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Windstream Corp

4001 N Rodney Parham Rd
Little Rock, AR
Jeff Gardner
(501) 748-7000
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CAROLYN - 1 d 9 h ago



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Cheche - 4 d 9 h ago


I have been trying to get my phone repaired for 2 months with no results. It is so noisy I can't use it. They have been out several times but tell me they can't fix it ,that i need a new line coming to my house and they are not putting in any now. I am ready to have it taken out. What is wrong with your repair service?

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Jim, Naples - 9 d 8 h ago


I would like to really know what is wrong with Windstream customer service? They really don't know what they are doing at all do they? and over the years they are getting worst, better yet they don't care, these people will tell you anything, no matter how ridiculous it is. I call Windstream on an average of every month to straighten out mistakes on my bill, and they never ever seem to get it right. Not to mention it doesn't matter how many people you talk to at Windstream, you will always get a different answer from all. I have been a Windstream customer for more than ten years, not because it's such a great company or anything like that, but they are the only company providing services in this rural area in which I live, sometimes I wonder if it's better to do without. Apparently Windstream is one of those companies that don't really care about their customers, but only what they can get out of them. I'm thinking maybe they should sell out to the North Koreans, they are only hurting us. However in all fairness, I don't really have a complaint with their telephone service, such as it is; the rest of the companies functions sucks. Please AT&T buy out Windstream Please! and hurry! After 10 plus years with Windstream I will run to AT&T.

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Anonymous - 32 d 11 h ago


This is an email I sent hoping it will get resolved!!! Ridiculous!!!!

I was a customer with windstream for 3+ years, I co-owned a small business and when I left to start my own business In January2017 I did a change of ownership on the account. I was assured by several employees at windstream that my name and bank account info was taken off of the windstream account.

Now, in May windstream took out an unauthorized ACH payment from my checking for 92.00 towards the account that I am no longer on. I called windstream customer service and after being redirected to several people (was on the phone for over an hour) I was transferred to a rep named Latisha that informed me that someone at windstream had made a mistake and instead of removing my bank account info they set me up on ACH payments, not sure how someone makes that mistake but ok. So, I had asked them to refund my account and once again confirmed with her that my checking account info would be removed. She advised me that I needed to send her a statement from my bank showing that the payment has cleared so they could reverse the payment. So, I did that called back and was once again redirected and disconnected over and over. Another 1 hour phone call. I spoke to a rep named Amy and emailed and faxed my bank statement to her showing that the payment had cleared. She called me back and said they cannot refund the UNAUTHORIZED ACH payment because it had now been too long. I advised her that I needed to talk to someone else, she said no one there could help me She transferred me to a "manager" I left a voicemail and have not heard back since.

So, I disputed the payment with my bank and am now waiting to hear back. I will have to close my bank account and re-open a new one to assure that they do not take any future payments out for the windstream account that I no longer have. I simply want the money refunded to my account. I do not understand how this can happen, something definitely needs to be done here.

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ANGRY no longer future customer - 33 d 13 h ago


In a month's time I have called NUMEROUS times regarding a live line that was dug during construction of our driveway. On each call I was promised someone would be in touch. In a month NO ONE has returned my call,......not EVEN the corporate office to check on the status after finally complaining to them!!!!! Of course we needed Windstream to come take care of the line in order to continue our driveway. If the line would have been cut, many customers would have to be without cable...I even mentioned this at each of my calls......... if the line gets cut, Windstream's job would be a lot worse FOR a MONTH, we had been unable to work on our driveway. My husband did the job of Winstream to work around this line (which took the job twice the time not to mention a lot of work). I'm thinking since Windstream has no competition in this area, they just don't care. I'm amazed at the customer service for a company this large. In reading all of the past reviews, I'm noticing they went unanswered. I'm guessing this page is just to blow off steam????? Or does have Windstream have so many complaints, they can't acknowledge them all.... I'm guessing the latter. I'll be looking at getting DISH once we need cable.

