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CRL - 1 d ago


Walgreens at Leitchfield KY charged me $27 for a prescription, double their competitors full retail price. A few days later I questioned why my insurance didn't pay. I have very good insurance that usually pays almost ALL of prescription cost. They said they didn't charge my insurance company because they couldn't communicate with the insurance companies at the time since their computers were down. So they charged me HIGH full retail. They said they "guessed at it". They refused to deal with it over the phone so I had to travel thirty miles to deal with it. I found that they had ALREADY charged my insurance and BEEN PAID by my insurance company too! I paid them full price AND my insurance company paid them. After jumping through their hoops and driving thirty miles, they FINALLY corrected their scam and refunded me down to the correct copay of $2 which is my 10% of the cost.

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Mike - 1 d 5 h ago

Switch pharmacies is soon as possible. I did I get my prescriptions mailed on time none of the B.S. from Walgreens anymore.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago


I wasn't highly upset to hear on today from another employee that Gabrielle would be leaving soon. I just don't understand why y'all keep running the good workers away. After all the changes last year she was the only reason me and my family stayed. She's also the only one who interacts with my special needs child while the other employees look at him crazy. I hope whoever is running her off finds a way to keep her there because she's the only one who actually cares, the only one who is willing to put a smile on your face on the worst days possible and she's the only one that seems to know how to deal with my insurance issues.

A disappointed Customer

3800 market st

Pascagoula , ms

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The customer that made 10 phone calls to make sure it would be there in Cocoa Beach - 4 d 23 h ago

I was told I couldn't get medication from another Walgreens pharmacy a few miles away from my regular Walgreens pharmacy of eleven years every month filled because my prescription was a renewal. It is a medication I have taken every month same med same in network doctor same dosage so I am deliberately having my desperation needed medication withheld do to walgreen policy and or pharmacy incompetence so I will be moving my 50000 a year prescriptions to another company

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Anonymous - 4 d ago

I just had the worst experience at a drugstore in my entire life. The drug store is Walgreens. They just took over the Rite Aid in Lexington Park Maryland. Absolutely no one seems to know what they're doing except the pharmacist. The biggest problem I had was with a lady named Kate who is behind the pharmacy desk don't know what her experience is but she was absolutely and totally rude. She even went so far as to tell me she didn't like my attitude. I will be writing to the headquarters office regarding Kate and this experience.

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Nikki Holloway - 4 d 6 h ago

Nikki Holloway

March 14 at 6:13pm

I was just accused of stealing out of a #Walgreens at 12110 LEBANON RD Cincinnati, OH 45241 by this racist elderly white cashier. I hate living in the midwest !!! I am so ANGRYYYY right now!!!!! I have NO REASON to steal. I am a whole DOCTOR. My friends/family know I am a couponer, so of course I wanted to go shopping for some deals. From the moment I walked into the store the cashier was looking and watching me hard. She didn't even greet me when I walked in the door like she did for other customers. Mind you I'm the only black customer in the store. She was not following behind or watching anyone else but me. Feeling uncomfortable I walked out of the store. After I walked out of the store I got into my car then I realized I couldn't find my car key. Suddenly, I looked up and I noticed the cashier and the store manager outside of the store with the phone in their hands and a pencil and paper writing down my license plate number. I then cracked the door a bit and overheard the cashier calling me "stupid." Finally, I got tired of them looking at me so I got out the car and asked them "was there a problem." The manager replied "let me see your bag". I said "no I have nothing to steal for I am a woman of God." Then I said to myself, you know what I'm going to go back into the store and show them my bag because I have nothing to hide. So then, I went back into the store and showed the manager my bag and I said "there is nothing in here but a bag full of coupons." The manager didn't even look in my bag, she completely refused. I then proceeded to walk out and I said "I will be reporting this." I went to my car and drove to the adjacent store's parking lot and I just cried. This accusation could have ruined everything that I have worked hard for. There was no reason for them to even accuse me of stealing. Nothing beeped when I walked out of the door. They never even checked the cameras. As a matter of fact I didn't even open my bag once in the store. I have leggings on with no pockets and my Tuskegee University sweatshirt with no pockets on. It is so crazy, you can be educated, black and trying to do the right thing and still be a victim of racism/racial profiling. I called corporate but I know for a fact that they won't do anything about this. I'm hoping that by sharing this it will get into the right hands. It's so hard being black (or any person of color) in America. No one should be treated this way!

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Anonymous - 4 d 11 h ago


Walgreens in Louisville Ave. in Monroe, La does not open on time! The pharmacy closes promptly at 11, however will not open at 7:00 am as stated in pharmacy hours! This is ridiculous especially since it's the only walgreens in Monroe! Something has to be done! This is not customer service!

