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Windstream Corp

4001 N Rodney Parham Rd
Little Rock, AR
Jeff Gardner
(501) 748-7000
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out of pairs! - 4 d 6 h ago

I want to say how extremely disappointed I am with Windstream's treatment of not only me, personally, but also our little community as a whole. I understand I did not get the speed I was promised due to the problem that I only have one pair and two is needed to install the amplifier. There are no more pairs and this is going to be interesting as there are houses going in around me as I type this. I don't understand why a switch box can't be added to this area as they are all around us in little towns around us. I know the 'office' is located in Maud, but what difference does that make if everyone else gets service and we don't? I pay the same thing they pay and can't get the same service. I am begging you to drop a switch box so the people here and moving in to my neighborhood get the same service the rest of the county gets! And although I have not been offered a monthly price reduction, I would still rather have the proper service and speeds especially since it's not a difficult fix! My address is 1495 County Road 1201, Maud, Texas, 75567.

Your attention and response is greatly appreciated!

Most sincerely,

Rhonda Caudle

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Stuck with it - 13 d ago


United States

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I have had Windstream internet service since 1995 in the same location. The absolute only reason I have been a Windstream customer for this long is because I have no other option in my area. Windstreams prices are high and I have never had good service. I lose my internet service multiple times per month sometimes multiple times per day. I have had hundreds of service calls and tech visits over the years but I have never had good consistent service. Windstream's own internet site is terrible. Their customer service set up on the phone is terrible. There is absolutely nothing at all that is redeeming about Windstream. Windstream does not care they have never tried to resolve my issues nor have they tried to make anything different or better to make sure I am satisfied. I will never and have never recommended anyone use any of their services.

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HAZEL PREVOST - 15 d 14 h ago


My husband had an awful experience dealing with a Windstream employee. He contacted their agency regarding his internet/telephone bill, he made a payment arrangement with the representative at Windstream, by paying $100.00 towards his bill on December 23rd 2018, he also promised to pay the remaining balance on January 3rd 2019. Windstream representative accepted his payment as they agreed, then Windstream shut off his services without notification on January 23, 2019. My husband contacted a representative from Windstream on Sunday February 4, 2019 regarding his account, because the services was never restored. He continously tried to explain to the Windstream representative regarding the issues with his services, and payment. The Windstream employee representative stated that charges will be applied to his bill even though services was disconnected. My husband tried to explain to this representative, that those charges were incorrect , this guy just simply hug up on my husband. This type of behavior will not be accepted, because the consumers are paying this company for internet/telephone services and the corporate office allows this type of abuse . If Windstream fail to reprimand this employee and restore our services, then I have no choice, but to submit a complaint to our Federal Communications Commission that monitors and regulates the interstate communication services in Oklahoma and other states. Concerning Windstream lack of business ethics and credibility towards their customers.

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Laurie G - 19 d 10 h ago


Worst service ever. Someone was able to break into our home phone line(they did not come into the house) and turn on call forwarding to their ph. They then called our bank and requested a wire transfer of over $100,000.. The bank policy is to call the customer back,. The bank called our home phone to verify the transaction and the call went to the crook. The bank was smart enough to not wire the funds. Windstream has been on help, I crime was committed and they could care less. I requested the phone number the phone was forwarded to and was told we have to get a court order.... Windstream is not even concerned about this

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Christopher Ashcroft, Owner Red Rock Ranch - 23 d 1 h ago


In 2018 I called on phone # (hidden) to inform Windstream of a broken phone poll. This started in June, 2018. Three times technicians came out to photograph the broken phone pole. Why does it take three trips to see the same bloody broken pole!? There are three work orders, not one has been sorted. Three work orders were issued and the pole remains broken and New Mexico has high winds. What can I do since a terminally ill person is at my home. I have no cell service at the ranch and nursing home health care is 24/7.

In an emergency I only have the phone, no cell phone, and what do I do when the line breaks and I need health care assistance or immediate emergency assistance? I have never ever owned a cell phone. I am not that important. No cell service at my home. Christ, what does it take to get this matter sorted. Oh, by the way, Windstream uses third party contractors to fix broken phone poles. This is bull shit and should my Mom pass and I cannot call out I will make a point to speak to a lawyer. Fix ths tardy outstanding matter now.

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Anonymous - 26 d 9 h ago


Customer service is pathetic.

