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Yahoo! Inc.

701 1st Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA
Alfred Amoroso
(408) 349-3300
(408) 349-3301
Twitter IDs
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HadEnoughYahoo - 1 d 14 h ago


I have had it with Yahoo and their Trump bashing. I did not vote for him and did not support some of the things he said. Although, I did support a few things. That being said I am so tired of turning on todays news or going online and seeing nothing but Trump bashing, YAHOO ESPECIALLY!!! It is time for me to find a new search engine and online news outlet. I cannot get my news from an outlet that IS SO ONE SIDED that they can't find anything positive to say. If I want all negative, all the time, I'd watch the failing MSNBC. Almost every article is spun to the negative, HEADLINES ESPECIALLY. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH YAHOO!!!!!

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we who hate spam - 32 d 13 h ago


Somebody in this brilliant company why can you not stop the companies that send out spam. Soon I will have to block all yahoo accounts from my email. Most of my friends have left yahoo so they can block your spam. Charge the spam companies money and maybe they will stop

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PALLY - 2 y ago


Yahoo S U CK S for all the s pam the allow to send out

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McManus_Alan - 4 y 253 d ago

Do black people have emails that end in (hidden)?"

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christianjlopez - 4 y 253 d ago

@CYRs loved the enthusiasm and spirit in your "Call Me Maybe" video - hope you get more callers! via @yahoo

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iam_OJBLiss - 4 y 253 d ago

@Yahoo is there anywhere i can link my twitter to yahoo please reply

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JusCallMeDad - 4 y 254 d ago

Southmade_trouble RT @NuVeauxRich_Btz: Send me y'all email address...I'm giving #Beatz away.

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bigenya - 4 y 254 d ago

@Yahoo Problems with Messenger and mail on iPhone? Kindly advise. Thanks.

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KasandoraRusu - 4 y 256 d ago

@yahoo has the most unreliable weather reports. Apple needs to do better.

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YamiSphinx - 4 y 256 d ago

@Yahoo How do you look at past comments on Yahoo? I tried to view one I left a few days ago but I can't find any link that says 'comments'.

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X_LM_ - 4 y 256 d ago

@ultimatehippie @Yahoo wordpress is you can't install plugins just by clicking install you need to add your ftp logins

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ultimatehippie - 4 y 256 d ago

@X_LM_ @yahoo yes the same lol

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