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    Innovation will save this industry. Kindly, create single serve cups of guacamole in mild and zesty. At the worst people hate it...but wendy's did with sour cream. I look forward to the progress. Bring back southwest steak bowl from 2000. People cutting carbs anyways.
    Casper da ghost

    3 years, 24 weeks and 3 days

    We are unhappy with the the sanger ,CA Location with the app specials that are offered and not being able to get them even when they haven't expired yet.

    3 years, 30 weeks and 3 days

    On 3 different trips to the taco bell drive thru on 422 in niles ohio. They are holding customers at the order speaker until there food is ready at the pick up window. I imagine this is because the want corporate to think they are getting there orders out in a timely manner when really customers are waiting 20 minutes for there orders. To give you a better picture of how they are doing this is you order. They ask you to hold on a minute. You wait 15mins for them to say is that everything then pull up and your order is handed out as soon as the window opens. In the mean while while your waiting at the speaker for them to complete your order other customers are **** at you like your the one holding up the line. When really the cashier is doing it to trick the timer.

    3 years, 37 weeks and 2 days

    I have noticed on visits to various Taco Bells in my area, Daytona Beach, FL that not enough drink options are offerred.
    I cannot have sugar or caffeine,so I try to order a diet Sprite or diet 7UP. Then I'm always told you do not have it, and they suggest Root Beer. While that is a better choice, it is not ideal. I am left with either ordering water or not getting anything to drink. PLEASE offer some alternatives for those that cannot have either caffeine or sugar.
    Thank You

    3 years, 37 weeks and 3 days

    Thank you taco bell for having such a dedicated and passionate employee like Liz Lugardo. She shows everyone that there is an opportunity for a job at your corporation. I personally think she deserves a management position. My kids knows her very well to the point that when I pull up to the intercom and she hears my voice she knows exactly what my kids want. I thank you taco bell for having a fanamanal employee like her. Liz libby when available is always clean smelling like a breath of fresh air. EVERTHING is clean and detailed. Liz always TAKES her time to go check on every table and ask the correct questions. My family is always at HOME when we come to visit this TACO BELL.

    3 years, 37 weeks and 5 days

    Taco bell is one of my favorite places to get something quick. I am from the midwest and I would have to say there are 3 taco bells, one in paris Illinois one in Marshall Illinois and one in terre haute Indiana south on 41. Where to start, the taco bell in Marshall Illinois needs alot of help, especially mornings. The staff that work the morning shift needs someone to train them. I have noticed multiple times, the General manager will not step up to help his crew out. I have heard employees call him donte , " I need your help" or " customer needs help, can I see a manager" . My opinion is that if an employee needs assistance the management steps up. This taco bell is really lacking a strong leader as a GM. The paris Illinois taco bell, it is a disaster. Go through drive thru , order a barrito supreme and wait 15 minutes, that is so wrong. As soon as you get your food pull on through and find the employees outside the back door smoking, playing around, when in reality they could be in there doing their job, no wonder it takes so long to get product. Terre haute south highway 41 is dirty, takes 30 to 40 minutes inside when ordering regardless if it is one item or a family of 4. Management has no clue how to train there staff. Employees all over the place when they need to be in one location on their shift. When not doing anything they need to keep the dining area clean. I really think that corporate needs to sit down with regional managers, district managers and store managers and get these stores up to the way they should be ran.

    3 years, 37 weeks and 5 days