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Verizon Communications, Inc

MCI, WorldCom, Verizon Wireless
140 West St.
New York, NY
Lowell McAdam
Chairman and CEO
(212) 395-1000
Twitter IDs
@Verizon, @VerizonWireless
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Anthony Fornabaio - 15 d ago

Worst support ever, nothing works , refuse to help, simply don't care at all, awful

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Anonymous - 2 d 4 h ago

Anthony, it's God Aweful. I don't know why we stay. My reports are going to the attorney General today.

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Brian - 3 d 4 h ago


I can't believe how many times a person has to call to get something so simple I have called the customer service center over 30 times over 45 day period & have had multiple reps tell me if I cannot fix it today I will certainly get back ahold of you by phone or email? It is pretty disappointed when you of had at least 5 different persons tell you they will get back in touch with you with absolutely nothing, no call no text no email, I expect I would get something in return but nothing, the reps at these call centers care nothing about your problems at all I can not get anything done with my problems at all, all Verizon cares about is the mighty dollar, I will be calling or emailing the corporate office about this issue.

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Concerned Customer - 3 d 10 h ago


The service, representation, willful intrusion and bullying in San Antonio and Von Ormy in Texas are horrific. These immature employees are poor representatives making it bad for the employees that display character and integrity. The service truly stinks. Times are changing and nothing today is stable anymore. Don't think too highly of yourselves and company that God cannot bring you to your knees for mistreating. misrepresenting and having no core values when it comes to your customers. Stopped the unnecessary harassment of customers. You cannot coerced paying customers to comply to what your employees want them to buy instead of what the customer needs. Some of your employees are very nasty and vindictive especially here in San Antonio and the Von Ormy areas. The bullying has to stopped. If you are a reputable need to investigate these informal complaints. Customers are the ones keeping ur company in business. I have been harassed frequently and I am fed up with some of your employees actions. I hope you will find a resolution because it can be resolved in other ways if necessary.

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No name needed - 6 d ago


This is what happens when a corporation gets to be so large that they can get away with miss treating the customers that have made it so wealthy. I wish we had a government to stop organization like yours. Verizon has got to be one the worst in the world. I will never trust your service again.

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All Feed Up - 6 d ago


Awful customer service, another company should take all of your business old and new. You don't deserve our service and we don't deserve your bad treatment. Thanks for nothing. All Feed Up.

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Judy Lewis - 6 d ago


Good Day, as a former customer service rep for many years, I cannot believe the lack of service I received most recently. I merely asked how much y bill would be if I made a few changes to my current package. The Rep, not listening indicated he needed to place an order to do so. Since when are your rep not trained to add and subtract services and provide customers with quotes with said changes.

I still need a real person who is able to converse with me about changes I made need to make, not a robot reading from a script. And Yes, I am looking to make a big change away from Verizon who has gotten so big that they do not talk with customers any longer, SAD......

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Moving on... - 8 d 14 h ago



Yes, Verizon is the worst. My landline and internet was out of service for a year and they wanted me to pay full amount each month. Crazy. Closed my account after 39 years. I will be going elsewhere for services but will see them in civil court over bill. I think the Attorney Generals office should also be contacted because they never fixed the problem. Fraud.

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Senor Citizen - 9 d ago

Tried to get home phone connect NBR ported to a newly installed FiOS landline. I am a senior citizen with some memory issues and after spending over 12 hours talking with different support reps the number still had not been ported. Every representative l talk to tells me something different. Without a doubt the worst customer service off any company. The executives in charge of customer service should be fired. Verizon wireless offers customer disservice not service as opposed the the land line representatives who are knowledgeable, helpful and speak English without an accent that is very hard to understand.

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Anonymous - 12 d 11 h ago

Brand new customer bought a hundred dollar phone and airtime and already trying to figure out how to get a refund

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Unhappy with Verizon - 14 d 24 h ago


I called Verizon to cancel because I was paying too much. The rep gave me a price that I liked-so I stayed- and had my son port his #. just got the new bill..MORE THAN 2 TIMES WHAT I WAS TOLD IT WOULD BE!!! And you can't get anyone on the phone. WOW. I have been with them forever- I am done if it does not get fixed!

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jane frisa - 22 d 22 h ago


im a senior citizen i had a accident with the phone i need a phone for my doctors calls i wait 1 2 hours for a tech they were to send a phone today but didint after being with you for years im dropping your service other wireless companies are open to get help you have people working from home and thats a promblem because they are talking to family and ect

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Anonymous - 162 d 23 h ago


I want to thank Verizon for their crappy customer service reps. Early in February this year, I started experiencing issues where my Fio tv was going down every day for more than a week. It would shut down and start reloading tv programming. I had been with them for more than 12 years. I was told that the entire viewing area was being effected (found out later it was my outdated equipment). I could barlely understand the "customer service rep" I was speaking to. Anyway I after the call I received an email indicating my monthly service had gone up from $200 month to $250? They had removed all of my discounts I had been receiving. I then contacted them and terminated your fios service. Best thing I ever did! I went a got a Roku box, and now I have more tv then I'll ever be able to see in my lifetime!!! And all for less than $130 a month So THANK YOU for hiring non English speaking representatives to handle your customers issues.

