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Anonymous - 1 d 14 h ago


BEDFORD Texas Central Dive Walgreens Pharmacy . I waited 22 minutes over the phone, this is ridiculous . I had to end the call because no one seems like to answer..

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Anonymous - 2 d ago


I would like to report an sfl from the overnight crew in the store on York street in new haven ct. she is incredibly rude to her employees and to her customers. I've gone in on multiple occasions and witnessed her talking down to her employees and treating them like children when they are doing nothing wrong. I feel like her behavior is unnaceptable and inappropriate seeing as she is a member of management. I've never seen any of the previous overnight managers behave and speak to people the way she does. I think something should be done about this. The woman's name is Gloria I believe.

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Lexington tn walgreens pharmacy sucks - 2 d 10 h ago

I dropped off RX last Friday 15th, they said they didn't have the meds I need to take before Surg and they would order them, it would be in Monday 18th. I went to pick it up they can't find it. Nor the RX that was left. I had to call the DR nurse to call them. She called and can't get anyone on the phone. I asked the rep at the drive thru to play sec video back last Friday and see who took my RX. This is negligence is going on in this store. Managers need to be looking into this store.

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Bridget Piazza - 3 d 17 h ago


I had my doctor send a script to Waldgreens Prime Mail on 9-1-17. It is now (9-17-17, and I have not received it.

I have called a number of times, and have been told it was sent, it has not been sent, it will be sent overnight mail.

I have been without my meds. for a few days.

Never have a seen such incompetence. Once you loose confidence in a brand, you may never get it back..

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Martha L. Brown - 3 d 18 h ago


Complaint about Broadway & Gates Brooklyn, New York Store. Ordered refills on prescriptions on 9/05/17 by phone. Told them they some were needed to be re-ordered by Doctor. Then went to store 9/15/17. Was told that they did not have prescriptions as they called doctor and he never returned call. Which is not true when you call doctor they ask if it is drugstore, physicians, office, etc. Told me that I had to call Doctor for refill. Have recently used this store b/c 80 Maiden Lane Store closed 7/17 and I WAS going to use the location to transfer all my medicine. These people do not follow up with you or your doctor like the stores in Manhattan. I worked in downtown Manhattan and used 80 Maiden Lane all the time for 20 years. Never had to ask them to reorder medicine as they did it automatically and called ME when prescriptions needed doctors reorder. Totally Ghetto Store. Wont me using Walgreens Duane Reade anymore, will go to local drugstore after 20 years with my medicine prescriptions refills and order. Goes to show you that the treatment is better in Manhattan in the business area Wall Street than you get in the hood. Also, called back to the store as I forgot to add my points on my card, spoke to someone on phone and asked what the procedure was put on hold, then someone picked up the phone and hung up. This store needs to be checked out by corporate management.

General profile image - 4 d 11 h ago


Awful!! As I'm writing this I have now been in hold for over 15 minutes. STILL have not had anyone pick up!!!! I Cannot Believe how awful they are and keep getting!!!! I wish I could send you the picture of the timer!!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!! Berkeley Heights NJ. CALLING BECAUSE THEY SCREWED UP MY RX IN THE FIRST PLACE!!

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Ald - 4 d 13 h ago


The "pharmacist" Andrew was just about the MOST unprofessional person I've ever had to deal with. He and the associate he had working with him continued to loudly bad mouth another pharmacist customer and ignore the customers in the line. When I asked if my prescription was ready, or was going to be ready soon, I also told him it was unprofessional to act that way in front of customers. He said to me "what business are you in?" Evidently I hit a nerve, he became defensive and asked if I was a "doctor" because he was. Um, okay, good for you. Don't act like a pathetic teenager with all your angst pent up inside if you're supposed to be a professional doctor. Never again will I use this pathetic excuse for a pharmacy. Every time I use a Walgreens I tell myself never again. This for sure, will be the last time. What a scumbag. Who talks to their customers that way? Ladies and gentlemen, this just goes to show you you don't need "8 years of college" like he told me he had, to be a kind, professional, decent human being. The "pharmacy manager" who felt the need to speak to a customer like that was named Andrew. He also went on to tell me "buh bye" and make an obnoxious show of waving his hand at me. This whole time I was thinking 'Great, this is the man who's mixing my child's meds?' I've never seen anything like it. Today after all that I switched all our prescriptions over to rite aid. I refuse to have to get my medicine there after the way I was treated by Andrew.

