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United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX
(800) 365-8722
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Andrea Inks - 9 d 20 h ago


We had a claim against your insured for a hit and run. Your drunk or drugged or both insured hit our vehicle while we were 8 hours away! Our son was home and witnessed it. He came out with a flashlight and tried to talk to your insured and informed her she hit our truck. She then said some slurred words to him in an obvious drunken stupor and drove off nearly hitting him with her vehicle. We had broken light cover parts from her vehicle and a witness of this hit and run.

We came home the next day, filed a police report with the chp after which the district attorney's office called us to file charges against your insured. Our insurance company at the time was Allstate, whom was able to find out that USAA was the insurer of the hit and run driver. However, your claims adjuster, Julie Durrant ignored us for months, would not return calls, and waited over a month to give us her email to send images of our vehicle's damage. Finally, she sent my husband an email (over 3 months later), and had the audacity to say you would not cover our vehicle's damage because after more than 3 months your insured had no damage on her vehicle! This is absolutely absurd to think that Julie Durrant works for USAA with her obvious disregard for the law and disrespect for the truth! We had originally told the District Attorney that USAA was taking care of the damages as it was obviously their insured's fault. As it was a witnessed hit and run we have contacted the District Attorney again and let them know that USAA has an employee that is ignorant enough to think that a drunken woman that terrorizes our road would not have her vehicle fixed in 3 months time!

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Upset - 3 d ago

I'm having problems getting the claims person or her boss to return my calls. Their insured customer hit my car and totalled it. His truck was repaired. Did you ever get your car fixed?

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SAMUEL E PENEGAR - 4 d 3 h ago


Been member 38 years. Run from this company. To big, too impersonal. They lose to many things.

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Gigi - 4 d 4 h ago


ANOTHER INSURANCE INCREASE BY USAA. My husband and I have excellent driving records and an excellent history with USAA yet every January our rates go up. Our Home Owner's has also gone up yearly without any claims filed. In 2018 when the Home Owner's was increased the USAA rep claimed it was due to state increases. I was able to find out that is had nothing to do with state increases it was a USAA increase. Far too many insurance providers around to have my rates raised all the time. Also, tired of trying to bank with a company with no walk-in facilities.

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Joshua Hardy - 6 d 21 s ago


USAA LOST my truck for 2 weeks while it was supposed to be getting fixed. I spent 36 hours looking for my truck. USAA told me it was found, the lot that had it took another hour and a half to actually find my truck! Not only did you lose my truck, you liked to me. Thank you so much!! So much for 14year members. Goodbye USAA

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Gordon Swanson - 7 d 43 s ago


This corporation has no email servers to receive communications from members that is just unacceptable to email one way makes the member burdened with telephone time and that is not just unfair to the member but smacks of bullying

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BJA - 8 d 17 h ago


Poor, Poor customer service...held a State check for 13 business days and put all of my auto deducts in a negative. Will fight all the overdraft fees. I would love to be a part of a bigger complaint like a lawsuit. Keep me posted.

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kim - 52 d ago


Someone needs to do a story on how back USAA treats their members. On November 4 I went to Home Depot to make a purchase and I used the self-checkout. The next morning November 5 I woke up and my account was drain for the amount of $342. I made a call to USAA on November 5 to report the fraud. They send a new debit card and told me to destroy the old one. I got a letter yesterdays the 11/26 stating they did an investigation and they found it was not fraud and I'm liable for all the charges. I went to the military police department and make a police report, then called USAA and gave them the police report number. They stated they will relook at the case and took $342 to pay for the expenses resulted as fraud on my account, leaving my account in the negative. The reason USAA denied covering the charges they said a pin was used to make the purchases. I feel that when I used the self-checkout on the home depot that's when my card information was collected. Yesterday I contacted Home Depot and Walmart corporate office to get them involve and get surveillance of somebody else using my card. After doing some research I found out this is very normal for usaa. The mp told me that I was the third person this week this has happen to. One person lost over 9000 and usaa refused to help like they are doing to me. My husband is getting med boarded from the Army because he is injured and We needed that money to move now were going to be homeless.

