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    I think just cause your white had nothing to do with being asked to wait in car ,many restaurants ask people do so .the part were waiting inside while there sounds like it had people already waiting inside and may not been room as 6 feet rules most restaurants make you wait outside till they have a seat .its not there fault you couldn't park closer or dressed for the cold weather .be more understanding covid19 is real and restaurants are trying to do there part in making each person safe .

    6 weeks, 4 days and 29 minutes
    Chris Imler

    Chris Imler
    On the evening of November 2nd 2020 myself and 2 other people I work with entered the TGIF"s in Lithonia GA. Now I'm not wanting to sound like a racist even though that is exactly how it will sound. I ASSURE you I am not. Anyway, we entered the restaurant and spoke to the hostess. We told her there was a total of 3 in our party. She said there was a 15-20 minute wait. We told her that was fine and she took down a name for the waiting list. We asked where the restroom was located to wash our hands and such since we had been working on a jobsite and driving over the road. So after leaving the restroom we moved to the front of the store to the "waiting area". When the hostess returned from sitting some customers at their table she told us they would call us when our table was ready. We said ok and continued to wait. She then told us that we had to sit outside on the patio or in our vehicle. Now our vehicle is a dually pickup truck with a 28 foot trailer hooked to it that we use for work. There was little to no parking available in their lot so we walked a little distance to get to the restaurant. And the outdoor patio was outside and the temperature was 35 degrees so not exactly ideal to wait. Now here are a few key points to take note of....
    1) There were 4-5 customers waiting inside on to-go orders. And they were Black.
    2) All the customers that were seated were Black.
    3) All of the visible staff were Black.
    4) All of the customers that were walking out with to-go orders after we walked in, went to the restroom and started waiting for our table were Black.
    5) Myself and my coworkers are all White.
    6) There was nothing noted on any of the front doors or windows that stated anything about us NOT being able to wait inside.
    This is why I said earlier in this post that I did not want to be perceived as a racist, even though it looks that way. So we told her if we could not wait inside she could remove our name from the waiting list. And we left the restaurant and ate dinner at a different restaurant. We understand the restrictions placed upon restaurants during this pandemic as we work all along the East coast throughout the Southeastern part of the country, so we've experienced a lot of the different stages of the restrictions. This was the first time any of us had experienced any form of this treatment. And I DO NOT mean as White people, I mean as a paying customer. This is part of what has been wrong with our country for a longtime. Now we are back to segregation in restaurants. This casts a poor image of a corporate restaurant in my opinion. The only color that should matter should be GREEN!!!!

    16 weeks, 1 day and 19 minutes

    My family and I chose fridays in Manhasset NY to have Sunday dinner, August 9,2020. Which where my husband and i, my 4 year old son and our 11 year old. The waitress was unaware of the menu. The manager who is named Michael was rude and unresponsive to the fact that they only brought my meal out and not my kids who preceeded to eat my food because theirs was not ready at all. I asked my waitress to return the entire meal until we could eat together. The service was horrible. I am from Great Neck NY and eat at this particular fridays often for many years. I hope something is resolved and service here is changed. I appreciate any feedback. My email is (EMAIL). thank you fot your time.

    28 weeks, 2 days and 15 hours

    Leo the manager from south gate

    This location is in South gate. My family and I come to this location once a week but this time it was the most horrible experience. They told me it was a hour wait and they will txt me when it will be time I waited that hour came back and they told me they had called me and I didn't answer I told them I never received anything then they asked for my number again and she send me the txt in front of me I told her I wanted to speak to the manager. He was no help either didn't even care until I said I was gonna call corp. Then I get seated and they take 17min to get someone to give us our drink. Real bad service all around I don't think I'll ever bring my family here again I love the food but why should I be wasting 120dolllars to a place that don't appreciate it.

