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Whole Foods Market, Inc.

550 Bowie Street
Austin, TX
John Mackey
Co-CEO and Director
(512) 477-4455
(512) 482-7000
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Jinny - 5 d 7 h ago


Whole foods went down since Amazon took over. I will not not buy food on line. The store in greensboro nc stays unstock! No bison meat, no whole food frozen vegetable fried rice. Vetables are old and rotten! What happen to you

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PC - 5 d 15 h ago

Store Team Leader Jenkintown PA

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DebraC - 6 d 4 h ago

I have been very disappointed in the salad bar since they made recent changes. So many of the items are cooked with oil and not natural as they should be or could be. There used to be more choices and now a lot less. It is sad when John Mackey does interviews with plant based Doctors and understands the need to stay away from oil, yet does not monitor the healthiness of what food is sold in his stores. Please ditch the oil!

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Christine DeCindis Martin - 13 d 18 h ago


Complaint for Marlton NJ location.Rt 73 North, on 2/05 I went to ladies restroom, a dirty disgrace.

And the store needs cleaning too, windows glass on doors, power washing outside entrance , etc.

Sorry WF love you guys, but this always refects on staff guality, saw a few employees chewing the fat while stocking and at registers, maybe they could be helping tidy up store instead.

Left store at 05:12 pm, 2/5/18, reciept invoice 540800072, $78.73

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Andree - 19 d 6 h ago

The Phoenix Camelback store has absolutely the rudest checkout and bagging personnel. It is consistent and very much not my experience at other WF markets I frequent. For instance the same personnel at the Santa Fe NM store iare courteous and helpful. I asked to be contacted by the store manager to discuss an incident today 1/31 and of course as expected he has not bothered to call me. I have to think that his rude employees are merely a reflection of his attitude and his training. You learn from your mentors and if they tolerate rude, supercilious and disrespectful attitudes your employees are a mirror of your own shortcomings.

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Ms. McClary - 27 d 13 h ago


I was recently humiliated and intimidated at the flagship Whole Foods in Austin. I, like many others, am guilty of multi-tasking at checkout. Between juggling the phone, running late for a meeting, mentally going through my to-do list, juggling small bottles of oil and trying to get my credit card out of my purse I forgot to mention an item. I'd come in with a jug to re-fill with alkaline water and forgot to mention that I should be charged for the second other jug. When the cashier read my total I thought $80 was reasonable for the items I had. I literally spent $60 on oils.

I am a woman who was alone and I was approached at my car by three men. After retrieving my receipt, going over the situation apologizing and being escorted back in to cover the cost, even though I volunteered to do so (what a spectacle), I was then allowed to get all the way in my car only to be approached AGAIN by two men. This time I was bullied to get out of my vehicle, threatened with the calling of police and intimidated into allowing a picture of my license to be taken. All of this as I was being told that I am forever banned from the store.

I have been in touch with the security firm. I requested and was denied the opportunity to view a written protocol but told by Jonathan Jeter that they believe the situation was handled appropriately.

I CAN NOT believe that this is standard protocol. I need answers Whole Foods!

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Dot - 27 d 6 h ago


"Oh my gosh, I stole something and was treated as such! How unjust!"

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Enough! - 40 d 14 h ago


Treated rudely on the phone by customer service Union Square when I called to find out if the shopping trolley came in. Three phone calls, same employee answered, cut me off mid sentence three times & put me on hold! I never received an answer to my question! This from someone who claimed to have worked there for years! He obviously thinks that's a good reason for him to speak & treat me that way! Called your general complaint line & she finally & I mean finally agreed to get back to me. I'm still waiting!!!! Is this because of Amazon? I've noticed that lately when I shop, there are prices missing off the shelves & I constantly have to find an employee to ask. Not pleasant. I'm about through with Whole Foods. If this isn't addressed, I'll know that top management stands behind this deplorable treatment of their customers!!!

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Dot - 27 d 6 h ago


You sound like an annoying, entitled NYC Whole Foods customer. One who thinks it's acceptable to speak to and treat the employees like crap because the trolleys are out of stock, or there's no more ripe avocados. "Woe is me. I can't get what I want and even though it's trivial, in my self centered head, it gives me an excuse to be a jerk to someone who works for a company and has no control over any of the above mentioned issues." Ugh. I worked for Whole Foods for almost 5 years. It was you. You and your type of people that made me leave. Rude, demanding, needy, whiny, and just unpleasant. Shut up with your entitled whining. It's a got damned shopping cart.

