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Anonymous - 9 h ago


Hi I live in North Buffalo New York and I was at a location on Hertel Avenue the other day I just moved into the area and I wanted to get a Walgreens card and they would not give me one because somebody else had my number and I've had this telephone number for over a year this is bad for your business and because of it I will be shopping at another Pharmacy and drugstore I wish that you could do something to correct this

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Crystal - 1 d 16 h ago



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Anonymous - 5 d 5 h ago


Walgreens on 1511 86 street Brooklyn, ny 11228

I went in to pick up pictures from the picture department all was well until I got home and found one of the 8x7 pictures was missing. so I went back and the lady that was there checked the machine and found that it got stuck in the printer. She was nice and apologetic, as I got home and went through the pictures I saw someone else's pictures with my pictures and some of my pictures were missing. So I went back and the "photo guy" that was there was such a asshole he took the pictures and slammed them on the counter like I did something wrong and started counting the pictures and slamming them down. His sarcasm was so disrespectful he said " your pictures are all here have a nice day"( and throws the pictures on the table) his name was (MATHIAS). So I asked to speak the the manager (JUSTIN MARINO) who was just as sarcastic as the photo guy , who did absolutely nothing to help and when I told him how the photo guy treated us he simply said "I'll speak to him". *****( Corporate I hope u read this because these are the people you have working and representing your company. The incompetence is unbelievable , no costumer should be treated the way I was treated. P.S you've just lost a loyal customer

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Bob jones - 6 d 12 h ago


I called walgreens on duel highway found put a male pharmacist close the store then a called virginia ave walgreen and the pharmacist is the same that closed the other one and he told his crew not to pick up phone so after 3 hours of calling i go into the store and see him standing around wile techs are working letting the phone ring this is uncalled for pharmacist name is chris

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Odessa Ghee - 8 d 16 h ago


Prior to others saying services at your Northern Parkway and Reisterstown Rd, And Pikesville Pharmcy gave poor confusing service. First time using the service i called to see if my medicine was on your shelves and i was told yes it was by a pharmcist 07-11-17. So i called my doctors office to call my presciption in. By that evening i got a call from walgreen on Reisterstown Rd. Claim my insurance was not willing to pay for my midicine , that was a lie because prior to calling my doctor office and placing my order in i called my insurence company to find the names of providers that took my insurance. 07-12-17 , 10:10 am i call the Pikesville pharmacy to see if i could pick it up at that brance ,the orginal place that said it was on thier shelf instock and by recording said its not in . What kind of business are be serviced to your customers and why nobody is holding the people you pay to do a service accountable ti do it that they are getting paid to do. Odessa Ghee (hidden). (hidden)

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Leticia Ramirez - 12 d 4 h ago




4520 Balfour Rd

Brentwood, CA 94513

I bought a cream for my hands and saved the receipt, it didn't work for me as I expected it to and decided to return it. When I tried returning it the first cashier that I spoke to couldn't do the return so he called a "manager. That guy couldn't do the return either so he told me that he could only do store credit even though I paid cash. I would have accepted store credit, but it's the principal of the matter. His attitude when speaking to me was not at all professional he made me feel like I was bringing an item that didn't belong there with a fake receipt. So I insisted to get my return in the same form I paid for the item in the first place. He made plenty of trips to the isle where the item belongs and every time he walked away he would say stuff under his breath which I couldn't hear obviously. So that further pissed me off. Seriously what kind of customer service is that? Better yet what kind of manager skills is that? So then he brings another lady along by the name of Bisi and she gives me the same crap about my item not ringing up with the receipt I handed her, and that they could only give me store credit. I held my ground and said I didn't want store credit. She then said my only other option was returning on Monday to speak to the store manager. I ask what time will he/she be there? Her answer I don't know! My next question until what time will he/she be at the store? I don't know, is her answer!! Final question what is corporate's number? AGAIN I don't know is her answer!!! Then she added you can look it up online! It's unbelievable how they don't give a crap about the customers at all. I really wish these comments would be looked at by corporate and they do something about this horrible situation.

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Walgreen trailer # 770216. On 07-07-17 at about 6:40 p.m on I-70 x 110 in Missouri, a Walgreens driver was riding my bumper for several minutes. Dangerous - 13 d 5 h ago


On 07-07-17 on I-70x110 in Missouri, at about 6:40 pm, a Walgreens truck driver pulling trailer # 770216 rode my bumper for several mins. He was about a pickup truck distance behind me. Dangerous

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Asia - 16 d 42 s ago


Walgreens on Riverdale in Memphis Tn!!! I received horrible service from the manager at this location. When he walked up the the register I was not greeted at all I could feel the I don't want to be bothered attitude. After I asked a question about the product I was purchasing he told me that he was not a pharmacist! He was loud and unprofessional. I asked we he the manager and if I could get his name at first he would not give it to me but after asking 3 times or more he said his name was Jerry. I let him know I was unhappy with his service and his attitude and he made it very aware to me that he did not care at all about his customers! I will never go in that location again! Valued customer lost for good. It's plenty of other stores that will happily accept my money

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Anonymous - 16 d 10 h ago

Walgreens in Kelly square East Boston mass. Customers can't park in parking lot.cause people park there and go to other places around Walgreens. There are signs posted for custmer parking only.but oesn't care. There should be a cop or security guard to make sure only customers park in Walgreens lot

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lp - 18 d 30 s ago


At what point does a company take responsibility for mistakes? Putting the wrong Dr.s name on a script is inexcusable!

