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Windstream Corp

4001 N Rodney Parham Rd
Little Rock, AR
Jeff Gardner
(501) 748-7000
Annual Sales Est
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162785853 - 4 d 11 h ago


If ATT could offer good service in this area believe me I would take it. I have waited almost 4 months to get the line buried around my house.

The line runs from the box across my driveway, across my walkway hanging across the porch roof to the connection. So either cars running over it or someone tripping over it or the lawn mower getting it, it will likely be damaged. I have called several times even called the corporate office, my son in law even caught one of the service men and complained, they were supposed to call us back but did not. There is never a call back from anyone. A company is only as good as their people and the people only as good as their company. Wonder what happened to this company. Lets see if Mr. Gardner gets me help.

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Gail - 5 d 4 h ago


To Jeff Gardner. CEO

I am very displeased with your company. I had your service over four years ago and had it discontinued because they could not fix the problem of connecting service into my new residence, but they still continued to charge me even though I had no service. I just found out that your company sent me to a collection agency for the amount of $124.06, which was paid at the time of billing 4 years ago to an employee who was heavy set. dark hair, male, who I always went to, to pay my bills. I am now 66 on social security, had a mild heart attack (which is my 3rd) and now received this in the mail, which does not help my health condition. Well any way I am not paying this bill again. I would appreciate you calling this company [Firstsouce Advantage, llc 1(hidden)] that someone turned me into and kindly telling them it was a error on someone's behalf in your company. I know that I know longer have the receipt to prove that it was paid, after all it has been four years. Also it was a surprise to me to see it on my credit. Please have that removed. Sincerely a very displeased customer.

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Nick Timcisko - 16 d 7 h ago


I ordered service (phone and internet) to replace Spectrum (Time Warner Cable). Your installer came to my home and removed my enclosure which was protecting the wires from the weather to do his work. It was made out aluminum, with a few screws. When the installer was gone, I discovered that he did not screw the cover (which he had to remove) back. He simply threw the enclosure and the screws on the ground. I spoke to a Windstream person who told me it would be taken care of. This was in March. When I followed up today, to have this addressed, Nobody seemed to understand what I was talking about. After the third person, I decided that I needed to do something. I installed telephone service for the C & P Telephone Company of Virginia, Ohio Bell, and Viacom Cable. Then, you put things back the way you found them.

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Lora - 17 d 9 h ago


I would like to give an Atta Boy and a pat on the back to a service rep that came to my dad's house to assist him with his phone line. David Shuman, Tech #0182351 was very knowledgeable, was able to quickly diagnose the problem, and went above and beyond to make sure we understood what we needed to do to fix the problem. We just had Lifeline installed for my dad and the phone line was noisy and with a lot of static, so my dad was unable to hear the answered call. David was very friendly and compassionate to make sure our issue was resolved before he left. I would highly recommend this tech to anyone in the Cedar Rapids, IA area!

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Kim Pickles - 30 d 7 h ago


Companies get to big and could care less about Customer satisfaction. As long as they charge the big money they could care less and hold the monopoly on areas we as consumers are screwed. I have had nothing but issues since I got Windstream. But dont be late, they sure will charge you, even 1 day, but fix their crappy service, they claim nothing is wrong, oh no they cannot do that. Like with all these Companies, there needs to be stricter regulations and a cap on how much they can charge. And if they cant get their crap fixed, credit for their Customers until they do. There needs to be an open Lawsuit for those of us to get satisfaction for these money suckers who abuse their customer, to bring them down at the knee's. This is a pathetic Company like all of them. Standards are no more, morals are out the window, the little people feed their fat butts and they could care less. CEO you suck, your company sucks and you do nothing to correct it. One day, and it will happen, pay backs is going to smack you right down. Pathetic waste of space.

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Melissa Walker - 17 d 13 h ago


I agree with you. I called them 4 times last night because they said my modem lost its IP address. When I told them my house runs off the internet do you think any type of empathy no they did not. They really acted as if they didn't care. They told me things can be resolved with 24 hrs and then I hear someone was coming to my home on the 9th and then they coming on the 10th. However nothing was resolved last night. WINDSTREAM has disappointed me and their customer service is shit. The service they provide is shit. Since there is finally another provider that services my area I will be switching and WINDSTREAM can kiss my rear.

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Stubbs Chiropractic - 30 d 9 h ago

I will never recommend this company to anyone. We have a Chiropractic office and we were being charged for a second line for a FULL YEAR and it was never connected. We had a technician out and it was connected, A MONTH AGO. We still DO NOT have the credit to our account in the amount of $300. Today, I was on the phone with financials then transferred to the business department and got the run around, again. I asked for the corporate office number and contact person, and I was placed on hold, for 10 minutes, and they proceeded to hang up on me. We will be switching carriers immediately and I will continue to call for our refund which can be handled by a check now. SO FURIOUS with this company.

