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United Parcel Service, Inc.

55 Glenlake Pkwy. Ne
Atlanta, GA
D. Scott Davis
Chairman and CEO
(404) 828-6000
(404) 828-7666
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Gloria - 4 d 10 h ago



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cv - 6 h 47 m ago

It's against the it to your local police. Also, on Google, a number for corporate is (hidden). I don't know if it's real but you can try it.

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Christine Riedl - 10 h 39 m ago


My review is on Google reviews, and my statement with photos of all the feedback for just the UPS (I believe so anyway) in Tualatin Or. I just read, along with what I am reading here. I will take screen shots of them as well and all will be sent to the EO, CFO, every other head of all departments as well as one to each member of the UPS Board of Directors.

It seems UPS hierarchy is not hearing the message we are all sending, or just do not care. Whichever, I intend to make as much noise as possible and am asking others to do the same. Whether we pay the shipping or whoever we have ordered from is paying it, UPS is being paid to do a job they are not doing. Rude, aggressive and just plain nasty drivers, customer service reps. etc...

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Absolutely Discusted - 13 h 24 m ago


I'm so discussted by the service I've received this past weekend its a shame before GOD. I had an expected delivery date of 11/17 for my package (2 day delivery service from the time I placed order). November 17th gets here, my son stays home before going to work at 3pm so that I can be my package only to find out the delivery guy left a info notice on the outside intercom directory. Get home from work, call UPS to find out if I can pick up my package at the call center location @ 180 Canal Pl/Bronx, NY to find out they close at 6pm and no service on the weekends. Called UPS 800# to find out why they gave me wrong information on picking up my package only to be told that I can have package sent to a drop off location. Call the drop off location only to find out my package was never sent there because its the wrong address for the drop off center. Mind you there are only 3 locations in my Harlem area 2 on 125th ST and 1 on 116th ST. Informed Customer Svc rep to have package sent to the nearest drop off point on W 125th only to find out that they delivered package to the wrong location :(. Spoke to about 10 customer service reps including 3 so called supervisors only to get YET AGAIN WRONG INFORMATION about my package that was supposed to take 2 day to deliver. Last rep informed me that driver claims he attempted to deliver package but my address is wrong. YEAH RIGHT. I've lived at the same address for over 25 years/ they left an info notice outside bldg by the intercom system on 11/17. So, somebody please tell me How is my address wrong or they can't find the address when they left me an info NOTICE. ATTEMPTED TO CALL THE CORPORATE # PER WEBSITE @ (hidden) only for the ph# to be automated with the same CRAP. I'm so upset and angry at this moment that I will do the best I can to NEVER USE THERE SERVICE AGAIN FOR ANYTHING. If someone has the main corporate ph# AT THE ATLANTA LOCATION PLEASE KINDLY PASS IT ALONG because the 800# is HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE SERVICE/ HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS GIVEN WRONG INFORMATION/ HORRIBLE SERVICE FOR DELIVERY OF MY PACKAGE.

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Anonymous - 13 h 41 m ago

My name is Cindy and one of your driver's come to my location at least once a week. His tires are so bald. That is very unsafe for someone that drives in all kinds of weather. You need to replace his tires. His truck #167946. Thank you

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Pissed off - 3 d 15 h ago

Passed beyond pisstivity...paid to have a package express of Thursday morning 9:16 it stated out for delivery. At 12:26 it changed to destination scan. As I returned home around12:45 I met the driver as he was leaving and was told he came to deliver but the package wasn't on his truck. I call the customer service number and was advised it wasn't on the truck due to arrived late but it would still be delivered. I wait until after 3 (deliver by time) and called again. Was told if it wasn't loaded on the truck it would not be delivered. She offered to have local office call. I received a call 30 minutes later and was told the driver said he accidentally left it at the yellow house across the street and will attempt to retrieve it and deliver. I live in a townhouse community and there are no yellow houses by me. Day 2....I stayed home from work and waited. Website tracking showed out for delivery at 9:26 am. By 3pm still nothing. Called again and was told someone would call back. Rep first stated it was still at facility then put me on hold to return and say driver was almost to my house so she's going to call and check and call me right back. 1 he later she call back to say he didn't have it. She stated she can send a request to have it sent to a ups store close to my job where I can pick it up Monday myself since I had to work today. I told her my son will be home today (he took off) and she stated she will put it in for today (saturday) delivery. My son called and advised nothing yet. I called again and was advised nothing showed in the system that my package was requested for delivery and the only was it will show out for delivery is after the driver scan the package. So it's being scanned and not loaded in the truck. I'm beyond pissed all over again.

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Anonymous - 1 d 12 h ago

I know how you feel. I've had some similar things going on. 12 hrs after it said out for delivery the status changed to destination scan. Supposedly it got bumped off the truck for air freight. Then I was told they don't really have a system to get the bumped packages back in cycle, basically if the loaders feel like it.

