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United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX
(800) 365-8722
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Linda - 16 h 28 m ago

Similar to what Laventrence underwood, Vic and others stated before me, this is a VERY DISHONEST company. They will tell you one thing over the phone, then switch it up when they don't want to honor their own words. I took will be stuck without a vehicle and they claim that I am entitled to this car replacement assistance which is equal to 20% of the value of the car, but they are trying to take that away from me too!!! They are a bunch of scams and the total loss department is very rude over the phone. Even the managers. It does not good to escalate, because they are all crooks and complete assholes!

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Laventrence underwood - 5 d 13 h ago


I'm a USAA member has been for almost 2 years and just recently I was involved in a car accident and two day's later my kids were in a car accident and since I've started the process with USAA about my claim I have been treated so unfairly they have not followed through with the other insurance company that were at fault for both accidents and also they total out my other car and they just informed me that their only going to pay the value of the car when that wasn't what I was told when we first purchased this policy I was told that we could get a car this make in model or newer now they are saying that was never in my policy but they told me it was but when the car got total they say it's wasn't in the policy I feel this insurance company are nothing but a bunch of lying people now I'm stuck without my car and paying a note I'm going to contact corporate office about this so that they will no how I feel

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Vic - 5 d 20 h ago


The most dishonest people I have ever spoken too, I called and online chatted yet no one could answer the questions nor could they refer me to any management.

NOT worth my time to stay with them, so Long and Hellos Nationwide

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Alethia Bacote - 6 d 17 h ago


Complaint.......I am a policy holder with USAA I called today 5 December 2017 to speak about the increase in my policy. A representative by the name of Tammy, her number is g5620. She explained but not to my satisfaction about the increase of my policy and I have added a new car that I added in October to my policy. So, I asked to speak with a supervisor. I explained to her that my checking account had been compromised back in November and I proceeded to give her a temporary number in order to take my policy payment today. she told me she would get a supervisor. She came back to the phone after about 5 or 6 minutes and told me that the supervisor Chris P told her to tell me that if he got on the phone he was going to tell me the same thing that she told me. I feel very disrespected that he would not honor my request. I do not appreciate being treated this way by anyone from

USAA. I would appreciate it if someone would investigate and have something needs to done about this incident. This is unacceptable behavior from your employees to a customer. Call me please Alethia Thank you.

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Felix - 7 d 21 h ago


To USAA Leadership, My name is Felix A. Chavez. I served in the United States Army with honor and distinction for 22 years. We have been members of USAA since 2004. On 25 November 2017, I made our first claim with USAA. On that night, my car was vandalized while I was babysitting our grandsons. That night at 2225, I called the Albuquerque Police Department to report the vandalism. I then called USAA at 2329 to report the vandalism. The USAA staff I spoke with were a gentleman named Dave and a lady named Maria. Neither was helpful. The next morning I called USAA once again and spoke with a lady name Miyana. She was kind, helpful, and professional. I was assigned two adjusters; one for my car window and one for my grandson's car seat. Christopher Downinz was assigned to help with my window (claim # 2400 4699-12). Kaneisha Jones was assigned to help with my grandson's car seat (claim 2400 5699-13). On Monday, 27 November, I called Mr Downinz and Ms Jones twice each. Neither answered their phone. I left two voice messages with Mr Downiz and two voice messages with Ms Jones. Neither returned my calls. As of today, I have not received a call from anyone from USAA. Your USAA commercials speak in glowing terms of caring and outstanding customer service. I really must say I have not received such service. Month after month and year after year I pay USAA on time every time. The one time I asked for help, USAA was AWOL. Maybe it's no big deal to Mr Downinz or to Ms Jones or even to USAA that my car was vandalized and that my grandson's car seat was rendered unusable. Well it's a big deal to me. The treatment and service I have received from USAA has been rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional. Respectfully Submitted, Felix A. Chavez

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Jessica - 7 d ago


Dear "USA"A,

Due to your policy of holding checks my grandfather (holidays have caused a hard hit on me) deposited in my account Monday (even though it was cleared the next day-Tuesday-), I would like to personally thank you for not releasing the remainder of my check by Friday so I could pay for a plane ticket to see my father before a year long deployment.