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Sam - 32 d 11 h ago


I signed up for service mid October. It is now January and I STILL have no service at my house. Always an excuse why the contractors haven't made it to my house to finish whatever repair need done. I have been brushed off one too many times. If my service is not installed by the end of the month I will be filing a complaint with the better business burea, seeing as how Windstream could care less about customer service.

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Burma L Owensby - 39 d 4 h ago


Recently checked my credit!! Someone, I am guessing my ex boyfriend, opened an account in my name!! And racked up $299 that is now on my credit! I never signed ANYTHING! NEVER GAVE PERMISSION WINDSTREAM JUST ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN NOW ITS ON MY CREDIT!! THANK YOU WINDSTREAM

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Frustrated in Ga. - 43 d ago


Our internet service was disconnected at 1 A.M. this past Friday night (1/5). We had a tech out to our house a few weeks ago to address slow speed. That tech performed work at the box, and moved the router/modem into our new office. Tech suggested that we look into having Cable Annex run to our house, since our neighbor across the street had that service. However, lines would need to be run under the street and under our driveway. The tech left. Apparently, he set up a new account, which cancelled our exisistant service,

Our initial call Saturday began with demands for payment; payments that were not due, Those have been refunded. Every call Saturday, Sunday and Monday began with demands for payment; payments that were not due. Having a business and being in Real Estate, our internet is crucial. We've been scrambling to conduct business thus far this week. Today I called the Commerce, Georgia Windstream Office . They seemed to know the issue and the tech, and his mistake in opening a new account for us, for service not yet available (lines under the road, etc). They promised us service would be restored. I also called 800/347/1991 as back up; not trusting our local office. I spoke with April, who has been the only pleasant part of this comedy. April profusely apologized and spoke with her supervisor. Assured us that our payment was being reversed and that we would be issued a $40 credit, and that our service would be restored by 7pm. We later were called by April to be assured that the service had been restored.

It's 9pm and our service has yet to be turned back on. In hopes (curiosity really) of starting off tomorrow on the right foot, I just called 800/347/1991 aging to see if technical support could be of any help. I've just been told that we were disconnected for non-payment!!!

How many times does an account holder have to pay per month to not be disconnected? I even offered to pay my paid bill once again, if it would trigger having our service turned on. They told me to call customer service tomorrow.....again. If Windstream can mistakingly turn our service off in the middle of a Friday night.....if they can apologize to us, refund our money, and issue a credit, why can't they flip our service back on!? This is pathetic service and insulting. Windstream should, at the very least, be embarrassed.

Resolution or not.....the treatment we've received from Windstream, and the incompetence they've displayed, has us searching for alternatives.

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George - 43 d 7 h ago


Without question the worst company in the entire telecom universe. It actually seems that the phone reps go out of their way to be rude. The reps, if not rude, are completely ignorant of their companies policies. I would never, ever, voluntarily enter into any agreement with this company. I would rather use string and soup cans to communicate. If you need to call them, here is some advise, hammer a nail into your ear instead, its far less painful than dealing with these worthless idiots.

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Kentucky Citizen and Business - 47 d 15 h ago


Not only the worst service ever, now they are charging 'convenience fees' on auto pays. Meaning if you pay with a credit card every month, they charge you an extra fee. But guess what?? They do NOT put this fee on the billing invoice, it shows up on your credit card statement. Now you have two different amounts, and this is illegal. If you are upset and not happy with Windstream's crappy service, complain to your Better Business Bureau AND your State Attorney General. Your State Attorney General will be on your side, and will stop this from happening. They can also assist you in collecting extra money from Windstream for their shady service, and bad customer service.

I got rid of them a long time ago, but in my place of business now, we are taking our fight to the State Attorney General and will win. Windstream is like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, they are too big to care about their customers.

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Jessie J. - 54 d 6 h ago


WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!! I have had my modem replaced 3 times and guess what waiting once again on #4!! And customer service is awful! I go without services days and days at a time, but they get their FULL payment every month! And can't understand why I get so upset every time I have to call!

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Eric Jenkins - 83 d 20 h ago


I have been having internet problems for quite some time.The people at "Windstream" always come up with an excuse.

I sat here for 1 hour and watched my internet connection get lost 9 times.That's redicilous.They want you to pay your bill. but you never get a months service from them.My wife has to do most of her job on the internet and when it goes out, she loses all the information she just tried to upload.She does her companies payroll she sends it to the main office for it to be posted and the employees checks to be printed.