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Rayford Strange - 117 d 7 h ago


For the past 15 years my satisfaction rating with Windstream was excellent. For the past few weeks, after being promised that you would drop one of the two numbers that I had and maintain the other one, I've decided to reach out to Cooperate to resolve my situation which Windsteam created. It is a matter of record that day after day I am promised that the situation would be resolved that day or the day following. It never is resolved. I call again and again. Each time I am promised that the situation will be resolved. It never is. I would not like to leave Windstream since I have been very happy until the first part of this month of Feb 2017. I know that you may not care if I got to AT&T or some other company, but I may be forced too if there is not a resolution soon.

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Anonymous - 54 d 7 h ago

I can't wait for AT&T to get into my area, will leave Windstream after 17 years

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Pppppppped Ooooooo. - 54 d 8 h ago


My line to windstream was cut due new construction next door to me. Sub contractors said they would fix line, suppose to work after that. Internet worked, but no phone service. Sept. 28, 2016..New cable laid , not buried, Phone service restored on Sept. 30. 2017. Someone here to bury cable/internet line on Dec. 5, 2016.

My Irrigation line was cut by sub contractor. Pulled pipe about 2 feet from junction box, also about 6 feet from that point a piece of pipe has disappeared???? The remaining pipe has a slice cut into the pipe, from that spot the pipe is missing.

Have been trying to get windstream to fix irrigation system since April 17, 2017. After many calls have been getting the run around from customer service. Promise to call back next day, 4 days later no response, CUSTOMER SERVICE STINKS.. I've been a customer for 17-18 years, U would think they would treat me better...........

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Sour taste in SC - 60 d 11 h ago


Windstream has the worst customer service, I have had to deal with. When I had the internet activated, I was quoted a price of 108.00 to be auto pay 3/8. Get an email stating that it would be 134.00 auto pay now is 4/8. Called questioned abt amount increase. Taxes, fees, federal, state, modem, protection. Well, during all this internet/phone DOES NOT WORK. Took 217.00 dollars out of my acct after canceling acct. To have internet fixed inside or outside my home I would have to purchase maintenance pkg, no way. Thought windstream would save me a little money switched from Dish, cost me more for internet phone that doesn't work.. It never worked but still took my money for services not available.

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Nancy - 82 d 11 h ago


I am a small business who has paid for internet and phone service with Windstream for 15 years. The bill was always paid on time, because I had it withdrawn from my checking account every month.

On March 2, my phone was accidentally disconnected while they were disconnecting my internet, which I asked them to do so I could actually get some working internet from another company.

This started 20 days of calling, waiting, going thru the auto-answer, giving my name, my account number, my phone number, and my company name countless times.

I talked to Flora, Mary, John, Roberto, Vernon, Lee, Savannah, Darrell, Sherry, Derek, Dequanah, Harry, Reginald, Mike, Taylor, Kim, Crysta, Fallon, andother Mike, and Mark -- before I finally said "STOP! I can't take the incompetence anymore." Told them to leave it alone, and I got a new phone number for my BUSINESS after 15 years, from another company.

I have never seen anything so unorganized, people less empowered, customer service so lacking in empathy, and a business so disheveled as this. I've been working for 50 years. This tops it all. I would love to talk to SARAH DAY, who is supposedly the small business customer care person. Wonder if she has any idea what her "team" is doing to their "valued customers."

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Larry - 82 d 12 h ago


I have had a noise problem on my Windstream phone for months, and they have worked on it several times. . I thought I had a an app. today Monday April 3. I called to get a time the tech would be here. I got a tech support in Canada, and he would not transfer me back to the states. I hung up, and called Windstream Headquarters, and spoke to an employee named Tiffany she told me my app. was on Wednesday not Monday. She also told me that Windstream doesn't have any techs in Canada. So I call 1-(hidden), and got a tech in Canada for the second time, and he wanted to help me with my problem. I call Windstream Headquarters again, and ask for Tiffany, and I told her I had called 1-(hidden), and she insisted that Windstream doesn't have techs outside the U.S. I looked my phone display, and it showed I was dialing 1-(hidden). So she just called me a liar. I am considering moving my service.

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Annette - 144 d 9 h ago


Today my internet speed is 0.3 Mbps I pay $34.95 a month for this service. I will be mailing a letter to the board of directors each day with my internet speed for that day .

Annette Geary

4395 Anneta Rd

Leitchfield KY 42754

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