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AZ ED - 1 h 17 m ago


This evening I was told that all alcohol sales at your Arizona Stores (Hayden & Mc Dowell in particular) now require a Scannable form of Identification. I was told that there had been a National Policy Change. Is this Accurate? And what is your policy for AZ and that store? I choose not to share an id to be scanned and stated to an Employee named Cat that on many occasions at that same store over many years a scannable id had not been required of me. I called back later thinking I could speak to Cat and suggest that she was mistaken regarding Walgreens Policy and/ or State Law in AZ on the topic. I asked to speak to a Manager for clarification and was told by Brandon the Asst. Mgr. that "Policy had changed Nationally and that all purchases regardless of age and the Cashiers common sense required a scannable id. Is this true? I plan to pursue this with the Store Director tomorrow and what appreciate any policy clarifications. I was originally just a little inconvenienced, but after accidental telephone hang ups, long waits on hold, and conversations with employees that I hope are truly misinformed, I would like to hear back from you. Thank you for any consideration. I would suggest that their explanation is not only Not in accordance with Arizona State Liquor Law but also a big impediment towards the Walgreens Stores profitability.

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Barbie L. - 4 h ago


I purchased a non working Nike gift card from Walgreens in Brooklyn on December 24, 2018 at 3:01pm and even after sending the requested documents (receipt and pic of gift card) I have NOT received a refund as of yet. I have called on multiple occasions as well as sent emails in regards and I have not heard from anyone of received an email in about a month now. I was told from the last representative that these things take time because they have so many gift card issues. I want my $100 refunded back to me sooner than later. Walgreens will NEVER get my business EVER AGAIN. This company has lacked professionalism, courtesy, and respect for a customer. I am not happy with the services that I am receiving.

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Rethinit - 1 d 4 h ago

Walgreens located at 3401 W, Roosevelt RD - Chicago, Ill.= 60624. I was standing in a long line.

The person at the register 6 people ahead of me was about 60 years old. The Cashier told him he

had to have an ID to purchase cigarettes. He told her he had lost his license, but had his expired

license which would prove his age, I think 64. The Cashier claimed she couldn't scan his license

cause it had expired. But everyone in line kept saying just look at his picture and birth date and

sell him the cigarettes. She refused after 10 minutes.

The Interesting part. The old man was in the parking lot with 2 friends. They were trying to stop

him from going back in the store. Not sure, but I think he had a gun.

Just to think. Walgreens policy & cashier trying to follow Walgreens policy could have been hurt.

All she had to do was call the Manager & they could work out a solution.

Myself! I think it discriminatory not to sell tobacco to customers that state they don't have an

ID if they clearly look over 21+. Especially, over 50.

Glad no shooting took place, But Walgreens should be aware of a proof of age issue.

Especially. In that neighborhood!!

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Email: - 2 d 11 h ago


Some lady in my hood introduced me to some new grant programm,

This grant is specifically place for those who need assistance paying for bills,buying a home, starting their own business, going to school, or even helping raise their children with old and retired people.

She received a 150,000 dollars check from the fedreal government.

Contact me for more explanation.

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Anonymous - 2 d 11 h ago


Very rude overall. My mom didn't speak much English and came to pick up her prescription from the pharmacy and didn't have all her medications when Walgreens confirmed with her doctor that they have it. And when she got there they only have 2 types instead of 3 and she stated she had 3. Instead of trying to find out what happened, Cherab was very rude and didn't want to help her out saying she couldn't call the doctor or talk to me on the phone trying to resolve the issue. My mom even offer for them to call the doctor or I to resolve the issue, but she stated she couldn't so I called Walgreens n explained that the confirmed the medication with the doctor, and cherab stated it came in and she was very rude saying it wasn't her fault that Walgreens system automatically confirm the medication with the doctor and hung up on me . I am very unsatisfied with the service and we have been using Walgreens for 25 yrs. and believe me we will never use Walgreens or recommend anyone to use Walgreens again ever. Walgreens definitely need to train their staff better or have anger management class for them monthly. I work in service industry also and understand when things like that happens but should have handle it better and definitely would never hang up on anyone or speak impolite. And I hope you guys solve this issue... she being the manager of the store is very unprofessional and using her status to said she is the highest person in pharmacy that I could complaint to is ridiculous.


Julie P.

