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Whole Foods Market, Inc.

550 Bowie Street
Austin, TX
John Mackey
Co-CEO and Director
(512) 477-4455
(512) 482-7000
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Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness - 24 d 13 h ago


TX State Attorney Ken Paxton has issued letters to the mayors throughout San Antonio regarding unlawful practices regarding a mask requirement. I have initiated contact with his office about your unlawful practices for an essential establishment such as Whole Foods Market to require patrons to wear a mask. I urge you to revisit your unlawful orders to avoid further correspondence from a bonding attorney.

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Steve - 28 d ago


To protect shoppers and employees they everyone that comes into their store to wear a mouth and nose cover. Good idea! Shopped at Spring House, PA today. Very long lines to enter and check out. Understandable. My only complaint is three employees near the back of the store were chatting with each other with their masks pull down.On check out I shared this with an employee. His Comment " I can't believe it."

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Mask hater - 24 d 13 h ago


You're a stupid ass. The virus isn't real. The agenda behind the lies is what should be your main concern.

Masks don't work. It's a ploy to see how many stupid ppl watch tv and get their news from the media without researching.

Men and women lined up facing the wall in compliance of their orders just before they all got shot to death. Resistance is futile ....

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Never Again - 39 d 5 h ago


Spent double for 3 lbs of honey than I normally do because I don't want to go to multiple stores at my age and health issues. No Problem. I am willing to spend more to keep safe. HOWEVER, I do expect at least average quality. It doesn't look (except when it is old or poor quality) and definitely doesn't taste like orange blossom honey. It is typically a mild flavor.

I really was hoping Whole Foods would stand by the quality of their food. This has nothing to do with the pandemic. It has to do with Amazon purchasing inferior quality food and charging more. Well, you got my measly Profit this time. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice--shame on me. There are other options in this town.

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Frank - 54 d ago


This company is absolutely horrific they are pathetic especially what's going on in the world right now I never seen a corporate customer service so bad in my entire life. What a bunch of complete morons running this company. The CEO must be a PATHETIC MORONS just like them.

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Patty - 61 d 18 h ago


I want to thank you for being there for us at this time of need. To protect the employees I would ask everyone that comes into the store to wear a mouth and nose cover. We can all do our part. Your mask will help my mask. I shop in plantation, Fl. They have been very helpful, but some employees are not protected. I fear for them.

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Concerned Shopper - 67 d 6 h ago

As a frequent shopper at your Sudbury MA store I was appalled that an employee at that store was diagnosed with COVD-19. Amazon is behind the ball on protecting their employees and shoppers at this store. Why are you not checking temperatures of all employees everyday as they enter the store.? Why aren't you providing all employees with protective gear like masks and gloves. It's not because you cannot afford it. Your prices are higher than other local stores. Also you should install plexiglass shields at each register to protect you employees. Shame on Amazon management for their lack of attention to this crisis.

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A shopper - 67 d 7 h ago

Stop whining get a mask and gloves like everyone else. They're millions in the direct line of Fire who do what they can to keep safe and protect e@ch other if you cannot as a store protect your employees close the doors but don't allow the necessity of food to be targeted by threats of strike for more pay. You don't like your working environment stay home. Don't make your already scared and strained neighbors now worry about how they can afford to eat. This way of thinking will snowball we are in this fight together all are at risk not just you. Let's help our neighbors not milk them people.

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A human in the fight - 67 d 7 h ago

Why was my post removed

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A human in this fight - 67 d 9 h ago

the covid 19 demands of your employees is understandable but the effects on the American public could be devastating. If the provision of masks and gloves are not enough then let them quarantine without risk of termination. Perhaps ask the president to consider the National Guard as food is a necessity and must be protected for all. This action by your employees could only mean price increases to all Americans who are already stretched very thin. We all as a country must bite the bullet and do our part to weather this storm. Consider The doctors, nurses, firemen, police, paramedics, those who are manufacturing necessary items, truck drivers those stuck in their homes for who knows how long. Get a grip do your part people don't use this disaster to milk the people

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Meryl Lande - 77 d 25 m ago



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South Capitol Hill - 82 d ago

As a store team member I feel unsafe and very uncomfortable attending work with a possible guarantee that I can catch the Coronavirus. Store team members attend to thousands of customers per day and we are in close contact with customers and I think it's only fair for us to say that something needs to be done about this. For example one step should be the closing of stores early

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Dg - 82 d ago

I'm trying to find answers myself. Talking to/finding h.r. contact, seems impossible. And I'm an employee.

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Prefer initial S. - 82 d 14 h ago


On March 15th, around 6pm, at Vancouver Cambie store in BC Canada, store manager " RANDY" asked me to leave the store immediately. I was so offended by his way of approach, as him saying " YOU ARE spreading Virus by using personal bottle to fill up the water from our store ".

He also used words to me like " Stop your action and Leave right now " and brought his security staff even though I told him I was leaving right away.

I understand about the concern of the Corona Virus around the store however I am not sick with Covid19 Virus , and Never travelled to China even though I have Asian background.

