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Verizon Communications, Inc

MCI, WorldCom, Verizon Wireless
140 West St.
New York, NY
Lowell McAdam
Chairman and CEO
(212) 395-1000
Twitter IDs
@Verizon, @VerizonWireless
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Debbie - 1 d ago


I called Verizon because my bill did not come in the mail. The Verizon representative decided to look at my account and said he could make me a better deal. I told him I didn't want to change anything and he said he could just lower my bill without changing my service. Well, now I am without 3 channels that I had before that change. I specifically questioned him multiple times about losing any channels and he said I would not loose any that I currently had. Now I am on the phone for the second day trying to get this resolved and noone can give me back those channels. They can disconnect you without a problem but putting them back they can't push those same buttons to restore. After 28 yrs of being a customer I am about to drop Verizon.

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Michelle - 5 d 4 h ago


Horrible customer service. We just switched to Verizon 3 months ago because we needed new phones and were sick of being lied to and taken advantage of from our other cell phone provider. We were told that if we switched that day, we would both get a $150 Visa card in the mail within 2 months for a promotion they were running. We did all of the paperwork and got our phones switched over to the new ones, filled out the paperwork for the Visa card, and were told to just wait. Three months later, still nothing. Called and were told "it's under review, check back in 10 days." This morning, we received emails that we were denied the Visa because we did not pay for our phones in full on the day we made our purchase. Seriously?? The Sales Representative said nothing even close to that and had us fill out our information for the Visa's AFTER he entered our payment information. Tried talking to a customer service rep and they give you the one sentence "Unfortunately you were denied and we can't do anything about it" response. I realize that to Verizon we are "just another paying customer," but it's really unfortunate that companies either fail to train their employees correctly which then causes them to innocently lie or withhold information for customers, or perhaps they are flat out lying all together with the intention of getting a sale. I could care less about the Visa card, that's not the point. The point is Verizon treats you like a number and they don't think twice if they can lie to make a sale.

One star, because I do seem to get good service on my phone.

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Pam - 7 d 6 h ago

My name's Pam, and I live in Charleston S.C. I've noticed Verizon customers have had a problem with texting, and it's been going on since Saturday 7/7/18. Today is 7/10/18. People that have Verizon's service have had their texts coming through anywhere from 4 to 7 times of the same exact text one after the other. I thought a friend was consuming alcohol Saturday when it started, but then I noticed it's been happening to everyone I know that has your service since Saturday and today. I'm hoping they all have unlimited texting, or your offices may be getting some ugly complaints when their bill comes. Making sure you were aware of it since its been a 4 day problem.

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Carol - 8 d 40 s ago


Verizon took channels away from the package I am paying for while in the contract. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and Verizon only offered 1 time deduction fee of $25.00 that is unacceptable. They also want me to pay more money monthly for a different package. Why should I suffer for their stupidness. They should deduct money monthly for them taking channels away from the customers. This is robbery.

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Billy Thomas - 8 d ago


Verizon make offers but does not publish an expiration date!?! Recently i received an offer via the Verizon app to upgrade my device(s). The deal was pretty good so talked to my wife about getting all of our phones upgraded. We planned to go in on Saturday after we backed our current phones up (our first available time). However, when we got to the store, we were told that the offer had expired. How are we supposed to know when it expires IF there is no expiration date. It felt like a bait and switch to be honest. Also IF there is no expiration date...why is it not still VALID.

This practice is pretty aggravating and it was a waste of our time, as the 'current' offer was not what we wanted.

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Roger O. - 8 d 4 h ago


On Tuesday June 19th our Church Nursery School line (hidden) went out of service, noisy and no dial tone. After a check of our equipment, we determined the trouble to be out toward Verizon, and called it in as a trouble. (Tix# NYC201S8CU) After spending an hour or so on the phone with the technician, they could not fix it and needed to dispatch a field technician. I need to add that this is a CHURCH location and we have two additional lines for church business, (hidden), and (hidden) on a separate account.

