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Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Sam's Club
702 Sw 8th St.
Bentonville, AR
Michael Duke
President and CEO
(479) 273-4000
(479) 277-1830
Twitter IDs
@Walmart, @WalmartAction
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Vanessa - 61 d ago


I had a prescription filled for Addrell XR generic brand at ST# 01222 here in Pensacola, Florida on October 19th, 2016- Your Pharmacy charged us $264.84! The next month we had the very same prescription filled at CVS pharmacy and quess how much they charged us......$51.59!!!! To say I was out raged was an understatement. I have copies of both receipts if you would like to see them and explain to me and "the public" how and why Walmart charged so much? I will never use a Walmart Pharmacy again. Thankfully I was able to pay this outrageous amount I cannot image what people do that cannot afford this, oh wait I know- "They have to do "WITHOUT" their meds.

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Anonymous - 1 h 54 m ago

Go to costco

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MomR12 - 8 d 20 h ago


Dear Corporate President;

You need to come and surprise your people at the Saratoga Springs, Utah Walmart ASAP. I heard a new employee was cursed at and told he was an idiota F up, and stupid, and demeaned by other team employees near loading dock and in office. All this young boy employee was doing was learning his new job. If you do not wish to be sued I suggest you get here asap! A lot of disrespectful managers talk down to their employees here. You need to get here quick!

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Grants pass - 1 d 13 h ago


It's not just there grants pass Oregon to they make employees take over time off extending there lunch and are always being told you will be coached written up or terminated

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Anonymous - 1 h 55 m ago

Contact OSHA

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MomOf6 - 3 h 47 m ago


Someone really needs to visit the Walmart in Colton, CA Store #1692. Management is so rude and cashiers are so rude and associates are always quick to turn customers in need down. Can never get help and pharmacist Pam or Tam just humiliates patients by yelling out patient information over two counters and calls out to patients over two counters, also calls names and threats to bash patient profile. Just always a shocking experience when visiting this location. And just some advice don't dare bring it to Management they will just be defensive and make you feel like your in the wrong.

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Southavaen,MS Satisfied Pharmacy Customer - 1 d 1 h ago

I have had excellent experiences with the Southaven, MS Pharmacy. I was a customer when your store was located on Stateline Road prior to moving to its present location on Southcrest Parkway. I tried to complete your survey, but the machine said it was passed 7 days. This procedure should be altered for those who wish to comment BUT must secure online access. Some of us senior citizens do not wish to have these new technologies, but welcome the chance to say how the pharmacy employees are doing. YOU MIGHT ALSO ADD THE PHONE ALTERNATIVE TO CUSTOMER FEEDBACK CHOICES.

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HailBob - 3 y 231 d ago

As far as Paula Dean goes there is a whole lot more than meets the eye. Bottom line, she got too big for her britches! This is what power and money does to you

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Vait - 7 d 10 h ago


Paula (Paul) Dean is a tranny.

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L.S. - 61 d ago

I live in Juneau Alaska. You closed your store about 2 years ago. Your public announcement was that there was another Walmart within 100 miles. This totally incorrect. Our closet Walmart is in Ketchikan which is over 150 miles and the only way we can get there is by taking a 40 minute plane ride or a 24 hour ferry ride. There are not roads to either Juneau or Ketchikan. Will you ever come back here. Having worked will the public for over fifty years the problem with your store here, as I see it, was mismanagement. After talking to several of your former employees I have been told that vans of items set unloaded, employees were punished if they were college students by making it difficult to go to classes, and when items were being discounted certain employees would notify people within their social group and those people would make the purchases and general public would not know. I hope you come back because now we only have Fred Meyers as a general retail store and they are very expensive. Thank you for listening.

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Zimba - 7 d 10 h ago


Fred Meyers and Michael Duke are cousins.

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feminist - 42 d ago


I will no longer shop at these stores as you carry trump merchandise.

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A lady who is confident and fair - 24 d ago


Please do not push your political agenda on everyone. I am a women and I take offense at women who act like they are so offended at a store for doing their best to service their customers. Why discriminate against a store who services everyone? If Walmart doesn't sell Trump merchandise then others will be offended.

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American - 24 d ago

Ok, then don't shop there, that is your choice however many other people do buy Trump products and you do not get to choose for everyone else.

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Walmart Corporate Responds - 8 d 8 h ago

Thank goodness, that is what we were going for.

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American Patriot - 23 d 8 h ago


MARCH 8th, Mark your calendar

Stand up and be heard, put your money where you heart is and support our First Family.

March 8th is Ivanka day, a day to shop, eat out and buy an Ivanka product, mark your calendar and spread the word.

We are celebrating a Day WITH A Woman on MARCH 8th.

