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Whole Foods Market, Inc.

550 Bowie Street
Austin, TX
John Mackey
Co-CEO and Director
(512) 477-4455
(512) 482-7000
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Val - 16 d 8 h ago


I'm a frequent customer of Whole Foods on Raymond Rd. in West Hartford. I am an organic gardener and buy organic products. It appears that there are fewer organic fruits and vegetables in Whole Foods, which is disappointing. My local Stop& Shop has about the same amount of organic vegetables as Whole Foods.

I'm also very concerned about the amount of plastic bags and containers used for bulk items. PLEASE SWITCH TO PAPER and encourage your customers to bring bags to put bulk items in. Bags can be reused. FYI, a small coop store in Portland, OR used paper bags for bulk items. We are facing catastrophic climate change and we all, including corporations, need to do whatever it takes to reverse this.

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none - 16 d 11 h ago


i kinda feel discriminated against, i have a lot of experience and because i am in a shelter i ----wasn't-------- hired in 2010

-they group everyone in one category-but the people working there at the registers are really nice .For god sake i am tying to get money for a car and i am a good worker. five years of -my lack of employment is not related to their quality of service inside the store.where's the hope.

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glk2bad - 40 d 9 h ago


Tired of poor service and bad food! Called Corp office tonight when corn had mold on it! 2955 west Ray Rd. Chandler AZ. Hoping someone calls me back from the Texas Office and sets these folks straight

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doro steven - 18 d ago


They wont return calls . Customer care is gone

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Lloyd Roberts - 26 d 14 h ago


Will never, ever see me again. It's not totally Amazon's fault, Whole Foods has been trying away from it's vegan beginnings for many years. But I just went to one and realize there is no difference between Whole Foods today and a traditional supermarkrt. I could not get a vegan cookie, at all. I could buy ham, and turkey and meats, but not a vegan cookie. Two months aho I was vacationing in Florida, went into a whole foods for lunch and could not purchase. If I wanted meatloaf and mashed potatoes, no problem. But if I wanted a vegitarian dish, nothing but an ugly looking salad bar. It was good while it lasted, but obviously they decided to lose people like me and just concentrate on the meat and potatoes group. Hasta lavista, or goodbye whole foods. Not for me any longer

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sherry amanpour - 39 d 11 h ago


I just spent 30 minutes at WF in San Francisco on California Street speaking to 6 staff members including 2 supervisors looking for yellow split peas. I have gone back to the store three times for these peas.The customer service is so despicable no one could respond..they are callous, uninformed and uncaring...very very different than the WF under previous ownership. 17 of us in the neighborhood no longer shop at WF...we will spread this awful service with friends and the community in the dog park and neighbors so no one is subjected to this incompetence. There are plenty of neighborhood stores who EXECUTE excellent customer service..including Trader Joe's, Mollie Stone, Gus and even Safeway. Very disappointing will keep losing customers...

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Anonymous - 39 d 12 h ago

The customers at your Voss location in Houston, TX are the most pretentious, conceited bald faced liars I have ever seen. You take everything they say at face value and not even question if they are lying to get what they want. Today a woman claiming to be a child psychologist tore into a supervisor. The reason, HER phone died and she couldn't get her prime discount. The woman was clearly intoxicated or under the influence. If this had happened at my place of work she would have been informed that her services are no longer required and escorted off the property. Time for you to back up the employee. Stop trusting the customer to tell you the truth.

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Olya - 42 d 13 h ago



I am a big shopper at Whole Foods in Beachwood Ohio . I have always liked it. In my recent visit o had purchased cooked chicken breast and when I got home to heat some up . One of the chicken breast was moldy with dark spot . I had taken pictures if needed to see. I'm very disappointed customer , as I said I love Whole Foods. But now I'm afraid to buy cooked food from there.

Olya Tovmasyan

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EH - 49 d 2 h ago


I have been loyal whole foods customer in all San Francisco,CA locations since 2007.

I had good experiences over the years.

However, last night (Oct. 27,2018) I encountered the most outrageous, out of this world experience . My license plate picture was taken as I was driving out of the parking lot by a very incompetent so called undercover security. Reason, wait for this:

Mixed hot food with cold food. Which clearly was not true as I have only two boxes one for hot another for salad. When that was to be a mistake instead of apologizing, a more bizarre accusation : I looke at essential oils and left without purchasing . UNBELIVEBLE!!!