Later in the week, the field technician came and went and still could not fix the trouble in the outside wires. A customer service person then became involved and said that while they could no longer fix wire problems, they could switch us to FIOS voice for the same price. After much discussion about including the transfer of our other two noisy lines to FIOS voice with the same features, we agreed to the switch and orders were written for the conversion.

On June 28th, with an appointment time of 10A-12P, a technician finally arrived at about 3PM. He completed the installation of the inside power supply box, the outside fiber box, and the fiber itself to the pole. At 7PM, he had dial tone on the original 679-8425 line, but the two main church lines were dead! He explained that the order due dates were different but the other dial tones should be present about 9AM the next day. The two lines did get their Dial Tone about 9AM the next day and the "Hunting feature" about 10AM.

Upon testing the lines, we uncovered a couple of problems.

1. We were never advised that we needed to dial 10 digits for local calls, yet the 679-8425 line still only requires 7 digits.

2. We are unable to use even the 10-digit dialing on the two church lines (221-3286, 88) but must use 1+ dialing for all calls! Note: If you dial 7-digits the recording says to dial ten When you dial ten, the recording tells you to dial a 1 first!

3. Our report of this trouble on 6/29 is still open and we have spent hours on the phone to get it resolved!

Losing the 679-8425 line for over a week, at a peak time in our Nursery school registration calendar caused us a great inconvenience and possibly the loss of some Summer/Fall business as well. We even asked that this line be forwarded to the 221-3288 but they would/could not do it, even in this emergency that was the fault of VERIZON!

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SeanMix - 16 d 20 h ago


Costco made changes on my Verizon family plan without my authorization. I only wanted to get a price on Iphone but when I got back to my office I received a text message indicting that Costco switched my plan to Unlimited without my authorization. I'm very upset about that.. I've been trying to change my account to before but Verizon is not offering me my data plan. Thanks to Costco I lost my promotional data plan and they reset my service plan which I wont be able to upgrade my phone for the next 2 years..

Paying almost $400 extra..

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Wanda B. - 17 d 43 m ago

Don't know what's going on with my phone service. All of a sudden I cannot send any pictures through texting. At my home. I've never had trouble in the last 13 years. I am going to change service if Verizon doesn't fix this.

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Jewel Griffin - 17 d 3 h ago


I am having big problems with my phone someone please contact me. (hidden), name jewel griffin

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NIK KNIGHT - 19 d 4 h ago


I have been a loyal customer of Verizon for about 14 years. I have paid my bill on time every month without fail, the last few years have been difficult as I was injured on the job. I was finally released to back to work November of last year. I now have a permanent impairment, I applied for unemployment after my worker's compensation was paid out and I was denied all the way up to the commissioner board. So I have had no money to pay any of my bills. I called and explained my circumstances to the financial department, they are some of the most cold-hearted and uncompassionate people I have ever talked to. I'm doing everything I can to get employed, I even went back to school with the help of my local job service. They pretty much told me that if I don't pay the bill in full by a set time my service will be interrupted. I explained to them that I am doing everything I can and I can afford to lose my phone I need it to get a job. I offered to pay $50 dollars if I could get it from someone I know. They said that was fine but I would still have to pay $119 dollars to keep my service going. I was again asked if I could have more timer as I'm in school and working very hard to find employment. They gave me till the end of the month and 11 days to pay the next bill. I always thought that loyalty counted for something, but I guess with this company it doesn't matter. So why should anyone pick Verizon?

I have had pretty good treatment from the customer care department and technical department than I have their financial department. EVERY TIME I've talked to them they are VERY rude and snotty!!!!! Like they have never had a problem in their lives.

