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Whole Foods Market, Inc.

550 Bowie Street
Austin, TX
John Mackey
Co-CEO and Director
(512) 477-4455
(512) 482-7000
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Stop The Silence End The Violence, inc. - 4 d 16 m ago

Stop The Silence End The Violence,inc.

( a501 C 3 Nonprofit Organization )

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Stop The Silence End The Violence, inc. - 4 d 4 s ago

Every 98 Seconds an American is

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Is Whole Food Stores in America willing to consider a

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Yes, just one technique.

A technique so effective that even an eight year old girl

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one (hidden)

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KMM - 17 d 10 h ago


I spend on the average of $250+ a week at WF. If you add up how much I've spent since this store opened up, not to mention when it was "Harry's", I shudder to think of the total amount. I parked at the Avalon Store in Alpharetta GA today. I had to run an errand before getting groceries, returning a shirt to another shop first, which took about 20 minutes. I'd circled the other parking lot 3x & there were no spots, so I didn't think a15-20 minute diversion would be a big deal since my main goal was Whole Foods. I returned to the car, got my grocery bags out & headed into Whole Foods, only to have a man in a yellow vest yell to me that he "booted" my car & I'd have to pay him $75 for the crime of parking in the lot and shopping elsewhere first. Seriously? I don't need Whole Foods, and they obviously don't need or want me as a customer. Sprouts will do just fine from now on.

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Karen G. - 21 d 14 h ago


I was traveling through Los Angeles today and stopped at the Whole Foods in Woodland Hill (21347 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills, CA) to get lunch.

I've only been to this store once before and couldn't remember where the utensils were located. Well, the dispensers were all empty and when I asked if they could make utencils availabe, I was told they were out - sorry.

Really? How can a Whole Foods run out of utencils?

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co steinwart - 58 d 15 h ago


This review is in the form of a rebuke of your store at the Avalon in Alpharetta, GA. I am a WF shopper in East Cobb, GA. where I live, and at the Avalon where I shop often. There are times when I shop in other areas of Avalon (a shopping center),but park in the WF lot and then I end up shopping at WF after I return to my car. I did that today and when I returned, there was a boot on my car because the powers in charge decided I had shopped in stores other than WF! In order not to have my car impounded, I was forced to pay $75. on the spot! This, my dear grocery folks, is an outrage!

I shop at your store in the East Cobb area regularly, but no more. I will accordingly, use every bit of influence I have to get the word out about this outrageous event. There were signs there about 'booting", but I had no idea what that even meant!

Where is that "friendly neighborhood" grocer we hear about? That's a laugh. At least you could give a warning for a first time offender of "breaking WF parking laws".

I know this if far from your home base of operations, but in my frustration, I had to tell someone who might get it! I called the manager, but he seemed confused.

If I hadn't been able to pay $75. , my car would have been impounded! Are you kidding me?

Thanks for listening and good luck as "our friendly neighborhood grocer." You won't be mine, for sure.

co steinwart

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co steinwart - 57 d 17 h ago


One thing I forgot to add to the email I sent concerning the $75. fee I had to pay WF police for improper parking. I am an 85 year old senior citizen and this incident has been a huge physical and mental jolt to me. I feel like I was blind sided by the WF police and will second guess parking in any parking lot again. Scared the living daylights out of me! It happened yesterday and I still feel traumatized today! Is this what living in a police state is like?

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JR - 47 d ago


Sounds like you finally got caught breaking the rules and won't take responsibility. The parking is there for WF customers, which at the time you were not. I am glad to hear of this finally being enforced because often people park where they should not and it makes life for everyone else harder... the "it's all about me" thing needs to stop.

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unsatisfied customer - 26 d 19 h ago


That's awful! I see other comments about this same thing too. As you said, you might start at another store, and end there. So crazy! What a way to treat regulars!

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Unsatisfied customer - 26 d 19 h ago


I had a terrible experience at the Whole Foods in Inner Harbor East.I was accused of stealing because I was using a bag to shop instead of a cart. I've been using bags since the store opened., and no one has every approached me.I've spent over 100,000.00 in groceries since the store opened, but have recently started shopping at My Organic Market instead, because the staff is consistently,nice, respectful and pleasant, which is no longer the case at Whole Foods. I'll be making more of an effort than ever to avoid Whole Foods from now on. I'm currently on hold with your corporate 'customer service', and have been for over 40 minutes with someone named Tiffany who cannot hold an intelligent conversation, or find a supervisor to get on the phone with me.I'm pretty sure she's keeping me on hold just to screw with me.

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M. Goldberg. - 27 d 23 h ago


Hello my name is Morgan Goldberg I have tried to get a response several times thru emails with your Westwood store I also have talk to managers at that location. With all that work no solution to the problem. Your Westwood store location off of gayley ave has a employee named Sal in the meat department. This person disrespects your store and any woman that comes in. A few nights ago this man Sal grabbed some hamburger meat with his bare hands and when I pointed it out to him he called me a bitch.

