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United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX
(800) 365-8722
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Barrey Whittington - 1 d ago


My name is Mr.Barrey Whittington I just wanted to tell this short story for a rep. Name John who contacted me by phone about a active claim here in Salisbury Md. 21804, my sons name is Joshua he is a freshman at Bridgewater College on on a Eagle Scholarship he worked for three years fixing up his DODGE DURANGO money he worked for at Fagers Iland restaurant , in the past 3mths he bought and had installed 4 new tires new air compressor, new fan clutch, new radiator, performance air intake system, high performance exhaust muffler, brake pads rotors, I was uturned in FRONT of by your USAA driver a week before I am to deliver my sons 2002 dodge to him for college now John calls me and says total lost here's $1800. To tell my 19 year old he's not getting his total lose truck is this what I tell my son who work so hard Jesus and USAA help me

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Michael Ingram - 1 d 16 h ago


I would definitely like to be included in that class action lawsuit beaut it has been almost two months and still nothing from a credit reversal in my account. Have spoken with multiple supervisors only to find out that it was put in account I did not submit information on time which I did twice and the money is still not in my account after doing exactly what they said to do. This company has been going downhill for a while and am strongly consider having my va disability go to a different bank or pay card if possible. Representatives idea of helping is reading notes on account and not trying to fix the issue which is wrong stating they cannot contact other departments which I know they can because I use to work for a bank.

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Anonymous - 8 d 14 h ago


This company is afraud the advertise that they are for prior service members. Then thier people enterd my character of service wrong and are no demanding my 214 this company has been screwing me around for 2 years i am now considering starting a class action suit against them for misrepresenting themselves in thier advertising

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John Sardella - 8 d 15 h ago


I had 6 month auto ins. policy cancelled appropriately by USAA as of April 25, 2018. Garrison Ins. underwriter continued to charge me without coverage and is now seeking collections.

My account has been locked, link doesn't work and customer service won't help me.


This is an ongoing insult and violation of my rights and due process.

I need email from a real person.

Going to the state insurance commiss. If not straightened out immediately.

John Sardella

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Mike - 9 d 12 h ago

I would also like to be involved with the class-action suit. Home owner's insurance totally screwed me over and USAA has made my life a nightmare for the past 2 months, including locking me out of my own accounts, mortgage, car, and investments...

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Donna Murphy - 23 d 2 h ago

Is a class action lawsuit still an idea?? I would LOVE to help with that one! fell on faulty burbur runner down stairs of rental house right into windowsill head first, brain bleed, dent in head, left 3 cortexes gone-left eye loss, hearing too. Right with Wounded Warriors in TBI clinic. LLs-so negligent we were not permitted to have their contact address, used a family friend as a go b/w although he was not written into the lease and he would also not give us their info.

Claim 1, denied because the homeowners did not cause my fall (they did not push me), challenged as per facts and went up a step when she laughed and said there was no such thing as 'Landlord Insurance'.

Claim 2, Abusive man. Asked stupid questions like why did I use the stairs etc, after fall I never did again. Lived on first floor and bathed in half bath for over a year Denial-The fall was caused by my own negligence.

Up again, you may feel a sharpness in your back with this one. Many obvious lies, admitted to working with prior adjuster, violated USAA own rules and our lease including the lack of reason an investigation had not been done and just pictures used. (whose pics-sender changed around by emails). Surprise! Over a year later our "go between guy" with no notice, came early on a morning we were packing out, had an inspector do a report on the stairs, Final Denial: nothing wrong with stairs

Ethics: different company and wonderful people. Of course USAA would stand by their claim denial. There was the opportunity they probably should have done an inspection within the 30 day time period, but it was and option they neglected to do. And a lot more neglection of duties on their part, which conveniently ate up time in the reporting period until they could send out an inspector to shut that up from me.

1 serious Brain Injury claim, cut and dry with negligence all over, and USAA taking 3 claims adjusters and over 18 mos to come up with 3 different claim denials.

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Tece - 11 d 14 h ago


I agree with the class action lawsuit. Let me know, (hidden)

Flagged for review. 
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jimmie - 22 d 14 h ago


I was Usaa customer for many years. Never had a claim. in 2015, they raised my insurance rates by 35%, claiming that my state was a high risk state. (new mexico). In feb. of 2017, I hit a deer on my fully covered car. they said I was covered, sent out a photographer, to take pictures of damages. Further, there were no usaa repair shops close, so take my car fixed by any shop I could find. found one, however they could not fix it completely. so usaa towed my car to one of their shops. this shop did not like the repairs already done and tore apart what was done. after it was fixed at the second shop, usaa would not pay for the repairs. almost $6,300. Usaa sent me checks for repairs for the first shop, I sent them copies of the checks I sent for repairs. this time was covering over a year. the claims adjuster was (Thomas weller). it is the end of aug. 2018 and still no car. contacted lawyer, they said it would cost more to sue usaa than my bill. I am sure usaa knows this also. I wonder if usaa treats all vets the same as they treated me.horribly rude, I wonder if usaa is contributed to more deaths than the VA? by not paying for covered insured items. cars, homes, health insurance?

