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Zale's Jewelry

Zale Corporation
901 W. Walnut Hill Ln.
Irvine, TX
(972) 580-4000
(972) 580-5266
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Theo zillion( CEO) maybe you guys can contact him faster - 13 d 24 h ago


I will never recommend anyone to shop with Zales.. very piss poor, you would think a multi million dollar company would be more efficient on completing people's orders and taking care of needs... orderd a ring in the Zales store the lady actually did it for me from her computer.. did everything she needed to do, upon purchase I asked does she think if I would get my ring by January 6, she didn't know the exact day but she confirmed through email on my order which said 1-3 days for processing and 2-3 days for shipping that I should receive by Friday the 5th.. orderd on December 29,. So after worrying that I never received a tracking number by Jan 1.. I called customer service and was put on hold for an hour and never talked to anyone, reached out to them via Facebook also and not talked to anyone... finally after being on hold every day for hours, i finally got through to someone on Thursday January 4.. asked them what's going on with my order, the guy proceeds to tell me it takes 12-15 days to process order, I told him I never would've orderd ring if it was going to be that long being that I have a venue payed for, numerous family and friends flying in from out of town based on the fact i was told I would have my ring before January 6.. the guy offered me a measly 10% off my purchase(wowwww).. but I wouldn't have my ring back on the day needed.. at this point my level of frustration is through the roof.. asked if I cancel can they just put my money back on card.. well it takes 3 days to process for your money to come back,... so I'm now out of a ring my money for the venue, and my plans are shot.. the jerk offered me a 200$ gift card for the inconvenience, and it takes 3 days for them to process and confirm that... I told him to shove it , I will never step foot in another Zales..

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HURT BY ZALES - 4 d 4 h ago


Theo Killion resigned from the company 3 1/2 years ago.

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Pete - 7 d 15 h ago


I realize after reading several customer reviews that Zales (parent company Signet Jewelers) has some issues. They offer great deals and beautiful jewelry, put have very unprofessional team working for them. Arrogant, rude, clueless, and frankly stupid!!!! I have worked for several companies in my career, and the lack of ethics at Zales is a disgrace. Lack of management involvement to support customer concerns is unacceptable. I too agreed to a purchase 1st week of Dec2017 and told to not request resize , would not be in tie for XMAS, instead a proper size would be ordered (Zales Outlet Store, Rockwall, TX). 4 weeks later no call from Zales, so as customer I my dismay no record of order, later passed off as "order cancelled" (Marie Sales Rep). Ok accepted, but not pleased as my love of my life is without! Then explained ordered expedited, 2-3 day delivery to store (per Marie) and again confirmed that same evening would be delivered Weds (1/10/2017). Here it is Weds evening and no call again, I call and Marie not in, no one knows about the scenario (guess no one communicates either). Sarah another employee very rude employee, no attempt to look up or assist at all, just claiming stupidness..... Currently trying to contact parent company, Signet, for some resolve, no wonder their sales is dropping; key to company success is customer satisfaction and keeping incompetent employees!!

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to whom it may concern I am writing this letter with great dismay. I recently placed an order on Dec 15, 2017 @ 05:57 AM CT. I got my packages a few days before Christmas . I ordered the items for my gf . Anyway long story short i returned the ring following the procedures enclosed with the return label. followed the form filled in the right areas for reason being returned and weather it was for a refund or exchange. Paid for the shipping by ups and returned it on DEC 28,2017 . it was received on Jan 4,2018. went online to to and get help they told me i had to call customer service. so i did and a long conversation on the phone where i'm explain to the agent that i followed the procedures for an EXCHANGE not a refund he then told me that i could not get a exchange i was left wondering why? i did what i was supposed to do with the return exchange policy . The agent then told me that they would issue a refund and that's all they could do. I ordered the ring which is a Size 8 and i Needed it to be a Size 9 . simple exchange but no . he told me that i would get a refund and i would just have to buy the ring full price i couldn't get it for the sale price i brought the ring for.. Look i worked all year long to be able to buy these 2 items for my gf for christmas im the only one working in the household of six 4 kids and my girlfriend with all the money i had left from buying the kids there presents i brought my girlfriends i had to wait till 6am friday morning to be able to get the last few hours of the sale that made it possible for me to afford those to items for my gf. The ring was supposed to be her Promise/engagement ring) for christmas . I know the ring may not cost much but its the meaning behind it for my gf not how much it cost. you can have that KObe Diamond but it wont mean noting. So here i am on Jan 10 2018 with no ring and not a very great christmas for me and my gf Thanks Zales.. I did everything like i was supposed to do with the return exchange policy and got screwed out of that . So i think you guys need to change the above statement about the Zales Corporation is dedicated to what??I don't think so that's all false. i would like to get some help please to reconcile this situation. please me with my problem. Thank you Good day . Sincerely - 7 d 17 h ago