    28 weeks, 2 days and 17 hours

    Paul Persaud

    This location in forest hills have lost its customer service.i order everyday here and it was ok.today I place an order direct with the store and when I got there it wasnt even my order they charged me double.the manager who was very disrespectful had alot to say.claiming it's my order.the other employee that was there knew my order as I have always order the same thing.the manager was rude and not helpful.i will definitely let my colleagues know the experience i have endure here.this location service have fallen.

    30 weeks, 2 days and 23 hours

    Carole Noschese

    The worst experience as customer food was burnt. I WAS SHORTED ONE MEAL an the lady who gave me my order was a witch. They dont like conversing with customers never answer their phone. I'm a manager for Waffle House an this place is suppose to be a higher end Restaurant Dont waste your money or time.The poor people with Door Dash were lined up waiting one driver took 2 hours to get his order right

    31 weeks, 5 days and 4 hours


    I was a server at TGI Friday's Arundel Mills. I've tried getting in contact with HR a few times to address my issues to no avail. However, because I was treated poorly by the General Manager and his subordinate managers, I no longer feel comfortable returning to work. Although I do not have the desire to return, I wanted to bring my encounter with the Arundel Mills managers to light. On Saturday, July 11, 2020, I was sexually harassed and verbally insulted by Maurice Downs. In addition, I want to address my wrongful termination, hoping this unprofessionalism does not happen again. The managers at Arundel Mills TGI Fridays need to be trained in sensitivity, sexual harassment, and how to manage team members appropriately.

    On Saturday, July 11, 2020, the manager on duty (MOD) was Felicia Anderson. On this day, I was scheduled in section 1, which is shift lead. Along with monitoring my section, I am responsible for ensuring other servers are working as a team. Because the morning started off slow, the MOD began to send people home. When asked about the coverage, for the server going home handling the outside patio, the MOD indicated that the patio would be closed. In addition to sending servers home, she also sent home the busser. Around 2 pm, the host sat a table outside, although we were told it was closed. Felicia asked me to do her a favor and take the table instead of moving the party inside. At that time, I only had two tables that were finishing up. Although I did not have a problem with taking the table, I want you to understand how far the restaurant side is from the patio area. The patio is on the opposite side of the restaurant closet to the bar. Additionally, I was still required to take tables in my section. This could have worked if I wasn't pregnant, we had a busser, if it was not 102 degrees, or if she only wanted me to take tables in one section. I agreed to take the party because I did not know she would continue to seat parties on the patio and within my section inside.

    Around 2:15 pm, Maurice Downs arrived for work; as I walked passed him, he proceeded to say, "You have some **** Ankles." Felicia witnessed him verbally insult me, and instead of correcting him, she laughed as if this was a standard way to speak to someone, especially someone who is expecting. Body shaming is disgusting and should not be tolerated. I have also gained some weight in my bust area, which caused Maurice to say, "Damn, you got some big **** titis."

    I explained to Felicia that I could no longer take tables inside and outside by myself and bus my tables because she sent the busser home she insisted that I do. I'll admit, I became frustrated and told both managers (Maurice and Felicia) that I was not taking any more tables outside. When Maurice came back into the kitchen, he stated, " if you can't take tables inside and outside, I'm getting ready to fire you." I asked Maurice, "why are you firing me? Is it because I can't bus my tables right now and also take tables inside and outside after doing Felicia a favor and helping her." I am pregnant and can only do but so much. I then said to Maurice if he was going to fire me, it needed to be a legit reason as to why I'm being fired; his response was, "I don't need to tell you ****, you can clock out right now" after insulting me again. I waited for Peter (General Manager) to arrive around 2:30 pm, at that time, I tried to explain what took place and what Maurice said. Peter was not interested; he did not ask me to write a statement or my side of the story; Peter said it was time for me to go home. Before I left, he said, "call me around 1 pm tomorrow and talk to me." I called Peter the next day around 1:15 pm, to give him time to get situated; however, when I called, they said Peter had not arrived yet. I texted Peter on his cell phone to let him know that I called the store and that I did not feel comfortable returning to work, but he did not respond to my text. I called the store back around 2 pm to see if I could get in contact with Peter again; once he answered, he stated, "after talking to Maurice and Felicia, they've decided to terminate you." I have never been written-up, counseled, or received a verbal warning. I've always been a team player and willing to help. The fact that the General Manager or other managers are not supportive or understanding of our concerns needs to be addressed. I am bringing this to your attention and I will be filing a formal complaint against the managers at the TGI Friday's Arundel Mills.

