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Vonage Holdings Corp.

23 Main St.
Holmdel, NJ
Marc Lefar
(732) 528-2600
(732) 231-6783
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N Menon - 6 d 15 h ago


Vonage is the worst company with the worst customer service. I have tried to cancel my service many many times. The customer service representative from India tells me they will call me back.. They never do.. I have tried several times through the online chat service and also through email contact.


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S Sugarman - 35 d 13 h ago


I have been a corporate customer since the start of Vonage. Invested in the Jeff Citron IPO and lost every dollar invested. However I have stuck with Vonage all these years. Well our corporate offices are in NYC which we have not been in since the end of February. I hae learned that Vonage cancelled our numbers which we have had for 25 years. The account was paid in full and I furious to learn that our corporate numbers are redirected to a moving company in Florida. We are in the investment business.

Further when I called customer support I have to person after person all of which offer ZERO resolution. I want our original numbers back and our service restored.

Shame on Vonage for CLOSING corporate numbers during a national emergency and I just find out about this yesterday..

This MUST be resolved immediately as the press will have a field day on the lack of corporate responsibility during a Global Pandemic.

Any human with any sense would understand this anger. This is completly NOT acceptable.

I am now waiting for a business customer support person named Justin (he would not disclose his last name) nor give an email.

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J herrick - 22 d 17 h ago


Did you ever get a resolution? I have a similar problem with Vonage and have been fighting them for 3 weeks and many, many calls to tech support for a resolution. Their very polite support people are utterly useless. I have never received a call back even thought they promised multiple times to call back in one hour. I long for the old Bell system that just worked.

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Brian - 69 d 14 h ago


ATTN: Marc Lefar, If you're gonna serve America, then how bout employing American's for your customer support, instead of outsourcing it to a country of people that don't speak English. There is NOTHING worse than fighting a language barrier to resolve issues with your service, sorry if that rack of lamb or expensive meal got to expensive to where you had to offshore jobs by firing those pesky American's. But by doing so, you're doing a disservice to the people who helped build this company from a small fledgling business fighting Verizon in courts into a communications giant. By offshoring those jobs, you not only stabbed the employees that helped build this company, you're ripping customers with substandard service with a language barrier.

This customer will seek an alternative to Vonage, cause I don't appreciate being ripped off. OH, BTW...I had to change my password, cause your nerds decided my 15 character password wasn't good enough. So I reset my password, and your system forgot the new password, and that capatcha you have SUCKS. I doesn't recognize the characters I typed in at least 20 times. Fix these problems, or this client will go elsewhere for service!

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New Life Home Care - 135 d 16 h ago


I purchased a business phone two days ago from Vonage and was told that the service was WiFi based and that I did not need to connect the phone to a modem or router. Upon recieving the phone, we found that the phone would not work. I was on the phone with a technical support tech for 2 hours, to only learn that the phone needed to be connected to a router. I had a certification inspection coming up and I didn't want to miss the inspection, so I went out and purchased a 50 ft ethernet cord to plug into the building's main router. After connecting the phone to the main router, the phone still would not work. I was told by the technician that the phone was not compatible with the router, even though other businesses are using this same router in the building that we lease from. After talking to Mark in Account Management, I was told that I could not recieve a refund even though we never used the service. Vonage is participating in bad business practices and ripping people off!! I will be contacting my lawyer and the Better Business Bureau! I do not recommend anyone using them!!

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Janet Reed - 96 d 12 h ago


I had this exact same problem. How did you handle it?

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Anonymous - 291 d 20 h ago

Vonage has promised a $50 Amozon gift card for a sign up promotion. When time to receive the gift card, no card. Everytime I called customer care they told me I will receive the promotion. The department that issue the promotions emailed me a confirmation and I will receive it in 24 hours. Several days has passed since that email. Still waiting for them to honor their promotion as advertised.

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Etruscan - 293 d 19 h ago


kop The desert cutthroats (Hebrews - Habiru Sagaz) probably are itching, as do the christian end-timers, for Apocalypse Now so they can all go skyward to play canasta with God. The Army-gad-on prophesy is of course poppycock and so the mentally deranged judeo-christian clowns are making it into a recipe - a staged play hoping that the main player won't miss His cue. If they can get the world pot to boil and outdo Hiroshima and Dresden, I'll bet all of my frozen bagels that Christ will never show up.

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Anonymous - 294 d ago

I have to many call everyday fifteen call I have lots time comeplane they no fix my problem I am ten old years customer I want fix the problem let me no I have thousand phone call in comping I have the prove some buddy your phone comepainie call they sale the information let me no thanks

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After being with Vonage business 10 years they transferred me to a new service that they had to give me special equipment and digital fax by email, they put me in a contract without my approval and never told me about it, when I asked if I can cancel the new service the supervisor insisted that I was told about the contract any way only after 3 weeks of the new service they want me to pay about 550 to cancel, customer service and technical support do not know how to operate the system and will cut you off and write comments about you for the next person to treat you even worse

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davidriecks - 8 y ago


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kaziz77 - 8 y ago

@Vonage is there a disruption in your service? Incoming voice isn't working?

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VickyPombo1 - 8 y ago

@Vonage no one at vonage_voice answer

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VickyPombo1 - 8 y ago

@Vonage I am having problems with the system

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Jdwdiego - 8 y ago

@vonage why do my calls go directly to voice mail?

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CBauman723 - 8 y ago

@vonage thank you for supporting #Leverage on @tntweknowdrama

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KansasPhoto - 8 y ago

Thank you @Vonage for supporting #Leverage on @TNTweknowdrama

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maryebrewer - 8 y ago


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mommanoo - 8 y ago

RT @maryebrewer: @Vonage.. just saw your commercial during THEFRENCHCONNECTIONJOB of #LEVERAGE that you for sponsoring my fav show on @tntweknowdrama TY

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maryebrewer - 8 y ago

@Vonage.. just saw your commercial during THEFRENCHCONNECTIONJOB of #LEVERAGE that you for sponsoring my fav show on @tntweknowdrama TY

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