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Windstream Corp

4001 N Rodney Parham Rd
Little Rock, AR
Jeff Gardner
(501) 748-7000
Annual Sales Est
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teresa logan - 6 d 14 h ago


Just wanted to say , Ryan, a tech that has been to my home a couple of times ( the last time being today, 05-15-2019), is one of most efficient and courteous techs that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He's always very professional and nice. I've been with your company for @ 7 yrs. and in my opinion, he's the best yet. He deserves a raise and more recognition in his field. Thank you My rating is solely based on this young man.

Teresa Logan

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James - 12 d 7 h ago


Contacted customer service today concerning a 25% increase in the monthly cost of their sorry service. As usual, there was a long wait, likely because of the hordes of unhappy customers calling them. The first person I spoke with was Katie who was no help and seemed intent on advising me irrelevant details such as other optional services. Asked to speak with her supervisor and she gave me to someone who said his name was Dillon and was a supervisor in customer service. Neither would negate the increase and both were curt and snippy as seems to be the manner of all Windstream corporate office employees. When I asked to speak with his supervisor or manager, he said he was currently unavailable so I asked for his manager's name. He refused to give me a name. Every occasion I have ever called this outfit, they are uncooperative, arrogant, indifferent, aloof and frequently insolent. It's no wonder they had to file for Chapter 11. You have to wonder if Mr. Tony Brown realizes the corporate culture of his underlings. Certainly, he must. This outfit bought out mostly rural phone companies whose clients had few options and then developed a culture of treating customers accordingly. Mostly likely, technology will soon create real competition and Windstream will have to change their attitude, tactics and practices or culminate their total bankruptcy.

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Lea - 12 d 7 h ago

I have been with Windstream for over 30 years and have had a price for life bundle for about just as long. I have no other option as they are the only phone service here in Plattsmouth NE. I have been paying $54.99 for my price for life for many years. In April I got my bill and the canceled my price for life and started charging me for a new internet plan of $60.00 + $20.00 bunle phone adder + $10.00 for up to 100 mb (73 mb - 125 mb) which totals $90.00 verses $54.99. The rep I talked to in April gave me a credit for the difference and tod me it was their mistake and that I would be getting my old price for life back in May. I got my bill today and they never gave me my price for life back. I called the 1(hidden) number and I was told because of the free upgrade I lost my price for life bundle. I told him to listen to the recording of that call I asked them about my price for life bundle and told them if I was going to lose it then I didn't want the upgrade. The rep that I talked to said everything would stay the same. This rep told me once you cancel the bundle it's gone no way to get it back. I called back talked to another rep (needless to say I was getting madder by the minute) he also informed me that there was nothing he could do. I asked him for the corporate headquarters phone number and he informed me that Windstream didn't have a Corporate Headquarters. i then told him he had better get someone that was above everybody else. He told me he would get the person that was over all of Windstream. I said fine then he comes back and tells me they are all in a meeting and he would have him call me when he got out of the meeting. I'm still waiting. I did call the Windstream Headquarters an talked to a lady who was nice and said she would check in to this for me and that it would take 24-48 hours and get back with me and see if she could get me my Price for life bundle back. I told her if I didn't get it back then I would get rid of them and go to just a cell phone and find another internet service. Will see what happens. It's a shame they don't care about their customers. You would think where they are going through a chapter 11 bankruptcy they would do whatever they could to keep there customers happy.


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Anonymous - 15 d 17 h ago


My TV been out more then it's been on

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Katie - 24 d 11 h ago


Company has an expensive phone system so their scam artist employees don't get caught in their lies. LAWSUIT. My grandparents live in Jakin Ga and rely on their land line. After numerous attempts to get the problem resolved, being hung up on, my # being blocked from their system, and still no resolution my attorney has put me in touch with an attorney who will GLADLY handle this. Jeff Gardner, I'm coming for you bud.

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Anonymous - 25 d 5 h ago


What does you company do in the Z.S.C.A.M.S and K.R.O.O.K.S departments?

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Anonymous - 25 d 5 h ago


Why do your employees mislead their customer's?

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Anonymous - 56 d 13 h ago


Worst company ever. I already got a new internet service and got the run around to cancel my internet with Windstream. Now I am trying to switch my landline number to a cell phone and they are holding that up too. I have read on line that they are going bankrupt, I can see why.

