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    I was a customer service consultant for over 20 years. I was fortunate enough to have over 35 clients. Numbered among these was Ford, General Motors and Nike. You currently have the worst service I have ever encountered. I have been using word for a project I am doing for a non profit. I am trying to print some stored documents. I was asked for my pass word I entered it and was told it was not valid so I tried to change it. When I entered the same pass code since it did not work it said I could not use it as it was a registered pass code. I tried again and was told I needed a code I got code and was told it was not valid. Over the last three days I have tried to get info only to go through same problem. When I tried to call 4 different numbers they all ended with no answere and after holding on a dial tone. I openly admit I was born before TV and am not tech qualified. However with other companies if I had a problem I could always talk to a HUMAN BEING who walked me through the problem. I paid extra money years ago to get my surface pro and am very dissatisfied.

    3 years, 17 weeks and 2 days

    I purchased nine items from the Microsoft Store online for official government use in August, 2020, and was billed $72.00 in sales tax. I emailed and faxed form SF-1094 (tax exempt) to Ryan W and this matter has not been resolved. I was on the phone for two hours today and one month ago on a Friday and people would hang up on me time after time. I will never make a purchase from the Microsoft Store, due to this issue.

    3 years, 17 weeks and 2 days