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Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Sam's Club
702 Sw 8th St.
Bentonville, AR
Michael Duke
President and CEO
(479) 273-4000
(479) 277-1830
Twitter IDs
@Walmart, @WalmartAction
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Anonymous - 16 h ago

I do not think that Walmart is very fair.. I was walking in their store and fell on a rug in the middle of the doorway. Walmart has not acknowledged my injury severe back pains and chronic headaches and my knee is still swollen. When I ask for some assistance with some physical therapy for my back and neck injuries. I was told we never heard of such a thing. Walmart is very unethical

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Walmart in Dearborn,MI very bad service every time I go to fill up my 5 g water ,the water machine doesn't work.

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Judy Cable - 10 d 13 h ago


I am a long time customer of WalMart and have been a strong supporter.....but I am totally outrage that WalMart would have "Impeach 45" apparel being store in your stores. I also love and respect our country and selling this type of merchandise is appalling. I have seen many notices to "Boycott" Walmart for the bias and disrespectful manner you are doing business. I live in a small town with a smaller WalMart store along with one other grocery store. I was upset with all of the "self-serve" checkouts , with maybe only one or two regular check stands available. I have always preferred WalMart, but I am getting very discouraged and disappointed at this time. Then when you brought this new appalling merchandise out,it is making me to reevaluate my continued business with your company. What are you going to do to make me and thousands others to continue to shop WalMart? Sadly,a disappointed customer.

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Ben - 1 d 5 h ago

I love it. Fuck Trump. He is a US traitor.

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Ky Dairy farmers lost their contracts due to you. - 1 d 13 h ago


In Kentucky it was on the news that Deans Milk will be closing their processing plant and moving to Indiana. Why because WallMart and Deans milk will be opening a processing plant in Indiana. Wallmart sells milk and a lower cost they said than they buy it at, this is to get customers in the door and then they buy more. So they make up the lost 100 times.

So the dairy farmers in Kentucky lost their long term contracts with Dean Milk, thank you Wallmart. It showed the farmers having to sell their dairy cattle and some their farms that has been in the family for years. This is the same thing that happens when WallMart comes to a small town. They drive out the small businesses. WallMart only cares about the profit tbe the Wallmart family does not care about no one. If you did you would support the farmers and only sell AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS like your dad said he would do.

The American dairy farmer thanks you.

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Make me Great - 1 d 5 h ago

Wal-Mart makes America great my f---ing us. Go figure, Trump.

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trulydisgruntled - 1 d 14 h ago

I was just in the Walmart in Hooksett NH and was humiliated by two of the salespersons there. When I called the manager, I had to wait 10 minutes on the phone and she rushed me off, saying she would "address the problem", before she even asked me what happened. This is HORRIBLE customer service.

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scottstarr1940 - 2 d 13 h ago

I'm a employee of Walmart store 1769 in Dubois PA and just in the last few months was suppose to be made full time which maganment never took care of it I lost out on benefits and my share money.I would also like to take the time to tell you how we get treated for not meeting our task times we get yelled at all the time for not meeting them we get junk equipment to use that doesn't work all the time and have to take our brakes plus we have to pull meat and produce every night so how can we meet the times we also can't use the new equipment it's only for management and can't mark it out at all we are restricted from it.also any time we go to our managment they do nothing about it so we just give up even trying to make things right if you ain't in there click you are dirt under there feet.thanks sincerely your Scott starr

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Anonymous - 2 d 9 h ago

I'm sorry Scott you deserve to be treated with respect you deserve just use the equipment the same way the management says I brand multimillion-dollar operations in fast food industry and I will not mention the names each one of them that I ran but know this don't let them disrespect you don't let them yell at you you're down the child I was born before that Corporation was even founded by Mishawaka and I'm disgusted with Walmart I too have never worked for Walmart cuz they will not hire a convicted felon in the state of Missouri Texas real but I chose not to even apply cuz I can't stand Walmart they are liars and thieves and they talk about drug addicts and disrespecting our country how dare you my dad fought for this country in World War II they're not God stand up for your rights soothing sue the pants off of them gather witness in the evidence sue them take some of that million dollars take your peace cuz you deserve it no one has the right to disrespect anybody on their job I'm disgusted with Walmart my sister work there disabled with a quadriplegic husband she took care of it home wasn't allowed to sit down because she was obese you know what screw Walmart but she went to work everyday took care of her disabled husband and took care of her family the best way she could without losing it because Walmart didn't give breaks I will never step foot in a Walmart again after the way I was treated on Friday yesterday by Robert V Pharmacy manager stupid people they hire to work behind the counter little people that don't have any brains hire drug felon they got more brains I've been clean since 2007 I paid my debt to society I did my time but how dare you who is discriminated against people I know of my family you want to know the names of my family email me I challenge you but like the chickenshit Walmart is you won't get no help or no reply or bunch of freaking running around I don't have a vehicle they won't fax anything to my doctor's office extending my fight for my rights for have Medicaid when I'm disabled the only reason I went to Walmart in Saint Roberts Missouri was to sign a document they said they had to have over the phone when I called so I arranged a ride 15 miles away to sign the piece of paper then I get there and this ignorant people that work there can't write down a number correctly can't do anything correctly in the last three times to get my pain medication not early not anything as prescribed they don't have it they don't have my medication drop the ball who's not doing their job go to sinks pharmacy in Waynesville Missouri for local here they're cheaper much nicer screw Walmart and corporate office I'm sure we'll be too scared to comment back or help any body else just like their employees they choose to hire with all the rules and regulations and everything else my job to look for a phone number in the same county that you working it's not my job to do the research it was my job to come in and simply sign a piece of paper and I was given nothing but freaking run around buy a dumb little girl that had a fake smile in her mouth I had more respect for that elderly the door greeters the people that do there job I'm sorry you were treated that way by this disgusting company sue the brakes off of them

