doesn't care about any of this. Im going legal.

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Ross - 5 d 9 h ago


The White River Junction Vermont UPS is worse than terrible. I cannot imagine why anyone who has another choice would ship with UPS. They lie to everyone!

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Mike - 5 d 16 h ago


I don't know if anyone reads this at UPS but I am totally frustrated after trying to get an overnight air package. 1Z4R29Y(hidden)8. I ordered some electronic parts from Arrow Electronics in Reno NV. Mar 4. They shipped the order 1 box overnight via UPS and 1 box overnight Fed EX. The Fed Ex box arrived the next time. I decided to give the other one via UPS some time. After a few days I notice they are wanting more details for my address.

I have lived at the same address for over 40 years, received hundreds and hundreds of packages via UPS over the years. My mail box has my number clearly on it and I am on a busy road so it is not hidden.. . One residence.

I sent many emails and talked to several people on the phone at customer service and they kept saying it will be there tomorrow. I never saw any activity on the tracking number. On March 11, or 12 I saw some activity where they were shipping it back to the shipper ! ! ! Tracking number IZ4R29Y(hidden)5

I don't know what else to tell them other that my address clearly marked and they come here all the time.. WHY Not this time.

If the package cant be stopped in Reno NV, where it was shipped to and shipped back I will have to probably have to pay to have it shipped back to the same address. But I will have to choose FED EX as UPS not longer knows where I live.

Someone had clearly dropped the ball here but I don't know who.

PLEASE IS THERE SOMEONE OUT THERE THAT CAN HELP ME GET THE PACKAGE SENT BACK?? I don't know who to even ask anymore as I have gone through voice and email customer service. My email is (hidden)

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Customer service lacks - 12 d 17 h ago


Package Tracking Number: 1Z9R85R(hidden)6 Aloha having had my late father pass I had to make a trip to California with my brother to clean out his house. Upon doing so It was decided to ship his 65" OLED LG tv to my home in Hawaii. We packaged it up and charged it to my brothers credit card and the saga begins below. 2-22-19 12:29 PM dropped off at UPS San Jose, CA. 2-27-19 12:54 PM package was driver released. 2-27-19 12:59 PM received email package was delivered to front door. 2-27-19 1:01 PM left work and arrived home at 1:14 PM and opened box to find damaged. 2-27-19 13:19 PM called UPS to notify of damaged. They said they had entered a damage call tag to pick it up for the next 3 days to conduct an inspection of the damaged contents and packaging & provide the sender the results. I explained that it was my late Fathers TV and I was the sender having paid $550. I asked if they could put a note in there for the driver to call me and I could stay nearby if I wasn't flying for work and to not leave it out as we have locked gates on both sides of our home. The package progress then shows 2-28-19 6:40 AM Damage inspection request changed for me calling them called back again to notify that it would be inside the gate on the right side of the garage and that I'd leave that gate open for it to be picked up. The pick-up was completed 2-28-19 as my house mate stayed home to be available. 2-28-19 10:07 AM out for delivery. 2-28-19 10:07 AM delivered. 3-1-19 7:03 AM Destination scan. 3-1-19 11:08 AM I called to check on the inspection and the representative said 2 business days. But apparently coded it as requesting it to be held. Why would I want it held when it was to be inspected? I called back on 3-1-19 @ 1:37 and spoke for 11 minutes explain all of the above and was transferred to 3 people with still no awareness to what is going on. 3-4-19 I called to check status and was told they're working on it. I called back on 3-5-19 @ 5:32 PM and spoke for 7 minutes transferred to 2 people that said I'd be contacted by a local representative. As I missed the damage departments Eastern Standard time closing by 2 minutes. 3-5-19 5:39 PM Someone called me from the local office (hidden) and left a voicemail and said someone would call me this morning. Then then called back at 3-5-19 6:08 PM and spoke to me for 4 minutes while I explained all of the above. 3-6-19 13:59 PM I called the main number to get a status and transferred to 3 people and 16 minutes. They said they'd contact the facility manager who would once again get back to me. 3-6-19 14:29 PM the local office called me again (hidden), the same person from last time and I missed the call. They again left a voice mail this time saying they'd contact the shipper to let them know I wanted to file a claim. 3-6-19 14:35 PM I tried to call the number back and it says non-working number. 3-6-19 14:36 The local representative called me again and said they were going to contact the shipper to notify of the intent to file a claim. Again I told her the whole story above and she said to call the main number 1-8-00-pick-ups. 3-6-19 3:31 PM I've been on the phone since 2:51 PM and have spoken to 3 people again while they try to figure this out. Hung up @ 3:35 PM & provided both of my cell numbers as I have a meeting to go to at 4:00 PM 3-6-19 3:48 PM got a call from (hidden) who once again I told the whole above story. She stated the mixup was on who placed the package to be held and that the damage claims person would look at it tomorrow 3-7-19 and have a response by 3-8-19. The claim information would be sent to Fox. I told her I was the shipper and receiver having placed the charges on my brothers card as we had to clear out my late fathers possessions and that was what I wanted. I asked for an email of someone I could contact and was told you don't have one and use internal messaging. I asked for a media relations department @ 3:57 PM and she's checking if you have one I've now been on hold until 4:19 PM as she searched for contact information. All she could provide was the address and knew nothing of who the current leadership. George Willis, President U.S. Operations David P. Abney, Chairman & CEO 55 Glen Lake Parkway Northeast Atlanta, GA 30328

