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Verizon Communications, Inc

MCI, WorldCom, Verizon Wireless
140 West St.
New York, NY
Lowell McAdam
Chairman and CEO
(212) 395-1000
Twitter IDs
@Verizon, @VerizonWireless
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Sam1920 - 3 d ago


Renewed my contract in October. I was paying monthly 133.30. Bill in November 136.43 and then in December my bill jumped to 143.00 They said it was because the rate jumped at the time I renewed in in September. So you stay a customer and your bill goes up. The rep at billing was confused even telling me this. I'm trying to save money and then he wants to know if I'm interested in additional anti-virus protection for $9.98 more a month. I want to save money not spend more. Big mistake renewing.

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Rob - 3 d 7 h ago


Called today and spoke to Andrew. I have a huge problem with my yahoo account being locked and cannot recover it.

I explained it to him, and he got right on the matter. Listened to what I had to say. Sent emails and voice calls to YAHOO to help me with this problem. He was very nice. Very understanding.


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william - 5 d 8 h ago

worst office people ever encountered. The office in Crockett Tx now say they charge $3.25

extra for u to pay ur bill in the office. Never heard of that before.

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Justonanddiane - 5 d 10 h ago


I hate Verizon they suck they had the worst customer service they won't listen to your complaints all they want to do is tell you you're wrong how they're right and no matter what they still want to charge you out the butt to get your money regardless of how you're treated or how you're lied to or how your swindled into contracts by being lied to I think this is where everyone needs to come together we all need to get on the same page for anybody that don't understand their so I can draw pictures and make it easier to understand but we all need to come together United someone and file a class action lawsuit against this telephone Wireless company that has no concept of straight contracts or anything like that they just want to Swindle you in like to breach your contract tell you this tell you that and then they charge you and if you don't pay it there's nothing you can do about it and then they send it to collections and then it goes against your credit sound familiar to anyone so if anyone's out there interested let's get together and let's file a class action lawsuit against Verizon Wireless let's put a stop to this once and for all

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Eric - 9 d 5 h ago


Have to say getting so tired of long wait time the attitudes of supervisor and staff and still he t nothing you call the corkage office no one answer getting so tired of virgin maybe time to go to at@t

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RP - 10 d 9 h ago


Third day of dropped calls due to network issues

It took me several hours to finally convince CS that it was a network problem, not my phone.

Verizon's support mechanisms are the worst.

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Sophia from Overation Veteran Housing, Inc, etc. - 13 d 6 h ago


I was originally trying to buy the Google unlocked Pixel 2xl on Black Friday thru 2 different Verizon stores in Michigan BY PAYING IN FULL USING MY OWN CREDIT CARD but was denied. They each had Black Friday deals on Google unlocked Pixel 2xl but they stated that they "were NOT allowed" to sale their phones to me using MY OWN credit card based on some allegations of restrictions via Google itself. I want to buy the Google "Unlocked" Pixel 2xl with 128GB without a non-trade in phone discounted price, Black only color for my 2 IRS tax exempt agencies but neither Kevin in Sales or Veronica in the tax exempt dept. would help me. NO DISCOUNTS FOR ME, NO TAX EXEMPTION FOR ME JUST SO FAR 5 HOURS WASTED TODAY, 15 HOURS LAST WEEK. Verizon has best coverage but can't cover own butt. Maybe I should stop trying and go to AT & T

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sdevonia - 13 d 10 h ago


I did an online order for their bundle, I never received the equipment or activated the service so I thought that there was a step missing with my order and that it was cancelled. So when that happened, I just said forget it and stuck with the service provider I currently had. When I called to question why and what I was billed for, I was met with sarcasm and rudeness. The supervision in the escalation dept, kept talking over me repeatedly saying " I am not adjusting your bill, and I should have called". I was asking about possible fraud, being that I never had the service, all she kept saying was " I am not adjusting your bill" over and over again.