Silly me didn't know looking at products was a crime. Manager was professional and baffled by what just happened. The sad part is the security girl is African American and I happened to the only black person in the store so she automatically assumed I must have been there to steal. African Americans always cry for discrimination in the hands of Caucasians but, when they are in a position minute power, they are more discrimanitory towards their own than many Caucasians. Please note, I am not saying all.

Whole foods should hire better qualified well reason security guards. Otherwise, they will be victims to false accusations law suites as well as irreparable damage to the brand and name many come to respect.

Also, since Amazon took over, quality of foods have been going down. All foods (hot & cold) contain SOY which the worst health hazards to a store that claim to healthy. Besides.many people are allergic to SOY. I guess it is cheap. But, when you ask higher prices we expect quality foods. Some how there is a connection between cheap products and cheap labor as I encountered incompetent security guard last night.

It's corporate greed to maximize profit at the expense of consumers to appease share holders. That is all!

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Sad shopper - 50 d 7 h ago


I'm not sure what has happened... The past several times that I have brought produce it doesn't last for more than 2 days. I don't mind paying a little more for great quality produce, but that doesn't seem to be story anymore. What happened????

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LPW - 53 d 21 h ago


Wanted to say that I will miss the Highland Park Whole Foods now that they have closed the fish grill and added LED lights that are brighter than a July sunny day! HPWF was the best part of my Mondays and Tuesdays after my 2-hour workouts, but the changes are so disappointing. No more glass of wine and fresh fish, plus all the soup is empty by 7pm. The manager's take it or leave it attitude is inexcusable. No more Whole Foods for me! Hello Central Market.

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Richard Lake - 53 d 10 h ago


I love whole foods and spend between 25.00 and 40.00 every day on tbe fppd bar and salad bar I recently spoke to a chef employee and asked about the use of canola oil rather then Olive oil. With all the updated information regarding oils. I dont understand why whole foods still uses canola oil in the food preparation and not start using olive or avocado oils. Which are much healthier options for oils. Cant speak for everyone put im certainly considering cutting back on the hot bar purchase.

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Leun - 66 d 16 h ago


We have shopped at this market almost everyday. The foods they have on display just like the vegetable, the avocado, tomatoes, or some other fresh fruits seems like they have had it for several days before it was displayed.

Or maybe their supplier upplied some dated and maybe possibly stored for quite some time or they just supplied some less quality to the chain.

The yum they had one time I was checking to get one was so old and rotten and so are some other stuffs.

I think it may be their supplier supplying the older stuffs and who over priced?!?! The wholfoods market or the supplier did?!?!

They are selling less quality food at higher price .

Maybe the purchaser adds up the price?!??

Or is it the supplier?!?!

Prices tag on meat are seems to be too high too.

I know there could be better quality and good buy.

Ms. Leun

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Anonymous - 58 d 15 h ago

Whole Foods and Amazon online to you. I just visited one of their so-called humane farms and many of their animals or in such horrible conditions, we tried to protect and give them shelter however, they decided to cut the case authorities instead. And the authorities had the chickens that we would've saved and helped euthanized instead. Their conditions were in such a horrible way, there were chickens that had both of their legs broken their wings broken they couldn't reach their food or water and they were dying on the floor in the warehouse that they say is Pastor raised. I am sure anybody and everybody to call whole foods directly and ask them the names of the vendors keep their so-called humane animals. They claim transparency. However, They were fused to divulge this information. They say they are protecting their vendors. Who is protecting the animals?

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Jo-Ann L. - 154 d 12 h ago



I'm hoping I will receive some type of reply as I see numerous reviews but no replies.

I've been a loyal customer since this store was opened, about 10 or 11 years ago.

I'm writing about the "security services" at my local, Oakland, California location on Bay Street. Previously, there was a security service which was let go because a man was harassing female customers and the security guard became physical with this person. We now have a security service that can do NOTHING about "customers" who steal, harass others in the store and who park wherever they please (Handicap spaces) in the parking lot. What is this security company's role in the store? This is a large town and lately, we have more and more "undesirable" individuals frequenting the store with no consequences. PLEASE advise. Thank you.

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AJoke - 75 d ago


I work for Whole Foods and there literally is no "security services" at any and all Wnhole Foods/365 locations. We had a store meeting where management told us that we are not allowed to approach customers who we we know steal food/product. The only persons who are allowed to do so is management, and they dont care, at least at the store I work at.