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Kaylee - 31 d 11 h ago


This is by far the worst company out there to receive services from. I have had internet service with this company for over a year, and I all of sudden get my services turned off. Now I've been on the phone for 4 days straight being lied to by YOUR EMPLOYEES that my services will be turned back on, or I will receive a call back from your employee when my service issue is fixed. My services have yet to be fixed. I will not recommend your company to ANYONE!! I've never delt with such disrespect from a company in my life. Your customer service reps should be fired. As a matter of fact you should close your business, because nobody will want to have your business when I'm done with this.

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Moussa Nasir - 32 d 7 h ago


I am a Owner/marketing manager for MetroPCS and run 6 Stores between Nicholasville KY to Louisville KY. On April 2nd the phone bill was paid and for some reason the phone still didn't work so my manager called Windstream and asked what was the issue? apparently they had canceled our account. We have contacted customer service numerous times and addressed the issue and explained how important it was to have the phone back on. The sad thing is YOUR EMPLOYEES AND MANAGERS/SUPERVISORS DON'T SEEM TO CARE. I SPOKE TO A CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE BY THE NAME OF 'TRISH B' AND REQUESTED TO TALK TO THE FLOOR MANAGER BY THE NAME OF Mrs BONNIE. WELL Mrs BONNIE WAS IN THE BACK AND WOULD NOT COME ON THE PHONE. Mr JEFF GARDNER i promise you, i am talking my business from all the stores to another company and not just that in my next corporate meeting i am going to address this INCOMPETENT SERVICE I HAVE RECEIVED FROM YOUR COMPANY AND THE EMPLOYEES HANDLING THIS ISSUE.

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Anonymous - 37 d 5 h ago

Well today after 54+ years with the phone company. Same phone all 54+years, not one late payment. My 81year old dad got his bill. He doesn't make calls from the phone 99.999% of calls are incoming telemarketers, scams and on a few occasions someone just ran across his number and called him. The reason was the bill is 39.+ ....that is what you get.

That isn't even the worst part my dad is a widowed. He said this was one of the first things he and my mother got that was still the same. I was going to say Customer Service BUT they do what they are told to do for the top. The Company DID NOT CARE or ask about lowing his bill it was all about selling his something else.GET REAL MOST OF THE ELDERLY ON FIXED INCOMES DO NOT HAVE THE FREEDOM TO WASTE MONEY... Need to stop and think TODAY'S TIME isn't like 54 years ago. Customer's was important. GUESS WHAT WE STILL ARE!!!!. THERE IS A LOT OF PHONE SERVICES WHO WILL BE GLAD TO TAKE HIS MONEY FOR A PHONE HE DIDN'T USE AND PAID ON TIME...VERY VERY SAD DAY

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linda ball - 40 d 10 h ago


poor poor service. I have had Windstream before it was windstream . Customer service use to be pretty good Because I do enjoy having a land line. But because of the poor service I am going to disconnect this service. My issue have been going on since July of last year and they refuse to fix my fence that their repairmen destroyed. Hope their poor customer service is worth losing a devoted customer!!!!!!!!!

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CLC - 42 d 9 h ago


I just cancelled my service after 15 yrs. I can't begin to tell you how poor their repair service is. I had issues with my line in late September 2017. I phoned in a repair call and Windstream sent a third party contractor to fix the issue the next week. When he left I though the issue was fixed but within a few days had problems again. A second third party repairman came and fixed what the first repairman had done incorrectly.

Problem is, the first repairman ran a new line from the yard box to my house which can only be done by going down one side of my yard, across the back yard, and up the other side. I have made four calls over the past 7 months to get the new phone line buried and it is still on top of my lawn. The last time I phoned in they told me it would be two weeks. I told them if it wasn't done in two weeks I would disconnect. Poor! Poor! Service.

I have moved on.

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dks - 43 d 14 h ago


It's unfortunate that the new house that we just purchased only has one option for internet and it happens to be Windstream. I have never dealt with this company, until recently. I am flabbergasted at the way in which they do business and how bad they actually are at customer service. I simply wanted internet service and it has taken me over 3 weeks and I am no closer today than I was 3 weeks ago. I have sat on hold on the phone for multiple hours and have had a technician come to my home, only to tell me that they gave me "the wrong exchange number". I have given them all of my personal information multiple times, they keep running credit checks, its mind boggling. I can see that Windstream has to do business in rural areas, aka no other choice for service, because they would never survive where consumers have a choice. I am actually considering just using my cell carrier, while it's more expensive, I just can't deal with pure incompetence any longer. It's hard to feel bad for companies that go out of business, once they actually have some competition. Windstream seems to treat consumers badly and they don't seem to care because they know the consumers don't have a choice. As choices begin to emerge, their customers will leave and they will be left pointing fingers at each other and scratching their heads wondering where they went wrong. I can tell you your business sucks!

