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Whole Foods Market, Inc.

550 Bowie Street
Austin, TX
John Mackey
Co-CEO and Director
(512) 477-4455
(512) 482-7000
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Anonymous - 17 d ago


I shop at the chapel hill store and am concerned at all the employees wearing those ear plugs. I have to tap the employees to ask a question about a product. I witnessed an employee trying to ask a grocery employee for the location of a product. The employee was up on a small ladder and was startled when employee tapped them to get attention, due to they had ear plugs in. The grocery employee went off on the employee trying to find a product.The ear plugs should not be wear in the workplace. I started noticing the employees at WFM Chapel Hill location most all were wearing them I was shocked at the amount and that store is waiting to have some serious accidents.

I hope you take this seriously

You owe it to your customers to be heard when asking for help

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Jerri T - 22 d 11 h ago


Very disappointed in Whole Foods non compliance in the Covid 19 face mask rules. You put not only your employees but your loyal customers in jeopardy. You used to be 5 star but today not so

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Phala gellert - 75 d 10 h ago

We have so so so many positive COVID 19 cases at the chapel hill nc why can't the customers have their temps checked this would be a extra protection for the employees...... I am to a point I need to take off some times due to I have a elderly roommate and I am putting her at risk every time I go to work.

Worried employee

Flagged for review. 
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concerned citizen - 41 d 12 h ago

Have you gone insane? First of all, prove to me that those Covid 19 tests have any validity and do you have any idea that only medical folks are allowed to take someone temperature. You are actually suggesting that Whole Foods play doctor which in fact a felony? And are you aware that those temperature devices affect the pineal gland - do you even know what the pineal gland does. It is a small gland that regulates our circadian rhythm so that we can get proper sleep and think clearly. Why would you even suggest that folks who work to provide you the best care be subjected to such abuse. The only one who is a risk is your ignorant self for spewing such misinformation. You may want to turn off your TV and safe yourself.

Flagged for review. 
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Facepalming - 38 d 8 h ago

Oh. My. Gosh. Are you really this stupid? Or do you have a serious mental illness? Do you think tap water is turning frogs gay too? Do you think that essential oils cure cancer or autism? Honestly. Thinking that taking someone's temperature affects their body in any way is just inane. Do some research and go get some help.

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Anonymous - 31 d ago


you sheep wear your tinfoild masks and gloves and keep on fighting the invisible enemies and breathing healthy humanity because the air is your tinfoil symptomatic enemy and mask breathing and toxic "sanitizers" are making you already gay frogs complete r*tards!

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NO Mask sane one - 31 d ago


Well then you should stay in your asylum and possibly get off earth and leave the sane people alone you gullible freak! We're dragging these raping corporations for shoving their fraud masks on people, and bring out a thermometer or test swab and see where it's gonna get shoved!

The fake fraud tests/cases are just for you braindead sheeple!

No one feels sorry for u morons when u are replaced with self-checkouts and robets!

Never leave you asylum!

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done with corporate deception - 41 d 12 h ago

I am deeply concerned with the well-being of these workers who have been forced to wear masks or run the risk of losing their jobs. With this covid scare perpetuated by MSM, governors with no authority to pass laws shifted the responsibilities to the Public Health Officers and in the heat of an emergency an ordinance was signed suggesting that workers wear masks and social distance. The emergency ended and was never renewed so why are these workers and customers still required to wear masks. Where is there PROOF that these covid tests are accurate, where is proof that masks prevent the covid spread, where is proof that social distancing prevents the spread of covid, and where is even proof that this covid actually exist? Yet there is plenty of science that proves that these masks do absolutely nothing to prevent the spread of covid and in fact cause health problems. Most of these folks who are still wearing masks have simply been deceived into believing that masks protect and will defend their behavior out of pure ignorance. And there is NO law that states anyone has had to wear a muzzle and without a penal code the stores in fact can not get fined.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 38 d 8 h ago

Oh really? Care to share a few RELIABLE sources on that? That means no Infowars Alex Jones crap, I mean ACTUAL studies by reputable scientists? You are one of the people that makes getting rid of this disease so difficult. I'm convinced that it's because of people like you that so many people have died. Have you done any real research? Not Facebook research, mind you, actual research? No. Because people like you decide that you know better than the CDC and spout your idiotic speeches about government cover ups. I am SO TIRED of people like you. My neighbors are so sick, one of the families has a 6 year old daughter. Think about people you care about and stop being so selfish. Just put a damn mask on.

Flagged for review. 
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Hayley Cunningham - 52 d 15 h ago


Hello, my name is Hayley.

I wanted to send my appreciation to a certain individual at your store.

Me and my family are going through a tough time during this pandemic. We originally live in Florida but its gotten so bad that we moved to Memphis with my brother to avoid the virus affecting my family members. So while in Memphis we were looking for a grocery store to shop at that provides for my familys health issues and we found the Germantown TN Whole Foods. While shopping yesterday I found a gentleman working eggs in the egg area and asked him if he could help me out. This gentleman dropped everything he was doing and helped me look for everything on my grocery list. Not only did he help but gave me some great knowledge about health and was very patient with me. This is hands down the best customer service I've ever had shopping anywhere and I appreciate him so so so much. I got this gentlemans name and its muhammad but I asked whos his boss to a co worker of his but they seemed pretty new cause they said they have no idea cause he helps around all over the store. Me and my family are gonna be regulars in the Germantown town store from now on and gonna continue to find Mr. Muhammad for help. Not sure who to contact but can you find this gentlemans manager and tell him I said thank you for everything!!