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Brenda O'Brien - 68 d 5 h ago


Walmart photo center is the worst place yet have lost two orders the first one and ordered it again and lost it again very disappointed and no one to help or care

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Don't know neither of the three workers name. - 117 d 10 h ago

Hello I'm down here at the walmart on Cordeal highway in Albany Ga.31705. You all have some of the rudest unprofessional managers working at this location in the whole city. I ask the employee about a price and she got so smart with me and my family then there were two managers walking by and I asked them the same questions and she stopped what she was doing and came over and went off on us saying she already told us what to do she don't no why she stopping someone else for help. That lead to an argument between the two of us but I promise that walmart my family never will enter again. This happened around 12 Friday November, 25 2016. This employee was working in the toy area only African american tall dark skin female. Please do something about that attitude problem.

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Anonymous - 157 d 5 h ago


Make sure you study the background of an employee trying to return to the king ave store in billings Mt, named Dan BARTH.

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drogers - 200 d 7 h ago


Plan on spending at least 15 minutes at the checkout at the Billings Mt Heights location. Plan on removing trash from your shopping cart which usually has flat spotted wheels. Plan on employees walking in front of you without saying excuse me. Don't mind the filthy parking lot or the dirty floors inside. Don't mind parking at the far end of the lot hoping that the wind doesn't blow one of the unattended carts left all over the parking areas into your car. Don't mind having to drive to the other side of town to the other wal-mart because the heights location does not seem to have the ability to stock shelves with product. Don't mind the abundance of employees wandering around talking together who don't know what can I help you means. Our receipts have a name of stacy nickerson as the store manager. I would be embarrassed if my name were on the receipt.

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Maria - 219 d 10 h ago

I like to contact with Guy Shaddoxx, he was or is the general manager of construction, this is maris Spinelli firing Armstrong World Industries from Argentina, thanks if you can send him my mail, that is (hidden)

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ann feurstein - 221 d 9 h ago


my daughter was shopping at walmart at 3685 ladson rd ladson s.c. 29456 with her 3 children and they spotted sippycups in a big bin marked 4.97 so she lat the kids get one each anf upon checking out found out they were not 4.97 but 11.97 and the cashier had me show her where they were and there was a while bunch of cups marked wrong but would only honor that price for one cups and she was going to have to tell the other 2 chrildren she did not have the money at 11.97 each for three and the srore mgr brian j basicly say theres nothing he could do about it but he would omly give her one even though there were 3 children unger 9 thinking they were getting cups this is wrong and if ehis is how your mgrs treat customers im glad that i dont have children that i have to take with me to shop at your stores

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Carolyn Tolley Lexington, Va. - 1 y 97 d ago

I purchased several small poinsettias in my local Wal-Mart store for a client. Due to the cold weather, I took them inside my home for the evening and placed them in the original wrapper and bagging and not alternating any aspect of the purchase or packaging. I placed the bag handed to me by their cashier on my kitchen table.

Leaving for work the next day, I picked up the bag and was in total shock. The plants had obviously been overwatered by their employees who hadn't been trained properly which was even admitted by their store assistant manager when I returned it on my way back into town. The water went through both wrapped and the bag and damaged my table.

I took the plants directly to the store to ensure that this didn't happen to any other of their clients. I took the assistant manager to the area only to find that not only were they overwatered once but twice leaving the area with water of the floor as they drained from the plants near electrical Christmas trees. They did remove the plants from the floor and from inventory.

In trying to get this company to pay for the damaging, it has been very hard to get Samantha in claims to email me regarding the tapes from the store which should prove that I am telling the truth.

I was told by someone in the district office that I should have known that the plants were overwatered by how much they weighed. There were no scales nor disclaimers that said," if our plants weight this much they are overwatered and should not be placed on furniture as our employees are not trained.:

It has been quite sad and I will keep on trying to resolve something that this large corporation should take accountability for.

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Nancy D. - 3 y 252 d ago

I have been a long time shopper of Wal-Mart. I shop every three to four days for my large family. I understand that Paula Dean has been released from her show.I am very angry and many of my friends are angry that you have dropped her as well! To stop selling her products at your stores is a big mistake. If there is a man or woman on this earth that has never called a Black person, or an Italian, or an Irishmen, or a Polish person, or a Jewish person a bad name when they have done something horrible, I would not believe it. You know you have, as we all have. Paula Dean has publicly apologized for it. This happened years ago. She is no different that many others who have had a slip of the tongue and apologized for it, yet they have kept their contracts. Why is the Wal-Mart doing this? Well, you have lost me and my family as a frequent shopper. We are outraged at this inability to forgive her. She has made you millions and now you drop her? Sorry, but this was a stupid error on your part. You will lose many many shoppers. I support Paula Deen 100% and I will never shop at Wal-mart again.

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Tina jackson - 3 y 260 d ago

I have officially boycotted Walmart. After your treatment of Paula dean for a comment 30 years old is disgraceful. Your father would be absolutely ashamed if you and your corporate cronyism. Everything you sell is made in china it's crap and your food especially your fish is toxic. Wouldnt feed your beef to my dogs. You are a huge sellout to this country and I know your dad is looking down on you disappointed and ashamed at what you've become.

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