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Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Sam's Club
702 Sw 8th St.
Bentonville, AR
Michael Duke
President and CEO
(479) 273-4000
(479) 277-1830
Twitter IDs
@Walmart, @WalmartAction
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Anonymous - 1 d 8 h ago

This morning at 2am, and after the storm, my trip to Wal-Mart for groceries seemed to be uneventful and quick. I suspected no trouble, why, there was even a police state vehicle there the same time.

Helpful service was received at the back of the store with my inquiry of a quilt stand. But at the front, nothing but the annoyance of the 'Self-checkout' register could describe it. Associate, Tamara was at her position and heard each annoyance; Yet was simply useless preventing the annoyance when calling her attention to the recorded response after EACH scan. Something to the notice of "Check item in bagging station," and "Item not scanned" when the LCD showed the register already received and tallied the item. DOES WAL-MART KNOW HOW ANNOYING THEIR MACHINES ARE WHEN THIS HAPPENS AFTER EACH SCAN? The manager, Glenda was called and she did a trail run of socks WITHOUT THE ANNOYING RESULT. At this time, a young man walked behind Tamara with a grin on his face and it was not obvious if he was even an associate. I recommended Glenda record Tamara s name as she heard and saw my entries across the scanner.

Leaving, the machine nearby did the same to another female customer. What glitch is with the self -check out machines? It is not the first time the machines have presented an inconvenience. The freezers needed replacing years before and during the day when number of customers were buying groceries...This must have been hard for the workers as much as the customers. Passing Tamara, I offered my sales receipt if needed to be checked and because she witnessed the annoyance it was not in need of review. It will be things such as that, that will decrease shoppers regardless of shopping at day or night. Hixson Th Resident

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Dennis - 2 d 15 m ago


I purchased Dorel Living Full/Queen Headboard, Cherry from the online store on 17 May 2017 and the site said that it would be delivered to the Chardon, Ohio store by 25 May 2017 after 6pm. I called my local store on 26 May and talked to an associate and they looked in the trailer and said it was not there. She advised me that the store was having problems with the warehouse on delivering products to the store and she could not give me a delivery date because it was shipped. I think if you order products on line there should be a priority on getting the item to the customer since it was paid for online. It seems that Walmart is only in the money and not the customer. I will not recommend to have a product sent to the local store for the pick up discount.

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Larry Donald - 4 d ago

Good morning I recently bought 2 pair of Beats Headphones from Walmart with the Product Protection Plan, after the 30 day store return policy expired the Headphones were broken. My daughter called in the Product Protection Plan policy in for both but they only records of one and we have misplaced the receipt. I called (hidden) to get a copy of my receipt. The problem is calling (hidden) is impossible to reach, i have been calling for MONTHS with no answer. Can someone please let me know what else I can do?

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Anonymous - 3 d 15 h ago

Call Michael Duke 479 273 4000 CEO an President.

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h - 2 d 14 h ago

Call Beats directly

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R - 2 d 14 h ago


I am in Honolulu. I was attempting to purchase 400 lanyards from your store, but after a 20 min adventure of getting hung up on 3 times, the Manager at the Wal-Mart on Ft. Street. Honolulu, Hi. store on 5-26-17, at 3:00pm (Female/no name) refused to give me your DBA name. so because of this you potentially lost a 400 unit sale to the State of Hawaii. I believe this constitutes very bad customer service and a lack of business etiquette.

Thank you

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Fed Up - 4 d 15 h ago


I went to Walmart in Bolt Earl Campbell hot links inside the hot link was a foreign object I'll call the Walmart on Market Center and Garland Texas they have a manager named Maria Canales this lady could not simply pull up a receipt incompetent at the highest degree how can you run a million dollar operation with A5 dollar employee sickening

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Victim - 5 d 13 h ago

Walmart is a bunch of crooks they stole 500.00 on a Walmart to Walmart transfer then after nearly 2weeks of their investigation I was told I can get refunded for the amount went to 2 different Walmarts and both said they couldn't help me refused to help me 1 manager told me to come back during the day but I work 7 12hr days I've already wasted alot of time and money trying to get my money back they took what a joke

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Tish - 7 d 2 m ago


Walmart # 2257

I called the store today and it rang approximately 30 times before someone answered. I asked for package pick up and they didn't know what that was. Then they asked if it was inside the store. I had to explain to them it was in the back of the store where you pick up packages. I was then asked to hold. While I was on hold, there was no on indication that I was being transferred until someone answered but they were not from the package pick up. Very unsatisfied with telephone protocol.