    31 weeks, 5 days and 5 hours


    There was a shrimp found in my bucket of bones and I HAVE A SHELLFISH ALLERGY!!!






    34 weeks, 1 day and 13 hours


    Feel bad 4 u, I'm white, and worked for a sob that grabbed me, then treated me unfavorably as I'm married and older and needed to support my 2 children. No breaks, no nothing. Worked like a dog, but had to hold my tears in. If I had known today what I know now, I would have owned that business. He would say he dreamt of u know what to me, etc. it was horrible as I was molested as abused as a child, so this was 2 much for my mind and heart! I'm not white privileged and u have to put up w/**** when they know u need to work.

    34 weeks, 3 days and 1 hour


    Good customer, they don't answer their phones for wkly pickup. Trying 2 call 4 reservations for 6 people today and to no avail. Disgusted!!! They lost monies, I'm a very good customer, go wkly, but since Covid, can't even place a call for a pick up!

    34 weeks, 3 days and 1 hour

    A pissed off employee

    Do you support racism ? Do you support your general

    Manager having sexual encounters with his employees? Do you support a manager and girlfriend working together and then him cheating with another employee and causing a whole scene in your dinning area but the gm doesn't fire anyone? I know for a fact the gm Micheal at whitemarsh location in Maryland is racist and he has proven it more than once he is unfair to his black employees and favors the white woman.

    34 weeks, 4 days and 23 hours


    ordered 40$ worth of food in NYC AUSTIN ST..

    was going to PISS MY PANTS.!

    Needed to use the bathroom for a SECOND



    Corona or not, you spend money THERE you should be able to use the restroom F THEM!! And there laziness's you clean a bathroom

    35 weeks, 3 days and 22 hours

    Friday's Corporate Office


    36 weeks, 4 days and 20 hours

    Also Joey


    36 weeks, 4 days and 20 hours


    You have an employee atthe store in central Texas expressway named Jamal Wright who smokes Crystal Meth on a daily basis. Not to mention goes to work under the influence.. when u see him sweating bullets and having to go cool off or drink something it's because hes totally **** up and that's disgusting.

    38 weeks, 3 days and 9 hours



    40 weeks, 5 days and 19 hours

    John Young

    I trying to order takeout last night I was on hold for almost a hour I hung up and called back just to be put on hold again I have been coming here for years when I finally got someone to take my order I was told that ya'll no longer have the sizzling chicken and shrimp she was very rude I will not be returning until Ya'll learned how to treat your Customers

    47 weeks, 2 days and 22 hours

    Concerned Customer

    what do you plan to do to help your employees that got laid off due to Covid-19? these are UNDER minimum wage workers that YOU say should make the difference of $2.10 in tips. Well if they are not working how can they make the difference, are you even going to continue paying them the $2.10 or whatever they make per hour while laid off. You are pathetic as a corporate office if you do not help your employees who stuck this out to the very end, putting their own health on the line to make YOU money. Remember, your income has not changed.

    On facebook I see all kinds of companies, restaurants, dept. stores, stores that are still paying their employees and giving bonuses....

    Again, I ask you .....what are you doing for your employees????

    48 weeks, 1 day and 10 hours

    Peeved off

    I'm from the Champaign Illinois area and I received an email with a rib special it said it could be ordered online only and it's been either delivery or carryout. 3/21/2020 @ 3:00 pm. I did the carryout since I'm too far away for delivery put my order in the system it told me I could pick it up at 3:24 which was about 20 minutes after I entered it and I put my card information in and it's already been taken out of my bank account. I went into the restaurant to pick up the food no cars in the parking lot. doors are locked lights are off and I called and called and called and called and no answer so they got my money I got no food and I'm not happy.

