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United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX
(800) 365-8722
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TOPJOB - 1 d ago


USAA customer service has tanked over the past few years. They used to really care about customers, now it is clearly about profit. Occasionally someone there actually tries to help but most just don't care.

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truckfreight - 3 d 3 h ago


I thank they need to learn customer service and they need to treat there customers better. I am a veteran that was discharged for medical problems from service. I served honorably but because i was given seperation papers that dont have dd214 they wont recognize me though im recognized by the VA as a veteran and written served honorably. We are not interested my father served in the corp my brother retired Navy and my grandfathers served 34 years and the other 4 years and i served untill medically discharged. Then the guy acted like he could treat me however. People are nuts to act the way this man did and just like the military not keeping up to what they say. Just money not respect their showing. I read how theyve done to customers as well. He was being so unprofessional i hung up told him my dad was looking for insurance as well but didnt care. Somebody in corporate needs to bring some correction. Oh and veterans you can die in a day of service but no respect. Proves what i say. Money

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William S. Phillips - 5 d 6 h ago


I have been with USAA since 1964. Customer Service (?) folks from time to time as an aside thank me for 50 years and that's the last thing positive you hear from their lips. I had problem with changing withholding amount on IRA Annuity, solution was just re-submit! Really. When I tried to tell rep that I had online confirmation that request document had been received but I was rebuffed. "I'm trying to help you, when don't have it, do it again" Why didn't the rep want to know the real problem, not just a quick fix! Why kick the problem down to the next customer. PLUS No place to send suggestions!! Online IRA Annuity Screen is useless. It only displays monthly payment. Well duh. What about how much is being withheld for Income Tax? YTD figures for payout amount and withholding. These would be helpful figures, something the customer could use! Present info is eye candy. Don't treat the customer as stupid and retreat from answering their valid questions with playing the victim card, "I'm trying to help, you're not on message (the customer that it).. Really?! How are you spelling 'Customer Service' ?

When I sent written correspondence to HQ USSA with supporting screen printouts... I got a canned printed response. 'You have requested response customer XXXX, we're done' How insulting!!! How about a Corporate Customer Service Department to respond to complaints? And a place to submit suggestions on subjects like online screen displays or is the system perfect already? Really!

This is NOT the USAA I joined up with in 1968. There really was Customer Service then!

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Andrea - 13 d ago


@USSA Sucks poorly there service is ridiculous. I was involved in a car accident with my kids in the car. They said my car was a total loss. They only gave me a rent a car for a week. I've now been out of a car for 2 weeks . I e called and I get the run around. I've have not received my check and my kids start school on Monday. Thank you USSA they will be missing first day of school cause of you guys thank a lot.

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Judith Trappen - 16 d 17 h ago


July 31, 2017 / 9:36PM

USAA Federal Savings Bank

10750 McDermott Freeway

San Antonio, TX 78288-9876USAA

RE:Terry W. Trappen/Judith Trappen / Member # 4721808

This morning I discovered the last amount of money in my checking account # 02058-8500-45005($181.53) had been debited out of my joint account, and transferred to my individual account #01530-8656-4. I called immediately and was informed by 'Nicholas' it was because I had an overdraft balance on the 86564 account. I advised Nicholas that I received no notice of any kind and this was all I had in the bank. He kept repeating the above and when I asked why I hadn't been notified in any manner so I could have set up a repayment plan, he said the bank had the legal right to do so; in fact, he was going to mail me a copy of that document. He was very polite in telling me all of this. I asked him if I could close this account. He said yes, but I had to wait 24 hours as they had just posted the transfer to me.

I hung up and after realizing my pension check would be going in the joint account, called back. I then got a young woman who said her name was April. I explained to her what had happened to my $181.53, and that I was frightened that the same thing would happen again. She simply replied it would because I had an overdraft on my other account. I then asked who I could speak to and was informed, and I quote, "you can spend your time calling anyone you want, but nothing will be done. I don't even have the number of the back door department that puts the transfer order in." She then asked me why I had an overdraft. I told her my son had recently passed away; that I didn't remember what I had written the checks for. I pulled out my register and told her to Suncoast Bank (my bank in Florida), so I could pay the funeral home. My son's death was unexpected and I have not handled my affairs very poorly since his death. . I had then offered to send a copy of my son's death certificate but she ignored my statement. I explained to her it was my first of the month pension, I am 64 and disabled due to diabetes, and I needed this check to survive. She said she was sorry, but there was NOTHING anyone could do for me, and was there anything else anything." I checked my account about 25 minutes ago and it showed the funds had been deposited and some items paid, but I couldn't transfer any of the money into another account.