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Katrina james - 5 d 42 s ago


Pembroke Pines Walgreens 11537 Pines Boulevard I came into the Walgreens to fill my script at ate it was like 8:45 they told me it would take an hour this is after being sent away from this Walgreens 3 days ago told that I could not get my prescription filled here and corporate called in make sure they filled my script here I do not recommend this Pharmacy to anyone at all. They make their own rules that are not even corporate rules or Walgreen itself rules. I don't understand it I will be reporting this to corporate as hour to have script filled. I am the only customer in the pharmacy. I am totally frustrated with this Walgreens I Pembroke pines fl.

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

The Walgreen's pharmacy staff on 2727 W. North Ave., in Milwaukee, WI has to be one of the worst in the country. When I call for a status on my prescription, I never get the correct information and don't try to talk to an actual person for clarification because all you get is the same recording, that the staff is busy and there's always 2 calls ahead of you. I've waited on hold for over 30 mins., only to be hung up on! Nor do they have what you need in stock. It has to be ordered and when it finally arrives, they don't even call and let you know.

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Anonymous - 5 d 9 h ago

Dear Walgreens, As a diabetic on insulin pump i relay on my drug store to carry my emergency glycagon kit. I understand its not something I used every day BUT I cant wait 48 hrs for you to order it. My sugar dropped to 20 last week, my huseband gave me my shot and I am fine but when we reordered it on sunday, none on shelf!!!!!!!! WHY WHY This is an important medication that can save a diabetic . Why would you NOT keep one on shelf at all times. Blows my mind. Please reconsider your policy

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Unhappy Campter - 6 d 5 s ago


Walgreens is beginning their own version of bait and switch. They advertise a product, but run out of it within 2-3 days of the product being placed on the shelves. When asked if they have more, the answer is no and no more items will be available until after the sale is over. Today this happened to me again. I asked for a rain check and the sales person didn't even find a rain check form. He had to write out the rain check on a yellow sticky note. Can't wait to see if the store recognizes his home made rain check.

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Melissa macon - 8 d 6 m ago


There is seriously something wrong with Walgreens pharmacy sumner ave spfld ma numerous times they have messed up my order or doctor fax scripts twice and they never received I need my medicine

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JLS - 8 d 9 h ago


I am really disappointed in the Walgreens in Sherman,Tx. Several months ago my other halfs doctor sent in a prescription for his nitro spray. The pharmacist refused to fill it and sent it back to the office as not being filled but did not say why. The doctors office notified me that they resent it. We went to pick it up the next day and once again we were told that they would not fill it because it was written wrong. When asked what was wrong all the pharmacist said was it was sent back to the doctor. I work for this doctors office but for another doctor. So the next day I called to find out what was needed and was finally told that the wording was not right. The pharmacist I spoke with was not very nice and was very curt in his tone of voice. I sent a message to the doctor on what he told me they wanted it to say so they resent it again. We went to try to pick it up again and it still was not filled due to the fact that once again the pharmacist was not satisfied with the way it was written. Now mind you I understand some of this since I work in the medical field. What I do not understand is his attitude and talking to customers like they are stupid. I informed him that my other half has used nitro spray since he was forty(sixty six now) and understood how to use it. This pharmacist proceeded to give him the 3rd degree(literally). By then I was getting angry because of his treatment and attitude and when he then asked my partner how often should you use this I whispered tell every 10 minutes and see what he says. We both know that it is every 5 minutes x 3 doses and if the third dose is required call 911 or go the nearest ER.. He did so and this pharmacist made a noise like a buzzer on a game show and shouted the word "WRONG" then proceeded to tell us what the correct answer was. By then everyone who was at the pharmacy was looking at us because this pharmacist voice was so loud when talking to a customer that you could her past the second aisle in the Pharmacy Department. His name is Leo Nickson and he really needs to learn how to deal with people a lot better then what he does. We were not the only ones he treated like that. The person that was there before us was done the same way. His comment for his attitude was he did not want to be sued if he gave us the prescription and then was used wrong.