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Anonymous - 1 d 12 h ago

Oh, and the horrible call center is a pain. My package has been sitting at the hub, minutes away, for a week, longer than it took it to travel cross country.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago

I could train a monkey to do better than this mob of twats

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Justin - 4 d 9 h ago


Holy shit doesn't even begin to describe how awful UPS is as a parcel service.

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Meech100 - 4 d 13 h ago


I sent a package out at the UPS Store in Aberdeen, MD on November 15, 2017. Was told it would be delivered in NJ on November 16, 2017. The arrival scan was @ 5:07am and the destination scan was @ 11:02am both in Bound Brook, NJ. Been checking on line since and there have been no further updates after the destination scan time. When you go to it still shows in transit and nothing since. It does not show out for delivery and probably will not be delivered even by it's new updated date of November 17, 2017. It had important papers going to an attorney in Westfield, NJ. The best information at this time I get from your "WONDERFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE" and I am being fatitous is that they wil open an investigation which could take up to 8 days. I find this totally unacceptable. Tracking #1Z096R9X(hidden).

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Anonymous - 4 d 14 h ago


UPS has the worst customer service. Good luck talking to someone when your package is lost. Its a canned response, we are looking for it. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. The package was lost for 4 days and no one calls, no one knows where it is at, and one will tell you anything but that they are looking for it, and it may be another 8 days. That's just fantastic. They don't even get 1 star.

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Andrea Mayo - 5 d 14 h ago


I live in the Bronx, NY area and my brother sent me a package from Charlotte, NC. I received notification the package would be delivered to my home yesterday between 12:45 pm and 5:45 pm. I knew I would not be home so I called Customer Service and requested the package be held at the Brush Avenue, Bronx, NY station. When I got home, I saw a UPS truck and they had my package inside, BUT, I was told they couldn't give it to me because I told Customer Service I would retrieve it from Brush Ave. What kind of nonsense is that. To prove to me they couldn't do it, they showed me how the hand held instrument would not accept my signature. I had to go to Brush Ave before 9 pm, and when I got there it was crowded, with around 20 people on line, AND ONE WORKER!!!!! I was there from 8:15-9:35 pm! Is this really how UPS wants to treat people?

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Upsetcustomer - 5 d 18 h ago


Ups lost 3 packages! Apparently they steal packages.

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sherry juman. - 5 d 15 h ago


yea, I think that's is exactly what they do and probable sell it on ebay or amazon. and then they tell you that they investigate. but they do nothing. and then they say you can fill out a claim form, for their incompetence.

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sherry juman - 5 d 15 h ago


UPS I paid you to ship a package which never arrived. I need to know what you did with the package. did you just throw away the package and take the money. when will the federal consumer protection do something about the company. You are just thieves sitting in offices, taking people good and money.

I will never use UPS again for my company, I will tell everyone and every company I know never to use you again. You are the worst ever.

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FED UP - 7 d 9 h ago


Horrible customer service the basically throw a 500 dollar package down a flight of stairs then don t want to pay full value even after they admit to damaging it . They give you the run around for weeks ! Was told 3 xs a supervisor would call me NEVER did !!!

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FED UP & PXXX OFF - 6 d 8 h ago



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Unhappy customer - 7 d 10 h ago


I had 2 bad experiences within 2 weeks. One where they mixed up 2 packages and sent them to the wrong addresses, and initially said they couldn't correct the errors. I had to insist that they go pick up the packages and redeliver correctly. In one of the packages was some cash (inside a card and then inside a book) for new parents who I wanted to help out. The delivery turned up at the wrong address and with no card inside the book. The owner of the UPS store said there was nothing he could do to reimburse for the missing money, and fault was implied as possibly with the driver. Second issue-- UPS left a "missed tag" on my door for a very important delivery and did not knock at all. I had to chase the truck down the street. The driver then tried to tell me he knocked and he did not. There was also a doorbell that he did not ring. What is going on with this organization? I will not use them again, and I was disappointed by their responses once they were made aware of the problems. I will now attempt to communicate with Corporate to at least advise them of my customer experience. UPS store, Hattiesburg, MS

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Robert - 8 d 13 h ago


I have a formal complaint with one of your Richmond VA employees named Nikki ID# LVB1NLM. The ups supervisor was trying to get her to call me back about a package that needs to be delivered the driver came to my house but no package was delivered. She finally called me back and I was explaining the situation and she started interrupting me and then when I tried to explain again she hung up on me. When I got the supervisor again to have her call me back she refused the call me back. When the supervisor tried her again she wouldn't answer the phone. Highly unprofessional person she is.

