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Whole Foods Market, Inc.

550 Bowie Street
Austin, TX
John Mackey
Co-CEO and Director
(512) 477-4455
(512) 482-7000
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Anonymous - 143 d 14 h ago

Whole Foods is a very racist company with a Racist culture in management even though they appear to hire minorities so it doesn't seem this way but from my experience and many others people of color are almost expected to be mistreated without reason. Stay away from Whole Foods.

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Dmove - 62 d 19 h ago


Agree. The entitled need to fall. Store management needs to be targeted not the lowly employees

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VinkingJ - 4 d 7 h ago


Dmove, That is a threat to Whole Foods. You should be reported. "JerK"

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Smithy - 59 d 17 h ago


Really? Why is it that anytime some kind of negative experience happens with some of you - you automatically ASSume it's racism? Stop the bs already. Enough is enough. People today had nothing to do with the past. Stop living in it - and then go learn your history. People of color were NOT the only ones discriminated against. Do you hear or see any of them bitching about RACISM every time something happens to THEM? Get over yourselves already. The USA is one of the most DIVERSE and RACIALLY INTERMIXED COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Wake up.

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VinkingJ - 4 d 7 h ago


Hi Smithy, It is a shame that some people feel like everything is racism. I am so tired of stupid uneducated people dont take there time to read history. That is the only reason why they act and say thing like that. Consider the source. I am Irish,English, Scottish, (Norway, Vikings) . In many ways they were somehow discriminated in America in the 1600;s especially in New Orleans. Many went to that area to work and became servants. My ancestors came from the May Flower Ship and moved to Massachusetts/Boston area. Bad people want to change America, by science.only. These people want to change the human race for there political agenda. These people listen to fake news and then act on there anger. They let people rule there mind. They seem to not want a mind of there own and realize what is common sense. I agree

what you have said and these people need to Wake UP!

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Anonymous - 15 d 10 h ago


Ms B that's so true Whole Foods market in Silver Spring MD is soooo racist to the black employees the way they treat them is terrible and upper management knows it and do nothing about they lied on the black employees with falsified statements the Spanish management don't likes the black workers it's sad but it's the truth

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individual disagreement - 4 d 16 h ago


A disagreement with some one other than your color is between those two people not an entire race.

The word "racism" and "diversity are code words for "whitey need not apply.

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VinkingJ - 4 d 7 h ago


Anonymous - Well you then should say that Giant Food, Harris Teeter, Lion Foods, Wise Food stores are racist too. Everybody has some racism in them. That is the human race. Animal have the same issue. They think they are better then the next. The only problem is that they don't think like we do. They go by instinct. We go buy intelligence. Have some patients and be nice. Everybody is not racist and life is not easy, Take it one day a time and be happy you are alive and make it positive, not negative. You have one life, make it great! Help people that are not fortunate. You might change you mind on the human race. Note: Stay away from negative people and find positive people. Take care and be safe. :)

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Ellen - 22 d 15 h ago


Purchased a Cake from Whole Foods in Honolulu Hawaii. Said it was a vanilla cake, I double checked with clerk. It turned out to be a Extremely dry vanilla cake with unripe strawberries in the middle. Did not eat the cake.

Don't know if the cake was old. Buy from Whole Foods in Sacramento CA all the time and get excellent cakes there. My daughter tweeted a comment got a reply and was told we would get a refund without having to take the cake back. It's been 2 weeks. No refund. This cake was for my daughter's birthday. What a disappointment. I will be writing John Mackey personally for my money.

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ROSELYN MCCLAREN - 26 d 11 h ago


I recently shopped in a Whole Foods store in Las Vegas, I have hoped Whole Foods would locate to my city (Sioux Falls SD) soon. we really need your presence here. I loved being able to see what you offer, and spent a large amount of money in that store in Vegas. Please consider serving the people of my beautiful city soon. thank you.

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John - 35 d 5 h ago


Hi there

I like to remind you all wholefood in Pasadena

2nd floor pizza place, there is a psycho lady

who use food to insult you

I am asking Mr. John Mackey pay me an appology



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Nancy - 37 d 14 h ago

Today at the Chicago store on Kingsbury I tried to pick up my usual Organic Milk in a paper carton only to be told Whole Foods has switched over to plastic! Shame on you, Whole Foods. You are not just a grocery store but an example of good practices in environment and healthy food. You can't ignore the damage plastic is doing to our environment. The US alone puts 500 million plastic straws A DAY into the waste stream. The amount of plastic jugs and bottles is just as bad. The organization has pulled 38,000 pounds of plastic waste out of a tiny stretch of Oregon coastline that's only 300 miles long since 2010. That amount doesn't even scratch the surface of the plastic that we are using. The miles of plastic debris in ocean gyros not only covers miles of ocean surface, but also extends down to the sea floor. PLEASE take your role seriously in continuing to be a model; switch back to paper cartons and get away from the plastic!

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social acdtivist - 35 d 10 h ago


Thank you Nancy, for bringing up plastic profusion. I also asked that ALL the plastic in the frozen foods section be eliminated. Deaf ear.

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Prima5 - 37 d ago


I love the Whole Foods at the Domain here in Austin, TX but they NEVER have handicapped electric carts that are charged or can be found and no one is using them in the store. I need to use them, but it's hard if you don't have them charged and available where the parking is in the parking garage. I found two electric carts this time, neither of which was charged and they were just parked there by the plugs. One was plugged in, but not all the way in so it never charged. The other one was not even plugged in. This makes me not want to shop there anymore because I never know if there will be a cart charged or available. I take my business to HEB when that happens and buy what I can that's organic.

