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United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX
(800) 365-8722
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Roy - 12 d ago


I am a disabled VETERAN and senior citizen,who is very concerned about the recent inapt treat I received during a call today.

I expected superior customer service.

I received nothing that was remotely similar to courteous service.

I called to ask why my record of NO ACCIDENTS OR CLAIMS caused a SUDDEN increase in my policy.

He stated "because you had a hurricane in your state EVERYONE has received an INCREASE".

I asked if he could help me with new charges in several sections. He instead felt the need to let me know that he is a policyholder with another company and my rates are better with USAA.

I was advised to go online if I needed farther help. Although, I began to read sections of the policy he continually interrupted me with comments like " I would have to look up the section you are talking about" or you can find that on the INTERNET. R E A L L Y?

I left the STATE FARM to come to the company that makes VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES T O P PRIORITY.


Clearly that has not been my experience.

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LaurenHug - 4 y 106 d ago

@TrinnieSchley I love that you work at @usaa! Such a great company! :)

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smbylr - 4 y 106 d ago

@usaa is hiring for a position that matches my skills. If I didn't have to feed my family, I would gladly work for free. #BestCompanyEver

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TonyaUpdegraff - 4 y 106 d ago

@usaa USAA spends big money sponsoring a football team yet will not write homeowners policy its too risky we might make a claim ..LAME

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imob82 - 4 y 106 d ago

@beeaboutmoney @usaa wow! That's a shocker they're the best bank in the country in my opinion!

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Nelson_Manndela - 4 y 106 d ago

Lost my debit card in Vegas and 15 minutes later I get a call from a rep telling me it's found. Thanks @USAA You're a lifesaver!! #bestever

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illyrias - 4 y 106 d ago

Kudos to @usaa for making my lockout claim super easy & to Yellowstone park services for breaking into my car w/in 30 minutes of contact.

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Speakes_usaa - 4 y 106 d ago

@usaa Nothing makes your day like getting a RT from USAA! #thanks

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SeagullFountain - 4 y 107 d ago

Major props to @USAA. I just scraped someone at backtoschool crazy parking lot and the insurance lady talked me down from self-loathing.

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hammackj - 4 y 107 d ago

@usaa Could all remove the banners from the accounts page. You are wasting my screen space.

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