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United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX
(800) 365-8722
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unhappy customer - 1 h 12 m ago

I have been a USAA customer for more than 25 years and I am also finding out that all of you other people that are complaining that USAA is not the same "good" company they once were is VERY true. Over the past few years the service has gone way down, it is more and more of a hassle to call then on the phone and get help, and I do wonder why they are spending all that money on TV adds to a closed community among other things. I will be shopping around for other insurance due to the fact that USAA has gone so far down hill in the past few years. Too bad they have fallen so far...

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KSMUSN - 8 h 15 m ago


I've served my country. I've been with them for over a decade. At first, the customer service was the best in the land. Never had any accidents that were my fault until this year. Total Loss. Car has been picked up. Title is at USAA. Check has been cut, waiting for direct deposit, but they're pulling my rental car tomorrow???? I've asked for an extension, but they said that that is policy. For years I've paid higher premiums at USAA b/c of the customer service. They won't extend a rental another week? After paying over a decade of monthly premiums??? I WILL BE LEAVING USAA AS SOON AS I'VE FOUND A REPLACEMENT VEHICLE.

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Anonymous - 1 d 29 m ago


poor loan service, all discrepancies had been disputed using user experian service. when told to the loan office he basically said it is what it is . Instead he could have shot a bullet to experian and cleared up the dispute . that was not offered. been a customer for almost seven years and use uses services to whom i just had a credit limit increase

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DETRA BURSE - 139 d 6 h ago


I have been a member with USAA for the pat 2 to 3 years, I was just recently in a car accident and worse than the accident the unprofessionalism I have had to deal with concerning this company is appalling. For over a week I have been trying to talk to a manager and/or a supervisor, and all I have gotten is the run around and excuses. I am filing criminal charges against the girl that rear ended me and in my opinion USAA should be included in the criminal charges as well. To have been in an accident but to feel worse about my X-insurance company than I do about the actual car accident says a lot about your organization. My husband is former Military and I begged him to get with your organization BIG MISTAKE on my part. I work for the Military and I see thousands of soldiers a year and have referred hundreds of active soldiers and or veterans to your very organization that will no longer happen as I will no longer be affiliated with your organization myself. It is more than apparent my business isn't important or valued with this organization.

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USAAistheworst - 125 d 5 h ago


You're ABSOLUTELY right about USAA! They treat us like dogs!

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Anonymous - 48 d ago

Yes they do treat people like dogs and they don't care however they're greedy higher up management does not care. And this case they're the dogs and cowards

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Anonymous - 6 d 19 h ago

You think they're bad has a customer try working for him

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Furious and Unhappy Customer - 35 d 9 h ago

I just had the same kind of experience. I was rear ended by a tractor trailer 24 hours ago. Called USAA for a tow to have my car removed and secured from scene. After all I had been through I had to chase and try to locate my damn car for 24 hours. They kept trying to take it to auto auction lots without even having my car assessed by an adjuster. Sore, tired and stressed, I followed my car to a seedy, side-of-the-road car shop and USAA refused to tow it again to a more secure auto body shop. Tow truck guy took it to a place that I didn't designate. My car is brand new and NOT totaled. I have my home and 4 cars insured and I've been with them for 18 years. Then I had to stop them from trying to tow to another auto auction yard. Problem? Yes, they had my car mistaken for my other car that is 11 years old. Hmmmm, 2006 model or 2015? How do you get that mixed up after 8 calls? Felt like I was in the damn Twilight Zone.

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Mark - 9 d 14 s ago

Some obsecure tried to access my acct so they locked up all my accts. No money or nothing until some lame a $$ anayalst figures whats going on no matter how many you authenicate yourself. 6 days and still no money. They suck!!! Im getting an Attorney. Highway robbery!!

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Ngw7 - 9 d 8 h ago


They are awful. Awful communication skills. They stopped paying for my rental. And now going more than a week later still no check. This rear end happend march 15. Not to mention their Usaa member even told the poicle officer he was at fault. They totaled my car. And I'm still waiting. Just about a month. I'm frustrated i have a kid 2 jobs I can't put on hold cause some jerk of a company doesn't do their job!

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LaurenHug - 4 y 249 d ago

@TrinnieSchley I love that you work at @usaa! Such a great company! :)

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Anonymous - 48 d ago

cannot believe that this comment I just read says they're a great company. Wow how can someone think that

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@Anonymous, @LaurenHug will eventually discover ALL on her own what shiesters the USAA company is.

I certainly hope NO ONE is treated the way I was, (although, I know that is an impossibility) after paying them for auto & property/renters/valuable propery policies; not to mention my savings and checking accounts since 1991.

Oh, yes, yes, yes, they're spot on when it comes to refusing to pay ANOTHER party, in the case of a car accident; but the fact that they ALSO flat out refuse to pay THEIR POLICY HOLDERS in situations such as home invasions, or a burglary which left me with absolutely NOTHING, (unless furniture which was literally set on fire, and saturated with various chemicals actually counts) will ultimately shed a very different light on "such a great company"... Best advise to ALL those who are still under the illusion that USAA & their 40+ BILLION DOLLAR PER YEAR REVENUE will follow through with their promises to take care of their clients is quite simple... DO WHAT I DID... SUBMIT A COMPLAINT WITH YOUR SPECIFIC STATE'S CONSUMER INSURANCE SERVICES, and in the mean time: CLOSE ALL EXISTING ACCOUNTS WITH USAA!! Unless you ENJOY being victimized over and over, you will go elsewhere. I hate the number of good people who'll look back, and read these reviews, and read me saying "I TOLD YOU SO!"; but hey; if Americans can show how democracy can benefit other countries, I'd like to think that CHANGING the crimes which USAA both executes and deems as "LEGAL" CAN be changed. "Change" is a process, it is not an immediate event. Remove the power from USAA from YOUR LIVES, and others will follow suit. I will never allow USAA to victimize me EVER again!! No sir!