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Denise - 12 d 18 h ago


This term "customer service" within your company is a JOKE!! I've been repeatedly contacting your "customer service" department regarding a ring that UPS claims was "damaged" in transit and I never received. UPS has notified Zales of this, but yet I keep getting the runaround. I'm currently on hold because apparently your "customer service" person has to talk to UPS AGAIN - meaning I still won't have a resolution - going on a MONTH now and I am so done. I will be posting this on every social media site and I will keep bumping it until your company actually has a customer service department that works.

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Mad Customer - 12 d 15 h ago


I completely agree! "Customer service" what is that? I've been on hold for 10 minuets now and still have 39 to go. I've also tried to live chat...20 minutes later not one representative came on to chat.

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Korey Lewis - 13 d 19 m ago


Korey Lewis

423 5448539

Order # (hidden)5222

I need my ring by Saturday before 5pm .. talked to a guy in customer service finally after hours of holding and calling.. but I'm just being told to wait, with you guys being a multi million dollar company, one would think you guys would be more efficient on taking care of orders and peoples needs.. as I see I'm not the only one with these problems because you have numerous customers with the same complaints on your Facebook page... how can I get my order before 5pm on January 6th.. i even tried to pay for overnight shipping and the guy told me that's not an option

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Roy Schwenck - 14 d 16 h ago


My wife and I just had our 5 anniversary so i bought a new extra Diamonf band to go with her Diamond ring. So we sent it out to get soddered the 2 rings together. At that time it was sized and as we sent it off. It came back soddered together but not sized. So we sent it back to resize it like it should of been done the first time.

Now after month they tell us UPS lost my wife's wedding ring that we looked for over a year to buy in Denver area. Now we live in St. Louis the Mid Rivers location telling us they are now going to remake my wife's ring. Then we got a call saying we might be in luck they know our ring is at UPS distribution center and they are tracking it down for us. Well that was 2 weeks ago and know one has called us and is keeping us updated. As we as what's going on we are told to be patient. Well it's been well over 2 months and No Answers Yet.

We spend close to $10k and now we feel like we are out a ring. They say remake her ring makes my wife very upset and really isn't happy with that. She feels like it's not going to be the same quality and made with cheaper diamonds now. We want to be compensated for all our troubles. We don't think we would suggest to anyone to go to Sales. We are still waiting to here from someone management to offer us some help.

We are Very Unhappy with the overall experience and still looking for help from someone within the Sales corporate office.

Displeased very much

Roy Schwenck

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Veronica Franklin - 18 d ago


I wish I would have listened to the reviews and ran away from Zales and not made my purchase but given them the benefit of the doubt I made the purchase anyways and that was the worst mistake I could have ever made. 2 weeks ago I bought a Movado watch as a Christmas gift from the Zales location in the Edison Mall which is located in Fort Myers Florida. I already knew the band would be too small so being proactive I ordered extra links, the problem that we end up having was that his fist is bigger than his wrist so the watch would go over fist but when buckled it would be too big for his wrist. I gave my son's father the watch and the receipt to go into the store after work to see if he could exchange it for something else they didn't have anything that was to his liking I told him to get a refund and purchase himself something that he like. They treated him as if he'd stolen The Watch and would not give him a refund even though he had the original receipt. The next day when I got off of work he and I both went back into the store the manager Steve Krape is the most rudest inconsiderate unprofessional person that I have ever dealt with he act as if we were scum not worth his attention. He overlooked us paying us no attention as if we weren't there while waiting on other customers in the store that I guess we're more to his liking. I've never been so humiliated and so angry in a long time I thought the days of racial profiling was over with but clearly this manager shows that in 2017 the color of your skin still matters he's a disgrace to the corporation and needs to find another job because customer service is not his calling.

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Ross Lee Gibson - 19 d ago

So, I spoke with a representative from your Guest Services Team last week who assured me I would receive my refund of over $900 by this time this week - surprise NO REFUND received. A scam by Zales - now is the time to fill with the BBB and post this total disregard for the customer on Facebook and verbally to all my friends. POOR POOR POOR Customer Service.

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Anonymous - 20 d ago


Just horrible all around the ring I had custom made was a joke when it finally came in. I had to send it back and it was supposed to be a "rush" order weeks later still nothing!!! I'm done spending my money at zales!!!

