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MMEG - 2 d ago


Thank you to Laurie in the St Lucie West store for trying to fix an awful situation. She truly exemplifies red carpet service.

As for the $14.00 increase in my prescription in 3 months, I'll be using another pharmacy in the future...and discussing Walgreens prices with corporate. (Publix half a mile away is $16.00 less!!)

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Denise - 8 d 19 h ago


Kudos to Walgreens for hiring Brian as a pharmacist at the Power and Queen Creek Road, Gilbert, Arizona location. He's professional, friendly and compassionate! I was having problems and he took the time to figure everything out. When I left the store and returned home their was a message from Brian. He solved my problem and left a detailed step by step message for me.

If only you could "clone" him! Just a suggestion!

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Anonymous - 9 d ago

This pharmacist is telling people my personal information to people outside her work at a card game. She didn't know somebody at the card game knew my real name an knew she was talking about me because the pharmacist remembered her from picking my prescription up from the same pharmacy she works at.

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G Apgar - 9 d 14 h ago


Okay, all I want is to speak to a pharmacist to ask one question. But, I sit on the phone and listen to a recording ask me question after question until I'm finally in a bad mood and want to slam the phone down, except that I need an answer to my question. STOP WITH THE L - O - N - G RECORDINGS !!!!!!!!!! I am seriously thinking about moving my prescriptions to another pharmacy. It may not matter to you, but I can't go through that every time I need to speak with a human.

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Laura - 11 d ago


Absolutely horrible pharmacist thinking they knew more than my son's specialists. Wouldn't fill his perscription that our doctor ordered because they "knew more"?!!! Are you kidding me?

Horrible experience. We should have taken legal action.

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Anonymous - 12 d ago

I truly believe your company hires the rudest pharmacists you can find.

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yonna - 17 d 3 h ago


I go to the store on 156th in lakeshore in Cleveland Ohio everyday and it's terrible no one is never in front you have to wait forever they attitude is bad it's just awful only a few of them do they job right

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Leen - 20 d 49 s ago


I was surprised by the lack of professionalism of the pharmacist named Nina of the New Britain CT Pharmacy located at Myrtle ST. This particular pharmacist forgot that a person does not need a degree to treat someone with respect. She needs the patients to keep the pharmacy going and at this rate with this pharmacist this site will loose a lot. Patients are humans and they do have dignity. On the other hand Cynthia resolved and apologize for this incident 5 stars for her

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Anonymous - 20 d 7 s ago


Absolutely write this pharmacy is getting worse every day!!!!!!!

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Dennis - 21 d 19 h ago


I was taken by surprise by the incredible customer service I received in photo at the Bourbonnais, IL store, courtesy of a warm, helpful young lady named Bailey T. I went in to get a passport photo and I must admit, it has been years since I have received the quality of attention and customer service that this employee provided for me. She is the type of employee that every service/retail business covets. So give her a raise!

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Anonymous - 23 d 17 h ago

Walgreen is the only seller for generic epipen and is not in my insurance network when my insurance requires generic epipen and yet within a 50 mile radias theres no one but walgreens with generic epipen so i have to go through mail order in order to get this drug i want walgreens to allow cvs or walamrt to carry generic epipen i live in a populated area so no reason not to have a generic form of life saving drug yet you sell viagra

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Employee supporter - 25 d 3 h ago

Am very discouraged about the layoffs in South West Florida...why doesn't this company cut salaries / benefits of the billionaire corporate "bosses" rather than lay off those at the bottom of their food chain to save money? This company is way to top heavy anyway.

The store employees (some part timers) who are being affected are the very ones who help keep you in business by dealing with customers every day while earning only minimum wage. Some of these employees have families to feed and need health care to survive.

It seems that ever since there is no longer a Walgreen family member on the board, this company has become more and more buying / partnering with more and more companies, expanding locations at breakneck speed and ultimately slicing out or discarding those very individuals who have made Walgreens what it is today.

What are these individuals supposed to do now? Their meager salaries can't be what's causing a pinch on Walgreens bottom line.... Shame on you!

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Anonymous - 31 d 18 h ago

Your phone survey is the worst experience I have. Too long. Stupid questions. No body uses this info anyway! Just allow us to rate pharmacy staff and enter name of person who helped me.

If I am in drive thru WHY DO YOU ASK ME ABOUT STUFF INSIDE STORE? AM IN THE DRIVE THRU!!!!!##!## stupid! You guys Take the survey 4-6 times a month! You will get mad too!! Ugh

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keith chapman - 32 d 18 h ago


i was treated very rudely at the walgreens on hastings way on eau claire wi. first a high school dropout was at the window and could not understand that the dr had faxed over prescriptions. then said there were no faxes from the dr.then i asked for the pharmacist who then said yes there were faxes just not the one for the prescription needed. then when prodded said there were a bunch of voice mails she had not checked. i asked why it took 45 min and neither fax nor voice mailchecked.i was told " do you want your prescriptions? if you do shut your mouth. THE PHARMACIST WAS GOING TO WITH HOLD MY DAUGHTERS PRESCRIPTIONS BECAUSE OF THEIR INABILITY TO HANDLE THINGS IN A TIMELY MANNER. this is not acceptable pharmacist name is theresa

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Patrick Murray Coleman Michigan - 48 d ago

I shop at a Walgreens in clare Michigan. There is a lady there her first name is Ruth that has been waiting on me for years. I participated in your surveys and I really think you do not know what you have with her. My nickname for her is Mrs Walgreens and she has that name for a reason. Outstanding customer service product knowledge and makes you feel right at home when you are in the store. I have said this before she needs to be training employees with her knowledge of customer service not being stuck behind a register. Please address my concerns!

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Pharm.D - 243 d ago

Francis Colon, a female pharmacist, is an incompetent b$*#@.

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Answer the Phone - 1 y 198 d ago

Just wondering, I called the Grenada, MS parmacy department to have them transfer a prescription while I was passing through, do they just not answer the phone? I called 3 times and the phone rang through complete cycles and hung up. I finally went to CVS.

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NicoleLiebenow1 - 4 y 281 d ago

RT @JustinTuckNYG91: Just arrived @Walgreens union square

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SLNNYNYGTEAM48 - 4 y 281 d ago

Have fun see u on firday RT @JustinTuckNYG91: Just arrived @Walgreens union square

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LeeceyyJane - 4 y 281 d ago

@Walgreens hook me up w/ them drugs,

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jennamarotta - 4 y 283 d ago

Manicure & self-serve fro-yo @Walgreens on State, then on to @Millenium_Park and my @nytimes.

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DickYoungsGhost - 4 y 283 d ago

As @walgreens owns NY's @duanereade, the other curly W folks @nationals own the @mets. Ouch. Get a bandage from aisle 6. @snytv @metsblog

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ericrileybrown - 4 y 283 d ago

Good place to get Movie Theater Candy; @DollarTree @99Only @Walgreens. Even Soft Drinks and Popcorn. With @netflix streaming to save money!

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mmcdeavitt - 4 y 283 d ago

@Walgreens who buys reusable shopping bags? #WasteOfMoney

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alexg__ - 4 y 283 d ago

@lindsaylohan rumors #nowplaying at @walgreens in san francisco #dead

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