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Wal-Mart Supercenter

5710 Mcfarland Blvd
Northport, AL
Salena Gunn
(205) 333-2630
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Bob - 88 d 23 h ago

"I would like to know why my debit card is being charged a service charge of .25 every time I check out. I put the card through as a credit and you still charge a service charge,This is NOT coming from my credit union as they have been trying to get you to correct this for over a year, the store I go to is #02581. I believe That this needs to be looked into and will be contacting the state of NY. I hope that you will not take this lightly as this is a very unfair practice and will continue to let others know of this."

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Anonymous - 97 d ago


Very upset with Walmart don't think corporate has no control over there stores or just don't care I shopped at Walmart 3 or 4 days a week for 2 companies and now I'm taking my business to HEB very upsetting experience and will let everybody know that Walmart does not take business checks since when?

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April - 119 d 14 h ago



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Anonymous - 103 d 5 h ago

I agree Walmart sux

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Anonymous - 103 d 5 h ago

Look I was.want my dam refund check for my medication it's been three weeks 54.00 called yesterday they said somebody oh will get back to in three days really the pharmacy in kings mountain NC sux open ur register an give me my money

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T. Rocca - 119 d 20 h ago

****Need to check this out.****

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Jessica Faye Wilder - 131 d 16 h ago

Why the hell did I get fired. I worked at Walmart in Fayetteville WV, I have some health issues and I Only missed 1 hour of work I left early the next day I go in the doctor. I didn't think to get a note because I wasn't working that day. When my manger asked for the note I didn't have it but I had got one. I turn it in everything was fine until it was for the wrong day we'll okay my doctors office they don't open on and Tuesday and Thursday So it was a Thursday I got yelled at for the note again this manger his name is CJ I told him what had happen it was a mistake that can be fixed.. he yelled and said he does not care I better have that note he couldn't wait to fire me the day you missed was October 4 the last note was November 3 they told me two different dates and I looked on the wire. Anyways I told him I'm trying I go to college and I am a full time mom. Well apparently that note was for the wrong day so no problem I'll just get another one so I did so Friday my doctors was open I got the note for the right date he had told me and from Thursday to Friday It was a late note HOW IN THE FUCK IS THAT NOTE LATE I HAVE NO MONEY AND NO CALLS FOR NEW JOBS

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None - 131 d 17 h ago


Happen to be a vendor at one of your Super stores. I have never had to deal with such a terrible store manager. He is blatantly rude and definitely shows and mentions to the Walmart staff that he could careless about helping any vendor.

To my understanding placement of vendors merchandise is discussed with your buyers. Numerous times when asked when product can be placed on the sales floor, I have been told that their product will always be placed out first. Fine but our merchandise was placed on the floor one week before Christmas.

This last holiday when things need to be placed out have been told to my face that he will Not trash up the place by putting our product out by the registers! I said really trashed up. He look at me and smiled and said yes ma'am.

Really! How do you pick your store managers!! With this one you scraped to bottom of the barrel. He truly needs to go back to marketing 101.

Truly discussed!

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


I have been trying to get email addresses, and there ARE NONE, to get results. Post how to email you Salena Gunn!

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yay - 1 y 165 d ago


5 stars yay

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:) - 1 y 165 d ago


no kys

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:( - 1 y ago


0 stars yay

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JOYCE DeCarufel - 2 y 161 d ago

December 17,2015

I am a regular customer of yours that lives in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Our family has eaten this particular food item all our lives growing up here being Alaska Native and Norwegian.. Kavli is a cracker usually foundreally this food product at another store that has cut it. I am wondering if

It would be possible to acquire and stock this food product? Please let me know.

Joyce DeCarufel

Fairbanks, Alaska


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