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Donna Little - 4 d 4 h ago


Hellovmy name is Donna Little andxeeside in West New York New Jersey and religiously go to thexWalgrens on River Riad North Bergen for all my health and personal supplies and now my father's meds who has parkinsons. I just needed to write corporate in regards to the pharmacy tech "Malcolm" and sales associate "Mina/Amina". I cannot begin to say how much I appreciate walking into the store to br greeted with the biggest smile, welcome, and one on one with Mina and at 5ge pharmacy, Malcolm us amazingly polite and well mannered. Malcolm always addresses all customers with suchxrespect and always "yes mam/yes sir, you re welcome, or I'm happy to have served you". Two amazing employees, I have to say this location all the staff are extremely polite and helpful. I see they care for customers and the service they provide, amazing staff. I can only say that I'm a proud and happy shopper and ask thst these staff be recognizexfor their excellent work they do. Respectfully

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Donna slaton - 4 d 9 h ago

Donna Slaton had to transfer from Rite Aid who by the way had excellent customer service my prescriptions were transferred to Walgreens so I decided to give them a try not great customer service as you can see by their reviews was transferred three times and held for 15 minutes and then cut off and treated rudely by not only the manager but another person when I ask for the person above the store manager told he was out of town but was given his name not even sure it was his real name because he gave me two different names with multiple pharmacies in the area Publix Kroger CVS Etc not sure why they feel like they can treat people the way they're treating them they don't have a monopoly even when I complain to the store manager at the time that I called he was rude just saying lot of competition might want to rethink that after the experience that I had I went on and read reviews only to see that I wasn't the only one get it together Walgreens you're not the only pharmacy around

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Carole - 4 d 11 h ago


I have had trouble with the Walgreens corporate office sending the CMN form to my endocrinologist to get my diabetic Freestyle Lite Glucose test strips (50) covered under my Medicare Part B plan.All they send was another "request" and no form. They had an incorrect fax number at first, which I got them to correct.

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Tammy - 5 d 8 h ago


I just got back from the Walgreen's on Richard Sailors Road in Powder Springs GA around 11:45 am 02/15/19. The girl that helped me was named Tanesha. She is the first person who has ever assisted me at a local store that was just on the ball. I didn't have to ask her anything. She was amazing. I went in for photos after Valentines day and she made sure I got the coupon (I didn't know you had), made sure I was satisfied with my pictures and assisted me with another purchase. I felt really special to have her spend so much time with me. You don't get that much these days. I think she is a rare individual that shows care and concern above others with high value on work ethics. I am just astonished by her performance, in a good way!

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Anonymous - 6 d 8 h ago


Walgreen's in Dublin, Ga Veteran's Blvd should be shut down, staff does not care for customers. Went inside while husband called from car. Only 2 customers at pharmacy, phone ringing off the hooks, no one bothered to answer. Tried to look busy with stock--not as important as customers. This store is shameful!!

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Susan - 7 d 7 h ago


This is to Mr. S. Pessina C.E.O

I lived in Northbrook Illinois for over 30 years and used a neighborhood pharmacist who delivered my prescriptions and you could always talk to somebody when you called. They even opened up during the night if somebody was sick.

Automated system does not take the numbers all the time and when they want to connect you to somebody because after putting them in manually or saying them .They still don't get it right.

. You spend over an hour waiting for someone to answer you and they still don't answer you.

The recording says they are busy taking care of people. . Automated system is poor as to working and lack of customer service is a big problem and I've use three of your stores in Boca Raton Florida and Delray.susan Some.of the people at clintmoore are more. Accommodating than the store. All your stores are short-staffed

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Susan M. - 6 d 8 h ago

Worse service since Walgreen's took over. No pharmacy is so busy that it takes 47 min. for a real person to come on the phone AND then laugh and hang up. I can't stay with this pharmacy when they don't seem to care or take their job serious.

Flagged for review. 
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George - 9 d 3 h ago


Recently chose Walgreens pharmacy because the Ride Aid store pharmacy was taken over by them. Horrible service all the time. Always ask us to wait for an hour to get the medicines even if we received the message that the meds are ready. I was bounced back and forth for almost two weeks and lied to me and my family about the availability of my blood pressure medication. Told us to wait for an hour on three different day in the last two weeks to get the same medicine (they know no one will wait for an hour) - Went next day to pick up.. given a different story that the order is pending with their vendor.

Seems no one in the pharmacy really cares about the customer. They are a big company and therefore they know nothing will happen to them even if they treat the customer bad. I had to hang on without the medication for ten days. Finally, got hold of the store manager and is looking into the issue now.. hope it gets resolved today.

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Ms mac - 8 d 9 h ago


Clue walgreens is not a place to get mess#

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Mrs mac - 8 d 9 h ago


Walgreen Ocala Fl pharmacy sucks! New 35th street Ocala 34479! Forgot to fill husbands Mets from Jan! Now they are out! my mess were trans from Cvs and in Jan my Dr called in my mess to walgreens. .not one script filled so I went there today..told cannot do ready fill..I have to call each month with each medication I want..what is going on...I will be out my medications next week! This is bullshit! Dr called in script says 3 refills! What is wrong with this pharmacy ..Cvs put on ready fill never had to call them monthly..we never should of switched to walgreens! Even the insurance company never heard of this!

