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United Parcel Service, Inc.

55 Glenlake Pkwy. Ne
Atlanta, GA
D. Scott Davis
Chairman and CEO
(404) 828-6000
(404) 828-7666
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Elizabeth - 1 d ago


Ups is THE WORST. They just lost my daughter's birth certicate I was having sent form Vital Check. UPS pulle dup to my driveway 2 days ago (Van Nuys CA division) and the driver looked and me, didn't even ask me my NAME, just said "I don't think this for you" and drove off! Then tried to deliver it 2 times when I wasn't home and left a note saying it required a signature! I then called and set up a pick up and when I went there to pick my package up they claim they have lost it!!!!

Unfreaking beleivable. I want to be reimburse for my shipping fee and inconvenience & I will never use them ever!

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Brownlee - 4 d 7 h ago


I plan to never use ups again or any company like that ships with UPS. I know mistake happen and I understand and can deal with a human error, but not the lies, nor the conversation, I had to endure when they delivered my grandsons package to the wrong address in the wrong city. They tell me label it wrong, if that was true when I phoned UPS from my house phone then why would the automated service tell me that my phone number is attached to tracking number ending in the the last four numbers of my tracking and stated that it was delivered to my address at the front door!!!!! But yet UPS tells me that my address was not on my package that missed labeled my package... mmmm ok so I call give them my order number and the representative immediately said to me the name address city state and zip on my package needle to said it was all correct UPS sucks

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Anonymous - 3 d ago


That also happened to me and they [ups] tried to act like I STOLE MY OWN PACKAGE!!

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Anonymous - 1 d 17 h ago


Absolutely. They lie through their teeth when you call them out on stuff. You will get out on hold for a few minutes while they try to think of an excuse why they screwed up

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EDDIE - 1 d 18 h ago


Why is it that a company that is supposed to be top rate in what they do can't stick their fingers up their ass with both hands. I have been trying to get a package delivered to an address in cali sent from Tenn. They can't deliver this package because I don't live in cali duh I sent the damn thing and they want me to take delivery of in cali I am beyond pissed this is the most screwed up fly by night outfit. I am now waiting on a callback so I can speak with one of the rocket sciences that works there. I am not holding my breath. I highly reccomend that any one who plans on sending a package to tie a balloon to it an send it on HAVE A BETTER CHANCE OG GETTING IT THEIR

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Anonymous - 1 d 19 h ago


UPS is by far the worst service that I have ever received from a Shipping company. I am still trying to get My package delivered.I actually feel badd for the company that uses UPS as their primary shipping because I have been so frustrated with ups that I'm actually debating on canceling my order because they "cannot ship the item because they put it in the truck too far forward and will not be able to get it off the truck." Oh yeah, I forgot. I work 2nd shift and had to take off work to "attend my scheduled pick up time." Only to receive no phone call about their failure to deliver. Words cannot express how incompetant this company is. It is scary that they are still in business. No concern whatsoever for their customer base. (It's, come into the office for the day, go through the motions, get out as quick as possible). No pride in their work.

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

UPS has GONE so far downhill that they would need 10 strong men and FedEx's whole team to get them to the sludge stage of evolution.

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Jfrisk - 2 d 3 h ago

I have been well served by UPS and have never submitted a complaint. News out of the Santa Rosa, CA office however has me concerned enough to ask what if any training program for new employees they have. I judge a company by its management and training effectiveness.

It is unfortunate to learn that there is apparently no one in charge or carrying out training of new employees. I would think this is ultimately a liability for the company. Where is the person who does train: how to lift, how to load, how to move through the system and significantly, how to drive? Critical for stockholders!

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PISSED OFF BRONX - 3 d 33 m ago




This shit has been going on for almost 5, FIVE, YEARS...CINCO ANOS!!

Just ask Supervisor CHRIS IN THE BRUSH AVE office in BRONX, NEW YORK!! I have to call him almost every time I receive a package!!



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Hurricane Evacuee - 4 d ago


According to UPS Corporate Public Relations, Hurricane Florence contingency strategy is to hold all packages until they can make a first effort to deliver to the original address. It is too difficult and inconvenient to have packages rerouted for customers who have evacuated. For some folks this means a two week or longer delay.

