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Whole Foods Market, Inc.

550 Bowie Street
Austin, TX
John Mackey
Co-CEO and Director
(512) 477-4455
(512) 482-7000
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Wimccal - 9 d 18 h ago

Your store at Fig Garden Village Fresno, Ca has had an inoperative side door for months at great inconvenience to customers. As a former architect this should be an easy fix. Call Kawneer for example they are experts in aluminum storefronts, windows and doors. There is no excuse for this it shows extreme incompetence.

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Ty - 21 d ago


I'm confused about The quality of food at the Manhattan store on 125th st, everything seems to be old and stalled, I have had to return bread, watermelon, beef , the dog treats that are for our beloved pet, I find sometimes the treats are not fresh, highly disappointed in the lack of quality food and services, they should just close it down!!!

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Velvet - 28 d 17 h ago


I enjoy the whole experience of going to whole foods. Recently there have been hundreds of upscale homes built in my community. I think we need a whole foods in Azusa California. There's a commercial area that has been empty and we need to put a whole foods there. It is in the corner of Azusa Ave and Gladstone Street in Azusa California. There's a Rite Aid and just a few other businesses. There used to be a Lucky's grocery store there. We need something new and exciting. Please come to our area.

Sincerely, Velvet Santiago

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Tom - 68 d 4 h ago

Why does Whole Foods persist in being political? The latest suggestion to force Amazon to cut ties with those who work with ICE to track CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS is the end of our business with you.

We spend 500 to 600 per week at your store on H St in DC, THAT ENDS TODAY!


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Roberto Mtn. Bear Delgado - 76 d 7 h ago

The area of Myrtle Beach, a rapidly growing community of active re tirees, could most certainly benefit from a Whole Foods Market finding a place here in South Carolina. The closest is at least 1hour and fifty minutes away by car. More and more people are moving to the Myrtle Beach and Conway area, and the demand

for healthier good choices, are limited. Please consider constructing one here in the near future. (hidden)

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Lucky's Friend - 93 d ago

When will Whole Foods Powdered Collagen Unflavored 4 ounce jar be available again through Amazon? I have enjoyed this product for some time and cannot get it locally. I depend on Amazon to supply it to me.

Thank you, Lucky's Friend

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Leun - 1 y ago


We have shopped at this market almost everyday. The foods they have on display just like the vegetable, the avocado, tomatoes, or some other fresh fruits seems like they have had it for several days before it was displayed.

Or maybe their supplier upplied some dated and maybe possibly stored for quite some time or they just supplied some less quality to the chain.

The yum they had one time I was checking to get one was so old and rotten and so are some other stuffs.

I think it may be their supplier supplying the older stuffs and who over priced?!?! The wholfoods market or the supplier did?!?!

They are selling less quality food at higher price .

Maybe the purchaser adds up the price?!??

Or is it the supplier?!?!

Prices tag on meat are seems to be too high too.

I know there could be better quality and good buy.

Ms. Leun

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Whole Foods and Amazon online to you. I just visited one of their so-called humane farms and many of their animals or in such horrible conditions, we tried to protect and give them shelter however, they decided to cut the case authorities instead. And the authorities had the chickens that we would've saved and helped euthanized instead. Their conditions were in such a horrible way, there were chickens that had both of their legs broken their wings broken they couldn't reach their food or water and they were dying on the floor in the warehouse that they say is Pastor raised. I am sure anybody and everybody to call whole foods directly and ask them the names of the vendors keep their so-called humane animals. They claim transparency. However, They were fused to divulge this information. They say they are protecting their vendors. Who is protecting the animals?

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layla - 95 d 8 h ago

Corporate Head of Whole Foods does not care what you or I think, nor experience at the expense of their Greed.

Patronize, shop, only where you can buy clean, non-Monsanto, etc food at competitive prices.

Drop Whole Foods.

Try back in 10 years.

Corporations are slow to change.

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LPW - 1 y ago


Wanted to say that I will miss the Highland Park Whole Foods now that they have closed the fish grill and added LED lights that are brighter than a July sunny day! HPWF was the best part of my Mondays and Tuesdays after my 2-hour workouts, but the changes are so disappointing. No more glass of wine and fresh fish, plus all the soup is empty by 7pm. The manager's take it or leave it attitude is inexcusable. No more Whole Foods for me! Hello Central Market.

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layla - 95 d 8 h ago

the manager I spoke with this evening in La Jolla, San Diego in California did not want to hear the content of my concern voiced.

We have a real problem in the US. It's called CORPORATE GREED.




Zero Empathy, Caring for what their actions have upon others. KEEP your MONEY FOR YOUR FAMILY< YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Let this circulate in the stock holder consciences.

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Sad shopper - 1 y ago


I'm not sure what has happened... The past several times that I have brought produce it doesn't last for more than 2 days. I don't mind paying a little more for great quality produce, but that doesn't seem to be story anymore. What happened????

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layla - 95 d 8 h ago

No loss. Posted as Organic, can have up to 30% pesticides, etc.

Try a raised box of organic soil for planting lettuce, etc. Put it on your apartment patio or near window with fresh air when you're home. Wear a jacket in winter for couple of hours to keep window open. Healthy!

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EH - 1 y ago


I have been loyal whole foods customer in all San Francisco,CA locations since 2007.

I had good experiences over the years.

