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Zale's Jewelry

Zale Corporation
901 W. Walnut Hill Ln.
Irvine, TX
(972) 580-4000
(972) 580-5266
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Will - 6 d ago

You have compromised your morals and integrity to suit the sins and desires of the evil in this world. We will no longer buy your products or promote your jewelry any longer. You should be ashamed of showing an ad with two women committing immoral sexual acts. Marriage is between a man and a woman. When you encourage this sort of thing your are contributing to the death of the family. No wonder children have so many mental issues. It is due to the fact that people like you have encouraged the death of the American family. Children need a male role model and a female role model. They cannot get both from the same and you have contributed to the death of that.

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kitty ann - 6 d ago

i will never go to your store, after seeing that very sinful awful ad on tv of the gay women getting married i belive in GOD AND WHAT HE SAYS , ALL GAYS WILL BE IN HELL. will never go in your store again.

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Sherl - 8 d 13 h ago

Will never again buy from you, when u have perverts in your ads, then I want nothing 2 do with you. Always proud 2 say I had bought a piece of jewelry from Zales, but no more. When u choose money over morals, you're really pathetic

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Al - 8 d 20 h ago

There are a lot more steers than queers out there. Being from Texas you should know that. You have no excuse to pander to the perverts other than a few extra dollars to your bottom line. Will never again buy from you.

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Send the illegals packing - 8 d 19 h ago

Amen Al!

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Anonymous - 11 d 13 h ago

Zales loved ya but would not want to be ya. No more from you.

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God help your company! Shame on you. - 11 d 13 h ago


As previously mentioned by another christian, I also just saw your commercial. I am disgusted by companies that chose to begin marketing to the gay population. More companies are so worried that they will offend the gay community that they feel pressured to change their advertisement to accommodate the "feelings" of the gay community. Unfortunately, companies are so worried about offending them, that they apparently could care less about offending the christian population. You know, the ones that helped to build this great country on Christ's values and good morals. I hope your satisfied with your sales going up for your "new target market", cause your sales for ALL christians in this world just dropped. I will no longer purchase, suggest, recommend or in any way, ever approve of your company. And yes, word spreads fast. I'm not in customer service, but I do know the "one rule". Have a good experience, you tell 3 people, have a bad one, you tell 10. I consider this appalling, so you do the math. I'm very disappointed in your company and others that follow this upsetting trend. Shame on you. I will do you this. I will pray for you and those that practice in this manner to be changed by Christ's healing to learn to serve Him in everything you do.

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CHRIST in the USA - 12 d 19 h ago


I have several pieces from zales and until today I loved zales!! I just saw a new zales commercial with a same sex couple!! I wil not shop at zales or anywhere that is owned and operated or affiliated with zales!! I am a Christian and proud to say so I have had friends and I know several people that are gay bisexual or otherwise but I do not condone it and I do not want my daughter exposed to it any earlier then she has to be!! I do not appreciate seeing this commercial on channels that my daughter watches!! I WILL NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ZALES!! BRING CHRIST BACK TO AMERICA!!

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JessicaAleles - 4 y 183 d ago

@ASPCA @ZalesJewelers What an absolutely adorable collection! Do any of these pieces contain nickel?

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JessieCBaby1188 - 4 y 183 d ago

@ASPCA @zalesjewelers does anything get donated or just something nice they are doing?

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lauren_bayybee - 4 y 185 d ago

@ZalesJewelers I called customer service 10 times the district manager has not called me back. Its been 2 months #HORRIBLE

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TraceyNew - 4 y 185 d ago

My friend &her man were SHOPPING 4 EXPENSIVE engagement rings @ZalesJewelers VistaRidgeMall. Clerk asks have Ubeen marriedB4? NOSALE EXIT

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TxbetaZesty - 4 y 185 d ago

LOL!!! MT @ZalesJewelers "answer is both"

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irobbakecake - 4 y 186 d ago

WAitting for sleeping beauty to get up so I can go get my wedding earrings at ZALES @ZalesJewelers #WAKEUPMITCHELL

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brendX86 - 4 y 187 d ago

Working back @ZalesJewelers :) everybody come to our pre-loved jewelry show <3 #towneastmall

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FrugalFortSmith - 4 y 187 d ago

"@CentralMallFSM: Going on today at Zales, 50% off certified previously owned fine jewelry sale! *See store for details. @ZalesJewelers"

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CentralMallFSM - 4 y 187 d ago

Going on today at Zales, 50% off certified previously owned fine jewelry sale! *See store for details! #FtSmith #Deals @ZalesJewelers

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