I am appalled and actually revolted by your actions. To deliberately wait until you knew my pension would be in the bank so you could transfer it, without even the courtesy of an email or a phone call to advise me this would happen, and I could have made arrangements for automatic transfers to take place every month, is so incredibly cruel and sly.

I hope to report this to every agency, including Ageing Services, in the hopes that every senior will know of your

devious behavior. My late husband, Terry Trappen, was a veteran of the Vietnam War .

You CANNOT even make anyone believe that $1,041 was going to make any difference in your bottom line.

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Terrie Nolan - 24 d 36 m ago


I have been with usaa for almost 5 years and this last year has been hell. I had made a payment in April and was called and told the payment did not process. So l made another payment with another card. I was at work when I made it home I had received a statement showing the first payment was made. They finally credited the payment back to my card. All of all of a sudden they don't show the other payment that was made with my other bank institution. I have two cars that I pay on every month and the problem is going on with both cars. Now they're not showing payments for the last 2 months. I have email and faxed info. I never seen such a I don't give a care attitudes in my life. I ask to talk to a manager and he told the young lady he can't help me. I was transferred to four different departments in one day. I can go on and on but I'm just going to say don't do business with usaa. Ask soon as l can I'm jumping ship.

Some of the employee are in a resolution Department but they're not trained properly for the job. Out of all the people I have talked to, there have only been two that has help escalate the problem. I can no longer deal with the professional I don't know, I don't care or I just can't help you because I don't know my job situation.

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Briana Hendricks - 27 d ago


This company will try to get over on you if they can . me my husband and my 7month old and 2 year old and me and my husband have back issues now due to the impact of the accident but they told use he computer system was not affected by the accident but me and my husband injured our backs and our kids cant even talk to tell us whats wrong but now our power-steering has gone out due to the accident and now they are telling use based off pictures that its i wasnt from the accident and that they are not going to pay . But this is just crazy how they are trying to say that we made it happen but i will be calling .BBB for poor service n rude customer service.

General profile image - 33 d 14 h ago


Wow I can't believe how badly I've been treated by UsAA! I have been told they are not going to reshingle my dads roof! This is the most unbelievable lie that they are trying to get me to buy. They think that the best thing would be to patch it!!!!!!the shingles that are on it are26 years old! When I probated my dads will in December I told them I wanted to lower my homeowners because of refusing to fix it years back they would not reduce it they increased it. I guess they think I'm stupid well all my neighbors who keep saying call usaa there great well no in fact I'm just appalled and will but all of the pictures of the roof on social media as the co. Is in bad shape according to all the bad emails left on their web site. They say the problem is ceo Stewart Parker bad guy with nothing working right!!!My dad was in three wars and never made a claim ! Shame on you USAA bad leadership!!!!

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Anonymous - 35 d 6 h ago


My credit card was blocked without my permission. Left me stranded with no money or acess to funds.---I was traveling. I spoke with 12 different people. Received 10 different answers--- This place needs to CLOSE---stupid people working...I plan to switch ALL accounts.

DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE POPLE----THEY do not have the military / veterans at heart.

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Terry Lawrason - 41 d 4 h ago


This insurance company has become one of the worst in the country as far as customer service goes. I cant understand how many time you hae to request a supervisor in one call and still not get one unreal. Let me tell you how stupide my problem is and what there response was. I am trying to remove my son who is now 20 years old from my policy and is on deployment in the Army. I was told I cant remove him without his permission really who owns the policy and who pays for it I do is this not one of the dumbest things you have ever heard I am giving 1 star just because the claims department is good.

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Crystal Fox - 43 d ago


Let me tell you, as an Active Duty service member, I have been with USAA for years! Since 2008-2009 Even before I was active duty. My renters insurance, car insurance, banking, credit cards, and home owners insurance. I have been their biggest advocate. The customer service provided yesterday and in these past two weeks has been a complete DISGRACE! Nothing but excuses and finger pointing. All the bad stories I have heard people say I always said "no way, not my USAA. They are awesome. They make sure to take care of their customers." SIKE!!! I am extremely disappointed with them and how they are handling everything! They have a complete disregard to provide even decent customer service! Everyone that I referred to USAA, I'm sorry in advance! I'm currently taking references for new services! If I could rate them with negative stars I would! #USAA #horribleCustomerService #nothingbutexcuses #droppedtheball

