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Verizon Communications, Inc

MCI, WorldCom, Verizon Wireless
140 West St.
New York, NY
Lowell McAdam
Chairman and CEO
(212) 395-1000
Twitter IDs
@Verizon, @VerizonWireless
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Ron Bailey. - 3 d 4 h ago

Will be leaving you . Insulted by person in my. Juliet Tenn Lebanon rd . Store ..

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fran - 3 d 17 h ago


I am totally disgusted with Verizon and the way it allows Yahoo to contact business. I was threatened by a Yahoo member going by the sign of as A.M.V. This person has threaten me, slandered me and racial slandered me. This person also lied about her education because i checked with the college she stated she went to. My friends, relatives,business associates and myself are contacting our stock brokers. She should be removed from using Yahoo immediately.

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Alyson L. Taylor-White - 11 d 7 h ago


I dropped a Verizon phone line earlier this year, and was told my bill would be less per month which made sense. It was not reduced the next bill, but the staff at the Verizon store said it would be reflected in the next month. Eventually I did receive a bill for a lower amount, but within a very short period of time, I got a bill for the higher amount. This time I paid the higher amount, but wrote a letter asking what the problem is. Today I got a bill for the lower amount - days after paying the higher amount. When I looked at the two bills I realized instead of removing the phone line on the first account, I am being billed twice for one service. The Verizon store told me this would be fixed, and the Verizon 800 number staff told me this would be fixed, but it has not been.

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Jacqueline A. Lofaro - 13 d 11 h ago


This is not a review. It is an important request. Please have your business department stop using ACH to take money our of my checking acct--without my knowledge or agreement--to pay my monthly bill. I am never informed in advance or asked for my permission to remove my money from my bank account. As far as I can determine, AC s for American Clearing House...a system of payments companies and corporations can use to take money from accounts to pay their bills. However, it upsets any systems a person developmenst to pay their bills on time or adequately because one never knows the true status of one's checking account. Verizon has "invaded" my checking account on several occasions. I want you and your colleagues to make this unfair arrangement stop. Since you have no other serious competition, you "rule the roost of the communications. world. Bravo to you...But please do not allow your finance and collection people to invade my checking account without permission. It is a form of robbery. Jacqueline Lofaro.

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Fuckyoupowderwigbaldheadmotherfuckers - 14 d ago


For only allowing 15 GB maximum 4G on a mobile hotspot provided by a mobile phone you guys are complete bitches. Exactly the kind of move that gives capitalism fucked-up name. If I weren't in borderline poverty and being forced to use you along with my parents plan I would be using AT&T in a heartbeat for this one reason. When I do stabilize you can consider me a lost customer. Seeing as I piss more than 15 GB per day I can't see that you are adding any benefit through through mobile hotspot option so you might as well not allow it to be fast at all.

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Anonymous - 15 d 16 h ago

I'm a customer of Verizon for a long time. Lately I receive a message from Verizon that my payment is late. Its happened last month and this one month too. I never pay my bills late and I don't want to spend my time to defend myself every month. The first time it was a mistake and I received apology and what is the second time??? I asking for your help...After long waiting I spoke to very nice lady that said that my payment was reversed to my cellular account. I check my statements every day and if something wrong I'm the first one to know. I appreciate your help. Sincerely, Faina Eksler

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Tobie Williamson - 18 d 5 h ago


Verizon lied to me i was supposed to have 14 days to return the device on the 13 day i took it to the store because it kept glitching they would not take it back they made up every excuse there was even telling the verizon rep on the phone they wouldnt take it back so i went back on the 14 day to make a long story short they would not take it back and pushed me around until the dead line was over now i stuck with a messed up phone

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Louis - 19 d 16 h ago


This Company employee dishonest employees I purchased a Verizon Jetpack at Walmart with a $100.00 load card it would not activate i went into a Verizon Store in Katy, Texas for assistance apparently they without my permission opened up a Verizon account in my name I use sprint I have no need for a Verizon account

the piece of junk jetpack never worked Verizon says they are NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR EQUIPMENT This occurred in May of 2017 Verizon initially sent me a bill for $253.23 which i never paid since I have no service nor did I knowingly approve the opening of any account with them I contacted them many many times deaf ears no customer service whats so ever now Their STRONG ARM COLLECTION DEPARTMENT WANTS ME TO PAY $784.29 i'M SENDING A LETTER TODAY to MR Lowell McAdam Chairman and CEO lets see what he can do I'm Disabled and on a Fixed Income I'M making this known and public if its resolved I'll update this However I'm not Holding my Breathe

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Anonymous - 21 d ago


I recently contacted your company in regards to upgrading my phone to a red iPhone 8 or 8 plus for 50% off with a trade in. I spoke with three different people who informed me that my iPhone 5s was no eligible for an trade in because it was to old. I was very dissatisfied the results that I got do to the fact I've been a loyal and faithful customers for 20 years now. I will be looking into other phone companies to see what they're offering. Thanks for being so unfaithful and loyal to your customers.

