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United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX
(800) 365-8722
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ed from nj - 6 d 20 h ago


usaa are the most dishonest,lying, unproffessional company. i have ever had to deal with. usaa for veterans(bullshit).they ..posted a 2.25% interest rate for new car finanicing . for people with excellent credit ratings. i have two credit scores w/credit karma. one is 794, the other for 793. they turned me down for the 2.24% because i had one issue in 2009, with citi bank. it was for products i never received. citi bank agreed to a settlement, problem solved. i am in my 60''s. have never been late or had any problems with my creditors. they said i have been approved for a loan at 3.6% apr. close to their online rates right! here is another usaa being there for vets. i am 100% disabled vet(). in 2009 usaa (the vet COmPANY,) turned me down for a life ins policy. the reason severe ptsd,hep c,anxiety, i served 13 months in nam. 75% of all vets who served in combat regions, have the same problems plus more health issues. does this sound like a company out to serve vets, or make big bucks. you decide.

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Anonymous - 13 d ago


USAA is not customer friendly. I was in an accident back in August 2016. I was assigned adjuster Ashley Todd ext 44372. I have called her over 30 times since she was assigned to me. I finally got in touch with December 15th 2016. When I talked to her she said she would call me the following week to discuss my claim, bills, settlement. She failed to do so. Does anyone know her? It is sad that they would and she would treat their own USAA member like this.

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Gary A - 18 d 4 h ago


Coming from a person that taught customers service this place SUCKS !! Lie after lie after lie!! So now I get verbal with MY PERSONAL OPIINION and slam the hell out of these people.

Let it be known they can not be trusted to do their jobs correctly and properly without lying to people. They are very incompetent and not too intelligent seeming. Too many phrases that mean the next word out their mouth has a 90%chance of being a lie.

Be very careful when dealing with this company. Seems they are turning into just another money grabbing corporation

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DETRA BURSE - 47 d 4 h ago


I have been a member with USAA for the pat 2 to 3 years, I was just recently in a car accident and worse than the accident the unprofessionalism I have had to deal with concerning this company is appalling. For over a week I have been trying to talk to a manager and/or a supervisor, and all I have gotten is the run around and excuses. I am filing criminal charges against the girl that rear ended me and in my opinion USAA should be included in the criminal charges as well. To have been in an accident but to feel worse about my X-insurance company than I do about the actual car accident says a lot about your organization. My husband is former Military and I begged him to get with your organization BIG MISTAKE on my part. I work for the Military and I see thousands of soldiers a year and have referred hundreds of active soldiers and or veterans to your very organization that will no longer happen as I will no longer be affiliated with your organization myself. It is more than apparent my business isn't important or valued with this organization.

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USAAistheworst - 33 d 42 m ago


You're ABSOLUTELY right about USAA! They treat us like dogs!

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Roy - 63 d 42 s ago


I am a disabled VETERAN and senior citizen,who is very concerned about the recent inapt treat I received during a call today.

I expected superior customer service.

I received nothing that was remotely similar to courteous service.

I called to ask why my record of NO ACCIDENTS OR CLAIMS caused a SUDDEN increase in my policy.

He stated "because you had a hurricane in your state EVERYONE has received an INCREASE".

I asked if he could help me with new charges in several sections. He instead felt the need to let me know that he is a policyholder with another company and my rates are better with USAA.

I was advised to go online if I needed farther help. Although, I began to read sections of the policy he continually interrupted me with comments like " I would have to look up the section you are talking about" or you can find that on the INTERNET. R E A L L Y?

I left the STATE FARM to come to the company that makes VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES T O P PRIORITY.


Clearly that has not been my experience.

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LaurenHug - 4 y 156 d ago

@TrinnieSchley I love that you work at @usaa! Such a great company! :)

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smbylr - 4 y 156 d ago

@usaa is hiring for a position that matches my skills. If I didn't have to feed my family, I would gladly work for free. #BestCompanyEver

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TonyaUpdegraff - 4 y 157 d ago

@usaa USAA spends big money sponsoring a football team yet will not write homeowners policy its too risky we might make a claim ..LAME

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imob82 - 4 y 157 d ago

@beeaboutmoney @usaa wow! That's a shocker they're the best bank in the country in my opinion!

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Nelson_Manndela - 4 y 157 d ago

Lost my debit card in Vegas and 15 minutes later I get a call from a rep telling me it's found. Thanks @USAA You're a lifesaver!! #bestever

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illyrias - 4 y 157 d ago

Kudos to @usaa for making my lockout claim super easy & to Yellowstone park services for breaking into my car w/in 30 minutes of contact.

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Speakes_usaa - 4 y 157 d ago

@usaa Nothing makes your day like getting a RT from USAA! #thanks

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SeagullFountain - 4 y 157 d ago

Major props to @USAA. I just scraped someone at backtoschool crazy parking lot and the insurance lady talked me down from self-loathing.

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hammackj - 4 y 157 d ago

@usaa Could all remove the banners from the accounts page. You are wasting my screen space.

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