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Ms.taylor - 4 d 18 h ago


On Friday sept 15 I went into Walgreens on Utica in church avenue with my two children who were sick to pick up some cold medicine I got the medicine then went to checkout the cashier didn't greet me just proceeded to ring up my items then she asked me that's all I said yes paid and left the security walk down the block and told me I forgot something so I walk back there were employees looking under my stroller calling out item as if I stole something I was so furious I could've slapped one of them I will NEVER step foot in a Walgreens again

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Lorra - 5 d 22 s ago


All Walgreens locations provide a different experience. I am speaking for many customers who do not appreciate the thin cheap bags that fall apart before you leave the store. It is ridiculous to pay 7 cents for a bag that will not hold a bottle of peroxide and chips. Why can't walgreens pay the annual fee so customers will not be charged and write it off or stock the thicker bags. Thanks for considering the change. Your customers

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Tracy Araujo - 19 d 17 h ago



I am writing to you to make a complaint ..I had to get my prescription for a 3 month supply through Walgreens online store the phone number 1-(hidden) ...I had my Dr. Call or fax them a prescription for freestyle lite test strips ..I am a type 1 diabetic which need them .

I was covered under Harvard Pilgrim insurance until September 1st 2017 ...which my Dr. Contacted Walgreens with prescription at least 2 weeks prior to that probably more ..there was a problem with Harvard Pigrim covering the amount my Dr. Was sending the prescription in for ...I kept calling about prescription they allways told me it's in progress or were in contact with insurance ...I told them about my coverage ending as of Sept 1st ..they never called me to let me status let me know why the delay .....well today September 1st prescription ..can not get it now ...very frustrating ..not happy at all I need test strips to know what my blood sugar results are to know how many units of insulin to take's not a joke ..but a prescription that should of taken a few days or letting me.know of a.problem.was never done .

Now I have no strips until I go through my new insurance ...very upset with Walgreens hope to never have to deal with again..

Tracy Araujo

261 Ames Street

Fall River , Mass 02721

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T.M - 5 d 12 h ago


Walgreens in general has gone down hill it is really bad I was put on hold for 20 minutes to talk to the pharmacy then I called back in to the main line talked to the manager on duty told her I used to work for Walgreens for 10 years and when I did you stepped in to help your team out not just walk on bye . When a manager or staff member can not assist another staff member it is unacceptable. I want the CEO to be notified and the district managers as well. I called the district office to voice my issues with Hartland Wisconsin Walgreens . Thank you Heather for listening to my phone call today 9/15/17

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MARY - 5 d 14 h ago



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cindi - 5 d 19 h ago


Stopped at this store like I do three times a week on the 13th I stopped made a purchase asked for cash back got that.. my child called and needed 10. so I went back in purchased something for $25 and the employee "Frieda" stated I could only purchase the item no cash back. I asked if I ran my card and it gave me an option for cash back are you saying I cant get it she said no you can not.. Here's the problem the manager was three feet away from her and didn't step in to correct her.. I may be wrong but if I got 10 out with my purchase and then went back in to a store made another purchase and asked for 10 more the system should deny my request if your only allowed 10 a day..This is totally unacceptable to tell a paying customer that they cant make another purchase if they need an additional 10 dollars more.. I didn't purchase the allergy meds for $25 as the employee stated she couldn't accept my debit card if additional money is needed.. Last I look the "point of sales machine" states money in increments of $5 $10 and $20.. so If I got $10 out why would I not be able to make another purchase and receive $10 more.. Please address as I don't ever do these types of complaints.. I let it go..but the disrespect given to me as a paying customer with a manger standing by is unacceptable and needs to be addressed.

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Anonymous - 6 d 12 h ago


Walgreen's in Lexington KY on Harrodsburg Road don't answer the phone. Do they prefer I send my patients to another pharmacy?

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Vero - 7 d ago

Walgreens in San (hidden)& Gen.McMullen. The employees lately all seem in a bad mood and pharmacists is just out of there. Bad customer service and they're excuse for every special is the warehouse is out. They often refuse to give you a rain check on that answer. WOW, why is this store even open if they don't want business judging by their actions and customer service. I use to LOVE this store.

