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5501 S Olive St
Pine Bluff, AR
Willie Sawyer
(870) 879-4600
(870) 534-7127
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T. Rocca - 25 d 19 h ago

Need to check this out.

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Liz - 50 d 18 h ago


ON 9/25/17 MY 82 YEAR OLD MOM PURCHASED 2 MONEY ORDERS. 1 for 10.00 and the other for 50.00. The one for 50.00 was a donation for the victims of hurricane Maria. The money order was returned undeliverable. We tried contacting the radio station but they did not have the information since it was returned in December. MY mom went to the Neighborhood Wal-Mart and informed them of the situation at hand. The person in charge had no empathy. Told her there was nothing they could do if she didn't have the store receipt even if she had the money order and the stub. Brushed her off and kept working. I called the following day and the same lady spoke to me with her I don't care attitude. I called the number on the money gram. It's automated a d no one answers. The back of the money order tells you that you need to download a form so that they can research it and give you your money back but you have to send then 18.00 dollars. There is no other option given. Contacted Wal-Mart customer service on 12/5/17 and spoke to a representative and I explained the situation to her. Stated that someone would contact me within 3 to 5 business days. I never received a call. I waited due to it begin their busiest time of the year. I called today and once again explained the situation to the rep. Mind you the number stated it was for the corporate office and it is a call center. All I was directed to do was go back to the store and talk to the manager. I asked for an email address and name of the district manager and all I was given was a first name. No other information could be provided. I've been working in cashiering since 1983. The store has to have the cash tapes they remove from the register and should have a log of the money orders that they sold that day. How else will they receive payment from money gram. Mind you when you purchase the money gram the cashier does not tell you to keep the store receipt nor is it posted anywhere. In other words no one wants to take responsibility. An 82 year old women on SSI is out of 50.00. Money gram keeps the money, Wal-Mart keeps the money for the transaction and the victims of the hurricane stay without the donation. The rich keep getting richer.

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Penny Fisher - 108 d ago


I would love to connect with someone over the pharmacy supplier and the people that work at my local Wal-Mart pharmacy.

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The mad mom - 121 d ago


I was wrongly accused of stealing another customers wallet while shopping for my family at your location in East Wichita. I was FOLLOWED, LOOKED DOWN on, called RACIAL names and CHASED all the way to my vehicle. All in the middle of and during me shopoing and spending money at your store. The suspicion alone made me feel like I was some criminal let alone the fact that they didnt even review the tapes hours later makes me believe it was profiling. I spend my time hiring a babysitter and getting there after saving up money to buy things we as a FAMILY need. The manager on duty this morning....Jake.....didnt even consider us as your CUSTOMERS to be anything less than guilty and I'm embarrassed and let down by such a huge corporation who thrives on calling themselves a family store. Let it be known I will follow this through until I feel that I am welcome in your store again.

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A Walmart customer - 1 y 73 d ago


Really bad experience in Tampa Florida at their Wawa near the highway return the product I feel like I was being grilled by the FBI when I asked if the lady was alright after slamming things around and if she was in a bad mood she flipped out on me and told me that I was in a bad mood never smiled never looked at me this is the service we get now at Walmart very very disappointing.

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