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jo - 21 d 14 h ago



My fiance, over the years, has purchased many items for me from Zales. I've purchased many items for myself and other family members. I moved from Texas to Boston. I went to one of the stores in the area and asked them to fix a bracelet that continuously breaks because they don't fix it correctly. The manager (an idiot guy at the Braintree, MA store) tells me that he can't look anything up and I have to find the paperwork. I've moved across the country and the paperwork is in a file somewhere in one of my boxes. I insisted that he check his records online and he finally says that he's found my fiance's information, but that bracelet is not on the account. I left VERY ANGRY. I called a different Zales at the mall in Saugus, MA and the girl that answered the phone found the account immediately. She said it shows that my fiance has two accounts. I went back to the Braintree store and chewed out the manager's ass. JERK!!!!!! Zales, shame on you for employing such IDIOT MANAGERS. I will NEVER shop with Zales again AND I'll tell all my friends of the horrible experiences I've been having with Zales lately. YOUR NOT CONDUCTING BUSINESSS WELL AND INFURIATING ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!

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Sybil from Salem - 21 d 14 h ago

My husband gave me a lovely necklace for our 34th anniversary, but I wanted a different chain for the pendant. Returned to Zales to see if they could help but the millennial behind the counter couldn't have been any more unprofessional if she wrote the manual on bad customer service. She said that my request would take a long time to process(send out, evaluate, fix, send back, etc) and suggested that I take it to another jewelry store who could help. She tossed my necklace on the counter, along with the box and walked away to talk to her friend who entered the store. No wonder brick and mortar stores are losing business. So, we took her advice and walked into their competitors in Valley View mall in Roanoke, Va, where we were not only greeted, but were given superlative customer service (Zales, are you listening?). The three women at Hennebry Jewelers took great care of us, fulfilled our needs, AND made an additional sale(Zales, are you listening?????).

The next time there is an occasion that calls for something special, we will absolutely take our business to Hennebry's and not Zales. Zales is only concerned about making the sale and not interested, at any level, in providing customer service.

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Very upset customer - 21 d 16 h ago


We need some corporate people to reach out to so we can all complain! Worst customer service ever and the website said boldly arrives before Christmas... Christmas has come and past but my in still hasn't arrived and no shipping date listed on site or for cs agents either. 4 hours spent in hold with different people who all give same exact answers even asked directly to speak to management and wss refused. This is the worst service ever. I had higher expectations for Zales but I will never use them again...

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WORST PLACE EVER - 29 d 11 h ago


Wanted to suprise my girlfriend with a promise ring for Christmas. I messed up on the engraving. Called zales to cancel my order so i can rebuy and add new engraving but they refuse to do so but promised and guaranteeD that my new ring was going to have the engraving I needed and still recieved the ring with the same mistake as the first. What was the point of trying to fix my order staying on the line for 20 minutes for my order to stay the same. I'm very disappointed I don't understand why they couldn't cancel my order in the first place.

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Disatisfied customer - 22 d 11 h ago


If you paid by credit card , contact your card company and instruct them not to pay . Most Card companies are good at handling this for you . You do NOT have to accept Zales crappy service.

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Worst Customer Care Ever ! - 22 d 18 h ago


I ordered a necklace from Zales online on Dec 9. Apparently there is some small print indicating that processing could take 1 - 4 Weeks. I checked back after 2 weeks (Chat) after about a 30 minute wait and got a zales associate with a horrible attitude , who was rude and apparently ready to move on to the next 'Victim' . All I wanted from Zales was an estimate on shipping so I could at least get a shipping date to offer my wife on Christmas morning. NOTHING ! My order still shows pending after Christmas and my Credit card has already been charged .. Rest assured , I will not release money to Zales until I get an indication that it has been processed and scheduled to ship. This is the Last time I will use Zales.. Worst Customer service ever.

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Jack - 22 d 19 h ago


Great customer service

I bought a ring set at the Tuscaloosa Alabama location on Dec. 16 and I needed them by Dec. 24. The store manager, Renee, said the rings would be sized and back at the store for pickup on Dec. 22.

Alas, Dec. 22 came and no rings. Renee told me they had been shipped and should be at the store on Dec. 23. I got a call mid-day on Dec. 23 from Renee who told me something screwed up with the UPS shipment and my rings were sent to Kentucky. That could have been the end of that with a ruined Christmas surprise for my wifebut no, read on.

Renee then told me she had the exact rings I purchased in stock and she was going to take them to a jeweler to have them sized and I would have them that evening. Renee called me about 7pm and told me my rings were ready to be picked up and my Christmas surprise for my wife was saved.

