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TChris - 2 d ago



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Kathlyn V. Zagone - 2 d 6 h ago

I'm having a hard time getting my prescriptions filled at South Chicago Heights pharmacy. My doctor has faxed prescriptions three times and they tell me they have not received them. They call and tell me my prescription is ready and then I get there they say they haven't received them. I don't know what to do. This happens almost every time I try to get my prescriptions. I've been waiting for almost a week for one prescription. Meanwhile, I'm crawling the walls. Please help!

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Cheryl - 2 d 11 h ago


I have been getting my Oxycodone/Acetaminophen - 5-325 tablets - Perocet from this Walgreens in Toms River NJ for many years. They always gave the ones made by Activis. Now this year they they started giving me the one made by Camber. They are horrible. They make me sick to my stomach and they do not work for me. I have told this drug store several times that I don't want the ones made by Camber and they keep giving them to me even though they say they are making notes in my file not to give them to me. Unless I remember to remind them ahead of time they always give me the Camber ones. Last month I forgot to remind them and when they gave them to me I tried to return them for the Activis ones and they wouldn't let me exchange them. Today they told me my prescription was ready and I remembered to call them. They already filled it with Camber but they said they would exchange for the Activis because I didn't pick it up yet.

I shouldn't have to remind them every month.They should read my notes and further more this medicine shouldn't even be on the shelves. They don't work for my pain!!! If you go on line and google Walgreens and Camber there are so many people complaining about this medicine. If something isn't done about this problem soon I will have to find another pharmacy and I don't think they want to loose me . I get a lot of medicines from there since I have a life long illness. I have been going to that walgreens for 8 years and alot of times they don't have what I need and they have to order it. I was patient with that but I will not put up with them continuing to give me medicine that makes me sick and does not work.

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D Wilson - 3 d ago


Walgreens, Edmonds, WA. In the last 6 months they have not had 5 prescriptions that were called in by my doctors. Once I was given a $10. coupon, I do not want a coupon I want my scripts available! Two of those have been post surgery in the last 2 days. They are time critical scripts and not for leprosy or other rare disease. This is a newer store where you do not see the pharmcist or any drugs.. I don't think they keep any in stock.. Their staff cannot find anything in the store and there is never anyone in the store with very limited number of staff. I am from Chicago, lived in the South and a life long patron of Walgreens so I feel confident to say this is the worst Walgreens store and gives Walgreens a bad name. Of note the other Walgreens in area grimaced when I mentioned the Edmonds store saying they were always gettting calls about scripts Edmonds did not have.

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LaQuenta Hasan - 5 d ago


On 6/18/18 around 9:10pm I went to the 2909 Murfreesboro Rd Antioch, TN 37013 location to get medicine for my child who is sick. I chose to go here and pay higher prices versus go to Walmart that is literally around the corner. I was with my husband and two kids. Every thing that we looked at we were followed by an elderly white woman with glasses. We looked at makeup she followed us we left and went to look at the medicine and vitamins then she came to straighten up 4 bottles of vitamins. She finally left us alone after I got loud and said something to let her know that I knew she was following me around the store. I am 28 and college educated, a mba student, homeowner, and I work for a fortune 500 company making quite the salary. I do not appreciate this at all. I now know that I will choose to go to Walmart and wait in line versus paying higher prices and being followed in a store. This is a very serious matter and Walgreens will no longer get my business even when I choose to fill prescriptions.

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Dean Hollingsworth - 5 d 4 h ago


We have a company that we just created that can replace your lights with LED lights at NO OUT OF POCKET cost and lower your electricity bill. This is as if your warehouses and businesses will get free LED lights, free INSTALLATION, and a lower electricity bill. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with the proper

person. Again, absolutely NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS.

Please contact me in order to discuss and set up a conference.