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Rebecca Wilson - 13 d 32 m ago


Did you know you can file a suit against them--UPS. I am...and they are not happy about it. But they lost or stole a package that was mailed 6 Dec. All of their investigations just added more delay. So you better hit them where it hurts the most....$$$$,

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richardson - 14 d 6 h ago


I thought i will not be saying this until i had to get my packages from the Forest Park Ga facility UPS sucks they lie about when the package suppose to arrive they say your address is incorrect when it is not. This facility needs to be held accountable for the corrupt services they creating for UPS

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Amy - 18 d 27 s ago


Awful customer service !! And ups driver is lazy doesn't even knock at the right house and now I can drive an hour away with my two kids or wait till Monday for a package I've been waiting for and paid for two day shipping !!! Not acceptable and when I opened my door to get the driver attention he still drove away!!!!

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Faye - 19 d 20 h ago



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Anonymous - 21 d ago


Prescott valley store is a joke...bunch a lazy drivers and office packages get dropped off to the building next door constantly even after complaints have been made...its is office and FedEx dont have problems delivering my packages so I dont get why ups does....oh yeah lazy staff

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The UPS Store Elk GRove,CALIFORNIA - 26 d 26 m ago


I paid UPS to package my AMP and I paid to ship it. The UPS store was found responsible for all the damages. I sued and won in Sacramento Superior Court California and UPS still refuses to pay me... There is no guarantee on anything. UPS just puts the screws to everyone who has a damaged package.. OH WE DID NOT DO IT..Faulty packaging so hard to say when you packaged it

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Bryan K. Hutchins - 28 d ago


last week, had a driver,drive through my yard and onto a concrete slab and cracked the concrete, called the local office and was told everything had been sent to the center mgr,amazing that no one knows the center mgrs email address or the number to headquarters, i think the joplin missouri ups center is full of shit and likes to give people the run around, looks like my attorney and insurance company will be my next calls

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William Friedman - 31 d 1 s ago


I work for UPS for 29 years now and now I got to see it first hand. I paid a huge extra price to have my TV delivered on a Saturday because it had to be signed for and I am not taking the day off of work to get it. Low and behold at 10:31am it says Delivery attempted no one to sign for, Security at the front gate said UPS didn't come into the building this morning. Monday I WILL be making a complaint strait to corporate office no matter what.

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John Cantwell - 31 d 19 h ago


Poor service at UPS Customer Service location on Lagoon Drive in Honolulu, Peoples Republic of Hawaii. Refused to ship my hand gun 2nd day air, back to the manufacturer. Attendant argued that the firearm needed to ship 1 day over night air. The law states 2nd day air back to a firearms manufacturer or FFL dealer. UPS needs to retrain its work force and revisit internal policy and federal laws regarding the shipment of fire arms. I was also denied service at another UPS affiliate who stated a "firearms qualified attendant needed to ship the hand gun and this could only be done at the Lagoon Drive location. A lot of running around and misinformation including UPS web site, telephonic customer service and in person. No one seems to know their own policy or their ass from a hole in the ground.

