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United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX
(800) 365-8722
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Cynthia Mullaney - 2 d 16 h ago


I am horrified that USAA advertises on ABC 's show, The View. They have managed to offend me and many members who trust Jesus Christ and are considered mentally ill because we "talk" to like our Vice President Mike Pence and listen to Him speaking back to us. Please reconsider and remove USAA's sponsorship.

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CTP - 5 d 20 h ago


I was a USAA member for 45 years. Never even compared rates until a friend pointed out I was spending 50% more to insure my 2 cars than I would with a Progressive or Greco. I struggled with sleepless night for almost 2 weeks before making the move to save over $1000 annually. You know what.... I NEVER EVEN GOT A "THANK YOU FOR 45 YEARS" from USAA. I feel so much better now. I should have known that when the TV commercials started and I was no long "Lt" when they spoke to me, that there was a different company in place. It so very very sad because, as others have said here, this WAS the most perfect company to deal with and TRUST! They took care of us without question. As an "old timer" I would love to see the old company back and my issue is insignificant compared to others told here but it is a sign of the times I guess

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james davis - 13 d 17 h ago


USAA has become the most disrespectful and unprofessional bank I have ever dealt with . They are hiring young hoodrats to answer the phone now that are very unprofessional and condecending! U get 2 different stories from different people and they act like the don't care about handling anything in a timely manner . That's what happens when u get co-signed by the military and you have gotten to big for your britches ! If u are handling people money u might want to be a little more professional. The same way u got all this business it can be taken away from u . Keep treating service members and veterans like they don't matter and see how long u last .

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Ei Boyl - 8 d 17 h ago

Hello James Davis, I just read your comment on USAA; I couldn't agree more with the disappointment many of us feel toward a once almost perfect company--at least from my viewpoint. I recently went through such a stressful experience processing a mortgage via USAA Federal Savings Bank that I am still in a state of shock. I can thoroughly empathize with so many other members who have received such shabby, unprofessional and inefficient service. I intend to bring these matters to the attention of the CEO as well as the person in charge of USAA Federal Savings Bank. However, it isn't easy to get an address other than the general address for the company. I'm currently searching for an address so I may contact the Board of Directors, as well. This once great company has developed some sort of terrible disease in some of its departments. Please continue with your efforts to have some effect on this company.

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AR - 9 d 5 h ago


Severely disappointed in USAA. Neve thought I would say that. I have been a 24 year member and on Jan 19, 2018 a representative cancelled and reinstated my policy without contacting me to advise me of what they did and why without my consent. I have been waiting for 10 days for a call review, which has still not happened. I received a Cancel Dec page on Feb 2nd and called immediately and to this day I have not received a reinstatement Dec page. WHAT info did my Lienholder receive??? I am am unhappy with the "new generation" of employees that pale in their delivery of customer service compared to your reps 20 years ago. The outsourcing is a joke. The reps are unprofessional and lack the proper knowledge to answer many basic questions. I am tired of escalations that sit and sit without follow up. This is the second issue in a month I have had with USAA. Once banking and the other insurance. You need to bring your service back to the standards you had years ago, because this current standard is not working. And you are starting to "feel" like every other company who does not give a crap about their customer only the bottom line. Representatives used to be so personable... not anymore. It's great my premiums go up but the service keeps going down... that makes a person want to stay.

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james davis - 13 d 14 h ago

I just spoke to some gentleman that's part of some executive resolutions team . I felt like I was in the 1960s and I better call him master and I'm not. First off as a bank you're not my daddy or my parent. U have guidelines to follow. Now we know why the crooks closed all their branches in North Carolina because it's easier to cheat veterans and service members from Virginia or Texas . U should be ashamed of your business practices . I won't stop until something is done about how u do business . U pissed off the right one

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Vickie Clemons - 16 d 9 h ago


I've been trying to make a change to my life insurance policy since September 2017 and the issue hasn't been resolved to date. My daughter was taking over a policy I had on her as a young adult and it required her signature and mine. For whatever reason, the task is too much for USAA. We have signed and submitted the paperwork three times and now they're asking for a fourth time.

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Mike - 140 d 19 h ago


National Anthem

A am 71 years old and have bee a USAA member for about 45 years. I have respected the flag for my entire life.

What you are doing by sponsoring the NFL is an insult to every member who has served in the military. Please stop

the NFL sponsorship. I volunteer to be on one of your "USAA Members for Life".commercials. I might have a different

opinion of what you are doing. I think Veterans Day would be a great day for us to protest.

your Company.

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John Barnes - 133 d 15 h ago


Im with you, I am a 19 year member of USAA. They need to stop NFL sponsorship or I'll find another bank. I'll even pay the refinance fee on my house to leave them with one less customer. Please stop the NFL sponsorship!!!!!

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Robert W. Boatwright - 126 d 18 h ago


Mike & John -

I agree with both of you on this matter! As a USAA member for over 25 years, I want to know why USAA still sponsors the NFL Players Association. To date this is my understanding and I want to know why a company that is primarily composed of military, retired military etc. still supports this less than patriotic association.

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The Conservative - 126 d 16 h ago


USAA is sponsoring the cons at the NFL?? WTF? I will be taking my business elsewhere.

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Anonymous - 70 d 19 h ago

is that cons or coons? disrespectful racist ass

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Lawdog - 60 d 19 h ago


You would be anonymous you coward. If you are going to make racist remarks be brave enough to use your real name. Must be coast guard. You probably couldn't have made it in the real branches.

