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Verizon Communications, Inc

MCI, WorldCom, Verizon Wireless
140 West St.
New York, NY
Lowell McAdam
Chairman and CEO
(212) 395-1000
Twitter IDs
@Verizon, @VerizonWireless
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compatiblepet - 18 h 28 m ago


My plan was changed without my knowledge or authorization after I made the mistake of taking Verizon up on their offer of "disaster assistance". They are now charging me double for the same GB plan as I had previously. I have already reached out to customer care, four times, without resolution of the matter.

Verizon Wireless customer service representatives engaged in deceptive trade practices, and again today with the offer of "Beyond Unlimited". I was told it would be $85.00/month for 22GB 4G LTE and in fact it is $90.08 for 15GB 4G LTE.

I have saved the chat transcripts as proof of the deceptive trade practices.

I will be reaching out to Kenneth Dixon, and if that fails, I will be reaching out to the state and federal regulatory agencies that frown upon predatory business practices in the wake of national disasters, and then I will be reaching out to a different service provider.

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Anonymous - 2 d 14 h ago

I'm writing you as the last straw! I'm just one small customer who may not matter to you, but I've exhausted all possibilities to get answers. We've had trouble with our bill for MONTHS. Multiple personnel from employees to managers to customer service has assured us our billing problems were fixed, only to find out they are not. We have 2 tablets and two phones with unlimited talk, text and data. Our bill according to customer service, our bill is supposed to be $157.33 per month for these services. My husband is a disabled veteran. We're both senior citizens and I'm a former teacher. We've been given zero discount for ANY of these things. It's not for lack of trying, but yet again promises were made by customer service and not followed through. We've been with Verizon 24 years and feel we should be treated better. I expect you all will be true to form and nothing will be done. Our store manager in Crossville, TN even tried to call you, but after holding on for 1 HOUR, he too gave up. His suggestion was that we try to get through to customer service AGAIN...which takes an act of God to get through. Once the robot answers, they give you a code to enter. You enter it and surprise, they keep telling you that so many mins/secs remain for you to enter the code! Verizon may have great coverage, but customer service is horrible. Sprint is looking better every day. Susan Creedon (hidden)


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Catherine - 3 d ago


Why is it impossible for a telecommunications company to list a PHONE number somewhere on your website so that I can talk to a HUMAN? I tried to change my FIOS plan to what the website said would be LESS expensive and instead it signed me up for one that was MORE expensive. I want to talk to a human who can fix it! There are no phones numbers on your website. The contact pages, after forcing me to close the same advertisement 3 times, never get me anywhere that the problem can be fixed.

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Kasey D - 4 d 15 h ago


I wanted to let the corporate office know wht a wonderful job, Marquisa did! Im certain that I spelled her name wrong, I apologize. Her customer service was GREAT! She was cheerful and very pleasent to speak with. I am no longer a customer with your company, but, great job on her hire! Her customer service I would rate at a 5 star, the company a 3 star and the bill... well i might give that a 2. This is the reason for my rating of a 3, split the difference. Im sure that this will not be read, but I had to.

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Robert Thomas - 8 d 14 h ago


I just moved to Sierra Vista, AZ, got rid of my landline and went with Verizon cell, which is good. However, on my second visit to trade for a different phone, Stephanie at the local store sold me a HUM. She told down my e-mail address and I created a pin. I could not access HUM online. Went back a week later and was told they had wrong e-mail address. I was told it was corrected and I could now access HUM online and use it's vehicle diagnostic code. Again could not access online. Also received call about over due billing. Went to the store again and was told they e-mailed me my bill. Well guess what? Top the wrong e-mail address. I went to the store today 2/11/2018 and asked for my money back since inept staff could not tell me how to use HUM and could not even write down correct e-mail. I was told no because past 14 days. I was given 800 to cancel HUM. After 17 minute wait Jeff answered and told me they still had the wrong e-mail, which he said he corrected and will have bills mailed to me. I want my money back because SERVICES AND STAFF WERE INEPT. I plan on taping the following sign to my front and back care window: VERIZON CHEATED ME, parking my car in front of the Verizon store while go next door for coffee. I also plan one day a week walking with same sign on public sidewalk. This will be on weekends because I work in Tucson and have to drive 3 hours a day total to and from work. I will look forward to the signs. Robert