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Upset Customer - 48 d 10 s ago


Until now I have nothing but good things to say about USAA customer service. Until now... My husband and I have had the biggest run around since April 15, 2017 for a large fraudulent charge put on my husbands Debit card. We called immediately after realizing that 700.00+ was taken out of our checking account, They credited the account the next day and started an investigation into the charge, Fast forward to JUNE 19 (two months later) we get a letter stating that USAA found that this was not fraud! We had actually thought this was done and over with. I immediately called and was told that the purchase was made through a Paypal account and since there has been previous activity with a Paypal account on our checking account it was determined it is not fraud. I have a Paypal account under my debit card, my husband DOES NOT have a Paypal account nor has ever used his debit card on Paypal. I called USAA immediately after receiving this letter, which was last Tuesday June 20th. I was given the contact information of the place listed on our checking account statement that made the charge. I called Paypal's Fraud department. Because My husband does not have a Paypal account they could not look it up by his name, address, birth date, username, ANYTHING! I then had to call USAA back and get the old debit card number that we canceled because of the charge. I then called Paypal back they researched it and found the tracking number, address it was delivered to, and the signature of the person that received it. They stated this was fraud and would be refunding the account in 3-5 business days.

Fast forward to Tuesday June 27. USAA took the credited funds out of our account. Paypal never credited us.

Wednesday- I phoned Paypal and the women I spoke to stated that I cannot open another claim with them, USAA has an open claim and as of June 1st they were waiting for USAA to take the funds out of Paypal and put back to our account. I then again called USAA. After being transferred many times times I spoke to a women in the fraud department who advised me that when i had spoke to the representative last Tuesday that rep put in a checking despute instead of transferring it back to the Fraud department. Which then closed the original claim, started everything over, and it was just sitting in their Que. The representative then made all the notes and put it in the system as a high priority and I was told the money would be back to our account in 24 hours. Meanwhile all the checks I made out last Monday before I knew any of this are bouncing and we are being charged fees for. I was told twice that these fees would be refunded immediately because of the open fraud case..... They are still in our account. I called twice about this.

Thursday- Called USAA money still not credited its been more than 24 hours. The representative told me that our account was not updated yesterday and was again just sitting in the que, I said this is the second time this happened what does this mean, She states that if I would not have called back no one would have seen it. She then re entered it as a high priority and told me it would be done by Saturday. I then asked to be transferred to a supervisor. I again had to explain what happened, she read all the notes and checked everything in our account. Her exact words were "USAA dropped the ball and it is their mistake" she said that she escalated this to her manager and within 24 hours the funds would be in our account.

Friday- (ont the phone for 1 hour and 49 minutes) Our account is still not credited. Called USAA. Got transferred multiple times. Asked to speak to the Manager (gave her first and last name) no one knew who she was or where to find her. The rep i spoke to told me to call back in 15 minutes when their central office opened. I said with all do respect I am not getting off the phone until this is taken care of. after 15 minutes of being on hold (he was kind and kept coming back to let me know he was searching for her) he found her. She got on the phone (she was very kind) and kept apologizing, she stated that she was unsure of why this case was taking so long, however it is noted that it is fraud on our account and our money would be credited in 24-48 hours (this was the 4th time I was told this) she explained to me that it took this long because the person that committed the fraud also used our address. However when they phoned Paypal they got the tracking #, signature, and the address it was delivered to. ALL of this info I had gotten weeks ago, they just got????? She even stated that she asked her manager to be on a three way call with us to quicken the process, the manager refused to speak to me and told her to apologize to me and let me know there is nothing she can do. Meanwhile as I am on the phone with her she tells me that the analyst is in our account and made a note that credit is put on to our account. ITS STILL NOT THERE! So the checks are still coming back and bouncing, charging us fees, which is making our account go further negative. We have not money in our account because of this and my husband does not get paid until next Thursday!

I am a patient understanding person, but this situation is unreal. I have never experienced anything like this. I completely understand that there are a lot of unhonest people and they have to research everything. But how did i find out all the information from Paypall and it took USAA 2.5 months in total... and we still dont' have our money and still are not credited for the bounced checks!

I have all dates, names, times, and conversations documented.

