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Verizon Communications, Inc

MCI, WorldCom, Verizon Wireless
140 West St.
New York, NY
Lowell McAdam
Chairman and CEO
(212) 395-1000
Twitter IDs
@Verizon, @VerizonWireless
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Anonymous - 11 d 11 h ago

It seems to me that all of Verizon's dissatisfied customers should come together with an attorney and send a wake up call to this massive conglomerate. They cannot keep up with their own growth! Wait times alone for Verizon customer service is ridiculous and, in my case, even when they say it is resolved, the issues remain. I have spent hours trying to take care of things on the phone. Even when you go to a store, the store techs have to call the 800# and be on hold. Maybe the CEO should spend some of his $17M per year of pay on adequate training for his personel! Giant conglomerate companies do not work for anyone except drones and the executives that make money on them!

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Sara Parlove - 2 h 34 m ago


I would love to lawyer up with you.

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Anonymous - 7 h 43 s ago


Went to the Verizon store to get info on insurance and new plan. They wrote down Asurion's phone number on a sticky note and gave it to me. Called the number they gave me, (hidden). It was a sex line. Not sure if they are idiots or trying to be funny. Either way, going with T-Mobile this afternoon. Much better prices and unlimited data. Don't have to worry about going over 18 gigs anymore.

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Igor - 6 d 11 h ago


My 2 year contract Verizon FIOS bundle is about to expire. I called Verizon customer service to renew my contract and they refused to do that. Verizon customer service representative told me that I need a sign a new contract with more expensive internet options that I did not need. She basically pushed me to go to 1000 mbs saying that it was the only option available. She told me that I had to buy a new router as well. She hid some costs until I received email confirmation that was saying that I had to pay extra $270 for new equipment and installation. I called again, spoke with a different person and found that actually I did not have to pay anything. They sent me new router and I installed it myself. I also found from my second call that I did not have increase my internet speed to from to 1000 mbs. They have 100 mbs internet.

To make my story short: Verizon customer representative lied to me several time to make me sign a much more expensive contract and to push me to pay almost $300 for not needed installation. It is horrible service.

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matthew borkoski - 6 d 14 h ago


I've been with Verizon for 11 years, what I don't understand is why they seem to value new customers over existing ones. Isn't the cost of retaining an existing customer far less than obtaining a new one. My account is up for renewal and set to increase by about 25 dollars a month. That puts the cost of fios over 200 per month. I'm looking elsewhere for service.

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Jacqueline Owens - 30 d 5 h ago


My name is Jacqueline and I have galaxy 8 and I am having some serious problems and this matter is causing me to not have service on my phone. I have called several tech today 01-20-2019 and there is no one who can get my phone working. I feel this is happening because I don't want the upgrade to the new phone, Well I am calling into corporate on Tuesday and I will go on the news channel to get this matter resolves in some type of work, I think they are a shame for because when you are almost done paying something goes wrong with your phone this has been going on since 01-16-2019. I pay money for phone services. Verizon sucks

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Spin Hrabik - 13 d ago


I feel like going to channel 7.

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Spin Hrabik - 13 d 2 h ago


On January 30, 2019 I went to Verizon at 19-15 Utopia Parkway, Whitestone , N.Y. The salesman was Brian Igla.

I went to Verizon to change my mobile carrier from AT&T . I have been with AT&T for about fifteen years. The salesman opening an account for me and my wife.

During the transfer I was informed that someone opened an account #(hidden) on June of 2014 got a couple of phones and the outstanding balance was $2,660.88 in one month.

As I never had a Verizon cell phone account. I called the fraud department and I spoke to inquire about this account. They told me I have fill a I dentiy theft with the Police Dept. The police Dept. want a bill and Verizon will not give me one so I can not fill a complaint with the Police Dept.

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ROBIN - 15 d 4 h ago


You Owe Me money And I want it ASAP, It is $2.29, I have been waiting for it for months. You gave me the worst service that I have ever received from a company. I had to almost fight to cancel my service, because what I got should have been good enough. It was the worst phone call that I have had to make with a rep. from your company. He thought that the service that I was getting was good enough. It was always going out, and I only had minuets to stay online. And if I would have been late on a bill to you i would have had a penalty. so now you leave me no choice but to report your company to the FCC and BBB.