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Loss of trust since 2019; given another patient's prescription!! - 8 d 11 h ago

HELP in the most dire way needs to be sent to the 24-hour location in Clarksville TN. Before the Rite Aid acquisition, there were issues, but nothing compared to now. Feb. 8th, I was given another patient's prescription along with two correct ones. I have Crohn's disease, Lupus, and I've suffered several mini strokes. What I shouldn't have to suffer through is a complete lack of trust in those that fill my prescriptions. To top it off, the first pharmacist I spoke with over the phone ended the conversation with "Oh sorry this happened. Bring that back to us tomorrow morning first thing."

The manager of the pharmacy, though, slowly shook her head and apologized several times.

Over the last few months, this location has had a line of patients who've openly complained about how long of a wait, how many times they've been there for the same prescription, and lack of care and attention they finally received. If you cared about your customers, you'd send every last employee at corporate level to stand in those long lines Every Day to pull their perceptions out of their wallets before you kill someone.

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Mil Retiree - 9 d ago


I don't usually like to complain or give detrimental comments, but your Waipahu store is in such a sad and

deplorable state that I am forced to complain. I started out being patient and compliant as any good customer could be, hoping that things would change, but found out that after a year of waiting in long lines, watching workers not seemingly knowledgeable, not getting doctor prescribed medicine in a timely manner, can only lead me to believe that nobody at Walgreens cares enough to change. I'm only doing this in hope that the procedures and resources in the Waipahu store changes for the better. I've complained to the manager(s) to no avail. No improvement noted.

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Anonymous - 10 d 8 h ago


Terrible experience with Walgreens pharmacy! I had difficulty breathing and was prescribed a Pari Vios nebulizer. I was told by my physician that it might take a day to get it, and I asked her to call it into my local Walgreens, thinking they would be able to give me good service. 4 days, 8 calls, and 4 trips to 2 Walgreens later, and still not able to breathe properly, I still cannot use the device. I had to get the medication from one Walgreens and the machine from another. I then discovered that they apparently gave me the pediatric kit instead of one for an adult. To make sure the one that I was given is one that I can use, before I open it and cannot return it, I called the Walgreens that has my prescription. After being on hold for 30 minutes & being transferred 3 times, the person I eventually talked to did not have good knowledge about the device (even though I requested the person that was supposed to know about it), and could not help me determine if this one would work or not. He then told me to call another Walgreens, necessitating another round of being held on the phone and still not being able to use the device. I am extremely dissatisfied with Walgreens service, and do not plan to use Walgreens again.

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Diana Artis-Etienne - 12 d ago


Walgreens on 12st Lake Charles,La. Always and I means short change a person on your meds was suppose to get 50 pills instead I got 40 pills for everyone of my meds i was short of my meds!! Did call one time about it but they feel like you the one Lying!! I will assure that is the last $51.00 they will get from me!! The manager need to watch his or her worker's in that pharmacy!!! They are stealing pills

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Anonymous - 12 d 7 h ago


Walgreens Ridge Road & Wentworth in LansingIll

is one of the slowest pharmacy I've ever been to You will fall asleep in the store waiting or in your car waiting to pick up your prescriptions

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Donna Belitz - 16 d 1 h ago


Today saw maxwell house decaf coffee sale..but no store within 25 miles had this item..then looked online..oh yes I can buy online but it can not be shipped to my store for free shipping so then must have shipped to my home and pay shipping unless order at least 35.00 I have to pay the price because the product you advertise is not available at any store within 25 miles...then I try to order online adding enough items to get free ship 2 home..but the site would not.then allow me to finish the order..WHAT IS GOING ON WITH WALGREENS????????

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J.P. - 16 d 12 h ago


How about being given the wrong medicine in the bottle with your name and the name of the medicine that you take.When I brought it to their attention they gave me the right medicine and said they would investigate.After lie after lie I still don't know what I was taking and have yet to get an apology.I am a cancer patient and I don't need anymore trouble with my health.The bottom line is they really don't care,they were only worried about a sue case.I had a little tiny Duane Reade near my home and they took it away for this Walgreens.Duane Reade knows how to treat customers .Their employees were the best.They didn't run out of medicine like Walgreens and if they didn't have something they made sure one of their other stores delivered it to them. Walgreens is a terrible company.