One would have thought that they would have planned better and had a much more customer centric focus. Fortunately for them, the argument of inconvenience because they have thousands of packages undeliverable may resolve itself as folks use FedEx instead. Congratulations Ms Gutmann on your forward thinking strategy.

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Shirley - 11 d ago

I will never use uf up again! I'am so upset, when I finally got my pkg's, with FRAGILE on it , they looked like they had been run over!!!! Several things where broken I packed them with a ton of bubble wrap,But like I said, the boxes looked rough, the ups man at the pk up store was as unpleasant as MOLD! O by the way, I mailed my pkg,s from Ca. to my apt in Phx. no explanation why they did not deliver it to there???!

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Renisha R - 11 d 24 h ago


I was to receive a package on August 31, 2018. I did not receive package. Long story short the driver left my package in the hallway of an apartment building with over 40 apartments. When i contacted the seller they stated Ups marked package as delivered. So I am out of $137 and my daughter has no school shoes. I am very disappointed in the service and upset for my loss. I will request another carrier in the future.

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william v - 14 d 18 h ago


they lost my package and jerked me around for four days before telling me they lost it, they also falsified scans to cover their asses while telling me that the package would be delivered day after day don't use them they suck!!!!!!!!!!

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VERY PISS OFF PERSON - 11 d 14 h ago


Yes they do!!!! I'm having this very problem right now as I type....I have call them 50 million time and NO one have called me back yet. I then asked for headquarter number and they told me they didn't have it. NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE UPS! OH AND I'VE BEEN WAITING ON MY PACKAGE SINCE FRIDAY

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Anonymous - 14 d 18 h ago


Not to harp on it but I'm Ghana you guys are pathetic you charge outrageous prices you have no etiquette very little do you care about urgency or deadlines I don't see how you got so large I really don't anything I do now will be by FedEx

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Anonymous - 14 d 18 h ago


I am appalled at the service I got provided by the UPS not only has my package been sitting in the Minneapolis office for a day-and-a-half what you call to speak to a representative you cannot understand them you have to speak to someone else because you couldn't understand the person they got offended then they put you on hold 20 minutes later you're disconnected call back you have another person that doesn't speak English really nothing against people to go speak English but in the English-speaking area you should have people that freaking speak English I don't think I'll ever use your service again. I don't even know if the people I were speaking to her in this country FYI UPS your customer service sucks ass

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Marie - 15 d ago


Customer service is terrible! We ship a lot with UPS, recently they delivered a very important and time sensitive package to the wrong address. When we contacted them they have no sense of urgency. Every time you call you are speaking to people over seas who sound scripted and only know how to apologize. The first told one of our employees it would take 8 days to do an investigation. I was not accepting that and spoke to a supervisor who was able to read the drivers notes, locate the package and contact the person the package was delivered to. Since that conversation I have had no call back and can't get anyone to assist me. We have a customer unable to drive her car because the UPS driver delivered the package to the wrong address! NO one at UPS seems to care about this. When I call back they seem to keep me on an extend hold and seem to enjoy giving me the run around. A big company like UPS should do better with customer service! UNACCEPTABLE!

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Betty - 15 d ago


What does someone have to do to get fired in this company? My UPS driver apparently hates his job and would like to be fired so he can take a vacation and collect unemployment. He has done everything imaginable to achieve that end. He has put a box clearly marked chocolate on the hood of a car in hot weather. He has hidden packages on the property when instructed numerous times to place them in front of the gate. He has deliberately placed heavy package on end or upside down. The latest antic was throwing a package over a locked gate into the backyard. I've seen videos on TV of drivers being fired for doing such things. I've complained about this individual for going on 2 years now. Mostly it involves calling an 800 number, having an attendant supposedly transmit a message to the supervisor, and the employee being counseled. I'm told I will be called back, but 90% of the time that never happens and the behavior continues. I've also requested to have a different driver assigned to this route and that has yet to happen either. This system is clearly broken and the fault extends beyond the driver to whomever is supposedly supervising him. PLEASE UPS, PUT THIS DRIVER AND ME OUT OF OUR MISERY AND FIRE HIM!