"You know what it means to serve", I call b.s. because you clearly don't care about your individual account members who have family in the service. Now, unfortunately, neither his first grandchild nor I be able to see him off and will only MAYBE be able to skype him if he has Wi-Fi for a YEAR, and I pray I get to actually see him again. I would personally like you to thank you for YOUR service. (sarcasm)

USAA, you are not honorably serving my family, as my family is serving you. Your phony one liners you use ONLY please to your business needs and not your customers.

Very disappointed customer,


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Mike - 69 d ago


National Anthem

A am 71 years old and have bee a USAA member for about 45 years. I have respected the flag for my entire life.

What you are doing by sponsoring the NFL is an insult to every member who has served in the military. Please stop

the NFL sponsorship. I volunteer to be on one of your "USAA Members for Life".commercials. I might have a different

opinion of what you are doing. I think Veterans Day would be a great day for us to protest.

your Company.

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John Barnes - 61 d 17 h ago


Im with you, I am a 19 year member of USAA. They need to stop NFL sponsorship or I'll find another bank. I'll even pay the refinance fee on my house to leave them with one less customer. Please stop the NFL sponsorship!!!!!

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Robert W. Boatwright - 54 d 20 h ago


Mike & John -

I agree with both of you on this matter! As a USAA member for over 25 years, I want to know why USAA still sponsors the NFL Players Association. To date this is my understanding and I want to know why a company that is primarily composed of military, retired military etc. still supports this less than patriotic association.

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The Conservative - 54 d 17 h ago


USAA is sponsoring the cons at the NFL?? WTF? I will be taking my business elsewhere.

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armyguy71 - 7 d 15 h ago


People are ridiculous. Trump has turned this away from a peaceful protest against police brutality by turning it into a patriotic issue. Look at everyone blindly following.

These football players are NOT being unpatriotic. As an Army veteran I fought to give them the right to protest and I completely support the PEACEFUL protests being done by the NFL and stand proudly with them for equality. As far as USAA is concerned, they were a sweat shop to work for and customer service is certainly taking a nosedive but I have been a loyal member for 20 years.

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An angry server - 10 d 13 h ago


Not a member, im just want to say to all corp empleoyees from usaa, they have a salary and a lot of benefits, so if you go to a restaurant and eat for free, because corp card pay, tip properly to the servers, we do not have a salary, plus we pay tip share, so if you left 10% minus 3% of tip share, we ended with nothing. I want to reconsider when you going to a rest to tip from the original ticket. Because they are not... If not take away that benefit, they dont deserve it.

Sorry but is true, its hard to serve large parties, and dont get paid to cover even the tip share.

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Sharey Agnew - 11 d ago


I had a horrible experience with them they were very rude and they offer me a lowball offer that was very insulting to my intelligence

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Albert D - 11 d 13 h ago


Absolutely poor customer service dept. I lost 2 cards (debit and credit), phoned them to report this fact. Was then abused by an inane phone answering system which had no selection for my issue and refused to transfer me to a warm human being. After yelling at the damned thing it finally sent me to a woman who said I no longer had an account there and it had been that way since 2007. I explained there had to be a mistake as I used the other card this morning. She got off the phone put me on hold and came back stuttering and completely lost. I hung up and re-phoned only to get the stupid idiotic asinine phone system again. I finally got through and was then told I needed to calm down (the usual canned response one gets when the lazy people at the other end of the phone want to slack-off). I finally got one card taken care of then was told I needed to be transferred to another department for the other card. On and on and on and on for over 1/2 hour to handle a relatively simple problem. And no one seems to care and iota about customer service at all.

