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United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX
(800) 365-8722
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Chase Muller - 1 d 20 h ago


I called USAA because this is the third time that USAA has taken an extra payment out of my account. The customer service representative was very helpful and nice but her manager was very lazy and disrespectful. He did not even want to come to the phone when I told her the reason (USAA has put my family and I in a financial burden threee times now and what to explain the the manager soo this problem can go up the chain of command and get addressed) the manager said that's not good enough and he won't talk to me. I understand time is valuable but if USAA has put a financial burden for the next 3-5 business days on my family (three times) than the problem needs to be addressed with the management. The manager in my opinion was very lazy and not wanting to do his job. It was as if the reason I gave to the customer service representative to give to him was not good enough for his presence. My name is Chase Muller and I have been with USAA my whole life and have never had a problem except these 3 occasions. The managers name is Alberto from USAA in Amarillo, Texas. I hope someone in corporate can fix this problem that keeps occurring as well as this manager. He needs to be more humble by coming off his throne and answer questions that a manager should address. By bring the issue to corporate. I apologize for the long message I have never put in a complaint before.

Semper Fi,

Chase Muller

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A loyal, very dissatisfied and angry vets wife. - 11 d ago


I have been mislead 3 separate times by 3 different representatives and that has caused me to have to double and triple pay which has left me in a serious bind. I consistently asked them of the amount I had to pay and once I payed the amount, I in return received cancellation notices and I eventually ended up getting it cancelled because of the outrageous amounts they were asking for. Just recently, They once again misquoted me in the amount due and now I have had to pay 3 ridiculous, outrageous payments of 1799.00 Just for them to tell me now your car insurance has just renewed so u have to pay 1200 and change when the representative told me I would have to pay $335.00 ONLY!!! I asked her several times and it was the same amount. I can give u more but it is just infuriating me more. Please Please email me asap I want them to understand they have peoples lively hood in there hands. My email is (hidden) Thanks In Advance

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Nickie - 1 d 20 h ago


I too am an angry widow who has been led and terrible treated. Nothing angers me then to see that commercial how USAA is there for you. NOT! After my husband's death, my townhouse was changed on my insurance to a single unit so my rate increased. My husband was a CFA and I did not expect anyone to make a change like this on my insurance so I overpaid for a few years!! Customer service is the worst of any insurance company and I am considering changing from a member since 1967!!! Terry, in customer service was rude and expected me to UNDERSTAND that she had 11 years in customer service and I had to ACCEPT her decision!!!! Great customer service!!!

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Robert Damon Castleberry - 10 d 16 h ago


I would really like to see more ATMs as most of the physical locations have been shut down. Ive been with usaa for nearly 5 years. Now it just seems nearly impossible to get anything done regarding finances. Im swapping to a local bank in my area simply because 1, im tired of atm fees, 2 because just to get checks i need to wait nearly 2 weeks

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Steven Toledo - 110 d 1 s ago


After reading all the problems other people are having and my own experience with usaa having seized my money and double charging my account, I think I may consider a class action lawsuit, I will be happy to post attorney contact info for anyone interested in joining, I will be consulting one today if my bank account is not released

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David Muniz - 109 d 17 h ago


I'm interested. My email is (hidden). They tried to pull 250 out of my account without my authorization and caused overdrafts.

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Angry vets wife - 11 d ago


How do u hide u email address David?

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Nicole - 103 d 12 m ago

Please email me with the info@(hidden)

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Shirley Tyson - 102 d ago

I will defiantly sign that class action and contact the lawyer, my email is (hidden). Please contact me, I feel the same way you do.

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Anonymous - 89 d 18 h ago


Ronald S. Martin

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Keith - 89 d 16 h ago


Please forward me the information for the attorney at (hidden).

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Anonymous - 55 d 17 h ago

Please let me know ...

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Anonymous - 54 d ago

Please send me atty info..

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Kenneth - 53 d 15 h ago

Hello, please include me in this lawsuit. It is so bad, I have tried to speak to a manager in customer care for over 45 minutes through 4 attempts only to be told that the managers REFUSE to come on the line. This was told to me by the agent named Kim and an agent named Merlina. The other 2 agents name I do not remember.

