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Vistaprint Usa, Incorporated

95 Hayden Ave
Lexington, MA
(781) 652-6300
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The Former customer of 20 years - 13 d 15 h ago


I was trying to setup a webdite on my own. And did most of the work, so I was trying to setup a consultation with a Web designer yesterday, only to find out that he was just the briefer who gets the info for the designers, would have to wait another week to speak to a designer, decoded that I just want someone to tweet the one I had already started, which put me over to a customer service rep, who didn't understand what the briefer wanted, 2 hours into the call gad to ask for a Supervisor, of customer service, A SHELDON came on the line after asking me 6 different times what I was trying to do...I simply had to disconnect from the hostel energy. I filled out a review that gave customer service a low 1, and now my computer is stuck on Airplane Mode, my Internet will not connect and my ethernet cable has been disconnected. Coincidence...I think NOT, that's what we get for trusting and sharing access to our computers with unstable people. Who expect a 5 star rating for a .00001 service. I have used VP for over 20 years so disappointing have this experience, can't trust them now with any of my information, not after SHELDON had my computer high hacked and disabled.

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Anonymous - 12 d 13 h ago

Its not worth the stress of argument, when you have one dept. here and another department overseas, and another department in another location around the world, there will always be a disconnect, that that is there job not mine. I should know better then to do business with companies that teach their customer service reps to handle things at level 1, take responsibility for the customers happiness to help retain them as a customer. Hopefully I will have better service with the design department.

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Anonymous - 31 d 18 h ago

Watching several commercials and I do not see any black people. The most recent is about wearing mask , there are at least 10 different faces but none of them black. Your marketing experts should be a little more sensitive when coming up with commercials. This commercial is suppose to be about empathy and understand however black people are not represented at all. It is not to much to ask for a little representation. Our money is green also.

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Danielle - 50 d ago


Making and I quote a MISTAKE (yeah how convenient) on a Black Lives Matter project and sending print outs that say All Lives Matter instead. Extremely unprofessional and careless. The hell with a mistake this huge company doesn't have people to review or double check work? Don't ever think you can confuse someone's life stance to your personal opinion. Highly disgusted. I will forever support my Free Print app and never this mess again.

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sharon rosman - 246 d 15 m ago


This company recently went way downhill.

I've ordered for over 10 years and will now be looking for a new printer after there customer reps in Montego Bay Jamaica were seriously rude to me about their shipping being late to arrive . I won't have my sign for the big show I'm doing now.

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TRE - 1 y ago


My Co. wanted a Quote on some cards I called and spoke with Gerhard Lubitz --- as soon i began to speak and i told him who i was he hung up on me before i could ask about business cards. How rude!!!! needless to say we went wit another co. Someone should teach them how some customer service skills. i have no clue how this co. keeps customers?

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Temi - 1 y ago


vista print is absolutely useless, i ordered shirts for my grandmother's 70th birthday, i called everyday to confirm the shipping, they kept assuring me it will be delivered, this is midnight before the party and they are telling me i can get it 5 days after the party..... im in tears as i dont know what to do

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BLS in MD - 2 y 234 d ago


This is the worst company that I have ever dealt with. I had them design a website. The first proof came out it was the ugliest webpage I had ever seen. In the review

Process we gave the designer specific direction as to what we wanted, which they totally ignored and did nothing we ask him to do. The things we ask them not to do they did anyway. Second proof came out the same, they did nothing we ask them to do. Same thing as the first time. They cut some of our text and replaced it with their wording without understanding our mission we had to change it back. Who ever the designer is they shouldn't be one, they have no creative vision at all. I finally started trying to make my own changes the way we want. It went back a third time for changes, we are waiting to see what comes back this time. Something needs to be done about this company. They are just awful. Communicating with them is a lost cause.

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Lisa S. - 2 y 58 d ago


I totally agree. Communication is terrible. They say they will contact you but no one ever does. Why should I spend my time calling and calling and getting no response? Terrible customer service.

