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United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX
(800) 365-8722
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Anonymous - 2 d 9 h ago


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KEN W. WV - 11 d 6 h ago


Unprofessional , Unqualified, Don't have a clue what they are doing. I don't trust these people with my money, Been on the phone eight o'clock this morning and it is now four o'clock and I'm still on the phone with these people. No one knows what they are doing. Asked to talk to a supervisor....was told they don't have any. Veterans who are taking care of our money. I called to ask a question about my account gave all my information. They said I wasn't vertified . Had to go through many stupid security questions. Not one question made any sense . They said they couldn't help me. Called back talked to another person ...They didn't know what they were talking about. So for I've through at ten people. Not one has helped me.

Received a phone al from my son in Florida. He told me all his accounts were shut down. He is down there on a job sight without no access to his money. Called USAA back they shut his account down. We both have the same name Jr. and

Sr. they didn't check that out. They were on his account not mine so my security numbers didn't match. He has no access to his money. DO YOU WANT PEOPLE LIKE THIS TAKING CARE OF YOUR MONEY? They don't have a clue how to fix it. They will look into the problem. Don't know when my son will have access to his money. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

I have received no cooperation.

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Tiffany - 2 d 9 h ago


I totally agree and understand! I am trying to sort out an issue right now. They messed up and are trying to tell me I owe 800$ more than what I do. I have all the paperwork and have worked everything out a hundred times. I added my daughters to my policy and it has been jacked up ever since. I tell the lady I want to talk to someone higher and same thing. there is no one. So no one owns or runs the company except the call service people??? yeah okay I said to pull up previous recorded calls because like 7 different people the last 3 months has told me seven different things. She tells me that isnt necessary because she is telling me the problem. According to her they charged me a prorated charge on top of the regular 6 month premium. a prorated charge or 3000$ just to add them not including the monthly policy but I owe 800$?? Makes no sense. If this was the case wouldn't I owe 3000?? So stupid and ignorant. Not to mention nothing like this was ever mentioned to me before and this extra 800$ just popped up last month out of absolutely nowhere. These people are unbelievable!!!!

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TIFFANY - 2 d 9 h ago


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GKG - 3 d 32 s ago


I had renters assurance with USAA and out of the blue they decided they were no longer doing business with me. First they said it was fraud when I provided them with my identification they turn around and say it wasn't fraud they decided to just abruptly end business. I have called repeatedly and to no avail no one has an answer nor can I dispute it.

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Steve - 6 d 8 h ago

On the phone for 5.5 hours to set up an automatic payment on a bill , got sick of dealing with enept people and hung up , going right now to a local bank to transfer my complete banking over to them . . .

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Lee - 12 d 12 h ago

Unbelievable! I have been a USAA customer for many many years and just recently when it became available in my area switched my homeowner's to USAA , went through everything received a quote and it savedme a bundle 4 months later I received paperwork about my renewal. went through the stack of papers and noticed numerous discrepancies so many that I didn't even think it was my home described in the paperwork. Immediately called went over the paperwork talked to a couple different supervisor / managers and was told that they would get it straightened out and call me back. Several days past before I spoke to another person only to be told they tried to recover the recorded almost to our phone conversation and surprisingly it had disappeared. So now several more days of past I had to reach out to them again, the manager that was supposed to call me back last week did not so now I've been passed on and waiting on another phone call back from another manager but I have to go through explain get more frustrated about the whole situation! If anyone else has experienced anything remotely similar to this please reach out to me at (hidden) maybe a class action or something else could be looked into. I am so sick of hearing about how great they are for/to the service members and their families, I think it's time we raised the Bravo Sierra Flags!

Just FYI I have numerous Vehicles insured with them and have never had an issue with that side of the house only the homeowners and I can't get a straight answer as to if they are a separate inity totally and yes I know Auto and homeowners insurance are two different things.

Just mad enough to.......lets say I am very disgruntled!

Came name to do this because they won't let me rate them a negative two stars.

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JFL member since 1974 - 13 d 12 h ago


USAA lost a star after reading a report that USAA wrongfully terminated two Certified Financial Planners who were awarded $1.8 million in compensation including punitive damages. I hope the board of directors looks into the ethics and culture of this area of USAA. Three more cases are pending. What is going on in your financial advice area?

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W. Haynes - 14 d 10 h ago


My car was hit by a driver that was insured by USAA, he was ticketed and found at fault, yet USAA refuses to pay for the damages to my car. I am a veteran and am insulted by the treatment of a company who claims to exist solely for veterans. USAA disgusts me and they should be ashamed of themselves.

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Virginia E. Sloan - 14 d 10 h ago


terrible, awful, horrible, uninformed service. Disconnected phone calls, endless hold times, and then representatives who know nothing. The website has limited (to put it mildly) and inaccurate information. And of course there's no way to contact anyone but the useless service representatives who are unable or unwilling to help. I guess corporate HQ doesn't care about its reputation, because they would have responded to all the complaints on the web and tried to fix some of these problems.

Do NOT ever use USAA!

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Jennifer Bucher - 19 d 8 m ago


How do I contact underwriting management about an underwriter that has been jacking me around for over a month now, and intends to cancel my auto insurance on July 23rd, after 24 year of membership? Her name is Joselyn Howard and I'm sick of jumping through all her hoops, only to string me along and ignore my efforts. If this doesn't get resolved asap I'm taking all insurance, banking and financial accounts to Farm Bureau ~ have already gotten a quote from them and they're fantastic. Probably should just go ahead and do that anyway. Sounds like USAA is going down the drain! I have so many friends that are long time USAA customers but are leaving because of problems like this. What a shame, USAA used to be an exceptional company.

