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Whole Foods Market, Inc.

550 Bowie Street
Austin, TX
John Mackey
Co-CEO and Director
(512) 477-4455
(512) 482-7000
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Placehere - 10 d 6 h ago


I had a horrifying experience at Whole Foods Fort Lauderdale, two male employees at the meat counter bullied and berated me.

I called corp in Fort Lauderdale was told someone would call me back, nope. Call the Texas corp #, spoke to Christine, who took copious notes said someone would call me to discuss. NOPE. Called again now spoke to a very nice customer service rep who could see the notes on my calls, was very apologetic and said he would try to let someone know I called again.

I have been a loyal and proud shopper of Whole Foods for years, I now re-rout and go to Fresh Market.

I was bullied, berated and humiliated by two male employees and no one cares to call me back?

Very sad, and I am not letting this go.

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joe - 4 d 11 h ago


I use to work for whole foods, I seen this behavior all the time. Whole foods they think they are above the law. They treat there employees and there customers like dirt. Because they are such a large company they just don't care, they will have more customers and they will have someone else to fell your position. They just don't care.

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Amy S. - 1 h 50 m ago


I got mistreated by Queen Whole Food Store in Honolulu. Because of employees are confused their

" In Us" sticker price changes whether is a free or a minimum $10 for item exchange without receipt. Make it short, this store customer service representative Elizabeth, perhaps making untrue statements about how I abused their exchange policy to her store manage, Amanda, who came with the worst attitude I have had, she falsely accused me by yelling at her while I was simply telling her what did I do before I discovered my new exchanged item disappeared at her store, neither opportunist given to explainer defense my self by her maliciouse provocative and threatening with security and blocking me out from shopping at her store. I have made numerous complaints to whole food Company as well as meeting the GM at Queen whole food store. She promised would conduct investigation about my incident. But I haven't heard from her since last July 23 th, Even a mail I sent on 8/9 to request her investigation info, Annalee England the GM, was totally ignored me, no words no response!

So I want to ask Whole Food for by creating a customer complaint websit about how pissed your customers toward your horrible service and yet giving no response at all to your angry customers about how mistreatment we received from your employees and manager. Then why not just close your business, no complaints and no need to respond. The whole purpose is setting this customer complaint site to address unhappy customer towards what they have mistreated by your store ,and you as upper lever management team would following up your commitment to resolve customers complaint issues but no giving no answer and no response. Is this whole food always proud to advertise how great your services about? And Shame on You Whole Food Store!

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Anonymous - 11 d ago

omg! The felon that works in Tucson for Whole foods is Thanh Andrew Harlan on River and craycroft!!

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Anonymous - 11 d 4 h ago

FYI!!! RIVER AND CRAYCROFT has hired a convicted felon for KIDNAPPING. I am disappointed that Whole Foods hired a felon!!!

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High desert Calif - 13 d 10 h ago


I live in Victorville Calif, better known as the high desert. We are in desperate need of a big Whole Foods store. Anytime we want really wholesome food we must drive down the "hill" to Upland. The traffic can be a nightmare and take anywhere from 40 minutes to 1 hour or more. Other wholesome or organic stores have come and gone because their stores were to small. Not enough selection. I went to the Whole Foods store down around Santa Ana and was amazed at the selections and the restruant. Victorville is growing so fast and many food chains are very doing great. Check out the High Desert for a great opportunity !

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Jason - 15 d 7 h ago


The hot bar is horrible! The food always looks like it's been sitting out for hours! It seems like no one cares about any of the important things that should matter to a company this size! Presentation is everything and this misses the mark! Your choices never change so it should not be that hard to make the food look appealing to eat but it doesn't!

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Sabrina Cox - 56 d 5 h ago


My name is Sabrina Cox, and my husband and I have been regular, daily customers of Whole Foods Sugar Land since 2011 (not an exaggeration). We are close with practically all of the staff and really enjoy the store and love all the products. I am not one to complain, but today there was an incident that really upset us both. We went to the store around 11am and got two sandwiches. We ate them, as we always do, and continued to shop. We noticed as we continued our shopping that the store manager was following us around watching our every move. When we were in line paying for our groceries, he came up to us and accused us of stealing our sandwiches. He not only said we stole, but loudly said in front of everyone that we have a history of eating food and throwing it away without paying for it, which is a complete lie. We showed him every item in our cart, including the sandwich barcode stickers. He did not apologize, but said that because of our history of stealing that he had to confront us.

The mangers name is Papa Ngom. I don't feel this is a way to treat loyal customers and I am very upset about it. There was another employee who told Mr. Ngom that we were "stealing." This is the second time this other employee has done this to us. The first time was a few years ago when he wrongly accused my husband of stealing sushi. We asked Mr. Ngom to give us this other employee's name, but he refused. We did not report the sushi incident a few years ago because we figured that mistakes happen, but when the same employee accuses us of doing the same thing twice I think something needs to be said.

I wanted to bring this to your attention.