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Fustrated Customer - 1 y 115 d ago


I am waiting for the same thing. My website design overall isn't ugly but they repeated the same statement on each page. Now I'm waiting for them to add my forms in which I've been waiting for an update for 3days now. It's been at a stand still for the last 3days. How long did it take them to send you an update to review after you had them revise it? All they have to do for me is add some pics and forms I sent them and correct some incorrect spelled words and delete the repeat pages. Its not a lot not sure why it's taking so long. Overall the customer service team has been extremely helpful, its just the website team doesn't have a clue.

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MCE - 1 y 156 d ago


No matter what I order, or for what, it is always top notch and perfect. Absolutely love Vista Print for all of my business needs! Will always use them.

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Allainyaha Charlene Matthews - 1 y 207 d ago


Month's of problem with my original art coloring on postcard (color). Did not receive a professional aka useful postcard until January. I had to tweak the back of the post with a sharpi to keep the momentum based on facebook, twitter, and other such site. This includes tweeted copies to the White House, Governors, Dispensaries, Hospital Staff, officer association, etc. Vistaprint, did give me 50 free envelopes for completely screwing with my campaign. Everything that could go wrong did, from the backs being too dark to read text, the r magically disappearing from the word your. I would go over it with staff and received my postcards incorrect time and time again. Could meet my deadlines as promised. I am sending a copy of each incorrect postcard to footprints HQ

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Anonymous - 1 y 214 d ago

Shopped vista print for

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Anonymous - 1 y 214 d ago

I have shopped Vista Print for years, but

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Rick - 1 y 294 d ago

What has happened to Have you seen this?

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 2 y 59 d ago


I am VERY disappointed and really very discriminated against as a African American. When I go on your website to create my flyers for my cleaning business. I see very BIG clear pictures of other races, when I go to find my race they are VERY small and not many to choose from at all. Now something needs to be done about this matter and fast.

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Anonymous - 2 y ago

Stop pulling the race card every time something doesn't go how you want it!!! How did they know you were African American??? If you could not find pictures that you liked or wanted to use go out on the internet and find some. Stop feeling "really very discriminated against" and empower yourself by taking control and FIND YOUR OWN PICTURES!

I have had problems with vistaprint customer services and their use of foreign accented workers makes it very hard to resolve problems but I don't feel "really very discriminated against"!! Just stop using them and find a service that better suits your needs. Better yet use a local service in your area that may just better understand your needs better. You are incontrol of your business!

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Realist - 2 y ago

What I'm God's Name are you even talking about?

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Disappointed I want the Vista Print I love back! - 2 y ago


I loved VistaPrint and have used them for many years. The last order was horrendous. The correction was even worse. I am throwing them all away, as I don't want those flyers to be looked at as a representation of our company. What happened? Very disappointed. I will no longer use them for any of my printing needs.

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UPSET - 2 y ago




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Dianna Cunningham - 2 y ago


I think it would be great to order products from the site as a guest only so I don't have to remember yet another password. I'm not a continual customer so I order very infrequently. Customer service says nope you have to have an account. Really stupid. Will go to an old fashioned brick and mortar business because you guys are so dumb!

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HWC comics - 2 y 299 d ago


Awsome service. Have ordered numerous items. Customer service was great. I've had items printed incorrectlly, due to user error and they were replaced with the correct color images. I take advantage of their sales, i just started promoting my small buisness.

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Lisa S. - 2 y 58 d ago


Just wait. I had things printed incorrectly as well, and yes, they replaced them. But when I had website issues, no response for days and weeks. I would never recommend this company.

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John Wells - 2 y 235 d ago

Dear Ignorant Customer Services

I find your service ignorant and i will now sue your company for failing to provide services i paid for, also breach of terms and conditions also loss of business, you ignore emails , you fail to provide proper website service, your staff are rude and ignorant.


John Wells

WCG Holdings UK

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Lisa S. - 2 y 58 d ago


I agree. If you need a witness, I'm all yours. (hidden)

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