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Jeffabu - 9 d ago


This complaint about the Colonial Heights. Virginia, Walgreens at 3201 Boulevard is serious and will be shared with corporate headquarters as well as every possible Internet venue. It is not written simply for my own gratification, but for the sake of potential customers who do not have the resources, contacts or communication skills that I have had to utilize in order to resolve what was potentially a catastrophic issue. I have taken the same medication for 30 years. For more than a decade this prescription was filled at Martin's pharmacy where the staff were attentive and cognizant of each individual's prescription needs. When Martin's closed, however, and my prescriptions transferred to Walgreen's, numerous problems emerged, culminating with an incident on Friday Marsh 9th, 2018. What happened on that evening represented the worst in customer servicetotal indifference to a customer's urgent needsas well as behavior that was rude at best, unethical at worst. In fairness to all concerned, there are periodic problems with the supply of the medication in question. It is expensive, and few people take it these days. But from the beginning I informed the Walgreen's staff to try and keep on top of the situation and make sure there would always be a supply on hand. This request was summarily ignored, and nearly every time I've gone to pick up a new supply I have had to settle for a partial order. The medication is on back order, I am told. All I ever receive is that curt bit of information and blank stares when I ask what to do about it. Yet the answer has been simple all along Instead of relying on a notoriously unreliable distributor, simply call the manufacturer, Validus Laboratories, and ask them for a supply. When this happened a few months ago, I called Validus myself, and within a day they had delivered a fresh bottle of the medication to Walgreen's. I should not have to have done this. But I am fortunate to know the people at that company and they are always ready and willing to supply the medication. Unfortunately, not everyone is so aggressive or forward thinking. What if I were an elderly or disabled person without a direct line to the company? I would be met with the blank faces again, and no assistance whatsoever. This lackadaisical attitude toward customer needs merely set the stage for what would ultimately come to a head on March 9th. Several days earlier I had called in a refill for my prescription. The prescription calls for 120 tablets per month. As somewhat expected, a recorded message later told me there was a problem with filling it. I called Walgreen's on March 8th, and after a long, long wait, reached a pharmacist who assured me that there were still 39 tablets in stock. I could have these while I waiting for the balance to come in. I sighed with relief. The next evening I went to pick up the 39 tablets. A young female employee tried to help and after she has run around the store for a while, a young, heavy-set male employee in emerged. He told me the medicine was no longer available. "They've issued a recall," he said. "What do you mean?" I asked. "I've never heard of such a thing..Why? He could tell me nothing other than the fact that the medicine was recalled. Then, either he or someone else nearby added that the medicine was "no longer available." I asked about the 39 tablets that I was told about. He responded that they were recalled, or words to the effect that they were sent back. I asked for some clarification and got nothing. I told him that I could NOT be without this medicine for any length of time. All I received was a blank stare that more or less said "tough luck." He had absolutely nothing else to say or suggest. As far as he was concerned, the topic was over. I left the store in utter shock. This medicine is an MAO inhibitor that should not be abruptly withdrawn, at risk of many ill effects. Yet no one in the pharmacy offered me any explanation or understanding. I returned home in a panic, thinking I would have to call every pharmacy in Virginia to see if anyone anywhere had any of this medicine. (Any decent pharmacy might well have done this already on their customer's behalf.) But then I started to think. Where did the 39 tablets go? Did the distributor happen to drop by and throw them into the trunk of his car? Were they sent in envelope back to Validus in just the few prior hours? The more I thought, the more this didn't make sense. I immediately called one of the Validus officials on her cell phone. Thank God I got her. "There has been NO RECALL WHATSOVER," she told me. Emphatically. "There has never been anything sent out about a recall," she added. "There may be some delay in future orders because some pills came in broken or crushed. But nothing out there in ANY pharmacy should be withheld from a customer. They have no right to do that." Needless to say I was now enraged. This non-responsive 20-something man in a blue shit behind the counter had downright lied to me in saying that there was no medicine and nothing he or anyone else could do. All I could think of was how powerful it must have made him feel to have control over something I desperately had to have. His blank, unemotional demeanor told me all I needed to know. After I had allowed myself to calm down for a while, I called Walgreen's to find out if someone more customer-service oriented might tell a different story about the 39 tablets. AND I wanted to know why this employee had lied to me about a recall. Unexpectedly, the young woman on the other line was patient and understanding as I explained the situation from beginning to end. She promised to call me back once she had spoken to the heavy-set young man, and done some investigation. She called back after an hour and said the medicine was indeed there in the store, on a shelf. She said it had been "put away" by a manager because she knew future supplies might be getting low. Put away for whom? I asked. As far as I know I am the only customer taking this medication and if I had a prescription in hand, why was it being withheld from me?! Needless to say, I went back to the pharmacy and picked up the medicine that was meant for me. Take from this lengthy email what you might. I doubt anything will be done to make that pharmacy more reachable by phone or more courteous and concerned with customers in person. It is like an impersonal drug factory that can only dispense the simplest prescriptions while ignoring any special concerns of its customers. I will change Pharmacy soon, and send out this letter on a massive scale so that other, more vulnerable people will not suffer at the hands of an uncaring Walgreen's staff.

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G. Anderson - 10 d 11 h ago


3 3 3 --(To the people that shop at Dick's)

*****Heads up people,****

Just learned that Dick's Sporting Goods will be filing for bankruptcy and are planning to close 235 stores by June.