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Anna - 33 d 18 h ago

Good for you. I live in Dawsonville Ga where they are the only company in town thanks to our commissioners. If you live within close proximity would you mind sharing the company name of your new service provider? Thanks. Anna Richardson

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Anna Richardson - 33 d 18 h ago

Out of service since 4/14 and today is 4/18. No customer service at all. I have cable, made several calls nut o no avail. I have an appraisal business and had to move my hardware to my daughter's house to do business. I am so disgusted. I live in Dawsonville and she lives in Woodstock. Thsnks,a lot Dawsonville commissioners.

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Lynn - 36 d 12 h ago


I am absolutely horrified at the lack of responses and Customer Care at Windstream!!!! I have been trying to get our account rectified for several month now and have not received any responses. I am told that people would get back to me and they never do!

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Just a Swede in a Scot-Ire "court." - 46 d 14 h ago


Had something evil happen to me. A young Windstream employee that lived close to us was friends with some individuals that, for whatever reason do not care for us. I discovered that our wi-fi seemed to be used by another individual(s) that were able to circumvent every new password that I changed to. Had a new wi-fi box installed and it seems like we're having the same problem. Am told and have read that if both of our iPhones are turned completely OFF and our computer is also completely OFF, the Ethernet lights in both the Windstream wi-fi box AND the back of our computer should NOT "flicker." Am told and have read that IF they do "flicker," it means there is activity present. I signed on last Monday and saw that my most recent search history was in Massachusetts. I live in NW GA. Every time I have called Windstream's (hidden) number, my call is answered by a foreign national in some third world nation who can just barely speak the English language. I've called to try to get my wi-fi pirate problem fixed many times...only to be conveniently disconnected here and there...and to think that the folks who issued us our ten digit phone number NEVER call me back when I get "disconnected." Recently, I discovered that I can't get my email from my computer, only my iPhone. I was on the phone with a Hispanic tech (in some third world call center) for an hour and twenty minutes and didn't get anything accomplished, other than changing my Windstream password. At the end of the call, the tech told me that his "2nd level supervisor" told him that he was able to access my email with my new password. Tired, waaaay tired of all this Windstream "run-a-round" B.S., I told the tech to access my email using my new password and tell me the sender name of the most recent email on my email roster. The Windstream tech said that he couldn't access my email, then I said "get your 'second level supervisor' to access my email and tell me the name of the sender of my most recent email." He said that " second level supervisor was on the phone." I forgot to add, I was put on marathon holds every time I asked him a question. After all what he had to say, I told him " know what? I think you're not telling me the truth...I think that you all can't access my email like you said you did, I think you all don't know what you're doing or how to fix my problem." After basically telling the Windstream tech that he was full of B.S., I had enough of an hour and twenty minutes worth of Windstream B.S. and hung up. I'm thinking about sending an editorial to our large newspaper in my ADI regarding my Windstream customer service and local tech experiences. I'm also thinking about approaching local television news about my Windstream experiences with my local Windstream "representatives," Windstream's (hidden) techs, as well and see if any local media may be interested in airing my plight. I may provide the local print, radio and television media local Windstream names, may provide local television video opportunities of local Windstream trucks, local Windstream businesses, potential subscriber sound bites, residences in question and there will be news reporter copy...all inside a minute and a half worth of a television news package...which will seem like an hour to Windstream. Maybe I'll be able to talk to an American Windstream tech WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING after that news package airs...hopefully, BEFORE it airs. Mind you, there are 3 television network affiliates in our television market. Lots of airtime. For those good people who don't know me, everything I've said here and may say to the local media would be the God's honest truth. The facts of my case are recorded at Windstream and also, documented. But, it's possible that all the recorded telephone conversations with Windstream techs and documentation could just magically disappear. I'm done with Windstream...and from what I have read and heard from other subscribers, they are, too. You know, one would hope for and assume that a national communications corporation that provides local communications and Internet services would be operated by good, honorable and knowledgeable AMERICANS who's corporate mission statement says that they're in business to genuinely provide sound, consistent and 100% reliable communications and Internet services to those who request it. With OUR present day America quickly and steadily turning to poop, having to get another corporation to do the RIGHT THING and be honest is turning out to be taxing, along with being just one more BAD thing in our world. Just my .02.