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Anonymous - 9 d 4 h ago


UPS your crap is people in the world do men lie down on your stomach down in a Harley in lies at all saying I didn't want my package I did want my package would Knuckleheads and you messed me up with Amazon that's been up to the last time you stupid you've been telling everybody I know not to use your company at all and I told my other friend were telling some more people not to order nothing from you all not to have many many money is in tune have you shipping packages cuz I'm telling everybody I know how yeah that stupid driver should have seen my name on that package and he left it at the door anyone that got stolen and used it in his company where he worked at and use in my water fountain and that's thievery that's stealing and I hope you'll go to prison for that that's where you should wind up in prison for what you did for my Packers at the wrong place everybody. And that's why the red flag on my packages at the bomb back cause of the stupidest of you people you don't know how to do things right you should be invisible I can see you go out of business see Amazon put you out of business and I'd be the happiest person in the world Amazon put you out of out of business in the shipping business I don't have a place in there and in Oklahoma City and I hope they do push you out of business and I hope they're going to hope that going to Atlanta Georgia Amazon hope they do Gordon and George Annunaki go out of business and I'd like to see that happen when you get knocked out of business stupid UPS crapola I don't know why I was I had to listen to your stupid ass thing and I didn't I didn't want that bag that I bought and paid for those packages I wanted them packages get stupid jerk stupid dum dum can I call you your knucklehead that's what you really are real knuckleheads doing a knucklehead stupid thing you do in there I didn't I didn't like the way you messed me up on my packages you dumb lummox and then I got to tell me what I can do and cannot do what I want to go to other I'm coming I can do that does a free country for this country and don't you ever forget it you stupid UPS crapola I'm tired of you messing me up I'm going to get another carrier and then I want you to tell me what I can do it at The Gambia are things over time I'm sticking with FedEx that's who I'm sticking with I'm not going to change I can see you go out of business and be a happy person in the world think that I'm the end up all company like you all are going out of business not be very happy say more than an the fall of view all people are think you're going to spend the night here not like to see this company closed down and you never work any other places as well at all and I don't want to see you working for FedEx Cedar you you're dumb mom Mike and hope I never see you work for FedEx at all the way why you won't deliver packages I don't want no one any owner touching any of my packages again you got that I'm getting oral FedEx and the red headed ship and I'm going I'm going with double d you and I'm going to go for you on heavy shipping and all morning with double D and I've been around a lot longer than you have the Irish company I've been around a lot longer than you have deliver packages that you be in the years of delivery never been around a lot longer than you have double D has hey one thing about your loan max UPS crapola I wouldn't have you off on a bet on anything else I don't want you touching another package of mine again Steven outfit when should we listen to you at all and there Amazon by saying I didn't want my package I did want to make it back to the packages and don't you ever forget that too stupid love Mike to the CEO you're stupid jerk what you are stupid idiotic jerk the people think question mind going to different states and different places I want of my packing everything that to me you stupid jerk of a CEO's hearing your stupid Thunder head know it all you got a lousy company what you have don't know where the liver stuff at all then you need to get the lot of money in that put tracking devices on your trucks and and vehicles and things that's what you need in there that the tractor drivers and one thing about it other places got out on their trucks and I know where they're going as much as a plane's and everything one thing about FedEx do they try very hard and they and they keep the customers happy love them more than I can say about you all your stupid UPS crap Bola add to the CEO of UPS I'll be so happy when you going to go out of business and never got to the nurse shipping company at all I'd like to see your place never shipping company ever again hope you never touch another another package mine again

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Luis - 10 d 31 s ago

The sercurity guard Brittany at the mykawa location in Houston tx is very rude and disrespectful . She chide different employees as the enter the guard shack . She constantly have a rude and negative tone . She makes employees feel uncomftable and unwelcomed mostly people don't report it because they feel as if she's been there for awhile without facing consequences on her actions . Constantly bullying different employees and making demeaning statements about the employees that work for the company . She represents the company in a very unprofessional manner and is doing opposite of protecting the the workers rather than attacking them with her words and attitude she allows who she want with their phones to have there phones in the warehouse as unloaders and loaders she allows different employees in and out out of the guard shack without winding them . If you ask her a question she is always upset and sarcastic . Hopefully can hire friendly people who are willing and excited to work .

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WATCH DOG - 10 d 16 h ago

Concerned. Employees at the Gaithersburg, Md. site are not being paid in a timely manner, and they are being ripped off. People sign on with understanding that if they worked over 25 hours in a week, that they would get a $75.00 bonus. It didn't happen. Two weeks ago, they didn't even get paid. When they finally got their checks, hours were missing, so as not to give the $75.00 bonus. On top of this, people are at times, working seven hours without a break. I believe that some laws are being broken here.

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RKO - 11 d 8 h ago


Poor service. They have lost eight packages in the last few months

Im done with them.

They have no customer service.

Took all day on phone to find package they lost today

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Anonymous - 11 d 14 h ago


I will never use anyone that uses Ups for shippping again, A driver made attempt at 11 am than at 8:25 pm the driver stated I refused a package and a manager told me nothing can be done and the driver was in his right to do what he wanted to do.

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