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Tece - 11 d 14 h ago


They messed me up by not paying for my medical injuries using my medical pay money when I was the one that was hit from behind at a complete stop (car totaled and back jacked up). They claim I have too much time in between treatments, when I was just following the orders of my doctor. Plus my health insurance didn't want to pay for any bills until my car insurance used up my medical pay. So I was screwed. Now I'm in the process of suing them. Pray for me and wish me luck.

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Richie Nadal - 14 d 12 h ago


Closing my account they held my money for a deposit for ten days it's a joke I had them for ten years taking my money out and never using them ever again ,I use to talk so highly abut this company, they are just like Bank of America. Only care about the company and not about the people

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Dr. F - 14 d 16 h ago

Presently I am looking for a new insurance company. I feel like a hypocrite being a member of USAA knowing that it is a sponsor of the National Football League. I am a veteran that stopped watching the NFL because I refuse to support a business that disrespects my country's flag or employs anyone or fails to discipline anyone that disrespects my country's flag. I actually believed that USAA supports veterans, but I guess I was wrong.

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Frank Williams - 15 d 13 h ago


I'm a War Vet who has fallen on hard financial Times. I asked USAA can I get an extension until the end of the month with full payment and half of next month's in the payment, and Ashley thought my situation was humorous, and stated NO!!! USAA,MANY other organizations that claim that they LOVE Veterans are full of SHIT!!!! We can fight for this country, yet our BIGGEST fight is here at home getting HELP AND RESPECT!!!! I'm fighting for disability and no longer can work so it's very difficult to pay all my bills on time.

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Sabrina Chacon - 20 d 9 h ago


I was hired by Sutherland Global Services in Las Vegas NV this past May, who is handling USAA's campaign. I would never recommend this company to anyone to work for or do business with you, for the simple fact that the people they allow to handle their campaigns are extremely unprofessional and have ruined my life entirely. The licensing manager vanessa Eddy never submitted my backround check within the alotted time frame and their system automatically terminated me after payroll screwed up the entire companies pay from USAA, which delayed everyone receiving their money, some by a few days. This caused me to lose my home! I made Vanessa aware of it and was boldly told that I was not being listened to, to come back another time. So I lost my home due to a payroll error followed by losing my job without notice or even a simple conversation. My boss was never notified and I was never notified until a week later when my badge stopped working. I have been homeless since then and cannot receive unemployment because it was denied by you all. If I knew this was the way the company treats people who have fought for our country I would have never applied or accepted a position with such a horrible and Unprofessional company.

*UPDATE* Usaa has still failed to reach out and correct this at this point. They have ignore my attempts to get this resolved. Said they would take care of it then started ignoring me after. Corporate has not reached out after promising they would and I am still homeless.