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Barry N. Gardner - 62 d 7 h ago


I recently have had my usual collection of lies, misquotes etc. from the local Windstream customer service. I recently decided to upgrade to 100 mbs from 50. I was told that it would be upgraded on Monday, March 9th. I was told that no one need come out that it would be done in house and I would have it done by 7:00 pm. On the 10th, I found that nothing had been done, so I called back. The new person I spoke with said I would to schedule an appointment for tech to come out to house. I reiterated what I was told and the customer service person said that that was incorrect and that they have to come out and do something with outside wiring. The scheduled me for the 14th from 8:00-1200 noon. I waited, no one showed up. I called back and was told they would be out between 2:00 and 4:00. I waited. I called back at 5:00pm and was told that they were scheduled for March 19th between 8:00 and noon. no CALLS no EMAILS. SO, we had waited all day for nothing. The customer service rep treated us like idiots saying that they called to tell us. My phone shows no calls, neither does my wife's. No emails. So we waited for the 19th, no show. No call no email.

Called back and was told the tech would be here between 2:00 and 4:00pm. So we again waited. That's two days we waited for the tech. At 5:00pm, no tech. We call back and customer service tells us that it wasn't necessary for a tech to come as it was upgraded in house at Windstream. Like the said it would have been on the 9th.

I check the speed on and it shows we are nearly getting 100mbs. Actually it is fluctuating between about 68 and 97mbs..

BTW, we were told that the upgrade would not cast anything. We received an emails saying there would be a $10 monthly charge. So apparently, our email is known at Windstream.

Everytime I have dealt with Windstream, I have been disappointed. The employees are surly and not too polite. The supervisors are not much better. Windstream has a monopoly in my area so I can't take my business elsewhere. I certainly would if I could. Someone at headquarters needs to address these issues before someone else comes in here and you customer base disintegrates. From the reviews I see below here, I'm not the only person with these complaints

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Becca - 64 d 16 h ago


Our neighborhood was notified we were eligible to upgrade from the 6 Mbps we have currently. So 26 of us called or went online to get appointments for upgrades. 3 houses were upgraded and the rest had their appointments cancelled. I have had 4 appointments cancelled, and have called 5 different times. Now we are told there is no upgrade options available because of "lack of equipment" and they do not know when we will have new "pins" available because there has been overwhelming number of people wanting upgrades. So why don't you all install a new box if there is "overwhelming interest" in upgrades. And why sent cards via mail saying my house is eligible for upgrade, and why cancel appointments with no notification (this has happened 4 times now). So now I have an appointment for the 20th but that will probably be cancelled too without notification.

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Connie Cinnamon - 66 d 4 h ago

Our TV, Internet and Phone have been down for over 2 days, going on 3 days. We're told that it's an outage in out area (Lexington KY). Many of our neighbors are also down. Can't seem to get an answer as to when we might get service. UNACCEPTABLE!!!! Please help us!!!!!

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Emerson R. McAfee - 66 d 6 h ago


I am finally convinced that Windstream is no more than a modern day GTE, General Telephone. They preceded Windstream almost35 years ago in our area and they were the worst telephone company I have seen in all my 78 years. Windstream is now trying to become a worse company. I have complained at least 4 times about not being able to contact everyone who has been on my mailing list for over 15 years with no problem. A little over a year ago some of my email clients were not getting my mail and it was being returned to me saying it contained spam, even when all I sent was the word TEST. Why all of a sudden did this happen? They tell me they are going to elevate my problem to a higher level of assistance but I never hear from them again. Looks like you have a bunch of folks you are wasting your salaries on because they do nothing to solve problems. If I don't get this solved very soon I will be cancelling my home phone along with my internet even if it costs me more.

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Anonymous - 81 d 15 h ago


just trying to talk to some one is difficult i was on hold for 50 minutes and i was transferred to the wrong department and once i was transferred again they were closed. Also had to open new account and was told it would be on by a certain time promise failed again.If i could go with another company i would but im stuck with them.

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Fort white - 83 d ago


Worst service e EVER!!!!!!! I have been fighting for 5 years with them. Every time it rains I lose internet well now it finally went out completely it's been almost 4 weeks no internet and repair tells me that it's up to the subcontractors to run new line. They keep telling me a couple more days, then ten days, now another 4 weeks! It's horrible! I call customer service they hang up on you, they fight with you, transfer you , make you repeat yourself multiple times and NEVER solve anything!!! If I had any other choice I would be gone in a second!