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Kisha - 64 d 11 h ago

Do anyone has the Phone numbers to reach the corporate office

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Me - 57 d 12 h ago


Found it...

Lowell McAdam


I would anticipate incompetence if you should call them. An attorney would be best.

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none - 43 d 11 h ago


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User of English - 23 d 8 h ago


Kisha, "Do anyone has" the understanding of the English language? Because you surely don't. Take your black ass out of ebonics class and sign up for an English class

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Anonymous - 24 d 4 h ago


Shut Yahoo down - just read the posts from Anonymous- Here it goes. I own Verizon stock and if CEO McAdam does not shut down Yahoo. It is out of control. I deal with many large brokers and institutional investors. I want action taken. I also have Verizon for my cell phones. Here is what Anonymous stated on Yahoo- You tell me that this is permissible by any legitimate company. Greetings and felicitations; Conway here, always sure to offend someone with my heartless, foul mouthed, blasphemous, epithet laced observations, this time directed at those indigenous inhabitants occupying the Middle East, referred to by many folks as camel jockeys, musselmen, ragheads, Mohammedans or generically identified by the all encompassing term, sandniggers. To state that I do not care about the ragheaded Moslem pricks infesting the Middle East is the understatement of the goddamned century, at least to the point of my not caring if they kill each other, down to the last angry, childish, fanatical fucking bastard. In fact, I applaud and further encourage all devoted Moslem believers across the Islamic world to continue in killing each other, in every possible way that they can, like they are currently doing in Libya. You see, I've grown rather weary of watching fanatical Moslems running about unfettered, murdering hapless kikes, whiteys, niggers and even the occasional gook in the name of their non-existent shitkicker god, Allah, and I much prefer that they instead slaughter each other in their own nations. In the midst of this amusing carnage, the Moslem god, shitkicker Allah, apparently reigns from his undetectable and invisible abode, a laughable phantasm which in reality is nothing but an imaginary, tyrannical deity hallucinated by the deranged mind of a power mad 7th century Bedouin with an agenda of conquest - an illiterate, murderous, epileptic child molester, named Mohammed. Shitkicker Mohammed, who evidently babbled out his silly Koran tome of death between killing, raping and having epileptic fits, is revered by his fellow ragheads, e.g., those of the Sunni, Shia, Sufi and Druze sects, as the founder of Islam. Moslems continually repeat that Islam is a religion of peace, or perhaps pieces, that determination of course depending on whether one is considered an "infidel" by other devoted followers of Islam, provided they are all of the same sect, otherwise, they kill each other for not believing in the right version of Islam. When no one else is available for the faithful to destroy, Moslems, even of the same sect, often resort to killing each other, perhaps to sate and glorify their invisible, impotent, defenseless desert god of death and destruction. Hey, don't blame me people - I didn't invent shitkicker god Allah or fucking Islam, shitkicker Mohammed did, killing anyone who disagreed with his epilepsy induced delusions, setting a fine example for future generations of deluded fools to follow. Like many simian humanoids, Moslems exemplify the phenomenon of "herd mentality", albeit on steroids, meaning that if any given individual in their midst disagrees with their collective worldview, those in disagreement can be and are in fact killed for disagreeing with the herd. With vexing "infidels" eliminated as necessary, what results is a sterile, homogeneous, backward society bereft of individual thought, a hivelike collective composed of deluded, superstitious, dunderheaded drones on constant watch for dissenting misfits, who are identified as "infidels" and then annihilated by the herd as "blasphemers". I swear to Christ, Locutus of Borg couldn't do a better job of forced assimilation than the goddamned Moslems do, even if he tried for a thousand fucking years. That fact of peaceful Islam noted; I find that superstitious people nauseate me to the core, making me want to vomit in their presence. That especially goes for the feckless followers of shitkicker Allah; North Africa and the Middle East are teeming with delusional, angry, ragheaded 35 year old virgins who refuse to stay in their own backward nations, keeping their inane, parochial outlooks in their own backyards, so to speak. Alas, the delusional, miserable, woman-fearing freaks that they are, such children in men's bodies feel they have to migrate, proselytize and occasionally rape female "infidels" of the host nation, exporting their obtuse, nonsensical Koranic dogma to the rest of the globe. Once taking root far from their homeland, like an ever growing, metastatic cancer spreading over the earth, Moslem males piously and arrogantly espouse mythical fucking sophistry and utter intolerance that even an average kindergartener could refute effortlessly, while engrossed watching their favorite cartoon. Conversely, this unfolding, hilarious debacle across the Middle East should prove to be very good indeed for commodities like oil and gold, not to mention silver, all of which are again increasing in value thanks to Libya's role as a major producer of petroleum, along with being in complete chaos due to angry, murderous, delusional sandniggers, mulling about killing one another for whatever reason. In addition, gold and silver are further appreciating in value thanks to their "safe haven" status, especially with many people around the globe realizing that holding intrinsically worthless fiat currencies or "investing" in securitized debt are quite possibly the very best ways to LOSE every fucking thing they have ever worked for. Libya, located in northern Africa, is a pathetic nation populated by loony, emotionally retarded, hate-filled sandniggers, run by a 68 year old, weird looking, dark spectacled, tent dwelling Moslem tyrant named Moammar Gadhafi, or Muammar Khaddafi, or perhaps even Mu'ammar Qaddafi. Who the fuck knows how this despotic asshole's moniker is truly spelled, considering transliteration from Arabic script to Roman script is an inexact science at best. Ruling as the Libyan version of North Korea's "Dear Leader", Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi is referred to by brown-nosing sycophants as "Colonel" Gaddhafy, Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution. It is doubtful that Ghaddafi is a real Colonel; perhaps he's a Kentucky Colonel like Harland Sanders was, but, regardless of that, Overlord Moamar is one mean motherfucker to be reckoned with - "brothers" like Khaddhafi are what the mythical Cain was to his murdered brother Abel.