Thomas, LCSW, MSW (hidden)

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Robert Spicer - 8 d 15 h ago


I'm going to start charging Verizon for all the *****?* advertising I get on my phone. I bought my phone for MY USE NOT THIERS AND THIER BUDDIES .ANY followers ? Anyone else tired of this **** ?

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Amie - 10 d 19 h ago


Verizon does NOT care about their customers and only care about getting our business and taking our Money!!! Worst company and customer service I have ever dealt with!

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ANONYMOUS - 12 d ago


service in Richmond Va the worst i have ask to speak to a supervisor many of times ; i get no supervisor verizon need to take some skills from comcast that who i will get my service from....

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Jimmy - 15 d ago


WORST company policy in the industry including banks, brokerages, everyone else. When I called 611 to talk to customer service, Verizon rep demands that I tell him/her my pin. HOW CAN I TELL THE REP MY PIN OVER THE PHONE WHILE MANY PEOPLE ARE AROUND ME? But if I do not say my pin, the rep tells me he/she cannot access my account. In this electronic age when there are so many incidents of fraud, theft, hacking, you name it, why does Verizon want to put its customers at risk by demanding that they verbally say their pins to Verizon representatives???

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Anonymous - 15 d 17 h ago

To whom this concern my dad that lost his wife after 60 years .he is a veteran and the way you treat your customers that's really sad my dad had to get a knew phone and the guy at the store told him that would charge him to set up his phone .My dad is 84 your .Your customer service is not that great .

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Earl Johnson - 15 d 20 h ago

Dear Mr. Lowell Adam, We are alerting your company to a very important conference to be held in Dubai, UAE, on April 17-18-2018. You recently attended a conference in New Delhi Indian on Cyber Security. The conference will provide the following subjects: : BlockChain, Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Cyber Crime, and ICO Protection.

Your companies participation would be appreciated, and informative.

Earl Johnson, DM, CII


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Joe - 15 d 20 h ago

Customer service is completely incompetent and terrible. I ordered Fios and was supposed to have a tech come install on Tuesday. No tech ever came so I went back to store and waited on hold for 2 hours only to have someone answer that could barely speak or understand English. Then was put on hold. While on hold got a message that they could not help me and for me to call back

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Bernard Jordan - 17 d 7 h ago

I was watching access Hollywood. Seeing the bus that you guys had for the children pertaining to science. Could that bus come to Edison elementary school in Dayton Ohio. I have a ten year old that just live working his brains and hands. My neighbors children also. What do you have to do to get your bus to come to the school

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Gig Rollins - 17 d 19 h ago


As if my time is not important , I have spent over 4 months going back and forth with Verizon regarding bills upgrades etc ALL which is there lack of job awareness,. Not understanding why a company who makes no less that 200 or each 2 billion customers they have, can not ever be on the same page. I WONT OUT so badly I am almost give up on my credit that I have successful turned around but I would rather have bad credit then to continue my relationship with Verizon you may have the best network but yout employees need more training in all areas of business and you need to go undercover (boss) before you big business pushes paying customers away.

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wayne buell - 46 d 17 h ago


spend 3 hrs on phone still did not get the right answer to my ? about my bill talk to 5 people still no answer very pissed been with Verizon for about 20 yrs. been with Verizon brought out air touch.

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Kate - 27 d 31 m ago


I believe customer service all around is terrible. All they care about is the all mighty dollar.