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

Walmart, pace fl.

Deli counter not open till 9 am. Lunch meat bunkers sitting empty at 830 am. I work 6 days a week , shop for food on sunday morning. Only day I have to gather my supplies for the week. I make really great money in my profession. I could shop at the publix I drive past on my way to your store. In fact I have gone into the publix to get what I can't at your store, do to the the out of stock conditions. They are alot friendly group of people by far. So you all continue business as usual, while publix eats your lunch. Funny the out of stock conditions always seems to be the product your employees are responsible for working.

Good day, or good bye forever


Ron Stuart, Pace, Fl.

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linda fantauzzi - 9 d 16 h ago


Brought a refurbished pc tower never worked out almost $100 called store in avon ohio told nothing they can do callec number on pc nothing told me put in product key n u mber no help will neve r shop walmart again

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Warren Merrill - 9 d 18 h ago


After a racial incident I felt Walmart blew off I stayed away for a year. i eventually started going to a different Walmart. Omg May 11th I placed an order for two frames on I ordered two day delivery. One frame arrived in two days. The other frame arrived in six days, never packaged and busted up. Someone stuck a mailing sticker on an unpackaged frame.

After over an hour of arguing with incompetent customer service people and supervisors I was transferred to an escalation group at corporate. The person agreed I should receive a new frame in two days since I paid for two day shipping.

Last night I received an email saying the frame would arrive May 30th. I called to complain. It was escalated after wasting a half hour on the phone with people who did not want to help. I asked for my money back (frame, tax and shipping). It was agreed. In an hour I received notification I would only receive the reimbursement for the frame, since I got one frame in two days I wouldn't get the shipping reimbursed, I guess three week shipping for the second frame did t mean anything to them.

I don't care what happens anymore. I went to and purchased the same frame. It will be delivered in two days free of charge. I've been buying bathroom, kitchen and cleaning supplies at Walmart. Due to their lack of intregrity and dishonesty I will purchase these iteams at Target in the future.

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Terry - 10 d ago


I purchased a money gram money order serial # (hidden)8 at 1550 Blake ave Albert Lee MN.The money was for 320.00.Yesterday May 18 2017 I went to 1450 university ave w St. Paul MN to cash the same money order. I had the receipt and the money order was not filled out.The assistant manager Ryan said that the money order wasn't any good. I spend over 2000 a month in Wal-Mart money orders because this is how I save my payroll. I never had a problem cashing a money order I purchased at Wal-Mart. I am a long distance trucker so I buy Wal-Mart money orders nationwide and every week. This assistant manager don't know how to cash a Wal-Mart money order and he is in management. I don't think he is suitable for this position. I had to go to a check cashing that charged me 26.00 dollars .I also had a cab fair who waited for me in that location. My cab fair was 90 dollars. I've never had this problem at any Wal-Mart location before. I am very pissed and I want something done about this matter!!!!! How is this man working for your company at he can't identify a Wal-Mart money order.Are you serious? Your company cost me time and money and I would like to be reimbursed because I shouldn't had to go through something like this.I know your money orders aren't fake.You need to remove this man from your establishment because he is going to be a liability to your company. How is your money order a fake.I had no problem cash this at the check cashing. Who are you all hiring ? This is serious!!!! He said the money order I purchased from your vender in Albert Lee wasn't no good. Remove this idiot! !!!!!

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Joanna - 13 d 20 h ago


Hanover P.A Dropped off a prescription on Saturday and tried to pick it up on Sunday.

Jeff the pharmacist the had to check with the doctor make sure it was a verified with

the doctor. Today Jeff called and said he will not fill the prescription. That it was his choice

and he wasn't going to fill it. I ask if he was filling other who had the same prescription he said

it was a case by case decision. Thinks it time to call a lawyer and see why mine can't be fill.

!!!Discrimination !!!

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Concerned Walmart Shopper - 10 d 17 h ago


This is not right. Please seek legal action if your claims are as such.