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Stephen Kenneth Peach - 32 d ago


UPS hires drivers who say they attempted to deliver packages when they don't. I have had a package "out for delivery" at my residence for 2 days. The first day the driver just drove by, the 2nd day he did not drove by and the status of the package changed to "business is closed" this is a residence. Go with Federal Express or anyone else. UPS cannot be trusted with your goods.

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Pissed off in Wv. - 32 d ago


Why would you transport a package some 230 miles past it's end destination only to turn around and then bring it back???


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Jose Castillo - 32 d 41 m ago


I would like to write an email to someone who cares about a lost bag shipped two weeks ago. Call Center give me no answers and says "call to the store"... Store people says "call Corporate". If you can help, i'd appreciate it.

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Concerned 28 year drive - 32 d 20 h ago

I am really concerned about UPS cutting overtime for package drivers. We are famous for our hard working drivers and most have depended on the ot for years. I don't understand why the company can't use the 9.5 language in the contract and let the folks on the list not work the overtime. Does a UPS driver really need to get a second job?

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Anonymous - 35 d 4 h ago


This isn't a review I was just wondering who I need to talk about the horrible U.P.S in Prescott Valley Arizona it is ran like shit every time if we do get a package on time it is completely smashed or has a ton of holes in it or just holes big enough that there is shit always missing and isn't there something on or in your handbook or whatever rule book you have that your supposed to deliver to business before like 10 in the morning kinda like the other big one that's way bigger than U.P.S ya FED-EX I dont know how many times I have called the offices here about are fat lazy U.P.S driver he never once has ever tried to get here before we close is that your rule to try and deliver packages to a business not open when he knows are hours cause he has only been delivering here like maybe close to ten years

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M.Pillich - 35 d 11 h ago


1ZCTN(hidden)275 you are joking me?

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Glenda J May - 36 d 5 h ago


GJM - here again. I forgot to say that I received my insulin at 4:22 pm on Saturday February 9th. Good thing I still had insulin pills.

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Glenda J May - 36 d 5 h ago


GJM - To start with, I'm a diabetic. On Friday, February 8th UPS attempted to deliver my Insulin to me at 12:36 pm.. I had it shipped to the Management office of the complex where I live. I do this for safe keeping due to the thefts that have occurred in the complex lately. Apparently, the complex manager wasn't available at that time when the driver attempted to deliver my package; and he did not leave it. We I received my email notification that the delivery attempt failed and would be rescheduled for delivery on Monday, February 11th. I immediately called UPS around 1:15 pm, and explained to them that my package contains my Insulin and supplies. I told them that I only had enough insulin for one more injection and I take three injections every day. The agent sent an emergency message to a supervisor who called me back immediately at my office number (hidden). She contacted the driver and explained the situation to him, and he told her that he would redeliver the shipment by 8 pm.. I took off work at 1:30 and went home. I called UPS and provided the tracking number 1Z9V3V(hidden)90. I explained that I was home so that the driver can deliver my insulin at any time. I called back around 4 pm, and was told that driver said he would be there and that they deliver to residential addresses up to 8 pm.I was also told that it is is the driver's discretion as to how the delivery/re-deliveries is handled I called a little after 8 and was told that he could still be making delivers and give him a couple more hours. I called back at 11 pm, and this time I requested to speak to a supervisor. I was told that the driver had returned the package back to the distribution center at 8:30 pm. I was told to call back on Saturday morning and speak with a supervisor to see if they could get the delivery out first thing in the morning. I called at 8:00 am on Saturday February 9th. After explaining everything to the agent again, she put me on hold for several minutes. While I was on hold, I received an email notification that it would be delivered between 2 & 6. After the supervisor came to the phone, I once again explained the urgency of this issue. I asked was the insulin put in a cooler so it could stay cold. she did not know. She said she would have to contact the distribution center to find out. Once again, I explained that I had already taken my last injection and my next injection is due between 12 & 1 pm. She said they would do everything possible to get this to me as soon as possible. I told the supervisor, that I do not complain about the other issues that I've had with my deliveries, because they were not LIFE THREATENING. This delay is playing with my life. Everyone understood what I was saying, but apparently the driver's didn't get the information or they didn't care. But again it is up to the driver's discretion. I'm not a happy camper. They put my life at risk. I had to double up on my insulin tablets to prevent a problem. Now, i have to explain to my doctors why I'm short on my pills. I will also notify Humana about this issue, and see if they can use another carrier when it comes to my refills. I do hope that I get an apology from the Corporate office. I have an account with UPS. They can look up my contact information, because I will not post it for the world to see.