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Retired Military - 60 d 18 h ago


Cons....maybe conscientious objector. cons.... maybe convicts. Sorry , "coons" didn't EVEN come to mind. If anyone is possibly a racist, one might look in the mirror, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous

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armyguy71 - 79 d 14 h ago


People are ridiculous. Trump has turned this away from a peaceful protest against police brutality by turning it into a patriotic issue. Look at everyone blindly following.

These football players are NOT being unpatriotic. As an Army veteran I fought to give them the right to protest and I completely support the PEACEFUL protests being done by the NFL and stand proudly with them for equality. As far as USAA is concerned, they were a sweat shop to work for and customer service is certainly taking a nosedive but I have been a loyal member for 20 years.

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E. Willson - 60 d 17 h ago


It's another "Divide and Rule" game that the criminally insane charlatans love to play on us.

We are being ruled by the kakistocracy.

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GOLD STAR - 64 d 13 h ago

If you don't understand the cause keep your comments to yourself. As a mother and spouse of those that have fought for and lost lives for our country, this is what freedom is all about and at 71 years of age and a true veteran you should understand that.

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Bob Davee - 19 d 18 h ago


As a long time USAA member I would appreciate management reporting openly to its members the amount presently being spent on advertising; especially the fees being paid to the NFL. Are not members justified in objecting to USAA money being paid to the NFL, given the clearly unpatriotic conduct of some of its players, which conduct has been essentially condoned by NFL management? Moreover, would not the vast majority of members prefer that their premiums be reduced by the amount of the current advertising budget? And just what is the goal of the current advertisement program anyway? Given the present member numbers, does the USAA really need or benefit from additional policy holders? And finally, is not any increase in membership that might result from such advertising actually a benefit to management rather than to USAA members? These are smoldering issues which, in my view, management needs to address.

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wsnelms - 16 d 17 h ago

Bob, I am in total agreement. I am almost a 50 year member. I am shocked by recent rate increases. How much of that is due to ad budget and how much is due to lowering standards to become a USAA member to try and grow larger? Both affect long time members rates.

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wsnelms - 16 d 17 h ago


I am close to being a member for 50 years, never had a serious claim. USAA has made $10s of $1,000s off of me. I currently have excellent credit and driving record but my rates have almost doubled. They are currently now about 50% higher than the first two companies I called (State Farm and GEICO). When I asked two reps for the reason, I am given a bunch of double talk. When I asked to speak to a supervisor they tell me they have no way of doing that. I am totally shocked by both the rates which jumped to about $5,000 a year on two cars for my wife and I who have had no claims, no tickets and driving very safe cars with active collision avoidance systems. The only thing I can think of is I am being discriminated against because of my age. I am very disappointed in USAA for the first time.

General profile image - 20 d 4 h ago


How many times do I have to call and be told that your systems are down?

Maybe USAA is spending needed money on other projects?

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Timothy smith - 20 d 9 h ago

My name is Timothy smith account # 199597529, I'm writing in reverence to usaa holding my social security check , they cut my account off with know notification that they where doing so, I have know other way off paying my bills I got caught up in a scam survey, I owe the bank nothin but they told me the day of my check going in there , that I would have to wait 60 days before I could get my money's I serve the Air Force Navy and Army for my country I nerver thought that I would ever be treated so badly, every rep that I talk to acting and talk to me in a mean way some even hung up on me, please help me to get my money, my lights are going to get cut off and I can also end up homeless because of this , I didnt do anything to those people for all the reps to act so ugly an unprofessional towards , please help me , Timothy smith , (hidden), I can't make it with out my money waiting 60 days, I don't owe the bank , please help me

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Len Chatwin - 20 d 15 h ago


Have been USAA member for almost 30 years.

Sad to see this once great company fall to average.

Systems are always down, can't speak to a live person, not a real interest in great customer service anymore. I am sure top management thinks all is great but your foundation is crumbling.

Maybe you should stick to your core foundation and stop trying to do everything....and doing it poorly.

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Daphne Powell - 20 d 17 h ago


This bank was great when we first started with them. Now the warm fuzzy hometown feel is gone! When you deposit over $500.00 they hold the remaining amount past the five hundred hostage for a week. This money that is being held can be used to pay a usaa credit card bill. Since they harass us forty times a day via telephone for said credit card payment I feel this is ridiculous! I can pay you the credit card payment if you release the money you are holding!!!!! I've been told that they are holding to verify funds and that they don't always do this electronically!!! Seriously?!?!?! Do you call the bank via land line to verify? Do you send a request for verification via snail mail??? Do you request this via carrier pigeon??? Come on!!! I can do an EFT any time via a mobile app on my phone but you can't electronically verify funds within a couple of days?!???!?! Come on usaa you can do better than that!!!

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Tammy Jones - 26 d 20 h ago


My name is Tammy Jones and I am a USAA member through my father who was a veteran and I'm only a new member for a couple of months but I'm having the worst experience with USAA and their customer service skills for some reason I'm not getting phone calls back from supervisors or senior billing. Have requested phone calls back from senior billing on several occasions and I have yet to get a call back I've been waiting on a phone call for at least 3 weeks now and I've also called USAA customer service line for two weeks and have yet to solve the issue that I'm having with USAA car insurance billing department the customer service there is pitiful I can't speak for all of the people working there there are some very great workers that work there but on the upper hand of business or customer service horrible your senior staff not doing their job and I'm a very unhappy customer at this point all I'm asking for is a phone call back from someone in the senior staff status that can help me with this issue that I continue to have and still have I'm going to move my business somewhere else as I see that there are so many other complaint of the same thing it is unfair that the veterans that served for this country and their families have to go through this that i see and experience. It's a new year and it's time to do better especially if you know better.

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