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Bonnie Harris - 1 d 7 h ago

It is with tremendous disappointment that I write too you.

I've used Walgreens photo department for a long time your latest foray into enlarging your products and services such as photo books may be your Kryptonite. Two weeks ago, I actually called a corporate office and received

NOTHING, not a word, apology...nothing!

The poor people in your stores have no idea what theyre doing, machines don't bind, photos don't print.

When I picked up the last booklet, it was put together backwards and upside down.

I then ordered another two 4 x 6 booklets that i spent HOURS organizing, so they would be

in sequence. When I called the Wymore store the man in the photo Dept informed me they didn't

have the paper yet. He told me he would call me the next day. Commitments mean nothing.

Two days later, i went into the store too be informed they STILL HAD NO PAPER, oh but they had

received my order for two books.

Saying you offer these services and then doing nothing to make it happen not only destroys

your credibility, it's also Bait & switch.

Bonnie harris


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philip - 2 d 43 s ago


i was curse at walgreens at tesson ferry rd st Louis mo by abrira a cashier she told fuck you twice as I way leaving I told allen the mgr next day they did nothing

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Communicate - 2 d 12 h ago


Walgreens at 6985 shepherd Rd in Lakeland Florida has non English speaking employee.

WHY? I do not speak spanisn..should the staff not speak English? Should I not be able to communicate while shopping?

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Irritated at Your Ignorance - 2 d 10 h ago

Shut up. You did't speak their language either. You're just as at fault.

General profile image - 3 d 28 m ago

Yes I am coming with a complaint what Walgreens on Claiborne and Napoleon the assistant manager had a line extremely long and had bad manners in front of the customers he going to tell me he say what he want to say well I tell you what you all need to get rid of him as soon as possible in this Ghetto Damn area and I like to speak to someone more about this because he is very inexperienced and unprofessional my Lois Udoka and my phone is 504 2019351 thanks.

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T. Y. CULVER - 4 d 13 h ago



As more and more NON-AMERICAN-SPEAKING persons come to our country, it is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE that we PRESERVE OUR LANGUAGE, including the "FINE POINTS" of PUNCTUATION.

(The ONLY explanation re the missing apostrophe that I can think of: A great deal of money is saved without placing that LITTLE PUNCTUATION MARK where it BELONGS -- which is a POOR EXCUSE because of the LASTING EFFECT: THE DUMBING OF AMERICA!

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Angry Grandma - 6 d ago


My daughter in law is employed at your store. She graciously volunteered to work thanksgiving so her manager and asst manager could be off with their family. Therefore postponing our family dinner until Saturday. Only to be told corporate policy is no employees shall be granted holiday weekends off. Needless to say I was very upset as we have family coming from out of town. Now 48 hours later she is being told she also can not take December 9th off for her 2 year old son's birthday party. It seems corporate policy has changed in those 48 hours to cover all weekend in December as well. I'm advising she ask Santa for a new job with a more human corporate office. I've lost all respect for your company and have shared that fact as many people as possible.

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William Nelms - 6 d 6 h ago


I am ON auto refill on several drugs. About 2 weeks ago, my Dr. changed my script for a stomach issue drug, due to side effects and excessive cost of Pentasa. which is $1388.98 per month and paid by insurance. I picked up the new drug the same day as the new script. A couple of days ago, I get a call from Walgreens, that I had drugs ready. I went through drive through and was given a bag full of drugs. There was a line of cars behind me, so I did not open the bag that contained 4 scripts until I got home. I found they had renewed the Pentasa Script even though they had recently filled a replacement script for a substitute drug. I did not open the individual paper bag the script was in and returned to the drive through and was told it was non refundable!!!!!!! The pharmacist should have caught that the Pentasa was being replaced with another drug for the same condition, or the tech should have told me on pick up what drugs were in the bag.

When I called Walgreen's Corp customer service number, I was told by automation, they were too buisy to take my call and to call back later.

To not be able to return an unopened script that was an error, is terrible customer relations.....PARTICUALLY WHEN THE DRUG COSTS $1389 PER MONTH!!!!! I AM LOOKING FOR AN ETHICALPHARMACY

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Azizeh Soof - 8 d 7 h ago

I just posted a complain against wallgreen on 10th and oregan in south philly pensylvania my name is Azizeh soof my no (hidden) thanks

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Anonymous - 8 d 7 h ago


I have a complain about wallgreen at 10th and oregan in south phila i saw my family Dr on monday the 6th of November because I have a severe cough and the diagnosis that i have azmatic bronchitis he wrote a script with two kinds of medicine the z.pack and mucinix we drop the script to wallgreen and we asked to be delivered that was at 1pm on monday nov 6th they deliver only the z pack and didnt bring or mention the other medicine my son his name Qaher went to pick up his medicine on Thursday the 9th of nov at that time they told him that i have mucinex and it coast 16 dollars we dont know if you want to pay for it or get over the counter at that time i knew i have it and didnt give it to me by the way i have keystone first insurance never paid for any medicine also as a result of the hard cough i get a hernia in my abdomen and its hurt so much i want to know your opinion and what you can do for me you can call me or text me at 215 529 7728 need an immediate response thanks