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anon - 15 d 11 h ago


you suck big time

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Jay - 21 d ago


I contacted roadside assistance sunday to have my vehicle towed from the interstate where i broke down to the repair shop this was around 9am. The rep got it set up and the tow only covers 10miles and I pay the differece she calculated the total to $58.65 I paid that with her over the phone she confirmed that i didnt need to stay with the vehicle. I got a vehicle brought to me and continued on my trip home. Around 1 or mabe later than that I realized that i hadnt got a comfirmation or call back so i called just to be sure the service was completed. At that time the new rep informed me that the request had never been submitted and now im about 2hrs away from my vehicle and its still sitting on the side of the interstate with the keys in it and no one is in route to get it. She explained that we would have to redo the request she did that. It was identical to the previous request however when she calculated the difference owed it was only $13.18 so i had to pay again. I was then assured that the original service request and money would be refunded as it should be however that has not happened. I have called roadside assistance and spoke to some of the most rude reps i have ever experienced I have also spoke to several unprofessional supervisors all of which have had HORRIBLY NASTY attitudes and each hasve told me several different LIES nothing has been refunded.. I contacted customer service several different ways to try to speak with someone that could provide assistance with getting this issue resolved NOTHING and no one in your entire company seems to be able to.assist. This Error belongs to verizon and the rep that didnt do her job but yet here i am your customer bearing the burden of your employees mistake. My.vehicle has been repaired quicker that getting this issue resolved. I DEMAND my refund for.the service.I never recieved and would love to know who.pocketed my payment. Not only that how what type of profiling was done to on the line for the 1st rep to have the total almost 5x what it should have been. See the response below i have recieved from your customer service line after expressing my frustration and complete run around about this refund

Per pamela in customer service

We will not help you with this. The credit that you need and are requesting is handled through a separate department that deals exclusively with Roadside Assitance. We do not have access to any information to your request, payment, or system that the Roadside Assistance department uses to assist our customers with the subscription. Any issues will need to be addressed by the Specialty Group that we have provided you. - Pamela

Something is terribly wrong with this and its clearly throughout your entire company WHO IS GOING TO ACTUALLY ASSIST YOUR CUSTOMERS!!! If i could give negitive stars that would be more accurate. There is no way that me as a long time customer should have to pay for your employees mistake and there is no reason that will ever make.sense why i would get the run around like this for a refund that should.have been issued without me ever having to ask for it!! Verizon ks Worst Customer experience and A absolute Worst in customer service and that putting it nicely...

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Hate Verizon - 21 d 5 h ago

Verizon lied to me. Their rep told me I would receive a military MasterCard promotion gift card for $200. I never received it .probably never will.i have no respect for Verizon. I was promised this card by a Verizon supervisor. Spent 3 hours un the phone today to find out why and was told by another supervisor no card for me.

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Diana - S - 21 d 12 h ago


Popped into Verizon to ask about updates and prices just before flying off for a vacation. Was given a price of $45 per line for unlimited for two lines due to a Loyalty program and being over 60. Said I did not have time to complete all this but would be back after my vacation. Got home to see that my next bill already had an increase and when I contacted Verizon to advise that I had not signed up I was informed that if my bill was put back to its original amount that I would no longer qualify for the better rate as I already had it.

On then discussing the rate I was then told that the price of $45 per line was actually incorrect and it would cost me $80 per line for unlimited. So obviously someone somewhere is not providing the correct information and they are now going to lose a long standing customer as I do not like to be deceived.

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RAY C. WELDON - 24 d 18 h ago


Your customer service is not what it should be. You don't put a customer on hold at 4:00 PM and never picked up. You don't tell a customer you will call them back at 1:00 PM never call back. Train your customer service reps to provide customers with the services they are requesting. Listen to the customer and stop using quick sales pitches to make a sale. We have been loyal customers for over 11 years and it's always not a pleasure speaking with your customer service reps. If we are ever able to speak with someone we will change our service to what we asked for not what was pushed off on us as the same package we've had for the past years. Speak with us or your company and remove everything Verizon both inside and attached outside to my house.

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Josh - 25 d 4 h ago


So my wife was employed at Knoxville location and she was getting sexual harassed and went to the mange he told her he would take care of it then today she gets fired there a shity company No one there will call me back

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california consumer - 28 d 8 h ago


this company tries to make money off of poeple anyway they can its shameful,verizon charges high prices and when you need them they dont help you very bad company to do business with.

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Marcus Yohn - 29 d 7 h ago

It is a shame that Verizon can stop robo calls but they want you to pay 2.99 a month for their service, as if that don't make enough for their service. Come on Verizon, Being number one if you don't make enough money already.

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Dissatisfied customer - 31 d ago


After receiving a quote and agreement for what my price would be with new phone service, it was not honored. My fault for not securing the print out, but I trusted the sales rep to be correct. I feel as though I was deceived to get signed up, and I am spending a considerable amount of money.