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So Much for Turning Your Stock Around - 53 d ago


Ordered Direct TV thru Windstream. Direct TV Bill does not match what was sold to me by Windstream.

1.) Windstream stated they are Not Responsible for What Direct TV Bills me.

2.) Direct TV says they are Not Responsible for what Windstream Sold to Me.

3.) No email confirmation from Direct TV, the day the order was placed. Next day Direct TV Installs

The entire sale was recorded (for customer service and training purposes) and even with a supervisor listening to what was said I was told Windstream could do nothing about what Direct TV is billing me.

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A_Vet - 57 d 5 h ago


Company changed their webmail format & destroyed my emails in personal folders (your files will not be deleted_sure that & a billion dollars I can semi-retire). Changed things screw the customer & still bill for service? Why do braindamage people even get out of bed? Save the rest of us the headache of having to deal with such pathetic non-sense.

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Dixon - 60 d ago


I've had windstream for about 3 years. I called with an account issue. I was overcharged and told that the over charge would be put back into my account after being repeatedly told it was all my fault. Well the next day I checked my bank account and instead of the agreement that was made they cancelled the first transaction and recharged my account the right amount keep in mine the cancelled transaction is held for at least 3 business days. So therefore my account went into negative because they had to payments in the amount of $560 and when I called them and asked them why this was okay all they said was well don't mess up next time you make a payment. That has nothing to do with you charging my account twice for something I haven't got money back from. Some people still live pay check to pay check and every dollar is accounted for this literally made me and my family suffer all weekend with nothing because they failed to do what they SAID and just refund my account $100 I was never told anything about canceling any transaction and recharging my account. I have never seen a company act in such a manner that they didn't care at all about the money they had of mine they just wanted to blame someone or that me or my family had nothing due to there mistake.. their reply to me saying this was it will be put back on there in 72 hours like all of this was okay. What if this was you and your family? It's not right. This happened on Friday we had to go all weekend with nothing and be told I'd finally be reimbursed the first transaction. So thank you wind stream.

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SJP - 63 d 10 h ago


I was so angry when I posted previously that I left out a portion of the sentence. The sentence should read "... company CHANGED TO THIS horribly . . ."

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SJP - 63 d 10 h ago


I have submitted 52 emails requesting assistance since your company horribly use-unfriendly format. I have yet to receive a response. Why is that?

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S. Buras - 66 d 11 h ago


The modem I have of yours is an older model and does not work properly. We now have to pay a modem charge every month now because your equipment is out of date. Great way to lose paying customers.

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Kenneth Keene - 67 d 6 h ago


Katie Harrod in the moultrie ga store has posted my payment to wrong account twice and will not let me talk to the store manager when i call.

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Bryan Covey - 72 d ago


Terrible service lies about things fraud charges for services that they cannot deliver on bill several failures a week

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Linda Vaughn - 72 d ago


I canceled my service on March 3 and was told by your employee that I would receive a box and shipping label so I could return your box.I have still not received anything in the mail . I can't return your box until I have the proper packaging so that I can mail your device back to you .

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nobody - 73 d 10 h ago

Windstream has no complain process. If they do they hide it. I am trying to file a complaint against a failure in customer service and I'm told t fill out the survey. Wow.

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Bronco Bill - 77 d 4 h ago


ITD--"America has Freedom of Speech"; more so than any other country in the world. If this is true, then how come every time I express my opinions, some obnoxious, pea brained thug bashes my head in, or the company I work for fires me? With this kind of "Freedom of Speech", the government has no need of a secret police force to silence dissent.

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Georgia Unity - 121 d 15 h ago


My elderly mother switched from Windstream (due to ongoing issues) and the company refused to transfer her phone number for 3 entire weeks. (Windstream was NOT providing service any of that time.)

When she received her bill she was charged FULL PRICE for service for the entire time.

She called and complained and spoke to 3 different supervisors, none of whom were concerned nor willing to assist.

I was present when my mother ordered the service change: There was NO mention of the cost of keeping her number costing any money. There is no reasonable explanation for the amount of time this took. This is bad business and fraud.

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Anonymous - 77 d 5 h ago

Hope you didnt pay a penny

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