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Upset customer - 52 d 4 h ago


If you travel a lot do not use usaa even with travel notifications on your cards and accounts fraud dept can still lock you out of your account stranding you in foreign country and when you reach out to them trying to resolved a) fraud dept not open on weekend and b) calling in Monday when they are open both car and executive relations rep say that there is no way other than email to contact them and it could take 2 to 3 business days to resolve so I type this while stranded I. A foreign country with no food and if not resolved in the next 24 will then have no hotel room and be stranded in lobby since will not be able to get to airport to make flight and will have to by a new flight

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N Morris - 79 d ago


Thank you for pulling your ads from Sean Hannity's show. His lying and spreading of conspiracy theories is reprehensible. I've been a customer, second generation, for almost 30 years and this action reaffirms my trust in USAA. Thank you for doing the right thing!

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tj - 77 d ago


N Hannity does not spread conspiracy theories. That is the job of the alt-left socialist

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SM - 62 d ago

You should of NEVER trusted anything that is said on NO FACTS FOX NEWS!!! Sean Hannity is an ASS*****!!!

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USAF Vet - 56 d ago


Sean Hannity is the least believable individual in the face of the earth.. well second only to Donnie. Are you tired of winning yet?

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Jeremy - 66 d 6 h ago


Have been a USAA member since 2004. I have never had a more frustrating experience than one I am going through right now. A fraudulent authorization is on my bank account for $300, USAA is telling me that they have to let the transaction post to the account before they can refund any money, which at that point would turn it into a successful robbery. They refuse to simply stop the authorization from posting and credit the $ back to the account.

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Scott - 73 d 4 h ago


The most rude, incompetent misleading, unethical , liars I have ever dealt with, I will NO longer do businesses with them nor would i ever recommend anyone else to do business with USAA.

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Jill - 69 d ago


Dealt with your company after your client totaled out our car. We were treated shabbily even after the police report was available. Sad that I had to fight to be heard over the course of 2 months. Disappointing!

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Edwin Rivera - 73 d ago


Member since 2009, I have the worst experience dealing with the insurance department. The Insurance Rep. on the roll of renewing my policy just recently never explained to me the fact that my policy renewal will be shorter so from 6 installments as usual the one will got down to 5....Wow....!!! After trying to explain to the insurance department what happened they transferred my call to the billing department and sadly I heard what I was not expecting to hear, they said there is nothing they can do at the moment, you must have to continue with this policy until you reach the renewal period again and then we can see what the system does". So now we make agreements with people and the systems do whatever they want, incredible uhh!!!.With that been said my regular installment went up almost $50.00 more monthly. Even when I ask about if everything will remain free of hidden fees or some last minute adjustments the Insurance Rep. just told me, everything will come up the way I told you, but at the end of the day, listen to this,,not one , not two, three different representatives from both departments involved started blaming each other for not sharing with me the fact of the increasing dollar amount of the future payments because of the changes taking place on my policy renewal. It's really sad that CSR's just do business worried about their numbers and completely forget about the customers financial needs. Those $50.00 are not just $50.00, those fifty dollars are a shortage on my budget for my family and nobody has the right to play with the financial stability of a family today days. So this question goes to you USAA Insurance CSR ...can you afford a fifty dollars more on your policy having just because a system did it,,,not you???? Looking forward to close and cancel the policy. Getting a new policy from a source that can show more honesty coming from some employees and responsibility coming from your immediate supervisors when giving the wrong info to their customers in general and disabled veterans like me.

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Pathetic service - 75 d 5 h ago


My wife and I used our USAA credit card to buy foreign currency with AAA. Unbeknownst to us, this was a cash advance, for which we were charged a fee. USAA would not entertain any relief on this. To add insult to injury, they began charging us daily interest on the cash advance, and when we call to ask we were told we should have read the credit card agreement, too bad, so sad. Seriously, read through the agreement for some small codicil? Bottom line we have 2 cars, a house, and substantial amount in a USAA account, and we pay off our credit card every month without fail. USAA is losing a customer over $4.45. Pathetic.

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Missy - 76 d ago

My husband has been a USAA member for many years and we both want to THANK USAA FOR RETURNING to the Sean Hannity show! It was the right thing to do and took courage in the face of close minded people. So thank you...and stand strong!

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Brent - 78 d 15 h ago


Thank you for pulling your ads on Hannity's show. I'm sure this was not an easy decision for you because as a business you need to stay above the fray. With time people will realize that this is not a political decision, but instead an honesty in journalism decision. You are on the right side of history. I have been a member for over 25 years and my family for over 50. We support your decision.

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tj - 77 d ago


Brent My family also has been a member for over 50 years and we VERY strongly support the decision to reinstate the ads

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