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Margaret Kendall - 10 d 20 h ago

Dear Mr. Duke:

I urge you and everyone you know to read the recent book Drawdown by Paul Hawken. In it the author suggests five major and and eminently doable steps for reducing carbon emissions. All of this can be done ONLY by private enterprise, as the government is unable to make it happen. I appreciate that Wal-Mart and others are taking steps to do so through transportation CO2 reductions, and I think you should publicize that a lot more and encourage other companies to do likewise. I have been the "queen of recycling for years" and try always to use my reusable bags when I shop. As one very simple thing Wal-Mart Stores could do to encourage saving our planet, I would love it if you would ban all plastic bags from your stores. (I wish everyone would from municipal entities such as Denver and Austin on down would do so.) The reduction in use of fossil fuel to manufacturer these would be considerable, along with the reduction of litter going into landfills and - especially! - rivers and oceans. Wal-Mart can be a leader in the desperate need to not only reduce planet destruction but to actually drive it backward from where we stand at present. You know the destruction: glaciers, forests, jungles, coral reefs and all the rest. I sincerely hope you will consider this as a responsible player on the planet.

General profile image - 11 d ago


How can customers protect their credit cards from misuse when we place orders by phone? There have been several problems with others placing orders and saying "you have my card on file" and the representative will then use that information rather than asking for an actual card number from that person ordering by phone. Some people do not have access to the internet or a way of placing orders except by phone and have asked others to help them and an e-mail address is then used, Later that same person will come back and order by phone and it goes through. My question is: Why not have the operators actually ask for a card number when someone places and order by phone or internet? This would require a response from the person ordering and if they do not have the correct card, they cannot order.

I have corrected two customer service operators in the past two months when they asked if I wanted to use the same card as the last one used. I asked which card and they would give me the last four digits. I told them that was the wrong card because I was not that person.

How many people have been ripped off by others when placing an order and Walmart customer service uses the wrong information. It is so much easier to ask for that information from the one ordering.

Will Walmart attempt to make a correction on this issue?

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Anonymous - 12 d 12 h ago

Im worked at 3167.. I just got sent home because I didn't want to do no one else job so the lady at customer service bring a bike to Sporting Good told me to put this bike were it gone because she don't work in the bike section I told her I don't work in the bike section also so she said well you need to put it up anyway and walk off .I told a manager what happened she told the manager that she told me that she don't work in sporting goods and that I need to put it up. So the manager told me to go put the bike up and told her to finish doing what she was doing so im mad now so i said im not putting that bike up she need to go put it up the manager told me to calm down and go clock out #Damn

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Grizz - 13 d ago


I haven't seen my family in 6 months I planned a vacation with my family and requested the days off more than a month in advance, but was denied because i had just started working there 3 months ago. I just wish i could quit and go, but i need the money.

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Anonymous - 13 d ago


I have never been so hurt as the way I was treated.My name is Sylvester and I worked at the store in Tempe Arizona,85284.I was released and I was not given a chance to explain as to why I was having a slight promblem with my attendence.As you know the older you get more things are taken than being given to you.You see my mother has stomach cancer and she's all I've got so if my overnight manager would've gave me a chance to explain I might still be there.I never caused any promblem at your company and I loved working and I begged this man for another chance and he refused...Please I employ you to please give me another chance .Sylvester Condiff (hidden), Phoenix Az.85035

General profile image - 14 d ago


Wal-Mart in Compton, California is allowed to have their employees steal from customers without being held accountable or reprimanded. This should not be allowed and Wal-Mart should hold their employees to higher standards. Stealing from guests is like stealing from the company because we spend our hard earned money in your store which means = if we don't shop at Wal-Mart, you will loose money. Steal from guests and we will not shop your stores!

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K. Perry - 13 d 19 h ago


It's not only in California but nation wide. Time to take out the criminals.

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JUSTYNE - 17 d 10 h ago




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Anonymous - 17 d 17 h ago

6300 west brown deer Rd worst place to go for shopping i had to wait for very long time at customer service there are 4 customer service Mgr and 6 team members they were all talking about their hair and nails who is going to have drinking party very shame it should be fast and friendly service but it is not very very worst it will be my last time never going again

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Valerie - 18 d 9 h ago


The neighborhood market on lake mead and jones is great tha=ey an exceptional pharmacy and management were friendly and extremely helpful

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