Sabrina Cox

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SHUTTHEFUCKUP - 33 d 16 h ago


REALLY? Who thinks like that? You get a pass to steal because you and your husband shop at WF often? LOL..I shop at the Oakland store everyday, NEVER have I eaten anything while shopping before I pay for it, yet I have been aggressively approached by their bogus security THREE different times. This last time [last night] to be exact I was verbally attacked and falsely accused of stealing in front of customers and employees. No one asked to check my bag, or make claims to what I may have taken. I was not asked to step to the back and I was not shown the so called documents this security guard claimed to have as evidence of what she was claiming. I was embarrassed, humiliated. I was then given a card to call the manager the next day, and told to have a good bight, HORRIBLE! I cannot go back. Too traumatic. The point here is YOU WERE STEALING. You utilized a service that you had not paid for, nevermind intention.

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Jiminy Cricket - 27 d ago


Guess I'm not the only one. Loss prevention has no problem with the real shop lifters. They work together. I've had them open the door to the bathroom on me more than once. I'm now banned from the local store because it's a white nationalist controlled county. I think Whole Foods is going to be on the way out soon. Maybe someone with integrity will buy the company and make it great again.

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Mother - 27 d 7 h ago


What has happened to Whole Foods? I have been shopping at whole foods in Washington, DC P Street store since it opened yesrs ago. Recently, fruits and vegetables go bad after a day, and sell by dates are very close to purchase date (e.g. i get fresher Horizon organic milk at Target, and the 365 brand is no better). The new College Park store is no better.

Very disappointed. Is this because of Amazon purchase?

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jackie - 34 d 4 h ago


I can say that I truly appreciate Whole Foods at our local NJ Red Bank location and Winters in Florida at West Palm and

Wellington. All of the Amazon introduction is confusing but I play along thinking I can do the drill. I've been married 58

years and my husband and I still like to cook and entertain. Well today I tried the Prime App on my Iphone and it was

easy BUT the register tape did not show the $10 and get $10 prime deal. OK the cashier explained it to me and I'll be expecting it. When I got home I decided to do the "Enter to Win $250 Gift CARD survey. There is nothing on line as such. ans so I called the store and was told that it was a regional thing and they didn't know how to help me.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. jackie Gyimesi (hidden)

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Jo-Ann L. - 37 d 39 s ago



I'm hoping I will receive some type of reply as I see numerous reviews but no replies.

I've been a loyal customer since this store was opened, about 10 or 11 years ago.

I'm writing about the "security services" at my local, Oakland, California location on Bay Street. Previously, there was a security service which was let go because a man was harassing female customers and the security guard became physical with this person. We now have a security service that can do NOTHING about "customers" who steal, harass others in the store and who park wherever they please (Handicap spaces) in the parking lot. What is this security company's role in the store? This is a large town and lately, we have more and more "undesirable" individuals frequenting the store with no consequences. PLEASE advise. Thank you.

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Anonymous - 40 d 7 h ago


The muffins at Whole Foods keep going up in price, but are shrinking in size. The Clearwater location, is definitely an example of this.

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Michelle Hall - 46 d 7 h ago


Sadly you decided to send the recipes for your baked goods for the Colorado regions out to a new baker and they decided to change up the recipe for the Chantilly Berry cake and add the horrible flavor mascarpone to the point it overpowers the cake and now it is no longer a fantastic cake. Please go back to the old recipe and get rid of the new bakery. The fruit tart is dry and is also horrible. I hope you guys understand the changes are not crowd-pleasing by any means

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Sherry - 47 d ago


On Fathers Day I went to Whole Foods on Lemmon in Dallas some say the Highland Park Location. I brought ground beef, ground lamb and ground Italian sausage. I was making a meatloaf for my husband on Father's Day. When I got home put those three meats in a bowl and started mixing with my hands found two pieces of BLACK STRING. Call the store talked to a Christa Curtis she refused to stop selling that CONTAMINATED meat. I sent her photos of the string and my receipt the labels off the meat, that was ground in that store. She said she had her butcher look at photos and he didn't know what it was. I will never buy meat their again

They ruined my Father's Day meal. I drove across town thinking I would get good quality meats. Whole Food has not made this right or refunded my money. Won't shop their again. Won't stop until justice has prevailed. We will protest that store if necessary.

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Laura - 49 d ago

Super sadden to hear Whole Foods evicted the newsstand in Brentwood California. I thought you were a store that cared about good food, quality and good hard working humans, ... going to have to re evaluate my shopping store.

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Anonymous - 70 d ago

I got fierd because I had an accident at. Work At whole food. In. Marlton nj

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Keri - 49 d 5 h ago


Based solely on your message, the accident AND the firing might be drug-related.