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Human Resources - 80 d 14 s ago

Good morning my name is Sonnfred Baptiste I'm a wholefoods employee ID number 2168750 i had left several messages on the Human Resources line about a incident that happened between me and the manager yunier Mendez can you please call me (hidden) is very urgent I'm afraid to go back to work

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NIKKI BISHOP - 87 d 14 h ago


At the Easton location in Columbus, Ohio. Enjoy the store and atmosphere. Went to the store on 9/ 19/18 before running my errands at approximately 4 pm. Was standing in line when the cashier Josh called "next" I proceeded to his line when I was told he was speaking to the woman behind me. I explained I was next he argued and stated he would call a supervisor. I patiently waited for him to do this and in the meantime he answered an incoming call. While he was on the phone I asked another store member to call a supervisor to the lane I was waiting at. SHE STATED "HE IS STANDING RIGHT THERE" POINTING IN THE DIRECTION OF MY LINE. Not only did waste my time waiting for him to call a supervisor he did not service me. Another store manager named "Carrie" checked me out and understood the situation. She tried to accommodate my frustration my not charging for my lunch. By this time the damage was done. I'm usually not one to call people out but I really felt discriminated against and disrespected he made an obstacle out of the whole situation and he was clearly wrong. This associate needs a repairman not only is he not good representation of what the store stands for he has a position of power that is not deserving.

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Gypsy - 90 d 12 h ago


I used to be a loyal customer but have started shopping at another organic grocer. Whole Foods quality is horrible now, especially with the produce. What a huge disappointment. Amazon is ruining this company!

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Nancy - 100 d 8 h ago

I live in Fuquay Varina, NC, I travel to Cary, NC to shop. We are a very fast growing area, what does it take for you to consider opening a store here?

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who cares they don't change anything - 101 d 12 h ago


In Tucson they need major help on River Road location. It poorly run and go to oracle now even though it is too far to drink beers and then go home. POOR mangement on River. Amazon has everything 365 now. cannot complete wiht trader Joes in quality and taste. mayonnaise, yogurts. Food buffet has always got burned soups, dried out food. Very terrible looking.

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John - 103 d 17 h ago


I recently started shopping at your new store in Lancaster Pa. I am shocked at the prices. Love your products but can't see doing much shopping except for small items I can't find anywhere else. A slice of pizza $3.75 when you can buy an entire large for $9.99.

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Valerie Martin - 105 d 8 h ago

As a faithful Whole Foods customer for 15 years you need to know that the Amazon takeover is a disastet!!! Produce is not fresh, theree are out of stock items (which never happened previous to Amazon). Deli meat looks depleted now , grocery items are out of stock. You are going to loose faothful customers! It is so sad, destruction of a fine store.

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Ali - 108 d ago


I am a senior who shops for organic foods at wholefood however now with the so-called prime membership getting even more discounts is unfair to senior citizens who are on a fix budget. Cant afford the membership! In the beginning it was promised by former Mayor Cory Booker that Newark's store would be cheaper that the other. Wholefood stores. I can save more at the Vauxhall Store than Newark's store. It has more 365 brands than Newark. And it appears Newark store is appealing more to Caucasians who work at nearby Prudential employees!! Its very obvious as was shared with by former employees . I had spoke to store manager about this and he lied in my face his whole body language and facial expression was purely negative. Fires many former employees base he says won't come in to work on time! And snobbish customers both Caucasians and some blacks who look down on less fortune Blacks! This must STOP NOW!! The Mayor needs to know of this. People need too work and go to school and if the manager would plan the schedule correctly good hard workers should still be their. Especially single mothers! Things hopefully will change or maybe the press needs to look into this and other responsible politicians

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Anna R - 108 d 13 h ago

I recently moved to a suburb of Dallas. TX from CHICAGO, IL. Unfortunately, the closest Whole Foods to me is in Plano, TX, taking me 35 minutes to get there. However, I have made that trip 3-4 times now and it is so disappointing. Your selection of fresh organic food is limited, they have never had turkey sausage in the meat dept. (no turkeys in Texas?) and the salad bar is the worst I've ever been to. Very limited selection, nor fresh! Even the red onion's are marinated in something. Your deli always has the same limited items that are mostly fried, etc. What has happened to Whole Foods when their headquarters are in Texas??? It's time to look elsewhere unless something changes.

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