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Carol - 33 d 14 h ago


I'm writing because since Amazon took over WFM, I am seeing dead Octopus for sale in the fresh fish section. Please stop selling these highly intelligent animals. It's like seeing a whale or dolphin in your seafood display; unacceptable. If I don't see this practice stop very soon, I will start a campaign, picket and protest in front of WFM stores. There is no need for you to have bad publicity. I've been a WFM customer since it opened in Berkeley. Killing of intelligent animals needs to stop. Displaying them as food is repugnant. If stores stop buying them, fisherman will stop killing them. Please stop. Thank you.

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Lakewood Realty LLC - 38 d 22 s ago


We need a whole foods in this location. Who can we contact? 13.99 Commercial Acres in Nashville's East Side!

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Deb - 40 d 17 h ago


I am a long time shopper at Whole Foods in Rockviille, MD. I spend an ave. of $220/week. Since sept. I have been very disappointed by the store. Specifically, the shelves have not been stocked, many items are missing and the produce looks picked over and many items are not there. When I asked if there was thyme, which is a stable at the store, I was told there wasn't any. But, 5 minutes later someone started pushing out a box filled with herbs. The freezer section has holes where items have been sold out and not replaced. It is not a good consumer experience. And, the employees are no longer helpful.

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Nuts - 44 d 7 h ago

Your 365 brand of walnuts sucks, taste like burnt oil or something. I swear the squirrels wont eat it ! WTH THE BULK WAS GOOD, NOW IT'S ABSENT.

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never again whole food shopper - 45 d 12 h ago


So I'm done! I am never ever shopping at Whole Foods again!!! It is verbal horse poop most of the time. And moldy old food they sell weekly at insanely high prices!

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Freedom to Move Forward! - 55 d 15 h ago


I just need to start this by stating that I am not even a bit upset nor hurt about being terminated from this horrible place. For 11 months I tolerated nothing but jealousies, sabotage, and hostile attitudes throughout this location. This mostly from other employees including the so-called "leadership". I stuck it through because I found a way to enjoy the job regardless of what others did or said about me or to me. "Leadership" would say that they were concerned about the well-being of all employees yet they displayed the opposite. Favoritism! This Whole Foods location does not care about true hard workers who put their personal all into being and carrying out it's business' core values, morals or ethics. There are so many upsetting situations that I can list about my work experience here. The worst was the fact that "leadership" did not care about my health. Requesting a specific day off due to a doctor's appointment to avoid infractions was disregarded and they still scheduled me to work on that day. There is no sense of work-personal life balance at this store. Some of the older employees who have been there for years now walk around calling it a slave plantation. As that is supposed to be a joke it seems to be true to me. The only difference is that it's slave masters are exactly like us. What a funny joke? I don't get it either. After all of the schedule sabotaging and my very own faults of latenesses and/or callouts, I was wrongfully terminated. The excuse given to me included the infractions that I have encurred that put me on a final written notice and while this notice was active a customer complained that I disrespectedly argued with her. LIES! Excuse me for yelling but liars and cheaters are the worse kind of creatures. I have never disrespected anyone, customer nor employee. The store manager was supposed to question me about it as he said he investigated the allegation and decided to terminate me. If he investigated this lie and found out the complete truth I would still be working there. But he never asked me anything through his "investigation". I believe that situations like this is set up and carried out by the "leadership" team members. Most of them have been there for years now and have grown in their hostile ways. Even worse, they have made sure to cover up their dehumanizing methods of oppression on employees who refuse to become a part of such discriminatory strategies. You don't have to take my word for it. If you can, pass through there one day and I bet you'll find sad depressed anti-social employees throughout the store especially, the cashiers. They seem to hire a lot of young gay and bisexual people. I guess that's to prove that they do not discriminate against the LGTBQ community. And this only after being sued by a young gay man who felt discriminated against while working there. You can Google that story. At this store, if one of the "leadership" members do not like a new worker they are free to create a hostile work environment from the very beginning. As that was my entire experience and the experience of many other good decent workers who I have been terminated. To make matters worse, their organizational culture is build on not providing unemployment insurance for terminated employees. I can not prove that these people have sabotaged, bullied and lied me out of my little cashier position. And so they get to debate my claim for unemployment. Why would the Department of Labor condone such nonsense?! If they can get away with this against me, can you imagine how many other people they have unnecessarily tried to setback and/or ruin? And all before the holidays! It's hard for me to grasp the fact that after receiving a great review on my Job Dialogue, given a $.25 raise, moved up to full-time and just started to pay for insurance out of my pay that I was made out to look as if I was a poor, incompetent and/or unprofessional Customer Service Representative worker. In conclusion, I must admit that I appreciate the worth-while communications that came from a many of the decent customers. Yet, I would not miss working at this place. I bet if the hiring process included a drug test more than half the entire store would be fired. Maybe Amazon will do something about that and they should start with "leadership". Thanks for reading this comment complaint. I appreciate knowing that someone important knows a little bit about my experience as an employee at Whole Foods Market Chelsea. The 1* is only for the many great customers! There is no need for any negative replies from those who are not corporate and/or who can not make a positive change in these matters. Thank you.