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brian baskerville - 66 d 17 h ago


dear mr mackey love your store the best wy top bussiness man like you stop the palm oil companies detroying the planet buying some of the rainforrest and sueing the palm oil companies under international law the world health orthoaty should do this as deforrestation is afening peoples health all round the world i love a job in your store inca san deigo not highland lamb and beef hot food go very weell god bless regiauds briab baskerville

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Wilson - 75 d 14 h ago


What is up with whole foods not accepting money all of a sudden? No cash at all. Bull if you are blaming it on covid. Just another store i will never shop in again and i will tell everyone i know to stop shopping there as well.

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AB - 80 d 10 h ago


I have a friend who works at Whole Foods. She has been there almost three years. They treat her like shit. She is older than the other workers. The store leaders and other workers go out drinking together. The younger workers are the ones getting promoted. There is no opportunity at Whole Foods.

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Jimbo - 89 d 7 h ago


I, am very disappointed in wholefoods, I , firmly believe that do age discrimination.

I, applied on line for they're store in Cary N,C and was turned down,did a assessment test which I thought was kind of easy and I'm sure that I've done well on .and for about the 5 th time been turned down.there is no question in my mind that I am able to perform the job just as well if not better then most of they're employees.

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Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness - 135 d 10 s ago


TX State Attorney Ken Paxton has issued letters to the mayors throughout San Antonio regarding unlawful practices regarding a mask requirement. I have initiated contact with his office about your unlawful practices for an essential establishment such as Whole Foods Market to require patrons to wear a mask. I urge you to revisit your unlawful orders to avoid further correspondence from a bonding attorney.

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Steve - 138 d 9 h ago


To protect shoppers and employees they everyone that comes into their store to wear a mouth and nose cover. Good idea! Shopped at Spring House, PA today. Very long lines to enter and check out. Understandable. My only complaint is three employees near the back of the store were chatting with each other with their masks pull down.On check out I shared this with an employee. His Comment " I can't believe it."

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Mask hater - 135 d ago


You're a stupid ass. The virus isn't real. The agenda behind the lies is what should be your main concern.

Masks don't work. It's a ploy to see how many stupid ppl watch tv and get their news from the media without researching.

Men and women lined up facing the wall in compliance of their orders just before they all got shot to death. Resistance is futile ....

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Never Again - 149 d 15 h ago


Spent double for 3 lbs of honey than I normally do because I don't want to go to multiple stores at my age and health issues. No Problem. I am willing to spend more to keep safe. HOWEVER, I do expect at least average quality. It doesn't look (except when it is old or poor quality) and definitely doesn't taste like orange blossom honey. It is typically a mild flavor.

I really was hoping Whole Foods would stand by the quality of their food. This has nothing to do with the pandemic. It has to do with Amazon purchasing inferior quality food and charging more. Well, you got my measly Profit this time. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice--shame on me. There are other options in this town.

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Frank - 164 d 10 h ago


This company is absolutely horrific they are pathetic especially what's going on in the world right now I never seen a corporate customer service so bad in my entire life. What a bunch of complete morons running this company. The CEO must be a PATHETIC MORONS just like them.

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Patty - 172 d 4 h ago


I want to thank you for being there for us at this time of need. To protect the employees I would ask everyone that comes into the store to wear a mouth and nose cover. We can all do our part. Your mask will help my mask. I shop in plantation, Fl. They have been very helpful, but some employees are not protected. I fear for them.

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Concerned Shopper - 177 d 17 h ago

As a frequent shopper at your Sudbury MA store I was appalled that an employee at that store was diagnosed with COVD-19. Amazon is behind the ball on protecting their employees and shoppers at this store. Why are you not checking temperatures of all employees everyday as they enter the store.? Why aren't you providing all employees with protective gear like masks and gloves. It's not because you cannot afford it. Your prices are higher than other local stores. Also you should install plexiglass shields at each register to protect you employees. Shame on Amazon management for their lack of attention to this crisis.

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A shopper - 177 d 17 h ago

Stop whining get a mask and gloves like everyone else. They're millions in the direct line of Fire who do what they can to keep safe and protect e@ch other if you cannot as a store protect your employees close the doors but don't allow the necessity of food to be targeted by threats of strike for more pay. You don't like your working environment stay home. Don't make your already scared and strained neighbors now worry about how they can afford to eat. This way of thinking will snowball we are in this fight together all are at risk not just you. Let's help our neighbors not milk them people.

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A human in the fight - 177 d 17 h ago

Why was my post removed

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A human in this fight - 177 d 19 h ago

the covid 19 demands of your employees is understandable but the effects on the American public could be devastating. If the provision of masks and gloves are not enough then let them quarantine without risk of termination. Perhaps ask the president to consider the National Guard as food is a necessity and must be protected for all. This action by your employees could only mean price increases to all Americans who are already stretched very thin. We all as a country must bite the bullet and do our part to weather this storm. Consider The doctors, nurses, firemen, police, paramedics, those who are manufacturing necessary items, truck drivers those stuck in their homes for who knows how long. Get a grip do your part people don't use this disaster to milk the people

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Meryl Lande - 187 d 13 h ago



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