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For Anonymous - 2 d 8 h ago

In most written languages, English being one of them, there is a punctuation mark called a "period." It looks like this: . It is a simple dot that allows the reader to digest what you've said before moving on to the next sentence. In your future writings, please consider using periods! I offer this advice only to help you. There is no disrespect intended.

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Frodo - 3 d 9 h ago

Can you please tell me how does wal-Mary

Employees facilitate the internet, passing the time mimicking customers ,insulting with there so called people crusts brag

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Balrog - 3 d 6 h ago

Frodo, I have NO idea what you're trying to say! Please consider posting your future comments in English, rather than Hobbitish.

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Anonymous - 5 d ago


Sad to say I was assaulted June 3rd 2018 by a Walmart employee. I Reached out to management on duty the day of the assault! Wrote a Statement took the statement in to the store the fallowing day, Also called customer service June 4th 2018. I explained the incident from top to bottom from start to finish, How i was accused of stilling i was followed around the store the situation escalated management did not intervene. I explained how management allowed the employee threaten me and then attack me in Walmart while the employee was on the clock. The sad part about this is i am a female and both employees where males. with all that being said i would love to write every detail of that day but there is much more i would like to add. After calling customer service i was told someone would get a hold of me in 3 days, I was told by management at Walmart that the store management would call me in a few days. However no one called in few days. I called Walmart June 11th store manager was on vacation and they did not know when he would be back. I called customer service again was told to call ethics, ethics could not help because i did not have a pin. called customer service again they said someone would call me in 3 days no call back again. I Called Walmart no management around June 19th. left voice mail no call back. Went to Walmart June 22nd asked to talk to store manager they asked who i was told them he was not in. June 23rd called customer service CATT Seemed very upset that i called i tried to explain the issue she did not care, she said someone would get back to me in 3 days. June 24th called the store again left message no call back. When to the store talked to an assistant manager AMANDA she said she would look into all this and would call me back guess what no call back. Called Ethics again JULY 1st The young man did take the report. However guess what I have revised an email saying they dont have enough information from me. HOWEVER I HAVE VIDEO OF THAT DAY I WROTE A STATEMENT I HAVE TALKED TO MANY CUSTOMER REPS I CALLED ETHICS CALLED ARE RECORDED BUT YET NOT ENOUGH INFO FROM ME. I have reach out to everyone i could no one want t help me sad just sad. This is not the first time this has happened to me at the same Walmart and guess what no one ever called me back and i did let that go and yes management saw everything yet again and did nothing... So in my eyes Walmart does not care at all what soever about there customers safety or well being. TODAY IS JULY 11TH AND HAVE NOT HEARD FROM ANYONE. sad

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Im happy if you don't like it shut up and go elsewhere please. - 5 d 16 h ago


I enjoy shopping at Walmart I know their prices and believe they keep their great value products very comparable to many of the name brands. My problem is I'm being personally Cyberstalked. Which has created me to lose massive years of my life and hundreds of thousands of dollars. If I could I'd love to see their store tapes and get the identity of they who have stalled me aa I shop. I swear theirs someone in this neighborhood that has been stalking me. It's really weird when someone says that they each get 10000 to 20000 dollars if they can succeed any I've already been extorted out of my duplex and their trying to out of my house. They give you the choices and have great deals I call it the walmarche compared to what was a high end store.. Give it a break and research the products and companies I hate it when people assume which makes an az of themselves. Now bite your tongue theirs already few stores and companies out their they've all consolidated button up or you won't have any choices. Don't be a fool. And then where all these people work bite your tongue please.

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anonymous - 6 d 13 h ago


If wal,art is suppose to save people money and live better then reguardless of fireing empoyees mangers should never tell someone there existance dosent matter and that no one cares. there is suppose to be intergrety, so be buddy buddy and allowing another assocaites lie, that was admittied to be a lie cause worry to someone one, is not okay. and telling someone there life dosnt matter isnt being a good role model and manger.

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Anonymous - 7 d 19 h ago


Every one needs to do the simple thing, start supporting the small businesses in your town and stop supporting companies that drives out these bussines and causes them to close their doors.

Think about it............

