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Vistaprint Usa, Incorporated

95 Hayden Ave
Lexington, MA
(781) 652-6300
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Rick - 28 d ago

What has happened to Have you seen this?

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Anonymous - 159 d 21 h ago


I am VERY disappointed and really very discriminated against as a African American. When I go on your website to create my flyers for my cleaning business. I see very BIG clear pictures of other races, when I go to find my race they are VERY small and not many to choose from at all. Now something needs to be done about this matter and fast.

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Anonymous - 141 d ago

Stop pulling the race card every time something doesn't go how you want it!!! How did they know you were African American??? If you could not find pictures that you liked or wanted to use go out on the internet and find some. Stop feeling "really very discriminated against" and empower yourself by taking control and FIND YOUR OWN PICTURES!

I have had problems with vistaprint customer services and their use of foreign accented workers makes it very hard to resolve problems but I don't feel "really very discriminated against"!! Just stop using them and find a service that better suits your needs. Better yet use a local service in your area that may just better understand your needs better. You are incontrol of your business!

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Realist - 47 d 10 h ago

What I'm God's Name are you even talking about?

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Disappointed I want the Vista Print I love back! - 92 d 21 h ago


I loved VistaPrint and have used them for many years. The last order was horrendous. The correction was even worse. I am throwing them all away, as I don't want those flyers to be looked at as a representation of our company. What happened? Very disappointed. I will no longer use them for any of my printing needs.

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UPSET - 98 d 17 h ago




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Dianna Cunningham - 152 d 6 s ago


I think it would be great to order products from the site as a guest only so I don't have to remember yet another password. I'm not a continual customer so I order very infrequently. Customer service says nope you have to have an account. Really stupid. Will go to an old fashioned brick and mortar business because you guys are so dumb!

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HWC comics - 1 y ago


Awsome service. Have ordered numerous items. Customer service was great. I've had items printed incorrectlly, due to user error and they were replaced with the correct color images. I take advantage of their sales, i just started promoting my small buisness.

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Lisa S. - 157 d ago


Just wait. I had things printed incorrectly as well, and yes, they replaced them. But when I had website issues, no response for days and weeks. I would never recommend this company.

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John Wells - 1 y ago

Dear Ignorant Customer Services

I find your service ignorant and i will now sue your company for failing to provide services i paid for, also breach of terms and conditions also loss of business, you ignore emails , you fail to provide proper website service, your staff are rude and ignorant.


John Wells

WCG Holdings UK

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Lisa S. - 157 d ago


I agree. If you need a witness, I'm all yours. (hidden)

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BLS in MD - 1 y ago


This is the worst company that I have ever dealt with. I had them design a website. The first proof came out it was the ugliest webpage I had ever seen. In the review

Process we gave the designer specific direction as to what we wanted, which they totally ignored and did nothing we ask him to do. The things we ask them not to do they did anyway. Second proof came out the same, they did nothing we ask them to do. Same thing as the first time. They cut some of our text and replaced it with their wording without understanding our mission we had to change it back. Who ever the designer is they shouldn't be one, they have no creative vision at all. I finally started trying to make my own changes the way we want. It went back a third time for changes, we are waiting to see what comes back this time. Something needs to be done about this company. They are just awful. Communicating with them is a lost cause.

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Lisa S. - 157 d ago


I totally agree. Communication is terrible. They say they will contact you but no one ever does. Why should I spend my time calling and calling and getting no response? Terrible customer service.

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Cindy Zappia - 204 d 24 h ago


Wow, I read the reviews and could not believe what I was seeing. I have ordered from Vista print more than 5 times inside the United States. I have been extremely happy with customer service and the quality of the product I received.

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Lisa S. - 157 d 30 s ago


Just wait until you have a problem.

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Lisa S. - 157 d ago


The customer service is terrible. The people who answer the phones and handle the chats are very nice when they tell you someone will reach out but no one ever does. My website has been down for 2 weeks. I have reached out 3 times and nothing is being done, but I'm still being charged for a website I done have. What does it take to get this taken care of? I would certain not recommend Vistaprint, and that makes me very disappointed.

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ryan Bernard - 178 d ago


Stay away from Vistaprint, they cost me 3,000 in business because they could ship properly and I never received my merchandise. The offshore to Jamaica where their Supervisors and subordinated are profoundly incompetent\ and apathetic. It is an overseas outsources operation. Again, stay away!!

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Len Rachlin - 201 d 10 s ago


I ordered postcard announcements for a photo show that I was having. The front of the announcement had a photo which appeared perfectly on three different computers yet when it arrived the printed photo on the card was way too dark. Customer service was very understanding and told me that there would be no charge to reprint the cards. They told me too submit it again but to send them a lighter version. I asked if they could just lighten it but they said no. So I resubmitted my photo announcement in a lighter version. It came back a little lighter but still too dark. Again I complained and again customer service was very understanding. This time the representative said she could lighten the file at her end. I explained how it should look. Unfortunately this time it came back way too light! There was no time and no point to try again. Over the years I had used them at least four times with no problems. Go figure.