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Kathleey - 12 d 4 h ago


Very sad to watch a long line of customers in line at the pharmacy window in pain, tearful while they wait getting more and more anxious and agitated . The poor over worked staff, in tears themselves can not produce enough for all. You have under staffed, undermined your public. You gave out a contract for money with the elderly for management of their medications and you have not stepped up to provide the tools for your stores to do their job. You hide in your corporate offices while your under paid, over worked staff take the heat for the lack of tools and people to do their job . I go into the same store in Venice Florida at least twice a week for medications. I found this to be a trust worthy store and encouraged my family and friends to go in. NOW not any more. I will make a formal complaint to MEDicare, to my physicians , to the public about the decline of your services and care. Shame on you. three staff today, a 25 minute wait and the medications ordered by phone on Wed were not even in the system today (5 days ) later. I did without my mediations for 4 days...and I went in every day being promised the RX would be there the next day. I was told that over 200 new members have joined, the store has asked, (begged for ) cooperate to hire more people. No nothing. Do you think people do not know in this area who is to blame for the lack of services, it is not the local store we go to almost daily, on you.

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Uza Duhmey - 10 d ago

On the 4th day the meds are put back (removed from pickup bins).

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Anonymous - 11 d 8 h ago


I had been a pharmacist since 1993, and worked for many different locations. This business is never about helping people get better. They treat their health professionals like slave labor wirh insurmountable of responsibility without proper staffing. The district supervisors and managers don't care about the work or labor laws. All they want is profits and continuous refills. Doesn't matter how unsafe and how rude the staff is treated. I am sure mr. Walgreens is turning in his grave because of the way the business is. I wish the public become aware and pharmacists and technicians join the efforts to demand a safer work environment and a more respectable workplace. Be kind to your pharmacists and technicians. They go through a lot daily to give you a better care. It is not the company who cares for their employees, but it is the employees who care .

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Gene Yis - 10 d ago


Thank you. There's more truth to that than reviewers realize. Walgreens pharmacists better be well compensated!

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Judy Gregory - 10 d 9 h ago


I am cripple having broken a hip and both femurs. Yesterday I decided to go to my local Walgreens for an OTC drug that cost $40.00. I drove up to the window and asked if I could buy it through the window. Not only was I told "no" but I was very embarrassed. WalMart is right down the street and so is our local pharmacy. I enjoyed doing business with Walgreens but never again especially since I explained that I could not come in.

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Denise - 10 d 9 h ago

Judy, sorry about your broken hip. I don't understand why you said you were embarrassed. That makes no sense.

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Trinidad Froede - 20 d 9 h ago

I can not believe that Walgreens will no longer have ShotVet coming to their stores. Who made this stupid decision? CVS and Wal-Mart are right around the corner. I was loyal to Walgreens because of ShotVet.

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Denise - 10 d 12 h ago

OMG THE HORROR. Walgreens no longer supplies ShotVet!!. "CVS and Wal-Mart are right around the corner". Ummm, go to one of them instead. Problem solved Trinidad. You're welcome.

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Kathleen - 12 d 4 h ago


By the way when you run an ad in the paper for items on sale , you had better have more than 10 items of that product to offer. I went to Walgreens with my ad in my hand. I searched the store no sales items I went for are available. I had the ad for only a few hours and the ad was good for yet another 6 days. I asked when will I expect your Olives to be on the shelf, the staff reported "not for another week". But the ad is only go until the end of

this week.....Do you see a problem here? Many of us in the store who were searching for your sales items did find this to be a big waste of drive time and wait time. Got any ideas?

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Denise - 10 d 12 h ago

Seriously Kathleen? You're upset because Walgreens didn't have the advertised olives on the shelf? Ideas? Yeah I've got one. Drive down the street to another store and buy olives there....

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Terri Mac - 11 d 3 h ago


I bought Nice deluxe mixed nuts with light sea salt. I noticed they had a strange taste I ate a hand ful but my husband ate half the small bag . We both got sick to our stomach . I think people should know about this , I don't think they are safe .

I called human services at Walgreens but they said to call back and hung up , that really bad . No customer service ?

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Denise - 10 d 12 h ago

Human services?? What's that? Are you trying to say Customer Service? Maybe next time just go back to the store and know...the Store Manager!! How difficult would that have been?

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FedUp with Walgreems - 16 d 4 h ago


Linton Blvd Delray Beach, FL pharmacy does not answer their phone. Was on hold for 30 minutes with important question about my medication and they don't pick up their phone. Tried calling store manager and he doesn't answer phone either.

The worst pharmacists who act like they're doing you a favor if they decide to fill your prescription!

Terrible horrific customer service

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Anonymous - 12 d 4 h ago


Yes I live in Venice Florida. I see the staff working long hours with no breaks, some in tears they are so tired from being rushed and under staffed. It is a shame the cooperate office does not help them out. It is so sad to see a good store going down...shame on them.

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Tima - 16 d 6 h ago



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Anonymous - 12 d 4 h ago


Ya know what the same is happening here in Florida. The staff is great, the company is so "do not care about you" folks.

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