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Anonymous - 31 d 11 h ago


I am hoping to have the whole food at Salem , Oregon. It is needing to build there. Will you think about it. ? I am disappointed the whole food which is have that in Salem Oregon except at Bridgeport Oregon which is too far away Smiles. Julie

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Mother/grandmother - 31 d 15 h ago


Message from my son and may I add he had 2 small children with him (ages 1 and 3) in Cumming Ga--SHAME on you!

I parked in the whole foods parking lot. They have a massive parking lot. At the very end where there are no cars "And empty parking spaces".... I parked. Took my two little kids out and walked around the Avalon's for a little bit came back to my car being booted and a $75 ticket.

I will say this ...there are signs around (after I noticed I was booted) that say if you park here and leave you will be booted. Hard to see that when all you're focusing on is a parking lot right in front of the Avalon's that you think is just a parking for the Avalon. Not a parking lot for the whole foods that is totally way on the other side.

I was not rude. I filled out the ticket. I just think it's embarrassing and shameful that a company would do this and charge $75. This picture below is seven parking spaces and five cars are booted. I could not get the other cars that are booted in the picture. There were many parking spaces still available even closer to the very front of the store. They just sit there and watch you leave.

The lady beside me got booted and she said she just walked her daughter over to the hair salon, walk back to Whole Foods and spent 45 minutes in In there.... walked out with bags and receipt in hand to find her car was booted. She showed them Her receipts with the bags in hand AND STILL wrote her a ticket. It's a shame. And I like the Avalon's. But this was disappointing.

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Andria Angora - 32 d 14 h ago


Since that little megalomaniac commando, Jeff Bezos, and his merry band of Amazonians, took over Whole Foods (how was this a good idea?), the whole energy and feel of what Whole Foods was is lost. Not everything can be homogenized. There was a rush to stop using certain vendors, quick to put up an Amazon kiosk in the middle of the store...why is that necessary. Quick to move items around or discontinue others, also completely unnecessary. Why on earth the company was stormed into like gang busters I have no idea. And why the heart of the store had to be pummeled, I also have no idea. This is what happens when the ego takes over the objective rationale. Whole Foods is going to be run into the ground. Perhaps, while the Amazon kingpin is at it, he ought to see to it that bread cutting machine works. It hasn't worked for weeks. Instead of changing what doesn't need changing, why not concentrate on what does.... like a working bread cutting machine. And maybe taking a long look internally to see what little monster lurks in that creepy man everyone seems to adore.

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Diana H. - 33 d 21 h ago


Good afternoon,

I usually enjoy coming to Whole Foods for your great food and customer service. I usually go to the Whole Foods at The Avalon in Alpharetta,GA. However, today I came in for my usual cauliflower burger and the associate made me feel extremely uncomfortable when I asked him to please not use the same utensils he was using on the meat that was being cooked. He said that the entire grill has had meat and instead of offering to clean a small section for me, I had to ask. Usually the staff is much more proactive and caring.

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Brooke S. - 33 d 15 h ago

Mr. Mackey,

I am so disappointed with terrible service at the Palm Desert Whole Foods, most times I buy fresh vegetables or produce, the pricing is wrong and Im over charged. Today I had seen a special on Organic Tomatoes at $2.99 . I was charged $5.99. When I told the cashier , she said it was a problem with the computer. She rerung and again she over charged at $3.99. I brought this issue up with the supervisor of the store, she said is in the computer . Why doesnt your company address these issues of over charging. I have never had an issue like this at Bristol Farms, Vons, Ralphs. Also you use to show what price is being charge at the register, now you have no idea unless you ask the cashier. I constantly am over charged. I suspect there is a very high percentage of clients who are being over charged. It also clever how the cashiers ask if you want your receipt, most people say no. Thats a big mistake!! Im now shopping less and less at Whole Foods, very sad, your product is good the customer service is terrible.

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Anonymous - 34 d ago

II am trying to contact with the accounting office, it is already a week no body answers my calls.

I left massages no sasses I don't want to give the names they never return my calls this is very unprofessional for your company

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William Domb, DMD - 38 d 11 h ago


Used to great stores with Whole Foods group in California, but had a very nasty first time experience at the WF store on Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. in West Palm Beach today.

The store just smelled completely FOUL. Like dead meat. And it got worse the further back one got in the center of the store. I'm surprised none of the staff noticed this or seemed to be concerned enough to do something about it. Pitiful.