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Lisa G - 16 d ago

Verizon very disappointed by the serives in a walk in store tonight.Newark ohio on 21 street.four people working no one.acknowledged any of the customers.They made fun of one customer who walked out for standing near the desk for over ten minutes.This is horabale.This store has always treated customers badly..who is the manager there should be let go along pm staff this happened at fiveforty pm -on black friday.This has happened before in april of this year also.then a customer also called in and complained TONIGHT.This store needs new people working there who care.I was so upset and that poor young lady shame on them.

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Anonymous - 17 d 3 m ago


Verizon sucks dick T-Mobile metro rules

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Ed M - 17 d 5 h ago


Can I get someone to send me the actual channel lineup (channels and channel numbers) for my Verizon Fios Custom TV Essentials package in zip code 21090 in Anne Arundel County? My account number is 154-(hidden)-00 This is very frustrating. Today, I logged into the website and tried to find it, but couldn't find it.. I called the help number. He sent me a link, I went there, but when I clicked on the "Channel Lineup" link, I got the following error: We are sorry, but a problem with your request has occured. This is a cut and paste. Please note that "occurred" is spelled incorrectly. I tried the live chat. I gave the woman my account number so she could tell what package I had. She sent me a series of chat messages with channels and channel numbers and told me I could copy and paste them into a text doc. The only problem was that the chats seemed to contain every channel except the ones in my package. I told her to forget it. I went back to the website to look for an email address for tech support questions so that I could lay out my problem and ask exactly for what I wanted. I was to learn that Verizon does not have an email address for tech support questions. Tried to register on the forum to register a complaint, but I can't because I don't have a wireless account. Thanks,

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TN - 19 d 7 h ago


I went to Verizon store on 310 Daniel Webster HWY, Nashua, NH (pheasant lane mall) to upgrade a phone. I asked them if they can waive activation fee, they agreed to do this if I purchase any accessory in the store which I did. The next day I received the Service Summary via email and found out that they never waive the activation fee. Not only that, they automatic signed me up for Total Mobile Protection plan for $11/month without even ask me. I went back to the store and spoke to them, they said they agreed to waive the fee to transfer data from old phone to new phone, this fee never exist! They couldn't give me a better answer why they automatic signed me up for protection plan without my agreement. I ended up called Verizon Customer Service and filed a complaint. Not sure what come out from this. They told me that I will get an update from them via email. I will never go back to this store!!!

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Asuriov Insurance - 24 d 20 m ago


I called Asuriov who Verizon uses to get insurance for lost phones broken and so on. I was paying about $10 a month for I believe was 3 plus years per phone.

Well I called and had to listen to advertisement about T mobile phones who I left over 10 years ago. The buttons I pushed seemed endless and

when I TALKED TO A LIVE PERSON they asked me the same question that I just answered prior unreal.

I didn't pay money to listen to these advertisement and canceled my coverage as most should do.

I believe I should get all my my money back plus I'm sorry. Big company thats not going to happen.

If I was Verizon I would be pissed off because this is a con flick of interest for wireless corporation who uses Asuriov

Sutter Paving


Leonard Sutter

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~~~~~ - 24 d ago

Asurion is used by many different Wireless carriers and other companies; which is why you may have heard that advertisement. When contacting Asurion to file a claim and you placed in your mobile number it should ask you if you are with Verizon Wireless. From that point you should not receive any additonal advertisements. To get directly to a representative you can hit #00# to bypass the automated system and speak directly to a representative, but if you put all your information into the system prior to speaking to the representative the representative will have to confirm the information to ensure it was entered correctly to avoid future frustration. Hope this helps.

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B - 24 d ago


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Anne - 24 d 45 m ago

Please, if anyone out there can help me and tell me how to delete my posting I'm begging for help in doing so. God bless you

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Eric - 24 d ago

I have spent a month trying to transfer my number from I wireless to Verizon and activate a Iphone 5 from Straighttalk. I purchased a $40 pre-paid card that was never delivered because UPS made an error. After numerous calls to Verizon customer Service, Live chat, 2 to 3 visits to a Verizon store and a visit to a Apple store I could not get the phone activated. After calling Straighttalk I learned that it is their policy not to release a phone that has not been in continuous service for 1 year. I gave up trying and decided to just activate the phone on ST. I have been unable to port my number of 30+ years because I had to cancel the verizon porting of my number. After I cancelled the account I cannot get my number because the account is not active and I cannot get a refund of $40. I'm told I need to spend another $40 to reactivate the account so I can at least recover my phone number. I have lost my number, service at my original carrier and $40 On 11/16/2017 after I gave up trying I called Finance and was routed to, Sales, Pre-Paid Customer service and supervisor, The Porting group, Prepaid again and a final group That disconnected since I had no account to extract another $40 to get my number. I decided not to send another payment with no guarantee of success.