Dean Hollingsworth



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Frances Merritt - 5 d 4 h ago

I recently went to Walgreens in Dunnellon , Fl. My script written by my pain management Dr. was for Percocet 10/325. I was given T-194. I took The prescription home and did not realize it was different. After taking the new medicine for 3 days I continued for a week and felt like I was in withdrawal. And that I am. These pills do not work. I have had multiple adverse reactions to this pill. I would like a representative to call me so I can explain further.I have been in extreme pain for the week since I have used this substitute. I will be seeing my Dr. tomorrow.I have a 3 week supply left which I am afraid to take since what I have experienced this week. I never had this problem before with my original script. Please respond at 1(hidden). The T-194 has made me ill. In addition my pain level has escalated to the point where it is unbearable.I would like to speak with someone in regard to the above. Again, my# is 1(hidden). Thank You ahead of time for your consideration of this problem. (Frances Merritt)

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Tracy - 5 d 8 h ago

I have been shorted on my rx two times in the last three months. One month was 42 pills short on a 180 pill rx this month is 58 pills on the same rx. Of course on the 42 one they said we are not over so you miscounted and the pharmacy manager asssured me they would triple count every time. The next month was correct. This month I open the bag and the bottle that is normally full to the top is only a little over a half full. I knew immediately that it was short. I counted three times and it was 58 pills short. That is 10 days for me on a rx that controls severe back spasms. The pharmacy had closed at 6 so I couldn't call units the next morning. Of course the pharmacy manager is not in until 3 and the district manager is not calling back. This is out of control. Someone needs to be held accountable. I'm sure someone is taking them after they are counted. I am going to change to CVS I guess. Hopefully they can count or don't take your drugs from you. All I would like is an answer as to where my now 100 pills have gone. This is at the store at 6467 woodlands pkwy in the woodland Texas.

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Ann - 5 d 13 h ago


The Walgreens located on 301 N Main St, Holly Springs, in North Carolina needs some serious intervention! If it were only one experience, it wouldn't matter. However, each and every time either myself or my husband has been to this location, the service is non-existent (this applies to the pharmacy portion only - the manager and counter staff are great). First, they don't even acknowledge you if you go to the counter. They are too busy eating and chatting to pay attention to the customer. When you do get them to talk to you, they have a horrible attitude. Drive through is no better. This weekend, I was number two in line behind a car that was already there. I waited 18 minutes! There were four more cars behind me. When I got to the window, nobody was there to help. I pressed the button and a few minutes later the pharm tech said "we'll be with you in a few." I let her know I had already been waiting over 18 minutes! She said "we take people in the order they come" which means that they were now working the counter, who also had to wait at least as long as I have. Another issue is mistakes with medicines, lack of the ability to submit properly to insurance, and running out of common medications so you only get 1/4 orders! This is just a truly horrible place. I have already transferred my prescriptions to CVS, and my husband will be doing so shortly. Nobody should be belittled or treated with such disrespect that is clearly a norm for the pharmacy staff at this particular Walgreens.

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Chuck L. - 7 d 11 h ago


I have been a customer of Walgreen's for over 25 years. I lived in Tulsa, OK for the past 23 years and relocated to Virginia after my triple bypass open heart surgery in Tulsa in May 2017. I sold my home and moved to Fairfax, VA to live with my son and family for about 3 months during my rehab stage and then relocated to Fredericksburg, VA in November 2017 and now live in a senior living facility here. I've worked with the pharmacy team at Walgreen's in each location throughout the process and have been really blessed to work with the pharmacy manager Dawn Farley and other pharmacist Tammy during my time here in Fredericksburg. They work at the Walgreen's store on White Oak Road here in Fredericksburg. Dawn is exceptional and has been really great in helping me better understand each of the medications that I'm taking and especially changes in medications that my cardiologist prescribes. They are great to work with and the entire team at this Walgreen's is very friendly and provides great customer service. I'm always personally greeted and welcomed when I enter the store and made to feel like a valued customer. I would ranked this store as perhaps the best Walgreen's that I've ever worked with.. Please thank the pharmacists and staff for making my experience at this Walgreen's the best ever. I hope you will pass along my comments to the management, pharmacists, and staff of this Walgreen's for their outstanding work. I really appreciate them.