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Mr. Brown - 46 d 23 h ago


Good Morning Mr. Mackey, My name is Edwin Brown. I would like for you to consider locating a Whole Foods Market in Clinton. In the state of Maryland. The Landing at Woodyard would be an excellent place for business. It's located right off of Branch Avenue. Here is the website for The Landing: The Landing at Woodyard (formerly Clinton Plaza) is a 221,000sf mixed-use shopping center 1,100 Parking spaces 5 Points of ingress/egress 3 Miles south of Joint Base Andrews Median household income of $110,000 of residents within 3miles 128,386 Residents in 5 miles 39,543 Workers within 5 miles This is a great location for Whole Foods Market. I thank you in advance for your time. Sincerely, Mr. Brown (hidden)

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Oldtucsonjack - 38 d 17 h ago

That is the longest sentence I have ever read even though it didn't make sense, Why don't you just shop at Safeway?

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Anonymous - 38 d 15 h ago

Sorry Mr Brown, this was meant to go to Anonymous

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Anonymous - 38 d 18 h ago


I went to Whole Foods in Hillcrest in San Diego I got all the time every day actually cuz I love to cook and ask for to New York steaks butterfly so I get home and it is all hacked in pieces while I'm cooking dinner and I open the meat package and it's like it's been sliced in a deli slicer New York State's seriously and I call up and say I'm hung up on and someone's jerk and I go in there and show them and some idiot who works there is like you did you call here last night upset yeah oh and trying to control me and you can't say that you can't say that so you can't say that telling me what I can and cannot say I had some pancetta and it was green and it was disgusting and my strawberries I bought are all moldy but mostly it's the customer service in there I mean seriously the customer's always right and they were such jerks and trying to control people

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Oldtucsonjack - 39 d 14 h ago


Dear Mr Mackey:

I sent this following message to your customer service email address earlier today:

I am a regular at Whole Foods. I have lunch here (in Tucson) almost 7 days a week. I average spending about $600.00 every month here, not counting the groceries I purchase here. I have been appalled at the lack of corporate concern in that the Bar 77 employees were not allowed to receive tips on credit card payments for over 8 months due to corporate lack of concern and action. Finally, this week this problem was resolved. Yet, now a new annoying situation has arrived. Your revised computer support has eliminated me the option to eat from a plastic plate, making me eat from a cardboard box! Hello? Is anyone in the corporate office paying attention to these concerns from their regular customers? I have submitted minor concerns in the past and they were forwarded to the local store where I never received a response. This lack of concern about customer satisfaction doesn't match my on going respect for Amazon where I spend even much more of my money each month. Anyone interested in talking to me? (hidden)

FYI, I have subsequently received an email from your customer service where they said my concerns were being forwarded to my local Whole Foods store. I guess they don't understand or care that this is a corporate issue and not a local store issue.

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Katherine Rodriguez - 41 d ago


I have been purchasing at Whole Foods since I became vegan until yesterday. I recently bought a vegan chicken salad at the Sugarland, TX location, but it had real chicken. This has not been the first case since I have been told by others similar situations happened to them. I went to talk to store manager yesterday night and, Alex, did not seem to truly care about my experience. She was very uncomfortable to answer my questions. As a customer, I needed answers and explanations as to why this happened and I did not get any logical answers.

Since one of Whole Food's core values is to "satisfy and delight our customers", I expected to hear a solution that was going to be efficient and effective so this won't happen again. We as customers pay for a product that gives us satisfaction in buying. But when the label is wrong, and the store manager does not give any solutions, it is very disappointing. This is lying to customers. What will Whole Foods be doing to fix this problem?

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Mrs Gerry Scott - 41 d 12 h ago


I have been shopping at Whole Foods in Boulder Colorado since they opened here... Today my husband and myself entered whole foods to shop as usual. My husband and myself asked for a sample container to try some of the things made there. which is what we usually do, before we buy them. The sample cups were given to us We are both in our 70s. We own a home in Boulder. I worked at Horizons Alternative Charter school before I retired.. Out of the blue your new guard told my husband he could not try anything. Needless to say If We cannot sample your pre-made food we don't buy anything. Why were we given sample cups? It was very embarrassing. I did talk to the manager..After all. how much does a sample cup hold anyway After that we did leave without buying any thing. Do you wonder why!

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shari - 47 d ago

The Whole Foods Market in Michigan on Orchard Lake, is not elderly-friendly. They refused to help my 67 year old mother obtain an edible piece of vegetarian pizza. The staff is lazy. Brian was the employee that refused to make a new pizza; because of this my mom could take her medication. I called the manager Dan to help. He was just as ridiculous as his employee.

I spend at least 300 dollars weekly in this store. Needlessly to say, I am looking for an alternative. Whole Foods lost its appeal with Smart branding. The food quality has gone down. The quality of customer service has expired. They are promoting the wrong people for management.

Beware of Whole Foods now....

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Shame on you Whole Foods MIchigan - 47 d 22 m ago

@ Shari

I agree... Whole Foods staff is worthless. Picking on the elderly....

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