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United Parcel Service, Inc.

55 Glenlake Pkwy. Ne
Atlanta, GA
D. Scott Davis
Chairman and CEO
(404) 828-6000
(404) 828-7666
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Janice Eadie - 11 h 46 m ago


Summerville SC office has a serious problem with delivering packages to the wrong address consistently. Why is it so hard to find a phone number to a local distribution center so that this can be address? Look at your reviews, they are horrible.

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Gary Pyles - 1 d 20 h ago

1ze(hidden)26836 is the tracking number. Package lost at ups, Daytona race tickets, only good for Sunday, today, ups closed and the employees we talked to Saturday said if found would deliver asap. Can't talk to them and out of country agent no help. Scheduled unusable tickets will be delieved tomorrow. Thanks ups

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Lashonda - 2 d 14 h ago


Worst fucking customer service ever they don't let you talk to corporate they tell you no one can help you etc all of them need to fired

General profile image - 2 d 18 h ago


You need to get your customer service OUT OF MEXICO and get operators who understand English vernacular.

You also need to get your customer service organization the same information at the same times that are listed on your website reports to customers.

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Anonymous - 16 d 14 h ago


who can i talk to able verbal abuse at wok i work at Ups and i only been over a month and the things they say to are so painful I wanted to go to the head boss but they said nothing will happen they have been doing this to employee for a long time has to stop.. Im Scared to even go in on monday ! I work #3rd shift Leave me number i can speak to some ASAP . As a women you should not cuss at her tell her to get the Fuck out this truck you dont know what you doing however its was my first day there so many ppl telling me what to do you have all these men not doing nothing but you want to cuss at me for and then say you can talk to a manger and go the hell home really! Will they talk to men that way ...IM taking this all the way Believe me

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Anonymous - 3 d 10 h ago


Im still waiting to hear from someone HELLO ! UPS IN HAMILTON NJ... THIS PLACE IS A MESS RUDE !

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W. George - 3 d 14 h ago


What customer service? I just asked to talk to a supervisor to rectify my issue ,after 15 minutes on hold I was disconnected. When I called back I got somebody in a foreign country that would not even transfer me to his supervisor, this is after I spent 45 minutes on the phone Wednesday and went to the local distribution center (who were the only ones that tried to hep me resolve this)another 45 minutes. There is no corporate complaint number or fax I'm told by customer service at the corporate office that I can get my complaint on the record! Some of the representatives were very surly also! I hope the CEO`s reads this and addresses his customer service corporate department or lack thereof!

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Mr, Tony - 4 d 9 h ago


You have really insulated yourselves from your disasterous errors, You've set it up so you can't even talk to a person to rectify your constant mistakes, and no driver interactions unless I go chase the moron down in my car so my very expensive BUSINESS package of LIVE PLANTS dosen't get returned to sender

General profile image - 6 d 12 h ago


I am trying to find a package you said you delivered. I was at home walking between my house and garage when your truck backed into my driveway. I heard your driver open the truck door and continued into my garage to drop off something, then when I returned back outside less than a minute later, I again heard a truck door closing and the truck drove off. NO package was delivered. When I called your tracking number I ended in the Philippines speaking to a women. I told her the exact details above and provided my tracking number (z(hidden)819705). She read to me the screen info she had to tell me my package was delivered last Friday. When I asked to speak to a US based agent that understood American English, I was told that was not possible. I asked for a supervisor and was give the same info. I called your Atlanta corporate line and eventually ended up in an other "off shore" center with another woman who was not an American English speaker. I will not be called a liar by someone who does not even understand my language. I am not in the Philippines, nor did I I buy from an "off shore" company, nor ship from "off shore". I paid in US dollars. The least you can due when taking my money is provide a customer service agent in US. I will be refusing to pay for the item with my credit card company, contacting my US political representatives.