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Retired AFR - 21 d 9 h ago


My issue started July 18, 2018. I had previously added another vehicle to my current insurance policy and was given a specific quote. When I logged back into my account online it was a higher amount. I contacted USAA to address the issue of removing the rental insurance. The representative was very adamant and very aggressive (in a polite way) in finding the best rate for me. After numerous adjustments and various insurance scenarios, he was able to lower my rate significantly to a more affordable amount of $220.46. I had an automatic payment due of $259 (approximate amount) on July 23rd. rental insurance to my policy On July 18th I contacted USAA to cancel my rental insurance. After adding the 2014 Honda/with the rental insurance I did not realize the significate increase in my monthly premium of 256.51 The representative asked me a battery of questions as well as giving a lot of overwhelming information as to how he could reduce my rates and still have effective coverage. There were times when I was not clear on the delivery of information and I would ask to reiterate so I was clear. I specifically would ask after each explanation "this is what my amount would be"and/or he would give several estimates with different scenario. I expressed to him a few times that I did not want to spend a lot of time on phone for I had a need to feed my elderly mother. He verbally confirmed that pretty much what we discussed with all the changes my monthly amount would be $220.26 He also stated and as noted in my account that the new amount would be affective Jul 23 and my account not billed for the $256. I had previously had automatic deduction set up for payment on 23rd of each month. He was able to remove the $256 and debit my account $220.26. Fast forward, August 8th I get an email notification reminder from USAA stating "We would like to remind you that we have not received payment for your insurance policy. To avoid cancellation, please make a payment using one of these convenient payment options:" I contacted USAA regarding the cancellation reminder and stating the conversation I had with previous representative (as stated above); saying my payment will be $220.26. Representative had known notes from 1st represe4ntiave of this said amount and that amount due is $256. I ask to speak with supervisor and was informed that one would contact me within 24-48 hrs. She also stated that the phone conversation with 1st rep would be reviewed and if he stated the amount of $220.26 then it MAY be honored. I contacted USAA somewhere between August 14th/15th stating that I still had not receive a call from supervisor. Was told that someone would contact me before the 19th because that is the day of my insurance cancellation (or something of that naturedo not remember verbatim). I received a voicemail message from supervisor by the name of Jordan; stating that I needed to pay $19.94 to prevent cancellation of insurance. Unfortunately, I did not receive the message until Agust 18th around 8 pm. On Monday August 20th I contacted USAA and explained my situation. The representative was very cordial and very accommodating. She explained to me that this whole cancellation issue was due to the 1st representative not deducting $227. She assured me that all cancellation/late fees were waived and that all I had to pay was $220.26 by the 23rd of Aug. On August 21st I logged into account to pay and the drop down feature to pay is missing. I contacted USAA and representative kept me hold for extended period of time trying to find out the problem. At that time she also stated that the amount due was $259. She stated there were no notes in account referencing conversation from August 20th with rep stating payment is $220.26. After being on hold for an extended amount of time I had to hang up. On August 22nd I called to find out again why I can't pay and this time rep stated policy is cancelled and have to pay $274 to have it reinstated. By this time, I was so frustrated with USAA representatives I hung up! Therefore, my final straw was this morning I called to pay the $274 because I cannot afford to have to vehicle not insured especially in Las Vegas, Nevada! Now the representative said payment is $259 and policy will not be in effect until 24 hrs after payment. Therefore, I have a 1-day lapse in insurance; which in return will create a $250 fine of not having consecutive insurance when renewing car registration. August 31, 2018 - I contacted USAA to find out why I now have a balance of $76.20 when from previous conversation on August 22nd; I'm under the impression that paying $259 everything is back to normal with my policy/account. Now representative telling me from previous cancellation of auto/renters insurance there is still a balance. This insurance corporation (USAA) representatives have set an standard within the organization to continually provide false information to its customers. It appears there is a LACK of training or they just have their own script. And to think this is an corporation that supports Military/Veterans and they don't in my opinion.

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Beyond upset and frustrated - 22 d 10 h ago


Usaa has no customer service or respect for people. This is by far the worst experience I have ever incountered dealing with an auto accident that wasn't even my fault. I will gladly jump in on that lawsuit. Already filed a complaint with BBB and insurance commission.

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Steven Toledo - 50 d 14 h ago


After reading all the problems other people are having and my own experience with usaa having seized my money and double charging my account, I think I may consider a class action lawsuit, I will be happy to post attorney contact info for anyone interested in joining, I will be consulting one today if my bank account is not released

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David Muniz - 50 d 9 h ago


I'm interested. My email is (hidden). They tried to pull 250 out of my account without my authorization and caused overdrafts.

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Nicole - 43 d 13 h ago

Please email me with the info@(hidden)

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Shirley Tyson - 42 d 16 h ago

I will defiantly sign that class action and contact the lawyer, my email is (hidden). Please contact me, I feel the same way you do.

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Anonymous - 30 d 10 h ago


Ronald S. Martin

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Keith - 30 d 8 h ago


Please forward me the information for the attorney at (hidden).

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Kim - 30 d 10 h ago


What does it take to get a call back from the ONE person who I am being told by your CS team members and managers, is the ONE person I must talk to for assistance regarding my account. Spent an hour on the phone yesterday getting the run around with a promise of a call back today within 24 hours. I had to call back again today and spend another 30 minutes getting the run around and no help!!!!!!! And it's always like this. I pay a significant amount of money to this company for family insurance, never late and never miss a payment for an account I've had for 30+ years. Have some level of respect to your long time, good paying customers and follow through on your promises. If I missed a payment I bet you'd find the time to call!!!! This insurance company used to be great and has been on a rapid decline. Don't waste your time and money, go elsewhere.

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Daniel Ford - 67 d 3 h ago


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CJ - 42 d 15 h ago

Legit company??? Misspelled success on their website and their address is a vacant lot.

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pissed - 49 d 7 h ago

Has anyone ever heard of a bank holding your money for a whole week, even after the check clear.

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angry - 42 d 16 h ago

Hell No! I have direct deposit and they still not able to access my funds, this is some bullshit. I'm closing all of my accounts with this bullshit of a company

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