    48 weeks, 3 days and 17 hours

    Toni Bishop

    Yesterday my visit with a friend of mine. Would have to be the most outrageous,unbelievable, rude ,uncalled for,disrespectful encounter,experience I have had ever from visiting a restaurant and casino at one establishment. Until I decided to go gaming at Sam's Town. I should have walked out right when I walked in and noticed majority of the machines inoperable. So putting that aside and continuing to want to stay there let alone choosing to eat there would most likely not happen again. And I intend to share my experience with friends and family. supervisors who overlook the managers that run TGI Fridays really needs to reconsider their choice and whom they are trusting their establishment to be ran by (MANAGER). JOEY. After we had first been seated and wanted to give a compliment in regards to our server the request that we made to speak to the manager was delivered to the manager but the manager never showed up. Our server kept feeling the need to give excuses why the manager hasn't been to our table several times during our meal. And basically never showed up even after we finished and paid and left. We also wanted to know why on the menu it had stated sesame chicken strips in the list of appetizers but what was delivered or sesame little baby nuggets is what it looks like like Chinese food not a chicken strip. but once again we were not able to address that because the manager never showed up. Let me not fail to mention how empty the restaurant was.... There was nobody there maybe a total of 10 people.so why the manager felt the need not to come find out or hear anything is unbeknownst to me. Not enough words to describe how that would feel to a customer. And Sam's Town beverage manager during yesterday's midday shift should give his employees/staff members. I wish I knew her name but the encounter was just so horrifying, appalling, shocking, embarrassing, that I doubt as she was walking away with her head turned my way SHOUTING..... AND I BET YOU'RE THIRSTY!AND I BET YOU'RE THIRSTY! BUT YOU'RE THIRSTY! After choosing to involve another customer and to our conversation by asking him did he receive his drink. I could not believe it unbelievable! And if the manager thought that he rectify the situation by bringing what I guess he felt was a shot in this overly sized cup. Not a shot glass mind you. But a plastic cup! I have had encounters with two other servers and within that visit that were pleasant, VERY WELL TIPPED that had great class great presence about themselves. But in no way shape or form what's the behavior that I received from your employee that was obviously cracking under the pressures of this epidemic that the world is going through better get it together or more experiences like that will be bestowed upon customer's.

    49 weeks, 1 day and 1 hour

    Brian has

    I had the same experience. We sat down and waited 20 minutes for a waitress to come I asked the waitress if we're going to get our drinks. She said give me 10 minutes. So me and my family walked out This location was in Langhorne Pennsylvania.

    50 weeks, 1 hour and 21 minutes

    Angela Hills

    I had the same experience March 7,2020 I would never go back to that TGI Fridays again. At the receiving the table we wait 20 minutes for the waitress. We waited 20 more minutes to receive my drinks. After waiting an hour for the food my food was cold. I ordered shrimp and lobster pasta sent it back to get it remade. I never received my dinner. Everyone at my table had finished eating after waiting an hour not receiving my food I told the waitress to take it off my ticket. I left there not eating and hungry I would never go there again.

    50 weeks, 3 days and 1 hour

    Jim Price

    From where I live, between Mt Dora and The Villages in Florida, the nearest TGIFriday's is 40 miles away, in either direction (Orlando or Gainsville). How about in the very near future, consider putting a TGIF somewhere on Highway 441 in Mt Dora, The Villages, or somewhere in between. Thank you.

    50 weeks, 3 days and 15 hours

    donna pollack

    This has been the worse customer service i have ever dealt with.I have emailed numerous times and after writing out my whole problem there submit section never works. Been trying to reset password for 3 months that dosnt work eiher. Why have a rewwards program when you can neever use your rewards? Now i will contact headquarters hoefully get to use my points and probably discontinue use of tgif rst. in the future

    50 weeks, 3 days and 23 hours


    I might only say from what you wrote LUCKY YOU compared to my treatment!!!!! jp

    50 weeks, 6 days and 12 hours