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Pamela J. Freeman - 19 d 12 h ago


I called for a refill my prescription this morn. I went thru the automated refill, too many times I had to repeat then using the key pad was no different. Finally after ten minutes I was able to speak to as pharmacy associate. I told her of my difficulty with the automated and I needed my prescription refilled she said I had no refills and I told her I brought in another script for them to put on file in May when I got the last one filled. How is it I can give your company my prescription and then you don't have it. Then the pharmacy tech says they have to contact the doctor. My doctor has a sign up in his office saying he does not call perscriptions in and would not see him until July 10th. I ask for the manager and spoke to the assistant, I told her my situation she put me on hold; after being on hold for so long the call went to a ringing mode. The call rang fifteen times. I hung up and recalled back to speak the assistant supervisor when she said she just got off the phone with Mr. Berman, mind you he is a doctor, whom she says she spoke to and got an order. Thank you but couldn't I had been told an attempt is being made to contact Dr. Berman instead left holding on the line and having to call back. I got my prescription thank you; but what are patients to do when Walgreens looses their perscriptions , this is unacceptable.

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LP - 18 d 23 m ago


I have been having the same experience with them. Especially about the phone system and including them saying that the dr.s didn't send the script, or I'm out of refills, or saying that there called when they didn't. They have even put the wrong Dr.s name on my script which almost put my pain contact in jeopardy.

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LP - 18 d 30 m ago


I have been using Walgreens for over 20 years now and haven't had any problems really up until a year ago June we moved to Portland. Tn. I have 2 insurance plans 1 of which is medicare. Walgreens employees tell me every time that they don't take 2 insurance , have lost or over charged every month. I stated that it is federal law required they have to take my medicare as well. Since then I have had to fight every month with them over charging, loosing prescriptions, not telling me that they were out leaving me without my diabetes meds, my pain meds and so on. The staff in the pharmacy are extremely rude and don't listen to me, they have read personal information out loud in front of others, they get mad at you for their mistakes and then won't wait on you. One told me to take my business elsewhere because she didn't have time to fix here mistake. I am never going back again . I have told everyone I know just how Walgreens is treating people.

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Anonymous - 18 d 8 h ago


The manager Blanche Mccloud at the Walgreens location on Boston road in the Bronx, is extremely unhelpful and provides, horrible customer service. I went to pick up a prescription, I got there 5 mins after the pharmacy closed and the refused to help me. I explained this was a medication I needed to take on a daily basis. The manager said oh well, come back tomorrow. I pleaded that I needed it on a daily basis. I've been using this pharmacy for 9 years but that was my last day.

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margaret butler rn - 21 d 13 h ago


i have never been treated so poorly by any company! ive neen hung up on disconnected and talkes to very rudely. i have no choice in drug stores but you should all be ashamed the way you treat ill people.Ihave been without rx for almost 3 weeks . mhope your employees suffer the same pain i am dealing with now maybe they will develop some iota of compassion

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Cathy & Dave Anderson - 22 d 3 h ago


My husband has been having getting all his prescriptions filled since January. We switched back to Walgreens in Bonne Terre & it was the best move! We have tried to resolve the Insurance problem but we might as well been talking to a wall! We have PA from the Insurance Company but the Insurance Company would not let the pharmacy fill both Rx's in full.

Well Darla & Sandy at Walgreens in Bonne Terre have resolved the issue with the Insurance Company. They are the BEST, these two ladies ROCK!!!! We will be staying with Walgreens for good! They did what seemed to us couldn't be done. Walgreens Corporate should be proud of these two ladies, they care about customer's. It's great to have been treated like a real person & not a number. They did an outstanding job for my disabled husband. They are great & very pleasant employees. We are ecstatic about their help.

Thank you for letting me share this experience.

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Nice Lady - 22 d 5 h ago

Tracy D. Leadon is a very rude pharmacy manager. She talks medical terminology to the customers knowing that everyone doesn't understand that terminology. When asked a question she acts as if you are bothering her. It is Tracy's D. Leadon job as a store manager to be nice and polite as possible. It is not a privilege to be nice to anyone.

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Max - 23 d ago


Certain employees at Walgreens, Store #5556, are CRIMINALS or they give the impression of being CRIMINALS. They will violate your privacy rights without compunction, will not fill your prescription if they're in a bad mood, and will abuse you thoroughly if you're an elderly customer in need of prescription medicine.