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Edward T. - 14 d 17 h ago


USAA has truly lost its way. I'm a 20 year member and the customer service has deteriorated to terrible. CSRs are not trained, put you on hold and never come back, tried web site but it must have been designed by someone who has no idea what a customer needs. After 20 years, I'm out. You've been warned. Customer service is terrible,

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Anonymous - 14 d 14 h ago

Yup dealing with rude desandra now just asked for supervisor still on hold

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BFB - 35 d ago


USAA has lost touch with it*s members. It has jacked up the insurance rates to the point it is now much cheaper through other companies with better coverage. USAA uses that money to pay the anti-american NFL. I haven't seen proof of Russian influence on our elections, but it does appear they may have taken over USAA.

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JS - 14 d 17 h ago


Agree, This company has lost its way. Terrible service. 20 year member but leaving.

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A frustrated member - 31 d 17 h ago


Does anyone know who to get an actual human at USAA in the home claims department? I am frustrated beyond belief. I have been passed around from call center to call center. None of the individuals I have spoken with seem to be able to answer simple questions.

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Moon - 14 d 17 h ago


Forget it. USAA's customer service has deteriorated so much it is pathetic. Among the worst. People not even trained anymore.

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Furious - 20 d ago


I had been stolen from some one in san Diego and did not receive full compensation for my key fob the reprograming and rekeying which was around 1300 dollars I only received 249.00 for the key fob cost. then I got hit by another motorist which was liable for the entire accident and the cost were close to 8000.00 dollars of which I paid my deductible of 250.00 dollars and it was deemed that I needed a Front drivers side fender and I was not told until I had called for the progress and informed Toyota of San Diego had sent in the request which took another week to process so that I may get my vehicle on time with in the two week period. I also added the cost of the bumper which someone hit and ran me so they approved that immediately. now I had another key fob stolen - reported it to 3 insurance adjusters had said it was covered for the price of 1200.00 dollars and needed to have a break down of the actual cost of parts and labor to determine what would be covered and then I called Toyota and talked to Matt the Assistant manager and he told me to call them back and have them call him at Toyota and he will explain what the costs were and send them a detailed breakdown of the costs. I called USAA and got an new adjuster on the 21st and he tells me it is not covered because the vehicle was not with me in the location of the theft of the key fob so it was not covered for the 1200.00 so I have to pay the whole cost of the truck rekeying reprograming and labor of 4-5 hours job. now I will not be able to get my vehicle when specified and may not get it done on the 27th now because of this as I have had a rental vehicle the entire time USAA dragged their backsides to process the claim and process the cost of the change that the fender needed to be replaced. I cannot believe that 3 other adjusters say I am covered for the key Fob , reprogramming and rekeying and the last adjuster telling me it is not covered because of the Vehicle was not in the area where the key FOB was stolen his analogy was if he left his keys on his desk at work at the office he would not get reimbursed for the replacement which his vehicle would be in the area but the keys would have been stolen in the office where another employee stole his coworkers keys . to me that's a bad analogy and something just isn't correct in that explanation so now I have the Assistant manager Matt tell me he has not ordered that parts as of yet and the manager Virginia , of the body shop telling me they can do the work in her area but she talked with Matt in the Service department face to face and he told her he has the parts so not only am I being jerked around by USAA employees but Toyota Employees as well and I have medical appointments the week of the 27th and starting school and need to return this rental vehicle which is almost at my limit with that. I had been told by the Body shop Manager that she would expedite the repairs and would get the vehicle on wed the 22 and now it turns out one of the painting bays are down so it is not going to be completed on the 22nd but back to its original date promised on the 27th. the complaint not only is for USAA but San Diego Toyota and sent a complaint to the BBB and also put it in my letter with the rest of companies I am only trying to prevent the theft of my new Toyota Tacoma and it ending up in Mexico because of another FOB theft and even if they cut one additional key they could still enter the vehicle with the key in the fob and hot wire and still take off to Mexico. I had issues with since returning to san Diego including all the thefts and thefts where I reside and the owner / landlord not doing notified and would like to be released from the lease early at 3162 Monroe Ave apt 31 so that I may move when I find another apartment while paying rent and going to college using my GI bill. I replace the locks on the doors and put a bar on the windows so that no one could slide the windows open after pulling out the screens as this owner does not replace locks after each tenant who moves out of this complex because my apartment was compromised from some one who lives in this facility and I suspected the neighbors in the next unit #31 as specified in my email to the landlord who also resides on these premises.