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Anonymous - 10 d 13 m ago

Please include me and the lawsuit as well I am having so much problems with USAA a they can take your money Very nasty people and I'm really fed up with this

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Hate USAA - 9 d 5 h ago

Me too please share the number

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SCC Banner Image Home | Site Map | About SCC | Contact SCC | Privacy Policy Tyler Building Bureau of Insurance Review Complaint Information as originally submitted. Return to Workspace Logged in as (hidden) logout Complaint ID Status Complainant Type of Insurance Complaint Created Date Name of Insured 113019 Open Rutledge, Merle Travis Jr Automobile 11-03-2018 Merle Travis Rutledge Jr. Complainant Information Name Prefix (eg: Mr, Ms, Mrs) Mr First Merle Middle Travis Last Rutledge Suffix (eg: Jr, III) Jr Submitting on behalf of Organization/Business? No Address Address 5999 Riviera Arch City Virginia Beach State VIRGINIA Zip Code 23464 Province Country E-mail Address (hidden) Telephone (Home) (hidden) Telephone (Work) Ext. Telephone (Cell) Designate Primary Contact Phone Number Home Insured Information Are you the insured? Yes Insured Name * required for Life and Health complaints Prefix (eg: Mr, Ms, Mrs) Mr First Merle Middle Travis Last Rutledge Suffix (eg: Jr, III) Jr Organization Name Insured Address * required for Life and Health complaints Address 5999 Riviera Arch City Virginia Beach State VIRGINIA Zip Code 23464 Province Country Telephone (hidden) Ext. E-mail Address (hidden) Complaint Against I am complaining against Insurance Company Yes Agent Yes Agency No Other Party's Insurance Company No Other No Insurance Company Information Insurance Company Name USAA Street/Apt# City State Zip Code Agent Information Agent First Name unknown Agent Middle Name Agent Last Name unknown Agent Suffix Agency Name Street/Apt# City State Zip Code Telephone Ext Insurance Information Was this policy purchased through the Health Insurance Marketplace/Exchange? No Policy Type of Policy Individual Employer or Plan Sponsor - (Life and Health only) Policy Number 011863425 Type of Insurance Automobile Specify if Other Claim - Applies only to Property & Casualty Insurance Claim Number Date of Loss (MMDDYYYY) 07-02-2018 Other Additional Claim Information if applicable - Applies only to Property & Casualty Insurance Other party's name Other party's policy or claim number Complaint Details Detail of Complaint We received a notice of cancellaion with incorrect or uninformed information. There are still claims out that has not been settled nor has any follow up been done on them. There was a hit and run reported to USAA with car damage and it was reported to USAA. They denied it based off Geico denying that their driver ever hit the car. The chesapeake police department also noted it as a hit and run. Without their driver admission of a hit and run. The claim should have been considered a hit and run as no insurance or person of responsibility could be accounted for by police or the insurance company. Thank you for trusting USAA with your insurance needs. My name is Sharon Atkins, and I'm handling your auto claim. We've opened the following claim based on information provided: USAA policyholder: Claim number: 011863425-009 and Date of loss for Hit and Run: June 4, 2017 Chesapeake, Virginia. The claim and my medical and car expenses was wrongfully denied. I ask that all be re open so we can be properly covered for the hit and run. It was reported within the 2 year time frame and the accident occured on . Geico denied it because driver said they did not hit the car which left it was a hit and run incident. GMy name is Merle Travis Rutledge Jr and my car was involved in a hit and run with Kelvin Cooke, I believe of Ace mechanical. this guy did all but admit that he cause the damage to my vehicle from going from a no to Im not sure if I hit the vehicle. It should have been considered a UIM claim. The claim number for Geico that supports that conclusion is geico claim number - (hidden)108012. Also July 2, 2018, I was told by USAA that it was a 100 percent not at fault accident but on the cancellation notice it shows that I am at fault. This is a material misrepresentation and I was never told that I was at fault for this accident and I still have the recorded call. How would you want your complaint resolved? Settle the Hit and Run claim to include the car damage and any bodily injury claim and correct the notice of cancellation to reflect that I was not at fault for the July 2, 2018 or to explain how I became at fault when I was told by USAA that I was not at fault and they would be going for reimbursement for that claim. WE also want a review of the notice of cancellation also to make sure its in complaince with Virginia laws. Documentation and Declaration Documentation Do you have supporting documents? If so, how will you send them to us? This checkbox is checked and disabled Upload This checkbox is unchecked and disabled Fax This checkbox is unchecked and disabled Mail This checkbox is unchecked and disabled None to supply Declaration/Authorization/Release Declaration/Authorization/Release This checkbox is checked and disabled I hereby declare that I am authorized to make this complaint. I further declare that all of the information submitted in this complaint and attachments is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I am enclosing copies of all correspondence or other papers relating to this matter that may assist the Bureau of Insurance (BOI) in its evaluation of my complaint/appeal. I understand and agree that the BOI may send a copy of this form and any or all of the enclosed information to the party complained against, other regulated entities, or the appropriate state or federal agency. I also authorize the insurance company to release all medical records relating to this complaint/appeal to the BOI, and I authorize the BOI to release medical records relating to this complaint/appeal to the insurance company. I also agree that by signing this form, I authorize the BOI to obtain any other information required to evaluate my complaint/appeal. Comments Related Documents Add Comment Comment Existing Comments Newest First Oldest First Hide Submitter Comments Hide State Comments Expand All Collapse All Posted By: Submitter Posted On: 01-07-2019 Thank you so much for working this mattee Posted By: State Posted On: 12-28-2018 Mr. Rutledge, I am reaching back out to USAA to challenge the basis for its decision not to use your UM coverage to handle your claim. I will let you know as soon as I hear from the company. Sincerely, Jeanne Brannan, AINS Insurance Market Examiner Expand