Please send me the information to (hidden)

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VAJB Massachusetts - 23 d ago


This has just happen to me that went into my account unauthorized and took over 700.00 which caused my account to be overdrawn approximately 3 times.

Talked with a rep who was not lincensrme in my state for over 2 hours on the phone.

This week October 22, 2018!soneone removed one of my insured car with USSA from my avcount. Any lawsuits I want to be part of please!!!!

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Lena Pratt - 32 d 12 h ago


I am interested to join. They promised me to stop the check and never did. The money gone from my account .

Best wishes.

General profile image - 31 d 15 h ago


Sign me up.

Failed to service my hurricane claim.

Failed to service my current automotive policy.

They've hung up on me, Yelled at me, placed me on extended hold "as punishment" and the worst part - knowingly given me false information about my current coverage.

USAA had gone down hill. Can't wait to cancel after 30+ years.

Let's sue this company.

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Up you're standards - 13 d ago


I work for usaa and the problem is not the company as a company and its policies are very good and they make a honest effort to take care of its members the problem is the standard of employees they hire. They literally have no standards they hire anything i.e uneducated, no respect, ghetto, I've even witnessed employee high Usaa really needs to up the standard and qualification of the employees

And here's a hit to all our members do the Survey it has a big effect reps can get in trouble big time even fired with good marks they can receive bonuses THE SERVEY IS A BIG DEAL

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Nancy F - 13 d 20 h ago


Today, I called and got placed on hold the first time 15 m 8s, the second time before hanging up was 10 minutes. I was requesting a copy of a road side assistance matter and got switch and transferred all over the place with no resolve.

USAA has displayed piss poor service today.

That's why you wanted the enlisted force to join your company, because you couldn't get enough of the Officer Corp!

Usaa failed in customer service today, but I'm

sure they'll stress the love and appreciation for their veterans! SAD DAY!

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mark comte - 21 d ago


I have been with USAA for 38 years and I am closing all accounts today. They have gotten too big and there is no customer service at this point. Their banking is ridiculous, tried to open savings account for 3 grandchildren and they closed them because of their inability to communicate effectively.

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Joe Hollaway - 42 d 19 h ago


I am very disappointed with USAA regarding our vehicle claim. My pregnant wife was hit from behind and we spent two days in the hospital. It took USAA two months to total our vehicle and now it has been a month later since our car was totaled and we still haven't finished the process of having our loan paid off bc we have total loss coverage. Our representative, Myosha Clark and the total loss department has failed to send us the correct paper work as well as even update us on what documents we need to provide to finish our claim. We waited without a response for over two weeks before we finally talked to someone who told us we had to provide power of attorney paper work. We waited for another 5 days to receive the paper work because the claims department forgot to send us the documents. Now, the claims department is saying the signature on the power of attorney has a scratch on it. A scratch... I have always spoken highly of USAA to my friends, family, and military friends. Now, I will be looking into Navy Federal for my business. I'm tired of employees at USAA dragging their feet and not doing their job. Someone needs to be held responsible for the laziness in the claims department. My name is Westley Joe Hollaway, Sergent in the United States Marines, and USAA has lost my business and my respect.

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Anonymous - 22 d 11 h ago


I am having the same issue. The claim communication center is a failure.

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Douglas A Miller - 31 d 14 h ago


This is the worst company in the fucking world...... A member of this company hit my wifes cars and the other woman was at fault and she said so to. But this fucking bull shit company wont fix the car THIS COMPANY IS ALL ASSHOLE...... I WANT ARE CAR FIXED YOU BASTEREDS

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Marine 612 - 50 d 16 h ago


USAA still supports the NFL.... Walking away now...

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Held money hostage - 55 d 17 h ago


Include me in your lawsuit.. they are holding my money hostage..suspended my acts and won't allow my direct deposit to go into my account..we reported fraud months ago, never followed up with us..i have 3 acts with them and they suspended all 3!!! The one that had fraud on it is my sons account!!!

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