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Darlene Morman - 18 d 10 h ago


I got a call from Walgreens pharmacy at 12 N. Northwest Hwy, Palatine IL - (hidden) tellling me my perscripitions were ready, when I got there said that they are still working on my husbands, Wayne Morman - at that time no one was in line except for 1 person, then the girl said my perscriptions were ready so I was going up to the register and she said I have to get in line at that time there were 10 people in line I think that is wrong I was there before any of those people all I get was I'll take it up at the next meeting. I want something to be done about this.

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Janie - 18 d 10 h ago


Walgreens @orange & Michigan Orlando Florida

Pharmacy and the medical office should introduce themselves to each other. No one has a clue what the other one is doing. It is like a 3 ring circus with them having me pop back and forth between lines for a very simple flu shot. They allow you to make an appointment on line for a flu shot and when you show up, they say..oops out of flu shots. This happened 2 weeks in a row. Why do they allow you to make an appointment on line for a specific treatment and then say they are out of it??

Post a sign in lobby AND update the on-line option to make an appointment.

Seriously...easy stuff - get it together walgreens!

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Rebecca - 20 d ago

My employee number is 3010221 I am a recent transfer to ATMORE store # 10761 today I left work after almost 2 months of trying to make it work at this location I have previously made a complaint but I don't think I submitted it in the right place because no action was taken and I never heard anything back I'm not sure if this is the correct form but I need to be heard. I started with the company in April 2018 as a csa in Gulfport was promoted to a DH and was soon to be promoted to tech in my home store 15018 in Gulfport. This is where I was taught the Walgreens way and saw how a store is properly ran in front and in the pharmacy I grew and was learning a lot every day and was very happy and eager to do my job . Come December my family was going through a very rough time and we needed to relocate to help with our personal matters I really wanted to stay within the company so I got a transfer to the nearest store in ATMORE Alabama. I was quickly hired and my transfer brought me a promotion to TECHNICAN and I was excited to start the job .. my very first weeks in ATMORE were absolutely the hardest times I have ever experienced in Walgreens. Yes I had come from a smaller store the volume of prescriptions was 5 times more than I am used to but there was more staff and I thought it was just going to take some time in getting use to . Also there was a tech out on maternity leave and one out on vacation . Needless to say the pharmacy was absoulte chaos .. I have never seen a pharmacy so unorganized and so under staffed .. the senior techs and Pharmacists continuously keep telling me to hold off it was going to get better when the girls came back to work to just wait.. I would like to go into detail about the chaos .. fill counts were in steady in the hundreds there is always spilled pills on the ground the filling station was a disaster and the line of customers wasalways longer than 5 customers with drive thru also going non stop .. I was basically thrown to the wolves and never had proper training in what the work flow should be never had a designated time to complete my e learnings and was just there helping with damage control .. selling and in taking prescriptions.. it was difficult to even give an accurate time for patients to come back for there scripts because we were always so behind. I could say it would take 2-3 hours and they would come back and their prescriptions we're still not ready.. I have never been cussed out so much in my life. Also at the end of the day there was numerous amounts of prescriptions still left incomplete This was from Dec 10 till January 7th before the girls came back from leave .. so when they came back I was expecting a huge difference as promised but the only thing that maybe change is the fill count came down from high hundrededs 200s to maybe 120 the highest number seen.. the floor still have pills on it after I personally picking up and trying to clean and wait times decreased a bit but still the volume of prescriptions never changed .. ATMORE has to fill prescription not only for it's town but for the surrounding areas as well going into Florida because they are the only Walgreens in the area besides brewton that is 45 min away... So the volume is overwhelming and honestly dangerous for not only the employees but the patients as well.. I have never seen so many mistakes done also. I have seen patients come back with other patients prescriptions or mislabled bottles and im not even sure if stars events were even properly being filled because with that many mistakes I had seen personally I can't imagine how many more were actually done but why wasn't this being investigated... Also in this pharmacy there is 3 more knowledgeable more experienced techs and then 3 including myself learning techs I was always hearing negative comments about us newer techs but never seen anyone actually trying to teach or demonstrate how things were to be done just always negative remarks and it was very discouraging .. not only that but us 3 new techs were always stuck with the closing shifts struggling at the end of the night when the pharmacy is at it's most busy time ... I have really tried and tried and I am making myself ill trying to keep up with this job and it is not worth it .. today I reached my limit and I had to leave work I called them saying I wouldn't be back and all the pharmacist said was oh okay ... Didn't even try to reach out to see what was going on with me... I don't know what to do anyone but I did not want to leave the company ... I'm not sure if I'm officially fired but I needed to leave this toxic environment and I need something to be done for the people who are still trying to make it work there ... I would like to be contacted if I need to explain something further and I would really like not to loose my job with the company but I need a to distance myself to regain my sanity.. I have mention my issues to the pharmacy manager and to various shift leads but it seems like nothing is being done and no one is even trying to come up with any solutions .....

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