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Kathy Smith - 20 d 48 s ago


I have always believed that a person who doesn't keep his word , especially on important promises can't be trusted. Your word should be valued, honored, and respected. This is the second contract I have made with ya'll and have been so lied to. I asked the sales reps at the store several times before giving in and the promised me that what they said was correct. I'll start on May 22nd when I went into the verizon store in Dallas, Ga. I have 3 phones on my plan.. My youngest son and I both had google pixels.. My camera quit working and he went to charge his and his burned up internally. So I walked into your store with my son and thought because I have insurance on the phones I could get them both fixed. They told me it would be $199.99 for each phone. I didn't have that so the young lady said that it would be cheaper to pay it off and it was a little cheaper so I said I would just take care of his and not mine because i couldn't afford it. I am a single mother of 4 and I have no help, a mortgage, all the bills are on me. I say that so you understand why my money is important to me. They explained to me that at the time there was a deal going on that if you purchased the samsung galaxy s 9 you get an android free and it would be cheaper for me to just do that that the difference in my bill would only be $5 extra dollars a month. Man was that not true. He, Mitchell, said that when I received my bill to come by and he would take off the activation fees.. even without that it was $75 more. Anyway, after he told me the deal he had the girl show me some phones , she told me that she had the LG 6 and loved it so I thought I would try it out. So I wouldn't have to finish paying off my phone they used the iphone on my account for my upgrade and told me to ignore all emails and text saying that I need to return the iphone that that would soon stop.They didn't bother to tell me that I would be billed for it. I ended up going back to that store two more times. The first time he said he would talk to his district manager and call me that Friday or Saturday and this was Thursday, so i said ok and never received a call so I came back the following week. He told me he couldn't add that plan that he would send a message to someone who could and have the activations waived as well but it will still be about $250 a month so I told him just to take off all insurance on all three phones and he told me just to pay $194 and the rest would be taken care of. I received an email from yall saying i needed to pay over $500. That was the pay off for the iphone we still use and plus they took both google pixels when they gave us these phones. I called the local corporate office having to take time from work and praying I don't get in trouble for being away from my job to try and straighten this out. Katie from corporate tried to help me as best as she could but was still unable to give me the plan I was promised causing all future bills to be 205 a month with no insurance. I don't feel like I've been treated the way I should be. I have been a loyal customer and I pay my bills on time and I think that what was promised to me should be honored. I printed out the deal if you would like for me to send it to you for the month of May of this year. And If you go back to Nov. 2015 when I first signed up with you guys there are suppose to be notes on my account and you can see all of the trouble I had to go thru just to get all of that straightend out. Im so frustrated with this store. I will never go back there again.

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Cecilia Foster - 20 d 4 h ago


I too am a loyal Verizon customer and has been since 1997. I recently (on 6.19.18) ordered 2 devices to upgrade 2 of the 3 devices I have with Verizon. The initial order was placed online via chat assistant. My bank declined the payment. When I called Verizon to have them send it back through, I found the order was in error, which was a good thin the bank had declined the payment. I proceeded to get the order corrected and paid the amount requested for the 2 new devices. I was informed that I would receive the devices in 2 days, which would have been by Friday 6.22.18. As of 6.25.18, I had not received the devices. UPS tracking indicated that the devices were still in transit with no delivery date. I called Verizon and they informed me that UPS has to investigate and that will take 8 days to be refunded and if I wanted the phones I would have to pay for them again. I asked to speak with a supervisor, Dustin Woods assured me that he would expedite the process and put in a ticket for new order and reach out to UPS to expedite the process. He indicated that it would only take 2 days to hear from him, he even gave me his email address to contact him. As of 6.27.18, no follow up from Dustin. I tried to reach out to him by email, which was a fake. At this point I am absolutely LIVID!. Call Verizon and got the same run around. This reps tried to give me some relief with a $25 credit on my account. However, I still have to wait until the investigation is over before I can be refunded and I still do not have the phones I purchased and Verizon has my money. Why does the customer have to suffer, because the people Verizon chose to do the shipping failed? Why is this practice acceptable. Verizon's doesn't care about their customers only their bottom line. You are practically STEALING! But that's Corporate America for you,huh? I am very unhappy, but what do you care

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Randall Davis - 21 d ago

I am a long time costumer going on nine (9) years now. I have had disputes about service at my location for nearly 8 of those years. Area code 97534 O'Brien Oregon.