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Sherita Shaw - 28 d ago


USAA uses unethical practices by locking customers out of their accounts preventing them from having access to their own money! Highly unethical and will lead to a legality

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Jeyona - 21 d 13 h ago


They did the same to me now where being evicted you can file a complaint with the federal reserve as that's why I did.

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Robert - 26 d 11 h ago


After calling for months trying to resolve a claim where a USSA member damaged my car in an accident. The USAA member left the accident and fail to give a statement accepting responsibility for the accident. USAA determined that they were not liable for damages to my car because their insured didn't make a statement. Of course they're not going to make a statement because they left the scene of the accident. This is bad business, I provided a accident report showing that the USAA driver was at fault and gave pictures. They still denied my claim. This is a bogus company.

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Eddie - 33 d 6 h ago


Did me wrong made me wait 3 plus weeks to get my window fixed! For the veteran yeah right! Straight up horrible service.

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Scott A - 35 d 4 h ago


I called for the past two days asking why they put a hold

On my check. They tell me that I'm wrong and that I'm a bad customer. I been talked down to and disrespected several times. It's mind blowing that a military bank treats its military members like this. This is completely disregarding to members and there needs.

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Annie - 38 d 6 h ago


just spent 3 hours trying to settle a claim letter mailed to me by's what happened:

25 minutes on hold

3 hang-ups when transferred to the appropriate extension

transferred to 2 message person

sent to the fraud dept for a tail light claim

denied a my state it is a law to repair tail light damage

sent a copy of the law 2 times to adjusters....3 different adjusters assigned to the claim...all unfamiliar with the law

and the icing on the cake....when I asked for the name person in charge of customer service....denied...agent said no manager. REALLY

So to Stuart Parker, President of USAA,....please resign

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Jim - 38 d 12 h ago


Auto claim department is the worst I have ever dealt with. I have called and followed the prompts and after 7 calls totaling 62 minutes on hold every time I get transferred to the "operator" that can not receive a voice mail. Horrible Insurance company to deal with. I would NEVER recommend this insurance company to anyone.

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Emergency help me - 38 d 14 h ago

please help me, how real is my fact that I will not be able to cooperate with you.23.04.19th USAA bank ware transfer via bank city bank $9.6 million two days later the Department of Treasury issued the suspension. I did not know how much truth has been given to the issue.

Omar Faroque


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Michelle - 40 d 5 h ago


Today my father, a Navy veteran age 86, called to find out what the balance is on his USAA credit card as no bill has been received. He was informed that he does not have a USAA credit card despite me paying the bill each month. I called customer service, we have submitted 4 different requests to put me on the account as someone who can discuss the bills, I asked for the balance on the account and was told that they could not give it to me because I am not authorized on his account. I called my father on my landline and a very rude, illiterate woman from the security dept, began asking him a crazy series of questions pulled from one of the credit bureaus. We all know that the credit bureaus keep wrong information on one's file. The employee refused to give us her name, the call was made around 3:30 or 4 CST. In light of the fact that no one will give us the amount of money owed and despite our best efforts to obtain that information when the next bill arrives I will not pay late fees or interest and you can cancel the card. His name is Ted L Cooper

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ADAMA ECCLESTON - 40 d 14 h ago


I submitted a property loss claim when I lost my two diamond rings by the pool on June 1st and USAA has been treating me like a criminal because I could not find my receipts. I submitted pictures of the rings on my finger in multiple photos and gave estimates but that was not enough. I had to speak to the representative's Michael Sheehy's Supervisor Mr. Joe Geegan and because of the short tone he was giving me over the phone; I felt he was being a little accusatory and he kept harassing me about my photos stating they were not originals and Mr. Geegan said he did nothing wrong. The next day I was assigned a special investigator Mr. John Barr and he was supposed to come out June 6th and he did not, he then said he would come to meet me Friday June 7th and he never showed, I contacted a Supervisor Mr. Chris Copeland on that Friday and the investigator Mr. Fallon Proctor came out on Monday to my job and actually took my phone and was scrolling through my personal photos to look for a time and date on the pictures I sent because they stated they were not original photos. He said since I cant find the time and date on these photos you are gonna have to send me the phots from your sister since you said she is the one who gave them to you. I then got another email with a property loss report where they are asking for the same pictures again and that is when I contacted the BBB, Better Business Bureau because I am a combat veteran and these things should not be happening when I pay my premium on time every month. Like my policy state that I do not have to have the receipts and pictures of me in the jewelry is sufficient but I am being treated like a common criminal and I think its disgusting shame on you USAA I will be taking my business else where after this matter is resolved and I am getting a Lawyer. VETERANS PLEASE SIGN UP WITH NAVY FEDERAL CREIT UNION OR ANY OTHER BANK THAT CARES ABOUT COMBAT VETERANS BECUASE USAA COULD CARE LESS.

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Md. Omar Faroque - 41 d 9 h ago

Emergency Help me Please Sir, I've complained many times on your website. In the absence of cooperation on 23.04.19th Transfer from my account to Bangladesh through the USAA bank through City bank But after two days the treasury Department issued the suspension I do not know how true this is. I wish you all co-operation.

Omar Faroque


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Captain Ronald Salmon - 45 d 13 h ago



members of USAA for over 50 years we want to complain about the new advertising TV ads. They are demeaning and inappropriate for your (our) organization. Do you really have to show these cheesy ads to get more members ?

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Anonymous - 47 d 6 h ago

I would not recommend USAA bank to any veteran. I will stick to Bank of America glad didn't close the account.

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Anonymous - 48 d 14 h ago

Please help me, USAA BANK new York to city bank transfer from Bangladesh I mean you total $9.6 million this matter true .

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