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Becky Leigh - 8 d 22 h ago


My experience with the Pharmacy in Penn Yan, New York has been terrible! I'm so tired of having to argue with Dave in the Pharmacy. They have fewer hours now so they close at 7:00 pm. At 6:55 I called about my Norco. They said it was there but they close promptly at 7pm. I asked if they could wait for my husband who was on his way and would arrive in 5 minutes. First I was told there was no pharmacist there so she couldn't wait. So I called back and said could the store manager come and wait. Then Dave the pharmacist who wasn't there was hyperventilating arguing with me about the 5 minutes I pleaded with him to wait for my husband. He said "they're taking my money cash tray'. He said he can't ask his staff to wait because they all have things to do! Then he told me he's waited before and people don't show up and he was almost manic telling me this! I said can you please wait my husband is coming. Dave says is he really coming? I said yes he should be there in minutes! Well said Dave it's 7:03 and no one is at the window!! He then said he had to get off the phone too because corporate says I can't be on the phone after 7. So, my husband got there 2 minutes later at 7:05. They were closed. I'd called pharmacy at 3:30 and my script wasn't there yet. We are staging our house for an Open House tomorrow and I lost track of time. Dave screeches at me, we'll its been 4 hours here!! So I've been without Norco all day and now all night when I needed it most because we've been doing our house. They'll be there at 9am tomorrow morning. That doesn't help my pain for the night and early morning. The other thing Dave told me is they don't automatically fill the controlled substances. The customers need to call them to fill it. Otherwise it sits in their system!! What about the elderly? Why should they abide with Dave's rule! I called another pharmacy and they said they just fill the controlled prescriptions on the date they can be filled and put them out to pick up. You don't have to call them to ask them to filled!!! What a concept right? So, that's one story. I called on my Lyrica one day. Dave said he couldn't refill it because I had to wait until tomorrow. So I called again and spoke to a different person. I told her what Dave said and she looked me up , put me on hold. She came back on and she said yes it can be filled! Oh she wanted to tell me that Dave says he's sorry. Yeah, sure ok Dave!! I can't tell you how many times I've had to end up in an

argument with him! He shouldn't be where he has to come into contact with people. He truly was yelling!! He was acting like he was going to blow a gasket over 3 more minutes! Because of this and many other issues with this store such as empty shelves and not carrying a larger size of my shampoo and so many things that make my family not happy I'm going to leave this pharmacy. The hours got cut and it doesn't look like there's any business there anyway. So I'll be calling my doctors Monday.

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Kevin Ammons - 9 d 5 h ago


I am appalled by the customer service at your pharmacy department at the Walgreens on 79th & Racine(hidden) they leave you on the line for 25-30 minutes at a time. I sincerely question whether it's like that at other Walgreens or is it just in the African American community. As a community activist, it is unacceptable.

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kourtney taylor - 9 d 10 h ago


very unprofessional i just recently refilled my blood pressure medications and when i recieved them the label on the bottle was correct so i didnt think anything of the pills looking different i figured the manufacturer changed so i was taking them the last 6 days and noticed all week i have had severe migraines dizzy spells swelling in my legs extreme fatigue and just very sickly couldnt figure out what was wrong so i started checking my medications and looked up the print on the pills well come to find out the pills in my bottle were the wrong one they were a higher dosage then what i am supposed to be taking i then verified this with your online chat pharmacist and they are in fact the wrong medication now mind you i am a single mother what of i continued taking this medication trusting my pharmacy knows how to do their job and something majorly wrong happened..

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Anonymous - 10 d 2 h ago

Walgreens new pharmacy hours are terrible, 8am is not great if you have a job!

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Mitchell Rucinski - 10 d 17 m ago

Not sure what to do

Embarrassed humiliated by store security

After being proven innocent of shoplifting was threatened by security told kick my ass across street given finger told fu in front of asst mgr on my video camera

Feel need to move due to threats to me a 62 year old male on disability for stroke

Im sure Walgreens does not want this kind of behavior

If it wasnt me what about the next elderly person it happens to

From my response on Facebook im certainly not the first

Lets make it the last

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AD - 10 d 7 h ago


Store #03735 is a bunch of middle age lazy women don't speak when u enter the store big Mexican girl stands in front just looking at u they need to drug test them I saw a lot drug activities in back of the store they be looking space out always cussing on the floor always talking this store is in a nice area but the employees make it bad to shop there

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Marina Hank ( - 11 d 8 h ago


Excellent customer service from Ashleigh at Parker, Colorado, store #05261. She went over and beyond her duties to help me shrink a couple of pictures for my daughters wedding that happened to be the next day. Thank you Ashleigh! Please take good care of this employee since represents your company very well.

