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Vistaprint Usa, Incorporated

95 Hayden Ave
Lexington, MA
(781) 652-6300
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Peggy Bloch ( SpiritHorse) - 22 d 12 h ago


I am very unpleasee with your service. You have cost me 60 in NSF charges when you charged me 1.99 and .07 for putting my web site and email on hold. Well I might have alot of work in front of me but I will make the necessary changes that I need to make. I will be on facebook, twiter and put and ad in the newspaper about you so call shady practices. I will be m y card locally and my checks. I have made it my laife mission to ruin you reputation and refer other people like to reputable small business people. We are tired as American people being taken advantage of. I should have followed my instincts and not signed up. Well I will make sure people know this and be informed as your shady business practices.

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FEELING HURT - 28 d 9 h ago



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Fair Grounds Landscaping - 63 d 13 h ago


Great Service with


At affordable prices !!!

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Susan Drawbaugh - 98 d 10 h ago


Terrible company! I'm an illustrator and have worked with printers for years. VistaPrint's process is ridiculous! Their customer service is in a foreign country and each customer service lady promised BOTH times after we worked to get the inside and back of my cards right that it looked PERFECT on their end! I couldn't tell, because it's not possible to see on the customer's end. Only the front of the card shows up to scale. When I got the cards the first time the writing on the back... including my website address, was so tiny it was a joke! The 2nd time they sent the cards the inside caption was huge, and partly cut off! The gal helping me swore it was just perfect. I lost a client because the order I placed using my own design was printed wrong BOTH times! By the time I got the 2nd print of 300 Xmas cards that was wrongly printed my client gave up and bought her cards at Costco. Don't be lured by their low prices... it is not worth the frustration and mistakes these people make! I'm sure they're paid peanuts!!

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Carling Forster - 137 d 20 m ago


I just want to say how wonderful my customer service was this evening. Not only is it almost midnight...I was helped quickly and professionally thru the chat option. Abrissett helped me out amazingly. Very personable, pleasant and wonderful customer care. My issue was resolved and I am soooooo happy!!!!

Thank you abrissett!!! You rock!!! - amazing customer service like this needs recognition!!!!!

General profile image - 151 d 17 h ago


Vistaprint has the greatest customer service on the planet. I just have a recent complaint about their 50% sale. It is really a 37% sale on their post cards. I guess I will have to find another company to work with. Not happy.

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Mrkoolio - 176 d 12 h ago


I truly dislike companies that think they are so bright when they lure you in with a very low introductory price....2.99$ for 24 stickers. Then you spend an hour on the design and THEN they assume you will just pay since you have invested time.

5.99$ for shipping! For 1 page of stickers.

So, it is really 9$ for 24 stickers....not 3$. The funny thing is I need business cards and other stuff and these bloodsuckers will get zero business from me after this. If you have to trick people into buying your have a problem

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Mrkoolio - 176 d 12 h ago


I truly dislike companies that think they are so bright when they lure you in with a very low introductory price....2.99$ for 24 stickers. Then you spend an hour on the design and THEN they assume you will just pay since you have invested time.

5.99$ for shipping! For 1 page of stickers.

So, it is really 9$ for 24 stickers....not 3$. The funny thing is I need business cards and other stuff and these bloodsuckers will get zero business from me after this. If you have to trick people into buying your have a problem

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Martin buchan - 209 d 16 h ago


Ordered banner and flyers both where wrong and had To be redone which made us miss the fare they where originally for.

after hours on phone hearing the word sorry over and over again they sent out the supposed to be fixed batch. All wrong again so is asked for a refund they then asked for my account number and sort code even though I payed through pay pal.

After an hour arguing about giving out bank details over email and phone I didn't get anywhere. So have not taken it up with PayPal and bank.

This is company is useless and untrustworthy it would be safer to do business with back street gangster steer well clear

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

This company overall sucks however, the last representative I had was the most helpful I've had in two years. She truly understood the fat the this company has lost me several thousands dollars because of the following;

doing maintain during late hours and not alerting your customers. This means when we hours of work on our end updating our site and it not publishing.

website site has disappeared for days at at time. Meaning our customers saw a blank vista print page. Leaving us with emails of calls of calling us frauds, loss of ticket sales and paying extra reps to answer angry calls.

Loss off emails of can't get into them to respond to our customers questions.

At least once a month something with your dashboard goes wrong. Your customers now have a set joke about vista print. "It's a 50/50 chance when signing on to your dashboard and your specialty is messing us up right when we are running a special". You like to time it just right when you decide to make us lose money.

Last, in two years not one time has your company answered your so called corporate phone number....

Big hint, when doing maintain let us know ahead of time. Just as you throw all the adds in our face when we try to sign on or the hundreds of ad emails you send, you can just as easy alert us of site work on your end work so that we are not doing double work and paying for it. It would also help if your reps don't always throw the "Virus" word. It just makes it worse when they lie to us.

On the outside with commercials you represent yourself one way but your actual customers know the truth. How about you make the image true. Please get it together.

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Mr Piis Offt - 1 y ago


Vistaprint is the most dishonest company I've ever used. They fraudulently steal all credit card data and sell to third parties who in turn charge for subscriptions and ancillary services without your authorization or acknowledgement. I hope the CEO dies of pancreatic cancer.

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totally frustrated - 1 y 130 d ago


absolutely unprofessional people on the phone mistakes in billing....never again

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brenda d steed - 1 y 204 d ago


Hello: Hope this goes to corporate office. Please reply (hidden).

Number one I do not want to do business outside of the US. Number two I typed my info on the card I designed with my own photo the print was to big there was no place to put the info or design where the print would be on the card. Your web page sucks. I have had this service before and it was fine. I cannot design my card because of the wacky way you have had someone design this web page in other words. I am an IT specialists and I can't figure it out.

It is very confusing and annoying to work with. I will not be using your service until you fix it.

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alyshia_lynn - 4 y 219 d ago

Excited to get the next batch of @YRGiftofLife business cards from @vistaprint #beadonor

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annie_wang - 4 y 219 d ago

1 set of our @Vistaprint biz cards came w/ print error. now they're shipping us the ENTIRE order again for free. amazing customer service!

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EntrepreCarter - 4 y 219 d ago

@vistaprint price is not my biggest concern. Looking to a vendor who will get behind our project.

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jtcon - 4 y 219 d ago

Won't be using @vistaprint ever again!

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OLSTCakes - 4 y 219 d ago

@cupcakes_london use @Vistaprint we save every time we print on bulk.

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haileysbeauty - 4 y 219 d ago

@Vistaprint no problem think ill pop another order through in the next week or so

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ZumbawithBinu - 4 y 219 d ago

@anitaelizar @Vistaprint was at convention...I laugh every time I get out of my car!!

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allaboutyoulife - 4 y 219 d ago

@Vistaprint Can you please do something with your site. It is so slow! Tried to have a quick look at the hits on my website and gave up.

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jrsroofing - 4 y 219 d ago

@Vistaprint. My web site is brill cheers

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