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CJ - 37 d 18 h ago


On Thursday 2/7/19 that evening at 4:56p.m. a package was left at my door by United Parcel Services. I did not discover this package until Friday 2/8/19 at 12:15 p.m so I placed this package inside my house. Once I returned home I picked up package and noticed that it was addressed to someone that didn't reside at my home. I immediately contacted United Parcel Services at 2:12 p.m and spoke to a person that identified himself as Bry. I explained to him that a package was mistakenly left at my doorstep. I explained that the numbers of the address was the same but the street name are totally different.

I was told that someone from their office would call me within an hour to schedule a package pickup so it could be delivered to the correct customer.


I called back at 7:45p.m to follow up on the pickup but this time I spoke to a person that identified herself as Aisha.

After explaining the problem a second time I was told that she was going to contact the facility to request another pickup. I then shared with her that this customer had paid for a next day delivery and on the envelope it was marked "URGENCY" and I did not want to leave the package outside because we have been experiencing package theft in the community and I asked that the driver ring the doorbell and retrieve the package and she agreed to make notes of my request. She said that the driver would pickup on Saturday morning.


I called the UPS office located on Mason Rd. and spoke to the clerk and explained the problem for the third time. She said the only thing that she could do is contact the customer service and request a package pickup because she's not authorize to do anything but that. She suggested that I find a USP office and drop off the package so I told her that IS NOT MY JOB. I told her that the customer paid USP for next day delivery and trusted them to deliver on time so she told me to call the Corporate Office and "Demand" to speak to a manager and she offered the telephone number to the Corporate Office which was the same number that I originally called.

But I called back at 1:34p.m and spoke to another person that identified herself as Cathy. Cathy gave no solution to the problem and really did not care if it was picked up or not. I tried very hard to control my anger and frustration so I asked to speak to a manager but was placed on hold for approximately 15 minutes and no one ever responded.

I hung up and called back. This time I demanded to speak to a manager. Finally a female answered and identified herself as Meghan. After dealing with these employees I have decided that I will "NEVER GIVE MY SERVICES NOR MONEY " TO A COMPANY THAT HAS NO INTEREST IN RENDERING EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE TO PEOPLE THAT GIVE AND KEEP THIS BUSINESS AFLOAT.

I will say on Saturday 2/9/19 at 2:02 p.m that I did received a call from one of USP employee that identified herself Sherisse (Supervisor). She was so nice and understanding about the situation. She listen and followed up. She contacted driver to ask if that person would have time to to pickup and deliver.

She promised to call back to inform me of the outcome. She was very professional and honest with me.

She is an amazing person and one that I would trust to manage my customer service department.

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Bill g - 39 d ago


Had a gust del on Friday ,Feb 1 st , ( to my business) Vendor did not require Signiture. Not at business till 8:30 pm. Package arrived feb 1st, driver left slip , 1 st attemp , need signiture. Will del next business day. I left note saying I get there at 8:30 and signed back of slip ( hopeing he would leave package. Instead found second slip saying signiture required. , Monday find 3 rd slip at 8:30 yd pm saying package has gone to Warwick center ( 30 miles away ). Talked to ups driver feb 6 th on while at another business and was assured package was at service center.

Went to service center today ( 7 days since package was suppose to arrive. Employee sarcastically told me it was sent back to vendor because I failed to call them to say I would pick it up there . Said I had to read back of slip. Obviously , I will never use ups if given a Choice .

They can't come down my residence drive without major problem turning around, therefore we use business for delivery's . Ups needs to take some FED X Training

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TY - 41 d 9 h ago


I am very very disappointed with this delivery service. Your delivery drivers are not ringing doorbells, making calls or even leaving a note letting you know they were there to deliver a package. The worst part is they put in their notes they left a notice. I called corporate office the one located in Asia and spoke to customer service rep. Baby was her name I have her ID number but not on my person right now, however when I report this company to the better business bureau I will have it along with a recorded conversation I had with Baby. Baby was aware she was being recorded I told her.

Future deliveries I will not ever use UPS and make a request to the company to do NOT give my item to be delivered to UPS.

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Anonymous - 42 d 5 h ago

For crap!!!

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