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Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Sam's Club
702 Sw 8th St.
Bentonville, AR
Michael Duke
President and CEO
(479) 273-4000
(479) 277-1830
Twitter IDs
@Walmart, @WalmartAction
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Anonymous - 7 h 22 m ago


Associate 1

I am writing because I need help at DC 6023 Sutherland


Please look into the treatment & unfairness being handed to the associates from management team .

1 concern respect learn how to talk to people & treat them as adults there aren't any children here. What is the current policy on covid 19 childcare or has it stopped when asked for it in writing or on wire I was told in a meeting there isn't anything for us to tangibly read over.

2when we sign up to work for walmart we committ ourselves & make changes based upon our shift we should not be flipped between day & night & mandatory 6 days 10 hours a day is inhumane we have families & we can't just disregard them either we didn't get here overnight with the excessive amount of trailers on yard Its going to take time & if you burn out or run out the senior employees or your good workers & your new employees they came because they needed a job so please dont run us away then we will have nothing .

3 crosstraining us crucial & vital for the success of your employees working in this company it will help them build confidence & feel appreciated 6 months is long enough in any position especially seeing that our process changes frequently

Last a hello good morning please & thank you goes a long way I remember the 10 foot rule in stores you greet a customer & we're customers also as well as employees we deserve better treatment.

Thank you for your time sincerely a concerned associate 1

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I have used Walmart Grocery delivery services for a long time now and I haven't had an issue until this pandemic took hold. It has been, going on 2 months now that I have placed several grocery orders and each time I have had to wait approximately 4 days for delivery. I expect the delay but the issue is, from the time I place my order and pay, and the delivery date, some of my items become Wal-Mart HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Wal-Mart PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Wal-Mart HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Wal-Mart PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Wal-Mart HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Wal-Mart PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Wal-Mart HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Wal-Mart PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Wal-Mart HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Wal-Mart PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Wal-Mart HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Wal-Mart PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Wal-Mart HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Wal-Mart PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9Wal-Mart HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 Wal-Mart PHONE NUMBER +1;8;8;8;2;3;4;2;9;9;9 - 65 d 13 h ago

I have used Walmart Grocery delivery services for a long time now and I haven't had an issue until this pandemic took hold. It has been, going on 2 months now that I have placed s

m, m, m, m

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Anonymous - 65 d ago

Are we under communist regime or under socialist regime? Your founder I'm sure would be so disappointed in all of you.. All you care about is the dollar

He cared about his costumers and his employees. You clearly don't.. I really hope people stop shopping at your store. Get rid of the masks.. Why don't you do research and ask customers in areas with the virus to please wear a mask if they chose. In my area we have had only about 4 cases. So your making your costumes and employees loss the the masks. So people you actually care. It is time for you t

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sam - 53 d 11 h ago


You are not a scientist. Let scientists do their job. How do you know tomorrow your city woudn't be hardest hit ? Policy should change store by store , day by day , case by case ? Poor would starve if walmart doesnt keep prices lowest on the PLANET.


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Patriot - 43 d 13 h ago


Keep drinking the fluoridated kool Aid lmao! The fake virus has not been post postulated so explain how a vaccine could be made? It cannot be. Wake up because it's people like you that will feel terrible when your grandchildren ask what you did to save them and why you did nothing and how could you believe something with 0 proof. And ask why an idiot doctor throwing out the first pitch thought it a good idea to wear #19?

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Real Patriots care about others - 40 d 14 h ago

tell that to the soon to be 200.000 dead.

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black sheep - 18 d 5 h ago



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One of Many Concerned Customers - 12 d 4 h ago

It seems if stores, like Walmart, doesn't change their their way, the 200,000 will die from starvation, not COVID.,

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Actual patriot - 30 d 14 h ago

You are insane. Dont be stupid.

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Rusty - 22 d 13 h ago



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Patriot - 43 d 13 h ago


Truth. This virus thing is a huge scam!

Go to world economic forum and sign up in order to read that this is a fifty year plan that uses crisis actors as well as fake BLM deaths to start riots etc....sad that we have to watch the decline of this country and watch stupid people that wear masks because they are so ignorant that they have not received any scientific or medical proof that the virus is real and in fact there is much evidence proving it's fake and not a shred proving its real. The vaccine is also a hoax to inject us and change our DNA all this is fact.

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Hondo - 20 d 10 h ago

Double idiot send your proof for anything you texted.

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Hondo - 20 d 9 h ago

Ok genius explain how anyone can change the DNA of a fully formed adult human being. Pretty sure it would be a sudden death situation, which would be defined as murder.

Please anyone else out there care to join this " conversation "?

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Jackson99 - 42 d 6 h ago

It's ignorant people like you, including that imbecile that inhabits our White House, that has put us in this prolonged pandemic. This should have been over three months ago, Instead, 7 months after that idiot was informed of the serious danger of this virus and did nothing, 165,000 people have died, and continue to die, one every minute. If you love this country, educate yourself and shut the hell up in the meantime!

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Pissed off American - 31 d 17 h ago

That idiot if you research it when he tried doing something (travel ban) it was people just like you who screamed bloody hell thwn when thw virus took hold ya'll screamed again only this time it was Why havent you done anything. If the giverment wont work together and play like nice little children then they should be removed from office.

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Hondo - 20 d 10 h ago

They don't know that STATES call the shots in pandemic policy either. It's blame Trump for everything. Hate Hate Hate.

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Anonymous - 20 d 18 h ago

For your FYI my doctor told me last September that there was going to be a new flu none like we had ever seen and there was no vaccine for it they knew in September about this new flu not covid-19 flu do you know how many people died from the actual influenza every year stupid this was a made-up thing to get people panicked then black lives matter could step in and take over and do their damage read up watch not your media watch the people who actually know what's going on

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Hondo - 20 d 10 h ago

COVID isn't flu but it's a virus. Flu is a virus but nothing like COVID Duuuuuh.

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Anonymous - 20 d 10 h ago

If you knew anything at all you would know that the States set the policies on how the pandemic is handled. No exceptions no interference from the Federal Government period. Otherwise Trump would have dealt with the murdering burning criminals in the Democratic States already.

You don't know the first thing about how Federal and State Government work in America.

But you do know how to hate and blame anyone and anybody except the guilty ones.

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Biggy. - 13 d 15 h ago

Who are the guilty one's? There's only one answer to that question. CHINA.

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Wrangler - 18 d 19 h ago

TRUMP 2020

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Anonymous - 13 d 17 h ago


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Kelly E. - 3 d 5 h ago


He did, Trump banned all travel from church na and europe in January. Maybe you should be fact checked. Oh I'm sorry that you have been informed wrong.

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Anonymous - 34 d 11 h ago

Founder, what does that mean? Are you referring to Our creator? Our Heavenly Father?THE REASON FOR THE MASKS IS THAT PEOPLE WHO TEST POSITIVE ARE STILL GETTING OUT DOING SOCIAL THINGS. WE all are gonna leave one day, but who know's??

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Anonymous - 20 d 18 h ago

Exactly only God knows when you're going to go it is the flu people it is the flu they just don't have a vaccine for it yet

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Hondo - 20 d 10 h ago

I'm 73 years old and I'm glad they care enough about me and my beautiful wife to protect us whether you do or not. It's careless people like you that just can't follow the rules that I say Waaaaa to . Grow up and have some respect for others or shop somewhere else.

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Anonymous - 20 d 9 h ago

Yeah, population 26?

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