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Abby - 216 d 3 h ago


Stay away from Vistaprint at all cost if you value your money and time. Every order they have messed up. I spent $100 on door hangers and they were wrong and poor quality. Final after a hour I spoke with Allison Wilson manger in the Bahamas. She said that Vista rarely makes mistakes. After doing research with consumer affairs groups that was a lie. They have tons of complaints and one star reviews. They said they would fix my order and send it. I still have never received them. Allison Wilson hasn't return my six emails across several days. Yesterday I spent hour on phone trying to reach her. They told me she is in the office. Way too many other good printing companies that care about quality and service. than making a huge mistake doing business with them STAY AWAY from vistaprint if you value your time and money!

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Protect Your Personal Data! - 223 d 13 m ago

We have been customers since about 2006 and have ordered several products. My main complaint is mostly about their refusal to delete the data stored on these products that contain personal information.

Customer Service Representative and Supervisors have replied with "We would not be able to remove anything that you ordered previously. I can however help with removing projects that you didn't order and would like to delete." If you didn't order a product but created it the option to delete is there but if you already ordered a product, that item/product and that information does not allow consumers to have the option to delete them and they remain stored in their databases. I have called several times and chatted with reps and they consistently repeat the same responses. "I will have the feedback passed on to our engineers" and nothing happens. I tried this for a couple years and never get this issue resolved. I am going to file a complaint with the Attorney Generals office. Consumers have rights to protect their personal information and Vistaprint needs to comply or go out of business! I will never order products again from this company and would recommend that consumers are aware of this to protect their personal data.

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Anonymous - 237 d 6 h ago


Good morning.My account number is: 7734-3677-0498. As of this morning, I requested that this account be cancelled. I am writing again to complain of your terrible CUSTOMER and WEBSITE DESIGN SERVICES. Since submitting my design brief on the 04th March, 2018 - (albeit 3-days later than was requested), I have been constantly screwed over with lies and promises of assistance. Somehow, your customer services representatives believe that once they deliver their spiel, that everything is right. I have even received an e-mail from your company telling me that my website was ready for publishing when in fact I had never received a draft to review. How did customer service handle that? "Well Sir i'm trying to reach someone in design services to unlock your dashboard so that you can review your draft..." A day later: no dashboard unlocked. Customer service: well sir, it seems that the e-mail you received was sent in error. We now find that you never submitted your design brief. After numerous calls and enquiries for your company to simply admit that they screwed up and after asking them if it would be easier to start the process over, your company continued its lies and deceitful behaviour resulting in my having to vent my dissatisfaction openly. Their technique in screwing people over could verily have come in part from Pavlov's works. No wonder your company has yet to hit the Billion dollar mark. Your customer services and design teams need to be audited - thoroughly! Their processes of accountability are not working to your benefit Vistaprint.. They are damaging your brand and goodwill. Eventually you will pay the price. Today you may say: oh, that's just a few unhappy customers..... Many franchises have made similar mistakes gentlemen. Today I have no website because I had faith and confidence in you. I have lost invaluable time in setting up my business because of you. I have cards (that you had to submit twice due to your errors, and not the first time either), but no website to market my company's services. I hope you correct your deficiencies and do the honorable thing. Regards, H. Don King Esq., CLU, IFA, IA, Nassau, Bahamas

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h.don - 249 d 5 h ago


To whom it may concern: I have been a customer of vistaprint since 2015. My initial experience was not a good one. First of all my name is H. Don King and my e-mail address is (hidden). I am from The Bahamas. As I was saying, the first experience with my business cards were pale and not what we discussed. They corrected this by sending new cards. However, I was still out of pocket monies I had to pay for shipping, handling and taxes from my US address to The Bahamas. The very same thing is occurring as I write this. Again with business cards and also too with the development of a company website!!

No acknowledgment of call backs and it appears that the Jamaicans being used to develop these cards seem to be intent on marketing their country by using their national colors throughout the design processes. I have personally experienced this. Additionally, someone went to the extent to insert a telephone address on my account that, even a cursory examination of my account would have revealed that, such an address has never been associated with my account.

I can only surmise that the reason for such fraud was to be able to say that they were in fact trying to cover their arses when in fact they did no work on the website. Who hires these types of staff? Today, I am again faced with having to pay twice for cards shipped to my country. I have no website. I should be up and running and gaining international exposure that was promised, but can't get my business off the ground.

To add insult to injury: they are telling me that my trial month is nearing an end when in fact no website has even been developed. The customer service department will not even admit to having received any information e-mailed them - whether in fact such information met the requirements or not does not even matter as they continue to waffle in lies, cover-ups and deceit.

I do intend to have my attorney review this matter with a view to filing a lawsuit for damages if Vistaprint does not favorably address my concerns.

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Amy Dougherty - 1 y ago


As I read the reviews below, I am SHOCKED to see how someone had a horrible experience with this company. I have been a customer since 2012 and have always had the best service and fastest delivery times. Most recently I created my Wedding Invitations and when they arrived they were incorrect. It was MY ERROR for not fully reviewing the item and forgetting a line. I contacted Customer Service right away and asked if there was anything they could do. They IMMEDIATELY fixed the problem and I had the corrected Wedding Invitations within 1 week! I could not be more happy with this company. The website is user friendly and they have everything you're looking for. I will never use another company when it comes to designing Cards, Labels, Invitations, Stickers...etc. Thank you Vista Print and you amazing Customer Service! I will recommend you to anyone!

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James E Reese - 1 y ago


JER in Greensboro NC,they got my order right i will continue ordering from them

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jose Razo - 1 y ago


I have order three different times and not received everything on time or i get the wrong items.when I call to complain I get rude people in Jamaica! USA business should be run by American people

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