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lORI M - 6 d 15 h ago



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annoymous - 7 d 13 h ago


I recently shopped at walmart located 4424 wendover ave greensboro nc 27407. I arrived at the store around 11:30et.

shop approximately 30 mins When I went to check out 1 scan register and 3 open register. I ask the lady at the scan she scan it for me as I am handicapped she said she would will help me.

I went to the regular register and stood in line over 45 mins. What bothers me Walmart only paying 20% cooperate taxes

so this gives them more money for the cooperate to fill their pockets instead of hiring more people .

I have shopped at Wal Mart years but if this is way they going to treat customers I don't ever intend to shop their again.

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Anonymous - 7 d 13 h ago


I was a hard working nurse for many, many years -- now I can't walk. I use my few food stamps plus at least another $200 a month from my checking account in Walmart. Why can't I give the number on my Access Card just as I do with a credit card? For online order and pick-up?

It is unfair that the Access Card can be used inside the store for groceries, but NOT when ordered on-line and picking them up...

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Anonymous - 7 d 14 h ago

Whyis or that Sal Mart Stores do not have Beauty salon in them?

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Needing oil change - 7 d 17 h ago


I am a long-time Walmart customer in both the retail and automotive businesses. I recently went to have my oil changed in my car a Pontiac and was told that they no longer could. The reason given was they did not have the wrench to tighten the oil pan. I have been changing my oil at Store#399 since 9/07/2010. I have received great customer service most times I am in this store. I choose Walmart because you currently have a great training program for the techs. I believe this gives customers a contnuity of service other places do not offer. I would like to continue my one-stop shopping at your store. Could not each service bay purchase this "wrench". The automotive manager admitted he had lost a lot of customers due to this policy. In today's competitive service market , can Walmart afford or turn away my money or the money of other customers driving the same model vehicle in my area ? Just let my know. Thank you for your time and your response to this issue.

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Chrishawn Spann - 8 d 14 h ago


I have been blocked from doing walmart grocery pick up . I have been doing pick now for well over a year. I am using the same payment method and none of my person information has changed. Its crazy. I have called customer service numerous times and no one has an explaination for it. I spoke to the manger in charge of grocery pick up by the name of Matt and he had the i dont care attitude about the situation. I would like to know who can I speak to get his resolved. Grocery pick up was very convinent for me. I have an autistic child that is non verbal and doesnt like coming into stores. She screams and just has these tantrums grocey pick up saved me from having to come inside stores and have customers starring at me wondering why i can not control my kid. She is autistic but I dont have to explain that to anyone and of course no one ask they just give you these dirty looks like your a bad parent. Bottom line is I need my grocery pick up privleges to be reinstated. I did nothing wrong and you all has blocked my online grocery pick up privlieges. I would love for you to fix this issue asap

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EUODIAS GOZA - 9 d 5 s ago


I have being trying for five months to make a purchase online and I keep getting and error when I go to checkout. Your Customer Service keep telling me it will be corrected in 48hours . However , it is never corrected. Surely, a corporation as big as Walmart can help get this fixed. My zipcode in 71923. Your CSR keep telling me they are having a problem with this zipcode. I need help. If it isn't fixed soon I am cutting up my Walmart credit card and closing my account. I then will move to another retailer. I don't think Mr. Sams would allow a customer to be trated in this manner.

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Marisela Santana - 10 d 4 h ago


Local Walmart Store Manager Marie Saenz (7555 North Mesa) refused to allow fund raising for the Estrada/Mercado family who suffered a tragedy in Juarez after a drunk driver killed the Mother and three month old baby. Alberto Mercado, the father and US Citizen, later died at UMC. A FOX Spanish TV News channel issued an announcement on yesterday's evening news to help support the event. Not only did Marie Saenz, impede the fund raising from taking place she chastised and made the Walmart supervisor who was simply trying to help cry. The supervisor had previously been granted authorization to allow the fund raising from an assistant store manager. Ironically, Alberto Mercado worked for another El Paso company, Meraki Solutions, which was lauded for their generosity in helping a family after they lost all their belongings after a fire destroyed their home. Marie Saenz is known for tormenting her employees. She has driven, and fired employees who had worked at the same store for over 15 years. Many of them were senior citizens. She recently received the outcome of her leadership survey. She spitefully told her subordinates that she would never be fired even though the survey reflected low morale and confidence in her leadership. Employees dread going to work, but fear reporting her actions. Marie Saenz has driven persons to cause threats, so she must be escorted to and from her vehicle when reporting to work. She is a horrible example of a manager, but worse she is a horrible example of an El Pasoan.

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Joe - 10 d 11 h ago


Mr. Duke, my Son was employed at Walnart Dickson a City PA , then at Walmart Taylor PA. My Son gave his heart , and soul to his Assistant Manager job, and was treated worse then a dog 50 plus hous per week, single days off. I will never spend another dollar at Wallmart, or SAMs Club, and tell everyone I can just how badly Walmart treats employees. My Son has left Wal-mart, and is very happy working for Harbor Freight.

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