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stu - 7 d 14 h ago


I came inside to pick up my prescriptions and get a flu shot. The service from the blue coat was average, when I asked her how to get the shot, she said it would be an hour! I was the only customer in line and one man was sitting in a chair. It was explained that the "professional" pharmacist was BUSY! I leaned over and gave a questioning look. The Pharmacist (oldler female salt and pepper hair) rudely and unprofessionally scolded me, "didn't you hear the woman, I am too busy it will be an hour"! I told the miserable excuse for a service person, I could drive downtown, park, get the shot in the emergency room and be back in an hour. The "professional" turned her back on me and continued what she was doing.

A. Get enough people to take care of your clients.

B. Take down your sign that flu shots are available.

C. Dispose of the rude and unprofessional pharmacist, she is not helping you.

I have been a client at this store for 15 years, and will transfer my prescriptions somewhere that the client is respected and the Pharmacist is professional

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Kristen Donato - 8 d 18 h ago


The manager sat Walgreens is a liar. He destroyed my photos after I called the store and asked to hold longer than a month. I was told no problem and when I came to pick up my pics they were gone. I was told he would print them again for free for the inconvenience. I re printed all of my pics and when I came back to get them he said he had to charge me! He can only give me a discount now. Very unprofessional and lies.

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Anonymous - 9 d 15 h ago

The Walgreens at Castro street at .ca night security must go overly violent and oredjudice

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Kasheenia simpson - 10 d 19 h ago


It's funny it took 2 month for someone to call me back. The person I had the problem with is the store manger. No wonder I didn't get a call back. Lol Walgreens when a customer has an issue and it takes 2 months to give them a call back it's not the customer. You management teams have some issues.

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Management needs to observe thier pharmacy closely - 12 d 17 h ago

Unsatisfied . I'm disabled and currently in pain. I had a doctor's appointment last week and called pharmacy to see if medicine was available. The pharmacist exibited poor judgment clearly by not answering the phone to exchange information with doctors. I called numerous times and was put on hold. I even recorded a hour long tape listing to pharacist saying wall greens please hold but never attempted to answer the phone. This store is located in Brooklyn N,Y, on chuch ave and east 21st. Horrible experience as a loyal customer at Wall greens . Managment clearly needs to explain patient guidelines and rules to thier pharacist.

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Management needs to observe thier pharmacy closely - 12 d 17 h ago

Unsatisfied . I'm disabled and currently in pain. I had a doctor's appointment last week and called pharmacy to see if medicine was available. The pharmacist exibited poor judgment clearly by not answering the phone to exchange information with doctors. I called numerous times and was put on hold. I even recorded a hour long tape listing to pharacist saying wall greens please hold but never attempted to answer the phone. This store is located in Brooklyn N,Y, on chuch ave and east 21st. Horrible experience as a loyal customer at Wall greens . Managment clearly needs to explain patient guidelines and rules to thier pharacist.

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Anonymous - 13 d 9 h ago

Leanne the pharmacist at store number 07762 in grasso plaza is incompetent. She gave me the WRONG MEDS. What if it had been blood pressure medication?! She could kill somebody! Avoid this location!! Not only did she fill the wrong medication she was totally unapologetic. Go to CVS

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Dolores Mckinney - 13 d 9 h ago


This is a complaint. My ENT wrote me 2 prescriptions, one for nausea and the other for a low dose of valium for inner ear problems. My husband went Down to pick them up just now and they would only fill the one for nausea because I had a prescription for xanax. She said the pharmacist had to verify the Valium with the dr and his office is closed for the day so it will be tomorrow until he can reach my Dr. If you have ever suffered with inner ear problem you know you need what the Dr wrote to you. I asked for a corporate phone number and she hung up on me.

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Ajandk - 14 d ago


Hello and I do have a question regarding your stores in Florida. Why are you still having your employees work while every other company closed and getting ready for Hurricane IRMA! Every single employee also have a family and they need to get prepared! Schools are closed, all businesses are closed but Walgreens stores are open plus stores don't have enough hours so 1 person does 3 jobs! It clearly shows that your company does not care about their employees! What a shame!

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Anonymous - 14 d 10 h ago

the pharmacist at the walgreens pharmacy in north oaks mn gave my son the wrong perscription dosage and info on taking the pill--this caused my son to have a long and serious delusion which could have resulted in hospitalization--had i not been here to discover the mistake no one knows what could have happened--please get rid of this incompetent person--first name Tom

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