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Anonymous - 120 d ago


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TJ Customer since it was GTE MobileNet - 25 d 14 h ago


Apparently they do not care any more. Used to be an excellent Network, but with unresponsive Customer service you are only as good as the Customer Experience. Total runaround on the IVR, No response from the Chat, in what country I have no idea. Tried to make an emergency long distance call to a family member tonight. I am more than a half an hour in, and no human response. Dropped calls, IVR run-around, everything to make a Customer frustrated. Tried to call Mr. McAdam. IVR Run Around. The same Covid-19 excuse that the rest of corporate America is using. Tell me again, with FIOS, why can't Customer Service Reps work from home? They don't have FIOS in the Philippines, or wherever the cheapest labor is. I guess I will be changing to a company, that uses the same Network, but charges half the cost. I mean if the expectation is poor customer service, I won't be unhappy.

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Anonymous - 28 d 5 h ago


Once again.... emails threatening to discontinue my phone service not acceptable. I've had to alter my account set up. Someone needs to look into these screwheads who change the account status!

I want notifications of Bill's due by mail! And email notice reminders as has been done for centuries!



MARTHA BAKER.......!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Martha Baker - 28 d 5 h ago


Payment has been set for the third attempt...

My account has been set up for left from my account on file.

I want a paper bill to verify my information being charged...

Along with reminders via email as I keep up for verifying account actions.

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Jesse Wilson - 29 d 46 m ago


My name is Jesse Wilson I am soon to be an EX-VERIZON customer. I bought a phone and plan from the moundsville, wv wall mart. When i enquired about my first bill ans asked about the activation fee i was told by the verizon rep that the 40$ fee will be waved due to the covid 19 and doing my payment paper free. When they messaged me saying my first bill was 150$ i called to see what was going on. They informed me there was an activation fee. I told them what the rep told me. They said there is no note in my file and that there is no deal going on right now, and that i need to get in contact with the employee.i gave them the agents number that was on my contract, this is after i spent all morning trying to pay my bill. Why should it be on the customer to figure out why im being told one thing from a rep and another from someone in billing. I feel like i was told whatever just so they could make a sale. Then i felt like Verizon was trying to put they're responsibility on me after i had already spent over two hours talking to them trying to get it straightend out. To no avail. I see the picture of the two men shaking hands right above where im typing this comment. Hand shaking is a gesture of honesty and integrity. Everything i dont feel about my buisiness and transaction i had with Verizon.

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Pete Scarpitti - 40 d 34 s ago


Really does Verizon pay any attention to these posts, I know they don't keep their word or promises. I know their using this virus to reduce their employees and service. I believe I have been with Verizon wireless and fios to long and they really care less about dedicated and long time customers. 4 days of trying the talk to someone and when I did they didn't keep their promise to call me so I could buy a replacement cell phone. Chats, no luck endless freezing of the site or ( maybe they just didn't want to chat any more). Wife love Verizon wireless and fios but lack of customer service is more like a nightmare. I'll sneak and move on to another carrier and if I get caught I'll pull a Verizon tactic and freeze up.

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Stu - 44 d 1 s ago


I received an inaccurate billing from Verizon.

Please contact the Verizon store where the phone was returned to confirm that. Please note that my Verizon account was closed within and the "satisfaction" guarantee period expired.

I do not owe Verizon a penny. Correct your billing and send me verification that your records are now accurate. Should you need verification, please contact the Verizon store and or me.

I must say that Verizon's customer service that I have spoken to are some of the most inept CS people I have ever seen and indeed not something to be proud of.

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Anonymous - 44 d 5 h ago


Time to clean up your act, and stop trying to silence conservative views. Get out of the social activism business, and back into the phone business!

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annoymous - 44 d 16 h ago


I was very disappointed to hear that Verizon pulled advertising from Facebook. I am a strong supporter of free speech, and am very disappointed that Verizon decided to try and strong arm Facebook into restricting speech. Should Verizon continue on that path with Facebook I will use my consumer activism to boycott Verizon and switch services.

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Sherrie - 49 d ago


I have been a Verizon customer for over 20 years and the last week I have spoken to at least seven people they said they would call back that left me on hold until I hung up 5 refused to honor my warranty and exchange my phone one had the audacity to say they would not use my warranty because they were sure that I broke my phone I asked for the corporate number and was told there was no corporate number you better get on the computer real fast if you have an issue when I told them that I would go to a different phone company they basically said do what you need to do I am now looking at different phone companies I've always loved Verizon but because of your customer service and the fact that I cannot get ahold of a corporate office I will be entering my displeasure on all websites I can find I've already when are customer pissed and now going to Yelp and any other platform I can find

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Cheryl Jacobs - 49 d 35 s ago


I have been a customer since 1996 when Verizon was GTE. Increased dead zones in several places. Calls won't go through - I tried a business contact's office number several times last week and then his cell phone. Nothing. I call someone and I can't hear them or they can't here me or vice versa. Echoes in the background when I do get a call to go through. Calls break up and I can't hear the person on the other line. I used to have great service. Not anymore. I was on the phone with customer care 55 minutes today and never did get to speak to the technical department. I am reaching out to AT&T to discuss switching within the next month.

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Sandy - 50 d ago


Thank you Keydra from Huntsville Alabama customer care. It was a pleasure dealing with you today. You were a huge help.

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