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Annette - 6 d 15 h ago


I ordered a planter for my niece that was to be delivered to her home. The UPS driver even admitted to my niece that he delivered the planter to another address, but NOW UPS is saying my niece is basically a liar (that she did receive it) and they are not going to deliver to her home ever again. They are now going to require her to come to their facility to pick up and sign for her items. $125.00 item and they are treating her like a criminal even though she has hundreds of items delivered to her home regularly. What a way to be UPS! Disgusting!!! What was to be a Happy Birthday present to her turned into a nightmare for her and me. Not only did I have to fight with the company I purchased the planter from, now my niece is very upset. WHAT A WAY TO TREAT PEOPLE UPS!!!

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Anonymous - 6 d 19 h ago


We sent two automated machines in a well built crate worth $10,000 EACH and it ended up at our customers stuffed on top of each other in a cardboard box all smashed and completely unusable(like it dropped out of a truck on and broke the crate on the hwy and got hit a few times). They told us sorry that they could only give us $100 for shipping. UPS does not care about their customers(you/me) or what we entrust them to do. Worst and most irresponsible company we've ever dealt with.

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Sharon Mckee - 9 d 12 h ago


What a joke. Same stupid answers. Going to FEDEX! UPS tracking is a lie> Your package is only "logistically" scanned when it says its in a facility. Their estimation of arrival! Stupid system, stupid answers, uncaring customer service!

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Adam hetrick - 10 d 9 h ago


We are having a Big issue with ups delivery out of Charlottesville VA. No one can help us with our issues with what is going on with our delivers.we have spent hour upon hours talking to person after person , run around after run around! PLEASE LOOK UP AND LISTENING TO ALL RECORDED CONVERSATION BETWEEN US AND YOUR EMPLOYEES! THE ADDRESS IN QUESTION IS ADAM HETRICK 83 CRANE Dr stanardsville va 22973..

Please we need your help dealing with this probably out of the Charlottesville VA branch! We have used EVER outlet we can. Please contact us please we just need our probably fixed

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D. Langford - 10 d 14 h ago

I'm absolutely disgusted by your service & employees. Every pkg I order gets sent back saying undeliverable when the info is clearly on the pkg. Your driver refuses to take the elevator to deliver the pkg or call the numbers to say he is here.

Called customer service. Repeating the same info. This is how u hide from your customers.

December & January I had the same problem. Why

Your d

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Nancy Lemaire - 10 d 16 h ago


I sent a package to my son and family in Connecticut from Florida. Somewhere along the way the package was stolen. I have called the UPS store here in Lakeland Florida at least 8 times-the issue is still not resolved and no one has called me even once to let me know what is going on. The UPS service has completely deteriorated. I will never send another package by UPS and will communicate what happened to me to all my friends

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angela chun - 10 d 18 h ago


here is another of ups run around which is totally ridiculous and unacceptable , I sent a large package for my elderly parents who are hurricane Harvey victim from houston and they had to stay away from their home for the past 4 months and now finally they are settling in , so I sent this large package "direct delivery". ups came to my building and picked it and on 1/31/2018 and told that it will be delivered on 2/6/2018. however, I get notice that it will change to 2/7/2018. my poor elderly parents had to cancel their doctors appt from 2/6 waiting for this package. it never made it on 2/7, so I call and they said that package is missing and told me to claim investigation which I did , then on 2/8 I get a message that it went out on the truck and will be delivered on 2/8. so my parents waited but no delivery again . however I receive an E-mail saying that this was delivered to my parents place at 3'45pm...the security guard told my parents that when he asked ups driver to delivery to my parents unit, he said that it is too heavy and just TOOK OF with the package. so on 2/8 and 2/9 I called ups to complain and they are supposed to call me back but NOTHING. I am so frustrated with the company and no one wants to help the coustomers .. way suggestions . they had to see their doctors today . THIS IS SO RIDICUOUS .

