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United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX
(800) 365-8722
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kes - 1 d ago


Weekend Closure


USAA use to have great consumer services. I've been a member since 1976. Now USAA is not open on weekends, an automated system will text you a link to do what ever it is yourself. No human interaction here. So next time my bill is due I think I'll tell them to find my automated system to get payment.

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Anonymous - 7 h 35 s ago


You are right, had an accident on Friday eve, hit by one of their insured. Could not get a rental until Monday, Their fault on the accident. There is no one to help you. They stink, any other ins. co. will authorize a vehicle on the weekend. Glad I am not insured by them. Hooray. The automated system is worthless, but they don't care.

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Patricia A MacIver - 3 d 5 h ago


I was sided by an insurer of USAA, they repaired my car & gave me a rental. The repair took 5 weeks, the co. Caliber was excellent & my car looks like new. There was suspension damage,etc. In short $10,200.00 damage was accrued. Car works great. Then I went for diminutive damage, I was insulted with a check for $691.67. Please on a car worth almost $20,000. I did the leg work & proved my case . They refused my data, & now they will not return my calls or let me leave a message. There was a point where an agent was rude to my husband. on the phone. I will go ahead and cash this check , but am full of anger with these nasty people. I couldn't even get the boss Heath Gibbs to try to make me happy. Melody Simmons, was the adjuster, and she is equally nasty. I guess they don't have parents or children that have ever been in distress. What goes around comes around. I am a senior living on social security, and will get nothing for my vehicle if I wish to trade, because their insured hit me.

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Steven Toledo - 229 d 4 h ago


After reading all the problems other people are having and my own experience with usaa having seized my money and double charging my account, I think I may consider a class action lawsuit, I will be happy to post attorney contact info for anyone interested in joining, I will be consulting one today if my bank account is not released

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David Muniz - 229 d 23 h ago


I'm interested. My email is (hidden). They tried to pull 250 out of my account without my authorization and caused overdrafts.

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Angry vets wife - 130 d 6 h ago


How do u hide u email address David?

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Nicole - 222 d 3 h ago

Please email me with the info@(hidden)

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Shirley Tyson - 221 d 6 h ago

I will defiantly sign that class action and contact the lawyer, my email is (hidden). Please contact me, I feel the same way you do.

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Anonymous - 209 d ago


Ronald S. Martin

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Keith - 209 d ago


Please forward me the information for the attorney at (hidden).

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Anonymous - 175 d ago

Please let me know ...

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Anonymous - 173 d 4 h ago

Please send me atty info..

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Kenneth - 173 d 21 m ago

Hello, please include me in this lawsuit. It is so bad, I have tried to speak to a manager in customer care for over 45 minutes through 4 attempts only to be told that the managers REFUSE to come on the line. This was told to me by the agent named Kim and an agent named Merlina. The other 2 agents name I do not remember.

Please send me the information to (hidden)

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VAJB Massachusetts - 142 d 5 h ago


This has just happen to me that went into my account unauthorized and took over 700.00 which caused my account to be overdrawn approximately 3 times.

Talked with a rep who was not lincensrme in my state for over 2 hours on the phone.

This week October 22, 2018!soneone removed one of my insured car with USSA from my avcount. Any lawsuits I want to be part of please!!!!

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Anonymous - 43 d ago

Samething happened to me.. Terrible!

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Lena Pratt - 151 d 18 h ago


I am interested to join. They promised me to stop the check and never did. The money gone from my account .

Best wishes.

General profile image - 151 d 21 h ago


Sign me up.

Failed to service my hurricane claim.

Failed to service my current automotive policy.

They've hung up on me, Yelled at me, placed me on extended hold "as punishment" and the worst part - knowingly given me false information about my current coverage.

USAA had gone down hill. Can't wait to cancel after 30+ years.

Let's sue this company.

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Jim - 111 d 23 h ago


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be a part of that class action!! I will post my email and I hope USAA sees it!! (hidden)!! I'm in!! Please let me help I'm any way possible!

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Paige Bhat - 105 d ago


Interested. Same thing is haopeneing to me

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Sitka - 74 d 6 h ago

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Jasmine Zanders - 56 d 18 h ago

I am very interested after what USAA has done to me and i have been with them for 19 years. If you could post the info that would be great

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PMCT - 41 d 26 m ago


I am not sure what your issues are but I had had a few issues with USAA over the years. One involved payout on a stolen car where the adjustor tried to low-ball me on another model and when I questioned it and asked for comps, I finally got them to use the right model and got an extra $5,000. They knew all this from the VIN #. Second issue is house insurance on home where my mom lives. Issue I have now is that I am guardian for my elderly mom and submitted court paperwork to USAA which was notarized that my 98 yr old mom cannot make contracts, handle money etc. Apparently my mom called USAA and USAA will not give me info as to what happened and I now cannot pay the premium due in a few days on home. I live in CA and she lives in FL and has her own court appointed attorney and her own CPA that actualy pays the bills and submits all records to court. I just oversee the bills to verfy. So USAA is in violation of the guardianship court order.

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anonymous - 6 d 4 h ago


I fell all your pain. Please try to find some apathy for the employees at least the ones that work 3rd party for them. i have not been with them long but training is a joke, there is no direction, no management to speak of. They make you feel like you are the scum of the earth and should be greatful to be employed by them. We are not allowed to have paper any kind of a writting instrument. No cell phones allowed. There is no training manuels it is done by modules that are poorly designed. Then we have to jump through hoops. by covering the following items.

use name twice . offer payment plan. two referrals for other services. thank you for your service and number of yrs with usaa..give bill date and due date. mention web site and. mobile app .. and there is more. if we pass the qa process and the client ( you) take the survey and score us 8 or below we fail. One fail in 2 week pay period we lose a 120.00 bonus. We do all this a the pay rate of 10.50 per hour. Needless say no one ever gets the bonus. I do not speak for employees that are employed by USAA. I am employed as 3rd party for billing. I have always said a call center is a legalized form of a sweat shop. This one lives up to that.

I am sorry for all of the lack of customer services.

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DWS - 13 d 48 m ago


Please forward info to me as well how do you hide email address

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Mrs C - 4 d 1 h ago


This same thibg happened to us. Let us know if you do. We will participate as well. This company is crooked.

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