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Frustrated former customer ! - 13 d 22 h ago


walgreens pharmacy in granbury texas should be looked at seriously they are rude. I witnessed a technician , her name tag said Amanda shouting at another technician as she was trying to assist me in handling an insurance issue .( I will add here this girl was working both drive thru and the front, she asked for help and ignored her requests, as it was seriously backed up outside and inside !) my insurance had approved a short prescription due to mail order delay. They instructed me to go to the pharmacy to have them call and they would verbally override this right then and there. i had explained this to Deborah, the person helping me and she was very professional and was trying to explain to this and this rude and hostile girl just said She will do it when she got finished with all of her work she was doing and I the customer will just have to wait".I dont have time for this she said !! this girl's (Amanda) attitude and behavior has been this way at several prior visits and this is why we will not be using your pharmacy any more. I will also say that other people were upset at the way they responded to me and the way the other technicians were being rude ! Too much playing goes on here and not enough attention to the customer. You need more considerate employees here in this pharmacy !

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Dave - 14 d 9 h ago


Walgreen's in south bend Indiana on lwe changed its hour of closing from 9 pm to 7 pm that does not help the people the works till 7 pm and can to get there to get their meds. and it does not seem to bother their the sore or the pharm. one damn bit

So i am figuring that Walgreen's does not care about the people that need their meds, all they care about is selling ice cream. beer, cards and all sorts of bull shit that don't really matter.

So i will be taking my business to a real drug store.

Go figure walgreens a drug stor that you can not get drugs at!


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Phil Stathos - 15 d 8 s ago


The Walgreens on Duval street in Key West Florida is the filthiest, most vile retail store I've ever been in. The clerks are rude, the store is unbelievably dirty, and the line at checkout is 10 deep with one cashier. How can this be possible with one of your stores? ? Mismanaged. To the extreme.

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Susan - 15 d ago

Please contact me @ phone #(hidden) My name is Susan Wade. I have a very serious claim/complaint to make about several employees at your Walgreens Store located at 2400 E.Tropicana Ave., Las Vegas, NV. 89121. PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP ! My Email address is: (hidden), and again, my ph.# is (hidden) !

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Bob - 15 d 38 m ago


Zanesville Ohio. Employee Toni. That is the best most knowledgeable employee I have ever dealt with. AAA on this one!!

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Mcmorris - 15 d 6 h ago

Walgreens at 4101 white plains road the pharmacy is the worst of the worst for customer satisfaction. Please improve this pharmacy or close it.

Thank you

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Past employee - 15 d 8 h ago


I was an employee, but they wanted to run it like it was boot camp at the store I worked. Wasn't allowed to talk, keep it short, get them through. Never can do anything right, there was a flaw in everything. Now I can't get my paycheck. They play to many games and I am so glad I walked away from it.

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276MIKE - 18 d 5 h ago


VETERANS BEWARE !!!!!!! I had a bad pressure washer accident and was told I needed to start anti-biotics ASAP. Walgreens said TRICARE was down and I had to pay $14. I had $1.72 and asked to buy 1 pill until tomorrow, he said it would be $8.

WALGREENS NEEDS A POLICY THAT WILL PROVIDE 24 hr necessary medication to VETERANS that have an ID card. In the event of IT problems, which we know will happen. Why have you not addressed this before?

Walgreens tries to promote that they care about health well being, but if you refuse to provide 1 antibiotic pill and put minus 1 on the prescription they will fill later, YOU DON'T CARE and will put a persons health at risk because of computer glitches. !!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!!!

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KAM - 17 d 9 h ago


This is not veteran discrimination. They do it to any person whose insurance program is "down" or unreachable. I've been through it myself when needing an override due to a health system requesting scripts on my behalf that were never dispensed. Only a few days after a total hip replacement, I spent hours waiting, in excruciating pain, to get a pain prescription filled -- my other choice was to fork over $80 out-of-pocket, which I didn't have after months of being out of work. I would ask which end of Tricare was down; but in the end, Walgreens is purely a corporation that does not do customer credit. I plan days ahead for my prescription refills due to potential problems. But in the end, the cost of medications is not due to anyone other than big pharma and our government, which said big pharma can charge whatever they want -- a no-negotiation clause. It's part of our healthcare bill that the Republicans insisted upon to get any bill through at all. Being a veteran does not entitle you to special treatment unless you were drafted. I am the daughter of a vet, so I have no attitude for or against vets. You are caught up in the same system the rest of us are, and it sucks. I would be questioning more what you accomplished as a vet and what you were fighting for when this country treats its own citizens (vet and non-vet) like garbage.

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