Flagged for review. 
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Tiffaney Stoehr - 37 d 23 s ago


why dose this company still place cell phone towers at school yards? Even at Elamentry schools? it seams to me that they would be concerned about safty. why is it that they would even pay lawyers to defend against such a hariblessing thing. Like right at a kids playground ( Kingsbury country day school in Oakland Township MI)

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george - 45 d 11 h ago


I have been locked out of my My Verizon online Account for over a year and have never been able to reactivate it due to very poor service, poor user-friendly online service, etc.. I keep getting messages that "Your information does not match our account records". I simply want to be able to access my account once each month to pay my bill. I have been a long time user of verizon wireless services and currently simply go to my phone to pay my bill. Can you do something about making customer services more user friendly. My phone number is (hidden). Thank you.

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Cecelia E. Canez - 46 d 9 h ago


I have never had such terrible business with until recently mind you I've bee n with you guys for 18 yrs! It didn't just happen once but twice, now what happened the corporation oath as far as PUT CONSUMERS FIRST! Well I'm sorry but it's not happening!! I bought a S7 for my sister and added her to my acct. I went thru calling center cause it seems every time I go into and office here (Tucson,Az) I had such rude,and they call you a liar in so many words means the same damn thing!! So no I've never have had problems so my only mistake is I didn't inspect the phone when it was shipped that way. Then after we had it after the 14th long after we found a crack and it's been overheating like crazy called spoke to a guy by the name of Noah he said will we have a policy on that but it's rare but it's been known to happen and everything seemed to be ok I told him that and that I really didn't care for the anyways and would like to be able to exchange it to a less expensive phone like maybe lgk20 he said no problem and also quoted me a diff. Amt. But when I went into the same stupid store the girl found a dent! I didn't catch that but I told her and she said nonetheless we cannot replace or really do anything for you! WHAT??????? Mind you I also pay for ins on all the phones too! And they did not help me at all. In truly and totally disgusted and sad cause you guys use to honor your word or shall I say the Corp. Oath you have??????? What happens to you guys her what a shame!!! I'm really thinking of going with a diff. Corp. that values their customers especially the loyal ones like me!!!! I surely will NOT EVER REFER YOU GUYS!!!!! Disenchanted customer!!!!!