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mria - 25 d 17 h ago


Version customer service is the worse,the waiting time at the phone is between 20 To 30 minutes, and minimum an hour Specking to a sales person,I have very bad experience with Verizon but yesterday was the worse,I call to make a payment and I was told that my bill went up because the promotion has been expired ,I explain that I was not under any contract and I was never notified of any changes,and to make the matters even worse he said that I owed an additional $159.for the next month, I argue and argue that I never ever was notified and that I can not afford to pay that kind of money that it was to high, I decide to call Optima and signed a contract with them,I call Verizon back and a representative by the name Kim from New York look into my account.And promise to Reduce the bill if I sign a two years contract and that I only needed to pay $61.43 Total of my balance and my next bill will only be $74.93 Of course I did not believed him ,we talked about it for over an hour and he TeX me twice I asked for a supervisor to assure me that what Kim was saying was true regarding reduction of my total bill ,James de billing costumer service Supervisor repeatedly that he personal was going to reduced to $61.43 but that I need it to sign up the contract That he and Kim emailed me 4 times and explain me how to do it And that I didn't have to worried about anything that he will put it in writing I sign up the contract Only on that promised to me, Today I find out that was all Lies to make me signed up the contract, please investigate this by listening to the records, it happens yesterday 1/24/18

Kim's ID#is 5706147

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Anonymous - 18 d 15 h ago

I'm contact Lawyer in the morning

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Anonymous - 21 d 16 h ago

I was having a issue with my account getting a business number transferred over to self account , I started speaking to representatives in November and all assured my the transition would go accordingly , which it didn't , I was lied to by several reps until iI connect wit Repre Charles #20732405 , he is the world best employee he took the time and eneegy to assist and listen to me , corrected the errors made

He deserves the award of excellence for customer service

Thank you so much

You are a asset to the conpany

Yvette Rice

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JJ Flash - 25 d 9 h ago


Your acquisition of yahoo and all the anti-usa and offensive yahoo news makes verizon the worst excuse for doing any business. The far left slant on everything is just too much for the 100+M real Americans that love our country and love our president. Dump yahoo or we will all just dump verizon. WTF was McAdam thinking what a waste of my shares. good riddance

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disney - 28 d ago


This company refuses to talk to there customers and customers who leave if you write a letter to lowell watch out they threaten to take legal action i wonder why???

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None - 28 d 15 h ago


not a happy customer from your company; I had done it all and still the same BS service; I was told on ) 01/16/2018 by your employee - CSR - Christ I will received an Iphone ES that he put in the order; I call today and I was told that he doesn't have the authority to do that or put the order in. I been having issue with my service - which is calls drop; when receiving calss also drop and having a conversation calls drop; I was told is not the service that is the phone itself; I have the iphone 5 since 09/04/2011 (5) years never update or exchange either. this is been going on since 12/26/2017; I already had it enough is enough. I'm requesting brand new phone not nothing used either

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Former AOL user - 33 d ago

I think that after so many years of being a loyal user of the AOL desk your decision to cut it off and have the audacity to now charge for this service is ridiculous and unfair to the many users. I will in time get a new e-mail address and never use your product again. Shame on Verizon!

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Clancy Collins - 35 d 20 h ago

I have a a letter written by the Art Director, John E. Fitzgerald aka/ New York Telephone

140 West Street New York, New York 10007 (hidden).

The letter is in response to a customer's request for a reprint "Three Gabled Cottages"by Rembrandt. It states this etching , signed and dated 1650, illustrates his mastery of the medium. "Three Gabled Cottages" realizes Rembrandt's delight in the landscape of his native Holland.

We appreciate your interest and hope you will enjoy your reprint.

I also have the copy of reprint with New York Telephone seal on the back.

In short, "Three Gabled Cottages" appears on New York Telephone Directory covers published during 1973.

I was trying g to inquire about some more information about these pieces.


Clancy Collins

1330 Hall Spencer Rd

Rock Hill,S.C.29730



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