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out of pairs! - 94 d 7 h ago

I want to say how extremely disappointed I am with Windstream's treatment of not only me, personally, but also our little community as a whole. I understand I did not get the speed I was promised due to the problem that I only have one pair and two is needed to install the amplifier. There are no more pairs and this is going to be interesting as there are houses going in around me as I type this. I don't understand why a switch box can't be added to this area as they are all around us in little towns around us. I know the 'office' is located in Maud, but what difference does that make if everyone else gets service and we don't? I pay the same thing they pay and can't get the same service. I am begging you to drop a switch box so the people here and moving in to my neighborhood get the same service the rest of the county gets! And although I have not been offered a monthly price reduction, I would still rather have the proper service and speeds especially since it's not a difficult fix! My address is 1495 County Road 1201, Maud, Texas, 75567.

Your attention and response is greatly appreciated!

Most sincerely,

Rhonda Caudle

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Stuck with it - 103 d ago


United States

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I have had Windstream internet service since 1995 in the same location. The absolute only reason I have been a Windstream customer for this long is because I have no other option in my area. Windstreams prices are high and I have never had good service. I lose my internet service multiple times per month sometimes multiple times per day. I have had hundreds of service calls and tech visits over the years but I have never had good consistent service. Windstream's own internet site is terrible. Their customer service set up on the phone is terrible. There is absolutely nothing at all that is redeeming about Windstream. Windstream does not care they have never tried to resolve my issues nor have they tried to make anything different or better to make sure I am satisfied. I will never and have never recommended anyone use any of their services.

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HAZEL PREVOST - 105 d 15 h ago


My husband had an awful experience dealing with a Windstream employee. He contacted their agency regarding his internet/telephone bill, he made a payment arrangement with the representative at Windstream, by paying $100.00 towards his bill on December 23rd 2018, he also promised to pay the remaining balance on January 3rd 2019. Windstream representative accepted his payment as they agreed, then Windstream shut off his services without notification on January 23, 2019. My husband contacted a representative from Windstream on Sunday February 4, 2019 regarding his account, because the services was never restored. He continously tried to explain to the Windstream representative regarding the issues with his services, and payment. The Windstream employee representative stated that charges will be applied to his bill even though services was disconnected. My husband tried to explain to this representative, that those charges were incorrect , this guy just simply hug up on my husband. This type of behavior will not be accepted, because the consumers are paying this company for internet/telephone services and the corporate office allows this type of abuse . If Windstream fail to reprimand this employee and restore our services, then I have no choice, but to submit a complaint to our Federal Communications Commission that monitors and regulates the interstate communication services in Oklahoma and other states. Concerning Windstream lack of business ethics and credibility towards their customers.

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Laurie G - 109 d 11 h ago


Worst service ever. Someone was able to break into our home phone line(they did not come into the house) and turn on call forwarding to their ph. They then called our bank and requested a wire transfer of over $100,000.. The bank policy is to call the customer back,. The bank called our home phone to verify the transaction and the call went to the crook. The bank was smart enough to not wire the funds. Windstream has been on help, I crime was committed and they could care less. I requested the phone number the phone was forwarded to and was told we have to get a court order.... Windstream is not even concerned about this

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Christopher Ashcroft, Owner Red Rock Ranch - 113 d 2 h ago


In 2018 I called on phone # (hidden) to inform Windstream of a broken phone poll. This started in June, 2018. Three times technicians came out to photograph the broken phone pole. Why does it take three trips to see the same bloody broken pole!? There are three work orders, not one has been sorted. Three work orders were issued and the pole remains broken and New Mexico has high winds. What can I do since a terminally ill person is at my home. I have no cell service at the ranch and nursing home health care is 24/7.

In an emergency I only have the phone, no cell phone, and what do I do when the line breaks and I need health care assistance or immediate emergency assistance? I have never ever owned a cell phone. I am not that important. No cell service at my home. Christ, what does it take to get this matter sorted. Oh, by the way, Windstream uses third party contractors to fix broken phone poles. This is bull shit and should my Mom pass and I cannot call out I will make a point to speak to a lawyer. Fix ths tardy outstanding matter now.

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Anonymous - 116 d 10 h ago


Customer service is pathetic.

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Sam - 122 d 13 h ago


I signed up for service mid October. It is now January and I STILL have no service at my house. Always an excuse why the contractors haven't made it to my house to finish whatever repair need done. I have been brushed off one too many times. If my service is not installed by the end of the month I will be filing a complaint with the better business burea, seeing as how Windstream could care less about customer service.

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