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@usaa - 14 d 23 h ago



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Marine Veteran - 13 d 7 h ago


I am shocked at how accurate you are. Had over $2000 in fraudulent charges and the bank did nothing except mail out new debit cards. They did not return the money or bank fees. Everyday I was given a different excuse or told just to wait for them to get around to looking into it.

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Ngw7 - 9 d 8 h ago


They are awful. Awful communication skills. They stopped paying for my rental. And now going more than a week later still no check. This rear end happend march 15.

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B - 57 d 14 h ago


USAA is the most fraudulent organization I have ever dealt with. This organization is full of liars and thieves. I suggest anyone dealing with them to keep notes/documentation and request communication specifically through written communication only. If you file any complaints, deal with them only through your written complaint. USAA will attempt to call you in order to lie their way out of any complaints you file against them including any legal recourse you may pursue. DO NOT TALK TO ANY OF THEIR REPS OVER THE PHONE REGARDING SERIOUS ISSUES UNLESS YOU RECORD/DOCUMENT THE CONVERSATION. This is one of the reasons why they do not like to share their name/title in order to hide their wrongdoings. They will block your accounts, screw up your money, cancel your accounts/policies, keep your money, claim you owe them money when you do not, and basically do anything that is unethical and illegal. The CEO supports this type of behavior 100%. This organization claims to support and care about the veterans and veteran families they do business with but trust me when I say they only care about PR and your money. Go to Navy Federal Credit Union or Pentagon Federal to do your business. You will not regret it. Just take the time to research USAA and read all of the NEGATIVE REVIEWS that USAA has all over the Internet. The BBB gives USAA an A+ rating when there are over 88% negative complaints out of 100% total complaints against USAA. On USAA's own website they block people who complain or review them negatively. The representatives will actually threaten you if you do so and refer you to USAA policies they do not allow for it. SERIOUSLY. Take your business elsewhere. USAA needs to be investigated and shut down completely!

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M.A - 48 d 1 s ago


Hi I read your complaint regarding USAA's dishonesty and I agree with you one hundred percent they have done me tremendous Injustice after having them for 6 years and giving them my new debit card number for deductions they said that I have to call them again so they wound Up canceling me and their explanation was absolutely ridiculous so they said they're can not reinstate me but they can give me a new policy which is about double the amount and I'm premium including a down payment. I too thought they would be honoring and respecting veterans however I think they honor their own Pockets instead. I have a claim that was partially paid for from a not at fault accident and this is what they told me and they reported it differently and they only pay partial of that claim when they said they would do a supplement and pay the rest it has been now about 10 months and I still have not replied or even done anything. They are definitely not trustworthy and overpriced and dishonest of what they did period and shame on the Better Business Bureau for giving them a Triple A rating. I hope many people read all the complaints that I have just read and they all and drop back company and not help them line their own pockets.

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awaywithyouUSAA - 14 d 6 h ago


In addition to M.A's comment, please know that each state has a "Department of Commerce and Insurance". They are responsible for regulating and supervising insurance companies, agents, and brokers. They serve to protect the public from willful violations of the insurance code or other state laws.

If you wish to contact the DCI in your state, simply use your state abbreviation in the following link. EX.: Here's the link for Tennessee's website, and in it you can download a complaint form...

To email the CIS: (hidden)

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Anonymous - 105 d ago


USAA is not customer friendly. I was in an accident back in August 2016. I was assigned adjuster Ashley Todd ext 44372. I have called her over 30 times since she was assigned to me. I finally got in touch with December 15th 2016. When I talked to her she said she would call me the following week to discuss my claim, bills, settlement. She failed to do so. Does anyone know her? It is sad that they would and she would treat their own USAA member like this.

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Anonymous - 48 d 42 m ago

wow I'm looking at all of the negative comments about USAA and they are so true. I had the same exact problem with my claims adjuster lies and says he has called me but never did I had to reach out to him on numerous occasions

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USAASUK - 14 d 7 h ago

I've spoken with that Todd woman on several occasions. But, she's no different from the supervisors, OR those who work within the CEO's office. Count your blessings, and FIND ANOTHER INSURANCE COMPANY!!!

They "may" have been a decent auto insurance company, many years ago; but those days are LOOONG gone. You deserve an insurance company who will PROTECT YOUR ASSETS!! Not throw you under the bus, in order to save a couple hundred dollars.

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Gary A - 110 d 6 h ago


Coming from a person that taught customers service this place SUCKS !! Lie after lie after lie!! So now I get verbal with MY PERSONAL OPIINION and slam the hell out of these people.

Let it be known they can not be trusted to do their jobs correctly and properly without lying to people. They are very incompetent and not too intelligent seeming. Too many phrases that mean the next word out their mouth has a 90%chance of being a lie.

Be very careful when dealing with this company. Seems they are turning into just another money grabbing corporation

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Anonymous - 48 d ago

Of course I'll either typical Insurance Company and that's what insurance companies do

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