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PM - 23 d 3 h ago


Very dissafied disappointed employees are very rude and disrespectful staff associates

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Very dissatisfied customer - 23 d 4 h ago



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fed up with Walgreens BS - 23 d 13 h ago


I'd like to start out by telling you what a wonderful staff you have working in Marana, AZ. We had a truly wonderful experience with the Pharmacy staff there until Tricare dropped Walgreens from its program. We have since moved to Alabama and I was thrilled when Walgreens here announced that they were again offering Tricare. I immediately transferred all my husband's prescriptions to Walgreens located at 703 S. Memorial Dr. in Prattville, AL. What a horrible mistake!!

With his first prescription I was told I owed $208 or some ridiculous amount. I asked them to run it thru our Tricare ins. They said they did and it was still coming up $208. I said I had never paid anything for this medication and she said it was probably because it was such a large quantity - 90 day supply (which has always been prescribed) - I told them I would not pick it up until they called Tricare to determine what the problem was. Turned out the staff didn't know how to use the Tricare system and I finally got my husband's prescription at $0.00 which is what it normally is. Instead of telling me THEY were having problems, she was trying to make me believe her BS about it being such a large quantity and I had to pay for it.

Next prescription took over a week to fill and my husband ran out of medication. When they finally called to say it was ready, I got home and discovered it was the wrong medication. The label said it was one thing but they had filled it with the wrong tablets. A person could die taking the wrong medication!!! When I took it back and complained to the Pharmacist all he could say was he was sorry and the girl probably just took what was on the shelf! REALLY!!!! why would anyone do that without checking to see if it's the correct pill????

Next prescription I received a call telling me it was ready for pick up but I waited 2 days until the weekend when I was able to go and was told it had already been picked up. I said no I haven't picked it up yet. She said well it isn't here. I said it was filled and ready for pick up so what happened to it. She said - get this - "someone else must have needed it and we gave it to them" ?????? WTF??? how do you take someone's prescription and give it to someone else. or do they actually do shit like that and take someone's medication to fill someone else's prescription? Anyway I stayed there until they resolved the issue and I got the medication. While waiting I overheard a customer saying he drove 20 miles to pick up his prescription because he had received a phone call that it was ready for pick up. AND THE GIRL SAYS "the calls come from our corporate office and they always send them out before we get a chance to actually get it ready" why do these people give you this kind of bullshit? Do you send them to some kind of BS training class so they can come up with this crap?

Now last Friday I called in for a refill on my husband's Parkinson's medication, Carbidopa/Levodopa (he also takes carbidopa/levodopa CR) and I get an automated call today, Tuesday, that carbidopa/levodopa CR is ready for pick up. I call the pharmacy to ask about the regular carbidopa/levodopa tablets and I am told - now listen to this - I'm told "it looks like the manufacturer has taken it off the shelf and you will have to call your prescribing physician to have it changed to something else" Seriously??? If the manufacturer has taken it off the shelf don't you try to get it from a different manufacturer?. I just can't believe this BS. Do they really think we're that STUPID? My husbands' doctor would really think I am if I asked him to prescribe something different. Needless to say, right after I hung up on her I transferred all my husband's medication back to our previous pharmacy. Good Riddance Walgreens!

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Lisa - 25 d 12 h ago


I am writing to express my huge dissatisfaction, discouragement, and disappointment in how Walgreens has treated my son. My son will be a senior in college in September. He was communicating with Rob, (I do not have a last name). Rob had contacted my son on June 9th asking if he secured a summer job, that he would like to have e him on board. This was after various email communication. My son said he was still interested, and Rob said on June 9th that he would get back to him 'next' week'. Today is June 25th. This is unacceptable, and surely not the way to handle a motivated person who wants so desperately to get experience in the work world.

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Justice - 26 d 6 h ago


There are some serious employee discrimination going on at the Walgreens on 2011 12th St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104

(505) 247-2353 . There was this very nice employee who worked really hard and was just fired on Friday June 24. I know the other employees plus the manager always mistreated her by not letting her go to the restroom, or would yell at her for no reason in front of us, the customer. I know she worked there for 9 years and was never promoted. What kind of an establishment are you running? Your head managers need to be trained better. I hope this poor lady sues the company and the company learns its lesson for their ill management of hard working people.

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Concerned client - 27 d 3 h ago


The staff at your San Pablo Ca location are very friendly and always working on some task. I have been going here for two years and thought it best to let you know the embarrassing condition of your sidewalks , your trash bin area and the amount of trash blowing around your perimeter of this location.

I will most like call corporate directly, document with photos , contact the property mgr, the chambers of commerce, and the local small business association.

The community , the staff, and clients deserve a clean well presented location. Fix it

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Bryan Baldridge - 27 d 7 h ago

I was scammed through Walgreens by a company they obviously promote. I received an email saying I am entitled to a free gift simply choose one and only pay shipping and handling I chose the product paid the $4.95 shipping and handling with a debit card that was then later ding for $85 one month two months later another $85 I called today and they Justified it saying that this was a trial gift. I'm a long-time customer of All Greens but it looks like that's going to change if these are the kind of companies that they're promoting

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