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Amy S - 49 d 5 h ago


I had a very horrible experience with the Queen whole food store in Honolulu, the manager, Mandy, was falsely accusing me for yelling at her while I was explaining the reason I found my hair coloring product (the second exchanged) in the food basket disappeared. She suddenly accused me for something was absolutely

lie to attck me and was being sarcastic about the hair product I recently have problems with because the color result was totally different from I wanted. Although she apologized but at the same time kept accusing me

for yelling at her. I was calm and seriously explaining what I was busy to packing my salad and put the food basket underneath the cookie shelves where I usually placed my food basket at so it wouldn't block people from walking by. Then I had no idea what in the world Mandy suddenly cut off my talking and accused me for yelling at her. And the worst part, after her vocally provoked me and offended me, I made a complain about about when she came to me the first statement she made and the facial expression was like so what about this time for your hair coloring product and she was being sarcastic and said to me " Oh three times" . I told her so felt offended by the way she treated me, and then she told me" You need to clam down" excuses me, after she was humiliating and accusing me , stirring up my emotion she came up with " calm down, I can't talk to you like like or I will call security to kick you out of store, if you still not listen I have a right to refuse you come back to shop at this store ". She not only verbally provoked me but also harassed me if I didn't talk the way she

wanted me and walked away with her for further discussion. Ok, she is the store manager and she definitely has a " POWER" to exercise her authority to do any thing she wants and says any thing she feels like even she was wrong and with no sincere for what she said , she still can stand as her " Powerful Position" to continually provoke and harass customer based on her bias and prejudice again to for a "bad customer asking for three time free products ". She didn't know

the whole true reason for me to exchange the item and second I had no idea what the employee told her about. But being a royal whole food patron for nearly 10 years, I have never had any problem with whole food , or any insulted or conflicted with any business. This is an extremely humiliation and horrible treatment I got from this Manager, Mandy. I feel people like Mandy, thinking they have a power to say and do anything they

want even they were wrong. They can abuse their power to the wrong people and wrong place because they are " Manager of the store". Company give them authority to exercise their power to the customers they feel unwelcome. But the judgement can be bias or prejudice to the customer was treated unfairly.

I am here to report this horrible incident to The Whole Food corporation and my mistreatment by the Queen whole food store location manager, Mandy, in Honolulu, I expect the company will reinforce a proper training for your store managers how to treat customers with out bias or prejudice and most of it is not abuse their manager power to mistreat customers unfairly.


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RealPerson - 49 d 8 h ago


Whole Foods stealing value from customers...

Over the last few years I have healed myself from serious physical ailments using organic whole nutrition juices. An important part of my nutrition has been consuming daily smoothies high in natural potassium found in Beet Greens, that's the stems leafy part of the beet root plant.

Beet greens have the highest content of natural potassium of all plants. Imagine my horror to discover that your moronic store management at Middletown NJ is now insisting that all of the organic beets with greens be cut off by so that they fit more nicely in the refrigerated display cases. This is capricious and wildly stupid!!!

The practice of trimming off the beet greens for better shelf cosmetics is robbing me and my family of nutrition which is the whole purpose of buying beets with the greens to begin with. While Beet roots (the purple bulbs of the plant most people know as plain old beets) are far too high in sugar to consume regularly for people with glucose stability issues, but the beet greens are fantastic for heart rhythm, blood pressure control, and numerous other critical bodily functions.

Stop this shallow marketing madness. You can't eat cosmetics and expect good health!

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Pay Attention - 53 d 18 h ago


I've been reading that Whole Foods buys from factory farms, turkeys squished together. They had a newsman arrested simply because he asked polite questions about Whole Foods buying from factory farms!

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Anonymous - 55 d 5 h ago

Hey my name is Genevieve Robles which is Craig Kittingner niece whose wanting recognition for him. Thanks.

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Baked Bliss - 57 d ago


Today, I happened to be in the area of your Arroyo Pasadena store, we live quite a drive from any Whole Foods. My entire basis for stopping in was to get that crazy delish German chocolate cake. Unfortunately, there were none in the case. A kind employee approached me and asked if she could help me. I asked if she had a German chocolate cake, she looked and said, "wait a minute, I'll check for you." She came back with what made my day. She could have not bothered, but instead she went beyond to hunt it down much to my delight. I never did get her name, but here I sit with a nice slab of goodness because an employee cared.

Thank you for making my day, I'm also a baker and I'm usually more disappointed with baked goods throughout most bakeries/stores and can whip up something decent without seeking it out. This cake I seek out!

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Ihisha Cherenfant - 58 d ago


Good Evening,

Today was my third time visiting your Clear water location at countryside mall and was completely ignored by staff members working in the seafood/meat department. I stood in front of two workers who never asked if I needed help nor acknowledge my presence. At first I thought maybe their busy so I'll wait; No! two customers walked by glancing at the display of meats and immediately one out of two of the employee's asked them if they needed any help while I stood there patiently waiting. The customers reply no thank you we're just looking, Your employee replied back by saying let me know if I can do anything for you two. Then the employee turned away and continued to with his work. I have never used race as a form of complaint but in this case; this would be the third time this has happen at that location. I had to say excuse me may I please have some assistance.The employee then walked over and asked if i needed help after I already stood there for about ten minutes and ask for assistance. I am a restaurant manager at bar Louie in countryside mall and I also have my own catering business. I shop at whole foods for my clients to deliver the best quality meats. Today's experience was unacceptable. I let the other two visits go as I thought maybe it was all in my head but the same thing has happen. I didn't get everything I was shopping for; for an up coming event I'm catering, as I was completely turned off by this situation.

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