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CVHJR 1LT - 40 d 21 h ago

Sponsorship of the NFL

How does it feel to have Papa John's take the moral high road away from the Board of Directors and management of USAA and do the "right thing" of it's membership wishes? It is time the Generals and Admirals stop issuing Orders and listen - follow your memberships' instructions and finally become elected servants of their constituents' demands that you stop financially supporting - with our money - those who would tarnish the very thing we fought, struggled and many died for immediately. Do like Nixon and declare victory and leave. Now.

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sick of white priviledge - 39 d 19 h ago


I know you will not understand this reply. However the issue with the NFL is not about disrespecting anyone, or being in the military. I have a father, son and many other relatives serve or have served in the military. The true nature of the" NFL thing" is about African-Americans or any other oppressed people having the same rights, being able to drive, walk, run, buy, sell, and protest without the fear of getting killed. Just wanting to make it back home. So, because the United States is built on oppressing the lesser of what society (caucasians) call "worthy" is the reason this cause for equality is labeled unpatriotic. Go figure!!!

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Annoyed after all these years - 39 d 15 h ago


Your point is well taken & should be addressed---just NOT in NFL's place of doing business & the area for which they are being paid to perform------aka 'NFL football games'

IF, in fact, any of us took our personal gripes, obsessions, anger, hate & protests to our places of business/or employer, & did it on a weekly basis, we'd be fired.

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CVHJR 1LT - 39 d 14 h ago

These disrespectful millionaires are no more oppressed than the "Rev.Jackson" or "Oprah". There are a zillion ways to protest than by disrespecting the nations flag and those persons who are in harms way to protect those who play a "game" for others to watch. I suspect you never served your country since you have such a low respect for it. I suggest you go troll somewhere else. Maybe where these NFL'ers are handing out money or turkeys or other such things to help the oppressed.I suspect you aren't a member of USAA and if so - it was because someone else made the sacrifice for you to be so. I see you never served - I see why.

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Michaeltbf - 30 d 51 m ago

The US flag is about ALL AMERICANS and especially about those who have sacrificed for OUR freedoms. If you have brain cancer it is foolish to go to the dentist for a cure. Similarly if you have problems with race relationships in America it is foolish to take your protest to the football game - especially if it is seen as disrespect my millions of those who have sacrificed for our freedoms. You have created an illogical war that divides us - one against the other. The good people of America who support those who have sacrificed for our freedoms did NOT start this war. But as with every war there will be loser, winners and casualties. If anything long term comes of this - it will be that the "cause" to protect "oppressed" people will be impacted in a negative way for many many years to come. Additionally, it will change the goodwill position in many minds of organizations like USAA.

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Winner - 26 d 24 h ago

This is so typical of uneducated individuals who expound upon a subject which they have not first studied. FACT: the statistics are clear that more whites are killed by police than are blacks. Every year. Who stops you from driving, walking, running, buying, selling or protesting? I merely request you speak from knowledge instead of something someone said, who heard someone say what someone said. Successful blacks have the same thing in common with successful whites. They work hard and earn their status. They quit playing victim. They put on their big boy pants, get off the basketball court, go to school to better themselves, raise a family with one woman to whom they are married, and quit bitchin'as they go off to work each morning. Oh, and they don't blame the police for the crimes that they commit.

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