When I went in to discuss the bill and monthly charges it was a defense for the company instead of treating me with any value as a consumer.

The general manager at the store went straight into my bill, which was whatever is in the system, and had no interest in giving proper customer service and respect to someone who is paying money to the company. Rather than check with corporate to help in the situation. He would rather stick me with taking $30 a month that I did not agree to pay for the phone service.

As such, launching this unfavorable review for the Verizon store and the corporate model for Verizon from service rendered at the store at 27th and Superior street in Lincoln, NE.

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Anonymous - 32 d 11 h ago


I live on Hilton Head Island. I visited the Verizon store in Bluffton on three different times. I have not been pleased with their customer service there lately. My first time being there this year after Christmas when I need to transfer my old phone to my new people. They said that is done outside of stores now days but they help me anyway and then I need the phone be hooked up to Bluetooth to my vehicle and they said that they did not do that. I eventually had to go the dealership where I buy the car and they did it in five minutes and I was out of there. I had to go to Verizon this morning because my phone frozen on me and I took out there the first time the girl was less then useless to me that we need to get the person on the account to come out. Once that person came out that was on the account it turns out that the guy did this and that and my phone work again. I think the customer service at the Bluffton office needs to change and also they need to be trained on Bluetooth capabilities because more and more people have that in their vehicles now days. Thanks.

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BEA WEST - 34 d 9 h ago




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Dawn - 39 d 8 h ago


Verizon is at an all time low. If we had other choices for high speed internet, I would be changing all my accounts, including my 3 lines for cell service. That being said, after a 25 minute hold, the lady I spoke to was very helpful in correcting the overcharge, again, on my daughter's account. Her move in August was an absolute nightmare and it has been a mess ever since - 2 accounts for 3 months, finally merged but with an overcharge. I had to call corporate and get them involved when the move was so screwed up. Verizon needs to get their act together - I'm still researching and will move services as soon as I have good options.

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lucille - 40 d 2 m ago


i have been a customer for over 20 yrs. but their customer service at this point is beyond terrible. i have spent 1 week at least 2 hours each call (approx. 9-10 phone calls) spoke to 9 people in the Philippines ( including one supervisor and one assistant manager) 1 person in Maryland (today - his name was Ben) and still don't have the issue resolved. Each and every one assured me that they would correct the error and handle it. Nor when asked why the previous requests were not handled, no one had an answer. no such luck. I am writing a letter to the CEO of Verizon, and will find the V.P. of Customer Service and send him a letter also. I am completely disgusted and disappointed in them. The technicians who come to the house and do actual work are for the most part, excellent. their office customer service-not so good.

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Bobbie Jo - 42 d 5 h ago


I've been with Verizon for 11 years and up to now never had a problem. However, they made up for lost time! I won't go into a lot but I made a $459.69 payment they said I didn't. Spoke with 17 different reps an until yesterday no one did anything. Finally had a lady who told me to get my bank statement and gave ame a number to fax it to showing the payment had been deducted from my account. After five weeks and all these people I spoke with she was the first one to offer up a solution. Incidentally, they turned my phone off for lack of this payment, and I had to pay it again yesterday to get my phone back on. When I provide proof the payment was made instead of giving me back my extra payment they are going to credit my account, which wasn't good timing right after Christmas, what a bunch of leaches

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Margie Shiffman - 44 d ago


My Flip Phone broke so I decided to purchase a Smart Phone from the San Luis Obispo, CA store on January 2nd. I was told by the salesman if I did not like it I could return it within 2 weeks. I tried very hard to learn it, but I found the technology too overwhelming for me as compared to my Flip Phone.

Today, January 6th I returned to the SLO store, and was greeted by the same salesman who sold me the Smart Phone several days before. He began screaming at me that I had not given it enough time and my excuse was not acceptable - I could not return it!! I told him I did not want it - I wanted to buy a new Flip Phone. He continued arguing with me stating "that's not a good excuse you cannot return it!!"

Other customers in the store were staring at me - I was humiliated and extremely embarrassed.

Another salesman who overheard his co-worker yelling at me, came over and said he would take over my request. He apologized for the bad behavior of his co-worker and proceeded to honor my request to return the Smart Phone and sell me a Flip Phone.

The embarrassment and humiliation I suffered is inexcusable.

I would NEVER recommend the SLO store.

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Cecil Donaho - 46 d 8 h ago

My old phone died 3 months ago. Since then I have attempted to get my service canceled but have had no success. I am told I can get it done in St. George, UT but that's'40 mi away and I aim 86 years of age. Phone numbers for Customer Service only provide non-stop'elevator music. Your assistance would be appreciated'

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