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Anonymous - 62 d 5 h ago

bad ads...

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Anonymous - 68 d 12 h ago

i worked at the baton rouge location. i was scheduled against my availability and i told my supervisor about it and he said well if u don't show up you will lose your job. That same day the manager threw green beans at me and walked behind me pushing my buttons i didn't say anything i just walked away and he walked behind me talking smack. So i walked out the job. i called up there to get my papers saying I no longer work there and they refuse to give me anything. They say it was mailed to me weeks ago and it's been almost 2 months. I would never work for a company like that again. they pay well but not enough to be treated like crap.

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Anonymous - 76 d 14 h ago


We desperately need a Whole Foods Market in Monroeville Pennsylvania my friends and countless others are tired of driving to Shadyside to grocery shop at Whole Foods Monroeville is a great location for a Whole Foods please consider it you would make thousands of people happier that live in Murrysville PA Irwin PA Export PA Trafford PA Penn Hills PA Verona PA and countless others thank you for your time

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marie - 79 d 5 h ago


im very dissapointed. they have not had a wheat grass machine for over a month . im a good customer and i purchase a 8 oz shot of wheat grass daily. which earns the store $9.74.

ive been calling but they told me they do not know when they will have one

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Anonymous - 233 d 15 h ago

Whole Foods is a very racist company with a Racist culture in management even though they appear to hire minorities so it doesn't seem this way but from my experience and many others people of color are almost expected to be mistreated without reason. Stay away from Whole Foods.

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Dmove - 152 d 20 h ago


Agree. The entitled need to fall. Store management needs to be targeted not the lowly employees

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VinkingJ - 94 d 8 h ago


Dmove, That is a threat to Whole Foods. You should be reported. "JerK"

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Smithy - 149 d 17 h ago


Really? Why is it that anytime some kind of negative experience happens with some of you - you automatically ASSume it's racism? Stop the bs already. Enough is enough. People today had nothing to do with the past. Stop living in it - and then go learn your history. People of color were NOT the only ones discriminated against. Do you hear or see any of them bitching about RACISM every time something happens to THEM? Get over yourselves already. The USA is one of the most DIVERSE and RACIALLY INTERMIXED COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Wake up.

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VinkingJ - 94 d 8 h ago


Hi Smithy, It is a shame that some people feel like everything is racism. I am so tired of stupid uneducated people dont take there time to read history. That is the only reason why they act and say thing like that. Consider the source. I am Irish,English, Scottish, (Norway, Vikings) . In many ways they were somehow discriminated in America in the 1600;s especially in New Orleans. Many went to that area to work and became servants. My ancestors came from the May Flower Ship and moved to Massachusetts/Boston area. Bad people want to change America, by science.only. These people want to change the human race for there political agenda. These people listen to fake news and then act on there anger. They let people rule there mind. They seem to not want a mind of there own and realize what is common sense. I agree

what you have said and these people need to Wake UP!

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Anonymous - 105 d 11 h ago


Ms B that's so true Whole Foods market in Silver Spring MD is soooo racist to the black employees the way they treat them is terrible and upper management knows it and do nothing about they lied on the black employees with falsified statements the Spanish management don't likes the black workers it's sad but it's the truth

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individual disagreement - 94 d 16 h ago


A disagreement with some one other than your color is between those two people not an entire race.

The word "racism" and "diversity are code words for "whitey need not apply.

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