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Anne Porvaznik - 24 d 4 h ago

Please help me. My name's Anne Porvaznik 702 755 phone's locked and I desperately don't want to lose my photos and videos and contacts. I tried changing my security code from numbers 0987m to a pattern but it didn't work. Now it's telling me I have 1 more attempt and if it doesn't work it'll delete everything....PLEASE HELP ME!

My original email (hidden) but I've been using my (hidden). my passwords are stored in my phone. I desperately NEED your assistance.

Flagged for review. 
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MJS - 31 d 9 h ago

So has anyone else been screwed out of their smart rewards points due to Verizon's website being down? I had around a half million points on the line worth about $2500 and no one at VERIZON would help me! I'm pissed and I'm not going to let this go! Please if anyone else had this happen to them post it! WE WILL BE HEARD!! Mary S

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Denise - 34 d 7 h ago


I recently called a Verizon Store near my place of employment in South Plainfield, NJ and asked if they would be able to accommodate me quickly for a minor issue with a new phone I purchased. I was told there was no one in the store and they were very slow and would be available to help me. I am 5 minutes away but only have a 30 minute lunch so I did not have time to wait for service. When I arrived at the store, not only was everyone busy, I had to put my name on a waiting list. Needless to say, after waiting 15 minutes, I had to leave without service. This seems to be the norm for all Verizon stores. They continually lack good customer service and honestly. I could have easily gone to the store when they were less crowed. It is unfortunate the way they treat the customer

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latory t swanson - 37 d 4 h ago


I've never been so mad at a store for being treated bad. I went to this store three times to return a phone. The first girl was just rude. Then I ended up getting her again . I never did get help or return my phone she refused to help me. Bad customer service, the Manager Chance the worst manager response ever, blame me for not getting a manager. I did everything they asked and still its my fault seriously. I will be leaving verizon today regardless of the payment for the device. I don't give my hard earn money to people who treat me this way.

store 4900 beltline dallas, tx 75254

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Carolyn - 39 d 5 h ago


I have been dealing with Verizon for the last 2 weeks as my son's phone is using data like crazy and I have been trying to find out why. I have spoken with 3 different departments and no one can tell me why. They all come up with their own ideas but not solving the problem. They state they will call my son to resolve the issue but they dont. I am so tired of dealing with this issue and I will be refusing to pay the overage charges that have been going on for the last 3 months. I am put on hold for long periods of time. The customer service really sucks. They also changed my password without my knowledge. I have had Verizon for well over 17 years. I will be canceling my services soon.

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Lowell McAdam's son Joushua - 39 d 5 h ago


Customer service use to be tremendous. Now very bad. Wait times are horrendous. Not curttious at all. Difficult to understand.

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VERIZONHATER - 43 d 12 h ago

Fuck VERIZON They suck the customer service ain't shit nothing but a bunch of lying unintelligent bunch of sorry MOTHERFUCKERS I hope no I pray for your company to fucken fail and go bankrupt.

Flagged for review. 
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Verizon Yes / UPS NO - 47 d 13 h ago


I like Verizon they have always responded. I WILL NOT drop Verizon over Trumps ridiculous "not respecting America" issue. As many veterans have said "I went to war to give people the right to protest." If I am going to protest it will be about Verizon using UPS to deliver their merchandise. Dealing with UPS has been a nightmare. I am Verizons customer and they respond to me. Verizon is UPS's customer and Verizon should demand better service from UPS. I don't like to use the Verizon stores to buy because the salesmen work too hard to push things on me. But will cancel any order from any company if they say package will be delivered by UPS. Refuse to go thru this again.

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