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Angela Portalatin - 12 d 18 h ago


1Z5R522F(hidden) and 1Z060X(hidden)83

I sent out these two packages on October 2, 2017. These were supplies for my father-in-law during the devastation of hurricane Maria. They delivered the package to the incorrect address. ( we put the correct address) the customer service rep told me that they were going to re-Deliver it. Which was a lie they held the package in Puerto Rico and shipped it back to me completely damaged two months later.I have spoken to the billing department customer service domestic international and the Secaucus location counter clerk. After submitting a damage claim they said we packaged it incorrectly even though the UPS county clerks helped us package them. I have requested our shipping cost be reimbursed and the cost of the items in the boxes. I have never received such run around in my entire life. I am the customer and I paid for a service that I did not receive. Being transferred for hours at a time does not resolve an issue. I don't understand why we couldn't Resolve this in a timely manner.

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Ken Shannon - 13 d 8 h ago


Maybe it's a regional thing but in Las Cruces NM I have nothing but excellent service from UPS. They have been timely and very courteous every time.

The other carrier Fedless has lost packages, allowed someone else to sign for my package which I never saw again and also I had a incompetent supervisor hang up on me.

It's night and day between the 2 carriers.

I sorry to see the negative comments but I've been thrilled about the service from UPS.

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Christina Bier - 13 d 12 h ago


UPS is a joke!! I sent out packages on Jan 24, 2018 here is February 6, 2018 1 of the 3 packages were delivered to the correct address. Now I still have 2 packages that are being sent every where but to the correct place. Instead of calling the sender to ask about an address ya'll just made up ones instead. I have called everyday since the 29th and still cannot get this taken care of. The people you have working for you are beyond stupid and shouldn't have a job there. I cannot for the life of me understand how 1 package has made it to my client and the other 2 are just traveling around Texas!! The best part about this is those people that work for you also lie to your customers, saying one thing and really that isn't true. This is BS oh and did I mention I'm still on the phone waiting to talk to a manager. This is the worst service ever!!

General profile image - 14 d 17 h ago


Ups Over night ha ha package left on the 31 now today 6 days later get my first and last notice . try calling ups ja ja

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Dee r - 16 d 9 h ago


Spent most of Saturday trying to find my package that the driver said he attempted to deliver. No he did not! No notice nothing.called given a case #. What a joke that was. I am sure nothing will be done. UPS could save a lot of money by eleminiting all the people who do nothing. It put on hold give a case number I see why your ratings are soooooo bad. Who cares right!


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K Johnson - 17 d 12 h ago

Worse delivery ever, the person that delivereddropped my package, ring door bell then took off. Respect is what is needed in delivery they didn't know if it was breakable or not. Hopefully it wasn't but it still need to show respect for other people things. I do have it on video.

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Preeya - 17 d 14 h ago



UPS is the worst postal service ever. My package was supposed to be delivered 7 days ago, and when i called, they just want me to talk to their resolution dept, brokerage dept, exceptional resolution dept, special dept etc etc etc. Nobody knows what happened to my package and they just kept pushing my requests back and forth. I understand that packages can be delayed, but the customer service was horrible and disrespectful.

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FED EX Customer - 17 d 14 h ago


Received a package on 1/30/18 around 1900 hrs and had to help unload it because the lady that delivered it couldn't move it by herself. Since it was late I failed to check the item good so after she had gone I read the box and Amazon had shipped the wrong item. As soon as this happened I called their help line and they contacted UPS for a next day pick up. I stayed home all day, 1/31/18, so this could happen but instead your fine truck driver came to the door, didn't knock, didn't ring the doorbell, or even call. He/she just left the return sticker on the floor in my carport. So after they didn't show up I called UPS and talked to them AGAIN and was told I would have to pay a charge because I was not here when the driver came. So instead of talking to one of your phone operators I talked to her supervisor and was told it would be taken care of on 2/1/18 for sure. So at the end of that day I contacted UPS once again and was told that someone would call by 10:00 am on 2/2/18. When this person called the first thing she said was I would have to call a number and schedule the pick up, which by the way had all ready been scheduled for 3 days. She then told me to wait and she would call back in 30 minutes. She called back and told me it would be today, so here it is 13:00 hrs on the 2nd day of Feb and the box is still here and no sign of UPS.

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SamiP - 18 d 12 h ago


UPS is the worse transport delivery corporation I've ever dealt with. They employ total morons, they get what they pay for.

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