I am 10 year store customer, and I am more than shocked by Store Manager Randy's treating customer ( non-positivd Covid19) as a Covid19 Virus carrier to his store whatsoever.

I have right to shop at any Wholefood market and I need my right to be back to the Vancouver Cambie store soon as possible after Unfair treatment as of banned by store manager.

Please help asap.

Thanks for this matter.

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Anonymous - 84 d ago


I live in San Diego near the Whole Foods store at Villa de la Jolla Dr. I wanted to notify the appropriate person and department about an ongoing problem. I frequently use Whole Foods to shop for fresh produce and bulk food items like fruit/vegetables, beans and quinoa, for examples. I have noticed more and more, the flagrant disregard by some customers to just help themselves to sampling at the salad bar and especially at the bulk food section. I have notified the manager and the store patrol and their response has been polite but more "laissez faire" to provide a stated commitment to investigate/intervene offenders or to clearly provide the store policy. There are also unobtrusive signs in the bulk food section stating, Do Not Sample the Food or to that effect. How can this policy of NO SAMPLING be effectively better enforced? Ask a store employee for a sample vs. a customer helping themselves?? Especially, in view of the current concerns about transmitting bacteria and viruses?? It is also creating a potential public health hazard. Please confirm this message. Thank you!

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Will - 165 d 5 h ago


Hi I'm brand new associate team leader for Wholefoods I've had some unfortunate things happen to me the first week I start working there I was in a car wreck my vehicle's total when I return back to work because I'm a new hire regardless of the fact that was in a tragic accident and lost my vehicle I was still put on a final notice which states that will last a year in my file a couple days later with the help of my ex-wife I was able to purchase a vehicle because that Miss part of the training I had missed some of the information I was given out the fact that Whole Foods does not allow their employees to park in their parking lot nor they do they allow you to park on the street outside the parking lot so you're forced to park almost two or three blocks away but I made the unfortunate mistake of parking in the parking lot the first two days no one said anything the third day a man turning Andrew call the towing company I have my vehicle towed spoke to a young lady named Martha at the store she is call the Shifty she gave me the name of the towing company said I'm sorry unfortunately there's nothing we can do basically and that was it my impression of Wholefoods when I first got hired was family-oriented look out for their team members and the community and their family oriented this past weekend will give me that funny feeling in questioning my decision to come to the company it's been a tragic Christmas for me and I thought Wholefoods was about something different but I guess not make a long story short I am now catching a bus walking four or five blocks to get to work until I can afford to pay that $365 to get my car out in which my own employer had towed in my 40 years of working in retail I've never called do you have any customer or employee vehicle to be towed while shopping at my store you never know who that person could have been or their situation what makes it worse is that a hat Christmas items in their it which I had bought my kids hey which I'm not going to be able to give to them and now they've inconvenience me to wear have to get up an extra 2 hours just to make sure I get to work.p

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Anonymous - 86 d 6 h ago

So, you have worked in retail for 40 years, but yet you couldn't manage to string together a sentence that made sense? There are no commas or periods in that whole thing...just one giant run-on sentence. Can you even read the handbook if they gave you one?

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Diane Lane-Hymans - 164 d 15 h ago



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Anonymous - 86 d 6 h ago


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G.Laidlaw - 134 d ago


Overall, I think WF is great. But with their thrust on organic, etc. they need to ditch all of the plastic that they use.

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Anonymous - 86 d 6 h ago

Plastic is recyclable, that's why they use it. Would you prefer they use something like wax paper or Styrofoam that cannot be recycled or wont hold up from store to home?

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Anonymous - 98 d ago

I would like to file a complaint against one of whole foods employee working at the store located at CORRPort st,in baton rouge louisiana, his name is ALAN, the insulted me,was very rude acting non proffecnal with me.

I need some one from customers service to contact me,at my Email address. (hidden).

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Anonymous - 86 d 6 h ago

Is it that you can't spell, or that your computer doesn't have spell check? Perhaps Alan was talking to you the way you were talking to him?

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Rebecca H. - 86 d 7 h ago


Hi, I am writing to you to complement one of your store employees in Omaha, Nebraska. His name is Danny O. He has worked in this store for several years and is one reason I keep going back to Whole Foods! Danny is simply one of the nicest people and is consistently helping folks with there shopping experience. He is kind to everyone! He is also very knowledgeable about the store and even helped me get my phone app up and working for my Prime membership. Please reach out to Danny and let him know that his kindness, professionalism, and enthusiasm make people like me enjoy my shopping at Whole Foods in Omaha! Thank you!

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Sad shopper - 1 y 223 d ago


I'm not sure what has happened... The past several times that I have brought produce it doesn't last for more than 2 days. I don't mind paying a little more for great quality produce, but that doesn't seem to be story anymore. What happened????

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layla - 1 y ago

No loss. Posted as Organic, can have up to 30% pesticides, etc.

Try a raised box of organic soil for planting lettuce, etc. Put it on your apartment patio or near window with fresh air when you're home. Wear a jacket in winter for couple of hours to keep window open. Healthy!

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