However, last night (Oct. 27,2018) I encountered the most outrageous, out of this world experience . My license plate picture was taken as I was driving out of the parking lot by a very incompetent so called undercover security. Reason, wait for this:

Mixed hot food with cold food. Which clearly was not true as I have only two boxes one for hot another for salad. When that was to be a mistake instead of apologizing, a more bizarre accusation : I looke at essential oils and left without purchasing . UNBELIVEBLE!!!

Silly me didn't know looking at products was a crime. Manager was professional and baffled by what just happened. The sad part is the security girl is African American and I happened to the only black person in the store so she automatically assumed I must have been there to steal. African Americans always cry for discrimination in the hands of Caucasians but, when they are in a position minute power, they are more discrimanitory towards their own than many Caucasians. Please note, I am not saying all.

Whole foods should hire better qualified well reason security guards. Otherwise, they will be victims to false accusations law suites as well as irreparable damage to the brand and name many come to respect.

Also, since Amazon took over, quality of foods have been going down. All foods (hot & cold) contain SOY which the worst health hazards to a store that claim to healthy. Besides.many people are allergic to SOY. I guess it is cheap. But, when you ask higher prices we expect quality foods. Some how there is a connection between cheap products and cheap labor as I encountered incompetent security guard last night.

It's corporate greed to maximize profit at the expense of consumers to appease share holders. That is all!

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layla - 95 d 8 h ago

I notice white-female upon white-female outright insane aggression occurring as well.

Total strangers raging aggression on whomever looks ripe-for-ripping!

Total losers.

I'd say about 1/10 of the white women I meet are honest in their personal interactions with me. Total strangers.



All civilizations that lost their religions, died out.


The newspapers push for no Christianity, but plenty of Judaism. Anything displaying it is supposed to be 'accepting'. Its Talmud says anyone not Jewish is garbage to serve them.

Seriously. check it 1/2 of the sick puzzle part in the world.

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Olya - 1 y ago



I am a big shopper at Whole Foods in Beachwood Ohio . I have always liked it. In my recent visit o had purchased cooked chicken breast and when I got home to heat some up . One of the chicken breast was moldy with dark spot . I had taken pictures if needed to see. I'm very disappointed customer , as I said I love Whole Foods. But now I'm afraid to buy cooked food from there.

Olya Tovmasyan

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layla - 95 d 8 h ago

Go To The Medical Doctor.

Have Him or Her do a Lab Work Sheet on what they find on the food.

Take them, at least, to small claims court.

Charge them for the Medical Visit, Lab Work Sheet, 2nd Visit to Doctor for the results and discussion of,

as well as for your time of concern spent regarding this matter.

Whole Foods exploited you and your time.

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sherry amanpour - 1 y ago


I just spent 30 minutes at WF in San Francisco on California Street speaking to 6 staff members including 2 supervisors looking for yellow split peas. I have gone back to the store three times for these peas.The customer service is so despicable no one could respond..they are callous, uninformed and uncaring...very very different than the WF under previous ownership. 17 of us in the neighborhood no longer shop at WF...we will spread this awful service with friends and the community in the dog park and neighbors so no one is subjected to this incompetence. There are plenty of neighborhood stores who EXECUTE excellent customer service..including Trader Joe's, Mollie Stone, Gus and even Safeway. Very disappointing will keep losing customers...

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layla - 95 d 8 h ago

Even on the phone, management 'Doesn't want to hear it' whatever the problem you wasted at least 30 Minutes of your life with, then longer carrying it around.

Stress causes Cancer.


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glk2bad - 1 y ago


Tired of poor service and bad food! Called Corp office tonight when corn had mold on it! 2955 west Ray Rd. Chandler AZ. Hoping someone calls me back from the Texas Office and sets these folks straight

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doro steven - 1 y ago


They wont return calls . Customer care is gone

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layla - 95 d 8 h ago


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none - 1 y ago


i kinda feel discriminated against, i have a lot of experience and because i am in a shelter i ----wasn't-------- hired in 2010

-they group everyone in one category-but the people working there at the registers are really nice .For god sake i am tying to get money for a car and i am a good worker. five years of -my lack of employment is not related to their quality of service inside the store.where's the hope.

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layla - 95 d 8 h ago

Very good to know this.

Who wants to go there anyway.

Their help is rude on the phone, even managers.

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Beth - 286 d 13 h ago


Let me tell you about my Thanksgiving. I ordered an organic turkey with all the sides. On the November 21 pickup date we were informed that there were no organic turkeys or non-organic ones. Tho only one available was smoked. Disappointed, we accepted it. But the next day when we opened it we saw black streaks down the sides of the bird.....presumably injections of smoke flavor. The smell was nauseating and only got worse as we prepared. I threw it out along with side dishes definitely not up to the standards of Whole Foods. It's appalling that WF has failed in such a customer promotion on a national holiday. El Paso store!

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layla - 95 d 9 h ago

Sounds like the store is aimed at exclusive sales to hispanics not knowing better.

Shop somewhere else!

I was just racially profiled (I'm a white- female) at the San Diego La Jolla, CA store by a really well built guy from Third World with a Really rotten attitude towards white women.

Very disrespectful, he physically blocked me from moving while deciding which Smoked Salmon, at $17.00 per 8 oz. to select.

Big Mistake:::I will Never shop there again!

Keep your pocket book close and do not take it out, in That store!!!!

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