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Kerri Grant - 11 d 4 h ago


USAA has deteriorated significantly since we started using them 20 years ago. This is very disappointing to see as I have always held them in high regard. Most recently I was hung up on by a rep when I requested to speak to a supervisor.

My car window shattered after the door could not open. Communication was horrible and everyone was passing the buck. Bottom line is USAA did not want to pay albeit we have comprehensive coverage! This situation has been extremely stressful starting with the fact that USAA really doesn't care and no one does what they say they will do.

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Steven Toledo - 169 d 7 h ago


After reading all the problems other people are having and my own experience with usaa having seized my money and double charging my account, I think I may consider a class action lawsuit, I will be happy to post attorney contact info for anyone interested in joining, I will be consulting one today if my bank account is not released

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David Muniz - 169 d 25 s ago


I'm interested. My email is (hidden). They tried to pull 250 out of my account without my authorization and caused overdrafts.

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Angry vets wife - 70 d 8 h ago


How do u hide u email address David?

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Nicole - 162 d 5 h ago

Please email me with the info@(hidden)

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Shirley Tyson - 161 d 9 h ago

I will defiantly sign that class action and contact the lawyer, my email is (hidden). Please contact me, I feel the same way you do.

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Anonymous - 149 d ago


Ronald S. Martin

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Keith - 149 d ago


Please forward me the information for the attorney at (hidden).

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Anonymous - 115 d 49 s ago

Please let me know ...

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Anonymous - 113 d 6 h ago

Please send me atty info..

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Kenneth - 113 d 11 m ago

Hello, please include me in this lawsuit. It is so bad, I have tried to speak to a manager in customer care for over 45 minutes through 4 attempts only to be told that the managers REFUSE to come on the line. This was told to me by the agent named Kim and an agent named Merlina. The other 2 agents name I do not remember.

Please send me the information to (hidden)

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VAJB Massachusetts - 82 d 8 h ago


This has just happen to me that went into my account unauthorized and took over 700.00 which caused my account to be overdrawn approximately 3 times.

Talked with a rep who was not lincensrme in my state for over 2 hours on the phone.

This week October 22, 2018!soneone removed one of my insured car with USSA from my avcount. Any lawsuits I want to be part of please!!!!

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Lena Pratt - 92 d 21 h ago


I am interested to join. They promised me to stop the check and never did. The money gone from my account .

Best wishes.

General profile image - 91 d ago


Sign me up.

Failed to service my hurricane claim.

Failed to service my current automotive policy.

They've hung up on me, Yelled at me, placed me on extended hold "as punishment" and the worst part - knowingly given me false information about my current coverage.

USAA had gone down hill. Can't wait to cancel after 30+ years.

Let's sue this company.

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Jim - 51 d ago


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be a part of that class action!! I will post my email and I hope USAA sees it!! (hidden)!! I'm in!! Please let me help I'm any way possible!

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