Most resent actions for service in both technical, and costumer related conditions proved to me I was not. Online from my account was used to created for some related payment schedules. This one created for there Month for the June 30 2018. I notified by text mail after working with technical support over a simple fix and waited 2 weeks, just to get information on how to remove blocks on phone calls.

As for the payment I set up online, and confirmed online in my account. Could not be found, so came the notice after wards for billing. What I had arranged was a attempt to collect, money. More then was due for the scheduled payment, and more too day with a false made attempt to mask the notice with something else, including this payment day today for the sum of $50 dollars I had created for the 30th. Saying this day was a promiss I didn't make. And a change that was created to full fill a past due, I did create.

Service has cell phone connection actions described as not able to keep, or hear me. For me the complete opposite, but it did create another finicial cost for years for a second phone (HOME PHONE) that worked better then my cell?

New phone, or not the service reputation was incline to be manipulating service results, now the billing online and even service results. As I told Verizon Service, I would not look at a 2 year plan. Still I was given indications E-Mail that never arrived from Verizon, text messages that are concerning. Security for me is a big question, my account, and my residence for communications, finding security apps turned off? People close concerned Version has a problem with my service too. Would like to know whats going on, but its more like a game.

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Jessica Lynch - 24 d ago


I was shopping at Mill Creek mall and wanted to check out the Verizon wireless store in the mall the employee took my info and said I needed money to get phones ! So I declined didn't sign nothing and I find out June 22nd 2018 that the employee used my information and got four lines using my personal info !!!! I talked to the rep of the franchise and he acted like this didn't matter the rep said they knew someone's account got used but they didn't know who's !! Also found out the employee was fired !!! They knew and never said nothing to me no call nothing !!!

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Loyal Customer - 27 d ago


Customer service went downhill ! Wow disappointed . Guess they chose football app over customer loyalty.

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Pennell Jester / Verizon Customer 20 years - 30 d 38 m ago


Verizon Wireless is criminal! I pay over $200 a month for service and devices with a 4G network. At my home in Bridgeville, Delaware I get 1bar and 1G with dropped calls and no service frequently. CAN YOU FUCKING HEAR ME NOW VERIZON! I have complained about it but apparently your service is so bad you can't even hear me complaining. Fix this or I plan on hiring an attorney for you breaching contract by offering me 4G services and only receiving 1G. Or making in app purchases and then losing them because of your shitty service!

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Jhutchens - 30 d 19 h ago


Your last up grade destroyed my galaxy s 7...i may need to get another phone to correct all the screw was fine before..why cant you leave it alone if we are happy...sprint maybe will

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James Lipton - 33 d 11 h ago


Verizon is becoming one of the most difficult companies to get a straight answer from. Their customer service is pitiful and if you have a problem with your phone service you can expect a run around.

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Jackie - 36 d 4 h ago


I've called Verizon several times to no avail to discuss balance of $260 which I don't owe. My July-August 2017 bill indicated a "0" balance. I ported my number ending in 6272 from Verizon to AT &T in April 2017 and made my last payment of $150. in May 2017...yet, Verizon continued to charge me thru November 2017...I was told by one Verizon representative on 3/7/18.

I'm confused and frustrated because I can't speak to anyone who can make decisions; when I call Verizon, different representatives tell me different things; they don't document my phone calls accurately.

Discrepancies include:

1. Verizon has me owing balanced on two separate accounts...I though you couldn't open an account if you owed a balance... $4.40 on number ending in 1192, a 2014 a/c when I opened a 2015 account with number ending in 6272 which you now say there's a $263.00 balance.

2. Verizon says I have a Jet Pack and a Modem at the same time...I did not...I had a modem (stopped using Jan 29, 2016), 1st I believe, then turned it in and got a Jet Pack (starting using Jan 31, 2016).