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michael - 16 d 19 h ago


Ups very very poor customer service when I get packages in they are not cheap they range anywhere from 100-700$ and all they do is drop it at my gate and won't bring it to the door which is only 20 more feet and when I called to file a complant about I get hung up on from the corporate office I called my local office and I was told that they can drop it off at my gate that they don't have to bring it to the door so then she said so what else can I do since this is not really a complant. Ups your customer service is so poor that I wouldn't even recommend a dead chicken to yall

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mark - 17 d ago


an hour and a half wasted talking to unintelligible people in the Philippines trying to get help from powerless people who do not care who work for a company that certainly does not care. too big to care. we had a delivery of two packages dropped off 1500 feet from our house at the edge of the woods. it was only by chance that we found it before weather or vegetation ruined it. there is no U.S. based support and folks in the Philippines cannot understand me any more than UPS's automated system can. there is no one to turn to. on hold until disconnected, clueless people, terrible support systems. I can control me not using UPS but I can't stop all the people who ship to me, but I am sure going to try.

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Jessica Weitzman in NYC - 17 d ago


To Whom It May Concern,

UPS's service stink!!!! I have had to phone UPS twice over a period of three days to schedule a pickup AND the UPS driver that came to my NYC residence, an apartment building with a doorman, denied picking up the box TWICE, once yesterday (Tues., Sept. 4th) and again today (Wed., Sept. 5th). AND when UPS was phoned for the fourth time just a few minutes ago they now said that would be unable to deliver this box now on Friday and said that it MAY now get delivered on Monday at the earliest. Please do know that UPS was initially phoned on Sat., Sept. 1st at 7pm for this pick to be scheduled and it was confirmed with the agent spoken with that a pick would happen on Tues., Sept. 4th between the hours of 9am and 7pm AND I stayed home the entire day waiting for this UPS driver to show up so that I could fill out some paper work/a label that he was going to bring with him. I have NEVER had such terrible service provided from such a large organization. AND the lengthy recordings that a customer has to listen to once the UPS phone number is dialed is ridiculous. the lack of customer service and effort in trying to rectify a negative situation that UPS had created is unconscionable!!! A letter to D. Scott Davis (Chairman and CEO) is my next action so that he is aware and in an effort to prevent this from occurring with future customers! I may be reached for a phone conversation at (hidden).

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kat in dallas - 17 d 14 h ago


Bought an expensive security piece that was timed to be delivered by end of day on wednesday. This morning it still was. Just checked again and it says Thursday? I bought this and paid for it to arrive while I'm home as I live in not too good a neighborhood and UPS never puts my alert about the pet carrier for packages. They just literally throw it up on the porch for god and all to see and steal. Don't you guys read about the rise in package thefts? I'm so pi....ed right now I can't see straight. I work thursday thru monday and won't be here to receive it. This is not the first time you guys have changed delivery days of your own accord. This package has been sitting in Dallas since the 30th. That's 5 days you've had to get it to me. I'm probably less than 10 miles from the distribution center. Will not EVER use ups again!!!

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John Moore - 17 d 19 h ago


I think it is a shame when a company has to hide behind automated telephone systems such as Automated Call Delivery instead of take the calls of their customers. I tried to find out what was happening with my package and kept ending up in foreign countries rather than the US during normal business hours. Also if I asked for a representative without giving a tracking number I was hung up on. I asked to be hot transferred to the US and was told that was not possible. Since I work on phone systems for my livelihood I know this in possible and in fact Amazon allows this to happen. Next I tried to call your Corporate HQ and ran into the same issue... not able to get through the ACD there. I am disappointed and will be changing my primary company I request for shipping or will not be using companies that use UPS.

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Misleading to the Consumers - 17 d 20 h ago


Mr. Davis, Unacceptable delivery system!! I received an email that my package will be delivered between 10-2PM. My daughter, a doctor, left her emergency shift to receive the package because it required a signature. I am a civil servant, usually not at home. My daughter called to inform me the package had not arrived and the customer service from the Phillipines said the package will be delivered before 8PM. Who will pay for my daughter's time today, $2400?! This is misleading practice of business to the consumers! PLEASE ENFORCE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY ON NEGLIGENCE and well- train the department.

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Super upset - 18 d 11 m ago


2 packages of medical supplies within a 4 day period, both delivered to the wrong address. To top it off, both packages are unaccounted for. What is wrong with this picture??? Luckily I use Amazon, they will make it right. They sould stop using this poor excuse of a delivery service.

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