I have been a Windstream customer before they bought out Alltel which is over 20 years.

I'm not going to get upset,but my wife is ready to whip someones ass right now.She was in the middle of doing the payroll today ,the internet went out and she had to drive 45 miles to the office and then 45 miles back home,but,do you think for 1 damn minute that we will be re-reimbursed ? " HELL NO " !!I just paid my bill yesterday and am already not going to get a full months service !

But, they want their " Money" - why can't the customer get a " FULL" months service ?

So, this company will be getting a real nasty call from me tomorrow, you can bet your ass on that !!

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Cyndi - 69 d 14 h ago


I agree. We get to pay full price for the worst service. FCC did nothing. Neither did the Georgia Service Commission. They don't care cause they have the Monopoly.

]I understand. They changed everything on my account yesterday with a new setup without the landline number, didn't bother to tell me I would loose my email addresses and I can't get my work orders this morning because my email is expired. They promised to send the tech by 6 pm tomorrow. What am I supposed to tell my boss and customers/ I don't understand why the FCC or the state agencies don't make the clean up their act.

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Anonymous - 55 d 10 h ago

THEY customer service is worst then any others i see. they told me the problem they can't install new service in my HOUSE DO TO ENGINEER PROBLEM

Take 1 to 8 weeks to solves . meanwhile they promise they will call and update , but never happen. this DAMN windstream is nothing with an Excuse and excuse.......

i'm not going to get service from this FKing COMPANY at all. hope some1 in their CORP can and read YOUR DAMN customer service sanctifuckingcation.

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Dave Pomeroy, President, Nashville Musicians Association - 65 d 10 h ago


I cannot describe my frustration and disappointment in Windstream. They dropped our business service for 4 days, this is the fifth time is less than a month.

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NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS - 74 d 8 h ago



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Cyndi Hanselman - 69 d 15 h ago


I agree. We get to pay full price for the worst service. FCC did nothing. Neither did the Georgia Service Commission. They don't care cause they have the Monopoly.

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John tarnowicz - 75 d 15 h ago


Wanted phone ported over from another vendor. Told me it would be done by weds 7pm. Phone can call out cannot call in. Talked to six people windstream about it no resolution. Dont know if they ported it rigjt. Pretty discouraging for new customer.

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Anonymous - 82 d 5 h ago


Worst customer service ever. Hire people you can understand.

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Disappointment - 83 d ago


Had Crapstream for a year....Well let me rephrase, I've been paying for a year. Had reliable services for maybe a total of 1 month. Worst ISP I have EVER dealt with.

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Stacey L Berryhill - 83 d 6 h ago


I am extremely dissatisfied with this company! Been waiting to finally get windstream, and I am so disgusted with their customer relations that I will now warn everyone that I know to never use this company again!

I have been lied to, given the runaround and be treated as if THEY WERE DOING ME A FAVOR! I HAVE EVERY INTENTION OF TELLING ANYONE ASKING ABOUT IT TO BEWARE!!; I would like a reply!!!

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Anonymous - 91 d 9 h ago


Windstream has bad reviews for their service, let me tell you one thing they treat their employees terrible. They bring in supervisors that are field techs, never been trained to be supervisors, NEVER been trained. Most of these supervisors have been in the field a shorter time than the techs they are supervising, cannot do the job they do. They come in with a cocky attitude and change the previous schedules without any notification. Besides the pay, without a union they wouldn't get the pay they get, the company is horrible to work for. Everyone, you want better service? Change to another provider, they are never going to have better service. If they treat their employees so bad, they don't care about the customers either.

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William - 93 d 10 h ago


Windstream broadband customers in Georgia were not imagining their turtle-slow DSL Internet speeds after all. After a year-long investigation, the Governor's Office of Consumer Protection (GOCP) this week announced a $600,000 settlement with the rural telephone company over claims it was ripping off customers by falsely advertising broadband speeds it was in no position to deliver.

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Darline - 93 d 12 h ago


Ive never had internet in my name!! The one time i try to they wont let me because a family member of mine that i let use my phone number as a call back number owed a past due balance... We have different first names and the same last name and different social security numbers. They have set me up for installation 3 different times and never showed up nor did they call to let me know they werent coming. When i called them they told me i was responible for the past due balance that belongs to my family member and until it was paid i could not get services.... Im very displeased...i will NOT be joining the windstream family!!!

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