In the days of customer service bashing, I just wanted to let someone know that there are people out there that still go above and beyond for their customers.

Renee needs a huge recognition. and a pat on the back from your corporation.

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Valerie - 23 d ago


I placed an order Dec 17th for a gift for my daughter that SANTA was supposed to bring because they guaranteed delivery before Christmas. BY GUARANTEED I MEAN VERBALLY AND POSTED ALL OVER THEIR WEBSITE- IN STOCK ITEMS will be delivered before Christmas. My items were in stock. I placed the order 2nd-day air shipping. Today is Dec 26- STILL NO PACKAGE. Zales blames UPS and told me I can take my complaint to them!!!!! no sorry- I didn't hire UPS, YOU DID! that's NOT my vendor. I didn't purchase from UPS I made a purchase from ZALES evidently based on a false guarantee of a timely delivery. Zales is refusing to do anything but point their finger at a vendor THEY HIRED!!!! in my 9-year-old daughter's exact words "So much for Santa". Talk about disappointment.

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Oumattie Cruz - 25 d 4 h ago


Yesterday I went into zales to get my rings cleaned. After waiting 2 hours because they were busy I walked up to another zales associate and said can you please clean my rings I've been here for a long time and I just want them cleaned. She got very upset gave me attitude took my rings put them in the cleaner then another 40 mins she comes back and gives me someone else's ring. I said that is not my ring. She did oh hold on went back gave me more attitude like I made the mistake came back with my rings and then said you souldnt come on times like this to clean your ring. My response was then you should of inform my husband of that so we would of never got the rings from this piece of shit jewelry store! ZALES ARE THE WORSE AT COUSTOMER SERVICE AND THEIR PRODUCTS ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING WRONG. THIS WAS AT THE MALL OF BAYPLAZA ZALES BRONX NEW YORK.

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Cris - 26 d 13 h ago


Purchased a ring for my daughter on November 20th 2017 at the Sales at the Ocean County Mall in Toms River for her Christmas gift. I was told they would send it to be sized and I would receive it on December 11th. Got a call instead saying it was delayed until December 14th. I went in on the 14th, no ring was told UPS was delayed and I'd get a call. I never got a call, went back to the store 2 more times, still no ring. On the 20th I went there again and I was promised I would get it by the 23rd, promised. Keep in mind I never got a call. I was told that the manager would personally drive it to the store. I called on the 22nd to confirm I'd get it on the 23rd, was told they would call me later in the day. Got a call at 8pm only to be told I would not get the ring. Christmas is in 2 days. No ring for my daughter, her Christmas gift, the only thing she asked for. I am so disappointed and furious at the same time. The manager, Jennifer was less then helpful, offered no other options. They did agree to refund me, considering I don't have the merchandise, that is the least they can do. Now I am left stranded. Keep in mind I bought the ring over a month ago. Shameful. Zales should be able to size a ring in a months time. Absolutely sick over their lack of compassion, customer service and disregard for their customers.

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Sunita - 25 d 5 h ago


I agree with you. They are the worse and I am disgusted after you spend your money the way they treat you. I am so sorry you had to go through this. But it showed us never to buy from them again.

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Toriban82 - 26 d 15 h ago


The absolute worse! And to think that I interviewed for an HR position here! Called customer service multiple times and waited over 2 hours just to get a foreigner that ended up disconnecting the call because he could not understand what I was requesting. Ordered a ring and their shipper of choice is UPS. They shipped it with a signature requirement that would only allow me to redirect the shipment to a neighbor's house (go figure!!). Nevertheless, they made 3 delivery attempts and now my ring is lost in shipper space. I refuse to call back and the chat option Is never available!

On top of that, I blasted them on Twitter and they responded to send them a DM. I did and they responded that someone would contact me directly. Ha! A freaking joke! Nobody has reached out and after I blasted them again, they did not a response whatsoever. Once the ring is returned, I am closing the card account and taking my business to Jared!!! A waste of credit score inquiry points! UGHHHHH!!!

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Jennifer - 27 d ago


I'm in the same situation my husband ordered my gift on 12-15-17 and can not get any information on his order

have called twice and have ben put on hold for over a hour both times to be told there system has not been updated but it should be delivered by Christmas. This is the worst Customer Service ever.

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Charletta - 27 d 23 h ago


I ordered my ring on Nov 27 2017 process time 1 to 3 days and 2day air. I am still waiting to find out where my ring is! I've called several times and get nowhere. I stay on hold over 40 min each time I call. I purchased my ring with gift card and put on my zales credit card and just received the bill for something I dont have.

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