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Jeannette - 10 d 18 h ago


El Paso, Tx. Vista del sol. Worst service ever, pharmacy staff doesn't know how to code correctly making people pay copays when insurance covers the entire copay. Staff are rude and ignorant. Its sad to have people like that in charge of medicine and handling insurance claims. Walgreens doesn't train their staff. I dont even know how walgreens pharmacy operates.

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diane - 12 d ago


The Walgreens on Marco Island, Fl. on 1100 N. collier blvd. has poor customer service. I waited in line for 25 minutes to pick up perscription. They don't have enough help, and what they do have can be slow and rude. They closed the drive up because they didn't have the help and only one counter person working. The credit debit machines were down, so it was cash only. Fun to wait 25 minutes and then told this. This store really needs to have something done. They just don't care about customer service at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 13 d 3 h ago

Hi my name is Don Moon from DML I've done snow removal services at three of your stores all winter long and haven't been paid by ferrandino and son I want to know who I should talk to to discuss this further so we can get paid my phone number is (hidden)

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bonnied - 13 d 4 h ago


Inverness.fl. Walgreens had issues for 2 days with computers..that aside..corp. made decision to shorten store hours which is good and bad..but..when issues arise stores should be able to add more pharmacy help. There was 1 tech at drive thru and 1 at counter..they were more than apologetic as was the manager..but corp. Needs to get their heads out of their butts..and stop worrying about their merger and how much money they are making..because without customers they have nothing

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Anonymous - 13 d 6 h ago

I have a complaint about a girl that works at a pharmacy in 175 Main st Woburn. I didn't get a chance to get her name, but she is the skinniest over there. I just went to pick up my prescription and she treated me like trash, she was not polite, she was a very mean girl. I'm not the type of person to complain, this is my first time, but I couldn't stay quiet today. She doesn't know how to treat a customer.

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Anonymous - 13 d 6 h ago

My name is Mary Johnson I called Walgreens 03/05/2018 with a complaint and it was sent to wrong store in Hanover Pk IL I called back to complain about this was transferred to ESC I asked for a Manager got a person name Teza she was very very rude non sympathetic never said sorry or here is what she can do to help she should not be able to work esculation

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Jeaniene c. Eisenberg - 13 d 17 h ago

When I called in as handicapped insble to get to store for senior sale day I gave shortenedlist with a cleansing rod to be used with wipes from the special incontinence area of the store. When they didn't understand what I wanted they never asked me to clarify but told my husband when he came to pickup for me they had NO IDEA what I was talking about, why had they not asked for more information when I was right there on the phone and so because of their terrible cservice I lost out on my needed tool and my 20% senior discount for a WHOLE MONTH!!!!! I am furious. When I asked for largest size Tylenol name brand not Walgreens they sent 100 caplets only, I take 4 a day and that will not take me through the month til next sale. Don't bother to go to Walgreens!

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BRENDA SHERMAN - 14 d 22 h ago


I was at Walgreens today in Sumter SC to pick up my sons medicine ..was told they could not fill his medication because it was a controlled med. and their computer system was down..I have gotten all my sons meds. filled every month before at this walgreens for years- never had a situation like this..refused a customer their medication because Walgreens system was down..other folks were getting medication filled but not the ones with a controlled med.The druggist was rude' non caring' about my special needs son needing his medication ..told me it was a corporation issue! I have switched to another drug store and so has all my family members....and we will not go ever to Walgreens or Rite Aid drug store..IT SEEMS YOUR MERGE WITH RITE AID IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR CUSTOMERS AT THIS TIME..ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!

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Felipe Bustamante - 14 d 14 s ago


Never had so munch disorganized pharmacy with for week to pick up my RX after I got a text it was ready .when got there was RX missing after asking where it was was told need a doctor new RX so my insurance will cover it ,and was told they will fax doctor office for one guess what,a? after weeks and text all my RX where ready.iwas always was told the same thing will fax doctor office well after three weeks I took matter in . Afrr all these time when today pick upy RX now I can't get it because computer is down so I have to wait until systemnis up next few day or dates bottom line need better organized place believe you playing with my life . need my R,X to keep please get your sh. Together

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Debra Amburn 704-701-6622 - 14 d 29 m ago

I have put in several applications online for your store in wytheville va .i forgot my password and it would not let me back on site call (hidden) and they told me it would be six months before i could reply i could starve or die between between now and then . The manager told me she would love to have me work up there but she had to go by rules when the applications run you around the block about twenty times so no wonder you cant get them completed .I can almost bet you that you will hire some dead beat that wont even stay there . I have always worked 15 years at a job and all i wanted was part time. I even got an email wanting me to finish app but no you couldnt get back on some man called and told me they were very interested in me that really sucks

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