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Nancy S - 49 d 4 h ago


Terrible customer service, aweful phone plan, I have had 3 refurbished Google Pixel XL's sent to me, none have worked and I have spent more time on the phone in the store and on the phone than with my own family. When my father was dying I had no ability to call, receive calls, get voicemails. They have done nothing to correct this, and refuse to send me a new phone. We spend over $500 per month as a family and get horrible service.

We are taking this case to our attorney, and we plan to file suit. They have had my phone more than I have, never had a good working phone, yet they keep sending huge bills. they won't even pay for the $40 glass protectors I have to keep buying.

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GGB Ventura - 49 d 10 h ago


You have terirble customer service. I have spent 3 hours just trying to add minutes to my phone. still dont have them! I am trying to spend money with you!?? But I just give up. I hate to see any big company go under because you employ so many People... But you guys need to pay attention to your business cause you are one of the worst co.'s I've ever done business with. Customer service is non existent . All teck companies have problems but most try to fix them. Would it be so hard to add customer service to the priority list. Or maybe you just dont care! You've made your money right? GB

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Anonymous - 50 d 7 h ago

I have been a loyal customer of Verizon. I have 6 lines on my bill. I have a 10 inch Verizon Tablet and I went into my local Verizon Store to purchase a cover. I paid $89.00 plus tax. And they ordered the case for me. When it came in I took it back to the store because it was an 8inch case. The employee there told me they would send that case back and get me the correct size or give me my money back. Well that was 5 visits and 10 phone calls ago. All I want is a heavy duty 10inch case ormy money back. Will you please handle this problem of 6 months. Thank you. Jay Michele Dodds (hidden)

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Extremely frustrated - 50 d 13 h ago


I called for internet service only to find out that the phone service was also added without my permission. I only had the service for 5 days of which I was not able to utilize. I'm a graduate student taking online courses and was falling behind due to not being able to connect to the internet. After cancelling on the 5th day of installation, I was charge $171.66! I called several times to confirm that I will not be billed prior to receiving a bill two weeks after the cancellation. I had documented my calls as well as dates. Once again I was told not to worry about the bill and wait until final bill will be sent out. Let's see how this all pans out. I will definitely provide an update. I don't think I will ever return nor recommend Verizon which is unfortunate.

General profile image

Drake Lewis - 52 d ago


I hardly ever get LTE and when I do it is slow. If I'm lucky I get 3g and most of the time I have 1x. We have called customer service multiple times and nothing has been done. It would be great if someone would either put a tower near me or come figure out some way to have internet in my area. I know that it isn't my phone because multiple other people in my town have the same problems and are getting rid of Verizon and going to another service. I will be doing the same if nothing gets done!!

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Toshia King - 53 d 8 h ago


I am incredibly frustrated with Verizon. Communication is vital to operating a successful business. When the Billing, Usage, and Financial Departments do not communicate with one another it leaves a customer very angry and wanting out of their CONTRACT! It is very frustrating to have to help a Verizon do their job when I do not work for them and I will not get paid for the reminders!!!

General profile image

Fred - 53 d 12 h ago


VerizonWireless is giving away $100's in account credits due to their inability (or perhaps unwillingness) to stop robo/spam calls on their network (they'll offer you $30 at first, but I held out for $70), the inability to maintain a functioning network during the highest volume times (I got $26.99), their inability to match their competitor's lower prices for identically inferior service (yet to be determined), as compensation for the bait and switch practices of their vendors (I got $267.89) and the unwillingness of their corporate stores to honor promises made by their online customer service ("Chat Agents") (yet to be determined).

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Judi 714-315-4586 - 56 d 5 h ago

I first alerted the fraud dept. that I received a bill addressed to someone that did not live at my address. I was told to write return to sender. The next month I received another bill and called the fraud dept. gave them all the info and was told that there was an investigation and the mail could not be stopped until it was complete and to tell the post office not to deliver. I received a third bill and a letter and again called the fraud Dept. but was connected to customer service. The very nice lady made an expedited report for me than transferred me to the fraud Dept. The "Lady" I got was rude, didn't ask for any info, said I had been given wrong info and to contact the PO. I said I had and could I speak with a Supervisor? She said "Thank you for calling Verizon." I asked if she was transferring me to a Supervisor, and she, again, said "Thank you for calling Verizon."and hung up on me.

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