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social activist - 35 d 10 h ago


I hear you Prima5. When I broke my foot, I used a cart at my local Jewel/Osco. I saw how useful they can be. But it is true, I have never seen a cart at any Whole Foods Store in Chicagoland.

John Mackey was at Chicago Ideas today. I took a letter to him, pleading that all the produce be Whole Trade. Farm workers are some of the poorest people in the USA and elsewhere. They suffer when pesticides are applied, while they are in the fields, which is illegal, but sheriffs are on the side of ranchers and corporate farms. But his people had left, so I have to mail the letter instead. Maybe you could do the same?

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Anonymous - 46 d 10 h ago



I am a long time customer, frequency - several times per week, and have noticed, at the River Rd store in Bethesda, Md, that there is a lack of stock on many items. When asked, employees' responses have been that they don't know when an item will be back on shelves, "maybe tomorrow, maybe not". I would think that there would be some kind of tracking and distribution control.

Additionally, there have been several examples of unwarranted rudeness to customers from Customer Service. Your staff should not be allowed to treat your customers that way, ever.


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Christina Marti - 49 d 14 h ago


Why are you charging soda tax on Spring water , the law says only on sweetened bevarages , Spring Water 365 does not apply

We've told the store manager no help whatsoever

Christina Marti

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anonyomus - 52 d 13 h ago


angry illegal mexican cashiers making coffee santa barbara, ca upper state. i want to b rung up b calm patient nonracist employees who dont snap at me when i asked if the french roast was done brewing u have to wait 5 mins itsnt up yet it hasnt been 5mins is how a mexican male cashier snapped at me i paid 2.50 for awful customer service

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chcltmkr - 150 d 14 h ago

Whole foods is known for your quality. This amazon purchase was a horrible idea. Please don't close your stores. While mail order may work for some people there are more of us that want to choose our own produce, meats, fish chests and bakery goods. Mail order is not for every one. This was a bad idea. There are so few good food markets left!

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Amove - 62 d 19 h ago


Wholefoods is bogus and is finished as it's own entitled company. Happy amazonwill be putting it in its place

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Kat - 141 d 19 h ago


To whom it may concern;

My fiance and I have been shopping at your midtown location for years. It is apart of our Sunday ritual to get groceries and have yet to have an issue at that store. Yesterday 7/2/2017 we decided it would be a nice change to walk the pier and go downtown.

When we went into line to check out the green light indicated we go to register 16 and a friendly employee reiterated what the machine had said, so thats the register we went to. We unloaded our cart and the first words out of the cashiers mouth in a very brash aggressive tone were "You need to move that closer to me." My fiance and I looked at each other wondering why this cashier was rude out of the gate but didn't put much mind to it. As we are discussing what items we should lump together our cashier blurts out very rude "This line is for 16 items or less. Ya'll shouldn't even be here." My fiance says he didn't see any indication this was limited to that and he said if you prefer we can go to another line. Again, she lashed out "there is a sign right there." This back and forth went on for over a minute and was getting more and more intense.

At this point I wasn't going to allow my fiance to be disrespected and verbally assaulted by a cashier as her voice was getting higher and she seemed to be leaning into my fiance very threatening.

At this point I asked her for a manager and she scoffs "yeah, I got one." i then had to proceed to clarify I would like to speak with her. I had taken the manager to the side to discuss my problems with her. When I returned to my cart she had continued being rude to my fiance to the point we had to request a new cashier.

Unfortunately, while Jasmine the customer service manager was finishing our transaction our original cashier sat at the end of the register and proceeded TO MOCK US. She was laughing loudly and making comments regarding us right to her peers right in front of us.

Now I have worked in customer service settings and my fiance is a VP of a large company and we do understand that basics of providing a good service. This experience was humiliating, degrading, and embarrassing! We don't pay a premium for a cashier to sit and mock us. I am not sure why she felt the need to lash out on us, maybe a bad day, maybe she didn't like our face, maybe it was racist in nature. Whatever the reason you shouldn't allow your staff to treat your customers in such a rude and degrading manner. We have always had a wonderful experience at your midtown location but this experience has made us start considering going to brooklyn fare and abandoning your establishment all together.

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Dmove - 62 d 19 h ago


Good job. You just got some poor smuck fired. You're entitled to have absolute perfect service at all times. Sound like you exasperated the situation with your superior arua

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Audrey R Lippel - 140 d 15 h ago


Attn: John Mackey: I read in Dr. Mercola's email to me that:

Amazon recently announced its intention to acquire Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion

Just as Amazon changed the book industry by forcing the entire supply chain to cut costs, the organic food industry may now face the same challenges, thereby ensuring the deterioration of organic food quality Whole

I worked for Whole Foods in Houston in the 80's and would not like to see Amazon sell out what you brought to us. I'm an author and when I found out they were selling my books without my permission and I was not getting paid for them to do so I asked them to stop. They have not and will not. There must be others who want to buy Whole Foods who are more reputable than Amazon. Besides I know they are headed for a down fall.

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Katherine Anna, Merritt - 138 d ago

I agree with you. My wart sank when I read an article about the sale of Whole foods.

Question is: How do 'We, the People' force our market system to change?

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Dmove - 62 d 19 h ago


Wholefoods is done Sorry you feel allegiance to a bogus brand.

General profile image

Dmove - 62 d 19 h ago


Wake up buddy. Whole Foods of the 80s no longer exist. Amazon will turn their smug arrogant a Around or crush them

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