3. When I ported out my 6272 number in April 2017... billing for phone numbers ending in 0051 - Jet Pack & 2154 - Tablet should

have stopped & phone number ending in 5980 - modem...I stopped using Jan 29,2016 ...should not have been charged for beyond Jan 29, 2016

My bill was paid in full by July/August 2017 billing cycle.

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SHARON - 40 d 7 h ago


I pay my bill mid month. My banking shows an auto deduction at the beginning of the month of @197.17 and on June statement $260.75 and has continued to grow. I went to the Verizon store in Sparks NV to report the fraudulent transaction in Feb. Nothing happened. I went into the store again in March, April May and June. Supposedly the issue was being taken care of but again nothing happened.. I feel like I am being laughed at and it is very demoralizing..Sharon Lipp (hidden) have been a long time customer and I hate to cancel my service but the total since Feb is $1037.42..HELP!

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Stacey - 40 d 8 h ago


I have been a loyal customer of Verizon for over 15 years. Supporting politics like Samantha Bee, I am for the first time considering moving one of your wireless competitors. Prior wireless coverage was my main concern, now your competitors are getting better and Verizon supports women being called vulgar names. I can not support this.

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Anonymous - 41 d 4 h ago

Verizon customer service is horrible been with them for about 18 years and since May 22,2018 my service has been off. I had requested it to be moved earlier and then told them to cancel and leave service in my regular address. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE error of mine. Now I don't have service and their customer service is the most horrible people they have. They either don't know what is going on, no supervisors, and are abroad, no employees in the USA.

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Philip Finocchiaro Sr. - 41 d 7 h ago


We have been with Verizon since the beginning somewhere in the late 80's. We traveled to the islands, the southwest and always have had great service. Fast forward to April 2018. We moved and downsized to a town not far from our previous residence. It is a small town, but being less than 20 miles from Philadelphia and along the NJ turnpike and 295 corridor we are not rural.

We have the full Verizon package, and we have lousy if at all coverage. WHAT! My wife upgrades every time a new phone comes out. We call the Verizon service center and they tell her," I CAN'T HEAR YOU YOU WILL HAVE TO CALL BACK WHEN YOU HAVE BETTER SERVICE!!"

After several attempts, she emailed the service center and guess what your employee told her? "Perhaps you should consider a DIFFERENT company with better service." WHAT!!! So that's how Verizon sees it. No one can find the problem so go away!


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860-324-8666 or 8604301546 - 42 d ago


Verizon customer service is nonexistent. A totally confused service agent who can't give a correct explanation and totally refuses to let me speak to a hopefully more knowledgeable supervisor has put the phone on hold an apparently walked away. I have been on this call for over 40 minutes.

I am going to cancel and go to ATT .

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Sergei - 46 d 4 h ago


Verizon's customer service is non existent. At all levels. Could not pay the tv/wifi bill online. Rejected. No explanation. Everything is OK on my end. Looked at the account on the Verizon website: wrong information on the account including spelling of the name and the billing address (card(!) billing address as described on the Verizon site) despite several previous attempts to correct it by myself and with the help of the customer service people. Called customer service number, waited a few minutes, call answered, explained the reason of the call, not the right person since I was not calling about a wireless phone account; put on hold for the right person; on hold for several minutes - wrong person again; on hold again; call answered and I asked for the names of both previous "wrong" associates and the name of the person who answered; refused; asked for a supervisor; on hold; finally supervisor answered, gave me the name asked for the account and informed me that she would not be able to assist since the account is no wireless phone (sic!) and when I asked her how come after my explanations and 30 minutes on hold I get to this point I am hung up on. Called the HQ and left a message. Called again and was transferred to an "executive team" representative who offered no explanation, corrected the account info; informed me that it would be updated within 24 hours; apologized and expressed his hope that my experience would repeat. I greatly doubt it. Nobody seem to bear any responsibility for any action.

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